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Occupy Wall Street Mic Checks Mitt Romney In New Hampshire

I think he means "only 11000 to go" :-)

Boehner’s office cuts C-SPAN video again as House Dems protest

Who is #61 on the NCAA Championship Football Team from 1964??

SF: Search warrant reveals information about Ross Mirkarimi domestic violence investigation.

When will the people who are involved in the occupy movement be satisfied?

Sex Thread

Rick Santorum Confronted Over His Children's Education in Virginia

Remember how many people believed the "Face On Mars" stuff back in the 80s, 90s?

Ron Paul...

Real Jobless Rate's 11.4% W/ Realistic Labor Force Participation Rate + 42K courier jobs- 'quirk'

Seeking comments and criticisms

A glimpse into a drunkard's soul

Just watch me - some nostalgia

Why does Jamie Lee Curtis want to

Michelle Obama and the Evolution of a First Lady - NYT

Democratic Presidents put Americans to work, Republican Presidents put Americans OUT of work

Cardinal George apologizes for linking Pride Parade to KKK

On Ron Paul, a point many miss

Conservatitis causes Election Defects resulting in PoliDown Syndrome.....where Society suffers

Nickel and Dimed from The American Ruling Class!

Opponents fall short of challenging California Dream Act

WSJ: "An Old Loss Dogs Surging Santorum"

Israel bars 12 "extremist" settlers from West Bank

Bristol Palin is doing what???

Breaking-ish: County GOP chairman now agrees that Romney's vote was overcounted by 20 in Iowa.

Israel should remember: Obama is down, not out

"Define generous" - another hole through the the big, foam, We're Number One finger

U.S. Economy by the numbers (doesn't look good in my opinion)

OK everyone, let's clear the air here about the word "tote"

Put your feet up on an empty NYC subway car, go to jail

Film About the Hunt for Bin Laden Leads to a Pentagon Investigation

Look! Up in the sky .....

Oh, the hell you say!

TYT: Santorum Compares Gay Marriage to Polygamy

Eine Kleine Nichtmusik

Indiana Labor Measure Is Expected to Progress

The Myth of American Productivity

Bain & Co: The 1994 Ad By Sen. Ted Kennedy Which Will Floor Mitt RomBOT in 2012

“In wildness is the preservation of the world.”

So, after thirty+ years of doing original music...

I find myself resisting strength…

“In wildness is the preservation of the world.”

In the West Bank, a hold on US funding shuts down Sesame Street

Toons: Pac-Man, Sour Grapes, Hog-Tied Pentagon and More. 1/6/12

46 lawyers seek union status

Plus sign in links (bug)

Please fomenting racism

Arizona withholds school funding over ethnic studies class

Looks like the lack of cold here isn't leading to heavy ice up north

I'm feeling a little depressed here.

GOPers whining, pointing, BSing.......Obama and Dems: Doing...whats best for the Nation, and

Democrats To Land Star Candidate For Tough Senate Race?

SEC To Curtail Outrageous Practice

Superbrain Yoga

Said on the TeeVee

Rick Santorum seems so homophobic that.....

Kristy McNichol, the Emmy-winning teen star of the 70s drama Family, has come out

Spooky 'Addams Family' Logo Celebrates Macabre Cartoonist

This photo makes me happy

Les Miles is a great football coach

With all eyes on their ears, lobe stretchers snip

Some night music

How Does the MSNBC Crew Not Puke

How my Congress Creep (DesJarlais R-TN) is wasting our tax money

In Poland, unburying a nation’s Jewish past


Fallujah Babies: Under a New Kind of Siege

Circo - Documentary. We loved it.

Insurers Profit From Health Law They Fought


Tibet group says 2 set themselves on fire in China Karen Santorum did not have an abortion

Weekly Address: Continuing to Grow the Economy in the New Year

BBC has a very nice documentary about Mixed Britannia

President Obama Says Cordray Pick Shows Resolve to Aid Ordinary Americans

There needs to be a way to report false OPs that end up on the DU front page ...

Black-throated blue warbler wintering in Chicago instead of Caribbean

Pearls Before Breakfast

Eugene Robinson: Pres. Santorum Would Have Us Preserve Bodily Fluids To Broaden Base Of Taxpayers

WH: West Wing Week: 1/6/12 or, "2012: The Annual Resolutions Edition"


R-Presidential candidate: "Let President Obama put out his program, not the special interests."

