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Hubby got vacation, so we came to visit mom in Mexico City

I had an abortion.

Hawaii Verifies Obama’s Birth For Arizona Secretary Of State

The ED Show - Obama Camp keeps pressure on Romney over Bain

Otis 'Dad' Clark, Oldest Known Tulsa Race Riot Survivor, Dies

by way of illustrating the kind of community DU can be

Whew, just finished (reading) CARO's volume 4 of his LBJ biography.

RCMP ‘to ease Canadians into the idea’ of U.S. agents in Canada

Pigeon Key, a boat ride and another sunset

Death comes on silent wings..

Geronimo's Cadillac

There are no problems at the SEC. Really. None at all. Nope. Everything is hunky dory.

Tribe plans to blockade part of Lake Shasta during war dance

Website ban lifted Tuesday (+TSTA EMAIL) Teacher union site blocked, unblocked by district

Well, I flunked.

Yewberry (nee tofunut) here.

What is the best group to donate to to kick Walker out on his tail?


Let's say we combine income and capital gains...

*** time is short *** WI needs our financial help in kicking out Walker *** I just donated 20.00 **

Joseph Stiglitz @ Politics and Prose, June 7,

Hi, I am la lioness priyanka

Life in a closet

Checks from drilling may dry up amid low gas prices!

Dear Cary: "My friend calls Obama a monkey"

The Rachel Maddow Show - Republican gaffes, lies about Obama go unchallenged

Texas on the front lines in a religious war on history?

Wookiefoot "Welcome Home"

Toons: Redefining Success, Wacky Billionaires Club, Too Small To Succeed and More. - 5/22/12

How will we EVER have fair elections & good government w/FIXEDnewsCORP owning 2 channels SMEARING

Dodgers down 6-1 - tie it up. Down 7-6 in the top of the 9th...

Ding, ding, ding -- Sarah Palin's comment regarding Reverend Wright struck a devilish memory bell

Hawaii verifies Obama's birth records to Arizona

Gloat Free NBA Post-Season Scores (Tuesday, May 22)

The GOP 2012 Platform Exposed (And Thoroughly Mocked)

MSNBC: The Right-wings Record on Women's Rights

Google Moogle Doodle: In Honor of Robert Moog's 78th Birthday, Play Your Very Own Synthesizer...!

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Tuesday, May 22)

You are being watched.

Hi! My name is Lugnut.

Retirement At 50 Or Early Retirement Is An Individual Thing

Has blazing a trail in solar energy cost California too much?

How to keep animals out of your garbage...

free podcasts with famous mediums

So on magick?

How to play your MOOG Synthesizer--Google Doodle honoring 78th birthday of Robert Moog

A death that was also a birth

Trying the water again

US drone 'kills four' in Pakistan's North Waziristan

Happy Birthday to Bob Moog, May 23, 1934.

I have a better term for what Romney's old company does

I am grantcart. I have an inferiority complex but

RSA Animate - The Power of Networks

Brownback signs big tax cut in Kansas

In Congress, talking like a 12th-grade student makes you a brainiac

One Winged Office (FF7 parody video)

Maureen Dowd lands on the Catholic Church hierarchy with both feet in her column:

Paul Krugman: We Could End This Depression Right Now

Timothy Geithner Carefully Explains to Republicans Why They are Stupid

Why a Growing Movement of Young People Could Ignite a Workers' Revolution

Can Japan Thrive without Nuclear Power?

Drowning looks different than you think- Know the signs of drowning

Gary Younge: The Revolt Against Austerity

Hollande set for EU summit showdown with Merkel

APNewsBreak: Franciscan files tell abuse story

Egyptians vote in landmark presidential election

One Winged Office (FF7 parody video) x-post from Lounge

North Sea oil, gas exploration interest sets record


$49 Android PC from Via

Hi, I'm Corksean from Ireland.

Small dairies go under as milk prices sink again

Ed Scultz covers the latest front in the recall fight. No secret ballot here.

The banks who buy the politicians are investigating these banks now. No doubt meaningful regulations

What's for Dinner? ~ Wednesday May 23rd

Greek euro tragedy nears final act Nouriel Roubini

Busting the carbon and cost myths of Germany's nuclear exit

The Bain of Mitt Romney's life ?

Why deficit hysteria sells

Alternative medicines can't escape the long arm of the law {uk}

Obama leads Pa. by 8 points, new poll finds!

Chimps' personalities are like people's, study says

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaah Joe Scum is terrified of the Bain pain

Hello, I'm Warren Demontague. Which is not my real name.

Obama campaign hits Ohio airwaves with new commercials on Medicare and veterans programs

Et tu, Rendell? nt

DNA to shed light on yeti claims

Cut It Out: An Open Letter to Black Bloc Anarchists

Hi. I'm Cooley.

Lady Liberty abused...

Obama loses 40 percent of the primary vote in Arkansas, Kentucky

All the states that hate you, By Mark Morford

Vince Cable accused of being a socialist by Tory donor

"...Your job is to figure out how everybody in the country has a fair shot."

A friend of mine shared this on my FB wall last night- I think you'll get a giggle out of it.

What a Biopic Does for Robert Mapplethorpe's Legacy

I'm emailing this to both Obama and Duncan and demanding an investigation.

Jocelyn Bell Burnell: How science was a man's world (BBC)

Unemployed Burn As Fed Fiddles In Debate Over Natural Rate: Jobs

Okay, I've got an idea how the Democratic Party can help Newt Gingrich out with his campaign debts.

