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Iceland shows the way,dump the IMF and nationalized banks

Pic Of The Moment: Presidents' Day 2012

How Hollywood and Joe Biden Got China to Drop a 20-Year Movie Quota

Romney is a creepy robot

Bering the load

Is "email this thread" gone?

1988 Ron Paul on Morton Downey Jr.

Why does our star membership not work at DU2?

Organs from less-than-ideal donors are saving patients' lives

Happy 64th birthday, Tony Iommi.

Assessor-Recorder Phil Ting Uncovers Widespread Mortgage Industry Irregularity

Sun on Sunday to launch next week

In honor of the Simpsons' 500th episode tonight:

Santorum claims that in the Netherlands 50% of all euthanizations are forced

Ideas for Revising the Help and Meta Statement of Purpose

Anyone like this quote?

Romney's Roast (send our military overseas necessities and comforts from home)

HBO Films: The MAKING OF Game Change Featurette (new)

"In sourcing" - GM to build new plant for electric cars in Maryland!

Are you too obsessed with politics?

Student Says She Was Punched in the Face for Prop. 8 Column

A toast for Lady Mary and Matthew Crawley!

'Hundreds gather' in China after self-immolation

Dear KDP - Can We Get Some Candidates Please? Part II

NYPD Spies on Student Groups at Rutgers, Yale, and other US Universities

Dear "Liberal Media" please note, the GOP is NOT "mainstream America"

The Right-Wing Nutjob Quote-O-Matic

Romney: MI trees 'the right height'

Shit Christians say to Athiests

Maid Cafe - Akihabara, Japan

Special Report: Myanmar declares war on opium

Swiss Develop Satellite to Dispose of Space Junk

Really cool article (free app too!) about climate change

Are DU2 mods allowed to divulge info from the old mods forum?

Reframing The Debate: "Pro-Life" Needs To Become "Anti-Choice"

Open Congressional seats? Do NOT support any candidate who will not defend

When will we have an alternate to paypal as a means of donating?

U.N. inspectors arrive in Iran for nuclear talks

Lloyds to strip bankers of bonuses - report

Statement by Joe and Mika on Racist Pat - The First Post

'Suspend millionaire back to work tsar': MPs demand Cameron acts after police probe job placements t

Sex-changing treatment for kids: It's on the rise

Does anyone actually like the "Recently Watched" feature on NetFlix streaming?

When Santorum speaks of "The Church," as he did last week in his criticism

Canada threatens trade war with EU over tar sands

NASA Eyes Plan for Deep-Space Outpost Near the Moon

Who Am I Talking About? The Santorum or Scottorum Quiz

Arlington National Cemetery

The presidential race probably isn't that important.

Russ Feingold's book - While America Sleeps: A wake-up call for the post 9/11 era

BBC: Struggling Greeks losing belief in the state

BP Spill Deal Possible This Week After Mitsui, Oppenheimer Says

Drought summit as rivers in England dry up

10 Things You Didn't Know About The President's Army

Chris Hedges: Acts of Love

I wonder.

Please note: it's spelled "TEMPLATE" but it's pronounced "TEM PLIT".

What's for Dinner ~ Monday Feb 20th

Colbert will be live tonight

How Power Suits Subvert the Law of the Land

Why it matters that our politicians are rich- hint it an't good

Raleigh area DU'ers. Be safe driving this morning.

Does anyone have a Link to a Good Free Anti-Virus Protection?

What Got Lost in the Debate About Birth Control

"...wealth can actually change how we think and behave..."

Bhutanese refugees: From Nepal to Madison

Chris Cornell Covers Whitney Houston’s ‘I Will Always Love You’at Obama Fundraiser

Ask the Weather Guys: Who first suggested human activities could change our climate?

Can anyone recommend a bush pea?

Rainforest plant combats multi-resistant bacterial strains

Saving Food From The Fridge: It Will Taste Better, May Even Last Longer And Reduce Your Energy Bills

funny stuff

The Nation: Sorry, Republicans, Your Savior Won't Come

state by state speak your mind about...louisiana

state by state about louisiana

First snow of the season! Power out, but we're toasty warm thanks to the woodstoves!

Two Charts That Should Terrify Republicans

President's Day: A day they close the banks. So bankers can get naked.....

American Women's Message To Republican Party

The Stone Warriors of Sardinia 500yrs older than the Chinese Terracotta

The Saga Of The Republican Egg

The Crazy Cost of Becoming President, From Lincoln to Obama

state by state....things that make you go hmmmmmm

Oil jumps to 9-month high after Iran cuts supply

John Lewis: Election ‘Only A Down Payment On Dr. King’s Dream’

Good news for meat-eaters or would be meat-eaters...Lab grown meat just a year away!

