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that's enough politeness--women need to rise up in anger

My 911 Call, The "Attempted Murder" of My Daughter, & Oppression of the Family Death Penalty

Finding clothes in the garbage.

that's enough politeness--women need to rise up in anger

Court withdraws nuclear plant licence

The strangest thing happened...

Cross Posted Link to Support Thread for my wife with mental illness

Get your chips and guacamole made fresh here!

Toons: Rattle Rattle Rattle, Dialing M for Mitt, Chess With Netanyahu and More. - 3/8/12

Jon Stewart Pummels Breitbart’s Obama College Footage; Exposes Hannity’s Secret Videos

Well there are days, or is that weeks?

Plaintiff challenging healthcare law went bankrupt – with unpaid medical bills

Relic of a Saint Is Stolen From a Dublin Cathedral

Bank of America Reaches Deal on Housing

Really, jury?

America's history: Interior department tries to better tell history of all Americans

Just think, in October one of these buffoons will sit down and "seriously" debate President Obama.

Have You Ever Had a Day Like This Video

‘Joe The Plumber’ Accuses Lawrence O’Donnell Of Engaging In ‘Fear Mongering’

Voting rights....

Jesus HMO Christ

Cupcake ATM!!

More tales of horror from the hell that is European Socialized Medicine

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Thursday, March 8)

How many flaws am I allowed to have?

Big Government: Scary negro professor VISITED THE WHITEHOUSE IN 2010!

Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Maricopa County, Arizona

Angry Father Bites Off 6-Year-Old Son's Penis In Shenzhen, China

"I'm sorry my son, I cannot heal you..."

NASA Engineer Explains—Yet Again—Why the World Isn’t Ending

Halo/Elder Scrolls combination

Lone Ranger re-make...AGAIN??!!??

The Crossbow Incident: A South Korean's breaking point

Bruce & Neil - sexy and they know it

Judges orders millions paid in NYC firefighter bias case

World seabird numbers still falling, says a new review


Lawmakers agree to ban handcuffs for jail births

Defense says it may close some facilities if Congress doesn’t approve proposal for more base closing

Mercury News editorial: Why don't Democrats just make stuff up too?

MF Global Still Set to Pay Bonuses

In Montgomery County, TX, it began like this: "the Sheriff’s Department decided they needed a drone"

A Not-Quite Confirmation of a Memo Approving Killing

Hiker missing for almost month found in New Mexico-Alive!

How Geeks Break Up

Colombian leftists 'sentenced to death' by far-right groups .

Colombian leftists 'sentenced to death' by far-right groups .

Statement by President Obama on International Women’s Day

Palin: Obama Wants To Return To The "Days Before The Civil War" When People Weren't Considered Equal

Women Bust up B of A

SC Lieutenant Governor Ken Ard Resigning

Panetta: US attack on Iran would be more effective

Tibetan writer calls for end to self-immolations

Is this where the Republican candidates get their speeches?

I lost the journals - again!

Coal train survey needs some DU love

Date(s) of Broadcast(s)

Greece averts immediate default with bond success

Furore over German 'Brevik' clothing shop in Chemnitz

One in five families have trouble paying medical bills

Red Sox fans, listening to Jonathan Papelbon for years, can say for sure,

Can OWS bring down Bank of America?

Do We Have A Duplicate Threads Problem? Yes, We Have A Problem.

Why does a discussion of Rmoney's religion appear to be off limits

Seattle education prof on charter schools

Police: Video shows mom encouraging girls to fight (Mom arrested)

The Trees Are All Right - Romney and Santorum don't understand the real value of our nation's public

What is your favorite cobbler to eat?

Defend Rush...

Funny Friday...

Japan recalls its whaling fleet from the Southern Ocean

the real huff and puff (miltynockett woes)

Long live the king

OK I just read that the jobs report will show

Wisconsin: Mitt Romney announces bid for Herb Kohl's Senate Seat

President Obama, Britain's PM coming to Dayton, Ohio

GOP Rhetoric Hurting Party Among Latinos

Wisconsin: Walker's state of denial reaches new frontiers

Wadsworth Mansion - Sweet Mary

If conservative republicans actually cared a whit about the unborn

As sea levels rise, Kiribati eyes 6,000 acres in Fiji as new home for 103,000 islanders

Wisconsin: The Robin Vos Vector

Mother Jones: Rick Santorum's Housing Hypocrisy

John Nichols live on Jamaican radio re Rush Scumbaugh

After a decade, Afghan forces don't trust Americans

I think I'll take the family out for a drive this weekend

Why the American Empire Was Destined to Collapse

Mike Lupica: Republican presidential hopefuls have met the enemy ... it's themselves

Kony 2012: What's the Real Story

NAACP to challenge state voting laws before U.N. panel in Geneva

(R-Ne) Fortenberry: Limbaugh remarks 'not very helpful'

Romney: Learning to like grits on Southern swing

Payroll employment rises 227,000 in February; unemployment rate unchanged at 8.3%

Wedge issues are Republican tools, right? Ha! Rachel reports on the Democrats new tactic.

