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Archives: March 22, 2012

After Bales' arrest, military tried to delete him from Web

Jesus Saves

Mississippi teen pleads guilty to hate crime murder of gay black man....

Luxury Madrid prostitutes on strike. No sex with bankers until credit flows again.

Turned down a mostly free trip to Florida

Bolivia has transformed itself by ignoring the Washington Consensus

Bolivia has transformed itself by ignoring the Washington Consensus

Officer Krawtez gets a slap on the wrist for a kick in the head. :-/

Do you think we (the people) ought to get those tax breaks that the oil companies are enjoying?

Chris Christie Insults One Veteran, Insults All Veterans

Tried to tag along on the Jane's Addiction traveling circus tonight.

Contact Bill Lee of the Sanford Police Dept. and urge him to arrest George Zimmerman 407-688-5070

'Birthers' sue to force California to verify eligibility of Obama, Romney, others

Whom do right-wing neo-liberal policies really benefit?

This One Hits Home...Why ‘Stand Your Ground’ Is No Defense In Trayvon Martin’s Killing

Hawaii Websites Promote Extreme Hiking

Suspect in France Shootings Seen as Homegrown Militant

Afghan officials likely to press for veto power over night raids in formal talks

Calls Grow for Leader of Komen to Step Down

What extension will a "screen shot" possess?

Bronies: they exist!

Bernie Sanders Calls Out All Three GOP Candidates for Lying About Obama and Gas Prices

Phil, that HUNGA DUNGA guy, wants a divorce

Bolivia leader threatens to close US embassy

Newt gives away an Etch-a-Sketch

Some of you might not want to watch!

Romney Backer: “Maybe It’s Time” For The Right To “Go After The Obama Children”

Peter Green - The Supernatural


WTF ??? - Barack Obama’s Promise To Expedite Review Of The Southern Leg Of Keystone XL Pipeline

Number23, LoZoccolo, and DevonRex, GREAT JOB!

Colombian colonel gave weapons to fake FARC unit: Prosecutor

U.S. drilling won't lower gas prices, study shows

Need computer help...

Colombian colonel gave weapons to fake FARC unit: Prosecutor

City Council Warns ‘Crack Ho’ Comments ‘Intolerable’, Calls For Diversity In Talk Radio

Election's over. Congrats Obama!

U.S. Asian population rises 45% from 2000 to 2010

Our First Lady Michelle Obama knows a bit of sign language too - video

I'm curious what these two people had to say while disrespecting the Barack Obama Group.

Bullshitting the math, there were 58% more post last year during the NCAA Basketball Championships

House Republican accidentally tells truth about Solyndra investigation

Panda Bears on Frozen Planet a trip !

Maine Governor Signs Pro-Gun Legislation into Law

Toon! Pat Oliphant: The killing of Trayvon Martin

China paper slams U.S. move on Iran oil sanctions

Is it OK to post topics discussed on Coast to Coast AM?

Ban Lifted, R.O.T.C. to Return to Harvard’s Campus

Renegade Mali soldiers announce takeover

Here is what I Don't get in the Martin fiasco

Battle with GOP lawmakers over stem cells could cost U-Michigan state aid

Martin shooting on the German TV news, a TWO MINUTE SEGMENT !

Foreign workers relocating to Pittsburgh cope with culture shock!

Help me with my economics

Uruguay president apologizes for dirth war death of Argentine poet's daughter--in-law (Dirty War)

Uruguay president apologizes for dirth war death of Argentine poet's daughter--in-law

Highlights from the March 21 Thom Hartmann program

Derek Fisher is 'moving on' with the Thunder

If you thought the Seamus story was damaging to Romney,

Chely Wright: Which Country Stars Supported Her Decision to Come Out?

The one thing that Romney just can't shake out of his Etch A Sketch Gaffecentric campaign

Darwin's Dangerous Idea

Has anyone seen the letter from the Sanford City Council?

Marian Wright Edelman rocks a hoodie:

U.S. drilling won't lower gas prices, study shows

Sanford's City Manager posts open letter on municipal website:

Anybody catch Casablanca on the big screen Wednsday

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Wednesday, March 21)

The Republican Awesome New 4G network: (HA!)

How Religion's Demand for Obedience Keeps Us in the Dark Ages

Exposed: Massive New Spy Center Built to Track Your Emails and Phone Calls

This is why we invest in science. This! (Important!)

Today I met a native American man from the Qualla Boundary, which I never knew existed.

Willard the LIAR - classic Rachel Maddow

Why Florida?

French gunman siege 'nearing end'

Elite forces have entered Toulouse suspect's apartment, police sources say

Prayers for Reverend Al Sharpton in the loss of his mother this morning.

Greta van Slustern helps Scott Walker lie to the public. Big Ed exposes the Fox River Rat.

Florida and that damn law: Miami judge decides fatal stabbing was self-defense

488% voter incr. in 1 district. Election fraud? Nope. Melissa H-P 'splains how minorities matter.

Ever wondered exactly what the Affordable Care Act does for you? (Obamacare as they call it)

How We Know Global Warming is Real and Human Caused

More and More French Jews Emigrating to Israel

Suit over worker's fall settled

Building a Monastery the Medieval Way

If you want a good political and election analysis website try this:

If it pleases the football gods...

Is it time to replace the ceiling fan/light unit?

Minister Confirms Terror Suspect Merah Is Dead

Piggly Wiggly Could Face Labor Charges

Repeal of human rights fails in New Hampshire.

