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Archives: March 6, 2012

Scarborough's Nervous Breakdown: Romney Urged Obama to Adopt Individual Health Care Mandate

The Ventures!

How to Flatten a City - The shocking, ugly similarities between the destruction of Homs and Grozny.

Philip Madoc obituary

HUD Secretary Donovan on Jon Stewart tonight: One in 6 Homeless People are Veterans

Warning: Republicans To Start Sacrificing Virgins

Jon Stewart’s Round-Up Of The Rush Limbaugh ‘Slut’ Mess Is Must-See TV

A proposal.

TYT: Santorum: Contraception 'A Grievous Moral Wrong'

A proposal.

A proposal.

Alien invaders threaten Antarctic fringes (BBC)

After Barnard Gets Obama for Speech, Tensions With Columbia Bubble Up

Where will Ron Paul’s supporters go for the general election?

Jon Stewart’s Round-Up Of The Rush Limbaugh ‘Slut’ Mess Is Must-See TV

U.S. Law May Allow Killings, Holder Says

We're so sorry, Uncle Albert, but we haven't done a bloody thing all day.

Analysis: Winners and losers in court-ordered Texas congressional redistricting

The funniest stuff is usually unintentional

Bwahaha... MittRomneyCentral goes spintastic

Supreme Court to weigh ending foreigners’ ability to sue over rights abuses abroad

Christopher Tappin denied bail in US on arms dealing claims

China Foothold in U.S. Energy

Can you believe this dumb ass?

Can you believe this Dumas?

Can you believe these dumb bass?

Can YOU be in the Laruens County, South Carolina GOP?

more victims (who will not be in the casualty counts) of the damned wars.

Orrex is a fan of "You Can't Do That On Television"

mark morford: santorum, the bishops and you

Hey fellow men: Respecting women and not calling them sluts gets you laid more.

Matt Taibbi: Bank of America is a “raging hurricane of theft and fraud”

School Kids Dying in Ohio: It's a Gun Problem

Mitt Romney accepts Rush Limbaugh's apology to Sandra Fluke

Advantage for Cats vs. Advantage for Cats-n-Rabbits: Question

Laurens County Republican Requiring Candidates To Sign Pledge, Pass Interview

Syrian forces 'carrying out mass arrests and executions' in Homs

New Arcade Fire song - "Abraham's Daughter" - from the movie soundtrack of "The Hunger Games"

No Birth Control Or Family Planning For Anyone

The Best Obama Bumper Sticker Ever

Lavender Scare: Film Documents Antigay “Witch Hunt”

Tired of High Gas Prices?


Remember the threads after Candidate Obama won the general election in 2008?

Black Students Face More Discipline, Data Suggests

DemRapidResponse: Fact-Checking the Unfounded Distortions on President Obama's Support for Israel

Lakota Indians Arrested underway halting tarsands pipeline trucks

a question about what jurors see

Marijuana Legalization Debate Arrives: From Latin American Presidents to Costco Magazine!

The greatest actress in American political history - Roger Ebert's Journal

Parting is such sweet sorrow...

Voter photo ID bill heads to Senate floor(Pa.)

Applause for Holder inside, few protesters outside

Super Tuesday Polls Update: Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum Close In Ohio; Newt Gingrich Leads Georgia

For Cirque Du Soliel - The Beatles LOVE - Beatles mashed up and remixed by Sir George Martin ....

Advantage for Cats vs. Advantage for Cats-n-Rabbits: Question

Are we being fair to Rush Limbaugh? by David Frum

Greta Van Susteren And Karl Rove Target The Real Villain Of The Limbaugh ‘Slut’ Story: David Gregory

Aid Charade: UK wants 'peanuts' back

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Monday, March 5)

Shared Decision Making — The Pinnacle of Patient-Centered Care (NEJM)

Sandra Fluke Condemns Rush Limbaugh And Praises Media Matters On The View - video

Payback. I criticised The Australian. Now I must pay

Will you live to see marijuana legalized in the United States?

The copper, the Lawrence killer's father,

Tom Toles toon: GWB v. Willard Rmoney, a comparison

Minnesota school district settles lawsuit over gay slurs

Mike Thompson's toon on Rushbo and Viagra

Gay Marine kiss portrays a new normal in U.S.

Outrage against Limbaugh has more legs than a centipede.

Rising Energy Tensions in the Aegean—Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Syria

Goldman Sachs posts its first loss in Asia since 2008

Release of UC Davis pepper-spraying report delayed

A one-liner that sums up the GOP's response to the Limbaugh story:

Anti-identity theft company "Lifelock" sticks by Rush (ROFL)

Let your money talk

A laugh to start the day:

The Secret Origin of the Birthers

Fact is, Republican candidates are fungible.

why IS it ok for Maher to say hideous things about women

America's Eyes Are Watching Ohio: Will Voters Pick People over Corporations and Peace over War?

America's Eyes Are Watching Ohio: Will Voters Pick People over Corporations and Peace over War?

Who to target now: Companies still advertising with RuSlut PooBah

More Than 1,000 Potential New Planets Found (NatGeo)

What are we drinkiing tonight?

"HR 347 - Trespass Bill Threatens First Amendment"

Stunning and gorgeous color photos of the 1930s and 1940s from the @LibraryCongress

Emissions from Asia put US cities over the ozone limit

In three states, personal stories changed gay marriage

The 'white' slave children of New Orleans: Images of pale mixed-race slaves

Senate upholds duties on China and Vietnam subsidies

Cato Institute Caught in Rift Over Direction

The Man Who Has The Ultimate Say About Rushbo...

Santorum thinks that repealing affordable care is "The Most Important Issue Today"

Bryan Fischer says Sandra Fluke is indeed a slut and that Rush Limbaugh is a victim

Extremely loud, Incredibly Gross - Jon Stewart skewers Scumbaugh and the ReTHUGs

Ann Romney: "I don't consider myself wealthy"

Anyone have any idea when Rachel Maddow will be on Howard Stern's show?

Fordgetaboutit: China to Buy Only Domestic-Branded Cars

Chellie Pingree should stay put. We need her in the US House.

BT and TalkTalk lose file-sharing appeal

The Consequence of Rush’s Rash Judgment

S@#$ Civilians say to Veterans

Obama Holds News Conference, Unveils Housing Plan

So Mittens introduces his wife as a 'heavyweight' and instantly tries to take it back

Taylor Sauer Died While Driving And Facebooking; Now Parents Want To Make It Ilegal

Iran to allow IAEA visit Parchin military site - ISNA

Son needs help with recording engineer career please, thanks

IIF sees 1 trillion euro fallout from Greek default

Please stop equating Maher with Fat Ass

Excellent piece on European situation

Jabber the slut LOL

Romney Backer Ted Nugent Has History Of Extreme, Violent Political Rhetoric

Tom Toles nails 'El Rushbo'

Thief Robs Girl Scouts (Whoa!)


Labor dispute shadows Republicans, boosts Obama in Ohio

Just so you know "cocorocotum's" real (pretty legit) story

Iran with a bomb? Meh

Auto Workers Tap Network for Obama (story and video)

Obama Recess Appointments Can’t Be Challenged in Labor Rule Suit

Indiana mother loses legs while saving her children from tornado

Simple question for religious people, particularly of the Abrahamic faiths.

