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Archives: March 4, 2012

Greenwald: Iran, threats and the UN Charter.

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, March 6th: Jean Arthur

Canadian Conservatives continue to say there is no evidence that robocalls came from them.

Rush Limbaugh’s schlock & blah: Blubbery radio blowhard reveals his inner weirdo

Any lawyers or lay legal experts want to answer a question for me?

George Will: Forget Beating Barack This Year, Win The Senate And Thwart His Agenda From Congress

Mistaken Identity

Alaska girl locked in frigid bedroom dies - 30 Below zero outside, window open

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday March 4th

US government to continue BP Deepwater Horizon case (BBC)

Wal-Mart making big push into Southern California grocery market

Romney is aloof. Is he a cold person? An introvert? A rich kid who doesn't know how to relate to

Rock Around the Clock on TCM now.

"In an attempt to be humorous"

ABC News 10 years ago: "Erections Get Insurance; Why Not the Pill?"

Well, Rush has been in the game long enough how to play the media.

Mark Pagel in ‘Wired for Culture’ Makes a Strong Case for Cultural Determinism

"Higher social class predicts increased unethical behavior"

Limbaugh is Cartman is Limbaugh

Fear & prejudice put on trial, fear & prejudice Lost. (Prop 8 Play)

Clip from Saving the Indian Hills (Theater) online Omaha Steve on historic preservation for web page

GOP 2012 Election strategy

Meteor witnessed across Britain (BBC)

Limbaugh Steals Spotlight From Andrew Breitbart

A speech Jamming Gun? Oh THIS is what we need.

Anyone see SNL tonight? Any Church Lady? Was it good?

Weiner Says He Contacted FBI About Grimm

I just watched the recording I made of Bill Maher's Real Time.

Pic Of The Moment: Limbaugh Is Sorry

Republican Talking Points

Saints place the franchise tag on quarterback Brees...

What was worse, Limbaugh's slut shaming or Savage's apologetics for bullying?

Economic Models and Economic Predictions

Syrian forces renew assault on Homs

Delaying Retirement: Why 68 Has Become the New 65

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Saturday, March 3)

Sinead O'Connor takes on Vatican sex abuse scandal on new track

Oil Companies Earn Billions While Americans Pay More

Congress overwhelmingly passes Veto-proof Anti-Occupy Bill. Chicago? Forget it.

Michael Savage really had misgivings about Breitbart and Santorum

Asteroid 2011 AG5 might take a shot at us in 2040

Thom Hartmann: The Banksters like stealing candy from little children

R.I.P. Ralph McQuarrie, the man who designed Darth Vader

Jeff Gerritt: Salvaging lives, saving money: Eight pilot courts that divert mentally ill offenders f

Iditarod, a preview

Jeff Gerritt: Salvaging lives, saving money: Eight pilot courts that divert mentally ill offenders

(Koch bros) Battle for control of Cato Institute highlights unusual structure

TCM Schedule for Sunday, March 4, 2012 -- Glimmers of Hope

Chinese military spending increases by 11.2% in latest budget

Conflicting accounts over Afghan Quran burnings

Is anyone else wondering how the Wisconsin recall vote is going to influence the national election?

Here's why the drug addict is royally screwed

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio urges Florida Ethics Commission to toss complaint against him

Songs that make you cry.

Best song with a Hurdy Gurdy solo

Lockerbie: fresh moves to clear Abdelbaset al-Megrahi

British war graves in Libya desecrated by Islamist militants

Rushbo and Viagra

Sleeping Beauty Awakes

Pike Place Market Free Speech Area

A Terrified Puppy Named Moot

A Terrified Puppy Named Moot

Twenty-eight states already require insurers to cover contraceptives

Big shift to Santorum?? (warning: very speculative)

Scottish Cardinal slams UK government plans to redefine marriage to include same-sex couples

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Sez Aww LOTS Edition

Scottish Cardinal slams UK government plans to redefine marriage to include same-sex couples

I am Not a Slut

Raw-Money mimics Obama's "election strategy" to capture most delegates.

Why is a blocked poster still showing up on my screen?

Worst train tragedy in Poland in years kills 15

Wisconsin: Mary Lazich (R-ALEC) Fails to Represent Senate District 28 Again

Gov Kasich/Kevin DeWine (state GOP chairman) battle overshadows Ohio GOP primary

"How Could You Not Know..."

So tomorrow evening I have a talk scheduled with someone

Did anyone else see this on Saturday?

Ronald Raygun on Rush.. plus some great art.

