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Archives: March 24, 2012

'Obamacare' will be discussed this week at Supreme Court,

The Watching of ASAH

The world has never yet seen a truly great and virtuous nation because in the degradation of woman

Something similar happened in SC (Stand your ground law)

Megan Piper, Porn Star, Can't Attend Prom With Mike Stone, School Says.

Hundreds march in support of Trayvon Martin and the repeal of Stand your ground laws in Kansas

Regarding the 1969 date re Du3 OPs

Adding a humidifier to a heat pump?

Robert Reich - 'Big Government' Isn't the Problem, Big Money Is

March for Trayvon 3/25 in Seattle

24 Colombian soldiers accused of killing civilians

24 Colombian soldiers accused of killing civilians

Campaign 2012: Defense

I was thinking, and getting pissed, at work tonight

Here Are Some Good Questions About Health Care

Merchant of Death...

Bill Maher: People Need To Stop Throwing ‘Conniption Fits’ Over Things They Find Offensive

Please don't confuse "Castle Doctrine" with "Stand Your Ground".

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Friday, March 23)

Question... And I Don't Know The Answer These Days, But...

(NYPD/Sean Bell) Officer in Bell Killing Is Fired; 3 Others to Be Forced Out

I don't know who to be in love with more...

Tonight's obscure music clip: Deep Purple with Hugh Hefner

"The Freedom to Die with Dignity" and the Catholic Church

92ng Kamehameha Schools Song Contest, streaming now!

A small observation in Trayvon Martin case that has me ticked off

Occupy Oakland occupies an undisclosed location -- wacky fun ensues

The White House Gardens

Fukushima ghost ship, washed away over a year ago by tsunami, floating off coast of Canada (PIC)

Question about Bay Area Occupy Protests

Hey everybody...this has been a very interesting and involving evening...

Mike + the Mechanics: "The Living Years"

Fox News can't even get the name of the city correct...

World Meteorological Organization Confirms Climate Change Accelerated in past 10 years

Video of hot-dogging American chopper pilot totaling his AH-64 Apache goes viral (VIDEO)

Chuck the Pup greets his buddy who is home from Afghanistan (for a very early, or very late, smile)

Am I being too hard on myself or should I give up completely?

Skittles releases Trayvon Martin statement

Tribes implore President Obama to stop Ocotillo Express wind project, save cultural resources

Pixar’s Female Problem: Please Stop Asking Me, “What About Jessie?”

Donald Trump’s sons investigated over hunting trip in Zimbabwe

Daniel Radcliffe on location as Alan Ginsberg in "Kill Your Darlings"

John Leguizamo gets it.

OWS and Occupy Everywhere => Constitutional Amendment declaring Public Space = PUBLIC Property

Should I give up my dream or should continue because I enjoy it?

Shelter dog saves teen from attack by registered sexual offender

Gay Shorts Thread

Jeff Thigpen: an example of why the GOP hate government employees

Sheldon's dream-come-true

The Walking Dead season finale drinking game did not go so well...

Is gun control/self defense laws an election issue yet?

Dilbert provides insight into corporate America:

Telecommunications Organization of the Americas formed

State tries to keep legislators from giving depositions on voter ID

Oil price jumps on report of lower Iran exports

OWS Activist Cecily McMillan Describes Seizure, Bodily Injuries in Arrest by NYPD

Utah demands US government return public lands to state

Once Imperiled, U.S. Aid to Egypt Is Restored

A Single Hedge-Fund Hustler Makes More Than 85,000 Teachers: Why Are Our Priorities So Messed Up?

My email appears to have been hacked

The Anti-Government 'Patriot' Movement Is Exploding in Size and Reach

While Santorum shoots Targets at Rifle Range, Woman yells, "Pretend it's Obama!"

My most recent message to a right winger with whom I joust via email. Just thought I'd share. :-)

Unbelievably Messed-Up Bible Stories: Noah's Ark

'Humans killed off Australia's giant beasts'

Favorite picture of the day:

The Myth of the Knowledge Economy

What's your favorite Bible death penalty crime? A few suggestions:

Ancient 'air-conditioning' cools building sustainably

Racist Teabaggers are as close to zombies as we'll ever get.

