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About Those Tests I Gave You • An Open Letter to My Students

On the Right, Santorum Has Women’s Vote

Anyone have any thoughts on The Hunger Games movie?

Would YOU want to know that a loved one's heart is extending the life of a War Criminal???

Rick Perry's stand-up act gets standing ovation

Speaking of weeds....

IMPLANT. cheney got a heart IMPLANT.

The - NOT - New Witness

Heard Mitch McConnell Saying That The Affordable Care Act Is Unconstitutional......

Cindy and Bert - Der Hund Von Baskerville

70s TV Tunes with a twist.

I HATE Crohns most of the time I have the stop the car where ever is possible to use the RR

Cleveland: Marriage equality rally draws in thousands

Atheists, others gather at Reason Rally

I used to love severe thunderstorms and tornado warnings but after 4-27-11 no more.

Obama South Korea Visit: President Tours Tense Border Between South Korea And North Korea

Islamic guide to happy marriage advises husbands to beat wives with hand or stick & pull their ears

Blue Lamp - Stevie Nicks

What Are Conservatives Trying to Conserve?

Cheney Receives Heart Transplant; Bush Still on Waiting List for Brain

I have noticed that the Rs treat their candidates different than our President.

Is it wrong of me that I wonder why a perfectly good heart was wasted on an elderly war criminal?

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Saturday, March 24)

Where's the Trayvon Martin petition about gun control?

Batman pulled over in Silver Spring (Maryland)

He pursued shoplifters, errant drivers, pit bulls, and reported black males

Cheney's Pre-Surgical Heart X-ray

Picture of Cheney's Heart Donor Illegally Released !!

Everly Brothers - Born Yesterday

Whitney Tilson Turns Trayvon Martin Tragedy About Himself

Your MOST guilty television pleasures???

How did polls swing from Santorum by 16 to Romney by 13 within a month?

Exposed: Massive New Spy Center Built to Track Your Emails and Phone Calls

Are you more ethical than a Congress person? Take a quiz to find out.

Using donated organs as political footballs won't increase confidence in public health insurance.

Kazakh woman wins gold medal at Arab Shooting Championship in Kuwait; "Borat"

I never really realized the intensity of Eric Bourdon before, until I looked at this:

Intel shows Iran nuclear threat not imminent

Caption this awesome photo

Are donated organs ever used more than once?

NATO’s Secrecy Stance

I just found out YouTube allows you to post an entire album!

I love this photo!

"Stand Your Ground" bill wending its way thru MA legislature

Any new musicians/bands making openly political music?

Mississippi State University Shooting: Student Shot To Death At Residence Hall, Officials Say

Check out the 'health care law' Quick Vote Poll on the front page of CNN - give it some love

S.C. residents learn they're in N.C.

Cannot rec a post because "You cannot log in because you are already logged in."

Elaynes Boosler weighs in on the new topic: The Fashion Of Crime

The 2012 Gridiron Club Annual Dinner - jokes

Sunday's Doonesbury - McConnell on the Spot

Cheney got his heart from

The only real solution: Burkas for ALL

I haven't heard back from a jury decision

Texas pharmacists fear Medicaid reimbursement cuts will devastate livelihoods

Max's Deli in Birmingham fights against that stupid "papers please" law

Afghan shooting relatives paid compensation

Photo Of The Day - Afghanistan Pride Flag

Why does Lady Gaga wear veils? Here's your answer.

Anyone watching President Obama in Korea

Pit Bull Searches for Lost Cat

How one man escaped from a North Korean prison camp

Foxhole atheists plan to rock the base at Fort Bragg

Rethinking His Religion: A Southern Catholic's Awakening (Great read)

Arch-Diocese Of New York Agrees To Meet To Discuss The St. James Church Cat Situation

Dutch play: Norway gunman, Anders Breivik, 'meets' Dutch right-wing MP, Geert Wilders, on stage

Officials: Pakistani Taliban training Frenchmen

Dennis Morris: 'Suddenly we were black, not coloured' – interview

Cactus Brothers : Fisher's Hornpipe

Omar Sharif's grandson's couragious coming out and his challenge to the new Egypt

Europe's blind spot on anti-Semitism

Planet Earth the way it should be

A 1 Million Dollar Reward For Zimmerman?