Fraud and folly: The untold story of General Electric’s subprime debacle

Micromanagement Material: Electronic Sleeves Monitor Workers’ Efficiency

Up with Chris Hayes

Happy 70th Birthday Muhammad Ali

White blood cell count very low

Major cuts may be coming to US military in Europe..

2011, The Year In Crazy by Mark Fiore

Sarah Steelman’s son, her campaign chief, tries to keep driver’s license after DUI arrest

Romney’s Rationale for Candidacy Unravels Over Bogus Jobs Claims, Record in Public & Private Sectors

David Bowie turns 65.

Look at this GOP Establishment (Romney surrogate) guy reading the Riot Act to the GOP base!

Belgian/French burger chain "Quick" introduces "Darth Vador" (SP) Burger...with coal-black bun

Nanoscale wires defy quantum predictions, giving a new lease of life to Moore's law.

Newt Will Not go Negative

Indiana Democrats within striking distance of stopping union-busting legislation. Please send e-mail

Collateral damage on the home front...

Falluja lawsuit: Blackwater families settle case (BBC)

The December Jobs Report

Nikki Haley's "so what" moment of layoffs from Mitt's corporate raiders

Freepers LOVED the fake-assed job creation numbers under Bush, but when they'e OBAMA'S numbers...

Africa's rainforests 'more resilient' to climate change (BBC)

Ninth District: Rothman v. Pascrell

Holly Moses...32 Degrees...In Chicago Area..7am Jan 7...

Pls send email. Indiana Democrats within striking distance of stopping union-busting legislation

The Devil and Rick Santorum: Dilemmas of a Holy Owned Subsidiary

Why Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Makes Kids Into Bullies

Rick Santorum ruined Hannukah for me.

Gov. Chris Gregoire is the 3rd Catholic Governor in a Row to Champion Marriage Equality

Lights of 5000 oil rigs threaten migratory birds in Gulf of Mexico

Would it be nice if Admin provides an explanation of why a Long-time member was banned?

Nonviolent direct actions against coal: 2011

This is how delusional the Repubs have gotten: Now they say Obama "can't work well with others"!!

Don't rule out Huntsman rising after New Hampshire

Romney pushing for four-state streak to steamroll GOP opponents

Mitt's campaign logo 'R'omney speaks volumes

Right Now MSNBC a bold faced title @ the Bottom of the Screen

It appears that Santorum is so confident of his "surge"...

When any good economic news happens...

Ford to open research lab in Silicon Valley

Woo Pig Sooyey!!!!!!

Indian science in need of overhaul, Advisory council calls for 'warlike' effort to boost research.

I will NEVER forgive the BBC for the way they left Kingdom...

6 Years Later, American Marine Finally Goes on Trial for Killing of 24 Iraqi Civilians

Report: Move mentally ill youth from Ohio lockups

Beer Cooler Saves Shipwrecked Fishing Group

Question for the DU experts

how super pacs skirt the political norm

Despise Congress? Then you are part of 95 percent. Rookie of the Year nominees..

Why respect for religious belief is invalid

Santorum's tax plan (no estate tax, halve corporate tax rate, triple per-child deduction ....)

3 years for Md. man in nuclear-linked export case

Restricted embryo growth 'predicts miscarriage risk'

Iran welcomes US Navy's rescue of Iranian fishermen held by pirates

Pollution rise 'worsens' South Asia's winter smog

Corporatism rules the world

The Greatest Story Never Told

Prosecutors maintained he was guilty even after he was excluded through DNA testing

What would you do with a $12.3 million/17,000sqft house? Tear it down and build a new one?

Tennessee Bill Would Give Anti-Bullying Laws A ‘Religious And Political Beliefs’ Loophole

Iran welcomes 'humanitarian' rescue from pirates

An Appalling Idea, Even by Washington Standards

I read that you have four houses. Would you be willing to give up some of that . . .?

MSNBC: Geologists say earthquakes tied directly to fracking; Ohio halts some injection wells

Attorney: Brain tumor caused lawmaker to shoplift

"Don't bother.They're here!"

