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If you were here for DU2, what do you think is better about DU3?

I self deleted a post here in the Lounge because:

Is Shingles a real problem or are all the ads on teevee just hype?

Costa Rica’s Turrialba volcano alert status raised to yellow:

Eclipse shadows

2012 Annular eclipse.

Dodgers 28-13 with rookies and has-beens. When it's good, it's really good.

Are protestors' vids being censored off the net?

Anyone here seen "Battleship?"

I love the theme music of the Eurovision network

Obama and Romney are not as neck-and-neck as they seem.

All over the map today - I feel for you who click on this :)

You know what sucks?

Buying clothes off ebay...

Gloat Free NBA Post-Season Scores (Sunday, May 20)

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Sunday, May 20)

If you're having trouble sleeping, count these

have been out of touch lately. can anyone tell me why chimpy is suddenly in

To an Artist, It Was a Tribute to New York; to the Police, It Was a Fake Bomb

Outside Spending Turns From Presidential Race to Congressional Contests

Rare 'ring of fire' eclipse seen across Asia

Native American skulls repatriated to California from England (LA Times)

I love this photo...

John Boehner Backs Bill Banning Eduardo Saverin From U.S.

Cory Booker slams Obama campaign ad attacking Romney’s Bain Capital record. Sorry Cory, I disagree.

Raven-Symone: “My Sexual Orientation Is Mine & The Person I’m Dating’s To Know”

Has anyone dreamt of racism?

BRB - checking to make sure upstairs windows are locked

The Mugging Process - It used to be so simple...

how do you feel about Chicago? thoughts, vibes readings?

Kansas: School teacher compares homosexuality to murder

Comment: Trans people need equality to get our marriages, confiscated by the state back

Editing a post

Cordoba refuses to be intimidated by death threats .

Last concert of all 3 BeeGees together--fantastic find, full concert...

Latino Organizations Call on U.S. Government to Recognize and Respect Venezuela’s Presidential Elect

Updated pics for the rescue kittens

Good image of US economy

Marvin Winans: Pastor wants his carjacking to be catalyst for change in city

Some images from Russian Television on Chicago protests

US Police Forces: Little More Than Racketeers And Thugs

Former State Rep. Ernestine Glossbrenner dead at 79

Philadelphia fights back against austerity

Nick Clegg warns that eurozone collapse will fuel 'extremism'

GM wheat trial at Rothamsted vandalised

Disabled veterans in Texas fleeced by VA-appointed money managers

Ban Ki-moon: Eradicate polio, finally

No, we are not a police state--yet

Anti-Gay Church Members Picket Outside Fort Hood Gates

Scores killed as Yemen suicide bomber hits military parade rehearsal

Why Do Sex Scandals Destroy Democrats But Not Republicans?

The Rise of the New Economy Movement

'Asian unicorn' at risk of extinction from poaching, WWF warns

Head of Gay Forum of Ukraine beaten (includes picture)

Fresh water demand driving sea-level rise faster than glacier melt

Strauss-Kahn faces 'gang rape' inquiry

No need to worry, Republican voters will come to their senses.

US war veterans tossing medals back at Nato was a heroic act

How to Act Human: Advice for Mitt Romney from James Lipton

Nato summit: US-Pakistan rift widens over supply lines into Afghanistan

Really Interesting Video From Chicago Tribune Nato Protest Yesterday

Babies These Days...

NATO takes up Obama timetable to end war in Afghanistan by 2014

here's another example of asleep at the switch

Romney Economics: Job Loss and Bankruptcy at Ampad

NATO Protests in Chicago, Some Officers refuse to arrest non-violent protesters

Iraq turns to U.S. drones to protect oil platforms

Whales can adjust their hearing

GOP problem: 'Their voters are white, aging and dying off'

Free Dharun Ravi !!! Kinda sorta.

Oh, c'mon, Cory Booker's "walk back" doesn't pass "smell test"!

What's for Dinner ~ Monday May 21st

Repsol fails in first attempt to find oil off Cuba

Pipes and a work by Lindsey Fryman

The Stats on Statins: Should Healthy Adults Over 50 Take Them?

what chicago learned from '68

Colbert spawns army of crazy super PACs

To relieve itch from mosquito bites, apply toothpaste to the bite. A local radio station gave out

Protesters in Chicago call for 'Robin Hood' tax

Jesus Christ Interviews Sara Palin

Pollution teams with thunderclouds to warm atmosphere

Pet food recall that won't end? Diamond cat food now risky.

"I'm not familiar, precisely, with exactly what I said, but I stand by what I said, whatever it was"

Well done. CNN (and DU) got their riot porn.

