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Libya interior minister calls time on rogue militias

Syrian ground forces storm rebel stronghold of Idlib

When Game Change starts winning Emmy's and Golden Globes will Sarah then embrace it?

Slugfest at the Symphony

xPost from GD - Video: Steve Leser - Election 2012 A Tale of Two Narratives

My thoughts on Game Change...

Xpost from GD - Video: Steve Leser - Election 2012 A Tale of Two Narratives

Stockton residents watch their port city slip away

March and Vigil Commemorating Fukushima disaster in Plymouth 3/11/12

Game Change.... what did I miss?

Romney or Burns? Who said it?

A reminder to those who deny the accuracy of Game Change.

Pennsylvania's Right to Know Law protects the crooks, not the people!

It's been six years since I can tell I've been depressed...

check in if you have not seen Game Change

Local morning show: Fluke made it sound like at Georgetown, 'number one pastime is having sex'

I thought Sarah Palin was horribly ignorant before game change, but in GC she seems so much worse

SNL’s ‘Sarah Palin’ Takes On HBO’s Game Change

Uncommitted wins in U.S. Virgin Islands. Romney comes in third.

Santorum's path to nomination in 2012

(Illegal) Immigration Decreases, but Tensions Remain High

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Saturday, March 10)

There's a leak in the Ignore feature.

Poll: Romney slightly ahead of Santorum in Illinois.

A moment of silence for Japan. It's been a year now.

Sowell: Only Gingrich can handle Obama in a debate; only impeachment or coup can stop Obama

US soldier kills Afghan civilians in Kandahar

Please don't rely on for-profit HBO for your historical facts...

Kristen Wiig's Paula Deen Addresses Sexual Harassment Lawsuit On SNL


ED and men: a serious conversation

Berkeley police chief sends sergeant to reporter's home to request story changes

Leftist opposition wins big in Slovakia election

The Best Street Art Of 2011

I still refuse to accept that entering DST before the Spring equinox is in any way sane.

Ex-Catholic with family issues...

I feel blessed! Tom Irwin, who I used to play guitar with, sent me five CDs!

I have to give it up to Steve Schmidt's willingness to be honest after the fact.

I will tell you I have to thank rush for teaching me something... "misogynist"

I know this has been posted before but it so much funnier than SNL

I lived through that fucking mess in 2008....

How long before we hear that HBO is really H.B.O. YOU KNOW, Hussein Barack Obama?

At Inverness on Tomales Bay (aka "Charon's Boathouse")

Steve Schmidt (Game Change) “Sir, you’ve got to stop watching Keith Olbermann

Zis is for all ze peoples zat like der crunchy lemming stew.

Russian, Putin and RT

Scarcity sends the sick scrambling for medication

CONNEDservatives for Palin made cultish Palin "Showbills" to hand out at DC premiere

Thousands rally at WI state Capitol

Santorum wants prima nocta, nobles' right of wedding night sex, back

A Couple of Ostara Recipies:

My parting shot.

Stop Shell from Drilling Off the Coast of the Arctic Refuge

With tech assets, can Austin become key player in automotive industry?

With tech assets, can Austin become key player in automotive industry?

Did Stone Age cavemen talk to each other in symbols?

Texas anti-terror law used to deny wide range of public information requests

My Little Pony - Friendship is Satanic ~ by Shelley the Republican

Humor takes center stage at SXSW (that doesn't stand for sex show)

Romney Wins Northern Marianas Caucus

For a Shell Executive, Much Head-Scratching Over U.S. Energy Policy

Graffiti at Pompey

SNL Politics Reviewed: Rush and Palin

We finally found a squirrel proof bird feeder that actually works.

Poverty and propaganda

Anyone else been getting spam in Russian lately?

I would prefer that "time of post" and "last reply" went back to being specific

please bring the toolbar to private messages

Republicans are determined to go after the Women's Vote

Torchwood fans: Happy birthday, John Barrowman

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Quite Tso Edition

Parents who froze girl in time defend their actions

Moon's close proximity to Earth may have pushed icebergs into path of Titanic

Oh, and "just" one more thing about Game Change:

Japan mourns; grapples with tsunami aftermath

US soldier kills 10 Afghan civilians in Kandahar

Number of states DUers have donated from to Omaha Steve 4 city council is now up to 19

Prudes, Puritans and Porn

This is what we have to deal with in The South.

