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THANKS for the HEARTS, guys!!!

Here's the other fur niece

R-Money sets twitter ablaze - “why oh why did Mitt Romney pose for this picture”?

I'm devastated and I hope I am wrong but a religious friend defriended me on facebook today.

Margaret and Helen: Pink Razors

Becoming Who You Want to Be (When You Grow Up)

Mark Shield's mind is stuck in 1960's Boston.

Gay marriage ruling Tuesday likely a step toward U.S. Supreme Court

THANK YOU to whoever gave me my hearts!!! You are the BEST!!

Hospital mergers threaten women's healthcare

It has been a Dog Day....

To the kind soul who gave me heart..

how do I post photos from my computer

Trailer for "One Man's Terrorist" - My Anti-War Short Film

has everyone seen the new google doodle? celebrating dickens' 200th birthday

Rove Rides Cotton Pony over Eastwood's Halftime Ad

I'm humbled and grateful to the kind souls who sent hearts!

Official: Faculty to be removed at LA school

Santorum Nostalgic for Abortions "in the Shadows"

Yikes ..Romney doesn't want to just beat Noot...He wants

Keep on Truckin'

Did anyone see the closing "musical" act on tonight's Letterman?

To the kind folks that gave me hearts: THANK YOU for donating to Planned Parenthood :)

CATHOLIC DU-ers: The RW of the Catholic Church is attacking Obama. If you support him SIGN THIS.

To the People of Syria by Masha Gessen in Moscow; " I am writing to say I am sorry"

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Monday, February 6)

Catholic League Poised To Go To War With Obama Over Mandatory Birth Control Payments

Bush Tells Dealers He Avoided ‘Gamble’ in Bailing Out Automakers

Syrian Ministry Of Defense Website Hacked By 'Anonymous'

Romney: Susan G. Komen Was Right to Cut Planned Parenthood

Obama to Return Major Donations Tied to Fugitive

Virginia Senate votes 21-19 to repeal one-handgun-a-month law.

Thank you for the hearts!

California not among states that OK bank settlement (Foreclosure Scam)

*Senator Chuck Hagel on Tavis Smiley now.

Banks paying the seller a Bonus on short sales (Mortgage)

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday Feb 7th ?

Introducing the $5.35 Billion (or more) Put Up or Shut Up Act of 2011

MN ALEC members and area's they are suppose to Represent. And ALEC bills in Legislature.

Hard knox first /Here's your list of tax paid services to avoid, Libertarians

Disney, Univision in talks to create 24 news channel for Latinos.

I'm on the Democracy for America website

To the kind soul who gave me a heart

Very moving video: Anderson Cooper KTH: Deadly Lies in Syria

So apparently facebook is being used for community sales forums

state by state speak your mind about...the district of columbia

I meant to post before now but I wanted to thank all you golden spirits here in ASAH

state by state about DC

Occupy where you are

Thank you for the stars.

Texas Sonogram Law Will Not Be Blocked By Federal Judge

About my abortion- for those who think they can judge such matters.

WaPo: Obama gives blessing to a super PAC

President and First Lady to Host Dinner Honoring Troops Who Served in Iraq

Bachmann: ‘I was the perfect candidate’

Inspector General to investigate Don Berna's parapolitics testimony

Democrats’ chances of retaking the House improve

Lookit me! I've got a heart on!

Survey: 610,000 switched banks to protest debit card fees

Digital Chinese Whispers: Death Threats and Rumors Inside China’s Online Marketplace of Ideas

Venezuela: Colombian far-right paramilitary warlord arrested

Obama, in a switch, endorses pro-Democratic super PAC

The right's stupidity spreads, enabled by a too-polite left

Judge lifts ban on Texas’ abortion sonogram law

Colombia to introduce electronic voting in 2014

Uribe involved in DAS, paramilitary conspiracy: El Tuso

Maldives president resigns after police mutiny

What was the lonliest single post on DU

Expensive Missouri primary won't mean much

PHOTO: Romney supporters and a telling mispelling

Bluejay 'buzzing' a Crow

Tennessee Republicans have huge cash advantage over Democrats

Purge-and-liquidate types popping up all over

Knicks’ Lin Fires Up Garden With 28 Points in First Start

Dear DU3 B.O.G. members. I am so happy to see this refuge

Feds: Man Gave Tainted Yogurt To Several Women

Venezuela: Colombian far-right paramilitary warlord arrested

BP preparing "vigorously" for oil spill lawsuits

Police attack journalists in Mexico

President Obama IS playing chess

Russian FM in Syria amid escalating violence

Prince Charles to lead Charles Dickens celebrations

When did the middle finger become offensive?

Robert Fisk: From Washington this looks like Syria's 'Benghazi moment'. But not from here

Congressional earmarks sometimes used to fund projects near lawmakers' properties

Solar Shingles Help Solar Blend Into the Background

Diane Abbott to replace John Terry as England captain

Return of Cheney's 1% doctrine

Gunmen kill seven at Libyan refugee camp

Know of any Medicaid fraud? Bill would allow Mainers to sue bilkers

Innocent man who died in prison gets marker

I Have A News And More News That Will Make The Republicants Very Upset

Irish Urge Children to Leave Amid Job Losses

They called her Wild Cat from Sumatra

Is there a war on women's health care?


... Magnificent multi-coloured ice sculptures mark end of Lunar New Year celebrations in Beijing

All staff replaced at LA school where two teachers 'sexually abused pupils and spoonfed them semen'

I got those refrigerator woes

Pass the Romney Rule! The philosophical, economic, and political case for raising capital gains tax

Are you an Old Keynesian or a New Keynesian?

Liberia ex-warlord George Boley to be deported from US

We Will Not Play by Two Sets of Rules -- Obama Campaign Refuses To Unilaterally Disarm

Research find chimpanzees help each other in times of need

Dr. Seuss... UNMASKED!!!1!

How to Overhaul the Way Buildings Use Energy

$16 house? Dallas area man evicted after squatting

TPM: Are Republicans About To Commit Medicare Suicide?

Should You Be Subsidizing Executive Compensation In The Name Of Job Creation?

Drought Ravages Farms Across Wide Swath Of Mexico

Thank you for my Valentine's heart!