Happy Birthday... William... Shatner

Supreme Court extends effective lawyer right to plea deals

32 familes forced out of their homes in central Pennsylvania

It never ends

Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four forecast for Hollywood remake

What is the Obama admins position on the Keystone XL

Exposed: Inside the NSA’s Largest and Most Expansive Secret Domestic Spy Center

Etch-a-Sketch (cartoon)

AP: 2 US men arrested on gay cruise in Caribbean

A ton of articles about Rick Santorum and Opus Dei here:

Robert Bales vs. Bradley Manning

Occupy’s Front Line Moves to the Front Lawn

As Hong Kong Leader Tsang Leaves Office, His Legacy: Worlds Dirtiest Financial Center

Neolithic horned cairns near Caithness wind farm scanned

Judges: Ex-Irish leader Ahern took secret payments

RMoney's answer to the mortgage crisis?

U.S. Marine faces boot for anti-Obama Facebook posts

It's a Dyngus Day Disaster!

Kansas House speaker drops push to split KC area in Congress map

the Romney etch-a-sketch

Barack Obama and Treyvon Martin

President: "I announced to people when I landed that I come in peace"

Do you find yourself posting less

ETA News Release: Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (03/22/2012)

Disabled protesters clash with police in Bolivia

Reproductive Rights and the Long Hand of Slave Breeding

Madness is not the reason for Afghan massacre

Progressive Caucus to Release 'Budget for All'

Jobless claims figures just keep getting better

From Evangelical Pastafarianism

Parts 2 and 3 of a Series on Pa. and fracking laws and impacts

Bono Responds To Jason Mattera's Ambush Of Fake Bono

The top nationwide sports story involves a trade for a 4th round pick in the draft...

What it really means for us to move from one dimension to another

Mr Fish Toon- What's Black and White and Red all over...?

When Romney Liked High Gas Prices

Living Together Trumps Matrimony for Recession-Wary Americans

FARC co-founder captured in Venezuela

Here in Illinois just putting your hands on someones minor child in anger will get you hard time

FARC co-founder captured in Venezuela

I don't mean to be a nudge - but what's with all the RED on the DU homepage

Corbett Cuts Not Only Heartless but will cost PA. more money in the long-run - Column

Thursday TOON Roundup 1- Etch a Mitt

PPP: Obama Blows Away Republican Field in Massachusetts

Thursday TOON Roundup 2- More Bullcrap from Ryan

Attorney General investigates media reports on water pollution


The Four Horsemen Of Annoyance

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- Gun Dreams and Nightmares

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- Gas prices, and the rest

Chuckie Todd just let Kay Bailey Hutchinson lie and blame the

Supreme Court, Led By Judge Scalia, Unanimously Allows Idaho Couple To Fight EPA

How the Supreme court will Constitutionally justify killing Obamacare

Anyone here enjoy the Consumerist? It's the snarkier sibling of Consumer Reports.

Is Mitt Romney the Most Unpopular (likely) Presidential Nominee Ever?

Who hears about "failed" alerts?

The Morning Plum: The great rewrite

Get 'em when they're young

Reply advocating contract killing allowed to stand

Rockland harbor this morning.

Attention GOP/NRA/ALEC - the Backlash is here

5 Words And Phrases Democrats Should Never Say Again

HP Lovecraft: The man who haunted horror fans

Treyvon Martin

Reign Check: Abundant Rainfall May Have Spurred Expansion of Genghis Khan's Empire

Why not a 7th juror?

About calling people "Obama haters"...Could someone just explain

New doll.

Police chief receives vote of no confidence over handling of Trayvon Martin case

Hey grantcart, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

The Dallas Fed Is Calling For The Immediate Breakup Of Large Banks

Soaring Satellite Costs Spur U.S. Government to Seek Budget Cuts

America Fires the Most Powerful Laser In History

Jeb Bush: Romney should pick Sen. Rubio as running mate

China Manufacturing Contraction May Worsen, Data Show

Exposed: Inside the NSA’s Largest and Most Expansive Secret Domestic Spy Center

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford shuts down transit debate

State Senator Loses Support of Local G.O.P.

Proposed environmental rule to give hundreds more Texas polluters a passing grade

G20 Civil wrongs (Canada)

MFM was a master at beerpong at a very early age....

Pew: More Americans See 'Too Much' Religious Talk In Politics

Romney reaction To Etch A Sketch Story

Manhattan is Number One Extreme Commuting Destination

If Romney is Nixon and Obama is Humphrey, Don't Worry....

Meet Marion Hammer.

FLASHBACK: As Massachusetts Governor, Romney Supported Higher Gas Prices

Rachel Maddow and the Secret Service Ducklings

GOP Lawmaker Accidentally Reveals Truth Behind Solyndra Investigation

I just answered my doorbell, and was met with two people inviting me to a local religious service

Did anyone watch Lawrence O'Donnell's show last night?...

I looked in the rear-view mirror and saw the vanity plate "BONRD"

Baffling Illness Strikes Africa, Turns Children Into Violent "Zombies"

Hot weather a killer for ski resorts (Maine)

GOP Congressman Featured In Paul Ryan’s Budget Video Votes Against Paul Ryan’s Budget

Thursday Eye Candy: Rugby Players Strip For Charity Event! (Check out their balls.)

Sanford police chief cited the Stand Your Ground law as the reason Zimmerman was not arrested

Sanford, Fla., explains why George Zimmerman was not arrested

"We Are All Trayvon Martin": Photos and Video from the Million Hoodie March

Agency apologises for ‘tofu is gay meat’ ad concept

Trace element (molybdenum) plays major role in tropical forest nitrogen cycle

Ok, this made me laugh...

