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I hope we can get more support to pass H.R.4170

Wildwood Flower

OK. I find this mildy amusing. Sue me.

Swedish Culture Minister Caught in Racist Cake-Cutting Scandal

Senate returns to debate on how to cut Postal Service, not how to save it

Mayhem has become story of playoffs

GOP Just Like Any Other Nazi Group

Watching Michelle Obama on Letterman.

Ezra Klein, WaPo: A rich guy’s case for (much) higher taxes

Daily Show Mocks Media’s Political Punditry By Finally Getting Women’s Perspective…From A Man

In Case You Missed This... 'How the Banks Endangered Medicare' - Simon Johnson/NYT

Wednesday, April 18 Mpls City Council trying to end 1st Amendment. Call your Council members.

There Is No Point In Becoming A Teacher Anymore

The First Lady makes me understand how fortunate we are

What do you think of this retro bedroom set?

"All The News That's Fit To Print" vs "The Reckless Blogosphere"

A new low: Romney campaign attacks children for eating what's put on their plate.

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Tuesday, April 17)

Tupac Hologram Full Performance Coachella 2012

There Is One Thing About Trolls And Republicans

Poor people spend 9% of income on lottery tickets

The Communist Party smacks down Allen West

Over 300 Economists Agree: It’s Time to Legalize Marijuana

Valid defensive gun use?

Jeffress: A Mormon is better than Obama

Japanese Scientists Regenerate Human Hair on Bald Mouse

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Tuesday, April 17)

The twelve highest paid Lobbyists in America....

North Korea Says It Will Abandon Deal With U.S.

What is the largest amount of memory you ever lost? nt

GSA official’s wife accompanied him on trips at taxpayer expense

Justin Bieber: being gay is a decision and abortion is wrong

Gingrich on Guns via Stephen Colbert

I Never Knew Lurch recorded a song

Two vehicles set ablaze near Reno; 'HOMO' spray-painted on garage door

Court Weighs Revisions in Cocaine-Case Sentences

(UK foreign secretary) Jack Straw faces legal action over Libya rendition claims

Each Side Accuses the Other of Breaking Syrian Cease-Fire

Swedish Minister of Culture Lena Lijeroth eating a cake made in image of an African woman

Utah's Gordon Hayward wanted fight after getting earful from Delonte West

Mysterious Particle Found After Decades of Searching

(Charter) school wants to drug test students

Obituary of an extraordinary man

UK's starting five opts for draft

Police: Man strips naked at Oregon airport in TSA protest

US, NATO ready plan to hand off frontline combat

Gulf fund's problems highlight Syria aid challenge

Dinosaur eggs said found in Russia's Chechnya

Pssst... Does anyone want to tell Ted Nugent... ?

Romney officially GW Bush Part II

British colonial files released following legal challenge

'Action needed' to meet UK's cookie tracking deadline

Just seen a discussion of a Skepchick Blog post on Boing-Boing

Occupy World Street: A global roadmap for economic and political reform ( video)

Does anyone remember Thom Hartman saying this?

Libertarian (image seen on FB lately . . . )??

First Solar Lays Off 2,000 as Europe Demand Wanes

Update: 4 charged in El Chico murder (Victim cooperated, did not struggle, shot anyway)

Canada's Charter of Rights anniversary highlights liberal/conservative split.

Please Mr Taxman, Don't throw me in that briarpatch....

Tea Party unhappy in Mississippi

Tax-Us '5 percenters' group holds S.F. rally

EXCLUSIVE: What local cops learn, and carriers earn, from cellphone records

Murder, Suicide and Financial Ruin: How the Class War Is Destroying Americans' Lives

Rubio's immigration push a potential lift for GOP

Romney Celebrates with Trump as Working New Yorkers Rally Against Rich Tax Dodgers

India to test nuclear missile that can hit Beijing

Diets for the lost and mortified, By Mark Morford

ABC: Seamus? That was nothing; the President ate dogs

Mileage TBD

U.S. troops posed with body parts of Afghan bombers(warning graphic photos at the link)

Latin insurgency: The War on Drugs loses serious traction south of the border

If Standing Up For The Most Vulnerable In Our Society Is Socialist I Am Guilty

Exclusive: Assange on 'The World Tomorrow' premiere (full version)

City employee in Ronald Reagan's hometown (Dixon,IL pop 15000) steals millions from city

Why Don't Conservative Cities Walk?

Obama, Romney in Dead Heat

Parking garage bailout?

Opium farming in Afghanistan rising again, bleak UN report admits

Britain merely 'outsourcing' carbon emissions to China, say MPs

Obama waxes Rmoney in new poll (15-0 on character and likability). Lawrence O reports. Pics.

In an Atlanta Desperate for More Transit Options, New Rail Plans for Eastern Suburbs

Black honeybees rediscovered in Britain

Governments must stop short-term outlook, warns UN development head

Health Care Reform: Workers May Trade Health Insurance For Raises

Scouts challenged over religious promise

Where will the next major bridge collapse occur?

The rock hyrax surprises with syntax skills

You Might Be A Slut If...

“Feminism made women too picky”: more on male rage, sexual entitlement, and backlash

It looks like Garrison will go back to school tomorrow!

A Traveler’s Guide To The Secret Service Sex Scandal

Walkergate: That's A Whole Lotta Cooperating!

