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Archives: April 3, 2012

US, Mexico leaders trade barbs on drug violence

Biden is a great political asset

What is a Wingnut???

Cheap, safe device helps avoid premature birth

Former First Lady Barbara Bush celebrates opening of new dog park

Congratulations Kentucky

Arlington Thwarts $1.8 Million Cyber Attack

IMI Tavor Bullpup Rifle Coming to the USA

Would you like to see an unlikely talent? Check out this act!

So... As Far As Scalia Is Concerned... Strips Searches Are OK... And Orgies...

Don't Panic...

Occupy Spring in Minneapolis.. 4/7 we Re-Occupy!

Let's call medical exams "strip searches"

Why do they need this much ammo?

Highway to the cuddle zone: Harry the baby pygmy hippo

Ann Romney trust invested in fund that exited sex-site firm

Ezra Klein: Paul Ryan’s budget plan betrays his own views on income inequality

Dallas Man Threatens Lawsuit Over Wildflowers

Dana Milbank: Budget cuts as back-door deregulation

Small Banks Shift Charters to Avoid U.S. as Regulator

Okay, what is UP with the woo-woo ad on television (Current TV) just now...

This would give me a heart attack...

Chinese Applicants Flood U.S. Graduate Schools

Prosecutors want JetBlue captain held without bond

Saxon Mortgage announces 600 pending North Texas job cuts

Question About Employers Snooping on Applicants' Facebook Accounts:

So.. my son says Trayvon was being a normal teenager.

Irish babies should be served on toast. They're delicious!

working on compassion.

iraq, Jessica Lynch, Pat Tillman, & now zimmerman, hannity&FIXEDnewsCORP are CONsistently

Iraqis sending arms, fighters into Syria

Governor addresses state emergency responders

Fox doing its usual bang-up job regarding geography

Dozens Of Texas School District’s Buses Vandalized

Unasur delivers statement supporting Argentina’s Falklands claim to Ban-ki-moon

Woman Pays off Court Fine With Counterfeit Cash

Public Debt REALITY Check:

Another nasty little RW meme making the rounds on FB.

Colombia's Inspector General demands protection for land rights leaders amid assassinations .

Indictment: State worker submitted 27 fake doctor notes

TYT: Liz Trotta on Fox News says Black Anchors on Trayvon Martin a Bad Idea

Millions of dollars go uncollected in Tarrant County bail bond system

Atheist Extremists (pic)

Ok let me poke holes at the latest defense (Zimmerman)

Senior citizens still owe $36 billion in student loans

For Blacks on DU, how do you feel when you hear about what happened to Trayvon Martin?

skinner can you please define off topic for me...thanks.

Toons: The Missing Piece, Deficit Hawks, The One Percent Club and More. - 4/2/12

My stepbrother was in a car crash today...

Tales from the ER...

I'm a multi-millionare with my own jet, not a kid in a hoodie, but apparently still suspicous...

A Queer Blog That I Thought I Would Share....

Church investigates after parishioners notice gay porn during communion rites

Was Rick Perry high as a kite when he got all flaky in those debates, etc?

I vow to not make an issue out of Romney's religion during this election season...

Congrats to the champion

Just home from the crazy place, Too busy to watch much but that's my karma.

US puts $10m bounty on Laskhar-e-Taiba's Hafiz Saeed

White House and the F.D.A. Often at Odds

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Monday, April 2)

Argentinian president attacks UK refusal to negotiate on Falklands

INLAND: Trayvon Martin shooting case resonates here

Convict-Lease System

When is Tax Freedom Day?

I remember on one of my first days as a page at the Ohio State House...

Shot fired in grocery store dispute about too many items

New SCOTUS ruling

New Evidence of Advanced Preparations for DPRK Rocket Launch: 38 North Exclusive

The TSA: Perception and Reality

Recovery threatened by runaway student loan debt

Santorum Claims' California Universities Don’t Teach American History'

Sure turned out some good music.

The 5 Worst States For Women

5 wounded in shooting at Hattiesburg restaurant

Foreclosed Mega Church purchased by local school district

Florida GOP fundraisers locked in business dispute

Michigan's war on Democracy meets resistance- Rachel

this is so overdue

How High CEO Pay Hurts the 99 Percent

I think SYG and the rest of the Extreme NRA Agenda is part of a Domestic Strategy of Tension

Wall St Analyst claims "American Worker's Wages Too High"

you go girl!

French Socialist's big idea: tax the rich

I ws watching DR Drew rebroadcast and he brought up something that made perfect sense.

Your choice this morning: Illiterate Palin or Intelligent Couric. Maybe neither. What say you? nt

Leonard Pitts Jr.: N.Y. schools try to protect kids from dinosaurs

US obesity 'higher than thought'

Venus Invades the Pleiades- View This week only for a rare occurrence

D.U. Psychologists...PLEASE HELP!

Obama: Ryan Budget Is ‘Thinly Veiled Social Darwinism’

Walker gets support of Milwaukee police and firefighter unions

County investigating Milwaukee police strip searches 7 officers, supervisor are targets of John Doe

Fiscal Therapy

For women in work this is a perfect storm of inequality

*WHY* is everyone saying that the Affordable Care Act is being Squelched by

Update: North Sea Gas Leak

Gunfire wounds man during celebration of Ky. win

Please go and vote up your favorite

So, My Cat Took Down a Six-Foot Maintenance Man

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday April 3rd

Neo-Confederates Freak Out About Ru Paul Museum Display

One of my problems with the Trayvon case.