The US Government Showed Greater Transparency With Guantanamo Trials Than They Have With Manning

Continuity of Income And Continuity Of Employment

Now THIS is what people should be saying about the Gay Military Kissing pictures....

Weekly Address: President Obama Says House Must Pass Bipartisan Transportation Bill

Black model remembers time in Russia during Cold War

OK XChrom & JoeyBee...

The Ballooning Brain: Defective Genes May Explain Uncontrolled Brain Growth in Autism

President Obama: ‘Common sense’ transportation bill is ‘up to the House’

What black parents tell their sons

Tee-tiny 4oz puppeh named Beyonce:

One of the best and realistic looks at the goings on in the world of politics is a movie

Rachel's moving up in the world.....

Bizarre find at Miami International: 2 fetuses in Miami luggage

Ok! Check these facts out and go with Frothy 2012!

A Trend That Must Be Reversed

Luckovich on Romney

"Shame that the Republican leaders in Oklahoma could not have acted with dignity toward Pres. Obama"

Any favorite vegetarian asparagus recipes out there?

THE LAST DROP Confronting the possibility of a global catastrophe

Presidential Proclamation -- Cesar Chavez Day, 2012

Florida Goveror signs "inspirational messages" in schools into law

Spread Reckoning: U.S. Suburbs Face Twin Perils of Climate Change and Peak Oil [Excerpt]

Quantum information holds clues to the nature of the physical universe

JK mentioned in story about new World Bank nominees

Son's Suicide Attempt Has Mother Calling on School to Do More

Bracing Myself.....

Jon Corzine, Ex-MF Global CEO, Gave 'Direct Instructions' To Transfer $200M From Customer Account

First Lady Invites Children from Across the Country to White House Kitchen Garden Planting

With Zimmerman's dad being a former Judge, I do not have much faith that....

Why Leaving Goldman Sachs Breaks the Rules of the Game

Lower Swatara Township Church's Mock Raid Draws Criticism

Dave Zirin: Jackie Robinson, Trayvon Martin and the Sad History of Sanford, Florida

Lower Swatara Township church's mock raid draws criticism...

Secret Service investigating 'Pretend it's Obama,' incident

Why do we condone violence?

Gastrointestinal bug C. difficile on the rise

Katrina vanden Heuvel: The man blocking America’s recovery

A word about the word wars

Here is the current cover of NRA Freedom Magazine! And quotes from it.....

Madonna may be arrested in St Petersburg

This has been a rough and sad week after learning and becoming outraged about the MURDER of Trayvon

Mysterious cloud spotted on Mars: This is serious news article, not a joke.

JK Huff Post oped on health care

Bryan Fautley of Queen’s University volleyball comes out, returns to team

'Obamacare' Timeline. Ending of gender discrimation coming in 2014. R's really want to stop this!

I've always wanted du to have a "rec a post in a thread" feature.

Just like cops abuse their rights as a police officer, Zimmerman....

If Trayvon had not died and was just seriously wounded and..

TAAFFE is George Zimmermans best supporter because...

Potatoes Imports to Costa Rica Suspended

Obama administration extends time it can hold records on innocent citizens from 180 days to 5 years!

Have a great time at the Reason Rally!

Brigadier General John Adams calls for Cuba to be taken off the list of countries sponsoring terrori

The Dumbest 'Bipartisan' Move Since Repealing Glass-Steagall

Cuba Presents Food Right Draft Resolution in Geneva

Any DUers medical professionals?

"Bounties," injuries and suspensions

The roads leading to disaster

Melissa Harris-Perry will have Afro-American teenagers discussing

Record Heat Wave Grips US. But Is It Climate Change?

The Ashton disgrace

Richard Dawkins to be on MSNBC..Sunday on..

Trayvon Martin is dead because he was wearing a hoodie? Bullshit.

We will no longer tolerate Stop and Frisk.

Pike County to Cook County: Drop Dead (CCW approved by the county - Illinois)

This Week in Poverty: Paul Ryan's Focus on Dignity

JPMorgan Sued by Currency Trader Over $3 Million Decimal Point

Attorney: Zimmerman's "under a lot of stress," has a broken nose, is in hiding

Side Effects of Long-term use of Corticosteroid Topical Creams.

If Zimmerman is using "Stand Your Ground" as a defense for why he shouldn't be arrested...