A life of an Afghani civilian is worth $50,000.

Two Songs played by Elizabeth Cotten

The Twofold Western Dilemma

I'm thinking of starting a MeetUp group for Republicans for Obama, seriously!

Alonso gives Ferrari unexpected F1 win; Perez best-ever 2nd

PHOTOS: President Obama visits the DMZ at the start of the 2012 Nuclear Security Summit

So if they don't convict or even charge this Zimmerman guy...

Our Early Spring Bloom

Obama could be helped politically if healthcare law is overturned in SC.

Israeli Soldiers Shoot 15 year old in the face with rubber coated steel bullet

Toon: Sanford FL Neighborhood Watch News & Notes

CBC: Canada, Japan agree to free-trade talks

Tony Auth today on Mitt Romney and the GOP

The Sanford Police Tried to HIDE a Murder

CBC: Edmonton anti-racism group chases off white supremacists


The republicans are running on hate, fear and thinly veiled racism and xenophobia

Circle of 6 - a help in difficult times

Juan Cole: Israeli Peace Marchers Protest Iran War Talk in Tel Aviv

Obama warns North Korea against missile test launch

Greece on the breadline: cashless currency takes off

"I AM: Trans People Speak" Preview

Today in the mind of Fox News website - No Trayvon, No Reason Rally

U.S. to pursue 'non-lethal' aid for Syrian rebels

(US) Navy budget pressures forcing tough moves

Christian sex shop offers wholesome dildos

Good Lawd! Sandusky's wife is just as bad and both she and Jerry are scarey!

January Jones wants all moms to eat their own placenta

Do We Need Government to Fight Discrimination?

The sad state of education in critical thinking

Bradley Manning: From 'Collateral Murder' to Court-Martial

Some in Tea Party cite ‘buyer’s remorse’ with SC Gov. Haley

School of Shock

Religion and politics; Chris Hayes is must-see tv today

Landlord faces jail over tenants' medical marijuana operation

An armed society is not a polite society!

TX supreme court case, calling/"joking" somebody is Gay = a defamation issue

Deep Thought is Dead, Long Live Deep Thought

Iverifythe Recall (Scott Walker- WI) Being used for Political Retribution & Intimidation

Al Jazeera English

Plouffe: 'Republican Primary Has Been A Circus Show & A Clown Show" "Reprehensible." "Irresponsible.

"We need more dead thugs in this city."

Interesting disk from Netflix

Breaking: US paid close to $50,000 per shooting spree death, American official tells NBC

More U.S. drilling didn't drop gas price

MSNBC commenters send warm wishes to Dick Cheney (on heart transplant story)

PROTOTYPES.ORG- check out this group that helps women deal with problems WHILE keeping their kids

The disappearing bookstore.

"What do you mean by *certainly*?" - "You don't know how to say, 'Yes, Sir'?"

Charles Pierce asks the appropriate question: When Will 9/11 Stop Being an Alibi for Injustice?

At his ice cream parlor, Hopehoops believes he's created a culinary perpetual motion machine.

The Welsh word for *ew* is *llannfggrstnnlll -- etc. etc. etc.*

Chan790 wastes nothing, I tell you. NOTHING!!!!!

applegrove's dam books!!!!!

MFM challenges anybody and everybody to a "Who gets kicked outta the library first?" contest!!!

Always an overachiever, MFM has become not just a furry... but an UBER-FURRY!!!

Cheney is in no hurry

Was (not Was) - Earth to Doris/Robot Girl

Differences in Brain Function for Children With Math Anxiety

Cheney is in the same Inova cardic unit where my friend was...

Patti Smith live in 1976

I say: CHEENEE keep the heart, but pay back/ give up all govt benefits/ coverage incl SocSec

Zimmerman thought it would all blow over.

The DU Lounge phrase for the day is "ass fudge". Modify any thread title to include "ass fudge".