Big powers, Iran meet in Baghdad to ease nuclear standoff

My idea for a 15-second ad...

Can You Name the Last Two Presidents who Were Elected with A Business Background?

Most radiation doses from Fukushima within norms: WHO

Today's google logo is so cooooooool! Play and record. nt

Pakistani doctor imprisoned for helping CIA find bin Laden

Paul B. Farrell: Too-big-to-fail mentality replays the dot-com bubble

Pizza!!! que? Pizza!!! que? Pizza!!! que? Tostada Italiano!!! Ay, muy bueno!!!

False Equivalency (cartoon)

The discovery of a new mechanism that regulates brown adipose tissue, published in ‘Cell’

Class of 2012 (cartoon)

Evidence-based gardening takes gold

Police zapped man, 79, with Taser

Apocalypse Soon: Has Civilization Passed the Environmental Point of No Return?

Which Nations Consume the Most Water?

Hi, I'm GliderGuider

Senators put federal regulators, not JPMorgan, on the hot seat

Regulators looking into Morgan Stanley role in Facebook IPO

Main Parties in Italy Hear Alarm Bells After Vote

If I could photoshop, I'd make a photo of me standing next to Gen. Sherman or Elvis.

‘Biracial is Bad’: How KRAFT’s MilkBites Campaign Perpetuates Stereotypes & White Supremacy

The $1.45 Trillion Fighter Jet—and the Florida Deficit Hawks Who Love It

Are Grits Groceries?

How much would we have to beg for a Trash Subthread feature?

We need another term besides "Neanderthal" to apply to people who are brutish, coarse, or otherwise

Republicans push for Pilgrim license

Brat PAC

Afghan girls poisoned in second anti-school attack

FCC Violation: Milwaukee Radio Stations Accused of Giving Walker Free Air Time

War Pay

Want to tell yall about a good mystery series I recently discovered.

Please when you have a chance watch President Obama's speech to Joplin's class of 2012

Revenge of the Weeds: developing resistance to multiple herbicides

New Video: Richard Alley's "How to Talk to a Climate Ostrich" series

Brazil: Pilot Ejects Passenger Over Sexist Remarks

Simplified map of the USA

Hello, darlings. I am CTyankee and I have a Challenge for you!

Colin Powell Throws Wet Blanket On Hannity's Obsession With Rev. Wright And Bill Ayers

Wondering if we need a singles forum here

Great Luckovich toon today: Blame Both

Tens of thousands defy Quebec protest law

Lady Gaga Responds To Religious Protests With Emotional Speech During Manila Concert (Video)

SF’s Lusty Lady model of sex-positive feminism worth saving

Melky Cabrera's perfect throw..

Palm Oil Company Pays Indonesian Tribe $0.65/Hectare For Forests Worth $5,000/Hectare

Hey war criminal of a Dick - Pakistan jails doctor who helped CIA find Bin Laden

Catch 22 - To Air Force Pilot - Your Parachute Is now Made In China

Investors sue Nasdaq, Facebook over IPO

Reid to republicans: Forget tax cuts for the rich, and drop plans to end Medicare

Your neighbor?

Obama daughters’ school hit with prank email about sex, contraception

Secure Pension Systems Are Important To The Elderly

Ladies, it's All Your Fault!

PMQs: Cameron told to withdraw 'muttering idiot' jibe

Post here - Most Disgusting movie scenes ever

Chilean Economist Manfred Max-Neef on Barefoot Economics - Democracy Now!

"Local yokel" NAACP leader rejects national org.'s marriage equality endorsement

Mr. Ego-- Donald Trump wants BIG speaking slot at RNC--'everyone will watch'

Top 10 Obamacare Benefits at Stake for Women

Prometheus discussion?

State by State, It's Still Obama

(Quinnipiac) Poll: Romney now leads Obama in Florida

What they forgot to mention in OFFICE SPACE

If Walker wins will the USSC decision be made moot?

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Bainster

After President Obama’s announcement, opposition to same-sex marriage hits record low

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Politics

The most important thing you can do in the Welcome & Help Forum: **REPLY**

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- Faceplant

Russia tests secret missile after Nato shield launched

2030: The Real Story of What Happens to America

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- Rights

Wednesday Toon Roundup 5- The Rest

Ahead of the Bell: Mass layoffs looming at HP

obl, mubarek, ghadaffi, gov. size, Americans BETTER get the

Lose 1.2 billion--- no worries--- Find 69K in you bank account and spend it--- Youse in trouble.

Drumbeat: May 23, 2012

Drumbeat: May 23, 2012

Turkmenistan agrees trans-Afghan pipeline gas deals

PA. Rightwingers angry more laws haven't been passed by Republican controlled State Govt.

British designer behind Apple iPhone is knighted

Pic Of The Moment: Donald Trump Wants Keynote Speech At Republican National Convention

U.S. seeks to seize property of ex-Mexican official

Teaching a man how to fish is socialism

Facebook IPO fiasco a cynic’s fantasy

Mitt Romney is a Patriot

Greek Businesses Fear Possible Return to Drachma

If Mitt Romney is a unicorn, what happened to his corn? Register your guesses here.

JP Morgan's Regulatory Arbitrage of turning Financial Loss into Political Profit

I posted this in the HofF forum but i didn't want to seem inattentive to the SOP

I say Bull--to the Q-Poll that has Mittens up by 6 in Florida--look at the Demos

Today's facepalm moment, Oklahoma State University tries to patent a steak

Being alone...

