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Is Your Love Strong Enough Bryan Ferry

Springtime in Tucson

Red State Update: Jackie 08 Goes Negative

Today was Bat day in Tucson

A little Saturday Night Dead - Sugar Magnolia

Procol Harum - A Whiter Shade Of Pale


SNL: MSNBC’s Al Sharpton Misunderstands The News On SNL’s ‘Politics Nation’

JPMorgan May Lose $5 Billion on Derivatives, WSJ Reports

What's your diagnosis?

What a great send off for Kristen Wiig.....

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Saturday, May 19)

Gloat Free NBA Post-Season Scores (Saturday, May 19)

Mick Jagger Performs Presidential Election Song, References Romney’s Unfortunate Hair-Cutting Past

Roubini: Greece Must Exit

Anyone else seen the movie "Margin Call"? Seems eerily similar to JP Morgan's multi-billion...

The Grapes of Wrath" airs on TCM at 2am EDT

Too many commercials!

Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday

To the other women wondering where the good men are anymore,

Charting Obama’s Journey to a Shift on Afghanistan

Silence of the lambs:US government authorized killing of endangered bighorns in path of wind project

(Sanders') ‘Radical’ bill seeks to reduce cost of AIDS drugs by awarding prizes instead of patents

Italy earthquake kills three in country's north

Silence of the Lambs: US govt authorizes kililng endangered bighorn in path of wind project

5 Gender Stereotypes That Used to Be the Exact Opposite.

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday May 20th

Junk Food Not Cheaper Than Healthy Food

Woman apparently burned by phosphorous-coated beach rocks

Really touching farewell thing they did for Kristen Wiig on "SNL" tonight

When will we hit the tipping point in this country again?

No matter what they do, the Obamas make it look good . . .

Now Wall Street is f**king with our teeth.......

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Fabulous Bear Edition

Please come CAPTION Ol' Lonesome-Roads Beck.

"When unfairness becomes the rule, resistance becomes a duty."

Noam Chomsky On Democracy and "Property Rights"

Love, Like Water

The Corporate Mindset ...... from "The Corporation"

Sure as Sunday! A clarion call to all: Please come CAPTION Mitt-less the Witless.

G8 lean toward Obama growth, not Merkel austerity

Alberto gets a jump on the tropical storm season

Corporations funneling money to universities, influencing curriculum

APNewsBreak: 22 states join campaign finance fight

Back to the Land for the Occupy Movement (struggle over urban farmland in the Bay Area)

Leading NYC Mayoral Candidate Weds Her Partner

Around the World in 80 Plates. Are you watching?

Tourism Rule: When taking an elephant ride, make sure the elephants aren't horny

Police, protesters clash in Loop

Iran's persecution of gay community revealed

Quebec student protesters find creative ways around controversial new law

Just boarded the train for Chicago to join the Nato protest

Journal Sentinel editorial board endorses Walker

Report: Taliban, Afghan troops forge agreements as NATO prepares draw-down

Study: Inhaled Cannabis Reduces Symptoms In Patients With Treatment-Resistant Multiple Sclerosis

800-year-old tree at Vancouver Island park falls to illegal loggers

Playin' With My Heart

THUNK! Or, Let That Be A Lesson To Me

Why Joe Biden Needs to Stay

Lockerbie bomber Megrahi 'dead'

New French President: the World of Finance is my Enemy

So he did have cancer-Megrahi is dead

Governor on the go: Christie's busy travel schedule raises eyebrows in N.J

Re both language and DU: We have to destroy this village to save it.

Vanderbilt poll: Obama closes gap with Romney

Obama down by only a single point among likely voters in--TENNESSEE (Poll)

Sunday Kitten Cuteness

So, what are your plans since the glorious revolution is not coming?

Pelosi: Bring Middle-Income Tax Cuts to the Floor

Fascist Plots & General Smedley Butler's Warning from History

"from 3 anonymous OWS Occupiers in Chicago:"

G8 leaders back Greece amid tensions

New methods of pet pampering: spa facials, testicle implants, blueberry facials...

Private Sector Job Growth Under President and Party 1961-2012

Iran's budget revised higher at $453 bn

I think The Prince of Wales missed his calling

I hope RoMONEY just lost NH bigtime with his attack against the granite bridge in Hillsborough.