Mika spills the beans about the GOP race.

Third party/Independent Candidates Question

Heron yesterday

The revolution will not be patronized

Ohio Republicans for Obama

Is posting the days rightwing talking point alert-worthy?

OK - if wanting insurance coverage for contraception is "asking people to pay you to have sex"...

State agencies, colleges demand applicants' Facebook passwords

Economists See Improving Economy

All the 31 Advertisers Who Are Still Sticking by Limbaugh: Netflix, Capital One, others.

Plans to water down UK anti-tax haven rules could cost developing countries and the UK billions

Obama Fund-Raising Team Encouraged by February Haul

Rush Limbaugh Sponsor LifeLock, (makers of chastity belts?) is Sticking With Rush

Question about old time radio programs (Which I'm old enough to remember, but I don't):

Who saw this coming - Libya: Semi-autonomy declared by leaders in east

koch brothers coup de tat

John Nichols: Rush Limbaugh Owes Democracy an Apology

Union support could hurt Falk in recall election

wtf? State agencies, colleges demand applicants' Facebook passwords

Obama offers clarity on Iran, and a vital message to Israel

Caught in an ambush by Agent Orange

Whom Should I Pick?

Posting a report of misogyny without comment

Anyone who was at Republican Convention 2008

I just had the most AMAZING musical experience last night! What is yours? (of any night)

Beyond the free market

U.S. Representative Donald Payne (D-NJ) dead at 77

Paging MIRT: Serial Spammer on the loose

state by state speak your mind about...montana

U.S. A Net Gas Exporter For First Time In Decades - NPR

The (Nuclear) Winter Of Our Discontent

CALL your Senators and Rep today -- get Rush off AFN

The (Nuclear) Winter Of Our Discontent

CALL your Senators and Rep today -- get Rush off AFN

Short Answer: Yes...

CALL your Senators and Rep today -- get Rush off AFN

The (Nuclear) Winter Of Our Discontent

Democrats suddenly have a Maine headache

My almost 12 year old son is starting to get those pre-teen hormonal attacks!

Peak oil review - March 5

Peak oil review - March 5

Margaret and Helen: Rush saw his shadow today. Six more weeks of stupidity…

Rush's remarks were worse than I thought

Goldman Sachs Secret Greece Loan Reveals Sinners

state by state about montana

Military Sexual Trauma (MST)

Afghan government says likely to reach U.S. prison deal

Rush's next book title:

On the Front Lines of the War on Women..... (toon)

Axelrod: Romney gave ‘cowardly answer’ on Limbaugh controversy

RE: Netflix and Rush

Warehouse workers say abuses are systemic

""Some people have lovers in every port; I have horses in every port." - Ann Romney

Wisconsin: Rally in Madison Saturday

As Christie in in MA endorsing Brown, I wanted to share this analysis of

Afghan investigator: US burning of Qurans was intentional

Drugmakers have paid $8 billion in fraud fines

Who Said It? Mitt Romney or Mr. Burns?

Cato Institute Is Caught in a Rift Over Its Direction

Axelrod tattoos Romney with Rush `slut’ comment

Psychic Prediction: Rush Limbaugh’s Advertisers Will Be Back

Cartoonists Nail Rush, Day 2!

Tuesday Republican Toon Roundup...

A Tour of Commons Activism Around the World

We Are Terminating Our Relationship with Rush Limbaugh:

Toon- Thirty Years of Centrism Illustrated

select jurors at random - for real

Israel, Iran and the Battle for the Bomb

I voted in Virginia today


The longest-serving inmate in Illinois history is dead

You call 1 woman a slut/prostitute & demand she post a gangbang tape & suddenly the lamestream media

The Washington Post Doubles Down on False Balance

Ohio Senate Bill Offers Male Lawmakers A Taste Of Their Own Medicine

Why Driverless Cars Will Increase Tensions in Cities and Suburbs Alike

U.S. Rep. Donald M. Payne, a Democrat from New Jersey, has died, a congressional source close

Sign the petition for the FCC to investigate Limbaugh... and there's one for Bill Maher?!?!?

Small Business Sputters

Using sexist and misogynistic language to tear down a misogynist

Limbaugh dismisses flight of advertisers from show

Adelanto gun-rights activist sues police for illegal search (California)

Media’s Belated “Acknowledgment” of Saudi 9/11 Story

Goldman Secret Greece Loan (Rush Limbaugh appears not to be involved)

A Thank You Letter To Rush Limaugh

Officials urge Perry to block health law

Live by the sword, die by the sword

Tax Hunt Pushes Global Rich to Create Offshore Trusts for Children in U.S.

lounge host openings

Jesus may have been a hermaphrodite, claims academic

David Horsey: Republican leaders let Rush Limbaugh dominate their party

A Thank You Letter To Rush Limbaugh

Funny phone control

Women's health program being killed by political fight

Question about Jury Transparency- thinking out loud...

Syrian Army 'Bombed Bridges Used By Refugees Fleeing Into Lebanon'

Brownsville joins South Texas economic development alliance

Scientists pinpoint how vitamin D may help clear amyloid plaques found in Alzheimer’s

Wisconsin: Walker explains job losses - it's that damned democracy

Goldman’s Secret Greece Loan Reveals Sinners

Top members of hacking group LulzSec arrested

Eric Holder meet George Orwell

When Religion Had Its Place

One-term Democrat J.M. Lozano plans to file to run as Republican

Homs - 06/03/2012 neighborhood raids and robberies of the homes

Yes, I think it's awful what Maher once said about Palin

Limbaugh loses favor with those who pay his bills

Freeper "bossmechanic" visits DU to read Rush threads, returns to parents' basement, reports results

I am about to for the first time put someone on ignore.

Interesting factoids from Frank Zappa, the idol of my youth

Will Repubs Pushing for War Turn Election Tide?

Sorry, wrong sub forum.

Opportunity now for the Republican Party to dump their trash....

Can Animals Be Homophobic?

Be the first to put one in your yard or garden!

Michael Kinsley: The Case Against the Case Against Rush Limbaugh

How could we influence the Department of Veterans Affairs to Flush Rush.

Krugman: Powerline At Cato

Study Linking Abortion and Mental Health Problems Is Called False

Don't know how current this is but the list is now up to 20!!!!!!

Apparently, Ann Romney's 3/4 billion in "riches" could be "here today, gone tomorrow."

Saturn Transit Favors Obama's re-election

Five More Advertisers Drop Rush Limbaugh, Bringing Total To 20

Santorum: ‘Higher-income people don’t have to pay taxes’

There's nothing worse than losing your shades.

I voted in Oklahoma

Psychiatric prescriptions under state investigation, agency says

Jon Stewart compares Limbaugh to pungent bucket of raw sewage

Rush Graph

Leonard Pitts Jr: Gay Marine kiss portrays a new normal in U.S.

Five More Advertisers Drop Rush Limbaugh, Bringing Total To 20

Check in if you're going to listen to Rush today!!