Calgary-based Wildrose candidate attributes his electoral edge to being Caucasian

Not my day for DU Album of the Day but I'd like to put this out today - The Band "The Last Waltz"

Archbishop of Wales: Church should acknowledge and support gay civil marriages

You'd think that after the Hillary Rosen deal the Romney supporter Nugent thing would be big news

Op-ed: The Big Queer Bus Pulls into Focus on the Family

Protesters to Push for Discipline for Firefighter Who Made Trayvon Martin Case Facebook Comment

War causing mental illness in Afghanistan

John Doe suspect Kevin Kavanaugh due in court

Smirking Mark Mackinnon had his head handed to him by John Heileman today on MJ.

welcome to tennessee: 'Don't Say Gay' bill advances in the House

Zimmerman judge to step down from Trayvon Martin case

That was just one bill

It hurts to root for Chelsea

George W. Bush: Worst President In United States History - A Response To Dick Cheney

Dangerous animals

Anybody here ever tried or regularly eat Shirataki Noodles?

I saw Cabin in the Woods last night (NO SPOILERS)

How Pakistan makes US pay for Afghan war

Anybody got a handy thread about Ted Nugent avoiding service and screwing a girl he adopted?

Citigroup shareholders reject fat executive pay package

America - Is THIS Really Necessary?

Studies Question the Pairing of Food Deserts and Obesity

Nato to discuss Afghan funding

Presidential Proclamation -- National Equal Pay Day, 2012

House Resolution: Members who vote for public option should give up their Federal insur. coverage.

Drumbeat: April 18, 2012

A story about my grandfather.

Drumbeat: April 18, 2012

Catholic Priest Receives Standing Ovation For Shunning Anti-Gay Marriage Drive

Romney Campaign: We Never Asked For Ted Nugent’s Endorsement

Weird incident at our house last night.

chuck todd says the nugent story is manufactured by the dnc

Re: Rmoney's voting registration in MA | Seriously, is there any chance this is a real issue?

Chemistry geeks: what are these 2 chemicals? ( the House wants to reduce the import duty on them)

An unemployment datum :D

Jack Straw sued by Libyan commander for illegal rendition and torture

Personalizing civil liberties abuses

Photos Show U.S. Soldiers Posed With Afghan Body Parts

Has there been something happening in the stars/planets this week?

Man made woman read Bible at gunpoint

Update from EarlG about polls

Breaking: GOP Compares Romney to 8-Year Old Boy

The OccupyUSA Blog for Wednesday (April 18), With Frequent Updates

Al Gore praises Apple CEO Tim Cook as one of Time's 100 Most Influential People in the world.

The Fed Plays Cute

The new 49ers stadium: not for the 99%

I don't think it's healthy or good that we lionize those who serve in the military

And to go with the "Get A Brain Morans" sign

How to Close the Gender Wage Gap in Just Seven Easy* Steps

C'mon! That GSA scandal is an agent provocateur thing. They let people in there

Dragon's Dogma demo confirmed for next week (4/24/2012) - PS3/Xbox/PC

Romney hides his money because the tax code itself facilitates greed

Elaborate ruse: "Your Bank of America"

Shots fired in Syria town where observers visit

I am being stalked by the wolf - and it's a relief to find this out.

GOTV is the most important thing we can do in 2012.

Governor Tom "Just Close Your Eyes" Corbett Endorses Romney

Santorum letter in Iowa: Romney as nominee ‘truly frightens me’

Giles Fraser: Going for Brokenness {good read}

Bill Moyers will not be interviewed about LBJ by Robert Caro

Arghh! New windows opening in tiny little frame. Why?

Top U.S. colleges to offer free classes online

An Earth Day Reminder: It’s Not About Bad People

McDonnell To Air Positive TV Ads


Romney sought Nugent's endorsement

Titanic Tax Shirking by Those in First Class

Grown man sues hospital for circumcising him as infant

Mitt's Tax Returns

Wild, wild West

Know nothing about web servers but

"you ought to be excited {about Romney} because he's been on your side at one time or another."

As Ted "screwed his own ward" Nugent peeks his chicken hawk head into our National Vernacular...

The May 1st Redemption

7 U.S. Zip Codes that Prove the Need for the Buffett Rule

Conservatives hating on young people for being young

Man strips naked at Oregon airport in TSA protest

Fl Gov Rick Scott to be challenged by Democratic Senate Minority Leader Nan Rich in 2014

In the name of bemoaning...

DU Album of the Day: "Definitely Maybe" Oasis

"Never Again" If you're looking for a good laugh

The President Of Iceland Tells Us How He Had The Balls To Stand Up To Britain (Including The Banks)

Your Weekly Bit of Space Awe from Hubble....

GOP Senate Taking President to Court

Unarmed CA Man Threatens to Kill Himself--Police Arrive--Hit Him With Stun Gun---Shoot Him To Death

Greedy, Lazy Firefighters Caught on Tape Wasting Tax Money

The 20 Best Small Towns in America

I have a request to make of my fellow LGBT members

Max Keiser on Mott Street In NYC with the Exorcism of Blythe Masters (JPMorgan Derivatives Inventor)

"In other words, people like Romney are the wolves, culling the herd of the weak and infirm."

pot toon

House Republicans Seek About $34 Billion Food Stamp Cut

Jack Straw faces legal action over Libya rendition claims

Talking to Yourself Has Cognitive Benefits, Study Finds

"... pro-Romney forces may be able to raise and spend no less than $1 billion..."