A question about sending flowers.

Limbaugh, Fox News, Tea Party Get What They Want With False Attacks on Chevy Volt

Where to post a request for a voluntary moratorium on dupe Limbaugh threads?

How the Senate's Women Maintain Bipartisanship and Civility

Reverse Coal! 100 Coal Plants Retired

Challenging the Self-Made Myth

Will it end if Romney wins Ohio?

Rush Limbaugh’s schlock & blah ( a blistering op-ed from the Boston Herald)

March 11 - Global Fukushima Action Day 2012 - Calendar of Events

Message from Mike Morhaime (WoW/Blizzard President, on cutting 600 jobs)

WTF? Herman Cain Super PAC Fish Ad

Compensation includes both salaries and benefits package

A Message To Rush Limbaugh From An Intestinal Parasite

Pollutocrat Deniers Charles And David Koch File Suit To Take Over The Cato Institute

You don't double down for a week and get away with an 'apology.'

Hey Rush: You can't do a 9th Step BEFORE a 4th Step...

Newt faults media for Limbaugh 'slut' focus

Limbaugh apologizes to law student for insult on sex, says he intended no personal attack

Tornadoes followed by snow.

Monks, environmentalists take Peace Walk

"Feminazi" - seen on Facebook

POS Romney to mother of Army daughter: How can Obama sleep at night?

George Bush, Koch Brothers, Prescott Bush, Tea Party, XL Pipeline

OH POLL: Obama 50, Mitt 38; Obama 50, Santorum 36. VA POLL: Obama 52, Mitt 35; Obama 54, Santorum 32

Fisherman Trespasses On Land Near Oyster Creek Plant, Police Say

Wanna understand the whole Google security/privacy thing? Watch this.

You can send Proflowers a message through Amazon.

"Who steals money from Girl Scouts, I mean, really?"

rush limbaugh gives the judge roy bean apology:

Has Leveson finally delivered a mortal blow to Rupert Murdoch?

I still detest Michelle Bernard

Good Morning everyone, any Kugel ornament collectors here?

Jurors: You are able to unhide a post to see what it said, if you need to

Rock Guitarist Ronnie Montrose Dies at 64

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Endorses Kucinich

Post embarrassing photo of your pet

Jonathan Alter: Keystone Pipeline Means Dearer Gas, Few Jobs

Don't forget to vote for Senator Cardin in the April 3 primary!

Man detained after legally bringing gun to school considers lawsuit, loses job offer

"Jane, you ignorant....." sarcasm, irony, and the conservative mind - AND the bubble we live in.

Africans turn scrap into wind power

I am stunned...

neut on ru$h

Proflowers has a FB page - they apparently have a Rush Limbaugh listeners discount too.

CA’s Paycheck Deception Ballot Measure Includes a “Giant Loophole to Allow for Unlimited Corporate

March 11 - Global Fukushima Action Day 2012 - Calendar of Events

What an image from this Politico headline: Santorum pressed on Limbaugh

Confessions of a Bad Teacher. From today's NY Times

Anyone else here thinking Chris Hayes should take over Joe Scarborough's job?

Ronnie Montrose Dies at 64

House GOP leader Eric Canter endorses Mitt Romney

Austin’s FOX 7 uses teen porn Twitter tease to entice people to watch their news

Sperm are People Too

Today's phrase of the day just must have to be "Santorum Pressed on Limbaugh"....

For those who don't know about Electronic Pickpocketing: info about RFID chips in Credit Cards

Just Ban Vasectomies.

Zojirushi BB-CEC20WB Home Bakery Supreme 2-Pound-Loaf Breadmaker on sale for $177

Beyonce's "Single Ladies" by (Mary Ann, Ginger & Mrs Howell)

Most listened to radio stations

**Somebody** has to have that tape "Hard fart battle"

Report: NFL to probe Redskins

limburg raked over coals

Santorum Concedes Need for "Obamacare"; Says His Special Needs Child Took Up Too Much of His Income

Sacramento Area people help take Rush off local radio show KFBK

Kasich turns down federal disaster aid

How Coca-Cola Squeezes Workers in Italy's Orange Groves

A few basics about where politics play on religion and religious fanatacism

Cannot boot to Linux LiveCD on a quad-core PC

From a economic/business standpoint I'm happy paying premiums that

Archie gay marriage comic sells out in face of boycott call

Coast to Coast AM Is Already Playing Up 'The Obama Had Brietbart Killed' Conspiracy

Bounty System May Be In Place Throughout The Entire League..

