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Impeach the Supreme Court Justices If They Overturn Health-Care Law

Juror #1, a simple "hide it" would have been appropriate

Has anyone heard from Condem recently? I know College baseball is getting heated up

The Fable of the Century The ending is up to you

Time once again to caption the dumbass

Waukesha County Clerk Ordered to Step Aside in Recall Elections

I know this may sound petty, but is anybody else

More gun nuts and castle doctrine.

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Thursday, April 5)

How safe is safe enough with nuclear power?

Rachel Maddow Eviscerates Michigan Republicans for Circumventing Democracy

Corporate Cash Streams Into Ohio to Unseat Senator Sherrod Brown

White House Hosts Forum on Women and the Economy

1965-1976 Nostalgia

So why the intense focus by Right Wingers on Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania

EPA faces suit from 11 groups over coal ash

Happy Easter everybody

Bette Davis: Rare and Unpublished Photos

Awesome rolling, transforming robot

Shaqfa: Iran supports massacre in Syria

Mitt Romney versus Reality

Dr. Boyce Watkins, HuffPo: Zimmerman's Arrest Should Be a Family Affair, Including His Father

Trayvon Martin: It concerns me they cleaned up the scene too quickly.

This is about small government...

There Is No Democracy In Michigan

It Should Be More Obvious Than Ever Now GOP Equals Dictatorship

Woody Allen had a comic strip?

Military Board Says Marine Who Criticized President Obama Should Be Dismissed

Israel: Palestinians Cut Off From Farmlands


Toons: Partisan Supreme Court, Disappearing Act, Banker's Club and More. - 4/5/12

US welcomes Pakistan President Zardari's India visit

Chinese government tells military to ignore internet in wake of coup talk

Energy Dept. to Revitalize a Loan Guarantee Program

"I Am Not Trayvon Martin" - powerful message from a 'middle class white girl'

Residents Rethink a Nuclear Neighbor

Japan should ideally phase out nuclear power: minister

Bosnia marks 20 years of the beginning of its war

Holy Shit!

Painkiller addiction soars in U.S.

Parents Upset Over 'Degrading,' 'Offensive' Class Photo At Sawgrass Elementary School

For a smile: Smallest bunny ever?

Ann Romney Wouldn't Find Free-Market Health Care Without Mitt Romney's Millions

Israel presents new deterrence policy

World is ignoring most important lesson from Fukushima nuclear disaster

What's for Dinner ~ Friday April 6th

FYI - Having computer problems

Watch Nikki Haley on teevee. (please)Link to clip posted

Missouri House endorses ads on school buses

Check out this nauseating postcard a pastor sent for Easter (warning: upsetting):

Russia slams U.S. over sentence for arms dealer Viktor Bout

How the US uses sexual humiliation as a political tool to control the masses

Alicia Silverstone taps long tradition of pre-chewing baby food

Got my CCW renewal today

3 Corporate Myths that Threaten the Wealth of the Nation

NCAA National Champion Anthony Davis on Jimmy Kimmel

Ben Gilroy, Irish government served summons-tells global bankers to pay their own debt...

Corporate Cash Streams Into Ohio to Unseat Senator Sherrod Brown

Letterman's lineup for next week looks awesome.

GOP logic fail: If Mittens believes 'Corporations are People' and also believes 'Abortion is Murder'

Racing as it was meant to be, 2012 Keeneland Meet Opening Day Today!

Brownback, House speaker used state-owned plane to see KU Chickenhawks in Final Four

UAlbany will not give vacations for Easter, Passover in 2012-13, leaving rights groups furious

Religion poses workplace challenges

Just How Strong Is The Job Market?

God I love the game of Tennis.

Mitt Romney vs Reality

On the stump, Senate Dem candidates split with Obama over Keystone pipeline

Think tank: Long-run deficit 'entirely due' to healthcare costs

Low-wage Workers Are Older and Better Educated than Ever

MRN: "Jesus Is Not A Homophobe" Is Sexual In Nature?

I am so sick of hearing Obama called a "socialist" by the right wing!

Hefty Gas Taxes Fill Up Germany's Coffers

Helping Hands

World's rarest ducklings Madagascan pochards hatch

"Do you have a permit for that hoodie?"

Halperin: GOP establishment thinks Mitt Romney will lose to Obama

My, My: Arkansas coach Petrino put on leave after crash

Another gem from r/atheism on reddit...

