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Archives: March 29, 2012

Signs. I live in Georgia, and have seen Santorum signs spring up, along with

Romney is trying to Etch-A-Sketch the car elevator

Hunger Games article about racial comments.

Romney's visit to Wisconsin speaks volumes...

Florida’s New Election Law Blunts Voter Drives

Hey, if Trayvon was banging zimmy's head into the ground, what was he holding onto?

The Evolution of the Hoodie - photos

Zimmerman claims that Trayvon was reaching for his gun - really?

Jan Opperman video - should Hollywood do a movie?

Health Care: We’re All in This Together

here is a strange and bitter crop

ADRIENNE RICH, 1929-2012 A Poet of Unswerving Vision, "Triply marginalized --woman, lesbian and Jew"

Sanford Cops Covering Up Should Be Charged With Accessory To Murder

Alyona: What Comes After the Mandate? w/ Kevin Zeese and Fred Karger

If Afforable Care was implemented as Single Payer, would it have found its way to the Supremes?

Would the Supreme Court be ruling on healthcare reform if a Republican had signed it?

Mali’s Tuareg Rebellion - Andy Morgan

I believe I can fly

A preview for a movie preview of a remake

So we have to wait until June

GOP's Idea Of Liberty And Freedom

MFM was never one to refuse the triple-dog-dare (NSFW)

Anyone know what is going on in Washington DC

What I would like to know is, did Zimmerman phone his Dad before his arrest?

That photo Michelle Malkin used on her Twitchy site, purporting to be of Tryvon Martin

Customs plan would ease travel for gay couples

You're a parent you think your kid is innocent but you still can't show your face?

I'm in this kind of mood: Landslide nice live performance

OKAY Mental Health Break! Post something that makes you happy, smile, feel good.

Bruce Weber's Homoerotic New Video is 2012's Sexiest

'Q: Is President Obama giving away several Alaskan islands to Russia?' (No.)

TYT: Trayvon Martin Smear Campaign

Mitt Romney Tells 'Humorous' Story About Father Closing A Michigan Factory

Who called State Attorney Wolfinger on the night of the murder?

How much did George Zimmerman's dad give the State's Attorney's re-election campaign?

Diary Jonathan Steele - Syria - London Review of Books

NYT Review of Drift by Rachel Maddow -- How War Came Home to Stay

Man dressed as Tetris box sought in assault charges

Funeral Director: No Signs of Fight or Struggle Present on Trayvon’s Hands

Freepers are wondering why no cotton plugs in George's nostrils.

Refugees Say Neighbor Shoots Neighbor in Syrian Crackdown


Pasadena police arrest 911 caller, saying false report led to college student's shooting death

Zimmerman's cell phone

Poll suggests most Pa. voters favor Obama for election!

As long as I can fight back, I will

RESOLVED. Second time that a jury has allowed a private address to be broadcast on DU...

Rescuing Nala: Pit bull freed after being trapped in car tire rim for hours

From Russia with Love: 'Electing Romney is like making a paedophile a kindergarten teacher'.

New York city schools want to ban 'loaded words' from tests

UC Davis pepper-spraying report OKd for release

X-post: New York city schools want to ban 'loaded words' from tests

Closing argument of U.S. Solicitor General Donald B. Verrilli, Jr. in the Affordable Care Act case

Trayvon Martin was just trying to get home to watch the second half of the NBA all star game

The Fact Is That Obama Is SURGING In The Polls In Spite OF Gas Prices Etc

Lawyer: Pasadena cop shot Kendrec McDade from police cruiser

Van Halen/Patty Smyth - unreleased recording

Did Justice Thomas ask a question or make any statement during the past three days ...

Kansas City Occupiers worried they may be forced to leave (Longest Occupation?)

Is The Right Getting Punk’d By SCOTUS On ‘Obamacare’?

Pope Benedict criticises US trade embargo on Cuba

look what I old hour of Ray Taliaferro and other archived KGO programs!

Spanish workers hold general strike over labour reforms

Budget to put brake on MPs' pensions (Canada)

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Wednesday, March 28)

Hundreds of Afghan women jailed for 'moral crimes'

Team Obama: Justices' questions don't mean anything

Budapest, Hungary anyone?

Survivor One World - Episode Seven Discussion thread

Kathryn Lehman, Republican Lesbian Who Helped Write DOMA, Is Now Lobbying To Repeal It

Thomas Sowell stands up for Geraldo re hoodies

Rep. Bobby Rush(D-Il) is escorted off the House floor after putting on a hoodie during speech

Frank Rich on the National Circus: Why the Supreme Court Can Only Help Obama

What is the cop looking at in the newly released Zimmerman video?

Could bombing Iran push it to build the Bomb?

Scientists pin down historic sea level rise

Most important thing for Detroiters is to fix city, new Free Press poll shows

Murdoch to "hit back hard" on piracy allegations

Watch a Kentucky man rescue a cat stuck in a tree after a flood:

LZ Granderson: 'Why Black People Don't Trust the Police'

Judge rules tea party group a PAC, not a nonprofit

RWE and E.On halt plans to develop UK nuclear plants

A letter to Trayvon's mother

McCain resolution calls for safe zones and arming the Syrian opposition

Elizabeth Warren What Wall Street Wants is etch a sketch senators

Just randomly saw that today is my 7 year anniversary on DU.

Japan Nuclear Safety: Nuclear operators must plan for multiple-fault quakes

Put on your WayBack helmet. It is early 2009. A different ACA was proposed.

Broken Nose. A bit icky.

Earl Scruggs

Musandam Peninsula, Oman

Spanish general strike kicks off

First Female 4-star Air Force General Nominated by President Obama in February Confirmed by Senate

Why the Herculean effort to shield Mr. Zimmerman from arrest?

