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What if a DUer says the President's birth certificate "raises all sorts of red flags" and is "crap"

Anybody heard from Cornel and/or Tavis lately?

Toons: The Fountain of Youth, Like Profits, A Little Old-Fashioned Racism and More. - 5/18/12

Energy Department cuts payments to 4 federal lab workers

Obama campaign working to counter new voter ID laws

Conservative groups outspending liberal counterparts 4 to 1 on congressional races

Donna Summer Mac Arthur Park

Bill Moyers interviews Tom Morello, "Troubadour for Justice". Full episode.

DEVO Whip it!

China strengthens military, Pentagon report says

Former priest tries to hire hit man to kill his accuser...

(Federal) Grand jury investigating Oakland schools police

I've got jury duty next week...

in 'Worse Than Watergate' John Dean said W deficits would cut Social Services

a couple of questions about Windows Security Essentials

Bill Maher: Liberty University Giving Out Diplomas ‘Cheapens’ Everyone Else’s

Anybody else notice how DU traffic slows on Friday and Saturday nights?

coming out the other side of another trainwreck

Vermont Becomes First State In The Nation To Ban Hydraulic Fracking

Gloat Free NBA Post-Season Scores (Friday, May 18)

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Friday, May 18)

No problem

Justice Joan Orie Melvin(R Pa) to fight charges

Cognitive capitalism...

'Blade Runner' Writer to Re-Team with Director Ridley Scott on Sequel

The European Union may survive 2012, but the Euro won't.

My Grandbaby was born today!

Funny protest signs (more at FARK)

Alabama Gets Strict Immigration Law as Governor Relents

China's Chen Guangcheng 'set to fly to US'

With Natural Gas Plentiful and Cheap, Carbon Capture Projects Stumble

As a Debt Battle Looms, Some See No Option but to Raise Taxes

I was brave. I read Buddhist sayings at a xtian funeral.

Great quote

My screed to the DNC about the Wisconsin recall:

Make this chart go viral

Lawyers Guild claims NATO activists "disappeared" without warrant or charges In Chicago (WTF!?)

Activists Charged with Providing Material Support for Terrorism Ahead of NATO Summit

Jimmy Kimmel asks pedestrians:"Have you ever had a gay experience."

I have great news! TOONAMI IS BACK!

Blade Runner II?

I have great news for Cartoon Network fans...

SpaceX streaming live on youtube

"Partnering" with Monsanto and Pepsi to end world hunger? Call me skeptical...

I suggest yet another Feminists forum: Feminists' Meta Complaints...

10 good reasons to be a feminist

Born Unequal in Colombia

SpaceX Rocket Launch Aborted in Last Minute

Obama Set To Honor George W. Bush At White House!

Where Are the Missing Five Million Workers?

3 NATO Protesters Face Terror Conspiracy Charges

Didn't realize that Joanna Russ had died of a stroke last year until I googled her work

G8 leaders to discuss eurozone woes

Congressmen Seek To Lift Propaganda Ban

'It's a war between people and capitalism'

Shafted! Why are Homeowners Still Left to Struggle Against Big Banks Alone?

LA TImes: Facebook's epic fail

How the Conservative Worldview Quashes Critical Thinking -- and What That Means For Our Kids' Future

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday May 19th

Enough of the LIE about the DNC not helping in WI.

How America Is Like the Serial Killer in Dexter

Weekly Address: Congress Must Move Forward, Not Back On Wall Street Reform

President Obama pledges tough enforcement of Wall Street reforms

Fake Economic Charts Going Viral on Right-Wing Blogs

I did not know that Propoganda was against the law...but apparently they want to make it legal...

what is up with Ark?

Weed Wackiness: Here Are Common Drugs More Dangerous Than Marijuana

Herman Cain's "Rally for common sense" today

10,000 March at Frankfurt Occupy Protest Rally

US baby boomers urged to take hepatitis C blood test

Hey Rush - why don't you move to Singapore with that guy from Facebook?