No-one should ever give their password to anyone else

The Occupy Movement...The Rejection of Rush...Anyone else think that Great Pendulum....

"Tragic" according to Rick Santorum

Senior Wall St. Banker to be tried on ethnic intimation and stabbing.

Super Tuesday? More Like Super PAC Tuesday

Anyone know the success rate or have experience with "desensitizing", a dog for allergies?

Anyone else get a robo call from Randall Terry?

Resident threatened with vandalism if he doesn't display sign supporting Walker

Alienating students, too-rethugs are on a roll

Deadlocked Stanford fraud trial jury told to keep deliberating

Murkowski Regrets Voting For Blunt’s ‘Religious Conscience’ Measure: ‘I Have Let These Women Down’

If Limbaugh lost ALL his sponsors, he would remain on the air

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday March 6th

Can ARPA-E Solve Energy Problems?

how many of you have ever felt personally victimized by Rick Santorum?

Bachmann Plays Victim Card: ‘The Rhetoric Is Far Worse Against People Who Stand Up For Traditional

The disgusting tally of Rush's attacks against Sandra Fluke (and there may even be some missing!)

Cognitive Dissonance: Before class, several guys discussed Sandra Fluke, contraception, and Rush

DC court asks for briefing on CD-25

I predict that Rush will open his show with a mea culpa and a 30 minute apology (I WAS WRONG)

And the Winner Is…

It is time to close the "Delaware Loophole" that allows large corporations to avoid PA. taxes

Sec. Panetta, Get Rush Limbaugh Off Armed Forces Radio NOW! No tax money for abusive, divisive, insu

Green Firms Get Fed Cash, Give Execs Bonuses, Fail

Santorum: Single Moms Are "Breeding More Criminals"

Pic Of The Moment: Ann Romney: "I Don't Even Consider Myself Wealthy"

Tornados and Global warming

What nobody is talking about: Limbaugh and The GOP picked a fight with Big Pharma

Today My Occupy Group Is Taking Our Concerns on HR 347 Right To Congress....

Wendell Potter Agrees: Big-Profit Health Insurance Almost Dead

Iran Offer for Nuclear EU-Led Talks Accepted

I don't think it's a pendulum swing.

How can this happen? Guy's body sits in house for 4 years after he kills himself

Dem Strategy Memo: Damage From Romney’s Wealth Irreversible

America - The World Does Not Owe You a Living

"3 Strikes, You're In!": Stopped 3 times & not charged receive a FREE Happy Meal (spoof)

Murkowski Regrets Voting For Blunt’s ‘Religious Conscience’ Measure: ‘I Have Let These Women Down’

I had a post locked and want a jury....

Netanyahu Takes Iran Nuclear Campaign to U.S. Congress After Obama Meeting

Retrofitting for Fecundity

The Elephant in the Courtroom

List of Americans The Republicans Have Insulted This Campaign Season

HAPPY 100th Anniversary to America's favorite sugar & lard-based treat. LARD! CAIN!

7 Deadly Things You Won't Believe Most People Survive

Business owner stands up to robber (My gun's bigger)

HA HA HA HA HA! OH, NEWT! Your "9-9-9" joke is so fukken funny...I'm STILL laughing! CAIN!

LulzSec Leader Betrays All of Anonymous

Bob Dylan - Times They are a-Changin

5 more days and my black mark is gone (hidden post). (RESOLVED)

Artwork for the new Carrie Underwood CD getting "thumbs up" and "thumbs down." Your thoughts?

Study Jointly Led by UCSB Researcher Supports Theory of Extraterrestrial Impact (Younger Dryas)

Speaking Of Prostitutes...

BABs Trashes GOP: “the worst campaign I’ve ever seen in my life.”

The GOP's War On Women was fought once before… Ceausescu

Shock me with pictures of celebrities who've had work done

This Is What Prompted SC's “Purity Pledge”

Obama’s Flashing Red Light To Netanyahu On Iran

Government Run Armed Forces Network Vows to Stick with Rush Limbaugh Broadcasts

PA. School Funding is Skewing Towards Wealthier School Districts over time

Is Limbaugh finally circling the bowl?

Democratic Women Seize The Spotlight In GOP’s Contraception War

"Take me prisoner..."

Drexel’s Gogotsi and European Collaborators Advance Understanding of Energy Storage Mechanisms…

5 Lakotas Arrested blocking XL Pipeline Trucks -Latest I could find -w/pics and a video clip:

"Aping Rush Limbaugh, Mitt Romney is bashing clean energy as a liberal fantasy."

Dumb Question

very moving poem on today's writer's almanac

False equivalency (Limbaugh, Slut, etc.)

Dem Congressman Dies After Battle With Colon Cancer

ACLU Slams Obama Administration Claim It Can Kill Any American Who It Calls An Enemy of the State

Tim Murray, Kerry, Niki Tsongas toured Hanscom base to build support

General: Syrian Air Defense Complicates US Options

Is anyone listening to Rush today? How's he sound?

Laughing Liberally Tucson tonight 02/06 Free!

Apple allow its customers to feel as if they're a sort of spiritual-historical elite on a mission

Hot diggity dog, I earned a second interview.

Government Studies Inconclusive on Health Impact of Toxic Chemical Contaminants at Fort Detrick, Md.

Ever seen a highlighter play basketball? Check out Baylor in the NCAA tournament.

Rush gets a John Deere letter.

Gas prices look like they are falling

I voted in Illinois today....

Just voted for Newt

LIVE NOW: President Obama's first full news conference of 2012

Why The Economic Recovery Hasn’t Felt Like One For The 99 Percent (CHARTS) - TPMDC

George Pataki Is A Snot-Faced Asshole

Rev. Jesse Jackson: U.S. Must Expand, Not Suppress, Voting Rights

Labor Notes National Labor Conference May 4-6 2012 in Chicago

26 and counting.

Is Seaweed the Future of Biofuel?

Oh Barf..."Andy Gray: I considered killing myself after Sky sexism row"



How can a poll be posted on DU3?

Final FACE harvest reveals increased soil carbon storage under elevated carbon dioxide

You're gonna love this! Missouri speaker backs Limbaugh for hall of fame

Is a cat parasite responsible for the growth of right-wing nuttiness?

The Rush Limbaugh pile-on: why now?

OUCH. GOP leaders let rush dominate their party.

god damn that rahm emanuel.

Heads up --- Obama presser today shortly after 1pm Eastern.

Organic strawberries better pollinated

DU Album of the Day: "Nick of Time" Bonnie Raitt

I am voting for Santorum in Ohio

Corbett Withholds Paying State Dues to Del. River Commission Until they Allow gas drilling

GOP Leaders’ Focus Is On Controlling Congress Amid Presidential Doubts - TheHill

Alan Turing exhibition opens at Bletchley Park {cause you know, we're a threat to civilization}

Question about old time radio programs (Which I'm old enough to remember, but I don't):

County asks GOP hopefuls to sign no-ring, no-sex pledge

A Makeshift Experimental Poll: Who will come out on top in today's primaries, etc.

