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Archives: May 16, 2012

"televised bag of hammers" - lol - how Colbert described Sean Hannity

First results coming in for Oregon primary...

Pacifica Radio's Flashpoints: Fukushima Update with Carl Grossman 5/14

Women warriors and underwear.

Gloat Free NBA Post-Season Scores (Tuesday, May 15)

Can history be revised to oblivion?

vanderSLUT HA, HA!

Alcohol Prohibition Not Helping Native Americans Deal With Harms of Alcohol

Howlin' Wolf - Smokestack Lightning, Live 1964

Big trouble at Diamond Jamie's casino

Super PAC cash plays big role in Nebraska Senate Race

Current Host Openings

So this movie the Dictator.

Found the Letterman/Brian Williams video on the killing of Bin Laden from last night's show

Kelly Thomas case: mother accepts $1 million settlement offer

Name an actor who has appeared in...

The Pollsters are trying to convince us that 2 + 2 = 22

Obama Smacks Down Elizabeth Hasselback on The View

While it's true that all scumbags are NOT Conservative Republicans...

I got panhandled by a teabagger today

Yes, let's leave it to the States

A Victory in Oregon--Medical Marijuana Has Some Political Muscle

coming soon to a store near you.......

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Tuesday, May 15)

Why doesn't anyone discuss movies in this forum?

Gasoline prices: Obama administration

I Just Deactivated My FB Account

Turkey's Attack on Civilians Tied to U.S. Military Drone

Highlights of today's investiture of Francois Hollande as the new president of France.

The Abortion That Mitt Doesn't Talk About Any More..

Alright, fellow frugals: Recommend good cookware - pots and pans - that aren't teflon

Homeless Man Under Pressure

Well, this is awkward (pic)

Groundbreaking $100M study aims to stop Alzheimer's before it starts

"Chinese firm's Canadian contracts raise security fears"

Will Smith comes out for marriage for gay couples to support Obama (All love is equal)

D3 servers are back up

USC to award degrees to Japanese interned during WWII

Emergency spinal surgery (dog)

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday May 16th

Google results totals as Argument or Evidence

I miss Keith (short rant)

Einstein's Riddle. Try doing this without writing/making a chart

Science is adorable

Judge Strikes Union Election Rule on Technicality

Moody’s Notes Impact of Pension Obligations

Wells Fargo Has Blood on Its Hands: Desperate Man Commits Suicide After Shocking Foreclosure Mistrea

Don't Look Now -- Banks Are Still Ruining America: 6 Harsh Lessons from the JP Morgan Fiasco

The king reminded me of Romney

Hostess fails in bid to throw out contracts - 05/16/2012

Syrian rebels get influx of arms with gulf neighbors’ money, U.S. coordination

8 Ways to De-Corporatize Your Money

Zimmerman Medical Report Shows Broken Nose, Lacerations After Trayvon Martin Shooting

April 2012 heats up as 5th warmest month globally

From the Daily Kos donations from JP Morgan Chase in Massachusetts senate race (Image)

woodpecker in my back yard

Why Obama Must Hold Wall Street Accountable

Boehner has announced intentions to repeat last year's debt limit hostage situation.

Washington State Democratic Party requests comments on 2012 platform and resolutions

Noam Chomsky: Occupy Has Created Solidarity in the US

Russian television: France and Germany plot out the future

Rome judge slammed for fining journalist who satirized anti-Semitic cartoon

Finally I get to use the Trash Thread option.

Elizabeth Warren and why is ABC News all over this story and why the double standard?

Emergency contraception - a good alternative, if you can get it

Largely Unseen, Syria Carries Out Arrest Campaign

Should States Receive Bailout Money from the Federal Government?

Mladic taunts survivors at start of genocide trial

I have to side with Wal-Mart on this one - Wal-Mart sued for prank pulled by 16 year old customer

What should black Christians do when social issues and faith collide?

Where’s The ‘Beef’? Clinton’s Answer To Romney Snark

Where is Mika this morning? I tuned in late and assumed she was on a break from the

Uhhh don't show up the umpire.

How the Abrahamic religions relate to each other

Moss to African-American Clergy: Don’t Abandon Obama Over Same-Sex Marriage

US Gas Prices, Oil Price & the Real Story

The Worst Party Since the Civil War

This election’s true winner

Mitt Romney Debt Speech Ignores Key Facts

Mandy Patinkin Backs Actor Boycott Of Settlements During Israel Trip

Norway abolishes state-sponsored Church of Norway

"A pimple on an elephant's butt"

Biden targets Romney’s work as venture capitalist; in biting attack blames him for lost jobs

Ed Shultz is on CSPAN now if ayone is interested

1.3 billion people rely on forests to survive

Chikungunya virus loves warm New York winters

The U.S. Department of Double Standards

How to have your big gay moment, By Mark Morford

Any suggestions about how to cure my kitty problem?

