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Archives: April 12, 2012

Deadly shooting revives concerns about USC's neighborhood

Reincarnate Rinpoche Taking Buddhism to Mongolia, Kalmykia

Ann Romney joined Twitter an hour ago.

Allen West's database on House Democrats' political affiliations

Kitteh toon - LOL

Celebrating Health Law, With a Poke At Romney

Zimmerman's Brother on Piers Morgan is a ScumBag

Caption this:

Who said it?: The President "is a complete menace to our civilization”

I wish I took comfort in prayer....

What to tell your conservative friends who don't like Romney

It's difficult to watch notorious bigot Roland Martin pontificate about bigotry on CNN

First Lady Michelle Obama Braves An Interview With Stephen Colbert - full segment video

jesus god, stop with the alerts!

What the media and the GOP have done to these people it comes! "News International braced as lawyer brings phone-hacking scandal to US

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Be sure to leave your underpants with someone you can trust.

6 Charged With Running Drug Ring From Bronx Day Care Center

In Mystery of Hawk Deaths, Rat Poison Emerges

Is nuclear power industry poised to repeat 'managerial disaster'?

Post-ABC News poll shows drop in Republican support for Afghan war

Liberal vs Conservative (Photo)

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Wednesday, April 11)

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Wednesday, April 11)

NanceGreggs: TO: Rick 'Down-in-Flames, Bwahahaha!' Santorum

Has anyone double checked Allen West's wife yet to make sure that she's not Angela Lansbury?

Okay, this Doc is scaring me to the extreme...

Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins looks like the Bat-Boy from Weekly World News

i hope this rain keeps up

Hilarious, a water-spitter picture if ever there was one.

In March, Zimmerman's new attorney said "Stand Your Ground" is called "License to Murder" statute

48% of Chicken in Small Sample Has E. Coli

We need a new updated teaparty version of "All In The Family"

Mitt Romney Also Attacked On Women's Issue By Ted Kennedy's '94


Zimmerman's gated community

FERC Takes Aim at Barclays Over Power Market Manipulation.

The US is quite willing to work with brutal dictators when it needs a favour

Another way of knowing! Voodoo Sex Cult!

Woman continues fight against Missouri Medicaid ambulance provider

Did anyone ever save that list of translations of common science article phrases/

2 USC students from China fatally shot off campus

Slavery lingers in Western prisons

'When God Talks Back' To The Evangelical Community

BFI has footage of first known male-to-male television kiss – featuring Sean Connery

Shades of awesome! Rick Santorum portrait made entirely from gay porn

¯\_(./)_/¯ Can you see this emoticon?

Can you name a baby animal that isn't adorable?

M6.9 - Santa Isabel, Mexico

102 Things NOT to do if you're against taxes

In Colombia, Obama to face pressure on Cuba, drugs

In Colombia, Obama to face pressure on Cuba, drugs

What Americans Fear vs. What American Should Fear

Drug-Resistant Bacteria Found in 4-Million-Year-Old Cave

Symantec Reports Mac Flashback Infections Falls to 270,000

"Protect the unborn...

US discusses possible buffer zone for Syria

TOS and Free Republic?

There's a god for that!

Willie Nelson Statue to Be Erected in Austin

Iceland's volcanoes may power UK

Perry tells fundraiser crowd he’s running in 2014

PM: Turkey may invoke NATO’s Article 5 over Syrian border fire

Captain Diabeetus (MLP: FiM)

Jets Worry Tim Tebow Will Be Distracted By Wild New York Churchlife

Perhaps the most insane column from the Tuscaloosa News ever

Rockwall teacher fired for out-of-wedlock pregnancy

What fetishes is your city known for?

Robert Scheer: You’re on Your Own, Kids

Albertsons LLC to Close 13 Florida Stores

Not just a "fake" Democrat, but a wayward one, too

Amy Goodman: The Long, Hot March of Climate Change

Romney's "Reaching out to Santorum" is so damn creepy

US to share BP Gulf spill documents

Wealth Defense Industry: The Real Reason America's Oligarchs Can Squeeze the Rest of Us

Bisexual in a Small Town: How My Family Helped Me Deal

Deep Breath: George Zimmerman deserves justice.

U.S. to give BP evidence on size of Gulf oil spill

Fox fires Gawker mole

Mitt Romney pointing at things

What’s inside a school lunch burger? 26 ingredients, and only one is meat

Judge: Internal police probes private

The Anniversary of Romneycare

Chuck Grassley Tweets "President Obama Is Stupid"

Morning All

Romney Ends Primaries in Historically Weak Position

Massive 90,000 square foot home up for sale

Argentine 'miracle' baby found alive after death declaration and 10 hours in morgue

Amazon to Cut E-Book Prices, Shaking Rivals (making Amazon a Monopoly)

Things that don't belong together

Obama campaign salutes anniversary of Romney's health care law

Are wingnuts crazier than they used to be? No, but they are all concentrated in one party now.

As the Future looms, Big Jim lays down the Law to our FRiends...

Why There Are Many More Swing Voters Than You Think

Vice President Biden to Attack "Romney Rule" on Taxes

I want to make a prediction right now. I bet it will come out

I am getting ready to plant white clover. Any hints or suggestions? For now, I am planting in my

North Korea Nuclear Test: How Will We Know? What Could Happen?