Stanford scientists document fragile land-sea ecological chain

The Violent Side! The Prescribed Drugs Zimmerman Took Before He Shot Trayvon

Getting Out of Afghanistan

Thousands of pounds of pot worth $3.6 million found floating off Calif. coast

Michelle Obama takes first ladies of Croatia, Turkey, Norway, Albania and France to her 'backyard.'

I wonder if this guy is related to Mittens?

NATO Summit: Hackers Target Police, City of Chicago Websites

O wot joy, my County Council leader of the last 10 years is a Birther

14 Arrested at Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

Peak Oil Review - May 21

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

Peak Oil Review - May 21

Want to win the WI Recall? Make sure this story goes as wide as humanly possible

Want to win the WI Recall? Make sure this story goes as wide as humanly possible

Profiling. Is any sort of profiling okay?

First named tropical storm fires up in the Atlantic

UW-Madison Study Shows Impact of Walker’s Destructive Education Policies

'The Golden Age of Silicon Valley Is Over, and We're Dancing on its Grave'

Beautiful eclipse photos from CaliforniaPeggy!!! The cool color?

Was Chris Matthews Right? Is Romney Really a Conehead?

The Pinkerton's Head to Occupy Wall Street

'Adults' don't hold the nation hostage

The Derivative Economy: Can High Finance Get Any Lower?

Toxic mercury, accumulating in the Arctic, springs from a hidden source (rivers most responsible)

Facebook Shares Fall Below $38 IPO Price

At Least 20 US Special Forces Troops Are On The Ground In Yemen

Take the Quiz - can you identify these 2 states?

Grover Norquist: Trying To Stop Billionaires From Dodging Taxes Makes You A Nazi

Krugman: Romney’s JP Morgan Stance 'Completely Clueless'

Axelrod says Romney's Mormon religion off-limits

Whenever some good ole boy gets caught trying to bring explosives on an airliner the story dies fast

The Invisible Hand strikes again! - by Tom Tomorrow

YouTube users now uploading 72 hours of video per minute

I pity the fool that doesn't wish Mr. T a Happy Birthday.

President Obama Goes For The Long Pass on Soldier Field

DU Album of the Day: Soundtrack from Saturday Night Fever

A 28 year old BILLIONIARE !!!! JESUS

Biophysiologists, He'p me out here: Shame we can't apply this process to clean water or gasoline.

HopeHoops has been banned from Monkey Houses all over the world for being a bad influence.

Is it just MFM -- anyone else think a buncha IT website geeks are laughing their asses off at us?

Dharun Ravi faces sentencing in webcam hate crime

TPM Editor’s Blog: Vintage anti-JFK GOP Coloring Book from Early 60s

I'm in my 50's now, I really feel no need to learn any more 'life lessons' from bad shit happening

Vintage anti-JFK GOP Coloring Book from Early 60s

Want to end partisan politics? Here’s what won’t work — and what will

what is the latest on the WI senate polls ...

NATO summit protestors plan to rally during DNC in Charlotte, N.C.

Corey Booker also dismissed women's rights and voters' rights yesterday on MTP:

General Discussion Forum Question(s) Poll

The Ricketts Plan To Slime President Obama Backfires In Chicago...

Palin Robocalls Go To The Wrong State

Go high five an animal!

Just One More Reason To Love Betty White

Update: CBS 5 Story Inspires New Legislation To Ban ‘Bullet Button’ (California)

Grover Norquist: Trying To Stop Billionaires From Dodging Taxes Makes You A Nazi

Cool Hand Luke talks about gay rights

Shit Stirring to Shit Stir

He's BACK!!!!!

PHOTO: As a young 'un, MiddleFingerMom learned the best way to deal with too much Ovaltine...

LIVE: Sentencing hearing in the Ravi - Clementi suicide case

PA. Republicans Trying to Make Predatory Payday Loans Legal in PA Again

Twins conceived after dad died won't get benefits

Thousands to Rally Wed. in Phila. Against Public School Cuts

Enbrel while Pregnant or TTC

The Commercial I'd love to see - a parody/ response to Romney's Day 1 ad -

Large health care system says it will study fracking health effects, after PA. refuses to fund it

Mayor Emanuel has authorised a 'new normal' of militarised social control in Chicago

Witnessing Murder

2nd & 3rd wave feminism and other things

Court won't reduce student's music download fine

This is the way protests should begin

David Lee Roth Explains Postponed Van Halen Tour Dates

KKK Karl Rove: Attacking Obama on Revernend Wright is STUPID

Do Our Public Schools Threaten National Security?

A bad bad year for PA. budget czar's wife: 2 $1,000 thefts, a police chase & a later drunken crash

"No NATO, No War": U.S. Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan Return War Medals at NATO Summit

Jaczko Resigns!