RNC Chair Rinse Peenus lovingly assures Latino voters that "the GOP is listening." USA! USA! USA!

Energy company seeks water from eastern Ohio reservoir for fracking

The Scale of the Universe.

Drought Draining Reserves of (edible) Oils Amid Record Demand

Low water flows cause U.S. avian cholera outbreak

Romney in Spandex on Worth Avenue..dear gawd...

So Express Scripts screws things up again

Something new from Breivik: "Women couldn't do what I did. You must be born without a backbone."

BP Oil Spill Aftermath: Eyeless Shrimp, Clawless Crabs and Fish with Oozing Sores

Romney Campaign: We Never Asked For Ted Nugent’s Endorsement (Video)

Howie Kurtz thinks that Romney's flip flops might actually help him this fall

Time for Liberals to Go on the Offensive, and Stay There

Romney, Obama locked in tie in new (CBS/NYT) poll

More war, More $$$ for Billionaires-YEAH!-Let's Cut Food Stamps-Let Millions Go Hungry! F__K Yeah!

BP Oil Spill Aftermath: Eyeless Shrimp, Clawless Crabs and Fish with Oozing Sores

Mark Sullivan needs to be fired

New Agreements Between Haiti, Venezuela and Cuba for Social and Economic Development

Why atheists care about religion.

Long time coming: Trayvon’s law

Carney: No change in White House position on ENDA stopgap

OK. I am calling BS and sending out a warning but I wish I could somehow do more.

Catholic Bishops Wage War on True Religious Freedom

More congregations turn to Facebook, Web, high-tech outreach

Hispanic group urges Obama to ‘revisit’ ENDA stopgap

Ann Romney Birthday Fundraiser: Some Attendees Question Obama's Citizenship (VIDEO)

Holly Adams’ Statement on the Virginia Tech Massacre and Campus Carry

My bride had an excellent idea on how to really show support for "Stay-at-Home" moms

The Prisoner as Talk Show Host - Julian Assange Starts Talk Show on Russian TV

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin

Are you sick of hearing "small business" this and "small business" that? Well, prepare to hear it

Pic Of The Moment: Where's The Media Outrage Now?

BP, private plaintiffs settle over Gulf oil spill

Supreme Court: torture law applies only to people

A Visit With ‘The Greatest Living Food Writer’

AP NewsBreak: Competition cuts down Medicare fraud

Thousands housed in trailers after Katrina may get payments

Quick... how do I get a big-ass meteor to hit the Earth before my 2:00 conference call?

Gingrich ad: young supporters tell it to the webcam

Surprises in Survey of Hispanics on Homosexuality

The time has come again for me to CRUSH YOU WITH CUTE.

Ted Nugent speaking about "stoned hippies" @ the NRA

Has Eliot Spitzer's coverage of the Secret Service scandal been awkward?

Has anyone here heard of Better World Books?

AP (and Palm Beach Post) slant coverage on oil price manipulation.

Fire Season - by Jon Loomis

Failed coverup? Indianapolis police chief resigns over blood sample

So, Romney's past is fair ground for attacks now, all the way back to when he was 6-10 years-old

Zimmerman. An interesting perspective from a most unexpected place....

Aviation thrillers - I need aviation thrillers

Wanna know how easy it is to stand trial for something you didn't do?

Milky Way Appears to be Void of 'Dark Matter' --"The Mystery of Dark Matter Deepens --A New Solution

Why the Sierra Club Is Endorsing President Obama

What if we find the Higgs particle? And what if we don't?

Thom Hartmann: A Congressional Summit to Overturn Citizens United?

Thom Hartmann: A Livable Wage for Restaurant Workers?

Feds approve Cheniere’s plan to export natural gas

Environmentalists challenge natural gas export plans

The South: Not all Bubbas and banjos

Mitt Romney: Fox News Gives Us 'Good, Fair Play'

Court decision could open big hole in state revenues

Watergate figure Chuck Colson reportedly near death

Trifecta Resista at Whiteman AFB

Why public-private toll roads won’t work

State's Proposal To Legalize Pot Gets Big Push (Colorado Democratic Party endorses)

The 2012 Pulitzer Prize Winner: Massoud Hossaini: girl reacting to a suicide bombing

Democrats to introduce WORK Act to give all mothers the same choice Ann Romney had

Netanyahu among Time's 100 most influential people

Violence Against Women Act....Pass the Act

FCC Appeals Super Bowl Indecency Decision to Supremes

GOP targets demographic groups that backed Obama in 2008

Iran Arrests 15 People Accused in Assassination Plot

The Awesome Jimmy Carter Quote About Women That Everyone Is Sharing

Fuck Oasis!

How Keystone Pipeline will lower gas prices

I hereby make a pledge...

British Prosecutors Consider Charges in Phone Hacking Case (News Corp)

Man who set fire to Planned Parenthood clinic says Obama cares more about Trayvon than abortions

Hundreds of new Saab models spotted rotting at New Jersey port

Inside Story Americas: Is the Occupy movement being hijacked?

I do not know who owns this restaurant, but I applaud them.