The OccupyUSA Blog for Tuesday (Feb. 7), With Frequent Updates

Tunisian human rights minister: No free speech for gays

For the first time ever, I don't feel like voting

DNC: Contraception Facts

Why the Right Wing Is Petrified of Letting Voters, Instead of the Electoral College, Pick Presidents

George W Bush endorsement?

Amanda Knox appeals against slander conviction in Italy

Robert Parry: Rigging American ‘Democracy’

Ducking Climate Warming Evidence

Obama Urges Super PAC Donations from Democrats

Right-wing extremist who has admitted killing 77 people in Norway wants a medal

Cheap food for diners, but at what cost?

House GOP Memo: "Abortion Is the Leading Cause of Death in the Black Community"

Joseph Stigltz on the Greek debt crisis

Atheism and tolerance

CNN's Roland Martin Under Fire From GLAAD For David Beckham Super Bowl Tweets

Religious Leaders Backing Gay Marriage in NJ, MD, WA

Instead of outrage against birth control pills, employers should be demanding fertility treatments

Moyers interview with a psychologist on how conservatives and liberals see the world.

78 year old Weird Creature guy says singer Adele is "a little too fat".

Need an idea on making fake smoke look like it is moving

Josh Powell's Final Message: 'I Am Not Able to Live Without My Sons'

I just posted over in GD about the Josh Powell case. THere was a thread about that on LBN

Lawmakers were made to pledge secrecy over redistricting

Google celebrates Dickens' bicentennial

Greece’s 15,000 Public Sector Layoffs Would Be 450,000 in the U.S.

Why France Might Copy America's New Deal, in a Very French Way

Falk to launch gubernatorial campaign in Milwaukee

Thanks so much, Anonymous DU person, for my heart.

I sure wish I knew who gave me the hearts!!

Karl Rove’s hissy fit: “Offended” by Chrysler ad (updated)

Axelrod: Obama's Not A 'Hypocrite' For Accepting Super PAC Money (updated)

I gotcher manifesto rahtCHEER!!!

i have to do a thank you thread, also. did it in a combined thread, but.... THANKS....

Lewis Lapham: Hostages to Fortune

Prop 8 Ruling Tuesday, Feb. 7.

I have a question about this birth control stuff

Report backs $1 billion plan to raise (Shasta) dam; agriculture, wildlife benefit

Testy pipeline (Keystone XL) debate expected (amendment oil traveling through it stays in USA)

Orly Taitz Orders Prosecution of Everyone Who Disagrees With Her

Obama favors constitutional amendment on Citizens United:

Florida: High-Speed Rail Would Have Been Profitable, State Report Says

Yay! I have a stalker!

Good Morning!

McCartney Gets Back, Way Back

Question for photographers, is this a standard price for a photo shoot package, or WAAAY overpriced?

To the folks who gave me the hearts; a confession :

"Christianity - The Container for Western Values" video

The BATTLE For Vermont's Health

Trendnet security cam flaw exposes video feeds on net

Pawlenty on MSNBC "voters clumping together for a candidate".

Any thoughts on the HHS rule?

My email to Morning Joe just minutes ago.

"Wolves to be Poisoned Over Tar Sands"

Asian-American Elected GOPer Turns On Hoekstra After Ad

WISCONSIN: GOP MEMO: Lawmakers pledged secrecy over redistricting-Public comments were ignored

Kerry speech on South Sudan given in December

Lawmakers were made to pledge secrecy over redistricting

Gulf crisis ripples across the globe

A tribute post to a good engineer:

Thans for the heart,

(US Constitution) Loses Appeal With People Around the World

Former East German Leader's Wife Is Homesick

Chinese boost illegal ivory trade

Walkergate: What's In Your Dumpster?

Romney Safety Net

Men and Women of DU and all of America and most of the World

Romney’s Unforced Error

Komen website hacked with satirical statement

Duke/UNC Series Separated By One Point and One Game over last 75 meetings

Could the Wind Turbines of Chile Harm Blue Whales?

I tried to get access to my Yahoo mail this morning, but

DU Album of the Day: Queen - "Night at the Opera"

Indoor Tanning Industry Backs Boehner

Texas Dems lock horns with Cuellar

Will Global Warming Ruin Football in the South?

Wisconsin man's 'nearly skeletonized body' found in home 4 years after his suicide

Homeless Man Killed in Subway Fire Was Author, Artist

Right Wing Attacks on Clint Eastwood Reach New Absurdity

Swedish PM wants people to work until age 75

Maryland high school distributes ‘ex-gay’ flier {fox news video at link}

Tom Coughlin shows no signs of quit after second Super Bowl championship

Legal ruling could see introduction of airline 'fat tax'

Yahoo Mail was messed up for a while this morning.

Contraception: The Truth Behind the Rest of the Story

BC Pill is used for OTHER reasons too

Top Ten Largest Recipients of US Aid

Wow! people gave me hearts!

Busting Through the Media Firestorm: 6 Essential Facts About the Komen Controversy

Super Bowl XLVI sets viewership records

Optimism has a well known liberal bias - By Steve Benen

Heres the real reasons for marriage equality.

Wow! Hearts!


Romney: Komen shouldn't fund Planned Parenthood

Two College Students on the Subway #13

Yes, this is bigoted, but this is an issue we can no longer ignore in polite company:

Ex-President George W. Bush tells auto dealers he'd bail out automakers again

Mormon Church owns one of most active gun sale sites on web, according to Mayor Bloomberg report

Do sexual assault victims have an obligation to resist/protest?

Wall Street Consultants Complain: STOCK Act Transparency Proposal Will “Hurt Middle Class Americans”

I would like some help writing a respectful negative review

President Obama was going to piss off somebody...he chose the Catholic Church. Good on 'im.

Ex-Sen. Bob Kerrey says he won’t seek Democratic nomination for Nebraska seat he formerly held

The costs of Goodhair's ego campaign. Note: The embarrassment of Texans not included.


The Nation: How the GOP Is Resegregating the South - by Ari Berman

Can someone decipher this document and tell me if the Gov of Florida can

What will it mean for 'front-runner' Mittens if Santorum wins MO & MN tonight?

CBC: CSIS may use intelligence derived from torture, Toews says

Thank you for the heart! :) It really made me smile! :)

Want to solve the immigration problem? Quit eating.

Many Catholic Universities, Hospitals Already Cover Contraception In Their Health Insurance Plans

Breaking on MSNBC - Karen Handel RESIGNS!