Retired Atty and Teacher Clobbers Obama and the Know-nothing Media on Education.

French gunman's arsenal spotlights illegal arms trade

Devo - Thats Good

In Georgia, Tea Partiers And Occupiers Unite To Fight Corporate Assault On The First Amendment

Exposed: The Corporations Behind the Law That May Let Trayvon Martin's Killer Go Free

Zimmerman's atty's allegation that he was attacked wipes out lethal force argument.

An interesting point made about "Stand Your Ground" type laws

Atheists Seek Acceptance Following Hearts, Not Faith

Wow, the angels pulled a fast one!!

Just on Melissa Harris-Perry's show on MSNBC:

Banks’ preemptive strike against Dodd-Frank


Sandusky labeled 'likely pedophile' in 1998 report

Ky. Voices: Young, religious, and supporting Barack Obama

George Zimmerman's PATHETIC Excuse of a Lawyer on Anderson Cooper 360

I will not idly stand by...

GOP Member of NLRB Committed Ethics Violations

If there are no more fund drives...

Rush to SiriusXM a solution, say some

We Love You - Iran & Israel

A thought on Geraldo's statement about the hoodie being to blame for Trayvon's death ...

I've Had An Upper Respiratory Condition Now For About 5 Weeks That I Can't Shake.....

Trayvon Martin Case: Timeline of Events - ABC News

Noam Chomsky on the Cold War

Trayvon Martin: The Prez Can't Win

The Hunger Games (2008) by Suzanne Collins

How many of you think that if Mr. Obama loses the election we will be to blame if this happens...

"You and your family deserve to be hunted down and shot like a dog, just like Trayvon Martin"

My mother claimed this morning that Obama wants to take over Basketball

So excited! I have my tickets to Kansas City's Rachel Maddow book tour.....

And now for something different

Sex, pregnancy and marriage are okay for kids, but is it wise to let them take an academic test?

"Slut" Firestorm Sends Limbaugh Into Crisis Management Mode

more truth

Floridians Stand Their Ground

Wow! This, IMO, may be Obama's finest action (to date):

NRG to Build Expansive EV Fast-Charging System in California (at least 200 stations)

Words out. Dems won this pres. election cuz the evil Dems race baited and encouraged riots.

City manager fires himself from 176K job. Says "not enough work".

Trayvon Martin's Parents Recall His Last Night

Why president Obama won't speak out on the Trayvon Martin slaying

Cox, Dawkins and the science of Christmas

Zimmerman case: Looks like this has crossed lines.

Mitt Romney said his 'only connection' to Republican Party in Massachusetts was his registration

St. Paddy's Day, Chicago 2012

Obama's son

Fraunhofer ISE inaugurates solar hydrogen filling station

Assorted quotes by Fascists or about Fascism

today in women's herstory

quote of the day

a biography of the day--mary ritter beard

Trayvon Martin: New photo, details of George Zimmerman's employment

Live Streaming of The Reason Rally on uStream!

LIHOP---Chemtrails, ---and other banned subjects on DU--- can we add another?

The 'Stand Your Ground' law explained in one handy cartoon.

a biography of the day--sarah winnemucca

Oh, My Hand: Complaints Medieval Monks Scribbled in the Margins of Illuminated Manuscripts

Why buy the politician if you can get the votes for free?

More See "Too Much" Religious Talk by Politicians

Islamist Victors in Egypt Seeking Shift by Hamas

Venezuela court: news media should back up reports

Watchdog: Labor board member (R-Terence Flynn) broke ethics rules

I will not idly stand by...

"Getting Inside Your Dog's Head" Chapter 14 -- Robinson Grrusoe:

When I die, I want you to sell all my stuff.


Petition the Wisconsin State Legislature: Repeal the Castle Doctrine Law-Justice for Bo Morrison

You'd think with Kali's background, she would be used to poor connectivity and lame-ass technology.

Does SYG create an inability for the unarmed to stand their ground in Florida?

Tally Of 'Stand Your Ground' Cases Rises As Legislators Rethink Law - TampaBayTimes

Now that this photo has come out, MFM can say he's probably the only REAL pirate you know.

Is there a way to determine how many people are on DU at any given time? Or,

MiddleFingerMom is more grateful than you'll ever know when his fur friends sleep FACING him.

