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Archives: March 20, 2012

A few months ago Amazon was blasted for it's harsh fulfillment center working conditions

Crews Replenish Sand Along Eroding Kailua Beach

White House Unmoved By Apple’s Offshore Cash Problem

Does the Sanford Police Department controversy sound familiar? It should.

Crossposting this as it is too good not to share with the lounge

Politico: For Democrats, GOP budget is Christmas in March

How to piss off a frog

U.S. Department of Justice, FBI and FDLE to probe Trayvon Martin killing

Are the rethugs required to nominate Romney if he wins the required number of delegates?

I'm looking for some ideas on vegetable pickle brines. Shooting for something like Mezzetta's...

PSA: Saying "that's mighty white of you" is a racial slur.

NY GOP Chairman calls sexual predator "a great ambassador for what it means to be a Republican"

walking pneumonia...

Anyone planning to see the Hunger Games?

Damn Right !!! - 'Justice Department, FBI To Probe Shooting Death Of Florida Teen Trayvon Martin'

So what should I do?

How to Turn a Red County Purple. (Long)

Thoughts, please.

Drove over to Fort Ross on Sunday.

Bob Beckel Tells Gov. Rick Perry He Can ‘Shove It’ Over Texas Voter ID Law

The Health Care Reform Plan goes under the Sword of Damocles in one week.

Peru cancels HMS Montrose visit in support of Argentina’s Falklands claim

Peru cancels HMS Montrose visit in support of Argentina’s Falklands claim

Is there any indication that Zimmerman uses twitter or FB, or is a freeper?

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Monday, March 19)

Shit Men Say To Men Who Say Shit To Women(anti-street harassment ad)

Are these people out of their minds? Urban Outfitters provokes with transphobic card

Draw your own conclusions

Did you see Michelle on Letterman on Monday?

Holder callED for brainwashing to help the antigun message soak

The simple way to stop the war on women:

Best Anti-Romney Commercials? And when?

US economic model broken, says survey

Michelle Obama: Bo 'is my son'

The most pathetic part about the GOP primary in Puerto Rico

....about the Trayvon story

Michelle Obama on Letterman

Tornado touches down in Texas (near Natalia), causing damage and injuries

Severance for the 1%: Gannett's CEO lost $1.7 billion, gets $32 million buyout

Anti-Semitism: vandals deface Polish cemetery with swastikas, anti-Jewish slogans

Tennessee abortion bill would require publishing names of doctors -- Disgusting!

Obama fears Mitt Romney.

Pakistani parliament says no to US drones

'Stand Your Ground Laws' in Florida ARE NOT limited to just actions at a residence.

Where is Trayvon's cellphone?

Search for Amelia Earhart Starts Again

And today's Darwin award goes too.......

US reportedly to search again for Amelia Earhart's plane

5 Ways America Is Betraying Its Best Values in Conflicts With Rest of the World

Spring Arrives with Equinox Tuesday, Earliest in More Than a Century

US justice department to investigate Trayvon Martin killing

Keep Kucinich in Congress.

Here's what I don't get about the stand your ground crap

Lawyer says Afghan killings suspect recalls little

Pension switch challenge is lost

Gunman Reportedly Filmed Lethal Shooting Spree at French Jewish School

Incidentalome: Accidental Gene Findings You May Not Want To Know

Will Mitt Romney denounce Matt Drudge for pushing birtherism? Will the media ask him to?

Bad Lyme Disease Spring Predicted For Northeast, Begin Vigilance Now

VA POLL (Q) : Obama 50, Romney 42. Obama/Biden 50, Romney/McDonnell 43. Obama 49, Santorum 40.

Trayvon Martin Exclusive: Friend on Phone with Teen Before Death Recounts Events

Buzz: Older and working, younger and living with Mom and Dad

At Heart of Health Law Clash, a 1942 Case of a Farmer’s Wheat

James Cameron gets ready to dive to the Mariana Trench

So Palin wants to debate the President of the United States and thinks the President should answer

(D-NE) Kerrey: I intended to live at sister's home

Obama would have banned Edison's light bulb? Rmoney is an idiot.

Suit threatened over polling place closures

Republican Pushes For Felony Charge Against Wisconsin Labor Cartoonist Mike Konopacki For Parody

Today's cute

Robert Reich: What Republicans Argue When They Have Nothing Left to Say (Cut taxes,

'Aussie nonprofit funding PFLP-linked Gazan group'

Poll Shows Little U.S. Support for Syria Intervention

Shoot me now. 1,400,000 talk to god on facebook

USA: Union-won law saves thousands of lives

Favorite HBO series named after a Jerry Reed song?

Iran presses ahead with dollar attack

New exhibition on gay maritime life of post-war years (nothing's queer once you've left the pier)

FYI - An Albert Einstein archive is online:

Now that Joe is back, the Republican hit parade marches on!

CIA threatens Australian coal industry: Palmer

Paul Ryan is all over tv this morning, promoting his new budget.

Michael Ware on Sgt. Robert Bales, Accused of Killing Afghan Civilians

Rick Santorum under fire over ranting rightwing pastor

He says, “Michelle, it’s not right. We have got to fix this"

10 Ways to Visualize How Americans Spend Money on Health Care

Will the supreme court televise the Health Care fight arguments?