Artist Spotlight: Elisar von Kupffer's Gay Eden

Bummed about Walker's lead in the Marquette poll? Consider the following points:

Demonstration planned for Boeing headquarters

(FRESHMAN REPUBLICAN) Members Of Congress Speak Like High School Sophomores, Sunlight Foundation

Bristol Palin Mocks the President and His Daughters

Cory Booker will sell out the health of Newark' s kids

Evil Dick to pimp for Mitt at Casa Dick in Jackson Hole. The danger is we could get hit again!!!

Road work in Nine Mile Canyon yields new archaeological finds

Supreme Court to hear government eavesdropping appeal

Looking at the undisputed facts in the Zimmerman case and applying Zimmerman's original story

Whoever created this birthday scenario game should be SHOT!!!!

Rush Limbaugh's Ratings Drop in Several Big Markets.

Advice needed in dealing with neighbor with out of control cat problem

What If There Was No Filibuster?

Worst Market Since Reagan Greets Obama Before Election

Link to Wikipedia isn't working?

So much hatred

Lady Gaga kisses Marge Simpson

Economists More Upbeat About Job Growth, Housing

AZ Sec of State claims he is not a birther but caves into the demands of 0.0185% of AZ population.

Jodi Kantor on MSNBC saying how wonderful Romney is.

"...just the opposite of Robin Hood.”

GOP Butt Plugs

This is the response from the Dems in Az concerning SoS demanding Obama's Birth Certificate....

Made in Ohio tour with Joe Biden - pics

Pic Of The Moment: Like Nazism And Apartheid Rolled Into One

Fox News asked for and got an okay from Court to lie and misinform the public. Few know this,

End of Extended Benefits May Lower U.S. Jobless Rate

Report: Limbaugh Ratings Down Big After ‘Slut’ Remarks

Why do some people think they're in charge when they're not?

Florida test scores bring more questions than answers (Half of students fail)

Fukushima Daiichi’s Unit 4 Spent-Fuel Pool: Safe or Not? Wall Street Journal

DC Comics To Switch The Sexual Orientation Of An Established Character

Raining cats and dogs: Lucky puppy survives 30ft fall through the sky

My home computer is in the emergency room. Thus I just found out Robin Gibbs died

The Rude Pundit: "Journalist" Wife of Romney Adviser Says Obama Is Condescending to Women

People in glass [PolitiFact repudiations] shouldn't throw [gotcha links]

the Young Turks comment on banned TED Talk

Sherlock Season 2 (3 episodes) streaming on PBS

Transgender Miss Universe Canada Contestant Wins Congeniality Award

Facebook is down almost 12% now.

Oh dear *snorq

Notre Dame Sues Over Obama Birth Control Mandate

NATO Summit March Live Feed

When it comes to protests, when do the police NOT lie??

NATO Decides To Activate Missile Shield Despite Russian Threats

BP Coverup, Coverup

I lost my job at the coffee shop this weekend.

Call to action regarding our embarrassing Sec of State turned birther!

Nobody's playing with me again. Going to take a break for awhile. It really IS discouraging, folks.

Was Pablo Neruda murdered?

Fracking bill RACING through NC Senate!

Follow-up to Smarmie Doofus' post: Breaking - 30 Days In Jail For Dharun Ravi

Was Pablo Neruda murdered?

The Mad Mad Mad Mad Sixties Cookbook

'Curious George' publisher Houghton Mifflin files for bankruptcy

Today in bigotry:NC Pastor Calls For Rounding Up "Queers" In An Electrified Pen & Letting Them Die

Any word on the Montana decision? Do you think the Supreme Court will reverse Citizens United?

Thom Hartmann: The Psychopaths Killed Another American

(Nuclear regulator) N.R.C. Chairman to Resign After Stormy Tenure

The bystanders of Honduras are not fair game in America's drug war

Something Your Mother-In-Law, Your Sister, And Your Aunt Francine Can All Agree On

Committee to Protect Journalists - Don't get your sources in Syria killed

Another day, another new Facebook friend

Less than 3 weeks until season #5 of "True Blood" - who else is excited?

Supreme court rules for government on immigrants' residence

North Carolina Pastor Calls For Death of 'Queers & Homosexuals'

How Republicans Have Gained The Upper Hand In The Fight Over The Violence Against Women Act

Anyone had experience with buying Garmin maps for foreign countries? nm

State Senate paid $1.3 Million in Tax Money for Sen. Orie's Legal Defense - DA wants it paid back

NPR: Your Stories Of Being Sick Inside The U.S. Health Care System

Aunt Betty on Fundamentalism

Graphic: Detroit neighborhood rankings

On "police state" and "fascism"

If we're looking for a fight, we know the words to use and the buttons to push...


