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Archives: May 13, 2012

The underside of employer wellness programs.

Cherry Blossom Festival with no Cherry trees.

Ayn Rand-Loving Right Is Like Teen Boys Gone Crazy


Getting out of the US military? Australia is HIRING!!!

Rand Paul: Obama's views couldn't get any gayer

Prometheus Space Suits - I can't wait to see this movie

The most productive congress ever was the 37th. I'm reading a book by James McPherson

Honor Mother’s Day by Telling Our Leaders to Invest in Peacebuilding!

Superman vs. The Hulk

Mitt Romney on the protesters rallying against Bank of America in Charlotte, NC. (Photo)

Gay Republicans Slam Romney For Speaking At Liberty

Santorum to Romney: Use 'potent weapon' of gay marriage

Weary warriors favor Obama

Duck, duck...

U.S. May Scrap Costly Efforts to Train Iraqi Police

How We Can Save Our Civilization


Ducks...just ducks.

More birds @ Lake Charles, LA.

Gloat Free NBA Post-Season Scores (Saturday, May 12)

W-"Mission Accomplished"

Assorted other stuff @ Lake Charles, LA.

800 pound bride fitted for world's largest wedding dress

Democracy Now guest called out the US Drug War, because Clinton smoked marijuana!

when did the GOP begin to suck?

For several year the Largest Distributor of adult movies in the USA was...

Buffalo Springfield - Bluebird

I hate cleaning the shower

So a lot of people say that Jesus will be coming soon....

Peter joins the Tea Party on the next Family Guy

Documentaries on the stock market crash...your favorites?

George Carlin would've turned 75 saturday - some of his greatest political observations:

Is anyone familiar with the rules for college students voting there?

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday May 13th

The Power of Music

state by state speak your mind york

state by state speak your mind about new york

Afghan peace negotiator shot dead

The Yes Lab Strikes Again (Re- the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement)

Racial profiling to enhance public safety

Arizona Ron Paul supporters boo Romney's son off stage

PPP has been polling in NC this weekend, results must not be good...

SNL had it's moments tonight

Best ever discussion of Latino immigration to the US.

We're trying a new dinner tonight...

Prisoners of "La Planta" speak out (blame Iris Varela). (Warning, graphic.)

Weary warriors favor Obama (Reuters)

Noncitizen voter hunt targets Hispanics, NPAs but not GOP, whites

Help with a question about classic blues

Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal: Bush 'guilty of crimes of torture'

Watching MHP smack down Joe Watkins every time he tried to claim the Bible bans homosexuality

Top Egyptian feminist says 'nothing has really changed' since revolution

Left leader Melenchon to stand against Le Pen in French parliamentary elections

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Mother's Day Awwfest Edition

U.S. May Scrap Costly Efforts to Train Iraqi Police

The Boston Globe strikes again...

Cutbacks Hurt a State’s Response to Whooping Cough

The Human Disaster of Unemployment

Paging BossHogg...Arkansas Players Arrested for Dorm Burglaries

Britain -Schools 'face talent drain' as morale of teachers dives

Richard Feynman: The Key to Science in 63 Seconds

Saverin gives up US citizenship to save on taxes

A mother’s work is never done (especially with 4 kids under 3)

Here are the line-ups for today's Sunday talk shows

Obama’s LBJ Moment

"Will Americans overlook their deeply held conviction that he’s a jerk?"

May 10, 2012 UK_400,000 public sector workers protest against government's pension policy

My wife and I put our money where our mouths are yesterday!

Democrats' Fund Taps Corporate Donors for Convention

Feds crack down on South Florida student loan defaulters

Sundays Doonesbury: Checking on Newt

Non Sequitur: The Power of Knowledge

Check in if a mother you know benefited from the Social Programs Romney/Ryan wants to cut

Mother's Day at Little Steven's Underground Garage

Arts’ Supporters Protest Over Corbett’s Award From Pittsburgh Opera

Is this election really about race?

Madrid Open (women's final spoiler)

How stone age man invented the art of raving

Quebec's Maple Spring

College loan debt hobbles a generation of students

Mother's Day Video Greeting With First Lady and Dr. Biden

Israeli PM Forms Large Coalition, Police Repress Protest

This Week in Poverty: Republicans Define 'Lower-Priority Spending'

Pity Party

Is Pennsylvania ignoring health issues on shale drilling?

Great finds, almost any where.

The cover of TIME Magazine this week

The Quagmire Known As Afghanistan

What you need to know about Ed Klein, author of a new book smearing Obama

Crazy can’t be reasoned with. Only defeated

Happy Mother's Day to our Sports Group Mothers!