Health Insurers: We'll Push to Deny Coverage for Pre-Exisiting Conditions if Idiv.Mandate Overturned

Is Starbucks new "blond roast" coffee worth trying or is it repackaging

Tell WA-AARP to have the national organization quit "negotiating" with attackers of Social Security

HMRC minister defends unpaid internship

How much do you know about Mitt Romney? A quiz.

Is this the moment Rick Santorum’s campaign finally disappeared in a puff of self-righteous smoke?

Feingold acknowledges pressure, but again says he doesn't want to run for Governor.

The 9%

Best protest ever? "Knit Your Congressman a Vagina"

pRick Santorum sez, "I ain't worried about unemployment"

Vatican reports on Irish child abuse scandals

Sick Rantorum?

"I don't care about the unemployment rate" -- Little Ricky

Syria rebels quit eastern city, army on offensive

Attacks in 8 Iraqi cities target police and pilgrims, killing 46 ahead of Arab summit

Goldman Sachs cares (cartoon)

Seniors urged to eat Fukushima rice to help farmers, protect young people

Chicago Denies Parade Permit for NATO Summit Protest

Toulouse Serial Killer's Motives Remain Obscure

10 Reasons the Rest of the World Thinks the U.S. Is Nuts

A Colossal Mistake of Historic Proportions: The “JOBS” bill

For Democrats, GOP budget is Christmas in March

UN nuclear watchdog invited to visit North Korea

ABC Exclusive: Witness states Trayvon was stalked and executed by Zimmerman!

Taking Highly Enriched Uranium Out of Mexico: The Rachel Maddow Show goes to Mexico

Brockton, Mass. residents urge city to move its money out of Bank of America, other national banks

Obama leads all GOP candidates in Va., poll finds

A “Roadmap” Filled with Pot Holes and Ditches

California bill would hold IT workers responsible for finding child porn on user's computers.

It is 2012 and the Republicans are arguing about contraception

Zimmerman heard to be using racial slur on 911 tape

Single women of any age, have you noticed that some people, when you make a comment about a man,

2012 VW Golf or 2012 Civic coupe?

why Occupy needs Days of Action

Not gonna be a memorable sap season


Born this date: March 21, 1856: Henry O. Flipper, first African American West Point graduate

I don't care what anyone says

Mortgage Burden for Bales Familiar Story for U.S. Troops

All that matters is the headlines.

The World Of Religion

what's worse than paying taxes?

In Illinois, Santorum’s Chance at Nomination Is Slipping Away

India to urge airlines to opt out of EU carbon scheme

Sen. Kerry talks about link between career, faith

Walking While Black

Job seekers getting asked for Facebook passwords

For all of you knitters - donate to your Congressmen!

U.S. mulls concessions on flashpoint Afghan night raids

Will New York City Mayoral Front-Runner Kill Paid Sick Leave Again?

U.S. mulls concessions on flashpoint Afghan night raids

Being a woman is NOT a pre-existing condition!

Westboro Church on Why They Want Limbaugh Ads - Calls Host a "Titmouse"

Real Anarchists

Huge: California Dems are all in to defeat Amendment One in NC

Wild weather in N. Australia

Idaho Senate votes to require pre-abortion ultrasound

Question RE:Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman Shooting

Will you still need me, will you still feed me when I'm 64?

Tornado in San Antonio damages 50 homes

Trayvon's Girlfriend Recalls Final Conversation Before Shooting ("What Are You Following Me For?")

Chile y Venezuela lead imports arms to South America (Spanish)

Kuwait says Iran has assured it will not shut Hormuz

Scott Brown may have stolen a joke from Conan O'Brian

Mel Brooks plays Rick Santorum:

Pakistan parliament committee demands end to U.S. drone strikes

Joe Biden Sent Me a Link to a Survey

Romney To Women Voters: ‘Vote For The Other Guy’ If You Want Greater Access To Birth Control

Engineers enlist weather model to optimize offshore wind plan

Hammer meet nail. Great piece on USPS "corporate culture" in government.

Avoiding the tragedy of overfishing

House G.O.P. Lays Down Marker With New Budget Plan

The secret of Mitt’s success (Blue states, Mormons and non-voting territories)

A Basic – and Slightly Acidic – Solution for Hydrogen Storage

Now that I have kids I find myself holding back tears at the Trayvon Martin shooting

March 20, 2012, 9am CDT--no mention of Trayvon Martin on FreeRepublic

A message for Sheriff Arpaio

Questions that keep me up at night

Ayn Rand kook - Paul Ryan (R), Medicare, Obamacare and the GOP budget.

Jimmy Carter endorses marriage equality

Some Catholics Clearly Considered This Less Evil Than Contraception

What Happened When Church And State Were Not Separate?

Dog on Car....Man on Dog...

Something major is going very nicely, isn't it?

Sheriff Arpaio refuses to drop ‘birther’ investigation of Obama

Settlers taking over Palestinian springs: UN report

Fmr. detective: Illegal to kill dogs but not black kids in Florida

Companies asking job applicants for Facebook passwords

IMF chief says world back from financial ‘abyss’

Court sets new congressional district lines

VR/OFA - Response To Restore Our Future's 'Now You See the Problem' Ad

Fox News host tries to walk back persistent Obama-Muslim talk

Karen Santorum: Rick Will Do ‘Nothing’ On Contraception

Why Mormon?

I rarely agree with anything ever uttered on ESPN's "The Herd"-

"He [Zimmerman] was on his patrol..."