An urgent call to action on food re-localization

Bruning-Kerrey D.C. encounter friendly

An urgent call to action on food re-localization

American Airlines parent wants union contracts dropped

An urgent call to action on food-relocalization

Who is the Route 29 Batman? This guy. (Cool Story)

Rail labor unions claim BNSF's medical reporting policy violates federal laws

Here we go again: Gas Leak at North Sea Elgin Platform

I hate that I agree with Joe Scarb..

Whistleblower: Insurance Industry Doesn't Want Affordable Care Act Repealed Wants Democrats Defeated

A video about Australian suffragettes

Robert Scheer: Five Hypocrites and One Bad Plan

Anyone else think NRA $$$$ are funding the Trayvon Martin smear campaign?

If you thought the Caley Anthony trial was a circus---just wait until the George Zimmerman trial.

U.S. sees lifetime cost of F-35 fighter at $1.45 trillion

So much better than a lame Tebow press conference

Amy Goodman: Forget Fear of Flying, Fear Airport Screening

Today in Labor History: March 29 illegal for children under 18 and women to work more than 10 hours


The Lizza List: Ten Quotes on the Fate of Health Care

Nurses support federal health care act

I excused myself from a jury.

MN Job openings

As noted in another thread--the lack of latex gloves by police in the Zimmerman video....

Thomas Frank: How Americans Have Gotten Played -- Over and Over and Over Again

Investors press U.S. shale oil drillers to control flaring

Watching MoJoe?

ETA News Release: Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (03/29/2012)

Joe Biden: “America is coming back. It's not a political slogan; it’s a reality.”

Secret Vote Opens Health Law Review Shaping Court Legacy

I've gotten hooked on The Walking Dead!

Banjo musician Earl Scruggs dies aged 88

Sen. Marco Rubio Endorses Mitt Romney On 'Hannity,' Says GOP Primary Should End

Rocket explodes as Baghdad Arab summit begins - source

My friend Ben passed away from renal cell cancer last evening

Best Buy to close 50 US stores, cut costs

The 4'11" power behind the "Stand your Ground" legislation

A frequent quirk of working in phone-based customer service

Access to pill boosts women's earnings - study

Many think Bales case reflects a military pushed to the limit

Let the Million Flowers Bloom by William Rivers Pitt

Another Stunning Hubble Space Pic!

US: North Korea using hackers; food aid suspended over rocket

EPI: "A technical report on the Congressional Progressive Caucus budget for fiscal year 2013"

(Chills) The Robert's Supreme Court

Santorum: Friends don't let friends use pink balls. True quote. from pRICK

If you happen to have any friends that are Republican a question you might ask them

OMG they are doing a 'Dallas' reboot on TNT

Prosecutors compromised Stevens case


Zimmerman's father: "I never foresaw so much hate coming from the president"

pRick Santorum has an issue with Pink Bowling Balls. Friends don't let friends use pink balls he say

The OccupyUSA Blog for Thursday (March 29), With Frequent Updates

What will Zimmerman's phone records show? A call to Dad?

Amazon CEO wants to raise sunken Apollo 11 engines

Texas Gov. Rick Perry: Please eat the 'pink slime' - You first, Rick

U of G Scientists Clone ‘Survivor’ American Elm Trees

Another day of Cartoonists' takes on the HCR case

Women Voters Can't Help Fawning Over Sexist GOP 'We Should Know Better-But There's Just Something...

Thursday's Republican Primary Toons

Nifty (India stock index) edges lower as IT sector hit by U.S. visa fears

Thursday Toon Roundup- The hoodie and the rest

Bots of Burden: U.S. Army Recruiting an Array of Animal-Inspired Robots to Assist Battlefield Troops

British greenhouse gas emissions down 7 percent in 2011

Boortz refers to black crime as "8000lb gorilla in the room"

Study: Conservatives' trust in science has fallen dramatically since mid-1970s

The Story Behind Bobby Rush, the Hoodie-Wearing, Trayvon-Supporting Congressman

Scalia Says Court Can’t Be Bothered To Read Obamacare:...

What's in it for the Zimmerman defenders?

Greenwald: 3 Congressional challengers very worth supporting

"that’s just the way it is" -- best post I've found on Trayvon Martin

Jerry Lee Lewis Marries For Seventh Time

New Battleground states Senate polls

TDPS: Fake Trayvon Martin Picture Circulated by Stormfront

AFTER $23 Million in Cuts, Harrisburg School District still has $16 Million Deficit

Scalia's Retirement Has Started Early-By Charles P Pierce-'He's really just a heckler at this point'

Cheney resumes normal activities (cartoon)

If the individual mandate is unconstitutional

The return of sexism?

Ever notice when a Republican stands for truth, or the public welfare, how amazing?

This is one ugly woman..

On that video of George Zimmerman--where is the blood on his clothes?

Mass. Keeps Close Eye On Supreme Court Health Care Hearings

Seamus inspires new anti-Mitt super PAC

I hear this video was found in Rick Santorum's favorites list

CDC: 1 in 88 US kids have autism

Maddow on SCOTUS loss of legitimacy-"Conservative justices happy to take radical action, as long as-

Corbett Budget Wrongly Ends Funding for Parks and Trails

Sanford police threaten to arrest reporters

Romney mocks Obama's Harvard days yet Mr. Etch a Sketch thrived there

(XLNT ?) Why should buying a gun be any easier than having an abortion?"


Arianna Huffington silent on Ryan budget, but attacks the President.

Incredible interview with Zimmerman's father

Mike Luckovich: "Mr. Vice-President, Wait Before Resuming Regular Activities"

Real simple question: what would it take to change the age for Medicare?

