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Union reaches tentative agreement with The Saint Paul Hotel

I'm a teacher, and I will be making the following announcement to all my classes tomorrow:

Rising California gas prices expected to increase even more

Workers schedule strike vote, question banks’ involvement with Twin Cities hospitals

Odd sight in Port Townsend Bay today

Hey teachers...

What on earth am I supposed to say?

Same spots - new stuff

Give Me Love...

What Do You Write In A DNC Delegate Letter

Trust-Fund Bully

Here's the Deal. Everybody knows that Obama Can Handle The Stress and the Pressure. Now Let's See

Walker's Wisconsin is a pay-to-play government!

In film, Walker talks of 'divide and conquer' union strategy

Worst President Ever

BBC: UK club bouncers 'checking Facebook on phones' as identification

The spectacle of terror and its vested interests

Romney's new campaign poster

On the front page, under "Blogroll"

For discussion purposes, the definitions of "assault" and "battery" ->

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Thursday, May 10)

I'm going to be getting 2 tickets to Antiques Roadshow..........

Gloat Free NBA Post-Season Scores (Thursday, May 10)

Uruguayan judge questions young Haitian man about alleged abuse by UN peacekeepers

Uruguayan judge questions young Haitian man about alleged abuse by UN peacekeepers

Pill to prevent HIV gets an FDA endorsement

Pill to prevent HIV gets an FDA endorsement

Absolutely perfect, beautiful.....SPOT-ON!

How to win a culture war and lose a generation

I made a video making fun of how not cool Mitt Romney is

Decorating or coloring a candle?

Los Angeles event brings in nearly $15 million for Obama campaign

Venezuela Leads The World In Supporting Workers With Its New Labor Law

So I tell you...

CORRECTION: Erin Burnett on CNN says we gave the banks $250 billion.....

(Chen Guangcheng) Relatives of Dissident Said to Face Harassment

Romney Bullying Story Hit Home With Me

Colorado Runs Its First Legalize Marijuana Ad

Maurice Sendak crossover!

A little more insight into the mind of Romney (if you can stomach it).

Comic Tweets

EU criticized for silence on human rights in Colombia .

EU criticized for silence on human rights in Colombia .

Drug ring dismantled after arrests in Bogota, Miami .

Drug ring dismantled after arrests in Bogota, Miami .

Fresh greens at last

MI6 recruited underpants bomber, US reports claim

Mexicans love Chinese food

Change to Ballot Request Form Angers U.S. Expat

I LOVE the "Gene Wilder" meme!

House Republicans likely to renege on Obamacare replacement promise

You know if Wall Street got back to matching investors with people who have ideas but little to

Key Psychiatric Doctor Rejects Name Change for PTSD

BP and Conoco-Phillips backing Tim Eyman

Experts: 'Weed Out' Classes Are Killing STEM Achievement

How the Corporate Right Hijacked America's Courts to Enrich the Top 1 Percent

Frankenfoods: Why Is the Gates Foundation Helping Monsanto Push Genetically Modified Food?

Daily Kos: Angies List Becomes Sponsor For Rush Limbaugh

Fascists launch failed attack on a Liverpool picket line

“Free Cuba. Torch a travel agency!”

Bully says: "I'm not a mean person"

“Free Cuba. Torch a travel agency!”

Long live 'our' Gulf bastards

Breaking down the NC Amendment 1 vote: interesting graphic

A Thought Exercise…

Occupy the Farm Highlights Issue of Food Sovereignty

The time when same-sex marriage was a Christian rite

Germany's 'Americanization of Politics'

Presidential race tied in Ohio, poll shows

Relations Remain Icy Between Pakistan and the US

Big Oil Is Gaming the System to Keep Domestic U.S. Prices High

Vermont couple uses magic to help refugees around the world

Joe Scum said Scott Walker has done the right things and

Big Oil Is Gaming the System to Keep Domestic U.S. Prices High

"poorly constructed, poorly reviewed, poorly executed, and poorly monitored."

Horsey: Does Mitt Romney still have a high school bully inside?

Gilead’s Pill Wins U.S. Panel Backing to Prevent HIV

"Same-sex couples should be able to get married" Tweet from President Obama...

Biden Said to Apologize to Obama Over Gay Marriage Issue


Toon: High School Kids, compared

Waiting for the Motorcade in LA

DOMA is Still Enforced in Its Entirety

Ferguson on Romney, marriage and gays

Since Marriage Equality is now a plank of the Democratic Platform, will we see


If marriage is a civil right, how can our President leave it to the individual states?

California Committing Educational Suicide

Have you noticed when Romney talks about the UAW he doesn't act like the members are human beings?

Romney’s Character Questioned as Stories of Anti-Gay Bullying Surface; Judy Shepard Speaks Out

Why Is the Government Killing Bald Eagles?

Tweety is receiving an honorarydegree from Howard U tomorrow.