Gay Advertising: Dial Up Warning and may not be safe for work (just to be safe)

Oh the irony. Obama gets hippie-punched

WTF File: American Apparel Ad Uses ‘California Farmer’ As Accessory in Ad

If there's somethin' strange in your neighborhood Who ya gonna call?

Don't Be a Sucker

Nato talks security and peace, Chicago has neither

Meeting two presidents at the same time? Now, that's almost ridiculously cool.

Help Recall Scott Walker Without Leaving Your Home (through the AFL/CIO FAN program)

Canadian sea activist facing charge vows to fight on

The Militia

Hero Fireman of the Day

OUCH! The Ricketts slammed again: Is it time for a new Ricketts to run the Cubs?

Stupid Teabaggers: 10 GOP Freshman Speak at 8th Grade Level

If the media were even slightly adversarial...

Thug rooster put down

Wife of ousted Honduran leader to run for president

Centenarian Transgender Woman is Star of Burmese LGBT Rally

Florida Family Massacre: Tonya Thomas shot her kids 18 times before killing herself, reports say

If you have never seen a movie called 'The Conversation', I highly recommend it

Exxon Mobil’s Tax Rate Drops To 13 Percent, After Making 35 Percent More Profits On Rising Gas Price

It appears that Help & Meta is now hidden from non-members.

The Sinful Disease of Hatred

Black Sabbath Reunite in Birmingham

Strong Side / Weak Side - Metta World Peace:

Do They Know Any Older People?

Booker just did the same thing to Romney that the Romney campaign did with the Rev. Wright stuff

Free but connected...

SpaceX is set to try launching the Falcon 9 & Dragon again tonight!

The Preemptive Prosecution of the NATO 5

A question for the climate change deniers:

The Secrets That Gay Kids Live With Every Day

Faith Online: Twitter Testimonies From HuffPost Religion Community

Study suggests shale-gas development causing rapid landscape change

Family Is Love (Subtitled) and other Gay Related PSA's

Did Dharun Ravi get such a short sentence because of Gays who came out against harsh punishment ?

Chicago — So your brother's bound and gagged...

(CCA-owned private prison) Fatal Mississippi prison riot quelled, authorities say

If Dimon played George Bailey in "It's a Wonderful Life"

Border Patrol Hit With Class Action Lawsuit Claiming Illegal Stops Based on Race

NYPD Sergeant Tells Man: My Dick Will Go In Your Mouth And Come Out Your Ear

(CA) Governor seeks to cut programs Dems pledge to save

I'm moving to Orcas Island

Hey teabaggers! I've got your death panels right here!

I agree with Dan Savage and Bryan Lowder about the Rutgers webcam trial.

Out of the mouth of babes (Political Cartoon I Think You'll Like!)


Evidence Continues to Mount for Ticking 'Methane Time Bomb'

That New World Odor, has that old world smell.

Catholic Bishops filing lawsuits against the Obama administration? What say you? nt

In 24 Seconds, Elizabeth Warren Explains How To Prevent Another Wall Street Bailout

Tim Tebow allegedly asked Broadway actress to remove scantily-clad Twitter photo

Supreme court to review US overseas surveillance powers

The GOP's anti-research agenda

John Bolton wants a war and he wants it now.......

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Facebook

Monday Toon Roundup 2- Primaries drag on...

Former GOP candidate O’Donnell (R-Witch) battling lawyer claiming he is owed for campaign work

Monday Toon Roundup 3- The rest

Laugh all you want about Liberty Univ but their biggest single employer is Uncle Sam.

Anyone's GPS working?

EARLY voting has started in Wisconsin up until June 2nd

The First Domino Falls in Greece

"I Always Knew Somebody Would Get Killed Inside That Place"

Not Your Father's GOP

I would give anything to be subpoenaed to appear before Darrell Issa's little Star Chamber.

Five Indiana men charged in Illinois mob attack

Left-wing Melenchon polling ahead of far-right Le Pen in France's parliamentary elections

GOP freshmen baggers who vowed change spent millions on mailings

Could Citizens United Be Toast in Just Two Months?

President Obama at the (ISAF) meeting on Afghanistan at the NATO Summit in Chicago - pics

Why hadn't Trayvon Martin arrived back home?

Congress: GOP hurting the economy on purpose?

How Rural America Got Fracked: The Environmental Nightmare You Know Nothing About

Cheney to raise money for Romney

Teabagger "logic"

Latest electoral 2012 Presidential map

GOP war on women real and dangerous

Joe Walsh, GOP Congressman, Quiet While Constituent Calls Obama A Socialist, Nazi, Communist

My first birdshot

Today I had the distinct pleasure of telling my RepubliCON employer

Diagram Venn of Yoda it is

here's the kind of bullshit we can thank cory booker for...wall street urinal

Can anyone explain why/how the Catholics are suing the adminstration over b/c

Sonic Screwdriver vs Lightsaber

Now the mouth breathers claim Obama is a Socialist, Communist, Nazi

Sunday Showdown with James Kotecki

Barack Obama didn't just endorse gay marriage...