Judge Tosses $322M Mississippi Asbestos Lawsuit Verdict

Obama to businesses: Bring jobs home

Oregon Burglars Drop Rare Coin Collection Into Coinstar: Victim Recovers Most Of Stolen Money

Citing Drug Resistance, U.S. Restricts More Antibiotics for Livestock

Why Isn't The Right Screaming "Fraud" Over Iowa Caucuses?

U.S. hires firms with questionable pasts for Afghan jobs

Beezow Doo-Doo Zopittybop-Bop-Bop

Toon: Obama's Military Policy


"Santorum, that’s Latin for asshole"

sometimes i rec a thread

NFL players oppose Indiana right-to-work bill

Toon: Whatever happened to the Mayans anyway?

Dogs Against Romney - join the dog PAC(K)!!!

Toon: The Dawn of Ego

For those using Facebook, can you answer some questions for me?

Climate change models flawed, extinction rate likely higher than predicted

Mother Jones: The Venn of Ron Paul and Other Mysteries of Libertarianism Explained

Sleep Deficit: The Performance Killer

What America really needs, a Canada Party

Housing inmates in cargo containers - (Honduras)

Evangelicals order their 2012 lattes w/ extra FROTH (considering asking Perry, Gingrich to drop out)

Roger Federer suffering from back muscle spasms in advance of Aussie Open

Michelle not liking Rahm Emanuel makes me love her even more.

2012 Presidential Candidate Scorecard

Hillary-Biden Swap Seen as the Nuclear Option

Orthodox Christians Celebrate Christmas

Farmers Almanac getting prediction wrong for 2012, so far

Occupy New Hampshire Primary Sets Up Camp

PA Village Waiting On H20 Shipments After Fracking Allegedly Destroyed Its Wells

Survey: Most religious voters in line with national polling averages

Opinion: As long as violent checking into the boards

Scientists Prove That All Religious Books Are Man-Made Nonsense

Rapid Redux digs deep for 22nd straight; will continue to race

360 Degree Panoramic Photography


"Below Zero": Egypt's Liberals Crushed by Islamist Majority in Elections

Juan Gonzalez, News for All The People, on BookTV today.

Several Teamsters Locals Are Striking, Some For Over a Year, But Nobody Seems to Notice

Do you have a favorite sweet corn?

Santorum's Income Has Soared Since He Left Senate

Do "State" posts

Luckovich Toon - Dead from too much Corporate Cash

The Evangelical Brain Trust

Walker Involved? Some informed speculation…

Norcross parents upset by slavery in school math worksheet

Giffords will soon face decision about future

For many, ‘Losing My Religion’ isn’t a song: It’s life

Afghan commission alleges US detainee abuse

The 5 businesses that rip off the poor

Watch Nikki Haley and Romney trying to stop McCain from endorsing Obama for president

Government, Exxon reach deal on disputed Gulf leases

Perry Names Arpaio His Arizona Campaign Chairman


Don't call it free trade.

Salon: Obama’s not-so “dangerous” Pentagon cuts

Good morning, kids!

Spreading Santorum: Slick Rick says an imprisoned father is better for a child than same-sex parents

An Appalling Idea, Even by Washington Standards

Archbishop John Nienstedt (Remember him?...

Political Evangelicals have caused accumulated National Damage throughout the years

Anyone here enjoy being " a loner"????

Seeking charts like 'bikini graph' for 2000-2008


'Fugitive' Musharraf will be arrested on arrival [in Pakistan]: prosecutor

Hepatitis C vaccine: Oxford researchers' trial 'promising'

Argentine President Fernandez 'did not have cancer'

embracing tree huggers: the powerful roots of (un)armed environmental protection

Romney says no to Obama's 'big, bad things'

Employment to population ratio

The Die Hard Occupants Holding the ground till crocuses bloom next Spring.

Paul Robeson--"A socialist society represents an advance to a higher stage of life!"

List of false things various religions claim (or use to claim) to be true

Eschewing Big Pharma's many attempts to extract our $$$$

The *Mark As Read* button doesn't seem to be working

50 degrees in Detroit. On Jan. 7......

Search begins for moons that could support life.