NRC staff criticize official's handling of Fort Calhoun (troubled nuclear reactor)

Cash Pours In For Obama After Same-Sex “Evolution,” No Boost For Romney

Buzzfeed: A Mitt Romney Gay Rights Timeline

I'm so tired of seeing that Romney's behavior was acceptable back then.

African-Americans Support Obama’s Same-Sex Marriage Stance

My School Days By Mitt Romney-Borowitz

An in-depth and well written piece on the Hollywood event last night.

LOL - Mitt gives the "thumbs up" :)

A little insight into the Military Budget....

I can remember an incident of bullying when I was in 6th grade like it was yesterday

How much government is too much??

What about mail ballots and photo ID's?

Joe Conason: The Only True Way To Save Marriage From Obama

(Rebekah Brooks) Murdoch confidante lays bare ties to UK elite

Josh Beckett

Here are some shows I'll be watching/DVRing this Spring and Summer..

Polish workers "chain in" lawmakers over pensions

Punk singer from "Against Me" comes out as transgender.

I have to think that this hateful Amendment 1 is going to be overturned by the courts

I just read this article shared by Joe Madison "The Black Eagle", Thought I needed to share.

Paul Ryan and Veterans cuts

An unpleasant trip down memory lane

here's a little thing going on itn our state affairs

Obama taking a stand: THIS is what I needed to see

Germany's upper house suspends solar subsidy cuts

Memo To GOP: Marriage Equality Boosts The Economy

Romney Battled LGBT Anti-Bully Commission As Governor

Relatives of La Planta inmates not allowed to talk to the media

The impact of last second studying on performance

Did anyone else notice that HuffPo has scrubbed

ADBUSTERS: Tactical Turning Point -- May 12

German Police Used Only 85 Bullets Against People in 2011

Friday TOONs- The Seal of Equality

How much were the Laubers offered to

Milwaukee city lights visible from Michigan

Sen. Scott Brown criticized over gay rights record

Washington Post; Romney should stop claiming credit for auto bailout

Maybe I will change my Florida Driver's License to my Maiden Name

Religion from the student center

Sen. Scott Brown criticized over gay rights record

Dick and Liz Cheney never miss an opportunity to criticize the President for something he says

Toon: Mothers Day Presents

Online religious group wants Illinois bishop to apologize for Obama remarks

I’ve read much on the heroics of confronting bulliess recently, that too has a dark side…

Another version of what really happened in the Cuban Embassy during the coup in Venezuela (apr 2002)

Can Labor Strike Back?

Rabbani: Afghans Are Tired Of War, They Want Peace

Is Skinner obsessed with preventing conflicts?

"Obama Winning Investors by 49%-38% Against Romney in Poll" (not sure if this is good or not)

Dont Be A Bully!

"Thou shalt not enslave your fellow human beings." ~ Absolutelyfuckingnowhere 3:16

ENDA Hearing

Hilarious the way M$Greedia is playing down the 2Billion loss

I would like to post a declaration to Chuck Todd and David Gregory

Our Guns and Butter Economy

Fighting for the Voting Rights Act

Foxconn and Apple to split costs to improve factory conditions

Are you really getting ripped off on printer ink?

Man in Afghan army uniform shoots dead Nato soldier

Mitt Gets Worse

Why I really dislike the Time nursing cover

David Gregory: "Saying Romney's not one of us assumes Obama cornered the market on being one of us"

I think we can all agree that Jamie Dimon is a parasite.

Bar codes....

Muslim Americans challenge "no fly" list in appeals court

Obama taking a stand: THIS is what I needed to see

Romney didn't "play a prank." Romney committed an assault

Romney poised for pilgrimage to Liberty University

The must-have device for Mitt and the rest of the GOP bully boys

Chuck Todd will be on Jeopardy next week!

Willard Scissorhands

Muslim Americans challenge "no fly" list in appeals court

RIPPLE EFFECT: U.S. House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer Reverses Course & Supports Marriage Equality

Sun Is Moving Slower Than Thought

Calvin the calico lobster, a "1-in-30-million specimen"

*** gets out her hammer and hangs up the sign for the new DU Lounge Church *** All are welcomed....

Scott Walker BUSTED

James at work seeking to end same-sex benefits {NC}

Post The Things Mitt Romney Thinks He Did Besides Personally Save Detroit.

With legal questions looming, Charlotte considers same-sex benefits

This won't be the first time the GOP nominated a bully from a rich family

MSNBC bringing up Obama cocaine use, Clinton "inhaling" offset Romney's prep school bullying

Check in if you're senator or representative is on board with the DOMA repeal

Some thoughts about Carrying Capacity

Rumor: Romney was working for the Taliban in 1998

AA on TV+NA 12/7/12 update

Antisocial personality disorder & Sociopathy

A Mitt Romney Gay Rights Timeline

Romney's Campaign Promise

Judge Drops the Hammer on Union Members at Hostess

Does Romney understand that "not remembering" makes it worse?

