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Archives: March 27, 2012

Jon Stewart Returns With Hoodie-Tastic Trayvon Martin Outrage Roundup

Global Warming: What we knew in '82

White House offers to curtail drones

Rachel Is On Letterman And Dave Just Made A Comment About War & Killing And They Bleeped Him.....

3D paintings

Extremely hot

The Police created this mess! They should be the focus.

That crime reporter was no match for Lawrence O'Donnell

I know what R.O.M.N.E.Y stands for!

Audio (and transcript) of today's Oral Agument:

Ya Know... In The Final Analysis... The Health Care Debate Is Rather Silly... All You Have To Do...

Two More DFA Endorsements for Congress - MT (At-Large) and PA-17

Government wants faster review of gay-rights case

"Star Trek predicted the Teabaggers..."

A promo for Letterman's top 10 list. 10 best things in a post apocalyptic world. No republican

Hoodies make one look like a criminal like suit & glasses make Geraldo look like a journalist

New Orleans Police Officer Suspended For Saying Trayvon Martin Was A 'Thug' And Deserved To 'Die

Bill and Hillary Clinton, 1975.

Joel Kleefisch, like his wife Rebecca, was a T.V. personality.

Starbucks Boycott Over Marriage Equality Spurs Tenfold Backlash

Doubling down on the stupid seems to be a pattern as of late.....

The GOP’s woman problem is that it has a serious problem with women.

Government wants faster review of gay-rights case

A DUer posts Zimmerman's home address in General Discussion; jury votes 3-3 to leave it.

after night of drinking, young man enters wrong house. gets shot, in intensive care

Economides: Texas Lost $7.7 Billion By Not Using Natural Gas To Keep Lights On

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Monday, March 26)

woman stopped 3 times for speeding within an hour, arrested the 3rd time


Trevor Thomas on The War Room (openly gay 28-year-old running for Congress)

Joe Oliver...

Return To Denial For Pre Existing Conditions.

Frank Martin takes over S. Carolina

Stephen Colbert just owned Geraldo:

Volunteers remove invasive algae killing Waikiki's reef

AZ Senate President Pulls Anti-Contraceptive Bill

AZ senate president pulls anti-contraceptive bill

Why Native American Women Are Battling for Plan B

why native american women are battling for plan b

My old dryer stopped heating, but I was able to fix it

Jane Fonda as Nancy Reagan. FReepers are going to go ape shit crazy about this.

US chews out Peru on coca eradication; Bolivia chews back

President Obama's 2012 reelection campaign re-imagined as Mad Men opening

I FIGURED IT OUT! I know when everybody I know on TV got so old!

Colbert: Hoodies Make One Look Like A Criminal Like Suit & Glasses Make Geraldo Look Like A Journali

Here is a report on the USA's only "Personal Rapid Transit" System

Did your post get hidden by a jury? NO problem, just keep reposting it!

Let me tell you about my toaster...

If you served on a jury and feel

Shampoo Ad Featuring Hitler Sparks Outrage

Some GOOD news regarding the ''Bully'' documentary

Bad RW Math

Zimmerman injured? I call BS

Trayvon Martin's mother moves to trademark phrases "Justice for Trayvon" & "I Am Trayvon"

Just saw Zimmerman's "friend who happens to be Black" on Tweety. Calling BS.

Obama seeks to defuse controversy on missile comments

Zippy the Pinhead: The Drones Discover Dingburg

Big problem with Zimmerman's story:

Mitt: I Won’t Detail Plans, Because Then I’d Lose

Amnesty International urges EU nations to again probe CIA rendition flights

Pond skaters' feet inspire buoyant new material (BBC)

OK, this is rude, but it made me laugh ...

The Horrors of an Ayn Rand World: Why We Must Fight for America's Soul

Drug War Nightmare: How We Created a Massive Racial Caste System in America

Design student creates 'sleeping bag coat' for homeless people

Kraft gave CEO $15.7 million; 17 percent pay bump

What does the establishment have to gain from "stand your ground" laws?

An incident of police abuse from Fort Collins, CO.

Sudan and South Sudan in fierce oil border clashes

Easter Egg Hunt Canceled Due To Aggressive Parents

French killer may have sent Al-Jazeera footage

Health reforms could damage NHS, warns draft risk register

'Thermal cloak' hides objects from heat

Coastal cleanup effort collects 9M tons of garbage

Occupy Union Square: The Evolution Of A New Protest Camp

Word Police on NPR!!! Too Funny!

Stamps to go up 14p at end of April

As drones rise, a manned fighter falls

Tunisia Says Constitution Will Not Cite Islamic Law

Syrian troops enter Lebanon, clash with rebels: residents

'If I had a son . . .'

Andrew Cuomo Taps Bronx Assemblyman Peter Rivera (And Baggage That Comes With Him)

Syria Accepts Peace Plan Offered By U.N. Envoy Kofi Annan

This is why you keep your seatbelts at all times while flying

I own 3 guns, Support the 2nd Amendment, and think Florida's SYG Law is F##king Nuts

Two SEC Commissioners Could Dramatically Change Campaign Finance

The Martin Case Has Nothing To Do With Stand Your Ground Laws

FP: Top 10 Lessons of the Iraq War (#1 - The United States lost.)

James Cameron on Earth's Deepest Spot: Desolate, Lunar-Like

Pay T.V Card Fraud- NDS of Murdoch News Corp Implicated

Just how stupid are Texas republicans? Voter ID bill facts.

Fabrice Muamba: Racist Twitter user jailed for 56 days

Group of Islington schoolgirls say meeting Michelle Obama at the White House changed their lives

Tell me if I'm whacked on my thinking about 'Stand Your Ground' laws.

Maybe if Trayvon had been a telepath...