Joe Scarborough - those attacking the victim, Trayvon Martin, will look foolish or worse

Our dear Little Star suffered a huge loss

Sensex falls; IT outsourcing hit by U.S. visas

Robert Greenwald on the New Film 'Koch Brothers Exposed' -- the 1% at Its Very Worst

On behalf of my generation of grandparents to all of you, I want to apologize.

And Jumbo said, "F**k this sh*t"

CERN News - LHC to run at 4 TeV per beam in 2012 (next week!!)

Photo- One Billion Stars- Ten years in the making

Western Md. House seat held by GOP for 20 years is seen by Democrats as within their reach

"99% Spring Movement Ignores Gandhi and King".... (OWS Declaration Invokes Gandhi and King)

British Politician Reveals Failed U.S. Plan to Wiretap All of Afghanistan before 9/11 Attacks

Scalia Unable To Name All 9 Supreme Court Justices

Our brains have evolved to look for patterns and assign meaning, even when none exist.

Scalia mocks Obamacare provision that doesn't even exist (& nobody calls him on it...)

Captive Virgins, Polygamy, Sex Slaves: What Marriage Would Look Like if We Actually Followed

Jelly Belly CEO big-time Republican

Dogs Against Romney video ad contest

A Practical, Affordable (and Safe) Clean Electric Energy Plan by Craig Severance

we win when we live here: occupying homes in detroit and beyond

The GOP vision of a “perfect” America

Question about Zimmerman's Gun

The Most Charitable Thing We Can Say About Faith...

Can We End That Era -by Atrios

US jobless claims fall to lowest level in 4 years

Politico: Noot and Mitt held secret meeting

Caption Poppy and Etch A Mitt

Your room is ready, sir.

Solution to the 'mandate' Brilliant!

GOP favorability moving in the wrong direction

Furniture Meets the Digital Age

Maybe in the near future?

Hope 2.0: Inside Obama's Campaign

Dark Visions Of "Freedom"

today in women's herstory

Friend of Mirkarimi's wife: family 'destroyed'

Will there be a fourth wave of feminism?

CO Dems Want SOS Removed From Office

Wisconsin's Contentious legislative session comes to an end - State Bar of Wisconsin

quotes of the day

If you break your nose

President Obama Stands With Planned Parenthood

Magical mysery tour

a biography of the day-- dr. roberta j. nichols

USS Enterprise in Piraeus: Wellcome (sic), American Dollar!

a biography of the day--Tania León

Just say no to drugs

Pic Of The Moment: The Case Of The Amazing Disappearing Evidence

The word is 'mandate'.

Big Food and their political sockpuppets encourage Americans to eat Pink Slime

War porn: The new safe sex

“Chicago Stands with Falk” - too much out-of-state money?

Biden says Romney 'consistently wrong' on jobs

The Rude Pundit: Early Mourning for the Soon-To-Be Late Affordable Care Act

Corbett's Slashing of Teaching and other Public Sector Jobs Featured in The Nation Magazine

Pot calling kettle, part 1

CNN Poll: Obama approval rating at 51%--defeats Romney by 11

Papantonio: Republicans Misrepresent Basics of Affordable Care Act

Just watched a clip of the Jet Blue pilot -- disturbing.

Dalai Lama wins Templeton Prize in science, religion

The RePugs next Move is Set if ACA suffers any setback...

Mississippi, Vermont score at opposite ends of religious spectrum

Another $22 billion needed due to nuclear meltdowns

Didn't Zimmerman lie to the 911 dispatcher?

A for profit "health" insurance system is dysfunctional, inefficient and corruptive

yellow-bellied sapsucker photos I took

Report from Kathleen Vinehout (WI Guber. Candidate)

Urine-soaked eggs a spring taste treat in China city

Google puts a blind man behind the wheel of its self-driving car (video)

Zimmerman feared, Martin would beat him to death

Four Numbers Add Up to an American Debt Disaster

Emmy Noether, the Most Significant Mathematician You've Never Heard Of

Romney made fun of Kerry for having large home

Strange message on jury service. Had to opt out.

Is there such a thing as sin?

British plan to train officers at 'Afghan Sandhurst'

Poll: Sen. Bill Nelson opens up 8-point lead on Connie Mack

Donovan McNabb thinks Mike Shanahan is a bad fit for Robert Griffin III

please, what does TOS mean?

Abolish 0.7% UK aid target, say peers

Best Comment of the Year

Petition to Get Corporations to Stop Funding ALEC

Autism in US more common than previously thought; wider screening, better diagnosis cited

Apple CEO Tim Cook Visits Foxconn's iPhone Plant In China

If Zimmerman Was Treated On The Scene For Injuries Wouldn't There Be An EMT Report?......

This was the opening act for the show I saw last night.

IIRC, back in early 2008 EVERY Democratic candidate running in the presidential primaries

Humorous anecdote: Mitt Romney mocked John Kerry for being rich

NFL Panics When Only 17 Prospects Declare For Draft

The Bible...we can quote it, too.

Vote to repeal subsidies for Big Oil fails 51- 47

French parfumier Jean-Paul Guerlain fined over racist remarks

We Love You - Israel & Iran (a facebook project between the 2 countries)

Craigslist Founder Jumps Into Voting Rights Fight

Yesterday when the zimmerman video was released showing him in that light gray shirt w/o

Nation's Unabombers Decry Hoodie Fear

Garlow Says Satan is behind 'The Radical Gay Homosexual Agenda,'

Go Cowboys!

White Plains PD Shoot, Kill Elderly Vet who Accidentally Set off MedicAlert.

Great Picture: Wildlife

Best Buy to close 50 stores.....

I just saw something that turned my head.

Brave New Bank? BRICS moot dropping dollar, IMF

NYT Headline: Japan Admits Nuclear Plant Still Poses Dangers

Why didn't Zimmerman call police after the shooting? Or ask neighbors to call?