Komen official quits Planned Parenthood dispute

Oklahoma Constitutional Amendment Aims to Give “Taxpayers” Power to Dictate Use of Union Money

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

American kids denied food stamps in Alabama under immigration law

Study (again) affirms link between stupidity and conservatism

Lieutenant Colonel Reports Pentagon Lying about Afghanistan

Karen Handel Resigns From Komen

Will BIG BANKS Get FREE PASS in Robo-Signing Mortgage Mess?

Nevada 2008 vs 2012 - turnout by race

U.S. authorities looking into Murdoch foreign payments

My geneaology story was just featured on The Generations Project tv show!

Scott Walker and the Secret "John Doe" Investigation Explained

How do you designate hearts for others and in one fell swoop instead of one by one?

HATEFUL - 'Ex-Gay' Flyer Sent Home To Maryland Students

That's why I vote Obama

Phone Blitz! Unemployment Lifeline On the Line in Congress

Mitt Romney: Susan G. Komen Was Right to Cut Planned Parenthood

Pyramid-Like Company Ponies Up $1 Million for Mitt Romney

Weird article on Slate

Company Faces Forgery Charges in Mo. Foreclosures

Gulf Arab states expel Syrian ambassadors

Today, I am 64!

Did the bailout of GM have more to do with their banking side than their manufacturing? Was it both?

US paints false picture of Afghan war: officer

i found some truth OUT there today...

If you've never seen a NYC ticker tape parade, today is your chance.

The Catholic Church made a choice to...

Bashar Assad emails leaked (after being hacked by Anonymous), tips for ABC interview revealed

(Syrian) Regime forces tie-up school students and lie them on the floor.

Reactor No. 2 heats up, gets more water Kyodo

Syria Tracker

Keiser Report: It's All Legal, Folks! (E246)

2010 Palin endorses Handel

Today is my I thought all

Timely Luckovich TOON on Handel and Komen

Perry says he's not done; slams Obama

Komen Director Brinker LIED To Andrea Mitchell About Handel's Involvement

Graywarrior, this is for you


(Republican) Kid Rock’s Made In Detroit tees not actually made in Detroit.

Perry says he's not done; slams Obama

Was Karen Handel hired to be a scapegoat for the Komen Foundation?

The Marketing of Yoani Sánchez: Translation as invention

Anonymous calls out Black Bloc.

VIDEO: This new commercial from MiddleFingerMom's Super PAC left me scratchin' my head. WTF?

Is Mexico ready for a female president?

Stabilisation after Fukushima cooling change

Russian FM Sergei Lavrov has called for a solution based on the plan put forward by the Arab League.

Papantonio: Newt’s New Southern Strategy

Grand Canyon banning sales of bottled water

Steve Keen at GoogleTalks 2012 (video)

Komen VP resigns

Although it was thought to be a sure ratings boon, ultimately the Olympic officials rejected.....

The keys to Romney's Demise are in this article about Gingrich ... LINK

meet the obscure federal regulator who is not helping home owners

Why Mitt Romney Won't Get the Job by John Wellington Ennis

Tuareg tribesman who fought for Moammar Gadhafi in Libya, stoking violence in Mali

Thom Hartmann: The Senate Dems caved on GOP union busting - what's next?

Many Catholic Universities, Hospitals Already Cover Contraception In Their Health Insurance Plans

Thom Hartmann Demonstrates & Exposes a Robo-Signer

Got a heart, felt the touch.

Catholics want birth control coverage: New survey

'World's last' WWI veteran Florence Green dies aged 110

Audio statement details torture of 10-year-old Victor Barahona

George Carlin uses the term 1% long before OWS

Job openings rise to 3.4 million in December

My 333 Tax Plan

Hearts, YES! But they aren't candy hearts in pretty colors and witty expressions.

Amazon sells book on ‘gays going to hell’

The sad state of MSM

Banks Paying Cash to Homeowners to Avoid Foreclosures

Hearts for the MIA


The Asian Lady In Pete Hoekstra’s Ad Was Named ‘Yellow Girl’

Clint/Obama 2012 Super Bowl commercial mashup

Canada: Trans woman detained under US flight rules

Mental illness in women.

Did I start the "Rmoney" Internet Meme?

Patch of seagrass is world's oldest living organism

Mitt Romney Prefers to Give Mitt Romney All the Credit

What does it say about Republicans

None of us can be neutral in the culture war over Planned Parenthood.

Class Envy Ruminations by Mitt Romney - and coming up.... (Bagley cartoon)

On Colorado stump, Santorum and Gingrich dismiss climate change, vow to dismantle the EPA

"I've robbed the rainbow to make you gay"

Poll: Majority of Catholics support contraception coverage

Water contact may suggest Russians hit Antarctic lake

Poll: Most Canadians Oppose Fracking

BREAKING: Police Stop Dogs Against Romney Protester for Having Dog Crate on Car Roof

Don't compare Occupy to the almighty, compare it to the alternative.

Entire genome of extinct human reconstructed

Parliamentary panel warns of right wing terrorism

India stresses diplomacy on Iran

Russ Feingold: Obama Super PAC Reversal Will Lead To 'A Legalized Abramoff System'

Meet Walker’s New Political Hit Women

Could US attack Iran?

Wind Power Market Rose to 41 Gigawatts in 2011, Led by China

San Francisco Medical Cannabis Dispensaries Annual Sales Estimate: $41 Million

Wonder Dog - A Golden Retriever Reaches A Raging Boy

Banks Paying Cash to Homeowners to Avoid Foreclosures

I watched Fatal Attraction last night.

Greek Government Finalizing Agreement on Bailout

thank you for my hearts!

Iran not seeking war, but ready to defend: Leader’s office

A Brick-and-Mortar Amazon Store?; Jonathan Franzen Loves Edith Wharton

Peak oil review - Feb 6

RW-nut take on Komen -- Big Abortion puts breast cancer charity in its place.

Peak oil review - Feb 6

Did Major GOP Group Skip Out On $200K Hotel Bill?

U.S. Seeks ‘Plan B’ to End Syria Violence

The Susan G Komen Foundation's Wardrobe Malfunction

Asian-American Elected GOPer Turns On Hoekstra After Ad

John Nichols: The Post Office Is Not Broke

Romney looks to squelch Santorum in 2 states (actual AP headline!)