Large for-profit Catholic health care system buying up NJ non-profit Catholic hospitals

For U.S. Analysts, Rethinking The Terror Threat

Where do you order your checks? I don't use near as many these days, since I use my debit card

U.S. soccer can't even qualify for Olympics?

NYT Editorial: The Outsourced Party

My Encounter With A 1%'er - Toxic Talk Toxic Nation

Sen. Brown Works To Gain The Women’s Vote

What if the new heart made Cheney a nicer person? It seems unlikely that the donor was

As soon as my kids graduate High school--- I'm out of Central Florida.

Check out this wild wardrobe a kid has in her room:

Million Hoodie March in Los Angeles--PHOTOS

This Joe Oliver is on HLN right now trying to squeeze out crocodile tears

‘Don’t repeal health law – go beyond it to single-payer Medicare for all’: doctors’ group (2011)

So just 2 percent would be subjected to the Health Care mandate. 2 percent.

For a laugh: Newspaper headlines and ads

Learning . . .

I'm buying an MP player this week...

It's (almost) Dead, Jim

'Hunger Games' Cast Subjected to Racist Attacks in Shocking Tweets

Quelle Surprise !!!: Austerity doesn't work !!!!

School District Told to Replace Web Filter Blocking Pro-Gay Sites

Sleazeball debt collectors used by federal government to get student loan payments

Reading PA. School District Has $52 Million Deficit: Massive Cuts Needed

Bully Film Will Be Released as Unrated

In case you missed this on BOOK TV, Morris Berman's assessment of America......

Quick question about "Stand Your Ground" application.

A DIY Civilization

Essay: "The Embodiment of a Sensibility"

There are only three types of people in the world

How Boulder Freed its Electric Company

Jeff Clements: Corporations Are Not People

Footage from Earth's deepest place (BBC) {VERY brief}

So my Pop Pop was with the Army Air Force and Flew during WWII, and I don't recall

Minneapolis Democrats fine with big money give-away to billionaire NFL owner

TN bill would limit number of foreign workers at charter schools

German airports crippled by warning strikes

Global Warming Close to Becoming Irreversible

Please Note How the Police Dept. is leaking information

Afghan 'allies' kill 3 more soldiers from U.S.-led coalition

Human Pollution Tipping Scales Toward More Weather Extremes

DNC: What exactly is Romney's foreign policy experience?

Good summary of Supreme Court case on HCR

GOP NLRB Member Passed Sensitive Information to Romney Campaign

Hey, Someone in the News ! Ask Catholic Santorum this one question

Losing My Religion to the Yellow Bellied Sapsucker

Kerry venting his frustration on lack of interest in climate change legislation

Scenes from the shoot of "Rush" - Ron Howard's Formula 1 movie

Executions on the Rise Around the World

An example of the sheer vileness of the right wing these days

Sergio Perez dismisses Ferrari rumours

Arizona Woman Emails Representative Jack Harper; Harper Calls Her "Baby-Killer"

1,000 Hoodies:Iowa City (Iowa) Turns Out To Support Justice ....

I Was a Warehouse Wage Slave

Uruguayan man given landmark residence permit to live with husband in Italy

Losing My Religion to the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

Robert Parry: Are the GOP Justices Political Hacks?

Romney campaign SUV burglarized in San Diego

A moral crisis in America by Katrina vanden Heuvel

Women Supporting Health Care Law Rally In Front Of SCOTUS (Photo) - updated

UK lawmaker urges News Corp TV hacking claims probe

Catholic Bishops Lose a Big Battle Over Contraception

TDPS: Ann Coulter's latest idea, attack Obama's daughters...desperation creeping in

Recommendation: "The Spring of Sustainability 2012" webcasts

Comment: Biased BBC skews the debate on LGBT issues

Oh my goodness! Trayvon Martin suspended for reefer?!

Major Development in Slain Teen Case

Hackers turn credit report websites against consumers

Are you a bully and don't even know it?

President Reagan Regretted Becoming Republican- new journal

The Buddy List needs to come back.

Afghan arrests after authorities foil 'suicide attack'

For the life of me I cannot understand why these witness interviews have not gone viral. (Trayvon)

ACA ensures healthcare

Fired Orange Workers Couldn't Speak Over Cubicle Walls?


Sick, just sick: "God will Forgive You" if "you CONSENTED to incest/molestation"

ABC7 Chicago Acknowledges Existence of 9-1-1 Call by Travyon Martin During Attack

ORANGE you glad you don't work for the Law Office of Elizabeth Wellborn?

Anti-gay organization works to cause conflict between Blacks, Latinos, and Gays - evidence revealed.

Proof that it really is true love between Ohiosmith and Mrs. Ohiosmith......

Wonkette on the new "Conservative Teen" magazine

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Cartoonists respond to Stand Your Ground

Meet Professor Occupy

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- Ryan and HCR

Mock Raid At Glad Tidings Assembly Of God Church Leaves Teen Traumatized

Nurses: Health Care Crisis Will Continue No Matter How Court Rules

Do we have any physical therapists (or other such) in the Lounge?

$2.4 Billion Dollar B-2 Bombers To Get a $2 Billion Dollar Upgrade

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3-Dick and The Rest

Tea Party Nation To Uninsured Americans: ‘Pay For It Yourself’

“Student-loan debt collectors have power that would make a mobster envious,” Elizabeth Warren

TOP 10 HIGHLIGHTS From NOM’s Race-Wedging, Donor-Hiding, Victim-Playing Confidential Strategies

CNN: Romney's lead hasn't convinced many of GOP's unpledged delegates

Today is my wife's birthday.

BP oil spill seriously harmed deep-sea corals, scientists warn

Wheatfields Targeted In Class Action Lawsuit (wrongful termination, unpaid overtime, and more)

Bernie needs your help

Group sues over Pennsylvania's "Year of the Bible" resolution

Most of the jury results we know about

Second Person Found Dead In Massive Homeowners Association Scandal

I'd like to make a suggestion.