Some people can have bizarre hobbies...

18-year-old victim of grisly gang-rape dies in Ukraine, nationwide protests

Start Stockpiling Maple Syrup

Anyone use Blackboard for submitting grades?

What's your favorite comfort food?

Mitt Romney pushes his dishonesty to yet another level in new web video

About that "broken nose".....

I am pretty sure I won't make it through the probationary period at my job.

Types of Extremists

Has your ignore list shrunk since moving over to DU3?

The Science of Early Adversity

EPA's Jackson - No Plans For Climate Rules For Existing Coal Power Plants

It seems George Zimmerman has some friends in high places

The cat is snoring.

Watch LIVE video of a shipwreck in the Gulf of Mexico - Now

Yorkshire Declared In Drought As Unusually Warm Spring Weather Continues In U.K. - Telegraph

Katy Perry's "Part of Me" Music Video Slammed as Marines "Propaganda" by Feminist Writer

Ohio Grass-Roots Anti-Fracking Group Disinvited From Medina County Earth Day Event

Zimmerman's daddy: Little Georgie HAD to follow Trayvon after told not to so he could get an address

Bohemian Rhapsody - Under Arrest

ADN - Fed Offshore Regulators OK Shell Emergency Plan To Drill In Beaufort, Chukchi Seas This Year

Imitation crabmeat

New DU Group: History of Feminism

Slavery By Another Name

Has the Democratic party become too obcessed with race?

Slavery By Another Name

Devastating 911 call by the teacher witness in the Zimmerman shooting

Anyone else noticing MSM is neglecting to mention Zimmerman's dad is a retired judge?

Jacking a two year old. Really?

On science, scientism, and the limits of scientific inquiry...

As if Zimmerman's parents weren't already well to do enough

Robert Zimmerman struggles with comprehending the "unbelievable hatred" of President Barack Obama

How did legal observers and Obamacare backers get it so wrong? By Greg Sargent

Top 10 Lessons To Learn After One Year Of The Syrian Revolution

White Plains PD Shoot, Kill Elderly Vet who Accidentally Set off MedicAlert.

RWE, E.ON scrap $24 bln British nuclear plan

Philippine court halts grad ban over bikini photos

Something has occured to me regarding the court and the health care law.

Japan Unveils Deregulation Plan to Boost Clean Energy Use

Conservative Judicial Activists Run Amok

Hey Geraldo! Remember when the white supremacist broke your nose?

Taibbi: Bank of America, Raging Hurricane of Theft and Fraud

American Spectator: Count Me Out On Trayvon Martin

More evidence of the rising police state

What would Donald Duck owe in taxes today?

I'm ALL FOR single-payer, but I feel some of you are just not living in reality sometimes.

The Morning Plum: Obamacare may perish. What would Republicans do instead?

(NE) The Voter ID bill is dead, and your calls and emails made the difference!

Progressive Muslims Launch Gay-Friendly, Women-Led Mosques

Ann Coulter Spews Hate and Gins up the Base Against Trayvon

Global Warming 101

(Rasmussen) Poll: Obama Leads Romney In Wisconsin By 11 Points

"Get Killed Just for Living in Your American Skin" Springsteen Dedicates 41 Shots to Trayvon Martin

Thom Hartmann: Democratic Underground Readers are Wrong on SCOTUS

86-year old gymnast

Scott Brown votes to protect subsidies for Big Oil

I always thought that the old Pirates or Astros uniforms were the ugliest, until I found this >>>

Zimmerman must have the hardest head in the world

Thom Hartmann: Must watch! How the Koch Brothers spent $3.9 million under the radar

Pasadena, CA police officers shoot and kill innocent, unarmed black college student

NY judge skeptical toward anti-terror law argument

Cassini spacecraft sees Saturn moon geysers (BBC)

Trump is claiming public tax payor owned property is his.

GOP Lawmakers Appeal To Obama To Negotiate With Congress To Avert Defense Cuts

It's Not Your Imagination: Republicans Really Don't Like Science

Something to make you smile.....maybe...

Zimmy's attorney: Police video is "very grainy" you don't see the broken nose and blood

Seeing the security video of Zimmerman at the Sanford PD...

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday March 29th

Here's your chance to sabotage a rival NFL team: VOTE for the Madden 13 cover!

Craziness prevails in Obamacare hearings - Salon

Freepers throw Rubio under the bus after his Romney endorsement(then they back over him a few times)

Mr. Gruff is dangerous!

Anybody hear about this Melissa Jenkins murder? (WARNING: may be hard to read)

"The Women of The Future," according to 1902 French trading cards

None shall ever pass (pic)

More cops lying: Police "in a jam after cell tape contradicts arrest report"

Since the health care law that protects people with pre-existing conditions is now in peril...

Kansas House tentatively limits anti-discrimination ordinances

Affordable Healthcare for America Act

Affordable Healthcare for America Act

A city that runs on itself

Abercrombie: Environmental Critics Are 'Apocalyptic Naysayers'

'They can stand with the big oil companies, or they can stand with the American people'

Explosion at natural gas compressor station.

Nikki Haley (R) Indictment Coming Soon?

Nikki Haley Indictment Rumors Swirling - Is It Imminent?

Are you forced to buy broccoli?

What is happening with the Supreme Court Health Care Issue?

Breaking away for lunch: Hundreds flock to Sweden's popular midday dance parties

Carson Daly gets creamed by mother of gay man who was on Flight 93

Ok what we know so far (Zimmerman)

How many of you would defend your son/daughter to the media with your face hidden?

(03-29-12) (ENGLISH SUBTITLES) Officers Confess to Looting & Killing Civilians

Zimmerman video (long version)

US drone raids in Yemen 'kill hundreds'

Hope I'm posting this in the right place. Infuriates me... Augusta..