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday March 24th

Cindy, S/F age 30- $10 hr job..needs insurance

They just don't make Music Vids like this anymore "Safety Dance"

The Parallels Between Clinton and Obama

I just saw three MEN outside of a women's clinic having a "pray in" to save them babies

Arrrgh! ESPN Sez Trayvon Was "Shot By A Neighborhood Watch OFFICER"

Why do some of us call them racist?? An example from FR

Why Do We Protest the NATO Summit?

A very informative 4 minute video about the warning signs of bipolar disorder

Jesus wore a hoodie.

On To The Next War!

Robert Bales & Bradley Manning - Ironies in American justice and political cheerleading


TOON: Animal Nuz #89 (Daily Kos)

"Witness who saw it all" claims Zimmerman yelled "HELP, HELP" as Trayvon "attacked" him

HIlarious! Romney's economic advisers refuse to back his gas price claims

Help! Any 1895 experts on slang out there?

The Storm Over Women's Health Care Had Been Brewing

I stated in another thread that I don't hang with straight people.

Leonard Bernstein performing Rhapsody in Blue

Berlin's Poor Collect Bottles to Make Ends Meet

32 Years Ago Today: Archbishop Óscar Romero Was Assassinated in El Salvador While Saying Mass

'Greed is the Beginning of Everything'


You think when somebody says "gun nuts" they mean every gun owner/enthusiast. That's false. Proof:

Retired Atty and Teacher Clobbers Obama and the Know-nothing Media.

Between Their Candidates, The War On Women & The Defense Of SYG Laws, Rs Are Conceding The Election

The definition of "racism" is not "calling obvious racism, racism."

There's no doubt that Rethugs consider minorities and women second class citizens.

Kansas City Library

Facebook user agreements are "clickwrap agreements", and are legally enforceable contracts

The Long, Hot, Occupied Summer - Diane Gee/DailyKos

Bolton fans stage Fabrice Muamba mosaic tribute

McCarthyism 21st Century?

Child prostitution inquiry: Six remanded on sex charges

Warren takes center stage in Obama campaign video

I hated to do it

Regarding KBlagburn --

WH Linked With NYPD-CIA Domestic Surveillance - DailyKos

I'm thinking about lamb chops for dinner

Hannity's take on Trayvon Martin's shooting

Japanese boat swept away a year ago by deadly tsunami spotted 4,703 miles away floating near Canada

An awesome wish-I'd-said-that:

Palm Springs man tells of 'humiliating' arrest in Dominica

obama is enemy #1

The Hunger Games Politics

For Walking Dead fans.

Indian, U.S. firms urge Obama action on visas

Mitt Romney Calls Trayvon Martin Shooting A 'Tragedy'

National Ignition Facility fires record laser shot—…a milepost on the way to fusion energy.

On the health care law: Senator Sanders then, Senator Kerry now

Miss Universe Canada Ejects Transgender Contestant

Trayvon Martin: New Black Panthers offer $10,000 bounty for capture of shooter George Zimmerman

What do adolescent garter snakes like to eat?

Bobby Womack - Please Forgive My Heart

Would you support a bipartisan agreement to not make hay of a pro SYG vote in 2005 IF...

Cheating our children: Suspicious school test scores across the nation

Gasp!!!! You realize what this means...? Don't You!!???

First-of-its-Kind Smart Grid at Santa Rita Jail Completed by Alameda County and Chevron Energy…

Beer geeks: Is it me or is "Black IPA" a stupid name for a beer style?

Three websites I learned about today cause of the Lounge

New Black Panthers offer $10,000 bounty for capture of George Zimmerman (Wanted: Dead or Alive)

WMO annual statement confirms 2011 as 11th warmest on record (warmest year on record with a La Niña)

Adrian Lux - Teenage Crime

Olivia Wilde CGI nude scene (NSFW)

As soon as MFM bought his clippers, he knew he would need two sets of blades

Dateline to do story on Trayvon Martin on Sunday

Barry White - I've got the whole world to hold me up

NYPD Officer in Sean Bell Killing Is Fired; 3 Others to Be Forced Out

My 20 something, tiny, blue eyed, blonde daughter taught in the South Bronx

I am just such a rebel

Nuclear plant shuts down leaving LA in a lurch come summertime

"Where Have We Been All This Time?" -the French Left and the anniversary of the Paris Commune

Portugal a hit with pioneering drug programme...