Italian university switches to English

Pro-Medical Pot Candidate Defeats Dispensary-Buster in Dem Primary for Oregon AG

Graduation Day (cartoon)

Didn't think it would stop at marriage, did you?

The Jobs are NOT There!

As I prepare to go to Target for more cat food, can we talk about the price?

Out of Water - A bus trip with the cool kids

Panetta curtails F-22 flights after pilot complaints of blackouts

Bosnian Serb Leader Faces War Crimes Charges

This New Catholic Election Video is the Most Pretentious Thing We’ve Ever Seen

Said on the TeeVee

I have a new blog posting up! Enjoy!

I have a new blog posting up! Enjoy!

Mitt's perspective is different than others

Court strikes down NLRB rule to speed up union elections

I would like to join the President in being Gay.

Haitian refugee rescued by Coast Guard as a boy set to graduate USCG Academy

NOW who's trying the case through the media?

MBTA starts useful service and the Herald won't stand for that

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Banksters

How Protestantism Redefined Marriage

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2-The rest

Tennessee's drug testing plan for welfare recipients faces constitutional hurdles

No fault of my own, I got caught in the middle of an intersection on a red light

Clemens' trainer saved steroid evidence as "insurance."

Mr. boehner and the Debt

Chip in 5 bucks for the Wisconsin recall election

White House & Dems Back Banks over Protests: Newly Discovered HS Files show Feds Central to Occupy

Krugman: Extremists and Enablers

Look Into The Face Of Romney Economics

Deficit Reduction: the Great Distraction

Not ONE Democratic spokesperson in the 7 am block on Morning Joe today? Not ONE

Repub Senator to be Sentenced - Corbett didn't bother to investigate her, Local DA did

Poll: Independent Voters Want Obama To Keep Pressure On Banks

President about to hit 2 million donors

Accidentally Released: Embarrassing Docs Show How Goldman et al Engaged in 'NAKED SHORT SELLING'

Poll: Obama Over Romney In New Hampshire

Does 12-Year-Old Canadian Victoria Grant Understand More About the Most Important Truth in Life Than

NYT: Mr. Boehner and the Debt

Needy States Use Housing Aid Cash to Plug Budgets

Romney’s Budget Fairy Tale

Violence Against Women in the United States: Statistics

White House Says They'll Veto Republicans' Watered Down Version of the Violence Against Women Act

"...Romney is operating from the assumption that voters are stupid."

A little wish for my step daughter

Why the Media is screwing this nation.....politically....

Our Group has a fun challenge over in the science group....

"How do we solve the deficit 'crisis' ?

Documents Show How Goldman et al Engaged in 'Naked Short Selling' - Taibbi

Romney was against the Iraq troop withdrawal. Is he going to send troops back to Iraq if elected?

Such Values- Man arrested for throwing Bible at roomie

US rendition 'torture' case heard

Bank regulations ....

A Rescue . . . from GD

"We've got a responsibility..."

Obama issues veto threat against House defense bill

She's with me.

Congress Has Nine Bills Pending That Would Weaken Derivatives Regulations

Treat your employees well and profits will follow


White supremacist far behind in Idaho sheriff race

Even Republicans ask for regulation in the face of the JP Morgan fiasco but blame Obama

Kali may be a barfly, but she's the HEALTHIEST barfly in Arizona!!!

When going to a party, MiddlefingerMom liked to pack an overnight bag.

Contemplating History

"Romney made sure the guys on top got to play by a separate set of rules..."

Greeks withdraw $894 million U.S. in cash out of bank accounts

The bully rights movement

Oregon mom sued by church over online criticism, calls lawsuit "spiritual abuse"

How to Act Human: Advice for Mitt Romney From Inside the Actors Studio By James Lipton

20% of married fathers with children younger than five years old were the primary caregiver

2 Shareholder Suits Filed Alleging CEO Jamie Dimon Misrepresented Risk To Investors

Mystery in aisle 3! Rubio’s official stationery winds up in discount store

Winston-Salem officials waiting for court rulings in wake of marriage amendment's passage

Rove's PAC matching Obama ad spending in key states, so Mitt can 'husband resources'

Employment Decisions


Nobody missed Michael CAINE locked in attic overnight?!1

Farewell to the Gargoyle Feminist?-How the ‘war on women’ quashed feminist stereotypes

Exclusive: Order knew for months about priest scandal: Vatican official

How Secular Humanists (and Everyone Else) Subsidize Religion in the United States

How Much is Romney Really Worth? Forbes Analysis: $230 Million

Pic Of The Moment: The Boehner Whisperer


White supremacist far behind in Idaho sheriff race

PPP/Daily Kos poll: Walker leads Barrett in WI Recall by 4 points

MSNBC: Romney gets no "Christie bump" in NJ if he were chosen as VP

Help! Friend diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma.

