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Archives: February 17, 2012

A good graphic from Facebook

Afghan Women & Girls in a Very Baad Situation

Occupy MN Homes helped Bobby Hull fight foreclosure, we are celebrating tomorrow with a block party

Maine GOP will count Washington County results in state caucus tally

Romney, Santorum tied in Michigan poll.

Obituary - David Kelly: Irish actor who played the feckless O'Reilly in 'Fawlty Towers'

nytimes rips santorum to shreds

DON'T check the Presidential Campaigns Fund box on your tax return

TAKE a f'in aspirin...

Co-hosts for this group.

FBI seeks developers for app to track suspicious social media posts, sparking privacy concerns

Atheists bill big names for 'coming out' party in Capitol!

2/17 Free Block Party to celebrate Bobby Hull winning fight against foreclosure in Mpls.

US Senate panel condemns Syria's 'brutal' use of force

2/18 and 2/19 Occupy Minneapolis Re-Gathering Weekend

The republican desire to ban birth control is racism in a Sunday hat...

Feminist Book Review: Gendered Lives, by Julia T. Wood

Talibunny: Jeremy Lin "an American story...uplifting, positive...he unifies our country!"

We should post this far and wide (concerning "the Amendment" on gay marriage)

Yesterday's am posts not " yesterday" last post - Fiction 12:25 am 2/17

Central Valley of CA: Progressive Upcoming Events – Mid February to Early March

Newt and Schrute 2012!!!

"Out-of-Africa" hypothesis for origin of Language may not be correct

Harry Reid looks to stick around

A pictorial lookback at the schooldays of Willard Rmoney, Michigan's favorite plutocrat

Virginia House Approves Abolition of Teacher Tenure

The Sky is Not Falling After All: US Schools Rank High Internationally

US taxpayers to subsidise $40bn housing settlement

Japanese Whalers Lose Bid To Block U.S.-Based 'Sea Shepherd' Activists

From the Guardian UK: Leaked Heartland Institute documents pull back curtain on climate scepticism

Pat Buchanan out at MSNBC

Read this leaked PDF. RE: Heartland Institute. It matters, it really does.

The New American Way of War

Countdown w/ Keith Olbermann: 'No Girls Allowed' segment with Carolyn Maloney

Why are these Wealthy Guys SOOOO Stupid ?

Poor America - P a n o r a m a [B B C] - Broadcast Date: 13th February 2012

Japanese Whalers Lose Bid To Block U.S.-Based 'Sea Shepherd' Activists :^)

New Mexico ain't going Republican: Obama leads Romney by 19 points there.

DNCC Offiical Annoucement Re: Vilaraigosa as Permanent Chair of 2012 Dem Natl Convention - & video

Freepers/TEA warming up to OWS?

Syrian doctors comfort wounded children with chocolate

"and it is important to keep opposing voices out."

Hassling T-Mobile for fun and frustration

Infrastructure: Patel cracks the whip

Will Missouri go Blue?

Very powerful article on gay teen suicide

Zuma tears into Mulder over land reform

Country Fans.... and even if you not...

GOP = Groin-Obsessed Party

Virginia ‘Personhood’ Bill Includes Hypocritical Exemption For Infertility Treatments

Yahoo predicts Obama to win 303 to 235 electorial votes

Tim Geithner to Paul Ryan: "We don't have a definitive solution... We just don't like yours"

Yep, that's right. (Pic)

Whitney Houston: Anti-apartheid Activist and Humanitarian

I watched "Top Secret Rosies" on Netflix & compared it grand theft auto izza's "hearing" today. WOW

For all these religious leaders like Rick Warren who say they will go to jail or "die"

CBS/New York Times Poll: Only Republican Men Oppose Covering The Full Cost of Contraception

$50 to fix typo on a plane ticket.

Northampton "opts out" of federal law NDAA

Some of today's videos of WOMEN regarding WOMEN and the contraception issue

state by state speak your mind about...iowa

state by state iowa

I've had more than one break down in the past few days.

An evening with Bill Maher

Gloat-Free NBA Scores (Thursday, February 16)

The Release Date for A Memory of Light Has Been Set

We must work to elect more women to The U.S. Congress

Do you miss big cell phones? Well they're back!

Question regarding Journals. Bug?

HRW: China: End Crackdown on Tibetans Who Visited India

Now I need a zap of healing light.

Atrocious, slanted CNN poll finds opposition to Obama's new contraception plan

German President Resigns Over Loan Scandal

Turkmen authoritarian leader sworn in for new term

Bangladesh bans 'Banglish' to protect local tongue

Kim's eldest son in financial trouble in Macau: report

cosmetic surgery insanity

UN sees possible crimes against humanity in Syria

Libya marks revolution day as leader issues warning

Activists: Poachers kill 200 elephants in Cameroon

It’s Time We Recognised the Blair Government’s Criminality

'No More Weapons!' billboard placed on US border

Tuition fees: Teenagers lose legal battle

Foster Friess explains Aspirin comment.

Scottish independence choice should be put to whole of UK, say peers

The next GOP Debate Reality Show will be Wednesday - February 22, 2012 - 8pm ET on CNN

What's for Dinner ~ Friday Feb 17th

Dear GOP: Why do you hate me? An Open Letter

Friday: House, Senate to vote on payroll tax deal

Government to close legal loophole threatening gay marriage

Bill restarts (Keystone XL) pipeline process

Santorum defends Foster Freiss's birth control remarks: "He's not creepy."

The Low-Down On Your Lady Parts

Conservative Echo Chamber Rejects Facts, Claims Positive Economic Data Is A Conspiracy To Help Obama

Look who is donating to climate change deniers!

Oil spilled on Miss. River after vessel collision

Where are our Dem"Compromise" demands on these Hitlerian abortion bills?

