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Archives: February 23, 2012

Do you remember these lines from "An American President"?

When are the Good people of this country going to say ENOUGH!

"We could keep telling people it's a sword"

Did you watch Gary Oldman's interview on Charlie Rose?

New art Epilog 36" x 24" 50 watt laser...

How about a thread of one liners that have to fit the Thread title with no text?

Lewis Black on Broadway talking about how America ISN'T #1

Does Anyone Else Here Think That Two & A Half Men Jumped The Shark?......

Wall Street Oil Speculation Driving Surge in Gas Prices

Bill Gates in NYT: Publicly ranking teachers by name 'is a big mistake'

Jon Stewart Rips Republican Fear-Mongering Over Obama: ‘You Have Lost Your D*mn Mind’

Mother Jones: Are Protesters as Violent as the Media Says They Are?

Hé enfants! Faisons un certain étouffée!

‘Mademoiselle’ Exits Official France

"Government Pressures Twitter to Hand Over Keys to Occupy Wall Street Protester's Location Data

Young Libyan Finds a Voice in Covering Revolution

Rick Santorum or Satanic Heavy Metal: The Quiz

Statement by President Obama on Ash Wednesday

Hurray! I have been invited back for interview #2

POTUS & FLOTUS at groundbreaking ceremony site of Smithsonian Museum of African American History ...

All the President's Men on TCM now!

Any info. on Rmoney's Ford Field speech and possible protest?

Austerity 2.0 Greek workers are being forced to work for free, give back past pay.

Newt wrong again... Obama WAS asked about partial birth abortions.

Martin Bashir's rant on religious freedom from today's show is available for viewing online...

Santorum campaign suggests Mitt Romney may have done deal to make Ron Paul his running mate

Supreme Court hears Medal of Honor case, ponders political lies

Occupier Jesse LaGreca to get his own show produced by OWS.

Bill Calls For 5-year Moratorium On Opihi Picking

Well Miss CP, how did the surgery go?

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Wednesday, February 22)

This is an amazing blog

Is this a new feature on DU3

Santorum surges among California GOP voters

Dear Juror #4, I was not aware that the acronym for General Discussion was a harsh

To be fair

U.S., North Korea Nuclear Talks Reopen For First Time Since Kim Jong Il's Death

Eva Longoria To Co-Chair Obama Reelection Campaign

I feel so sorry for Nadin, perhaps her first language is not English

Drudge's sad attempt to make Romney look bad-ass

Fun Facts from Sick Rantorum's Wiki page

Mike Thompson's auto bailout toon and an even better rant

All Dead Mormons Are Now Gay

"Message deleted by the DU Administrators"?

Regarding Ultrasounds: This is no way near being over, MANY battles in many states still to fight

Hearing Held on Program Monitoring Social Media

White House, Consumers in Mind, Offers Online Privacy Guidelines

FACT CHECK: Errant Claims on Auto Bailout, Taxes

Trying to block Obama from Alaska ballot because he is "mulatto and negro"

Cat Saves Owner's Life Just Hours After Being Adopted

US Troops Now in 4 African Countries to Fight LRA

RIP Marie Colvin!

UK - Abortion investigation: doctors filmed agreeing illegal abortions 'no questions asked'

The next Great Topic in the Clown Car debates and screeds:

Triumph The Insult Comic @ Occupy Wall Street

Oh my. A pearl clutching PHOTO

This must be one of President Obama's BIGGEST smiles ever!

Violence In Iraq: Wave Of Attacks Targeting Security Forces Kill Dozens (50), Injure More Than 200

Karl Rove is a pathological LIAR

To Be 8 again!

We gots a Missing Person/187? hot mess with political ties in SC

Wisconsin Veteran Irate At Voter ID Law: ‘What The F*ck Did I Go In For?’

The big loser last night.. Rick Santorum

Question for ReTHUGS bashing the President on the auto industry bail out

As a foreigner, I find it astonishing that religion plays such a large part

Germany urged to halt castration of sex offenders

WaPo: Bipartisan Report: Debt will swell under top GOP candidate's tax plans

US Company shifts work from China to USA:

With Banks As Landlords, Some Tenants Neglected

The eagles of Llano

E.J. Dionne, Jr.: On the President as Alien

Man gets prison for attacking boss

Had a very interesting discussion

Headline on this am "News: GOP Debate, Guilty Verdict, More"

Video of lawyer training employers how to avoid hiring American workers

Caught on tape: Palestinian hurls brick at car

With Citizens United, don't you think they should just move political coverage to the sports pages.

Why did the crowd boo last night when the GOP clowns were asked about contraception?

Surplus Jews

High school football player’s “It Gets Better” video and why he is coming out in the Bible Belt

Santorum's main problem? Aside from the fact that he's the extremist's extremist?

Favorite band with three apostrophes in their name?

California health insurers to raise average rates 8% to 14%

Penn State, Pitt, Temple Defend Need for State Funding at Hearing

the llano courthouse. criticism?????

What Iranian Elites Think An Inside Look at Views of the West

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday Feb 23rd

My governor is embarrassing.