Nasa scientist: climate change is a moral issue on a par with slavery

Humans likely butchered mammoth 10,000 years ago

Noam Chomsky: How the Young Are Indoctrinated to Obey

DC Councilman Marion Barry apologizes for remark disparaging Asian businesses

Silly Flori-Duh---Florida may overturn ban on dyeing bunnies, chicks and other critters

Mom caught driving while texting w/ baby in lap

(Have you ever felt like) Zero.

Small wars loom large on China's horizon

We want war, and we want it now

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. - We Almost Lost Detroit

a condensed version of alec and the koch boys

Payroll employment rises 120,000 in March; unemployment rate changes little (8.2%)

Strange: Multiple Reports Of A JPMorgan Trader With An Epic Position In Credit Default Swaps

Shocking Poll Reveals Romney Loses the Gender Gap Even Among Mormon Women

China doomsayer sees crash coming

Federal judge approves $25 billion mortgage pact

Toon: It's just marvelous, Mr. Ryan

Olbermann's fight with Current TV lands in court

Indian IT firms are heading for a fall

JCPenney to cut 900 jobs in Texas and Pittsburgh

Washington State Supreme Court imposes limits on vehicle searches

Funny Friday...

John Dean on Scottie Walker: Authoritarian times 10!

Ammonia-treated food goes beyond "pink slime"

Scott Walker (WI) Recall Signer WitchHunt Update 4-6-12

Montana GOP tries to block health clinic for state workers

Earth To Congress: This Is What Women Actually Face Every Day

Economy Adds 120K Jobs In March; Unemployment Falls To 8.2 Percent

China sentences woman to death for $16 million fund scam

Letter to Dr. Ruth

When you don't have much, you value what you have

Cantor On Jobs report: Level Of Growth 'Isn't Enough'

Lost in Translation

Arizona GOP lawmaker says proposed Phoenix-Las Vegas freeway threatens U.S. sovereignty

Google Really Wants To 'Augment' Your Reality With Ads (Google Glass).

Senate Hopeful Lee Whitnum Calls Opponent ‘Whore’ at Connecticut Debate

The Long Moral View

Stereotype maps: Is that what they think of us?

Lovely lunch til she mentioned the poor guy who had to shoot Trayvon Martin.

Stony Brook calendar change need not fuel rhetoric on religion

Doonesbury: Damaged, modest authentic veteran confronted by bragging lying phony contractor

US job market recovery stalled in March, halting streak of major gains

In Memory Of Trayvon Martin - an original song

Hunted for horns worth more than gold, South Africa's rhinos face worst year on record

Obama campaign renews call for transparency after report shows Mitt Romney hiding assets from public

Young People Today Have No Idea What Easter Is Really About.

My head just exploded!

Here's how devastating cuts can be avoided by closing loopholes and delaying tax cuts

Florida's "Right to speedy trial" & "Stand your ground" laws

Tea terror in Iowa : Democratic state rep receives racially charged threat with white powder

Thought I'd post a picture of my 2011 Grand Champion cake.

CT Senate Candidates Debate

Former Atheist Activist Patrick Greene Responds to Critics

Need help PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

diabetic kitty went very hypoglycemic last night./home

Ohio rabbi's post-war religious books helped maintain faith of displaced Holocaust survivors

Finished "Lillie" -- very nice for those of us with an appetite for 19th-century dramas

What's everybody cooking for Easter?

Freeper: "Zimmermans should have sent a subpeona for pain, trama, expenses to go into hiding..."

Our Men in Iran? Posted by Seymour M. Hersh


Charles Payne wants to "Throw Up" over unemployment report.

First Bedside Genetic Test Could Prevent Heart Complications

Secret Ingredient To Making Solar Energy Work: Salt

A PSA for Zimmerman apologists by Matt Bors

Obama campaign renews call for transparency after report shows Mitt Romney hiding assets from public

Sapphire Energy Raises $144 Million for an Algae Farm

Fox News Is A Traitor

Climate Change Impact on Human Health Overlooked

Take action:Loews Hotels Under Fire For Inhumane Trapping Of Cats

TDPS: Women can be pregnant in Arizona 2 weeks before conception

Interesting e-mail exchange between white columninst & Black American.

The Best Congress the Banks’ Money Can Buy - by Bill Moyers and Michael Winship

Voice Stress Test on night of Trayvon's death "probably contributed to (Zimmerman's) release"

Boehner and Romney on jobs report (updated)

U.K. hacking scandal expands to Murdoch-linked TV outlet!