Rupert Murdoch arrives to tackle Sun crisis

The dark side of the universe

COP CAUGHT on Dashcam "Yea Im Going To Make Stuff Up"

Phenomenal New Moon with Neptune and Chiron all in Pisces coming up!


Wearing black today to support Virginia teachers

DId you know that Obama needed 2,000 signatures to get on the

Americans feel love for Canada (highest ranked country), Gallup survey finds

Brown Leads Warren in Massachusetts

Funny Friday...

Obama Raised $29.1 Million in January for His Campaign and the D.N.C.

Announcing an addition to the list of People Slimier Than Toad Shit:

Andrew Breitbart, rage-filled a**hole

Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Chilli. So potent that it burns through latex gloves

Is Contraceptive Debate GOP’s New ‘Terry Schiavo Moment’?

Israel A Haven for Arabs

Arab Like Me

Almost half of PA charter schools receive failing grade

"Why China’s Political Model Is Superior" sez Shanghai "venture capitalist"

"First, Atlas shrugged. Then he scratched his head in puzzlement."

Mitt Romney’s Latest HEADACHE: An excommunicated MORMON RESEARCHER

Hope this isn't going to be a trend: Obama losing financial backing of big S.F. donor

"No one buys Iran's claim that it's nuclear program is for peaceful purposes"

Is the Catholic Church concerned about employee insurance paying for ALL forms of contraception?

David Sirota: Will We Choose a Chinese Future?

PolitiFOX is at it again!

Pat Buchanan (whines about those damn libruls): The New Blacklist

Sandra Bernhard on Republicans' 'Unprecedented' Ignorance {video @ link}

Appears the four Clowns have decided to not have any more debates

Equality chief: Religious are not above the law {uk}

Congresswoman Maloney speaks to Keith O.

Murdoch: Sun On Sunday Paper Coming 'Soon'

White House Holds LGBT Health Conference

C-packers shocked by exposed ankles and kids staying out past 10. Let the slut shaming commence!!

Since Lady Blah Blah quit her government job in Anchorage, what has gone on in Alaska?

Rachel destroys the Republicans by exposing their historic hypocrisy on birth control

Google's iPhone Tracking (Bypassed Apple Browser Settings for Guarding Privacy)

Marvin Gaye "What's Going On / What's Happening Brother"

Home Secretary Theresa May bound for Jordan over Qatada

Secret $1 million gold stash discovered in French rafters

Super-predatory humans

32 senators call for 'no containment' strategy for Iran (need'n us a big ol' WAR, 'bout now)

CHART: Obama’s Latest Budget Would Create 1.5 Million New Jobs In 2012

Virginia’s Proposed Ultrasound Law Is an Abomination

Fifty-Four Million Additional Americans Are Receiving Preventive Services Coverage...

Would you suport a Dem POTUS allowing the GOP to handpick a Supreme Court Justice, IF........

Pat Buchanan out at MSNBC -- finally

"Temporary Internet Files"

Ambassador tells of UK media’s hypocrisy

Republicans think that It's A Man's World...

Postscript: Anthony Shadid, 1968-2012

Virginia’s Proposed Ultrasound Law Is an Abomination

Johnny Cash & The Avett Brothers - One Too Many Mornings

"Take care of your joystick my son and your joystick will take care of you!"

If Gingrich really despises Romney and really wants Romney to lose,


Romney starting to lose support...from MORMONS?

Etta James - Try A Little Tenderness

Muscat eclipses Sauvignon Blanc in overall sales

ICE Agent goes postal

Santorum Backer Apologizes For Birth Control 'Joke'

So, what would full equality for women look like? Or women AND men?

Woman I Work With Came In This Morning Wearing The Obama "Got Hope?" Shirt

Friday TOON Roundup 1- It's Hopeless!

British Politician, Baroness Warsi, calls for religious Unity

Mitt Romney worked as an advertising model! Picture found.

'Especially among unmarried women'

Friday TOON Roundup 2-More Culture War

Forget about her ranch VEHICLES... Kali's got some serious problems with her ranch ANIMALS, too.

Smoke to your heart's (and lungs') content -- just don't poison me or anyone else, DAMMIT!!!!

Friday TOON Roundup 3- Joe runs, and the rest

Applegrove's fantasy "home office":

MFM has seen the Emperor of LittleSurferDudedom - and suddenly wishes he were a younger Californian.

MiddleFingerMom has never been even THIS adept at mornings.

An enormous wave of brains and charm made my computer screen glow like fire this morning!

MFM has never been into hunting dogs, but knows that he and HUNTER's dog would get along just fine.

Ultra-creepy new ultrasound laws are the shame of the ultra-right

What “Rape Sonograms” Are Really About

I propose the War Amendment to the Constitution

Scott Brown Leads Elizabeth Warren In New Massachusetts Poll

ALL MEN on today's Morning Joe panel! Are you kidding me?

An example of when the jury fails.

Paul Volcker vs. the Bank of Canada

Jesse LaGreca from Occupy Wall Street Interviewed

Can You Believe This?

The Top 1% Must Stop Insisting They’re Not Rich Right This Instant

If I were a woman and a Catholic, I would stop going to church

Is it good luck to squeeze the President's Charmin or something?

UK And France Sign Landmark Nuclear Deal

The GOP wants to give your boss “moral” control over your health care

Collection and Credit Firms Facing Broad New Oversight

Real good teacher who made a lasting difference in a lot of kids lives has died

Wotsis about Nancy Grace saying Whitney Houston was murdered?

NYT's Andrew Revkin: The Heartland Files and the Climate Fight

"We do not want to go back to the policies of George W. Bush."