Michelle Obama at the Joining Forces Anniversary Event

Xpost from LBN: Justice Dept pursuit of e-publishers on price fixing may make Amazon a monopoly

SYG was the reason Zimmerman was not initially arrested and why he won't face 1st degree murder

The OccupyUSA Blog for Thursday (April 12), With Frequent Updates

Why Economic Populism Is a Winning Strategy for Obama

If Obamacare Is Struck Down, These Americans Are in Trouble

Forget Jobs, Romney Blames Obama For Even Larger Women's Losses

Obama admin: No ENDA exec order on fed non-discrimination ‘at this time’

Zimmerman's Tragedy: He Bought into the Gun Culture Myths...

The Maddow Doctrine: We Need to Make War Hard Again

Trumka ‘Personally Outraged’ by Obama-Backed JOBS Act

Two Missouri principals accused of not reporting violence

Could you make gasoline from whale oil? Just a hypothetical question.

foreclosures slow as pipeline keeps backing up

Who gets to be "French"? Two views of "French-ness".

What meltdown? Broker bidding wars are back

ETA News Release: Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (04/12/2012)

Why Republicans need a war on religion, columnist Dupuy points out

Gay worker claims Facebook "like" got him fired

Deportation Video Wins White House Contest, But Disappears From Winners List

Lloyd's On Arctic Oil Rush: "Unique And Hard-To-Manage Risk"; "Inadequate" Macondo Response A Model

HUGE MISS: Initial Unemployment Claims Surge To 380K

Decade-Long Study Shows Warming World Helps, Then Stunts Vegetation Growth

The "Reagan Rule"

NW Michigan Cherry Crop Takes Hit After Record-Busting March; 50-70% Of Fruit Lost In Hard Freeze

Karl Rove Group That...Blames Obama For Rising Gas Prices Was Bankrolled By Top Oil Speculator

LGBT High School Opens in Phoenix

(powerful video) Obama celebrates Massachusetts' 'Romneycare'

Importing illegal immigrants – into private Georgia prisons

is maine for sale

Itamar's Jewish Shepherds Attacked by Arabs

Gingrich Urges Romney To Drop Out So He Can Focus On General Election

Don't fuck with nature (oldies but goodies)

Man Pays For Pizza With Meth By Mistake

Jobless claims move in the wrong direction

After Taint Of Drugs, Colombia Reinvents Itself

Israeli settlers, Palestinians skirmish near Itamar

If Obamacare Is Struck Down, These Americans Are in Trouble

Major Leagues: Team Obama Outmaneuvers Romney On Women

CBS Radio (Via WZLX) Axl Rose Rejects Rock Hall Induction in Open Letter

Faith-Based voting . . . (Michael Connell)

Analysts: Gas prices may have peaked

Alcohol sharpens the mind, research finds

Rationalist under threat of arrest for exposing the “Jesus Water Miracle”

nytimes: N.R.A. Campaign Leads to Expanded Self-Defense Laws

Arctic oil rush will ruin ecosystem, warns Lloyd's of London

Obama Campaign Celebrates 'Romneycare' Anniversary

David Barton Lies About Who was Burning Whom at the Stake

Calling Captain Obvious: Teen Pregnancy highest in abstinence only states

monsanto knowingly poisoned workers causing birth defects

Kurt Vonnegut: Best quotes

HopeHoops always found a way to be the center of attention in the photo......

Pet insurance. How has it, and which company(s) do you recommend?

What's happening with our pinned threads?


No Investigation Into Anchorage Gay Ordinance Vote

Let the lounge effect be felt on DU juries

This sign explains the GOP's problems.

Attorney Prepares To File Challenge Of Protest Candidates

These people scare me

White House kills hope of non-discrimination executive order

Bernhard Goetz (re: George Zimmerman)

40% of speakers at ArabNet are women

Growth of Income Inequality Is Worse Under Obama than Bush

Soviet Communism’s Collapse Left America’s Far Right Without a Real Foe

PA legislators who are members of ALEC: Keystone Progress is naming names

Geraldo: Zimmerman "thought he was being a hero. His crime, if it is a crime, is manslaughter."

Trayvon Martin's mom says it was an accident

Gagarin's Falsified Flight Record

U.S. Latin America growing more distant

Task Force Report Critical Of Police, Administrators In UC Davis Pepper-Spraying

German incest couple lose European Court case

"Obama beat a 48-term war hero Senator and his flag pin of a running-mate. Were you alive then?"

US tops global clean energy investment rankings

Foster Friess Uses Gun Reference To Describe Anti-Obama Campaign

Huntington's disease 'lowers' cancer risk

Kaffir lily. A beautiful plant with a derogatory name.

A little science humor.

It's morning in Romney world

Suspect in Martin Case to Appear in Court

Texting Guy Walks Into Giant Bear

Soliciting Advice re: A Rumor About Me

If chimps can demonstrate morality, why can't republicans?

Ann Romney Never Worked A Day In Her Life, Misogynist Tweeter

My little ones LOVE when Poppy (my dad) comes to town...

The Toxicity Of Religious Belief Systems

The Republican 'War on Women' Is Real

Is the education industry overbuilt? With the elimination of jobs that will never be replaced

Took 45 days to arrest Zimmerman. Where do you think he has been?