Farmers Plan Biggest U.S. Crop Boost Since 1984, Led by Corn

Detroit Automakers Are Rebounding. Karl Rove Is Offended.

Only to Karl Rove can a commercial expressing optimism for America generally, and the auto industry

Cops Bust Naked Burglar Covered In Chocolate, Peanut Butter

Bernanke cautions about budget shocks next year

Hostess (Wonder Bread, Twinkies, Ding Dongs) union ((15,000) sets key strike vote today

GAB Agrees To Reject Outside Petition Reviews

Santorum's resurgence is a good thing. He once claimed he found WMD in Iraq

‘We the People’ Loses Appeal With People Around the World

Cripes! Has anybody seen the website

I'm curious - has the rate of alerts changed since the jury system

CAW threatens to occupy Electro-Motive

City of Laredo Mayor Raul Salinas Publicly Condemns “Why Sara Hates Laredo” Viral Video

Ex-official's brother concealed union murders

Marchionne: Chrysler's hourly employees to get $1500 bonuses early

Ex-official's brother concealed union murders

Romney’s minimum wage proposal sparks conservative backlash

Poll: Most Canadians Oppose Fracking

A nice pucker up flying video......

Is this Star Trek (TOS) picture for real?

Anfield Cat appreciation thread

Wisconsin: Meet Governor Walker's new political hit women

One slight issue regarding the Clint Ad and Chrysler

Machinists end 2-month-old strike at Manitowoc Co. (allows them to drop out of the union & scab)

A gold selling company (National Gold Group) has radio ads attacking President Obama...

I love him, but Russ Feingold is wrong

Does the Komen scandal and the resignation of Handel today

Can Rick Santorum roar back in the Midwest?

Gov. Brewer is wrong!

Just because I KNOW somebody will copy and paste

Gay marriage poll on Yahoo skewing right

Catz on the Hood

Need help with a computer not recognizing a monitor

There used to be a pink house in my neighborhood

Michael Steele to Dan Choi: "I'm not going to get into how you define your 'love'..."


I got a splinter on my smart phone thumb.

Did You See This? Werner Herzog Disses Chickens' Intelligence

Prop. 8: Gay-marriage ban unconstitutional, court rules

Global Warming? What Global Warming?

Breaking MSNBC : prop 8 struck down!

Bain execs spent nearly $5 million on Romney's White House runs

Karen Handel Quits! Unofficial Grave Dancing Thread!

I think this group should have a host.

Jass Stewart to hold meet-and-greet to discuss running for State Rep

Romney misses the mark with his stance on Planned Parenthood remarks...

Breaking Prop 8 has been struck down

Many Phila. Crime Surveillance Cameras are Broken, too high up, or so blurry that they are useless

President Obama launches marshmallows with 14-year-old Joey Hudy - pics

The "smoking Gun" in the Scott Walker scandal.

Greek Rage

Prop 8 Decision Now Posted (Link)

CSIS may use intelligence derived from torture, Toews says

Obama switches play on war with Iran

Company accused of racially hostile workplace offers apology

Suspect recall petitions being investigated in Racine


Top US counterterrorism official: drone critics are Al Qaeda enablers

Another opportunity to adjust your jury blacklist accordingly...

Are French Women the New Tiger Mothers?

email alert : Contact your state rep - Oppose HR 1162

$399,950 check for legal fees makes Rahm a big gun rights contributor

Five reasons why an attack on Iran will not work - Leon Panetta

If a woman is already pregant, she cannot again while pregnant

I've heard conflicting things about an appeal of today's Prop 8 ruling.

Prop 8 unconstitutional!

a request for members of this group, and reminder to visitors

U.S. Said to Target Rescuers at Drone Strike Sites

Billionaires Pledge 100 Million to Beat Obama

(Robotic) Romney team, in unison, says "walls..closing in" on Gingrich

Roger Boisjoly dies at 73; engineer tried to halt Challenger launch

Court: Calif. Ban On Gay Marriage Is Unconstitutional

White House May Look to Compromise on Contraception Decision

Air sampling reveals high emissions from gas field (NG "might not be much better than coal")

O'Keefe is STILL at it!

Global anti-war rallies oppose sanctions and war on Iran

Thanks, Bethesda!

Why Obama’s Super PAC Decision Is The Best Way To Fight Citizens United

Sex-ed less effective in red states, study says

TNR: Man On A Mission (Romney's draft exemption for his missionary work)

Even for a mojito enthusiast like me, this is a bit much......

NYT: U.S. Planning to Slash Iraq Embassy Staff by Up to Half

As the drumbeat for war increases, Republicans need to talk taxes

Chlorine free pool systems.

Pollution takes heavy toll on China

White House May Look to Compromise on Contraception Decision.

'Time of my life': Last known WWI veteran dies at 110

Pollster: Catholic Voters More Likely To Punish Romney for Position on Birth Control Coverage

South Carolina Voter ID Law: State Attorney General Sues Justice Department For Blocking Measure

Freeper Heads Exploding over Prop 8 ban reversal at 9th Circuit

Uganda revives anti-gay bill but drops death penalty

Rolling Stone: Ronald Reagan: Welfare Queen of Montana (or: Tax Tips for Mitt Romney)

Tuesday squee!

Maldives president quits after protests

Sen. Sanders - Preserving the Postal Service

so now I own an acre of land.....on Mars

Remember when the New York Times was a "liberal" paper?

'If Obama wins Nobel prize, why shouldn't Manning?'

The Rude Pundit - Quickies: Gay Marriage, Susan Komen Debacle, and Dirty Harry

The right is not attacking Clint Eastwood.

Kremlin's Tough Top Diplomat, Russian Foreign Minister Is Nobody's Fool

Obama freezes all Iranian assets in the US

Why does it take decades to build a subway system in the U.S.?

Why does it take decades to build a subway system in the U.S.?

TYT: Former CIA Director Against Drone Strikes

GA Right to Life - Handel's views on abortion are too liberal.

Football offseason police blotter begins in earnest

Suspicions about Mitt are confirmed.

I just had a thought...

Pakistan: U.S. Accused of Using Drones to Target Rescue Workers and Funerals

If You Could Play Any Sport Professionally, What Sport Would It Be?

"Here Weego!"