Ryan still thinks military leaders lied to Congress;

Corbett Requests Private-Sector Proposals to Run Pennsylvania Lottery

In order to make me watch Palin on the Today Show,

I Remember !

Gale: (1/2 of) Precinct closing 'troubling'

I'd like to CONGRATULATE Sarah Palin for her TODAY SHOW gig...

Queen Elizabeth II asks James Bond to open the Summer Olympics

Intrade has Walker at 50.6 % chance of reelection and individual mandate 60.7% unconstitutional

Chris Hedges: "No Outcry Within Media" on NDAA

Actions against U.S. Protesters are Barbaric, Fidel Castro Says

Big Ed talks Badger State from PP bombing in Grand Chute to interview with Tom Barrett

Venezuela to Hold Mock Presidential Elections in August

'Polluters pay' is best

Chris Hedges: A Call to Action to Create a New Political Movement

I need some examples of anti-union rhetoric from FOX News

House Dems Ream Bloomberg Over NYPD's Muslim Spy Scheme

The Costs of Capitalism's Crisis: Who Will Pay?

(NYT) At Advocates’ Offices, Confronting an Anti-Liberal Scheme

Chris Hedges: How Corporations Destroyed American Democracy

Congratulations to WolverineDG - Winner of this year's DU Men's NCAA Basketball Bracket challenge!!!

US draws up plans for nuclear (powered) drones

AARP, MidAmerican spar over nuclear legislation

Cuban exiles unhappy in Spain

Punditry and the Art of Failing Upward

Missouri legislator(R): I know about women's health issues because 'my father is a veterinarian

Supreme Court Ruling Allows Strip-Searches for Any Arrest (even minor traffic violation)

Stiglitz: The Invisible Hand is Invisible Because It Isn’t There

I am Sick of all the Zimmerman Defenders

Time to cut the Pentagon budget

Andrew Breitbart meets Jesus Christ

Customs Corruption Still Exists and managers, Supervisors, special agents get "special" Treatment

Congressional Investigation Warranted in U.S. Custoims

U.S> Customs Whistle-blower John Carman Exposes More.....

National Security Issues:

RESOLVED thank you

Amnesty International accuses Arizona of abuse in prisons

OWS Marks Six Month Anniversary of Brooklyn Bridge Arrests

Public opinion of Supreme Court lower after health hearings

My review of the 'Today' show after watching Palin for about 30 seconds

Thick as a Brick 2!!

Question relating to the Clutter family murders.

Colleges Withhold Transcripts From Grads in Loan Default

Oakland shooting suspect had string of debts

Weed Witch Hunt

Fire, ellisonz & pinboy marched together in L.A. Sunday for Trayvon Martin (PHOTOS)

Is the FL prosecutor preparing a case against Zimmerman for the grand jury?

How should we word alerts about links to anti-semitic sites?

Amnesty International accuses Arizona of abuse in prisons

BSkyB Chairman James Murdoch to quit: Under pressure from phone-hacking scandal

MaineTrout Camp

Not near as many posts about the NCAA's, did someone lose? GO BIG BLUE

Why do bankers get to decide who pays for the mess Europe is in?

Peak oil review - April 2

Peak oil review - April 2

CNN just made a zimmerman defender dance....

What would you do if your first interview question was...

Federal Mandates have been around over 200 years.

Oh Canada! Imposing Austerity on the World’s Most Resource-Rich Country

Mr Fish Toon- Wake Up

Bye Bye James Murdoch

Perils and Price Rise in Hunt for Natural Gas

8 Minutes To Treat Zimmerman: "He wasn't injured that bad."

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Mitt and Newt

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- More Repub toons

Our Collective Good ("good," inspiring news site)

I don't know what it is, but I'm hating Romney more and more

German Military Fears for Afghanistan's Future

If Sarah Palin is being paid to "co-host" then NBC has essentially paid for an interview

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3-The Rest

(Glass Eel/Elver) Eel market sizzles as prices hit $2000/pound in Maine

Axelrod On Romney: "I think he watches Mad Men and thinks it's the evening news."

Let's be magnanimous. Mitt needs our help. Let's all pitch in.

The wailing on the 911 call looks bad for Zimmerman

Federal officials make severe cuts in Gulf of Maine cod catch

west virginia retirees occupy and win

Someone at has a sense of humor?

It's the women's turn tonight (NCAA basketball championship)

A Message from a Republican Meteorologist: Acknowledging Climate Science Doesn’t Make You A Liberal

Amazing Nebula Photo Looks Like a Giant Human Head

'O.J. Is Innocent And I Can Prove It': In New Book, P.I. William Dear Claims O.J. Simpson's Son Was

Gallup - Am I being paranoid?

Be happy, not just rich, says UN chief Ban Ki-moon

TDPS: Ron Paul Spending MORE THAN ANYONE Per Vote

Firefox wants me to disable my Java Platform SE 6U24

LOL: Tony Perkins of the family research council is very upset

CHART: The U.S. Has Made No Progress On College Graduation Rates In 30 Years

Why do we do these things? A reminder...

There's a debate about whether Zimmerman should have been carrying

"Friends recall Micah True: passionate and playful"

'O.J. Is Innocent And I Can Prove It' - New Book

Emmett Till all over again

To the car with the DNT HTE license plates (TX) that was in front of me this morning...

Pres. Obama: Republican Budget is 'Trojan Horse' and 'Thinly Veiled Social Darwinism'

Looks like it's that time for my Rusty dog.