BP Spill Victims Still Feel Economic Impact

Tucker Carlson: Iran deserves to be annihilated

If Bob Dylan had only written "Blowin in the Wind," I believe that would have put him

2 U.S. troops killed in Koran backlash

7 Biggest Lies At Arizona Republican Debate

Four white wealthy men talk about contraception

x-post from LBN: Va. House scraps invasive pre-abortion requirement

President Obama sends letter of apology to Afghan president

Lots of dead jellyfish at Myrtle Beach, SC, last weekend. Is that normal for this time of year?

EU tar sands pollution vote ends in deadlock

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (02/23/2012)

FARC vow to continue to fight Colombian state

BREAKING NEWS: 7 Marines die when helicopters collide in Ariz., military officials tell NBC News

"Contagion" scared the crap outta me.

U.N. panel draws up list of Syria leaders to probe

How real Monopoly games saved 1000's of Allied POW's in WWII:

If Israel strikes Iran, it'll be because Obama didn’t stop it

Jobless claims hold steady at 4-year low

I ranted and raved about Allen West a couple of days ago...does that make me a racist??

A GOOD health insurance company

Don't look now--- but Iraq is quickly falling apart.

Senate Democrats hammer opponents over social issues

Why do we see live reports from everywhere on earth but never Afghanistan?

Lift Every Voice and Sing

BP, Anadarko liable for U.S. spill damages

Thursday TOON Roundup 1- Satan's little Helper

Some suggestions for state songs.

Thursday TOON Roundup 2- More Republicans

I must not talk in class.

Toon- Obama Sings Again

Lent for atheists

We Can’t Wait: Obama Administration Unveils Blueprint for a “Privacy Bill of Rights”

Phoenix radio personality quits Catholic event: 'I had to take a stand' for gays

“Religious Freedom” and the Conservative Quest for Absolute Truth

Stocks Return More With Democrat in White House: BGOV Barometer

Quick Scientific Facts That Disprove Myth That Homosexuality is a "Choice"

The Guardian: Were Marie Colvin and journalists deliberately targeted by Syria's army?

About those Faster Than Light neutrinos...nevermind.

Do employers have to prove that they are interviewing a mix of candidates?

Survivor One World - Episode Two Discussion thread

Rep. Joel Kleefisch allegedly caught voting for absent member

There's No Cronyism Like Old Cronyism

Newt Gingrich's Futuristic Approach to Virginia Vaginal Probes

Eilon forgot thee, Jerusalem

EU says eurozone economy to shrink in 2012

Another court finds Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional

state by state speak your mind about...maryland

state by state about maryland


Greatest FEMALE villians

Where Science and Buddhism Meet

The issue du jour is not really about contraception

Apple wins Proview China trademark case

Bremerton Washington is having more than it's share of attention.

The benefit will be a boomin' economy! We had pretty good prosperity through most of the Bush years!

Girl Scout Stunned By Neighbor Who Answered Door With: 'Girl Scouts Support Abortion & Kill Babies'

Oh, gosh. It's starting up again.

Uh-oh Buddy's leaving

Mapquest --how do you know if the road is paved or not?

Seven US Marines killed in helicopter collision

Indian government officials denounce homosexuality, outraging activists

First crocus, first daffodil, first work assignment in over a year!

Sarah Palin 'believed Queen was in charge of British forces in Iraq'

Please Help Demand that House Repubs. allow Sandra Fluke's Testimony be Televised

BP, Anadarko liable for U.S. spill damages

It's time. Time to draft the person who SHOULD be the next president.

President Barack Obama’s corporate- tax framework

This Pretty Much Sums It Up...

Palestinian television still glorifies terror attacks against Israel

How about a "Computing and Technology" group?

The right wing asswipes get it immediately wrong, but still control the debate

Kansans, looking at a map of KS on mapquest, there's a road going north-south from

Drama Free Thursday!!! First Lady Provides Local Inspiration

Rules for forecasting the weather as climate change ramps up:

an interesting diliema. what would you do

Republican Bill Posey Introduces Bill To Ban Members Of Congress From Lobbying For Five Years

Wars against Peak Oil and Climate Change?

Spliff happens!

The Greek Tragedy and Great Depression Lessons Not Learned

Newt is that you?

Some Super PAC Organizers Are Taking a Big Cut of Donations

Homeland Analysts Told to Monitor Policy Debates in Social Media

EXCLUSIVE: The Memo that Larry Summers Didn’t Want Obama to See

Santorum's debate whine: "Politics is a team sport and you have to go along to get along!"

What these Republican men are actually saying...

As Contraception Fight Takes Center Stage, Women Voters Turning From Romney

"How Mitt Romney's Firm Tried — And Failed — To Build A Paper Empire"

Why Obama Needs to Change to Win

For those who can't get enough: The Jeremy Lin Story

The totals for Posts: 30 days and Posts: All time are the same in Forum or Group listings.

Need a little help comrades............