No Relief In Sight For Rising Gas Prices

Breaking: Unemployment Rate February

+227,000 jobs in February

Col. Wilkerson on The Ed Show last Night

Yesterday I paid a woman to have sex

David Bowie - Win

Santorum: 'Happy to have represented the Alabama part of Pennsylvania"

Brooklyn DA investigates baby death from herpes following circumcision

David Bowie - Fascination

David Bowie ft. Earl Slick - Stay (Live)

RNC On Feb. Job Growth: 'The Situation Is Clearly Not Improving'

I have a SF short-story idea, but I'm having a problem fleshing it out (terraforming question here)

Good News! Obamacare Will Cost Less than Projected

Updated: Jobs picture continues to improve, economy adds 227K (best six months since 2006)

Toon: Our Priorities

David Bowie - Golden Years (Live)

Toon: Placing the Blame

I think we have a problem with duplicate threads.

Is the recession gouging Nebraska's football budget? Asst. coach squatting in Memorial stadium.

Friday TOON Roundup 1- Big Fat Blowhard


Friday TOON Roundup 2- Republican Primary toons part 1

Suddenly single.....

Friday TOON Roundup 3- Republican Primary toons part 2

Toon: new ailments

David Bowie - Fame

friday's OBAMA Vid very funny

so we're now living in a post-Breitbartocalyptic world?

Gallery prez representing Limbaugh sculptor says copies could be used for anchors, target practice

Hotline's Latest Veep Rankings - March 8th Update

How Do You Poison A Brand That Is Already The Most Deadly Poison?

A known company to the DU is doing a RUSH T shirt fund raiser

Citigroup Gives Vikram Pandit $14.9 Million 2011 Pay Package

Whistleblowers: 70 percent of U.S. ground beef contains ‘pink slime’

Marvin Gaye - Come Live With Me Angel

Shame on Tarryl Clark

Stopping the Obama Kill Doctrine

Marvin Gaye - I Want You

Politicians are Wrecking Our Schools

It's a full MoonPie people!

Marvin Gaye - Just like Music

A lot of the "duplicates" aren't really duplicates but alternate angles.

Marines Will Depend on Army, Allies, Private Sector To Get Ashore

Cops get pranked ;)

Names for twins

Tom Morello to Rush Limbaugh

Paul Watson FTW: Japan recalls its whaling fleet from the Southern Ocean

Nancy Pelosi Ridicules House GOP Jobs Bill

Rick SANTORUM Channels Mick JAGGER!

The power of propaganda...

The "Two Party System" has finally come down to this...

“To Rush Limbaugh: Hey Jackass-stop using our music on your racist-misogynist-right wing clown show"

Rich-Poor Gap Widest in Republican-Leaning States, Census Shows

Isley Brothers - Footsteps In The Dark

Zombie Buffet 5K run

Isley Bros. - You're the Key to My Heart/You're Beside Me

Recently discovered a cool band. Young Galaxy. Check them out!

Russ Feingold: SCOTUS Beginning to Take Note of Judicial Disaster That is Citizens United

And a few funny tweets to start Friday...

The Isley Brothers - Hello It's Me

Energy subsidies total $24 billion, most to renewables

Unfiltered, naked eye picture of the sun

Gov Christie Calls Former Navy SEAL An Idiot - Boots Him From Town Hall

Why Dennis Kucinich Won’t Be Missed

This Is Rush's America, People. Don't Cherish It. - By Charles P. Pierce

The Isley Brothers - Voyage To Atlantis

If you self-delete a post, can you 'revive' it if you change your mind? Also...

Radio insider/critic calls LIMBOsevic an embarrassment who should be fired

What Does it Cost to Fill'er Up in Places where Oil is Publicly Owned? Guess Who Fixes Oil Prices?

Super PAC Hate-Spending

The Ohio Players - I Want To Be Free

Chris Hansen Cat would like you to have a seat right over there (18 Photos)

IRS May Make Political Groups Pay Dearly for Keeping Donors Secret -- And Out Them

The Ohio Players - Heaven must be like this

RNC stumbles on meaning of 'improving'

Chris Hughes Buys The New Republic

Op-ed: Father of Fallen Gay Soldier Inspires With Run {minnesota state house}

Norman Connors - You Are My Starship

Constitutional Amendment: Should MN become a “Right to Work Out” state? (video & story)

How does a post get to jury?

Exclusive: Why Can’t You Smoke Pot? Because Lobbyists Are Getting Rich Off of the War on Drugs

The Stylistics - People Make the World Go Round

Nuclear Pushes On Despite Fukushima

Big Government???? Ha! It's time we own that talking point.

Average White Band - A Love Of Your Own

The Republican Party has become...