A Wickedly Beautiful Response to NC's Latest Gay Bashing Minister

First Arrest Made Linking Yakuza with Fukushima Nuclear Clean-Up Crews

The measure of a great country is not how well the rich are treated.....

HEY Alexrod! . . .

Obama Super PAC Rolls Out New Ad On Ampad and Bain

Leveson Inquiry: Jeremy Paxman Says Piers Morgan Told Him How To Hack Phones

Wondering if we need a shingles forum here

Obama campaign condemns Bill Maher’s Romney ‘cult’ remark

Photos of a Clandestine Gay Rights Rally in Tehran

Yemeni authorities 'had been warned of attack on military target'

Paul B. Farrell: Too-big-to-fail mentality replays the dot-com bubble

TARGET Launches Line of Gay Pride T-Shirts – Seriously?

First Wind satisfied with electricity output in 2011, spokesman says (Maine)

Julian Assange extradition verdict due next week

The Nine Zeros Club

Four held over police 'bribes'

Facebook's Zuckerberg, Thiel sell shares

Meditation and Karma

I am going to take this image and

Quick note for anyone who thinks Obama's gay marriage announcement was empty/meaningless/etc.

Judge picked for civil rights suit against Arpaio


How to beat the 80 / 20 dynamic in volunteer organizations (aka Pareto Principle)

11 Arrested in Pittsburgh Protesting Corbett's Education Cuts

Come on, Arizona, let's crack this birther coconut!

KINDA GROSS: What The Ruling Class Is Doing To The Working Class

Mica claims progress in privatizing airport screeners

A couple of peeves I have about the movies (add your own,please).

Fla. student to plead guilty to Obama threat

Poll: In Florida, Romney now leads Obama

Legal Question

Dog owners - the truth now -

If the stock market crashes before the election, Romney

Updated: Scott Walker and Cronies Prove No Low is Too Low

Ya know whutcha gotta wonder?

Gilbert Gottfried Reads Fifty Shades of Grey

CBO says US likely to fall off 'fiscal cliff' if Bush-era tax cuts allowed to expire

THIS is the new face of terror in America

The real question we need to be asking about Bain Capital -

Some views are liberal. Some views are conservative. Some views are neither.

Kate Gosselin Surprised Networks Unwilling To Sign New Reality Show

With only a 50% graduate/job rate. Should freshman classes be suspend for 5 yrs,

GIFs only. Post a freaky, creepy or scary gif.

HoF, lets choose a book for our book club

Accented Characters & Symbols in DU3 - °¿°

RIP Bill Stewart

Miami all worked up for visa to Raul Castro's daughter. They blame Obama.why not blame bush?

Lurch the Fucking Stiff....

Bill DonoHO,Catholic League Cardinal,inadvertently tells truth when he tries mocking Maureen Dowd

RIP WVU Coach Bill Stewart


Was Greed Good?

The Quinnipiac FL poll shows a net 13 point swing against Obama since late March. Demos explain it

Sacred Trust

Adorable JK tweet :-)

CP Rail strikes across Canada

I need advice on contacting the doctor's office -

Defendant says FAMU drum major asked to be hazed

Hi all, I'm madmom and I feel

Bwah-ha-HAH!1 Dan RATHER just said "trivializing of the news" in Bahbwah WAH-WAH's face!1

Game of Thrones -- Greyjoy question

Wondering if we need some doublesh for me here

Tokyo Skytree, the world's tallest broadcast tower, officially opens

State by State, It's Still Obama

FBI quietly forms secretive Net-surveillance unit

Just have to vent. This type of stuff in obituaries drives me insane:

Oil Extends Drop After U.S. Supplies Increase to 22-Year High

Gay penguin couple given their own egg to rear

Full Free Intro Astronomy Class Now Online

U.S. Home Prices Increase 2.7% in March, FHFA Says

Pennsylvania could be next state to de-fund Planned Parenthood

Investors sue Facebook, Morgan Stanley

Montreal cop sprays people

Obama Prospects Improve as Swing State Economies Improve

Bewick's wren versus house wren

Creepy underreported story out of UK - 1000's kept unemployed because of blacklist

Samsung and Sony starting a price fixing campaign on HDTVs.

Why is austerity happening in Europe?

Traffic Cameras - Did we vote for this?

Luckovich nails the media today!

How Governor Rick Scott Is Preventing Eligible U.S. Citizens From Voting In Florida

Oh My! Four of Scotland Yard's Anti-corruption men are arrested for taking bribes

my 9 year old over the range micorwave oven "died" last night and came back from the dead

Ford Gets Its Blue Oval Back: Six Years Later, Stock Upgrade Caps Automaker's Turnaround Plan

Mike Coffman - Chickenshit Won't Answer 9 News, 9 Times

Juan Cole: The Muslim world has been depicted by the West as exceptionally impervious to democracy.

Free the Bridgeport 3!

I didn't know until a few minutes ago . . . . Jimmy Carter is in Cairo observing.

NATO Protests In Fortress Chicago

Staff bled $44 million in gifts from heiress Huguette Clark, suit says

A handful of companies control the food industry

Hello all. My name is Lochloosa.

Jesus and Teaching a Man to Fish

In Photos: Harvey Milk Street unveiled in San Diego

250,000+ Defy Anti-Protest Law in Quebec

Fossil Ink Sacs Yield Jurassic Pigment—A First

For the Billionaire who has everything: "I think I'll buy me a State!"