Finally, some good news! Handel quits and Prop Hate is overturned

Egyptians Cancel Meetings With U.S. Lawmakers After Aid Warnings

When is someone going to investigate the real forgery - Orly Taitz's Law Degree

Yahoo Commenters: reinventing ways to say the "N" word:

OK - If I change my username, will people still ignore me??

Group Proposal: Occupy Underground Group

ESA spacecraft finds signs of ancient ocean on Mars

Romney & Voter Suppression - truly disgusting tactical move

Spanking kids can cause long-term harm

If Jurors 2 and 3 had a child, what would it look like?

The Only Gay Marriage Graph That Really Matters

Be careful out there, DUers...your every move is tracked...

48 years ago today...

Here's what happens NEXT on Proposition 8.

The Independent UK: Government 'may sanction nerve-agent use on rioters', scientists fear

Staples Co-Founder Complains That Allowing Women To Breastfeed At Work Will Cost Jobs

Romney doesn't expect to do well tonight, so memo out downplaying role of MO, MN & CO

Amtrak gets OK for 110-mph Chicago-Michigan service

Republican Cong. Sue Myrick Said She Will Retire

Amtrak gets OK for 110-mph Chicago-Michigan service

California Is Back!!!

17 dead, 13 rescued after migrant boat capsizes

So does Prop 8 ruling prevent WA from holding

Religion and Science: An Evolving Relationship

Celebrating science

Giants Fans Occupy Zuccotti Park, Demands Unclear

Carsey Institute: Americans' Knowledge of Polar Regions Up, But Not Their Concern

January Deficit Fell Sharply to $27 Billion: CBO

A little DU love for Allen West's Facebook?

Both Sides Promise More Push on Gay Marriage

More good news from Virginia...

What's The Story On Winter And Summer Blends Of Gas?.......

Guantanamo’s 10th anniversary tribute from Ted Rall

Howdy guys just checking in.

Times editor apologises in Britain for email hacking

Broad support for contraception coverage

The Breakdown of the Evils of Gay Marriage

bug? can you give hearts to the dePPRted?

A sincere apology from a former republican (now repug)

Russia denies threatening to wipe Qatar off the map in UN talks

Locked out of my own thread

Ok I have to post this today.

Faith Leaders Stand Against Voter ID Amendment

Mormon Church 'owns unregulated gun sale website'

President Obama Launches Marshmallows

Dickens and religion: A tale of two views

Island Festivals

We don't need no stinking police

Indoor Tanning Industry contributes $5000 to Boehner

Is there a way to post a POLL?

The First Lady: Let's Move!

(Slightly off-topic) New Insights Into How to Correct False Knowledge

The funny thing is that Hoekstra isn't even a native born American...

900 pounds of Butterfingers dumped in Boston to mock Wes Welker

Happy Birthday to Charles Dickens, born 200 years ago today

Where's Bloomberg on this?

Dow approaches 13,000 and maybe a record to come

Obama's sell out to the military industrial complex caught on camera

New tool for analyzing solar-cell materials

Palin: Obama 'Would Really Fear' Facing Serial Adulterer Who Dumped His Wife In The Cancer Ward

How to post a POLL?

PA. College Funding to be Slashed by $257 Million to Pay for $248 Million Cut in Business Taxes

Drinking large amounts of soft drinks associated with asthma and COPD

Martin Bashir is about as good as it gets isn't he?

WP: "Obama advisers seek compromise on contraception rule"

Haaretz exclusive: Organizer of Gaza flotilla sought assistance from Assad's office

Interesting read in the Daily Beast...

$1,500 profit-sharing checks coming to Chrysler workers Friday

thanks for the hearts. didn't have one, now I have two ;-) nt

President Obama: 'This is what inspires me and gets me up every day'

Stabenow fundraising on racist Hoekstra ad

Freeper "Ohioan" weighs in on gays ("one or another of muscular acts intended to simulate feelings")

The risk inside your credit card

AFT Endorses Barack Obama for President

18 Year Old Birthday Blues - for Josh on his 18th birthday (Cool video)

I used to like the Top Tens page on DU2. Are they still around on DU3 anywhere?

CCTV police officer 'chased himself' after being mistaken for burglar

Designer Gear for Obama Raising a Ruckus

EarlG's Rmoney is an official LOL - now at

DU Poll on Attitudes toward Rape

Department of Energy Releases New Online Renewable Energies Map

U.S. Maintains Embargo of Cuba After 50 Years, Despite International Condemnation

RIP John Christopher [author of 'tripods' books]

Romney Slams California Gay Marriage Ruling

A question about "Abridgement of Religious Liberties"

Uganda’s Anti-Gay Bill, Condemned by US and Others, Reintroduced in Parliament

Boehner claims victory in FAA bill labor fight

China Set to Vigorously Develop Green Economy

Syria: Homs attack is a game-changer

Ok this is funny

Romney Slams California Gay Marriage Ruling

Former Walker aide pleads guilty, to cooperate with DA

Former co-worker I had lunch with today is non-political and doesn't even vote

CIA drone strikes target mourners at funerals and rescue workers

Pic Of The Moment: Resurgent Santorum Sees Master Plan Coming To Fruition

On gay marriage Romney veers hard to the right-Blasts Court's Ruling Of Prop 8 As "Unconstitutional"

Here's what I don't get: this whole controversy over contraception

Nanoshell whispering galleries improve thin solar panels

Judging the post vs. judging the behavior in a thread

Just got back from a couple days in Santa Barbara.

A serious concern I have about the GOP convention.

Sen. Fitzgerald plans enough challenges to derail his recall

Just want to see

Pic of the day

Americans overestimate political polarization, according to new CU-Boulder research

A question EVERY reporter should be asking candidates re: prop 8.

"Proposition 8 served no purpose" the court said

Karen Handel, Susan G. Komen VP, Breaks Her Silence on FOX NEWS - VIDEO

Does Prop 8 decision delay equality for states with anti-equality amendments?

Don't know your neighbors?

Chess (February): Hou scores big achievement in Gibraltar; Aronian wins in Wijk; Aeroflot begins

Please call it "pregnancy prevention" NOT birth control....

State of the State and wackadoodle insults

Wireless power could revolutionize highway transportation, Stanford researchers say

Whoever sent me a heart...

Don't like the looks of this poll.....