The media is with a straight face saying 'Normally we don't go back to high school days'

Pic Of The Moment: The Romney Campaign So Far

780 Caterpillar Workers Unexpectedly Go on Strike in Illinois

Obama Wades Into Washington State Marriage Debate

Obama Wades Into Washington State Marriage Debate

New Mayan calendar goes well past 2012

Drumbeat: May 11, 2012

Drumbeat: May 11, 2012

This Week in Poverty: Republicans Define 'Lower-Priority Spending'

My somewhat personal experience with anti-gay bullying

"With Dicks in, all 6 WA congressional Democrats favor repeal of gay-marriage ban" -- Seattle Times

Survey USA: Surprisingly close in Oregon between Obama & Romney

Time Magazine's alternate breast feeding cover (must see for Game of Thrones fans)

* * * Photography Contest, finals * * *

Suvery USA: Oregon: Obama 47% Romney 43%

Photo contest finals are now in GD.

Help Stop Idaho's War on Wolves

Mitt Romney Acussed Of Gay Bullying

Can it ever be socially acceptable to have hairy armpits?

The Perfect House For Surviving A Zombie Apocalypse Is For Sale

Locals lobby for area to be picked as drone test site (Embry Riddle Aeronautical University)

My cousin sent me a Youtube link.

Sheriff Babeu drops out of congressional race

Beau Biden was on Morning Joe this morning

Afghan commanders show new defiance in dealings with Americans

Every now and then I force myself to listen to RW radio

Victim’s brother throws shoe at Breivik in first crowd outburst at Norway terror trial

I looked at the precinct by precinct NC amendment votes in a county I know well.

Chard question.

Does one need a high school diploma to join the armed forces?


Fox News (Found on Facebook)

EV: 100+ mph, 121 mile city range, 55 highway range, $16,995, looks cool..

Is it possible to remove a group you've been banned from from my DU > Latest? nt

Should Michele Bachmann be forced to make public her letter to the Swiss consul

A Meeting In Central Park With The Oldest Living Yoga Teacher In The World. ~ {93}

I've been thinking of ways to appeal to the right wingers

This is a great ad about Romney called "Mitt Gets Worse"

Wishful stinking:

Breivik trial: Shoe thrown at Norway mass killer

Inventor promotes low-power lifestyle with electricity-free appliances

Why We Need the DATA Act

Michele Bachmann Withdraws Swiss Citizenship

Straight people finally unload marriage on gays.

A Human Pepe Le Pew

How many days old are you.

Leveson Inquiry: Jeremy Hunt 'sought News Corp guidance'

Rasmussen - Romney up 50-43

Welcome back berni_mccoy to the BOG.

Luv me some Greta: "Why Atheists Have Become a Kick-Ass Movement You Want on Your Side"

There is nothing "bigoted" or "cowardly" about having a "different opinion"

public overwhelmingly supports large defense spending cuts

Who has done more recently to help unite and strengthen the Democratic Party

The absence of elephants and rhinoceroses reduces biodiversity in tropical forests

VIDEO: Exclusive footage released from Mitt Romney's tenure at the prestigious Cranbrook School

"Gleeful" Senior Romney adviser outed transgender woman, ending her political career

Romney's speech at Liberty University? My guess is "Bread good, fire bad, wine good, gay bad."

Hope and Hesitation in Obama's Sudden Conversion

Official: Cuba ready to talk about Gross case - other issues on the table too

the most encouraging thing politically about yesterday

Fromm on Romney

Railroad Bridges: A Story by Nick Hall

Pretend you are a teenager

Remember these pranky hair cutting bullies?

Report: Trayvon Martin gun-range targets called disgusting

Watch Out! Bristol Palin is thinking again.

Conservatives counter claims that Mitt Romney was a bully: Obama was even worse!

Happy Mother's Day from Sybrina Fulton

"Dallas" series premiere Wed., June 13, 9 p.m. ET on TNT......

Degradation of women's health care: letter writing campaign to AMA


The Rachel Maddow Show - Scott Brown makes issue of Elizabeth Warren's ancestry

Fl Orange Cty, State ATtorney's Office -- 3 Dem. 1 REpub running

Michelle Obama gives commencement stream

DU this marriage equality poll

Obama's Evolution vs. GOP Evolution - Illustrated

It's a Rush Limbaugh Country: Americans consume 80 percent of the world's pain pills

Let me make something crystal clear....

Jennifer Granholm Exposing Alec and Others

Pirates seize Greek-owned tanker off Oman

Coming Soon to the American People $ 1.2 Billion dollars in refunds because of the ACA

OMG!!! - Mitt Romney Website FAIL: Alarming Typo On Gun Rights Stance!!!

YOUR method for storing a cut avocado? "Eat the whole thing" doesn't count.

No ‘Counterculture’ Hair Allowed At Liberty University

Screw Bill Press

Randy Wayne White...has he just given up ?

Anyone a member of

Wish Michelle a Happy Mother's Day

Game Changer == The American people are about to receive $ 1.2 billion in premium refunds by ACA

Once again, the Friday News Dump© reports on a new controversy involving wieners.

As someone who has been critical of Obama on internet freedom and civil liberties I know this.......