Opening Theme Music for Tonight's NH GOP Debate

Santorum Accuses Pres. Obama Of 'Hubris' And 'Snobbery' For Wanting All U.S. Kids To Attend College

Obscenity law in doubt after jury acquits distributor of gay pornography {uk}

Bull pizzle chew thingies

Why libertarians must deny climate change, in one short take

Bank Robberies Have Almost Doubled in the Last Year in New York City

There's a new A.A.R.P.

Suffolk University NH Tracking poll: Santorum beginning to fade as voters find out more

AUSCS exposes ANOTHER "madrassa" in Arkansas

CAN FRACKING CAUSE QUAKES? (Yes!!!) - DiscoveryNews

The DU Terms of Service

ASHAMED to be an American today -- Hungry Seniors

Tucson Gun Show Held On Anniversary Of Giffords Shooting

Iran, Russia Replace Dollar With Rial, Ruble in Trade, Fars Says

UK Sends New Warship To Gulf Amid Iran Tensions

WHOA!!! ATHEISTS!!! Take a chill pill!!!

I think my new car will be a Mazda Pi

What the Great Recession Wrought: The State of the U.S. in 3 Years of Polls

Weekly Address: Continuing to Grow the Economy in the New Year

I Just Scored A Lot Of Books! YIPPIE!

Bug in search results?

Favorite Death Scene?

De Nile is a river in Egypt UPDATE: "Many in NH see Romney as electable over Obama" (MSNBC)

The Top 5 Tax Myths To Watch Out For This Election Season

Man denies robbing Circle K, says he was busy selling drugs

Iranian President To Tour US Foes In Latin America

35 Romney endorsers received contributions [from Romney's PACs] first

Bailouts -- Against all the rules

The Rumors About Bill Clinton Are True.

Thank you, solid state!

Sometimes a peanut allergy is a good thing......

stop waste

Giant Food Stores to buy 16 Philadelphia-area Genuardi's markets

Oh Great... 'Cheap U.S. Labor Used As Leverage To Lower Canadian Workers' Wages' - HuffPo

Mitt Romney Quotes Lesbian Poet Concerned About Income Inequality On The Stump

DEMs have More GROUP THINKERS than them GOPers...Dems think for the GROUP Best Solutions

Sometimes a peanut gallery is a good thing......

XL Pipeline's Unequal Treatment

Control Rituals, Causation, and the Benefits of Warning Signs

Americans Think Science Will Save the Economy

Seafloor "Bridges" Found to Span Earth's Deepest Trench

Fire extinguishers at work - a surprise conversation yesterday

The Morning Zang: Tim Tebow is now on par with Superman

DIY cell phone tripod mount

Who here thinks Ron Paul hides behind his supporters?

Pro-Israel Democrat Polices Critics

I guess I should feel honored.

2 Arab Israelis suspected of aiding Hamas

Romney is the leader of the 1%

Very cool ambient group--The Dead Texan

Johnny Thunders - You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory.

Abandoned pit bull's best pal is a Chihuahua

Time for a Real Debate: Are Corporations People?

this is what I want... really!

Correct me if I am wrong...

Global Conference for a Nuclear Power Free World: Press Conference January 11, 2012

Mark Provost of Occupy New Hampshire on Exchange With Mitt Romney Over Corporate Personhood

Citizens United Backlash From CA to NYC Urging Congress to Overturn Corporate Personhood

'Persistent killings': Christians flee deadly attacks in Nigeria

Most excellent graphic on TAXES

Why did ancient people classify some events as miracles?

Is anyone else here tired of the "I'm disappointed in Obama" narrative that's playing out..

David Cobb: Human Rights in the Era of the Corporate Person

Judge Rules That Twitter Must Hand Over Information On WikiLeaks Supporters - RawStory

Peter B. Collins now has a Saturday show on KGO - discussed wiretapping today

Brownback hopes to boost fracking in Kansas

CNN Op/Ed: Santorum wants to impose 'Judeo-Christian Sharia'

GOP Debates Head Up Big Wild CANARD Weekend

A Rick Santorum event is about to start...

The insane shit I just heard Santorum spouting is so crazy it's hilarious!

I think DU needs a Rants and Raves forum

Reminded again that I'm a better person than paranoid right wingers..