Happy Birthday, Grace Jones

3 protesters charged with conspiracy to commit terrorism

Working Dinner With Barack

Assange Stands 'Real Chance' of Election in Australia

Up with Chris Hayes - the Ricketts billionaire

Chicago Sun-Times headline "Blind Chinese leaves for U.S. "

Fury as Quebec passes law to stifle student fee protests

Electric car network gets first test in Israel

Kidnapped reporter found dead in Mexico

5 reasons the drone assassinations are illegal

Greece to Angela Merkel: STFU

NYT: U.N. Observers Dodge Bullets and Mockery in Syria

Was the Reverend Wright "leak" to the NY Times intentional ?

The Pacific Ocean is Dying

Giants sign Brad Penny to minor league contract

Some reason for hope...

Tony Auth on Republicans and 'Austerity'

Tom Toles: Romney and 'Bushonomics'

Spot on quote

Shelley Segal 'We Are Atheism' video (with My Morality)

Shelley Segal 'We Are Atheism' video (with My Morality)

Independent UK: Capitalism at a crossroads

Ahhhh....the Golden Years.

Japanese woman, 73, again oldest atop Everest

Media Turns Its Back On Experts Who Blame GOP For Political Gridlock

Our Father’s Not in Heaven: The New Black Atheism

Obama campaign working to counter new voter ID laws

Sebelius quotes Kennedy: No religious test

After months in Afghanistan, 70 trips to Iraq, she deserves to be heard

The naivete of the media in explaining huge JP Morgan loss.

Pepsi pulls sponsorship of horse show after controversial footage airs

Mitt Romney’s Character Assassination Game

Key witness in Trayvon Martin shooting changed story

Help, I'm in Facebook hell and I can't get out!

Open Carry Becomes Law in Oklahoma

DUzies will be up at some point today

Doors on the Washington Metro opened ..... while the train was moving.

Revisiting Picket Fences on Hulu

Man accused in shootings had been fired

This Week in Poverty: A Little Help for the Long-Term Unemployed?

The Women of AIDS/LifeCycle 2012: Veronica and Nicky

50% of the 99%

NATO Kicks off With Harassment of Protesters, Ominous Warnings to Press

Sanctions Against Iran: A Duplicitous "Alternative" to War

Justice Joan Orie Melvin to step away from state Supreme Court to fight charges

Lawrence O'Donnell dismantles Ben Stein, who told Fox viewers that Nixon was smarter than BHO

How Chile’s Mothers Resisted

Seems About Right to Me

Donna Summer thought her cancer was caused by 9/11..

Former St. Louis radio host guilty of murder

Has Willard Rmoney apologized for his asinine comments

This must be shared.

Capital One flagged ‘Friends of Scott Walker’ for credit card fraud

Nightmare foretold if Greece heads for euro exit

Mitt Romney praises Meg Whitman as she prepares to lay off 30,000 workers

Huge Alaska mine could impact premier salmon fishery, EPA says

Got Your "GOP SOLUTIONS" Right Here!!!

Should this post in the Lounge been alerted on?

Mooncircles on tomorrow's new moon annular eclipse

I have forgotten - why is weed dangerous again?

Please promise me this...

Aquarian Age for week of May 17

Gemini new moon ritual from Astro Feng Shui

New Moon Report

You Tell Us: When Did The Spirit Of The '60s End?

Syria bomb kills 9, Damascus blames foreign plot

If you were protesting Westboro Baptist

Govt lays out power cuts for summer (Japan)

Tennis G.O.A.T.

Oregon bans American Indian team names, mascots for schools

How the Obama Administration Has Worked Behind the Scenes to Advance Marriage Equality

Hands On At The G8 Summit Saturday

Post your favorite whiskey drinking.....drinks.

What Will Romney Say About Chen Guangcheng's Release?

Fraud accusations mount for voter registration company switching party

Nato protesters arrested in Chicago raid held on terrorism conspiracy charges

Suck on THIS, Creationists!!!