NASA has figured out how to cause a supernova

Glowing Blue Waves Explained

I'm so glad that HopeHoops finally did something about his back hair....

As Massachusetts Governor, Romney Supported Higher Gas Prices and ‘smart growth’

An Etch A Sketch Moment: In 2006, Romney Supported High Gasoline Prices To Discourage Consumption

"Lost" Great Wall of China Segment Found?

Food fight: More cost overruns, delays and uncertainty for F-35

Tell Congress That There's No Link Between Video Games and Real Life Violence

Beck's Website Calls Trayvon Martin "The Aggressor"

Vanguard going Free-to-Play

Should American taxpayers subsidize the wages of senior managers at major corporations?

There was no mention of Zimmerman having a bloody nose in the first police report

Should Fort Bragg Hold an Atheist Concert?

Don't Tread On Me

GM Crops Are Killing Monarch Butterflies, After All

Coulter: Maybe time to ‘go after the Obama children’

The Walking Dead

Tennessee bill protects teachers who challenge evolution and climate change

Can you be'dead for 78 minutes?

Inaccurate weather forecaster attributes Midwest heat wave to Japanese tsunami debris

Are bookmarks from DU2 going to be availible on DU3?

What Do The Four Remaining GOP Candidates Have In Common?

Romney grabbed a "reporter’s tape recorder"?

Gary Stein, Marine Sergeant, Faces Possible Dismissal For Anti-Obama Facebook Posts

VIMS professor helps lead international study of ocean value

Retiring Lawmaker Rep. Jean Schmidt Won’t Commit To Revealing Her Job Negotiations With Lobbyists

Tennessee has a "Stand your ground" law............

Shot to Death in Florida

Senate Republicans block Export-Import Bank vote

Romney Aide Ferhnstrom Still With The Campaign (Danziger)

TDPS: Why is executive experience considered positive for President, anyway?

CAP: Ties that Bind: How a Strong Middle Class Supports Strong Public Infrastructure

War Crimes and the Mythology of 'Bad Apples'

Why 14 workers get fired for wearing orange shirts

"If Trayvon Had Only Answered In an Appropriate Manner There Would have Been No Problem"

Volkswagen to add 800 workers at Tennessee plant

GOP Sen. Hutchison defends Planned Parenthood, rips Rick Perry

DU Album of the Day: "And then . . . along comes" The Association

Chipper Jones will announce today that he's calling it quits after this season.

I was thrilled with Survivor Episode 6 last night! (spoilers)...

2 US men arrested on gay cruise in Caribbean

Papantonio: Zimmerman Charge Should Be Premeditated Murder

Voters Have Two Candidates, No Choice - by Robert Scheer

NIU linebacker Jamaal Bass indicted on assault charge in Ohio


OMFG! The pollen count is 16000 in Nashville. Severe is 1500.

A Must Read Book: Why Nations Fail

Kay Bailey Hutchison Defends Planned Parenthood, Says Organization Provides Critical Preventive Care

"I Wasn't Surprised" --thinking about this song while reading about trayvon

Pic Of The Moment: The Etch-A-Sketch Crisis Continues

"Listen, you got my brother, George, elected, I'm grateful for that."

Ukraine Completely Removes Highly Enriched Uranium -- Five Nations Helped Clear Out Under Obama

If Hitler hadn't attacked the USSR, would the USSR have maintained its secret pact with the Nazis?

Rev. Al Sharpton's mother died this morning...

Senate GOP Wants George Zimmerman To Be Able To Carry A Concealed Weapon In Nearly Every State

Dallas billionaire Harold Simmons: 'Obama is the most dangerous American alive'

Republican Controlled State Governments Are Creating A National Authoritarian State

Chinese Coup Rumors Run Wild Online, Then Disappear

Romney econ adviser posts “deport seniors” joke on blog-easier to catch/less likely to find way home

Flim-Flam Fever - by Paul Krugman: "are they willing to concede, at long last, that he’s a clown?"

Gasoline Use Goes Back To Collapsing

Doctor Who's latest companion is unveiled

Justices’ Ruling Expands Rights of Accused in Plea Bargains

Facebook page for Alan Dick, the Alaska state rep. who said men should have to approve abortions

Study leaves little doubt, ill-effects of toxic gases associated with oil and gas drilling

Mother of NYC activist Rev. Al Sharpton dies

…Study Shows Significantly Higher Potential for Wind Energy in India than Previously Estimated

One thing that REALLY bothers me is about the shooting in Florida, Trayvon's photo

US speeds through new Keystone XL leg (legislation)

"We are drilling all over the place."

Who knew that brownies were so complicated

Question I've been pondering all week....has it always been "this bad"....

President Obama Discusses Solar Power in Nevada

Why the World Bank has no real intentions of reducing poverty

Keep Your Mitt(s) Off Birth Control - pics

It's not very rosy in Denver today. >>

Did Romney make a Freudian slip when he made the wierd comment that he was "severely conservative"?

US tells Turkey to back off Syria

How Do You Say ‘Disagreement’ in Pirahã?

TYT: Trayvon Martin Smear Attempt By Glenn Beck's 'The Blaze'

The Rest of the Story: What Critics Aren’t Telling You About Two Innovative Solar Projects

Creator of the offensive anti-Obama bumper sticker claims the 'n' word isn't offensive

The Rude Pundit: The NRA and Florida Legislators Killed Trayvon Martin as Surely as a Gun Did

Exclusive interview with Dharun Ravi: 'I'm very sorry about Tyler'

Rove picks the wrong fight over OBL killing (updated)


LynneSin does the morning-after Waddle of Shame home from Antarctica:

Singles' Right to Birth Control Turns 40! Happy Birthday, Eisenstadt v. Baird

Swiss Army cutlery -- this is actually a really COOL idea!!!