In Praise of the Wonderful Bean

Glomming Onto Proteins to Detect Cancer Early On

Discovered I have free movies on my Amazon Prime membership

Lobby Behind Trayvon Martin’s Death

Bill Moyers/Michael Winship: PBS Undercuts Indie Documentaries

Letter to a Climate Change Denier

ummmmmmmm, Americans?

Be glad you are not a small fish or an amphibian.

Bill Moyers Essay: The Dangerous Road of Wishful Thinking

Without evidence, is it right to suggest Cheney transplant was improper?

Bill Moyers: Andrew Bacevich on Sgt. Robert Bales

City Fruit: Guerrilla Grafting

Have we found out where the entrance wound was on Trayvon Martin yet?

President Obama tours the Demilitarized Zone on the border between North and South Korea - pics

Who was yelling "Help me" will not be a mystery

"Prayers for VP Cheyney, one of the few people in the world I truly respect. Halliburton is hiring."

TYT: Larry Pratt says Shooter Should Get Off on a Technicality

We are truly in an "Age of Ignorance"

Noam Chomsky: The Conscience of America

L.A.: 'Million Hoodie March' for Trayvon Martin set for Monday

Finally Got My New Camera: Panasonic Lumix G3

Lindsey Graham: ‘We All Know There’s A Racial Component’ To Trayvon Martin’s Death

In Jesus's Name...

Police in CA looking into possibility of hate crime in death of severely beaten Iraqi woman

Poisonous gas prevents rescue of 17 Chinese miners

Gossip: SISKEL & EBERT argued about *everything*. Non-stop. Plus TYSON's g'bye to Rosie

Lawyer for slain teenager Trayvon Martin’s family expects state charges against gunman

US senator (Schumer) promises more L1, H1B visas for Indians

Maybe the best thread I've ever read: Xpost from the lounge

The Wisconsin Story: Scott Walker's Unprecedented Assault on Unions and Democracy

the first "dead peasants" payoff? the triangle shirtwaist fire victims

Justice Clarence Thomas compares the Health Care decision to shooting freethrows (NY Times)

Finally! A SENSIBLE North Korea Policy.

My guess is that Cheney fears death

Was about to post on the Yahoo board re Cheeeeney's implant and all of a

Regarding Frivolous Alerts:

Sinead O'Connor calls for Irish people to demand action on behalf of Trayvon Martin

David Plouffe Tries to Tie Paul Ryan Budget Plan to Mitt Romney

'God's Will,' 'karma,' 'life contracts' and other such things.


Stakes are high for church as ‘failure to report’ case unfolds against Kansas City bishop

Consumer Federation of America Applauds Obama Administration’s Defense of Country-of-Origin Labeling

And Paul Volcker chuckled

Russia says Annan offers last chance for Syria

Thanks, American Motorists!

WHY are they giving a man who probably has less than a decade left a perfectly good heart?!

Tampa Bay Times dated, November 26, 2011, Stand Your Ground Laws Sad Florida Legacy

Rick Perry: "The weakest Republican field in history -- and they kicked my BUTT!"

An isolated incident? A "possible" hate crime?

Ending the Obfuscation and Misrepresentation: Dawkins at the Reason Rally

Interesting guest on Moyers this week RE Iran

A quick question about the law.

Water a cause for war in coming decades: US

Texas has had 'death panels' since 1999

Time to issue firearms with every hoodie sold.

Top White House Adviser Labels Ryan Budget 'The Romney-Ryan Plan'

I have been racking my brain for weeks trying how to talk about Reason and being Reasonable...

I hate nearly everything about Dick Cheney

How Much More Do Women Pay For Health Insurance?

Trayvon Martin, my son, and the Black Male Code

Plouffe: Newt's Trayvon Remarks 'Reprehensible,' 'Reckless'

"Obamacare" will be upheld 6-3. Why? Scalia (+Thomas). Great short read

Is it really that difficult to accept that there is a huge difference between...


New Picture of Zimmerman emerges...

We are in an "Age of Ignorance"

Short hits: Special Obamacare at the Supreme Court edition

Fareed Zakaria: Health Care Is For Everyone.