Karen Santorum: Rick Will Do ‘Nothing’ On Contraception

Transparency for Mr. (and Ms.) Magoo Posters

De Niro Joke About GOP First Ladies Draws Ire

I just have to talk about Romney because the guy blows my mind

Gregg Braden - debunking repository

Porno and Prudes

New York Woman Blinded by Shopping Cart Dropped by Teens Forgives Them

I keep reinventing myself...

Alberta's Wildrose Party campaign bus gaffe

Medvedev Vows to Counter European Missile Shield

Atheists use ‘unholy water’ to ‘unbless’ Florida highway

Just another marriage proposal

Anyone doing ScriptFrenzy this year?

Fun with Trends

Expat atheists, like believers, seek fellowship

Desecration of Quran, mosques shocks Tunisia

A Tough-Oil World


A Close One For Urban Cyclists

No discipline actions planned for North Dakota Degree Mill

but, it's a Liberal Conspiracy..

Trayvon Martin case to go to grand jury, Fla. state attorney announces

I though psychos like this only existed in Hollywood?

The GOP’s bloated Pentagon dreams

"Be Safe"

Posted over at DU2 re: DUer Givemebackmycountry

Trayvon Martin case to go to grand jury, Fla. state attorney announces

Where do you think Trayvon's cell phone was...

Being A Woman Is NOT A Preexisting Condition!

BRILLIANT: Will The Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up

Pakistan seeks unconditional apology on Nato killings

Opinions about gratuitous film sex/heterosexuality.

We stole a bike in downtown Toronto - and it was easy

At 6-Month Mark, DADT Repeal "Proceeding Smoothly"

Kirk CAMERON tells Hoda he would maybe "reframe the question" if not unring the bell

Happy Vernal Equinox

Michael Moore: 'This is just the beginning of OWS'

I see the GOP house has a clear plan for the future

Woo hoo! We are Number 45!

Keep Me Occupied: the unofficial video game of the Occupy movement

LOL! Newt Demands Presidential Apology For DeNiro’s ‘Inexcusable’ First Ladies Joke

Keep Me Occupied: the unofficial video game of the Occupy movement

Pic Of The Moment: Republican Candidates Figure Out Way to Close 20 Point Gender Gap

Most Voters Not Swayed by Dog-on-Car Story

Blame for killings in Afghanistan is shared by society

Android users, app question

Political Wire: PPP: Elizabeth Warren Leads in Massachusetts

Lets talk about bullying.

The Rude Pundit - Justice for the Orange-Shirted Employees

Forget Doonesbury: What If Other Comic Strips Took on the Sonogram Bill?

At Heart of Health Law Clash, a 1942 Case of a Farmer’s Wheat

Urinary tract infections 'are caused by CHICKENS' & modern farming methods are making them worse

Joan Walsh, Salon: Rick Santorum goes off the rails

TYT: Shocking Chart - The 99% Screwed

Gut Infections Are Growing More Lethal

Santorum on Morning Joe - March 19 2012. Things get a little "testy." Don't cry, Rick!

Israel Bans Ultra Skinny Models

Jon Stewart’s ‘Daily Show’ Goes Nuclear With Power-Industry Ads

Quinnipiac: Obama leads Romney by eight in Virginia.

Rick Santorum explains unemployment remark

Supreme Court throws out Prometheus patent in blood test dispute

Scott Walker must be desperate.

I voted for Barack Obama in the Illinois primary today.

Romney's New Line of Attack: Obama Didn't Clean Up W's Mess Fast Enough

Local nursery sign.

Lawmakers line up for prosecution, investigations of Zimmerman

Faithful see ‘a man of God,’ but Santorum scares me

Someone had a cellphone handy and caught the MIRT in action PPRing a poster!

In Texas Tradition, Museums That Enshrine the Quirky

A Troll's Posts Are By Definition Disruptive, Ladies And Gentlemen

Carl Hiaasen: Which Politicians Are Afraid Of A Drug Test?

Ryan budget plan puts GOP candidates in tight spot

Use of ‘Conflict Minerals’ Gets More Scrutiny From U.S.

Harry Potter star jailed for two years for violent disorder during London riots

Gun dealer gets 25 years in fatal Sheboygan Co. shooting

Rep. Walter Jones: America Borrowing From 'Uncle Chang' To Fund Afghanistan War

New York's finest? Really?

Democracy Now: "Modern Day Lynching": Outrage Grows...

Liberals Started the Culture War, and We Should Be Proud of Continuing It

From Vice President Joe Biden-he wants to hear from us

24 bats out of our bat house last night.

House GOP's budget shreds the safety net, gives big tax breaks (updated)

"GET OUT"...Mr Santorum was shown clapping approvingly in the background

White supremacist sheriff candidate says he’s just a “concerned citizen”

Southern Miss takes disciplinary action against students for derogatory chant

McCain: Romney 'Has Not Done As Well As We Had Hoped'

There's something beautiful about all black cats

Postman: Ayers family put 'foreigner' Obama through school (WND Exclusive!)

Thom Hartmann: The Most Conservative Congress Ever!

Corporate-Driven Report Exemplifies Failed Thinking on US Education

Thom Hartmann: Occupy Spring...we're back!

