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Israel, the gays and Equality Forum

What's up with OxyRush these days?

Conclusion: Mitt Romney is out of his damn mind

Zimmerman's Brother is a Piece of Shit just like George the fucking DAD

TCM Schedule for Friday, March 23 -- What's On Tonight -- Billy Wilder

Danger of Wire Grill Brushes Identified

School board settlement with ACLU stirs anger in Camdenton

Best picture of Rick Perry to date

Who is the Route 29 Batman? This guy.

The simple fact is that if Zimmerman hadn't had a weapon, no one would be dead.

Walker signs another nothing bill...

To Fox "News": If Newt is still "Speaker Gingrich" why NO "Judge Robert Zimmerman" in your "news"?

Japan government agrees sales tax hike bill

On the Run, Bin Laden Had 4 Children and 5 Houses, a Wife Says

George Zimmerman lost job as party security guard for being too aggressive, ex-co-worker says

SS retirement age - how does it help Koch roaches?

White Supremacist Hacks Trayvon Martin’s Email Account, Leaks Messages Online

Is There More to Sen. Snowe's Resignation Than Congress's "Crumbling Center"?

Trayvon Martin march planned for Saturday in Salt Lake

Florida Turns ‘Gunshine State’ After Years of Republican Control

Kerry rallies democratic supporters by warning of 'swift boat' redux

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (March 28 and 29) From Tokyo

Where I'm investing my money this year...

Well no wonder the RW is up in arms!

Sorry For A Second Thread On The Same Subject (MUST SEE)... Movie: 'The Compleat Beatles'

What is one appetizer you love to make or have to have when you go out to eat?

A Message From A Republican Meteorologist On Climate Change

You too can have less than five hidden posts in ninety days.

Piers Morgan Interviews George Zimmerman’s Brother About Night Of Trayvon Martin Shooting

Bookshelf Porn

Rebecca Kleefisch Appears on Show with Host Who Compared Unions to Terrorists

‘Just another crazy’: Rupert Murdoch’s week of horrors

Analysis: US thwarting Israeli strike on Iran

F Bill OReilly (Trayvon Martin)

Vice President Joe Biden Interview Transcript - RE: H-1b visa

Bill Maher: Mitt Romney - The least interesting man in the world!

Occupy Transit: Occupy Denver endorses National Day of Action on April 4

Notice how the right-wing will almost ALWAYS take the case of a white person versus a black person

New graphic from Facebook

Contractor leaves job after discovering it was Planned Parenthood clinic

Emerging fungal infection mimics cancer

listening to Last word with Lawrence and has a reporter on explaining the shooting. She said

Does anyone have any insight about how the Supreme Court

Travon's Death was Premeditated Murder

George Galloway is back!

Give the House Democrats their due

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Thursday, March 29)

Airbag - radiohead

Florida's Castle Doctrine: You do NOT have to be in great danger to use deadly force

How Bees Are Harmed by Common Crop Pesticides

It's Kenny Rogers

OMG !!! What does Santorum 'almost' say here ???

Billionaires Want A Coup And Not An Election

Did Santorum almost call Obama the N word?

Congressional candidate is an astronaut on ballot, judge says

Oil below $105 amid possible reserves release

Any Florida voting Guru's have a take on the Sanford Florida precinct (theory on Martin case)

I want to be passive aggressive tomorrow...

April Fools Day Cali-style, 16' to 23' foot surf predicted for Sunday at my local beach break.

Zimmerman's brother: George was barely conscious as his head was banged into the concrete

Report links rise in cancer to inactivity, obesity

France terror raids net 20 suspects, say police

Why is the Green Party's Jill Stein Running to be President?

Latest buzz on bee decline: Maybe it's pesticides

Violence flares during Spain general strike

MSNBC: EMT guest says protocol treatment for head bashing is neck brace

Did 3D televisions flop?

Dem Calls For Higher Minimum Wage, Paid Sick Days For All

BBC accused of 'manipulating' emails in pay TV hacking row (NewsCorp)

Closed clubs leave downtown void--Yassine Enterprises under federal investigation

Our Oceans Are Sick- Are Jellyfish the Canary in the Coal Mine?

Iran Breaks UN Resolutions as Nuclear Program Grows, Russia Says

Robert Zimmerman Jr. on George Zimmerman: "The Most Honest Brother"

This just about says it all, IMHO...

US missiles kill 4 in Pakistan amid drone debate

Joint Chiefs chairman sees security ties with Latin America as key to war on terror

4 farmworkers killed, 11 wounded by attackers in area Honduras torn by conflict over land

Born in the Gulag: Why a North Korean Boy Sent His Own Mother to Her Death

At least 18 killed in fire and riots in Honduras prison

(Tuscaloosa) County school system says same-sex prom dates never restricted

Two Mobile attorneys launch write-in campaigns for Alabama Supreme Court chief justice

Kill healthcare dead!

Israel cordons off West Bank over "Land Day" threat

The woman who took on Koch Industries to save her farm

Morning Question: If the president is re-elected....

Great Moments in Delusional Right-Wing Cyberthought: CNN "If Only Sarah Palin Had Run..."