"Religious Freedom" -- This is NOT "Religious Freedom!"

Congo Blast: Brazzaville Arms Depot Explosion Kills 200

Nixon Tapes: Nixon Drunk over Watergate

What a way to start the am on DU. A ProFlowers ad on top.

cats: we need a plan

Cantor endorses Romney

Science: Ocean Acidifying So Fast It Threatens Humanity’s Ability to Feed Itself

Romney Takes Conservative Fire For Pushing Federal Health Mandate In 2009

has anyone read the thread on the latest thread page right now about people praying during....

A video of the live proposition 8 play reading. Featuring Martin Sheen, George Clooney, Brad Pitt,

Obama Backs GOP Into Limbaugh-Shaped Corner

LOL - SNL VIDEO - Mitt Romney and Shep Smith talk campaign strategy

"What the fuck is wrong with juror 3??" "Was juror 6 smoking crack????"

Why Rush’s sponsor ProFlowers is hanging onto the Abusive GOP Mouthpiece

Any DUers have data on voters in Israel's veiws on Bibi

Armed Forces Radio (AFN) should not be broadcasting Rush Limbaugh to our Troops & the World!

Low end tablets - any recommendations

Predictions for Super Tuesday

Why are we always tricked into not discussing the real issues?

George Will Mocks 'Depressing' GOP Response To Rush Limbaugh


Playing Politics With Catastrophe - Cynical Political Ploy

(Concluded) President speaking LIVE on CNN at AIPAC now nt

Is this guy for real?

George Will: Republican Leaders Are Afraid of Rush Limbaugh

My Fave From The Freeper Meltdown Over Limbaugh's Apology...

Institutional Inertia

Another week, another huge Million Moms counterreaction

(CONCLUDED) LIVE: President Obama speaking to AIPAC (VIDEO, AUDIO LINK)

What does Bill Gates want?

Halleluiah, the Lord has answered my prayers!

Doctors urge patients to get checked for dangerous French-Canadian disease

President is taking full advantage of stage at AIPAC

The Rightwing's Circular Rhetoric.

How many wingnut heads will Ron Paul explode?

AIPAC Nixes Journo Who Rarely Writes on Israel

"Both Republicans and Democrats condemned Limbaugh's remarks"

Someone on Amazon's Proflowers page defends Rush

Quite a party. ....someone threw up in the sink. It's pink What did I eat that was red?

Forget rush'bo for a minute: "On Scene in Indiana and Kentucky: When the Tornadoes Came"

To American religious fanatics, it isn't freedom of religion. It is freedom of the *right* religion.

Snakes alive?: With drought, rattlesnake behavior changes likely, potential declines hard to measure

People are Awesome. 3D without glasses. Enjoy!

Imagine the firestorm if any liberal (whether or not in the "liberally-biased" Mainstream Media")

Bob McDonnell's Virginia - riot police go after women protestors

Limbaugh’s apology = weak tea---Carbonite’s CEO Not Impressed-Continues To Withdraw Advertising

:( :::::: Orphaned Girl, 2, Found In Field - MSNBC

President Obama's AIPAC speech: Obama prefers diplomacy to force on Iran


"As Commander in Chief, I have a deeply held preference for peace over war." Barack Obama 3/4/12 nt

Santorum Implicitly Concedes Need For Obamacare: Says Special Needs Child Took Up Much Of His Income

Sudden Disasters Can Be a Good Thing

Sudden Disasters Can Be a Good Thing

"worrying is like praying for what you don't want"

31 arrested in women's rights demonstration at state Capitol

El Paso ISD part of new inquiry: FBI investigates $3.2M spent on truancy, gang prevention

Why Teaching People to Think for Themselves Is Repugnant to Religious Zealots and Rick Santorum

When States Abuse Women

Michael Moore Tweets About Rush Limbaugh's "Apology" to Sandra Fluke

I've spent the past 2 days trying to convince my 16 y/o she is not a "slut"

Rush Limbaugh called our sisters, friends, daughters and mothers sluts.

Odom has change of heart, solid game for Dallas Mavericks

Solar cells and batteries could 'go viral'

Romney;s questioning Santorum's competence

Americans Are Protesting, But What Keeps Full-Scale Riots From Breaking Out?

Obama Warns ‘Loose Talk Of War’ Is Benefiting The Iranian Government

For the "I love Bacon" crowd.

OUR OPINION: New way to fight food-stamp fraud

In All-India General Strike, Workers Go All Out Against Neoliberalism

Farmer’s Restraining Order Against Keystone XL Pipeline Reinstated

Cuban 5 art exhibit opens March 9th in Chicago

Fox News Rush Limbaugh Apology Report Omits Insult?