Activist (Rhee) targeting schools, backed by big bucks

Activist (Rhee) targeting schools, backed by big bucks

Need Help

Drumbeat: May 16, 2012

"Everybody wants to go to Heaven but nobody wants to die."

FORBES: Revised Recommendations for Vaccines Are Being Phased In, CDC Report Says.

Tea Partiers Backing Scott Walker May Run Afoul of IRS


This horror is being posted on comments lists around the net:

Please sigh this Alabama petition re ALEC

Straight White Male: The Lowest Difficulty Setting There Is

Coming This Summer: For $24.95, George W. Bush Will Share His ‘Strategies For Economic Growth’

A little bit of prophecy from the great Frank Zappa circa 1981

The Decline Of The American Auto Industry In 4 Charts

"Conservatives" Trying to Spin Polls

Report from Cincinnati:

Romney Plays the VP VETTING GAME

Honduran news man found dead

J Street's Ben-Ami: 'U.S. Congressmen live in fear of pro-Israeli intimidation'

The Bain Way: Take millions in job creation tax subsidies, then turn around and lay off hundreds

It's taken me a long time but I finally did it..

The deeper question: Do we actually need political parties anymore?

Time for one of those DU breaks.

Nuns on the Frontier

Fox News thinks their audience are a bunch of idiots..

Should capitalism exist for the benefit of the individual or the benefit of the people?

Breasts: Bigger And More Vulnerable To Toxins

PPP: Obama holds slight lead over Romney in NORTH CAROLINA

Pot DUI bill falls 1 vote short in Colo. Senate

Is the Naked brand juice really good for you?

Raining puppies from Heaven.

Geoengineering experiment cancelled due to perceived conflict of interest

Photos by an old friend.

How the ‘war on women’ quashed feminist stereotypes

Post and Comments Critical of Obama

Freedom to Serve, Freedom to Marry: The Story of Monica and Naomi

PPP: Obama leads in NC 48-47

The Rude Pundit - Tennessee: Where Stop and Frisk Meets Extortion by Cop

White House Issues Veto Threat on Domestic Violence Bill Lacking LGBT Protections

Ralph Nader's Summer DooWop Reunion XXIII

TYT: Poll: Romney Beating Obama Among Women

Obama raises $44M for campaign, Dems in April

Will Smith: 'Jaden asked Barack Obama about aliens'

Rmoney and the Queen of Hearts

Numb to Carnage, Mexicans Find Diversions, and Life Goes On

Dutch footballer’s young daughter consoles him after relegation

Was that a regular season game last night?


President Obama visits Taylor Gourmet for a hoagie and to speak with small business owners -pics

FBI confirms leak probe on al-Qaida plot

Batty ‘Birther’ Movie Divides Conspiracy Diehards

President Obama greets people at the National Peace Officers Memorial Service - WH Photo of the Day

NY Judge Grants Class Action Status to Frisk Suit

Mitt Romney’s Jerk Advice for Jerkface Bullies

Kuala Lumpur war tribunal finds Bush, Cheney, six others guilty of war crimes

John Edwards Rests His Case Without Mistress' Testimony

Faces of Romney economics: Joe Soptic, American steelworker

Come the Revolution

Just to let you all know...

Thom Hartmann: Chris Hedges - Why OWS Frightens the Corporate Elite

DU Album of the Day: "Billion Dollar Babies" Alice Cooper

Man pickets all-you-can-eat restaurant that cut him off (after 20 pieces of fish)

US veterans to return war medals in protest

Blasphemy bans threaten 'Arab Spring', religious freedom

Caption Mitt

Oakland law would pressure banks over blight

Skechers To Pay $40 Million To Settle FTC Claims It Lied About Shape Ups

Chicago braces for violence at NATO summit

ECB stops operations with some Greek banks: sources

Gov.JerryBrown backtracks on plan to phase out the state's youth prison system.Drug War BANKRUPTS CA

When in high school, did you make getting free govt. cheese a goal in your life?

Bill Bennett's budget fix for California: Do what Scott Walker did

TA Gay Pride set to paint town all kinds of colors

FACT CHECK: Romney oversimplifies debt 'inferno'

O'Keefe's sloppy "research" catches up to him, again.


My thoughts on the race so far

Protesters disrupt State Street annual meeting

Separated at birth?

US agents on Honduran military operation

US agents on Honduran military operation

If Corporate Sponsorships in Sports Upset You, You Will Enjoy This Snippet

This required a big box of Legos......

U.S. loses bulk of appeal in WTO tuna case

Romney comes out big for "right to work" for less

"...All traitors from before the war until today have been rightwing extremists." -Breivik survivor

GM making 600 new hires at Lansing plant to build Cadillac ATS

Mitten's fortune estimated at $280 million

Polls vs. Elections

C, E-flat, and G go into a bar.