Spotlight on Banks

Face it, Most of them HATE Obama being a smart, good looking, successful and articulate Black Man!

90 Percent of Corn Seeds Are Coated With Bayer's Bee-Decimating Pesticide

Pinal Co., Ariz., Sheriff's Office stockpiles, sells millions in military equipment

Is there anyone here....

NYT: The Campaign Against Women

Wealthy eurozone countries must back weak nations, George Osborne warns

Chicago police accused of planting evidence in ‘Molotov cocktail’ plot

Bill Maher: Liberty University Is Not A Real School

Deal on Pakistan Supply Lines Not Expected During NATO Summit

Chris Hedges: It is breaking the back of the corporate state that gives us the possibility for life

Hawaii to Arizona: Prove need to verify Obama's birth

today in women's herstory

Eastern Europe's neoliberal disaster provides a warning for the Arab spring

quotes of the day

Guerrilla Gardener Turns Potholes into Miniature Works of Art

Statins could benefit health of millions

Man charged with stealing antique gun from museum, trying to sell it on reality TV show

the commencement address that won't be given -- reich

An Interesting Statistic on Concealed Carry

Federal's New Guard Dog Self-Defense Ammunition Getting More Popular (with video)

Here's how desperately cities want Apple stores

The European Stabilization Mechanism or How the Goldman Vampire Squid just Captured Europe

Very Bizarre story.

Nancy Pelosi Confident Of Taking Back House

Protesters prepare for larger NATO demonstration

"Obama is the MOST divisive president EVER!"

One of the most heatbreaking pictures I've seen. From National Wildlife Federation.

Anonymous controlling all US classified databases?

Romney, Freud, and high-school "pranks"

Demand of German Embassy May 23: Free Paul Watson (Sea Shepherd/Save Whales & Sharks)


Your Must-See List

Facebook IPO: running out of suckers?

Zimmerman: Texas has executed people on less "known facts".

WRAPUP 1-NATO leaders map strategy for Afghanistan exit

Army kills Sunni cleric in Lebanon

The DUzy Awards for Friday, May 18th, 2012 - Part 1

Standing With Walker

A Request to Make the Pearson Tests Public

Greenwald: Drone filmmaker denied visa ("the behavior of an insecure, oppressive nation")

GM says Super Bowl ads too expensive and bows out

For every guy who has put on a suit wondering if it really fits

FedEx vs USPS

New forms of patriotism

Memristors in silicon promising for dense, fast memory (BBC)

APNewsBreak: 22 states join campaign finance fight

Do you think we'll see another summer of total gridlock and arguing in DC this year?

Here Comes Nobody - Maureen Dowd

About gossip. Gossip is always referred to as a very bad thing, yet all of us do it.

Marking territory

I can't find my DU3 bookmarks any longer

Ask the Religion Experts: How do you handle cases of domestic abuse that come to your attention?

music prodigy

SHOCK POLL!!! Obama leads by 7 in FOX News Poll

It is a damn sad day when a 90 yr old on fixed income who amazingly still works part-time,

Bust of gang offers hope for Dodge City immigrants

need job interview vibes

Ex-producer for Daily Show told Mistah KURTZ show's m.o. is to hate from inside the bubble


need famous lounge vibes for my cat & ms wonderful

Cutting Out the Generals

$10 Million Of Race-Baiting Anti-Obama Attack Ads Is Obama’s Fault, says RNC Chairman

US Iran hawks in congress in some disarray

Billionaire has spilled the beans on the 1%'s dirty little secret.

US Iran hawks in congress in some disarray

Mary Sanchez made a great point about the Rush bust

Beckerheads write a LTTE to our local newspaper, "The commies are coming! The Commies are coming!"

Chuck Todd: Romney 'bullying' media about Mormon issue

Wonder if Mark Z new tax deduction lasts longer than the average couple?

That interview on CNN with the head of the RNC was horrible

When You Hear GOP Call To 'Repeal and Replace' the ACA, Remember The Hermosillo Sisters

All my life, the cries for War have come from the privileged.

To all the frazzled Moms who think it's all just too much

News Flash: Congressmen seek to ‘legalize the use of propaganda on American audiences.’

Their real target is YOU-We are just collateral damage-SO START FIGHTING AS IF YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON

GOP governors say the economy is great. Romney campaign says the economy is terrible. Can't be both

Occupy Journalists Stopped, Searched, Handcuffed & Interrogated at Gunpoint

Question from an onion novice.