Buffett speaks out of both sides of his mouth. While talking a good talk,

One good thing about getting older, if you start to tell somebody something,

Man in the Mirror | Growing Pains Category | PBS Online Film Festival {down low HS athlete}

In Forests, Past Disturbances Obscure Warming Impacts

Gay Porn Past of Bravo Star

That was quick - Allen Stanford Found Guilty In Ponzi Scheme Case

UPS Hearts Logistics. Pregnant Employees, Not So Much.

Listen to Limbaugh...find who is advertising LOCALLY and give them a call to let them know you wont

Kirk Cameron: I Should Be Able To ‘Express Moral Views’ Without Accusations Of Hate Speech

Only AFTER Backlash from Voters does Murkowski Have Regrets Voting For Blunt Contraception Bill

I'm I the only woman that has had it up to here with Viagra and Cialis ads????

Petition to removed Rush from Clear Channel

Papantonio: Republicans Want to Repeal the Beatitudes

Statement by the President on the Passing of Congressman Donald Payne

*POTUS news conference now!

Hector Xavier Monsegur, 4 Other Reported LulzSec Hackers Arrested By FBI

My retirement fund is really taking a beating today......

Things may be looking good today for the Democrats and Obama however....

What a great headline to see this morning on Yahoo "Revolt over Rush remarks hits fever pitch"

Any MI GM-UAW retirees

Russ Feingold Endorses Ilya Sheyman in IL-10.

LIMBOsevic floundering for a topic, one hour and counting

About Syria (I wish we could do polls): Is it our job?

Question: What Party Was In Power When North Korea Became a Nuclear-Weapon State?

Radiodread - "Let Down" feat. Toots and the Maytals

Sick of his roommates stealing his food.

I have fresh but sad strawberries, frozen phyllo dough and cream cheese

B-12 deficiency.

Say what you will about President Obama...

I'm using 10.7.3 Question?

What a deal!

(WI) Legislature considering recall limits

The etiquette gap: From Newt and Mitt to Facebook and texting

Serious question:

Vegetarian cutlet

Thom Hartmann: Hey Rush...who's the prostitute now?

Does EIB offer contraceptive coverage for its female employees?

Obama: Want a war? Say so

Op-Ed: What the Blunt Amendment Means for People With HIV

MO Democrats ask Speaker to abandon plans to honor Rush

How to Fund an American Police State

What Republicans in Congress have(n’t) accomplished

Anyone have updates on whether legal cannabis will be on ballot in NOV?

"It's all Obama's fault!"


Limbaugh Bemoans Uppity ‘Overeducated’ Single Women

Netflix Statement (pulling ads)

Dan Senor and Maggie Haberman AGREE: Ann Romney is an "excellent surrogate" who exudes "warmth."

Daily Show: Extremely Loud & Incredibly Gross

World Has Much at Stake in Nuclear Power Decision

Netflix Statement (pulling ads)

Occupy Wall Street is celebrating and taking credit for moving the G-8 gang....

Tickets on sale for Oakdale Testicle Festival

Who was the person yelling at President Obama during the news conference ?

Scott Walker Caught In Pre-Election Lie On Collective Bargaining Plans-Will Wisconsin Voters Care?

Two Murdoch reporters feared to be in suicide bids

I'll be speaking at this Harlem4Obama event in Harlem this Saturday, come out and join us!

Rise Of The GOP Authoritarian Police State

If you are in NYC this Saturday, come out to Harlem for a Harlem4Obama rally!

Tamron Hall is nailing Chuck Todd to the wall with the negatives

It's Super Tuesday! I'm all tingly!

26 advertisers have dropped Limbaugh so far - the numbers are changing hourly.

what is there to say?.......

Vatican Dispatches Elite Team Of Bishops To Sabotage Contraceptive Manufacturer

Help make March 24th a day liberals will never forget

Limpbags keeps up his war on women

Wisconsin: League's lawsuit over voter ID proceeds

(Japan) Tsuruga nuke plant sits atop major fault

PHOTO: Remember, boys & girls...short of laser removal, tattoos are FOREVER.

Contact JC Penny and ask them to drop Rush Limbaugh

Neil deGrasse Tyson - Why cutting NASA buget was huge mistake.

Cranston West prayer banner removed

Romney better tread VERY lightly on gas prices....Back in 2003....

Libya: Semi-autonomy declared by leaders in east

F.U.P.H.: Patricia "Everybody Loves Raymond" Heaton apologizes for tweets taking Limbaugh’s side


Fox cancels Terra Nova

TEPCO execs being sued personally for $67 billion

What other religions condemn birth control besides the Catholic Church?

This Is Your Country On Drugs

President Obama: “The reason I called Ms. Fluke is because I thought about Malia and Sasha..."

French Prime Minister calls for end to ritual religious slaughter of meat

Fox News

Ed Shultz: Obama's superpac isn't raising any money

Is NASCAR right to ban the General Lee, or overreacting?

Neocon democracy

All Rush has to do is "cut to tape."

Syria - SWOP statement by LCC - realistic.

Let's see Limbaugh's slanderous lies and raise him some facts.

It may be up to 30 advertisers leaving rush. new link

Cranston West prayer banner removed

Tracy Gold responds to her former costar and Fundy Nutjob, Kirk Cameron

McCain: Bomb Syria; But Iraq and Russia oppose Intervention - Juan Cole

Judge grants temporarily injunction barring enforcement of voter ID law in April election

Maybe, just maybe the days of this hate radio crap are numbered

Climate Change: A planet in flux

Climate Change: A planet in flux

Slut Flow Chart

Obama fires at GOP critics: Protecting Israel 'is not a game'

The best reason for the very rich to be paying a lot more in taxes

Low turnout in Ohio thus far.

Americans Against the Tea Party Face Book

Buck (documentary) - excellent, streaming and highly recommended.

Obama press conference: Above all, do no (message) harm

A monumental pile of crap that should embarrass every Democrat who ever said an unkind word about Jo

Rahm Emanuel Responds To The G8 Being Moved From Chicago

I hate it that Limpbags uses words like "slut" and "prostitute" against women...

Opposition to H.R 347 being pushed by the RW and Ron Paul supporters

Slouching Toward Gautama: Toward a Buddhist Politics of Freedom

Record numbers of dead dolphins off Cape Cod

Go read the bill and the law it changed. (HR347)

Need-based grants for PA. College Students to be Cut by Corbett Budget

I hates FedEx.

I think Limbaugh is losing it. Today he's making excuses for his ideas and language.

President Obama Impresses a Republican

Rush Limbaugh Sculpture Is Planned For Missouri Statehouse

British athletes warned not to shake hands at London Olympics

Springsteen’s Ode to Conservative Values?

2 non-students killed in shooting at Fla. high school

Rush: What Is It With These ‘Young, White, Over-Educated’ Women?

Turn me on dead man: "editor-in-chief" promises to "go a little Jesse Jackson on you"

"...the president explained that his reaction was driven by thoughts of his own daughters."

Jury Convicts Stanford in $7 Billion Ponzi Fraud

My entry into the Rush Week cartoon fest...

MORE bad polling news for the GOP...