As soon as "Obamacare" goes into effect, Big Health Insurance will become the most powerful lobby in

Saucy Federal Judge Issues 'Non-Kumbaya Order'

Giant, nine-pound Gambian rats invading Florida Keys

Behind Court Challenge to Health Care Lies the Right’s ‘Freedom Fetish’

NYT- New York [Congressional] Redistricting

Abortion files tossed into recycling bin

Hottest religion blog is on Norse mythology

LA Times Poll: Obama up big in California

The strangest argument

Lillyhammer series - anyone else see it?- hilarious!

Sweet potatoes - where have you been all my life?


Dave Mustaine On Rick Santorum: 'A JFK Kind Of Guy'

Colbert: Yes, it was the hoodie's fault.

Lightning strikes produce free neutrons, and we're not sure how

Particle-wave duality demonstrated with largest molecules yet

President Obama makes fun at his "mic mishap"

If the ACA Is Abolished, Then It's Pure Battle between Private Health Ins. and Single Payer

Romney's CA Mansion Project Features Elevators For Cars

Dmitry Medvedev says Mitt Romney comment 'smacks of Hollywood'

DU Album of the Day: Public Enemy - "Fear of a Black Planet"

The shadow side of educating women in the developing world

11 suicide vests discovered at Afghan military headquarters

Which one is Trayvon?

TSA gets critic booted from Congressional panel


Since Michelle Malkin decided to post a fake picture of Trayvon, I'll post a REAL picture of Malkin

That's life in Detroit, that's the way it is

Dear LGBT Du'ers and Allies in Philly

How General La Rocque interprets "He gave his life for his country".

Be well, Mr. Cheney.

Loungers in Philly (esp LGBT loungers and their allies)

Question on BBC World - why is no one outside of Africa on trial at the

Reps push Pentagon to move equipment to border

Affording Health Care and Education on the Minimum Wage

Mandela archives, letters and notes go online

The Rude Pundit: Conservatives Shouldn't Make Videos

2012 MLB Predictions

Join the Party (the GOP)

Germany feels fallout amid nuclear shutdown


Where do you keep fresh fruit?

Very disturbing - Trouble posting a comment on Yahoo!

Since yesterday afternoon at about 4:00pm

Dear Supreme Court: An existing precedent you should examine

Peak oil review - March 26

Peak oil review - March 26

The economic pivot: from assigning blame to taking credit

Do you like this LOLCat?

From The NY Times: The Rich Get Even Richer

Dmitry Medvedev tells GOP: Cold War is over (It’s ‘Not The Mid-1970s’)

New Guidance Confirming Staffing Firm H-1B Eligibility Urged by TechServe Alliance Released by USCIS

Romney Backer Kevin McCarthy Warned Romney's Mansion Would Be Trouble

Romney's CA Mansion Project Features Elevator For Cars

Florida store owner shoots teen in self-defense, killing him

From behind her GI-normous red, white & blue poker chip necklace, Palin PRAISES Santorum

Could it happen in New Jersey? You must watch this....

Bugs Bunny cuts Florida loose!-Bon Voyageee!

Stand Your Ground Law May PROHIBIT Trayvon's Parents from Suing Zimmerman For Wrongful Death

We Cannot Repeal/We Cannot Replace

The Supreme Court, health care reform and one little girl

NYC Co-Op Plans Vote on Israeli Product Boycott

DOJ Seeks Quick Court Action Against DOMA

National Organization for Marriage Plans to ‘Drive a Wedge Between Gays and Blacks’

Oil subsidy bill to move forward, a little, in Senate

ZOMGitsCriss Speaking at the American Atheists National Convention

Why Conservatives Are Smearing Trayvon Martin’s Reputation

Japan goes off script at nuclear summit to slam North Korea

Scientific American: Global Warming Close to Becoming Irreversible

Pic Of The Moment: Signs Point To Gingrich Campaign Winding Down

White House: Same-sex spouse may get health-care coverage

Japan warns of nuclear safety 'myth'

Will the Supreme court pave the way for Medicare for all?

Why Doctors Are Cheering Obamacare


SCOTUS: Not Looking Good Based On Justices' Questions

Think Of This The Next Time You Fill Up Your Gas Tank

Been away for a bit....

This Is The Face Of Obamacare

Just an FYI - racism is not something only done by white people...

Review of Paul Mason's 'Why It's Kicking off Everywhere: The New Global Revolutions'

Romney: As Godfather Of HCR, I Can 'Kill It'

Supreme court sets aside Myriad gene patent ruling

Welcome to the Hunger Games 2012

Shorty Award winners - Andy Carvin is one

Has he been arrested yet?

Melero: Without Socialism, There Can be No True Feminism

Climate scientists: It’s basically too late to stop warming

Melero: Without Socialism, There Can be No True Feminism

In Secret Documents, Anti-Gay Marriage Group (NOM) Looked To Divide Gays, Blacks

Guess who documented a state record early arrival for Ohio?

Broccoli? Really? That's the best analogy our "media" can come up with?

Japan in Uproar Over Censorship of Emperor's Anti-Nuclear Speech

We screwed up: A letter of apology to my granddaughter

I need to ask a question. There was a thread in General where we were discussing The TRayvon

For Brandon Sanderson fans:

India's Wind Potential 30 Times Greater Than Believed?

Is Education the Fuel We Need for a Renewable Future?

White Men Rule

US military eyes Cocos Islands as a future Indian Ocean spy base

Toobin: 'This Law Looks Like It's Going To Be Struck Down'

“Sustainable Jobs, Sustainable Communities: The Union Co-op Model,”

A New Level of Disingenuousness

There really are two sides to Stand Your Ground laws.