Wisconsin Supreme Court justices battle over recusing themselves

about Rush

Tory British Bill of Rights commissioner resigning

If we have no money for disaster releif

Egypt unrest: Court clears 'virginity test' doctor

One thing I love about the Hayes/Harris-Perry 4 hour block...

Why Nations Fail by Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson – review

Anybody see "Game Change"

Do the Joint Chiefs have the authority to remove Rush from AFN?

Sunday's Doonesbury - This is MyFacts

The Doonesbury Interview on WaPo

Up with Chris Hayes - good discussion on

The First Time Barack Obama Was Elected President

Voting on the Weekend? Democrats Eye a New Election Day

Israel Faces an Army of the Ultra-Orthodox

It's my birthday - ask me anything!

With all due respect to FDL, it was refusal to defend Medicare in 2010 that killed Dems

The New Republic’s New Boss

LatAm gays reach high govt offices {warning: mild ignorance in reporting ahead}

I know a dittohead who’s dumb beyond belief

"All Village Soup publications cease operations" (link)

Thousands rally against nuclear power in Taiwan

Love Among the Tents: Two Women Marry at Occupy DC Site - Video

UK Equality Minister: Church’s opposition to same sex marriage is ‘Dark Age’ homophobia

Health- Care Reform

Health- Care Reform

Robert H. Schuller, wife resign from Crystal Cathedral board

Senator Kerry defends Obama against GOP critics

Japan’s nuclear mobsters don’t share tsunami pain

Ten Commandments in school? Georgia House unanimously votes yes

Product placement is key to finding motivated buyers

Santorum brain scan explains all

MSNBC on four of the 12 TVs at my gym today. No Fox News.

John McCain unleashed another version of Pandora's Box on the US

Voters Slowly Realizing Santorum Believes Every Deranged Word That Comes Out Of His Mouth

MSNBC Rejects Christian Leaders' Ad Exposing Hate Group Leader Who Appears Regularly on the Network

Pitt experts say the Pennsylvania gas law fails to protect public health

Drumbeat: March 10, 2012

Financial regulations gutted in new bill

Thousands stage Japan anti-nuclear protest

Anti-nuclear human chain to link 200 kms between Lyon and Avignon

Economic spying case over DuPont's chemical grows

No more Fukushimas Anti-nuclear power peace walkers rest in Weehawken on 250-mile journey

Rampart. See it.

Obama Campaign Leaps Into 'Action' On Appeals To Women Voters

Speech and Kirk Cameron

Nuclear protesters in Australia target miners

Phil Griffin's moves at MSNBC make more sense now?

Million-dollar hospital bills rise sharply in Northern California

Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie....

Anti-Nuclear Zombies March On Statehouse

Nance Greggs: A Modest Proposal

Why I Decided to Become a Private School Teacher

Just a friendly reminder...

Progress Energy customers on hook for $1.1B for nuclear plant that may never be built

Beyond "Broken Windows", NYT's Peter Schuck on recently deceased political scientist James Q. Wilson

How to help get Current TV on Charter Cable

US Servicemember shoots 16 Afghanis.

Robert Schuller leaves Crystal Cathedral board

Tuning In to Dropping Out

Informant in 'dirty DUI' case tells his story

DU 2012 NCAA Tournament Pool

Catholic voters in many states shy away from preachy Santorum

Oh oh. Looks like she's had enough of Republican politics.

Is the Tea Party Fair-Minded?

Congress considering measures to expand access to shooting ranges

Blagojevich stepping into another world

Inside Japan's Nuclear Meltdown - entire docu here

City ignores recommendation, allows guns throughout parks (North Carolina)

How to Tell It's Time to Quit the Presidential Race

An Apology to Afghan Families from an American Military Wife

Problems connecting laptop

How much would Keystone pipeline help US consumers?

Should DU submit a political show to MSNBC?

Does anyone KNOW if the "Bronze" Health Insurance Policies offered on "The Exchange" in 2014...

3 Palestinians killed in Israeli airstrikes

French Presidential Elections Hollande Wants to Renogatiate EU Fiscal Pact

Protect Pregnant Women: Free Bei Bei Shuai

Reports: Spies stole info with fake Facebook account for NATO's Stavridis

Youth Movement Promotes US Military Presence in Central Africa

Unanimously? Really?

The ‘biblical view’ that’s younger than the Happy Meal

What Scotty didn't consider last summer when he said people will get over it.

