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Archives: April 13, 2012

Could doing chores save the world?

Why Did Kobe Go to Germany?

The Heat blow a lead at the end of the game and then can't hit a FG in OT...

Play it safe

Film rec: Come Early Morning. (Ashley Judd related.)

24 empty houses are available for each homeless American. n/t.

5 police shot, 1 Killed in Greenland NH...

Cindy Sheehan

Is this too much man candy for the Lounge?

Extrapolating Two Trends...

Apes, Monkeys Comment on New anti-Evolution Tennessee Law

Chavez, battling cancer, fades from world stage

Can anyone recommend some musicals I should listen to?

National Geographic: The Obama White House Through The Lens (all four parts)

Police: Man attempted to rob Utica bank with toilet plunger

Toons: Back to the Future, Addicted to Entitlements, A Sharp U-Turn and More. - 4/12/2012

Cuomo Acts to Advance Health Law in New York

Having just heard Zimmerman's brother speaking on TV...

Is a jury impaneled or empaneled?

Moran: Gov. Chris Christie's condescending speech out of touch with Americans' reality

Politics May Get in the Way of Empathy, Research Shows

A Tea Partier Just Called Me "Communist." Watch My SLAM DUNK Response

Mitt Romney ARGUES with reporter after being caught in lie!

GOP's War on Women: Eliot Spitzer rips Mitt Romney for passing the buck

a geeky google easter egg

Please Tell Me ABC News did NOT Use Fox's Altered Pic of Trayvon

Communists, bullies and monkeys on cocaine: It's all politics

CCOKC - Child Celebrities Opposing Kirk Cameron

China's Ai Weiwei Sues Tax Office in "Evasion" Case

Who Knew?

Millionaires on taxes: Government infrastructure drives business

Cutting-edge Navy warship being built in Maine


Note to Romney: You Shouldn't Need an Interpreter to Talk to Women

There was no reason for Rosen to cave.

Romney courts gun-rights group in presidential bid

'Colombia's indigenous communities in danger of disappearing' .

Just because we all need a little Shakespeare now and then.....

Dennis Kucinich at Highline Community College

Dennis Kucinich at Highline Community College (WA State)

tonights obscure live track: Cat Stevens in 1968

Virginia Tech anniversary creates difficult moment on gun control for lawmakers

Capital account 04/12 - good interview with Mike Norman..

Tepco Press Conference: Temperature rising noticeably at Fukushima No. 4 Spent Fuel Pool

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Thursday, April 12)

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Thursday, April 12)

The Baby and the Republican

The Meaning Of Virtue And Virtuosity

New Julian Assange TV Show Airing Tuesday 17 April 2012

Meet Jim Graves, Michele Bachmann's Latest Would-Be Challenger

New law in Mississippi threatens state’s only operating abortion clinic in Jackson

Turning Japanese?

Why the fuck is taaffe still trotting his arrogant, bigoted and I.G.N.O.R.A.N.T ass on

Tempers Flare at Gas Drilling Forum with PA. legislators and DEP

Charts: It's Starting To Look Like The Notorious 1972 Book On The End Of Growth Was Right

Free Republic explained at last?

Storm dumps waist-high hail in Texas Panhandle

In defense of Ann Romney

Words utterly fail me...and that doesn't happen too often (as y'all know):

Is it me or did George Zimmerman lose alot of weight?

From front page: "Winslet's 'Titanic 3-D' Breasts Censored In China"...

Arizona Passes Bible Study Law In Public Schools

Banksy on Advertisements

Estranged wife of sheriff mauled by police K-9

West Midlands - motors and music

Oh dear it's I'm in love with the sound of my own voice Peggy Noonan

Hard Times Lift Greece’s Anti-Immigrant Fringe - Far-right Golden Dawn party

How far we have come: In 2008, I read at a post on DU,

A leading ReTHUG fundraiser said on TV that he hopes Obama's teleprompter

Prize Winning Toast.

Did Morning Jerk just hand Peggy Nooner her hat?

Moyers: Wall Street's Massive Freak Out When Asked to Pay Their Fair Share

OWS' 'Spring Awakening' in Central Park Will Kick Off a Season of Activism, Attract New Faces

David Sirota: The End of ‘Shut Up and Play’

Cracker Barrel Shooting: Gunman Opens Fire At Ohio Restaurant; 3 Dead

Romney Backer Under Fire For Involvement In Ancient Canine Cookout

Courtney Love is at it again.

The Rich Are Different from You and Me – They Pay Less Taxes

Message to "Pro-Life" Kansans: "You treat women like Pink Slime ... "

HAPPY FRIDAY the 13th!!

TCM Schedule for Saturday, April 14, 2012 -- The Essentials: Music by William Alwyn

Blockades and the danger of disaster By Juan Cole

CCOKC- Child Celebreties Opposing Kirk Cameron (NSFW LOL)

George Zimmerman looks like a different person in each of his photos

Beck and the Beast (He just won't go away . . . . . )

Where have you been all my life? :D

Why would Mitt Romney need an interpreter to deal with working class women?