Average White Band - Queen Of My Soul

Save the Hammers!

Oldest Organism With Skeleton Discovered in Australia

Average White Band - School Boy Crush

top 5 saddest disney deaths

Iridescent, Feathered Dinosaur Offers Fresh Evidence That Feathers Evolved to Attract Mates

Immune system tricked to accept donor organs: study

Indiana gay youth specialty license plate target again

German Village Becomes Model for Renewable Energy

Average White Band - Work To Do

JetBlue joins war on children- Boots family from plane due to toddler's tantrum

I'm so tired of the Slut Shame

For an Alinsky-loving Kenyan Marxist radical, Obama sure has a weird definition of socialism

Is a leveraged buyout a legitimate form of creative destruction?

state by state speak your mind about...nebraska

US, Afghanistan Strike Prison Handover Deal

Keystone Pipeline would likely raise gas prices in the midwest.


state by state about nebraska

Mark Wahlberg Shooting A&E Reality Series Based on Teamsters Local 25

Critics of Rush Limbaugh Ignore Bill Maher, Matt Taibbi Misogyny

The February Jobs Report

wtf is "google play"?

Crooked Cop Michael Carsey Convicted Of Lying To Get Search Warrant

Better Battle Briefs

White House response to my Social Security petition:

How "they" are going to spin the employment numbers, and ammo to fight back

A fact of life...

Mine Hunters For Taiwan

Steely Dan - Kid Charlemagne


Russia Opposes ‘Unbalanced’ New UN Draft On Syria

Ya know who we haven't heard from very much?

Bomb-Iran week turns 'Syrious'

Open Letter to 'Liberal' and 'Nominal' Catholics: It's Your Moment Of Truth

Mississippi poll: Newt has narrow lead over Mittens

Open Letter to 'Liberal' and 'Nominal' Catholics: It's Your Moment Of Truth

Romney campaign lies to its supporters to get them to help

Pic Of The Moment: Romney Campaign Heads South

Former New Jersey governor goes undercover as homeless man

Revolution Springs Eternal for Eric Hobsbawm

If anybody says General Motors has not changed...

U.S. Military Could Hit Iran Harder Than Israel: Panetta

The Afghan Women's Writing Project celebrates International Women's Day

Future Repuglican?

E-mailing this to everyone who sends me crap about Obama and "libs"

FL Senate redistricting plan rejected by court

Is Ending Mass Incarceration a Christian Imperative?

Painting with Dust and Smog

Beware The 'Student Debt Bomb', says New Report

If the right wingers REALLY want to keep pushing that Bill Maher button...

Mysterious Real-Life Robin Hood Leaves Envelopes of Cash to the Needy

Will petition get University of North Carolina to pull sports from 7 Limbaugh stations?

American Airlines Flight returns to Gate After Flight Attendant Rants Over PA About Crashing

New Order Love Vigilantes

Ohio Finds Gas-Drilling Injection Well Led To Earthquakes, Imposes Tough New Regulations

Is the End of Renewables Nigh as Fukushima Anniversary Nears?

I want to say a big THANKS to Judith Browne Dianis...

Alleged Sexual Predator Herman Cain: "Newt is making Mississippi and Alabama his Waterloo." CAIN!

HuffPo: "Rush Limbaugh's Show Filled With Free Ads; Sponsor Exodus Continues"

"Hideous Kinky" Excellent movie

Pretty Purdie Shuffle to Fool In The Rain

Over or under on the toilet paper?

Fukushima No. 4 reactor saved by upgrade mishap

'White Pride' chalked on college sidewalks by you guessed it, YOUTH FOR WESTERN CIVILIZATION

Through Luck or Skill, Democrats Are Winning Tactical Advantages in 2012

The final Thom Hartmann program before the move from noon to 3 ET, and BERNIE too!

Paul Krugman: Ignorance is Strength

TYT: Shocking Secret Photos Of Republicans! (Response To Breitbart Obama College Video 'Scandal')

Apple to spend $304M on new Austin, Tex., campus, creating 3600 new jobs

What's for Dinner ~ Friday March 9th

GE, Apple, Pfizer Among Corps. Hoarding $187 Billion in Non-Taxable Offshore Accounts

Insect Experts issue "Urgent" Warning on using GM seeds

Hunger-Striking Students Finally See Some Progress for University of Virginia Workers

Evangelical Pat Robertson: Legalize pot

Why Obama's Healthcare Law Is Constitutional

Rage Against the Machine to Rush Limbaugh: 'Stop Using Our Music in Your Right-Wing Clown Show'

Five Insane Conspiracy Theories Limbaugh's Advertisers Have Sponsored

National Black Political Convention in Gary, Ind. -- March 10, 1972

My son, who is in 5th grade, got the "puberty" talk at school yesterday.

Wait till you see what stupid costs..