Jimmy Carter: Democratic Party Should Be More Pro-Life

Koch Brothers and Alec as Al Jazeer dares to practice journalism in America

Rick: Friends don't let friends wear pink ties.

UN orders immediate Syria cease-fire: 'The deadline is now'

Missouri Couple Offer Sanctuary to Neighbors’ Forgotten Dog

Rev. Addie Wyatt, 88, labor leader fought for rights of all

George Galloway is back

How do you think the Supremes will rule today

Atheism Rising, But God Is Not Dead Yet: 10 Ways Religion Is Changing Around the World

The New Legal Theory That Enables Homophobic Evangelizing in Public Schools

Kelly: 25 years after Baby M, surrogacy questions remain unanswered

"... the Wisconsin Constitution ... treats voting as a 'fundamental right.' "

Former Pentagon Official Says All Chinese Electronics In The US Could Have Built-In Trapdoors

Very good article on state of Supreme Court (and how things have changed over years)

Raising The Minimum Wage - GOP Forget It Let's Abolish It Tie Wages To The Global Market

Scarborough just called Romney "a political cutter."

was zimmerman out on Bail?Quick question.

Duggar Mom, Michelle Duggar (19 Kids and Counting): "Overpopulation Is A Lie "

New York City Tuesday Night: David Swanson, John Horgan, Jackson Lears, Mark Crispin Miller

NYT:Japan Nuclear Plant May Be Worse Off Than Thought

Apple, Foxconn set new standard for Chinese workers

The killing of this 68-yr. old black veteran by police is even worse than Tayvon's killing

Report: Zimmerman described as "Jekyll and Hyde"

After the Court Ruling: Obamacare and the Campaign

Mitt Romney prepares to challenge Obama on foreign policy

The jokes write themselves - Santorum: “Friends don’t let friends use pink balls.”

One man, 3 million dollars

TN House passes amended abortion bill

Dear Mr. Thom Hartmann.....

Toon- The Chat Show with Clarence Thomas

There is a blackout in the evidence, according to News 13 Re: Trayvon Martin.

Hey, if you had a black female kitty named Princess and her brother is named Prince and he is

City of Sanford says reporters won't be arrested for asking about Trayvon Martin case

Homeowners might be on hook in civil action in Trayvon Martin's death

Reid: No recess appointments this time

Liberty and Health Care for All

Santorum busts out the n-word... well, half of it. Nice save?

Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan: That's Amore

Tom Toles Rant: Because They Can

Harkin’s Rebuild America Act Builds Economy for 99%

Dems fume over Justice Scalia’s comments during healthcare case

The most racist POS toon I've seen yet on the Zimmerman shooting

Republicans Tampered With Court Audio in Obama Attack Ad

David Korten: When Bankers Rule the World

Friday TOON Roundup 1- Supremely arrogant

Friday TOON Roundup 2- Sinking like a rock

Friday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

A dynamical quantum simulator: Better than state-of-the-art numerical calculations

Disappearing Toronto: The real danger of undervaluing our historical architecture

Do you understand people

Funny Friday...

Why I think Zimmer Man was not arrested already....

Tony Scalia's Retirement Has Started Early

Wisconsin-NBC/Marist polls

Staged abduction at youth group meeting now under investigation

The Gated Community Mentality - By RICH BENJAMIN

Educators Urge End to Classroom 'Gender Wars'

Republican anti-union crusader kills ailing wife, self

Anorexia study backs government ban on underweight models

Rep. Bobby Rush Gets Kicked Off House Floor For Wearing Hoodie

A clinic’s landlord turns the tables on anti-abortion protesters

The Nation: As Mark Twain might say, reports of Obamacare's demise are greatly exaggerated.

State lawmakers pass controversial bills at end of session

I must have been feeling masochistic this AM but not TOO much.

BUSH Admin Leaked Sensitive Info To START Wars---OBAMA Admin Leaks Info To STOP Them

Check out this beautiful singer/cellist Jorane.

Former Co-Worker: Zimmerman Lost Security Guard Job After He ‘Snapped’

Robert Reich: Wall St. hasn’t changed its ways, despite ‘Occupy’ protests

Throughout PA, college students protest Governor's 40 to 50% cuts in State funding (over 2 years)

So turns out Chris Christie is a Bruce Springsteen fan. Does he even listen to the lyrics?

Nearly 40% of Sanford is African American. Yet Zimmerman surrounded by

Participatory Democracy: From the Port Huron Statement to Occupy Wall Street

"Profanity for the sake of profanity"

This Week in Poverty: Fresno to Homeless People—Get Out

Republicans retreat on gay marriage

Geraldo the Crime Dog - by Matt Bors

Octomom's Porn Deal went down from a million to 100K

The OccupyUSA Blog for Friday (March 30), With Frequent Updates

5 Ways Virginia May Be the Worst State in the Nation

Stemming rural depopulation in Ethiopia

A clinic’s landlord turns the tables on anti-abortion protesters

Chief Justice Roberts would be considered not insurable in today's market without ACA

Unbiased Supreme Court (cartoon)

Shooter George Zimmerman appears uninjured in police video on night of shooting

On a pure whim, we bought a Dyson Groomer attachment . . . . .