Is this what November will look like?

Counterattack on China in cyber-space

David Cameron calls for Burma sanctions to be suspended

So Mitt Romney is Speaking Before the NRA Convention in St. Louis Today

North Korean State-Run News Agency Responds To Failed Missile Launch With 33

Joe Madison:Hillary Rosen blew it she was wrong Ann Romney did work

Future of religion questioned as atheists gather

Ex-Brotherhood moderate pins presidential hopes on drawing both religious, liberal vote

Women, Vaginas and Blood: Menstruate With Pride

Glen Greenwald: Don't Trust Corporate Charity

I DVR'd the new ABC series "Scandal" and watched it last night...

Trayvon's parents deserve to be commended

Occupy’s strike propaganda {slide show at link}

Ziggy Marley is on Morning Joe now

Peggy Noonan: staying at home a "sacrifice" for mothers of children.

Obama and Biden to Release Tax Returns

In case you missed it

shooting in New Hampshire

Krugman: Cannibalize the Future

‘Shove It’ Indicator: More People Now Quit Than Get Fired

Do Working Mothers find Ann Romney obnoxious?

Scrap the Cap; Dennis Kucinich on Social Security, Taxation, War, Trade, and Justice

Will justice only be served if George Zimmerman is convicted?

Weightlifter shot when he drops dumbbell on bullet

Obama’s new Wall Street foes

Friday TOON Roundup 1- Culture Wars and Working Hard

Has Ann Romney ever gone on a job interview?

Four on trial in Denmark over Mohammad cartoons plot

Medical Doctors Say New PA. Gas Drilling Law Threatens Public Health

Friday TOON Roundup 2-Mittens meets the Obama Express Truck

Friday TOON Roundup 3- West

Friday TOON Roundup 4- The rest-

Lottery privatization: As Pennsylvania continues to gray, money will be needed for seniors

Happy Birthday Thomas Jefferson

Wisconsin Update, the plot thickens~

Massachusetts man gets 17-1/2 years in prison for aiding al Qaeda

National Day of Reason

The Morning Plum: Seeing through GOP spin on Hilary Rosen `controversy’

Obama’s Secret Plan To Destroy The Second Amendment By 2016

Do Republican women have Stockholm Syndrome?

Well I certainly think that Mittens might be in an uphill battle

Ex-ALEC Chair Berates Woman — ‘I’m Not Speaking In Little Enough Words For You To Understand’

Allen West: I didn't call Congressional Democrats communists, I called them communists!

FIRST CASE in nation charging violation of SEXUAL ORIENTATION section of FEDERAL HATE CRIMES LAW

Why yes. Yes, I do plan to take the kid to the Three Stooges tonight...

Michelle, love, Beyonce

Ann Romney knew she'd never work from day one, that's the difference

"Titanic: JP Morgan Chase." This was the main headline on Huffpo and then

Obama Won’t Sign Executive Order Banning Gay Discrimination by Employers with Federal Contracts

How Did Mitt Romney Get So Obscenely Rich? Robert Reich Explains

the very best dog bones, imho.

Court Declares Public TV's Ban on Political Ads Unconstitutional

What is this REALLY all about?

Tattooed Love Boys - Pretenders

Foster Friess: 'I Hope Obama's Teleprompters Are Bulletproof'

Newark Mayor Cory Booker taken to hospital after rescuing woman from house fire

York city Schools have $19 million deficit - 90 positions to be cut, 2 schools to be closed

Three Tennessee Men Sentenced for Launching Mortar-Style Fireworks at African-Americans

London bans 'gay cure' ads from buses

Am I unusual, I've never met another atheist?

Gawker's "Death by Cute" videos, ecumenical (one each dog, cat)

Fuck you, I'm a dog!

Peak oil notes - April 12

Drumbeat: April 13, 2012

Drumbeat: April 13, 2012

Peak oil notes - April 12

Video released of the North Korean Missile Launch

The next time I see Mitt, I'm going to ask him...

Are Pro-Voucher Forces Using the PA. Legislative PRIMARIES to try to buy the Legislature???

The right to spread 'em - by Matt Bors

Oklahoma State Senator Justifies Need For ‘Open Carry’ Gun Law Due To Threat From Wild Turkeys

Millions Against Monsanto: The Food Fight of Our Lives

Romney's Lack Of Potential Running Mates

Santorum, Rmoney, Rick, and Cantor are speakers at NRA conference. Interesting but not

Corruption Is Responsible for 80% of Your Cell Phone Bill

Ailes: Newt can't come back to Fox

Anger over PA. school budget unites unions, school boards, administrators against Corbett

Ann's "choice" was chosen FOR her (most likely)

Pic Of The Moment: Romney To Visit NRA, Speak About His Lifelong Love Of Hunting And Firearms

The UN Embraces the Economics of Happiness

No-one posting about Survivor anymore? Okay here's my attempt for this week *with spoilers*

Blame legislative cuts for 'burden' of veterans

North Korea's ‘Big Lie’ era may be over as it admits to fiery rocket failure

Blame legislative cuts for 'burden' of veterans

Biden attacks the 'Romney Rule'

Case of man shot at 90 times on freeway 'tragic,' LAPD says

Vice President Bob McDonnell? Maybe!