Funny Bumper Stickers Mocking Right-Wingers

Indonesia sends protest note on US plan to build military surveillance base near territory

Could someone explain why this wouldn't work?

Time For Straight Talk About The GOP's War On Everything

NDAA Lawsuit Seeks Preliminary Injunction Against ‘Unprecedented Threat to Civil Liberties’

UK energy plans in 'tatters' after Npower and E. ON nuclear plant withdrawal

Zimmerman's people can clear things up in a hurry -

Guardian Gives Platform to Promote Terrorist-Organized “Global March to Jerusalem”

TYT: Spike Lee's Epic Twitter Fail

Book rec! Silent, Sacred, Holy, Deepening Heart, by Em Claire.

Zimmerman's Father Insists Trayvon Martin Was Never On Phone w/Girlfriend

Man poisoned by decapitated snake head

Fiona Apple's Supportive Letter to Gay Fan

Atheist and pro-Israel, Maikel Nabil tests free speech in Egypt

Other ways of knowing:

Introducing The Faith Shift Series

I get the sense Pres. Obama is the only guy standing between us and complete insanity.

MoveOn doing a poll

Who else is ready to drown that chipmonk advert on DU?

The California Black Caucus and the Asian Pacific Caucus are wearing hoodies to

For anyone truly stressed out by current events

Have you ever had a broken nose?

Boehner: Paul Ryan’s agenda is the GOP agenda

Black caller on Big Eddie radio just went ballistic

Naomi Klein, Arun Gupta, William Grieder, Frances Fox Piven, Doug Henwood on the Economic Crisis

Is Dr. Pepper still trying that "For Men Only" thing?

Koch brothers: Really good report from Al Jazeera on the Koch brothers influence

When "down to stems and seeds again" is probably not a good thing.

"Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress" WOW!

6 men charged in Seneca beating; hate crime possible

GOP meme during 2008 gas hike: "Why is Gasoline So Cheap?"

State fights order to move prisoners needing psychiatric care into hospitals

"They always get away with it."

Why the Martin case can be about racism, regardless of Zimmerman's race/ethnicity

Another march for Trayvon on Sunday in L.A.

DFW Bank of America manager pleads guilty to stealing $2 million from customers

Experts To Congress: Iran Sanctions Fuel High Gasoline Prices

Gas tax imperiled as House, Senate play 'infrastructure chicken' (LA Times)

"A wild patience has taken me this far."

When did Grade Point Ratio (GPR) become Grade Point Average (GPA)? nt

GAB recommends recall elections against Walker, Kleefisch

A "Jobs Bill" Wall Street Loves Passes Congress With President Obama's Support

House Republicans vote to end Medicare as we know it, again

Just when, exactly, did this country turn into a nuthouse?

Geraldo Rivera attempts game of "Who's your daddy" with Roland Martin. Martin wins.

Regarding the Public Option, it's worth watching this Frontline episode to understand how...

Iran strongly opposed to any U.S. initiative on Syria: Leader

Hard to root for John Calipari, but not because of his past

I have an idea to keep the health care topic in everyones minds.

Curt Schilling says Red Sox players hate Valentine, Josh Becket responds:

Legislator asked to leave for dress code violation, disappears for two months

Little Star

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley indictment imminent?

ok now the waiting begins

Does Google Not Understand Women Or Just Geek Women?

Arrested Drunk Man Sings "Bohemian Rhapsody" In Its Entirety In Back Of Police Car

Dictating on the new iPad

"Is it still on me?"

SHOCKING: Paul Ryan budget passes on partisan vote

When did spell check come back?

Alter: "Let's Just Assign Newt Gingrich to the Dust Bin of History"

ABC has Zimmerman's application for citizens law enforcement academy

Toldja. W. Kamau Bell, SF comedian, gets show produced by Chris Rock.

Thom Hartmann: The New American Dream - Winning the lottery!

Thom Hartmann: Reporter fired over state's extreme ultrasound law

If Justice Ginsberg retires in April or May,

Why do they keep telling the LIE that George Zimmerman was a neighborhood watch captain?

The Holy Cosmos: The New Religion of Space Exploration

Holysh*t you just slipped in spell check

Why was Clayton Osborn arrested but George Zimmerman wasn't?

NLRB wins injunction to end Brooklyn lockout of 70 apartment workers who faced eviction

And the Beat Goes On....

My Opponent is a Racist, and Proud Of It

Antigay Attack Under Investigation in Ohio College Town

THank you for bring back spell check.

Even if Martin did hit him

People of Faith Against Amendment One

Has anyone heard this rightie-libertarian argument before?

I scored a day off today. Anybody want to hang out and talk?

Happy Birthday ACT-UP!

People of Faith Against Amendment One

Police Video of Zimmerman Stamped 7:52 PM. ~ Oops. ~

Things are getting better...I don't know if I'm the first openly gay nurse awarded honors

Romney was declared dead in 1968. really!

Watching 'Jersey Shore' might make you dumber, study suggests

As I thought: Sears is selling Lands End.

Now you can be buried in a bacon coffin

Romney donor at center of 'pink slime' controversy

Richard Clarke on Who Was Behind the Stuxnet Attack

'Today I'm leaving the Republican Party'

Emergency responders at scene of explosion at natural gas compressor station

Posted another entry on daily kos: Anti-Government Corruption Probes

(Canadian) Federal budget kills the penny, cuts CBC spending

Next lie. The gun discharged accidentally.


Chelsea Clinton On Sandra Fluke: “We Both Have Been Attacked By Rush Limbaugh”

Flight crew calls police on 8 and 3 year olds

Thank you for the spell check!!!!!!!