Michael Klare's "The Race for What's Left"

Obama: Paul Ryan's Budget is 'Nothing But Thinly Veiled Social Darwinism'

Astronaut Jose Hernandez For Congress - CA

The Phases of War: Public Rejects Afghanistan War, Iraq's Almost Ending -- and Who Doesn't Want War

When will the n-word lose its power? How will we know when that time comes?

"We'd have no one to cut from the budget" - Signe Wilkinson

Romney: Obama Hopes To Establish ‘Secularism’ As An Official Religion

Just seen on FB - You don't have to attend every

Piano inspires 17-year-old to invent land-mine detector

Report: Rick Perry used painkillers to help him get through debates

Whether and to what extent Zimmerman was injured is irrelevant.

The OccupyUSA Blog for Tuesday, Day #186: Setting a New 'Record'

The craziest claim by a creationist - EVER. What happened to the dinosaurs

Hope the Supremes strike down ObamaCare? Get ready for PanemCare

ACLU: Is your local law enforcement tracking your cell phone's location w/o a warrant?

One Guess Who Wants To Give Your Boss Your Facebook Password

Microsoft: H-1B visa employees crucial to US economy

Palin: Me Me Me !!! and also ME!

Peter Beinart, I Quit.

Started watching Baseball: the 10th Inning last night...had never seen this...

What Do Jack Black, Moby, And Marisa Tomei Have In Common?

Mitt Romney tries to self-deport everything he's ever said about immigration reform

paramedics tend to a cat!

Shocking! Barack Obama Reveals The American Values That He REALLY Believes In

Repealing ‘Obamacare’ Would Explode Debt, Says Government Auditor

Adam Curtis: Conspiracist of Long-Lost Facts

Pic Of The Moment: Tony Perkins Is Not Amused

Samsung to spank $7bn on China chip fab

Department of Labor: 34 Boston Restaurants Owe $1.3 Million in Back Wages

Mr. Romney, The Joke's On You

Study Hints at the Limits of Medical Genomics

Why 18 Ladies In Dresses Made Our Jaws Drop

U.S. judge grants class action status to Tata wage suit

My kitty died this morning

Why am I still reading Yahoo news?!? (Well, there is some comic value...)

Elon poll: 6 of 10 oppose amendment to ban same-sex marriages, civil unions

Syrian News

How long before an NRA gun show near Oikos University?

Sen. Olympia Snowe calls contraception debate ‘retro’

Score tied at 2, Double over-time...and my niece took a header into the boards.

Howcum the Santorum campaign people look like they're from 'Deliverance'?

Papantonio: Racism Rampant in Federal Judiciary

Idea for attack ads against Romney

PHOTO: Nothing like a little "WTF" to start the day.

Van Jones: We must challenge directly the flaws and limitations of cheap patriotism.

Explore the White House With a Click of Your Mouse

"Strip search" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "strip search".

Microsoft, Apple Unite to Demand That the National Organization for Marriage Boycott Them

I have heard the meme "I never heard of 'White Hispanic' before Trayvon Martin" and variations ...

Mitt Romney tries to self-deport everything he's ever said about immigration reform

I miss Ms. Pacman


Sigh - on the DMN Opinion blog" Obama must be governing under someone else's Constitution "

45 Signs That The Middle Class is Being Systematically Wiped Out…

Another fracking-related quake in Oklahoma?

Cake Mold Recipes

Why Living In The American Empire Isn't All That It's Cracked Up To Be

George W. Bush: Barack Obama’s Best Friend in the 2012 Election - by Michael Tomasky

Limbaugh: Olbermann replaced by "Client No. 9," says "I'm Still on the Air With a Higher Audience"

What unique games do you play with your pet(s) that they really enjoy?

The new Rethugican lie: women don't care about contraception. They only

CAPTION this photo, Tweeted today by Liz Cheney. Her caption was "Home." YOU can do BETTER.

Zimmerman defender rants about ‘young black males’: “If you plant corn, you get corn."

And you thought law enforcement was bad in your town?!

Why are all these lonely pop-up ad women looking for love?

TYT: Planned Parenthood Bombing

Pollster Scott Rasmussen receiving thousands of dollars from Republican Party

Sinking the Belgrano: the Pinochet connection

Romney Aide: "Warmed Over Oatmeal"

Romney To Travel Back In Time To Kill Liberal Versions Of Himself

Florida State Senator (D) starts his own task force on SYG Law

Have you ever yelled in your sleep?

Suppose you have one part-time job . . .

Rachel live on Now with Alex Wagner being brilliant, as usual. nt

Texas atheist students swap Bibles for porn


Gang Of Pachyderms

TM65 Liquid Propellant Rocket Engine -- Copenhagen Suborbitals

Transcending False Perceptions

VIDEO: Trailer for the Colin Farrell / Kate Beckinsale "Total Recall" remake

Task force launched to review Stand Your Ground law after Trayvon Martin shooting

I think Trayvon's family should sue the home owners association

Lin-sanity Redux: His injury has sparked a corporate feud.

Can you find Aunt Bertha LOLcats?

If the health insurance industry mandate is a great "reform" so is cutting Social Security benefits!

Here is one thing which bewilders me ... 11 year old considered an adult ... women, apparently never

Oregon to become second State to ban discrimination against the unemployed in job ads

Rev Spitz on Planned Parenthood Bombing: "I wish that abortion mill had burned to the ground"

Juleanna Glover announces gleefully--- "We've been driving up his negatives for 3&1/2 years now"

Corn on "Hardball": Obama's Rise In Swing State Polls

Oh, THIS is very telling...Title Companies Limit Ability to Use Deed-in-Lieu as a Remedy

Raw Sewage Still Flowing Into Local Waterways Despite Legal Agreement

Fukushima publisher mailed radioactive soil to send message

Unobstructed Zimmerman after-shooting video (MSNBC) shows he had no wound on the back of his head.