A fabulous video: Senior Olympic Synchronized Swimming

MERS wins dismissal of county recording fee case

Gay Marriage Bill being debated in the Maryland Senate now. *LISTEN LIVE*

Bill Gates Calls for More Accountability on Food Programs

Romney aide guarantees that Mittens WILL win Michigan

Rick Santorum Made Entirely of Gay Porn

MSNBC: Newt & Callista giving up desserts for Lent! But not McDonald's (or adultery???)

Best description ever of R-money!

Stupidity running rampant at ESPN

Texas isn't deep in the hearts of many Americans

Disproving God - Christina Rad

Feb. 26: 20th Anniversary Of The Azeri Genocide By Armenians

DU Album of the Day: The Alan Parsons Project - "Tales of Mystery and Imagination"

Peak oil notes - Feb 23

Peak oil notes - Feb 23

Democrats Hold Hearing on Contraceptives & Women's Health(Watch LIVE)

Why do Republicans tolerate a health care system so unlike investment banking?

Santorum's martyr complex

Pic Of The Moment: Santorum: Paul And Romney Ganging Up On Me

Arizona Audience Boos Birth Control Question During GOP Debate

STAAR may not be bright for Texas

George Constanza responds to Mitt Romney

First Photos of China’s 298-Million-Year-Old Buried Forest

Prepare to have your minds blown

Made in America - Obama for America 2012 Ad

Physicist says future 'more outrageous than fantasy'

NASA discovers enough buckyballs to fill 10,000 Mount Everests

The Hunger Games website...

Extremely rare whale filmed for the first time ever

Wasn’t Atheism Responsible for Most 20th Century Atrocities?

Youtube of lawyer teaching employers how to avoid hiring American workers

Romney's Rambler legacy

Is the Revolving Door Big Enough?: 400 Former House Staffers Registered to Lobby in Past 2 Years

New Bat Has Odd-Shaped Nose

Record Breaking Wind from Black Hole

Oil executive son's powerful testimony at Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline joint review panel

Newark mayor seeks probe of NYPD Muslim spying

Nugent Stands With Buchanan, Praises His "Rock-Solid Conservative Thoughts"

"Adele" Does Not Like Someone Like Newt!

Hatred: Coming soon to a campus near you

Hi folks!

For Conservative Media, Iran Is Always A Year Away From Having Nukes

Bible class in public high schools? Sure, says Arizona House

Romney vs. 'the fastest-growing voting bloc in the nation'

Debt collectors also struggling in the economy

Prepare to have your minds disturbed

Santorum Toon

How can 'strange bedfellows' unite to stop the Iran war?

Remotely Piloted War: How Drone War Became The American Way of Life


Let your life be a friction to stop the machine

Is It Me Or Is The Media Making A Bigger Issue Of Gas Prices Rising?.....

Way to go Indiana House Speaker Brian Bosma (R) He bought 278 case of Girl Scout Cookies

It would be good to get out of Afghanistan while the Pakistanis will still let us out

Focus your vibes. CaliforniaPeggy's surgery is probably just getting underway.

Robert Reich: Corporations Don’t Need a Tax Cut, So Why Is Obama Proposing One?

Disproving God

Bedazzled - ***** - expiring soon

Mugabe loyalists demand body of colonialist Cecil Rhodes be exhumed and sent back to Britain

The mystery of why Romney tortured poor old Seamus is now explained.

Pot as political football

FOX's Lou Dobbs attacks 'Lorax' and 'Arrietty' as left-wing brainwashing

Is Mitt Romney Stealing His Lines Out Of "Anchorman"?

All Dead Mormons Are Now Gay!

Wisconsin: Most unions successful in first certification vote

HA HA HAAAAAAA! Hoekstra, you SUCK. Debbie "SpendItNow" has a 21 POINT lead on your racist ASS.

Why is this group under religion and spirtuality? Kind of Ironic isn't it?

In federal court, Wisconsin GOP can't take yes for an answer on redistricting maps

Watch: Your Town Is Fracked

Thom Hartmann: Does SCOTUS now know Citizens United was a mistake?

Thom Hartmann: SuperPACs now Outraising Candidates

Why do I see adds now?

Rhetoric Won't Save You

How Tuesday's Primaries Could End It for Romney

What If? (Our Collective Good)

How many times have you had surgery?

Maryland Senate to hold final vote at 4pm TODAY on gay marriage bill

OWS PR working group statement on the 99% Declaration

Papantonio: Palin Still Dying To Be President

Sharing & Hugs

Climate denial in the classroom

War And Neglect Leaves 500,000 Afghans Homeless: Amnesty

Eric Cantor received $$ from ALEC and failed to disclose it

USPS Plans 27,000 Job Cuts as Plants Shut

Obama Calls Upon Congress To Pass ‘Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights

Israeli strike on Iran would pose risk for US economy, Obama

How the GOP Plans to Manipulate the Outcome of the November Election

Please consider rec-ing the following post to the front page:

Proof that the Tea Party is just the Ku Klux Klan

The corporate tax "shell game"

Rasmussen Tracking: Romney Drops Below 40 Percent Against Obama

"Sam & Janet" good romantic comedy, expiring soon.