Trooper, motorist: Mysterious object fell from sky

WSJ: School Vouchers Gain Ground

Good News! US -- biggest investor in clean energy in 2011

Hedge Fund Millionaire For Higher Taxes: I was at the WH supporting Pres. Obama and the Buffett Rule

Could this explain the attack on public workers and unions?

I'd like to point out Romney is a one-time governor just like Sarah Palin

Too Many Guns...

Newt Gingrich: 'CNN is less biased than Fox News'

Romney Balances Ticket with Very Poorest Man in US

Justice Department To Sue Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio Over Civil Rights Abuses

"Bring justice to his sweet family..."

6 Years Ago: Heritage Foundation Praised Romneycare For Building ‘Patient-Centered’ Health Care Mark

I like it!

Bigotry’s High Tide Mark (far right anti-immigrant fringe in full retreat)

Vermont Yankee: A Nuclear Battle Over States’ Rights

Understanding Statins - The People's Pharmacy

Krugman: The Mendacity Is The Message

to good not to post

Proposed ERIC Law for the Bible Belt States:

New discussion thread for Martin case (Zimmerman charged)

LOL! Newt Gingrich: Fox Is Biased And In The Tank For Romney

It was a circus, one in which -- for long stretches -- the clowns took center stage

I'm not a judge, but if I WERE, I'd set Zimmerman's bail at 800 gajillion dollars.

GAME TIME! Movie Trivia. I'll start by naming an actor and movie that actor was in with another

Man Finally Put In Charge Of Struggling Feminist Movement

The National Police Misconduct Statistics and Reporting Project - needs YOUR input

to good not to pass on

Pic Of The Moment: Thrice-Married Ethically-Challenged Washington Insider Explains Primary Loss

Eric Alterman: Bruce Springsteen's Political Voice

Mother Jones: Kevin Drum debunks Romney's claim on 92.3% women's' job loss

My impressions of George Zimmerman

Ann Romney: "Mitt and I have compassion for people who are struggling..."

What's for Dinner? ~ Thursday April 12th

White House photo of the day, April 11, 2012 - pic

I really enjoy Michael Ruhlman's Blog; a foodie and an author....


4/12/1865 - "The Furling of the Flags"

Abortion options fade in South

New York Times: Lenders Again Dealing Credit to Risky Clients (!)

"Fox Mole": How Sean Hannity Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Teleprompters

Ziggy Marley

Could George Zimmerman's phone, email and or forum postings have been tapped? Could a judge issue...

Glen Greenwald: The man the State Dept. wants silenced

Dear Mitt Romney,

Joe Klein: Ryan Budget Savings are Unreal!

Bloomberg Opinion headline, wtf? "Frack Freely But Disclose Chemicals Put Into the Ground" - Wow.

Auditor General Jack Wagner and Pa. Young Democrats Endorse Tim Holden

A Note to Ann Romney....

Jesus Is...

Syria’s minorities unite against Assad

How Come People Who See UFO's Nowadays See Black Traingles and Not Typical Flying Saucers?

Top Dems distance themselves from Hilary Rosen. DNC: she doesn't work for us

Young Afghan Girl & American Soldier-Hold Hands: "tranquility and peace, that is what we fight for"

Victim's Rights

If the Ann Romney stay-at-home-mom thing continues

Who (else) is celebrating National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day, and how?


DU Album of the Day: "Sports" Huey Lewis and the News

Papantonio: Maybe Justice Works In Florida

Curious cat gets attacked by fish

(27 Jan) Installing Mitt : The Republican Party is scoring an own goal.

Is there anything more groan-inducing than internal corporate PR?

One of the funniest Daily Show clips ever....Bro-Choice

Thursday TOON Roundup 1- Wash that Santorum away!

Thursday TOON Roundup 2- Naked and without healthcare

Impeachable Offense? -NJ Governor Chris Christie fell asleep during The Boss' big concert

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- Zimmerman and Gun lobby

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- West and the rest

Greece bartering system popular in Volos (alternative currencies)

Controversy Deepens Over Pesticides and Bee Collapse

Remember "The Mighty Heroes?"

Web Piracy Bills ‘Dead’ in U.S. From Lobbying, Dodd Says

Guess what, Ann?

A bill of rights for dolphins: They're so smart we must treat them as 'non human persons'

What Kinkade buyers should know...WAPO Consumer Alert

I think the Jerky Boys are writing Mitt's material...

Trudeau ‘brilliant’ while Harper full of ‘illusions,’ says Fidel Castro

To Ann Romney: Where was the respect for your husband's church member's choice?

?Do Ann & Mitt Agree With Their Advisors & Think Women Who Express Sexuality Are "Alleycats" Or Not?

A lingering question from the NCAA tournament ... what the hell does "Rock Chalk Jayhawk" mean?

Push On For 'Little Audrey's' Sainthood (article and video)

They are NOT entitlements. They are annuities and health insurance that we have paid into!!!

big surprise: Afghanistan Poll: Majority Of Republicans No Longer Support War

Thinning hair in senior woman (this one!)

Biden: Al Franken Is A “Leading Legal Scholar”

Silvio Berlusconi paid €127,000 to witnesses in trial

Update: World Financial Center in New York being evacuated because of suspicious package

MI6 anti-terrorism officials' phone call is recorded and leaked on internet

Got a new Samsung Infuse smart phone.

Tennessee Getting More Stupid Every Day On Sex Education.

Clinton Ignores Hold, Approves Humanitarian Aid for West Bank and Gaza

Where Are the Pro-LGBT Religious Voices in Mainstream Media?