Tarski's Undefinability Theorem is way cooler than Godel's Incompleteness Theorem.

I Don't Think This Is an Idle Threat

Healthcare Debate: As Supreme Court Hears Landmark Case, Does Law Do Enough to Fix Health Crisis?

Finally an issue that Mirr Romney cares enough to fight for: an elevator for his cars.

If Trayvon was beating Zimmerman when he was shot ...

Papantonio: The Republicans’ Lies About Gas Prices

Healthcare Jujitsu: A Path to Medicare for All by Robert Reich

Erica Jong Defends Feminist Revolution

An appropriate punishment: Trayvon Martin suspended for marijuana?


First Lady: 'Photo that makes us smile'

Photos: Wernher von Braun, Space Pioneer Rememembered

What limit does "Obamacare" set for what can be charged for pre-existing conditions?

Obama’s energy March madness (from the Ex. Dir. of the Sierra Club)

I know dogs can't have a lot of chocolate, but what about cats?

Global Warming Close to Becoming Irreversible

Single molecules in a quantum movie

New York Times/CBS News Poll: Opposition to War in Afghanistan Grows to 69%

America’s Most Corrupt States

(For the first time ever) LAPD Probe Finds Officer Guilty of Racial Profiling

What do you think of this comment about current state of the country?

End of coal power plants? EPA proposes new rules

Pentagon Stays Silent on Whether Suspect in Afghan Massacre Took Controversial Anti-Malaria Drug

What do the Sanford police, George W. Bush and Pontus Pilot have in common?

Ah! That felt good!

Kennedy among the justices, asking skeptical questions about the mandate

Will a 5-4 decision striking down the mandate help or hurt us for 2012?

Make sure you watch PBS tonight...

Healthcare Jujitsu

George Zimmerman had felony assault on police officer charge in '05 & 2 domestic assaults

The underwear flask that dispenses beer... from your fly

Stand-your-ground versus "turn the other cheek"

*Oral Argument up now on C-Span radio.

And God Spoke

Best Cartoons Mocking the GOP Candidates

Signs of demand destruction: the US consumer is saying NO to high gasoline prices

The People's Budget and the perils of too much compromise

Newt Gingrich: $50 per photo as campaign struggles

Repeal and replace with ... nothing

Devil Inside

Christians: Don’t Vote, Pray Instead!

Always Low-morals Wal-Mart helped kill Trayvon Martin.

Something awesome and something I don't get about "Obamacare"

PHOTO: It's time to play another EXCITING round of "Would YOU do this?"

Elephant Plays with a Galaxy Note!

There's way too much focus on Zimmerman

A Few Trayvon Martin case questions: I was just wondering . . .

'Well over 10,000' computers used in attack on Canadian NDP leadership vote

Cameron's Historic Dive Cut Short by Oil Leak

A Bald Eagle, a Fox & Cats Hanging Out on a Porch in Alaska

Why people who want cheaper gas should support funding alternatives

I would pay $50 to never see a picture of Newt's face again!

Obama Family Chili

PHOTO: MiddleFingerMom COMPLETELY misunderstood his dentist's instructions to "floss regularly."

Does Obama WANT to lose the ACA case?

Geraldo apologizes

Poll shows Walker losing ground in recall election

Is it bad that I saw the headline "Web buzzing over giant wasp" and....

Another interesting LTE in our local paper today. This is two days in a row!

What is happening to Trayvon Martin is no less than a posthumous lynching

Jew Beaten to Death with Hammer in Morocco

Colbert: MIT Professor David Page Extended Interview on the evolution of the Y chromosome

Elgin platform gas leak: Work 'could take six months' says Total

In Romney’s California Mansion, Cars Get Their Own Elevator

Poll: GOP Leads In Senate Race

It's Pretty Much All about Transubstantiation, Really.

Kennedy, Roberts Likely To Determine Fate Of Mandate

Video of Toulouse massacre sent by accomplice to Al Jazeera, officials says

Syria Freedom Fighters Catch Assad Hitman - "Iranians, Hezbollah and I Killed Activist Mattar"

What's for Dinner ~Tuesday March 27th

One day of arugements and the Huffington Post is saying its in TROUBLE

and baby eaglet #D12 is born....

Cry me a river: Zimmerman being treated for PTSD.

Have We Evolved to Be Religious?

Blood sacrifices are not the sign of a civilized nation.

Need help

ATREX rockets launched

Why is Miracle Whip marketing itself like a new product?

LOVE Mr. Justice Breyer!

Board nanny's and trolls

Mich. lawyer's firing over anti-gay remarks upheld

Cassini spacecraft for Saturn moon pass

One Drug to Shrink All Tumors

Woman's "SMUGLER" license plate leads to cops discovering her enormous stash of cocaine

French ‘Big Bang’ scientist on trial for alleged terror plot

Geraldo Rivera Apologizes For Trayvon Martin Hoodie Comments

So do my older kids lose healthcare if this is overturned?

'Frothy Gunk' From Deepwater Horizon Spill Harming Corals

Sharjah, UAE- Heritage and Arts Area

Baby Rabbits Band Together

who does the SCOTUS answer to?

Barney Frank: Press Obama on Defense Cuts

New info on Travyon Martin Case.

Origin of Modern Cows Traced to Single Herd

Update: Zimbabwe says Trump sons' hunt legal

Alica "Batgirl / Clueless" Silverstone Chews Her Son’s Food, Then Feeds It To Him Like A Baby Bird

Judge acquits 5 Hutaree militia members of all charges; 2 face only weapons counts

Milwaukee County primary ballots reprinted after mistakes discovered

doesn't the federal govt mandate individuals buy retirement insurance (Soc. Security)?