Solar Insurers Turn Kingmakers Over Panel Survival Doubts

Hello, I'm Renew Deal

More Than 150,000 Methane Seeps Appear as Arctic Ice Retreats

Canadian mother, daughter identified as victims of fatal Atlantic City, New Jersey stabbings

POTUS speaking at USAFA now >>

Something to consider when you consider rec-ing a thread . . . . .

I'm furious

Poll: Obama leads Romney 61-27 among Latino Voters

NC Pastor Wants To Build Electrified Fence To Contain, Starve And Ultimately Kill Gays

Defendant says FAMU drum major wanted to be hazed

Is this piece of halibut good enough for Jehovah?

Missouri voter photo ID measure kept off ballot

Fewer People Are Identifying As 'Pro-Choice' Than Ever Before

Abbott drops opposition to depositions in voter ID case

Most underreported Romney story IMO: is he paying "under the table" to upkeep his mansions?

Widow sues Wells Fargo over wrongful foreclosure that took devastating toll

Could Photo ID be scuttled even if Minnesota voters approve constitutional amendment?

This Picture Will Make You Think Forgiving Student Debt Isn't So Crazy After All

(PA) Voter ID law draws legal fire: NAACP, other groups taking it to court

'Faster Than We Thought': An Epitaph for Planet Earth

House ups ante with voter ID bill

The House GOP has it's priorites in order...

Rio Issues Land Titles To Slum Residents

Small dairies go under as milk prices sink again New Crossroads GPS ad lies on jobs, spending, taxes, health care and others.

Thom Hartmann: The ''Iron Law of Oligarchy''

Mike Thompson toon: the Facebook IPO and the banksters

Thom Hartmann: The Rise of the New Economy Movement

What if you wanted to be a crook in America, what's the best way to do that?

United States of Tara - Are you a fan?

Bwaaaaaaaaaah! Leveson inquiry Piers Morgan told me how to hack a phone, says Jeremy Paxman

Chicago police arrest 15 at futures exchange protest

Walker is vulnerable. We can win back WI.

New Poll: 56 Percent Of Americans Favor Legal Marijuana

Senate Panel Votes to Extend Gov’t Surveillance Powers

Painted Lady

Mitt Romney wants to lay an oil pipeline over this water supply...


Maersk vessel attacked by pirates in Gulf of Oman

3 Science Questions to Ask U.S. Presidential Candidates

Capitalism: CEO gets paid 400 times more than you. SOCIALISM!!!: Teacher gets paid the same as you

Another Obama super pac ad of the GOP primary candidates attacking Romney and Bain

I meta fool out of myself. nt.

Updated Study Finds Fox News Viewers Least Informed Of All Viewers - I'm shocked, shocked I tell you

Joe Arpaio Thinks Tennessean Who Said Satan Told Him to Kill "Birthers" Might Be After Him

How would you handle this..

What is bankruptcy like?

Anyone watch Frontline yesterday? Cell Phone tower deaths

the WHO fucked up on the Swine Flu pandemic, and so it's a Big Pharma shill!

Blame it on the Rain (instead of the austerity)

Gov. Jindal: Ask Walker Why He Is Under Investigation

Romney: American kids get 'third-world education'

3-Part Series on Meglomaniac Billionaire Industrialist and Real Estate Magnet Gensiro Kawamoto

Bret Baier Birther Report Draws Journalism Ethics Fire

Romney to propose voucher-like education overhaul

Facebook share price right now = 31.73

A peek at my garden

Facebook IPO: Another day, another lawsuit

Everything You Wanted to Know about Venus Retrograde (but were afraid to ask)-from OM Times Magazine

the farmer

Verdict in Corrie Lawsuit to be Announced August 28, 2012

historical fact

Children are mistaking laundry detergent packets for candy

If the government does not do X, Y, Z we will re-enter recession

Quebec protesters explain why they march

The Mormon and the Irishman

UK Guardian: Fixing this US immigration policy folly (in support of the Dream Act)


Eight of the last nine recessions have been under Republican presidents

Robot Boats Survive Epic Voyage Across the Pacific — So Far

Why are crops planted in circles? On aerial views you see circles of green

Romney Says Congress Should Wait to Act on Economy.

and finally, a tribute to a genius

Obama Talks Afghanistan Loss of Life at NATO Summit But Silent on Chicago Carnage

Switch On

"Black People Love Us"

Shocking claim: 15 year-old girl kidnapped for Vatican sex parties

Jim Hightower: One Thing Americans Can Count On: Banker Greed Is Bottomless

Faces of Romney Economics: Randy Johnson, American Pad & Paper

Man uses Buddha to smash windshield

Mustafa's Space Drive: An Egyptian Student's Quantum Physics Invention

Since I'm going to be out of the country, I checked to see which titles are expiring

Petition Obama for free access to journal articles from taxpayer-funded research

An Obama Spending Spree? Hardly (CHART)

Do you have a Dyson Vac?

Marijuana: Safer than Peanuts

Led Zeppelin II dies

OK I just don't understand ....

Why are we expected to be smarter than the banks?

Raffi: The Environment Is Dead: Long Live Mother Nature

** groan **

Patrick Fitzgerald Steps Down As US Attorney In Chicago

Bowling for Bucks. Please come CAPTION Eric (Fecal Farm) Bolling!!