It's not enough for corporations to quit ALEC - we should demand that

Inside Foxconn: Exclusive look at how an iPad is made

151 years ago the Civil War started at Fort Sumter....

Really? - The Ann Romney Wars?

Romney would be impressed!

Girls’ Attitudes About STEM Careers: Similarities and Differences Among Race/Ethnic Groups

Once re-elected, I hope Obama gives a major speech about everything Reagan did wrong

Tennessee's Republican State Leg. Abstinence Guidelines warns Schools/Students about Hand Holding!

Hey, climate change deniers...

Met police 'showed poor judgment' in hiring former News of the World deputy

Sisters Under the Skin

Foster Friess: I Hope Obama's 'Teleprompters Are Bulletproof'

Confrontation with Airport Security

Suggestions for Green Bay area restaurants?

George Soros: eurozone crisis has entered a 'more lethal phase'

China's internet users temporarily blocked from foreign websites

The phrase for the day is "penis-shaped dumplings". Modify any thread title to include the phrase.

The makers of Skittles (Mars) supports ALEC - the source for Stand Your Ground!

Did the ancient Greeks and/or Romans have a written canon comparable to the Bible?

The 2012 Rock and Roll HOF Inductees ..or "Where the Hell is (FITB)"

I comes with 2 sub woofers

"Ann Romney to Hilary Rosen: My career choice was motherhood"

cute picture

Trayvon Mom on Yahoo news - "I believe it was an accident..."

Santorum Says He Dropped Out Because He Ran Out of Money

What Is Science? From Feynman to Sagan to Asimov to Curie, an Omnibus of Definitions

Spread the knowledge: Voices of #Occupy (part 3) | Mickey Z.

Rome prosecutors link Vatican cleric to 29-year mystery of missing girl

Georgia Negro Weeps Open-Eyed at the Death of President Roosevelt

Catholic Bishops Urge ‘Campaign’ for Religious Freedom

Religious Leaders Slam Ryan For Using Catholic Faith To Justify Cutting Programs That Help The Poor

Activists accuse BP of 'cutting corners' in Gulf oil spill clean-up

Ask the card-carrying socialists: Is Obama one of them?

Thom Hartmann: There are a lot more of us than there are of them...

ACLU, NAACP will sue over Pennsylvania voter-ID law

What fetishes is taterguy known for?

Iran's nuclear programme: legal debate stirs over basis for US or Israeli attack

Romney is an: 'abortionist, homosexualist, socialist, mandate loving, constitution trampling liar'

Group demands Zimmerman's gun permit be yanked, again

Warning: Explosion unrelated to Chevy Volt fuels anti-Volt disinformation

Night of the long knives at Liverpool

Stay at home moms Do work harder than most, but Ann Romney did not

And you thought Fiorina's Demon Sheep Ad was Stupid?

Boat with $2 million in marijuana on board washes ashore in Palm Beach

TSA Officer Leaves Note In Passenger's Bag (After Finding Marijuana): "C'mon son"

Dear Mrs. Romney, because we've done nothing but shift wealth to the top 1% for the past 30 years

Zimmerman is a proven flight risk and should NOT be released on bail.

The Resident -- Are you ok with government spying on you?

"Greta Van Susteren Defends Hilary Rosen"(TPM/HuffPost)

EMTPY CHAIR... Working on the debate story from last night

$59.00 brunch anyone? For one?

Union super PAC unveils plans

It's Tax Season - Guess Who's NOT Paying Their Fair Share?

Well, they're bringing out Mrs G H W Bush on the Hilary Rosen statement.....

TYT: Attorney General Accused of Racism By Zimmerman Family

Romney Backer Under Fire For Involvement In Ancient Canine Cookout

River Red. Has anyone seen this movie?

John Edwards: Sigh! How could so many of us been so wrong.

New and Improved....Library of Congress

Inflation rising in 2012

US officials bar Pakistan lawyer from drone summit

Formal Zimmerman Arraignment set for May 29th

Those anti-wind-power rumors about wind turbines killing huge numbers of birds? BULLSHIT!

Would You Kill and Eat a Dog? Would You Embrace Someone Who Did? C'mon Mitt !!

The Truth About Poverty That You'll NEVER Hear On Fox News

Where does Rmoney pay his state taxes?

Funniest Santorum Cartoons and Pics

Favorite movies about real people?

What We Can Do About The Wealthy Folks Who Can't Be Bothered To Pay Taxes On April 15th

Anti-gay adverts on London buses blocked by Boris Johnson

How do I contact MIRT?

Former U.S. Officials Investigated for Recieving Payments to Promote a Designated Terror Group

Bill Moyers' Powerful Call To Occupy Your Mind

Rosen apologizes to Ann Romney

Calif high court rules in lunch break labor case

Michigan 6th District has a candidate to run against Fred Upton

D5100 in the field

Vote Walker Out

GAME TIME! Ohiosmith Trivia. I'll start by saying Ohiosmith and you make up a story about him

Texas Christian school fires unwed pregnant teacher

Mark O Mara seems to be halfway decent. What a wonderful change. He may not devolve into

Do You Live in a Bubble Quiz?