So was the USA founded on Christian principles or Jewish principles? I'm confused.

Signs of improper campaigning in McKenna files....

Democracy for America: The Grassroots Activate 22 Attorneys General to Overturn Citizens United

On a more postive note....

GOP cannot fix problems it won't face

Papantonio: A Spooky Journey Into The Republican Brain

Movie review. The Lawless 90's John Wayne Ann Rutherford 1936

Top nuclear regulator resigns amid GOP criticisms

Romney and the Crazies Play Dull Cop, Crazy Cop

TYT: Church Sues Woman for $500k Over Negative Google review

UNFPA report: Trends in Maternal Mortality:1990-2010

"My public record is not fair game in this election" (paraphrasing Romney)

Nicholas Tesla - the greatest geek who ever lived

Missouri GOP Close Session With More Anti-Woman Legislation

'NATO war machine responsible for global violence'

I have it on good authority that this picture can't be made.

EFF: Local Governments Have the Power to Restrict Drone Surveillance in the US

Over a third of GOP Texas Board of Education candidates don't think education is the governments job

'No cash for NATO adventures in Afghanistan, but Pentagon stays'

I finally watched "Contagion". What a great movie but a serious bone to pick... *spoilers*

10 GOP Freshman Baggers Speak at 8th Grade Level

Could you imagine Romney throwing a football?

Cancer test scores $75,000 science prize for teen

FOX News Crap...

Great photo site from the civil rights era

Freeper casually raises imagery of castrating Obama in a post

Gingrich to Georgia GOP: Let's rally around the Liar Romney

Ann Coulter is a Termagant and a Harridan.

"Honest Ingin"?---Really Rush, "Honest Ingin"???

Afghan security handover 'by mid-2013'

Barrett and Walker trade barbs over Doe probe of SECRET emails

I got my Commercial Drivers License, and now I'm waiting for my Phase I training truck..


Gaddafi's former spy chief charged in Mauritania

Awwwwww, C'Mon!! Really? I finally got around to seeing The Hunger Games

Another unarmed 17-year-old is shot dead -- this time, charges come quickly

Former NJ Governor: Booker hearts Big Money

Nuclear reactor reprieve puts UK energy plans in doubt

GA man 1 month still in jail for seedlings on patio, thanks to wife and daughter

President Obama speaking live now from Chicago. nt

a dupe....

Voting Rights in NC

Awesome excerpt from Ted Koppel's commencement address (UMass)


Which protest had the most effect

Poll question: Who is more correct on violence, Malcolm or Mahatma?

You can travel back in time and change one historical event. You can not travel back beyond your

Is it Typical for Thugs like Zimmerman to Become "Neighborhood WAtch" persons ?

Koch addiction at Ohio University

2000 Convicted, Then Exonerated - Time U.S, Think Progress

GObama - tear Rmoney a new one

Pro Obama Super Pac, Priorities USA Action, trails Pro Romney and Rove's Fascist Super PAC

"This is not a distraction."

2000 People Falsely Convicted, Then Exonerated, in 23 Years

Anybody here been to Valencia during Las Fallas?

Thom Hartmann: Conversations w/Great Minds - Steve Coll - Private Empire P1

Thom Hartmann: Conversations w/Great Minds - Steve Coll - Private Empire P2

What the Bible is really about

An education in health insurance

Become a superhero...

Anyone seen this 'clear eyes, full hearts' photo of Obama quarterbacking?

Theories on how Zimmerman got his wounds?

In Bipartisan Spirit, Obama Makes Deal To Get Kicked In Balls

Walker Doesn't Like Offical Jobs Numbers, So Produced His Own. FACT - We Are Still Last

I notice the GOP propagandists are NO LONGER pushing the "Obama! = Teleprompter!" nonsense

New York Amish in court over smoke alarms

Wasn't that nice listening to President Obama explain why Romney/Bain was fair game today?

The *official* complain about XemaSab thread

LBJ Kicked Off The Great Society With Calls For Tax Cuts and Reduced Spending

NATO Summit Kicked Off with Massive Demonstrations

Putting the picture of the Chicago cop punching a protester in context

Cory Booker is a first rate asshole

Can't find my cat

It is a common misconception...