Fired for not Being Mormon

Romney adviser Kris Kobach: No legal status of any kind for the undocumented

Who's NOT a pretty boy, then? Nelson, the baby parrot, who could be the ugliest bird in the world

Robert Reich: The Significance of Citigroup’s Shareholder Revolt

Guess who made Time's List of 100 Most Influential???

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday April 18th

Cat Alarm Clock

Thom Hartmann: Oil Barons of the World Target North Pole

No Savings Are Found From Welfare Drug Tests

Great Dames: Post a pic of a great dame from fact or fiction.

Britain merely 'outsourcing' carbon emissions to China, say MPs

Farm group seeks U.S. halt on "dangerous" crop chemicals

Mitt Romney Praises Fox News For Giving Him ‘Good, Fair Play’

Portrait of a Welfare Mom

Maybe Mitt Romney has got something to hide?

Catholic Priest Receives Standing Ovation For Shunning Anti-Marriage Equality Petition Drive

Deal reported for movie about Oscar Grant

U.S. warns of Boko Haram attacks on Nigeria capital

Ted Nugent uses violent rhetoric against Obama at NRA Convention

S.F. agency OKs free Muni for low-income kids

In Facebook post, Robbie Robertson writes of visiting Levon Helm

Daily Kos/SEIU State of the Nation Poll: Our new Obama-Romney tracker begins with Obama in the lead

18 y/o arrested for carrying a loaded M1 Garand rifle in downtown Birmingham Alabama.

So true:

Spain King Juan Carlos sorry for Botswana hunt trip

NASCAR drivers visit the White House

I know a girl who thinks of goats.

U.S. Multinationals Boost, Mostly Abroad

Don't look now, but...

Watch a top NH GOP and Romney spokesman accuse women of "unnecessarily" demanding equal pay

Ed Schultz on Post Office Last Night Apr.17 -

Does IBM plan to reduce US headcount by 78% by 2015?

I find your lack of lollipops disturbing...

Earth Unprepared for Super Solar Storm

Pat Summitt steps down as Lady Vols head coach

Nature's billion-year-old battery key to storing energy

Ann Romney...

Mitt Romney Was Among Top Donors To Immigration Adviser Kris Kobach’s 2010 Campaign

My accountant and I were interviewed by a Robert Reich documentary team yesterday.

I believe Colorado will pass it this year.

Rebuild the Dream petition: Denounce Virginia Foxx's remarks about college students

What A Romney Presidency Could Mean For Social Security

Poll: Most Americans Link Climate Change To Unusual Weather Events

Anybody else watch Julian Assange's TV show yesterday?

Cispa will give US unprecedented access, internet privacy advocates warn

Glee's Unique: Show Introduces Trans Character

Katrina vanden Heuvel: A consensus we can’t afford

Glenn Greenwald: Attacks on RT and Assange Reveal Much About the Critics

Democrats Surge in House Swing Districts

Scouts Booted Lesbian Den Leader Solely for Sexual Orientation

Best photos of Shuttle Discovery's Final Flight via The Atlantic

Sooner or later, Mitt's going to choose a running mate. But who? Speculation, anyone?

President Franklin Roosevelt on the signing of the SS Act in 1935

The Evidence That Might Be Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Undoing

Latest Romney endorser says women should just "close their eyes" while undergoing forced ultrasound

Demand Clear Channel Ban Ted Nugent Like They Did The Dixie Chicks

Activist: New climate poll shows ‘reality will trump big dollar denial efforts’

Sudan president seeks to 'liberate' South Sudan

What is the constant "opposition" I've been up against this past year or so?

Rep. Coffman urges removal of troops from Europe

so my wife had a hysterectomy monday

Decisions, decisions...

Organizing Fellowships this summer -

Don't "small businesses" pay tax on income after payroll?

Thom Hartmann: Argentina is Nationalizing their Oil - We Should Too!

I am so very proud of you all.


Allen West explains why he was correct in calling Dems communists

If Mitt Romney cannot bring himself around to criticizing Ted Nugent....

Mitt Romney called me today...

Catholic bishop likens Obama to Stalin, Hitler (via Jay Bookman)

Secret Service to interview Ted Nugent

Ohio lost a good one today...

NH GOP-er: Equal pay is really about workers ‘suing their employers unnecessarily’

Dr. William Barber, NC NAACP President, Speaks Against Amendment One {it's good}

Rmoney's plan is likely to bankrupt the country and sell it off to the highest bidders

Pat Summitt to step down

Educators: Kids exhausted by new exams - 4.5 hours over three days.

Rome abandons 2013 goal for balanced budget

Catholic bishops to House Republicans: Your budget makes Jesus cry. John Boehner to bishops: STFU.

Catholic Bishops Say Ryan Budget Fails Moral Test

National Guard withdrawing 900 troops from U.S.-Mexico border

Video: New teaser for equal marriage ad

To Pay Off Loans, Grads Put Off Marriage, Children

Just for fun DU this Ohio red neck poll

Ted Nugent To Meet With Secret Service Thursday

Leveraging a company to get at its' pension funds is one level of evil...

Will gay marriage ban drive turnout for early voting? (Shelby Star)

Bin Laden widows face deportation from Pakistan

What do you like to eat that your spouse / SO does not like?

National Guard withdrawing 900 troops from U.S.-Mexico border

House Panel Okays $33 Billion in Food Stamp Cuts

New Daily Kos/PPP poll: Obama leads Romney by 6%

I got me some 4 wheel drive...