4 feet of hail in Texas? Reports, photos cause quite a storm

Trayvon Martin's mother just said she believes it was an 'accident,

UK in talks with Iceland over 'volcanic power link

Axl Rose Declines Rock Hall Induction: Singer Says Guns N' Roses Reunion Will Not Happen

Martin family releases statement clarifying earlier "accident" statement

If a conservative is not rude, can he be here?

Obama Moves to Settle 41 Tribal Trust Cases for $1 Billion


Michelle, Love, Beyonce

With West Focused On Iran, Netanyahu Moves To Expand Israeli Settlements

Ann Romney had Choices.....

Rush Limbaugh: Democrats ‘war on mothers’

Thom Hartmann: Thom Hartmann asks Paul Cameron if homophobes are gay?

Can you really say that being a stay home Mother is a career?

Johnny Damon to resurface in Cleveland

Michael Smerconish was being interviewed on MSNBC and made a statement that he's a gun owner

Glenn Beck Presents The First Address From His "Oval Office"

Selective outrage: Hilary Rosen vs. Allen West

Unanimous 6-0 decision to hide a post, even though...

Vice President Biden slams Romney's tax plan in New Hampshire speech

Richard Branson is a anti-union liar.

Calling TOTAL BULLSHIT on the Ann Romney/Hillary Rosen meme

Spain nun on trial over babies 'stolen' under Franco

Using republican philosophy...Did Ann Romney bargain her sexuality for food/shelter/security

Shine a Light on Music! (Help an educator with a Donors Choose project.)

YouTube reactivates parapolitics key witness' account

YouTube reactivates parapolitics key witness' account

How to Defeat a Twitter Addiction

What is your favorite string quartet? (the group name and not the music)

I wonder what would happen if we Dems just ignored all the Republican...

Calvin and the little fisherman

My neighborhood is looking a lot better today.

Picture of the day

Is religion responsible for our wars?

Memory 'trick' relieves drug cravings

Anybody else feeling some nostalgia for the early days of the Republican primary season?

Uribe formally accused of forming paramilitary group (U.S. ally, Colombian ex-pres.)

Uribe formally accused of forming paramilitary group

For those claiming that Ann Romney never worked a day in her life - simply not true

OBAMA SONG OFFICIAL VIDEO - Michael Franti and Spearhead

OBAMA SONG OFFICIAL VIDEO - Michael Franti and Spearhead

OBAMA SONG OFFICIAL VIDEO - Michael Franti and Spearhead

Thom Hartmann: The fate of the middle class is linked to the fate of organized labor

U.S. Indicts 1st Anti-Gay Hate Crime

You'll see this kid on DWS in a few years.

Does the scientific support cited by anti-gay campaigners add up?

Protesters Call For Tax Fairness At Oil CEO’s Home

Mormons are proud of Mitt Romney’s success but fear what comes next

Romney campaign strategy to narrow gender gap--'Mitt is a devoted husband and father'

How much would this email address be worth to you ??

Obama, Sarkozy discuss oil reserves

Regarding George Zimmermann...

4 feet of hail in Texas?

Palin PAC has yet to give to candidates

Gingrich Accuses Fox News of Bias

Trayvon in Tulsa?

Just saw this Motel 6 ad...

Of all of the Repuke candidates that said God wanted them to be president, which candidate is going

Republicans, and their women, cannot understand that

Mitt Romney's Maids' Salary Raises Questions

Foster Friess: I Hope Obama's 'Teleprompters Are Bulletproof'

Before we get too wrapped up in this Ann Romney flap...

What are these markings on Zimmerman's face?

TOS? An accurate, factual account of Greg Smith, lifting the lid on Goldman Sachs, by David Duke.

Felipe Calderon says Mexico, Cuba renewed ‘mutual affection’ during his island visit

Felipe Calderon says Mexico, Cuba renewed ‘mutual affection’ during his island visit

Serious question--- have you ever been hit on---Guy or Gal---on DU?

Biden in New Hampshire: "Hey, how many of you all have a Swiss bank account?'

*Interview with VPOTUS Biden tonight on Ed Show.

Suppose that N Korean rocket blows up on the pad?

Conservatives Attack Hilary Rosen For Raising Children As A Lesbian

Ban on political ads on public TV struck down

A Day Wasted On Another Pointless Story (Rosen/Romney)

From living in paid off house to living in tent (on her own land) - foreclosure story

Weirdest school lunch you ever had?

NOT The Onion: Tony Romo Won't Be Satisfied Until He Has a Title

First lady weighs in on Hilary Rosen controversy

STUNNING! Wells Fargo launders Mexican drug cartel money, then invests in for-profit prisons

Following LOLGOP on Twitter

Posting Charles Murray on DU and it goes almost without complaint or notice

Mom talks about fighting insurance co to get coverage for sick kid. Cravaack says, "Great story!"

Mike Huckabee Gets His Own Radio Show

Goldman settles with SEC over ‘huddles’

Vermeil to coach the Saints this year??

Romney still needs almost 500 delegates to clinch GOP nomination

Stunt marketing video from Belgium

National Review Drops Another Racist Writer

Dear Rep. Allen West, It's worse than you think.

House GOP Budget Cuts Taxes For The Rich, Raises Taxes On The Poor

Henri 2, Paw de Deux

Listening to a couple of defense lawyers on NPR, it sounds like one thing can determine

Judge refuses to toss charges against Sandusky

This College Is The Biggest Rip-Off In America

I Am Going To See Rep. Dennis Kucinich Tonight

Both the 99% and the 1% had income gains under Obama.