Millions Mobilize As General Strike Brings Spain To Standstill

No blood stains, no grass stains, no self-defense

(MoJo) Scientists Use Thoreau's Journal Notes to Track Climate Change

Paul Ryan: Mitt Romney Is Not Bob Dole Or John McCain

Did Santorum call Obama a "n*****"?

DU Album of the Day: "O Brother Where Art Thou" Soundtrack

Bush Girls Fell For Obama

Cat on acid

Get a load of this racist "cartoon" by a U of Texas Austin student...

Nancy Grace wails on Joe Oliver: "I hear him say fucking coons! I heard that, OK? I heard it!"

Tandoor Oven

Romney: Uninsured with preexisting conditions should be denied coverage (sounds like a death panal)

Santorum denies calling Obama the n-word

CLEANUP on AISLE GD.........

The Trayvon Martin Tragedy: Pop Culture Plays a Role

Tomorrow is my Senate District Convention in Minnesota.

Tomorrow it will be 1 week since Cheney's surgery and he still hasn't shot any friends in the face

Japan says it will shoot down N. Korea rocket over territory

Diagnosing the Republican Brain

AFL-CIO, SEIU, Change to Win, NAACP, National Women’s Law Center file briefs in support of ACA.

So...if Frothy Mix told Mittens "OK...I'll drop out tomorrow...IF you put me on the ticket..."

Obamacare's Day in Court: Good for Single Payer?

My seven year old son

Joe Oliver says black people are giving him "the look." I dedicate Prince's "U Got The Look" to Joe.

The True Cost of Tar Sands Oil

Discussion of the release of 1940 Census on CSPAN WJ this morning. Video is now up

hey I just hit the trifecta

Democrats applaud Paul Ryan's endorsement of Mitt Romney

Paul Ryan endorses Mitt Romney

MasterCard Warns of Possible Data Breach

My Message To The Forum And Why I Am So Critical Of The GOP

Santorum almost calls Obama the n-word (video)

LOL--- I can't even call myself a Douchebag.

EXTREME weather blown away from unexpected direction

Missing From the Court’s Debate: The Constitution

another GREAT ???

Statewide Human Trafficking Summit Held at Del Mar College

It’s the Methane, S***** (Intellectually Challenged)

Creating an ecology of hope

Bruce Lee devouring pigeons and beating up seagulls at AT&T Park..

Peak oil notes - March 29

The Savage Arithmetic of the Pre-Existing Condition

Peak oil notes - March 29

Why is it so hard to save the biosphere?

Make it known...Romney wants to kill Medicare and Medicaid. PERIOD.

David Korten: When Bankers Rule the World

Oxidental Chemicals Has Big Plans For Old U.S. Naval Station (Ingleside)

OMG HAHAHAHA Did you hear that really funny story Romney told recently - what a hoot!!

What Are Social Movements and What Is Gendered About Women's Participation in Social Movements?

Does anyone here think this is "sexy"?

Does Zimmerman personally have to show up

Obama Campus Fervor Losing to Apathy as Students Sour on 2012

Brownback, other governors tour beef plant to see ‘pink slime’

UK-US extradition treaty overhaul urged

Lioness gives birth to tigons (China) and Another polar bear cub charms Germans

Mothers Trump Regulators as Campbell Dumps Chemical

The Era of Big Box Retail Dominance Is Coming to an End

Best explananation of Globalism ever, by trade lawyer on public TV

Spain budget: Cuts to total 27bn euros this year

Does anyone have a link to the original news story of Martin's murder?

President Obama picks up a presidential challenge coin dropped by Marine Sgt, Kristie Ness - pics

House GOP: Rape Prevention Measures an Unreasonable Luxury

~ Dreaming & Intuition Thread for Spring! ~

Remember those all powerful, world obliterating WMD that were downgraded to WMD "programs"?

This Tiny East Coast State Has Serious Unemployment Problems

Michael Hintze revealed as funder of Lord Lawson's climate think tank


Electronic Giant Vowing Reforms in China Plants

Climate change: world is reaching tipping point

NOM Sr. VP on MSNBC Right now...this group is serious racists and homophobes

A Guide for the 99%: What Is A Car Elevator and Why Does Mitt Need One?

Wisconsin Governor Walker to Face Recall Vote June 5 (Signatures Certified)

Anyone buying a lotto ticket for the $540 million power ball?

Military Blocks Atheists' Efforts to Feed Homeless

Kucinich asks SEC to review letter from utility--Report on damage to Davis-Besse cited

Civil rights legend Julian Bond on NOM: gay rights are civil rights

Americans Still Prioritize Economic Growth Over Environment

Those without religious affiliation aren't necessarily rejecting God

The Never-Ending Crusade

What's for Dinner ~ Friday March 30th

Somedays I hate being the mom. Took my daughter to Planned Parenthood for her 1st birth control

Our President; Speaking to Troops in South Korea

Child witnesses to Afghan massacre say Robert Bales was not alone

Obama Campaign Demands Romney Produce Tax Returns

Bank of America Sold Card Debts to Collectors Despite Faulty Records

I would like to know if judge Zimmerman

If you like British romantic comedies...