This Election Like Being In Vietnam - Will We Ever Put Humpty Dumpty Back Together Again.

Obama to hold forum on women and the economy

WH and Pelosi on jobs report

Earthquake Wallpaper – for when Your World is Falling Down around You

"If life gives you lemons, make lemonade." OK.......

Heads up - President Obama about to speak at the WH Women's Forum

Drumbeat: April 6, 2012

Peak oil notes - April 5

Peak oil notes - April 5

Harassing Boss Ordered to Pay Lesbian Chef $1.6 Mil

Drumbeat: April 6, 2012

Global oil production trouble - it's not just Iran

Romney And The GOP Are A Lot Like Pol Pot And The Kmer Rouge And Ryan Is The Henchman

An Easter Treat: Christians on Your Side

Found on facebook...Dear Obama haters...

Daniel Ellsberg: For nuclear security beyond Seoul, eradicate land-based 'doomsday' missiles


America's romance with sprawl may be over

Why The Easter Bunny Is NOT A fan Of The NRA...

LGBT community joining election super PAC fever

Ikonoklast and Taterguy - it's like having our very own Jack and Rose from Titanic

Self-declared Mega Millions winner Mirlande Wilson: I lost the ticket

One Dem Candidate Calls Another A ‘Whore’ For AIPAC During Live Debate

You always know when MFM is cooking in the DU Lounge Cafeteria....

If everyone used as much energy as Americans, we’d run out of oil in 9 years

LGBT Veterans Deserve Dignity

Gil Noble dies at 80

2012 MLB Opening Day Payrolls

Peak oil denial: How does this help?

This Week in Poverty: How to Get Involved

(Chess) Coach wins national title, takes entire team to new school

Coming soon to your TV: Celebrity War Games

Best wishes to all DU Christians on Good Friday.

ok, so, what is the point of instagram?

Why Does U.S. Build Roads If It Can’t Pay to Fix Them?

Pic Of The Moment: Romney Exploiting Loophole To Obscure Size Of Fortune

more madness, SHOOT 1ST GUN VS. Cell phone

Well, I gone & done did it

Anyone know how to get burned plastic/polyster off cast iron skillet?

This Church Sign Is Awesome {It's real, so don't even start with me.}

Felicia Day: A rising star for the Internet geek ("The Guild" web series/WoW)

MSNBC: Zimmerman family launching Website to pay for legal fees and "living expenses"

Why We Need an Open Debate on Israel

Reddit-based Online PAC takes on SOPA co-sponsor Lamar Smith

Religious University Abruptly Drops Birth Control Coverage

This is exactly what the for profit "health" insurance industry will do to the ACA.

Is there a way to get rid of the timeline format on Facebook?

Wasilla Republican lawmaker cites Web rumors in delaying Girl Scouts honor

Is it ever okay for white people to listen to, play, or sing along to Ni@@as In Paris?

Good Friday News Cycle - Think They'll Defuse the Zimmerman/Martin "Problem" Today?

California, LAKE ELSINORE: Another Medical Marijuana Dispensary raided

Finally a flying car... no kidding!

Arthur Kohl-Riggs to challenge Walker in primary election

France fears a new serial killer is on the loose

Why is the GOP silent on the NLRB scandal?

Tyler Perry Pulled Over, Accuses White Cops of Racial Profiling via Facebook

today in women's herstory

Christians and Jews Rediscover Interracial Haven.

quotes of the day

I had the problem of being born a white male.

Protest: IMBD is cheating Sarah Palin's movie, The Undefeated, out of its proper place of honor!

Give a shit, don't vote for Mitt!

a biography of the day--elizabeth blackwell

This 'Trustworthy' Senator Wants You To Think Global Warming Is A Hoax

Question: Why is it hard for even progressive to admit they have a racial advantage in area?

Frozen Four Finals not being held in Miami!

Obama campaign video exposes seven Mitt Romney lies in 84 seconds

Tina Fey On The 'Success' Of Sarah Palin In One Super-Shareable Graphic

Another fantasy cake. This is last one I have online.

Denis Leary Shares A Hilarious Fact About His 'Hateful' Two-Year-Old

How the Young Are Indoctrinated to Obey - Chomsky

Imagine that you knew a business was going to go bankrupt before anyone else...

Render to Caesar, Extraordinarily

Presidents Clinton and Obama sign Wall Street Deregulation Bills. Two Photos That Tell It All.