Here's why I love my partners (Pro Flowers Story)

Anxiety over PSI and the Greek bond swap

JK on the Senate floor. n/t

Hey, DeKalb County voters!

Woman Killed by "Homemade Cannon"

Limbaugh Radio Show Faces Backlash From Social Media as Advertisers Flee

Please visit this website and sign the petition to remove Rush from AFR!

Goldman upgrades FCC from neutral to sell

Beautiful logo lineup of the Companies paying attention. Prettiest pictures I've seen in a while!

Rick Scott looses big time against state workers!!!

Keiser Report: Fat Cats Spy On You (E251)

TP reporting total number of advertisers dropping Rush is up to >30<

Clear Channel/Premiere Networks Parroting The Limbaugh "Excuse"

AIPAC Works For the 1 Percent

Sleep America is still running ads on Rush. Who else?

5 million voters may lose their right in the 2012 elections -- thanks to the dirty tricks

Mary Poppins songwriter Robert B Sherman dies aged 86

8 current, former service members to sue military, alleging sexual assault and harassment

Hustler founder Flynt offers $1M for sex dirt on senators

Military Sexual Trauma (MST)

The problem about morality that Ricky and Kik don't understand-Personal rant-

GOP’s Christian Hysteria Attacks U.S. Principle of Freedom From Religion

Salmon win in 9th circuit court

Radio Experts: Limbaugh May Have Triggered Long-Term Ad Exodus

False Equivalency

Rmoney's Saul Alinsky connection ...

Former U.S. Marine Turned Away From TN Poll For Refusing to Present Photo ID Under New GOP Law

Obama accuses GOP critics of 'beating the drums of war' in Mideast

Holder spells out why drones target US citizens

David Rohde: How Obama’s drone war is backfiring

Netflix Becomes 30th Advertiser To Drop Limbaugh

Opening Ourselves by Opening the Science-Religion Debate

Ricky Martin to Nancy Alvarez: We're Born This Way

I guess I won't be listening to any more Rockies games....

Dayton vetoes gun bill

Joe the Plumber could be a congressman

A drawing I did for our annual music festival.

Undocumented Foreclosure Victim Deported After Protesting Illegal Foreclosure - FDL

Michael Moore will be on MSNBC at 9:30 ET tonight

Pigboy advertisers now forced to make straightupperdown vote. For us or against us. Yes or No.

Ind. Woman Loses Legs Saving Kids from Tornado

Obama's 2013 budget: Grow Prisons, keep Gitmo

What??? 'Automated Message' has a DU profile?

"I don't think they hurt the party at all." - Herman Cain on Limbaugh's Misogynist Comments

Is Disney's Princess Candy Packaging Insensitive?

LOL !!! - Captions Anyone ???

Colleges and Gov Agencies will know what you tweeted and FB'ed.

I oppose the changes to law HR 347 brings. I am a member of DU in good standing,

Capital One Drops Ads From Rush Limbaugh (this is #32)

OOOPPPSSS! I really hate to see this happen to an Air Force fighter plane.

Netflix Ditches Rush Limbaugh After Slurs

Responding to the Radiation Threat

Memphis-based AutoZone denies it advertises on Limbaugh's show

Who said it: Mitt Romney or Mr. Burns

"I don't consider myself wealthy."

Just got this e-mail from Billie Jean King:

Mining company president: Approve bill or we may abandon project Read more:

June 2009: Right-wing radio hosts Hewitt and Limbaugh back GM boycott

United Steelworkers endorse Obama for 2012.

BREAKING: Capital One Drops Ads From Rush Limbaugh

Any chance of Clear Channel dumping Limpballs?

Is there a loss of revenue estimate on Limbaugh advertising losses?

Call to Arms: Do Your Part to Take Rush Limbaugh Off American Forces Radio

What NOT to say

Keep the ball rolling please! Sign petition to the Pentagon on Rush Limbaugh

Before it boils up, let's try to agree-there is little in common between Sandra Fluke and Sara Palin

Jennifer Granholm interviews Gov. Ted Strickland: GOP Candidates have no clue about Ohio voters

Oh... WOW...

The Latino Polling Bombshell---OBAMA Leading ROMNEY --- 70-14 Percent!

Every MAN should be outraged against Rush and the RW Religous too

Warning: Someone is using info from DU to sign people up to

Is there a chance that Ron Paul could win in VA?

Energy "shots"/supplements - have you tried them? Do they work for you? What do you think of them?

I DO consider myself wealthy

Judge rules Florida pension changes unconstitutional

If Dittoheads really were 25 to 50% of the public, would advertisers be leaving this fast?

Thom Hartmann: Can Romney buy himself victory?

Well, its 52 degrees and sunny out there today.


Thom Hartmann: Must see! Iceland is prosecuting PM for not stopping the $$ bubble

DU this poll. (please)

The latest shoe to drop is JCPenney. They've pulled all ads from Rush, bringing the total to 33.

107 percent turnout? Another side to Russia's vote

Cops won't return gun to man who shot robber in Aldi store (Wisconsin)

DPS warns against Spring Break travel to Mexico

Limbaugh blasts ‘overeducated’ young single white women

Could somebody have gotten a link between my DU user name and

Stratfor leaks: NATO commandos in illegal special ops in Syria

Hey Rush, we know you come here so are you

Mike Malloy - anyone see this one yet

Let's have a nice little exposure thread

Houston Islamic school’s rejection from TAPPS resurfaces

Monsanto glyphosphate [Roundup] ready crops create superweed; solution: 2, 4-D

Former Marine Protests Photo ID to Vote Law on Election Day

Just voted in VA......

Voting Today

The Rush Limbaugh Idiot List

JCPenney Drops Rush-that makes 33!

Obama To Romney: 'Good Luck Tonight'

he must have gotten the news already...?

Govt. agencies, colleges demand applicants' Facebook passwords

Fredericksburg councilman targeted for recall files to become mayor

Sierra Club criticizes Port of Corpus Christi for coal plans

Obama To War Hypemongers: “Explain The Consequences” - FDL

MOTHER JONES Fun "Flow Chart: Are You a Slut?"

So Tweety now has a tingle up his leg over Joey the Scar??? Dear gawd, it was like a love fest

You know that guy who called Obama a "“a skinny, ghetto crackhead” "

Romney’s Latest Clean Energy Attack: ‘You Can’t Drive A Car With A Windmill On It’

I Like Mike (Jay Spears)

to reach an unemployment rate of 5.5% within four years we would need 179,000 jobs a month

It takes a GOSSIP site (Gawker) to nail an assessment of BREITBART

Rush Question

Clueless vs Dumbass

Public hearing to add GLBT employment protections in Omaha, 3/6/12

Steelworkers Endorse Barack Obama for Re-election as President

A Cool New Website for Progressively Minded People

caption time!

My dad always told me that when you stand up to a bully, he loses his cool and then backs down.

I Am Woman

Ken O'Keefe on what the NDAA will do to America

Pakistani families of people killed in US drone strikes plead for justice

One from Wonkette

Ohio robocall: 'Vote for social sanity and Rick Santorum, NOT for homosexuality and Mitt Romney'

Attorney General Eric Holder Defends Legality of Targeted Killings of U.S. Citizens Overseas

Just took a drug test this morning, showed up as "inconclusive" "UPDATE"

Who said it? Mitt Romney or Mr. Burns?