AP: FBI may launch investigation into Congressman Grimm" s donations

Putin 'elected Russian president'

Women React To Rush's Apology: Not Accepted? - MSNBC

Where can I watch the March to Selma with Al Sharpton

School in Eagle Ford Shale swells with newcomers

Has the Time Come to Start Taxing Online Game Currency?

We are all sluts now*

If I had to define "god", this would be it...

The 1924 Democratic National Convention was the longest political convention in US history.

THE FIX IS IN! On MSNBC, Ken Blackwell "predicts" Romney will win Super Tuesday

Let's get a couple of facts straight, Rush.

Rush Limbaugh’s Non-Apology Apology

What happened to Florida Democrats?

GOP To Challenge Kerrey's Voter Registration

India's strict visa regulations hamper entry of skilled foreigners

Petition Rush off AFN

Why did Newt go on the morning shows complaining about Obama apologizing for the burning of qurans

R.I.P. Ralph McQuarrie, the man who designed Darth Vader

The Library

What is a not-slut woman like?

In Positive Economic Sign, Republicans Starting to Say Obama Wasn’t Born in US Again

Wow... Karen Handel Accuses Planned Parenthood Of Extortion...

Dems pushing DREAM Act vote

Hard-up defendants pay as state siphons court fees for unrelated uses

OR legislator (R) insults female legislator (D) on the house floor!

Pat Buchanan Moves to Fox, Immediately Makes Birther Joke

When States Abuse Women petition to take Limbaugh OFF Armed Forced Radio! LINK FIXED

The Party Of Know

As Tornado Death Toll Mounts, a Living Baby is Found 10 Miles From Home

Nevada Anti-Abortion Measures Proceed To Signature Gathering

Cantor Decries Rush Limbaugh's Comments As 'Insulting'

[FL] Abortion Bill Showcases Deep Divisions

Confessions of a ‘Bad’ Teacher

Religious Liberties and Moral Ambiguities - The Cases of Contraception and War Resistance

Abortion bill imperils NH's $1.4B Medicaid program

Obama urges Iran to seek diplomatic way out

great new facebook page

Israel 'shall prevail' if made to fight Iran: Peres

Higher gas prices are a sign of economic recovery

Remember This? Limbaugh's Dominican Stag Party 29 Viagra pills

Likud Politicians Mock Obama AIPAC Speech

Do NOT Pull!

Candi Lo - Hao xin fen shou

The evacuation of Belo Monte has begun!


Ronnie Montrose has passed away.

Chris Wallace takes apart Santorum on Fox News Sunday

Have YOU taken the Pledge?

Why just Iran, why not just bomb them all?

Republicans missed a golden opportunity to lead (again).

Yesterday's college basketball thread

In Case You Missed This... Cause I Did, LOL !!! - 'Occupy's Second Wave Spreads To College Campuses'

GOP meme dispatched: Limbaugh "apologized"

Why Iran, why not bomb them all?

Do you realize the Afghans we are fighting now were 5 or 6 year old little kids on 9/11/2001?

LifeLock Still Clinging to Limbaugh

Tornado damage photos

Request for vibes, insight, suggestions.

Anti-Ahmadinejad Faction Wins Big in Iran Elections

Republicans, you know women vote, Right?

I hate reading instructions. I mean, I really hate doing so.


Forget Reagan Dems, why aren't we hearing about Obama Republicans?

Why don't Republicans object to Tricare (military health insurance) covering birth control?

Obama gains with women: Jobs, social issues help

Koch Brothers to Obama: This time it's Personal

My husband's email to Proflowers

Can't believe I'm saying this: Limbaugh may be finished

ProFlowers Kicks Rush!

George Will on the GOP candidates: “They want to bomb Iran, but they’re afraid of Rush Limbaugh.”

George Will Blasts GOP's Meek Response: ‘They Want To Bomb Iran, But They’re Afraid of Limbaugh"

NEWT: Anger over "slut" remarks a smokescreen from elite media to ignore rising gas prices...

Can anyone provide a link that shows that the feds pay for Viagra or other ED pills?

OWS poster

I'm betting Rush gets booted off of Armed Forces Radio before long.

Poor Rush!

Snowe job: The Senate needs reform, not a bipartisan chorus of kumbayah

Anonymous targets Monsanto

Richard Wolff on Greek Crisis: Harbinger of US Future

George Will: "They want to bomb Iran, but they're afraid of Rush Limbaugh."