I probably should know this but..

A little Humor at the expense of three Right Wing Loudmouths

Fox News Aks/complains: What if Trayvon was White? Would the Media Talk About Him?

Welcome to Florida. Beware of gunmen standing their ground

Citizen's United, Corporate Personhood, & California AJR-22

Consensus on Vermont-scale energy

Happening Now: 'Occupy Wall Street At It Again With Rally Against Police Brutality' - CBSNews

What do Republicans and Bed Bugs have in common?

The New Black Panther Party is a virulently racist and anti-Semitic organization...

I like the Montevallo t-shirts

A very bad idea: New Black Panthers offer $10,000 bounty for capture of shooter George Zimmerman

U.S. intelligence sees global water conflict risks rising

In Case You Missed This... 'Exclusive: Homeland Security Kept Tabs on Occupy Wall Street' - RollSton

American Justice

Why the application of Florida's SYG statute is so wrong

Look I am not big on secessionist talk but we might want to consider casting Florida off

Summary of Supreme Court health care Oral Argument,

Mea culpa.

Priests Starving Feral Cats In NYC

The campaign to free Bradley Manning: Midwest & California tours next week 3/25-

March 24, 1976: A Day That Changed Argentina Forever

Wingnut conspiracy: photo was lightened to make Trayvon look ‘innocent’

Delays Keep Former Qaeda Child Soldier at Guantánamo, Despite Plea Deal

Report: Sandusky called 'likely pedophile' in '98

Wisconsin Lawmaker Thinks Women Are Better Off Beaten Than Divorced

A bit of The Learning Classroom

Governor Scott Walker was in Palm Beach, Florida last week. He should resign and move there.

TCM Schedule for Monday March 26 - TCM Spotlight: British New Wave

Internet Dating: DU Lounge Style

Is now a bad time for the government to build fallout shelters?

DNC Chair: Stand Your Ground 'Needs To Be Repealed'

Nope - you should never wear a hoodie....

"Mad Men" ads from that time...

Shut Up Little Man!

Who is up for....Boomer Trivia Pursuit!

So did anyone watch the 20/20 interview of Dharum Ravi

Central American Presidents Scrutinize U.S. "War on Drugs"

Central American Presidents Scrutinize U.S. "War on Drugs"

Very decent Video about reasons for the Occupy movement

Geraldo on "everybody that ever stuck up a convenience store, the Unabomber, Trayvon Martin..."

Tea Party and Occupy working together vs ALEC in Georgia! LOOK OUT!

To Geraldo Rivera:

Another day, another deceptive Walker ad...

On tit-for-tat legislation

"Bishops Declare War On Government. Is A SuperPAC Next?"

#WeAreTrayvonMartin: Breaking the silence around racial abuse

Danish Government to launch hydrogen Infrastructure Program & continue FCEV tax exemptions thr…2015

US Believes Accused Soldier Split Killing Spree

Gannett vows 'serious measures' against 25 journalists who signed Walker recall petitions

Music Not Of This Earth

This Week In The War On Voting: Blocking The Electoral Vote - DailyKos

Tea Party rallies in Washington against ObamaCare

James Murdoch severs all ties with UK newspapers

1,000 Omaha Catholics rally against insurance rule

Trayvon Martin, my son and the Black Male Code


Tell me about your solar water heater.

I just served on a jury and my "reason" was not used. WHAZ up with that?

US seeks more interest in Alaska offshore drilling

Occupy Wall Street to Hold July Convention, Elect Delegates

Trayvon Martin death becomes national rallying cry

New twist in Bales' Afghanistan rampage reporting.

BusinessWeek: Highway bill becomes House Republican headache

Senator Menendez: Ending Government Subsidies for Big Oil

There's nothing moderate about cutting a deal with a crocodile like Mitch McConnell

First lady to speak at Girls Inc. luncheon (April 24 )

Zimmerman was a group of one, and not really part of any neighborhood watch group.

here are the "serious questions" re: Trayvon from the right

Social Security -- It Ain't Broke, So Don't Break It - Dan Caplinger/DailyFinance

"Notice that conservatives aren't arguing that Trayvon should've been packing? I wonder why..."