If Buying Broccoli Were Like Buying Health Insurance

Osaka panel drafts anti-nuclear demand for Kansai Electric

Donald Rumsfeld Fundraising For Candidate Accused Of War Crimes

My 18 year old daughter

Miami Marlins Construction Crew Completely Unaware They've Been Building Baseball Stadium

US DOJ will monitor today's elections in Wisconsin

If an employer asks for your Facebook login info

Rethugs despise our mamby pamby definition of sexual harrassment for it's being subject to

President Obama Live on MSNBC speaking at AP Annual Luncheon. nt

Ed Schultz & Mike Papantonio- Flashback to June: "More dead thugs"

Even hard core conservatives think Fox is going too far...

Republicans love the mandate, it was their idea.

Cousins? Welcome to the wild world of genetics

Five Out Of Nine SCOTUS Judges Can Not Read

Fukushima radiation levels rebound as snow melts

Firefox Actively Disabling Old Java Plugins

Netanyahu: We Will Strike Those Who Threaten To Attack Israel

What biologist has ever claimed that an oocyte was not alive?

Scott Walker's statement on domestic terrorist attack in Wisconsin:

Snowe re: GOP's War Against Women - "it's a retro debate. It took place in the 1950s."

"The Republicans running Congress have doubled down and proposed a budget so far to the right...

50 Women who Changed the World

IDF Officials: Missile Attack On Israel Would Produce Less Than 300 Casualties

8 True Stories: How Real Families Handle Trans Children

Japan nuke industry donated millions to safety regulator

Israeli Politicians Are Playing Number Games With A War Against Iran

Koch Brothers Exposed: the Film (trailer)

Catholic Church Evicts Homeless

I am watching this with a huge lump in my throat. Boomers will know why.

Google Search Ads Ruled 'Misleading And Deceptive' By Australian Court

PA. Senate approves Constitutional Amendment to Prevent People from Having to Buy Health Insurance

Here's where Santorum got his bullshit about the Univ. of California

Conservative media going with "Enhanced Still" without new video

Lenny Bruce's thought for today:

President Obama Calls GOP Budget Plan “Trojan Horse”

American Men Dominate Jobs Recovery Taking 88% of Spots: Economy

Direct to your easter table comes this delicious ham from the Santorum family!

President taking questions briefly LIVE on C-Span (LINK TO STREAM)

Nuclear Power and Democracy Don't Mix

The gloves are off. I couldn't be more proud of our President than I am right now.

Kirk Cameron talks about Nazis

Time For This 'Johnson20' Fella To Go, Friends

Oakland charter school accused of fraud may close

"Aww, President Obama got Mitt Romney a present" (updated)

Democracy for America Launches New Campaign to Attack Citizens United

Koran-burning pastor throws his support to George Zimmerman

This week's Space Prn

The Actual Gay Agenda vs. What Conservatives Think It Is

Adorable Rockies Attempting To Win World Series

Here's a greater threat than outsourcing

Brian Sims running for State Representative in Pennsylvania, primary on April 24

Who speaks for religion?

The Tinman: Corbett's War on Poor Kids Shows He Needs a Heart (Daily News Cover Story)

My friend died despite having the best broccoli available

Obama: SCOTUS Hasn't Struck Down Law Passed By Congress As Economic Issue Since New Deal

Michelle Malkin vs Ann Coulter...FIGHT! FIGHT!

Romney: Obama Hopes To Establish ‘Secularism’ As An Official Religion

Your daily allotment of cats with random facts...

Land Reform in South Africa

News Corp shareholders renew call for Rupert Murdoch to step down

Is anyone here on Washington Health Program?

DU doesn't like Chris Rock...

Shout from the Suburbs - about racism in France

Nike unveils new NFL uniforms

Anyone seen the trailer for The Newsroom?

Got a question? Ask the Taliban

The loud sound you have heard coming from the Southeast

GOP effort to ax earmarks hits $150,000 for veterans’ museum

DU Album of the Day: Madonna - "Like a Prayer"

Tornado emergency for Dallas and Hutchins. Take cover now.

How The GOP And The Koch Brothers Are Stealing Our Right To Vote

Jeff Greenfield says the image of an incompetant Government is the DEMOCRATS problem to overcome..

Texas Duers, please be safe as there are reports of Tornadoes on the ground

Oregon Cannabis Tax Act

Allegiant Air to Start Charging for Carry-Ons Wednesday

Bountiful B.C. Religious Commune Targeted In Polygamy Investigation By Canadian Authorities

Spread the word: the budget passed in the House eliminates nursing home funding through Medicaid.

The Only Way Mitt Romney Could Be More Dangerous To America Is With A Plan And A Time Machine

Dr. Leila Denmark, one of the world's oldest, dies at 114

Obama eviscerates over Romney's support of Ryan budget mocks calling it 'marvelous'.

pronunciation of WTF, OMG

The GOP Is The Terrorists Best Ally

Cats & Dogs - why can't we all just be friends?