Dominique Strauss-Kahn faces protests at Cambridge university address

Project Runway All Stars Final Three ((spoiler alert))

I Won’t Be Your Gay Friend If…

Iceland calls its former PM to account for financial crash

Desperate Romney Shoots Sons Towards Remaining Caucuses

The Rude Pundit - Texas to Poor Women: Your Health Is Subject to Our Politics

Mr. Sulu steers Facebook to MySQL solution

I am so sick of people that think it's ok to work 3 jobs.

LSD should be considered for alcoholism treatment, study says

what is legal time limit for reporting a death of natural cause?

Key And Peele - Obama's Meeting with the GOP

What other 80's Child Stars Have To Say About Equality

Jon Stewart 'our greatest public intellectual'?

Bill O'Reilly: Viagra should be covered, birth control should not

Hunger Games' Josh Hutcherson Speaks Against Homophobia At L.A. High School

Harsh Harsh sentence, in my opinion. Parents sentenced to 12 years because kids drowned

Flight attendant disturbance grounds American Airlines flight at D/FW

Study: Hate of Obama fuels 755% growth in extremist groups

Thom Hartmann: Rush - for your own protection - a full proctological exam

Scott Brown hypocritically attacks Elizabeth Warren over out of state donations

Strike three.....

Thom Hartmann: We want to hear from every country in the world!

High School Sex


Condor Cam live from San Diego - egg began to pip yesterday

Community colleges in line for federal largesse

Apple to build $304 million campus in Texas, add 3,600 jobs

Jimmy Durante Inka Dinka Doo

Chris Christie calls former Navy SEAL an ‘idiot’

Received this "note" from a friend. Looks like the hate and fear is

My opinion about Romney learning to be a Southerner.

Jimmy Dimora federal racketeering trial: Dimora guilty of racketeering, more counts

After a Long, Heated Exchange Gov. Christie Calls Vet an "Idiot"

Though NYPD says it doesn't consider religion, documents describe 'focus' on Muslim Americans

A Witch Hunt Against Teachers by Lois Weiner

Two Years On, Tar Sands Spill Casts Long Shadow

Rasmussen Mississippi Poll. 35 Romney, 27 Santorum, 27 Gingrich, 6 Paul

smart freepers

How does one raise a deaf puppy?

High levels of cesium found at former nuclear lab outside L.A.

Got $50 million? Huntsman puts his ski house up for sale

Peter Bergman (Firesign Theatre) has passed

Here's a guy you root for: Robert Turbin

Waste-water injection well caused 12 earthquakes in Ohio, investigation shows

Is there a limit to the number of hidden threads someone can "log"? i.e., is there further action?

Report: Some papers won’t be running next week’s ‘Doonesbury’ strips

Employment: Dec/Jan/Feb 752,000 additional Private Sector Jobs

NOAA - Great Lakes Ice Cover Down 71% Over Past 40 Years

PSAs and 2 paying advertisers are all that are left for RUSH

Forest Service Chief Warns To Expect Extreme Fires, Extreme Costs As Forests Destabilize, Burn

Nearly Half Of All Planet's Seabird Species In Decline, Study Projects - BBC

Palin Says Obama Wants To Return To Racial Discrimination ‘That Took Place Before The Civil War’

Lead Plaintiff In Health Care Reform Suit Files For Bankruptcy With Medical Debt

Bad Karma: Our Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid breaks down

Tata Groups Claims It Will Favor Renewables - Can't Get Enough Coal Now For 1050 Mw Plant

US Total Unemployment Falls to Lowest Level in Three Years

Rush's "Advertisers" today: Only 1 / 10 is an actual sponsor, 8 / 10 free Ad Council spots

Rush Limbaugh tries to rewrite history, scrubs transcripts

Mr. Limbaugh, "welcome to the world of capitalism you love and defend so much"

Al Jazeera Report:Fukushima residents report various illnesses

Pope denounces U.S. political push to legalize gay marriage

Right-wing Senators introduce plan to eliminate four departments, preserve defense spending

PHOTO (DIALUP WARNING)...Today's Fun with Photoshop©, "Sam's Diner"

GM plant roof to produce energy

Thom Hartmann: Rep Dennis Kucinich on his election loss & what's next

Why The GOP's Favorite Anti-Obama Chart Is Complete Nonsense

A "You Could Be Next" Anthology (You Could Be Next Part 14)

Just so you know - Democratic Underground started the Olive Garden meme

Iran War Watch: "Bunker-Buster" Edition

The Most Pleasant Minute Of Rush Limbaugh's Career

Confirmed: Fracking Caused Ohio Earthquakes

Chris Christie Calls Ex-Navy Seal an "Idiot"

Bernie Sanders Reveals The Truth About The Deficit

No Labels commands you to thank Joe Lieberman

BEST comment about Mittens becoming a Southerner:

Records show Japan gov't knew meltdown risk early

Breaking: Dead Air asks not to be aired during Rush Limbaugh show

K&R if you like Obama! (mega-style!)