For well documented ancestors, how much do you put in your software?

Bird plane runs afoul of federal regulators

Car reunited with owner after 'parking itself' in closed garage

Jogger gets run over by deer

Politco article points to Huntsman camp as being behind attack vid rather than Paul and supporters.

The Soft Bigotry of Low Employment Expectations

The Secrets Gay Men Don't Want Straight People To Know

The Future Of FREE Digital TV over the air?

GlobalWatt says goodbye to Saginaw

C-SPAN subtitle hilarity

Gingrich launches OWS-style attack on Romney's work at Bain

We are running out of time to stop SOPA and pressure needs to go to Reid

the futility of Corporate taxation

First biological proof for acupuncture?

Accusations that state Dem party manipulated redistricting commission

TCM Schedule for Monday January 9 - TCM Spotlight: Contagions

Jakadrien Turner: Deported Texas Teen Returns to U.S.

Dennis Kucinich said all these nice things about Ron Paul.

Phone Call To Navy Recruiter

Microsoft Patents ‘Avoid Ghetto’ Feature For GPS Devices

Asian Economies Look to Keep Iranian Oil Flowing

What Does Unesco Recognition Mean, Exactly?

Who Is America Breaking Up With?

Republican Fertility and Population

Here's hoping (the Texans') TJ Yates has the game of his life today...

California in retreat on social service spending

(Menendez) Senator Says His Concerns With Nominee Aren’t Personal

Agents’ Union Delays Training on New Policy on Deportation

I think she likes it here

Half a dozen teafreepers in front of the King of Prussia mall in PA waving Vote out Socialism signs.

Romney says he doesn't have four houses

Vermin Supreme / Rick Santorum Debate Jan. 6th New Hampshire Primary

I discovered a new feature; Sizeable response boxes for replies and DU mail.

Great news - Argentine President Cristina Kirchner did not have cancer

Scott Walker aid embezzeled thousands from operation freedom fund for vacations usurping $ from vets

Rachel Maddow Exposes The Republican Party's Election Fraud Hypocrisy

Do people who are under age 18 have, under the law, freedom of religion?

Video: The return of Libyan children to school

Facebook question

Tell Administrator Who Fired Artificially Inseminated Woman to Resign

Peggy Noonan Coins Funniest Newt Gingrich Nickname Yet: ‘Angry Little Attack Muffin’

Does Mitt Romney Care About Jobs or Just Making Money? Two steelworkers speak out in video

Toon : The Auto Bailout

Canaries in the Data Mines: Civil libertarians raise alarm over America’s national surveillance....

Historians of the FUTURE will be Howling with Laughter, as they view our current GOPers vie for the

And the 2011 awards for bad climate science goes to ...

New Obama Administration Rules Require Airlines To Disclose Full Ticket Prices Upfront

TYT: Marijuana Crackdown By Obama Admin Explained

Santorum: there's no argument on the science that life begins at conception

NUHW Goes National, Winning Union Elections in Michigan

Has anyone read the Underland chronicles

3-D Printing Titanium

Revenge of the Electric Car

Mathematicians Solve Minimum Sudoku Problem

NYTimes: Michelle Obama and the Evolution of the First Lady

White House Denies CIA Teleported Obama to Mars

Mitt Romney's truthiness problem

Something I Learned About Broccoli Rabe

A common question to both sides...

Tragedy in Tucson: A Somber Anniversary's Call to Repudiate Right-Wing Extremism

Monbiot: Why libertarians must deny climate change, in one short take

My 87 year old mom is so much better today!

The American Dream has become, at best, an illusion; at worst, a Nightmare.

Voter Asks Romney, Why Not Give Us a House or Two?

HEADS UP: Google honors the Republican Presidential Field today with their doodle!

Syria sniper shot high when officers ordered him to kill

Special report: Romney's steel skeleton in the Bain closet

Given that we all agree that if you support Ron Paul you support a racist politician

NFL Wild Card: Cincinnati Bengals-Houston Texans

Anyone else think the approach of linking everyone you dislike with devil de jour, Ron Paul

I just printed the first copy of the manuscript of my first book.

I might be wrong ..... and that would be the first time for this year .....