NATO’s Secrecy Stance (Libya)

I Wonder How Much Cheney's New Heart Cost Us Taxpayers?......

LA Times: Beer and bowling key to Santorum's uphill battle in Wisconsin

Happy 70th birthday, Aretha Franklin.

GOP sponsors student art.. Theme? Elephants on parade.. Fark is ON it.

Ethnic Cleansing in America

Can't get my Brother MFC 7400 to work with Windows 7 - Brother says they're releasing no updated...

Whiny, persecuted, Ohio State fans...

The official version of the Kandahar massacre becomes more improbable by the day

Cheney Followed the UNOS Rules. Stop the Insanity Please.

OK, I did it. Ordered a MacBook Pro which is scheduled to be delivered on Thursday.

MFM finally makes employee of the month

Here's 47 pages worth of Zimmerman's 911 calls

Best tweet about Cheney's Heart Transplant:

....aaaaand Glen Beck's website joins the "Trayvon deserved it" rightwing chorus

Indian, U.S. firms urge Obama action on visas

Open season on unarmed black people

Geraldo Rivera: "Critics aren't mad at me, they're mad at reality of young male black/brown life"

Remember "1900 House"?,,Here's "Hemp House"

Should people with felony convictions be ineligible to receive donor organs?

Friend Suggests Zimmerman Used 'Term Of Endearment,' Not Racial Slur, Before Killing Trayvon

What's the best style for a refrigerator/freezer?

GOP Translator

.....meanwhile near Orlando - Amway Arena only lasted 23 years (VIDEO)

Did Zimmerman go to a hospital after the shooting? Wouldn't someone with a

I'm super. Thanks for asking

Jim Kim: Obama’s Bold Pick to Lead the World Bank

Zac Goldsmith backs Ed Miliband on responsible capitalism

damn i love Dreamweaver!

"goons" (not -----) which is a "term of endearment" according to Zimmerman's best friend OP/ED: "Would Geraldo Rivera Shoot Mark Zuckerberg For Wearing A Hoodie?"

A wild Orchid on it's one day of life

When men were free

Weather records due to climate change: A game with loaded dice

Just bought Ricks book..

New ORNL tool developed to assess global freshwater stress

Organ transplants.

#ArabTyrantManual - some of these could apply to Fox News, Republicans, etc

Suspicious black male about 7-9 years old, four feet tall, with a skinny build and short black hair

Amount of coldest Antarctic water near ocean floor decreasing for decades

Settlement policy will cause Israel to self-destruct

CBS Sunday Morning: Europe vs. GOP version of Europe

As natural gas production grows, questions arise about methane leaks

Watering restrictions could become permanent in DFW

Question friends, what would you do?

Leonard Pitts Jr.: A Whiter Shade Of Privilege

Where on his body was Trayvon shot?

Question: Are there police reports to verify all these alleged break-ins in Zimmerman's community?

Earth warming (wait for it...) Faster Than Expected

‘SlutWalk' protesters march against blame

B'Tselem's annual report on human rights in the Occupied Territories

MF’s Corzine Ordered Funds Moved to JP Morgan, Memo Says

Introducing myself...

Kidnaped for Jesus

While we were all sleeping...

A boy to be sacrificed

US Blocking Cuba Attending Summit of Americas

Watch the skies: Tonight and Monday

Letting doubters in the door (The "Emerging Church")

Watch the skies: Tonight and Monday

AP: Fight to Ban illegal immigrant renters costs town $5 million

I Love Haters - was the bumpersticker

Unearthed beneath Wacker: Evidence of the war we didn’t fight

What notifications does someone get if someone alerts on something they posted?

For Martin’s Case, a Long Route to National Attention

In Case You Missed This... "The Optimal Tax Rate On The Highest Earners Is In The Vicinity Of 70%"

Medical marijuana delivery man reports he was robbed by ninjas in West Covina

Iraqi Woman Severely Beaten In Calif. Home Dies

Hey Juries! WTF? Help & Meta is exactly where one can complain about STUPID JURY DECISIONS.