George Takei on women favoring Obama over Romney

At least two tornadoes appear to have touched down in areas around Dallas

DALLAS/FT. WORTH DUers: Be safe! Tornadoes in the city

F-35 program slammed by auditor general

10 of these and 6 of those and

Croatian Woman Creates Popular Made-to-Measure Penis Warmers

More Change that Didn't Happen: The politicizing of the FDA

Solar Trust of America files bankruptcy

Mega Millions mess: Maryland woman in office pool draws suspicion

F-35 program slammed by auditor general

CNN & MSNBC showing live tornado damage and tornadoes.

NEVER say that your vote "doesn't make a difference"...

Q-Poll: Santorum holds small edge in Pennsylvania

doesn't seem to be a place to discuss safe gun use here

Wonder what excuse Pat Robertson will make for Rick Perry's Christian Texas tornadoes?

DFW airport in path of tornado. nt

Multiple tornadoes on the ground in Dallas, Tarrant counties

Bear Saves Robert Biggs From Mountain Lion Attack In California

Link to live coverage of the tornados

Wedding Etiquette question

Fly the bearded skies....

Thom Hartmann: U.S. Corps are no longer businesses...they're extraction machines

Ex-governor dies after shooting in Venezuela

Thom Hartmann: Is Conservatism America's Default Ideology?

This thread could use a little help.

Republican candidates refuse to take aim at US gun laws

Our War Against the Pashtuns

ACTUAL current CNN headline: "Free nose-jobs offered to single Jews"

Boehner and Ryan are sad the President told the truth about Republicans

If you're quick you might get to see one.

Wake the fuck up! WH:Individual mandate conceived of by the Heritage Foundation (VIDEO)

The Wisest Quotes on Wisdom

OK, I'll bite. *WHY* would it be unprecedented for SCOTUS to overturn Affordable Health Care?

This book has been banned in many schools - about controlling women's reproduction (and all else)

End Oil Subsidies

Here's why Axelrod should NOT use MAD MEN jokes about George Romney against Mitt

It's the Conservatism, Stupid

Can't discuss gun safety in the gun forum? Apparently not.

Do you repeat words, particularly adjectives, thinking that by repeating you'll make

A rousing rejection of Republican radicalism

'Sup Dog!?!

ICC won't investigate Gaza war because Palestine is 'not a state'

Elections have consequences, people.

Dallas weather map:

They see me rollin'...

Pent-up demand drives US car sales

Chris Hedges challenges NDAA in court

In his interview of Nancy Pelosi, Charlie Rose parrots GOP Propaganda ... AGAIN!

I cannot believe I still have to protest this shit.

Delegate Model Suggests Romney Will Come Up Short

10 Surefire Ways To Get Fired

Holy mackeral! Pollster Finds Obama is Overwhelming Favorite

Pictures of tornado damage around Dallas:

Anti-Americanism in Pakistan snarls US war efforts

The Worst Album Covers Of All Time (a bit NSFW)

Yemen: U.S. escalation of drone war may draw U.S. into civil war

EXCLUSIVE: Martin Family Attorney Raises Questions About The Role Of George Zimmerman’s Father

Florida: Alan Grayson Pulls in Big Bucks

18 universities that get no revenue from broadcasting sports on Limbaugh stations.

US assassination drone crashes in central Somalia

Display of American arrogance

Want To See People Strip For Free? Join The Police!

Suspect identified in Planned Parenthood bomb incident in Grand Chute

Obama's speech and Q & A today at AP luncheon (NOT to be missed)

"Women Don’t Care About Contraception"

Fox News Anchor: "Thoughts? Did Obama Campaign Threaten Chelsea Clinton's Life 2 Keep Parents Silent

My son is divorced only three months and he's already engaged and I'm worried.

US Drone Warfare is Counterproductive

Drones target people with ‘no plans to attack’ America

While justice dragged its feet: Trayvon Martin police report reveals Zimmerman was ‘bleeding from

Donna Britt: Echoes of a Brother's Shooting

The national debt will SKY ROCKET if healthcare is over turned

WisDems File Complaint with GAB Over "Subs-for-Votes" Election Bribery by Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan

Mandate facts

Iraqi defector ‘Curveball’ details lies that led to war

Easter Dinner menus (or plans)

anyone with interests in North Mississippi, heads up, bad storm moving in.

A Heartfelt Reminder From Elizabeth Warren That This Election Really Matters

Study: women who ate broccoli more likely to survive breast cancer

After all the money I pay Sallie Mae each month

Obama Says There Are Two Ways Fix Health Care: Individual Mandate Or ‘Single Payer System’

Big rig pulls tow truck over cliff (nobody dies). Video

What to do tonight: Join the Skeptics!

Baby Tripp to soon get a brother or sister.

Nikki Haley: ‘Women Don’t Care About Contraception’

GOP = The Pink Slime Party. Here, eat this, it's good for the "JOB CREATORS!"

Guidance and Discussion and Information about this YouTube

The White House Press Secretary should use the term Earned Benefits.

Another school shooting, this time in Brazil.

Egyptian Singer Saad El-Soghayar to Run for President

Current event: RAW video - Dallas Tornado Throwing Semi Trucks in the Air

BATFE Violates The Law Again

Trayvon Martin's Girlfriend Interviewed By Prosecutors

Holeeee S***! video of tornado tossing 18-wheelers!

Try and tell the young people of today that ..... they won't believe you.

The dumbest player in NFL history?

A caution for my benighted friends and family members:

A kindergarten parent's observations after the first year of school life.

50 year old on life support after being beaten with hammer.

Appeals court fires back at Obama's comments on health care case

Thom Hartmann: The Idea of Protect & Serve has been Lost

Is it a violation of a Jury Member's sacred duty to post in a thread they have just rendered a

Thom Hartmann: Time to Acknowledge the American Fear Machine

Something for Roberts Raiders to think about before blowing up that bridge..