Buddhist, Christian, Islamic and Daoist groups join forces against nuclear power in Taiwan

Fond Memories of Reagan

Can President Obama Actually Do Anything About Gas Prices?

Republicans suffer among female voters

I knew KONY 2012 was too good to be true.

What Daylight Savings Time Means For Republicans

Excuses Conservatives Make When Facts Prove Them Wrong

Kid writes to meteorologist: "You're more awesome than a monkey wearing a tuxedo made out of bacon"

U.S. Senators Celebrate Women's Day By Confronting Women-Hating House Speaker, John Boehner

Jon Stewart makes Hannity look like an idiot and hypocrite

LOL!!! - FOX Reporter Caught Sleeping

Boeing outlines new modules/technologies for Near Earth Asteroid missions

LA mayor Villaraigosa supports gay marriage, reveals hypocrisy in Democratic platform

You may enjoy this slideshow - Women activist quotes over pics of Rush

Can anyone tell me the price of a pack of cigarettes today?

Roman Catholic priest jailed for 22 years for sexually abusing eight boy

98% Christian military chaplaincy reinforces barriers to diversity

Billy Graham’s Proselytizing Vultures Swoop in after Tornadoes

Sorry, but you can't shrug off the iPad. Heres why:

Wisconsin recall news:

Lounge opinion, please.

Grrrrrrrrrr: Scalia Rewrites History - Claims 5-4 Bush v Gore Decision - ‘Wasn’t Even Close'

Is this commercial for real, or a joke?

Israeli Gaza air strikes kill militant leader

Supreme Court tosses proposed Senate maps

Catholic Online headline..."Obama admin says the Vatican laundering money"

NLRB Acting General Counsel releases summary of operations for FY 2011

You know, maybe the Mayans were really on to something....

Al Sharpton's is Fired Up on MSNBC

Today on Broadway

Guest Lineups For The Sunday TV News Shows

Obama Leads Romney in Key Swing States

The Face of The Flatiron

No More Fukushima's! NYC: Rally in Union Square, March to Central Park

Can't Teach an Old Party New Tricks

Rush Limpballs spinning like a top! 3-9-12

Big Brothers, Big Sisters DROPS Limbaugh

Third 3rd Year Anniversary of the Obama Stimulus bull market; Jobs Report: 227,000 jobs added

Two Cactus

Freepers say there's no mysogyny and then go on to insult women

No More Fukushima’s Rally & March (Shut Down Indian Point Now! NYC)

Rush Limbaugh Bust: Yours for $15K

I see three outcomes of the Limbaugh fiasco...

I would like to reframe this argument about marriage equality.

Rev. Al Sharpton on the War on Women's Health

Whoa! Nikki Haley might be in real trouble: Glenn McConnell Assumes SC Lieutenant Governor’s Office

The War on Women's health

GASP!! 'A Platform to Revitalize America'

It was just under 50 yrs ago that the Civil Rights Act passed. It was so close behind us.

So which state do you live in that is restricting voting?

February 2012 Jobs Report - Nancy Pelosi's Flickr charts

I'm curious what people are using as a substitute for Excedrin now it's all been

India Cancels Visa for Japanese Anti-Nuclear Activist

Tough time to be a Sith lord (video)

GOP to English translator

Austin Scarlett rant.

Highly recommended movie - Young@Heart

Holy shit....I'm a grandfather!

Sarah Palin - ahead of her time

Employment Summary and Discussion

Georgia lawmaker compares women to cows and pigs

Home from Rehab, Surgery Ok, slowly regaining strenth

Santorum: Don't Drop Rush from AFN

Attention cat owners!

Good News. Real world unemployment is falling faster than the headline rate.

Fukushima evacuees join antinuclear demonstration in N.Y.

Pet owners may enjoy this article

Palin Was Born a Poor Black Child

Damn librul media. check the lovely CNN spin on the headline - "Stubborn unemployment rate no help

"Loathsome, odious and tired sack of hatred"

Duxbury’s Mary Lampert recognized for leading fight to keep radioactive waste dump out of state

Sometimes you can pick a conservative or progressive politician just by body language.

What PSA are Being Ran On Rush Limpballs

Kansas Republicans look to profit off abortion taxes

NC judge could terminate parental rights of deported worker, put US-born sons up for adoption

So My great great grandmother was Native American, & of course for YEARS I thought it was Blackfoot

DNC v. RNC-1982 Injunction against RNC extended

China's J-20 Stealth Fighter Is Already Doing A Whole Lot More Than Anyone Expected

Heritage Foundation's "New Potential Bombshell" Blows Up In Their Faces

A while back someone here had a great response to this facbook stays, but I can't remember

As suspected: "Whistleblower: Bank of America Blocked Aid to Homeowners"

Nuclear weapon opponents to protest

An aurora on March 8, 2012 shimmering over snow-covered mountains in Faskrudsfjordur - solar storm

‘Smoking Gun’ From Breitbart Site Is A Literal Joke Told By Harvard Professor

Chris Christie calls former Navy SEAL an ‘idiot’

Umami Dearest by Bittman

When Women Used Lysol as Birth Control

My photos of last night's aurora borealis

Florida Grand jury rips jailers for ignoring teen as he died

Hey Hannity speaking of radicals - check out Palin's ties to ANTI-AMERICAN ALASKAN SEPARATISTS....