The Attack on Liberal Legitimacy (Jamelle Bouie)

Best analysis, yet, of JetBlue Capt. Osbon's behavior...

Nature-Deficit Disorder

Israel Defense Ministry plan earmarks 10 percent of West Bank for settlement expansion

Robert Zimmerman was not a judge

Drunk Dude Sings Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody in the Back of the Squad Car

What is the future of nuclear power in the UK?

"Cooking with Poo" wins Diagram Prize for oddest title

Hey! Free cinnamon rolls and Starbuck's coffee in Meeting Room J!

"well we know what they want; they want more for themselves, and less for everyone else..."

Human Rights Org: Rest Of The Industry Needs To Follow Apple’s Lead, Protect Factory Workers

Pic Of The Moment: Rick Santorum Denies Calling President Obama The "N-Word"

Bank of America has sold collections agencies rights to sue over credit card debts that it has

Cruelty (TaNehisi Coates on the Trayvon Martin smear)

Rare Animal-Shaped Mounds Discovered in Peru by MU Anthropologist

"Hoodies: The Apparel of Peril"

any WI attorneys here? Two quick questions:

There's no arguing with SCIENCE!

It was forty years ago today

Ecuador Judges Thwart Chevron's Bid To Avoid $18 Billion Judgment

Sea Lion Cuteness.

My Left Foot - even if you saw it before, it's great to see again - expires 4/1

Mexican presidential candidates kick off campaigns

How We Thwarted NOM’s Attack Plan in New Hampshire

Cancer v the Constitution

Geraldo the Crime Dog (Toon, Matt Bors, Daily Kos)

Colombia steps up security for Summit of the Americas .

Some whites feel self pity at shooting of Trayvon Martin

Lucinda's perfect rice

This statement released by the Sanford Police Dept is full of bs and holes

Nuclear and gas blow outs show where the dumb money is

TYT: Homeless Woman Dies In Police Custody (Anna Brown)

Gah. When it rains it pours. and then some.

Mother Jones tracks money trail. FL law to NRA

The Rude Pundit: An Adrienne Rich Poem for These Dire Days

Where do you go with this statement from the Duggars?

Guest Lineups For The Sunday TV News Shows

Vogtle nuclear plant loan guarantees may not be finalized: NEI

MasterCard, Visa confirm credit card data theft described as 'massive'

About those Zimmerman photos--

Article: Clueless in the White House

I have an anonymous voir dire proposal.

A further update on the 7 year old boy who crushed on Darren Criss of Glee

Finally another Anchorman......

WOOHOO!!! Gots me some tickets to see George Clinton and Parliment in concert

Could Republican opposition to the mandate be a cover for dismantling the health care law?

Shiva's Headband

Sloth photobombs volunteers in Costa Rica

S.C. mother sentenced to 35 years for killing 2 sons

Thom Hartmann: SCOTUS vs. POTUS & ''Budget for All''

Thom Hartmann: Fukushima...radiation so high - even robots not safe

An Islamic Perspective on Religious Pluralism

AP source: Obama clears sanctions to squeeze Iran

London 2012: How do the Olympics handle religion?

We Hold Our Verbal Fire To Our Own Detriment

Republican politician to stand trial for 1979 murder

Recording Catches Teachers Mistreating Special Needs Student

a question for law enforcent- how long does it take to get forensics and ballistics?

Zimmerman's Physical Fact Challenge---And we're supposed to believe Trayvon was the aggressor here?

Trayvon Martin case: Do we even know if Zimmerman and the crime scene were photographed?

American drone strikes should end: Pakistani lawmakers

NDAA in court over indefinite detention of Americans

Killed at Home: White Plains, NY Police Called Out on Medical Alert Shoot Dead Black Veteran, 68

Etch A Sketch Launches New Ad Campaign

Calling Out the CIA for Its Secrecy Game on Targeted Killing

Justin Bieber should be your attorney (I kid you not!)

MSNBC just reporting on Zimmerman

GOP Attorney General Suing Over Obamacare Supports Single-Payer: ‘I Trust The Government More’

Trayvon Martin shooting prompts Houston legislator to recommend changes to Texas law

American Author Deplores US Instrumental Use of Terror List

Obama could face election-year jam on gay marriage

If Health Care Reform Falls, Progressives Need to Look In The Mirror

Bays Mountain Park in TN

Do The Authorities (Whomever They Should Be) Know Where Zimmerman Is Holed Up?.....

Whole Foods to stop sale of unsustainable seafood (AP)

I just bought 60 mega-millions lottery tickets. Ask me anything.

Thank You Skinner and others..

Disabled student sidelined during performance

10 Buddhist Women Every Person Should Know

Need Hotel Ideas


S&P 500 Heads for Best First Quarter Since 1998

Buddhist Economic Wisdom for Falling Back in Love With Mother Earth

Who Ya Gonna Recall? Scott Walker!

Poor people spend 9% of income on lottery tickets; here's why

Has Anyone Seen Robert Greenwald's New Film About The Koch Brothers?

Sanford Mayor says police resisted release of 911 tapes: "Everyone was saying to me, no, no, no..."