China was going through a civil war about the same time America was

PIC: Photoshop fun with Mitt's pro-war protest

Ex-Houston cop not guilty in teen suspect beating

TOM THE DANCING BUG: What Mischief Does Li'l Mitt Get Into This Time?

On verge of state history, Oregon golfer loses state title to scorecard violation

Thom Hartmann: Chicago dons riot gear for peaceful summit protests

Radiation in Japan--- Economic Meltdown in Europe.....

Top Army General Objects To GOP Plan To Slow Troop Reductions

US Starts War Games In Jordan; 12,000 Troops Take Part

A deeper look at Centaurus A

"Flying mustache" Friedman getting roundly criticized (again)

ESPN: Who Choked More LeBron Or D-Wade?

pretty cool. Epic time-lapse map of Europe

Brain implant allows paralysed woman to control a robot with her thoughts

removing a %$#*&(@ing alarm?

Why Older Americans Have the Worst Long-Term Unemployment Crisis

A Perfect Quote To Share With Friends Who Think Politics Is Beneath Them

Link issue

Urgent Message to the DNC!!

Would it be possible to get a plain text option for posts?

The George Carlin & Scott Walker Clip Every American Needs To See

Pizzas for Wisconsin+Recall Walker

Thom Hartmann: Who are the secret ''wind warriors?''

Recall Walker+pizzas for Wisconsin

Found on Facebook: If Common Sense Were Used In Government & the U.S.

Wait for it......

Exclusive: Order knew for months about priest scandal: Vatican official

Would college have made Lebron a better player?

Can "LeBron" be added to the spell checker?

Trail of petals lead police to Waterville burglary suspect.

Readers bite on spoofs from ‘news’ site

Congressman Joe Pitts: ‘It is incumbent on Ariel Sharon and Yasir Arafat to restart a peace process’

Friendship - I PromiseYou

New Daily Kos/PPP poll shows Wisconsin gubernatorial recall picture unchanged

350-pound man calls police after all-you-can-eat restaurant cuts him off

350-pound man calls police after all-you-can-eat restaurant cuts him off

Good God - Andrea Mitchell is at it again

Ed Shultz:Any union member who votes for Scott Walker is STUPID!!

The welfare recipient whose benefits never get cut......

Dennis Prager: Dick Van Dyke show represents reality about gender relations

Almost alerted on someone by mistake

I may have to take a break

Manny Pacquiao: 'I'm NOT Against Gay People'

Good Response to Corbett's Talking Points on Public Schools - Arts Cuts are the School Board's Fault

Solar eclipse 2012: The best place to view it in California? (Sun, 5/20)

Letters to the President: The Dreams of Our Daughters

Debt Ceiling Prediction

4PM Pacific / 7 PM Eastern today: 1 hour Beach Boys concert on QVC

Healthy food no more costly than junk food, government finds

Diablo III Auction House

So here I am downtown Tucson and I decide to go to the Main Library for their computers.

Speaking of breaks

Mississippi lawmaker: Coat hanger abortions might come back. 'But hey...'

Letters to the President: The Dreams of Our Daughters

It should be mandated that when a poll is released, the pollster must indicate

Anonymous donor gives $7M to group led by ex-Sen. Norm Coleman

Kitties ... They can make a toy out of almost anything.

Obama, Boehner Clash At White House Over Debt-Ceiling Hike

Loss of biodiversity Could Rival Climate Change, species population sizes down 28%

Much enthusiasm, muted criticism in Jewish reactions to Obama’s gay marriage support

US DEA killing children in Honduras.

Yemen army advances on militants, fighting heavy

School threatens to expel kids who won't quit Facebook

Walker: New Data Says Wisconsin Gained Jobs In 2011

Bill Clinton:"Mr Speaker-I like it when you cry-You give new meaning to compassionate conservative"

Obama says won't allow U.S. debt ceiling crisis repeat

Thom Hartmann: Conservatives think legalizing gay marriage will increase the deficit?

The Real Fraud: Second ‘Non-Citizen’ In James O’Keefe Voter Fraud Video Naturalized In 2011

It should be mandated that when a major poll is released, the pollster must indicate

George Soros to give 2 million to Progressive Superpac

Jim McGreevey: Don't make Dharun Ravi our anti-gay scapegoat

China pushes North Korea to drop nuclear test plan: sources

MFM's legacy

General Mills Gives Honey Nut Cheerios Bee Intense Backstory Of Childhood Foster Home Abuse

Zimmerman Medical Report Shows Broken Nose, Lacerations After Trayvon Martin Shooting

Panic is setting in...

THere must be a quick answer. When I Google something--including this question,

Diane Rehm did a show on fracking and Marcellus this morning

Autopsy results show Trayvon Martin had injuries to his knuckles

Mad Cow testing equipment stolen from Florida Hospital. (Was used to test patient who tested +)

The Palestinian Nakba: The Resolve of Memory

Budget-minded consumers skimping on summer travel

Mexico anti-drug agents detain 2 army generals

MIM remembers the good old days. >>

Woohoo!! Shopping spree (Mother's Day gift to myself)

The VA Tells the Truth About Guns. The NRA Can't Handle It.