Bankster Funded Ohio Democratic Candidate Seems to Think her Donations are Above Being Questioned

Chinese food? Bring out the Black Pepper.

as much as i like the nickname Frothy--Perhaps we should rename him Rick Sanitarium

Netanyahu's border proposal: Israel to annex settlement blocs, but not Jordan Valley

Arizona's Babeu caught up in scandal

The ‘biblical view’ that’s younger than the Happy Meal

Which President Grew Pot? 9 Shocking Things You Might Not Know About U.S. Presidents

The 3 Stages of the "War on Terror": From Shock and Awe to Assassinations

This can't be true

whats in the bag?

‘There Is Not Enough Work’: Nearly Half of Mexicans Now Officially Poor

im lookin at you

Ayatollah Santorum blames the President for a culture war

Romney Adviser: It's About Delegates, Not Winning Michigan

Amazing LAT Editorial: Climate denial in the classroom

Big Dairy’s latest smear tactic


Something to ponder when reading news stories on-line.

Harvard: Medical bills trigger half of bankruptcies. Most filers had insurance

If Republicans seem spooked to you these days-here’s why: Two Charts That Should Terrify Republicans

Santorum Says Obama's Policies Elevate 'the Earth Above Man'

The Obama Team Creates project Narwhal...

This Land Is Your Land - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

One Million Pissed Off Women

Santorum isn't a favorite with all conservatives:

Trump suggests Miss Universe should dump ‘not rich’ boyfriend

I don't suppose one could find out who is ignoring them?

Santorum's Contraception Solution ( wear it.)

Embryos are not babies

I almost believe in reincarnation.

South Africa troops tackle rhino poachers (BBC)

Why they don't allow Maine-ah to get vanity plates anymore:

Sorry, goggie... I love you more than life itself, but no WAY I'm not "washing" THESE dishes, TYVM.

You KNOW this is true -- what people say walking out of the theater after a GREAT movie!!!

Come to the Dark Side of the Squeeze...

Guns on campus bill faces another hurdle (Texas)

This almost makes MiddleFingerMom wish he were still into projectile vomiting.

MFM knows beyond ANY REASONABLE DOUBT WHATSOEVER... that Stoner Heaven is being wasted on the young.

The Invincible Military-Industrial Complex - Leon Panetta’s dream is Eisenhower’s nightmare.

Update: Giant Confederate flag on I-75 outside of Tampa

NYT: From Knife Seller to the President’s Hard Edge

Statistically, Rick Santorum is just two more homophobic remarks away ...

From Knife Seller to the President’s Hard Edge

Mount Signal Solar Project to Supply 200 MW of Clean Energy to SDG+E

Peak oil review - Feb 20

Peak oil review - Feb 20

World Bank nominees must come from emerging economies

Popular NORTH FACE jackets made from feathers of force-fed geese - extremely cruel conditions

The OilDrum from this weekend and today...

The OilDrum from this weekend and today...

Florida Set for New Cut in Spending on Colleges

Digital tools 'to save languages' (BBC)

Christie's attacks on court come as no surprise

Christie's attack on the courts come as no surprise

Why Mitt Romney's Presidential Prospects May Not Be Salvageable

Let's Do It Again (Obama 2012) - Teens in Orlando Making a Difference!!!

CNN (& Andy Borowitz) Say Nuclear Attack by North Korea Would Not Affect Whitney Houston Coverage

A Lesson in Values

Why don't Asian Americans have as much political clout as Jewish Americans?

Oh, GOODY. MSNBC's Chris Jansing has trotted out nasal, beady-eyed Grover Norquist.

One Message WE Must Own and not the GOP

E.J. Dionne: Ideological Hypocrites

The Choices We Make

Mining Legislation - PLEASE WATCH THIS - Wisconsin and everywhere

Student Loans Near $1 Trillion Hurt Young U.S. Buyers: Mortgages

Liberal Pelosi speaks at conservative Texas A&M

"Winter" has arrived in NC - all 30 Minutes worth so far

The Rickhead-'Guaranteed To Repel Advancing Vagina'

Politics & Other Mistakes: Fader in the middle

Ted Rall toon on Foreclosure Fraud

3 million voters have participated in the Republican races-less than the population of Connecticut

What a wonderful world - David Attenborough

SEC Surrender Continues With Bear Bankers Deal: William D. Cohan

What Constitutes Stalking on DU?

Anyone know about personal liability law?

Colorado's biggest douche, Douglas Bruce, whines about his jail conditions.