Lawyers: Can homeowners be held liable for actions committed by their Neighborhood Watch?

Yet One More Reason To Love Jim Yong Kim

scary hoodies

Even if Trayvon broke Zimmerman's nose I don't see that it would change anything

Note to the Media: End the Insipid Blame Games

From Tampa To Seattle, Martin Death Becomes National Rallying Cry - MSNBC

iWeb question?

Note to the Media: End the Insipid Blame Games

Geraldo Rivera: "Most minority moms back me because they want their sons to live long and prosper"

Conservatives are huge fans of contraception ...

RE: Zimmerman not arrested yet. . .

"Mitt had this enormous infection for life." I DARE YOU to make it through all 1:47 of this clip!

Note to the Media: End The Insipid Blame Games

Looks like Romney has the nomination in the bag.

Congressman says NO is treason

Not good enough

Obama arrives in South Korea for nuclear summit

Blatant plug - SunRype, "just fruit and grains" bars.

What are adolescent garter snakes like to eat?

Well, there goes the neighborhood...

Minor bug: the time that a post was deleted is not adjusted for time zone.

The SYG Law Makes Jeb Damaged Goods.

Tory Peter Cruddas sold access to PM, Sunday Times alleges

Glenn Greenwald Fails To Convince A Mocking Bill Maher That Afghanistan Should Try U.S. Soldier

Russian banker shot in London 'wanted in Moldova'

Zimmerman: 1 death; Bales: 17 deaths: Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan: 1,000,000 + deaths

Ron Paul wins KC and St. Louis

Sorry folks, but there's no way that Zimmerman will be convicted..........

How many hours a week at minimum wage would you need to work just to afford rent in Indiana?

Richard Dawkins to atheist rally: 'Show contempt' for faith

Washington Post PostPartisan Blog: How the Tea Party nominated Mitt Romney

Rethinking His Religion

A favorite Iditarod photo

Dominion Resources asks for delay of Atlantic Wind Connection right of way request

Russia’s Proton-M Rocket with U.S. Intelsat-22 Set for Launch

Nate Silver: G.O.P. Campaign Could End Soon — But Not in Louisiana

Fault Lines: History of an occupation

A Test You Need to Fail': A Teacher's Open Letter to Her 8th Grade Students

Some Other People Who, by Geraldo's Standards, Are Asking to Be Shot

Americans have pumped less gas every week for the past year.

Six children, two adults killed in Charleston house fire

Gulf Dolphins Exposed to Oil Are Seriously Ill, Agency Says

As Young Lose Interest in Cars, G.M. Turns to MTV for Help

Former vice president dick chaney undergoes heart transplant - Update

The strangest man ever to play baseball

Socialist International backs Syrian uprising, calls on UN to protect Syrians

The Dick of a war criminal had a heart transplant today

Zardari meets Ahmadinejad, Afghan leaders

Social Conservatives will soon find out they are on the Losing side of the Political Equation

The Real Reason for America's Degeneracy in the Past 3 Decades: The Incredible Increase

Louisiana primary voters hardly enthusiastic about GOP options

First Lady: 'Spring is in the air!'

Zimmerman, sanitized and unsanitized 911 call, link?

Workers demonstrate outside Verizon Store in Roseville

U.S. Plans No Charges Over Deadly Strike in Pakistan

Neighbors seek help for father of four detained by ICE

Teamsters say new EPA rules go to far

Salem - MMO - Beta sign up

The (true) Price of Gas

SCOTUS says states can't be sued for denying unpaid sick leave

Michigan Workers Working Towards Constitutional Amendment Protecting Collective Bargaining Rights

US: Bales went on two shooting sprees

Is this true about changes to medicare in 2014? Sent by my ReThug brother.

Most recent numbers shows Louisiana primary all tied up

Hundreds of Israelis march in Tel Aviv to protest war with Iran

Chavez returning to Cuba for radiation therapy

CNN is having a special on Trayvon Martin right now.

How do you decide what tone to use?

web site National Neighborhood Watch Institute

So I hear Dick Cheney went hunting with someone again...

Sanford, Fla, Neighborhood Watch News and Notes

Scottish Nature Photography Awards...

"Murdoch’s Scandal" coming March 27, 2012 check local listings

Will tea baggers protest Cheney's government funded heart transplant?