Pat Buchanan, MSNBC Part Ways: Network Drops Conservative Commentator 4 Months After Suspending Him

Rolling back the clock - by Matt Bors

Foxconn Increases Wages, Raises Pay By 16-25% For Chinese Workers - TechCrunch

Cruising Groups to See Which Ones to Add

Charlie Rose DID NOT LET Santorum play the victim card over AspirinBetweenTheKnees-Gate

Palin Still Trying To Figure Out Unemployment Stats: "I Do Not Believe {Numbers} Are Accurate"

Sir Paul McCartney Gives Up Smoking Pot At Age 69

LOL - Great Metaphor- Newt Gingrich's bus breaks down on Sunset Strip

How has Jeremy Lin inspired the Pittsburgh Pirates?

NATO to stay out of Syria even if U.N. mandate emerges

Foreclosure abuse rampant across U.S., experts say - Reuters

How do I get my account deleted?

It’s always puzzled me that greed and hatred can lead to “success.”

"Mr. Friess may be very good at some things and has a lot of money but also moronic tendencies"

Court injunction against anti-whaling group denied

DU Album of the Day: "CSN" Crosby, Stills & Nash

Oh dear God, no! Michael Bay is rebooting the Ninja Turtles

Anyone know how to create rss feed for YouTube channel's PLAYLIST?

Virginia Poised To Enact ‘State-Sponsored Rape’ Law Forcing Women To Be Vaginally Probed ...

President Obama raised $29.1 million in the first month of 2012

Where are the women? nt

I wonder how many of the woman-hating males in the VA legislature are actually rapists, or

When he popped out his Mother said shit,

Website Shows Cuts in Funding to Each School District in PA.

Birth Control Politics - Aspirin - and other options...

Why I Fought in the Libyan Civil War

Democrats mock Mitt Romney's Olympic bailout in new web video

NYT's Timothy Egan: The Electoral Wasteland

PHOTO: WOW! This stuff really DOES work! I'm off to buy a CASE!

"Between the knees" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "between the knees".

Drumbeat: February 17, 2012

Drumbeat: February 17, 2012

They (Mitt and Rick) may as well have been in Kansas - Rochelle Riley, DFP columnist

Texans Leave the Voting to a Small Minority

Should I Do This Or Not?

Friday Smack-O-Rama! Who would you like to slap the shit out of today?

Did we lose the "Sarcasm", gif?

I am going to be a temporary co-Host in the Group

Foster Friess Apologizes For Suggesting Bayer Aspirin As Contraception Method

Nomophobia -- fear of being without your phone -- is on the rise

I think November is a lock on the WH. I want the House

Solicitor General Donald Verrilli: Just the right one to push HCR before the SCOTUS?

To the Ends of the Earth-3 eps- good sea story

Abuse Cases Put Los Angeles Schools Under Fire

They need to play "It's Raining Men" when they show that picture ...

When Mitt loses at least he will be useful to future robotics engineers

Greece shows us how to protest against a failed system

boycott virginia


TCM Schedule for Saturday, February 18 -- 31 Days of Oscar: France, Day One


Tasmanian devils' killer disease genome mapped (BBC)

Am I the only one who thinks the right-wing revived the culture wars to suck the oxygen from Occupy?

Big Bucks Attract High School Grads To Mining

I think this year would be a great year for the ERA

Hey GOP enabling OILCO cronies, a little early?

Toles' toon gives hope to the GOP!

Index of Leading Economic Indicators in U.S. Climbs 0.4% in Expansion Sign

‘Where Are The Women?’ Democrats Go On Offense Over Contraception - TPMDC

Nuclear Safety Chief says Lax Rules led to Fukushima Crisis

Colbert stops show for mom

Xi’s American Journey

Friday rant: what you sowed edition

Obama’s Re-Election Chances Rise With Signs of Improvement in U.S. Economy

Sophia Sirius Publishing Poll on Abortion

Religious Groups Continue to Equate Birth Control with Abortion

Quick question: Does the recent mandate for birth control cover condoms?

Mitt Romney's bailout problem

In Panic, Romney Renounces Mormonism, Finds Jesus

Google algorithm identifies the Web’s funniest video

Good take by Slade Sohmer on the Chris Christie NJ Gay Marriage simmering showdown

Michelle Obama's mentoring program: Great article in MORE magazine.

Meet PRENDA... The Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass Prenatal Nondiscrimination (PRENDA) Act

So Merkel's ally,German President Wulff quits in home loan scandal

DNA Robot Kills Cancer Cells

Luckovich nails the GOP today

Helped some young friends of mine out with a car problem, saved them quite a bit of money.

Can you believe the GOP went after Clint Eastwood with that much venom over a car ad?

Nitrogen Pollution Likely to Increase Under Climate Change

China Wants Say In World Bank Choice

Rolling back the clock

Nuclear plant data lost by health and safety watchdog employee {uk}

Gingrich Patron Set to Donate Another $10 Million

Police: ‘It’s amazing’ driver survived 142 mph crash

Looking for a shortbead type cracker recipe

Republican War on Women's Reproduction Rights

Chosen Panel

Krugman: Reversing Local Austerity

"Virginia is for Lovers"...

House Passes Payroll Tax Cut Extension (updated 2x, Senate too)

Key Us Republican Seeks 'Punitive Action' On Egypt

Final Vote: Payroll Tax Extension Passes House and Senate

Tom Harkin doesn't think the payroll tax cut is a good idea

Senators Promise War With ‘Nuclear Capable’ Iran, Don’t Define ‘Capable’

Pic Of The Moment: Friess Apologizes, Suggets New Birth Control Method

A parasitic wasp is no match for a drunken fruit fly

Anyone here having trouble signing in to Twitter???( resolved-thanks)

Big Eddie gives air time to testimony Republicans barrred at Congressional Hearing on women's health

is it me or did the way a thread re-loads after you hit reply change?