DMN: Perry often out of office

University police chiefs lobby against guns on campus

Hey smart people of DU: Need cellphone help. Credo Mobile

Stop the Violence, Save the Children

UT/TT Poll: Santorum Crushing GOP Hopefuls in Texas

Saw 'This Means War' last night

Fukushima Manager Blames Plant Overheating on Thermometer not Radiation

Snort: Latino Mormons mobilizing against Mittens

4 reasons Abraham Lincoln wouldn't win the GOP nomination in 2012

Brooks County another example of forfeiture program gone wrong

Florida Knows All About the 1%

New veterans cross is perfectly legal

Indisputable proof, that abstinence, is not the only 100% effective pregnancy prevention. Wear your

Is Santorum deliberately trying to lose this race?

America’s last hope: A strong labor movement

Orioles & Hummers in less than 10 weeks!!

Military building boom that buoyed Texas comes to a halt

Who says the French don't have a sense of humor?

IDF uncovers Iranian-made explosive device in Gaza

People often wonder how MFM managed to flunk Sunday school

Making a case for supervising your children

Corbett calls Democratic legislators "ballsy"

Wyoming man burns New Jersey flag over Whitney Houston controversy

Childhood expectations rarely pan out

Lawmakers may holster campus guns idea

CNN: ‘State-Sponsored Rape’ Bill As No Different Than Consensual Sex

What Santorum considers a 'phony theology'

Kevin Durant has career-best 51 as Thunder make history in OT win

Single-Atom Transistor Is End of Moore's Law; May Be Beginning of Quantum Computing


I think Santorum and Co. missed something ...

A ? For Little Ricky...

Turkish police detain terror suspects using Facebook

What Happens After 'Peak Everything'?

NYT confirms that Bain Capital really, really REALLY did not want to lend GM and Chrysler money

[UK Awareness Campaign] ‘Real men get raped’

When Mitt finally, after all this crap, realizes that hey, NO ONE LIKES HIM

Energy poverty killing more people than malaria

The ERA? Well, why not?

ESPN Apology to Jeremy Lin: Is it possible

Five-year-old may be youngest trans person in UK

Student accidentally shot at concealed weapons class

Pepper Sprayed in Fantasy Land.

Let's collect and report our Neptune/Chiron/Pisces experiences this week here

Who says the Germans don't have a sense of humor?

Social Europe Journal: Catastrophe Now: The Euro Runs its Course

Discussing whether a deceased public figure's life was affected by homophobia

Last night I dreamt I went on vacation to Seychelles but I forgot my passport

Martin Olav Sabo Bridge Closed After Cable Support Breaks


Economic crisis slows U.S. population growth

Not even trying to disguise it anymore: New movie uses real life Navy SEALS

Hey Lounge! I need help finding a camera charger in store.

This is dedicated to my homeboys this week...

Koch on Walker recall: 'We've spent a lot of money in Wisconsin. We're going to spend more.'

Pictures of Fukushima tour today, one shows 102 microsieverts per hour

5 sexual health services insurance WILL cover… for MEN

50 years ago today: Godspeed, John Glenn.

Ilan Grapel to Times of Israel: Egypt’s new regime is no different from Mubarak’s

This President's Day

Randi Rhodes: Is Rush Limbaugh going senile? Rants about kids.

White Star, Black School: Landon Clement Is The Face Of Upstart North Carolina Central

I have never once wondered about Barack Obama's views on non-procreative sex.

Great Occupier's Response From Reuters

"What Bible is Santorum Reading?"

Santorum Uses Hitler Analogy To Describe Obama - RawStory

PPP Polls:Romney leads Santorum by just 3 in Arizona, 36-33. Gingrich at 16%, Paul at 9%

'Restructuring Greece Within the Euro is Illusory' {Hans-Werner Sinn interview}

Wired Article: Why the Clean Tech Boom Went Bust

I am His Holiness Richardus Sanctimonious

Codswallop! Pensioner handbags health minister outside No 10

Is there a "right to lie?"

Under George W. Bush, gas prices increased 275 percent (2001 – 2008)

John Harwood, NYT: Obama's tax policy targets the rich.

Media Matters: Fox Hosts "Conservative Comedian" To Claim Obama Is "Faking" Being Christian

The real reason the Bishops are accusing Obama of attacking the Catholic Church:

Randi Rhodes Discusses 30 year plot to turn USA into feudal society

Amy Poehler & Seth Meyers: "Really?!" (Birth Control Edition)

Canada now openly uses direct threats at highest political level to derail crucial EU climate legisl

Michael Moore will be on the Rachel Maddow show tonight to discuss the GOP circus tent in Michigan

The GOP goal is to spill all their secrets and poison the well of politics for

Obama Team Expects GOP Attack Over Rising Gasoline Prices

How Did 'Zombie Boy' Become a Fashion Icon?

The Prophet Santorum Once Again Clarifies God’s Will

"Rick Santorum Says He'd Criminally Prosecute Abortion Providers"; DU Post Crossreference/link

The conservative crusade against women’s health

Good new editorial on Pennsylvania funding cuts to universities

Sad state of global employment

Empire's Double Edged Sword: Global military + NGO's: Tearing Down Sovereign Nations

Why the Post Office is doomed to failure.

