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There used to be a cornfield.

Easter Greetings from President Obama

Meet a Climate Change Denier.....

Truly He Is Risen!

There used to be a cornfield.

Truly He Is Risen!


School official depicted in Klan robe on flyer

Alice In Chains - Would

Congratulations Boston College Eagles!

I get HIPAA, but sometimes it sucks. My Grandfather died this morning.

Five Republicans battle in April primary to oppose Sen. Casey in fall!

DEMOCRACY Hijacked.......

Putting Video in Jury comments is not cool.

With all the Gun Violence All I can Think of is this Song

Check out the cool basement in this house. I would LOVE it

All this "let's control womens' vaginas" meme in the GOP about freedom for conservative men from

The Other Arab Thomas Friedman

"all of the above"

What are you lookin at Wuss? You don't have the balls....NO Balls

The Non-Joie of Parenting

Songs that choke you up

What are you lookin at WUSS

Where do you think John Derbyshire will end up?

Fukushima Radiation Moving Steadily Across Pacific

I can't sleep, I'm so worried about my Mom.

Is the Help & Meta forum dying?

Back in 2001 John Derbyshire threatened Chelsea Clinton

Romney Advisor Mitchell Reiss Backs ‘Terrorist’ Group, Jokes About Being ‘Potential Criminal’

Update: Teabagger Stephen L Buechler and his visit from the "Selective Service" Agents. (ROTFLMAO)

Six National Drug Policy Orgs to Pres. Obama: End Unnecessary Assault on Medical Marijuana Providers

Tea Bag Birther on Barrett Jackson auction.

Mitt Romney: Opposes Even Medical Marijuana

U.S. intelligence gains in Iran seen as boost to confidence

Thousands in Houston welcome home Iraq war vets

I am getting e-mails from Newsmax (and that's not the weird part)...

PSA: Do you drive a car? Because if you do, you are killing your kid

Megalithic Structures altered sound and mind say researchers.

Richard O'Dwyer case: TVShack creator's US extradition approved

'Expect more online attacks' Anonymous hackers say

Sarkozy dangles "empty chair" threat over Europe

Matt Damon to star in Anti Fracking Film: He co wrote it.

Who else can't see "My Posts" any more? Everything else is working for me

Okay- I am freaking out... Please tell me if you have any reference for this-

Egypt's ex-spy chief runs for president

Syria wants guarantees to pull troops from cities

Afghans, US say deal reached on night raids

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Snap Crackle Pop Edition

Two arrested in north Tulsa shootings that claimed three lives

The Syrian Uprising Through Palestinian Eyes

A Few Night Photos in Piccadilly and Mayfair

WWII registrations on

Research proves : Using less effort to think, opinions lean more conservative

Sometimes the truth hurts

An Open Letter Letter to Hollywood

Sharks forward Ryane Clowe---Cheeeeeeeater.

Nigerian car bombs kill 'at least 18' in Kaduna

Happy Easter Sports Forum.

Occupy the news studio - revenge for inviting a neo-Nazi on air

PA. Legislature Refuses to Reveal the Size of Its "Surplus" Slush Fund

Happy Easter!

Sunday's Non Sequitur Toon: All the World's problems are caused by...

Pearl Jam Are the Most Boring Band in 20 Years

Phila. 4-year-old shoots himself

Why do LBN threads have to be based exclusively on links to"mainstream" news sources?

The long arm of the dendritic cell: A link between atherosclerosis and autoimmunity

So Supreme Court Justice Scalia said Democrat governors

Check out this review of an obituary in The Guardian.

New cellular mechanism to explore the environment has been uncovered

Chile court rules in favour of Patagonia HidroAysen dam (BBC)

10 Crazy And Unusual Book Designs

Absolute, final, last word on this topic.

Trayvon Martin killing boosts Easter voter-registration drive

A Friendship Dating to 1976 Resonates in 2012- Mitt and Bibi

A white egret flew over our house yesterday!

Is it just me, or is it everybody only wants to talk about themselves?

How Muslims View Easter

A Week of Doonesbury- A tale of 2 "vets"

Do most people listen to song lyrics more closely as they get older?

Cancer Vaccine

Ok, I'll ask: Christians, regarding easter, what do you specifically believe happend?

The story of the photographer and the footballer.

How the Moon Affects the Date of Easter

I want you to read this columnist's article regarding the Trayvon Martin case.