I'm torn...

BBC finds evidence that French helped Argentines sink our ships

Team Romney Rallies Around Carried Interest

The case against drone attacks

Holder Pummeled from the Left on Targeted Killings

I can only speak for myself...but...

Cherokee County Commission approves resolution condemning federal law

How Ayn Rand became the new right's version of Marx

Obama, Rush tangle over Sandra Fluke

I think Romney will win Ohio by a few points

Do Citizen Terrorists Have Rights?

Santorum forgot what I told him 3 years ago about Obama

Disappearances continue in Colombia: UN .

Pat Robertson Calls For Relaxed Marijuana Possession Laws

President Obama: " I thought about Malia and Sasha"

So, Eric Holder, we should just trust that the president won't assassinate us?

Romney’s Bain Capital Owns Media Giant Broadcasting Limbaugh, Hannity

Paramilitary to testify Drummond paid to kill unionists:Victims' lawyer (Alabama-based coal company)

Paramilitary to testify Drummond paid to kill unionists: Victims' lawyer .

Reload the Limbaugh!

Larry Derfner (Jewish Israeli Writer) exposes Netanyahu's Feet of Clay

BREAKING: Peyton Manning is out of the Colts.

Exit Poll: 45% of Ohio voters are evangelical Christians.

OCC Servicer Review Firm Also “Scrubs” Loan Files, Fabricates Documents - NakedCapitalism

DU, help a brother out- come up with an organization that would be a great new Limbaugh advertiser

Former ministers to be tried for Uribe re-election bribery scandal .

"The Absurdity of Rush Limbaugh" good observation piece

I was just browsing on Wikipedia and saw that Pamela Geller, darling of

Early exit polls: Evangelicals turn out in big numbers

The shady past of LifeLock, Rush Limbaugh's sole remaining tech advertiser

Who said it: Mitt Romney or Mr. Burns

The WI judge who put injunction against Voter ID bill signed a Walker recall petition

JFK wanted movie "Seven Days in May" made

Gingrich Caught Napping On Camera (VIDEO)

Will this cause a review? The Judge in voter ID case signed Walker recall petition

Leveson Inquiry: Sue Akers evidence examined by attorney general

Link to WH petition to get Rush off AFN, still need 9k signatures

So you find Rugby players hot?

As of today, 36 advertisers have canceled their ads running during The Rush Limbaugh Show

Rachel Maddow: "Can Romney figure out how to be elected President of JUST rich America?"

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Check out the dress on Tamron Hall!

Barack Obama is a fugging genius

Tom Tomorrow Tells the Truth in this Tweet

Today seemed to be a day of accomplishments

Knee Replacements on Shaky Scientific Ground

Maybe Rush could air a bunch of sleazy "As Seen On TV" ads....

A few months ago the choice was between....

Today I learned that my GI doc is a Christian.

Here is my question: Do we even want Rush Limbaugh off the air?

Chilling! Gut Wrenching! Shocking!.....But, Maybe I'm Wrong? Before you Answer....Watch/Read!

Rush Limbaugh Advertiser Exodus Continues as 22 Companies Pull Ads

Nicolas Sarkozy says France has too many foreigners

Ok. My values trumped guilt today.

NH More Than Just A "Union Town"

Holy Shite -LulzSec leader Sabu was working for us, says FBI

Pamela Geller: ‘I’ve Had It Up to Here With Sandra Fluke’s Obama-Endorsed Vagina’


Speculation Blamed for Global Food Price Weirdness

The curious case of Mrs. Assad

Just got a campaign phone call. Funny.

Murkowski: GOP Has Spun Out Of Control On Contraception - TPMDC

Steerpike's Diary

Another Rush Limbaugh gaffe? He slams writer as 'authorette,' 'overeducated'

Workers, and NLRB, Under Attack

My cat hates loud noises, so what does she do?

Speaker sides with Toews, rules hacker group Anonymous out of order

Best. Limbaugh Commentary. Ever.

*** Super Tuesday LIVE THREAD ***

Graduate Students and Union Representation – Few Issues are as Misunderstood

Straight to thw zorse

No, Democrats: Income Inequality Didn't Cause the Financial Crisis

Universities that broadcast athletics on Limbaugh stations should read their own mission statements.

Warming of 2 degrees (Celcius) inevitable over Canada

DR Congo employs dogs to tackle elephant poaching (BBC)

Rush Pulls Music from Limbaugh Show

Another Rush Limbaugh gaffe? Holly writer stung by radio host's 'authorette' taunt

What station are you watching and why?

Family of Unarmed Youth Killed by NYPD Reportedly Harassed by Cops

Lawyer: FLUKE Could ‘DEFINITELY’ Sue Limbaugh for SLANDER

Communications Coordinator Job Posting (MD/DC area)

Smithsonian Magazine Photo Contest: 50 Finalists

Exit Poll: GA, TN Republicans do not like Mormons.

Pirates, McCutchen reach deal...

Ok we have welfare the women with children, welfare for disabled and senior citizens.

Feliz 80, Mami.

Bring It On.

Can Joe the Plumber Become Samuel the Congressman?

Limbaugh’s Not Done: “What Is It With These Young, Single White Women? Overeducated…”

ABC News just broke into our local news coverage to project GA for Newtie

Paula Deen's Horribly Racist Quote From The Lawsuit Against Her (WARNING: N-word)...

Newt wins Georgia

Central American leaders say meeting with US vice president to focus on drugs, violent crime

Will Newt's win in GA re-over-inflate his ego?

Romney doing worse than expected in Vermont.

Central American leaders say meeting with US vice president to focus on drugs, violent crime

Patrircia Heaton even more vile towards Sandra Fluke than Rush.. Look at her tweets

Romney wins Virginia.

Wisconsin GOP Calls For Investigation After Judge Halts Voter ID Law - RawStory

Question about Georgia delegation to GOP national convention and presidential nomination

Goodbye, Mrs Windsor

The Georgians should've practiced their "hold nose and vote Romney" move today

Who is going to the Hunger Game's opening night or morning show?

Repeat trolls (ie Library Girl)

So, Eric Holder, we should just trust that the president won't assassinate us?

LOL !!! - Erick Erickson Thinks The Big Bad Liberal Media Is Trying To "Silence The Right"

Mitt Romney Is Awash In Rush Limbaugh ‘Slut’ Money

Moose alert!

This BC is all about OBAMA ordering it, from my REPUKE husband

Omaha Steve Ward I wide literature distribution will probably be March 31st

Maher's response to the Rush stuff - updated with his tweet tonight

CNN exit poll shows Romney winning Ohio by about six...

The left made Rush Limbaugh do it — and who’s paying for his Viagra?

The Bipartisan Force Behind the For-Profit College Scam: Big Money

Rmoney is getting crushed in GA

Democrats protest plan for Rush Limbaugh bust in Missouri

I was watching Jane Valdez-Mitchell tonight.