China sacrifices growth to satiate inflation dragon; China has a shrinking labor force

Human stem cells 'help blind rats'

Meanwhile, here's the Free Republic take on the US soldier killing 16 Aghan civilians:

A FB page worthy of your "Like" WWAD What Would Atticus Do?

Illinois Signs PLA for Renewable Power Project, Will Create 1,400 Jobs, Power 1.4 Million Homes

Bletchley Park tweet saves Alan Turing computing papers

Watching a once-great party circle the drain

Given the location of the Rs campaigns this last week, how long before Mitt sings Dixie?

Anyone still for Dennis Kusinich to primary Obama?

Christian Laettner could owe as much as $30 million to sports stars, corporations

Robert H. Schuller, wife resign from Crystal Cathedral board

Anyone else want their photo website linked in a pinned thread here?

Since Hillary Clinton is retiring and Obama will need a new Secretary Of State

Something I just learned about the heart...

WashPost endorses John Delaney in 6th District Democratic primary

Ecuador indigenous protesters march against mining

Game Change coming up again on HBO at 11:00 am Central Time.

Hillary Clinton: 'NO TURNING BACK'-“women’s rights are human rights,”

VH-1 just showed The Honeydrippers' "Sea of Love." Nice permed mullet, Robert.

Mike Malloy - Religious Freedom My Ass!!!

Mike Malloy - The Right Wing Monster

Mike Malloy - Who Killed Andrew Breitbart?

So I called the local station that carries limbaugh on Friday...

Key Republicans beginning to admit they've lost the culture wars

Ode to Bain Capital and Mitt's vision of America.

My neighbor is sooo pissed at me.

Is America on the Verge of Theocracy? 4 Fundamentalist Ideologies Threatening U.S. Liberty

Finding Something Greater: One Year After Fukushima

Schools Without Toilet Paper? The Pain in Spain Falls Mainly on the Plain Folks

Why shouldn't a candidate have to compete in every state?

Let me tell you about cheesy grits and Mitt.

Phoenix Bus Strike

Evans: The president is right - War is not a game

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday March 11th

Death toll jumps to "at least 16" in US soldier's mass murder of Afghan civilians.


Mike Malloy - Republican Clown Show

Engineered friendships

Mike Malloy - Laurens County Purity Pledge

Women's Health Program rally protests loss of services for poor women

Storied Carrier, 'The Big E,' Makes Final Voyage

"The Pastor and The President"

How Good is Obamacare? (Hint: Pretty Damn Good.)

Go to Trial: Crash the Justice System

"In Living Color" has so many UNFUNNY shows it's hard to remember how FUNNY it was at its best

US Army: Geotagged Facebook posts put soldiers' lives at risk

"What You Lose When You Sign That Donor Card"

It lives!!

Is it time to TAX the Catholic Church?

Why is no legitimate candidate for president running on ending the War in Afghanistan?

White House's Dept. of Agriculture says pink slime ok for your schoolchildren to eat

"Natural and Effective Weed Control" OR....

Sunday’s message from Jesus

Operation FLUSH RUSH from Armed Forces Radio - ONLY - 4640 Sigs Needed

heads up my people...

Remedial First Amendment For Conservatives (And Bill Maher)

more people racking up million dollar hospital bills

Nicolle Wallace: Game Change Film 'True Enough To Make Me Squirm'

Sleep Train advertiser came crawling back to Rush. He rejects them

What NY Times Left Out of Piece on 'The Mitt Who Didn't Mingle'

ALEC Report Card on Education

Industry Blend: Capcom's Disc-Locked Content Could Combat Used Game Sales

Catholic deacon suspended following sex charge

On that Alexendra Pelosi spot on Mississippi in Maher. THIS is why the GOP hates education.

Lone gunman or "group of soldiers" - what is the truth?

Anyone else waiting for bracket announcements?

Some asshole put an "Open House" sign in my yard this morning.

Did you know that it rained 46 inches in Hawaii, 3 inch hail, and tornadoes?

This latest slaughter of Afghan innocents shows the wisdom of the US drone policy

"A cult is a small, unpopular religion. A religion is a large, popular cult."

Bacon flavored lip balm.

Human errors responsible for deepening Fukushima crisis: IAEA chief

Mississippi Republicans Seek To Ban Liberal History In Social Studies Courses

Krugman: The Swedish One Percent

Mike Malloy - Limbaugh: The Pigman Slut - Part 1

Mike Malloy - Limbaugh: The Pigman Slut - Part 2

Mike Malloy - Limbaugh: The Pigman Slut - Part 3

Is a new and improved DU3 in the works? For example, a return to DU2 but call it DU4

Bad Romance: Women's Suffrage

Juan Cole: Poll: Majority of Republicans Expect War with Iran in 2012

Are there standards for forum hosts?