Do you wanna know why we all REALLY want them to "GET OFF OUR DAMN LAWNS!!!!!!!"


NFL Spends On Washington Lobbyists For Drone Planes

So I'm waiting at the Greyhound bus terminal and . . .

Beijing rejects Pentagon report assessing China’s expanding military power

Darth Vader visited Brooklyn yesterday and got a parking ticket

Alec grows vulnerable as 11 legislators cut ties with lobbying network

Willard, lead us from this weekend wilderness PLease come CAPTION the Mitt-ster!!

The Republicans HAVE Solutions!!!

Aleppo Joins the Syrian Revolution: Are al-Assad’s Days Numbered?

Why is FBI Manufacturing Reasons to Arrest Occupy Protesters, Ignoring White Supremacist Violence

Born This Way

What do you think about using McClatchy news service as a source?

How much total debt has Barack Obama created?

Fury as Quebec passes law to stifle student fee protests

Do you remember Lenny Bruce?

As a dog returneth to his vomit

I want John Edwards to be found not guilty

Remember those $600 toilet seats?

space x funding

Canada museum kills masturbation video after outcry

Bomb at Italian school kills teenager, wounds seven

Tel Aviv rape: Palestinian arrested near crime scene

Kidnapped reporter found dead in Mexico

What's happening in your garden?...

UN Sends Mission To Libya To Investigate Use Of Mercenaries

Bullying of Teachers Pervasive in Many Schools

President Obama Speaks Before G8 Working Session on the Global Economy

USPS delivering UPS and FedEx Packages

Senator Lee forced to sell home

The British Prime Minister is one of the Stupidest People Alive

if anyone is interested (part three)

if anyone is interested (part four)

Willard Rmoney the entitled prick loses his cool and then some

Brooklyn DA sets up taskforce to tackle intimidation of Orthodox abuse victims

4th Amendment Ignored By Indiana Sheriff

What's wrong with this bunny?

Two Questions

Hero bus driver Ed Ray, who saved kidnapped children in 1976, dies at 91

Mike Luckovich Toon: Future Banker

Chris Hedges: NDAA Ruling 'Monumental Decision'

Hope For Paws needs your help! (remember Fiona, the blind dog?)

Is Facebook doomed to fall into obscurity?

Any long term unemployed people here?

Pat Robertson: Destroy Your Neighbor's Buddha Statue

Question: In DU3, are we allowed to mention the site

My aged mom watches a lot of shitty tv.

State by state, speak your mind about: Louisiana

Diablo III - PC - Review/Guide

Police: 5 Toddlers Walk Away From Day Care

Would you rather go to space in a government or private built space vehicle?

Insomniacs, Can Anyone Suggest a Good Sleep Aid?

I don't want to put down Mitt Romney's Mormon faith

Saturday, May 19th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Chicago Cops: “We’ll come look for you, each and every one of you.”

Gay Muslim activist launches book in Malaysia

Zimmerman - what is justice?

Say what? The National Guard is spending $26 million this fiscal year to sponsor Dale Earnhardt Jr.

If you're sick of seeing feminists discussing misogyny on DU, then quit acting in a misogynous way.

It's not a lie that Wisconsin needs more help in our election, and it's not a lie we need more help

So should this guy be allowed to shoot in self defense?

Is gay marriage a crisis for the black church?

Creating a New Progressive Ecumenical Church Relationship

First Lady Makes G8 Spouses Feel At Home In The White House

being white

We've Seen This Movie Before... ACTUAL Class Warfare...

Why Isn't The Media Ever Taken To Task For Airing Negative Political Ads?

Scottie Mayfield, GOP Candidate, Calls Medicaid And Welfare Recipients 'Non-Taxpayers'

The Lookout

I'm sure Drudge has his siren up, right? Obama leads in today's Rasmussen poll...

Here's one I've never seen...

Everyone is welcome here.