I don't know why but this bird cracks me up

The Chamber of Commerce: Brazen Liars

What does MMO mean?

Oil Falls To 6-Month Low Near $92 On US Supplies Surge

Michigan Unemployment Rate Improves To 8.3% In April, As Workforce Grows By 3,000

Why James Hansen Is Correct About Catastrophic U.S. Drought

The dumbest argument EVER by a right winger

Another WI Poll: Obama & Romney tied; Walker up by six-points--GOP more energized for recall

"We will have only a far right in our electoral politics."

The Pointing Finger

This is a new one for me: Ex-minister equates gays with ‘killer snails’ to oppose equal marriage

Video: Short film ‘Homophobia’ made available free online ahead of IDAHO

Shrinkage? Religious experiences may reduce size of brain part, study finds

The up-side of a Syriza win in Greece

3 for 1! NATO not welcome here

President Obama is live with Vietnam vets

Tribe Seeks Injunction To Stop Desert Wind Energy Project

Seniors Join Senator Sanders to Protest Billionaire "Cut Social Security" Conference

Study Finds 'Gaydar' Up to 80 Percent Accurate on Sexuality

Is the conservative led UK coalition government sabotaging energy efficiency to feed new nukes?

14 Steps That Will Evolve Your Views On Gay Marriage

MFM Believes In Teaching The Right Habits Early On

Discredited anti-gay ‘researcher’ Paul Cameron: I’ve been attracted to men since I was 3

$24.95 and I will show you how to improve economy says W....

How Common is Your Birthday?

7-Year-Old Girl’s Threat to Parents Is Cute In a Psychopath Kind of Way

Thom Hartmann: Is the Facebook co-founder an American hero or anti-American?

Straight white male privilege - spinoff from other thread. I'll try to explain.

I don't know if this would be of interest, but what about a history thread of the photo group?

To put it simply, Republicans are authorizing violence against lesbians and tribal women

Martin Bashir is becoming Must See TV!

Still Standing Amid the Wreckage

The Most Profitable Asteroid Is…

Wednesday went the way of wanderers. Please CAPTION the Mitt-ster!!!

Have you seen the new Forever Postage Stamps?

Mr Fish: Joe's Next Push for Equality & Gay Marriage from Jesus' Point of View

Remembering Brandy Martell

Bill Clinton strikes back at Mitt Romney "That Etch A Sketch Guy"

Capturing the Beauty of the Night Sky

Boehner's Policies Would Turn U.S. into a Giant Debtors Prison

Betty Bowers Interviews Ann Romney

I am just sick to death about all the pro walker advertisements there are on TV....

1938 Phantom Corsair

Another crazy-ass Arizona Republican


2 cats

I need info on state and fed candidates. Where to look?

The Lobbyist in the Gray Flannel Suit - Mega Corp., London base taking over and

Taibbi: Embarrassing Look into Goldman's 'Naked Short Selling'

'Morally repugnant political whores'

Biden To Ohio Workers: Romney Doesn’t ‘Get Who We Are’

Mystery object almost causes plane crash over Denver

Obama camp: Romney benefitting from mass ignorance about Bain years

Joe Biden slams Romney in Ohio speech "They Don't Get Us"

Tom Barrett's response to Walker's "Divide and Conquer" moment

TB patient charged and jailed in CA for not taking medicine

Schilling asks R.I. for aid after firm misses payment on state-backed loan

A Republican bucking the trend on taxes. Maybe others will take a hint.

'Stop and Frisk' lawsuit against NYPD gets class action status

DU Poll: Will the US eventually just be really solid red in the middle of the

Am I a bigot?

I have a sister who is alive and healthy today due to the "culture of death"...

A toxic attachment

Two suspected U.S. drone strikes reported in Yemen

Volumes spoken

Senate just defeated motion to proceed to discuss Ryan budget. Go Dems! (And Snowe!) nt

Mary Kennedy Dead at 52

Remembering Brandy Martell, the Transgender Woman Killed in Oakland

Anti-Drone Activists Target G-8 Meeting At Camp David

Get Out Your Violins! People Are Picking on Poor Jon Lovitz! He's The Victim Here!

Chuck Brown dies: 'Godfather of Go-Go' passes away at 75

Italian Police Open a Mobster’s Vatican-Owned Tomb in Search of a Missing Girl

Nice counter protest to Westboro

Navy Ships Collide Off San Diego Coast

Debt-ceiling threats again - remember the GOP Leaders Began Plotting on Inauguration Night

it's getting smokey here in the fort

Mike Huckabee: Obama Surrounds Himself “With Morally Repugnant Political Whores”

How do you think the DNC should participate in the Wisconsin recall in the next 3 weeks?