Where were all the Happy-Hookers when I was on The Game?

GOP Mantras Equate Veterans Benefits With Welfare.

Rescued piglet befriends dog

Interesting PA. Senate Primary - Moderate Republican vs. Mining Baron

White House photo of the day, April 12, 2012 - pic

Funny Friday...

Axelrod To CNN: “She actually is your employee, not ours”

The Clan of the Red Beanie Stalks MLK, Sanity

Toronto Raptors Think Of Really Good Comeback 10 Minutes After Losing Game

White House releases Obama and Biden's tax returns

Hearing set for union complaint against grocery chain

To get your weekend started!

Northern Ireland: Inquiry into Catholic priest’s gay porn display hindered by laptop theft

We have an obligation in politics and public life, when someone says inappropriate things, to say so

The OccupyUSA Blog for Friday (April 13), With Frequent Updates

TDPS: Homophobic conservative doesn't like homophobia study

Congressional Wikipedia Vandal Timothy Hill Launches TN 3rd House Distrct Campaign Website

Did you know?

This Week in Poverty: Will Pennsylvania Rip Another Hole in the Safety Net?

Irrawaddy: UN Security Council hails Burmese by-elections

Vt. Governor Chased by 4 Bears in Backyard

Football players at Johnson High School in San Antonio stand up for bullied teens

Ever hear of Poon Lim?

The Invention of the American Football Helmet

US Consumer Sentiment Falls Below Forecasts In April, UMich Says

Cory Booker: On Saving A Woman From A Burning Building

Another blast from the past.

Its funny how that "choice" thing works.

Iranians Decry Double Standard Before Nuclear Talks

Apr 13, 2012 0600 UTC Day 2 Convective Outlook - NOAA

The True Horror of the 'Florence' Decision {strip search}


"TV's Frank" Conniff: "Not to be outdone by Cory Booker, Chris Christie just...

I was on the phones at KUHF for the pledge drive this morning...

Fill in the blank: I've 'Heard' 80 __________ Are _________ Members

Tough Choices- "You Tell' em Honey"

What Would Ronald Reagan Have Advised The GOP To Do Regarding The Buffett Rule?

Paul Iacono's Coming Out Interview (RJ Berger)

Ann Romney's nanny: "It's true that Ann Romney never worked a day in her life."

One Powerful Message From Hillary Clinton Regarding The War On Women

One example of Corbett's long history of protecting his political buddies

Finally! A baseball team many of us can be on!

OK, I admit it. I don't understand this chart.

Check out THIS ticklish kitty!

DU Album of the Day: Cake - "Fashion Nugget"

Exclusive: Iran Ships "Off Radar" As Tehran Conceals Oil Sales

You're on your own, kids.

Why are DUers buying into this crap about Iran from the corporate media?

New Hampshire Suspects Found Dead After Killing Police Chief in Shootout

California court says employers don't have to assure workers of lunch break.

Bernie Fine accuser fabricated story

Happy Birthday, Jefferson, You Traitor

42 years ago today

Titanic 2012

Money, drugs, guns and gangs: Child actors shame Mexico's politicians with mockumentary


I think CNN must offshore its closed captioning

Does it matter if Ann Romney has ever worked for a paycheck?

Sometimes your kids just don't turn out as you would like

Windfarms do not cause long-term damage to bird populations, study finds

Comment on the Bible

The real reason why Priayanka's dog does not like her......

Japan plans to restart reactors at Ohi nuclear plant

What's for Dinner? ~ Friday April 13th

If Health Insurance Mandates Are Unconstitutional, Why Did the Founding Fathers Back Them?

Corporate McPravda never mentions this anymore.

Baboons can learn to read.

Update on Dr. Kristin Neuhaus

Just for mim >>

US cancels food aid to North Korea: That'll teach Koreans who's the boss!

Irving Moskowitz, Controversial Backer Of Israeli Settlements, Gives $1 Million To Anti-Obama PAC

First Lady Michelle Obama visits Naval Air Station Jacksonville for a Joining Forces event - pics

Gun Control Poll: Most Americans Support Right To Use Deadly Force, Have Favorable View Of NRA

"Stand Your Ground"??

Welcome To GOP La La La La Land - When Will The Insanity End

retirees beware

It will be interesting tracking the nutty NRA meeting this week....