IMHO...He needed Trayvon "there"..

Karl Rove: Rev. Wright Ad ‘Stupid’

The Beatitudes of Randian Jesus (warning, ugly)

Two major Florida newspapers highly critical of high stakes state test, the FCAT.

FINALLY!!! You asked for it - the secret to MiddleFingerMom's "Immor-Fuckin-Tality:

Vanderbilt poll: Obama closes gap with Romney Tennesseans don't like focus of legislature

GOP war on Obama: Lighting the fire of racism in America

The GOP absolutely HAS been good for business!

What I've learned from the Zimmerman/Martin incident

Pakistan blocks Twitter because of 'offensive material'

The warming will feed the warming....

The Go! Team - Doing It Right (Live)

Red-cockaded woodpecker gets care and protection in Alabama (with video and gallery) (

A few random links about global Occupy actions:

Went to the range this past week...

Nancy Pelosi: Speaker John Boehner 'Wants To Go Over The Edge'

U.S. army instructor shot in Yemen attack: security source

U.S. army instructor shot in Yemen attack: security source

It would be interesting to do research by telling the Zimmerman, Martin story or something similar

Bashir asks Joe Barton-R, TX (natch) if he supports Meals on Wheels (photo op) while voting to cut

In aftermath of Komen funding flap, fewer sign up for race

Gun-toting Michiganders promote 'constitutional carry' at rally

I could run 'The American President' 24/7 in my home.

Top Commander Reiterates Iran's Commitment to Full Annihilation of Israel

In the Spirit: UW aims to treat religions fairly

Hank Williams Sr. Searching for a Soldier's Grave, and Little Annie by ???

Peter Gleick cleared of forging documents in Heartland exposé

Peter Gleick cleared of forging documents in Heartland exposé

Two major Florida newspapers highly critical of high stakes state test, the FCAT.

Stretching exercise

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Heading Into Talks With Iran, U.S. Sees Hopeful Signs

Jack Conkling, Kansas Teacher, Writes On Facebook That Being Gay Is 'The Same As Murder'

Gays of Israel: Pick up Obama's gauntlet and spearhead change here too

Anyone have advice on getting healthcare?

If You Missed This Thread... Please Check It Out... It's Like A Virtual Time Machine...

Robin Williams & a gorilla

Ooooh, THAT question. . .

Trayvon Martin case 911 call: Two experts reach two very different conclusions

Mindless Child of Motherhood

Hell Of A Pic From Italy, Re: Earthquake

Clair de lune

Is the U.S. Economy Prepared for the Fallout From Greece?

Stand with Governor Walker

Dan Rather: Corporate Media 'Is In Bed With' Washington (VIDEO) A Bogus Tax Attack Against Obama from Crossroads GPS

Honduras: A Violence, Repression and Impunity Capital of the World

TOONS: Mitt Romney (War On Women)

Gawd! David Gregory sucks!

Israel PM: illegal African immigrants threaten identity of Jewish state

Paul Ryan claims his budget ‘preempts austerity’

I want to be this dude when I grow up

cory booker...a fine example of the kind of democrats we have to deal with these days....

Climate scientists say they have solved riddle of rising sea

Jim Cramer On MTP: ‘Romney is a job destroyer, not a job creator

Palestinian protester cleared of incitement charge

I made my own facebook pic today

Evolution Of Obama's Gay Marriage Stance

New 1940 US census records show black undercount

Japanese cuisine on Fotopedia

Modern-day grave robbing...

Shocking results of Vanderbilt U. poll must be giving Romney nightmares.

Holy Crap!!!

SpaceX replaces faulty rocket valve for space station flight

Nick Hanauer on the TED talk, income inequality controversy

nato march is starting


Dems Need to Bainboat Romney

Enough of the self-righteous equalizing from Cory Booker

National Geographic is showing Witness - a documentary on Katrina

Cheap amoebic dysentery drug 'promising' (BBC)

Hawaii responds to Bennett's Obama birth records request

According To Twitter Accounts... Protesters Lining Up To March Now... Police Are Getting Ready...

Confusion over safe havens

Here we go again (NC teacher??)

I belong to this group, how about you?