Guardian: Civilisation faces 'perfect storm of ecological and social problems'

Holy MOG... article written in 2002 by Senator Rick Santorum re:Priests

"Global warmists"...?

Iran holds anti-aircraft exercises as nuclear inspectors arrive

Why are we and the media not discussing Mrs. Santorum's time, unmarried, with her

Frum: GOP's worst nightmare -- a contested convention

another tactic the santorum election committee may use... wayback machine to 2006 - Green Party

White House: Netanyahu, Obama To Meet In Washington On March 5

Study: Higher Risk Of Abuse For Kids Who Don’t Conform To Gender

AWESOME...... LITTLE LADY DANCES TO ............Whitney Houston

Under My Umbrella

Just now Santorum's spokesperson on MSNBC called talked about Obama's "radical Islamic" policies

Santorum: Liberals ‘are the anti-science ones’

Student Attacked For Writing Pro-Marriage Equality Opinion Piece - RawStory

"You are the poster child for the one percent."

science "crash course" vid: "Biological Molecules: You Are What You Eat"

Where in the world is MissHoneyChurch?

Anyone intersted in taking the Zogby poll - talks about Iran, the President, Congress and Gas Prices

Iran Holds Anti-Air Exercises Defending Nuclear Sites

TYT - Sky News Iran Propaganda, Warmongering!

TOON: THIS MODERN WORLD--Sex Talk with Rick Santorum!

And her right to have a happy, joyous sex life that involves an actual male partner?

Lab-grown meat is first step to artificial hamburger

Dennis Ross’ ‘Red Line’ To The White House

Teachers: Why are you so pissed?

When is Violence Morally Justified?

question about accessing different hard drives with different operating systems...

mr santorum, what are your plans for the millions of unwanted pregnancies...

How Can “Any Gun, Any Time, Any Place” Be Stopped And Why Is Starbucks the Key?

Oldie but goodie: Smack You with My Umbrella (parody of Rihanna's "Umbrella")

Andrea Mitchell did it again

U.S. Super-Sizing Afghan Jail It Promised to Abandon

"Freedom isnt to do whatever you want to do, it's to do what you ought to do" -- Rick Santorum

How Greece Could Take Down Wall Street

Powerful Danziger Toon

Santorum Spokesperson Refers To Obama's "Radical Islamic Policies"

Sex Talk with Rick Santorum (Tom Tomorrow)

Most depressing book you've ever read?

Mitt Romney Super PAC's $14M blitz (mostly negative ads)

GOP Rep says the 2011 Leg increased state spending on education; Truth-o-meter: Pants On Fire

Holiest Of Cows!-The Crazy Cost of Becoming President, From Lincoln to Obama

The Rude Pundit: Abraham Lincoln Would Fuck Up the Shit of Today's Republicans

Horrible elephant abuse by humans for profit must be stopped! (WARNING: Disturbing photo)

Egypt begins the restoration of a 4,500-year old boat found near pyramids

A response from my GOP Senator on the Blunt Amendment

Pancreatic cancer: Trial drug MRK003 shows promise (BBC)

Wall Street Abandons Republicans - Now Supports Higher Taxes on the Wealthy.

Chuprcabra or Texas Blue Dogs?

Ronald Reagan: Worst President Ever?

Does history repeat? Using the past to improve ecological forecasting

Downton Abbey fans, please check in!

Taking the Earth’s pulse: UBC scientists unveil a new economic and environmental index

Pardon Me, Mr. President

Manny's back: Ramirez to join A's

Conservation risk highest off coasts of Canada, Mexico, Peru and New Zealand: UBC research

Some bird photos from the Great Backyard Bird Count (pic heavy)

you are boring me to death...

Gender Identity Issues Can Harm Kids' Mental Health: Study

Rainforest plant combats multi-resistant bacterial strains

Poll: Democrats Have A "Pretty Good Chance" Of Taking Back Michigan House

Happy President's Day from Mount Catmore

DOJ Will Not Defend Anti-Gay Block on Military Benefits

Poll: Democrats Have A "Pretty Good Chance" Of Taking Back Michigan House

Today, the Greek people are going hungry to protect a rigged $32 trillion Wall Street casino.

Lesbian activist in Uganda, where homosexuality is illegal

Hi, I'm a zygote in the state of Oklahoma and I want to exercise my

Court rules against anti-gay Christian group’s effort to recall El Paso mayor

Beautifully Colored Lizard Discovered In The Peruvian Andes

HILARIOUS: Saturday Night Live Calls B.S. On The All-Male Birth Control Panel

So I'm getting ready for work when..