Game Change - The HBO Movie - Is It Supposed To Make Sarah Palin........


Top earners will save £1bn in taxes on pensions this year

The Northern Lights

Clash with Iran could see use of huge, new U.S. bomb

Ohio: Youngstown quakes caused by dumping Marcellus waste!

WTF?! Jury Duty!

Tom Brokaw: Romney was not so "brilliant" at Bain Capital

A modern Falkland Islands, transformed by war

University of Rochester Students Silently Protest Professor Who Defended Limbaugh, Ridiculed Fluke

DU Album of the Day: The Beach Boys - "Pet Sounds"

Newspapers to pull Doonesbury regarding next week's transvaginal series

Assassin's Creed III -Teaser Trailer

So wait white men did not oppress black people?

DNC LGBT Caucus mum on call about marriage equality plank

LMFAO... PSA's want off of Rush too...

So, with more positive job data, what will Republicans complain about next...

No kitty! (pic)

Romney used private email accounts as governor

Mass walk-out at trans woman’s funeral

You have to see the video

Dennis Kucinich: Governments Targeted Killings of Americans Are "An Assault On The Constitution"

I am starting a business and want to have a webpage

Georgia lawmaker compares women to cows and pigs

Westboro Baptist Church picketers show up at Santorum’s Topeka event


I think we progressives should buy some ad time on Rush Limbaugh and here's why

Earliest recorded music

****Peyton Manning arrives in Colorado, will discuss options with John Elway****

Q&A with Naomi Wolf: Occupy Wall Street – protest and prosecution

The Trees Are All Right

LED produces 69 picowatts of light using 30 picowatts of power

Georgia lawmaker compares women to cows and pigs

Don't Mess With Texas Women (Austin Rally 3/13)

my sprinkler is running. that makes it spring.

Creative Destruction is rooted in the Marxist economic theory

Romney’s Delegate Math

Looking for Dual Monitor Wallpaper

Well, today I became a statistic.

US intervention in Syria could make it the next Libya

Wisconsin Election Officials Recommend Recall Date: June 12

Is America always at war?

Voter ID - Remember When The GOP Went Nuts Over Photo ID's to Purchase Hand Guns?

This Is a Recovery Worth Getting Excited About

Kansas Republicans look to profit off abortion taxes

Wisconsin Recall Realigns Campaign Spending

New Atheists Are Neither a Minority nor Heirs of the Civil Rights Movement

You can always look for Ratigan on his show and Chuck Todd on his

Poll: Gingrich on top in Mississippi

GOP Strategist: “It’s devastating." --- Majority Of American Women NOW Side With Democrats

The poetry of the animal kingdom

Coke and Pepsi alter recipe to avoid cancer warning (BBC)

We need to reframe the debate on contraception, there is nothing wrong with enjoying sex...

Income Inequality Is Real, It's Global, and It's Worst in the U.S. (Matthew O'Brien)

Rush Limbaugh is an isolated, frustrated man

Amish, OK. Catholics, No.

**Update on how I'm doing**

Theology vs Philosophy

I hate these wing-nut cases.

Best Beetle cover ever!!!

Libya has made great progress – the acts of a few don't change that

The Heritage Foundation is getting in the character assassination business

Very funny

Longtime MLB umpire Harry Wendelstedt dead at 73

Obama in Virginia: ‘I want to make stuff here’

Little boy to Mother

Anyone here sleepwalk?

Finally, Fake Chicken Worth Eating by Bittman

Finally, Fake Chicken worth eating. by Bittman

Springsteen live concert...Friday 8pm on SIRIUSXM

Remember Japan 3-11-11

Fracking: Ohio Establishes Tough Regulations After Disposal Wells Cause 12 Earthquakes

Another Friday Afternoon Challenge, Darlings! Stirrings of Spring!

Ignorance is Strength by Krugman

Virginia’s Ultrasound Bill Violates Medical Association’s Guidelines

Angus King backs Obama for re-election, but that doesn’t mean he’d caucus with Democrats

Scott Walker Establishes A Separate Legal Defense Fund

Once and For All, Bill Maher IS NOT the Titular Head of a Major Political Party like Limbaugh Is

is it Romney's fault he looks smarmy?

Students Silently Protest Professor Who Defended Limbaugh, Ridiculed Fluke

Crazy Athol tax-protestor claims "legislative immunity".