Romney On Passage Of Ryan Budget: 'We Are Making Progress'

In 51-47 Vote, Senate Republicans Protect Big Oil Subsidies As Gasoline Profits Soar

Judicial activists in the Supreme Court

Is it time for the US to phase out the penny? Canada is.


White Supremacist Hacks Trayvon Martin’s Email Account, Leaks Messages Online

I am very afraid of the GOP and the damge they have done...

Rubio sort of endorses Romney because others didn't run lol

The Newspaper Guild of New York Local 31003 Protests the Outsourcing of McGraw-Hill Employees (India

Is there a detailed account of what happened to Trayvon Martin?

What was the deal with the 414-to-nothing House vote on Obama's budget?

A question about Dennis not endorsing Kaptur.

Zimmerman had no intention of not following Trayvon.

Matthews, Todd and Garrett are dumbasses

Huelga de 99% 29M General Strike Spain

Can someone explain to me

MSNBC Pres. Defends Al Sharpton’s Role In Trayvon Case: We Didn’t Hire Him To Be ‘Neutered’

White House: Ryan budget 'fails the test' of fairness for America

THE FULL VIDEO OF ZIMMERMAN at Police department on youtube. 6:10 AND date stampped

More than a dozen (CA) Senators & Assembly members wear hoodies in memory of Trayvon Martin - pics

In the words of Clarence Thomas:

Why exactly doesn't Florida move to arrest Zimmerman?

A little fun for DUers, check out the Definition of "Free Republic" in the Urban Dictionary

U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon warns of 'dangerous trajectory' in Syria

Vilest individuals on reality TV shows?

That Tanker Driver strike in Britian

So Norm Wolfinger, who usually runs unopposed, had two opponents this year....

Romney has paid lobbyist 21K to lobby city officials to approve his new big mansion

Any DUers finished reading Rachel's book Drift?

Is Romney's religion relevent to the presidential race?

Scott Walker Recall signers are being targeted through

Great interview with Paul McCartney on Fresh Air today

Unbridled joy: the embodiment of the unconditional - and unbounded - love of dog for man

Haley Barbour's Lobby Shop Had Ties To Iranian Nuclear Efforts

Academic question about the impact of the gold standard.

Who in the Administration came up with the bright idea to sent healthcare to the Courts in 2012

1 in 80 Maryland children diagnosed with autism, CDC says

The Pattern on the Rug by Diane Ravitch

Emergency responders at scene of explosion at a natural gas compressor station

The unbridled joy of a dog at seeing his human for the first time after 8 months depolyment

Gingrich Vanity Tour Nears End

I've gotten walked on the hooking dead.

Stupid, horrible criminals.

5 arrested, accused of forcing high school girls to be prostitutes

Vinnie Politan going to do an in depth examination of zimmy's video the night he murdered that baby.

Former child janitor to Gingrich: Your jobs plan ‘offended’ me

I gotta say this-Not happy Rachel has had ZERO coverage on her show of the Trayvon Martin killing

2-In-1 Device Uses Sewage as Fuel to Make Electricity & Clean the Sewage

If the Supremes own medical coverage was on the line how do you think they would vote?

Anyone have new ideas for an old, intractable problem?

ER Physician said on Vinnie Politan on HLN, "I've never heard of police cleaning up a suspect

GOP’s Budget illustrated

Of Mussolini, On-Time Trains and the Bronx HS of Science

Why did snooper2's thread get hidden?

House Passes Ryan's Medicare Overhaul Bill

Is there dash cam video of the Trayvon/Zimmerman response?...

Pity party, table for one.

Boehner: Paul Ryan’s agenda IS the GOP agenda

OMG!! A witness was actually watching the struggle as the shot went off and turns out it was GZ on


Atheist asks Commission on Judicial Conduct to drop complaint

Newt Gingrich is a Clown: $2.50 Gas Won't Happen

I am home from the hospital. They didn't need to do surgery, the blockage reversed itself once the

Limbaugh sees heat over comments turn down to a simmer

Religious freedom ambassador settles into role, diplomacy

Help Need to know how to know if this a good letter of interest. (Job)

Hi everyone, is spring nearly here?

Sen. Leahy: Supreme Court thinks corporations can be president

CBC budget cut by $115M over 3 years

Bob Kerrey Trails Badly In Nebraska Senate Race, Latest Poll Finds

Haley Barbour's Lobby Shop Had Ties To Iranian Nuclear Efforts

Emergency responders at scene of explosion at a natural gas compressor station

The Defunding of Women's Health Care in Texas May Force Rural Clinics to Close

Democracy for America: Elizabeth Warren the Right Choice for Massachusetts

The Problem With SYG law is that it takes the power

George Zimmerman’s dad: Trayvon Martin threatened to kill my son

On I traced my roots back to Thomas Jefferson...

After months of asking Omaha Steve about the issues, 4 candidates on the record on Ward I

Atheist Group Files Suit Over “Year Of The Bible” Resolution!

A message to Planned Parenthood Supporters from President Obama

Opera duo Charlotte & Jonathan

Two men jailed for kissing in public

Missouri lawmakers wear hoodies for slain Florida teen

So I'm standing at the bus stop and . . .

Official Thank you to Celebration, for not even flinching

NEW Anonymous EyeWitness: saw struggle-saw Trayvon dead on the ground face down-saw Zimmerman UNHURT

Horrifying Moldy Tampon Story

Wait, can someone answer this for me? If GZ was on Trayvon's body and he

Caught a screencap of a self-deleted troll thread

A coward with a gun is a dangerous thing.

How Obamacare Will Be Settled: A Primer on the Commerce Clause

DNC Statement on Sen. Rubio Endorsing Mitt Romney

The origins of Stand Your Ground Laws?

Hey, Democratic Underground! Thom Hartmann called you out!