That’s What I Call a Sexual Orient-ation

Grassley calls Obama "stupid"

Video shows Minneapolis police officer assault journalist covering Occupy

Wherein I discuss hormone laden eggs

Navy atheist came out of the closet on Good Friday

From the journal of a 17 year old survivor of The Titanic

2 White males arrested in Tulsa "Revenge" Killings...

Judas Priest betrayed Jesus in Bethlehem – poll reveals lack of Easter knowledge

Dear Jurors, there is nothing in the TOS about pointing out the new status of posters

They say every picture tells a story - ROMNEY 1966

I am wrong to be scared witless?

US defines opening move in new talks with Iran

Oh IF ONLY...!

toon: Proof

HATE Kills

US alert as China's cash buys inroads in Caribbean

Robert Shrum: Mitt Romney won. And now he's going to lose

JPL and the Beginnings of the Space Age

New Bike law in Pennsylvania

New Bike law in Pennsylvania

Contracts expire for many at AT&T, talks continue

I got my iPad 3 yesterday

Cancer Killed by Cannabis - Weed - Pot - Marijuana finds UCLA research and others Full-length Doc

Hey GD Hosts. Anybody home?...

Saturday Night Live Romney on C-Span. Very funny

The Vicious Circle of Poverty: A Response to Barbara Ehrenreich

I never would have guessed this was going to end badly

Relating the Easter Story in the 21st century:

Did Scalia Parrot Fox News During Health-Care Arguments?

Mike Wallace has died at age 93

Mike Wallace, legendary CBS newsman and 60 Minutes co-host, has died.

Obama Justice Department indicts ex-CIA agent for exposing torture

John 3:16

I had this Friend of mine... Not the brightest....

Dilbert explains sexuality in the 21st century:

This is how The Jefferson Bible ends.

Twice-daily testing of repeat DUI offenders ramps up in Missoula

Santorum does the right thing.

Howard Zinn on his introduction to anarchism and a possible synthesis of marxism and anarchism

OWS_ Noam Chomsky endorsing the 2012 US Occupation Movement, aka, American Spring

Keiser Report: Angel Dust for Ponzi-Addicts

Bullshit segment on the Shroud of Turin on CBS

The difference between 80% and 75%

'War on drugs' has failed, say Latin American leaders

Free Market Jesus?

Robert Reich: America's hall of mirrors recovery

Howard Zinn on his introduction to anarchism and a possible synthesis of marxism and anarchism

Authority is the villain during Holy Week.

They caught two suspects in the Tulsa shootings

Is Cultural Liberalism getting in the way of Economic Equality movement?

Tweety's Already Posturing On The General Election......

Nice try, Sparklepants.--- Garbage In, Garbage Out - By Charles P. Pierce

In Neil Gaiman's AMERICAN GODS, the

All In, Balls Out for Easter

Unregulated Capitalism Defined

Are we a nation of laws or men

This has been a tough weekend

The Jesus debate: Man vs. myth

Did the Easter Bunny egg Jesus?

Ordinary People are the Worlds only hope

"I don't see race…"

The Derbyshire article hasn't been scrubbed, but...

Two states, ‘secure borders’ and the tooth fairy

Romney and Netanyahu are old friends - huh, who knew?!

Safety rules loosened for aging nuclear reactors

Toon: Paul Ryan's Budget Butchery

I just LOVE the Lounge!

Jesus Was Not A Zombie {btw, i am a practising christian. i also think jesus can take a ribbing}

"Saint Peter? Mike Wallace is here to see you."

Teaching Skepticism In Science Classes Instead Of Facts

TRENDING: DNC chair says Republicans rooting for bad economy

Mr. Fish Toon- Jesus and the Easter Bunny

Mike Wallace Was One Of The Few And Last First Class Reporters Left

According to the Onion Romney travels back in time to kill previous versions of himself

The GOP Declares Bankruptcy

NHL Playoff match-ups

Netanyahu: The Jewish holiday of freedom should be Jonathan Pollard's as well

"Does President Obama have the imagination and courage to repudiate Obamacare? We will see."

A case of roid-rage with Urkel?

America Ryan's & The GOP's Social Engineering Experiment

Andrew Sullivan: Christianity in Crisis

President Obama and family walk to St. John's Episcopal Church for Easter service - pics

Oaksterdam founder to leave cannabis business

Jedi Cat VS Pitbull

Ryan Leaf Somehow Worse At Crime Than Football (The last line is hilarious)

"I am not Trayvon Martin"? Don't be so sure -

Faux News: Obama Family don't attended the Church for Easter...

DNC chair: GOP ‘callous and insensitive’ towards women

Organizations sending out emails need to identify themselves!