Master Planner. S Indiana. SAP preferred but not essential. FDA likewise. Good pay/benefits

Awesome Monologue on Jesus, Republicans And The Bible by Sexy Liberal John Fugelsang

Panel Chosen to Discuss Viagra Distribution

Started a new facebook fan page

Romney bashes union bosses as he attempts to win Michigan primary

Selling Out The Internet: Heartland Institute Took $285,000 From Telecoms, Opposed Net Neutrality

The Things That Anthony Shadid Taught Me

Pot-laden plane blows into Obama's air space

Romney backer to flip to Santorum in Ohio

How Target Figured Out A Teen Girl Was Pregnant Before Her Father Did

Gay marriage battle moves to Maryland after New Jersey vote

Some progressives are too confident in women not supporting anti-birth control candidates

The Planned Parenthood issue has set off a firestorm that may make a difference

PPP: Santorum leads Romney in Washington State.

Perry may set up campaign group

can anyone read music? can you help me read this...

I think I know why Scott Brown is ahead in Mass.

40/29 (TV station) Warns Viewers About Campaign Ads (Randall Terry)

Romney: Master of the pandering flip flop

Virginia GOP Lawmaker: 'Women Made The Decision To Be "Vaginally Penetrated" When They Got Pregnant'

Study finds that fracking itself does not pollute groundwater

U.S. inflation heats up on gasoline prices

Cranston Votes Not to Appeal Banner Removal

Mass Effect 3 - Demo now available for PC/PS3/Xbox 360

WHO delays call on publishing controversial H5N1 work

US House passes payroll tax cut

The election is about one issue...

Canadian government is 'muzzling its scientists' (BBC) {on GW}

The callous cruelty of the EU is destroying Greece, a once-proud country

Some People Think This Sign Is Too Complex

Freight Lines Could Help Texas State Railroad Earn Money

Failed State

Rush Cracked

Cat saves woman from diabetic seizure

Delaware's Democratic Senators Carper and Coons side with banks against Volcker Rule

Fracking contamination downplayed (BBC) {or ... maybe not}


Walker's future tombstone epitaph: "Here Lies Scott Walker...

Glitter bombing Rick Santorum is so passé.

Facebook Fan Page: Please spread it about

Is it possible to have one's account tossed down the Memory Hole

Wasteland Reboot in the Works

Gohmert Talks To Congress, Takes Aim At Visa Plan

Oakland University instructor cited 'Hot for Teacher' student's 'gun obsession' in e-mails

The Unclear Nuclear Revival

Ricky Gervais To Anti-Gay Republicans: ‘If It’s A Choice, Have A Go’

Ensure your reproductive rights: incorporate your uterus!

Interracial marriage at new US high (BBC)

Volunteer banned from Becker schools following gun incident

Republicans Are Not Compassionate Conservatives But Rather Conservative With Their Compassion

Fake US bonds worth trillions seized

CNN-U.S. nuclear plants similar to Fukushima spark concerns

Gun discharges inside Harper Woods High School; more guns, knives found after locker sweep

"Virginia is for Lovers" No longer appropriate

this might be my favorite music video ever.

Africa: Millions of People to Receive Solar Energy Access Through UN-Backed Initiative

Here's the latest "No Shit, Sherlock!" statement from Rmoney...

Who picks? OR How does one 'make' The Front Page of DU? nt

Back to school - The coercive pressure of the Pledge and "Moment of Silence"

Dear Danny Jim John Billy Bob Bubba...

This record player reads tree rings instead of LPs

We need a simple ad to play all year

Thom Hartmann: Citizens United showdown in MT

Ever notice fresh pasta tastes really good while old pasta tastes really bad?

Is the payroll tax cut now a permanent thing in essence?

DHS social media hearing reveals how secretive, unaccountable is the agency

Congress deals major blow to wind power industry

Maryland House of Delegates Debating Gay Marriage bill NOW *LISTEN LIVE*

Is anyone else experiencing an increase in spam?

VA - gov't so small it'll crawl right up into a woman's uterus

'What Are Women For?'

The 'Undue Weight' of Truth on Wikipedia. [What happens when a historian tries to edit Wikipedia]

It's Bash West Virginia day! Again!

I am looking for Congressional Hearing Information

Heartland Using Document Leak As Excuse For Fundraiser For Its "Legal Defense Fund"

Flotus video--Have you seen this??? ((((crying)))

The Occupy Chicago arrests: Rahm Emanuel's 'dry run' for G8 and Nato?

Total Discharge Of Sewage & Waste Into China's Rivers Last Year - 75 Billion Tons

Payroll Tax Cut Deal Gets the Job Done—but Has Major Flaws

What Atheists Really Do

Did you know the guy in charge of the Melaleuca MLM Ponzi scheme funds Romney?

Missing cat

Am I the only one here who smells a rat here over the WIAA moving the b-ball tourneys to Green Bay?

Anti-abortion group Susan B. Anthony to endorse Santorum

Trend Micro Releases HijackThis Source Code to

Why all the hate for Frosty Freeze? I like Frosty Freeze! Wanna hate? Hate Dairy Queen.

Indonesia's 11/11 "Revisions" To Logging Moratorium Cut Protection For 400KHa Forest, Peatlands

Caterpillar moving to 'Orkin Tract' megasite

Exxon Valdez Oil Walloping Mom and Pup Sea Otters

Brazilian Health Minister - Rio Facing Major Dengue Epidemic - Luckily, Not Hemorrhagic Strain - AFP

man tries to evict 98-year-old mom on birthday

CBPP: Conference Agreement Far Better For Unemployed Workers and UI System Than Original House Bill

Higher Temperatures May Break Down Wheat Resistance To Streak Mosaic Virus - AFP

Could The Blunt Amendment Allow Employers To Block HIV Screening?