Why is the Times publishing an opinion piece by two war criminals??


I just watched Hugo...ask me anything! ( it is wonderful)

Raw Video: Mass Dolphin Rescue Off Rio Coast

Beautiful music.

A little bit of kindness goes a long way.

Palin doesn't know what "Vetting" means. It is a word she heard and likes it

Judge stabbed, deputy shot in Grays Harbor Co., Wash., courthouse

Romney struggles with improved economy

Apple Plans To Double Texas Facilities

Say No to Kony 2012

Newt Gingrich Caught Nodding Off Before Speaking To AIPAC Conference

Do you think Voter ID laws could violate the Americans With Disabilities Act?

Romney: Regulators should make "friends" with business

Fall of the GOP: Fear and Loathing in Conservative America

Romney Used Private Email Accounts As Governor

Anyone else watching Tweety?

Secret Policeman's Balls 2012

NAACP to call on UN to investigate voter disfranchisement in US

Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) denounces gay marriage, cohabitation and promotes chastity

Why isn't Rush gone by now? This isn't just another Rush whine but some serious questions.

Courthouse Shooting Reported In Montesano, Wash.

Mitt Romney Praises Chinese Regulators

The unknown Limbaugh/Ren & Stimpy connection

Where are all the basketball fans? Do I have to be even more boorish?

What am I doing wrong when I try to do a blockquote? I click "blockquote" at the beginning of

Tweety is so excited about the movie, Game Changers. Well he always is when there is

Al Sharpton just great now on MSNBC


University of Rochester professor defends Limbaugh's screed

Mitt Romney's Zombie Problem

Dopehouse with gunplay revisited.

N.J. Gov. Christie calls law student an 'idiot'

New report reveals how corporations undermine science with fake bloggers and bribes

"US economy just added 227000 jobs, but Republicans say it's bad news because...

campaign for primary accountability pac takes on Jo Bonner.

Wow! Colts doing a major overhaul

What are you wearing right now? (go ahead and make jokes here). I'm wearing

Allred: Rush Limbaugh Should (COULD) Be Prosecuted For Controversial Comments About Sandra Fluke

Romney loves those grits, lol

No love for the GOP among America's women

I've been gone a few days swamped at work and this is what I come back to?

Drug 'reduces implicit racial bias,' study suggests

Some outdoorsy photos I shot here in Alaska

hilarious descriptions of the Republican Candidates by a libertarian.

Do you travel a "famous" road? I do, every work day.

Unlike Rush, Bill Maher, Palin, Mittens, or Newt the Afghan War is not a popular subject at DU

GAB staff recommends 4 Senate recall elections move forward

US agrees to discuss drug legalization at regional summit

Bank fees pile up for teen

Walker sets up legal defense fund for John Doe probe

US agrees to discuss drug legalization at regional summit

The Amazing Human Body

Yes, life without God can be bleak. Atheism is about facing up to that

Georgians Tell Republicans Pushing Drug Testing Mandate, ‘You Pee First!’

An open letter to the people who hate Obama more than they love America

Weekend Economists Ask: Is Ignorance Strength? March 9-11, 2012

Why claims of conscience matter

8 Animal Misconceptions Rundown

Review of Olive Garden becomes Internet sensation

New Matthew message for March 2012

It's Dawkins and Krauss again!

New Santorum theme song (not kidding)

Coke reveals its secret: It may need to carry a cancer warning

so can we now all call him GRIT ROMNEY?

The banks breaking up is hard to do

Anybody else suffer through the incompetence that is Qwest/CenturyLink?

Kaptur Defeats Kucinich 94% to 4% on 100% Unverifiable E-Vote Systems in Toledo, OH?

Gaza militants fire rockets at Israeli south; casualties, damage reported

Wives find spouse in common on Facebook

Dunkerton high school assembly stirs protest

Tempeh recipe, anyone?

Manifesto for Psychopaths

Obama getting ready to speak in Houston, Texas...

The Solar Storm, at Mercury (large pic)

The Elephant in the Womb

Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?

Salt-free lemon pepper seasoning?

Ohio To Retest Teachers for Low Student Performance

VAM, Blam, Thank You Ma’am

worker's comp can't get health care at non-urgent/non-ER in NC?

Hey, artsy, craftsy people... Why the heck is this place not more famous?

Moody's Considers Greece To Have Defaulted After Debt Exchange

I'm trying to get Ashley to let me put the leash and harness on him...

Ex-Tory riding execs question Fantino's election finances

CHART: How Public Sector Layoffs Are Holding Back The Recovery - ThinkProgress

President Obama live on Ed Shultz speaking from Houston now n/t

Scott Walker Sets Up Legal Defense Fund

*PrezO just said 'Y'all,' in Houston!

