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Santorum: I didn't say 'black' people, I said 'bleurgh'!

Thank you, thank you Texas, for ruby red GRAPEFRUITS!

God is hilarious

West Virginia RAN OVER CLEMSON in Orange Bowl!!!

Into Great Silence

More on OWS doing what some folks understand as political

Letterman: "When did the Republican party become the party of the unstable?"

A friend posted that Bachmann was a "MILF"

Video of Rachel Maddow's segments re: Rick Santorum/John Ensign SEX SCANDAL 1/4/12 and 6/15/11

News discussion about NDAA

FAX software

Norway killer Breivik is 'not psychotic', say experts (BBC)

My very favorite song of all time.

Decent health care protects/saves more lives than guns. - a DU3 public service announcement

Olbermann in a Clash at New Job

ObamaCare’s Hidden Trigger Paves The Way For Single Payer

Toons: A Mad Lib Odyssey, Iowa Provocations, World-Class Manure Spreader and More. - 1/4/12

Let's talk about the Lions' Kevin Smith

Praiseworthy provisions of Canada's charter

Mikey Steele trying his best to dilute GOP loss with moot shit....on TRMS...not selling

How does one check for duplicates on latest breaking besides checking the first page? Thanks.

I have a confession to make. I shook Gov. Romney's hand, and I thought he was a swell guy.

What devices are you guys using to stream movies?

if the news folks sat around for months discussing a handfull

The next GOP Debate Reality Show will be this Saturday, January 7th

Rick Santorum, Working-Class Hero or Free-Market Fanatic?

Anybody want to buy some candy vending machines?

Should I watch Revenge?

Religion: History's very first panopticon.

Exposed: A Spammer Fooled MSM & America with Edited NDAA Video

I'm a multiracial woman, of primarily African descent and I an VERY happily

How does one get a jury to look into a locked thread? Thanks

Is Obama moving left for the campaign?

WVU just crushed Clemson 70-33 in the Orange Bowl.

"Romney won the bar fight, Santorum is drinking the free drinks and Newt Gingrich is

Finally! The FDA Restricts Use of Antibiotics in Livestock (update 2)

Rick Santorum on Certainly Not Newz: I didn't say 'black people', I said 'bleurgh'

President Obama's recess appointment today: Why there'll likely be no legal challenge

'Standing Up for Consumers', by Richard Cordray

I had trouble getting DU3 to work tonight. DU2 worked, with some problems.

Pot smoking not tied to middle-age mental decline

A little political humor

Philly's all a-twitter about not THAT Santorum...

THe President is preparing another recess appointment to the NLRB. Yahoo, President Obama! nt

State senator Margarita Prentice to retire

Governor Chris Gregoire announces support for full marriage equality in 2012

Agent Orange is now allowed in Corn- approved in Dec

Thank You Cenk Uygur


In Dire Health

Some Classic DNC Toons on Why We Need to Be Strong


So Scott Beason is thinking of running against Spencer Bachus

Adios until 2013.

Factory Closing Bad News for Small Missouri Town

Said on the TeeVee

White House Announces Summer Jobs Initiative

Jon Stewart's review segment regarding cable news' coverage of (and) the GOP Iowa Caucus - video

Bridal shop threw out formal gowns despite charities' request

john boehner coloring book

This is all very least we have another new word coined, to follow "Santorum":

Bachmann is now up for hire as a consultant

Olbermann in a Clash at New Job

attempted to post a comment after taking a break for a couple of days -

Scientists' new time masker creates invisibility

Water is not wet ....says US Supreme Court.

Romney Family Files: Fled to Mexico Due to a Polygamy Ban..

Some fun facts for National Trivia Day:

Eugene Robinson: Search and Destroy Mission

Rachel: Mitt gets 1/3 and the other 2/3 are split between two completely different candidates. Hmmm

Luckovich Toon - The Romney Bandwagon

Afghanistan: US press withdraws

The Constitution isn't good enough but the Magna Carta is?

Assisted suicide should be legal, says major report to parliament

Obama to unveil strategy for slimmed-down military

While neck and neck with Romney at Iowa, Santorum has far lead on Google

Team of Japanese scientists discovers insulin-resistant protein

Morning Joe is positively oozing with Santorum.

Suggestions for my first Nook Book?