Jim Cramer: Bain Capital "FIRED A LOT OF PEOPLE And That's How They Got Prosperity For The RICH"

Jurors: if a PPRed troll has posted a link that sets off antivirus software, hide it

Clay Aiken in finale of Celebrity Apprentice

Even Walker's Preferred Jobs Measure Shows Failure

Is my cat Charlotte getting fat?

Ouch !!!

Nice .. video on history .. Democracy is coming Leonard Cohen

How much would economy have to grow, for tax-cuts to pay for themselves?

eclipse plans in ABQ area?

New ad

Solar Eclipse in the USA, 5/20 (NASA)

Must be a lot of fuckin' goin' on in December

Wanda Sykes on Obama and NAACP Support for Same Sex Marriage

HooBoy DFW has a real piece of work of teabaggery on Craigslist

Lies! Lies!

Words. Wasted.

Hello Norma Jean: 'Forever Marilyn' Arrives In Palm Springs

Why can't dems just shut up!? Newark Mayor Booker 'uncomforable' with attacks on Bain Capital

A gift for Rick...

Left Behind

Just because I haven't posted in a while . . .

Obama campaign: We won't talk about Romney's Mormonism

Greek Crisis Poses Unwanted Choices for Western Leaders

Oh, I work with FUN people!

Prosecutors for Walker

Greece tourism hit by euro crisis

Arctic melt releasing ancient methane

Greeks' crisis is personal as well as political


Alleged perpetrator of mass beheadings in Mexico arrested

One More Time: Good thoughts, vibes, prayers, etc needed...

Questioning Walker's Ethics

Censored children’s art show returns to California in San Diego exhibition

Army Purchases of $17,000 Pans Tied to Kentucky Lawmaker (a Repug of course)

call from Jeff Barth

Cognitive Dissonance = Fossil fuel subsidies

Prosecutors-- Barrett's Ad re: Walker

Benghazi vote inspires hope for Libya

On May 19th Occupiers From Chicago to Frankfurt Protest in Huge Numbers

President Obama and Angela Merkel - Charming

Germany is in the wrong, very wrong, in Europe, and must be corrected. Further information:

Pity - my Draw Mohammed Day threat in GD got locked for being off-topic.

Mrs. Dan Senor accuses President of condescending to women

These times they are a changing.

NATO Seeks To Formalize Afghan Withdrawal

Veterans For Peace March At NATO Rally, Set To Turn In Their Medals (Pic)

It's the 21st Century, but the house Negro is still here.

Of The Last 2 Presidents, Which Has Caused More National Debt?

The Big Conspiracy...

If the Republicans were to win the Senate and the White House...?

Boo. Hiss. Overcast day.

Happy Draw Mohammed Day!

Rightwingers are so predictable

Israel PM: illegal African immigrants threaten identity of Jewish state

Random thoughts about Zimmerman tapes

(Dharun Ravi) In Rutgers Sentence, Advocates for Gay Rights Fear Excess

Caption this photo

Heartland Institute facing uncertain future as staff depart and cash dries up

Tony Blair heckled during graduation address at Maine college

This Graphic Will Offend Your Anti-Gay Relatives – Guaranteed!

Anti-intellectualism is taking over the US

WOW !!! - May 12th, Near Elgin, Il... 'Surveillance Drone Spotted Near Chicago - For NATO Summit?'

Which was first?

Why you are absolutely WRONG about everything

On Draw Mohammed Day, don't forget: Drawing Jesus is just as offensive to devout Muslims too!

Man wears briefs on head during Idaho burglary

GOP points out we should judge Obama on his record. But they never suggest we judge them on theirs.

I missed the original running of Downton Abbey

CNN has it down... they know how to deal with populist domonstrations...

Last night on the SNL Season Finale - Arcade Fire and Mick Jagger - The Last Time

In aftermath of Komen funding flap, fewer sign up for race

what made news today...

graywarrior's parents found the perfect babysitter for her. This explains so very much......

Apparently it's illegal in OKC nowadays to call 911 for phone sex:

So-called "Democrat" Cory Booker nauseates the hell out of me....

From Last Night In Chicago...

Whoa. One harrowing rescue of one cold kid:

Braindead nominates priest to board of medicine

Confessing to an atheist heresy

Just before the call cut off, she heard Trayvon Martin say, “Get off. Get off.”