Rush Limbaugh Trashes Michael J Fox

Serious question - did the Obama Administration tell Scumbaugh

Fuct Snooze "Anchor" Megyn Kelly: Sandra Fluke 'Would Have Us Believe She Is A Victim' (VIDEO)

Romney is a Fucking POSER! (should be "poseur"...sorry, I'm a product of public school)

The Conundrum: David Owen Explains How Good Intentions Hurt the Environment

Paws prints on furniture---what can help?

Friday Talking Points (201) -- "Hands Off My Uterus!"

Defend Rush Limbaugh (link)

Sometimes this old earth smacks you upside the head.

End of the week LOL's (March 9th) - pics

Republicans are not impressed with the new Jobs numbers, say more needs to be done!!!


Unexplained 'Phoenix Lights' explosion caught live on news broadcast.

On The Road - Official Trailer 2012

How much time do I have before my laptop blows up?

Virginia’s Ultrasound Bill Violates Medical Association’s Guidelines

The gorilla and the rabbit: a tale of friendship at the Erie Zoo - story w/pic

Gloria Allred seeks Rush Limbaugh prosecution

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Fridaze

SP complains that "Game Change" is historical fiction

Limbaugh will stay on the air as long as the Joint Chiefs find him useful for troop morale...

Can anyone explain how Christian Bale did NOT recieve an Oscar nomination for Empire of the Sun?

The Earth may change orbit! A live repubican will be on the Maddow show.

James Cameron close to diving to deepest ocean (BBC)

go Baylor..Beat Kansas

The Best Street Art Of 2011

Pic Of The Moment: Later That Day...

Rachel Maddow - she is amazing. Every nite.

Petition to pull Limbaugh off AFN gathers steam

The New Israeli Bunker Buster

The Race-Baiting Continues- But fortunately, it doesn't seem to be working.

Richard Heinberg - Living at the End of Growth

MD, NY, and PA DUers

Man... Do I Hope THIS Is The Case... 'A Common Theme as Limbaugh, Murdoch and Beck Self Destruct'

All drugs have two names

Looking for Dual Monitor Wallpaper

A Susquehanna River Basin Commission Meeting on 3/15

Portland man indicted for sending threatening letters to Congress, officials

Greetings from PA.

Amy Goodman: Big Nuclear's cozy relationship with the Obama administration

U.S. defends treated meat dubbed "pink slime" in school meals

Greetings from PA

Indiana passes statewide smoking ban, exempts bars

Dreams mean anything? I dreamt 2 of my previous/deceased dogs

Who is on Real Time tonight?

Floating Offshore Wind Farm Planned For Fukushima

my husband came home from the hospital today.

Inquiring minds want to know if Earth has the same amount of H2O it had

Robo calls are driving me mad!!!!! Help!!!!

The war against women is never over...

Charts: February Jobs Report - Bikini Graph

Papers move, scrap 'Doonesbury' abortion law strip

Online hard rock?


Romney's Ultimate Southern Pratfall, In Sayin' Y'all'


Vintage Ads On 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show'

Unique problem

Monsanto's Roundup Ravaging Butterfly Populations, Study Shows

quote of the day

Senate Gridlock Explained in One Chart

today in women's herstory

Does MSNBC provide a public service by running all prisons, all the time

a biography of the day--isabella beecher hooker

biography of the day--julia de burgos

Shaky Banks Still Haunt the Bailout

Aide Answered Giffords’s Call to Run for Seat.

Mass dolphin rescue video stuns

I dug up a post of mine from December, replied but it doesn't show in the Lounge

My Point Was... In Response To... "here is your justification"

Killing the Buddha: Sam Harris.

God, I miss the DU poll feature. Or is it here and I didn't notice?

Ok... time for a dumb question.

Ohio stiffens regulations after concluding that fracking caused earthquakes

A&Aers: We're still looking for another host, if anyone is interested

Redskins make a terrible deal for the #2 draft pick.

White House names Todd Park as U.S. chief technology officer

Anyone post to #p2 Twitter hashtag?

The DUzy Awards for March 9th, 2012

Hooray! Results from my PCA 3 test! No prostate biopsy for me!

Oh fer fuck sakes, lighten the fuck up! It's Friday night and is time for an

I saw a big billboard in albuquerque

A cool channel you should check out

RackNine says they have IP address of Pierre Poutine. Looking into whose account

Check out Blue In Ak photos of the northern lights from last night (X-post from GD)

What is your favourite pasta? I like fettucini in an alfredo sauce with proscuto and

Flo of Mel's Diner tells Mittens, "Kiss my grits!"

What was your favourite Saturday afternoon tv show as a kid. We loved all star wrestling

Lee Camp on God in the Presidential Election

Can Colombia’s Santos Solve the Cuba Conundrum?

OK, let the speculation begin.


Lead Plaintiff Against Affordable Care Act Files For Bankruptcy Because Of Medical Debt

Heads up: Lilly Ledbetter is Tavis Smiley's only guest tonight