Party name means everything - Ideas mean nothing...

Prosecutors' wording in affadavit screws Georgie's S.Y.G. pooch: "Zimmerman confronted Martin"

Spain accused of 'draconian' plans to clamp down on protests

Russia and China want UN monitors for Syria approved by Security Council tomorrow.

I heard that Carfax was a joke. Is there any better more reputable service to check out a used car?

Uzbekistan Pays Teachers With Chickens

My career choice was not to be a single father

So far, Zimmerman's lawyer says he is not asking fees.

Lithium, manganese, and zinc from the most prolific hydrothermal brine resource in the world

He's Back

Violence in Colombia displacing more people into Ecuador

Mike Tyson: "Forget about him being arrested—the fact that he hasn't been shot yet is a disgrace."

The 100 Greatest Movie Insults of All Time

Biden to Coin 'Romney Rule'

I hate the dog

foKKKs News Sux

Romney's foot in mouth disease. Obamacare.

Wolf bltchzer is..

Instead of Kinkades, Buy Local Artists

Could Panama become the Singapore of Latin America?

Two Coast Guard members shot dead at Kodiak base in Alaska

For Official Washington, Terrorism Is a Laughing Matter

DU This Poll!

Headache and cramps

Sweden’s New Gender-Neutral Pronoun: Hen

Gallup: Mitt Romney least popular Republican nominee in modern history within own party

RETHUGS!! attack Hillary Rosen for being a lesbian raising children

How Confirmation Bias Shapes the Debate Over Income Inequality

OMG, Beckkk fired by Fox, Hired by Jesus?

Taking the false-equivalence fallacy to the extreme

Feds confirm Neb. nuke plant fire was major threat

Hey GOP, Apologize to Michelle Obama

If you're looking for a wonderful feel good movie. "Today's Special".

Diane Sawyer Exclusive: Mitt Romney and wife will sit down for first joint interview

WATCH: "I am a CCOCK," Child Celebrities Opposing Kirk Cameron (MUST SEE VIDEO!)

Ann Romney knows what it is like to struggle:

Conservative Billionaire Foster Friess Makes Obama Assassination Joke

Vogtle Nuclear Construction Faces “Additional Delay” Based on Miscalculations in Foundation Concrete

Faux Propaganda Network sics lawyers on Gawker gossip website (warning pic ofO'LOOFAH &topless lady

Athletic frogs have faster-changing genomes

Obama Disappoints Gay Groups By Refusing To Ban Discrimination Against Gay Federal Contractors

Gingrich: Unlikely to accept Romney cabinet post

One Hilarious Graphic Makes Us Want To Check Congress' Credentials

Texas A&M Cadets to be led by 1st black commander

Mass Sterilization in Uzbekistan, Outrage over Swiss Roma Story

VA Speaker And Ex-ALEC Chair Berates Woman — ‘I’m Not Speaking In Little Enough Words For You To

Prosecutors contend George Zimmerman provoked confrontation with Trayvon Martin

“I only have 5 bucks, so I guess I’ll just go with the roast beef.”

Prosecutors: George Zimmerman -"PROFILED Trayvon Martin"

SCOTUS knocking down the mandate might make single-payer inevitable

Trevyon Martins mother: I believe it was an accident

Can Atheists Be Happy? And Other Answers from Scientific American Mind

Six Bulldog Puppies Rescued from Locked Suitcase

Diplomat: Military seizes Guinea-Bissau capital

Some thoughts on propaganda

Cover of Swiss Magazine Draws Accusations of Racism

Pakistan calls for end to U.S. drone attacks

Egypt MPs 'bar ex-Mubarak presidential candidates'

Catholic bishops issue rallying cry for ‘religious freedom’

Ann Romney, stay-at-home moms and the real facts about women at work

Do you think?

We Have the Right To Know...

National Sarcasm Society

Whale Populations

Cancer hasn't dimmed Hugo Chavez's electoral hopes

US Coal Exports Surge to Highest Level Since 1991

Alan Dershowitz on Hardball...

Alan Dershowitz is full of s***, as usual.

Police judgment poor in News Corp hacking case - report

Viking Robots Found Life on Mars in 1976! Scientists release new analysis of Mars probe data.

Jury selection under way in John Edwards trial

So, work ethics question...

A show about a Hydro project a friend has been working on in KY.

We Have the Right To Know...

On the Trail of Maddow’s Michigan ‘Scoop’: The MSNBC host botched the story in important ways but...

PHOTOS: Who Needs Feminism?

Why Juan Carlos' Reign in Spain Has Become a Royal Pain

Allen West's Commies In Congress and Romney Loves His Horses

Ann Romney hasn't "worked a day in her life” at job for a paycheck. So what's the problem?

Blind author loses first chapter when her pen runs out - But cops trace words

Charles P. Pierce perfectly dismantles the fake outrage over Guillen's "Castrogate"

Study: Modest alcohol intake makes people more creative (BOY HOWDY!)

Single mother, new to the neighborhood

VA Speaker And Ex-ALEC Chair Berates Woman


How baseballs are made

Is an unemployed, multi-millionaire woman a "Stay at Home Mom"??