An interesting take on Pascal's Wager.

Ron Paul might merely want to dot some i's and cross some t's

Kids Speak About Martin Luther King in Dayton, Ohio

Laid Off, With Retirement Almost in Sight

How can we miss you if you don't go away

Slight problem with the new Ignore, and juries

Seven middle schoolers accused of beating girl unconscious on school bus

HOWLER!!!! You get in here RIGHT this instant, Young Lady!!!!

Feature of trash thread that is awesome.

"We Are Witnessing the Backfiring Of The GOP's Treasonous Obstruction In Matrix-Like Slow Motion"

Why Do We Really Need Clinical Trials?

Steve Bullock to Fight Corporate Money in Politics

If Gingrich is what dumb people think smart people sound like...

I'm 0-4 so far on Jury Duty

New Hampshire's New Scopes Trial

There is an issue with the jury system that can be exploited to avoid having your threads hidden.

Santorum Supported Individual Mandate Before He Was Morally Aghast By It

On Serial killer targeting California's homeless

With half of Americans in favor, ‘the mainstream, centrist position is to support

The Battle for Bauhaus How A Movement Failed to Protect Its Name

GOP’s Achilles Heel – Free Trade / Trickle Down Economics

NC DOT had a public hearing this week about the future of HWY 12

***Opinions Please***

PIC: Bush v. Manning

From 1999 to 2008, employment at the foreign affiliates of US Corps increased 30%

Study Challenges Supreme Court’s Image as Defender of Free Speech

China Puts the Brakes on Foreign Automakers

Reality shows--- a double jackpot for the one percent!!!

Envoy: Palestinians to continue pursuing UN membership

‘Morning-after pill’ advocates take their case to Obama’s science adviser

Help me settle a bet:

United States has lost 32 percent of its manufacturing jobs since the year 2000

Argentine President Fernandez 'did not have cancer'

Raising natural kids...Naturally.

eBook Reader comments

The frugal way to do TV...

Tehran welcomes U.S. rescue of Iranians from Somali pirates

Keiser Report: Spiral of debt towards the paranormal (E233)

I love political zeitgeist

Family rejoices as Jakadrien Turner arrives from Colombia (15yo US girl who was deported by ICE)

What is buttermilk and how to make it

Addams Family Meets the GOP


"Finishing a crossword is so tiring...."

Banking system crisis - On the Edge with Max Keiser

Got up to the mid 60s here in the suburban Philly area today.

Ruth Reichl tweets a very strange recipe Indeed

It's sickening how Santorum is using the condition of his daughter to gain the sympathy vote of

In elections, jobless trend matters more than rate (bodes well for Obama)

Notes From a Guantánamo Survivor

Matthew Rothschild: Scott Walker and the Stench of Scandal

Its Obvious the POTUS should have some brains: Having a handicap name like ANUS, ya would think

what's with all the hysterical pearl-clutching?

Orgy Thread

Do the rules apply to private messages like they did on DU2?

Afghan claim of U.S. prison abuse strains talks

Debbie Wasserman Schultz: "Mitt Romney, I think, is more of a job cremator than a job creator."

What I want to happen in tonight's GOP debate.

Local Natives - World News

How Propaganda Targets Iran

Stylesheet readability request - blockquote

Tanker plows toward cut-off Alaska city

The Unfulfilled Promise of the American Dream – I’m looking for a publisher or agent

Is the debate streaming anywhere?

18 returning Iraqi and Afghanistan vet suicides per day. Now another one close to DUer Ineeda.

How about a "history" function

MSNBC chief says he hasn’t decided whether commentator Pat Buchanan will return to network

Colorado Student Banned from Yearbook Over Racy Photo

Pardon my ignorance...Ignorance answered. Feel free to ridicule. :-)

I had not realized the lunatics have taken over the asylum in New Hampshire

Yikes! I just watched one of the worst vintage movie ever,

Longtime Rep. Elton Gallegly will retire

candidates pose for pre-debate photo

Guest columnist: GOP sideshow obscures a nation seized

Great editorial in the Register today

Papa John's customer: Pizza joint called me a ‘chink’!

Watching Forbidden Planet for the first time since Anne Francis & Leslie Nielsen past away

Well, the Bengals stink again

You shouldn't be seeing this, but if you are, please report it in the Help & Meta-discussion forum.