Kali has vowed to NEVER AGAIN drink tequila.

Be very very careful. This thread is SERIOUSLY NSFW! (Jury take note -- they have been WARNED!)

MFM, on hearing that he's a "typical MAN".. puffs up, deflates and says, "OK you got me on that one"

Since he was Li'l Capo de Capo MFM in Sicily, MFM has had understandable personal space issues.

The "talk"

Why Getting Healthy Can Seem Worse Than Getting Sick

A GOP Menu That Is Sure To Give You Heartburn

Not that funny, but here 'tis fwiw (chain ltr jokes about aging)

Occupy Wall Street: (Buckets Of) Shit Happens at Downtown ATM. Occupiers Blamed *VIDEO*

So, how long before Sanchez says the two magic words?

What to do with nuke waste and closed power plants

President Obama tours Sempra's Copper Mountain Solar 1 facility - pics

Meanwhile, Orange County, Florida, next door gets a chance for a new ST. Attorney.

Senate GOP Wants George Zimmerman To Be Able To Carry A Concealed Weapon In Nearly Every State

Everyone is creating etch-a-sketch art with Romney

It Gets Better: Heartland Men's Chorus

President Obama speaks about energy independence in NM - pics

The Rude Pundit: The NRA and Florida Legislators Killed Trayvon Martin as Surely as a Gun Did

Savings Lives Doesn’t Count If There’s No Profit!

President Obama at the TransCanada Stillwater Pipe Yard in Cushing, OK - pics

Castle Doctrine legislation took another young life in WI on March 3

Politics, Odors and Soap - Conservatives v. Liberals

A man's erectile issues should be everyone's business, don't you think?

Dear X, found the file, please Etch A Sketch my previous email.

LA tries to keep its airwaves 'crack ho' and 'slut' free

U. of Vermont Loosens Ties to Radio Station That Airs Limbaugh Show

Wisconsin: Walkergate heats up.

Obama Beats Romney As Best President For Dogs

John Edwards Reportedly Named In Investigation Of Alleged 'Millionaire Madam' Anna Gristina

Bob McDonnell, Virginia Governor: 'War On Women' Is 'Political Theater

exxon-mobil commercial...'projects like these (keystone) could create 1/2 million jobs'

'It Could Have Been Me': a Black-Studies Graduate Student Responds to the Killing of Trayvon Martin

Face it - if you aren't an Elected Religious Zealot politician in America you are a suspect

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog - recommended

I posted a question on Alan DICK'S FB page..tell me what you think, if you please:

Good Polling news for those of us in Connecticut

Poll Shows Best Part Of Primary Season Has Been Really Getting To Know, Spend Time With 4 Great Guys

Do we need a forum just for Republican Gaffes? The volume is overwhelming the boards.

I want to thank the jury for making my point in this thread.

Heads up, Rachel Maddow fans...

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Considers Change In Policy _ Running Candidate For President

Voted absentee today without photo ID. I provided ID by

Given the quality of the current crop of Republicans,

Hoard of Roman coins found near Roman Baths in Bath

Conservative blogger posts Obama photo in chains with fried chicken

Jim Jordan Suggests Elections Drive Solyndra Investigation

And another old face the TheVoiceOfReason is back.

Rachel is a guest on Andrea Mitchell right now on MSNBC. nt

Student-Driven PAC Aims to Blunt G.O.P., promote Democrats in South

Man behind 'Rapture pets' rescue admits it's a hoax

Just wondered..any chance for a

March 12-18 2012 - 3,550 New Record Daily Highs, 3,109 Record Warmest Daily Low Temperatures In US

Thom Hartmann: Public Workers get a Pay Freeze & Banksters get Bonuses!

Koch Brothers' Attempted Takeover Of Cato Could Be Part Of Bold Plan

Man jailed after endangering plane with anti-gay air steward abuse

the number of posts saying "this in no way is a defense of Zimmerman" is astounding

BP given consent for deep-water well North Uist west of Shetland

TN Governor Busy Promoting Science & Math, As Bill Protecting Creationist, Denier Teachers Moves On

Etch-a-Sketch online generator (knock yourselves out)

Thom Hartmann: On what grounds are health insurers charging women more than men?

The Onion: Poll Shows Best Part Of Primary Season Has Been Really Getting To Know, Spend Time With 4

CONFESS!!! What was your most embarassing medical purchase

On our business environment (Apple, J. Crew, Wallmart Et al)

Tebowmania has ascended to a higher frenzy. >>

Volume Of Inquiries During "Summer In March" Heatwave Enough To Crash Parts Of NOAA Website

Shipwrecked Experts

A year later, Libya is still a mess

TNGA Rep. Matthew Hill: "IUD? No, what's an IUD?"

What Does Sherry Vine Smell Like?

The Antlantic--'The Daily Show's' Advantage Over the MSM: An Eye for the Absurd

The Ovarian Gang Sign

Iron Dome Bill Presented At US Congress

Oh, come ON...what's the big DEAL? President Bush knew sign language too, you know!

This r NOT serious thread.

House votes to repeal key 'Obamacare' provision

Comment: Britain must stop fudging its way to equality and let religions marry gay couples

How do I talk to my parents (and other naive questions) about tax increases...

Costa Concordia: Five more bodies found

On April 1st at 7pm my withdrawal stops.