Kitchen prayers

Russia Warns Israel Not To Attack Iran

So I made chicken stock yesterday.

The big rumor is that there is a Romney/Paul alliance

Are online ads becoming toxic to my computer?

Exclusive: Marco Rubio's Mormon Roots

If you cannot leave the Catholic Church, then their numbers are OVERINFLATED

Ex-Playboy playmate gets $1.2 million payout after suing the cops for manhandling her

Rowling Returns With a New Book, This Time for Adults

Witness Hits Back At Issa: ‘I’m A Woman Who Uses Contraception, That Makes Me Qualified’ To Testify

I'm thinking of getting my DNA tested for

How the New Mexico Anti–Nuclear Campaign Achieved A Major Victory!

GOP lament's dismal Arizona debate, speculation about new candidate joining race

Does anyone know of a song lyrics site that does not pop-up millions of ads and does not attempt...

This poll needs some help...

Huge increase in U.S. kids living in poverty: study

Britain Warns Diplomats Not To Meet Israelis In Public

Support the Girl Scouts

5 Reasons You Should Never Agree to a Police Search (Even if You Have Nothing to Hide)

Romney as Audit Chair Saw Marriott Defy IRS (Don't try this at home!)

Fluke Hits Back At Issa: ‘I’m A Woman Who Uses Contraception, That Makes Me Qualified’ To Testify

The Iran war party, Feb. 23/The Christian Science Monitor

Distrust Divides Bibi and Barack on Iran

Finally - is this the change that we can believe in?????......

VA still has time to spring TRAP law

What would be the legal roadblocks to the Catholics just starting up their own insurance company?

VA still has time to spring TRAP law

A question for yall technical services librarians.

Minimum Effective Dose

I am an angry Feminist. And I dare anyone tell me there is something wrong with that.

I am freezing this poll in place (Rasmussen: Obama 49%, Romney 39%)

Find the Toxic Activist

News from the world of Olympus for the Zuikophiles among us.

Is Israel's Government Involved in Harassment Lawsuit Against Washington Food Cooperative?

Face-Recognizing Billboard Shows Ad to Women Only (to show men what it's like 2 have less choice)

Conspiracy! Rivals ACCUSE Romney And Paul Of COLLUSION

Killing Volcker rule: Heads the banks win, tails the taxpayers lose

Great snark from Gibbs

The birth certificate is just not good enough.

Long time Cat owners Help--Can the kittens be from the same litter?

Frozen falling faeces flummox Germans

Cause of Death: Woman (warning: graphic)

Romney/Paul and "Arsenic & Old Lace".

Missouri Medicaid handed over to corporate criminals

Mutated Trout Raise New Concerns Near Mine Sites

Staying Alive in the Wall (An awesome Bee Gees/Pink Floyd mashup)

'Hezbollah's powerbase in w. Africa growing'

DU's very own Soccer/Football AVB Deathwatch 2012!

Pro-Netanyahu daily ‘announces’ end of segregation in spoof

The religion and politics of division

‘Fatwa on Syria’ by 107 scholars

Barack Obama apology to Afghanistan over Koran burning

Why Voters Shouldn’t Trust Their Own Political Party: Ezra Klein

Santorum Cites Racist Author To Defend His Views On ‘The Dangers Of Contraception’

A bridge too f-aaaah!

Religion in the News: Islam and Politics Dominate Religion Coverage in 2011 (Pew)

What's your favorite movie from the year you were born?

Is a candidate's religion a legitimate issue?

Conservation meets capitalism in Florida

Tempers flare as VA House passes Personhood Amendment

Cop Identified in Scott Olsen Incident?

Bamboo Keyboard??

Uganda's Power Drive Stills Rapids at the Headwaters of the Nile

Attractive Undercover Cop Poses As Student And Entraps Teens To "Sell" Her Marijuana

Iran Cracks Down On Satellite Dishes As U.N. Body Bans Signal Jamming

what does it mean when an outlet goes dead?

I am an angry Feminist. And I dare anyone tell me there is something wrong with that.

Apple captures 27% share of worldwide mobile PC shipments

U.K. Ministry Of Defense To Declassify Naval Ice Records From Arctic For Climate Scientists - BBC

Nicholas Stern - Economic Arguments Denying Climate Action "Flawed"; 3-4C Rise Now Likely

Heartland institute President Confirms Group's Work On Denialist Syllabus For Science Teachers

Turbo Tax

Ontario Tests Snapping Turtle Roadkill, Finds Animals "Toxic Soup" Of Mercury, PCBs

Indiana lawmaker stands by view of Girl Scouts

What is the official reason for rising gas prices?

What’s the Difference Between a Street and a Road?

U.S. on guard against possible Iran plots

Should illegal immigrants ever be separated from their US citizen children?

Ever see a demolition crew in action?

Right-wing shock-jock accused in hit-and-run after leaving gay bar

Juror 4 has a creative imagination.

MFM has always been true to his Boy Scout motto

Climate change, increasing temperatures alter bird migration patterns

Holy Hypocrite, Batman! Santorum's Lobbying Firm Helped Clients Get Stimulus Dollars

State Bill Seeks to End Red Scare Era at Long Last

“Are We Alone?” series on the Science Channel

Cat food question- I am so confused.