Pat Summitt, legendary Lady Vols coach, steps down from Tennessee women's basketball

How a small Oakland non-profit has been taking on the American Legislative Exchange Council

House panel okays $33 billion in food stamp cuts

Lawsuit: Former Bain Execs Fired Employees for Not Being Mormon

CrossTalk: Tehran Talking

Civil war brewing within OWS?

Spent Fuel Pools

Man tries to eat illegal tax-return checks, cops say

I can't say why, but make me smile/laugh. I'll even help!

The Way of the Drone: Emblem for an Empire of Cowards

Obama carrying over Bush's torture techniques?

Random thought about China and the U.S.

U.S. drone attacks surge in both Yemen and Somalia

Activists sue Obama, others over National Defense Authorization Act

Whistleblowers prosecuted while war criminals remain free?

My kitty gave up the ghost today.

A lesson from LBJ in how to smash an opponent.

Judge in Zimmerman case recused herself...updated with link...


Legacy Of BP Oil Spill: Eyeless Shrimp And Fish With Lesions

GOP Bill Labels All Single-Parent And All Gay Households As Child Abuse

2nd judge recused from Trayvon Martin case because Zimmerman's attorney is godfather to his child

Hologram Tupac Was Inevitable

President Obama meets with students at Lorain County Community College in Elyria, Ohio - pics

Farm group seeks U.S. halt on "dangerous" crop chemicals

I just walked out of my medical terminology class. You won't believe what happened.

Mexico seizes 268,000 rounds of ammo in US truck

Rare bronze statue of female gladiator found in German museum

Poll: Most Americans Link Climate Change To Unusual Weather Events

Master satirist Ken Finkleman, aka George Findlay, skewers right-wing news on Good God

Great TV shows that lasted too long?

Sheriff Joe’s world crumbles

Baptist "ethics" chief Richard Land bagged for plagiarism

Male student wears dress to prom to support LGBT rights

repost: OWS, Foucault, and the Nature of Power

Where West Tennessee Meets Middle Tennessee

Climate change targets should include emissions from goods manufactured abroad

Simpson-Bowles Zombie Returns

I'm putting my dog to sleep today.

Pictures: 3,000 Ancient Buddhas Unearthed in China

The Rachel Maddow Show - Anti-choice Republicans accidentally make pro-choice arguments

Lawsuit: Former Bain execs fired employees for not being Mormon

What should be the Democrat's agenda if they win back the House and keep the Senate?

We love us some black sheep in my family

EPA gives oil companies more time to capture emissions from wells ('til 2015)

Dick Clark, Entertainment Icon Nicknamed 'America's Oldest Teenager,' Dies at 82

ALEC to Right-Wing Bloggers: We Need Your Help!

Dick Clark died...updated with link...

Dick Clark died- added link

Working to Death: American worker can ask: “Do I have to work until death?”

Congratulate me on my new job

Angry Navajo Citizens Overcrowd First Water Settlement Forum

Is it time to end America's 'war on drugs'?

Nature's billion-year-old battery key to storing energy

Earth From Space: Envisat Satellite Photos

Did anyone watch gLee last night?

Dick Clark is dead and Dick Cheney is still living...

Delicious marinade

Phoenix Coyotes announcer Tyson Nash received death threats for call on Marian Hossa hit

If Everyone Knew This Astonishing Fact About Unions, We'd All Be In One

Romney Explains His Common Bond With Ted Nugent: 'Our Love of Animals'

Analysis raises atmospheric, economic doubts about forest bioenergy

Where are all the posts on Verna McClain? The most recent

Do you like breakfast for supper?

Hey, I just got a "thank you call" from a client.

Dems (Senate Democratic women) Try To Corner GOP On Violence Against Women Act

The Drug Testing Scam Blows Up

Menu question: what are rib tips?

Tax expert: GOP plan would result in 350K fewer people with health insurance

"Do you know where the downtown Obama office was in 2008?" she asks me.

The wrong guy to talk about 'leadership'

Just as We Suspected: Florida Saved Nothing by Drug Testing Welfare Applicants

I like homemade ketsup. But a recipe I saw indicated that it would last for two weeks

Live Chat: Human-Triggered Earthquakes

the 21 absolute worst things in the world.

Ann Romney Wants YOU (To Stay Home.)

Obama Launches More Realistic 'I Have Big Ideas But We'll See How It Goes' Campaign Slogan

Aerosmith - Uncle Salty

Dick Clark, American cultural icon, 1929 - 2012

Dick Clark dies of a 'massive heart attack' at age 82

Post your favorite American Bandstand clips here

The Republican Pledge of Allegiance (2012 edition):

Let me ask you an important question...

Vatican orders crackdown on US nun association

Obama: 'I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth'

Romney Addresses Likeability In Charlotte

President Obama in Ohio hits Romney with ‘silver spoon’

The GOP's reliance on hysterical talk is an admission that they have no ideas or solutions to offer

Fucking is set for a name change later this week

Gavin Newsom Show coming to Current TV in May

Quandary over a Facebook posting....

Beyond bizarre: 37 y.o. Man attacked and killed by swans. He was their "caretaker".

The unending fight against the National Labor Relations Board...

Lives and possessions: personal morals or public policy?