M&M Mars to stop making King Size Snickers bars

Obama Bypasses Congress Again On Climate Change

Obama Administration Brings Back Streamlined Coal Mine Permits

GOP Message To Women

DeWine will switch from Romney to Santorum in Ohio.

Boisterous Copulation in the Next Room

Repuke congress plans a raid on California's Delta water

2011 iOS sales surpass every Mac ever sold

Son wants to evict 98-year-old mom

Ex-fiancee says Neil Hope, Wheels of 'Degrassi,' died years ago in rooming house

I'll see your Birth Control Panel and raise you...

Is Santorum wasting his time in Idaho?

Thom Hartmann: Uprising...from Madison to Wall Street

Alleged Suicide Bomber Arrested in D.C.

"Boisterous Copulation" is the Bonus Phrase of the Day. Modify a thread title to include

Birth Control: Not Just for Sluts

How an Attractive, Undercover Cop Posed as a Student -- Then Entrapped a Smitten Teen to "Sell"

CBC: Online surveillance bill opens door for Big Brother

IMO, Big Ed Schultz Has Really Improved On MSNBC; Better Than KO

greeks discover the politics of poverty

Occupy TV: Demonstrators take their case from Lincoln Park to broadcast (video)

Rep. Bishop Calls For ‘New Jersey’-Sized Mining Near Grand Canyon, Industry Throws Him Fundraiser

Will We Choose a Chinese Future?

Maxine Waters ethics case: All 5 Republican recuse themselves

Democratic Super PAC American Bridge 21st: Detroit is Back: No Thanks to Mitt

Bi-Partisan Congress Votes To Cut Unemployment Benefits And Cut Federal Workers Pay ....

Small donors power Obama’s $29.1 million January haul.

Anti-evolution Bills Dismissed in New Hampshire

Thank you all for having this group

SOP conversation

The Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (Yes it is true)

Suggested Democratic ad campaign:

Great Backyard Bird Count is this weekend! Take a little time to enjoy our feathered friends.

Good opinion piece on new Pa. law on gas drilling and fees - why can't PA. be more like Texas?

Saudi Aramco to Re-Open Oldest Field to Tap Heavy Oil, EIU

List of candidates for legislature and congress in Phila area

For my fellow grammar/spelling fascists on DU.

Why MSNBC Dumped Pat Buchanan: His 10 Most Outrageous Statements

Extra crabmeat, need recipes

Texas Teacher Suspended for 'Go Back to Mexico' Comment

Obama Campaign Chief Messina Seeks to Assure Wall Street Donors

The US is Experiencing the Longest Stretch of High Unemployment Since the Great Depression

oh my! Seth Casteel’s surreal photos of dogs underwater

Ancient Galaxy Collision Created Enormous Stellar Swirls

Maryland House of Delegates to hold final vote on Gay Marriage TODAY at 4:30

NASA's Hubble Spots a Relic from a Shredded Galaxy

The President will be live on Cspan shortly

Wakefield to announce retirement tonight

Iowa: The Nation’s Most Radical Abortion Bill?

MSNBC: Colbert's mother seriously ill.

A Different Kind of Beekeeping Takes Flight

Can you ignore a host

20 Cats As Fonts

Joe Francis vs. Madonna In SuperBowl Showdown

Macy's to Hire 4,000 Full-Time Employees This Year

Maine GOP: Results went to spam

Email from PFLAG on NJ Marriage vote

Thom Hartmann: Oil prices skyrocket...the speculators are back

Yes, I will close my eyes and think of babies...

Fugitive runs out of gas, calls sheriff.

Occupy Koch town with Sierra Club: Wichita, KS February 17 - 19, 2012

I saw "Big Miracle" today.

A video in which Mr Cleese cogently explains Faux News

Democracy for America Announces Top Ten Grassroots All-Stars

Need a laugh? Victoria Jackson discusses gay marriage with Michaelangelo Signorile

Ohio Attorney General and former US Senator Mike DeWine to endorse Santorum...

TYT: Senator Hatch Lying About Planned Parenthood


Men, how would you like it if women chose your birth control?

MCI/Verizon Prepaid Calling Card is cutting me and other customers off April 17.

I think Pres. Obama just unveiled his new slogan

Nancy Grace "defends" her obnoxious remarks...

NH Republican: Married Couples Should Use Abstinence Instead of Contraception

Luis Carlos Restrepo to seek asylum (Colombian official in Uribe's administration)

Patty Murray on Foster Friess and Congressional hearing

The West Bank's Bobby Sands

Interior Dept. OKs Shell's Arctic Spill Response Plan; calls it "Science-Based Energy Exploration"

Was Stonehenge the result of an extraordinary hallucination after frenzied flute playing?

Politico demonstrates its hipness by picking up the Dave Mustaine story...

White House: No Comment on Washington Marriage, Christie Veto

Petition For Thomas to Recuse Himself from Health Care Rulings Unfurled at Supreme Court

How the AIDS Vaccine Could Work

Loyalists study possibility of Uribe's 2014 reelection

Loyalists study possibility of Uribe's 2014 reelection

Congress deals major blow to wind power industry

GM to move all salaried workers to 401(k) plans

Fox News Resumes Perennial Gas Price Charade (The New Meme)

House Republicans Try to Enshrine Bullshit that Tax Cuts Pay for Themselves

By Advocating for the Middle Class, Ed Schultz Finds Broadcast Success Rare for Liberals

‘Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol’ claims enough signatures for Colo. ballot

Keystone pipeline blocked from crossing Texas farm

Panel protects Chevron in Ecuador case

Panel protects Chevron in Ecuador case

Dick Cheney Part Of Marriage Equality Lobbying Effort In Maryland: Report

I had no idea Rick Santorum's 7 kids are all home-schooled

Thom Hartmann: Will women report miscarriages to police soon?