OK I just saw our flag on Jeopardy but have you folks seen this

I predict a lot of sore feeling in the Republican Party.

Does it matter to anybody here who "wins" tonight?

My parents raised me as a Catholic ... had my parents followed Rick Santorum & Rush's

quotes of the day

Roll Call!

GOP candidates cower before Limbaugh - Robinson, WaPo

The shady past of LifeLock, Rush Limbaugh's sole remaining tech advertiser

Who are the Newt babes being interviewed on MSNBC?

Two Murdoch journalists reportedly attempt suicide

The Master Butchers Singing Club-Chapter 5-SPOILERS

Super Tuesday Party In LA Tonight For Those Interested...

Virginia school retreats from proposed cross-dressing ban

Spring is here---I saw my first

I have not seen one Romney sign in the largest Mormon community in Ohio

Here's a LINK that shows the GOP results of all TEN states

NBA debating whether to sell ad space on players' uniforms

Here's a LINK that shows the GOP results of all TEN states

Let's Do Some El Rushbo Math Shall We??

today in women's herstory

Does anyone understand why this seems to be happening re Brown/Warren -

PA. Supreme Ct. Justice Gets Barrage of Calls to Resign After Hard-Hitting Court Testimony About Her

22 have pulled out

My preferred outcome of this whole flap is not for Limbaugh to be off the air.

My lesbian daughter GETS it. My married, straight daughter DOESN'T

Obama Calls for Scrutiny of Possible Oil Speculation

I'm tired of advertisers claiming "we buy radio ads, but not on Limbaugh's show"

Disney Legend, Robert Sherman, Dead at 86

a biography of the day--Jessie Redmon Fauset

Should I get a dog or a cat?

biography of the day--Lynda Barry

Desperate Sarkozy turns to xenophobia to scare up votes

CNN exit polls Tennessee: Santorum 35%, Romney 28%, Gingrich 23%, Paul 11%.

Rush down 35 advertisers...

the six-point group

A beginners guide to rightwing talk radio

Fla. headmistress killed in apparent murder-suicide

Assange Counts Down To Sweden

Big Anonymous Bust


FBI offers $1 million in ex-agent's Iran disappearance

Music on Rush's show ???

Raw-money Romney is so concerned about the debt he plans to add $3.5 Trillion to it - YOU'RE DOIN IT

Immediate Action Required to Protect HOA Owners

Elections Canada targets PayPal records in robo-calls probe

Romney pads delegate lead with Super Tuesday wins

Did Limbaugh go too far calling Sandra Fluke a slut and prostitute? will you sign a petition?

Romney goes silent on Fluke vs. Rush. "I'm not going to weigh in on that particular controversy."

Is Gingrich staying in the race to keep Santorum's aspirations in check?

Excerpt from new fiction writer tells tale of Mexicans working in America

Obama says nation needs changes in tax laws

Holy Shite InSantaliban wins Tennessee

Man on Dog defeats Dog on Car in Tennessee

Please sigh this petition.

Has anyone else's email been spammed

Oh God....Palin on CNN....said this -

CNN projects: Santorum wins TN.


Santorum wins Tennessee.

D.C. streamlining gun registration

Gingrich speaking in 1 minute

Obama: Time has come to wind down Afghan war

Hail, Stranded Dogs and Gushing Waters

CNN officially predicts Rick Santorum has won Tennesse - 55 delegates.

she speaks. glossy head speaks

How To Get Anything Through TSA Nude Body Scanners

Toon: Alternative Honor for Limbaugh

Definition of Rush Limbaugh:

Remind Me Again... Which Gingrich Is Running For President ???

Newt Gingrich wants to be Pres. His wife first lady.

Taking a break from Rush for a moment... WTF is going on with kids' teeth..?

My few comments to a media survey/poll.

Gingrich says its just REMARKABLE that he won his own state

CBS: Oklahoma Goes For Frothman

Santorum wins Oklahoma.

Is Newt delusional?

Obama: Syria's Assad "will fall", but no air strikes


Anyone having a problem loading anything here on DU?

Was today's drinking word "elite"?

Lap-dance video roils New Mexico mayor's race

Big lie Newt

This thread has NOTHING TO DO with Palestine!

I believe in this man. No war. Ever.

When gas was $4.50 under Bush, "President had no control." But...

Gingrinch speaking on CNN. The audience is so phony as Gingrinch goes on and on. CNN breaks away.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Super Tuesday. & a new Kitty gif

This is funny. One word comes to mind watching Newt preaching to his choir. Bloviate.

Santorum at 38%, Romney at 37% in Ohio with 20% of the vote in. Santorum has already won Oklahoma

The big news out of the Virginia Republican primary: extremely low turnout. (updated)

Santorum pulling away in Ohio.

So, it is looking like Insanitarium and RMoney are the last clowns standing?

False equivalence. "When I was speaker...gas was $1.13. It should be "When John Boehner was Speaker

Newt just said he'll make sure no American president will ever again bow down to a Saudi King.

Plunderbund: Kucinich & Kaptur breaking 75/25 - each leading in their home counties

3 Cheers for Obama

Gingrich to supporters: If I couldn't carry my home state of Georgia, I'd have no credibility

N Korea makes progress on nuclear reactor

Boy! CNN will give any scumbag a job.

I just saw a promo for Sarah Palin's film "Game Change."

Titanic Sunk by "Supermoon" and Celestial Alignment?

Ties That Bind Oil and Dollar Snap

If you listened to Gingrich

Anybody Know What Happens To Unspent SuperPAC Money ???

"Keep The Maps Fair" petition

About that bowing thing . . . .

The pro-choice reawakening - A new rise in anger at attacks on reproductive freedom

Ok was just called for santorum. It scares me to think that Texas may follow...

did Frothy just say...

Does Santorum think he's going to lose Ohio? Why make a speech now BEFORE OH results are in...

Just Got Through LMAO... 82 Year Old MommaT Asks Me...

Santorum wins OK and TN

The contraception debate.

Just wrote, on newt2012 fb page, that Newt LIED

Should we read into the fact that Rick is doing his "Victory" speech In Ohio a state that the Koch

Nice Gaffe

‘We Are Terminating Our Relationship with Rush Limbaugh’: Satan

Roy Blunt Booed, Called 'Devil'

Just a short question anyone in this group: can you tell of someone has your emails blocked?


listening to the wanna be's. God they are ignorant

I'm calling OH for Willard.

As Advertisers Flee Limbaugh, Pro-Gingrich SuperPAC Buys More Time

"We've given up our jobs! We're livin' off our savings! Yeah, we're makin' a bit of a sacrifice!"

Lehman emerges from 3.5-year bankruptcy.

does frothy remind anyone else of Dan Quayle?

Obama: 'Now is the time for us to transition' out of Afghanistan

Companies turn to bankruptcy again - and again

With all that home schooling you'd think Insantaliban would have taught

I just had the WORST night tonight and I doubt any of you could top this!!

Okay whose drunk yet?

"Best internship..."

Nate Silver: Romney underperfoming EVERYWHERE

During Santorum's speech was he saying 'Stupidville' ?

anyone else having problems with DU...