The Jefferson Lies: David Barton’s New Collection Of Whoppers

Brother: Kinkade relapsed into alcoholism

Romney: Obama administration has ‘emboldened’ North Korea

German greenhouse gas emissions off 2.1 pct in 2011

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, April 12, 2012 - pics

World War III

Poor Newt

Syrian Protesters Test Fragile Truce; 5 Killed

Fat FOX Fuck Roger Ailes Should be Placed on an Ice Floe and Sent Off to Sea

Can a hallucinogen from Africa cure addiction? (BBC)

CAIR-Michigan sues FBI, Customs over alleged 'invasive religious questioning'

Willard is gonna tell us 'bout huntin small varmints with assault rifles again?

Does anyone else see the hypocricy..

To all you Ann RMoney haters:

Woman Pays $10,000 for Pippa Middleton Butt Lift

Andrea Mitchell: "Hillary Rosen has been to (Obama's) house...his admin threw her under the bus"

RMoney running-mate suggestion:

Chinatown merchants demand answers after attack: Owner sees drug deals near shop

Waiting for mental health parity

Florida Dems release 'Sh** Allen West Says' video after 'communist' remarks

Obama donated 100% of his after-tax book proceeds to the Fisher House Foundation

President Obama *LIVE* (1:00et) Port of Tampa, Florida

Radio operators on the Titanic continued tapping out CQD(SOS) until the water was in the radio room

And another thing . . . .


Death Penalty, War On Drugs, Luxury Prisons, False Convictions & More (The Point)

Did Ann Romney ever criticize Rush

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau wants to reverse ban on high credit card fees

Psychologist Robert D. Hare, Ph.D. in his book "Without Conscience" poses the

Weightlifter shot when he drops dumbbell on bullet (or so he says)

Teenager concealed stop sign. Caused death. Gets 4 year sentence.

NYC's newest hero: Snackman (I love this guy)

Greed and classism never changes - John Hume the violinist on the Titanic.

WHY didn't the nasty comments about Michelle get this much attention in 2008?

My God It's full of Stars

What Republicans Once Were

Unintended acceleration study blames older women drivers

Layered Sediments in Danielson Crater, Mars

How I would respond to Ann Romney


I think there should be a rule that

Toni Morrison: "At some level, you know, it hurts. It really hurts."

Why (baseload) generators are terrified of solar

ARGH!! TN Senate Approves Bill To Warn Students That Hand-Holding Is A ‘Gateway Sexual Activity’

Romney to woo key conservative group at NRA event

Rays' Luke Scott: Fenway Park a 'dump'

Engineered stem cells seek out, kill HIV in living organisms

Q from 7 year old: Is it true that a new ice age...

Vespa the dog

Obama releases tax return in challenge to Romney

India set to test a new long-range rocket next week


Dear media: Stop playing along with fake controversies

The Eagle has landed

Dodgers sale approval on court's calendar for Friday afternoon

Mike Thompson toon on Trayvon and the NRA

Love this short, sweet, to the point donation plea email from Biden:

How Earthly life could populate space by panspermia

I am truly pissed off at Obama and the dems over the Hillary Rosen/Ann Romney thing

Niceness is in Your DNA, Scientists Find

Anyone here interested in the Circleville OH

Nine planet solar system found, with room to grow

“President Obama supporting women’s rights: it shouldn’t make me cry, but it does"

Hillary Rosen's Comments Were Spot On

Catholic group criticizes Paul Ryan

Flash mob shows up to serenade GE

Push Button To Add Drama

Vermont governor chased by 4 bears in backyard

Another Setback for North Koreans: Their Johnny Rockets Franchise Falls Into Ocean

As Reactors Age, the Money to Close Them Lags

Walter Williams slams the left wing with racist column full of falsified news reports

Newt Gingrich rents donor list to raise cash

NC lawmakers still holding up $4 million in funds for early voting and poll training

Teen girl saves 25 horses from stable fire

And you thought your relationship was complicated...

For once old Morning Joe is correct.

Thousands of Alabama nursing home patients about to be thrown to the street

Secret prisons in Europe, finds EU special committee

How do we email Rosen to let her know that we support her? nt

BREAKING: New Information Answers John Doe Question; Reveals Scott Walker Was Solely Responsible for

Thom Hartmann: There are No Communists - but a Heck of a lot of Fascists in Congress!

Ann Romney has Never Worked a day in her Life

Gulf states schedule special meeting over Iran-UAE island dispute

Pete Hoekstra: The LILY LEDBETTER Fair Pay Act, "That THING is a NUISANCE."

Trayvon Martin's Mother Talks to Bill O'Reilly (video)

Oregon’s Union Membership Has Actually Grown Since the Recession Began

Iowa GOP proposes drug testing child support recipients

Fresno Construction Company Ordered to Restore $500,000 to 401K Profit-Sharing Plan

Online primer to Einstein's theories....WOW

Tricky D and the Rabbit Trick!

Murder, Hate Crime Charges in Tulsa Shootings

I'm looking to improve my understanding about economic issues.