Rush Limbaugh steps into dog mess

Dicks that we could all have done without:

Fracking’s the new normal

Report: Former student, high school teacher back together again

WORK Act Would Give Low-Income Moms The Same Option As Ann Romney (For 3 Years)

Poll: Democrats Gaining in Battleground and Ryan Budget Could Finish the Job

Francona Changes Mind...Will be at Fenway 100th Celebration


Are Wheat Thins sweeter than they used to be?

U.S. prosecutor of Prince of Pot joins campaign to legalize marijuana

Ass-Hat Fever!

American seeks political asylum in Sweden, alleging torture, FBI coercion

I loved Jack Cafferty's tribute to Dick Clark.

Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown whoring for whoever will write him a check

Obama's SEC and CTFC bribed by Wall St, will reverse key parts of Dodd-Frank

Tweety is coming for West and his Communist bullshit today

High class rednecks

New EPA Rules Cut Air Pollution From Oil And Gas Drilling

How to Trump a Superpower - Taking Uncle Sam for a Ride

Tweety's doing the Alan WEST-McCARTHY thing: "It's about justice!1"

Reporter undergoes ‘unnecessary’ transvaginal ultrasound to frame abortion debate

Let's blow some shit up.

Online Education Venture Lures Cash Infusion and Deals With 5 Top Universities

I met a guy who's gonna be on the Daily Show

RIP Dick Clark

hardball poll....46 romney - 46 Obama

Ummmmm sorry. I just got my vaccine and am not rabid anymore!!!!.......Woo Hoo????

Stupid ASS Tweety citing CBS poll saying race is tightening at 46 to 46 saying Obama lost 3 points

Which is worst: possiblity of Romney being president or forced to listen to Nickelback for 4 years

Protecting Wasteful Military Spending at All Costs

Please state the nature of the hip hop emergency

Alzheimer's risk lowered by any type of physical activity

Dick Clark dies of massive heart attack. He was 82.

Democrats reach out to voters on both sides of the Metroplex

Listen, when a 29 yr old man has sexual intercourse with a 17 yr old MINOR CHILD, it's **sleazy**

Teacher arrested for lining up his students, firing blank shots from gun...

Exercise may cut Alzheimer's risk.

Time for a quiz:

Army's new Photo Scandal: Photos released by LA Times show American troops posing with human remains

Alzheimer's risk lowered by any type of physical activity

Ron Paul Sucks

Alzheimer's risk lowered by any type of physical activity


About the idea of handcuffing six year olds

The Fantasy of Tar Sands - from James Hansen

What dead rock star would you go see if their hologram and original band toured? Ala Tupac.

Two recommendations - Certified Copy and Assisted Living

Bernie Sanders: Congress spends day and night worrying about the wealthy

John McCain and a pig walk into a room — photo caption contest

Progress for the LGBT Community - image

We should bring up Seamus so much that people think he's Romney's running mate.

Why the end of the $60 video game is near


What dead rock star would you go see if their zombie and original band toured?

What did you have to eat the last time you ate out? I had a BLT on a croissant with avocado. One

Saturn, Security & Your Relationship Comfort Zone

Here's what really bothers me about DU.

What dead rock would you like to visit? Saw Plymouth Rock one time. It was small and

Romney Supporter Nugent Admitted to Multiple Affairs With Underage Girls in '98 VH1 Documentary

Great Danes: Post a pic of a great dane from fact or fiction.

Dvd store near my home is closing. They will no longer rent videos. How does Netflix work?

Auto industry resurgence sends Michigan's unemployment rate down to 8.5%

Estimated cost of post-9/11 wars: 225,000 lives, up to $4 trillion

University head investigated for paramilitary ties .

Undercover IDF soldier kills Palestinian in drill, goes unpunished

It's Kitchen Dancing!

My cat is acting so nonchalant. Sitting and ignoring me, refusing look into my eyes, ignoring

Breaking on Al Sharpton - three persons pushed out of the Secret Service

Big Business gets a break on financial reform

Wall Street Wins Again!

CONTROVERSY OVER "KONY 2012" Continues: Watch Two Ugandan's View on This..and Decide

Ooo ooo oooh GSA!!!...umm anyone remember Custer Battles (and the other Iraqi contractors rip offs?)

What stupid thing did you do in college? I collected pennies one year. As I was moving

Obama Echoes Bush, Sets Plan for Polar Bear Extinction

PPP Florida Poll: Bill Nelson up double digits on GOP challengers

Heh! The Orioles lead the AL East and the Natinals lead the NL East.

No More Corporate Tax Breaks

GOP Rep. Tiberi Defends Tax Hikes For The Poor Because They ‘Don’t Have Skin In The Game’

CookieGate near Pittsburgh! Asshole Romney says famous bakery cookies came from 7-11.

WOW... First Citigroup, Now THIS... Something's Afoot On Wall Street...

Poll: Romney edges Obama in critical swing state New Hampshire

India to test nuclear missile that can hit Beijing

What is NOM afraid of?

North Korea Spent a Whole $15 Making Its Website

Question for NE Ohioans ... I saw a whole lot of cars with their headlights on this afternoon

Tom Engelhardt: Making America Truly Safer [VIDEO]

Austrian town votes not to change its name...

Why, exactly, was a thread locked in the ASAH forum?