AZ Republic article (PHX main Paper) lampoons the AZ Birthers

Hello, I'm sibelian

About that NDAA ruling.

'Faster Than We Thought': An Epitaph for Planet Earth

Romney Promises an Unemployment rate of 6%

Picture as compared to Earth -Trans Neptunian planetoids.

NFL to mandate knee and thigh pads for players

Requirements to a get a non-drivers photo Id in PA to vote

Can't post a link with "https:"

The birther relents: Obama to be on Arizona ballot

56% of Americans support FULL legalization of marijuana - newest Rasmussen poll

Le Pen says she may support some Socialist candidates in France's June parliamentary election.

Do you ever feel like other Du'ers are saying, "Nanny nanny poo poo" to you?

'Role models a mother could be proud to have her daughter look up to'

The Koch-roaches are gonna love this.

When it comes to news that affects our LGBT community from loony toons

in WI the latest polls is from the 13th

Safeway exec's disgusting Obama joke backfires, brings apology

Hi I'm From The Ashes!

To the almost 50% of the American electorate....

Former right-wing policy adviser says Romney should rethink relying on his own right-wing advisers

Lemur Lessons: Factors Driving Lemur Species Extinctions for Past 2,000 Years Have Also Sparked…

More creepy technology: "Female" Airport Avatars

Today In Fox Race Baiting: Dobbs Suggests New Black Panthers Party Is Obama's "Base"

Thom Hartmann: The Nirvana of Instant Runoff Voting

Did Anyone Make Money Betting Against Facebook?......

The Gipper giveth, state GOP taketh away - Jack Lessenberry

Admins: could we start a new bug list, and pin it to the top of Welcome & Help?

Apparently, the boxoffice flop of Atlas Shrugged part 1 did not kill...

The List of our Candidates Running in what will be very close elections in the House..

Somebody make me smile. I'm lower than a snake today after the

A Head of State, and a Boy’s Touching Request

The 2012 Campaign Design Contest Finalists Have Been Announced! Vote for your favorite now

Symmetry in the New Long Blue Line

Right Wing Watch: The Ultimate Obama-Islam-Sharia-Agenda 21-Immigration-Debt Conspiracy

President Obama greets graduates of US Air Force class 2012 during their graduation ceremony - pics

This Graphic Will Offend Your Anti-Gay Relatives – Guaranteed!

The internet is a profit- and jobs-destroying machine

SAP exec accused of faking bar codes to steal Legos

Syria says sanctions have cost country $4 billion

multi-millionaire exec at SAP Labs in Palo Alto accused of faking bar codes to steal Legos

Man Arrested for OWI with Zebra, Parrot in Front Seat of Truck

Walt Shapiro (New Republic) asks - "Does Romney's Bain Record Matter?"

Despite a frustrated GOP, anti-Obama 'birthers' still persist

I have a question about nuclear weapons. Anyone here know much about them?

Deportation threat lifted for lesbian Vt. couple

Hey WI! Remember feeling like part of what democracy looked like?

DA seeks $2.7 million from Orie(R Pa) as part of corruption sentence!

Meanwhile, in America...

Study reveals trade patterns for crucial substance (obsidian) played key role in Maya collapse

Amnesty International annual report: Syria, Occupy, austerity, the poor, etc.

Behavioral Freedom and Decision-Making in Flies - an Evolutionary Precursor of 'Free Will'?

Moody's Projects That Obama Will Romp Over Romney In November

Hello, I'm Ann from Maryland, hon. (it's how women talk here, traditionlly)

Hawaii's Verification Of President Obama's Birth

The Unemployment Rate: St. Ronnie vs. Obama

The Dalai Lama, Arianna Huffington Interview: His Holiness Discusses Compassion, Science, Religion

Orlando Sentinel Slams The ‘Nuclear Tax’ Ratepayers Must Pay Progress Energy

Patrick Fitzgerald Resigns as U. S. Attorney

Jim Parsons Reveals He's Gay In NY Times Profile

So Mitch the chinless is about to go rogue

Father Doesn’t Know Best by Maureen Dowd

WI Solidarity Singers invite President Obama to Madison, Wisconsin

First in the AL Central but last in attendance?

The Rude Pundit - A President Romney's Policies Would Make Him and His Son Even Richer

Jerry Jones: Time to win is now

Romney Says His Policies Will Reduce Unemployment To Already Projected Rate By 2016

Hi I'm Steven Leser (imagine that!) from NYC

Prince Mittens in the Ivory Tower

SF Supervisor Avalos Consults Ouija Board For Harvey Milk Navy Ship Vote

Found: LynneSin's umpire tryout pic........

I wish no ill will on those who lost money in the Facebook IPO but I...

Hopes fade for progress at Iran nuclear talks in Baghdad

photoshop c5

DA seeks $2.7 million from Orie as part of corruption sentence

LOL Stephen Colbert makes the Maxim 100 list.....

Jane Lynch Narrates Obama Campaign Video On LGBT Rights

CSpan1 is replaying Willard Rmoney from today

Democracy for America: We’re all in for Wisconsin

What would the benefit of balancing the budget be?


Xbox 360 Should Be Banned from U.S. for Violating Patents, Judge Says

Meanwhile Back in Paris - Streetheart

[ABC News] Strong Support for Gay Marriage Now Exceeds Strong Opposition

Time-Warner CEO: "There are too many networks"

MEP takes swipe at SYRIZA wage pledges

NBC/WSJ poll: Obama's gay-marriage announcement a 'draw'

Interesting CNN poll

Hi, I'm Rosie and I host the Ancestry/Genealogy Group

Dennis Kucinich: US 'sanction warfare' makes real Iran war inevitable

Best smartphone app evah!