Dutch Model Deemed ‘Too Fat’ Gets Her Day in Court and Poses to Prove Her Point

That's Enough Politeness – Women Need to Rise Up in Anger

Germany Embarks on Historic Alternative Energy Push

Students, your loan interest rate is about to double

Regarding those ultrasounds before abortions

My essay on dailykos.

PPP: Warren holds small lead in MA-Senate race

Toon: Americans react to gas prices

Chuck Winder, Idaho Lawmaker, Suggests Women Use Rape As Excuse For Abortions

Awwccupy Wall Street.

Gingrich Says De Niro’s ‘White First Lady’ Crack Is ‘Inexcusable

Germany: Poor Western Cities Fed Up with Funding East

FOUND: Photo of Ohiosmith and his wife!!!!

Getting Guys & God out of the crotches of womankind

Howard Rich still at it

Condi Rice: failing schools are a NATIONAL SECURITY RISK.

Trayvon Martin's final phone call: 'He said this man was watching him'

How not to compete for the youth vote

knickers in a twist

Will The Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up (feat. Eminem)

Long-time Steeler WR Hines Ward announces retirement

The 7%ers. The people who are beyond human reason.

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Wars of aggression

Idaho Senator's Horrifying Rant: Wants Rape Victims to Admit If It Was "Truly Caused By A Rape"

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- Repub campaign goes on and on

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3-State Rape and other crooks

I designed this, with my brain . . .

Tuesday Toon Roundup 4- Tebow and the rest

A Google user's twisted sense of humor regarding the law firm that fired workers for wearing orange

Great job South Dakota! In a land where right-wing talk shows, & news has a monopoly

Let's assume for a second, Apple goes away...

Airlines group warns over rising oil prices

No Matter How Crazy They Get, The Republican Party Won't Abandon Its Base

Here is a newpaper column of mine which will be published next week.

Paul Ryan just wants seniors to have choices.. Leeeeave Paaaaul Alooooone

Two Florida elections botched by faulty voting machine software

The craftsmen have all gone home...and Dr. Rochokvsy has gone to The Light.

Sweden Backs Obama in Election

AFL-CIO President Trumka: GOP budget is a blueprint of government of, by, and for the rich

Why "Stand Your Ground" IS relevant in the Trayvon Martin case.

Kirk Cameron on anti-LGBT remarks: I’ve been bullied too, I love all people, I hate no one

Swiss soil reveals climate change in mountain ecosystems

Fukushima Farmers Face Decades of Tainted Crops as Fears Linger

Southern Miss takes disciplinary action against students for derogatory chant

Cloud forests face destruction

AARP watching (Iowa) nuclear power votes closely

I haven't followed much of the Trayvon Martin story but I do have this question..

Future generations could face sea levels 20 metres higher

SHORT stories: "Fresh Guacamole" - PES

Romney wants an America more like China

Willam Stars In Hilarious New Chick-fil-A ‘Commercial’ NSFW!

Thom Hartmann: Copyright Alert System-could you end up in jail?

paper bits as kitty litter?

Leaked documents show 9,000 Nazi war criminals fled to South America after World War 2

Coal Seam Gas and fugitive emissions

Latin America: Facing the World Water Forum, We Look Forward and Maintain Hope

Blood Libel 2.0

Heisenberg at a traffic stop

Strong earthquake just hit Mexico

Food as a Commodity

Magnitude 7.9 Earthquake - GUERRERO, MEXICO

Capitalism: A Ghost Story

Trayvon Martin could happen in my neighborhood, too.

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday March 20th

Timm: 'Americans would be shocked to know what US Justice Department is up to'

Leaked documents show 9,000 Nazi war criminals fled to South America after World War 2

For sure Santorum does not care about the unemployment rate.

No matter what I do, the ivy just KEEPS coming back and killing everything else in my garden

Fox News spins Martin killing on gun control

Miguel Cabrera's ground ball to the face

CMD asks Wisconsin Candidates: What Would You Do About ALEC?

Pakistan parliament panel demands US air strike apology

RNC Chair Rinse Peenus RUSHES to defense of Lil' Ricky Sweater Vest's "unemployment" remarks

Put an end to undeclared wars

One Graphic Republicans Hope You Don't Share With Your Friends

Leaked episode of Avatar: the Legend of Korra episode 1

Trayvon's girlfriend was never even questioned by the Sanford Police

Marilyn Manson, Johnny Depp to Cover Carly Simon's 'You're So Vain'

TYT: Why is President Obama Keeping a Journalist in Prison in Yemen?

No one asked their names

Polycrystalline diamond drill bits open up options for geothermal energy

Santorum: "I don't care" about unemployment rate

The Most Eye-Opening Fact About Inequality That We've Seen All Week

In 2000 Illinois discovered we had 13 innocent men on death row waiting to be executed

Christian's raise funds for ill atheist protester

News Corp (Fox) 4th most popular stock of Billionaire hedge fund managers.

Is this Santorum's "Jeremiah Wright" moment?

I think DU has always been an adult website - A website

What Intersections Would Look Like in a World of Driverless Cars

Poll: Mitt Romney, Bob McDonnell ticket would lose Virginia

Viral Eminem parody: ‘Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up’

'I SAW A MAN ON THE GROUND': MCLENDON’S CALL TO 911 (Trayvon Martin Murder)

God Gave Us Lemons for a Reason: Turning Them Into Sweet Lemonade Can Be Worthy Exercise

Election Day in Illinois

The Republican women that defend screwing with the rights of women

Where'd Newt go?