Federal judge orders Wisconsin supermarket to restore full-time hours to employees

Boxing & Teddy Atlas

Leaders pose for a family picture of NATO heads of state - pics

Paul Ryan: We Must Pass My Austerity Budget to Avoid Austerity

North Carolina pastor calls for concentration camps for homosexuals


After serving on a jury that allows a post to stand, do you go to H&M to see if the alerter

Newly discovered exoplanet is literally boiling away

How not to parent: Couple put SON in washing machine as a prank - but it turns on sparking desperate

Cory BOOKER failed to read the book, the lesson plan ...

Cory Booker’s backyard fallout

Are most or all the US Catholic Bishops Republicans? -- n/t

University of Texas apologizes for ‘pubic affairs’ commencement typo

LynneSin is not the authority figure she thought she was.

Wow, Tweety is really taking on the Cory Booker thing...

Facebook shares plunge below IPO price

Bain/Rmoney were responsible for DOMINOES? No wonder it sucks so bad!

Just watched Obama at NATO

From Pride to Shame: Vets Return Their Medals

Walker's new deer czar thinks hunting on public lands is communism

The end of fish

Neil deGrasse Tyson: Atheist or Agnostic?

Papantonio: Booker Has No Courage For A Fight

American nuns resist Vatican rebuke

Listening to loud music linked with pot use, unsafe sex, study says

Commencement EPIC FAIL.

Besides Bain there are offshore accounts, lying, and lack of understanding

Sea Shepherd leader offered bail, can't leave Germany

Fears That More Countries Will Join Settlement Boycott

Cross-browser worm spreads via Facebook, security experts warn

A "few hundred" v.s. A "few thousand" [in pictures...]

“(Public) Game management is the last bastion of communism."-sez Walker deer Czar

BEES!!! If you love them and want to give them a home, please check in.

3 Catholic Universities Join Lawsuit to Block Mandate on Contraceptive Insurance

I am truly encouraged at the quick backlash against Cory Booker.

Queen Elizabeth Has Someone Break in Her Shoes for Her

hey Mayor Booker, you know what I find nauseating?

West Texas election to be decided with coin toss (No kidding!)


My Personal Thank You Thread To DU

Based on the Romney/Bain economic theory

How do you get paid for campaign ad ideas?

Booker is Looking for Big Money Donors. Simple.

Man becomes 3rd to survive plunge at Niagara Falls

Security experts warn of facebook virus:

Cross-browser worm spreads via Facebook, security experts warn

question about download server bandwith costs

Asshole - Tom Petty

Goofy Leopards!

Does anyone else have a problem with children saying the Pledge of Allegiance?

It seems to me like it should be the Police who maintain their temper/calm!

3 climbers die on descent from Mt. Everest summit; 2 others missing

don't know if this has been posted...

So Ravi gets 30 days, about 12k in fines, three years probation, and 300 hours of community service

Is AZ's Secretary of State trying to be 2012's Katherine Harris/Ken Blackwell?

My dog's been licking his junk LOUDLY!

Tsipras takes message of solidarity to Europeans

Bakoyannis returns to ND fold

Orlando Sentinel: Sanford PD prepare down-to-the second George Zimmerman timeline

US war veterans tossing medals back at Nato was a heroic act

I am really glad Bill Maher said Liberty isn't a real University

The FBI Had a File on Him When He Was 14

Karzai: I will not let congressman into Afghanistan

Eclipse, waterfall, wind farm (with a big thank you to DU's XemaSab)

U.S. lets China bypass Wall Street for Treasury orders

I think I'm falling in love with a Republican.

Three nations with sovereign currencies walk into a bar during a depression

California Senate votes to allow self-driving cars

Nuclear reactor reprieve puts UK energy plans in doubt

For Second Straight Year, Marchers Chant Anti-Arab Slogans During Jerusalem Day

Israel Inches Closer To Compromise On Iran Uranium Enrichment, Officials Say

Mitt's Cory Booker "Bain" Ad is SO lame (vid)

From rubble to rebuilding: A year in Joplin, Mo.

Walker Recall Challenge


STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Bain and Financial Industry Gave Over $565,000 To Newark Mayor Cory Booker For 2002 Campaign

Cory Booker will be on Rachel Maddow's show tonight.

“I’m sorry to inform you that Earth is about to be been eaten by a fire demon.”

Someone is selling a VILE of Ronald Reagan's Blood

Rasmussen Shock Poll. Obama by 3 Points

Be sure to check out our free samples!

Chicago police, Nothing to be proud about, a bad history of abuse......

Oklahoma Schools to Introduce Shotgun Training and Education Program (STEP) for Students

Working For The Chinese

We can’t let the attacks on voting rights succeed

mayor booker, the President is on the phone....

A Horsey Cartoon

Walker Recall Challenge x-post

"Justice for Vern Traversie" (Rally in Rapid City)

‘Copyright cop’ system for U.S. ISPs delayed

What time and where can we see the Joplin High School commencement address

Wisconsin: Koch Brothers have dropped 70 staffers in our state !!!