Romney adviser: Mitt's no bully, just look at how he treated Rick Perry

As Good As It Gets!

Halle Berry: Mommy melt down with an explanation

Thom Hartmann: Gay Marriage rant - it's NOT a state's rights issue!

Thom Hartmann: Why is Detroit Planning a Funeral for Democracy?

Colombian paramilitaries financed Uribe's reelection: Mancuso

Colombian paramilitaries financed Uribe's reelection: Mancuso

Gov. Perdue: 'We look like Mississippi'

Facebook Co-Founder Saverin Gives Up U.S. Citizenship Before IPO

HCR game changer? $1.3 billion in rebate checks to 16 million Americans

Consumer sentiment at 4-year high in early May

Taiwan animates Romney scandal

Kentucky students used iPhone to video record under a teacher's skirt, police say

Check out Daha Braha. Incredible Ukrainian band!

"Classmate: Bully Romney Taped 'Kick Me' 'Don't Kick Me' Signs on My Back"

Orange County cities favor domestic partner registry

Pentagon: No impact from ending gay ban

"If you like JP Morgan's $2 billion loss, you will like Mitt Romney and love Ron Paul"

Judge lets Fruit Roll-Ups lawsuit proceed

DERF TOON: 20 years from now...

New Wall Street Scandal Threatens Romney (on policy to repeal reform)

FLOTUS to give commencement address at Virginia Tech very shortly. You can watch here:

Here's a sobering chart...

John Edwards

Are you...

The Rude Pundit - Mitt Romney: Always the Bully

Indiana Pacers coach Frank Vogel says Miami Heat biggest floppers in the league

Romney & Healey Wish You a Great Pride Weekend!

Funny Friday...

If John Travolta did make a pass at those guys, how would it amount to sexual assalt?

This is interesting

Lesbian seeking marriage license arrested in NC

Josh Beckett needs to go for the good of the franchise.


Labor fightback in the Great Recession

Court Rules NSA Doesn't Have To Reveal Its Semi-Secret Relationship With Google

I don't like being wished "Happy Mother's Day" or handed a flower on Mother's Day

A Stones song about interrfering with sheep

Colorlines: Tea Party Confab Plans Voter Intimidation at the Polls [Audio]

Kobach concedes Kan. voter-citizenship plan dead

New book by lying liar rightwinger claims Bill Clinton urged Hillary to run against Obama in 2012

Man sees his stolen bike on Craigslist, steals it back

2012 Commencement Speeches

Catholic school in Arizona forfeits championship baseball game because the other team has a girl!

If I were to run for governor of my state

Meet Mitt Romney, sociopath.

Drudge: Forwardlash - Gallup Swings Two Points in Obama's Favor Since Yesterday

Romney, the bullly, grew up to be Romney, the predatory capitalist.

Uribe officials implicated in false demobilization scandal (Colombia's ex-president, Bush ally)

Uribe officials implicated in false demobilization scandal .


Here's one way Free Republic is spinning the Romney bullying incident

You're So Perfect... Except For Your Boobs

JP Morgan's Dimon: 'I understand the frustration'

Blog for America: Why Recall Scott Walker?

What a pathetic bunch of losers the republicans have become

Nebraska court: Woman must testify in rape case

How will JPMorgan "wash" its $2B trading loss?

Next idea: Best Protest/Anti-war/Pro-Peace songs you know....

Mitt Romney Bully Story Forces Governor to Respond

God, I love this place

‘Trayvon Martin’ gun range targets sold out in two days

Mitt Romney is Patrick Bateman from "American Psycho"

NRC staff criticize official's handling of Fort Calhoun (troubled nuclear reactor) (xpost from LBN)

DU'ers, After 9 Years I am selling my site Comments from Left Field...

“My best friend”

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach believes voting is a "privilege"

From the Archives: Meet the Presidential Moms - pics

Pressure canner.

Walker Raises and Spends More Money than Any Candidate in Wisconsin History

Mormon Church statements and positions on homosexuality (1976 to 1999)

In the Hands of the First Mom

Biennial art festival transforms Cuban capital

Zephyrhills High teacher accused of putting 'cone of shame' dog collar on students

Matt Taibbi on the JP Morgan fiasco....

Mitt's the rage!!! Please come CAPTION the Mitt-ster.

Timeline: How Obama Compares to Bush on Torture, Surveillance and Detention

Hubble Observes a Dwarf Galaxy with a Bright Nebula

In honor of the return of polls: which will win 21st century:one person one vote or...

Nice new logo for Mitt Romney's campaign!

Secretary of State Clinton Receives the Century Award at the New York Women's Foundation Breakfast

Why isn't the media calling out Congress

Romney is up 7% over Obama in latest Rasmussen poll??

You post character names. We'll guess the book/movie/play/TV show.

Thom Hartmann: Walker spends $100 million Taxpayer $$ on recall?

Military officers taught that Islam is the enemy; U.S. may have to obliterate Mecca

Save Leo of these things is not like the other...

MFM's career as a chairmaker was short, but brilliant

There are more people out of work than jobs, anyone think this will get better?