ALEC to Right-Wing Bloggers: We Need Your Help!

Women are more moral than men, survey says

Parents sue Apple over in-app game charges

Trump's birthday party for Ann Romney -see the attendees. Mitt="Homeboy" and birthers abound (5:07)

Is Corbett trying to force Harrisburg to sell their 7 billion gallon reservoir for only $ 50 Mil?

House Republicans us "deem and pass" to advance Ryan's Budget 'Blueprint' - ThinkProgress

Spain has few ways to pressure Argentina over YPF

Free beavers fly to Mongolia, arrive safely

Evidence for a geologic trigger of the Cambrian explosion

4 Running For Bellevue City Council (Ward I KETV story and video)

CNN Contributor Dana Loesch Says Women Who Support Democrats ‘Get Raped’

Occupy movement turning to shareholder meetings

Taliban commander turns himself in asking for $100 reward.

Vomiting road workers hospitalized after exposing mysterious nuclear waste

The good folks of Fucking Austria told can't change name to "Fugging".

Animals being dicks

Soon there may be no more Fucking in Austria

One of my best friends in the Political World passed on early today....

Taliban commander Mohammad Ashan turns himself in for $100 reward

Ugly baby rejected by Mother and Father

Tomorrow (April 19th) in history -- *Yikes*

Oye. Mitt: Obama Plays Too Much Golf, Too Many Vacations

All you Castro loving Commies won't want to miss this. >>

Sleep apnea---the most commonly missed common problem in the US.

Survivors - BBC, 2 seasons, 12 episodes - After a superflu wipes us all out...

Richard O'Dwyer: Lib Dems fight to halt extradition to US on piracy charges

White House warns Republicans against recreating debt limit hostage crisis

See what happens when Senators like Vitter get away with

I Think The Thing That Frustrates Me The Most Is That We Know How To Fix Our Problems.....

For many, faith in God rises with age

Obama To GOP: Abide By Debt Limit Deal Or Else Face A Govt Shutdown Right Before The Election

Tell State Farm to cut loose from ALEC

Ok, my first attempt at posting a photo - if it works, it's a good one

Gulf Fishermen Report Eyeless Shrimp, Malformed Fish Hearts After Oil Spill - RawStory

Good advice: 10 things not to say to someone when they're ill

Sen Ron Wyden Discusses a Recent Onsite Tour of Fukushima

University of California admits record number of out of state students- nearly 1/4 of total

When Johnny Rotten met Dick Clark - Public Image Ltd. on American Bandstand

Whats the point of Obama winning re-election if dems still dont have the house

Are smaller homes becoming more valuable than the larger ones are now?

Walmart to hire 100 more Indian developers

Ken Lester named new judge in Zimmerman murder case

Interesting charts on Federal Income Taxes - Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

"Take Me Out to the Tax Game"

Romney’s Cookie Comment Bites Back

Florida bankers object to disclosing identities of foreign depositors

Poll: 30% (MORE) Of Americans Like Michelle Obama More Than Ann Romney

The U.S. should “Stand Their Ground” with Iran (A humorous take on the war mongering)

Apropos of a discussion with LeftofSelfCentered, here's a Forbes article on Skyrim (contains ponies)

Shoppers flock to Whole Food Kailua opening day

TYT: Not A Millionaire? You're A Jackass If You Vote Republican

What do you feed your dogs that they go nuts for besides their dog food?

~ * * * * * ~ The 21st Century 'ASAH Marketplace' Thread ~ * * * * * ~

Calgary mayor weighs in on "Caucasian advantage" remarks by Wildrose candidate

We have found a new puppy. We get her the end of May. Thank you for all your kindness

Study could revolutionise breast cancer treatment: It turns out it's actually TEN different diseases

GOP lawmaker: Dick Clark should be remembered as model of free enterprise

Third term Bushie = Romney

Overreach On Sex Offenders Makes Americans’ Lives Living Hell - GuardianUK/RawStory

Ruby's mousing techniques are strange

Since when did corporations serve the public interest?

You guys gotta watch Big Ed -- Romney is talking with "everyday americans"

Discussion of the massive new surveillance center on C-SPAN3 right now. nt

Vice President Biden Speaks on Reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act

President Obama's Buffett Rule Goes Down

I'd like to address the members of this group about the locked thread

Bethel Bakery Offers 'CookieGate' Special After Romney Slight


get "alec" out of maine

ALEC Sends Out an SOS to Breitbart Bloggers

Dick Clark integrated the dancing floor on American Bandstand

Gunter Grass and the mute left

Danziger Toon: Still in Afghanistan

Great shows that survived (or didn't survive) major casting changes

Xpost-Image commemorating Hubble's 22nd anniversary in Space

Tennessee: ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill advances through the House

Romney: Obama should 'suck it up'

CIA seeks to expand drone campaign in Yemen

Homosexuals are inferior to dogs and pigs, says Iranian cleric

GOP's proposed version of the Constitution!

Only the end of the first period and it's already 4-3...

UC Davis police chief resigning after pepper spray

Matthew Mitcham (Olympic diver) happy to be seen as an LGBT icon

Blood test looks promising in diagnosing depression

Does anyone in this forum really believe that oaths must be

Your favorite TV dentist

3 agents out in wake of Secret Service scandal


Taking Uncle Sam for a Ride: How Pakistan Makes Washington Pay for the Afghan War

Who is your favorite alien?