So what do we do when a post breaks TOS yet is not hidden?

Timeshare Prices Plummet to $1

"Shaken Baby Syndrome" used in defense of Trayvon Martin's killer

NBC Shielding Producer Responsible for Edited George Zimmerman 911 Call

After a few weeks with the new iPad, I pried open my wallet and paid for a data plan.

"Thrive" now on YouTube

A Tale of 2 Employment Surveys, at a Glance In case you're not sure and you really need to ask

40 mph winds on the Pamlico Sound today

Spy Jonathan Pollard hospitalized

Alleged Teen Rape Victim Being Held in Juvenile Detention to Make Sure She’ll Testify

An illustrated review of Drift: The Unmooring of American Military Power by Rachel Maddow

Hersh: U.S. Trained Iranian "Terrorist" Group in Nevada

Fighter jet crash in Virginia?

Drug Policy Alliance head: Feds trying to intimidate medical marijuana industry

Breaking on GEM$NBComcast - F18 Jet crashes into apartment

Navy jet crashes into Virginia neighborhood; homes ablaze

What Good Friday Means at a Women’s Health Clinic

There was a time when it was cool to be anti-war

The War on Caterpillars

America's Bipartisan Reefer Madness

Occupy 2.0: The Great Turning


Duck stabbed at Frostburg city duck park

Obama at 50% approval in today's Gallup Tracking Poll!

CNN is having live, continuing coverage of the F-18 crash in Virginia Beach. MSNBC isn't --so if

Are GD timestamps off for everyone or just me? - resolved

D*mn......Scott Walker Quietly Repeals Wisconsin Equal Pay Law

Mitt Romney veepstakes: So many mediocre options

Half a million Mac computers 'infected with malware' {Flashback Trojan} (BBC)

USN Commander just confirmed on Andrea that the pilots had SAFELY ejected. My emphasis, not his. nt

love DU3

Chag Pesach Sameach!

Oy...This is truly despicable

Post a photo of your first pencil. Tell us all the details!

Why Obama Must Come Out of the Closet on Gay Marriage

You can help a no kill shelter in Dayton Ohio Help the animals By just a click a day till......

You can help a no kill shelter in Dayton Ohio Help the animals By just a click a day till......

You can help a no kill shelter in Dayton Ohio Help the animals By just a click a day till......

The pilots ejected with the plane aimed towards a residential area?

Notorious arms dealer sentenced

Everyone should be familiar with our friends and neighbors at ALEC!!!

North Dakota blizzard of 1966

"8.2% Unemployment: An Exceedingly 'Meh' Jobs Report for March"

Ok fashionistas, whadya think of these dresses...

Send Michele Bachmann a Birthday Message

Guest Lineups For The Easter Sunday TV News Shows

'Obama signaled Khamenei that U.S. could accept civilian nuclear program in Iran'

Honduran campesinos in the crosshairs

$30,000 Watch Vanishes Up Church Leader’s Sleeve

RNC official: Talking about anti-woman Republican policies is 'unpatriotic'

CNN Contributor Erick Erickson: ‘I Kind Of Like The Idea That Women Aren’t Members Of The Masters’

Security is Important at Political Conventions-But Not in Florida-Bring that Gun to Your Protest

Obama: ‘Congress Would Get More Done If There Were More Women’

Women Account For Entire Drop In Labor Force Participation Last Month

Pit Bull Saves His Owner's Life By Taking A Bullet To The Head

Royal Caribbean Ship Rescues 23 Cuban Migrants.

Text From My Dog Is The Best Tumblr About Text Messages From A Dog Ever


Winds Of Change

Tailgating Quandary as Brewers Open on Good Friday

ACLU: Women Don't Care About Contraception?

The fallacy of the 'pinkwashing' argument

Honduran campesinos in the crosshairs

NASA Sees New Salt in an Ancient Sea

"Sacred Contracts" by Caroline Myss

Five Charged in China After Teen Trades Kidney for iPhone and iPad

Women Are Like Cattle and Sheep In Georgia Now. Sleep In The Barn.

HILARIOUS: Stephen Colbert Demolishes New GOP Magazine For Teens

TOWNHALL“I find it very offensive that men think they can tell women what to do with their own life”

Assad or we burn the land! - Taftanaz Massacre

Gallup: Obama approval 50 percent, disapproval 43 percent

Thom Hartmann: Is the Greek suicide the beginning of Europe's Arab Spring?