Should a really good public policy that has a basis in religious belief be made into law?

Monty Python with Cats - A Representative Parody

Wow! Tamron Hall just snapped up a rethug criticizing her coverage of Willard.Can anyone get

Two Canadians learn that America is a police state.

Gimme Those Dimples!

Court Rules NSA Doesn't Have to Reveal Its Semi-Secret Relationship With Google

MSNBC.....Tamron Hall Handed Someone Their Ass Back on A Silver Platter

Romney Spokesman Gleefully Outed A Trans Woman, Ending Her Career

How the f*ck old is Rmoney?

Beach Boys' Bruce Johnston says you're "fucked" if "asshole" Obama gets a second term. Fun Fun Fun!

For Ultra-Orthodox in Abuse Cases, Prosecutor Has Different Rules

Rukavina is done!

Mitt Happens

RFK, Jr: How To Save American Democracy

Kid n Play impersonator says discrimination towards LGBT workers 'don't happen'

Buyer who tossed $1m ticket "Its my money" - May Karma visit soon and often

Poll: 51% agree with Obama's endorsement of gay marriage

I just saw the most bizarre anti-obama thing

Caesar's Messiah, The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus

Monty Python Confusing Cats

Obama's Gay Marriage Stance Sets Off Money Rush

Sacred Economics & Where Next for Occupy?

Equality 'What America Is Supposed to Be,' Says Obama

Mitt Romney: It was my idea for MC Hammer to wear the parachute pants in "U Can't Touch This."

Catholic school in Arizona forfeits championship baseball game because the other team has a girl

Maine's Gov. Paul "Flinstone" LePage Exempts Himself from Pension Cuts

Trekkies And We Know It Parody

Monks caught gambling, drinking and partying

Andrew Sullivan: "Pranks"

Reflections on the passage of NC's cynical Amendment One

Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu drops bid for Congress after fallout from campaign volunteer scandal

One thing is for sure. The distinction between the parties and their standardbearers is now clear

Sickening: Florida woman sentenced to 20 years in controversial warning shot case

Multi American: What’s alleged in the federal lawsuit against ‘American’s toughest sheriff’ Arpaio

Facebook co-founder renounces his U.S. citizenship, "may reduce his tax bill following Facebook IPO"

It Is Shameful That Old Couples In America Have To Pay $240,000 In Medical Costs

Three decades after double homicide, man allegedly walks into Iowa police station and confesses

Qatar buys ‘major’ stake in oil giant Shell

Take that Miami Marlins and your outfield monstrosity!

Occupy movement set for global weekend of action

Cnooc Deploys Oil Rig as Weapon to Assert China Sea Claims

An absolutely horrifying example of what the LGBTQ Community is up against.

MSNBC's Tamron Hall Shuts Down Romney Apologist

Beau Biden: Dad 'spoke from heart'

'Large explosion' hits Syrian city of Aleppo

President Obama Visits Family in Reno

Was out of town when the president made his ssm annoucement...but wanted to say thanks.

The Top 8 Ways To Be 'Traditionally Married' According To The Bible

JP Morgan takes a $2 Billion loss - IN THE LAST 6 WEEKS. Any arguments re need for regulation NOW?

U.S. lawmakers want Haqqani named 'terrorist' group

Presidential Embrace in Reno

JP Morgan takes a $2 Billion loss - IN THE LAST 6 WEEKS. Any arguments re need for regulation NOW?

President Obama arrives at Reno-Tahoe International Airport - pics

Guardian Interactive: Gay Rights in U.S. State By State

So i just had a Marriage Equality argument with my Atheist, Conservative co-worker

Eastern rattlesnake slithers closer to U.S. endangered list

Obama 2012 - Week in the field—May 11th, 2012 - pics

Tamron Hall video

Preventable diseases still ravage children: (Lancet) study

OMG and WTF: Tammy Baldwin Sides With Obama on States Deciding

What Hannity, et al, fail to disclose is what Obama wrote immediately following the excerpt

Dutch court bans Pirate Party links to The Pirate Bay

President Obama speaks on the economy in front of the home of Val & Paul Keller in Reno - pics

Complete this phrase. "It looks like..."

Have I missed anything on my monthly budget list?

Deadly predators just got deadlier (pic)

(Marissa Alexander) Florida woman sentenced to 20 years in controversial warning shot case

FDR's Second Bill of Rights...

Ted (The Thug) Nugent at DPAC

Carroll Shelby, famed for fast living and faster cars, dies at 89

Next week's New Yorker's cover

Bahrain: Tens of Thousands Protest in Support of Rights Activist Nabeel Rajab

If DOMA is replealed, wouldn't states need to recognize marriages from other states?

Why Mitt's new twin grandchildren are a legitimate political issue

Reid has finally crossed the Rubicon on changing the filibuster

Okey Dokey then!