People that have no empathy, and "without empathy, anything is permitted. Morality

*At 9:00 EDT, MSNBC has Louisiana primary coverage,

Costa Concordia: Work to remove fuel completed

Watch "Triangle Fire"; learn what life (and death) without unions was like ...

Teachers, lawmakers hold schools rally at Capitol

Brotherhood courts Palestine

Bwhaha! Cheney Receives Heart Transplant; Bush Still on Waiting List for Brain

Are you educated enough to vote for a Democrat?

How about a "Wear Your Hoodie to Work Day". nm

Sarah Palin Attacks and Demeans The Disabled By Calling Them Defenseless

Nick Kristof: The False Debate About Attacking Iran

Right wing already using tabloid journalism to muddy up Trayvon Martin case

Peretz: It Would Be Better If US Struck Iran

Beware of Teen Challenge outside of grocery stores getting donations

FRACKING: Corruption a Part of Pennsylvania’s Heritage

Big Joshua Creek

America's best ladder is American-made

The Three Stooges---a new movie coming out

Presidents since TV and their kids

Tsunami-tossed boat spotted off western Canada

Nancy Grace doesn't seem too choked up over Trayvon's violent death.

The tweet function doesn't seem to work from my iPhone.

Traditional Pensions: A Tried-and-True System that Benefits Taxpayers

Stayin' alive

I'm watching "The Kennedys" the series. So far I'm not finding it too right wing. For sure they

Manning has a backup! Former Colo. State star Caleb Hanie.

As a clinician, I find the levels of lying, of hatred, of bigotry, of extremism, and especially the

CNN has the little checkmark next to Santorum's name for Louisiana

Dude should wear a slip

CNN projects Santorum has won Louisianna. The exit polls say rick santorum most of the people who

Boy! Cspan has completely lost its way

CWA Union Teams Up With Free Press, Consumer Groups to Oppose Telecom Deregulation

The Onion: Women Now Empowered by Everything a Woman Does

Will the Trayvon Martin shooting open a dialogue about race relations between Hispanics and Blacks?

‘Sorry’ seems to be the hardest word

The War On Religion Does Not Exist

These republican primaries are having low voter turnout.

Santorum clarifies remarks on sticking with Obama (he meant blah enemy)

Breaking: CNN projects Santorum will win Louisiana primary

Former jealous douchebag giving some mad props to the Miami Heat.

"...We are the change we seek."

Looks like Rmoney got crushed in LA primary, Santorum declared winner

Yankees’ Chamberlain could miss season

Speaking of karma, soul contracts and life purpose...

Vigil for Justice for Trayvon Martin

As Helping Hands for Elders, Home Care Workers Push for Respect

What are you reading the week of March 25, 2012?

Mulcair wins New Democratic Party leadership race. His speech starting at 9:27.

Thomas Mulcair elected as new leader of the federal NDP

Perhaps I'm nitpicking, but what Cheney got was an implant, not a transplant

White House - West Wing Week: 3/22/12 or ''Slainte!''

Israel weighs ways to penalize PA in wake of UN human rights probe (probe into settlements)

Any DUers in Logan?

A push to recycle fracking fluids

Iraqi Woman Critically Beaten in Calif. (Has Died); Threat Note Left at Scene

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison Clarifies Comments on Texas Women’s Health Program

Romney: 'Ann And I Send Our Thoughts And Prayers' To Cheney. Still no comment on Trayvon Martin

Exxon Valdez sold, likely destined for scrap heap

When someone is killed during a robbery, it is the robbers fault somebody died. They pay the legal

Who Was Greatest Chromatic Harmonica Player

Facebook Underground --"duplicates" in GD

(UK) Tory co-treasurer Peter Cruddas resigns over cash for access to prime minister

...Wisconsinites Protest Ryan Budget And GOP Attempt To Dismantle Health Care Reform

Ex VP Cheney might start to act funny, should he survive the heart transplant

Rep. Baxley, who cowrote the Florida "shoot first" legislation, claimed Barack Obama was a Moslem...

furious about Cheneys heart

Man Carrying Loaded Weapons Arrested At Sacramento Airport

Li'l applegrove had LOTS of friends when she was growing up.

You just THINK your skateboard was cool.