Thom Hartmann: The Drone Industry wrote the legislation governing its use

Wicca books.

Aircraft of the future could capture and re-use some of their own power

Thom Hartmann: Corporate America has us Hooked on Meth

oh my Rubio is an 'apostate' Mormon, baptized and attended the Mormon Church for many years

Sorry, Newt. One CAN put a gun rack in a Chevy Volt.

U.S. refuses to grant visa to Israeli MK due to his membership in 'terror group'

Earth Spun Faster in 2009 Due to Ocean Current?

Chris Christie hides behind Obama

'Storm of the century' may become 'storm of the decade'

Does anybody know how come English retained some irregular plurals (feet, mice, oxen, children,

Nation's urban forests losing ground: New Orleans, Albuquerque, Houston losing trees

Romney, Sanitorium, Newtered, Ron Paul..If this is the cream of the GOP crop

Somehow the word "Inquisition" is rarely said without the word "Spanish" preceding it. The

Wish list for DU3

Texas Republican Senate Candidate Claims That Being Gay Is A Choice That Will Be Punished By God

Dilbert on companies creating niche markets:

Wild cereals threatened by global warming

Danish toy maker Lego invests in wind energy (Straits Times)

NRA Get Out the Vote Campaign Features Proponents of Political Violence

Dear America, Gas Prices Are Going to Rise No Matter Who Is President of the U.S.

Protection 'vital for Mediterranean's wetlands' (BBC)

Lawsuit filed over UC-Davis pepper-spraying incident

Mitt Romney says Rick Santorum is an unprincipled political hack

Classic Maya civilization collapse related to modest rainfall reductions

Cause of Death: Woman

PA. Governor proposing to eliminate all funding for parks, trails, and agricultural preservation

Bradley Manning charged in WikiLeaks case

What to do about $4 gas (LA Times editorial)

Kansas House passes voter citizenship bill

Don't waste the Divine fluids, brah!

Lying about age ... and Roberto Hernandez, the pitcher known as Fausto Carmona

Has anyone used Magic Jack? Your thoughts?

Elizabeth Warren - Radio Ad: "Wow"

Sibel Edmonds: Obama administration charges a record number for espionage

Earliest horses show past global warming affected body size of mammals

Postal Service to close, consolidate Western Pa. operations!

TYT: Obama Proposing Lower Corporate Tax Rates

At the insistence of my PCP I saw a cardiologist today.

Ok, I have been looking into this Girl Scout thing...

Reddit Forum Helps Young Terminal Cancer Patient's Book Dream Come True

Farm 'weeds' have crucial role in sustainable agriculture

Cheney & friends hosting a fundraiser for Boehner

Tony Auth nails Newt, Mitt and Rick!

Foreign Intervention in Syria? A Debate with Joshua Landis and Karam Nachar

Luckovich: Republicans' idea of 'limited government'

Holocaust denial ‘pub talk’ legal – sometimes

For me personally, I see that at least since 5-years-old, I was gay. From Barbies, to other boys

Finally, Obama 'get's real' in talking to Repunks- GOP r "licking their chops" at higher gas prices

Obama: Opponents Are ‘Rooting For Bad News’ On Gas Prices

I just painted this

Pakistani tribesmen protest against US drone strikes

Scientists call for no-take coral sea park

What I can't figure out is, why hasn't a bishop come out publicly to deny Santorum communion?

What if our approach to fighting poverty is bound to fail?

U.S. resumed drone strikes in spite of Pakistani objections

Eye charts for cats and dogs:

Any Avast! Antivirus users here?

Hey Lounge: Look into my eyes.

Less abortion doesn't mean less sex

Drone attacks boost extremism

Obama opens up six point lead over Romney in...Virginia.

Obama’s Drone War: War on Terror or War on the Terrorized?

MADISON-Rep. Joel Kleefisch allegedly caught voting for absent member

Rev. Dr. T. Anthony Spearman Puts Faith Into Action Against Amendment One

Procter & Gamble to cut 5,700 jobs in restructuring

FOUND IT! What do the Christian right and Islamists have in common?

(CA) Low rainfall could mean restrictions; water agencies announce usage cuts of up to 70%

I just started a movie blog. Check it out!

Climate Change Consensus: A Simple Table for Comprehension

I just started a movie blog. Feedback welcome!

Oil executive son's powerful testimony at Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline joint review panel

Play Me A Tune

Australian woman turns tables on Nigerian scammers

Would you like to make a DU Album of the Day - here's how!

Life sentence for kidnapping and torturing neighbor.

i need help.

DENIED: Obama Admin Immigration Decision Puts Couples in Limbo

American 'illegals' in Mexico (BBC)

RUSH: “Santorum is getting creamed."


Gallup: Obama's Favorability Rating > all GOP candidates

My niece is off to Goa,India, next week. Anyone know anything about the place?