Surfers Paradise Lost as China’s $259 Boards Threaten Aussie Manufacturers

USA ( the LA) Arson Suspect Also Faces German Fire Probe

TPM: Here’s What Romney’s Unreleased Tax Returns Almost Certainly Hide

GOP has intentionally made itself into a white people's party

Flashback: Rick Santorum exploits Terri Schiavo on Fla. fundraising trip

Most pets didn’t return to Olathe shelter after their Christmas ‘vacations’

Labor Board Sides with L.A. Toll Group drivers in Struggle to End Sweatshop Conditions

Clandestine drones: Obama administration’s critical tool

Mitsubishi to start selling solar PV wall material in 2013

Question about "mark as read" function

Fox News Takes Center Stage in Primaries

Chernobyl and Fukushima meltdowns prompt cooperative agreement on aftermath

The Mountain Dew Defense

Obama could have crushed the right wing

Panasonic reorganizes business fields, places more focus on energy-related biz

Living with the fallout of Fukushima: As radiation fears persist, ties unravel in society

Votes for sale

When using the "search" function...

Dammit, Obama didn't "pick a fight with Republicans", he acted to protect the American People...

USA Today: Sebelius: In defense of health care law's 'essentials'

transparency rocks! why not transparency for jurors, for god's sakes?? eom

Iraq bombings leave scores dead

Zambrano traded to the Marlins

Brockton Councilor-at-large Jass Stewart mulling run for state rep. against Geraldine Creedon

You know Sarah---once those looks go, all that will be left is..........

Burma approves Suu Kyi's party for election

Has Romney released his birth certificate?

The Absolute Moron’s Guide to the New Military Detention Laws

Colorado woman accused of damaging $30 million painting

I’m not sure I’d vote for anyone he endorses.”

What If Obama Loses? Imagining the consequences of a GOP victory.

SHAMELESS starts this weekend on Showtime - That means it FIONA time!!!

Dallas teen missing since 2010 was mistakenly deported

Here comes the MSM Santorum-Pukefest: Sleeveless and V-Necked, Santorum’s Sweaters Are Turning Heads

Egypt Prosecutor: Mubarak Responsible For Killings

Arab League ‘seeking UN help for Syria mission’

Illegal Weapons Captured in Judea and Samaria

Jobless-claims data improves again

Subliminal Message In Rose Bowl Parade

Seattle Area High School Students Walk Out Of Class To Protest Education Cuts (PHOTOS)

Why Placebos Work Wonders

DU3 stole my joy!

Occupy Wall Street has changed the national conversation

How would Santorum react to this?

No political message intended in Wisconsin marching band's Rose Parade performance

Tihomir is ready to go home {heart wrenching pics}

OK, now how weird is this???

What should we do madinmaryland if he keeps posting this picture?

ADP: Private Employment increased 325,000 in December

Go Away, Daddy! The Revolting Bob Parsons and His Toxic Internet Empire

Placebo Effect

Now you see it, now you don't. Time/Invisibility Cloak Created

Why You Can Be Branded a Terrorist for Fighting Animal Abuse

The Cruel Manipulation of American Democracy Continues

Twelfth researcher complains about religious right distortion of her work

France’s minister for European affairs: EU transaction tax ‘in law by year end’

NDAA, SOPA and 40,000 other oppressive laws to take effect in 2012 - RTNews

Public Truths vs. Private Truths

BTW - I hope to never again hear that Michele Bachmann was born in Iowa

"Do it right. Be serious about it. If you decide to do this, don't embarrass me."

Capitalism Is The Crisis (full documentary)

China’s Solar PV Players Ramp Up Overseas Investments

The Nonsense Problem

Austrian Economics Is Mumbo Jumbo Economics

Santorum and Opus Dei

Mitt Romney, Student Protester--protesting against anti-war protesters

TYT: Cenk mocks Newt 'amateur paleontologist' Gingrich

A Flowchart for Choosing Your Religion - Where do you fit in?

“Newt the Destroyer“

Why "yes, but" is the wrong answer to questions of misogyny

BBC: Raising retirement age results in no government savings

Happy Birthday, Commodore 64! Here's Why You're Still Better Than a Mac Pro

New Hampshire's GOP Climate Hawks Caught On Tape

GOPers have difficult time fielding high office Candidates ..WHY? Its because their bag is EMPTY

Is Karl Rove pushing Perry to continue campaigning? If so, what sinister motives does he have?

People Want Transit-Accessible Housing, But Will They Be Able To Afford It

The high art of disenfranchisement

Santorum: Leftists who hate Christendom have given the Crusades a bad rap

OMFG: Luke Russert is now an "expert" according to Chuckie Todd...