Kucinich announces retirement from Congress

Why not a list of pharmacists who refuse to give women contraceptives?

Dial settings for privilege

Are the Red Sox going to Trade Youkilis?

Not A Joke: Bush To Publish Book On Economic Growth

Bobfest North Again--Come join us.

US Helping Get Arms To Syria Rebels: Report

The Fukushima nuclear plant's slow recovery offers lessons to the US

What kind of sunglasses won't melt if you leave them in the car when it's 110 degrees outside?

Nebraska Woman Gives The Most Amazingly Bonkers Anti-Gay Rant Ever

David Letterman To Brian Williams: ‘What More Do We Want [Obama] To Do For Us, Honest To God?’

Vegetables are easy..Let's talk about fruit.

RFK Jr.’s Ex-Wife Found Dead: Report

RollingStone - Why 'President Romney' Would Be a Disaster for Women

Abducted Honduras reporter Alfredo Villatoro found dead

Obama needs his base angry (all fired up and ready to vote) to win this election. Occupy

I'm certainly not a "cat person" but I do admire their tenacity

Is there a reason as to why we are no longer anonymous when we vote in polls?

We won't have Dennis Kucinich to kick around anymore.

"Mr. Speaker, I like it when you cry. You give new meaning to compassionate conservative."

Another US Predator drone gets it wrong

Nuclear projects being abandoned because of "huge cost and decades-long payback times"

Thank a Union: 36 Ways Unions Have Improved Your Life

Antonin Scalia says he was wrong, there has been an innocent executed!

A brief article explaining how Iceland got "rich" in 2003, crashed in 2008 (debt to

Fed: Fiscal Standoff Poses 'Sizable Risk' To US Recovery

Romney Attacks Obama for Not Cutting Debt Bush Amassed Read more:

Inside Story Americas - Is the US-Yemen strategy counter-productive?

Infoxication - From Rachel Maddow's Blog...

Is US strategy in Yemen counter-productive?

It is clear that I am a theist, and have little patience with the atheists here who despise

House Passes Watered-Down Version Of Violence Against Women Act

Rev Al: The Bain of his existence with Joe Biden

The ED Show - Bill O'Reilly says income inequality is 'bull'

Best Cartoons Mocking Mitt Romney

The ED Show - Facebook co-founder renounces U.S. citizenship to avoid taxes

Dayum, Joe! Who finally turned yoi loose?

FOX News: Obama pulls ahead of Romney by 7 nationally; Mitt can't even pull in 40%

Same-sex marriage support shows diversity in African-American religious community

K&R if you can kick in a few bucks for Tom Barrett's campaign to defeat Scott Walker.

Trayvon Martin Case Shadowed by Series of Police Missteps

Tisei looks to oust incumbent Tierney

Settlement ends long-running dispute at Alabama manufacturing plant, 60 employees to be reinstated

Former Gov. Charlie Crist says Florida GOP Chairman Jim Greer tried to extort him in 2011

Jim McDermott just said something that made me LOL.

Syria Leader, in Rare TV Interview, Disparages Opponents

Lautenberg wants FCC to probe News Corp.

"There are two types of Republicans..."

Fox News poll: Obama pulls ahead of Romney as presidential race heats up

Here's The TED Presentation About Rich People That TED Doesn't Want You To See

The NDAA lawsuit achieved an injunction on section 1021 of the NDAA

To those who blame college students for majoring in the wrong subjects,

Romney Mitt, the Demon Barber of Wall Street - Roy Zimmerman

"I had people who wanted to retire with dignity. That was their dream. He stole that"

Why didn't drivers 7 & 9 ever get breaks?


Happy 100th birthday Studs Terkel!

Just received my Family Tree Maker package in the mail. And, unlike their website that suffered

Wanda Sykes Rips Romney: He’s ‘The Forrest Gump Candidate’


Presbyterian Group Rejects Court Ruling, Supports Minister on Gay Weddings

Widow Unnerved By James O’Keefe Voter Fraud Stunt

President Obama awards Medal of Honor posthumously to Army Specialist Leslie Sabo Jr. - pics

Krysten Ritter and Dreama Walker Come Out for Marriage Equality

Homeland Battlefield Act Portion Found Unconstitutional By New York Judge

Rev Lowery is on Rev Al - lovely discussion on

Right wing nutbags CARM: "How could gay marriage harm anyone?" Well, you'd be surprised.

Reasons for Pride in 2012, Part 2

RNC, Romney campaign will erect new organization to bypass (Nevada) state GOP

‘Good Cholesterol’ May Be an Overstatement, Study Finds

Recipes and Household Tips from Great Writers!

Thom Hartmann: Who are the secret ''wind warriors?'' (video xpost)

Is anyone else subjected to the onslaught of Super PAC political ads in GOP primaries?