Homemade foccacia - yummmmm

Great UK blog on small space/container gardening:

Sarkozy threatens to withdraw from Schengen (open borders) accord

Death penalty would be appropriate in Afghan mass-killing

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

A Thing Of Beauty... A Thing Of Horror...

Is it okay to link back to a jury deleted post?

Christians have no right to wear cross at work, says Government (UK)

Google will soon offer a free internet connection to everyone.

Mike Malloy - Republican Callers: James

Rally March 10 2012

Greenland ice sheet may melt completely with 1.6 degrees global warming

If The Rs Are Planning On Stealing The Election, It Doesn't Matter How Many People They Piss Off

How Rick Santorum got a $2 million Virginia estate

Amazing what can be done with photoshop

The World Top Incomes Database

Game Change Is Not A Movie, It’s A Cautionary Tale

US soldier kills up to 16 Afghan civilians

Why Can't You Smoke Pot? Because Lobbyists Are Getting Rich Off of the War on Drugs

Iran Worried U.S. Might Be Building 8,500th Nuclear Weapon

quotes of the day

today in women's herstory

F.B.I. targets peaceful anti-fracking and Rising Tide activists, Washington Post reveals

a biography of the day--Mary Kehew:

Today I noticed two threads referring to the19th Amendment.

biography of the day--barbara ehrenreich

Anyone Familiar with Helicopter Emissions Standards?

Dems told not to expect Obama money

Anyone Familiar with Helicopter Emissions Standards?

"They were all drunk and shooting all over the place," - Reuters

The Onion's Baratunde Thurston Sees Beyond The 'Internet Of Crap' - MSNBC

Not near as many college basketball posts

Desperation: Rush tries to rally his stations in private address

Congrats to Vandy!

Boehner: Some of America’s ‘dumbest’ and ‘raunchiest’ serve in Congress

Why Does the Central African Republic Have Such a Boring Name? Blame the French.

White House moves to put GOP on defensive over Iran, Israel policies

Florida State ACC Tournament Champs

Kofi Annan leaves Syria after talks with Assad

The War on Teachers: Why USA's Shrinking Middle Class and Battered Working Class Is Eating Its Own

Remaining 5 inmates in Mississippi pardons controversy freed

Grrr...'Whistleblower Lawsuits Against Banks Extinguished in Foreclosure Fraud Settlement' - FDL

Fox & Friends Promotes Effort To "Rescue" Unconstitutional Public Cross

My friend called me a Neo-Luddite

Neil deGrasse Tyson Supercut Demands We Dream of Space Again

Yes,that is called snow.

What happened to old fashioned piano concerts?

Report: Congressional candidate Alan Grayson hits Lynx bus in downtown Orlando

In G.O.P. Nomination Race, Geography Has Been Destiny - Nate Silver/NYT

None of the #1 seeds will have won their conference tourney...

Syria: They screened films about Gandhi in the mosque.

NYT: US Sergeant piled 11 bodies, including those of 4 girls under 6 years old, set fire to them.

Rush Limbaugh - "Sleep Train is begging me back, but no!"


Christian Rock Band Preaches Hate Of LGBT Community During School Assembly

What Does God Think About War?

Some Reflections on GAME CHANGE

Continuing slide in support for the war in Afghanistan, even among Republicans

What Does God Think About Religion?

Fed Up With American Business Community And Corporations

NAACP Heads to UN re: Voting Rights Suppression

Oops! Santorum Bucks GOP Message On The Economy

Santorum to apply Voldemort-like treatment to past presidents

Some new predictions for the next couple of months.

Michele Bachmann Attacks Challenger Anne Nolan, Occupy Wall Street - HuffPo

Anyone else remember the Rush Limbaugh Club Gitmo T-Shirt line?

Posted in the wrong forum, no prob. I can move it all by myself!

Biden to attend St. Patrick's Day parade(Pittsburgh,Pa.)

Email Of The Day - Gov. Scott Walker (Keep barf bag handy)

As Andrew says, a mental health break....

I Bet The Pentagon And The MIC Is Scrambling Like Hell Right Now...