Mitt's massive religious hypocrisy over pregnancy prevention rules...Prop 8

Randy Travis Found Drunk in Church Parking Lot

Let's just say for discussion's sake the USSC allows gay marriage and strikes down Prop 8

Survey: Most Americans Want a Walkable Neighborhood, Not a Big House

Hoyer: GOP blocking payroll tax bill to sink the economy

Obama's Broken Promises

WaPo: Russia says Assad wants dialogue; Syria continues shelling as nations recall envoys

Idea for New Obama SuperPac Commercial (in light of this change is strategy).

House Panel Advances Bill Stripping Obama’s Power on Keystone XL(*Update)

From Neven: Barentsz and Kara

PHOTO: "I learned everything I needed to know about parenting from graywarrior..."

Terry's (Keystone XL) pipeline bill advances

If Solar is Contagious, Can Utilities Help Spread the Bug?

Before The Media and the Pundits Go Ape Shit With This Contraceptive Story...

Still pretty quiet

All thanks and praise to the inventor of the Mute Newt button ...

What Would It Take to Trust Komen Again? (Clara Jeffrey, Mother Jones)

Love RuPaul's response to the Prop 8 ruling on Twitter

I admire/feel sorry for the people over at

Wisconsin GOP Lawmakers were made to pledge secrecy over redistricting

Giant whale shark washes ashore

Obama’s Refi Plan Is Another Bank Bailout, Stockman Says: 140% loan to value insanity(video + story)

Kerry to play a charity hockey game - this time with a face mask!

National Lawyers Guild Calls for Dismissal of Charges Against Bradley Manning

Not guilty for attempted murder...what do you think? Who was the aggressor?

Syria Crisis: McCain Cautions Military Options Might Not Help (HuffPo)

Did 1.2 Million People Fall Out of the Labor Force in a Month? Umm, NO!

For applegrove: THE CAT CAME BACK

Dem takes steps to win back N.Y. district from GOP

I've been here almost 10 years and I just realized

Ravitch blasts corporate "school reform"

Police Stop "Dogs Against Romney" Protester for Having Dog Crate on Car Roof

How phucked up is N. Randy Smith?

How many millions of his own $ has RMoney wasted on failed elections/props?

Californians should be really really pissed about today's latest Perry decision

Anyone have the Jury Results for this OP from the Right Wing?

A personal peeve: Jurors looking at *too much* context?

Colorado Court Says No Medical Pot for People on Probation

Thanks to all the whomevers

Why Did Karl Rove and His GOP Thugs Target Don Siegelman in Alabama?

A Trans-Vaginal Ultrasound is NOT a 'jelly on the belly' sonogram.

The Family. Elite Fundamentalism and religion for the 1%.

Bill O’Reilly: Forget LGBT People, The Real Victims Are Pro-Lifers

Congress OK’s expanded drone flights over the U.S.; bill headed to President Obama’s desk Read more

Well, here's a NASCAR story to talk about.. not what you expect

Handel told fox news that she blamed the public backlash against Komen on "vicious attacks" from PP.

Calif. same-sex marriage ban ruled unconstitutional

Cops Caught Anti-Pot Crusader With Her Own Stash -- Then Let Her Off The Hook

So any good quality good old fashioned mad from the Freepers over the Prop 8 decision?

Twitter sued by Brazil over drink-driving trap alerts

All holy hell has broken loose in Syria.

Argentina to raise Falklands UK 'militarisation' at UN

Don't you feel it guys??

Brilliant Democratic State Senator Tacks ‘Every Sperm is Sacred’ Clause to Oklahoma’s Personhood Bil

Allstate using driving records to set homeowners' rates in Oklahoma

TCM Schedule for Thursday, February 9 -- 31 Days of Oscar -- Texas

What would be the result if the Supreme Court affirms Prop 8?

How lovely to receive a heart from a secret admirer !

1 Min. Reminder of what George Carlin Knew About The 'Pro-Life' Movement

The Clint Eastwood commercial should be shown in Movie Theaters prior to Movie being played

Ron Paul Calls For The Elimination Of Public Lands

Rmoney went to a Planned Parenthood Fundraiser and Ann

First Lady Michelle Obama participates in a tug of war with Jimmy Fallon - pic

Has anyone asked Justice Alito

Disliking Us Is No Longer a Legal Rationale

The Family. Elite Fundamentalism and religion for the 1%.

UU group on Facebook

3 shot at Richardson, TX train station. Gunman dead.

Rachel Maddow Wins John Steinbeck Award

What to get for the Valentine that has everything:

I just voted for Obama for the 3rd time

Miami DUer In The News Again... 'Journalist Recovers Video Of His Arrest After Police Deleted It.'

Karen Handle resignation timing explained - Hours Before Protest Planned in Front of Komen DallasHQ

About helping people who are being brutalized.

Have the Westboro Baptist people weighed in on today's court decision?

Obama Launches The "Extreme Marshmallow Cannon"

George Brett sued over sports necklaces

Reid, Senate Dems Accuse GOP Of Seeking To Derail Economic Recovery

White House: Barack Obama Still 'Evolving' On Same-Sex Marriage

Obama vs Romney... The last 7 National polls

If the SCOTUS affirms the prop 8 decison does that mean same sex marriage will become law?

Reid’s Floor Maneuvers Leave Some Senate Democrats Frustrated

Dramatic Darlene Wink

My wife usually makes my martinis. She's away on business until Friday. Would it be cheating to

The Coat Hanger Strategy

When famous old people die, why is it news?

All the Missing Souls: Six Questions for David Scheffer

Romney Super PAC Amends FEC Report

TCM Schedule for Friday, February 10 -- 31 Days of Oscar -- Wyoming

Why are tonight's caucus/primary races not viewed seriously?

Where does the Church's conscience go when children are being molested?

Ricky Williams plans to retire

My reply to a really over-the-top 'religious' anti-Obama email:

I am bragging right now!! Burbank couple is at the center of defeating Prop HATE

Anyone else here with COPD?

A legal analysis of the Prop 8 decision: What it DOES mean, and what it DOESN'T mean.

Words to ponder

I am watching a show on PBS about the Underground Railroad...

Minnesota Caucus Entrance Polling Numbers Ron Paul Leading Santorum Second

Rights group welcomes court victory for 1948 village (Lifta)

Report: Assad's Office Hacked, Password Was '12345'

Thanks for the Heart!!