Lewis Eisenberg, Major Romney Donor, Accuses Obama Of Demonizing Wall Street

Sleep Apnea Has Higher Risk Of Cancer Mortality

So, in two weeks, I'm going to be out of the corporate life...

Star Trek is awesome on stage

Robert Reich: "The REAL Public Nuisance"

Spoiler Alert. Tonight's House finale leaked

Timeline of LGBT history

Ex-Haiti official gets U.S. prison for telecom bribery

I eating lemonade and banana bread. What are you snacking on?

Do you think Mitt offered Cory a place on the ticket?

IPCC on Renewable Energy

Classroom debate over Obama goes viral; teacher suspended

Black-and-white thinking -- not just for conservatives any more.

Encountered two dumb drivers this afternoon

Cory You Dont Speak For The American Public of Democrats

Hawaii Responds to AZ Sec. of State’s Obama Birth Certificate Threat

Bloodied at a protest? Kind of the point.

Scott Jurek's new book out.

NYPD Cop Caught on Video Threatening to Ram Penis in Suspect's Mouth

GM wheat trial at Rothamsted vandalised

What do you think was worse - The etch-a-sketch comment or the nauseous comment?

North Carolina Amendment 1 Political Cartoons (Dial-Up Warning)

I think I saw the most ineffective PSA ad ever at all the mall today

How damaging was the Cory Booker fiasco?

gasoline prices went UP this week in northern California....

Long Beach Wilson High Students Drown Out Anti-Gay Protestors

too late, Cory. fuck you.

A bad alert but with civil jury responses.

Gays may have the fastest of all civil rights movements

"Sympathy for the Devil"..."Reminder of WAR/Politics: Vietnam ..Iraq, Afghanistan and the New Wars?

It's time to stop the Corey Booker bashing

"We'll always have Schadenfreude..." Part II

Computer hackers access U.S. Justice Department website: spokeswoman

I can NOT believe that Booker identified himself as an Obama "surrogate" before trashing him.

Can we get Greece's Alexis Tsipras to cross the pond? ..... He gets it.

Jesse Jackson... 1988 DNC.

Rubio in a paroxysm of lunacy calls Obama

A pic of the lovely new (well, almost new) hotel in downtown Indy:

So tell me, ...what did this guy do to deserve it?

Anyone know their spiders? (Warning to arachnophobes, spider picture inside)

Spanish Region Backs $571 Million (400 MW) Solar Plant Without Subsidies

Baby Lisa’s parents again plead for her return, seek more from police

Bain and Financial Industry Gave Over $565,000 To Newark Mayor Cory Booker For 2002 Campaign

When you're president . . .

The Nation: Mitt Romney: Heterosexual White Vampire Hunter

If corporations are people, how do we determine their gender?

Protesters, time for a heart-to-heart talk

Shanghai Ground Cracking Under the Weight of Its Skyscrapers

Doing a rec

ThinkProgress: 'Bain and Financial Industry Gave Over $565000 To Cory Booker'

In Arizona, more birther buffoonery (WaPo Editorial Board)

Why Support Timothy Hill?? (GOP Tennessee State House District 3 Primary candidate)

Odd bug on mobile devices (SnapBack scrolling)

Ken Bennett's Had About Three Months to Give Hawaii a "Legitimate" Reason to Verify Obama's Birth ..

-$2.2 Billion (but the kids are alright)

And now . . . It's Brigid the Ebony Princess's turn for her internet debut!

Father says cop's leniency led to son's drunk driving death

Rachel's show

Bomb threat forces evacuation at Utah spy site, FBI says

A Monday Duck Story

OFA: Joe Ricketts Decries Socialism Asks Government for $300 Million to Renovate Wrigley Park.

mom makes daughter post embarrassing photo as punishment

Computer hackers access U.S. Justice Department website: spokeswoman

Was trying to join Pinterest. They asked if I wanted an 'invitation'. I gave them my email

Booker sounds nervous on Rachel's show. nt

DU video: Why Support Timothy Hill?? (GOP Tennessee State House District 3 Primary candidate)

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Check-in! Best of Malloy

President Obama vs. Mitt Rmoney summed up very succinctly...

Romney Economics: Job Loss and Bankruptcy at Ampad

Matt Taibbi talks JP Morgan's $2+ Billion Dollar Gambling Loss

IRS widens taxpayer debt forgiveness program

Booker's crime wasn't defending Private Capital, it was perpetuating the 'both sides' myth.

Facing Criticism, Obama Defends Ads Attacking Romney's Record at Bain Capital

just got into a verbal fight with a birther

The 1%?

Tattoos: What Were They Thinking?