Don't Just Pressure ALEC's Corporate Sponsors, Name And Shame ALEC Legislators - The Nation

Hunting the Elements on PBS.

What's for Dinner? ~ Easter Sunday April 8th Edition

First Family Walks Hand-in-Hand to Easter Sunday Services

Obama as Atticus Finch is the defender of the American mainstream - Guardian UK

My Mom & Dad actually had a cool priest at their church today. Said to pass this on

Obama: transformational or transactional president?

Cool video of the evolution of the Moon as we see it today

Flying over the Earth at night video compilation

Israelis can be angrywith Gunter Grass but they must listen to him(Gideon Levy, HAARETZ)

So Much For Democratic Message Discipline... On One Of Our Most Important Topics...

Armed Neo-Nazis Patrolling Sanford, Florida

Robert Reich: America's hall of mirrors recovery

'I am not a member of any organized party---I am a Democrat.'

For the holiday...

Tweet about Tim Tebow and his sermon today: HA!

Deep Down at some level of consciousness Scott Walker doesn't want to be governor. He's

"15 Things You Should Give Up in Order To be Happy"???

More and more people wake up all the time

The 2 suspects arrested in the Tulsa Oklahoma shooting

Saudi Arabia puts 50 al Qaeda suspects on trial

Welfare Limits Left Poor Adrift As Recession Hit - NYT

Libya will not hand Saif al-Islam (Gaddafi) to ICC: justice minister

I just read that Mike Wallace died.

Bo takes his inspiration from the Easter Bunny (pic)

Obama Girls grow up.. from 2008 to today

Pastor Terry Jones in Dearborn: 20 supporters, 30 cop cars, 50 counter-protestors

Why 99% Spring? {not Occupy}

Gingrich: Still in, says Romney likely GOP nominee

Suspect in Oklahoma Shooting Spree: "My dad was killed by a fucking n****r"

On Easter, No One Can Hear You Scream...

Cultural Liberalism Is Not Enough - Eric Alterman/NYT

Ozzie Guillen in hot water over Fidel Castro talk

So how many albums do you have from this Best Of 2011 list?

BREAKING: Romney names running mate

Talk to me about Humira

North Korea moves rocket into place for launch

Baba Brinkman - Creationism Hip Hop at Rock Beyond Belief

Baba Brinkman - Creationism Hip Hop at Rock Beyond Belief

GRRRR!!! fruit flies have made a home around my kitchen sink.

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Saturday, April 7)

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Saturday, April 7)

Landslide, one each, for President Obama...

Easter Hymn

Christians celebrate Easter in Jerusalem

On Wallmart and location

I’m a Pro-Israel Muslim: So Why did UJS Ban Me?

Six games down and I've already had enough of Valentine.

Billy Graham’s daughter: ‘I would not vote for an atheist’

Easter's theme---"nevertheless."

TYT: WARNING - Video of Blackwater Contractors Driving Over Iraqi Woman

The War on Drugs Intensifies...........

Tennessee Sex Education Bill Promotes Abstinence-Only, Warns Against 'Gateway Sexual Activity'

Newt Gingrich: I'm 'Slightly Less Than' $4.5 Million In Debt

A Double-Eagle?

Ain't got time to die

The Last Supper (Dial-up Warning)

Seen on a car in Missouri:

I was behind a car with a Warren 2016 bumper sticker! Put a BIG smile on my face! nt

Obama administration sides with Argentina in case filed by ‘vulture funds’

Why Obama Should Run Against The Supreme Court - TheAtlantic

Billy Graham's daughter: "I would not vote for a man who is an atheist."

Kony ‘will be arrested this year’

My True and Silly Easter Story.

A plea, disguised as a rant...

Israel bars German author over poem critical of its nuclear arsenal

The narrative on the errrr Tebow sermon....

Most people believe Christ rose from the dead, polls say

Occupy General Strike on May 1st. Strike for:

Factors in population growth and decline

Unreal, Chicago misses 4 straight free throws and Melo just tied it

" Rick Warren's Not Willing To Call Mitt Romney a Christian"

SNL Politics Reviewed: Mitt Romney Panders, Sofia Vergara Wows

The US War on Drug Cartels in Mexico Is a Deadly Failure

this is interesting: Mike Wallace interviews Margaret Sanger on Birth Control- 1957

Controversy Deepens Over Pesticides and Bee Collapse

The “NGOs” that spooked Egypt

Thank God Republicans are Crying Wolf

Camila Vallejo Visits Cuba

When I heard Wallace died in CT, I knew exactly where he died

Good news!