U.S. trade deficit widens as imports set a record

Obama's Weekly Address - Implementing Wall St Reform

Troubled freighter drifts toward Great Barrier Reef

Reaching Catholics

This guy gets it: "And let’s remember that capitalists without customers are out of business."

So THAT's why the 9th Circuit Court supported the torture law!

Curious: How do you use DU?

Taxpayers Fund $454,000 Pay for Collector Chasing Student Loans

Potential Consequences of a Greek Exit

I'm doing a Donna Summer/Chuck Brown tribute on my show today

‘NATO 3’ Had Targeted Obama Campaign HQ, Rahm’s House, Police Stations, Prosecutors Say

As A Harbinger Of The November Election... On A Scale Of 1 To 10, Where Do You See The Walker Recall

UK Ministers must resist the siren call of spin to prevent climate failure

i voted early today

I'm in an interesting discussion with a right-winger

Fracking bidders top farmers at water auction

SpaceX's Falcon 9 T-0 Launch Abort

Evidently Not Joe the Not Plumber is running his campaign like he did his plumbing business..

Syrians start a twitter campaign #NoQaedaInSyria

Wisconsinites are being deluged by Walker propaganda paid for by billionaires

Growing Up Without A Cell Phone

I know the real reason the right is continuing these wild rumors.

An administrative professionals union - UPTE!

How Low Can the Price of Wind Go?

There is a tropical storm developing off the Carolinas!

Open letter to the U.S. bishops: Let's not be a laughingstock, OK?

Facts are difficult to come by in the Trayvon Martin Case, and

Anybody know a good auto mechanic in Tucson or Marana?

Why does West Virginia skew so anti-Obama?

I saw this today...

A foray for groceries: Anyone tried these yet?

Champion of Accounting and Accountability‎

List of Prominent Supporters of Same-Sex Marriage

And so it begins...

Safeway to hero: you're suspended after he defended a pregnant women from being beaten

Blind Chinese Dissident Leaves on Flight for U.S.

"Fired for Bye Bye: Hotel Employee Claims Pregnancy Discrimination"

Michelle and the White House Garden. (Dial-up warning, two videos.)

Dr. Richard Carmona Faces a Tough Race as the Democratic Candidate for Senate in Arizona

uproar because Indian movie star gives birth, gains weight, grows older

Understanding politics is too complex for most people I know


So, did anyone else see Dan Rather on Real Time last night?

TCM Schedule for Monday May 14 - TCM Spotlight: Sally Field

Mississippi GOP Lawmaker, Blasts Gays, Cites Bible Passage Calling For Their Death

Wiping Out $90,000 in Student Loans in 7 Months

What does this Romney quote mean?

BREAKING: NAACP Endorses Marriage Equality

The Commencement Address That Won't Be Given - Robert Reich/HuffPo

Start voting out Scott Walker on May 21 - Vote Early or Absentee!

Bwahahahahahaha. Mangoes

It’s Time to Update the Wine Spritzer.

How are the STATE SENATE races going? Will you take back the Senate there?

Statement by G8 Leaders on the Global Economy

BREAKING: NAACP Endorses Marriage Equality

VERY good chance to beat Walker and take back WI State Senate.

Xpost V&M: Solar Energy in Germany

Is It Too Late For A "New" Meme For Wisconsin... For The Entire Country ???

Extreme rain doubled in Midwest: climate study

Well. What IF wait for it... It's coming

6 Ridiculous Lies You Believe About the Founding of America

We sure do have some Hot Dem women on our Side

DUers does anyone have a list of all the Bain companies

Help & Meta & Links to Flaming Threads Already in Progress if You're Looking For One

Charles Blow: ‘Metrosexual Black Abe Lincoln’

How long before the right muster the courage to come out against divorce?

Beeny Man begs forgiveness for lyrics calling for deaths to gays and lesbians

Huwoman rights: Stop sweating the small stuff.

I have been thinking alot lately about my daughter

Scott Walker Forces Outspend Dems By 2-To-1 In Crucial Week Of Wisconsin Recall - HuffPo

Of $16B FACEBOOK shares sold to new investors, $11.76B were purchased by the underwriters!!!