Socialism Built The Suburbs, The Bush Years Destroyed Them

Stand-your-ground Laws

HEADS UP: City of Sanford holds news conference at 3:30 PM EST (nt)

New Poll finds Obama leading Romney among women by 17-points

Pity the Poor Gun Lobby

Economic recovery here to stay? Conference Board indicators rise

What's for Dinner ~Thursday March 22nd

Texas, feds take action on orthodontic fraud

Obama and Clinton Ignore Democrats' Pleas to Stop the Killing In Honduras

Religious Freedom and Birth Control Debate: Religion's Death Wish?

Robert Gates: Attacking Iran Would Be A ‘Catastrophe’

What happened with all the concerns about Justice Thomas's conflict issues

Tebow vs. Sanchez

Romney: The Etch A Sketch Candidate (youtube) ----->

"Shake after primary"...Piers Morgan Asks Ann Romney: ‘How’s Your Etching And Sketching Going?

Museum discovers 'new' Van Gogh painting

Local GOP harassed by Ron Paul supporters

"Juanito was asked if he wanted a brother. His 'yes' saved me from the Nazis"

Mike Luckovich cartoon: Etch A Sketch

Report: Members Of Congress Use Position To Benefit Their Families

North Carolina school: 'African American attire' letter was 'poorly worded'

I found Yoppy!

Holding a Gun Makes You Think Others Are Too, New Research Shows

Any one getting reports of much earlier than expected migrants?

CARVILLE: "Romney cannot beat Obama, only events can beat Obama."

Democrats Have No Fear Of Romney: “He's just the tallest dwarf.”

Boner backs out of debt limit deal

And Now They are Going after Tom Hanks?

Anyone been to Kansas City? I understand they

Karen Finney's filling in as host on Martin Bashir's MSNBC show (on in 10 minutes)

Police Handcuff NBC Chicago Photojournalist, "Your First Amendment rights can be terminated"

So what is Romney's PLAN for America if elected POTUS?

The 937: America and Dayton Dons the Hoodie

Al Sharpton's Mother Dies at 87

New brood of Decorah eaglets due to start hatching as early as tomorrow!

Don't Shoot Sea Lions, Environmentalists Tell USA

If I leave here tomorrow would you still remember me?

Random LOL pics. I'll start.

A note from Dennis Kucinich

Radio campaign next step against Rush Limbaugh

A Review of the Teacher Layoff Process...

AR Technology that Makes Food Look Bigger so Your Waist Doesn’t [Video]

BBC: Cuba harassing dissidents and human rights activists. This looks familiar...

AR Technology that Makes Food Look Bigger so Your Waist Doesn’t [Video]

Israeli Defense Minister Says Israel And US Disagree On Timetable For Effective Iran Action

"I'm unarmed, I'm on the ground. I don't know why my face has to look like this,"

I saw this posted someplace here on DU but can't seem to find it. (Firefughters dressed in drag).

Meet George Zimmerman: He Is the NRA

House Dem Leader Lashes Out at GOP as Tennessee Taliban

In the past hour I have gotten 5 petitions regarding Trayvon Martin,

GOP Budget Doesn't Even Say the Word "Veteran"

I have an old painted chiffarobe - c1930? c1950?

Prop. 8 Attorneys Boies, Olson Team To Get Bully Rating Changed

I don't know who this woman is...

Remember this show, Boomers?????

Vapors Sicken Arlington

Preparing for May Day -

AEP to retire fewer coal-fired units than planned

The best 10 minutes on religion ever recorded

Discovery Sheds New Light on Wandering Continents

Bill Maher Defends Kirk Cameron and Others Who Offend

Sanford Police Chief just "temporarily relieved himself of the position"

Thom Hartmann: Republican Chickenhawk's New Plan to send Prez Obama Packing

20 Experts Who Say Drilling Won't Lower Gas Prices

Get ready for the wingnuts to shamelessly use "The Hunger Games"

"Restore some semblance of calm"?

What do you think about warnings on video games?

US To OK Egypt Aid Despite Congressional Concerns

Largest wind turbine placed in Belgium

DNC Releases Another Romney Etch A Sketch Video

Possible bug with HTML code

Has any Republican spoken out on the Trayvon Martin shooting?

Today is the 25th anniversary of GCC!

PETITION: Pass the Buffett Rule NOW!

Surrender your weapons to the Sanford Police Department!

I know where George Zimmerman is

My take on the "war on women" thing: you've got a bunch of guys who couldn't get screwed when they

Manning doesn't play out his contract and

Nuclear watchdog chief accused of pro-western bias over Iran

Dear Mr Zimmerman: it's time to man up, and fess up and

Caption this pic of Rick Santorum

Feds charge 3 with hate crimes in Mississippi killing

Living Next to a Natural Gas Well; Drinking Contaminated Water

"Murdoch's Scandal" PBS Frontline Tues March 27th

My slogan suggestion for Mitt

Ohio Art (the company that makes Etch-a-Sketch) stock jumped +141% today

Northern Ireland Attorney General: Ban on gay adoption will remain

Edward Washington acquitted in Mattapan massacre; no verdict reached in murder charges against Dwayn

Democrats press Obama over US complicity with Honduras' dirty war

Jury questioning about experiences with law enforcement

In the absence of "Stand your ground" types of laws, how much risk to life and limb...

Good rebuttal article to the WSJ revisionist Rove piece (Warning: Horrible Karl Rove photo)

Firearm sales...

Sanford PD chief steps down.

Beware the Fog

The NRA And Corporate Front Group ALEC Pushed The Law That May Protect Trayvon Martin’s Killer

If you're on speakerphone, please close your door. If you don't have an office,

Small-town American girls meet the Mona Lisa

Cooking better biochar: Study improves recipe for soil additive

Moment of Twitter levity in our surveillance state.