Can you still call 911 from a cell phone even after the service is shut off?

France and Germany clash at key EU summit

Thom Hartmann: Something Stinks - John Edwards & a 30 Year Jail Term?

Katherine Harris and hubby building $4.2 Million beach home in Sarasota

" . . . and sometimes the Baier gets you." Please come CAPTION Bret (only the news) Baier!!!!

Rachel Maddow Show - Republican 'ladies auxiliary' outreach ignores importance of policy

Illinois: Antibullying Bill Rejected From Fears of Being Too Pro-Gay

Colin Powell questions Mitt Romney's foreign policy: "C'mon, Mitt, think."

Swift-Boating Mitt Romney

Turkey May Indict Israeli Generals Over Flotilla Raid

A Message To Those Who Still Think They Can Tell American Women 'No'

dumb congress

Check Out This Big A** Chart And Try To Tell Us There Isn't A War On Women


‘Occupy Graduation’: Student activists broadcast debt owed with ball and chains

Colorado May Vote on Driver's Licenses for Undocumented Migrants

‘Occupy Graduation’: Student activists broadcast debt owed with ball and chains

Tweety on the Bain Scrutiny - MUST SEE TV

If this is already here and I missed it please remove it

Wednesday whines in the weeds. Please come CAPTION the Mitt-ster:

George Zimmerman blasts Sanford Police

Beetle-infested pine trees contribute more to air pollution and haze in forests

What did Mitt learn from the private sector that helped Mass suck at job growth when he was Gov?

Singapore maids fall to their deaths because employers have them cleaning outside windows of apts.

Is the "F" word still too obscene for public use?

Video from the Mt. Ida commencement speech!

Wells Fargo Accidentally Gave This Guy $70,000 And Now He's Facing Jail Time

Powell Favors Same-Sex Marriage

Los Angeles becomes largest city to adopt ban on plastic bags

Colin Powell: Same sex couples should be allowed to marry

Skydiver first to ditch parachute

So . . . under Obama, taxes are still at Bush levels and spending is flatter than a pancake.

The $1.45 Trillion Fighter Jet—and the Florida Deficit Hawks Who Love It

Thom Hartmann: Will the soft peddle take down of Obama work?

What foreign policy experience does Rmoney have?

Hit-and-run suspect says a smartphone app caused him to hit a pedestrian without realizing it

President Obama and the Fight for LGBT Rights

TNC: White Resentment, Obama, and Appalachia (calls out Kornacki, Cillizza and Aaron Blake)

The Last Word - The birthers just can't quit, especially in Arizona

"A presidential endorsement from George W. Bush is like a musical endorsement from Nickelback"

Auto plants roar into overdrive - over-time hrs and extra shifts being added

Found a way to make half naked men newsworthy!

Hi. I'm Auggie ...

Name the Story

One Thing Americans Can Count On: Banker Greed Is Bottomless

Argentine Capital Makes Big Play for LGBT Visitors (Via Marriage Equality)


$elig: No need for more replay

Biden: Romney’s Bain experience ‘no more qualifies you to be president than being a plumber’

"we are having a huge battle over civility. civility does seem to be losing."

Post a photo of one of your ancestors. Here is my mom on the beach in Nova Scotia. I love it!

SFRC Law of the Sea hearing from this morning will repeat twice on CSPAN2 tonight

How to Introduce 2 Cats to Each Other

Viral Facebook post says Barack Obama has lowest spending record of any recent president

I don't want to air dirty laundry in public but

'Deadwood' actors reply to the new and not improved "Birther" flap

May 29th: First Lady Michelle Obama To Appear On 'The Daily Show With Jon Stewart'

Think we may be seeing a lot of this never used Romney attack ad from 1994

Torie Osborn: Taking on Sacramento (Candidate for CA's 50th District)

What makes Biden such a great campaigner? I think it is his fight. He's got more that a little

Fosse cat does jazz paws

Deeper Digging Needed to Decode a Best Friend’s Genetic Roots

Greenwald: White House leaks for propaganda film

Out, Orthodox Jewish Rapper Y-Love: It Got Better After Coming Out

Meet Command Central, the People in Charge of Wisconsin Voting Machines

Mother of Texas teen runaway deported to Colombia files lawsuit

Labor judge overturns union election at Target

Season Finale of "Revenge" Tonight

65 miners await rescue at Zimbabwe platinum mine

Is anyone else getting attempted malware attacks while viewing DU?

Why would anyone want a F'ing Brylcreme president?

Ore. workers awarded $332K in onsite toilet fight

How many of HP 27,000 layoffs will be over 40? Most I assume. A warning to all who think

Proposition 9: Don't Tread On Me

U.K. Supreme Court to Rule on Assange Extradition Appeal

Has anyone crunched the numbers?

Waukesha Wisconsin GOP Gets Subpeonaed for Criminal Activity

Mommy Wars: The Prequel Ina May Gaskin and the Battle for at-Home Births

The scents of summer-

The year is 2016 and Obama is leaving office.