2052: A Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years

I agree with the "extremism" of the Tea Party crackpots....

Church Controversy is in Georgetown's DNA

Thousandth post!

Police: NY man had friend shoot him in leg so

One thought that comes from the eclipse,Venus energies.

Axelrod: Attacks On Mormonism ‘Not Fair Game’

The heartbreak of hysteria

Soon-to-be PBS documentary features the stories of trailblazing women

Soon-to-be PBS documentary features the stories of trailblazing women

holy s*&%^ the chicago cops were beating the crap out of people - even don lemon just made the point

Live feed from NATO protest.

Salon's Steve Kornacki: Cory Booker: Surrogate from Hell

Chicago LiveStream Here:

I would like to thank everyone of you on DU

Thank you Mayor Cory Booker for sharing that with us...

Protestors and police clashing at NATO summit Chicago

Danziger toon- Banking Deregulation Explained

Ryan Admits Obvious: Republicans Are Liars

And in other news...The 1st annual DU Mixer has been cancelled

Transgender at five

NYT article today sums up the 2012 War on woman - followed by excellent comments

Couple's "prank" backfires as son is trapped in washing machine

Toles Toon- Romney Will Make It Work!

Ominous Anonymous Tweet Here:

Bee Gees' singer Robin Gibb dies after cancer battle.

Occupy Chicago

Another “Hot Text” For the War on Women: Rosemary’s Baby

Population Is Popping: Why We Cover Our Ears and Eyes

Ok... So On CNN Just Moments Ago... The Police Gave An Order To Disperse... And Then Opened Up...

John Henry Faulk (1985) - "A corporation isn't a person"

It's my firm belief that it's the Police who were the ones who've started most the riots in America

RIP Robin Gibb


Russia says West still considering military action on Iran

Live alone? You're not alone; Seismic increase in 1 person households


Just did corn on the cob in the microwave...

conservative republican governor's economic deal goes bad

Question we should ask those who advocate for raising the retirement age.

How can narrow interest groups keep taking over the MN GOP?

This is an awesome astrology blog (eclipse/Venus Retro related.)

Just found a glitch

U.S. Religion Census 2010: Summary Findings

"That's Our Boy" By Mike Luckovich

LynneSin -- Ms Universe Road Rage Contest winner 2009 - 2012:

Test Answer GENIUS:

Kali has been experiencing MUCH higher levels of dread & foreboding on the ranch lately.

Sesame Street Fever (Robin Gibb)

Why the blackout on Mrs. Zimmerman?

But did you call the fire department?

Unbelievable nature video. Spectacular. Don't miss. Hi-res, watch full screen. Hi bandwidth rec'd

"Debating" with pigeonhawks -- an exercise in futility:

Nato summit drone video is probably a hoax

I believe porn isn't really a feminist issue.

I wish there was a "Mark Thread as read" feature ,....

Great sadness to hear the passing of Robin Gibb. BEE GEES ~ HOW CAN YOU MEND A BROKEN HEART ~ 1971.

Bullying...NOT OK

If Obama loses in November, here are the reasons why.....

Home seller disclosure fraud. Please help.

Maru saw the solar eclipse.

Just a quick post here.

Why Environmental Politics Matter

Announcing a new Keebler Elf look-alike product -- Pig Newtons:

Kids today think THEY'RE into Xtreme Sports. MFM dares 'em to try Scuba Dumping!!!

As if any were needed, here's FURTHER proof that MiddleFingerMom is just "HOT" personified!!!

U.S. Religion Census 2010: Summary Findings

Riot Gear Cops Rain Down Blows On Protesters - Sun-Times (Now With Video)

Have threads sometimes disappeared for a short time for anyone?

NYC's First Million Dollar Parking Spot...Things are getting ridiculous here!

Source: Attack victims white supremacists

Roger Waters of Pink Floyd on 60 Minutes tonight. I just saw it on the East Coast, it was very good.

Those bodies broken in Chicago? They are of no importance.

GAP releases pro-gay ad, under fire from One Million Moms

WWJD? Support the Rights of Same-Sex Couples to Marry

I have to say that i find it somewhat funny

Roger Water's of Pink Floyd appearing on 60 Minutes tonight to discuss The Wall 2012 World Tour.