Check in to view the Taterguy/Ikonoklast lovefest!!!!

Assessment of a group of young mothers this afternoon

Is Mike Pence (R-IN) are liar? I say yes...

Rush Limbaugh calls Obama a 'thug'

Norm Wolfinger is 'outraged' at letter from Travon family lawyer

Zimmerman's Family Was At Police Dept Night Of Shooting---Trayvon's Family In The DARK For Days!

randomness in the backwoods of NC

Sandra Fluke Speaks On Rush Limbaugh, Women's Issues And Her Next Steps

Alleged male sexual assault at Prince Harry’s airbase (exact title)

Rapist offers victim advice at his sentencing “Learn to let go, don’t hold on to any pain”

Want to kill someone with impunity in Florida?

US student loses court bid over prom policy

Department of Justice Cuts Off Negotiations With Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Irish sports star Dónal Óg Cusack reveals he’s gay

'Home Alone' Actor Dies in Santa Monica

Fugg Sarah Palin

Putting single payer in the mix

Kasich signs HB 275 - Ohio's consumer law now among nation's worst

A Warning To Virgins: Arizona Legislators Trying To Declare Pregnancy Two Weeks Prior To Conception

DFW airport will be closed for the rest of the night

OH Student Sues School For Not Allowing Him To Wear Pro-Gay Tee Shirt

Someone You Love: Coming to a Gulag Near You

Lesbian Chef Wins $1.6 Million From Boss Who Forced Her To Pray Away The Gay

Prop. 8 campaign architect leaves PR firm, says corporate clients were a problem

Meet the smartest person on Fox

FOX Asks: Did Obama Threaten to Kill Chelsea Clinton?

Now this is a photo of someone who needs help...

April 26 1991 Andover Tornado footage F-5 rating (the highest then)

NRA Gun Safety Rules

A question regarding today's election

Tinderbox: How the West Sparked the AIDS Epidemic and How the World Can Finally Overcome It

Ann Romney says if you unzip her husband and let him out you'd find he's not stiff!!

Did Neptune come back to play today?

"Im not a fan of his (Obama)." says a friend

(Indiana Democratic) Party officials charged in election fraud

Kepler Mission Extended to 2016!

Someone really went off the deep end

"TV's Frank: Conniff: "Saw Sarah Palin with Matt Lauer on Today Show....

What is leadership?

States used to pick up MOST of the costs for colleges, before reagan ESCALATED the prison population

Presto! Zingo! Caption me!!

Field organizers for OFA needed

Sorry Zimmerman defenders: legal experts say mark on Zimmerman's head isn't proof of anything

Government's action a act of intimidation

State Dems File Complaint Over 'Subs For Votes'

I just want everyone to know DU is marvelous. And all of you? Marvelous.

This Amazing Young Lady Stuns UN Delegates With A Powerful Speech

'Dumb and Dumber 2': Director says sequel filming this year, with Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels

I Wonder If They Are Ok With Gubmint Help

Damn, I lost my job.

Anyone else think these Wellmark Blue Zones smell?

Tonight's results could be final fatal blow for Santorum.

The correct way to address Romney is "FORMER-Massachusetts governor"

Holy facting shte - did I just hear that woman say

Question: Can a woman in Florida legally shoot a doctor holding a transvaginal ultrasound device?

"No, he is not following you. He lives here too."

Now I'm pissed

Blue Valley School District to buy foreclosed megachurch property

Rapper's Delight

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Photos from Texas.

Data Mining You: How the Intelligence Community Is Creating a New American World

Obama: Ronald Reagan Couldn't Have Won GOP Primary Today

Weird shit you find on Google Earth

Canadians rally against wind power

"Rock Star" coming up in one hour on VH-1 Classic

The Late, Great Keith Olbermann


Obama To Clinch Nomination Tuesday

Tornadoes in Texas Cause Damage & Tornado Emergency Declared by NWS [Video]

Kids these days...

I didn't write the headline: NY Post: "The Whale At The Wall-Christie Weighs In At Israel Holy Site"

Hmmm. Maybe part of the reason we're such a culture of simpletons...

Infectious Selflessness: How an Ant Colony Becomes a Social Immune System

Debate In Iowa House Halts After Powder Found

New old stock motherboard.. Worth using?

“Jesus Was Not A Homophobe” Tee Shirt Offends Ohio High School

An actual weather change expert on my tv

Dallas/ Fort Worth Du'ers Check in?

An arrest must be coming soon

After Record Sales, Chevy Volt Production Will Resume One Week Early

John Nichols on Scott Walker and Mitt-the Second Choice-Romney...

I've discovered the problem with online dating.

Finally, "March Madness" I can get interested in!!

Warmest March on Record across Half the U.S.

Dallas area DUers - hope everyone is ok

Jesus died today

Michael Isikoff Says Zimmerman Calls Show No Profiling - WTH?

California snowpack at 55% of normal, survey shows

March auto sales: Chrysler up 34%, GM 12% and Ford 5% - Good news for U.S. - GOP gnashing teeth

Bill Would Require CEOs Get Drug Tested If Company Gets Loans, Grants Or Tax Credits From State

What to do tonight: Join the Skeptics!

Occupy the IRS April 15! Please help spread the word.

Edward James Olmos is a great man and a great activist

Legal Question? If Zimmerman is charged with Murder and Bill Lee is charged with Accessory....