Trayvon Martin Investigator Wanted Manslaughter Charge(unconvinced by Zimmerman's version of events)

Pentagon wants more money for Israel's Iron Dome

Linux online education?

Your Guide to the Idiotic Racist Backlash Against Trayvon Martin

Personally, I Blame the Lizard People

My morning was ruined by someone's herbal remedy

Tuesday Pic Thread: post a pic of your favorite baseball movie character.

JetBlue captain subdued during flight after pounding on cockpit

SH2-284 (space porn)

Michelle Obama takes part in a 1912 Cherry Blossom tree planting re-enactment ceremony - pics

So if they strike down the mandate then why should I be forced to pay Federal taxes and SS taxes

President Obama leaves South Korea - pics

NOPD Suspends Cop For Racist Remark re: Trayvon Martin: “Act like a Thug Die like one,”

Eric Foner: Rooted in Reconstruction ... The First Wave of Black Congressmen

Medvedev: GOP Should ‘Check Their Clocks From Time To Time,’ It’s ‘Not The Mid-1970s’

Thom Hartmann: Why does SCOTUS have power to strike down passed laws signed by the Prez?

Thom Hartmann: Fatima Al-awadi & Trayvon Martin - We are all terrorists now!

I wish someone would ask Rick Santorum what makes him such a good advocate against government

My BiPolar daughter could get a CCW in Florida

Does Obamacare become Obi-Wan Kenobi?

Probably Doug Feith fergawdsakes.

I would like to propose a possible solution to the serial alerter problem.

Thank you to this group of people who see outside of the box.

After Rough Day In Court, An Optimistic View For Supporters Of ‘Obamacare’

Post here - movies you'd love to see a sequel made **spoilers I'm sure**

I've never laughed so hard at a scam. $1,000,000 PERSONAL refund from the IMF!

if the mandate is struck down, what happens to the rest of the bill?

Anyone still think the SCOTUS will uphold the PPACA?

What are the political consequences of an Obamacare SCOTUS overturn?

10 shocking companies the government subsidizes as ‘small businesses’

Professional Boredom

Ohiosmith always makes sure he is prepared for any rainy day.....

List of Benefits of Obamacare / Affordable Care Act / ACA

Jane Fonda to play Nancy Reagan in movie...

Thank you Chuck Schumer

US acted to conceal evidence of intelligence failure before 9/11

Happy Birthday, William Milliken!

Propublica: Trayvon Martin Police Report

The N_____ing of Trayvon Martin - by The Rude Pundit (warning offensive)

Repuke vote suppression in Flori-duh is working.

GOP Justices Clown over Health Care- by Robert Parry

The Really Bad Dialogue in Zimmerman's Ridiculous Account

Obama embraces new "bi-partisan" Wall Street deregulation bill that 25 Senate Dems voted against!

My favorite picture of O'Malley and Rat Face

Texas Republicans exult after Day 2 of Supreme Court health care arguments

Romney Cat Superpac Ad

Boston Mayor Menino (D) staying neutral in Brown-Warren race!!

Overturn Of Affordable Care Act Would Embolden The GOP

What makes someone "Suspicious"...

Authorities drop remaining charges in major bribery case

(US) Supreme Court rules federal courts can consider Jerusalem passport issue

The Smearing of Trayvon Martin

There is a Judiciary hearing on Trayvon Martin right now and NOT ONE Republican is participating

Chuck WOOLERY has officially gone off- the- hook Wingnut - commercial on LIMBOsevic's circus

WI Poll: Romney leads Ricky by 8--Obama leads Romney by 5

West Antarctic Ice Shelves Tearing Apart at the Seams

N.J. man dies from penis enhancing injection, authorities say; woman charged with manslaughter

WI Recall: Walker in tight race with two leading dems, but narrowly leads

Updated: 27 item list regarding the Trayvon Martin case

Should Supreme Court Find Insurance Mandate Unconstitutional?

Regarding the analogy that the individual mandate is like forcing everyone to buy food.

Show me pictures of foods that make you hurl

Climate Change Disappears From Keystone XL Pipeline Debate

There's a ton of things that could wrong with "Stand your Ground". For instance----

Signs of thawing permafrost revealed from space

Corbett Cuts Will Push Recovering Addicts Out onto the Streets, to Live off of crime

If Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman beating him....

Venezuela's Chavez leads rival in latest poll

Libyan Violence May Break Into at Least Two States

People realize that SCOTUS is hearing the Healthcare Refrom case...

Police: Trayvon protesters ransack store

The National Occupation of Washington, DC Seeks to Lift Occupy with Powerful Education Programs

Cities forecast to expand by area equal to France, Germany and Spain combined in less than 20 years

Thom Hartmann: Conservatives are destroying Ben Franklin's best invention - The Post Office

Recording of Boston Police Nets Man $170,000 Settlement

Have any of you been to ComicCon?

Climate Rules: Why Natural Gas Will Be the Big Winner in New Greenhouse Gas Regulations

Pakistan rejects US offer on drones

90 Degrees in Winter: This Is What Climate Change Looks Like - The Nation

big time toilet maker flushes the big stinky turd!

Don’t Crack Open A Coaled One Just Yet

The dangers of reporting the 'war on terror'

Nine is not a magic number

My new Windows 7 computer stopped seeing my DVD/CD drive

Paper: Spike Lee Tweeted Incorrect George Zimmerman Address Possibly Putting Sanford Woman In Danger

Three fired Goldman Sachs employees UNIONIZE?! (not the onion)

Speaker Boehner Scolds Romney For Criticizing President Obama While He’s Abroad

MFM was never the same after seeing a full grown man in the raw for the first time.

Why should a hospital be forced to treat those who cannot pay...