Toon- Winning Their Hearts and Minds (graphic)

So MFM is AWOL for the moment (come back we miss you!) but has anyone seen flyvegan? nt

"I just listened to a Republican and now I'm going to listen to a Democrat."

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!! Sing Hallelujah!

I don't think Central Florida is a little sleepy town anymore.

Can one single out a member by name if one suspects they may be a troll

Tonight, I really dislike the 1%

REO Speedwagon and STYX - It is time to dump American Embarrassment Ted Nugent from the Tour!

California Lieutenant Governor Newsom Gets Current TV Show.

Holder: I Can’t Understand Why There’s A ‘Debate’ About Violence Against Women Act

Thought I ran over the cat with the lawnmower

'When you support a candidate named Barack Hussein Obama you know it's not going to be a sure thing'

South Dakota man's lawsuit says circumcision 'Robbed' Him of 'Prowess'

"We're Broke, Kids…"

Seattle Catholic pastor applauded for shunning anti-gay marriage drive

Republican Budget: John Boehner Says Bishops Miss Big Picture In Protesting GOP's Proposed Cuts

Should I worry?

Of Total Income Increase in 2010...

Do you ever judge a product or service based on their commercials?

Oh Joy... 'Obama Administration Pushes Drug Testing in Workplace, But Not For Everybody' - HuffPo

Hundreds attend anti-Islam rally in Waukesha, WI - Sponsored by a "Christian" radio station

Ken Lester named new judge in Zimmerman murder case

Experts: Polls' predictive accuracy "less than 50/50" at this point

Maher calls Palin a c**t, GOP screams for blood. Nugent calls Hillary a c**t, GOP gets laryngitis.

Question on bookmarks...

Playing the patriotism card for 2012

Polar Bears and Wildlife in Peril

The Pirates take 2 of 3 from the Diamondbacks on the road in Arizona to win their first series

French election: "Boot all the immigrants out, and everything will be fine...."

So I have to dress up as someone I despise tomorrow

Rachel, not everybody is as fascinated by issues related to teh gay as you are.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 19 April 2012

Saw Crosby Stills and Nash last night.

Lilly Ledbetter Slams Mitt Romney, GOP On Fair Pay Issue

Obama Administration Releases 21st Century Drug Policy Strategy

Call to Lithuanian authorities to halt violence against 8 y.o. girl

Links for Mitt Romney ads on DU? Now w/ an extra dark Obama

Does anybody actually expect anything to come of the SS/Ted Negent meeting?

Another reason not to eat at McDee's

ALEC Caves: Real or Fake Victory?

Missouri Association for Social Welfare fact sheet on SB 613

The babies are doing well!

Mitt Romney wouldn't eliminate the Department of Education, he'd use it to bust teachers unions

Anyone seen a wild pregnant possum?

The Last Word - New poll shows voters lack enthusiasm for Romney

Will someone in the media please ask one of these "we are the job creators" "How many jobs did you

has this already been invented?

Fellow childfree folks, how much did you love writing the check out to the IRS after hearing all the

Borowitz: BREAKING: Romney Launches New Social Network, TwoFaceBook

Richard Dawkins on Beautiful Minds - BBC Four Wed April 25

Which should I watch tonight? "From Here to Eternity" or "The Right Stuff"? Never seen either.

Robert Bork????

Thomas Friedman: America’s escalator is broken and only Mike Bloomberg can repair it

Posted link address that are split in two by DU3's formatting

A DUer running for congress in NC

Should have seen it coming, I mean, there was no "Chicago 15"

I think someone broke the alert/jury system...

The Last Word - Selective outrage over Ted Nugent's 'homicidal rantings'

Are the Koch brothers kids insane too?

Board rules Dallas plant can't operate as slaughterhouse

Some new Rush: Headlong Flight

Dallas men say IHOP fired them because they are Muslim

'The Rich... And The Rest Of Us' - Tavis Smiley & Cornel West

Romney's laugh just make me think of a perverts laugh

Facebook etiquette question.

Wait a Minute Buster!

Rolling Stone (1973) Article on Dick Clark

a quicker rising no-knead bread

rachel is not "too gay"

Video activist James O'Keefe hurls charges -- but no video -- at Oregon Bus Project

Fox anchor apologizes for smiling at Castro, denies being smitten by him

Congress pushes to raise reward for Joseph Kony

NFL exec: Minnesota Vikings "out of options"on stadium

The Mad Hatter of the GOP's tea party

I have tickets to see Rachel Maddow this weekend.

Ted Nugent Jokes

The Victory Hoodie

19 arrested in 'sweatshop' protest at UT

Mapping Disease to Climate

Just wanted to post

Lawrence O’Donnell Dives Into Ted Nugent/Mitt Romney Relationship: Who Sought Who?

Dick Clarke giving Michael Moore the brush off in Bowling for Columbine.

Denver Heath caught dropping off mental patients at Occupy Denver

overdue pics post

I was just push polled

President Obama: 'We don't quit'

Jon Stewart Proclaims Winner In Romney/Obama Comedy Showdown

TCM Schedule for Thursday, April 19 -- What's On Tonight: Spring Break

What’s Wrong With 99% Spring?

Here's what I think about a majority of the drama on DU

Any REVENGE fans?