Unfortunately for Republicans, Latinos know the difference between a dream and a nightmare

Confused political identity: People who think the GOP stands for the same things Democrats do

JP Morgan - If a too-big-to-fail bank can't disclose what its trading desk is doing for fear

Mother's Day Squee!

You've Got Dan Rather

Carol Seideman: Socialism -- GOP can't redefine common words

This guy with the gun to his head wants to be your President.

5 Things You (likely) Never Knew About President Obama’s Mum:

Ron Paul: 'A lot of people say I kinda wish you were less coo-coo'

"If the election were held today, Obama would win the veteran vote by as much as seven points"

I don't believe the Founding Fathers gave Civil Rights to Mormons

I just heard a minister encourage his congregation that 2008 was important but

Afghan Peace Council Member Gunned Down

Eleven pounds lost in my first week on Medifast

Bass player Donald 'Duck' Dunn dies in Tokyo

"Femicide" -- The Power of a Name

Obama is his mother’s son

East Asia (China, Japan & South Korea) summit to deal with North Korea and trade

NYT: [gop] Harming the Troops

Weary warriors favor Obama

Echoing Out of Texas, Chinese Voice of Dissent for Religious Freedom

Bank of America: Bad for America

The Distinguished Gentleman Part 4 This is both very funny and profound

Krugman: Panics will happen; the question is how they are contained.

Universal Orlando questions

From Montreal: Multiculturalism may not work in Holland but it does in Canada

Joe Klein: Jamie Dimon’s Moral Hazard

This is a hoot. From the Onion By 2040 everyone unelectable due to Facebook.

As a newly converted member of the "word police"...

Ellen Rosenblum For OR Atty General

Why Are There No Biological Tests in Psychiatry?

On John McCain and the Sunday morning shows.

Obama Is Crushing Romney In Karl Rove's New Electoral Map

Blogger begins to compile Romney list of lies

A question about sage...

Thirty-seven dismembered bodies dumped on Mexico highway

I already knew I was gay by the time I got to Cranbrook,

I need to know: is there a 12-step program for

reince priebus

Getting around town on the amazing Moscow Metro

Austerity = Feudalism

“We are being asked to agree to the destruction of Greek society.”

I'm feeling slightly ill. I just read Ann Rmoney's op-ed on motherhood.

My 15 year old niece met a guy on the internet.

Mitt Romney" "I'll Take A Lot Of Credit For Obama Endorsing Gay Marriage"

"Orthodoxy dies hard." "Rejecting austerity is only a first step."

WILLARD SCISSOR HANDS, -shearing the downtrodden, the unfortunate, the poor, all his entitled life-

Capitalists and Other Psychopaths (NY Times)

All the words Jesus Christ spoke about gay people in one place

Two teen brothers die in car crash.

Anyone know anything about vintage speakers?

The modern Republican party

Bill Moyers - Fighting for Fair Play on TV and Taxes

African American Voters Came Out Against Discriminatory Amendment After Overhearing ‘Caucasian’ Argu

"My right to discriminate against gay marriage is being discriminated against"

Talk about Life Changing.......

Aww! Maternal Dog Adopts Two Kittens

Obama Using GOP's Confrontational Playbook To Take On Romney

Just a moment of thought and caring for all of us

Most Commercialized Holiday?

Bill O'Reilly wants to marry a turtle

Treading New Ground: Obama Reelection

10% of wall streeters are clinical psychopaths. Who the hell would marry, or befriend them?

Dancing Dave Scores Another Gig---Ladies and Gentlemen, your liberal media

And The Winner Is....

Manchester City wins Premier League

In young Cuban-American vote, ideological shift away from GOP shows

Apparently, Mitt Romney sees "IRONY" as something his servants do on wash day.

What is the world coming to? Girl, 9, found hanging from tree; boy arrested

Scary similarity.

Priebus: Same-sex marriage isn't a civil rights issue

Ann Romney's father was a wealthy manufacturer and mayor of Bloomfield Hills

Mother's Day Message from President Obama

Jill Biden: Iowa should elect a woman to Congress

Dallas Party Ends Badly for U.S. Trade Reps & Federal Agents

Players suing NFL over head trauma. Are they saying the league knew this was happening?

Hahahaha! And the hits just keep coming!