President Obama Discusses His Phone Call to Sandra Fluke

"Fight or Starve: March 6, 1930"

latest MSNBC results

What outdoorsy type trip is in your dreams? I dream of going through Tuscany by horseback. Or

Run Ricky Run! (Super Tuesday is like a box of chocolates)

Maddow accidently plugs Gingrich website

I worked the polls today in my town in Ohio

Yes, Willard, it's about entrepreneurs.

Mitt is hilarious.

What does this say: Romney 72% in MA; Gingrich 48% in GA

Judge temporarily blocks Wisconsin voter ID law - - X-post from LBN ....Woo Hooo!

Poor Willard is merely playing catch up with

Ann Raw-money Romney reveals...

Mitt Makes It Official: He's with Big Oil

To me, the real sin - shame - stain - of this GOP clown car event is the wasted money.

Fuck Mitt Romney.

Mitt's audience, makin' Snidely Whiplash boos and hisses and huzzas just launched into "USA! USA!"

Grammy nominee Marcia Ball hosts rally, labels Perry a ‘raging hypocrite’

With over half the count in, Santorum leads in the North Dakota caucus race

Fort Worth Rep. Wants Pension ‘Double Dippers’ Revealed

Rmoney can't beat Sweatervest, how bad will Obama win?

anyone else notice just a hint of....

After listening to Newt, Rick & now Mitt- what a difference their Super Tues speeches are compared

It looks like if mittens loses Ohio he is toast.

Eye-controlled arcade games move closer

Mitten's concession speech in November will be the most boring in history.

'Occupy' protester arrested for throwing flower petals in California Capitol

What are you munching on tonight? I'm munching on those baby cut carrots. I know, I know,

(Indiana Senate) Mourdock picks up NRA endorsement in GOP primary

Romney has a creepy demeanor

Santorum: Single Moms Are "Breeding More Criminals", kick them in the butt

Birth Control PSA

Unions had a big win today!

George Takei on LGBT rights and Tennessee lawmakers - please watch and share

Tweety: Late deciders went with Santorum.

But but but...Mitt has a plan!!

Interesting Pattern Here... Using The Returns So Far, Of The States Romney "Loses"...

Santorum wins ND

DU3 doesn't seem up to the drill tonight.

CNN calls North Dakota caucus for Santorum

Nate thinks Santorum will edge out Romney OHIO

George Takei on LGBT rights and Tennessee lawmakers

Conservatives want Adam Carol, vikileaks, to testify. He was a Liberal staffer who had to quit

... in a moment, it was no more. And so she took a ring from her finger and placed it in his hands.

What's the opposite of a Concern Troll?

Harold Ford predicted big Romney win in Tenessee, Santorum wins big in TN.


Barkley admits to cheapshots and trying to "Theismann" someone...

Someone help me out: What was Brokaw talking about when discussing the '96 GOP convention?

If Romney can't beat Rick Santorum, how the hell could he possibly beat Obama?

Newt Gingrich Getting Secret Service Protection (So Be Careful How You Protest)

Is it possible that some of this Super Pack money that is keeping Gingrinch & Santorum

Working late I listened to Romney speak just now and it reminded me of an age old joke

Geomagnetic Storms Could Blow Away the Power Grid

Michael Moore just used the phrase "Man on Dog and Dog on Car"

Doctor compares Syria horror to Chechnya

Just got home after voting in the VA primary....

Michael Moore has Rachel covering her face!!!

Lucas County (Toledo area) flipped from Romney to to Santorum.

LOL. Michael Moore just cracked up Rachel Maddow

Zombie self-defense test.

Santorum is back with Super Tuesday wins (AP)

Obama unveils two new housing initiatives

NPR just said that among Republicans, they think Mitt Romney is like Pat Boone

I watched the pilot of "Awake" on NBC starring Jason Isaacs.

Ohio probably won't be called tonight per Chuck Todd.

OH-9 Primary results

Damn...just when you think it can't get any stupider, it does...

Michael Moore made references

Ohio primary amplifies party divide

who here liked music BEFORE Kurt Cobain off'd himself?

Still Burning Witches in Kansas

The Dictator's Handbook.

Martin Bashir: Mitt Romney is the Prince Charles of the GOP.

OMG Bashir is KILLING me

A thought about bain romney's "inevitability".

Geomagnetic Storms Could Blow Away the Power Grid


Who's right?

The idiots at Red State publish Sandra Flukes e-mail

Looks like Mary Jo Kilroy falls short in bid to return to Congress: Joyce Beatty wins Dem primary

Let's get real... Romney will win Ohio by 500 votes

Obama to Romney re Super Tuesday results: "Good Luck . . . . Really"

CNN reporting Romney ahead in Ohio...

Who said it: Mitt Romney or Mr Burns?

Judge blocks report on UC Davis pepper-spraying

Obama Scolds G.O.P. Critics of Iran Policy

Is Keith on a diet?

I have no hatred of Kirk Cameron. I just believe he's an abomination.

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Tuesday, March 6)

There are 6000 votes advantage for Romney in Hamilton County that haven't been counted yet

Occupy Homes Buys Time, Gets Jury Trial for Foreclosure Case in MN set for March 9th

***** OHIO Primary Results LiveBlog *****

Politicking on the plains

The Idaho Caucus is COUNTING COINS.....

#OH09 Kaptur (D) defeats Kucinich (D), right now it's 56%-40% Kaptur

Conservative Christian by Todd Snyder

LAUSD Bans Blindfolding and Eating in Class

Thousands of Sacramento-Area Teachers to Receive Pink Slips

A food question answered in the latest Saveur magazine

Movie trailers - do you know of any narrated by a woman?

Mock Test Woes From a Teacher Who Opts Her Own Child Out of State Tests

Santorum will not be the nominee celebration thread (Warning: pic not for the easily offended)

A question: in hindsight, could Mitten's have won 'cleanly'?

The Shamwow guy has a new product!

‘Bill And Ted 3 Script: Keanu Reeves Confirms It’s ‘Good’

president's proclamation for women's herstory month

Beech Grove, Ind., councilman (D) arrested in solicitation of oral sex

NY protesters line up against US unemployment

Ms. Magazine "Should we ban slut and ho from the lexicon?"

Gloria Steinem speaks out about 'war on women,' Rush Limbaugh

Psst... Here's the scoop on Michael Steele

Does Anybody Know When & Where Vice-President Biden Campaign Rally

For those urging the President to veto HR 347


Best news from OH. Mean Jean Schmidt is losing her primary.

Simple solution to Rush Limbaugh/Famous Missourians flap

Kaptur defeats Kucinich, wins Democratic primary in newly-drawn 9th District

Dennis Kucinich has been defeated by Marcy Kaptur

The 37 companies that pulled their ads from Rush Limbaugh (+ their statements explaining why)

Rachel heard Santorum people going to grinch

How sad is my life when I tell my cat "No Ifs, Ands or MEOWS about it". I know he can't

MSNBC reporting Santorum will openly push for Gingrich to quit...

Oh looky! No Preference got 1,793 votes in Massachusetts

Cookie Monster has an eating disorder