Global warming close to becoming irreversible-scientists

Mitt Romney's Malibu Barbie Dream House! The cars have elevators! 3,600 SF basement! Outdoor shower!

cool software

Trayvon Martin’s Killer’s Story Is Still Full of Holes

Thom Hartmann: Can Jim Yong Kim Reinvent the World Bank?

Judge Blocks Importation of Drug Used in Executions

Vegan Seafood

If they overturn heath care reform I guess my daughter (21) will be kicked off our ins.

Sun. 4/1/12 @2pm ET: Diane Ravitch LIVE w/Bob McChesney - callers welcome

President Obama Could Make GOP Health Care Victory Pyrrhic

How many Bobbys are we going to have to go through? (Mad Men)

Romney is no expert on foreign policy...

Kerry wins in a landslide (46 to 39) when MA people are asked their favorite Senator

Just remember all those black robe people who are looking at the AHCA ALL get Government healthcare

JOBS Act passes House, en route to Obama for signing

most densely populated area in US - Los Angeles with 7,000 people per square mile

Trayvon Martin Investigator Wanted Manslaughter Charge

important announcement by Skinner about frivoulous alert problem

Rachel Maddow: The Fresh Air Interview

Hip Republican, Scott Brown, Credits Daughters With Teaching Him Cooking, Cleaning Skills

Man vs Goose

Photo of Kerry leaving the SC hearing this morning

Toobin: 'This Law Looks Like It's Going To Be Struck Down' (we are so screwed)

Zimmerman friend Joe "he said goon not coon" Oliver: ‘People proudly call themselves coonasses’

Passengers: Pilot screamed about threats from al-Qaida, bombs aboard jet

Oh this is exciting! Regarding true-life story of Eugene Allen, African-American WH butler 1952-1986

ACA is in trouble, so says toobin

Individual Mandate Will Benefit All, But Directly Affect Only a Few

Kali spends her time 24/7 POSTING about her busy ranch life...

Here's to the Kanye that I love least!!!

Go on!!! Touch her!!! Touch him!!! Yeah, I'm talkin' to YOU!!!!!

Graywarrior. Ducks. Graywarrior/Ducks history. 'Nuff said.

One thing you could say about young inquisitive MFM... he was ALWAYS thinkin'.

Giants Host Cowboys for NFL Kickoff 2012 Sept 5th

If ACA is struck down, are you really so naive as to think single-payer will come to the rescue?

After training as a weapon with Shaolin monks for years, MFM has to register as a DEADLY weapon now.

Romney Campaign Defends Car Elevator At Calif. Mansion

If Dems loose this battle in Supreme court wouldn't that just make one less point that republicans

The 'Color-Blind' Delusions of the Trayvon Backlash - By Charles P. Pierce

Florida prosecutor taps experts to review 911 calls in Trayvon Martin shooting

Okay, so if the ACA Mandate is struck down...

regardless of what anyone in the media says....

Ack!! Advice on used car purchase....

Sen. Rand Paul: When Big Oil Screws Americans At The Gas Pump, ‘You Should Want To Encourage Them’

'Pink slime' plant closes; 200 lose jobs

Indian school girl 'forced to beg' over poor grades

The Cheapness of the GOPers gonna have bad results for all of us...The solutions offered

The latest promise from Can-do Newman

What happens to Massachussets if SCOTUS nixes healthcare?

Mitt Romney’s Beachfront Mansion Has Its Own Lobbyist

Permit-less/License-less CCW in Illinois. This will be interesting to follow...

Blueprint for Accountability..Livestream 7 EST

vibe me baby!

DeMented doesn't want you to be able to swim in a public pool

Supreme Court turns to key constitutional issue in health-care law

Karl Rove on Obama's open mic -wow you are a genius Karl

Phone hacking: ex-News of the World US editor faces 'no further action'

Emile Burns - Introduction to Marxism

Albert Einstein brain samples go on display

The Unites States of Cicada

Rush Limbaugh: Trayvon Martin shooter 'just got a little overzealous'

The Agony & The Ecstasy

The Horrors of an Ayn Rand World

Athiest Symbol Rejected By Capital One, But Jesus Is Preapproved - The Consumerist

What goes around, comes around.

I just had to cancel from a jury because I didn't know what to do in this situation.

If the Supreme Court decides the mandate is unConstitutional

Second stabbing at Occupy S.F. camp in two days

Not For Profit! Trayvon Martin's Parents Fight Off Trademark Accusations (DETAILS)

SAT and ACT to Tighten Rules After Cheating Scandal

Syria's nod to UN peace plan greeted with scepticism

True or False?

Key charges dismissed against Michigan militia members in federal court

"A maladjusted, Negro man-child, (who) could kill an armed man with his bare hands. He had to die."

Regarding the true-life story of Eugene Allen, African-American WH butler from 1952-1986

today in women's herstory

Other than precedent, what could keep the President from simply

quotes of the day

Romney: Russia is America's 'number one geopolitical foe'

Great Books turned into bad movies

Top 5 Supreme Court Health Care Moments

Life goals (pic)

a biography of the day--maggie kuhn

Breaking- Top Trayvon Invesigator Wanted Manslaughter Charges

LynneSin has never been a morning person. Never!

George Zimmerman, Son of a Retired Judge, Has 3 Closed Arrests

Larry Pratt... NOT JUST A Defender Of George Zimmerman And Exc. Director Of Gun Owners Of America...

The concept of public goods is often forgotten and what of the argument that the private sector

Spokane 1280 AM radio

Shannyn Moore pwns a campaigner who asks for 'the man of the house':

Sexist gun ads showing blonde, full breasted, mini-skirted woman pointing a pink gun

New Orleans police officer resigns after remarks on Trayvon (‘Act Like a Thug, Die Like One’)

New Orleans Cop Suspended for Trayvon Martin Post

a biography of the day--Tsuyako Kitashima

LEAKED STRATFOR EMAILS: Benjamin Netanyahu Was A Stratfor Source From 2007 To 2010

The gated community that Trayvon was killed in has security cameras.