In South Carolina, New Report Finds No Evidence Of 'Dead' Voters


The Republican Brain: Why Even Educated Conservatives Deny Science -- and Reality

The Eerie Intelligence of Swarms -Swarm Theory

Female Witness Hits Back At Issa: ‘I’m A Woman Who Uses Contraception, That Makes Me Qualified’

Repunks refuse Dems use of House recording studio in taking Sandra Flukes testimony

Why are we scared of any ghosts? Even if the ghost is of someone who was a nice person

Thank the Key West City Commission for their Leadership

Climate Change Consensus: A Simple Table for Comprehension

Media Quotes: The Worst Things Said On Fox News

Georgia Poll: Newt: 33% Ricky: 28% Mittens: 20%

Accused RW Militia Leader Wanted to Kill Police, Their Families

'Personhood' bill dies in Virginia Senate

Putin Rears His Head In HuffPost Airspace

On a cold winter morning this woman had nothing better to do but stand on a street corner and...

I can't support the ACLU

Bruce Bartlett (former Reagan advisor) on Stewart show says the Republican party is "insane"

Why Gingrich got it right

Russia, China reject "interference" in Syria

#Occupy the SEC. 325 page comment letter to the SEC, FDIC, Federal Reserve & OCC

Help me persuade my office to ditch PCs

So what member has the most posts on DU?

Holy fuck...Brent Boznell

Morris apologizes, stands by Girl Scout decision

From Talking Cats to Bill Maher, Online Comedy Goes Pro

(Calif.) Democrats want to extend guaranteed retirement savings to private sector

It’s Time for You to go back in the Closet!

Question - Congress, Presidents and Budgets

Obama: I've got 'five years' left to solve immigration

Dragged myself of the house to meet Elizabeth Warren today

Morris apologizes, stands by Girl Scout decision

Politco exposes coordination between Romney campaign and super PAC.

Rush album is now a steampunk novel

How to Conquer the Cassoulet by Bittman

The future of free DTV over the air ...

How many 'third' party candidates will pop up for 2012...

I've just learned that fantasy author Sara Douglass died

Are you an atheist if you believe that the probability that God exists is exactly 42/100?

Center for American Progress: Study - "Self-Deportation" is a myth.

"Slavery really wasn't all that bad..."


LOL, one of the hosts just locked one of Skinner's threads (yes, THAT Skinner) for being off-topic

I just found out....

best organics

Mechanism Behind Capacitor’s High-Speed Energy Storage Discovered

Obama Goes After Republicans in Michigan

Axelrod on GOP candidates: 'All hat, no cattle'

Obama administration introduces Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights

Daniel Von Bargen tried to kill himself

Their Violent Rhetoric Is Very Clear

Making Solar Power Competitive with Coal

Wisconsin Dems File Complaint With State Against David Koch

FEC warns Gingrich for paying himself with campaign funds

List of acceptable words and terms, please.

Rick Santorum goes to family physician for erectile dysfunction (Satire)

GOP Rep Says He'd Have To Shoot Members Of Senate To Get Budget Passed

New York Fracking Ban: Judge Rules Towns Can Prohibit Drilling (for folks following H20 Man)

What ever happened to Delmart Vreeland?

California health insurers to raise average rates 8% to 14%

Secret documents reveal DHS lied about tracking Americans on social media

A lot of us are in the closet about our illness.

Kansas considers tax cuts for most residents -- except poorest

Santorum again: Obama ‘in bed with Muslim Brotherhood’

Happy birthday, Dr. Du Bois!

I thought this clip from Martin Bashir's show today was pretty funny

Bush, Fed, Europe Banks in $15 Trillion Fraud, All Documented

Bill Maher: Republican Debate Review

Carney, Boehner spokesman go at it on twitter

Heads Up: Bill Maher free live-stream LIVE special "Crazy Stupid Politics" tonight at 10:30pm ET

OMG! Braun Wins Appeal!!!

Disarming the Myths Promoted By the Gun Control Lobby - Forbes

Obama's refusal to get tough on oil speculation biting him in the a$$?

Maybe Republicans should stop the search for Voter Fraud because they just keep getting in trouble.

Way to go, Women of Virginia!!!

Gay marriage passes in Maryland!!

Way more serious(ly) than Rmoney's conservative credentials

Same sex marriage bill passed in MD Senate.

Romney Pushes Altered Versions Of Newspaper Endorsements, Edits Out Criticisms

Allen West is upset about gas prices because “it took $70 to fill the tank of my 2008 H3 Hummer"

I cannot believe that I had to run the A/C today.

Maryland Senate Passes gay Marriage Bill!

Right-Wing Media Group Pledges To Strip Birth Control Out Of Health Plan After Providing It For Year

When did the wingers start equating contraception with abortion?

Repubs. are joining right-wing religionists in waging an unrelenting war against women.

STUDY: Tax plans proposed by Romney, Santorum & Gingrich would explode national debt by trillions

Coming this Fall, have you ever wanted to be a giant?

Even if Romney wins Michigan and Arizona its not over.

CaliforniaPeggy is doing fine.

Ask this: should there be no more talk about contraception in the debates?