UK daily slammed for mentioning Israel’s nat'l bird

Animal as people!

Chris Hedges: NDAA Ruling 'Monumental Decision'

Martin Spoke of ‘Crazy and Creepy’ Man Following Him, Friend Says

Cruddas gets policy brief in shadow cabinet reshuffle

Is Govt Secrecy Killing Us? Can Anyone Become Evil? Politics Of The Avengers? (The Point)

Freepers respond to the police report that Trayvon's death was avoidable: 'lalala I can't hear you'

18th Century Foxx

I just love this..

I Just LOVE The Smell Of Bi-Partisanship In The Morning...

Teabagger school board member tries to stop formation of a UNICEF club in public high school

whoa...what's the aspect of tonight before the Eclipse?

NGOs: EU's PA aid projects razed by Israel

Report: Denmark set to label settlement produce

NATO Summit March Live Feed

PA. Head of Envi. Protection Dept. Says State of Delaware "Smells Like the Tail of a Dog"

PA. Head of Envi. Protection Dept. Says State of Delaware "Smells Like the Tail of a Dog"

We want to help recall Walker---information please!

For Love of Physics

TOONS: Mitt Romney (Bully)

When Romney (and all GOP) screech "WE'RE BROKE WE'RE BROKE" this means "we're weak we're weak"

For my friends in the LGBT group. The Volleyball Scene from Top Gun

Who makes the best Westerns?

Leaping UK carbon emissions deliver two red-hot lessons

Blockbuster Investigation: All roads lead to Koch

sigh. farming in the big city.

NEUROMANCER and Terrorism

World Leaders at U.S. Meeting Urge Growth, Not Austerity

Anyone here familiar with evolutionary psychology?

Top Democrats Suspect Republicans Try To Sabotage Economy To Hurt Obama

WOW!! Un-fucking believable!! SPOILER ALERT...


What climate change?

Terrorism never tasted so good...

Has anyone tried this vegan product yet?

I just unbookmarked the Huffington Post

How many times will the GOP be on the wrong side of Obama's foreign policy?

Oh my!!!

Billionaire Has Millions To Smear Obama, Demands Massive Taxpayer Subsidy For Baseball Stadium

Polices As Bullies

Cops: Protesters threatened that 'city will never be the same'

In Case You Missed This... A Chart For Ya...

Romney's Bain made millions as S.C. steelmaker went bankrupt

Man Arrested For Exposing Himself While Spread Eagle In Ramsey Park

Whatever you say, genius.......

Phyllis Schlafly is still ALIVE -- well not in the real world- "gang rape" and "food stamps"

David Cameron's radical plan to reform jobs red tape

FDL Book Salon Welcomes Paul Krugman, End This Depression Now! - FDL

France's unwed first lady makes summit debut

Bizarre: Far-right politics

Can we ever have a debt crisis? (Krugman answers)

CNN looks at transformation of Aesha, a woman mutilated b...

I'll Have Another wins Preakness, Triple try next

Anti-NATO Activists Charged w/ "Providing Material Support for Terrorism" in Apparent Retaliation...

Corporate Public Education on steroids is coming to Massachusetts: Citizens for Public Schools

Toon - A Few New Banking Reforms

Leader Of The Free World

More attacks on public school this time Pennsylvania style.

The Mariners scored TEN runs this afternoon...

Drones and the Theatrics of Power

"Hotel Transylvania"

Brett Scott: The Safe Deposit Box – Creating a Financial Wikileaks - NakedCapitalism

Maternal and fetal exposure to pesticides associated to genetically modified foods Quebec, Canada

Venezuela says third diesel shipment sent to Syria

Boston Zombie March

WAY too many DU posters (for you, schmoopie):

Don't call me serious!!!

Maybe I'm stating the obvious, but graywarrior gets this a LOT!!!

Same sex marriage, shmame sex marriage!!! What's the big deal?