On MSNBC Martin Bashir...S.E.Cupp...really??

Anti-Semitism in Europe on the rise, ADL poll finds

Nice try, gop...

"Secretly" - A Vintage Montage Of Guys Together

Thom Hartmann: Brazil vows to Protect Manufacturing

I live in Illinois and haven't seen one single Romney or Santorum ad

Pig freaks out after GOP candidate brings it to news conference

Some of us are not meant to have tidy whities, Part II.

FCC decision strikes critical blow to right-wing radio dominance

Justice committed to protecting gays, lesbians

Can you help me debunk some "Obamacare" propaganda?

An interview with Angela Davis was on

Georgia #1 in corruption

DU Album of the Day: "Tupelo Honey" Van Morrison

WH: Official reaction to Robert DeNiro's Joke:

Martin Grand Jury to convene April 10th. DOJ gets in on the investigation.

Caption R-Money

Need advice regarding painting.

(San Francisco) Mayor says he'll suspend Mirkarimi as sheriff

The police are complicit in an attempted coverup of Trayvon's murder.

It must be incredibly difficult to run as a republican

Pimp My Ride

Don't let Americans Elect muddy the 2012 race

Note to Santorum

So there's these three Irishmen . . .

Planned Parenthood Clients to Pay Out of Pocket for Testing

NYC Bans Food Donations To The Homeless

Alan Grayson: Mind your own business, Santorum

U.S. to Place Tariffs on Solar Panels From China

What's for dinner?

Iowa Senators Warn Of Financial Risk If Nuclear Plan Approved

Reid: Sen. Wyden against Medicare reforms in Ryan budget

A Letter to Mitt Romney: What 'Getting Rid' of Planned Parenthood Means

Pinch me >>

South By South West - the worst 2 weeks of my life

President Obama, Prime Minister Kenny, & Speaker Boehner attend the Friends of Ireland luncheon-pics

Pink Slime and Jamie Oliver....

Do you take the problem of evil seriously enough?

U.S. imposes low duties on Chinese solar panels

The camera that sees around corners

For the last two nights I've been taking a walk with Michael Moore.

Why Bilinguals Are Smarter

Top court rejects state damages in medical leave case

Astronomers Discover Rectangular Galaxy

Corbett is a Genius at the Peekaboo Strategy

Mnemonics: Your Dear, Dear Friend...

Obama to visit South Korea's border with North: U.S. official

It's a Cookbook !

Hilarious. On the primary

"Romney hopes defunding Planned Parenthood will prove he's as big an asshole about Women's Health

Honduras and the Obama Administration

John Carter flop to cost Walt Disney $200m (BBC)

I have a question for DU members from Wisconsin.

The Village 1 percenters: David Gregory, Bret Baier join Chevy Chase club

U.S. War Game Sees Perils of Israeli Strike Against Iran

'Honor the Dead/Heal the Wounded/End the War'

"Toning Down the Political Rhetoric on Women: Speaking Out"

Chivalry? Dead? HELL no! Jessica Simpson's boyfriend lets rain fall on his pregnant girlfriend...

Historian Connects Modern Humanism to the Enlightenment

Ancient sites spotted from space, say archaeologists (BBC)

"We're Just Making it Less Comfortable for Women to Kill their Babies"

Karen Santorum Promises Rick Will ‘Do Nothing’ On Contraception

Dutch Catholic church castrated at least 10 boys and young men in 1950s

Just checked ignore list.

Huge Atom Smasher Reaches Highest Energy Levels Yet

How NPR Got It Wrong on Monsanto's Superweeds (or how NPR gullibly accepts industry apologists)

Press release from Tulsa Democratic Party

On what de Niro said:

Duplicate post, sorry

Under FLA's Stand Your Ground Law, An African American Man Can Shoot Zimmerman

"Obnoxious" Shirtless Florida Karaoke Singer Allegedly Assaults Applebee’s Employee

I feel like I just went from driving a loaded Rolls Royce to driving a Yugo

Current TV to Launch Morning Program Block Monday.

Rick, If You're Against Porn, Don't Watch It

Obama and the Religion Question

Figures on Government Spending and Debt

Funny or not?

It's pretty amazing what happening with Tebow

The Reason The GOP Is So Agressive

Santorum way ahead in Louisiana according to new poll

Michelle Obama is so "classy"

Tim Tebow to the Eagles???

Let's put a stop to Right Wing Radio for all time!

D'oh! I've figured it out. Fox news and Republicans in general - what they really are.

Did George Zimmerman Complain About ‘F*cking C**ns’ In 911 Call Before Shooting?

What is Santorum doing here?

The Absent Citizenry: How Our Democratic Republic Became A Corporate Oligarchy

GOP War On Everything

Mars Attacked: Planetary Scientists Vent Frustrations over Proposed Budget Cuts

Former US president Jimmy Carter backs ‘very fine’ equal marriages for gays

Republican assholes: Loretta Lynn supported oral contraception,for crying out loud!

Former US president Jimmy Carter backs ‘very fine’ equal marriages for gays

Afghan Murder Suspect Bales 'Took My Life Savings,' Says Retiree

RUMOR: First wave of IL exits put Romney up by 4.

Don't worry, it's not racist!

Has anyone here lived-worked in a former Eastern bloc country?