Glenn Beck's Favorite Gold Company Forced to Refund $4.5 Million to Customers


Parents challenge corporate takeover of Chicago public schools

Maryland Same Sex Marriage bill goes to Governor O'Malley for signature

I see the problem...

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 24 February 2012 Defends Beck Column Because Readers Know "What He Is"

Veterans Organization Tells US Army: Drop All Charges Against Bradley Manning!

PHOTO: "Errr...excuse me, but could I please substitute rice for the pasta?"

Arrests made in US rhino horn smuggling ring (BBC)

friends and fans of CaliforniaPeggy:

Pelosi aims to draw contrast with GOP on contraception policy

Interactive chart showing job creation record from beginning of Trickle Down Disaster thru 1/2012

PHOTO: 67 years ago today (02/23/45)

NY protester's tweets at heart of clash on privacy

Phone hacking: News of the World bosses ordered emails to be deleted

Glenn Close's Albert Nobbs Brings Transgender Identity to the Red Carpet

Women, Join on the Bridge

Ryan Braun exonerated!

The Lorax: Blowing Smogulous Smoke

Ryan Braun exonerated, will not be suspended!

Robert Reich: Corporations Don’t Need a Tax Cut, So Why Is Obama Proposing One?

Texas: New rule designed to exclude PP from participation in the Women's Health Program

The Catholic Church is not against birth control. It allows you to use ineffective birth control

Decision on Texas voter-ID law could be a long time coming

Note To Newt: Time To Retire "Outrageous" And "Fundamental" From Your Vocabulary

Catholic Nuns File Brief Supporting Affordable Care Act

20 g-ddamned minutes and counting! Netflix DVD Contagion preview trailers still playing!

What Reporters Are Getting Wrong About Gas Prices

A co-worker just received notice that the county DA is watching her delinquent 4 y.o.

Corbett changed business tax rules on his own, costing PA. $200 million in business taxes

Anonymous engages WSJ with :gasp: Facebook comment flashmob

Rasmussen tracking: Obama 49 Romney 39 / Obama 48 Santorum 41

For those going through Downton Abbey withdrawal,

So we have mitten's wife and frothy in town (Dallas) trying to raise money

Who wants to help start a new trend in discussions on DU?

CAPTION.... for the children

Tonight on Countdown:Robert Reich, Russ Feingold

Minnesota Senate passes bill broadening use of deadly force in self defense

Facilities Services at Texas A&M may be outsourced, officials said

Three Black Crows, from a guy I met in a park in 1981, Craig Cornett.

F-16 pilot saves U.S. taxpayers about $20 million. Nice job, at risk of own life.

Massive crack in Antartica's Pine Island Glacier growing

Holy crap people are SO nuts. Do people really believe the shit they spew? Look at a reply I got

Lucy "Xena" Lawless trying to save Alaska

Oil and Gas Industry Pushes Back on Obama Tax Plan

'Personhood' bill dies in Virginia Senate

Gov. Perry to have clavicle surgery

"All known copies" of John Edwards / Rielle Hunter sex tape to be destroyed

Obama: GOP philosophy is 'wrong about America'

All yankees move out of the South.

Scifi author spoils his entire book series for terminally ill fan

Who would be the best Republican, no joke.

Wisconsin Dems File Complaint With State Against David Koch

President Obama requested prayers for his family

Martin Bashir is tearing ReTHUGS a new one on Ed Shultz


Specter contradicts Santorum's claims.

TX GOP Senate Candidate Craig James Claims That Being Gay Is A Choice That Will Be Punished By God

New Texas rule could end Women's Health Program

Cast iron cleaning and care

Obama ‘Drills’ Republicans For Rooting For High Gas Prices

Pelosi blames "Wall Street profiteering" for high gas prices

Santorum Cites Racist Author To Defend His Views On ‘The Dangers Of Contraception’

Bill Mahrer live on Yahoo Screen tonight!

Hobo Hunt Is Appalling - Wanna take a pic of a hobo and 'hunt' them? There's an app for that.

Just when you think you've seen it all: Obama can't be president because he's 'mulatto'

Angry Republican Congressman Asks Why It Costs $70 To Fill Up His 2008 Hummer

Ron Paul Fans Outraged That Santorum Shook His Hand Too Hard

Why are we scared of ghosts? Even if the ghost has little earing nuggets

Because of...

Heads Up: Bill Maher free live-stream LIVE special "Crazy Stupid Politics" tonight at 10:30pm ET

USPS to close mail processing/distribution centers in Cape Girardeau and Springfield

Newt Gingrich calls Obama’s apology for Koran burning "an outrage"

Any "must-see" or "must-do" suggestions when visiting Norway and Sweden? n/t

Annoyance of the month ;)

When will corporations vote, just like other people?

That massive fraud being exposed in the House of Lords - MUST WATCH

Dish Network Closing 500 Blockbuster Stores

[To Admins] Regardng South bashing

In a Gamble for Cash, Sears Plans to Sell Stores

I know I'm probably some kind of socialist....