Santorum just FLIP FLOPPED on "ObamaCare".

First Lady on the 'Move' in N.C.

Are you better off than you were 24 years ago?

Where will they go?

Tornadoes, Extreme Weather And Climate Change, Revisited

New Aurora Pictures: Earth-Shield Cracks Spur Surprises

Anonymous Hackers Attack Christian Websites, Declare 'Religion Sucks LOL'

Thanks to successive Republican debt creators, there will be less govt. cash to help tornado victims

Interesting group collecting signatures in CD1

An ocean of plastic

Venezuela's Hugo Chavez says tumour was malignant

Could a paycheck be as little as $35 dollars a week in the 1960s and be able to survive?

Jane and Dan debate nuclear power

2010 charity giving: Sanatoriun 1.76% Obama 14.2%

Across the table from a mad man.

Serious question. Do frogs and other reptiles like to be hugged?

Penn Jillette: An Atheist's Guide to the 2012 Election

"I have to get drug tested for my job, so why shouldn't people on welfare be tested, too?"

March is Women's History Month. Help make history:

Who said it: Mitt Romney or Mr. Burns?

"The Economics of the Lack of Dental Care," Augusta Civic Center, March 7, 10:30-noon FREE

Pro Flowers is suspending their advertising with Limbaugh

My son has a friend over for a play date...

Sentences edited out of Rush's statement on CNN's Reliable Sources with Howard Kurtz

Explain something to me - sex ed

Thanks, Mom

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall

It's time to tell Scumbaugh goodbye

Cartoons of the Week

George Will is what the GOP was. Rush Limbaugh is what the GOP has become.

Pro Flowers is getting hammered on Amazon!

On LI, Dolan denounces contraception rule

Is Limbaugh committing "suicide by liberals"? If so it is brilliant.

Olympia Snowe’s Strange Martyrdom

Funny church marquee: "You feed your body, we'll feed on your soul." (dial up warning)

Enjoying some Girl Scout cookies. First time in years.

ProFlowers Suspends Advertising with Rush

A 7th advertiser pulls out of Limbaugh's show

Slut chatter and birth control obstruction used by GOP is a gateway to end pre-exisiting coverage

RIP Ralph McQuarrie

Help please. Trying to figure out just why this post was hidden.

Yet another poll has Brown leading Warren for MA Senate

A Rare Business Opportunity

Chris Wallace: Fox News covers contraception for female employees

I didn't know there was a statute of limitations for the prosecution of Bush & Co.

We are in real need for some new catch phrases:

NPR: Occupy May Seem To Be Receding, But Look Closer

Putin is back

Obama opens up 12 point lead over Romney in Ohio, 17 in Virginia...

Ban underlines need for concerted international effort to end bloodshed in Syria

Senior U.S. senator calls for arming Syria rebels

Relatives of killer who collected unemployment in jail are arrested

What is the best host for web sights?

Great blog for HD Wallpaper

Socialist asks if French soccer worth high salaries

Freeper heads exploding!...Gingrich: Limbaugh right to apologize for remarks

Hear this Cardinal Dolan

"Bomb" sent to Limbaugh was "a wooden plaque outfitted with a digital photo display"

The Complete List Of Rush LimpBalls Advertisers... Including Miss America

My comments on Limbaugh's Facebook page were deleted.

Updated with video: Rush's 53 Smears Against Sandra Fluke (Wow!)

'As an artist, as an American, as a woman'

You've seen this look on your cat's face. You KNOW you have!!!

The New Zealand Tourism Bureau asks that you be careful what you reveal to the native fauna.

MiddleFingerMom will love him and hug him and MiddleFingerMom will call him George.

What is the purpose of the United Nations?

Your perspective is right -- it’s just REALLY cool track lighting.

MiddleFingerMom is not very sophisticated when it comes to the symphony, but he KNOWS what he likes.

That awful day taught young MFM to NEVER stand too close to his, um... package's potential airholes.

There is this terrific site that lets you start your own petitions.

Pervert Gets Two Years In Prison For Putting His Semen In Yogurt Samples Given To Female Shoppers

People can soon listen to Rush without those pesky commercial interruptions!

If I Wanted Government in My Womb, I'd F*ck a Senator.

TYT: Drunk Woman Faces 30 Years In Prison For Handing Keys Over...

Snakes on an Inclined Plane

ProFlowers suspends advertising on Limbaugh’s show

Rush on Facebook - some hilariously bad posts there. These are all real.