Are people with learning disabilities protected by law

Speaking of Graywarrior! A duck walks into a bar and asks for a beer and some peanuts.

Texas Democrats "welcome" Romney with sharp critiques

Amesty International's 2011 Report - Death Penalty

We're about to join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm for fresh vegetables this summer.

Texas Towns Run Out of Water as Drought Takes its Toll

One Drug to Shrink All Tumors

should've had Lawrence Odonnell argue ACA in front of SCOTUS

Ironic: If The Government COULD Force You To Buy Broccoli And Join A Gym...

Mic Check of Chicago Mercantile Exchange CEO

"I'm not voting for Obama. He didn't do enough."

breaking news: Trayvon Martin Investigator Wanted Manslaughter Charge

Important anniversary.

need help from any DU'ers familiar with physical fitness requirements for active duty military

Let's be careful out there! 3 bites already in Tucson in early rattler season

The real Rachel Maddow, her life so far, her new book

Japan reactor has fatally high radiation, no water

Now making the rounds on Facebook:

I just don't think we can bridge this gap

My Rightwingnut Fauxzombie co-worker lost his mind today,

Shooting takes place in Walmart parking lot in Avon, Mass.

Pat Robertson: "This is sin, it's wrong, a compulsion, it is somehow related to demonic possession."

Pic de Bugarach: French commune home to 20,000 ‘doomsday cultists’ awaiting alien salvation

A rare, wild kitteh at Brookfield Zoo - Video

blast from the past!!! "octomom" poses semi-nude for cash

Why the nuclear industry doesn't properly plan and train for their disasters.

Bless Al...RIP Mrs Sharpton

Florida prosecutor taps experts to review 911 calls in Trayvon Martin shooting

Ghana tries biometric voting

For Pennsylvania’s doctors, a gag order on fracking chemicals

Maybe If I Put Them Together... Joe Oliver Now... Joe Oliver Then...

Question: If the Supreme Court declares the individual mandate unconstitutional,

Harper government accused of rigging F-35 purchase

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Tyson exec says the 'pink slime' debate has been bad for bidness - Gee, ya think?

Does anyone know if High Island TX


If the repubs insist that a health insurance mandate is unconstitutional...


Heads exploding at Yahoo. I just went there to check my AT@T mail and

I haven't lived with my son for 8 years.

PBS Frontline tonight "Murdoch's Scandal"

Reid: “I’ve been in court a lot more than Toobin" & "tough questions don't mean law’s demise"

People Overwhelming Approve Of ObamaCare, -they just don't understand the sum of it's parts-

Rise in allergies linked to war on bacteria

RomneyObamaCare: Its Demise Would Be a Huge Opportunity

Special Prosecutor in Trayvon case says her team could bypass grand jury and file state charges

The Worst Racial Demagogues of the Decade

When I Think Of Trayvon Martin's Last Moments... I Can't Help But Think Of This By Norman Rockwell

SA men: A history of violence

Aren't vaccines mandated by the government?

Question on Affordable Health Care

Did Obama really play things this badly?

TYT: Mom Beaten To Death With Tire Iron - Killer's Note: 'Go Back To Your Country'

Face transplant for Virginia man is lauded as most extensive in history

Seen on Facebook -- FUNNY

Supreme Court’s conservative justices appeared deeply skeptical of mandate's constitutional basis

Happy Birthday matcom JCMach1 and pepperbelly

T-shirt sparks controversy at civility event at local college...

Man... I Did Not Realize Until Today... How Many George Zimmerman Defenders Are Here At DU

Sen. Rand Paul: When Big Oil Screws Americans At The Gas Pump, ‘You Should Want To Encourage Them’

Limbaugh: Zimmerman "just wanted to protect his neighborhood and got a little over-zealous."

And now, a message from Cheney's new heart...

Anybody following the Supreme Court arguments today?

If we come across someone we think is a disruptor

I never thought I would say this, but I am proud of our old-fashioned New Hampshire Republicans.

It Was A Sloppy Investigation on purpose.

Republicans are causing a moral crisis in America

Will the Real Mitt Romney please shut up.

CCW - let's discuss it and the training involved

Can a Congresswoman be taken seriously

Florida’s New Election Law Blunts Voter Drives

Wisconsin Lawmaker: If You Are Being Beaten, Just Remember the Things You Love About Your Husband

Canada, Mexico, U.S. enhance defence co-operation

A question about the insurance mandate.

Murder on a Sunday Morning.

If someone calls 911 and is told NOT to follow .....just saying

Said on the TeeVee

I Met Trayvon Martins Cousin Last Night in Tacoma

Witnesses contradict zimmerman's claims

Fox News headline, November 6, 2012: "Romney finishes strong second, Obama next to last"

First Lady Marks Cherry Blossom Festival Centennial

More states requiring chastity belts & scarlet letters

Raleigh area DU meet up - this coming Thurs, March 29, 7 PM - link below

I had a slew of t-shirts arrive today.

Self Defense in Florida: 776.041 (aggressor)

After she sank the city where Titanic was built had a slogan: "She was alright when she left here"

U.S. presses for Omar Khadr’s long-delayed transfer to Canada

New Decorah Hatchling!

JetBlue captain: 'They're going to take us down!'

Toon What a racist thing to say!

Jerry Springer is on Ed Shultz discussing crazy Santorum

Michigan militia members cleared of conspiracy

My guess from oral arguments today...

Fox News: Can the Chevy Volt help win the War on Terror?