Here is what I don't understand about dog owners

I went to the doctor today

Wow. Texas REALLY hates Mitt Romney.

Is it just me, ir is there a shortage of news in the news?

Something To Send To Your Conservative Father-In-Law: How The Stimulus Worked

Toon- Working in Corporate America

Carbon dioxide breaking down marine ecosystems

All Penetrations Are Created Equal ('Pukes Defend Virginia’s Occupy Vagina Law)

Egyptians claim Israeli goods cause disease, infertility

John Galt is a Crybaby and So Are You (Richard Eskow)

Anne Hathaway's Super-Shareable Quote On Gay Rights

Santorum Spokesperson Refers To Obama's 'Radical Islamic Policies'

Republicans Pleading for Atheist Vote

Politico Gaffe Becomes Organizing Tool In Wisconsin Recall Effort

Religious divide in Africa

The Information Welfare State

Apple touts N.C. solar array in environmental footprint report

Can liberals really be friends with conservatives?

TOM TOMORROW: Sex Talk with Rick Santorum

Wow...Santorum's so fucking crazy he makes George W. Bush seem like just a good-natured drunk

Santorum is wrong again about prenatal testing - it's about choice, not abortion!

WTF! Polls Have Santorum Beating Obama!?!

For Presidents' Day, some things you may not have known

Best liverpool podcast going-Get on it!

DU Album of the Day: "Good Old Boys" Randy Newman

For boomers, it's a new era of 'work til you drop'

Is Santorum Too Socially Conservative to Defeat Obama?

Kobe: Trade Gasol or don't. But "fucking do it already."

Silent protest outside, Virginia House puts off ultrasound vote

Apple To Build The Largest End-User-Owned Solar Array In America

Turning children's art into stuffed animals.

Veracruzana Chicken Stew With Winter Squash

Lawmaker won't honor 'radicalized' Girl Scouts

Puerto Rico honors President Obama with a statue along the "avenue of heroes" - story w/pics

First you make da Roux!!!

Sorting Babies on the Global Market

Reversing Local Austerity

GOP To Eat Itself

HKonJ Rally {NC ammendment 1}

Birth control ban = violence against women

Finding Joy in Alzheimer’s

Has anybody ever transplanted leeks?

Dicks in Flicks! Post a pic of a Flick Dick.

So Little Ricky doesn't like my theology thinks my denomination is in the grip of Satan?

One-world plutocracy and privatization

Between voter suppression laws, Diebold, corrupt GOP State officials,

Enjoy, a great short movie from Italy:

And then I found this rant: 'My Feminism Will Be Intersectional Or It Will Be Bullshit!"

AP Basketball poll - THE Ohio State falls again - Three MWC teams now listed:

I do not remember Obama being rude to McCain or Bush in the 2008 election......

Puerto Rico Gives President Obama the Bronze for President's Day

Papantonio: Santorum’s American Taliban

Ice! We need ice! Good party!

Jean Meslier: "I would like ...

The Republican WAR On Reproductive Rights Has WOMEN FLEEING The GOP

First Lady's Personal Favorite On President's Day

Paying Respects To A Fallen Journalist In Libya - Andy Carvin

Icky Ricky is running for first preacher

North Korea has a higher approval rating than Congress according to Gallup

My grandma always said, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."

British Numberphile: - 23 and Football Birthdays


Santorum: Democrats are "anti-science," not me

Hunter S. Thompson, 7 years ago today

Alan Grayson remembers Abraham Lincoln on President's Day

The Daily Beast: Libya Struggles With Mass Gaddafi-Era Rape Crimes

I dare anyone to ask Santorum what he knows about this

"What goes on in America's bedrooms is none of your business, let alone the state's or the church...

In flinching move, Finkelstein slams boycott movement

Mass exodus of bankers lately?

The GOP's illustrated guide of things to regulate

one more question, regarding imaging

Forced sterilisation of TS/TG and gender variant people in Sweden will be stopped

Murmuration of tree swallows in Florida

OMFG!... sign from the Daily Show....

What can we make from carbon fiber? Could we make vehicle tires, etc? Can we take carbon out of

This is the SOP for the Feminists Group:

Please, enough of all this opinion poll horsecrap. It means precious little right now.

Google caught secretly planting cookies in Internet Explorer

Imagine if the right-wing fundies ever realized how much they have in common with Islamic extremists


Karzai: No Agreement with U.S. Until Night Raids End

Mick Boogie & Terry Urban's 'Obamify' Mix

UK seeks to keep lead in fuel cell technology

Santorum: Obama's agenda no less a theology than religion

Out of dishwasher soap?

Physicists Foretell Quantum Computer With Single-Atom Transistor

Toyota FCV-R Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Vehicle Concept: Video (OK, it’s a pretty advertisement.)