Egypt's former spy chief Omar Suleiman joins presidential race

Perpetrator of Genocide writes for Comment is Free

Could the Tulsa shooters claim immunity under Oklahoma's Castle Law?

14 defining characteristics of fascism: The U.S. in 2012

Sanford, Florida...the town Jackie Robison was forced to flee...

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Andrew Sullivan: Politicization of Christianity fuels atheism in U.S.

Capitalism: A Ghost Story

School Vouchers At Center Of Political, Legal Fights

Wonderful Easter email from a relative...

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Since SCOTUS is in the Right Wing's Pocket....

Chuck Grassley's Twitter problem explained

Not since the New Deal

Do NOT attempt to think or depression may result.

[video] Jonathan Coulton at PAX East 2012

WI Republican state senator Glenn Grothman, "You could argue that money is more important for men."

Idea for new forum or group: Nerd Culture

Happy High Holy Day!

What is wrong with this list of people -

A National Women's History Museum in D.C.

Have you seen the new ASPCA ads on TV? Breaks your heart.

The Talk: What Parents Tell Their Children About John Derbyshire (great re-write)

NY Catholic Quits Board Over Cardinal's Gay Stance (Dolan) - AP/NBCNewYork

"Academic"..."elite"... "do-gooder", etc

Freepers: Some replies on Mike Wallace obit thread look like they're from DU

Time for an Obama "Let's SAVE Medicare" Tour of the Nation

Watching Earth's Ice Disappear

Congress' spring break a time for voters to vent

Jury says it is OK to call other DU'ers "Fuckers"

Oh my God! They killed Kenny!

Seems legit


I know the feeling

I bet your dog can't do this...

Fox News 35 Orlando calls neo-nazi group in Sanford, FL a 'civil rights' group

Replying to e-mails slamming liberals, Obama, .....

'Universal' cancer vaccine developed

"More women vets are homeless, but housing scarce"

"More women vets are homeless, but housing scarce"

Re: The War on Women. ChristWire.Org offers some suggestions for those "naughty words" we're using.

Andrew Sullivan: Politicization Of Christianity Fuels Atheism In U.S. (w/Video) - CBSNews/RawStory

I can never remember...where are the avatars?

Just got outvoted 5-1 on a jury.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Accuses Republicans Of Being ‘Callous And Insensitive’ To Women

Why Russia is Obstinate on Syria

South Korea Raises Prospect of a North Korean Nuclear Test

...Romney teams up with Obama to explain health care mandate

North Korea Rocket Installed On Launch Pad

How come the US media isn't calling the Tulsa Oklahoma shootings terrorism?

Love this Easter Pic Of Our President

The Bible explained.

Corporate Media Lets Christian Leaders Use Easter Airtime to Attack Obama

'Easter Bunny' Arrested For Drug Possession

form perusing youtube, one might gather the russians drive everywhere with dash cams

Best SUnday laugh ever -Of course I expected the vindictive class to be vindictive and nasty

Tim Tebow tells Texas worshippers: 'It's OK to be outspoken about your faith'

Vince peddling his schticky

Pope Benedict XVI addresses "groping"

Flexible Goat Cheese

4/7: Re-Occupy Minneapolis met with heavy police action and 12 arrests

The two principle miracles of Christianity

Right click context menu for Firefox 11.0, meaning of underlined first letters ?

A dirty deal: Uzbek dictator 'has UK over a barrel' Karimov demands official visit in logistics dea

Learn constituencies - Elections Benghazi

You thought Rush Limbaugh and Andrew Breitbart were bad?

Nobel Laureate Günter Grass barred from Israel over poem

Channel 5 camera man assaulted by Minneapolis PD at Reoccupy Minneapolis Nicollet Mall slo-mo

The Wonderful nonsense of the alert system


Thank you admins for the full ignore feature

Homophobes 'may be secretly attracted to people of the same sex'

I am a christian - and it affects ALL of my political views.

A Look Back at (some of, but by no means all of) Mike Wallace's Tough Interviews

Mitt Romney's Dog Food problem


SYG, Trayvon, and the GOP convention in Tampa

Jose Wejebe dies in small plane crash near Naples.

2 Gaza rockets hit Israel; no injuries

Scientology's 'heretic': How Marty Rathbun became the arch-enemy of L Ron Hubbard devotees

what free email accounts do you recommend?