"NATO is a cost-sharing organization that finances aggressive military action." Dennis Kuchinich

How Can States Give Tax Money to Private, Religious Schools? Loopholes, Of Course

Has anyone crunch the numbers?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 24 May 2012

New Study - Trees Absorbing 3.4% Less Carbon Than Assumed In IPCC Modeling

April 2012 Atmospheric CO2 Levels 396.18; April 2011 393.18; April 2010 392.46

Thank you Al Sharpton for again showing how divisive ReTHUGS have been

'I find your lack of faith disturbing'...'Tell all your friends about me'....Next station, Dundas.

WV State-Funded Coal Forum Seeking More Opposition To Obama, Though Coal Employment Up

Everybody says private equity firms are a legitimate part of capitalism?

TCM Schedule for Thursday, May 24 -- What's On Tonight: True Crime

G8 Pledges Climate Action, But Bonn Talks Stall - Business Green

IS this really inappropriate for a jr high school kid to wear to school?

Chile's Cachet Lake In Patagonia Has Drained 11 Times Since 2008; Increased Flood Frequency Likely

Facebook: The moral of the story

Turn on Al Sharpton right fugging now

Minnesota's Moose Population Down By 50% Since 2006 - Rapid Climate Change Among Likely Factors

Benghazi’s Local Elections: A Message of Confidence to the Rest of Libya and the World

Cardinal Dolan says church may stop providing services

Romney Silent On Immigration As Latino Vote Slips Away

Peruvian Achuar Tribe Members Visit Canada To Survey Oil Operations: "This Used To Be A Forest?"

Missouri Fighting Flash Drought: 1st Half Of May Saw Temps 4-6 Degrees Above Normal, No Real Rain

(American) Mom can't leave Canada with children, or stay either

Behold the graceful cat!

2,400 feet - no parachute - LOTS of cardboard boxes hard drive DIED on Monday. Friend saved my bacon and has me in "rescue" mode...

Paul Fussell, Literary Scholar and Critic, Is Dead at 88

What's up with (R)asmussen having Obama at 51% approval???

I feel sorry for anyone in Iowa not republican, scratch that. I feel sorry for their republicans too

UN Security Council 'tired and out of step', says Amnesty International

Communist and workers parties say ‘Abolish NATO’

Anyone have experience with the online free storage? I'm thinking about using

Following the money

Packing heat at your Memorial Day cookout?

Here Comes Nobody

JPMorgan loses $2 billion in three-card Monte game

Latest Southern Ocean research shows continuing deep ocean change

FBI quietly forms secretive Net-surveillance unit

Our Montreal Vacation This Week (Unexpectedly Awesome!) With

Believers Leave Punishment to Powerful God

Republican Economics: "Robin Hood in Reverse"

Politics, religion and the struggles of a small-town atheist

A little math lesson for the 99%

Have you seen the Richard Hatch commercial?

I'm Emailing This to Both Obama and Duncan Demanding a Federal investigation:

Feds want 45 days to respond to Bonds' appeal

Official Starting Grid for the 96th running of the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race (.pdf)

More from the Chicago war zone

My friend sent me this Youtube video

Concerning online free storage....

NYC's First Million Dollar Parking Spot to Hit Market!

Scott "Divide and Conquer" Walker. Has he ever explained what he means by that?

How Obamacare Helps Millions Of Women As Of January 1, 2014

Crooks and Liars: Iowa Republicans Have Lost Their Collective Minds

Fire reported on sub at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard


No, criticism of Israel is not anti-Semitism

Of course I’ll win, I’m the white guy.” Satire

“Touch it, dude!” Mr. Obama said.

U.S. General Says Soldiers Who Commit Suicide Are 'Selfish'

Feminism just a needle and thread away

Latinas are Watching in Arizona

My Mom passed this morning.

Why doesn't Romney discuss the details of his work with the 2002 Olympics?

Gas prices could jump 35 cents by Sunday in Washington

Gov. Scott Walker has a criminal defense fund. I'd like to hear your thoughts about this DU.

Hey Current give John Fugelsang his own show.

"The Learning Channel" no longer qualifies as that.

MIT’s Freaky Non-Stick Coating Keeps Ketchup Flowing

‘Heretics’ or ‘Atheists’? A Response

Admins: a new bug list, pinned to the top here in W&H, would be helpful.

Jane Lynch Narrates Obama LGBT Rights "Documentary"

I'm looking for an alarm function:

The Dems need to advertise STRONGLY about the health care reform act.

"New Study Confirms (Again): Keystone XL Would RAISE Gas Prices"


'Biggest Act of Civil Disobedience in Canadian History'--Marchers Defy Bill 78/Bang Pots & Pans!

You’re Doing It Wrong: Veggie Burgers

""Palestinians Hunger Strikers and U.S. Veterans Returning Service Medals Lead Movements for Peace"

What if solar got the same subsidies as fossil fuels? Well...

'Pro-Choice' Americans At Record Low, Poll Finds

Tonight on Charlie Rose - Naguib Sawiris / Philip Kaufman / Diane Ravitch

In a sense, the Repubs attempted to "private equity" the USPS

The tycoons lie low while the rest of Greece suffers.

THIS... Is Why Cory Booker, And Others... FUCKED UP !!!

Used cell phone drive to support victims of domestive violence

"Venus was at its peak brilliance last night."

Some of our FRiends seem very confused about the HP job cuts...

Redefining "Vulture Capitalist" as "Spider Capitalist"

Is health care reform here to stay?

Hi, I am Grateful for Hope and Welcome to all newbies!

"Snarling Banks"...Jim Hightower....Includes nice Woody Guthrie Tune!