Only one party’s to blame? Don’t tell the Sunday shows.

Laboring away on ‘Labor' (must see statue cleaning after flood photos)

Guantanamo lawyers want ex-CIA official to testify

The Infighting has

Immigrant to be deported, lived her 22 years.

FBI: One person responsible for 380 suspicious powder letters

The Bain ads are working - Romney can't leave 'em alone...

IMHO Way worth it but LAT: Analysis: Gay marriage decision not working in Obama's favor so far

Syria crisis: Damascus losing information war, says Assad

I watched about 30 seconds of the Beach Boys performing "Catch A Wave" on QVC...

Mary Kennedy, RFK Jr.’s estranged wife, found dead

K&R this DK retirement/tribute thread in GD!

Tories tout safeguards in Chinese firm's telecom deals

Trayvon, Cady Way killings prompted Lake school-uniform vote

Rachel Maddow - Fox News helps raise money for Romney with fake scandal

Senate bill slots 55,000 tech green cards

Joe Biden...

The Pirate Bay hit by DDoS attack

The missiles are flying. Hallelujah, hallelujah

Romney Advistor 'Mitt Doesn't Want To Really Engage' On Foreign Policy Issues Until He's President.

Herman Cain Endorses Romney, Expects to Campaign With Him

Obama was on the View yesterday. I hope he does a few interviews a week to put that chicken

This Uber-Wealthy Venture Capitalist Gave A TED Talk Saying Rich People Don't Create Jobs ......

I just got the Family Tree Maker 2012 and it does import data from previous Family Tree Maker

Trayvon Martin killed by single gunshot fired from 'intermediate range,' autopsy shows

So, let's say we get visitors from another planet...

Don't be fooled by this coming eclipse at 0 Gemini on Sunday, 7:47p Eastern

Well, this is awkward re: Chat Roullette (pic)

'How the US Press Lost Its Way' by Robert Parry at

White House Petition Response: Voting and Federal Elections (National Election Day)

DU Poll: Do you know a republican that plans to vote for President Obama?

Western premiers fume as Mulcair sticks to ‘Dutch disease’ guns

Why Mitt Romney and the GOP Love Debt

From Rebuild The Dream: Tell Sallie Mae to work with student loan borrowers, not against.

President & First Lady greet the family of Specialist Leslie H. Sabo, Jr.-WH Photo of the Day May 16

"They don't get us."

If you missed Joe Biden in Ohio today

Either KCRG is having a slow news day or...

Caption Romney speaking with the press

Hey All You West Coast Sky Watchers !!! - Here's The Path Of Sunday's Solar Eclipse !!!

A friend on Facebook just called Obama more conservative than Reagan ...

Wow. "How FBI Entrapment Is Inventing 'Terrorists' - and Letting Bad Guys Off the Hook"

Happy 100th birthday Studs Terkel ! Here's a few classic Studs interviews from WFMT:

Vice President Joe Biden May 16, 2012 - pics

LAT Magazine: Promised Land

Why Do Conservatives Hate Freedom?

CHART: Spending, Taxes, And Deficits Are All Lower Today Than When Obama Took Office

Stretching dollars at the grocery store on household supplies, food

Here's The Link to Donate to Tom Barrett

Java Junkies, raise your cup if you are wrong in all the right ways......

Things that are LOWER today than when Obama took office: 1.Spending, 2.Taxes, 3.The deficit - IMAGE

Wake up folks: nobody with power gives a fuck about you.

Bobcats to interview Ewing

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Depicted In Dog Collar On GOP Candidate's Website

National Coalition For Men Endorses GOP Version Of VAWA Bill

Max Keiser: Devil's Breath: People drop debt all over US

at work today...

NC Non-Citizens Voting, Dead Offered Ballots, UNC Officials Embrace Voter Fraud

Missing episodes on Netflix streaming...

Verizon Wireless to end unlimited data plan

When General Grant expelled the Jews (Video)

Atlas Shirked: The Teenage Revolt Against “the Nanny State" by Rich Broderick at Truthout.

Lots of airport scannings in the airport.

Sophia A. Nelson on Ed Show

Democrats... It's GO TIME !!! - 'RNC Goes All In To Defend Wisconsin's Walker, But Where's The DNC?'

A right-wing effort to rewrite Wisconsin history to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the re-call.

Bloomberg News Service whines about Obama's plan to slap tariffs on Chinese solar products

They say there's someone for everyone. Now, there's someone for graywarrior.

Cat juvenile delinquents out behind the school:

MiddleFingerMom has fallen in love yet again.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!! Church Night

For WinXP...

N.Y. Giants unveil Super Bowl ring

Civic Literacy Exam

If Repubs Hold Debt Ceiling Hostage Again, Where Will Voter Anger Fall?