GOP Attorney General Suing Over Obamacare Supports Single-Payer: ‘I Trust The Government More’

Heidi Heitkamp goes on the air in North Dakota

Space Exploration and the culture of innovation: an interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson

WHERE is the durn setting for font size?

All U.S. Groups Oppose Obama’s “Individual Mandate” for Health Care

GOP Ad Uses Doctored SCOTUS Audio

Space Exploration and the culture of innovation: an interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson

Arkansas court overturns ban on teacher-student sex

Re: the lottery and odds

Al Sharpton: Civil disobedience will escalate if Zimmerman remains free

Sean Payton will file appeal of suspension today

Daydreaming for a second.

Have you or will you buy a lottery ticket?

OMG Gas Prices are Killing the Economy and Obama's Popularity... Wait, What?

Thought it might be a good day to remember - "Bush Looking Into Putin's Eyes"

What does the DU think about this?

Photo: An ever-vigilant shopper, MiddleFingerMom will ONLY buy his FAVORITE brand of chicken.

Evil Idiot Shithead Michele Bachmann ('Not True' That People Forego Insurance Because of Cost)

Cooking with Poo

PHOTO: Oh, no. No, no, NO. President Santorum will have NONE of THIS.

Obama Says 'No' to Mega Millions With Lottery Skepticism

Has the EMT person who "treated" Zimmerman appeared anywhere

Mitt Romney's PAC Funded Anti-Gay Marriage Group Under The Radar

My God, Their Hatred Has No Bounds

UK Guardian somehow overlooks genocide in Colombia

Malia Obama: "This is a disaster!"

Subway ends most $5 footlongs in San Francisco to protest minimum wage

CSX launches 5-state hiring spree, looking for more than 3,500 workers

Mitt Romney Is a NOM Donor, Document Shows

The man behind the curtain.

Homophobic dog whistles

Report: Poland ex-spy chief charged over CIA site

Another endorsement for Romney.....

Could he be the next Michael......52" Vertical...OMG

Trayvon Martin shooting time line -- help me flesh this out ...

Favorite TV shows that didn't last?

Evicted 101-year-old Detroit woman to go home

Not sure if this has been posted here yet: Fla. teen (Trayvon) funeral director: no signs of fight

When the freak did "God Bless America" become not the standard BUT absolute MUST end of speeches

The Homeless A Special Class

Has the White House responded to the petition to get Rush off AFN?

The Supremes" diversionary tactics (Luckovich cartoon)

Religious Students Have Fewer Interracial Friendships

Demonstrators Want Police Officer Arrested For Shooting Unarmed Bronx Teen

New Low: Deadbeat Congressman Joe Walsh Insults Veterans' Sacrifice

A general apology to DU for a nasty remark

Thom Hartmann: Romney at Center of 'Pink Slime' Controversy

Thom Hartmann: Does Santorum have ''Pink Balls?''

MasterCard, Visa confirm credit card data theft described as 'massive'


Check out this wicked cover on 'The Texas Observer'

Jonathan Capehart, WaPo: George Zimmerman’s ‘Justified’ defense?

so, homophobic gospel duo Mary Mary snagged a tv show

stocks have best quarter since 1998

If you think we are demanding that George Zimmerman be shot on sight, you are misinterpreting

U.S. agency okays Scana nuclear units in South Carolina

US jobless claims fall to lowest level in 4 years

Here is a pretty good full time-line on the Trayvon Martin killing from

Ann Coulter Compares Zimmerman Critics To KKK, says activists' call for a trial is a "cop out.'

Peeps Show - The annual Washington Post Peeps Diorama Contest

This is National Cleavage Day!

Is there a site where I can find out if my numbers have ever won a lottery?

With the big Mega Millions jackpot in the news I have noticed...

Republicans are causing a moral crisis in America

Sanford COVER-UP: Officer Timothy Smith's Fabricated Evidence

Does the education profession need me?

George Galloway wins Bradford West by-election

Pappy Zim: If police had presented case facts when I was a judge, there'd be no arrest warrant

"Catholic bishops silent on issues affecting poor"

Catholic college cans Kennedy speech, blames bishop

The Nightmare Scenario: Supreme Court Guts Medicaid and Guarantees the Private Insurance Monopoly

Late Ted Kennedy's wife dis-invited to speak at Catholic University by order of Bishop!

Number Of Songs GOP Candidates Can Use Down To 4

H1-B Critics Outline Program Flaws

This is amazing -Stranded man survives 10 days on snow; friend dies

A moment of silence please for Justice Scalia......

Federal court strikes down parts of Act 10

Anyone remember "General Cinema?"

Strangers help after Cary boy in wheelchair robbed

BREAKING: Joe Oliver claims Santorum called President Obama a "goon," not a "n*gger."

Unpaid bloggers' lawsuit versus Huffington Post tossed

Houston Cop goes CRAZY

The Grand Trine

WHEN will they learn?