FDR Saw This Coming And Tried To Warn Us

Thom Hartmann: The Trickle-Down Austerity Agenda only leads to Peons

Wisconsin women voters - hope you see this sneaky like assinine thing that Scott Walker just did....

Thom Hartmann: Workers who make Twinkies are screwed but not the CEOs

144,182,398 hits

Digging deeper: Good News in the March unemployment numbers!

Time to re-read "Celestine Prophecy."

Shale Shocked: ‘Remarkable Increase’ In U.S. Earthquakes ‘Almost Certainly Manmade,’ USGS Scientists

Rachel Maddow - Democracy Begins Its Death In Michigan

BREAKING Fighter jet crashes into Virginia Beach suburbs demolishing at least five buildings

About the current Employment Summaries Report.

Rare Disease Mimics Child Abuse and Tears Family Apart (Husband kills wife and himself)

Would someone remove "***** 2011 Holiday 'ASAH Marketplace' Thread ***** "

Massive Dolphin Die-Off in Peru May Remain a Mystery

Yay!!! My post count is fixed!!!

"14 Bald-Faced Mitt Romney Flip-Flops That Were Dug Up By John McCain"

The 'Easter Bunny' is helped across the street after attending a protest in Washington, DC - pic

Cooking: The 1-Million-Year-Old Technology

Pink slime and ALEC

Profound Pet Question of the day - what would you do

The Atlantic: A Guide to Good Etiquette When You're Under Arrest

Although it was easier to maintain, not really sure if California Peggy's new hairstyle suited her

Religion has forgotten its women of faith

Common Pesticide Implicated Bee Colony Collapse Disorder

British Prime Minister Thanked For Gay Marriage Stance While Obama Listens

Pres. Obama: "This is personal ... it's more than just a matter of policy."

Keith Olbermann Countersued By Current TV

Good Friday’s big question: Is doubt good?

ALEC ~ Just Another Billionaire Conservative Power Group Manipulating America

Mitt Romney Flip-Flops His Way to the Top

Syria: The virtue of civil disobedience

Inspired by the Right

Current TV Files Countersuit Against Keith Olbermann

Metropolitan Police criticised after racism inquiry

Initiative 502 news

Michigan Is The Model For The Rest Of The States And Congress

Any Anoushka Shankar fans? Check her out!

Sandra Fluke: readings from many WOMEN we need to hear from

Feds cut pay of execs at bailed out firms

Supporters launch effort to bring back Sanford police Chief Bill Lee

10 Unbelievably Sh**ty Things America Does to Homeless People

MPAA Chief Dodd Hints At Talks To Revive SOPA

System of Oppression: 'US plea bargain not justice'

I was just called for jury duty on a post in a thread I started.

After false claims about Apple supply chain conditions, Mike Daisey loses honorary degree...

Insipid question of the day

We know this right?? Sherrod Brown Campaign In Ohio Faces $5 Million Ad Barrage Without Help

Corporate America rethinks support of right-wing fringe

"Shouting in the Dark" Film Captures Bahrain's Pro-Democracy Uprising Against US-Backed Rule

Well, there's Trumad, but who are the other 29,999?

This is why we must prevail in the Zimmerman SYG argument.

Speculation: Trayvon and Zimmerman Confrontation...

Is it fair to say Zimmerman has MORE hard evidence against him than OJ Simpson did?

Renewable Energy and Tax Extensions....?

Armed neo-nazis patrolling Sanford...

No, you are not a "bad person"

The Shoes - Time To Dance

In 2001, CBO projected $6TT in surplus by 2011

Proof for those who don't believe in the concept of 'male privilege'

DU Album of the Day: "Chords of Fame" Phil Ochs (compilation album)

Total gas leak: Elgin platform 'mud kill' plan to proceed

U.S. drone attacks from Afghanistan to end after 2014: FM

You know you've arrived when. . .

We are not racist

Anyone else play emulated console video games on their computer?

Santorum's little girl has been taken to the hospital.

Ohio State University marred by graffiti, " Long Live Zimmerman"

The kids are pooped.

The President still has my vote

Philanthropist and Democratic patron Rapoport dies

Let this sink in for a minute...

High Gas Prices Drive Car Sales: “Fuel Economy Is Top of Mind,” Ford Exec Says

Praying for God to hurt someone is not illegal, judge rules

What do they call...

Even Scalia Suggests Republican Judge Jerry Smith Was Wrong To Go After Obama

Krugman: Ryan In Two Numbers

Charles Manson, now 77, gets new chance at parole

What was the best server you've ever had at a restaurant (or best service)?