Please Tell Loews Hotel Group to Stop This Brutality Against Cats

GOP gift to higher income supporters - IRS audit rate will be going down due to Budget cuts

My privilege

Ann Romney never HAD to work

Rush Limbaugh Needs to Take a Manhood Lesson from President Obama

N.R.A.’s Influence Seen in Expansion of Self-Defense Laws

Has it come to this?


Gingrich's Newt Inc. Bankrupt as Campaign Indebted Millions

White House Bombarded With Questions About Why Obama Punted On Issuing Anti-Discrimination Order

Charles Manson Denied Parole, Effectively Ending His Bid for Republican Pres. Nomination /Borowitz

73 different prom dresses

My friend picked up his new Chevy Volt today.

Dear Ann, About that "Choice"

"I'm fighting for fairness!" That's what Obama should say every time

SE Asia's billion dollar cassava industry at high risk due to climate change

Duties of a government prosecutor.

BofA, U.S. Bancorp sued for role as WaMu bond trustee

I envied people with nannies there for a bit. My dad set me straight.

Rapid climate change threatens Asia's Rice Bowl

Poor Spring Rain Projected in Africa

Vermont Sends a Strong Message: Overturn Citizens United

News Flash: Two More Companies — Including Candymaker Mars, Inc. — Sever Ties With ALEC

Arctic oil rush will ruin ecosystem, warns Lloyd's of London

Politifact's RESPONSE to Mitt Romney

Going Green – Why We Should Legalize It (Infographic

Strange Zimmerman Photograph

Horsey does West

Natural Gas and the Invisible Spill: How Much Methane Is Reaching the Atmosphere?

In 2012 would Charles Manson be found Not Guilty ?

Stand Your Ground Part II... Here's another case and further proof this law is ridiculous.

maximum sentence of 90 days in jail and a $750 fine.

Biden Introduces "The Romney Rule" pass it around...

Wrong Way Walker

Mrs. Romney, I respect your choice

Mrs. Obama on Colbert

Big Box Stores Linked To the Presence of Hate Groups

Romney mum on labor leaks

Caro Emerald - Stuck

South Korean TV is reporting that the North has launched their missile.

10% Off All Items Now Through Monday, April 16th at 5pm (ALL made in the USA!)

"Don't Stop Believing" Sung By the Movies

Why is the President always asked by the media to repond to other democrats screwups

Empty chair

5 Effective Ways To Reduce Your Stress

North Korea Launches Rocket

I need to know how many military bases were closed under Bush.

There Is No Invisible Hand (Harvard Business Review)

Crossword puzzle question

Is human evolution much slower than technological evolution. . .

Interesting Opinion piece from the New York Times

Preliminary reports say NK rocket failed. Details from Pentagon indicate that...

BREAKING: North Korea launches missile

Liberal Values and Criminal Law

(Special Prosecutor's) Affidavit says Zimmerman 'profiled' Martin

True (non) believers

Toon: Mrs. Romney's tough choices....

This Saturday, Bill Maher is coming to Pittsburgh!

Viking robots found life on Mars in 1976, scientists say

Blind dog rescued from trash pile gets its eyesight back and a new home (grab a towel)

Toon: Hosing off Santorum

Religious questions for Pa. voter ID law draw fire

David Axelrod To CNN’s John King: Hilary Rosen Is Your Employee, Not Ours

The best way to counter Ann Romney's attack

MSNBC reporting that the North Korean missile broke up soon after launch.

Is anyone watching missle reports?

32 Years After First Visit, 'A Simple Monk' Returns

Fed’s Bullard Sees Jobless Rate at 7.8% by End of 2012

Rodney King pleads for calm in Trayvon Martin case

IMF chief looks beyond eurozone crisis

MadBum deprives the old fogey..

A collection of public documents in the Trayvon Martin shooting

Well here I am in Australia, waiting for the NK missile to drop.

BREAKING NEWS: Four police officers down: Police are talking with suspect

WI's Congressman Duffy billboard

Detroit Unions Give It Away, Snyder Not Satisfied, Will they Strike?

Holy Shit! Jan Brewer actually signed it. Life now begins 2 weeks before conception in Arizona.

Michigan Teacher Fired for Supporting Trayvon Martin

Failing Schools? Record Number of Americans Have Bachelor's Degrees

Enough said...

Romney Campaign Still Misidentifying Rosen As ‘Obama Adviser’

Reminder Ed will have an exclusive interview w/Biden. His show is beginning now. nt

*VPOTUS Biden on Ed Show NOW.

John Cleese: Alerts to threats in 2012 Europe

This is News? Fox Calls Nazis a "Civil Rights" Group

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 13 April 2012

Rick Santorum Erases All Anti-Romney Content From His Website

Obama and Education: Pass the Remote

Sick of Hillary Rosengate? Ed's covering Walker recall and has an interview with Biden!

Biden: The antidote for the Rs millions of dollars spent on campaigning is people. People on the

Have you ever been mistaken for being much *younger* than you really are?