Supreme Court poised to strike down PPACA

Scientist who coined 'Pink Slime' reluctant whistleblower

Ron Paul Supporters Attempt To Explain Freedom-Based Discrimination to Interracial Couple

Why The Death Of A 17 Year Old Boy Deeply Touched President Obama

They see me rollin', they hatin'.

Merkel's CDU wins in German state but allies out

Nuclear protests ahead of Seoul nuke summit

'Pink Slime' Producer Runs a Full Page Ad in the WSJ

straddling the body,basically a foot on both sides of Trayvon's body,& his hands pressed on his back

Horrific fire - 8 killed, including 6 kids, in W.Va. house fire

For those who are interested

Coalescing the atheist political movement

Do you think discussion of Stand-Your-Ground Laws ought to be permitted in General Discussion?

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday March 25th

Great Critique of New PA. Gas Industry Law; Plus New Radio Ad Attacks the Law

Face the Nation: Sen. Schumer on stand your ground, Paul Ryan budget, and RomneyCare

For HillWilliam and the rest of the Sasquatch Militia (I aim to please)

Black friend defends shooter of Florida teen

Do you think anyone would miss you if you just stopped posting one day?

Oil Hunting with Dynamite in Cuyama

Gloria Steinem, In Pro-Obama Video, Says This Election Is A 'Turning Point'

"innocent people’s information in intelligence databases for five years without any

Question for Determinists

NAACP: Stand Your Ground Law Not to Blame in Taryvon Martin Shooting

virtual, interactive heart transplant (game)

Leader of Mali military coup trained in U.S.

US could bring hate charge in Fla. teen shooting

I have had insults, and almost been run off the road, for having Kerry and Obama stickers on my car

U.S.: Bales Killed Some, Came Back Again In Kandahar Massacre

Raise Taxes on Rich to Reward True Job Creators

Rescued elephant herds inexplicably gather to mourn South Africa’s “Elephant Whisperer”

Penguin prostitution

Current picture of Zimmerman, for what its worth! Not a mugshot.

Girl's voice mails gone after T-Mobile promotion

Dancing on Ice star Katarina Witt reveals East German secret police spied on her since the age of 8

Up w/Chris Hayes discusses the Reason Rally

Wait! What?! "On average, 24 horses die each week at racetracks across America..."

The system is broke and I see ONLY one way to fix it. ACCOUNTABILITY

Obama squeezes N. Korea to change, China to help

We are getting two conflicting storys from the Zimmerman camp

7,000 Temperature Records Broken in March...

The notion that Trayvon Martin was a threat is preposterous

Paranoid Conservatives Warp 'The Hunger Games' To Fit Their Anti-Obama Fantasies

Eat a bacon double cheeseburger on Good Friday!

"TV's Frank" Conniff: "GOP lawmakers wished Dick Cheney a speedy recovery, then...

NAACP: Stand Your Ground Law Not to Blame in Taryvon Martin Shooting

Santorum Campaign Ad Ties Obama to Ahmadinejad SUBLIMINALLY

Toulouse killings: Mohamed Merah brother charged

Can you even Imagine a Tank rolling down your Street.....

The Legacy of the CIA’s Secret LSD Experiments on America

So, who's tuning in to Mad Men tonight?

Faux News Blues by Lance Theroux (Warning: link automatically plays music)

Drunken fans could not even get through to 2nd half.

Just one more reason to kiss Big oil Goodbye.....

WI "lawmaker" thinks women are better off beaten than divorced

TYT: Stand Your Ground Law & Trayvon Martin

A discussion taking place in the Forum and Hosts Group Regarding Trayvon

WI "lawmaker" says women better off beaten than divorced

Ya know, it's not uninteresting...

Houston Dynamo Soccer player Colin Clark under fire for calling ball boy a "f*cking f*gg*t"

I think Baylor

wall stree wage gap gives women yet another reason to occupy

wall street wage gap yet another reason for women to occupy

Truthout: The Republican Budget, Explained

Could Soy Help Lower Your Blood Pressure?