How to interpret your cat's emotions:

Dan Rather Reports: Finnish (Schools) First - tonight on HDNet @8 and 11pm EDT

Daddy's li'l fucking helpers:


Never, EVER take driving safety for granted.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen!!! This USED to be MiddleFingerMom's gleeful mantra.

MFM KNOWS he'd be surrounded by gorgeous women if he only had a big one... say, at least a foot.

Taylor Swift was ‘terrified’ to meet First Lady Michelle Obama

Trayvon Martin Edited 911 Call: NBC News Regrets Mistake

Keep San Onofre Nuclear Reactors Shut Down

NBC News regrets editing of Trayvon shooting call

Women Flee The GOP - AmericanProspect

Hal Uhrig - Zimmerman's New Defense Counsel - "I Don't Need to Look Him in the Eye"

Excellent video Chris Hedges debating the occupy movement

I apologize for my Stupidity

Dick Cheney released from hospital

Dick "The Shrimper" Morris: Obama rekindling ‘the sense of black victimization’

Okay, not so explosive after all.

Separated at birth?

Zimmerman's Dad Told You What Happened

Four Reasons I Came Back to Church

The historical crucifixion took place on this date


How a Grassroots Rebellion Won The Nation's Biggest Climate Victory - MotherJones

Best shampoo/conditioner for getting yellow out of silver hair?

The World's No. 1 Threat to Internet Freedom: It's America (Foreign Policy Magazine)

Weather change...more and more evidence

Dinosaur Conversation (toon)

Looks like Al Gore is doing a little preemptive strike

French Islamist suspects 'meant to kidnap Jewish judge'

Koch-Funded ALEC Behind State Attempts To ‘Reclaim’ Your Public Lands

Post your FB password in this thread

West Texas crude in 2011 averaged 14% LESS than North Sea Brent. Thank Ethanol.

To sum up the GOP health care plan for the country….Just Die.

Zimmerman Defender (Frank Taaffe) Rants About ‘Young Black Males’ - RawStory

OUCH- not meant to be funny - Painter pinned after minivan crashes into Krispy Kreme

Has anyone seen this latest more detailed account of what Zimmerman told police?

Alternative transportation

Obama should drop the 2008 phrase "a little bit more"

Cool! Ed is interviewing Steve Schmidt, and Schmidt

Man shot in Kentucky revelry has foot amputated

Some Red States Are Already Running Out Of Water

God Help Us... 'Rahm Paving Path For 2016 Prez Bid' - ChicagoSunTimes... I'm Supporting Hillary...

Stopped by Redstate for sec. I have a top ten of what I'd believe, if I were a Goddamned Republican

The Narrative on Global Warming will Change Faster than "We've Always Been at War with East Asia"

bath time MAMA!

March Heat Records Crush Cold Records by Over 35 To 1, Scientists Say Global Warming Loaded The Dice

A Multi-Media Presentation by Julian Bond:

BREAKING: Obama clinches Democratic nomination

A Multi-Media Presentation by Julian Bond:

A Multi-Media Presentation by Julian Bond:

From the "She can't be serious" category...

In case you didn't notice. President Obama just clinched the Democratic Party nomination

Watched the movie "Carnage" last night. I really liked it. Two couples argueing. It was a play

Great, just what we need, Pat Buchanan weighing in on the Florida shooting

Obama for America 2012 airs "Big Oil" TV ad

We Can Survive Killer Asteroids — But It Won’t Be Easy

We saw The Lorax today.

“Split at the Root”: Adrienne Rich and (Religious) Identity

Crypt Angels

President Obama just secured enough delegates to clinch the Democratic nomination

Mitt "Subs for Votes" Romney - Dems File Complaint in Wisconsin

Official Obama for America 2012 TV Ad.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Curveball

Colin Goddard Speaks for 32

Rahm Emanuel Has a Problem With Democracy - RollingStone

Walker supporter carrying gun causes stir in Jackson County

"I've been called the n word more, over the last 72 hours, than I have my whole life."

Does Santorum still think he's got a snowball's chance in hell?

Democracy Insurgency Curriculum

That second Barcelona penalty today...

Goldman Sachs' Investment Supports Sex Trafficking

Mr Catholic, aka Rick Santorum - "Obama's an anti-war government nigk...

Um, pretty wimpy crowd there, Rick...

What is your pet's go to place when you are on the computer? Twilight sits on the back of the couch,

Anyone keeping a running list of all the out of touch comment Romney has made?

Why is Santorum not dropping out?

today in women's herstory

'Confrontation with Iran may be delayed to 2013'

Did Santarium say "a clear difference in color"

Obama clinches Democratic nomination!


quotes of the day

Did I hear Santorum say... "there should be a clear difference in color"...

Is It The Uranium Or The Water In Arizona - Pregnant Before Sex Ban??!

Romney up 2 more.....

Tell me why I should respect people's "deeply held" religious beliefs?

a biography for the day--jackie mitchell

Woman who became world’s oldest doctor dies

Romney wins Wisconson according to CNN.

Wow !!! - 'Trayvon Martin: Before The World Heard The Cries' - Reuters

Hey! Sarah Palin has turned up on FOX, live in NYC!

*thanks* to MFM for the epic postings that drive my posting mistakes off the p.1 n/t

Awaiting Romney's speech...and if I didn't know better, I'd swear he's got a TELEPROMPTER

a biography for the day--bette nesmith graham

Japan Storm 2012: Strongest Squall Since 1959 Causes Travel Chaos, Kills 2

It's official. It will be the POTUS against Romneybot 2.0

Should Augusta National Golf Club allow women to be members? CNN quickpoll running right now.