NATO shifts to help an elusive Afghanistan peace

****watch this NOW!!!**** Eclipse Live

Jive Talkin'

Ruling is a blow to transparency

Paul forces hand Romney another massive defeat in Minnesota GOP convention.

So where will the libertarian billionaires be dumping their waste

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 21 May 2012

"Booker had started to walk back his criticisms of Obama and his campaign"

Chris Hedges: A Victory for All of Us

Future Master of the Universe (cartoon)

What MSM won't show you from Chicago

What Cory Booker gains by defending Vulture Capitalists.

Bonobos really need our help!

We brought our baby boxer home today. Meet Daisy Mae

In which jurisdictions are hollow points banned?

Heads up: Four episodes of WKRP in Cincinnati at 9 EDT.

Romney Blames Obama For Bipartisan Military Spending Cuts

A viable clean-energy bill at last?

Make MA and WI Scott-free in 2012

Tom Morello sings Stray Bullets with IVAW amid No NATO rally

Huffington Post posts death of Robin Gibb above "Vanessa Hudgens Hits The Gym In Tiny Shorts"

APNewsBreak: 22 states join campaign finance fight

'We want NATO ended': Thousands march in Chicago

Former Israeli PM: Jerusalem must be partitioned

Serb rightist wins presidency, backs EU path

The no fun folks in GD thinks it's bad form to put a kid in a washing machine

If Scott Walker wins

RIP Robin Gibb...

The Real Reason Republicans Have Been Sabotaging America

The EDL and Muslamic Ray Guns!

Here's what I've learned today about the 2012 election...

RNC Chairman Says Republican Proposal For Race-Baiting Anti-Obama Attack Ads Is Obama’s Fault

Snoring 'can raise cancer risk five-fold'

An observation on the value of Facebook

Walmart puts big money into education so the poor can have high paying jobs with benefits

Tunisian Salafists rally to demand greater role for Islam

"Activism" Exhibit @ Museum of NYC: 14 Movements Thru 2012, but

Today in Chicago I saw the effects of police brutality against peace activists with my own eyes

Let's have a poll!

Two televised Barrett-Walker debates scheduled...

Buffy Sainte Marie - No No Keshagesh

Eclipse photos

This Word Is A Badge Of Honor

Adam and Eve's kids

Justice for Marissa March & Rally

Call Off The Dogs, Booker Just Walked It Back on Twitter; Expand Support For Obama [VIDEO]

My daughter's soccer team just won the Florida State Championship for Girls 18 and under!

How will the arrest of PA Justice Joan Orie Melvin affect the lawsuit against the new voter ID law?

Midtown Steakhouse Ben Benson's to Close Next Month

"Every time I go to Chicago, I come away with scars."

Dear Republican Party

You always have a choice.

ROFLMAO !!! - I Can't Post Some Of Those Words Here... So Here's The Link: (Hint: Sandra Fluke)

Robert Kennedy Jr insists he is not responsible for wife Mary’s suicide

Paul Krugman will be on Bill Maher Friday

Does anyone here use Windows Live Movie Maker?

Italy quake destroys 250 mn euros worth of cheese

District 8 AZ:, Jesse Kelly (R) versus Ron Barber (D), special election for Gabrielle Giffords seat

Anyone watching Sherlock...?

Texas House of Representatives passes bill that would raise speed limits to 85 mph

I dare one of you MFers to wear this shirt in Tampa during the RNC convention

China’s Wanda to Buy AMC Cinema Chain for $2.6 Billion

KETV Omaha: Sports legend Bob Boozer dies

WGN TV is covering the Chicago protests live

The Semi-Official 2012 DU RNC Logo Photoshop Competition

Elizabeth Park

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: Quiet Drama in Philadelphia

It is officially spring! I opened my big window for the first time today. Tomorrow fireworks for


Santorum, Gingrich campaigns owe millions

Just saw a guy from Racine who was busted in Chicago.

Another jury system failure

So . . . purely hypothetically . . . . let's say you built a barn building on some land you owned.

Fun Poll

A Thread about EE in Help & Meta-discussion

Second Grader Dresses as MLK Jr. Including Black Face

Factories begin to shift back to US

My Eclipse Photos

Church's suicide victims

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, May 22: Olivier's Birthday and TCM Guest Programmer Debra Winger

WWE Over the Limit PPV results. (SPOILERS)