Court rejects Migron deal; orders evacuation by August 1

"No explanation given" Has anyone else ever had their explanation not show? (Resolved)

Dawn of the Dead comes to life - fight off zombies at the mall

Now there is the Ticket....LOL..

Welcome to Florida. Beware of gunmen standing their ground

What happens when charter schools close?

Ethics - Educating the Mind and Heart - His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Haiti govt orders ex-soldiers to clear old bases

Cenk Uyger Loses It ... (regarding Travyon Martin) - a must see

Minds of their Own - Animals are smarter than you think.

HRW: Syria: Government Uses Homs Tactics on Border Town

Michele Bachmann Will Sit In SCOTUS Chamber For Health Care Arguments

The focus should be on the police rather than Zimmerman, IMHO

Travel of Assistant Secretary William R. Brownfield

Siege of Saraquib

HRW: Libya: Good Start on Landmine Destruction

Paul Ryan Falsely Claims “No Way to Know” Whether Budget Would Hurt Middle Class, Benefit Wealthy

"There is more (weapons grade) material on civilian sites than all weapons stockpiles put together"

Loners are awesome.

"There is more (weapons grade) material on civilian sites than all weapons stockpiles put together"

"Pastor 'comes out' as non-believer"

Amazon Prime: 'London Hospital' 2 series (10 eps) about 'the London' in 1906

Churches amplify call for justice for Trayvon

Belvedere Vodka apologizes for ad making light of sexual assault

Oh come on

Crooks & Liars: "Just like Doug Neidermeyer in "Animal House," (Santorum is) a sneaky little shit"

he's only 17

I clicked on a thread on BBC News labelled 'Cameron begins deepest ocean dive'

Does White-Hispanic sound odd? "Hispanic/Latino People Identifying As White On The 2010 Census"

Who Is a Sex Addict?

U.S. negotiation efforts with Taliban have failed: group

Question for DUers: Do you hate the NRA so much you'll ally with Michael Bloomberg?

About missing your friends when they don't post...

Boris Johnson to challenge unions with driver-less trains

TPL Podcast Ep 120: The JOBS Bill? 10 Conservative Lies about Jobs

my car just got tboned and totalled. question:

Rachel Maddow Discussing Her New Book on "Meet The Press"

The Gruesome And The Gathering - editorial

Friend: Zimmerman called Trayvon a "term of endearment" ("goon," not "coon") before killing him


Weather is so bizarre, 70s and 80s for 8 consecutive days in Chicago now it's going down to 30s

The first black president has made it harder to talk about race in America

LIVE COVERAGE Live-How To Design MN’s New Health Care System

LIVE COVERAGE » Live-How To Design MN’s New Health Care System (will be posted after live)

Help with virus from link on Wikipedia

What children of single mothers might look like:

A Bailout by Another Name

Tales of Horror From Syrian Refugees Written by Abdullah Omar Published Sunday, March 25, 2012

Can fungus replace Styrofoam?

Tiger wins Bay Hill--- first official PGA win in 2.5 years

Hooked on Scaroin

Newt: Why does Obama 'behave the way that people would think' he's Muslim?

Grand Canyon Development Eyed By Navajo Nation

Nice... Some Countries KNOW How To Fix Their Economies... AND HELP The 99%...

Anyone here Really think Roberts-Thomas-Scalia-Alito-Kennedy WON'T Overturn Healthcare?

Lord Don't Move The Mountain

METRIC "Help I'm Alive" - a Deco Dawson short film

The Hoodie's Fault

Elizabeth Warren: EXTRA Footage from "The Road We've Traveled"

I had my appointment with an academic adviser last week.


Magnitude 7.2 quake hits central Chile

Gloria Steinem, In Pro-Obama Video: This Election Is A 'Turning Point'

Santorum's most despicable lie

You guys watching Dateline?

I don't want to talk about it

Trayvon's Father and Neighbors on Dateline NBC Right Now..

Fact Check: American And Israeli People Do Not Support War With Iran

Hannity photo


The reason Baylor lost

Jonathan Capehart: Soul-searching and the killing of Trayvon Martin

Okay, El. It's Ohio State vs. Kansas next Saturday night...