Activists Ground Flying Monkeys

John Heileman: Hillary's "Shame on you Barack Obama" same as current GOP clown car infighting

three year old in wheel chair gets a good patdown and swabbed for explosives

What Paul Ryan’s budget actually cuts — and by how much

The Master Butchers Singing Club-Chapter 12-SPOILERS

If headlines were accurate: "Freeper murders unarmed teenager in cold blood"

Lion Cubs Hug Trainer On His Last Day At Park

GooGoo over Gaga

Romney Ignores Question About Trayvon Martin

Free Screening of THE CABIN IN THE WOODS w/ Q&A with Stars Kristen Connolly and Fran Kranz

The Affordable Care Act Is Getting Results, With Much More to Come

State Rep Alan Dick: he doesn’t believe that when a woman is pregnant, it’s really “her pregnancy"

There could be justice for Trayvon Martin after all...

My neighbor is a bit of a crazy asshole.

Ezra Klein: Ryan's tax plan: $6.2 trillion short

snicker, snicker

Chuck TODD threw in the punditry towel: "Tonight doesn't matter."

Papantonio: Trayvon Killer Should Be Charged With Premeditated Murder

Who Should You Believe?

LynneSin looks for her lost earbuds.

"Get Out!" Santorum, Perkins and the Religious Right's Vision of America

Why Rick Santorum will never be elected President

Why Budget Cuts and Global Warming Don't Mix

Zimmerman called the police 46 times since Jan. 1, 2011.

Stand Your Ground fathers:"They got the goods on him. They need to prosecute whoever shot the kid,"

RMoney thinks that Pres. Obama is a "lightweight" on economic issues

Once again, Kali disses the Universe:

Why bands never EVER let the drummer drive:

What happened to these AMAZING hairstyles?

The world's first documented breast reduction and the REAL reason men hate hate hate them.

MiddleFingerMom's siblings did not have easy lives.

MFM knows now that, if he REALLY wanted to, he could go 100% vegetarian at any given moment.

Elzabeth Warren is leading 46% to Brown's 41%

Tweety is playing Santaliban's pastor's sickening rant

Ouch, GOP Staffer E-Mail

Dennis Terry Introducing Rick Santorum

A couple of new series to check out

Keystone XL Pipeline: Obama May Fast-Track Approval Of Southern Half

MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS - Rick, If You're Against Porn, Don't Watch It..., Alan Grayson

About the murder of Trayvon Martin.

The Strange Pop Culture Tastes of Dictators

Headline: Building Regulations allow a major city to weather a major earthquake.

How Casual Sexism Put Sqoot in the Hotseat

Remember the "Numa Numa" song?

Somehow I ended up at Laura Ingraham's Facebook page and they are criticizing Obama because he let

The End of Kony 2012

2012 GOP Womans Healthcare Protection Act *TOON*

Coachella, as seen by people who DON'T read Rolling Stone or SPIN . . .

Flying like a bird with self built wings

Sgt. Bale: Stock Fraud Swindler


Rev AL discussing the Florida Stand your Ground Law

Neb. GOP to challenge Kerrey (D-NE) in court


Listening to Irish music, Boehner tears up - image

CSU Students Face Cutbacks But Not Campus Presidents

Fear of the Black Man: How the Trayvon Martin murder is part of a much bigger trend...

Mitt Romney to Women: You're On Your Own

Show of hands, please: Who was politically aware then, and recalls clearly, Newt's Speakership?

The Thread of Our Blogs

Recent F-35 fighter backtracking now becoming clear: AG is about to hammer the government

MFM customizes his wardrobe to accommodate his beer only diet.

The NSA Is Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center (Watch What You Say) (Wired)

Pro-Union Pro-Worker Stickers, T-shirts, Buttons, etc.

CBS News early Illinois exit polls: 4 in 10 Romney, Santorum voters "have reservations"

Sleazy insurance ad

Nokia issues patent for vibrating tattoos

Breaking it Down: The Health Care Law and Women

Tim Tebow’s friend says that he wants to head back to Florida

For Trayvon Martin, this REALLY needs to go viral....

National Debt has increased more under Obama than under Bush

Joe Madison Site down (enhanced Zimmerman recording)

Android users: Ad-supported apps are seriously sucking down your battery!

Before we start bashing Mormons this year, let me say this.

Redistricting wrangle hits Romney and Texas Republicans

Kill the JOBS Act!

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Some days are just kinda perfect....

The opposite of seriousness

Nuclear fusion simulation shows high-gain energy output

The Conservative Strike Force

Proposal would restart Keystone XL review

NASA head enorses Globe theory, questions Earth Flat claims

U.S. War Game Sees Perils of Israeli Strike Against Iran

But excuse me lady, was "It truly caused by a rape", are you sure, positive, 100%?

Based on his constant self referencing in the 3rd person...

A.F.L.-C.I.O. Takes On Voter ID Laws

New paper by Notre Dame researchers describes method for cleaning up nuclear waste

The ex-FBI informant with a change of heart: 'There is no real hunt. It's fixed'

Unions to demonstrate at Legislature (MN) to oppose voter ID amendment

University graduate student workers begin union vote

Probably Gay, the Homophobia Song - Katie Goodman's Broad Comedy

What Kind of Party Is This?