Will people please quit saying he stuck the landing!

PSL: Why do young people in the US favor socialism?

Rick Santorum Theme Song.. (apparently)...

I finally know my place!

On second thought THIS has to be Rick Santorum's theme song:

PSL: Why do young people in the US favor socialism?

Does the concept of the Big Bang, (the beginning of the Universe)...

Wisconsin's Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen should resign... now.

Just saw "The Artist"

Peter Frampton's Dream Guitar (of Frampton Comes Alive fame) , Recovered 32 Years Later

One thing Obama can do to make the GOP look out of touch. End the Afghan war this yr

MBTA nixes (Boston commuter rail) takeover, ponders next rail contract

Ken Salazar to announce 20-year extension of Grand Canyon uranium-mining ban

Dumbest thing I heard from a conservative today.

Mitt Romney =

MSNBC chief says he hasn’t decided whether Pat Buchanan will return to network

I posted this in General Discussion (First Openly Gay Woman Competes for Miss California)

Santorum Accuses Obama Of ‘Elitist Snobbery’ For Wanting Every Child To Go To College

Santorum Campaign Aide Was Convicted In Abramoff Scandal

Orly tries to get Obama removed from the GA 2012 Ballot

Pat Buchanan out indefinitely at MSNBC

Groundbreaking Court Ruling Takes Dogs Beyond “Property” Status; Major Pet Industry Groups Not Happy

Z Rizdvom Khrystovym

How Grocery Shopping Can Be REALLY Exciting!

USC Fratboy Email Calls Women “Targets;” Declares “Giving Them A Name Is Pointless”

Bring it on...

Let the Mickey Mouse Disney/ABC Debate begin!

***** LIVE BLOG Republican Debate in New Hampshire = 9 PM EST *****

Amazing story in the Daily Mail: Romney was was a chickenhawk even in 1966

Pic of the Moment (1966): Mitt Romney demonstrating FOR the Vietnam draft (He himself being exempt)

Source: Jorge Posada to retire

*** The GOP Debate reality show - DU live blog/chat thread - 9pm ET ***

Social Evolution indicates we are in a "Self Examing Stage" with an opportunity to delete dead files

Cognitive Dissonance: ABC News/Meet the Press GOP Debate bingo!

Learned an interesting and handy new term the other day, kind of the opposite of unobtainium..

Repukes are so far out of touch. Debate during the first weekend of the NFL playoffs with Detroit

Presenting An Iran Attack Probability Timetable & Complete Geopolitical Outlook For The Middle East

Occupy Sacramento protesters dispute $100 penalties

So the rich got together and created a market for right wing propaganda at a time

What are you reading the week of January 8, 2012?

Science versus Academia

Locking articles in Good Reads as "Conspiracy Theories". Shouldn't this be a jury call?

The DUzy Awards for the week of January 6, 2012 - Part 2

He stuck the landing!

"Take our country back." Has anyone ever heard this used during an election until BO was elected?

I'm not watching the Debate. Has anyone said anything stupid yet?

Police chief off Georgia safety board (Nathan Deal's political payback)

Reactor Reax: Nuclear Industry Report

I rooted for a Texas team today. And I'd do it again.

U.S. State Department Creates Bureau of Counterterrorism

Rick Santorum says he's against welfare for 'blah' people, not 'black' people:

Can muon particle imaging be used to see Fukushima cores?

Peru to invest in Venezuela’s Orinoco oil belt; Venezuelans to study help on Peruvian refinery

19 Facts About The Deindustrialization Of America That Will Make You Weep

STUNNING: A Bill of Rights for Occupied Communities

Sunday Talk Shows

Wall Street, We Can Hold YOU Hostage

Any other swimmers here? Just got back into the pool after a hiatus.

No Mobility? This Is News?

Fukushima lays bare Japanese media's ties to top

A Day Made of Glass... Made possible by Corning.

Let's review the bidding ...

The moderators asked 'Yawn' Paul about his racial views and did not ask Sanborum

Why doesn't Obama

Federal agency cancels water delivery to Pa. town

Hoodie Junior is going back to New England >>

Thinking about a root cellar inside our Menard's building. Anyone have any incite into how this can

I am bemoaning the current state of spell check.