Asteroid 2012 DA14 is almost certainly not going to hit the Earth next February

What Got Imus Kicked Off The Air?.....

Personhood, it's complicated

Mental disorders visualized in six minimalist posters

Israel delivers ultimatum to Barack Obama on Iran's nuclear plans

Lord of the Anal Cyst

Mitt Romney mocks Obama's AIPAC speech

Nature's Way of telling you something's wrong

Voting in Jefferson Parish in 1947 didn't come easy

Remember When Americans Used To Drive?

Have You No Shame, Rush?

A.J. Burnett’s fractured face would still be OK if National League used a DH

Newt scolds David Gregory: Why is Rush the great national crisis of this week’?

Energy Policy Ignores the Elephant in the Room: Saving Us from Global Warming and Peak Oil

AIPAC Confab Starts With Sparring Over Obama

A question about antibiotics:

I'm sure many pro-Limbaugh remark Conservatives are married, have grown-up

Does anyone have any experience with SSD drives.....

Bob McDonnell's Facist Police State

Getting Unstuck from Automatic Negative Thinking

Republicans seek to take the right of self-determination away from women!

Smithsonian Magazine's Annual Photo Contest

Lenders increasingly allow the foreclosed to stay

Proposed Georgia Law Makes Picketing Illegal, Sit Downs a Felony

Volt production halted; 1,300 workers out of work

Moments in time: Watch sculpture series 2 (UC Davis pepper spray incident)

Romney’s White House quest has cost $200 million over the years

Albany charter cash cow: Big banks making a bundle on new construction as schools bear the cost

Mitt Romney was charged with disorderly conduct in 1981.

It's cute Mitt Romney thinks he knows a lick about foreign policy...

Limbaugh's comments are precisely the kind of comments that lead to the sexual assault of women

Remember when SNL cast members DIDN'T laugh in their own skits?

Incredible photographs capture the body-shattering war of the porcelain people

Sharing a post from a friend from Southern Illinois.

A simple question-

That's it, Kim Dotcom is now only the third most punchable face in the world.

Advertiser: we won't reinstate our ads with Rush Limbaugh, even though he's apologized

What You Aren't Seeing With Reports That Israel Is Going To Attack Iran Soon

Noam Chomsky on Gar Alperovitz and "America Beyond Capitalism"

Petitions are fine but WRITE you Congress people to get Rush off AFN!

Why do they still only have 4 speed transmissions in NASCAR?

Book review: ‘House of Stone,’ a memoir by Anthony Shadid

Liberty Media

1990-ish gopac(newt's pac) mentions book, "tax payer's tea party"

‘Surprise’, it’s Putin

Snehal Shingavi reads from Howard Zinn's A People's History

Wildcats run table kick Gator ass on the road 74-59.

'49 human rights workers killed in Colombia in 2011'

'49 human rights workers killed in Colombia in 2011'

Did Olympia Snow deceive us? Lawsuit alleges profits from For-Profit Education

I've never eaten so many Girl Scout cookies in my life.

Newt Gingrich: Rush Limbaugh was right to apologize to Sandra Fluke (yesterday he blamed the media)

I suppose she couldn't find her keys or hair brush...

I don't believe in boycotts

oh gawd

BP Settlement Sells Out Victims | Truthout

Woohoo, got my horse all picked out for the derby.....

Attempted to sign petition urging FCC investigation of Limpballs but WH site wasn't working.

France's Sarkozy losing ground to Socialist rival: poll

Averted a major catastrophe in the kitchen just now

Repost. An essay on rejecting reactivity.

Photos show men demonstrating WITH women in Virginia's Capitol demonstration

The war criminal of a Dick is about to crawl out of the basement for Boehner

Any artists in here?

3D crystals camouflage the Diamond Weevil with their super shine

1.74 million gun background checks done in February. On target for 18 million in 2011!!

Baby Found in Field Among Dead Family Members Dies in Hospital

Managing homophobic/transphobic trash being posted on DU

Tibetan woman burns herself to death in Sichuan

Limbaugh is done

85 degrees in Sacramento today

If only his parents had locked up his 22LR.

Critics Worry About Influence of Chinese Institutes on U.S. Campuses

Rethugs push for war with Iran

If you live in Tornado Alley, blame yourself. Ron Paul says no emergency financial aid to those

Who said it: Mitt Romney or Mr. Burns?

GREAT Michael Moore Tweet

MS Office 2010 Powerpoint question

A 7th advertiser pulls out of Limbaugh's show!