Republican Oil Commercial

Supreme Court Justices Will Determine the Fate of AIDS in America

Banking Giants Bank of America, Citigroup and Morgan Stanley Face Sharp Credit Downgrades

Letterman reads ‘Top 10 other things Rick Santorum thinks are bullshit’

Oh goody. An entire freeper thread bemoaning that women got the vote

Alabama club starts 'Food Stamp Friday' promotion

Canadian PM Harper’s communications chief (6th one) quits: 'I couldn’t handle that kind of stress'

ARGH!!!! Don't give me brown icing, brown pudding, brown cake, brown Toll House chips, and

I don't know about you but I'd rather live in a country where health care is a right,

Don't ever bend over naked in front of your dog

so if Oliver & Zimmerman were both employed in illegal activity...

Santorum's "Anti-war Gov't Nig" statement

This Creepy App Isn’t Just Stalking Women Without Their Knowledge,It’s A Wake-Up Call About Facebook

From FB. Thor Hates Unicorns

Delusions of grandeur

The U.S. Supreme Court's Abominable Bias: Limiting Government Power To Help The Vulnerable

From Dailykos: "Opus-Dei-Neofascism-Within-the-Catholic-Church"

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Twice.

BREAKING.....Current TV Dismisses Keith Olbermann

DRONE WARFARE: US could fly spy drones from Australian territory

Current fires Keith Olbermann

Re: Trayvon Martin

Back again, DUers, your Friday Afternoon Challenge: “Shameless Hussies!”

Bernie Sanders: The Court and Health Care

Keith and Current have parted ways

1981 "Get High on Yourself" Anti-Drug Use PSA Produced by Robert Evans

"The officer flashed his badge. Zimmerman shot back 'I don't care who you are. FUCK YOU.'"

Different people find different ways to contribute

Cesar Chavez Day March 31

George Zimmerman wins the support of Quran-burning pastor who set off riots in the Middle East

This could get interesting: Romney Secretly Donated $10K To NOM

Perry Security Costs Go Up — Again

William Bennett writes article complaining about 'rush to judgment' about Trayvon

Govt reaction to dispute about tanker safety - extend hours for drivers

Syria crisis: US urges Saudis to support diplomacy to end bloodshed

Dear False Equivalency Racist Asshats,

So Ricky Rick calls the President The Government Nig****

Historic SAG-AFTRA merger approved

Afghan policeman kills nine fellow officers at village post

Alaska Settlement Clears Way for New Gas Pipeline

Obama to Clear Way to Tighten Iranian Oil Sanctions

Adrienne Rich, "Aunt Jennifer's Tigers"

More death . . . goregasm.

Palestinians Protest Land Seizure and Control of Jerusalem

U.S. official: Military, Bales' attorneys in discussions on sanity hearing

Afghan Witnesses Say Sgt. Robert Bales Did Not Act Alone

Could someone get me a list

Documents outline debate over disposal of material that held some 9/11 remains

SYG bill introduced in................................................ Massachusetts?

BP - U.S. hiding evidence on size of Gulf oil spill

Olbermann statements reg. dismissal:

Why have we accepted and adopted the use of *Pro-life* for the Anti-choice, often Pro-death RWers

@KeithOlbermann on Twitter right fuggin' now!

Rick Santorum halts himself mid-N-word in Janesville, Wisconsin: “We know what Obama was like,..vid

You have 1 in 176 million chance in winning the lottery, so buy 176 million tickets...

Woman commits suicide after grisly "acid attack" from husband-

Blazing Saddles on the big screen(Rochester NY)

Rick Santorum Visits Janesville

Am I missing something or what (Christ Matthews)...

Federal Government Will Pick Up Nearly All Costs of Health Reform’s Medicaid Expansion

Fellow Badgers... About that half the n-word thing by Santorum...

A Butterfly Flaps its Wings near Justice Kennedy's Ear - good cartoon

US not ready to halt drone attacks

Lightning directed by laser beams

I'm just a drunk boy, nobody loves me.......

The number 48 is nearly twice as likely to win as the number 41

K&R if you like Obama!

See where the US wind blows

WI GOP To Run Placeholder Dem Candidates In All Recalls

American Police State

Hotsheet Live: What's the Supreme Court's next move in the health care case?

FoxNews: Get ready to celebrate Mitt Romney

THIS ROX: Lesbian Marriage Proposal @ Hockey Game

Six ways the rich really do get richer

Tweety said the Trayvon case is "important," but he's going back to "full-time" election coverage

Wendell Potter: Insurance Companies Want The Mandate Just Not Consumer Protections

Tom Barrett Enters Governor Recall Race

Indian 'prostitute village' marries girls to end flesh trade

How Supreme Court Rulings Could Impact Health Care

What did you used to do for fun as a kid? As teens we used to go to the sand pitts and swim. Was

I'm batting about .250 on my jury votes

Neutrino 'faster than light' scientist resigns

ATTN EDVs and Bleevers Current TV just fired KO

"I think it's going to be a clarifying election about who we are and what we stand for."

Wendell Potter: Insurance Companies Want The Mandate Just Not Consumer Protections

Barrett will run in recall election

Is the US system rigged for the rich?

Foxconn workers question why hours are being cut after FLA review

HUGE Revelation on Al Sharpton's Show

karl rove’s Group Portrays Barack Obama as James Bond - i was wondering what karl's been up to.