Cannibalizing the Future: Krugman SKEWERS Christie

I'm a stay-at-home-mom

Thom Hartmann: Lee Fang Exposes Shadow Lobbyist's ''Ending Spending''

The absence of news that used to be hot and heavy in news cycles heavily suggests propaganda

Medicine and Placebos

The rethugs will milk this Rosen comment as the dumb a** media follows them. Thugs are at the NRA

Want to see something that will LIFT YOUR SPIRITS? The "issue" here is elderly care.

President Obama arrives at Tampa International Airport in Tampa, Florida - pics

Why the GOP needs a "war on religion" (by Tina Dupuy, editor of "Crooks & Liars")

Minnesota Fair Trade Urges President Obama not to Green Light Columbia Free Trade Agreement

*sigh* AnnRomney addresses the NRA in non sequiturs. And Heeeeere's Mittens!

Breath-taking climate denial nonsense, this time aimed at NASA

President Obama tours the Port of Tampa in Florida - pics

It is painful listening to Mitt.

It's Your Campaign: A Contest

LA police fire 90 rounds at fleeing, unarmed teen

I gotta admit

If you love Jesus

Minnesota Fair Trade Urges President Obama not to Green Light Columbia Free Trade Agreement

Compared to Others, My Unemployed Ass is Doing Well, and I Acknowledge That

A-Rod hits #630; ties Griffey


Reminder: Cell phones do not cause cancer, nor do radio waves make you sick.

'Miracle' baby found alive after 12 hours in morgue

U.S. tests rare legal path in financial crisis cases

Would people not be talking about Ann Romney so much if she had works 5 previous jobs?

In general which political party do you believe the corporate media as an institution

Once Upon a Time on TV, there were News shows and Opinion/Talk shows.

Jayson Williams released from jail

Mitt Romney makes Kerry look down to Earth

Pakistani sentenced in U.S. for aiding militant group

Romneys speech.

Nicolle Wallace has been chug-a-lugging the Romney MomGate Kool-Aid out of the BIG jug. WINNING!

Judge in George Zimmerman case offers to recuse herself

(GOP-led) House panels turn budget ax to automatic cuts

…And he's gone!

Michael Moore tweets a link to DU thread about Ann Romney's nanny.

Times of London Sued in Hacking Scandal

Facepalm of the day: Bigfoot hunters in Kentucky hope to save 'beast'

Population growth isn't really our problem

The media is comprised of mostly yapping incompetents...

Romney promises to let corporations run the country as they see fit

It's the Joe Biden stump speeches that I want to see

Bin Laden's widows to be deported from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia next week

"The Koch Brothers are killing me and my family."- Norma Thompson, Crossett, Arkansas

The rise of atheism in America

CAIR-Michigan sues FBI, Customs over alleged 'invasive religious questioning'

hey GOP: if Obama owns every comment by every Democrat anywhere...

Outlining the Senate Six: Democrats on Defense

i wasnt aware OPs disappeared anymore, with a du of transparency.

Henri 2, Paw de Deux

Gingrich wants to take away the guns of the 51st state!

Pregnant shooter will compete in London Olympics

Massachusetts:Joseph Kennedy III Raises $1.3 Million in First Quarter

Foster Friess says he hopes Obama's teleprompters are bulletproof.

Reel Characters. Post a Pic of a Totally Unique Movie Character.

House Republicans Draft Repeal of Dodd-Frank Resolution Powers

Goldman Sachs CEO gets $16.2 million pay package

Gallup: Americans Favor "Buffett Rule" by 60% to 37%

LA radio host confronted DWS over choosing Villaraigosa as (D) convention chair

CHART: House GOP Budget Cuts Taxes For The Rich, Raises Taxes On The Poor

westbound I-10 is backed up for miles between Benson and Willcox

US Officials: Drone Strikes Will Go on in Pakistan


Pakistan Demands an End to C.I.A. Drone Strikes

Dammit, this Ann Romney thing is bullshit

Saturday Nught Gleever Must see next week.

Thom Hartmann: Go to ''second chance on shoot'' now to sign up

What the hell is in the water today?

George Zimmerman expected to take the stand in Trayvon Martin murder case, legal observers say

Grocery Store Incense Making

Once again: "Evil will always win out over Good, because Good is dumb.": A rant...

History will be brought to life for witches project

Uh, oh; Apparently Big Jim thinks our FRiends aren't getting the message...

Morris Dancing and Mummer's Plays

Rick Scott . . . Ugh!

Mystery donor gives $10 million to Crossroads GPS group to run anti-Obama ads

I hope

Obama aides say Rosen shows president will take on friends

...Tea Party comes back to bite Republican Party in the a$$

Just came across a new movie trailer. The movie is called "God Bless America"

How Arkansas football coach Petrino gamed the system to hire his mistress at the university

Beltane -- Holiday Details and History

Let's not forget that Ann Romney's church excommunicated ERA supporters.