Sanford police chief steps down 'temporarily' in wake of Trayvon Martin's shooting death

North Carolina, where 'Hunger Games' was filmed, getting ready for fan tourism

I this weather pattern common for the US?

2012 Election

Keystone move: Smash or Trash?

North Carolina, where 'Hunger Games' was filmed, getting ready for fan tourism

How Packaged Food Makes Girls Hyper

Fukushima Prefecture deleted the dispersion simulation data it received from the day of the accident

News conference coming up with Al Sharpton and Trayvon Martin's family.

Brown liquor and solar cells to provide sustainable electricity

How many times can one edit one's post?

Former Red Sox lefty Mel Parnell dies at 89

Fox News Literally Scares Woman To Death (Exclusive Interview With Son)

The RNC is in Tampa for 2012

Indiana: Dick Lugar’s Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

The myth of freedom in the land of the free

Man on Dog and the Messianic Jews

Broadway Joe says

"Devious Democrats" Behind the War On Women

Senate to hold hearing on bounties

Momentum to Stop Defense Cuts Mounts

Angry Protesters Condemn US Drone Attacks in Pakistan

The Rachel Maddow Show - Romney Routine Lying Illustrated in Etch A Sketch Gaffe

*** gets out her staple gun and posts the new DU Rules in the Lounge Bathroom ***

Why Has Nancy Grace Been Silent About Trayvon Martin On HLN?

DU3 isn't perfect but it sure is really nice

About 300 bar staff woke up today to no job

Tweety - Toy Story!! Etch a Sketch!!

SWAT Teams and Campus Spies? 7 Ways the Homeland Security State Has Taken Over Our Universities

Frothy to be in Sheboygan on Sat 3/24

Reflections on the end of Heathen's progress

Nuke industry, facing headwinds, launches multimillion-dollar ad campaign

Republican Primary Voters Embrace Government. No, Really. (by John Sides)

82 years..

First Nations Forced to Protest Keystone XL Announcement From A Cage

A word from Hillary Clinton:

Religion in Prisons

The new KOHIO! All the hits, all the time.

Pentagon: Trillion-Dollar Jet on Brink of Budgetary Disaster

Cat survives fall of 19 stories

France’s Sarkozy announces plans to jail repeat visitors to extremist websites

Is there something like an electrical surge

Senate Passes Crowdfunding Bill, Bounces It Back To House

Uh huh. 'Elway said Broncos gave Tebow a choice'

President Obama visits Ohio State University - pics

Is there an etch a sketch app for the iPad?

Elizabeth Warren calls for marriage equality, pledges to lead on gay rights in the Senate

HEY! Has Mitt Romney fired Etch-A-Sketch Man yet or did he tie him to the top of his car

The chart Republicans will have a tough time refuting...

A bold claim- with some justification

Is anybody out there?

The sign pretty much says it all

Was Jesus a communist?

Hello DU.

UCSD finds genes linked to autism

Whitney Houston's cause of death revealed by L.A. coroner

The ACLU thinks Florida has a profiling problem...

Santorum endorses Obama over Romney

Just wanted to say hi.

French siege ends with suspect gunman's death

Allen West On Trayvon Martin Case: 'This Is An Outrage'

Right-wing crackpot alert: Peter King says Iran-backed Hezbollah operatives ready to blow up America


There's one thing I haven't heard about Zimmerman.


The Collapse of Employment-Based Coverage

Kitten survives 85-mile ride atop van engine

The Power of Plutocratic Pettiness

News from the Idiocracy: "Science" education in Tennessee

DU this George Zimmerman apologist video on Youtube!

Koch Brothers Exposed: the Film

Updated Interactive Chart to Super Pac's....

Oh Golly, what can I do???

Whitney Houston's cause of death: Accidental drowning, cocaine use, heart disease

Al Sharpton's mother died today, but he will still lead the rally

10 Stubborn Exercise Myths that Won’t Die, Debunked by Science

"Trayvon Martin was on a 10 day suspension from school"--This is what a Wingnut relative is clinging

US senator: Employers shouldn’t ask job applicants for Facebook, social media passwords

Racial Tension Runs Through Sanford's Roots

Bales to be charged with murder in Afghan killings

Global Warming May Have Fueled March Heat Wave Odds

Trayvon Martin: Seminole State College expels George Zimmerman

Staff Sergeant Robert Bales may get the death penalty...


What if Trayvon Martin Was the One Acting in Self-Defense?

Senate moves insider trading bill to Obama's desk

It's the fault of Democrats!

Just a couple Manning facts for the Bronco Fans who think they've just hit the jackpot...

GOP Lawmaker Accidentally Reveals Truth Behind Solyndra Investigation

U.S. Intelligence Report Warns of Global Water Tensions

legacy blueberries, natchez blackberries

Nuclear watchdog chief accused of pro-western bias over Iran

Sandra Fluke: Why I Support Health Care Reform

Leak shows A4e managers knew of potential fraud in 2009

So the cops who failed to investigate Trayvon Martin's death are the ones you expect to protect you?

Obama to heckler: "Show me some courtesy"

MRN: Mitt Romney Gets His Etch A Sketch On

The 2012 GOP ballot

"Granny tax" is hard sell for Conservatives

Kroger joins rivals in halting purchase of "pink slime" beef

It's tough to lose a hero, friend, role model because of politics.

Have you ever noticed racists seem to annoint minorities with supernatural powers?

De-frocked priest pleads guilty ahead of Philadelphia pedophilia trial

silly pet peeve.