It may not be relevant to RKBA but,

GOP Jerk’s Wife Withholds Sex Because Of Transvaginal Ultrasound Bill

The religious side of Occupy

Republican governors think you should eat ammonia.

Brain's Nerves Found to Line Up Like a Grid

I just stopped by my local Chinese place for some great take-out.

The video of George Zimmerman is grainy

One major issue regarding Zimmerman

PCBs levels down in Norwegian polar bears

Jesus... Fucking... Christ !!! - 'School Bans Disabled Girl From Using Walker' - MSNBC

Walmart chairman, wife donate $27.5 million to ASU

One billion stars (and a huge amount of data)

$4 Gas: “There Is No Justification” for High Prices, Says Fmr. Senator Dorgan

(X-post)Atheist Group Files Suit Over “Year Of The Bible” Resolution!

Apple supplier audit finds major wage and overtime violations

Romney jokes about dad's decision to close Detroit auto plant

Not a Normal Killing (warning, very disturbing image at link)


STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 30 March 2012

How did we get the new History of Feminism site? Oops, group. Not site

Alaska Wilderness League: Obama ignores facts and continues to give green light to Arctic drilling

Republicans bash health care using faked audiotape

New Tax Cuts in Ryan Budget Would Give Millionaires $265,000 on Top of Bush Tax Cuts

(Fukushima) The big question: How safe is fish to eat?

First test flight on Boeing 727.

Rachael's on Jon Stewart

Captive Virgins, Polygamy, Sex Slaves: What Marriage Would Look Like if We Followed the Bible

Ryan Budget: Tax Cuts for Wealthiest, Increase the Deficit, Preserve Tax Loopholes, Destroy US Jobs

Seng gets to primary Loebsack

Who does nobody worry that Medicaid and Medicare will disappear?

Whistleblower: Insurance Industry Doesn't Want Affordable Care Act Repealed, It Wants Democrats Defe

new cheap, healthy, easy recipe. couscous and chicken

PERCY! PERCY from the Green Mile!THAT's who Zimmerman reminds me of!

George Zimmerman's Lawyers Won't Comment on Police Video

Isn't it almost hilarious that Robert Zimmerman uses the classic

Recipes with alcohol / wine as an ingredient ...

The witness says that he heard MORE THAN ONE SHOT!!! and the hispanic man didn't appear hurt!

The new sobriety test perhaps...

Is this the part where I freak out in front of all of you?

Why does Homeland Security need 450 million rounds of ammo...?

Senators Who Voted To Protect Oil Tax Breaks Received $23,582,500 From Big Oil

In scoring his budget proposal, Ryan told CBO to ASSUME IT ACHIEVES IT'S REVENUE/SPENDING GOALS!

Steve Nash would listen to Miami Heat as free agent

Kitten squee video for the day!

Anyone watched the Young Turks tonight on the Martin case there appears to be a clearer video

Chris Matthews, Ezra Klein Identify Strategy To Impose ‘De Facto Single Payer System’

Raise Your Hand If You Think The Sanford Police Thought This Case Could Be Swept Under The Rug...

Canadian Federal Government budget does away with the penny. How does that work exactly?

sigh. 71-year-old suspected of hate crime in choking incident

USA Made Clothing (temp free shipping)

Paul Ryan: The Generals Are Lying About Their Support For Obama’s Pentagon Budget

GOP Ad Uses Doctored SCOTUS Audio

I have a bit of an odd question ... if, as Repugs/conservatives/'baggers claim, we're going to be

Paintballing with Hezbollah

A couple of random shots.

Florida's problematic gated fortresses

Orangutan infant Aurora, and her surrogate mother Cheyenne - pics

Another orchid

Crash [in HDR]

Jesus: Not just for Sunday brunch anymore!

Jesus: Not just for Sunday brunch anymore!

142 advertisers have bailed on Limbaugh

Free electricity. Seems legit

Trayvon Martin: Spike Lee settles with family forced to flee home

George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush endorse Romney - pics

Sanford retracts threat to arrest reporters, also hires 'Mistress of Propaganda' to handle media

Bill to make Health Insurance Companies justify their rates

Times offers new proposal, but movement on key issues is scant

Senators Who Voted To Protect Oil Tax Breaks Received $23,582,500 From Big Oil

How do I add a post to my journal if it's already posted?

What did you build as a kid. We built two tree forts. The first was at the top of a rock with

People Are Strange

Senators Who Voted To Protect Oil Tax Breaks Received $23,582,500 From Big Oil

Garbage Company’s Trashed Promise Sparks Rare Rolling Sympathy Strike

MO governor says no Limbaugh bust in Capitol

Yay! Sprll check is back!

Clear Channel cuts more staff

If you voted FOR Big Oil tax breaks STFU about Govt spending from here on in.

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! It’s A Gas Gas Gas . . .! & a new Kitty gif

Republican Shaun Winkler, White Supremacist, Running For Sheriff In Idaho

The sweetest thing a husband wearing nothing but a tutu ever did for his sick wife.

What live bands did you use to follow as young adult? We use to follow the Blue Current Preserve

George Galloway has returned to the British parliament

The House actually passed the Ryan Budget

What Democrats don't get (but Republicans do)

Man claims attack by lion, saved by a bear (mama bear of cub he plays patty cake with)

Just a simple question here.

Strange bedfellows: Joe Scarborough blasts Zimmerman's defenders.

Wouldn't this be a great time for prominent Dems to promote "Obamacares"???

Oh geez Chris Christie is sitting 20 feet from me

Reverend Al calls for arrest of George Zimmerman for probable cause for killing of Trayvon Martin

Climate scientists: It’s basically too late to stop warming

Federal Judge Rules in Favor of Bradley Manning Supporter, Allows Lawsuit Challenging Laptop Search

Live national wind map.