Truthout: White House to Delay Implementation of Key Anti-Discrimination Order

Religious Leaders Slam Ryan For Using Catholic Faith To Justify Cutting Programs That Help The Poor

Surrender Walker

Hillary Clinton: The Internet’s new queen of cool

What SYG does and doesn't have to do with Zimmerman

"They place you in a chair and you are completely naked" ACLU stops this horrible practice

NBC: North Korea rocket breaks up after launch

Rep. Barney Frank: Ryan/Romney budget a 'great scam'

Today's Tracy Knauss offering:

Fuck ME. O'Reilly's leaning on Trayvon's mom regarding an apology he wants from Reverend Al

Mitt Romney and Benjamin Netanyahu are old friends

My mom charged me twice today

With Santorum suspending campaign, some religious conservatives wonder how to proceed

Peppered Shrimp Alfredo... so yummy

Don Henley predicted Faux Noise decades ago

Fox Mole Joe Muto Fired After Gawker Columns Reveal His Identity

Andrew Thomas plays the martyr's card...

Brewer signs bill with 20-week abortion ban

Where will you not travel? I'm going to try and avoid flying over the North Pole if I ever go to

Kelly: 'Two Mikes' recall time with legendary Wallace

How to Reconcile Science and Religion

Reeps are effing w/ contraception and abortion so they can

Daily Show - Oklahoma amendment to its "personhood" bill would effectively outlaw male masturbation.

As a typist, is there a word or words you often mistype?

So let me be sure I have this straight.

Prosecutors: Zimmerman ignored warning to back off

update on my husband.

Shane Schoeller, Missouri Legislator, Says Voter ID Bill Wouldn't Disenfranchise Troops

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Hot Cripple

DU Olde Timers...

Hasn't worked? Obama stands up for Romney's wife

Viking robots found life on Mars in 1976, scientists say

No threads about North Korea's rocket launch failure today???

I do NOT understand depreciation. Can somebody help me? I need it explained like a 5 year old.

NORAD press release: North Korean Taepo Dong-2 missile failed after first stage separation

John Cougar Mellencamp to Gov Scott Walker: Hey, I'm liberal

Rise in US exports brightens outlook for economy

What Really Bothers Me About The GOP

Chris Christie Calls Americans Couch Potatoes

Romney courts gun-rights group in presidential bid

Thursday night squee!

Rachel Maddow is tearing the ReTHUG haters of Hillary Rosen

Stocks surge; Hewlett-Packard leads Dow higher

The Guy that Shoulda Won (political ad)

VA Speaker And Ex-ALEC Chair Berates Woman

Christie Needs A Rectal Exam

Alligator captured in Charles River

Rick Perry: The Guy that Shoulda Won (political ad)

CBS Evening News just reported

OK, Washington Times wins the race war.

Any astronomers here?


Fox News poll: Romney leads Obama in matchup

Rachel's Death Penalty map is wrong.

Book club suggestion (free ebook)

George W. Bush Counsels Romney On How to Connect with Women

Did something just happen with the mark function? - Resolved

Reflections on Citizen Activism

Nope 2012 ads on DU

Homophobes need (gay) love too, By Mark Morford

OREGON: Governor Signs CCW Confidentiality Bill into Law

Police fired more than 90 rounds at man on 101 Freeway

Kicking the Hornet’s Nest (UFO-related article)

Francoeur plays pizza-delivery man for A’s fans

Rep. Cleaver sued for alleged car wash loan default


Why Hilary Rosen Is Right: "Ann Romney is not an expert on women's issues and on what mothers need"

Recksiedler assigned Zimmerman case

BrightSource kills IPO at last minute

KENTUCKY: Governor Signs Three NRA Backed Bills into Law.

I will not apologize.

Mel Gibson needs to be hospitalized. Seriously.

Catholic Hierarchy’s ‘Fortnight For Freedom’ Campaign Is ‘Thoroughly Misguided,’

George Zimmerman buys $79.84 worth of items from jail store

Tree along property line cut in half; neighbors feuding

DU files against Stephens Media to recover $774,683 in Righthaven legal fees

In Interview, Zimmerman's Lawyer Says Trial Won't Happen In 2012

Will anyone be chaged for attempting to cover-up the Trayvon Martin murder?

Happy 51st anniversary of human space flight: Yuri's Night!

Zimmerman cried alot his first nite in jail.

Ha ! Romney can't get it up

Meh Romney: the mashup!

"Your Chance To Hear From America's Top Leaders And Political Candidates!"

Obama-Biden 2012

The net energy per capita from liquid fuels is dropping...

Balcony Buddha

Apple Fires Back at the Feds, Amazon

Shine and the Titanic

I love photographs of animals in nature.

Is there a way to search for specific members' profiles?

With primary race all but lost, Gingrich keeps chasing votes

The Republican's ''War on Women'' - please add to the LIST

Record Wisconsin sturgeon - another reason for good government and clean water

Jury Selection Under Way in John Edwards Trial

Is this the same girl?

I'm totally stressed out today! Tell me something funny!

I think the reason the prosecutor is giving Martin's girlfriends call so much credibility and weight

The Emergency Broadcast System just announced a tornado warning for San Mateo County (N.Cal)

Does American Idol voting reflect American racism?

Cory Booker, Newark Mayor, Taken To Hospital Following Attempted Fire Rescue

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo Acts to Advance Health Law in New York

mental health clinic closures...

Leaked Video Shows US Contractors Randomly Killing Civilians

Scandalizing fact: Ann Romney was a stay-at-home mom

A 1992 Newt Gingrich Ad Focused On His Bounced Checks

House panels turn budget axe to automatic cuts

origin of 4 paragraph limit for copyrighted material excerpts ?

All North Korea did today was embarrass themselves!!!

In my LinkedIn news feed...

Feels like Ethnic Cleansing on Amerikkkan Idol