Sannity photo.

So... About "Breakfast of Champions"

April 4 Rally in Albany

Do a majority of poor whites vote Republican? Somehow, I doubt this...

spring b/w...

Dozens of French Muslims training with Taliban, Pakistan officials say

"No ma'am, I cannot sell you that pill"

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Miss N finally decided I'm OK -- at least, for now!

If somebody alerts on a post that I wrote, and I get the alert before a jury gets it ...

James Cameron Now at Ocean's Deepest Point

How can I extract audio from YouTube video and load it into my mp3 player?

Ben Jealous' full remarks on the Trayvon Martin killing and "stand your ground"

Another bomb goes off in Wisconsin.

DU NCAA Pool standings, Final four edition..

Part Two of Frozen Planet just started n/t

March Maddess: The Final Four Financial Institutions

Protesting natives shut down Ecuador capital

Seriously, bragging about beating Montevallo?

Mad Men Retold in 7 Minutes

Anyone on fandalism?

NYT - Price of gas matters, but often doens't sway voters

Help defeat bat shit crazy Bachman!

Aoki-sama hits his first MLB home run!

James Cameron is at the Bottom of the World right NOW. 35,756 feet under the ocean!

RiteAid vs CVS - RiteAid wins

Lawyer claims Zimmerman tried to render aid to Trayvon, but witness says no CPR or aid was given

Dental Care Crisis

Labor history today: First “Poor People’s March” on DC, 146 dead NY Triangle Shirtwaist Factory,more

Caption this pic

Commentary: Right to Work = Rob the Workers

Balancing the budget on students' backs

Triangle blaze killed 147 young workers, locked in by their employer (March 25, 1911)

Bill Moyers Essay: The Dangerous Road of Wishful Thinking

Anonymous: Message to YouTube

Gideon Stein Looks Down His Nose From His Balcony

LA’s Westside Subway is Practically Ready for Construction, But Its Completion Could be 25 Years Off

NATO, Russia look headed for conflict

Former Goldman Employees Form Union in Japan

Very Funny Song Parody @ Kony Hysteria (to Bread's "If)"

How Steve Jobs cut in line for a liver transplant. Did Cheney do the same thing for his heart?

Atheist Group Wants 10 Commandments Removed From School!

perpetual motion bulldog

Bought some kidney beans from King Soopers, they have an expiration date of 30 July 2002

How Peak Oil Will Shatter Cities Like Merriam, Kansas

7.2 Magnitude Quake Strikes Central Chile

Denial of service bug during NDP vote yesterday. They have the two IP addresses where the denial

today in women's herstory

Vt. military college holding first gay pride week

Now Obama Wants To Build A $5 Billion Bullet Train From Las Vegas To Nowhere

Any "Body of Proof' Fans?

quotes of the day

Nolabear worked customer svc. She doesn't see how people get stressed out at that job.

There's a litte-known reason why it's called purrRING-G-G-G-G-G-G!!!

WATCH: Santorum's Doomsday Video

For a while, Li'l Skittles fell into a crowd with a really REALLY bad attitude.

Even with his "pick-a-peck-o'-peppers" six-pack, Veganman just was NOT all that intimidating.

Even though MFM showed up as an amazing narwhal furry, the "cool" kids still thought he had cooties.

Word is that MFM is spending another quiet night enjoying his own company.

U.S. gasoline hits $3.93 a gallon: survey

Raisins and soy may ward off high blood pressure

What are/were you allergic to. Me bees as a kid. I sat on a hornet's nest when I was 14 and

Supposedly, elephants trekked to a house to mourn a human

I watched the 60 Minutes segment about a wrongful conviction

a biography of the day--gloria steinem

Doctors doubt favoritism in Cheney transplant

Working Like a Dog

Mad Men:

How about a C&B Bake-Off and/or Cook-Off?

Iran (is not the problem)

David Cameron faces rising pressure over Cruddas cash-for-access boast

Kitty Ruins Party

What's the weather like where YOU are? Have a look:

Santorum on the lips of every young Republican....