All journalists should take a lesson from Tamron Hall

Greece: Possible Scenarios and Hope on the Left

NOW w/ Alex Wagner - Paul Ryan defends cuts to food stamp programs

Gallup: 51 percent of Americans approve of Obama's position on same-sex marriage

Weekend Economists Lost in Space (and Time) May 11-13, 2012

Addiction Diagnoses May Rise Under Guideline Changes

Rmoney impersonated a police officer

Lord have mercy NEVER get a sister mad Tamron owned his ass

Terrifyingly Hilarious: Nebraska Woman Gives The Most Amazingly Bonkers Anti-Gay Rant Ever

Romney Spokesman Gleefully Outed A Trans Woman, Ending Her Career

North Carolina Church Apologizes Amendment 1 Vote

John Nichols re-post of Scott Walker's sugar momma. Breaking government unions a good first step

Catholic Bishops investigate the Girl Scouts

The Lounge's Spa has added a new service.

A Mothers Day Message from Trayvon Martin's Mom, Sybrina Fulton.

Marine's heartwarming reunion with son - didn't know son w cerebral palsy had learned to walk

For twenty years the anti-marriage equality side has used the rhetoric of majoritarianism

Brown Only Vote Backing Romney Veto of Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth

St. Pete Mayor Bill Foster extends same-sex benefits for city employees

I'm posting in the Lounge

Bike Sharing programs can work!

Apparently "The Boys From Brazil" got it right.

DU darlings, welcome back to the Friday Afternoon Challenge: The Muse!

Keiser Report: I Steal, Therefore I Am (E286)

Why do Republicans ask for more money for defense than the Pentagon asks for?

Pledging to enforce obscenity laws and support filtering software is not the same thing

What Fox News calls

Growing anti-government movement raising alarms

Sam Stein: Mitt Romney Says Homosexuality Wasn't Discussed in 1960s; History Tells a Different Story

DU Quiz. What word (or forms of it) can be used as a Noun Verb Adjective Adverb or Interjection?

Update: In the middle of an interview, is it bad if they're telling you other things to apply for?

Pakistani students win international award for film on drones

Christians in Syria live in uneasy alliance with Assad, Alawites

On Tweety - why is Obama's staff so ANGRY about Biden's

At the Clooney event: Equality 'What America Is Supposed to Be,' Says Obama

Harry Reid: Filibuster rule has been abused; needs changing

Independence Hall Tea Party PAC Website Hacked, Vandalized

President Obama Wades Into Washington State Marriage Debate

Civilian Toll: The Startling Truth about Drone Strikes

I am guessing that Tweety is going to fucking REAM Romney in 15 minutes

The LynneSin clan take "family tree" literally.

USC to award degrees to Japanese interned during WWII

Illegal drone attacks targeted by activists

Check out the great cover of 'The New Yorker'

Here's the rest of the Obama "bullying" incident

Formatting question

Palestinian news group blocks Israeli contact

When the Mitt Hits the Fan--James Wolcott

Global warming and melting ice flows are threatening this family.

Bye Bye Scott Walker

Having now had several months to watch the workings of DU3, can I just say...

Netflix has Dark Shadows on streaming

Having now had several months to watch the workings of DU3, can I just say...

Yes a picture is worth a thousand words.

Cover of 'The New Yorker' - image

Holy FUCK...Reverend Al's show opener: "Mitt Romney - Running With Scissors"

Latter Days

Gothamist - The New Yorker's Gay Marriage Cover: Rainbow Columns At White House

Mitchell Schwartz follows his big brother into the NFL while parents kvell

JPMorgan mess could strengthen Democrat efforts with Dodd-Frank

First Lady Michelle Obama to VA Tech: Keep Hokie Pride With You

"Romney has a near-perfect record of cowardice, obfuscation and downright lies. It shows enormous

Has anyone replicated Applebee's Oriental Chicken Salad?

Has anyone replicated Applebee's Oriental Chicken Salad?

Fla. polo mogul (who adopted girlfriend) jailed for 16 years for fatal DUI crash

U.S. vs. Joe Arpaio: Justice Department Sues Arizona Sheriff For Racial Profiling of Latinos

Youtube of the day Dan Marino was drafted.

Spanish banks forced to raise extra 30bn euros capital

Scamworld: 'Get rich quick' schemes mutate into an online monster

Ten Most Disturbing Anti-Latino Practices Described By DOJ’s Lawsuit Against Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Quebec Students Demand Education as a Right, Continue Strike

Dylan Ratigan - Republican hypocrites attack Obama for courting A-list celebrities

Maybe this election will be the turning point

Unfinished work: Examining 10 years of clergy sex abuse

The husband's bday is tomorrow!!

X-posted from C&OC: Unfinished work: Examining 10 years of clergy sex abuse

One haircut no Romney menfolk ever had

Poll: Majority approves of Obama's marriage decision

Finish the lyrics game

Zing! We have a winner.

Have you all seen the cover of the New Yorker Magazine?

Injured Florida panther kitten uses special walker to get around

British WWII fighter found in Egyptian desert (amazing pics!)