More cases of Flesh-eating Bacteria

Mandatory Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Monday/Monday

Remember, Pres. Obama will be giving the Commencement Speech for Joplin High at 9:15 EDT

With fewer restrictions, Tennessee attracts women seeking abortions. But a vote could change it all.

The C's!!

We're gonna need a bigger Vomit Smilie

Who is Booker and wtf is going on with him? I see lots of posts but don't know who/what.

All Routine PSA Tests For Prostate Cancer Should End, Task Force Says

The Vatican Lays a Cunning Trap for American Nuns

Cory Booker's comments on Obama's 'nauseating' campaign: Gaffe or calculated tactic?

President Obama at the commencement ceremonies for Joplin High School in Joplin, Missouri - pics

Freepers are in full swing on news distributor sites that allow facebook "Likes"

Obama Biden 2012 - pic

My Mom is in NYC, I just got off the phone with her.

Florida Democrats ding Marco Rubio with a song

In Cuba, mystery shrouds fate of Internet cable

Are constitutionally protected rights subject to change?

Birthers find their hero in Ken Bennett

Bain and Financial Industry Gave Over $565,000 To Newark Mayor Cory Booker For 2002 Campaign

Precious Protest Photo

More silliness from Arizona (Arizona Republic editorial)

Senior Japanese Journalist Reviews the Investigation of Fukushima

Catholic dioceses, colleges sue over Obama mandate


A Fight For Jobs At T-Mobile

Wow Martin Bashir is on for Lawrence

Obama campaign condemns Bill Maher’s Romney ‘cult’ remark

Big Surprise: Schools Hiring Fewer Nurses, Librarians

"How Banks Bought the Tea Party: Cash Transforms Populist Insurgents To Reliable Vote For

In Cuba, mystery shrouds fate of Internet cable

I think I'm falling in love with a Replicant.

Facebook: The only way a geek like Zuckerberg could claim to have more than 500 friends.

For Republicans the American Community Survey is now government overreach.

Republicans have no soul

Rush Limbaugh to 14 yr old girl: You're a Rush Babe and Baby...

Cynicism and the Facebook IPO

Two Gay Men Raised A Baby And This Is What They Got

The Hangover

For El SuTebow... "Manning looks good in Broncos' first OTA workout"

Trapper lures wolves from Denali, kills 2; pack's future in doubt

A guy caught back to back homerun balls in Cincinnati tonight.

Chicago Police Face Accusations of Entrapment, Brutality in Crackdown on NATO Protesters

Martin Bashir - Do conservative justices have the Supreme Court in control?

NC Pastor Wants To Build Electrified Fence To Contain, Starve And Ultimately Kill Gays

How is it possible that Obama was born in Africa if...

speaking as an LBN host can I make a suggestion?

Even sea lions enjoy viewing a solar eclipse - pic

Oh, I get it! If I dare to criticize Islam, that means I'm racist!

Is racism a subtext in all these attacks on Cory Booker?

SyFy cancels Sanctuary...

Who decides who gets murdered by drones? They won't tell us. It's classified.

"No NATO, No War": U.S. Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan Return War Medals at NATO Summit

An important lesson the world has apparently not yet learned

How hot? 105 F here in Tucson.

From fear to fortune: Tel Aviv's attitude

Dinner with Helen Thomas, for dmr, lpbk2713 and others who asked

I have a very important announcement to make...

I see an overt faction trying to ruin Cory Booker on this board. He is a great democrat who was off

Obama's speech at Joplin graduation today

August 6, 2004: McCain Criticizes Ad Attacking Kerry on Vietnam War Record

Climate Science Disinformers Are Nothing Like Holocaust Deniers

States Against Citizens United.

Bain and Financial Industry Gave Over $565,000 To Newark Mayor Cory Booker For 2002 Campaign

The absolute (almost) final map of Congressional districts...

Guardian (UK): Indian women turn to firearms against threat of violence

OK. I suck. But an observation on Mayor Booker's screed:

Caption this pic

What happened to THE DAILY SHOW?

OK, where the heck is the Daily Show? Colbert Report?

Those poor people in Marion, Indiana who worked for SCM

President Obama just signed an executive order!

Citizen Radio coverage from Chicago protests over the weekend.

A lesson to be learned...

Online bids rise for apparent vial of blood from Ronald Reagan!

Greece's new prime minister meets party leaders

Five charged in mob attack at Tinley Park restaurant

Opposing Restrictive Voting Trends, Connecticut Eases Voter Access

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, May 23: Star of the Month: Joel McCrea

An Ultimatum for Greece - Europe Raises Threat Level against Athens

Elegant and funny insults....

Eve of Destruction

Shareholders are increasingly asking for more disclosure of political spending and lobbying by their

Stories Of Being Sick Inside The U.S. Health Care System