Toles Toon- I know how to keep them under control

Citigroup: Shale oil fracking has killed peak oil

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Fracked Up

U.S. appeals court finds collection of DNA upon arrest (not conviction) is constitutional

Best museum/art gallery you have been to? Anne Frank museum in Amsterdam. Musee D'Orsay

I just made chocolate fudge brownies...

Mitt Romney Super PAC Republishes 2007 Romney Ad, Violating Finance Laws, Watchdog Says

You wanna talk about voter fraud? I gotcher voter fraud right here.

Obama Administration Unveils Blueprint for a “Privacy Bill of Rights” to Protect Consumers Online

Shocker: National debt would increase under all Republican candidates' tax plans

Anti-underage drinking advocate charged with providing teen party spot before DWI crash

Timothy Egan, NYT: Theocracy and Its Discontents

Military did damage control in wake of Peter MacKay’s helicopter flight

"Friends of Syria" to demand ceasefire (Reuters)

Ted Turner, Special to CNN: Stop Keystone pipeline before it's too late

Mitt Romney does a few things *Really* *Really* *REALLY* well . . . . .

Glen Beck is now a tax-deductible charity

I've got to give Tebow props for this one.

Piers Morgan has a bunch of Repukes on to talk debate right now. Let us see how they

AIG posts huge 4th-quarter profit on tax benefit

Waking up from hibernation is hard work - pics

southside shadow skater

Gay Marriage Passes and is Vetoed by T-Rex Governor Christie

AC 360 Breaking News. Many middle eastern nations are sending arms to Syrian opposition. Cooper

Bank of America to stop selling new home loans to Fannie Mae

More Indiana Women Carrying Guns

I thought this was so wonderful

Yikes: CNN Zoomed In On ‘Frothy Santorum’ Sign During AZ Debate

What kind of posthumous behavior should be legalized?

Santorum Cites Racist Author To Defend His Views On ‘The Dangers Of Contraception’

Knicks’ Shooting Star Gets Dose of Humility

What future technology do you look forward to? I can't wait until they have a pretty safe

Decomposing GOP!

Another Hoke County family says school is telling their child what to eat

I think The Office is back!

Since when has Christianne Amanpour been back on CNN? I love her.

Matt Taibbi: Arizona Debate/Republican Disaster: "This is the last stage in any paranoid illness"

Youcef Nadarkhani, Iranian Pastor, May Face Execution For 'Apostasy From Islam' (REPORT)

Israel: Messianic Settlers Provoke Violence And Seek Final Day Of Reckoning

HEY RICKY, Specter DENIES Making ANY DEAL With You.

Wall Street Oil Speculation Driving Surge in Gas Prices

Girl tattoos boyfriends face on her arm after 1 week of dating.

W VA Coal Mine-mid-level managers charged & are COOPERATING with the feds to go after HIGHER-UPS

Feature request:

...Ron Paul was right: people like Gingrich, Santorum and Romney are pushing us toward war ...

On this day in 1954, the first mass vaccination of children began...

Bill Maher streaming live on Yahoo - Now

You know who we've not been hearing from very much of late?

Are we looking for Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iran?

Evaluation Deal is Major Defeat for NY Teachers—Harbinger for Others?

Race to the bottom of the ocean: Why go down? (BBC)

Why Girls Don’t Go For STEM Careers

Cali Community College Budgets Slashed $564 million

ctv news: Liberal & NDP supporters in Canada were robotcalled by Edmonton firm and tricked

Court throws out Armenian class-action lawsuit

Mercury News editorial: The hottest U.S. trend: single moms

Progressive events happening through April.

Rick Santorum winning more support from Republican women

I want to believe in a God.

Van Wanggaard - Mining - "It's My Bill" (excellent news herein)

Waiting Underground... patti smith

There once was a cousin. Non-political. In Florida.

Bank of America Breaks With Fannie Mae

Is Homosexuality a Choice?

Teachers: Reply to Obama Fundraising Pitches as Follows:

Krugman: Romney 'running a campaign of almost pathological dishonesty'


The Nuclear Industry’s Answer to Its Marketplace Woes

Classical Music Heads up: Placido Domingo on with Steve Colbert in a few minutes

Bill Maher giving Obama's super-pac ONE MILLION DOLLARS !!!

Gay Dallas judge won’t conduct marriages because they ‘can’t be performed for me’

Time for another edition of Republicans Who Love To Fuck: Warren G. Harding - Horndog In Chief

Toons: Libertarian Bologna, Focus on the Uterus, Santorum Attacks and More. - 2/23/12

NBA All-Star Weekend in Orlando, FL off to a rollicking start.

MN A.L.E.C. Legislator authors bill that limits government's ability to stop Fracking

MN A.L.E.C. Legislator authors bill that limits government's ability to stop Fracking

Time for another edition of Republicans Who Love To Fuck: Mike Duvall - Spreading the News

gingrich says Obama "surrendered" by apologizing to Afghans

Bill Maher Presents Obama Super PAC With $1 Million Check - PHOTO

Time for another edition of Republicans Who Love To Fuck: Neil Bush - Strange Love