Cornyn counting on Obama administration to approve federal disaster aid

Homeland Security Office Accused of Faking Reports on Internal Investigations

arizona birds

Russia condemns US sentence for arms dealer Viktor Bout

Republican Committee Makes Big Turnaround on Fund-Raising

Indian state may drop Marx and Engels in schools

Bo Obama Wears Bunny Ears

Anybody know if tempura batter contains dairy?

Arkansas coach Petrino put on leave after attempt to cover up inappropriate relationship

Carl Palladino making case for Newt by using a very naughty word

I've got a beef with the current 'jury' system

Syria: A Message from Ambassador Ford

Why Mitt Romney may never let go of Paul Ryan

McDonald's worker 'loses' Mega Millions ticket

Merle Haggard: "I don't think we can blame it all on one black man."

President Obama speaks at the White House Forum on Women and the Economy - pics

Friends of Trees


Occupy Peace...

Dylan Ratigan is a whiny Fox news anchor that is playing on MSNBC

tax receipt from White House

Mali coup leaders and ECOWAS 'reach deal'

Can I look up OMC on DU3?

Zimmerman's Family: "Call off the Dogs" - Sets Up Fund for George's Living/Defense Expenses

Larry Elder: 'The media downplay murder when it's black-on-black and black-on-white'

Welcome to the Friday Afternoon Challenge: The Art of Good Friday!

California labor market won't recover until 2018-2023, new UC report says

(UK) Metropolitan police 'buried' report in 2004 warning of race scandal

Maybe Rmoney would like a jeweled Etch-A-Sketch to go with the car elevator

Help: Vote for Cecile.

Vote for Cecile.

What I did today.

Five Iconic Mountains Threatened By Climate Change


My father died four decades ago in a plane crash under similar circumstances

Employment contract requires return of all wages if fired. (Reddit)

Texas church expecting crowd of 30,000 for Tebow’s Easter sermon

Former Franklin Bank executives charged with fraud

Walker overturns WI 2009 Equal Pay law.

Man proposes to the woman who stabbed him with 12 inch knife

"Women lawmakers endure – and defy – the anti-choice wrath of the Catholic Church"

Treasury freezes pay for CEOs at Ally Financial, GM, AIG is giving away free bumper stickers that read

Water containing strontium leaks from Fukushima plant into sea

Masters advertising: what bullshit

Series of studies show: Low-Effort Thought Promotes Political Conservatism

CNN’s Erick Erickson Makes a Fool Of Himself Attacking Obama over Augusta

I followed a link to Pravda and found: 1. malware/ spyware infection, 2. Tea Party propaganda

China doomsayer sees crash coming

Flashback: David Bowie arrested in 1976 with a half pound of pot

German Renewable Power Cheaper Than Fossils in 2030, Study Shows

White House photo of the day, April 5, 2012 - pic

At This Point Seems to Me The Reason They Are Taking So Much Time to Arrest Zimmerson is because

Occupy Radical Patriotism: Wave the flag of revolution | Mickey Z.

The let down when you see- Thank you for choosing to serve. Unfortunately, that Jury is full.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court upholds striking Cavanagh(R) from ballot!

Good Cop, Bad Cop: Deputy Jekyll and Officer Hyde

Unthinkable | James Howard Kunstler

Anybody watching Hardball right now?

Kudos to DU : Re- Tea bagger Who threatened Obama online (Update)

The Road Of Life

There are an awful lot of duck DUzys flying around today

Water-to-Wire Turbine Produces Power From Pipes

gave to the DNC

National Review Writer Pens Racist Screed: ‘Avoid Concentrations Of Blacks,’ .....

For those who asked to see my 'to-do' list

Particle accelerators' search for nature's hidden dimensions comes up empty

I need some quick advice -

Fukushima, the disaster that keeps on giving.

Product Review: Sophie's Kitchen Vegan Breaded Fish Fillets and Breaded Shrimp

Nasa scientist: climate change is a moral issue on a par with slavery

Republicans: How to make the gender gap worse

Dear Mitt,

How about those Sharks?

So I just bummed a cigarette to a lovely Somali woman

Intuit Is Now The Fourth Company To Drop Voter Suppression Group ALEC

Romney's Tribute to Davy Crockett

The Chinese Try to Harness the Nevada Sun

ALEC loses 4th corporation, Intuit!

Pressure canners.