Tancredo: My Dog Is Better Than Obama On The Economy

"Romney is like a giant hairball...They just can't get rid of him."...Howard Fineman...n/t

Cash is King

Whats with the transphobia and the defense of transphobia on du today?

Tancredo: My Dog Is Better Than Obama On The Economy

Let's say we put an NCI check box on the 1040...

Rejoice geeks. LOTR family tree

Is The Republican Party Facing An Enthusiasm Gap? - ABCNews

Should the CIA send chocolates, roses, and greeting cards to terrorists?

Thank you for the heart!

Are there Lounge Vampires? Not to mention names, but I rarely see certain people here until

The Much Ado About Nothing Party....

Fabulous we all are:

Kali's daily grand entrance back home to the ranch.

Poor Muffin. Poor, poor sad Muffin.

OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!

Language Barriers:

I'd like to thank all you jerks for all your help. Yeah, thanks... thanks a BUNCH!!!!!

I have cross-posted in GD and Video

A Pulpit For The Masses: YouTube, Christians Clic

Donner drought: Lowest snow total ever measured for this time of year (with pic)

Illinois Concealed Carry Ruling: Gun Rights Group Files Appeal With U.S. Supreme Court

Obama backs constitutional amendment to end Citizens United

Thank you....thank you....thank you

Genetically Modified Foods Not Served in Monsanto Cafeteria

Ron Paul’s War on Education

ACLU: 10 Years Later: Our First Step Toward Torture

Court (Arizona, of course) says woman with limited English can be kept off ballot

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Walker's party of voter fraud

Thanks to all the heart-givers! You are really making people happy!

Thanks to the anonymous strangers that have shown me love

O'Keefe Releases Another New Video Fraudulently Purporting to Illustrate 'Voter Fraud' in Minnesota

Please! Let's stop calling for changing names and phrases that's THEIR thing.

A one year membership is $60??????

Please offer your prayers, thoughts, help

I have to say it because it's a huge elephant in the room....the Mid Atlantic

I want to thank whoever gave me hearts! It was a very kind thing to do.

What the Kochs say online but won't say under oath

Robosigner Exec. has been indicted!!!!!!!

"Religious Liberty" is a false argument: People have liberty, churches have licence.


Those who diss Wes Welker are simply dumbass douchebags.

Eating their own: Blaze contributor needles Palin; Freepers throw Beck under the bus.

PPP: Kasich Would Lose A Do-Over In Ohio By Twenty

There IS voter fraud! By Republicans

Marshmallow Launch at the White House Science Fair

Jerry Springer coming up on Keith.

Picture of a bouncing Moon boulder

Interesting observation on tonight's Missouri results...

Why doesn't current give Keith Olbermann a better set?

Union of Concerned Scientists Gives Monsanto an ‘F’ in Sustainable Agriculture

Holy CRAP! Just had my first look at Intrade in a while...

Walker Aide Darlene Wink Pleads GUILTY (Word is she's already singing like a canary)

The Truth About Republicans by George Carlin

Anyone in the Toledo Area

Former Walker aide pleads guilty, will cooperate with DA

Thank you for my hearts, secret friends.

Thanks for the heart

Ardent denier Santorum: through science we can be better stewards of the environment

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & a new Maru gif

New report: Terrorism by Muslim Americans 'a minuscule threat to public safety'

Keep religion out of the marriage debate - Gene Robinson

Early Minnesota Results (15% in): Santorum 49%, Paul, 22%, Romney 15%, Gingrich 14%...

Two possible ways of convincing conservatives that sexuality has a biological element.

Terry O'Neill of NOW on Ed show, talking about Komen's choice to be an "anti-abortion" group

Fox News is going with informed analysis from HERMAN CAIN...

Know your BFEE: John Roberts earned his Sgt. Pepper stripes as an Iran-Contra cover-up artiste.

Labor History Feb 7 Union miners in Cripple Creek Strike for 5 months, Teamster truck drivers strike

Just got back from the Holodeck, where I posted in DU6's "I Hate Your Ass Face" Forum

Hey all! I need your help for a school project

Just a general observation...I like the way things are trending. The big picture is looking better.

Early Missouri results (7% in): Santorum 49%, Romney 12%, Paul 12%, Uncommitted (6%)

Rachel explains today's primaries, except they aren't.

It's Old School, It's Definitely Not PC, It's Pretty Much Sexist... But I Miss Democrats Like This..

Janice Voss, veteran of 5 space shuttle flights, dies at 55

Intrade has Obama's chance of reelection at...

New Jersey Lawmakers to Vote on Gay Marriage Next Week

Randall Terry is running in the Democratic primary in Missouri, and he has 3% of the vote.

Not Romney slot in MO being filled by Santorum (updated)

3D Reconstruction of Flight 1549 ditching into the Hudson River with Black Box voice recordings

LMAO! I know it's early. the word of the night could be...Santorum!

A new arrival _GRAPHIC WARNING

Why do sci-fi books from the 60s and 70's have so many scatily-clad women...

Shameless: Monsanto returns to Vietnam, this time to SELL them poison

What is your favourite posession? My grandmother gave me a fake gold necklace

Not a union story, but still a labor story. Yes, soldiers are 'labor'.

Missouri (@17% in): Santorum: 52%, Romney: 27%, Paul: 12%, Uncommitted: 5%

"Honey, meet Rick Santorum

What took you a long time to master as a kid? I could not read aloud in class. I was half shy and

Perry v Brown (Prop 8: 9th Circuit Ruling) .pdf File... LARGE, But Here:

The State of Gay Marriage - image

So there's a bill in Michigan to require all school kids to recite the Pledge of Allegiance

How bad is coverage of the painfully boring caucuses?

Marijuana is illegal

Are the results of the Republican Primary binding?

What crazy stuff did you do as a kid and survived? I remember climbing up one of the

CNN projecting Santorum win in Big Mo...

If I were a Republican official in MN, I would be horrified.

Dow approaches 13,000, and maybe a record to come

ick!!! just saw one of the pink commercials for the three-day walks. and gee, saw the big bank

CNN: Santorum running strong in early results

POTUS working really, really hard today.