Broccoli and Bad Faith...Krugman style

Taking Guns Seriously

Couple claimed innocence on cruise ship. Photo suggests otherwise.

Technology is going to catch all these racist pigs -this time in Britain

No bloody nose the trouble I've seen..."

Concerns over India rivers order (BBC) {huge diversions plan}

I have spam in my kitchen which is 7 years old. What should I do with it? What is the oldest thing

(Gov Nikki) Haley indictment imminent?

'Terror attack inspired by Al-Jazeera'

You know this is going to end badly, but you don't know how badly

Robert Parry: When Is a Hack a Hack?

Jesus to Address Joint Session of Congress

Assad's cousin: West is right to back Syrian opposition, but it is backing the wrong one

Being an Atheist is kinda like...

What project do you need to 'just do it' and finish it? I spent two years doing genealogy into a

ATHEISTS: take heed!!!

President Obama campaigns against GOP 'madness'

Just texted to me by a friend...

Ethics committee: La. Sen. David Vitter violated public trust in blocking Salazar salary

France arrests 19 in terror crackdown

I'm going out to dinner. What should I order? I'm thinking steak and fries.

Trayvon Martin and what Fox news is hoping

Lawyer Says Zuccotti Park Demonstrators Broke No Law

Not Just a Cheaper Pair of Hands

You Can Play

Hunger Games 2012 (Tom the Dancing Bug)

Zimmerman's lawyer Sonner, (aka Fleet Foot Fred) says that big brother Robbie & Georgie

Went out to buy a lotto ticket, was hit by lighting while riding a unicycle...

Scouts launch outfits for Muslim girls

Failure to master the subtleties of conversation on DU

Weekend Economists Seek a 1% Solution March 30-April Fool's Day 2012

2005: Zimmerman's ex-fiáncée pops her gum. He calls her names, smacks her mouth with his open hand.

Politico: Republicans retreat on gay marriage


When someone is PPR'd by MIRT, why aren't the troll posts removed?

Friday Feminist Fuck Yeah: Big DREAMers take to the streets

Romney in Appleton today (march 30)

Hands On Originals T-shirt company accused of discrimination

MFM always has been a rebel, and always will be

Mother of 9/11 Flight 93 hero Mark Bingham responds to Carson Daly's Jet Blue gay "joke."

On March 30, 1981, John Hinckley ruined my 13th birthday. Anyone else have this happen?

Gored: Olbermann Out at Current

The Huntington National Bank, Columbus, Ohio, Assumes All of the Deposits of Fidelity Bank, Dearborn

My Adventures In Republican World

Please tell me there is one MSM that reported the Rick Santorum video

San Francisco Homeless Veterans Get $2.7 Million In Housing Vouchers

NFLPA seeks more Saints probe info

oops dup...

Sweet! - Fox "News" host urges viewers to ‘vote Republican’

Farewell, Patrick. You will be missed.

Ever see an eagle swim? Doing the breaststroke? video

Cheese and Chile Stuffed Chicken Breasts

American investigators may look into payment to police (Murdoch may have broken anti-corruption law)

Impresive...the line at the lottery machine at the store

How do people like Santorum get to where they are?


Harrisburg receiver Unkovic resigns: mayor's office

Joint Chiefs chairman sees security ties with Latin America as key to war on terror

One of the most damning and scary aspects of the Trayvor Martin murder

History of the word feminist

ARREST GEORGE ZIMMERMAN, Quit Smearing Trayvon Martin

General Motors pulls funding from climate sceptic thinktank Heartland

So much for Olbermann's

U.S. drones attack militants in Pakistan, Yemen

Where's Keith?

Orwell's 1984: "The Lottery...was the one public event to which the proles paid serious attention"

America's Drone Central: Happy To Be "Semi-Accidently Killing" People

Lawyer Says U.S. Blocks Investigation of Afghan Massacre

Obama can't win.

Yeah, Sharpton's gonna burn this motherfucker down . . .

On Current

It just seems so WRONG..... Harvesting Asparagus.

IRS: No investigation into Haley or temple

Have you ever heard a conservative Christian quote Jesus?

Tibetan Exiles March for One of Their Own Who Died in Flames; US Senate Passes Tibet Resolution.

With U.S. okay, Cuban agent returns home to see brother

I’m glad the police are fully investigating the death of Shaima Alawadi,

Photos: President Obama in Vermont

Who else has a feeling this Zimmerman cover up could blow up to be huge?

General: U.S. May Export Terror War Tactics To Fight Drug Gangs

Army Reserve Reprimands Soldier Who Spoke Up at Paul Rally

Anonymous says it probably won't shut down the internet this weekend.

Attacking Iran: Did US Just Torpedo Israeli Deal For A Base In Azerbaijan?

FDA Rejects BPA Ban

U.S. Ambassador Says Russia Is A ‘Wild Country’

Friday Talking Points (204) -- The Herd Mentality

Quiz: what song are these lyrics from?

Breaking: Olbermann to be on Letterman Tuesday Night

US Senate urges China to end 'repressive' Tibet policy

Campaign Donor Advertising Rule Thrown Out by U.S. Judge

If I win the lottery tonight...