As it stands, if we do not sweep the

Uh oh.....American Women's Message To Republican Party

George Washington attack ad.

Right-Wing Dick Moves

Santorum's talking about his "huge wet spot on his tan pants where you don't want a wet spot"

Confessions of a thinking woman

***POTENTIAL SPOILER***Tom Savini Wants 'Walking Dead' Governor Role...

Santorum toons

Having lost a puppy to an eagle I need to know if predators like eagles are a threat to other animal

X-POST from Teh Lounge "Tom Savini Wants 'Walking Dead' Governor Role..."

Caption this Santorum pic

Got $50 to spare? Thrifty advice from eight experts

All the personnel at the Sbeineh police station have defected with all of their materiel #Damascus

Dead for 32,000 Years, a Plant Is Revived

Solar energy in India

White Teacher Sues To Use N-Word In Class

What the president should say in a debate with Santorum

PBS NewsHour - Internet Voting: Will Democracy or Hackers Win?

Canada threatens trade war with EU over tar sands

Quants: The Alchemists of Wall Street

Happy President's Day!

Rick, you might find this interesting..

so, which beloved homophobes have you preemptively banned from your funeral?

International initiative seeks to reduce emissions of methane, black carbon, and HFCs

The Douglas Adams Burger?

Ancient plants back to life after 30,000 frozen years (BBC)

I've officially driven myself insane.

SOPA Author Demands ISPs Keep User Data For 18 Months - RawStory

Warmer Planet Could Be Dominated by Mosquitoes, Tics, Rodents and Jellyfish

Latest Michigan GOP poll: Dead heat

Sea urchin spine structure inspires idea for concrete (BBC)

Once a year Yosemite spectacle

Another reactor to shut down, leaving only 2 units online in Japan

I think the "Santorum" joke is all played out.

App helps blind to send text messages (BBC)

Is there anyone on DU-3 who lived through Vietnam War Era..whose life was changed by the DraftWar?


Lawmaker won't honor 'radicalized' Girl Scouts

Had today's Republican Party existed in 1962 they would have rooted for Friendship 7 ...

Photo of happy hunter with dead cougar goes viral (photo not in this thread)

The Santorum - Sandusky connection.

"The Stock Market Is Telling Us Obama Could Win Re-Election In A 'Landslide'"

First Five

Protest Of Trans-Vaginal Ultrasound Bill In Virginia Leads To Delay - FDL

Rev Al on the Sheriff - the key ally of both Rmoney and McGramps

Religion Enters The GOP Primaries

It’s hard to decide which part of this is more awkward.

Iranian ships reach Syria, Assad allies show support

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 21 February 2012

My Right Wing Brother is Nagging me ABout this New Film ACT OF VALOR

OMG, Dinner is on the way

Fox contributor: female soldiers lauded for ‘fake heroism’

We need to know who funds these thinktank lobbyists

And now, another gem of conservative wisdom from Facebook

CaliforniaPeggy reads her grandson the riot act!!!!!

Rick Santorum Calls For End Of Public Education, Says Parents Should Home School Their Kids

Newly Released Rare Phish Footage from 22 years ago

Santorum aide points to Obama's 'radical Islamic policies'

Santorum jumps to the lead in GOP demagoguery parade equating Obama to Hitler

Why I'm backing Santorum for the Republican nominee...

Complacent Female Conservatives Are Failing Womankind

And now, another gem of conservative wisdom from e-mail forwards

Gingrich: Defeating Obama is 'a duty of national security'

Pic of the moment!! Don't miss it today!!

Forget The Obama Angle... This Recent Santorum Quote Is The Pinnacle Of Right-Wing Projection

Group: Racist imagery used to push for Minnesota voter ID law

STL Post Dispatch: Trying to cut health care for blind new low for Missouri GOP

Silent protest outside, Virginia House puts off ultrasound vote

You Know What Republican Has Been Absolutely Kicking Himself for the Last Several Weeks?

I've re-opened my original Etsy store as a Vintage Shop

Syrian forces fire on Damascus protests

NASCAR distances itself from Confederate flag

Christian coalition petitions to stop gay marriage law in The UK

How an astrologer weights a strong or weak Saturn, etc. Strong sign, weak sign, for example

New MTV series tells gay teens that things improve once you have survived the high school years

Purity bear take two: My love is like a box of pizza

David Koch: 'No stopping union power' if labor wins Walker recall

U.S. District Court Denies Breitbart's Attempt to Dismiss Sherrod's Defamation Lawsuit

Maggie Gallagher: Rick Santorum's Opposition To Gay Marriage Helps Campaign

TCU’s LGBT Leadership Conference aims to become ‘the big gay conference in our region’

Trump spews for Romney: "no gift that could be given better than Rick Santorum to the Democrats."