Anti-Islam Teachings ‘Widespread’ In U.S. Law Enforcement

WOW, Newsweek Cover: "The First Gay President"

Cover of ' News Week ' - image

JPMorgan CEO: 'Dead wrong' about trading concerns

4 Worst Media Misrepresentations of North Carolina's Anti-Gay Amendment One

It is disingenuous to suggest Skinner is not fair

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, May 15: Joseph Cotten, James Mason, and Bob's Picks

On Meet the Press today, the incredible hubris of Jamie Dimon...

TOONS: ROMNEY (Happy Mother's Day!) --->

"Political Extinction" - Music To My Ears

Play the TPC Telecast Drinking Game

Welcome To NC

Worst Alert Ever, My Friends

George Lucas disses neighbors by doing something awesome

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, May 16: Henry Fonda's Birthday; Star of the Month: Joel McCrea

"'Modern Family' Named Catholic Media Group's Best Television Show"

Some Ala. Farmers Plant Fewer Crops, Say Immigration Crackdown Drove Away Workers To Pick Them

President Obama: "Happy Mothers Day"

Uganda captures Lord's Resistance Army commander

Hague tells Britons to work harder, stop complaining

Merkel's Party Routed In Big German State

Madrid Open (men's final spoiler)

Don't look now, but Romney is tanking in Rasmussen's tracking poll...

We lost another giant in music today - Donald "Duck" Dunn

Coalition Talks Stall, Greece Faces "Moment Of Truth"

150 Achievements Of Liberalism That Conservatives Seek To Destroy

Cook: Amendment One is not straight talk

Dear Mitch: Speak for yourself!

Ann Romney's Health

Happy Mother's Day to All our Mothers Here in this Group!

RIP Donald 'Duck' Dunn.

Have you ever heard anyone ever give a single 'coherent' reason to be against marriage equality?

Mick Jagger will perform with Arcade Fire AND Foo Fighters on SNL season finale, May 19th

I know that there aren't many Kucinich fans here...

Up Against the Wall Redneck Mother

Here's why you should follow George Takei on facebook

Here's why you should follow George Takei on Facebook

Happy Mother's Day to all of you- my nurturing friends here at ASAH

Vote For Me

Ask Religion Experts: Does it bother you more when it is a ‘religious’ person who behaves improperly

For Mother's Day: This nice lady let me take her photo along with greetings to Democrats

JESUS CHRIST's Hair, Unacceptable.

For women: one of the best ways to survive hot summer temps

I miss being able to have DU buddies.

Liberty University teaches that Mormonism is a cult

Tiger shot a 40 on the front nine at The Players Championship today.

A few political and non-political thoughts on this Mother's Day:

Are the World Bank and International Monetary Fund just a mouthpiece for the 1%ers...?

Worrying Is Pointless

‘Bully’ Documentary Director: Romney Should Lead On This Issue

Congressman Says Antigay Discrimination Doesn't Happen

Look what Google has done for Mother's Day!!!!

Forget Hallmark and Big Flora -- Mother's Day is (and always has been) for radicals!

The Three Stooges - Depression Era comedy: All their Pie Fights were basically with the 1%

A Congressional Push to End All Fossil Fuel Subsidies

Hawaii GOP Hopes the Future Is Theirs

"Why Isn't Closing 40 Philadelphia Public Schools National News?

Official NBC Fall Schedule 2012-2013

Warren calls for Dimon to step down as New York Fed bank director

NYT's Thomas L. Friedman: This Column Is Not Sponsored by Anyone

The other frat boy brought liberty to Iraq...

Yahoo CEO to step down amid controversy: source

Crushed by college debt: Massive loan bills hang over graduates, derail life plans

Top aide to Florida governor resigns amid scrutiny

NYT's Maureen Dowd: Seeking Original Bliss

Mothers Day 3

Austin Blues Gurus

Michelle Obama's 'jealousy' and 'resentment' led to rift with Oprah

More than 40 people slaughtered in Mexico atrocity

What Buffet really said about the Buffet rule

Rise and fall of underwater volcano revealed

Saudi and Bahrain expected to seek union: minister

Trayvon Martin shooting targets, link to article and link to sign petiiton to stop it!

Science journal could give recipe for deadly avian flu virus

Yemen says US drone strikes have killed 11 al-Qaida militants in two days

Oil prices could double by 2022, IMF warned

"One Million Moms", Religious Right & Fellow Apologists, Anti-Sex Censor types, Mad About drain ad.

Mitt Romney and the Mormons think Jesus Christ was just an angel.

To those of you who have lost a mother, I wish you a peaceful Mother's Day

wow, just looked outside my kitchen window. 5 police cars and an ambulance

I nominate Sister Mary-Mengele to be the Host for the Religion Group

Remember the wack job in Nebraska?