The Road We've Traveled Official Trailer - Obama for America 2012

This Duck Is an Apartheid Duck

What's wrong mom?...please sign the petition..

Richard Hanna, GOP Congressman, Tells Women To Give Their Money To Democrats

The Master Butchers Singing Club-Chapter 14-SPOILERS

Man heckles President Obama at Ohio State

Lamb and white bean chili

I can't believe mim hasn't posted these yet! >>

Karl Rove misquotes Bill Clinton in WSJ op-ed attacking Obama campaign film

Kurd militants threaten Turkey if it enters Syria

Oh Hell! Somebody just turned grabbed me and shook my screen blank!

News One: How Occupy Wall Street Co-Opted The Million Hoodie March

Neil Young And Crazy Horse to Release New Album 'Americana' on June 5th

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goodwill outlets: Very inexpensive source for various items

Protesters: Is city admitting it lacks the cops to handle NATO summit?

SEC Rejects ExxonMobil's Attempt to Block Nondiscrimination Proposal

Call your CBS Affiliate RIGHT FUCKING NOW

So Whitney drowned in the bathtub

Ann Romney on Etch a Sketch-gate; It is the media's fault.

Student President Loses Title After Gay-Inclusive Prom Pitch

Romney works behind the scenes to attract conservatives

Boy in the Hoodie was going to aviation school part time.

Prediction: "Etch-a-sketch" will prove to be a huge blow to Romney

Who did you want to be when you were a kid?

Nepal to Host LGBT ‘Olympics’

Wow...Allen West and I agree...eeewwww...

Food Police? Mayor Bloomberg Bans Food Donations to Homeless Shelters

Traffic Stop Leads to Deportation Hearing for Gay Immigrant

539 Etch-A-Sketches for sale on eBay

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hiding in plain sight

Gingrich ignores Obama's "a Muslim" comment

Mr. Robertson says Non-Christians are Viruses....

Boehner Backs Out Of Debt-Limit Deal

Santorum: Better Off Under Obama Rather Than 'Taking A Risk' With Romney

Florida Governor Appoints new Prosecutor in Investigation in Killing of Unarmed Teen

I don't know, but my guess is that Zimmerman is a Rethug.

Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation defending 'Stand Your Ground' laws.

Listening to the rally... prosecutor in Zimmerman case recused himself!

the world according to Republicans...

Offensive Obama Cartoon

The Butler Dit It

Afghan shooting suspect did not pay fraud judgment

Naomi Wolf: This pampered private school elite can only lead to US decline

Please take my word for this, go to Redbox, spend a buck and get "The Mighty Macs"!

"Trayvon Martin: New details in George Zimmerman domestic-violence petitions"

Here's The Real Cause Of Whitney Houston's Death

Republican operatives give Santorum until Wisconsin’s primary on April 3

Al Franken petition: My Boss in not my Doctor

The surprising new alliance between the Tea Party and labor

Death of a Bieber

Update on quake, via Mexican media

Scooter Store founder resigns

Keith Olbermann's show just started. He's wearing a hoodie.

Ford Nation(Cons) vs Little

Tonight on Countdown

Keith is wearing a hoodie today

Stop Target from Unfairly Closing the Valley Stream Store (link FIXED)

Starve the Poor to Pay the Rich.....

I had a pet peeve but

'This so-called post-racialism is a figment of our imagination.'

Three State Senate Candidates Have Come to my Door...

Jeb Bush Sign The "Stand Your Ground Law" While He Was Governor Of Florida

The eyes are the window to the soul

I just got this in an email.

Asian population increases in San Francisco Bay Area, California, and US

The "stand your ground" law applies to everyone right? .. including Trayvon.

I have a pet peeve against using the term "pet peeve"

Researchers engineer molecular magnets to act as long-lived qubits

do I understand this correctly? zimmerman claims he killed the boy in self-defense, so, on HIS WORD

the result of watching FOX NEWS

Amarillis by morning

Meet Peter Slipper

Sez aww: Corgi Cam (a walk from a corgi's perspective)

When Was the Last Time we Saw a Crowd Like This? 30,000 for Trayvon.

Trayvon's murder was a modern-day lynching.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 23 March 2012

Richard Hanna, GOP Congressman, Tells Women To Give Their Money To Democrats

Big Head Todd and the Monsters

The scientific meta-narrative

Well... It Looks Like We Were Wrong, While Still Being Right... Occupy/DHS...

Bwaaaaaaaaaah hahahahaha Karl Rove: Bin Laden killing was no biggie

Horrible Video Puts Indigenous Hunting Under Scrutiny in Australia (Video)

What weird task do you like to do? I love cleaning the lint out of the lint trap. I don't know why.

Govt to keep info on Americans with no terror ties

think I am going to throw up--caught an episode of Nova yesterday-- and right there, in the

Doctor Tells Fellow Physicians: No Coercive Ultrasounds – It’s Rape

Shooting of possible intruder prompts more residents to get armed

GOP appeals Kerrey ruling (NE Supreme Court)

This fellow could tell some interesting stories. Bet we never hear them though

Analysis: House GOP Budget Gives $187,000 Tax Cut To Every Millionaire

Etch a sketch sales have gone up 1500%. Looks like this Romney campaign mistake is going to stick!

College Expels George Zimmerman Following Trayvon Martin Shooting

TNGA Rep. Matthew Hill & HB3808 (2012): Sermon On The Mons

so walker is coming to springfield illinois to tell us how to create jobs.....