Study confirms oil from Deepwater Horizon disaster entered food chain in the Gulf of Mexico

Lung hazard at 2nd Ave. Subway

Violence Against Women Act gets 60th cosponsor needed to beat filibuster

Reason Rally in 4, 3, 2 .....

Interactive Campaign Map.....

Mexico has upgraded the quake to 7.9 Richter

NOAA science supports New York’s offshore energy planning

Eva Cassidy Died From Melanoma 16 Years Ago, And Is Now Achieving Fame.

Thanks To The Jury

BPA Could Affect Reproductive Capabilities, Cause Infection of the Uterus

Holding a gun may make you think others are too

Israel Supreme Court: Settlers can no longer gain possession of land by farming it

polls close in a half hour in Illinois.

Abortion Bill: Arizona GOP Legislator Says Women Should Witness Abortions

End the Drug War

Greenhouse gas can find a home underground

Watch my son being arrested in Zucotti Park NYC St Patrick's Day

Traffic advice

Yes, Ann Coulter is defending Robert De Niro. But don't worry. It's not a sign of the apocalypse.

Starting now: Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate: Faster Than the Speed of Light

Is there any need for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change?

What do you think this means?

The Biggest Question Of All

In case you haven't heard this yet- its incredible

Six Reasons Why You Should Never Retire. Gee, prepping America for the inevitable?

Trayvon Martin and the fatal history of American racism

St. Louis Cardinals' Lance Berman says Bud Selig 'extorted' Houston Astros into AL move

Senate rejects export bank reauthorization

There's no escape from the corporations that run India

TYT: Trayvon Martin 911 Call - Did George Zimmerman Say 'F*ng Coons'?

"Never talk to the police" video

No sex necessary: Women have orgasms in gym.

Where are the all the mainstream religious leaders ?

Happy Birthday, Mr. Rogers

Will The Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up (feat. Eminem)

Anecdote About Voting

Electric propulsion could launch new commercial trend

More Than 2,200 Record High Temps Set In Continental US March 1-20, 2012 - Winner, SD 94F 3/19/12

CNN Illinois Exit Polls

I'm being asked at Drinking Liberally Philly what time results are coming tonight.

E.B. White on the free press:

Bachmann: I will back whoever is nominee

The Big Fracking Bubble: The Scam Behind the Gas Boom

Age of Ignorance

A Doctor on Transvaginal Ultrasounds

Builder who helped air 'Swift Boat' ads gives $3 million to pro-Romney super PAC

'Dude, Where's My Spaceship?' Ashton Kutcher is 500th customer of Virgin Galactic

Marc Veasey gets Texas AFL-CIO endorsment

Miami Dolphins fans demonstrate at team headquarters

Docs should claim moral exemptions from performing unecessary ultrasounds.

Here's A Handy Way To Gauge How Much Of The Democratic Party Has Been Bought...

Record low turnout for presidential primary in Chicago

NHL: Staged fights are a sorry spectacle

Jesus... Just Breaking By AP On The Banner Scroll On Ed... Ballots Too Big For Voting Machines...

Firm at centre of robo-call storm unmasks mystery employee

Zimmerman case going to a grand jury.......

Payday lenders scrutinized for funneling cash to super PACs

Do NOT be misled by the fact this this is Spring now...

USA Today: Ballots too big in at least 25 Illinois counties

The High Numbers (The Who) live in 1964

Illinois primary results

well now here is the "no-s***" story of the day

Kelda Helen Royce: Running for Congress and Proudly Progressive.

Romney Romps in

Capriles on supposed assassination plot: I don't know if it is a warning or a threat

CNN Projects Romney wins Ill

CNN Projects Romney wins Ill

Nasa science chief 'fighting' for planetary research (BBC) {despite Obama budget cuts}

CNN projects Romney wins Illinois.

I'm an old-fashioned American

serious question about trayvon, zimmerman and stand your ground

Why does Ed say the "dog story" is entertaining and doesn't matter?

First High-Resolution Images of the Wreck of the Titanic

Breaking on Ed Shultz from Michigan

Judge puts Flint mayor, council back in charge

President Obama hosts a St. Patrick's Day Reception at the White House for Prime Minister Kenny-pics

Swiftboat financier gives $3 Million to Romney SuperPAC

John Lennon Marries Yoko on this date

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Springtime For Romney & a new kitty gif

Would somebody Please tell Mother Nature

2 year old dancing the jive (adorable!)

GACK! The Gyno Exam...!

So Mitt wins Illinois. We are all Seamus now.

Sanford, FL PD - Trayvon Martins Killer's Protector

Robert Bales Allegedly Defrauded an Elderly Couple out of $1.2 million

Exxon Valdez is sold for scrap

Mauritania agrees to extradite Senussi: Libya vice PM

Anyone else horrified at the subject matter of the Hunger Games? I saw a movie preview last

I can't think of anything I LIKE better...

And guess who else might be opposed to the Keystone XL pipeline?

needed eyeglasses that cost next to nothing, found this

Just found out my friend LOVES to watch the Lawrence Welk reruns on PBS

U.N. asked to investigate solitary confinement as torture

IL vote shows a HUGE divide between rural and suburban counties.

Mrs. Romney claims that women are loving it when Romney talks about the deficit. LOL!

Trayvon Martin Shooting: Miami-Dade Schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho Says

Ryan Budget Pads Big Oil’s Pockets While Americans Pay At The Pump

Willard stop fugging lying

Trayvon Martin 911 Call - Did George Zimmerman Say 'F*ng Coons'?