"Mitt's Miami Vice" by Steve Benen at The Maddow Blog

An Open Letter To President Obama

The Problem At JPMorgan Chase: The Hedge Fund Inside The Bank - FDL

TYT: Medical Marijuana: Obama Vs 74% Of Americans

Wow, so glad that this thread is here....

Wells Fargo Foreclosure Leads Man To Commit Suicide

You think Romney would send someone else's children to die in Iran if he were elected?

Obama's Approval Rating Down After Photos Surface Of Him Eating Big Sandwich All Alone

pics of cops saving ducklings

JPMorgan’s Trading Loss Is Said to Rise at Least 50%

I KNEW there was something suspicious about that escalator.....

Allen West Says Gay Discrimination Don't Happen Here

FDA rejects 1-800-GET-THIN's proposed corrections to its 'misleading' advertising

More classic Bill Maher New Rules: Sarah Palin sees a witch doctor

Republican Senate candidate compared welfare recipients to lazy, scavenging raccoons

Floyd Mayweather Comes out in Support of Marriage Equality

The Tea Partied Republican War on Education – Ain’t That a Blip?

House Passes Violence Against Women Act Without LGBT Protections

Arrests After Accusation Lobbed at Two Men Accused of Fondling

Greenwald: Obama’s new free speech threat

My son just bought his first new car...

Tennessee Walking Horses Tortured **GRAPHIC VIDEO**

Romney campaign keeping reporters away from the Bully by force if necessary

What if a plumber does not want to work on a problem at Planned Parenthood? Or....

In the midWest when you shake on a deal, it a done deal. Also being polite and neighborly is the

Energy industry uncovers old shipwreck site in Gulf of Mexico

Mim is remembering the Good Old Days...

Martin Bashir - Rep. Yarmuth: Boehner plan is 'the definition of insanity'

Daughter of Cuban leader Raul Castro to visit U.S.

Breaking Fox Poll: Obama is Opening up a Can of Wup on Romney

PPP: Obama holds small lead in NC

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 17 May 2012

U.S. tax exile Kenneth Dart pockets €400m from Greek crisis

Teacher fired over pregnancy can sue religious school

The C's on the road take care of business...

Charlie Crist vs Jim Greer...Will be a duzy

In Ohio, "fracking" boom a delicate issue for Obama

Gimme an A or I’ll Get You Fired—Student Blackmail, Latest in Ed Deform

Anybody Here Old Enough To Remember When Democrats Were Un-PC Enough To Fight ???

The Politics of Motherhood

Any day you are not licked by a giraffe is a good day.

12-year-old Ontario girl slams modern banking system, becomes YouTube hit

The Chris Rock Show....Election 2000 coverage w/correspondent Wanda Sykes

As much as I bash Obama, he is the only thing standing between us...

Saw three Stooges at the budget theater:

1992. What is significant about that year?

Poll asks about "impression of Mitt Romney's proposal to cut federal income tax rates by 20 percent"

Alabama legislature passes new immigration bill

Drug Tests & College Graduations.

Odd. Yougov/Economist poll: Romney leads Obama by 4%

What's amusing about this

FBI: Hundreds of letters with white power likely the work of someone in Texas

D.C. police to allow Sikh officers to wear beards, religious items on job

Amigurumi Alien baby

GOP legislatures hit back at gays on two fronts

Meet Michele Bachmann's mentor. He's running for Congress.

Is "Prepping" Practical Or Paranoia?

I see that small fellow, Jimmy O'Keefe, has decided to take on Adam Limehouse,

What if a cop refuses to address a threat to a pharmacist who refused to fill

Do you think Edwards is going to jail?

Farewell, San Francisco USD

Mayor Corey Booker (D) and Gov Chris Christie (R) team up for NJPALCC video

Is John Edwards a criminal?

Richard Engle On Maddow Tonight

LynneSin's blind date exceeded all of her expectations.....

Doors to Limbaugh's Missouri "Honors" Locked, guarded by armed Missouri Highway Patrol members

VP Joe Biden stops at Ohio Dairy Queen, buys local children ice cream - w/pics

Federal Judge Blocks Indefinite Detention Provisions Of NDAA

So, I'm off to my new gig as Hostess at Red Lobster......

May 2006: Mary Cheney refers to John Edwards as “total slime” during an interview with Diane Sawyer

Member survives two alerts on him in a thread, he's told of one, but shoots himself anways.

VAM Bashing From the Right

Greece's new caretaker PM jokes about name

TSA pat down known terrorist and then let him on plane

Carpenters Union Supports Rachel Barrios-Van Os for State Party Chair

WaPo/ABC poll: 54% of blacks support gay marriage in wake of Obama announcement...

Greg Sargent, WaPo Op/Ed: How Mitt Romney gets away with his lying

The Last Word - Tea party vows even more obstruction


New Puppy!

Scalia will have to eat his words, again....

All my proactive preventative efforts have failed...

39% of Union Households in Wisconsin Support WALKER???