NY Times: Mammoth Lakes, Calif., Faces Bankruptcy


Bug questions.

Ann Romney had access to the best medical care $$ could buy. Her husband seeks to end care 4 women

SEVERE very SEVERE weather predicted Saturday. Could be a very dangerous rocky Saturday

oh dear, the "rude one" does Ann Romney....

Gallup: Americans Support The ‘Buffet Rule’ By 23 Points

Kuwait MPs (provisionally) okay death penalty for cursing god

Gas prices could head lower for summer

Obama likely paid higher tax rate than Romney in 2011

U.S. politics clash with reality over China currency

There's no tougher job in the world than being a Mom, except being a mom and having a job. (nt)

Wonder if he packs....????

The Bermuda Triangle of Severe Weather Patterns....

Need HELP with a computer problem....

Bending The Health Care Cost Curve: More Than Meets The Eye?

Roger Ailes: Soledad O'Brien Was 'Named After A Prison'

Is HHS serious about controlling insurance premiums?

Rosen Uproar Is A Distraction From Policies That Hurt Women's Economic Opportunities

Politicians Bears Should Eat

Photo of Muslim woman in a niqab holding up bra sparks protest at Canada university.

Why Romney has been picked

An Oklahoman Apologizes for Oklahoma's Politicians

Muhammad cartoon attack trial begins in Denmark

Your Turn, Mitt

Israel expected to block 'flytilla' of international Palestinian sympathisers

A shock tactic gone too far? New ad shows seniors simulating sex positions to promote condom use.

This is a test. Nothing to see here.

Papantonio: Who’s REALLY To Blame For High Gas Prices?

A Day in Our Shoes - Homeless LGBT Youth

Focus On The Family - Religious Freedom Amendment In Colorado - Would Unleash Mayhem

Office Space stapler guy is on Tweety

Whistle-Blower Claiming Visa Fraud Keeps His Job, but Not His Work

A four-run eighth so far...

Happy Friday Afternoon Challenge, DUers: “Manly Pursuits!”

TV Nation - Newt & Mike Save America

Comfort Food.

Bernie Fine accuser: I was told to lie

Comparing Castro and Hitler?

Obama says Air Force One travel is ‘not my choice' in sharp exchange

Guys & Gals, I Hereby Present to You the Next Democratic Vice President of these United States

Fact: Ann Romney hasn't been a stay-at-home Mom for over a decade....if not longer

Romney Wades Back In To Contraception Fight — With Key Omissions

German man claims his rights were violated by a ban on sleeping with his sister

The Mitt Romney Gun Photo Challenge. Win a DU T-Shirt!

3rd agency lowers San Jose's credit rating

Hot weather is coming (here?) Post UR favorite tuna salad recipe & any unusual ingredients

RimJob throws another tantrum.

A stealth year for the Royals? >>

Mitt Romney plays to NRA interests in bid to win over conservative base

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake participates in NO H8 photoshoot

Nazis get their own lobbyist on Capitol Hill

Ann Romney's "shout out to working Moms" @ Mitt's NRA speech made me throw up in my mouth a little

How many jobs did Mitt Romney create this year?

The Campaign to Privatize the World

A technically purer definition of Ann Romney

Muskies (and walleye) are confused by the weather, and so is the DNR

Bernie Sanders: Stop the Nuclear Industry Welfare Program

Sixteen Reasons to Take Celery Seriously

Chemical Warfare: The US Military's Pill Addiction

What is your most basic, visceral gut feeling about Mitt Romney?

D.C. seems stuck in another age – a Latin Am. country serving as a model is beyond its comprehension

I've been trying to figure out who Zimmerman's attorney Mark O'Mara sorta reminds me of

That's quite a stretch Mr. President

(Jerry Brown, Calif.) Governor tells lawmakers to 'man up'

Why is Willard Rmoney afraid to file his tax returns

Mitt Romney files for extension on 2011 taxes

Weekend Economists in "Perpetual Anticipation" April 13-15, 2012

U.S. Ramps up Aid to Syrian Opposition

Mrs. R was a stay-at-homes Mom

Apparently, Maxwell House thought having an idiot savant in their commercial was a good idea

Abortion is key US political flashpoint as laws tighten

Does any of this relentless Hilary Rosen bashing from both the right and the left

Catholic League upset about 'nunkini' in Three Stooges movie

42 of the 43 US Presidents are related--You guessed wrong...

Severe weather in Oklahoma now

The backstory on this photograph dates to January...

Taxpayers to make money on TARP, Treasury says

Words from the front.

Do Big-Box Stores Help Create Hate Groups? Study Says Yes

Discovered an interesting magazine today

Bogus Issue

Andrew Vachss is one of my favorite authors.

Interesting Decision to be made ...

In honor of Friday the 13th Helen Humes sings Unlucky Woman

Another editorial In the DMN: Assimilation and Tolerance

Yeah, right !