It seems like women, and the men who will stand next to them, need to create a much bigger

That lil baby survivor died this afternoon

LeBron James: Purse Aficionado

Chavistas on motorcycles attack (gunshots) Capriles caravan in Cotiza (Spanish)

ATTN Ohio State Haters

Here are my thoughts

11 starving horses, seven dead horses, and a bait dog for training

Jabber the Hutt

Laura Schlessinger retired after repeatedly using the "N" word when speaking to an African American

Greek default looms as voluntary debt deal looks set to fail

Medical bills can ruin credit!

Is the Republican Party ready to lead America again? (BBC)

Profiting Off Nixon’s Vietnam ‘Treason’

Canadian long gun registry to be abolished next week

Once again, Weather leads NBC's Nightly News, and once again, neither "GW" or "CC" are mentioned

Fed up, New Orleans looks to shake Murder City title

State budget cuts hit small-town Ohio

Omaha Steve to be in Senator Bob Kerrey's return to Nebraska commercial!

Petition: Get Limbaugh Off Armed Forces Radio Now!

Hard times at Citi Field

CNN needs to cover the Kasich decision to reject federal disaster aid

About the War on Women being conducted by the Republicans and Theocrats

British journalists accused by militia group of spying in Libya

Rush ~ I sincerely apologize to Ms. Fluke for the insulting word choices.

Ryan Braun hears it from Giants fans...

"Scientist" finds that the Earth isn't rotating.

Bob McDonnell's Virginia

Box Office Shocker: 'Dr. Seuss' The Lorax' Opens to Record-Shattering $70.7 Mil

My 15-yr-old son gets it...even if Rush doesn't.

A Sex Ed 101 curriculum for conservatives (Amanda Marcotte)

Editorial: Speaker's investments cry out for Missouri ethics laws

Lifelock...another Rush advertiser is on Amazon too...

Maine company ready to install tidal power unit

Holy Cow - Really?!?

Penguin Cam, Tweeted by David Shuster...

Kasich to Ohio, 'Drop Dead'

Your favourite tv series and Why? M*A*S*H, then Sex and the City, Justified, Weeds, The Wire.

The best and worst places to be a woman -Best place for high-skilled jobs: Jamaica

(UK) Ministry of Justice sounds warning over secret hearings (ministry sued by Gitmo detainee)

2016 Elizabeth Warren

"Good Times Ahead"

"What Women Deserve"

Vermont ending philosophical exemptions for childhood vaccines

"In case you haven’t noticed, the economy is actually getting better. Noticeably better."

Iranian human rights lawyer jailed for 18 years

We Can Live with a Nuclear Iran

OMG! I almost lost my cats tonight

Are Emotions Prophetic?

N.C. puppy needs home - quick

Enbridge Canada-U.S. pipeline shuts after fatal crash

Obama urges Israel to give diplomacy a chance with Iran in AIPAC speech

Lava claims final home in Royal Gardens Subdivision

On 'Wrecking Ball,' Bruce Springsteen takes aim at robber barons and bankers

What types of planes have you seen in action? I've seen spitfires and Harvards at an air show. I've

So I just sold my old iphone on e-bay to some guy in Russia.

There are some things that I guess that I AM a reactionary about.

Deepwater Oil Drilling Picks Up Again as BP Disaster Fades

Kitzhaber's new 10-year energy plan draft floats big ideas to reactivate green energy

Girl, 3, dies of hypothermia after 'mother and boyfriend locked her in freezing bedroom for wetting

Jon Stewart Shows How Fox News & The RNC Are Joined At Hip, Separated At Birth

When is your pet the adult in the room? Mine is at bedtime. She tries to lure me into bed

today in women's herstory

quote of the day

biography of the day--Concepción Arenal

Tortured by the very doctors who should be saving their lives: Smuggled images reveal horror

Santorum tells hecklers they should get a job ......

Top five U.S. states in renewable energy investment

Was Geno Auriema playing psy-ops against the Irish before their Feb. 27 showdown with the Irish or

a biography of the day--olympe de gouges

So, the "Obama Tapes" will be released in a few days. (*UPDATED*)

Green Festival NYC April 21-22, 2012. Anybody going?

This will either make you sad, angry, or shocked, but chances are, you will react to it.

Proflowers has taken down their contact page

Harpers - The Tyranny of Breast Feeding

Bureau of Communication: Rush Limbaugh grievance

Should a major theme of 2012 be that a party afraid of Rush Limbaugh is UNFIT TO LEAD America?