Damn. Just Found Out I'm A Goverment Nig--

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! That Was the Week That Was! & a new Kitty gif

Five major Sunday news shows this weekend feature 12 white men as guests, no women, no minorities

Johanna Quaas what a swinger! 86 yr old gymnastic champion wows the crowd.

anyone watching Toure on Piers Morgan ? he is going after him for being a crappy interviewer

NEW YORK: Gun Control Measures Disappearing

Question about our group.

Who Else??? Kentucky's Davis is AP Player of the Year

Mitt Romney's PAC Funded Anti-Gay Marriage Group Under The Radar - Sam Stein/HuffPo

When I was a young man, I used to think that I was king of the world...

Warned of an Attack on the Internet, and Getting Ready

Arthur C. Clarke in 1974 Describing the Internet/PC as Commonplace as the Telephone in 2001.

Hey, CMD. How ya doin?

Campaign Donor Advertising Rule Thrown Out by U.S. Judge

Students in California may be asked to declare sexuality when enrolling

Dow, S&P 500 push to best 1st quarter since 1998

L.A. schools to tell parents of teacher sexual misconduct within 72 hours (Miramonte)

Chart of the Day: The Affordable Care Act and Women

Sure Ricky, sure.

Syria crisis: US urges Saudis to support diplomacy to end bloodshed

Hanging out with dad - pics

Obama, Romney shift to general election

National Take Your Daughter To The Range Day

Right wing host Michael Savage says Obama will win by a large margin against Romney

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett Announces Run For Governor In Walker Recal

Trayvon Martin: three ways George Zimmerman's story is falling apart

Current TV ousts talk show host Keith Olbermann

President Obama at the University of Vermont in Burlington, Vt. - pics

Dude, where's my job (follow up to "we grew apart")

Todd Schnitt is calling for MSNBC to fire Al Sharpton

Protest for Justice in Dante Price Shooting; Unarmed Man in Dayton, Ohio Killed by Security Guards

Mike Tate (WI Dem Chair) just posted this on Facebook:

Sunday is Rachel Maddow's 39th birthday!

Patrick vows to veto 'stand your ground'

Looking for tactics/experience/advice for parents dealing with an adult child with eating disorder

The oldest pitcher ever to win a major league game?

Lottery and a little piece of trivia

Mitt Romney’s ‘veepstakes’ begin

More Airline Trickeration

There's a show for Graywarrior on A&E

Suspect arrested in Occupy S.F. stabbing

(Kinde Durkee) Campaign treasurer pleads guilty to fraud

Keith Olbermann: Current Won't Pay $50 Million Deal

We need to get Kucinich back. Interesting exchange with Governor Scott Walker

Toons: Soylent Pink, Mega-Million Stupid, A Bad Joke and More. - 3/30/12

Truth Team Tipsheet #4

Puberty Before Age 10: A New ‘Normal’?

What will your defense be if or :when your bank walks into court with a pile of invented documents?

Chinese Company and Employee Deny Any Involvement in Hacking Attacks

Primary Turnout Could Signal Trouble for G.O.P.

Apologies, but the DUzies will be delayed by 24 hours.

$3.99/gallon here for regular unleaded. $4.19 premium. How about where you are?

BRILLIANT Bill Maher episode tonight.

Will Rubio's naked ambition cost him the VP slot?

I just decided to start using my old 5.5gen click wheel ipod again.

Papers going to subscription based Wil you buy?

Should liberals play the lottery?

Rajaratnam prosecutor joins Boies Schiller (was Wall Street special prosecutor)

I'm sick of this myth that people in other countries hate free health care


Postal System for Sale? Please Say It Ain’t So.

'Countdown to looking glass' a nuclear war movie from 1984, starring Newt Gingrich

Spartacus Vengeance season finale was tonight...

Anyone seen the movie "Shopgirl" with Claire Danes & Steve Martin? Is it any good?

Stream to hear Studs Terkel interview Bob Dylan back in the '60s.

Actually, I won!

I got busy bees doing backyard work!

I love Keith. Will miss him. But the guy needs to talk to someone about his ego/personality issues..

Did Olbermann already have a new deal in the bag?

David House (Manning activist): 1st Amendment lawsuit against U.S. govt goes forward...

If the damn right wing court declares the Health Care law illegal, then the GOP will run ads.....

I'm looking forward to the day when it's really not a big deal myself...

Confession and praise for DU.

The Republican Party is America’s Cancer

Smoking May Be a Risk Factor for Schizophrenia

So...le me get this straight...Keith's out of a job, but Rush is STILL ON THE AIR?

As a Mormon, Romney believes he could become God of a planet

Joe Scarborough Lambastes Conservative Websites For Posthumous Vilification Of Trayvon Martin

Donut Shop Robbed in Southeast Portland - Police Investigating (No, really!)

All Parties Ignore the One Way to Reduce Health Care Costs: Single-Payer

In response to Keith's dismissal, at least I can still watch RT...

In Memory Of Adilah Gaither, Tanganika Stanton, Mildred Beaubrun and Sakia Gunn...

Newspaper Guild Protests Over Freelancers, Seniority, Merit Raises

The Terror Of Catcalling, Ctd

Johann S B In da house!