Hague sued over US drone strikes in Pakistan

(UK foreign sec) Hague sued over US drone strikes in Pakistan

Farrakhan's right to speak at Berkeley event is defended

Obama campaign goes after Sarah Palin Civil War nosnense

Yemeni officials say 4 US airstrikes hit al-Qaida controlled area in south

Dear President Obama, It's a clusterfuck and it's way past time to pack it in.

Syrian rebels: buying bullets from the other side

North Carolina State had game stolen.

How Sarah Palin Invented Bill Maher’s Liberal Excuse For Misogyny

Great pic as seen on FB of Rush.....

"Invisible Children" tied to anti-gay, creationist groups.

Conservatives Blow Off the Constitution to Degrade Poor People

Libeling The First Amendment: The Right’s Warping Of Free Speech

I have no problem condemning Maher for some of his language.

Don't it make my brown eyes blue...

After just watching Game Change I feel sorry for Sarah Palin

i'm drunk right now and wanna make a point about Game Change...

My mom went back into emergency and will be admitted

Damn you Sparty!

Analysis: Obama's Afghanistan problem gets worse

Why isn't Montana in play for Dems more often?

Don't tell anyone but I am about to do something I haven't done in over a decade...

Hey, Santorum. Tell me again about how women aren't good enough for some roles in the military.

Mice Study Shows Brain’s Natural Resistance to Drugs

Putting Party Before Country. Again.

3/11: Japan Marks Anniversary of Meltdowns, Tsunami in day of mourning, protest

Crazy Stuff the GOP Says: Lincoln

Grayson Involved In Crash With Lynx Bus

OH Bill Would Require Men Submit Affidavit From Sex Partner Confirming Impotence B4 Receiving Viagra

I know the focus is on college ball right now

Tony 2012

Obama condolences over Afghanistan massacre in Kandahar

Cracks in the coalition

There going to be a DU Bracketball leauge this year?

Rush Limbaugh sings "I Am Woman"

18 cents: Why Our Wombs are a Political Battlefield

Gaza rockets pummel Israel's south for third day; 200,000 students ordered to stay home

Maybe she's born with it...

Hahvahd made the Big Dance!!!!

Why is DU reflecting standard time? n/t

Visting NYC this weekend

The Dirty War on Wikileaks is Now Trial by Media in Sweden

all this talk about Rush Limbagh got me thinking

Generally speaking, what is the easiest way to get rid of tool bars without

On the front lines with female journalists

In the Catbird Seat

I Don't Bluff

US soldier kills Afghan civilians in Kandahar

Now this is COOL

Foreign investment farming

Darth Vader on a unicycle, playing a bagpipe

13-year-old driver arrested in robberies after police chase

Disappointed with UP with Chris Hayes this morning, Nothing about the Palin movie

In Defense of Single Mothers

LINK - bif thread, Post a hauntingly beautiful song

Meir Dagan,former head of Mossad on 60 Minutes - no rush to invade Iran.

I'm Starting To Wonder If The Kandahar Massacre Was A Rogue Mission, Not A Lone Gunman...

Santorum's Penn State Professors: He just wasn't a very serious student

Venezuelan Government Suspends Gun Imports and Sales for One Year

S African union stages nationwide strike

I want you to know, there are no Red Lobster Restaurants near my area...

Afghanistan Debacle.

What happened in Afghanistan was TERRORISM

I'm officially off duty

Massive Unfair Diversions of Public School Funding to Charter Schools

Have any Charleston SC DU'rs done the Husk?

Really proud of husband and son today - helping a scout troop in Japan

Myth: Bush failed in Afghanistan because he let himself get distracted in Iraq

Forty years of feminism – but women still do most of the housework

We didn't watch Game Change last night - but a few thoughts re the topic (McCain/Palin) vs today.

Lucy in London

Mitt Romney - Fortunate Son Protested Against the Anti-War Protesters

About "Kony 2012"

PHOTO: This is SO heartbreaking...since "I Dream of Jeannie," Barbara Eden has REALLY let herself go

This afternoon pretty much sucked and ended badly

Extra-marital dating sites offer to fill Rush Limbaugh's lost ad spots

The "Docu-Drama," a license to lie?

Israel's bogus case for bombing Gaza (Max Blumenthal)

The Walking Dead 2.12 - Better Angels (Spoilers)

Well, friends....

Anybody here think we can legitimately KEEP the troops in Afghanistan now?

New group proposal: "Vague Category"

“I thought about it, and I never had any problem with Donny Osmond being Mormon.”