Angela B. Corey, the new Zimmerman-case prosecuter

Sugar the miracle cat survives 19-story fall

Statement by President Obama on the Passage of the STOCK Act

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Stand Your Ground & a new kitty gif

LOL !!! - Anybody Wanna Caption THIS ???

2 Florida officials step aside in teen death probe

Far too many people are missing the point: This is an attempted police coverup.

Bug? Clicking "edit history" does nothing for me.

Ohio Art Company (OART) -Etch-A-Sketch closes +5.65 (141.25%)

walker is coming to Springfield to tell us how to create jobs and balance the budget

FBI investigating Yassine Enterprises' businesses (Austin club owner) - updated 3/27

A protest over polling sites (1/2 of them closing in Omaha)

It seems to me that GD is just full of rightwing long time trolls.

Jury Error Message

You Might Want To Bookmark This... "Mitt's Mendacity"... Found Through Rachel...

Theory as to why (R)'s pushing for war with Iran.....

How can the Koman Foundation get back in the good graces of women?

tough fight, but the Badgers lost tonight....

calling to follow up after sending flowers. Faux Pas?

Which "Girl With the Dragon Tatoo" movie is better?

G20 Civil wrongs (Canada)

Welcome to the Reason Rally!

Cops and Judges Endorse Washington’s I-502..

Only 4 of 16 NCAA basketball finalists DON'T broadcast on Limbaugh stations.

Ryan’s plan: Take from the poor, give to the rich

Zimmerman: anything less than 1st degree murder is not acceptable

EPA Refuses to Take Action Against Acid Rain, Rejects Scientific Advisory Committee’s Recommendation

Angels, anyone?

Any DUers have experience or knowlege of skin grafts or wound healing?

Mastery Learning - I'm skeptical


Living Together Trumps Matrimony for Recession-Wary Americans

Pigs and cows give birth to stillborn babies; Georgia women should, too

The Master Butchers Singing Club-Chapter 15-16-SPOILERS

The Story of the Affordable Care Act: From an Unmet Promise to the Law of the Land

Former James O’Keefe ‘Accomplice’ Reveals ‘Barn Incident’ And Harassment Complaint

Insane Freepers frothing at the mouth in homophobic hate fest

Germany: Bishop who promised 'zero tolerance' for pedophile priests accused of leniency

Environmental Coalition Slams Obama's Expediting of Southern Segment of Keystone XL

Clue to male baldness discovered

Rick Santorum prefers Barack Obama over Mitt Romney

#1 seed Michigan State lost.

Obama edging closer to marriage endorsement (before general election)

The new iPad: What's the deal with that?

Ok...Texan asking for a little national help to elect a Blue Senator

FACT CHECK: More US drilling didn't drop gas price

Last stop: Sydney's monorail to be scrapped

Right wing is throwing Zimmerman under the bus to protect "Stand Your Ground".

Trayvon Martin's death is making America reflect upon itself...

Romney Campaign 'Erases' Etch-a-Sketch Aide

Mitt Romney is a socialist.

Pressure Mounts for Transparency in Manning Court-Martial (40 News Organizations)

President Obama: ''This will have a special place of honor alongside my birth certificate...''

Obama calls for southern Keystone XL approval

The Wall Street gold rush in foreclosed homes

io9: 10 Coolest Sidekicks in Science Fiction and Fantasy

More and More French Jews Emigrating to Israel

Just a word of warning.

North Carolina gets ready for 'Hunger Games' fans

DUers with extreme internet know-how...PM me

Our own Omaha Steve needs your help

Really Deranged

Just curious as to how many of us here are introverts or extroverts? I'm and introvert though

NJ Democrats reject Christie pick for New Jersey's top Court

More Dandelions in transition. Better light this time.

Sweet Genius! Evil. Delicious. Fun

Death Bets Leave Oklahoma State University $33 Million in the Hole

City Manager Bonaparte previous issues in Topeka...

Obama Administration Announces $450 Million to Design and Commercialize U.S. SMRs

DND records raise new questions about search for Labrador boy

What are you listening to right now DU? I'm listening to Dolly Partin's "Here You Come Again".

Eat like Trinity, Morpheus, and Neo. Lose weight and donate.

Rmoney Brought Back The Etch-A-Sketch - Do You Think He Can Bring Back These Two......

I am really discouraged. When Obama was elected I was proud, thought that race relations were

Parsing the Black-White School Suspension Gap

CSU Execs Get Raises, Students Get Fee Hikes & Admissions Freeze

To remember me, because I'll be back :)

OCC’s Quarterly Report on Bank Trading and Derivatives Activities

Eugene Robinson: Black Men "never, ever, be caught on the wrong street at the wrong time"

Las Vegas bets on desert water pipeline as Nevada drinks itself dry

Online schools are not homeschooling.

Boycott Squeezes Harder as 31 More Advertisers Want Nothing to Do With Rush Limbaugh

Hey cbayer - How'd the mole turn out? I missed or lost track of any follow up.

Ignore Florida Law on Cuba Trade, County Attorney Says

Ignore Florida Law on Cuba Trade, County Attorney Says

Does Louisiana have a lot of Vietnamese Buddhists? (Q about Pastor Terry's rant)


Bank of America tests new home foreclosure program about unfortunate placement..

For your bedtime song - "Seasons in the Sun".......

Situational Question: DU Copyright Policy and Copyright Law

CONFESS!!! Who was the first famous person you ever met

Romney's Etch A Sketch (tm) in 2002 and 2012

Amazing what the warm weather is causing in Raleigh - everything has opened at once!

My Time as an Accomplice to Convicted Criminal James O’keefe

The NRA is a Republican ancillary organization.