The Best Birth Control In The World Is For Men

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! LIVE from Washington day 2! & a new Kitty gif

The Horrors of an Ayn Rand World: Why We Must Fight for America's Soul

For PA's Doctors, a Gag Order on Fracking Chemicals

The Festival Of Balloons

5 Ways Modern Men Are Trained to Hate Women

This is the conclusion I reached this week.

Good News! We can Nuke to our heart's content... "blast wouldn't destroy city"

Afghanistan... Vietnam... For Those Of You Who Haven't Seen The Movie. 'Hearts & Minds' Go Here:

Ruling is victory for transgender New Yorkers who seek to change gender on birth certificates

Irony. Majority culture hates blacks for being in gangs.

1/5th of Pharmacies Hinders Teens' Access to 'Morning-After' Pill

The Worst Father in the US? Dad leaves babies in hot car while he goes gun shopping

Jonatha Carr, FAU Student, Will Not Face Charges After Violent Outburst In Classroom

Turn on Rachel right fugging now - Going Robe!!!

How do I define privilege? Here is a scale I put together and you can score yourself

Billy Preston: Outa-Space from 1971

Silencing the Guns

If Obamacare is struck down.....

i give up

Chesapeake Appalachia sues to cut trees in Beaver County!

PHOTO: After "Titanic," Director James Cameron is now focusing on smaller-budget films.

High school expels student for tweeting f-word

Dear The Cleveland Browns

Watching the anti ACA crowd at the Supreme Court today,

Do not ever make the mistake of thinking that the Republicans are anything but the enemy.

Man cuts off foot, throws it in furnace to avoid job assignment

Whoa woh, SPECTER (on suck-ass Piers) is calling out the Rethugs

I saw a NYC Bus Drver shot in the head when I was 6 years old

Anybody else seeing a lot of

TEX Rail Project Gets Approval for Engineering Study

Is Romney holding Town Meetings before the Wisconsin Primary?

OK, I am apparently "banned for life" from DU's Solar System Group for making too many Uranus jokes.

Man cuts off foot, throws it in furnace to avoid job assignment

I'll Stand By You

A Profound Quote On The Death Penalty

The further adventures of Delaware's Joe Arpaio Wannabe


Lawerence goes in hard on Zimmerman's Friend..

Lawrence O'Donnell is currently drilling Joe Oliver!

George Zimmerman's "friend" Joe Oliver on Lawrence O'Donnell.

What is your favourite retro food? I had a hot cross bun today. Forgot how great they were.

Is Joe Oliver auditioning for a job on Fox News?

Observations on Film Art

It's called neighborhood watch..


University of Texas Student Newspaper's Trayvon Martin Cartoon

The ____________ That Ate Chicago

Is it just me that feels this way, or is it just kinda slow here tonight?

Mitt Romney's car elevator: Twitter roundup

New York Assembly’s Election Panel Approves Bill to Condemn Citizens United Ruling

TCM Schedule for Thursday, March 22 -- What's On Tonight -- Polar Opposites

I hate to say this but Trayvon Martin is Saving Rush Limbaugh, and it SUCKS.

NRA Begins Selling Hoodies With Pocket To Conceal Handguns

Ya Know... Something Weird Is Going On... The MSM Has GOT To Be Aware Of Who Joe Oliver Is...

it's about time....Supervising Priest Goes on Trial in Abuse Case

Psycho-Geometrics. Fun stuff.

That was...the strangest interview ever

Sam Donaldson on the future of Sarah Palin: Best Quote of the day!

I got a new dog yesterday!!

Court sets July 9 trial date in Texas voter ID case

If ACA is struck down, you are NOT getting Single-Payer or Medicare-for-all

We got one more tune for you, it's called Soul Sacrifice.

Federal court rejects 'Joe the Plumber' suit

News piracy allegations should be investigated by police: Conroy

Some music needs no comment......remember this one?

Imagine This

Lawrence O’Donnell And Charles Blow Give George Zimmerman Pal Joe Oliver Epic Grilling

From my step daughter. Team Uterati

Another Side By Side Of A Trayvon Smear Merchant... Now... And Then...

Did Trayvon Martin's family sue for 911 records? i have a monkey saying they are public record and

Jon Stewart grills.....

What is up with the Boehner?

Vitamins Doing Gymnastics: Scientists Capture First Full Image of Vitamin B12 in Action

*Health Care case discussion on Charlie Rose now (EDT.)

As drones rise, a manned fighter falls (F-35 program and cost overruns, versus UAVs)

After three days (!!) of surgery, a Virginia man has a new face. (graphic picture inside)

My kitty had to be put down, today.

Women dies after being dragged from Hospital...

I went upstairs and I had a smoke

"American Skin (41 Shots)" Live in Tampa, FL 03/23/12 - Bruce Springsteen

How God favors evil

Gingrich, Strapped for Cash, Lays Off Third of Staff

The pure beauty of a sad, sad song - Gillian Welch. Such a class act.

The new baby sitter declined the position, even with the promise of a substantial bonus.

Can we please stop with the rightwing hysteria over Obama ordering martial law?

SCOTUS argument transcripts

The NRA & GOP need to wake up and realize that George Zimmerman isn't their posterboy for SYG

Remember when Occupy couldn't win?

Why do bad things happen to good people?

How do I support my husband and at the same time kick his butt for not going after a job he wants.

Group Led by Magic Johnson Wins Auction to Buy Dodgers for $2 Billion

Why'd I think of us when I read this?

Toons: Forgive My Enemies, Turn Your Head and Cough, The Right Heart Donor and More. - 3/27/12

Psychological study proves that people are more likely to shoot unarmed targets when they're black

B*tches in Bookshops

Remember Section 1332 of the health care law? ("Opportunity for State Single Payer")

It was nice while it lasted

Trayvon Martin and Emmett Till:We are doomed to repeat the past

I could use some help if anyone is around.

Charles Murray: What is up with that guy?