Always nice to see a first-time winner...Congrats Bubba


Channel 5 camera man assaulted by Minneapolis PD at Reoccupy Minneapolis Nicollet Mall slo-mo

Iran will ‘bulldoze’ Israel in any war, says chief of staff

Arrests ReOccupy Minneapolis Nicollet Mall April 7th 2012

Please consider rec-ing the following post:

Whatever happened to "WWJD"...?

check out 'fred'

My 89 year old father just served me a lambchop, fried in peanut oil.

Now THIS Makes Me Say "Happy Easter" - Mosque Allows Christian Church In To Hold Easter Services

Love comes more naturally to the human heart...

Fake raid at youth church meeting shakes up 14-year old girl

“Pro-Life” Gov Prefers Dead Babies Over Health Care For Illegal Immigrants

The facts vs. Mitt Romney

I can't believe I am going to say this but I might be taking a cruise

Austerity is Alive and Well in America

Odd video from last year, a Republican supporting OWS

What do you think about someone who calls your opinions..Diatribes?

WARNING-GRAPHIC VIDEO: Leaked video from Bab Amr, Assad thugs burned and slaughtered an activist.

Deliberate Disrespect

Obama "Cannot Wait" for the Campaign

Picture: Romney Caught Making "Another" Rookie Mistake

Awwwwww poor Newtie Gingrich is $4.5 million dollars in debt. So So Sad.......

In Executive Pay, a Rich Game of Thrones

"Fox is distributed by Premiere-which also syndicates Rush-hit hard by Rush's advertiser backlash"

Romney Not the ‘Best Messenger’ for Harvard Attacks on Obama

"Obama Proves He Does Not Understand the Constitution" . . . HUH????

Apparently Rupert Murdoch and his cronies think they're above the law...

A Real Life 'Avatar' Fight... Indian Forest-Dwellers Battle Against Mining Conglomerate - RawStory

Welfare Limits Left Poor Adrift as Recession Hit

DNC Chair Slams Wis. Gov. Walker for Equal Pay Repeal

There are times when I think the world has lost its way. Then I see something like this

So...Van Jones thinks that both He and Obama had No Idea about RW Media Control? WHAT!

Oh hey, guess what? Plagiarism...

There's Always A "Golden Egg!"

what's your feeding schedule?

For those who don't know what the "Greece" problem in Europe is about - here's the explanation

MOTHER IS GRATEFUL FOR "OBAMACARE"; Says would have been dropped from insurance w/o it!

Now I Have Heard It All - Contraception Gateway To Sex

Can't get any responses to posts

MIKE WALLACE: Back when journalists used to ask the hard questions.

What food were you allowed not-to-eat as a kid because you hated it? I didn't have to eat

Oh hey, guess what? Plagiarism...

Democratic Leader Congressman Emanuel Cleaver Says There’s No GOP War on Women!!!!

What would terrify the 1% more than anything else?

criticism wanted

Thomas Kinkade: 'Painter of Light' Dies at 54

Questions Surrounding the Trayvon Martin Case - HuffPo

Democratic Senate leader Dick Durbin says "everything is on the table" in coming budget cut talks

Homophobia more pronounced in those with unacknowledged attraction to the same sex

Autopsy Scheduled for Painter Thomas Kinkade

Why would neo-cons be anti-HIPAA?

Obama: ‘Congress Would Get More Done If There Were More Women’

Blues Violin/Fiddle...the next best thing?

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, April 10th: TCM Guest Programmer Anthony Bourdain

Too Funny!!!

Obama: GOP Budget ‘Will Ultimately End Medicare As We Know It’

How does one go about

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, April 11th: Peter O'Toole

LynneSin's cat smelling started at an early age. CAUTION! May be too intense for some viewers.

Anyone watching Masterpiece Theater Great Expectations?

Anyone else stuffed with Easter dinner?

President Obama Indicts Sixth Whistleblower Under the Espionage Act

Conservative group caught lying ... they repeat lie anyway

Anyone else a big fan of espresso?

Man, that shit is great for your core!

OWS in Political Satire: See Absurdity Today! With Julianna Forlano

Let's talk Republican Scandals

Oh shit DU, the plagiarism just became actually funny.

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Sunday, April 8)

Things I didn't know about Sacajawea.

The Hypocrisy of Sock Puppet Dennis Walcott and the Daily News

Federal Funds to Train the Jobless Are Drying Up

Is Judy Garland Still a Gay Idol?

yikes...warning: graphic

Smoke Break

It’s Okay — Call Republicans Social Darwinists

Mad Men. I'm not posting a spoiler. But wow.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 9 April 2012

Fox affiliate calls neo-nazis a ’civil rights group’

Character name change on GOT.

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Easter Sunday)