I just got peed on and thrice kicked in the sack

A Very Disturbing Story From Georgia

Speaking of a 'do that wouldn't pass muster with "Stinky" and the Boys at Cranbrook...

End of the week LOL's (May 11th) - pics

Wisconsin Bombshell: Walker in 2011 telling billionaire donor he will "divide and conquer".

Apologies for the source

Gay Marriage Moves Closer to Supreme Court

Pgh Post Gazette: Sour note: The opera makes an ill-timed bow to the governor

On Real Time tonight: Richard Clarke, Eva Longoria, David Cay, Margaret Hoover, and Grover Norquist

The New Poster In Obama Headquarter

Getting kicked out of bedroom for SO's bad gas.

Friday Talking Points (210) -- Most Impressive, Mister President

Toon: Somebody told me!

TIP:Want a nice code template for your article's excerpt? (LINK)

New York DU'ers, I would like an honest answer to a question.

Remember when Jamie Dimon (JP Morgan CEO) was crying to Bernanke about Wall St regulations? Well....

Trayvon Martin gun range targets sold online - Seller admits he wants to profit off controversy

Florida needs to pardon the gal who just got 20 years for firing a warning shot

I think you could guess what I was listening to...


“Tips for Single Moms“ by Daddy Mitt:

Not so White anymore...

Dewey: the ant hill God.

Dodgers facing the oldest pitcher in the universe tonight.

Harry's Law and two and a half men

From now on, he's Snip Romney to me.

Richard Branson says Spain can solve its economic problems by legalizing marijuana

Catching pols in LIES with POLYGRAPHS: Is Mitt Romney, like Meg Whitman 20 months ago,

My (hetero) brush with being murdered for being gay

Mittens never quits with this crap

President Obama greets supporters at Reno-Tahoe Airport - White House Photo of the Day May 11, 2012

I just watched The Avengers

Denver Post: It's About Time for Gay Marriage

Go put some non-perishable food in your mailbox right now

Bernie Sanders to Banks: It’s Time to Break Up

TYT: 'Hiroshima' Tactics for 'Total War' on Islam - U.S. Military Documents Exposed

In a just world...and not toooooo long ago

John Lewis' Floor Speech on Racism and Voting Rights - clip from Hardball

Margaret & Helen Take on Mitt Romney

NYT Op-Ed: A Battle With the Brewers

We are...

Euphmisms or sayings for Passing Gas?

Visiting family in Portland, OR this week...

When Paul Krugman influences policy as much as Jamie Dimon does

Atlanta family, battling foreclosure, evicted at gunpoint

Romney Backs Away From Gay Adoptions

Top ROMNEY AIDE Outed Transgender Woman In POLITICAL SMEAR

Lebron wins his 3rd MVP

Scott Walker: 'I Don't Remember All Of The Particulars' Of Jan 2011 'Divide And Conquer' Exchange

Hey, Willard, a prank is when you jump from behind a wall and yell, "Boo!"

Argentina passes ground breaking new gender law

Merkley: J.P. Morgan’s Trading Losses Show Need for Strong Volcker Rule


Memories....Like the Corners of My Mind...Misty Water Colored Memories...of How We Invaded Iraq

Who is this awesome guy hosting for Ed?!

Justice Now!: Spain's Indignados to Retake the Streets

Bidding wars back in Silicon Valley - 971 sq ft house sells for 1.35 million, 42% above asking price

Romney 2007 exchange with muscular dystrophy patient who needs medical marijuana

The 'GlobalMay manifesto' of the Occupy movement

Sweeping Social Security changes for women, caregivers and same-sex couples proposed

arrgggg fucking dial-up

Mitt Romney is getting the band back together

Reporter/stripper sues after being fired

Matthew Shepard's mother is on Ed Shultz now n/t

Poll: Did you think you'd hear any President come out in favor of marriage equality in your life?

The heartbreaking call of a mighty sad basset hound...

Macroeconomic Morality (Krugman)

The Italian Job is a fun movie.

Killer whales attack, kill newborn gray whale in offshore spectacle

ABC just canceled GCB.

Obama criticizes Romney as 'backwards on equality'

Nebraska Woman Offers Graphic Homophobic Rant During Lincoln's Anti-Discrimination Law Hearings

‘Insanely homophobic’ video from Lincoln, Nebraska goes viral

The Tale Of A Whale Of A Fail

Stupid is as stupid does.

Oxycontin Pigsnout thinks Shep Smith approves of Obama's comments because his house has TEH GAY

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Fracking Friday & a new kitty gif

Mitt Romney is too dumb to be President. Really. VOTE!!! nt

Venezuela analysts cast doubt on presidential election

"Subversive" newspaper crossword stirs Venezuela

Mitt Gets Worse

Oh Really?

Wobblies Lose Free Speech Fight at Starbucks

Illegal Strike Looming in Detroit?

via Rachel, Obama returns to his liberal base

Why are that you is votering against Mitt?

The Rachel Maddow Show - GOP frustrated as accountability sidelines talking points

Any reccomendations on cooking these veggie hot dogs I just picked up?