Corbett is going after teachers' collective bargaining rights!

Max Keiser: Bankers Blitzkrieg economies

Pharoah Bloomberg: Paying Workers Enough to Live Is 'Communism'

This week in football...

The G8 Says "Hi !" To Chicago And The Rest Of Us... From Camp David, Maryland...

G8 lean toward Obama growth, not Merkel austerity

Rmoney believes his ads will cancel his deeds with Hispanics

Mom -- MiddleFingerMom.

Good news for those of you who say MiddleFingerMom needs to grow UP!!!

TruTV's "Storage Hunters"...I watch this show and I see bottom feeders, the dregs of humanity.

Marlins' Guillen rips Heat's Wade

Former Iowa Senate leader arrested for DUI

The Nation: Reality Bites Republicans

What are you reading the week of May 20, 2012?

Vote For Jesus

The little girl from True Grit is the newest incarnation of Juliette.

Outrageous! Why are people opposed to GM rice which saves lives and prevents blindness?

So the protest in Chicago is because of weapons, not really against the NATO, what is the protest

More on Curt Schilling not so interested in small government now.

Richard Dawkins the arch-atheist backs Michael Gove's free Bible plan

These Animal Statues Were Made From Woodchips

Climate Change. Here and Now.

Romney sits on 3/4 of a BILLION but makes headlines for kicking $150K into his own campaign.

They say the new memory foam matresses are hard to have sex on.

2 Americans locked up as Haiti gov’t cracks down on pro-army advocates

2 Americans locked up as Haiti gov’t cracks down on pro-army advocates

Youth protest former Mexican ruling party's rise

Youth protest former Mexican ruling party's rise

Google gets China OK to buy Motorola

from faux news, 2007

Sunday Talk Shows

A press release from the National Lawyers Guild (NATO3 terrists)

Tom Morello and Tim McIlrath at the nurses rally in Chicago yesterday

Romney's Latest Lie: 'I Was In The Graduate'


Can't WE do BETTER than what we are Doing so far? Can we Still "Heal the World? or will WE Corrupt?

The ED Show - Romney picks the wrong bridge to nowhere

Religious prejudice has produced some amazing medical procedures

3, 42, 50, 32 ... woo hoo!!

Government backtracks on fracking (UK)

Protesting Rahm Emanuel home

Charting Obama’s Journey to a Shift on Afghanistan

Space Battleship Yamato

IoS exclusive: Cameron hit by big rise in hostility to Europe

Any MST3K fans here? I loved that show!

Time has run out for the frozen cows of Conundrum Hot Springs!

Think about the consequences of demanding ever more and more gun control laws

This Graffiti Artist Had An Interesting Idea You Probably Haven't Thought Of Before

Hometown Hero

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg marries long-time girlfriend Priscilla Chan in a surprise ceremony

Top Democrats Suspect Republicans Try To Sabotage Economy To Hurt Obama by Charles Babington, AP

Greatest Auto Prank Ever...

Mystery over Bridgeport arrests: Molotov cocktails or brewing equipment?

Obama and G8 Leaders watched Champions League soccer final Picture

Mark Zuckerburg Ties The Knot

While Obama is making history, Mitt Romney will be remembered as being on the wrong side of it.

Jimmy Kimmel Live, "A Message from Your Kids Teachers"..Comedy Sketch

woman run over by police at ows nato

(CA) Park groups receive grants to help keep Castle Crags, Ide Adobe open; awards total of $328,586

Bernie, the movie

Now this is sexy also!

My favorite figure in this weekend's Quebec student resistance protests...ANARCHOPANDA!

Camp David Declaration

President Zardari may face friction over supply routes

Anchoring the alliance (NATO and Turkey's role in it)

My precious

The Obama Campaign Disassembles Another Karl Rove Attack Ad

Watching SNL -- Mick Jagger is hosting.

Thanks a Union 36 Ways Unions Have Improved Your Life by New Deal00 at Daily Kos

Chicago Police hit & run pic

Nurse Jackie....