We need a chart to track the PPR'd

Damn, are we going to have to listen to Ryan as mitten's warm-up act until NOVEMBER???

From The NY Post (I don't believe this is a headline from The Post)

Jeez, Paul Ryan is a twit.

Olbermann Says 'Screwed Up' With Move to Current.

Woman who became world's oldest doctor dies.

Anyone know what the story is with Gingrich's "Victory Speech"?

When Did You Choose To Be Straight?

Mitt cares about people who have lost their jobs now?

CNN's Don Lemon: Don't Call Me 'Racist' For Covering Trayvon Martin

Obamacare violates Mitt's idea on small government and he will get rid of it.

State Kicking Huge Number Of Kids Off Medicaid

Inspiring Good Friday message from Fr. John Dear

Lawyer Opposing Health Care Law Cite Kids-With-Pre-Existing-Conditions-Can-Go-Fxxk-Themselves Clause

nearly half of preschoolers aren't taken outside to play daily, girls most likely to be kept inside

Break Up the Big Banks? Why It Could Actually Happen - CNBC

Skinner can we get a really big Etch-A-Sketch smiley? Something we can put after any Romeny quote?

Unpure Speculation

Oh, dear gawd. I've finally figured out what Santorum

Is Romney saying he's going to campaign for Scott Walker?

Who is Lucy "coHu" and why is an artist/actor more brilliant and memorable than the real person?!1

Legal Drug-Pushing: How Disease Mongers Keep Us All Doped Up

SYG laws in a vacuum are not the only problem.

They really don't want Romney. After carpet bombing WI, he is leading by 5%.

This post was left alone 2-4. Wow.

Donna Edwards Wins!

GOP Budget: Nearly A MILLION Nursing Home Residents - Out On The Street

Catholic university in Ohio ends birth-control coverage

I don't pay movement

What is your favourite reality show. I like 'Dragon's Den' on CBC. I haven't seen it much this year.

What do I do? Should this threat against the President be reported?

Bank of NY Mellon must face lawsuit on Countrywide

Anybody searching the newly-released 1940 census data?

Santorum: Mitt Not White Enough!

Catholic university in Ohio ends birth-control coverage

Standard Oil Co.

Is vigilantism a good idea?

Can anyone transcribe the 1940 census schedule headers? They are too fuzzy for me to read...

Mammoths killed by lions taken by people, find suggests (BBC)

How does the "Stand your Ground" law handle this:

Once Upon a Time, Liberals Hated the Individual Health Insurance Mandate

Omnistic Solutions to Solve Current World Political and Economic Issues.

The Most Unreasonable Assumption We've Ever Heard One Woman Make About Other Women

Top JPMorgan banker quits after market abuse fine

This just showed up on my facebook page:

When you get excited, the clothes turn transparent

Note To Juror #6: This One Is A Trolling Gun Creep

IEEE says L-1 visa not intended for outsourcers

The giant snake that stalked the Earth (BBC)

For my 6000th post, Please allow me to say that job hunting and unemployment really SUCK!

Planned Parenthood Turns Down $500,000 From Tucker Max

Bald ‘cancer Barbie’ doll to debut in 2013

KU Stays Mostly Calm, UK Goes Wild Following NCAA Title Game

Morning in America....

First contingent of 200 US marines arrives in Darwin

Romney to solve gender gap problem in GE with "Etch-A-Sketch Strategy"- according to top surrogate

Scientist reveals how he made bird flu that could spread between people

6th graders find treasure in Oakland CA.

Lawmaker urges Northrop workers to protest military budget cuts

New website for opinion tracking

The AttackWatch WebOfTrust scorecard is being freeped...

President Obama is the only guy standing between us and Paul Ryan's Budget.

Delaney wins in 6th District primary.

Rockefeller calls for troops to leave Afghanistan

Life Size Inflatable Rubber Santorum Doll

Tough Shit !!! - Er... I Mean... 'Trayvon Martin Coverage: Republicans, Many Whites Say 'Enough'

GOPers are still using the talking point of ''... there hasn't been a budget resolution passed', BUT

"Mindfulness in Plain English"; meditation for beginners (online book)

. . . and now, depression sets in for the Santorum campaign.

Top Romney Surrogate: In General Election, Women Will See Romney’s ‘Real Views’

Sorry about complaining against that 2-4 leave-alone. There are much worse 2-4 leave-alones.

Brendan Eich, CTO of Mozilla and inventor of JavaScript, gave $1,000 to support Prop. 8

If The SCOTUS Strikes Down The ACA, Do Not Expect Single Payer Health Care Any Time Soon

Rep. Matthew Hill HB3808 (2012): "Women's Safety" TNGA House Floor Vote

TYT: Church Kidnaps Teens, Holds Them At Gunpoint As A 'Lesson'

Rep. Matthew Hill HB3808 (2012): "Women's Safety" TNGA House Floor Vote

Rep. Matthew Hill: "IUD? No, What is a IUD?"

Romney-Ryan 2012: Smug and Smugger

The 'Handmaid's Tale'...

TNGA SJR127 Public Hearing: Outlawing All Now Legal Abortions Via 2014 Tennessee Ballot Question

TYT: RNC Protesters Can Carry Guns But Not 'Super Soakers'

Calling Radicalism by Its Name (NYTimes Editorial -- they liked Obama's speech)

I got curious and looked up SS codenames for Romney and Santorum.

Damn... Correct Again...

Taken 2/29/12 in the Oval Office--"Live Long and Prosper"

"god loves kind atheists.....