Capitalism's Dirty Secret: Corporations Don't Create Jobs, They Destroy Them

Prejudice against whites is not the same as prejudice against blacks

Zach Wahls: The Outspoken Generation - New video series from Family Equality Council

British senior ordered to change doctor because of carbon footprint

Drop DOW Chemical as partners for the London 2012 Olympic Games (petition)

Let the games begin.

Gov. Walker quietly signs several controversial bills into law

If fossil fuel use caused our population to rise...

End of the week LOL's - pics

Scott Walker Quietly Repeals Wisconsin Equal Pay Law

Bad photo-shopping used to coverup expensive watch worn by religious leader (reflection remained)

Bumper sticker seen on a car recently...Very accurate

Wait, zimmy's lawyers have not met

O Sacred Head, Now Wounded

Iran threatens to burn in case of Saudi support for the Syrian opposition

Gene Simmons, Kiss Frontman, Says He Did NOT Endorse Mitt Romney

CSM: Virginia Beach Navy jet crash: what is known so far

Poems! Poems everybody!

Am I a total freak b/c I enjoy DU jury duty?

Obama, Democrats Ready ‘Buffett Rule’ Tax Push

You'll Never Guess Who Called Out The GOP On Its War On Women

I have a really negative reaction to people who say they will pray for me.

Maryland man gets 25 years in military bomb plot

I Want to Create a Thread

2012 Hobey Baker Award: UMD's Jack Connolly Named Top College Hockey Player

BOOKS: The Balfour Declaration -- The Origins of the Arab-Israeli Conflict. By Jonathan Schneer


The Cutest White House video EVER! Happy Easter :)

The Corporations are simultaneously holding us all hostage and destroying our lives and democracy...

PILLOW TALK: Ready-Set-Garden! | Deborah Goodwin

Wayne State Walk-Out Challenges Pro-Zionist “Whitewashing” Of Children's Rights Issue

Last years peaceful protests cost Wisconsin $7.3 million less than Walker's flunkies claimed.

Seen on Fifth Avenue

Is that a phone or condom? You decide

Question on Walker recall

I just love the phrase 'Inappropriate relationship'.

Human Privilege: Roll your D20

Baths - Lovely Bloodflow

Obama: ‘Congress Would Get More Done If There Were More Women’

Hungry Hungry Hippos - no for real this time!

#OccupyMayDay: Give Class War a Chance | Mickey Z.

My daughter, the one that almost crashed into my car earlier this week...

Greeks protest after pensioner's suicide

Israel Blames U.S. for Media Reports About Iran Strategy

NRO’s John Derbyshire Warns His Kids to Stay Away From ‘Blacks’

Josh Marshall: We Have a Winner

France to free suspected Islamist militants

What Marwan Barghouti Really Means to Palestinians | Ramzy Baroud

Easter Gojira (Godzilla) Bunnies for all (but espec. for AsahinaKimi):

Weekend Economists' 19th Nervous Breakdown April 6-8, 2012

Bud Light - vs - Bud Right --- Regulate marijuana billboard grabs eyes near Mile High Stadium

Christie Increasingly Seen in Negative Terms

Those arrogant Jews think they can joke about Jewishness...

Masters picks anyone...

How close are you to that degrading, humiliating strip search? Well, if you have a trailer hitch...

"Watch 'Inside Job,' then convince me why Obama should have my vote..."

Bingu wa Mutharika: Malawi confirms president's death

Father John Misty - Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings

High unemployment isn't bad for Obama, because Americans blame it on Republicans

Tuareg rebels in the war against al Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb? (French translation)

The DUzy Awards for April 6th, 2012

When it comes to the so-called "job creators" aren't Republicans basically just lickspittles?

Say the Republicans win...

Ok this is bad


Godless Vagina...

Researchers recreate bee collapse with pesticide-laced corn syrup

Ed's going after racist, gun-crazy ALEC. nt

How much more do women pay for health insurance?

Friday Talking Points (205) -- Obama Attacks! Everybody Run!

It's only game one of a 162 game season... it's only game one of a 162 game season...

The U.S. pays a hefty toll, both socially and economically, for its road construction fetish

US hiring slowed sharply in March; unemployment fell to 8.2 percent.

Why America Needs the Left

Tunisians jailed for posting 'Naked Muhammad' cartoons

Noam Chomsky: The Assault on Public Education

Bravo Wisconsinites -Waukesha County Clerk Nickolaus Steps Aside For The Recall Elections

In Case You Missed The Annihilation Of The 4th Amendment... With The Blessings Of A Democrat...