Cats can show us time and time again... but WE never really learn, do we?

It's been men's #1 un-fucking-solveable riddle for MILLENIA!!! The only known answer is...

Go ahead and scoff, but MiddleFingerMom was QUITE the prima ballerina in his prime.

When the Zombie Apocalypse happens, this won't be no democracy... it'll be a MFM-tatorship.

ATTN Ohio State Haters

Juan Cole: The Arab Revolutions Continue, its Just not Mostly on American TV

Heartless asshole Cheney finally gets one today. Probably came out of a shark.

The vet perfumed my cat

What were you afraid of as a kid. I hated thunderstorms. My mother loved them. I would

LEGALIZE MARINARA! (Some Pics from Today's Reason Rally on the National Mall)

Hey everyone!

Guns Don't Kill People. Hoodies Kill People.

Louisiana Democrats: GOP Candidates 'Failing To Excite Voters'

Rosemary Barton just pointed out that the Liberals are lead by a former NDP member and now the NDP

"I can see." Gee McNeil, 19, gets free glasses from Remote Area Medical in Oakland

Well, I have arrived.

Sunday Talk Shows: Rachel Maddow, David Plouffe

Just a few of my large cock photos... Yes I'm talking to you Will, xchrom, and the rest...

"Could they be the miners?"

Should Dick Cheney be DENIED health insurance because of his "pre-existing condition"?

Why is there a "nope 2012" tshirt advertised on here?

I'm watching "The Blind Side".

Trayvon Martin anagram - Vain Martyr Not

Off Topic Non Political..A Little Sat Night Humor

FOX Noise Doc says it's OK Cheney got new heart; in future hearts'll be fixed with Stem Cells.

Romney Saw 'The Hunger Games' On Saturday

"TV's Frank" Conniff: Geraldo's saying that Lincoln was shot because he was wearing a stovepipe hat

Town Hall Attendees Boo And Scream Liar As Paul Ryan Wants To Cut Taxes On Corporations

Zimmerman’s lawyer: Trayvon Martin broke my client’s nose

"I am not sure what the members of our armed forces are fighting for at this point." Does anyone?

So, Dick Cheney received a heart transplant...

Hoodies for Trayvon - photos

"Union Conspiracy" defense prevails in Wisconsin

Hartland Park

If you're having math problems, I feel bad for you, son...

Parched Robert Lee given $500K for water pipeline

Police Arrest 14 in Two New York Occupy Protests

ChronoZoom an Interactive Cosmos

Romney annihilated in Louisiana - 26%, Ricky 49% (95% reporting)

My impression based on the lady witness is that Zimmerman may have killed Martin in cold blood

Anyone getting hit by a lot of moths? I am here in Austin and I'm trying to identify them.

Were you aware that Jimmy Buffett has another song?

Judge dismisses Righthaven case against Pahrump Life with prejudice

What if you post something extremely profane or violent in your explanation of your jury vote?

Has anyone here published an eBook through Amazon?

A second "star member" has put me on Ignore!

Request: I have a blog called

Romney Saw 'The Hunger Games' On Saturday

DNC Chair: Romney Can't Close The Deal

triangle shirtwaist factory fire--25 march 1911

Senator, when you took the oath of office...

Here it is. Treyvon likely jumped Zimmerman, as he exited and pursued him.

We Need To Silence RW Hate Radio Once And For All.

Sacramento at the Frisco (oops, Golden State) Warriors tonight...


While we're on the topic of transplants

As A Former Law Enforcement Officer, My Impressions Of The Martin Case.

Marmalade - Reflections of My Life

The GOP's Doomsday Prediction: Health Care Edition.

How many hours a week at minimum wage would you need to work just to afford rent in New York?

biography of the day--frances perkins

Joseph Kony: African Union brigade to hunt down LRA leader

Syrian government forces renew shelling of Homs

John Payton, 65, Lawyer Who Fought for Civil Rights, Dies

(UK) Riots panel to call for curb on youth-targeted brand adverts

From the Romney "people", "Toons for Romney" = idiocy you have to see to believe.

Black Sabbath - It's Alright

(Saturday, WI) Santorum bowls a ‘turkey’.

The tale of an 11-year-old's $5,000 stomachache reveals the Twilight Zone of hospital billing