New meme: Mitt using the term "Economic Freedom". Is this a subtle admission that the base wants

Romney is speaking. How many lies can one man tell in one speech?

President Obama jabs 'birthers' with Irish certificate

The ability of GOP pols to gather all white audiences for speeches will never cease to amaze me

Idaho Lawmaker Suggest woman don't know the difference between NORMAL married sex and RAPE

Duckworth leads 8th Congressional District Democratic primary

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. out to early lead against Halvorson

Texas Democratic State Sen. Wendy Davis’ Fort Worth Office Firebombed

Former Democratic Rep. Bill Foster leading in comeback attempt

North Shore congressional primary tight

So Let Me Get This Straight... The Yemeni Journalist, That Obama Asked To Be Kept Locked Up...

Holy Crap....The Newter is running FOURTH?

‘Three Amigos’ Eager for More War

France Bans Genetically Modified Corn

Summary of Democratic Congressional Primaries in Illinois

OMG...The River...

Toon- Ryan Plan

I happen to be watching the first episode of Mad Men and guess what scene is just speaking volumes

John Elway gives me the creeps.

Consider this: Was Zimmerman just applying the Bush Doctrine at the local level?

Santorum just made a reference comparing himself to God by saying

Frothy: And those people (miners and millworkers) fought for the same things that the people .....

Ann Coulter Defends Robert De Niro's First Lady Joke


The terrffying 2am call that Romney dreads

Rick Santorum to visit Dallas with hat in hand

Florida 'Stand Your Ground' law could complicate Trayvon Martin teen shooting case

Texas state senator's office firebombed

TYT: TYT Mocks God, Going To Hell - Randall Terry

Florida official says he can's suspend concealed carry permit of Trayvon Martin's shooter

Tent fire at OccupyRochester the result of arson

I just watched the greatest movie (only on Netflix instant watch for 2 more days)

Chase Bank Occupiers: Not Guilty. “A Huge Victory”

Mitt Romney, I Rebuke Thee

Trayvon Martin and the fatal history of American racism

MY that stings...My son at OWS Saturday...

The Zimmerman/Martin Case & Sundown Towns

My son is half Arabic - is someone gonna kill him, too?

My cardinal is training me.

"Eye-Popping" Record Temperatures Soar: This Is What Climate Change Looks Like In The United States

Sometimes I just get lost in thought.

After watching BBC's 'Being Human', I can never go back to 'True Blood'


WooHoo! Corned Beef in the Pressure Cooker...

San Francisco District Attorney Gascón: Medical Pot Sales Are Illegal

If Zimmerman were dead, would Trayvon be walking free right now?

John Elway gives me the cramps.

very busy progressive Wed 3/21 in Fresno

Florida's Make My Day law -- one of you guys explain why we SHOULDN'T think it sucks that Schneider won?

Favorite vampire? Gotta admit, I'm a old school kind of guy. Haven't really liked one since

Who else doesn't get some of these reality shows?

Santorum's Full Speech After Illinois Primary Loss: 15 minutes of your life you cannot get back

RMoney is really channelling Grifterella with talk about Pres. Obama's "otherness", isn't he?

4/12 Fresno: Targeting Iran: Sanctions and War, panel discussion including Ray McGovern ret CIA

One day after enrollment freeze, Cal State trustees OK pay hikes for 2 presidents

Cities of Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe demand power provider exit nuclear

He Was Only 17...

My favorite scene from Bambi

U.S. Big Business Pushing Nuclear Power

Global solar PV market up 40% in 2011 (US in fourth place, after Germany, Italy, and China)

MAN-ON-HORSE! Santorum wants you to "saddle up, like Reagan did in the cowboy movies"

The Pope installs a new archbishop in the US's oldest archdiocese . . . and guess what . . . . ?

Obama to fast track southern portion of Keystone XL Pipeline

3/24 1pm Downtown Mpls, People's Plaza. Women's Rights Rally

Nice rims!

Deaths nearly triple since "Stand Your Ground" law introduced in Florida

A comparison...

Google This... *pic*

Audio interface?

Helping SPED Students by Increasing Their Class Sizes?

Illiterate Braggart to Take Over 15 Detroit Public Schools

Pacifica Hires Union-Busting Law Firm

If headlines were accurate: "RIGHT WING EXTREMIST murders unarmed teenager in cold blood"

Israelis Grow Confident Strike on Iran’s Nukes Can Work

TCM Schedule for Thursday, March 22 -- What's On Tonight -- Later Rosalind Russell

President is Wanted for Treason

Anyone know where I can buy one of these?

Iraq war vet Tammy Duckworth wins Democratic primary, challenging teabagger Joe "Deadbeat Dad" Walsh

I don't blame Noot for staying

U.S. lacks "proof" on Afghan shooting: suspect's lawyer

Romney To Women Voters: ‘Vote For The Other Guy’ If You Want Greater Access To Birth Control

According To KO... In Illinois... Record Low Turnout, And 98% White In GOP Contest...

Toons: Saving Privatizing Ryan, A Third Opinion, Arm Wrestling in Russia and More. - 3/20/12

How about some Political News Satire?

Howdy Texas group

Why are not those that alert a post and those that are on a jury identified by name?

TCM Schedule for Friday, March 23 -- What's On Tonight -- The Brontë Sisters