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Brad Friedman subs for Mike

Anyone want to ask marco rubio a question?

NBC News producer fired over editing of George Zimmerman 911 call

Cop in Fatal Shooting of Ex-Marine Kenneth Chamberlain Was Sued in 2008 Racism Case

FYI "Real Face of Jesus?" on History Channel right now

Papantonio: ALEC Scoundrels Exposed

Chris Dodd: Obama working with Silicon Valley and Hollywood on new SOPA/PIPA

Texas farmers who'd go bust without government largesse express disdain for Obama and govt. largesse

When Redundant Safety Systems Fail: The Peril of Blind Faith

How Dangerous is the Radioactive Wave Headed Toward the US?

First video: F-18 jet crashes into apartments in Virginia next to elementary school

Hornet's nest...Zimmerman.

White House photo of the day, April 6, 2012 (Passover Seder Dinner) - pic

Bankrupt Kodak withdraws benefits cut, proposes bonuses

I will take talk of cutting the military seriously ...

1940 Census Video by the National Archives - very fascinating!

Toon: Our Current Problem... No... Not KO v. Current...

Florida race riots 1979

Evil guvmint strikes again...

Light 'em if ya got 'em

Better late than never: My 2004 DU post hits a GOP nerve in 2012

Romney's Embrace Of The Ryan Budget Makes Him Particularly Dangerous.

And here I was hoping we could have an Astros home opener...

A Dose Of Socialism Could Save Our States - State Sponsored, Single Payer Healthcare Would Bring In

This is why the banks and the Govt. will not help fix the mortgage crisis. They are now set to move

I don't know. This Trayvon thing seems to be CONSUMING America

George Zimmerman Lawyer Switches From 'Shaken Baby Syndrome' To 'Junk Food Defense'

IVAW: Iraq Veterans Against the War to protest NATO in Chicago 5/20th

Can you guess their names?

Evgen Bavcar, the blind photographer.

Statement by President Obama on Easter

Donna Lichtenegger, Missouri Legislator, Posts 'California To Texas' Translation Guide On Facebook

So conservatives think too much attention is being given to Trayvon Martin

What is your favourite aroma? I like Anais Anais perfume but don't have any because so many

Very good synopsis of the candidates running against Governor Asshole

TCM Schedule for Saturday, April 7, 2012 -- The Essentials: Rita Hayworth

PBS News doing nasty hit-piece re: Fed .Unemployment Comp. & the unemployed

(Santa Monica) California College Postpones Plan to Charge Much More for Some Popular Courses

Dr. Housing Bubble 04/06/12

White House Releases Report on Women and the Economy

As a caretaker for a real victim of Shaken Baby Syndrome I am more furious at Zimmerman than ever.

Democrats Ready to Pressure G.O.P. on ‘Buffett Rule’

March 2012 Atmospheric CO2 Content 394.45; March 2011 392.40; March 2010 391.08

A blog for introverts

California nuclear plant shut indefinitely amid hunt to find cause of problems

Science geeks TED talks

Let 'em Talk

Obama on a skate board????

Legalizing targeted killings

A Negative Campaign for May can lead to Negative results in June

How the US uses sexual humiliation as a political tool to control the masses (Naomi Wolf)

Virginia again applauding uniforms, ignoring civilians

Worse than SOPA, CISPA will allow monitoring, censorship, alteration of ANY online communication

We just put in around 50 raspberry plants..should be some good eating around June or so.

Was "Real Time" on tonight?

One small plus in my life -- no longer checking to see if the Current feed is working.

Thomas Kinkade, one of nation's most popular painters, dies in Los Gatos

Obama's "Hostility to Business"

Good Friday: the Tenebrae

Why Do Democrats Hate America?

Toons: A Golden Egg, The Goofball Express, Successful Leaders and More. - 4/6/12

I got the music in me

Armed Neo-Nazis Now Patrolling Sanford, Say They Are

James Carville on Bill Maher

Dylan Ratigan makes me want to throw things at my tv.

Republican rhetoric about "the politics of envy" has Lincoln spinning in his grave. (Photo)

What's the deal with Joe Scarborough?

Eco-Policies of Alberta's Next Government?

2 tied to false confessions now instruct cops on investigating

Freeper meltdown: Reagan picking Bush in '80 'hurt the party for three decades'

Dr Khaldoon from Homs killed today