Get and Early Gardening Start with Milk Jug Cloches

Why did Santorum win in Big MO? n/t

Tibetan leader warns of military buildup

Wisconsin Man racks up 15th DUI

"KYTV refuses to show political ad" (Randall Terry's Anti-Abortion Ad During Superbowl)

Brilliant Democratic State Senator Tacks ‘Every Sperm is Sacred’ Clause to Personhood Bill

Flip floppers are not only GOP presidential candidates, but also GOP voters

Early Colorado results (6% in): Santorum: 49%, Gingrich: 21%, Romney: 19%, Paul: 10%

Let's play "guess R-Money's excuse for the Santorum tidal wave"....

rick santorum projected winner in missouri

Pipelines, pandas trump democracy

Minnesota (@12%): Santorum 44%, Paul 27%, Romney 17%, Gingrich 12%

"Santorum roars back" is the phrase of the day. Modify any thread title to include "Santorum roars

AG: Bail rules should keep Sandusky inside home

Thank you for my heart whoever you are!

"CALL A PARADE!" An excerpt from the letter I just wrote the President

In honor of the hearts drive post some heart songs:

Court says woman with limited English can be kept off ballot

Let me get this straight: People voted for Santorum in "non-binding" contests?

Has there ever been a weaker presumptive nominee?

Romney "In WTF Territory?" (updated)

When I turn on or off my tv I get that sort of on/off computerized bell/chime sound. But the volume

Young Turks on Racist Super Bowl Ad

For My Religious Friends... Joseph Campbell And Bill Moyers... The Power Of Myth (Part 1)

The key number to watch tonight in the 3 primaries.

I have to keep telling myself not to get complacent...

Pssst... Republican primary voters... Rick Santorum can't win the general election. (nt)

Prosecutors Decline to File Rape Charges Against Police Leader’s Son (NYC)

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor Rules Sesame Street With Goldilocks v. Baby Bear

Obama, the Guy with the Purple Shirt, and a Promise Kept

Markos via Twitter: Romney running behind 2008 numbers in reporting Colorado counties.

McCain is on Fox News, talking about humanely dealing with Illegal Aliens....

The Monty Python approch to abortion.

Lowe's claims that a 'license agreement' is required to link to its website

Santorum lead in Missouri continues to expand...

Okay, what's with Colorado...the numbers haven't changed in a hour.

APNewsBreak: Union, Golden Nugget OK new contract

Santorum currently is top dog in all three contests tonight.

Saint Francis Xavier College Church

Bill O’Reilly Disrespects President Obama By Lecturing Him On Humility

Colorado (@11%): Santorum 37%, Romney 37%, Gingrich 17%, Paul 9%

In defunding Planned Parenthood, Komen board overruled recommendations of 2 internal committees.

Instead of marching in lockstep, the Republican Party is now just milling around aimlessly.

Minnesota and Missouri: Photo of the Winner

'The Take' - UK, 4 eps - brilliant, but...

so, let's say Santorum pulls the trifecta tonight....

The GOP Primary game....they spin the wheel....

Mitt's looking pretty bad tonight.

Rove's reaction to the Clint Eastwood ad was likely a panic attack

Karen Handel out! Next to go is Nancy Brinker

OMG Santorum finally won - in Missouri

What happened to the photo contests?

Best ISP for blog?

Today's Republican primary is brought to you by the number "4" and the word "Clusterfuck."

CNN reporting there are -80- people at Mitten's "Victory" Party in Colorado.

An education in occupation (or destruction of Iraq)

Male models back after falling foul of Facebook rules

Where is current tv on Dish Network?

Have ya'll seen this video from Russellville HS? It is great!

Protesters gather outside of Ohio gov.'s State of the State address

Anyone picking up on whether I'll have a boyfriend soon?

A personal observation...Rick Santorum is the BEST candidate the Republicans have...

Meanwhile, in Ohio....PPP: Kasich Would Lose A Do-Over In Ohio By Twenty

Court says woman with limited English can be kept off ballot

Rick Santorum starts by thanking GOD for giving him the strength to preservere...

Israel Embassies Preparing For Iran Strike?

Toons: The Thought that Counts, A Good Run, Back to the 1950s and More. - 2/7/2012

If Gold is such a GREAT investment then why are all these companies wanting to sell me theirs?

The catholic church needs to get its own house in order (re: pedophilia) before they step one

Live blog: Santorum wins Minnesota, Missouri

Jerry Brown: Friend to Teachers Dumb Enough to Believe It

Collective Punishment For LAUSD Teachers

Damn, Santorum dumping on PrezO now.

PPP: At This Rate, Santorum Could Win Colorado Too

Santorum is sickening.....

States With Highest Foreclosure Rates Among Bank Deal Holdouts

The only good thing to come from Citizens United is that it has pointed out just how much

I gotta tell you, I'm very proud of my husband tonight. He effectively told the NRA to drop dead!

If Mitt Romney can't win in Minnesota, Missouri and Colorado where can he?

Have you seen this music vid? It's got 49MM hits on youtube.

Climate change denial’s new offensive

Managing an e-reader

AFER's Griffin, Olson Discuss What's Next For Prop. 8 (Good read)

Who's gonna be the third (fourth?) party spoiler for the GOP?

Did anyone else just have...

In honor of tonight's winner:

Judgment at Nuremburg on TCM now.

Rahm Emanuel, a couple of years BEFORE he wrote a $399,950 check to the Second Amendment Foundation

Missouri Democrats: We're Ready

If ever a petition needed signing

Nate Silver: Romney won NO counties in MO & MN & only 18% of counties in all states voting so far

Romney's numbers in Douglas County, CO way down from 2008

Colorado (@28%): Santorum 41%, Romney 31%, Gingrich 15%, Paul 12%

Romney about to speak -- CNN

Political Geography: Colorado (Micah Cohen, FiveThirtyEight)

Now this is a priceless tweet from TPM....

In Mitt Romney's america, Romney's dad's job would be outsourced to China

Yes, but what about Romney and the white working class?

This primary season has been great...

Romney looks like a loser tonight

What ever happened to the Tea Party?

Sometimes, all you have to do is listen

Somebody just squirted something at Romney

Obama Administration and Private Sector Announce over $100 Million in Commitments

Do politicians know anything at all about schools and education? Anything?

Did someone from the crowd just physically attack Mitt Romney live on CNN?

Whoever gave me a heart............

Hey Mitt...

Do animals have guides?

Mitt knows the game is over. He is not going to do any better than dear old dad.

THANK YOU!! For the hearts!!