US military unveils non-lethal heat ray weapon

Aviation plea to leaders over EU emissions tax

Rachael defines annoying (amazing race)

Today I visited a 'paupers grave'

I always appreciate Arizona...

Women leaving church

Video: Barcelona's 11-year-old 'New Messi'

Every time you think the RW couldn't get uglier...

What did Santorum say about Kony 2012?

Assuming I'm in the market for a new laptop...

US military unveils non-lethal heat ray weapon

Judge issues declaratory judgment: DU did not infringe on Review-Journal copyright

Japan Finds Story of Hope in Undertaker Who Offered Calm Amid Disaster

US air raids on Qaeda arms caches in Yemen: Witnesses

2 outta last 5 weeks the Homily at our church gradually,,,,,

Syrian soldiers accused of 'extreme brutality' by activist

Peyton Manning nearing decision, is impressed with Broncos, sources say

Fantasy Time: Imagine Pres. Obama asked you "Who is the Best-And-Brightest on Issue X?"

Coast Guard suspends search for 4 missing off Wash. coast, says it’s unlikely they survived

Opponents to Chavez stoop too low

Video: Syrian Army Defections Surge

Unanounced person at my door tonight. Running for Congress again. Read and feel for me.

SF Bay Area firms' technology used for oppression

Vietnam Veteran - 1st Cavalry Division 11-67 to 11-68. One Tour Enough

When is a lie not a lie

If You Are Retired, Or About To Be... Watch This... From CBS News...


Be glad you live in Britain, not the US, if you're gay or a woman

Another war, another My Lai.

Weiss: Zionism has created 'rivers of blood'

My neighbour has windchimes that sound like this:

Fundy group tells teens that they will have mud on their wedding dresses if they aren't virgins

this woman has an anti birth-control stance & posted it on her blog

UNBELIEVABLE: Santorum Visits Rush Limbaugh's Hometown & Compares it to Visiting Mecca

Looks like an extra-long allergy season this year

If you believe President Obama....

Come to State Capitol 3/12 7am. Committee Hearing on "Right to Work".

AP Update on the Brutal killing in Afghanistan

Does Walker's legal defense fund mean he has been charged or under investigation?

"Elvis is not Jesus Christ!"

How to get away with right wing rhetoric at DU: post in threads about smoking and/or guns

Leave it to Stewie - and that's all I'm comfortable to say about it

I can't help it, I miss her so much...RIP Mary Travers

Um, I'm in pain.

97 Companies who Have Dropped Advertising on Limbaugh and Other "Controversial" Shows

Should voting be mandatory in America?

A few interesting Sunday night tweets....some clever, some funny....

Santorum Oops: "The Economy Is Getting Better"

medical marijuana

Bloody Mary (pic)

Steve Haskin's Derby Dozen

Two Black and White macro images.

Next year, I think they should move the clocks ahead an hour on Friday afternoon at 2:00

Fire And Rain - James Taylor

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, March 13th: Bob's Picks

Tax Forms Show Invisible Children Funded By Antigay, Creationist Christian Right

You know why I loathe republicans more than anything?

state by state about nevada

state by state speak your mind about...nevada

Zen versus The Cabal

Kevin Drum in Mother Jones - Barack Obama's Had a Pretty Damn Good Presidency

Labor Leaders Plan to Apply New Clout in Effort for Obama

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, March 14th: Star of the Month: Karl Malden

"Emo" and gay kids targeted, killed in Iraq (warning graphic content).

Forgotten in Republican Campaign, Eisenhower Rises in Stature.

The Teaparty House Reps That Won In 2010....

We Stopped Dreaming - Neil deGrasse Tyson

What are you snacking on right now? Me, those little tortilla chips shaped like

Pierre Poutine, robocall scandal in Canada, has stepped forward as his internet address

18th journalist killed in Honduras in past two years

18th journalist killed in Honduras in past two years

Phoenix: Bus riders should seek alternate transportation

Wall Street Protesters Complain of Police Surveillance

Kissinger: We should ignore intelligence and assume Iran wants nukes

The Pennsylvania gas law fails to protect public health!

Hope this helps all of you!

Another way that our side is different than their side - this is disgusting.

Michael Savage caller: Romney's friend rigged Ohio, progressives winning on strategy

John Carter Of Mars.

If abortion candidates have to be "told what's in there," churchgoers should too

X-ray reveals thermometer in woman's lung