Who is the true heir to Ronald Reagan?

My nephew sent my sister a picture of him doing homework at college. His desk was on his front porch

Bruce Springsteen's "Wrecking Ball":

Lewis Black, Andy Borowitz, et al on BBC's News Quiz USA -- hilarious!

The Nightmare Of The European Auto Industry

I detest TRUMP yet "Celebrity Apprentice" here I am

The hand that doesn't feed

I've gone over to the dark side.

Must-Read Trenberth: How To Relate Climate Extremes to Climate Change

Brazil police hunt 'Gang of Blondes' kidnappers

Patrick seems to be deteriorating before my eyes.

Speaking Of Mad Men... 'Vintage Weight Loss Ads: A Look At The Health Advice Of Yesteryear' - HuffPo

Will Cain Takes On Don Lemon, LZ Granderson Over Racial Aspect Of Trayvon Martin Case

Arab Spring bleeds deeper into Africa

I just made chicken marsala for the first time

Zimmerman Friend "He Said Goon, Not Coon" A term of Endearment...

Santorum: Romney 'worst Republican' to face Obama

One Million Hijabs for Shaima Alawadi

Goat massage

Hoodie Sunday in support of Trayvon Martin at Black Churches in the Bay Area

From Elaine Clayton

Reuters: Man Lives to Tell of Florida 'Shoot First' Horror

Word Wars Alert

A friend of the family made lemon soufflé tonight for dinner. It is rich and lemony and yummy.

Rick Santorum says that Mitt is the "Worst republican in the country to go up against Obama". He's

In Seoul, Obama will say US can reduce its nuclear stockpile

Tinderbox: How the West Sparked the AIDS Epidemic and How the World Can Finally Overcome It

Dick Cheney's Heart Transplant Donor Revealed!

Arlen Specter: GOP Hurt 'Terribly' By Going After Women's Rights

Today I got upset with someone at work...was I in the wrong?

If you're honest, you'd realize that Trayvon Martin was an "All-Amercan Boy".

Puppy poop training.

When you were a kid, did you ever sneak into an R-rated movie in a theater

American Justice.

Geraldo in a hoodie

The Supreme Court as well as the appellate courts are a good reason to vote Democratic this fall.

A dilemma

I heard from KBlagburn today.

The play is over! I can get back to feeding my DU addiction again.

A Turbulence-Free Election in Senegal

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 26 March 2012

There is no federal control over increases in health insurance premiums

GOP meme. To deny racism exists. Gingrinch, Bachman and Santorum all

An article about the history of Gaddafi and the Touareg of Mali

Can anyone confirm that is trying to make you download something?

Polygamy, child brides and providing birth control. It's all the same.

Springsteen Plays 'American Skin (41 Shots)' at Tampa FL Concert

So . . . . the Penn State police were told in 1998 that Sandusky was a likely pedophile

The Shifting Strategies of Empire

Québec): Over 200,000 Demonstrate Against Tuition Fees Hike

Stag Party-The GOP’s woman problem is that it has a serious problem with women-By Frank Rich

Did anyone else see oblique Occupy references in Mad Men's premiere tonight?

Krugman: Trayvon Martin 'might finally place a spotlight on what ALEC is doing to our society'

"...apparently goon is a term of endearment in high school these days," he said.

Adult Bully assaults kid at skate park

James Cameron back on surface after deepest ocean dive (BBC)

Phil Lesh (Grateful Dead) and Friends at Terrapin Crossroads - LIVE webcast • Now

This is the essence of Santorum

Curiously... Many Of The Most Discussed Threads Don't Show Up Under Most Discussed Threads...

Even if Trayvon Martin Did Beat Down George Zimmerman, He Shouldn't Have Been Shot

French is becoming a polysythetic language?!?!?!?

I just attended the Santa Rosa Film Festival screening of the new film "Who Bombed Judi Bari?

gopied this from

The Republican Budget, Explained

who is watching the decorah eagles tonight? is there a storm going on?

Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die.

Is the health care law constitutional? / Yes, it expands liberty!

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, March 27th: Robert Mitchum