Yosemite waterfall turns to 'flowing lava' in rare February spectacle

Netanyahu to meet with Obama amid friction over Iran

What do Republicans/conservatives say when confronted with 9/11 happening on Bush's watch ?


How Republicans Could Still Succeed At Privatizing Medicare

If Rmoney is "severely" conservative, Sphinctorum is "pathologically" so ...

Well, If the STFU Fits (A Cautionary Tale)

Google tricks Internet Explorer, foils privacy settings, Microsoft says

The eagles are back!

AP: 'Gingrich woos with prospect of $2 gallon gas'

Giants tell Posey not to block plate this season...

Who, What, Why: How long can someone survive without food?

So who does DU prefer to run against Obama: Romney or Santorum?

Microsoft Says Google Circumvents IE Privacy Policies Too

Most depressing thread you've ever posted in?

English Peas

We finally stopped one in Florida.

Made in the USA FLATWARE

Hmmmmm.....No Countdown at all tonight?

Ok, this is pretty exciting news. I'd call it a BFD on a personal level.

This went unnoticed by most of the national media, of course

Unions rally to kick off Walker recall state tour

About Republicans and unions.

MN CD and Legislative District Maps Come out Tomorrow

Where is the most original place you have slept? I was in London for only a day and suffering

I'm leaving the country if Ayatollah Rickfrothy somehow becomes president.

‘Real Men Get Raped’ ad campaign launches in London during rugby tournament

Flying fowl

Puerto Rico adds life-size statues of Obama, Lyndon Johnson to its ‘avenue of heroes’

Good coverage of the women's silent protest in Virginia on Ed Shultz

Goldwater vs. Santorum (seen on Facebook)

I am no longer working for the company I was. I can tell all and hope all learn from it.

Bring it on, Republicans

"Never take your wife to a place where everybody knows your name"

Interesting (in a bizarre way) website I heard about from Addicting Info: "Tea Party for Obama"

Any "Doc Martin" fans??

Blame Yourself

Obama's Budget Nixes New Money For Program That Funded Solyndra

Exactly What Biblical Principles are Behind the US Constitution?

any thoughts on europe tanking

President Obama is much closer to the Pope on the Environment than Santorum is

After Bailout of Auto Industry, Detroit Fallout Trails Romney (NYT)

For our NJ residents : be the change you want to see.

US and Mexico agree Gulf of Mexico oil cooperation (BBC)

Former Plan Colombia chief called for questioning over drug lord ties .

Former Plan Colombia chief called for questioning over drug lord ties .

Professor At Messiah College: Obama May Be ‘Most Explicitly Christian President In American History’

If the Repukes end up supporting a new candidate

Unions return to Democratic fold for 2012 election (LAT)

Wisconsin Democrats Tell David Koch: Get Out And Take Gov. Walker Too - RawStory

Operation "Screw Up Google's Data Mining"

Confessions of a thinking woman

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & a new Kitty gif

Union files labor challenge against Spirit AeroSystems over employee performance ratings

True or False ? "Wreck Sphinctorum" is the screen name of a gay porn star.

Do you have any favorite store-bought or very easy marinades for beef or chicken?

Today in Labor History: February 20 Thousands of women march to New York’s City Hall

Watching Clinton on Ameircan Experience

Punishing Protest, Policing Dissent: What Is the Justice System for?

In Case You Missed This... I'm Gonna Highlight It And Make It Available To You All...

Ironworkers rise up to expose untrained, underpaid workers at Lakeville Walmart site

Santorum and other in the GOP have been equating religious beliefs with atheism or with

Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez faces an uprising at the ballot box

*Run* for something, Russ FEINGOLD!1 Do it NOW!1 n/t

I'm a man...

Locked-out workers plan events this week across Minnesota

Santorum calls Obama health program bad for marriage

My daughters and I went through some old photos and other

New Lawyers Directory Published Using WordPress. Good Template for Similar Projects?

*snort*** (romney)

What is the fastest you have ever run? I once happened upon some robbers in my building.

Pro-Romney PAC spent $13.5 million in January

Parts of Fremont immigration law tossed

Lawyers send complaint to European Commission about subsidies for nuclear power

[Climate scientist] Peter Gleick Admits to Deception in Obtaining Heartland Climate Files

I am The Walking (brain)Dead - oh, that Scott Wilson?

What dead artist do you miss the most? I think it is Mordecai Richler for me. Read his

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Distances Himself From Fellow Sheriff Mired In Scandal

Santorum: Voters should get 'very nervous' about Obama on religion.