What Women Earn

Hipster Racism? Hip Hop Conspiracy? Chappelle Show Co-Creator Brennan Hosts This Week's 'The Point'

Judeo-Christian Tradition Vs. Other Religious Traditions

Romney Thinks Faith is Under Siege Here? He Should Visit Iran. Or Tibet

Happy Mother's Day!

How about a Mothers' Day squee?

My Two Moms with Zach Wahls

Official: 49 bodies left on Mexico highway

(Puke) Four Iranian men sentenced to death by hanging for sodomy

Sea Shepherd's Captain Watson arrested in Germany

To Lower Murder Rate, NYPD Will Just Stop-and-Frisk Everyone

the EPA Grossly Misrepresents the Toxicity of Corexit used in Gulf of Mexico

Colombia: Attempted Shooting of Rights Lawyer Raises Questions of Political Will

Colombia: Attempted Shooting of Rights Lawyer Raises Questions of Political Will

Romney's Problem?

The Evolution...

Why have we heard nothing about this incredibly important development in Iceland? News black-out?!?

Ringer and

Ron Paul Supporters Punched by Romney Supporters at Oklahoma GOP Convention

US ahead of Europe on energy policy

Rep. Frank takes on Rep. Blackburn

Best Stephen Colbert quotes -- in honor of his birthday

Get out your violins......

Yahoo chief executive Scott Thompson quits

Did I screw up?

Kristi Noem attendance

Germans Can't Fathom US Aversion to Obama's Healthcare Reform

Homeopathy Family Kit!

Bwaaaaaaaaaaah! Social Democrats give Merkel's Christian Democrats a beating

I think from here on out I will refer to The Republican Party

The Afghanistan mess continues its messiness

Art Car Parade in Houston, TX

Leading Egypt Candidate Slams Israel as 'Racist State'

JPMorgan executives expected to leave over loss

Renowned scholar Diane Ravitch takes on public education 'reformers'

A scary thought. Since FDR, there has been only

What class! Columbia University janitor graduates with honors

Guardian UK: Monetarists claim way to boost growth is to abolish labour laws

Creationists' First Time on the Internet

Gloat Free NBA Post-Season Scores (Sunday, May 13)

Is it okay for nerds to like Revenge of the Sith?

Rmoney was a sociopath in high school, at Bain Capital and on the campaign trail

Colombia's Farc 'will release Romeo Langlois to ICRC'

Insight: Canada's oil sand battle with Europe

Computer does not load DU for me anymore. It's been over 48 hours since only a white screen appears.

Kitchen Dancing - Just the R 'n B basics

Cofer Fucking Black . . . . . on 60 Minutes

Billionaire Facebook founder 'de-friends' United States to keep more of his fortune

Well, the new Newsweek cover has convinced certain mouthbreathers that Obama has come out

Dropkick Murphys not impressed with Wisconsin state Rep. Fitzgerald using "Shipping Up To Boston"

Boomerang Kids, A Crossroads Ad, And The Media Echo Chamber - Politifact

David Cameron & The UK's "Greenest Government Ever" Two Years Later

Where's TIME MAG Photo of Military Mothers in Fatigues, Called to Duty while Breast Feeding?

Buy American Mention of the Week May 13,2012

China's Fishing Fleets Largely Idled As Overfishing, Pollution Feed "Worst Catch Ever"

Christina Green's mother and father are on Dateline

Wal-Mart Wants At Least $250K Of Florida's Money Because Of St. Pete Site's Water Pollution

I met Willie Weir last week

Two killed in sectarian clashes in Tripoli, Lebanon

Computercide by Champagne

FREE BARN in Wilmington

Coral Gables fire department says blaze at Cuba travel agency was arson

Coral Gables fire department says blaze at Cuba travel agency was arson

These freedoms do NOT mean those "freedoms".

'Scuze me,

Aaaaarrrrr Maties... Parliament Ho!

Question about internet options to delete history

WALL STREET: It's Just Kids Playing With Dynamite - Henry Blodget/BusinessInsider

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

The K-Tel thread!

Governor Walker Defending "Divide And Conquer" Comment

Poll: 51% agree with Obama's endorsement of gay marriage

Black churches conflicted on Obama's gay marriage decision

Newsweek Cover Story Article: Andrew Sullivan on Barack Obama: The First Gay President

Bill Maher Asks Joe Biden to Make More 'Gaffes' - LOL

Evangelicals and social conservatives are drawn to hate like a moth to a flame...

Joey Votto (Reds) hits 3 homers, walk off grand slam

Happy belated Birthday to TuxedoKat! They celebrated yesterday too!