George Carlin writes Scott Walker's Policy for him twenty years earlier: Divide and conquer

NYPD Made More Stops Of Young Black Men Than The Total Number Of Young Black Men In New York

What BULLY PULPIT will mean if Romney becomes president ------>

From a friend on Facebook: On Traditional Marriage

From a friend on Facebook: On Traditional Marriage

What The Fuck?!?

Caption this pic of Mitt

Indiana Senate Candidate Mourdock Doesn’t Want You To Be Able To Vote For Senators

republicans have it wrong again

Fighting Israeli detention, Palestinians resort to hunger strike

My dad passed at 11am today

Michael Moore coming up on Rachel after the break n/t

Storm-tested i-APP:

Health Care Game Changer?---$1.3 billion in rebate checks to nearly 16 million Americans

Gay marriage moves closer to Supreme Court

Toons: A Great Mom, Moderates R.I.P., Holy Matrimony and More. - 5/11/12

Caroll Shelby passed On May 10, 2012, 89 years after his birth in 1923,

Michael Moore on Rachel Maddow

Frack frack. Who's there?

With an Eye to SMRs, Sandia Seeks Industry Partner for Brayton-Cycle Turbines

I think this is a great form of civil disobedience and I hope it spreads all over the nation

Grover Sign My Pledge Norquist On Bill Mahr

S. Korean monks caught gambling (high stakes poker), drinking and partying

A reminder for all you Oreos fans (like MIM)

High School kids who grew up to run for president...

What Jesus said about by Stephen Colbert...

Hardball - Scott Walker caught admitting anti-union agenda

Tennessee governor signs "gateway sexual activity" bill

Court Admits Bond Mistake For Accused White Supremacist

Obama gay marriage remarks spark debate among Israeli MKs, ministers

Romney Softens 'Gay Stance': Endorses 'Separate But Equal' Marriage

Back in the day..

When will we learn?...

U.S. resumes Bahrain arms sales despite rights concerns

I'm still wondering something about Romney

Dubuque pawn shop owner faces 1/2 century in prison

Bill Maher has Grover Norquist as a panelist this week!

Twilight the cat is licking the leaves on a lilac. There is no water on them. Should I worry?

In this case, Margaret Speaks for me....

Cravaack's spokesman just said Cravaack will have a major announcement tomorow.

Biden Blamed; Politics Drove Timing - Politico

Nevermind the Apocalypse: Earliest Mayan Calendar Found

Hardball - Romney's response to bully story could damage campaign

Chief Romney Strategist Creates Fake Twitter Account, Mocks "It Gets Better"

I'm The Smart One, She's The Pretty One

U.S. Military Taught Officers: Use ‘Hiroshima’ Tactics for ‘Total War’ on Islam

A time for peace

High School Kids Who Grew Up To Run For President of the United States…

Eva Longoria is on Real Time.

More Than 200,000 Americans Will Lose Their Unemployment Benefits This Weekend

"If anyone here objects…."

Lovely... 'Trayvon Martin Gun Range Targets Sold Out Online' - TheEdShow

Fukishima News

Elvis Costello What's so funny about peace, loving and understanding

Sen. Bernie Sanders: Has Wall Street Learned Nothing?

Trying to think of the last time I saw POLICY addressed as a campaign issue here. Can't remember.

MUST SEE TV: Michael Eric Dyson Guest Hosting THE ED SHOW "Why Do We Care What Gay People Do?

A Parade of Dumbasses

I'm straight and I was bullied in grade school.

Mitt is a nitwit, but still dangerous

The ED Show - Walker describes 'destroy and conquer' union strategy

People’s power nabs banksters in their attempted NJ home heist (JP Morgan)

The GOP has done away with the long form type census in the USA, and they are at war over

On Marriage Equality-POTUS is Helping to change the culture; His Admin. is helping to change the law

Help....a white screen is a bad sign

Life after Death Row

Bill Maher To Panel: What Does Romney’s Bullying Past Say About His Character Now?

Why oh why...

Claiming that someone else's marriage is against your religion...

I am proud to be able to call the author of this facebook post my nephew and my godson

Clergy Rebukes Media for Asking Wrong Questions About Amendment One

Ahead of Nakba Day, Palestinians take measures to avoid confrontation with Israel

BBC: JPMorgan losses a headache for Romney?

Romney's Values Are Inconsistent With Those Of People Of Faith

New Rule- Maher: If Biden’s Gaffe Forced Obama’s Hand On Gay Marriage, ‘Biden Must Make More Gaffes’

Teachers Vote To Strike Amid SF Contract Stalemate

state by state speak your mind about...why they hell did they stop halfway through america?

The Rachel Maddow Show - The Plundering of Pontiac

Any suggestions on Touch Screen incompatibility?

Senator Harry Reid Calls For Filibuster Reform in Senate Floor Speech

Chavez shows strength after Cuba cancer treatment

Top GOP Pollster to GOP: Reverse On Gay Issues

Gloat Free NBA Post-Season Scores (Friday, May 11)

To Behave Like the Fallen World