Rep. Bob Morris: Girl Scouts have ‘radical policies’

Pat Robertson: We Need To Put The Bankers Who Lied To Americans In Jail

imagine if citizen's united unleashed enough anti-obama super-pac spending to stimulate the economy

Kit foxes make themselves at home within Bakersfield city limits

The REAL reason why Santorum opposes abortion.

Somebody just said that when rick rick ricky gets ahead in the polls, he goes off the reservation.

Mitt Romney spending outpaces fundraising (by nearly 3 times)

Santorum: He’s not funny any more

Rick Santorum Thinks You Have No Right to Privacy, Wants Inside Your Bedroom

Obama has had trouble with a flame throwing Catholic zealot before,

More Like Religious Sectarian War

Slinky on a treadmill

Counterfactuals, Consequences, and Election Importance - Matt Glassman

Deal reached on second Greek bailout package

Santorum Told CBS News That Amniocentesis "More Often Than Not" Results In Abortion. - CNN

Lawrence O'Donnell just allowed former Sen. Mike Dewine

Toons: Phony Theology, Presidency Prevention, Sacred Bonds and More. - 2/20/12

As Rick Santorum campaigns on faith, family issues, could he alienate moderates?

OPEN SOURCE GEOINT - Syria: Soldier Filming Attack on Residential Area in University City (near Baba

Please DU this stupid poll.

A Santorum gem from 2006

Rick Santorum is a lunatic. And he's the frontrunner for WHAT?

Esch backs Ewing (D-Ne) for 2nd District

Pelosi praises George H.W. Bush at Texas school

Ariz. sheriff endorses Bruning (R-Ne)

The profile of the Santorum supporter in Michigan.

Let's Play- Outrage Roulette! What will The Rethugs be mad about next?

About this latest kerfuffle over pre-natal screening.

Eurozone ministers 'back 130bn-euro bailout for Greece'

In Libya the chaos, bloodshed, detention and torture continue on

Santorum voted for earmarks he criticized

He was there when RFK was shot, just donated to Steve Dawes for Bellevue, Ne City Council

Help the Babies and Children starving and Freezing in Afghanistan

Roseanne Barr Looks to Cement Her Name in Presidents Day History

Skin color, it turns out, is little more than adaptation in action

Berkeley police monitoring OWS protest too busy to answer murdered man's call for help with prowler.

You guys might appreciate this: "Japanese fart scrolls prove that human art peaked centuries ago"

David Cross admits to doing cocaine near President Obama during White House dinner

Libya Free Elections In Misrata First Since Fall Of Gaddafi

Science overturns view of humans as naturally 'nasty'

I haven't seen this posted in a while - The Political Compass

The US is NOT a Christian nation

Where Are They Now? The O.J. Simpson trial lawyers and Judge Lance Ito

What's Mitt Romney smoking?

I think this thread needs more exposure

Question about a house. I'm not sure what one would call this type of house

If Santorum wins the republican nomination...

Iranian Internet access disrupted, raising fears of censorship

The War on Women + State-Sanctioned Rape: Trans-Vaginal Ultrasound Laws in Virginia, Texas, and Iowa

What are you saving up for? I need a new tv, and a new hand held dvd player.

Documentary on Rock and Roll

In honor of Hunter Thompson who died 7 years ago today

Colombia to decide Cuba's Summit of the Americas fate: OAS .

just saw first romney/santorum teevee ad here in tennessee

What was your favourite course in high school. I liked biology in grade nine. Next was physics in

thinking of getting a companion dog for our male boxer

Computers containing corruption evidence stolen .

I think I have finally figured out Rick Santorum

I really like this guy RT Rybak, Mayor of Minneapolis who was just on Big Ed.

Piedad Cordoba announces Brazil trip to restart hostage release operation .

Hickman creek reflections

Nate Silver: Santorum could beat Obama in the Electoral College.

Just An Observation On Santorum And His Catholicism.......

Before now, GOP backed contraceptive mandates

WAIT a minute...when exactly did Frothy Man-on-Dog WORK in the "coal fields" & "steel mills?"

Tell me The Daily Show was good tonight or at least tell me it wasn't a repeat.

Rick Santorum Compared Senate Democrats to Hitler in 2005

"You're a hard working American…"

'we cull the ranks of the disabled in our society'

Philadelphia Sued for Retaliating Against Gun Rights Advocate

Sex Talk With Rick Santorum

Roundtable discussion (with a good cast) on Presidential leadership - Charlie Rose tonight

President's Day...

March On Washington Memento Collages

Actual headline: Santorum blasts Obama during Cumming rally


David Koch Tries To Rehab His Image By Claiming Scott Walker’s Union Busting Is Working

Alan Grayson Stands with Obama and Calls out Santorum’s Hitler Comparison

Real Life World's Most Interesting Man Died Last Week

I hope people watching Letterman don't believe what Bipp said about Grant.

What you Think Mitt Romney Does