Mitt Romney Weighs In On Time Magazine's Breast-Feeding Cover

Apparently we can be for gay rights in the abstract

Koch Brothers Exposed (the movie) Sat May 19th 7pm in Clovis (next to Fresno)

Crayon Dragon-This student film carries more of an emotional punch than most movies

JPMorgan Expected To Accept Resignation Of Chief Investment Officer, Source Says

Fresno's The Center for Nonviolence will be celebrating its 20th Anniversary! Sat, May 26 • 6 p.m.

Finland’s brilliant plan for dealing with nuclear waste: pulling a Keyser Söze

Democratic Wife Hits Republican Husband With Car Over Walker Recall (Not An Onion Story) |

Hilary Rosen: Straight people dont need help tearing down marriage. You're doing just fine as it is.

The Guinness Book of (Pointless) World Records

Were these JP Morgan trades two-sided?

Biospot "Defense"-- new formula is totally ineffective

Texting While Walking Banned in New Jersey Town

Monsanto WISHES it could make corn this cool

Moms rock!!! (Repost from DU2)

I would like to suggest that threads linking the Onion or Satire Political etc

Fox News has finally figured out that low gas prices are bad

You can NOT haz cheezburger

We Won't Pay for your Crisis - 'Indignants' back in Madrid's Puerta del Sol square

Strong Towns, Street Plans and Stroads

Mothers Day - not just breakfast but ICE CREAM breakfast in bed

the international jousting tournament in taylor texas

A new song...

Crash the Simpson-Bowles party

Stopping in to share new song about staying present.

HuffPo: Beer Sniffing Reporters Invade Pine Ridge

X-Post from Native American Forum: HuffPo - Beer Sniffing Reporters Invade Pine Ridge

Excuse me.

Is Texas winnable? RCP Average puts Romney +7 in Texas

Time magizine knows its audience (breast feeding only on US editions)

The Obama Campaign posted some new photos of Obama to its Facebook page...

Help needed? Scam/Spam or legit?

Romney may face an uphill fight here in PA

It amazes me how many people who do not believe pseudo-science believe in dowsing.....

Global push to guarantee universal health coverage leaves US behind

JPMorgan Unit's Whole London Staff at Risk

Eastern Pacific folks - pay attention

NATO has failed Libya’s stricken civilians

The Obama team has a hell of a ground organization in Pennslyvania

Nyan Cat Goes Underground

It Could Happen to You

What did you get your mother for Mother's Day?

Did everyone know that Obama's mother was posthumously baptized by Mormons?!

There is something different in Mudville ver 3 than there was in ver 1 and 2

Given one must now reinstall Windows, is a 301GB Steam folder a *good* thing, or a *bad* thing?

Florida Charter Schools--good article/criticism.

Gay political donors move from margins to mainstream

Same sex marriage is more than just a symbolic issue.

Watch this animated short made by a film student. It will give you chills.

Why Equality Matters

Paul Krugman: Why We Regulate

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 14 May 2012

Four Worst Media Misrepresentations of North Carolina's Anti-Gay Amendment One

Pentagon Issues Drone War Talking Points

E-Cigs I am about to start. Quitting is the goal

Bullying: A Personal Story

War Powers Reconsidered

Kings. Real.

Super weeds no easy fix for US agriculture-experts

The Evil of Monsanto

He was a bass player powerful enough to turn goat piss into gasoline

Companies must raise £28 trillion to finance 'wall' of debt

Sea Shepherd anti-whaling founder arrested in Germany

Admit it. You're here for the drama, aren't you?

And now . . . making her internet debut . . . Perpetual Motion Ruby!

Mother's Day Brunch Photos

The good that completely disconnecting for a week can do for your mind...and soul...

Yahoo! Chase that sword and fall on it.

"We'll always have Schadenfreude..."

Has anyone else here seen Laurie Anderson live....

Could Jeremey Lin be a potential future Bill Bradley?

The coolest cover song ever?

Um, regarding your browser history...

Did I hear correctly?

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Sunday, May 13)

Recent Worker's Power articles..........

It's alive! Zogby is doing polls again

Who doesn't love a good murder ballad?

AP Exclusive: Drawing focuses on Iran's nuke work

How Wall Street Killed Financial Reform (Matt Taibbi)

Global warming threatens pine forests, forcing federal officials to shift strategy

In Rebuke to Merkel’s Party, Social Democrats Win German Vote.

Union Rights Are Civil Rights

U.S. trains African soldiers for Somalia mission

Not to distract from all the drama, but there appears to be an actual technical problem with DU.