Sarah Jones, Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader, indicted for allegedly having sex with a minor

Video: Progressive Caucus promotes the Budget for All

Road rage, accident centers on Obama bumper sticker

Sanford PD: Journalists who contact city employees as private citizens will be arrested as stalkers


One of Joe Biden's Littlest Supporters

How do you tell kids the dog has to be put down?

Arizona contractor gets probation for hiring illegal immigrants

America’s bankrupt morality

meet simon

Heads up everyone Zimmerman's brother is now on CNN!

French School Targeted by Gunman Gets Hate Mail

some fools and their money....

I promise to all my long suffering Lounge peeps that I will use SPELLCHECK on every post.

What is your all time favourite dvd series? I like Pride and Predjudice. I need suggestions on what

Bully (2012)

Gun enthusiasts start defense fund for George Zimmerman

Acid victim Fakhra Younus' suicide shames all Pakistan

Question about meatless ground beef.

Words to ponder

According to Zimmermans's brother

Individual mandates are the key to big business plans to destroy Social Security and Medicare

How to Fight Food Insecurity, Even in a Changing Climate

If the Supreme Court overturns ACA, will it be thus a death sentence for many?

If a man is good looking enough, is it okay if he sleeps with a minor?

Senate deal will end GOP hold on Obama appointments

Philadelphia School District Faces $186 Milllon Deficit - AFTER already making $600 million of cuts

Independent group targets Obama’s energy record with multimillion-dollar ad buy in 8 states

Recipes with alcohol / wine as an ingredient ...

No matter how you say Obamacare...

What's with the Mick Jagger thing lately?

'Heinz Dilemma' On YouTube Tests Your Ethics (VIDEO)

New claims for jobless benefits drop; GDP grows at solid pace

If ACA mandates are upheld, we won't get Medicare-for-All and better health care for a generation.

MIT Economist John Gruber answered 10 questions about Obamacare.

In Florida with the stand your ground law. A young guy 6' 3" and 230 Lbs tells me

Oh boy...L O'Donnell is ready to tee-off on the Sanford, FL. debacle

Geez - now Zimmerman's brother has invaded the airwaves

Does any pro gun control person think you should not be able to use a gun in your home?

MRN: Pope Steals Fidel Castro's Secret To Eternal Life

Efficient cat is efficient.

Ever have "falling dreams"? Freak-out material for sure.

Amerigo Vespucci has NOW come a long way in learning what ATTRACTS a diner's clientele.

LynneSin is the talk of the local Bed Bath & Beyond.

That wasn't MFM texting you -- it was his BFF!!!

MFM didn't have the USUAL schoolday problems.

IPO market heats up, more startups going public

Santorum Says Pink Bowling Balls Are Off-Limits (just when you thought he couldn't go any lower)

New species formed : Homo Ignoramus

Settlers Seize House Near Ibrahim Mosque in Hebron

Murdoch Empire crashes and Rush Limbaugh takes a hit

Kyle Sandilands and Germaine Greer, whats the difference?

to me I don't think it matters if Trayvon was beating up Zimmerman

A still from the set of the last episode of Mad Men.

Why you shouldn’t tell US border guards you’re in Islamic Studies

Romney Supporters Yearning for the Personal Side

Blair deliberately misled colleagues and public over Iraq, says Clare Short

Honestly, don't the Sanford police or RW bloviators watch any of those "Forensic Files" shows?

Great books turned into great movies and/or TV shows

Sanford Mayor: "Somebody has been killed, and we can't make an arrest or we didn't make an arrest?"

Access to pill boosts women's earnings - study

A Tax on Snacks Aggravates Austerity Tensions in Britain

Congress passes bill to allow highway construction to continue, yet Zimmermann dominates

huge rats resurface in florida

Yup small town caught in a weave (Sanford)

Per Lawrence, Daddy Zimmerman gave interviews AGAINST the wishes of police

Older Women Struggle to Make Ends Meet

It's all relative, Loserville sucks.

TEXAS: Use of Lawfully-Owned Suppressors While Hunting Legalized

Request: Can we rename GD to ZD. Because it seems there is only

My first and last word on Zimmeran

KANSAS: Governor Signs Pro-gun Hunting Bill into Law

The reason I'm helping Chris Hedges' lawsuit against the NDAA

Zimmerman Pop- registered Repub

My heart is breaking - I'm going to have to return Blue to the shelter.

How many people here think that it was perfectly innocent for Pappy Zim to go to a FOX station...

Almost four years ago, a friend gave me this.

Garry Schyman - Praan

We Grew Apart

Elections Canada has heard 800 specific complaints, re robocalls, all across the country.

Toons: The Handmaid's Tale, The So-Called Death Panels, A Heart Problem and More. - 3/29/12

In The Dutch Mountains - the Nits

Relax Mitt...

TaxPayers Are ALREADY Forced To Buy Health Insurance

SF district atty distances self from anti-cannabis memo, 'unequivocally supports medical marijuana'

Canada brings down ax on TV, film funding

Dewhurst using Enron math on school finance issue

Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't Zimmerman's father a RETIRED JUDGE?

So my niece has made it to the quarterfinals for the USA Hockey National Championships!

The purpose of the "Stand Your Ground Law" is to cow people into not going into a neighbourhood

How do you tell dogs the kid has to be put down?

Hey! SPELL CHECK!!! Thanks!

Justices meet Friday to vote on health care case

Tomorrow. 35 degrees. Sunday, 75 degrees.

The Global March to Jerusalem, a brave and admirable attempt to awaken the world’s conscience

Zimmerman’s brother calls him a ‘neighbor everyone would want to have.’ Everyone except Trayvon.

Rights Group: Authorities in Tibet openly threaten those who circulate information with “torture”

More of the greatest inappropriate test answers from young children

Happy 50th Anniversary Y'All !!!