Was looking at that pervert Limpballs on the front page

Birther Economic Index: Borowitz Is Onto Something

Tornadoes, Extreme Weather And Climate Change, Revisited

Returning veterans in Scranton find they have no jobs, the wrong skills and new challenges

TOON: Unmanned drones

Newt says Rush does not speak for the Republican Party. "Its silly"

What story reminds you of how simple life used to be way back. My dad used to take the street

What accidents did you get into as a kid? I was once riding my bike over to a friends house.

BP settles while Macondo 'seeps'

Newport Beach man must remove 72-foot ship from his yard

The Walking Dead 2.11 - Judge, Jury, Executioner (spoilers)

Girl Scouts fight back against cookie money thief

Limpbaugh apology makes FReep call him a C-word! UPDATE with MOAR

Winning Strategy

Sulley! Jeff! Great stuff from the Hudson Heroes! (Video)

Rec individual posts?

World seed vault in Norway

A North Korean Corleone

Rick Santorum: If Elected I Will Nullify All Existing Same-Sex Marriages Nationwide

Piers Morgan: Kirk Cameron Was 'Brave' And 'Honest' To His Beliefs For Voicing Anti-Gay Views

Britain's most senior Catholic, sets out opposition to the Government plan to legalise gay marriage

If Obama wins re-election, two of his top cabinet members won't seek reappointment.

Two internet privacy tools

U.S. senator asks FTC to probe Apple, Google

It doesn't get much simpler than this....

Venezuela on the brink of the chasm

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

the blue moons

Clear Channel: "We respect the right of Mr. express those opinions."

I don't mean to offend anybody, but this picture almost made me pee from laughing

Pamela Geller Spews Hatred at Sandra Fluke ‘Banging It Five Times a Day’

All this talk of women's right to prescription and such is really only all about will science

How could a boycott of the Koch brothers be done?

Just discovered the TV show

funniest tweet all day....

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, March 7th: Star of the Month: Karl Malden

"Congress shall make no law respecting...the right of the people peaceably to assemble..."

This American Life: What Kind of Country?


Rush Without Protection

Newt said he wanted to start a marketplace of ideas last week. I said it months ago.

Guten Abend. Ich muss mein Deutsch üben.

I can't believe this thread in the Feminists group

Austin homeless icon Leslie Cochran moved into hospice

All this religious talk is about imposing a hierarchy on americans. Any hierarchy will

Is it possible to take too long to submit a jury decision?

A Pig in Slop

Buffett's 'wager' on BNSF Railway also paying off in oil industry

Lear Capital (sponsor) wants to hear from you about Rush!

They blocked me on Rush Limbaugh's Facebook page

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 5 March 2012

House bill seeks report on Iran in Latin America

Homophobes need to be actively demonized in the media

Mayor Parker (Houston) getting political pushback on gay marriage support

Mayor Parker (Houston) getting political pushback on gay marriage support

House bill seeks report on Iran in Latin America

Sandra Fluke's Statement in its Entirety

Some say (Obama) re-election fear is driving gun sales in Fort Worth, elsewhere

What do you know about Eggland's Best eggs?

Fuck Occupy already. Fuck 'em. They hurt Democratic causes.

Biden and Calderon to talk narco violence and U.S.-Mexico trade

TEDxAntarctica: Solar Powered TED Event Takes Place In the Antarctic March 6

3/5 Please make calls and sign petition to help stop the Eviction of Monique White.

Nothing but good news for Obama/Dems in this article -

How do we search for a user profile?

Scores Dead In Congo Munitions Depot Blasts

It's the Free Market Kicking Limbaugh's A#$ --- So Cry me a fucking Ayn Randian River

Bush impersonator dies at 48 (Steve Bridges)

Un-Cheating Justice: Two Years Left to Prosecute Bush

Evangelical meme: I'm against equal rights because I have "Values"!

A "Fearful" Rush is down from a self-inflicted wound & it is time NOW to kick him

Limbaugh's "apology" sucks!!!!

The 5 Saddest Attempts to Take Over a Country

"last time Ocho is targeted for the rest of 2012"?

Biden and Calderon to talk narco violence and U.S.-Mexico trade

Biden and Calderon to talk narco violence and U.S.-Mexico trade

Hi everyone...

Lost in Space

What is like a tornado cloud... trying to touch down and pull humans into its' vortex?

After stare-down from Martha Stewart, Rachael Ray exits NY restaurant with main course in doggie bag

That must be the door to the outhouse since the only thing that ever comes out of his mouth is crap.