How The GOP Went Back To The 1950s In Just One Day

New Bid to Avert Death in Sept. 11 Trial at Gitmo

Garry Willis: Contraception's Con Men

My neighbors who engaged in boisterous everything, including copulation...

Has the Republican Party has become the American Taliban?

Obama subtly took a jab at the reactionist GOP today...

The 27 Republican Bills That Aren't About creating Jobs - Political Correction

Marriage Equality in New Jersey: With or Without Chris Christie

As a sucker for anything vintage,

Shell moves closer to Arctic drilling with spill response

Hunters Shoot Animal Rights Drone Out of the Sky

Congress to Sell Public Airwaves to Pay Benefits

Birth-Control Hearing Was ‘Like Stepping Into a Time Machine’

Help settle a dispute about the ending of "It's Kind of a Funny Story". When Craig checks out of the

TPM Livewire: Reid to Recommend Obama Recess Appoint All Stalled Executive Nominees

Hey, admins, when might we find out how much we raised for Planned Parenthoood?

Hi, I'm Rick Santorum, and I approve of this message.

Amnesty International: Syria 17th February, 2012

Where is that photo of a bunch of women making a decision on viagra that was on

Dow closes at highest level since May 2008. For the week, Nasdaq gains 1.7%, and S&P 500 adds 1.4%.

MI: Prominent Romney supporter tied to corrupt (Dem.) Wayne County Executive.

Inouye Wants to Revive Interisland Ferry

Mitt Romney / "Anchorman" Mash Up

Seattle officers reprimanded over disclosure of dash cam video

I haven't ever introduced myself fully to this group.

Romney, now a critic of earmarks, once sought them

I don't understand why those walk-in tubs are marketed just to seniors

Jay Bookman Rick Santorum and the Terri Schiavo disaster (thank you FSogol for jogging my memory!)

Update -- Number23 is now captain of this ship

Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb demo

Longer version of FLOUS meeting visitors.

Fox News, Frothing to Take Another Shot at GM, Mistakes General Electric for General Motors

British spies stumped by Charlie Chaplin mystery

The Upside Of Being An Introvert (And Why Extroverts Are Overrated)

The FBI Again Thwarts Its Own Terror Plot

Being a pill about the pill? Santorum vs US views

Acoustic Beatles- The Esher Demos

Obama Administration Wouldn’t Defend Blocking Military Benefits From Same-Sex Couples

I thought this "American Romney" site had to be a joke. But it isn't.

Caption time.

OH NO! Now they have ninjas!!!

Is Romney developing a Santorum 'Google problem'?

Tweety To Offer Comment on Pat Butt head chanan

Here’s a wonder of a Friday Afternoon Challenge for you: That’s SO Medieval!

Guest Lineups For The Sunday TV News Shows

Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski 'Strongly Disagree' With Pat Buchanan's Exit From MSNBC

Good news: Lehman Seeks to Subpoena Geithner In J.P. Morgan Suit

Looks like I found the right group -

Obama DOJ Won’t Defend Constitutionality Of Denying Military Benefits To Same-Sex Couples

So if you have a friend of a friend who is going to court in two weeks for a DUI

Iranian Terrorists Partied with "Escorts" Before Explosion

Nuke your neighborhood. Interactive map allows you to see the effects.

Video Press Release (17 Feb 12) - Autoworkers React To Romney Statements On Auto Loans

'We'd get killed'

WOW! What a song!

Yankees / Pirates make a deal for Burnett

Dick Cheney Part Of Marriage Equality Lobbying Effort In Maryland: Report

Fact-Checking PolitiFact On Its pick of "Republicans Voted To End Medicare" as the "Lie Of The Year"

GRAPHIC: Drop In The Bucket, Settlement Provides $25 Billion In Help For $700 Billion Problem

Adobe has a deal for Elements owners

What would be a strong academic argument

NJ Gov. Christie vetoes gay marriage bill as vowed

How many of you get to see this combo on your morning walk?

The Vatican has okayed contraceptive pills at least once

A claim that the Fair Labor Assn is actually funded by the companies it investigates....

Today Limbaugh (seriously) pontificates on the virtuous woman: how, who, why - NO JOKE

Obama administration asks for delay in legal fight over contraception coverage

States Enact Record Number of Abortion Restrictions in First Half of 2011

Pasta, with sausage & mushroom in a cream sauce. I'm just sayin'....

Issa Defends Denying Female Witness At Contraception Hearing: She ‘Wasn’t In Any Way Related’

Will Romney's Money Finally Turn the Political Tide?

Why is the price of gas going up?

more Fox Nation racism directed at the First Lady

Supreme Court of Canada rules Quebec students must take Ethics-Religion course.

Libya - 1 year anniversary from Andy Carvin in Libya

Mister President, go "All-In" on Contraception

Is there a way for me to hide the Gun group in Latest?

GOP senator says if Romney loses Michigan, it's Jeb

Question about DNS queries

(Re: Apple+Foxconn) Why did Anti-Apartheid protestors pick on Barclays

Bruce Springsteen: 'What was done to my country was un-American' Bring on the "Wrecking Ball"

Pakistan to Provide No Support to U.S. in Attack on Iran – Zardari

Bring on the "Wrecking Ball" The Boss releases his new album with a very potent message (OWS)

Democrats should refer to Ricky Santorum as defeated senator Santorum.

Kadyrov Says Militant Group Killed in Chechnya

And Gov. Christie vetoed our civil right.