I suggest that all "K&R if" and "Check in if" threads be Locked Immediately upon their Posting

WTF? Here's a strange bug.

“Strengthening Our Voice: Bringing Valley Progressives Together,” 1/8, Sun, 2-4pm Clovis, CA

Republicans sure don't like talking about social issues in front of cameras.

College Hockey today at Fenway Park

Five beheaded in Mexican killings

What is wrong with Diane Sawyer?? She is talking slow and slurring some words. Has anyone else

Odd fact surfaced after Pinera's administration attempted to erase "dictatorship" references.

I wish George Stephenopolis had followed up with Mitt on the contraception question by invoking his

Obama expected to win

Progressive events in Fresno and the Central Valley of Ca for Jan 2012. (lots of them)

Perry: Send back troops into Iraq. Force the negotiation of SOFA.

Perry: Re-invade Iraq

So I just watched Black Swan....

War against religion?! Really Perry? If there is one, it's because your side started it.

Another trip to McConnell Springs

Too Hot in the Hot Tub......Burn My Feet

Paul On Newsletters: Not Only Did I Not Write Them, MLK Was One Of My Heroes

GOP True Family Value

Occupy Patriarchy! (Occupy Oakland)

Do most religious people fully believe the sermon/teachings?

Will anyone ask Romney about the "Big Dig".

My ten year old: "Ever since Obama was elected, the Republicans have been more racist than usual."

Romney wants to send troops back to Iraq


Skipper chosen for starship effort

the world is flat & the moon is made of swiss cheese

I have finished animating my first drawing.

Republican candidates, bloggers and 'journalists' are complaining about social issue questions.

Rick Perry: “I would send troops back into Iraq,” - video

Those we love, in pictures, before 02.11.13. (locked)

Santorum said "We have no classes in America!" Damn, I knew they were all nuts, but

Reversing JFK: Santorum’s bid to marry faith and politics

Huntsman is too good for the Republican Party

Plug-In Vehicles Are Key Pillar in U.S. Energy Security Strategy

Is being able to speak Chinese a plus or minus in the GOP primary?

Wow...Mitt sounds so desperate...

Damn kids, they really are un-informed and have no reason to be angry....

K&R if you hate K&R threads!

Too bad Herman Cain wasn't there for the "Saturday Night" question

China Increases Target for Wind Power Capacity to 1,000 GW by 2050

The Stranglers - Golden Brown

Romney is the Guy at this point. Especially since South Carolina is now going to go for....

First they came for the Twitter accounts and I said nothing, because I do not Tweet.

Message from God

Santorum: 'There Are No Classes In America'

These Republicans can't say anything to each other's faces.

America has no idea of what a disaster we created in Iraq

My life is complete..I just found out what Orkney Clapshot is.

Black Churches to Energize Occupy....Occupy the Dream..

Hey, Meta-heads! How about swinging by GD and giving the DUzys Part 2 thread a little love.

The next GOP will be January 8th, SUNDAY MORNING at 9am ET on NBC


How was the debate? Who won?

Giant Rat Found Inside Of A Foot Locker In The Bronx (with photo)

To Lions Fans

Tell us some famous event an ancestor of yours was involved in? My grandfather found

Krugman on Romney

Romney: Overturn Roe v. Wade! That's why it is important to get Democrats in House and Senate!

How does Santorum justify saying that "marriage is a federal issue?"

Man exposes himself to theater of children watching "Alvin & The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked"

Mitt's new slogan

The president's underappreciated, undersold success stories

Anyone seen Sarah Jessica Parker's new film "I Don't Know How She Does It?". Is it any good?

The Saturday Debate (Narrow Winner Newt. Big Loser Perry.)

I call shenanigans on the Huntsman attack video

NY Archbishop Dolan Elevated as Pope Names New Cardinals

GOP Challenger­s Explain Why They Failed to Attack Romney in New Hampshire Debate

GOP debate: Mitt Romney grows foggy on contraception

This is my story

The GOP "debate" (Cliff Notes version):

Just couldn't take it seriously, could ya? >>

An Amnesty International USA Web Log Post Regarding the NDAA....