I'm curious as to why Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has had a make-over

Helen Humes gets high as she could be when they raided the joint.

Falklands open to UN referendum to decide whether Islanders want to remain British

Obama Likely Paid Higher Tax Rate Than Romney in 2011

K&R if you like Obama!

Charitable giving by presidential candidates: A quiz

The investigaton I want to see...

This morning, I sat through independent audit and chart review.

The border war: dumb disintegrates to exponential idiocy

GD is stealing our thunder.

Newtie's such a genius: United Nations should adopt treaty giving everyone on earth gun rights

Obama paid a lower tax rate than his secretary, White House confirms

Matt Cain pitched a one-hit complete home opener for the Giants

America ... a view from Australia

Spring has sprung. What is your favourite flavour of ice cream? I like orange sherbet and pralines &

I can't stand it! I am so excited about my 50th birthday!

"Coons" became "goons" and is now "punks"...look, it's right here in the prosecutor's affidavit.

According to the Right, You Are Afraid of Ann Romney!

Roger Ailes: Named because he made his folks puke like they went out drinking upon his birth.

I Met Rep. Dennis Kucinich Last Night In Seattle

What's your Buffet number? Calculate how many millionaires paid less tax than you.

What is your latest technological purchase? I just bought a new hand held dvd player. I know,

VIDEO: "He considers himself one of Zimmerman's closest friends. He is certain he is not a racist."

Only two women tonight with Bill Maher: He on Rachel's show - and Kim Campbell on his

Wolf BLitzer is an ass

Post your dream Friday News Dump:

(Anonymous) BPAS hacker jailed for 32 months

Brilliant! Mitt Romney revives Republican war on birth control

Political Scientist: Congressional Republicans Most Right-Wing In 100 Years

Hubble Captures First Pictures of Auroras on Uranus

President Obama arrives at Cartagena de Indias, Colombia - pics

I will never watch Wolf Blitzer again.

Quandary: "Casablanca" vs "Brother Where Art Thou?"

Omaha Steve yard signs started going up tonight!

Nebraska governor rejects prenatal care funding for illegal immigrants

Ryan Leaf formally charged with 4 felonies

U.S. House to try again to advance Keystone pipeline

Do you have anything I can grill?

"Bright Roofs, Cool World"

Do you know why we have elections? Really have elections?

I have a somewhat less than bold prediction to share.

Ladies and Gentlemen: How to make a Woo Woo!

Budget crisis over! DOJ giving bonuses to state workers! Yeah!!!

The Real Hilary Rosen Scandal: Does Her Firm Sell Access To The White House To Powerful Corporations

Question about the Ann Romney issue and working moms.

Obama to Colombia to Boost US Exports

President Obama: Romney claim about women job loss is "bogus"

34 year old Man receives 50 years for possession

This Boogeyman Gets Paid to Scare You

Forecasters say Saturday storms 'life threatening'

(NLRB) News: Pilot program will consolidate offices in Regions 10 and 11 and Regions 14 and 17

Is It Too Much to Ask of Our Leaders to Put America First? Leave Us Out of Another Middle East War

Romney Wins Some Votes, If Not All Hearts, At NRA Meeting

Bill Moyers and Michael Winship: The Rich Are Different from You and Me – They Pay Less Taxes

CCOKC-Child Celebrities Opposing Kirk Cameron

Personally, I think Ann Romney insulted all working parents.

Bill Nye Wants Your Help to Save Our Science

For Big Companies.. Life Is Good..

State Agency May Publicize Detailed Information About Abortion Patients

Sally Struthers wants to help you get fit

Easy CNN Comment Form. Trash Wolf

Dude, did we wake you?

Friday Talking Points (206) -- "Mommy Wars" Versus "War On Women"

Brandstad appointee rejected

Somebody tell the radio-causes-cancer nuts some basic physics.

Corey looks courageous, savvy in Trayvon Martin case so far

Venezuela's Chavez set for more Cuba cancer treatment

Health care plans - Is a 9.9% increase for all forms of plans coincidental?

Video shows aggressive arrest by MPD in downtown Milwaukee

4 people on this jury apparently does not get sarcasm.

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Too Sexy For This Show & a new

Arabs hot for Israeli porn

Ozzie Guillén and Fascism in Miami

Rachel diagramming rmoney's speech/sentences @ NRA!!!

Looks like a bad weekend on the way -- be safe and well, Oklahoma DUers

Another Friday, another $2 Billion spent on Afghanistan ($800 Million of it borrowed).

Hulk Hogan sells waterfront estate for $6.2 million

Obama Drops the Hammer on Mitt Romney’s Lies

Seeking cheap therapy:)

I just had to turn off Rachel Maddow.

The OFA will call on the LGBT community, what I found at an OFA last night

Question About French Eating Habits/Diet vs. Americans

Ann Romney and raising children:

A Golden Takin takes care of her one-day-old offspring - pics

Freeper: Romney "means well...any damage he does will be (a) less and (b) an unintended consequence"

Happy Friday the 13th!