1st comes the CACs. Then forced debt exchange offers. Finally,default: The Greek CDS Trigger Is Next

The more icky ricky's poll numbers go up, the amount of arrogance he displays rises

Sorry I've been gone... my partner and I have broken up,and my kid's going back to Afghanistan

New Research Shows Many Ways Immigrants Benefit Maryland's Economy

Israel to get no data from NATO’s shield

Prosecutors seek to drop charges against soldier

The GOP's Utterly Surreal Contraception Hearing

New Jersey Assembly Democratic Response to Gov. Christie's Veto of Marriage Equality Legislation

Nuclear crisis turns Japan ex-PM Kan into energy apostle

The General Lee, donning the Confederate flag, barred by NASCAR at March race at PIR

Cajun Crackers

Obama DOJ Won’t Defend Constitutionality Of Denying Military Benefits To Same-Sex Couples


Email from a friend- re Jeff Immelt

Pakistan holding trump card on NATO supply halt

GOP is deliberately sitting this one out...a douche, a dunce, a disgusting pig and a dummy

City lights in Mets colors.

Court Overturns Conviction of Ex-Goldman Programmer (Goldman Sachs loses a rare case)

Let's take one more (last?) look at Mr. Buchanan's own, 35+ year war against LGBT people ...

Santorum: Mainline Protestant Churches Are in the Grip of Satan

$100 million in PCP seized in Los Angeles and Culver City

WTF? Tennessee 'Don't Say Gay' bill clears a hurdle in state House

Why do I hear a spanish language radio station

Righthaven in default again with state (of Nevada)

Ohio AG Mike DeWine switches backing from Romney to Santorum

WTF pt 2- Dick Cheney Is Lobbying For Gay Marriage In Maryland


71-67, Maryland House passes same sex marriage bill. Now goes to Senate

Chris Cornell, Soundgarden Frontman, Scolds Airport Businessman For Gay Slur

DFP columnist rips both Rmoney and Santorum. Says Nov. election in MI is already lost for GOP

Haunting Sounds at an Ancient Peruvian Site

Mad as hell

Gingrich Campaign Threatens to Sue Over Attack Ads

One of most versatile weapons on the planet made in Old Town, but good luck finding where

Minister appeals her conviction for marrying gays

Illinois House Agriculture Committee To Hear Abortion Bill In Strategic Move From Pro-Life Reps

Does anyone else think Obama will win a bigger victory in 2012 than he did in 2008?

Marriage Equality Takes Giant Step Forward in Maryland

Darrel Issa’s Latest Circus Slime Show: Agitating the Tea Partied Republican War on Women

Maryland House passes Same sex marriage

IRAN, Follow the money, with Foster Gamble

Dr. Doom’s still gloomy about the U.S. economy

"Where's Your Wild Side?" Photo Contest

Scare Me!

Supreme Court blocks Montana court ruling upholding ban on independent campaign spending

Are Co-ops the Future of Capitalism?

Emotional Wakefield announces his retirement

Weekend Economists Wild, Wild, World Roundup February 17-19, 2012

Need help from the audiophiles here...

Birth Control Debate: New Hampshire Lawmaker Urges Married Couples To Practice Abstinence

Son House - President Kennedy

Santorum: Satan is Systematically Destroying America (audio link, transcript)

Cuba: Gross received more than a half million dollars through his company via DAI / USAID!

$1 for one can of Root Beer.

Professional people simply do not understand the effects of being unemployed

I hate how people treat food workers like crap.

Crowds at L.A. Live greet Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping

If Sherrod Brown wins big in Ohio this year....

PHOTO: "Bye Bye Iraq..."

"Map the Meal Gap" from Feeding America

Frank VanderSloot, billionaire Romney donor, uses threats to silence critics

Video: Did the Stimulus Work?

Dave Grohl clarifies...

Inside story: Tibetan discontent smoulders

You will hear the roar of our engines!

Harry Reid Will Ask Obama To Recess Appoint All Nominees If GOP Delays Continue

Officials: US drones monitoring clashes in Syria

"Coming up on WJLA: Police arrest a suicide bomber just minutes from blowing up the Capitol."

My daughter is taking my out tomorrow. To the roller derby!!

Dog Daze for Romney

(MADISON, Wis) Court: Governor's Appeal For More Time Is Denied

Texas Redistricting-briefing ordered on State AG Plan

Dear Mr President (Thank you for writing us back)

Vicar in a Tutu - Santorum to Mainline Protestants: You Are Satan’s Spawn

Right now at 'Gov. Christ Christie' (already fixed)

Grief without God is a challenge for nonbelievers

Obama Chides Republicans as He Fills Coffers on West Coast

Heartland Institute: Operation Angry Badger (Scott Walker recall)

Virginia Poised To Enact ‘State-Sponsored Rape’ Law

How Obama should fight the ‘war on religion’

Woman claims doctor secretly sterilized her

Romney's Prank: Pink Fingernail Polish & Patent Leather Shoes.

Panel Chosen to Discuss Viagra Distribution

I am enjoying a Frosty.

Washington state anti same-sex civil marriage group caught using fake family photos

Ok quandary time

Could anybody please send me some good vibes?

World's 10 countries with the most DEBT!

Please check out this link.

Ahh, those laid-back Dutch....Not even an armed robbery can disturb a night at the bar.

Rutgers-Eagleton Poll: Obama Continues to Rise in New Jersey...

Andy Borowitz today, on gay marriage

There has got to be a better way.

Can this be the image of the day?

New evidence boosts claim that Hitler had a secret French love child

Coalition of PA. labor unions proposes strategies to save PA $2.3 billion without slashing colleges

frosty freeze's full comment even more insulting than just the "aspirin" segment.

frosty freeze's full comment even more insulting than just the "aspirin" segment

Gasoline was only $1.79 a gallon when Bush left office

If Rick Sanctimonius doesn't fire that hateful, msogynistic piece of shit

Friday Talking Points (198) -- Milbank's Unfunny Puns

Santorum is big labor? Pa. union leaders say 'ridiculous'

Pregnancy is dangerous

Dana Loesch Likens State Enforced Trans-Vaginal Ultrasounds To Intercourse

is it my imagination or is

Heartland Under Fire: from Whistleblower on Tax Status, Climate Scientists on Denier Agenda

Well lookee here. Media Matters wrote a book about Fox. Maybe

God-Man, in "the seeds of discontent" (Tom the Dancing Bug)

The Obama smear campaign explained ;)

Anyone use scroogle scrapper to search? I'm being blocked for some time now...