If you live in SD-16, I need your support

Penn's Obama Rant...

i love these chickens!

Death-cheating Aussie racehorse an Olympic contender

Update: Man Who Put Toddler into Washing Machine Not Boy’s Father

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!Romney Warrior Princess?

Priest in Pa. child sex-abuse case: 'You don’t say no to Cardinal Bevilacqua'

How about this? POLICE CHANGE SIDES!

To the Admins

Connie Schultz: Catholic Leaders Must Dial Down the Rhetoric

Cory Booker surrenders

Police Officer tickets man for littering after he gives money to a panhandler in a wheelchair

Rachel Maddow just called Dick Cheney

Whatever else you do tonight - watch Rachel

Another idiotic job creator.

France's Hollande Makes Bold Debut on EU Summit Stage.

"Mitt Romney's Neocon War Cabinet" by Ari Berman at the Nation

9-Yr-Old's Lunch Blog Shames School into Making Changes

Mitt Romney's Education Report Card

HP to cut 27,000 jobs

ABC OTUS (Via Yahoo!) 'Pro-Choice' Americans At Record Low, Poll Finds

Facebook's stock may have dipped, but mine remains stable at "worth jack shit" per share

Today-In-Tech (Via Yahoo!) Incredibly wealthy Silicon Valley exec arrested for.....

"The New, Nasty Obama Campaign" by Molly Ball at the Atlantic

Groups Concerned Over Arming Of Domestic Drones.

Asking very nicely and politely for the pollsters to dial it back

NFLPA files collusion suit vs. NFL

Newfoundland woman wins Canada's 2012 Multiculturalism Award

It Is STILL... One Of The Greatest Current Questions...

Romney Silent On Immigration As Latino Vote Slips Away

Hardball - Romney, GOP are running a 'campaign of falsehoods' against Obama

I'm going to read Don Quixote again, although I got lost a couple of times. n/t

"The Earth is not dying, it is being killed

A message from the DNC Treasurer

E.J. Dionne @ Politics and Prose

Check out this CHART regarding 'The War on Women'

1st Annual “Pontius Pilot” Awards for Unintentional Theological Comedy

MSNBC: The Right-wings Record on Women's Rights

Hello from northeast PA

Take that Darlin's!

Brazil rocked by abortion for 9-year-old rape victim

Oil drops below $90 for 1st time since October

Catholic Cardinal Says Church Is Willing To Let Poor People Starve In Protest Of Contraception Manda

Chopper LIVE stream hovering over nuclear sub fire in Maine

Ancient walking mystery deepens

Grab your ankles! We'll make Hoover look like an amateur!

Secret Service director says Colombia prostitution scandal was isolated incident

Colin Powell to Romney: 'Think'

G.O.P. Nightmare Charts

FaceBook UnFriends Its Fan Base -- CEO and Execs out on Spending Sprees while FB in crisis

OC candidate removed from local GOP after George Wallace mailer

In Occupy Frankfurt, police removed helmets to march with the people.

DfER Defiles the Holy Name of Democrats

Record Number of California School Districts Face Bankruptcy

President Obama fielding question about Romney, Bain, Booker controversy

Another Reason the Left Should Just Suck It Up

Hi there. I'm rrneck...

L.A. Times, Sacramento Bee sue for officers’ names in UC Davis pepper-spray case

Oh my lord. My new puppy is cute, but it is work with two of them!!!

way over the cuckoo's nest

World Health Organization weighs in on Fukushima

ice knot

Fukushima’s doses tallied

Fraternity flap brings down banner

Republican Josh Mandel Can't Handle The Truth

Obama Campaign Launches Outreach To LGBT Voters

On Books

Absurdity Today: We FOUND The Money JP Morgan Lost! Guess Where?

Chris Hedges in Conversation with Community Church

African asylum seekers injured in Tel Aviv race riots

Severe Nuclear Reactor Accidents Likely Every 10 to 20 Years - New Max Planck Institute Study

Heartland Institute in financial crisis after billboard controversy

Clinton: US hacked Yemeni al-Qaida sites

Pull on your own bootstraps...

Rented Woman in Black today and seriously, scariest movie I've seen in a long time.

"Join The Party"

Dubuque County Lineup

Relations with the ex-wife

Last year's senior Wahine volleyball night

The ED Show - Romney outlines plan for education

Here's a stumper for you - Can you name one Republican in Congress that has given President Obama

(Architectural shots) The Mexico City Cathedral from the Templo Mayor dig

Patrick Fitzgerald resigns suddenly. Why?

Gloat Free NBA Post-Season Scores (Wednesday, May 23)

Sushi has pink slime, too. Beware.

Solidarity Forever...

Of 7,000 felons purged from voting rolls, many are Democrats, blacks

"If the President does it AND it's about National Security, it's not illegal"

What will the U.S. be like in 2076

The ED Show - Republican sociopath Paul Ryan calls Obama a failed president

The ED Show - The Birther Party

A few nature shots...

"Obamacare" ads on Youtube?

The ED Show - Major Republican rips into Romney's business experience

Israel to gay tourists: We’re open for you!

I think you guys might like this parody (FFVII)

Israel’s gay rights record touted in NY

Should the Bush tax cuts be allowed to expire?

"Poll Mitt Romney losing the argument over George W. Bush and Unfairness" at Daily Kos

All Along The Watchtower

Heads up: Letterman's got BillO on tonight

Bug on Topics Page...

Just so everyone knows...