The DUzy Awards for Friday, April 13th, 2012

Hey GOP assholes? Got a medical license? No? Then stop legislating stupid shit on women

American Nazi Party registers a lobbyist in Washington D.C.

Fun Facts About the 11 “Greatest Books for Kids”

Forecasters say Saturday storms 'life threatening'

Democrats hope to dethrone Rep. Steve King in Iowa

Who is the most underrated or underappreciated actor today?

Guess who is building the largest average houses? (Hint, not the US)

I just excused myself from a jury...

Le PUE doesn't get it

Challenge accepted.

Anyone other than me sick of all the 'cat' threads that get posted in GD?

Why I love the New Yorker...

White House photo of the day, April 13, 2012 - pic

I'm thinking this photo might be photoshopped

Any Shameless fans?

SF businessman backs out of “I believe you, Zimmerman” merchandising: it’s “disgusting”

U.S. Secret Service agents recalled from Colombia for seeking hookers.

TYT: Pathetic - Wolf Blitzer Scolds Hilary Rosen Over Ann Romney On CNN

UCLA Develops Stem Cells That Kill HIV in Mice

No Checks Please...

AZ's abortion law & My wistful advice to fellow Pro-choicers

The 99% Spring is HERE! Olivia Wilde, Penn Badgley, & Zoe Kravitz ask: Are you in?

Korean Rocket Blows Up: Is This What We Are Wasting All That Money to Protect Ourselves From?

3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . Prison!

Go ahead and shoot me but I'm going to say it

APNewsBreak: Secret Service agents sent home from summit amid allegations of misconduct

APNewsBreak: Secret Service agents sent home from summit amid allegations of misconduct

President Obama releases taxes - Mitt files extension

I think I'd be more into the whole jesus thing if only...

Made my day around 6:15 a.m.

Cuba: Intelligence agent returns to US probation after humanitarian visit with ailing brother

Cuba: Intelligence agent returns to US probation after humanitarian visit with ailing brother

A friend of mine recently died.

Gun Makes Men Look Taller And Stronger, Air Force Study Shows

Last Chance to PROVE you aren't a Fraidy-Cat!

Secret Service agents with Obama at summit relieved of duty

Progressive Discussion or Mutual Stroking Society? WillyT and I Want to Know!

Jan Brewer signs abortion ban defining pregnancy before conception

Ok so I'm thinking of getting pregnant. Does that make me pregnant in Arizona?

WTF will Democrats do?

Santorum in 2016?

Ozzie Guillen's comments hit home for Cuban-born Felo Ramirez

Introducing my new vehicle

'Vindictive and headline-hungry' Arpaio costs Maricopa County $775,000 in settlement

Gamesa Launches New Wind Turbine Designed For Low-Wind Sites

when you have lots of money, it is easy to be a stay at home mom

Three glasses of wine! I love you DU!!

Tuna linked to salmonella outbreak in 20 states

GOD DAMMITT THE HELL FUCK SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111

What upcoming movies are you excited to see?

I know, I know... our only choice is to starve them.

Ever have that "I'm not alone" in the shower feeling, like Psycho?

Angela Davis speaks on struggles of feminism

Rural Africa Looks Beyond the Grid

A night to remember:Thunderstorm shatters records (lightning strikes Golden Gate & Bay Bridge)- pics

UC Davis Guilty at All Levels in Student Pepper-Spraying Incident

New rule for Republicans -

Hinduism is a Way of Life, and Life tends to be Organised Chaos

SF Giants' Matt Cain lost perfect game to pitcher

jQuery would you center this on a page?

Pane Of Glass Falls on Boston Bruins Forward David Krejci

Shea Weber slams Zetterberg's head into glass

Ugghhh...another right wing little snot...

Who are the nicest and most obnoxious authors you've met ?

Wonder if she reached President Obama

Springtime in Hebron

Mitt Romney Files Extension For 2011 Tax Return

Anyone live in a condo flat? In a building? How much are your condo fees each month?

Anybody use Windows vista? Have they ironed out the bugs? Is it as smooth as xp?

Here's an atheist with a sense of humor.

Romney Wild Eyed Hysterical And Hateful - No Where Man

2.15 Billion for a bankrupt company ?

Check In Here If You Support Mandatory GMO Labeling

Trying to find the name of a guitarist

Buying Land? Are you familiar with Real Estate ...?

Double Dutch dog goes viral: Amazing skipping hound never misses a beat

Pin setters

If you had to fly to somewhere for dinner one night where would it be? Right about now I'd go to

Secret Service scandal rocks Obama trip

In Defense of Ozzie Guillen: Cuban-Americans Have Held US Policy Hostage Long Enough

What's with ads showing up below search text boxes?

Christians are being persecuted, says former archbishop of Canterbury