States attack ‘Obamacare’ with birth control bills

End of the week LOL's (February 17th) - pics

Magic Truffles?

Robert Palmer Fans--The story behind the song "I didn't mean to turn you on"

Did anyone else see/hear this shit?!?!?!?

Vashon Community Solar project

“If Romney cannot win Michigan, we need a new candidate...we’d get killed in the general election."

greetings from -- who is the "unblock" character, anyway?

Montana campaign ruling on hold

Why Sexism and Homophobia are the same fight

It isn't the war on religion, it's the War on Women

Need help from the oenophiles here...

Hey, calling all Decorah Eagle fans!

Easy Now...

Nortel collapse linked to Chinese hackers

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Best of Malloy tonight &

In the interest of transparency (a suggestion for a feature, virtually no coding required)

Christians should unite with atheists to defend secularism

Time for Real Time with Bill Maher in less than an Hour - Lineup here

Gubernatorial Candidates Enslee & McKenna release their Jobs Plans

Georgia showing potential for better living.

Chess - MUCH more devious than anyone realized.

The most ineffective incarceration in recorded history:

Mittens kinda, sorta won the Maine caucus.....maybe

MiddleFingerMom's self-applied tattoo:

Why MiddleFingerMom is into wearing high heels again:

MFM was an accomplished all-around athlete... just not a very motivated one.

MFM got carried away on Valentine's Day... well, he didn't propose... he propositioned.

Scientists find no radiation in sick ringed seals

The FL House is on a GOP power drunk this week. Let's hope the Senate prevails.


PHOTOS from the House vote of Maryland's Gay Marriage bill (Dial-Up Warning)

Exclusive: Venezuela ships fuel to war-torn Syria

Arizona GOP candidate on Santorum: ‘I wanted to kick him in the jimmy’

Obama nominates another woman to a major federal bench, GOP may use in their War on Women

Obama May Ditch Most US Nukes

Obama May Ditch Most US Nukes

Obama May Ditch Most US Nukes

I really hate our Senator

About 52-54% of New Jerseyians favor marriage equality

Look, Kitten, I Am Too A Feminist! Fauxminism and Men

Devo's "Something for Everyone" is one of the best albums of the past decade

I'm an idiot and should know better

Whatever you're doing right now, stop.

Nathan Lane was exceptional on Ellen TV today -- nailed it!

All of a sudden I am shedding hair like crazy. It is warm outside. Perhaps this is a spring

Benton Harbor -- Rachel covered the emergency power dickhead tonite

Free Obama 2012 bumperstickers... Lets color America with them

I went to a UU church last Sunday.

I'm amazed that there are those who think Sara Palin still matters

i am now a temporary co-host of this group

$4 gas arrives in California as refinery exports rise 42% from last year

Live streaming a funeral, trashy yes?

Iran Worried U.S. Might Be Building 8,500th Nuclear Weapon

Mr. Flame has died

14 Year Old Tasered by Police at San Diego Middle School

Does anyone have a link to the Issa contraception hearing???

Anyone knowledgeable on Thyroid cancer?

Catholic Bishop says to keep weddings in church

Strontium 90 detected in 10 municipalities in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan

Chinese envoy to meet Syrian leader after U.N. condemnation

Bring Back Paper US Savings Bonds Petition

Kentucky telephone companies pushing for option to end basic service


Teach an online activist course

Three Ways of Looking at a Disaster

Williamson County, TN GOP chief blasts free & reduced price school breakfasts

Chavez foe seen victim of anti-Semitism in Venezuela

denbot: Cup Cake War K.I.A.

OK. Do you think a couple should be able choose between having a daughter or son?

I wonder if there are any parallels

Toons: A Sick Parrot, The Gift of Gab, Nuclear Sound Effects and More. - 2/17/12

Can a feminist be pro-life?

Sam Arora (Maryland) votes NO for equality after running on a campaign for it.

Foxconn Auditor Finds ‘Tons of Issues’

Current draft of SOP

Appeals Court Upholds Ban on Worship in Public Schools

Did I hear Elliot Spitzer say on Bill Mahar he thinks Citizens United is FREE SPEECH

I'd love to get some opinions on my work issue...should I try to leave, or hold on?

Sheldon Adelson: Supporting Gingrich or Blocking Santorum?

50-Cent Stamp, Other Postal Changes Coming

What do the PRO Gun Control people think no-gun zones actually do?

Research on abortion and well-being

I've got an hour or two of down time. Ask me anything.

Olympic Bailout

MD State Senate expected to pass marriage equality next week.

Lin your face!!!

Why does Maher have Steven Moore on his show.

AZ GOP Sheriff --- Threatened Ex-Lover With Deportation

I'm Having Weird Dreams Lately... Care To Interpret Why This Keeps Coming Up ???

Another Hollywood star is caught in bed by the paparazzi!

Is there a good writer's workshop online anyone knows of?

I was watching RC plane / heli videos on YouTube and found this gem, check it out:

Heartland Institute (Exposed By Whistleblower) faces fresh scrutiny over tax status


I want to enthusiastically recommend a movie: My Dog Tulip

MI: Wayne County Executive's future uncertain.

This is what I have to say about birth control and religion

new motto for repuke caucus

My Favorite Endangered Species Treat