Ian "Hello Scottie, this is David Koch" Murphy's LAST CHANCE TO SIGN / RECALL WALKER TOUR

Todays trade

The real Santorum is a frothy mixture of self-interest, loose ethical standards & devotion to the 1%

decentralized people power: what OWS can learn from south africa's united democratic front

MFM had the skillz to combine his love of board games, pizza and the occassional drink.....

Major difference between Dems and Repubs in presidential elections

Missouri Library Blocks Access to Websites about Wicca, Native American Religion

Is Heroism of 9/11 Police Cadet being Slighted because of His Muslim Name?

McCain’s revealing answer on Arizona and immigration: "AZ, CO, NM, Even TX Will ALL Be In Play"

Why is Coca-Cola Supporting Africa’s Last Royal Dictator?

Minn. has a nuke plant event

DON'T YA JUST love stuff like this?

Photo-Sharing Site Need not Self-Police

"Romney Spars With Occupy Protester"...WHO YA GOT? (VIDEO)

Health Care Group Scorches its Execs

DON'T YA JUST love stuff like this?

So Taliban Rick Santorum Believes States Can Outlaw The Use Of Contraceptives

On this day in 1920,The New York Yankees purchased Babe Ruth from the Boston Red Sox for $125,000.

‘Job-Killing’ EPA Regulations for Chesapeake Bay Will Create 35 Times as Many Jobs as Keystone XL Pi

LOL! 'I Didn't Say BLACK': Santorum Says He 'MUMBLED' During Controversial Speech About Welfare

New vaccine protects monkeys against HIV

New vaccine protects monkeys against HIV

Police: Man had more than 1 million photos of child porn

US commander visits Israel to finalize missile drill

DU Album of the Day: Bruce Springsteen's "Greetings from Asbury Park, NJ"

Are the number of weather-related disasters increasing?

Salma Hayek gets knighted??? For WHAT? For marrying a mega-rich pal of right wingnut Sarkozy?

Rick "Surge" Santorum calls Obama Recess Appointment the act of a "Banana Republic"

"Mitt Romney Doesn't Care About Jobs; He Cares About Money!"

Rough Teacher

"The Grand Strategy Behind Obama’s Recess Appointment" 4 important battles the WH is waging(Updated)

Please Push this Poll (Indiana RTW)

Krugman: Besides Greece and Portugal European economies now in trouble were following sound fiscal

Steel worker who lost 32-year job after Bain Capital takeover discusses "Mitt Romney: Job Creator"

Romney invokes Bachmann's 'crony capitalist' theme

Gawker (gossip website) deems Keith "not worth it" & "Don't hire this man"

Drunk Driver Test? There’s an App for That

Florida was weird as only it can be in 2011

Ron Paul: His anti-interventionist positions can't salvage a reactionary philosophy by Gary Weiss

ETA News Release: Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (01/05/2012)

My first blog post of the year and it's a doozy!

The "Party of No Frivolous Lawsuits" plans a frivolous lawsuit against Obama recess appointment

Is there any hope of separating GD from GD(Politics)? I do not like sifting through regular stories

Corbett announces more budget cuts, including another 5% for state-related universities

Why would America need “Indefinite Detention of US Citizens” measures? (Tin Foil Warning)

Drug tests for welfare? Snyder's office says it's too early to tell

The Black Keys: Nickelback helping to kill rock

Women are a Mystery to British Physicist Hawking

Fluorescent rabies virus tracks how experience alters neural circuits

A single fish sells for nearly three-quarters of a million dollars

My Bold Prediction

Indonesians have new symbol for injustice: sandals

On the right: Norm Ornstein: repub party has moved so far to the right a candidate with Reagan's

Manicotti (next time from my grocer's freezer)

Obama Signing Statement: The NDAA Doesn’t Apply To US Citizens

2011: Year of the Tornado

GOP Lawmakers Pass Bill To End Compulsory Education In New Hampshire

Upward wealth redistribution is not a result of the market

Seattle sues attorney over public records request

anyone see the update on maine care?

BBC: Republican Rick Santorum - 'NHS devastated Britain'

Science proves that conservative brains are warped

Polish art student hangs own painting in museum

Just found an official Romney ad on Santorum’s "frothy mix" site

Ron Paul says majority of Americans favors gold standard

Do We Need Health Insurance?


Good resource: Timeline of Personhood Rights and Powers

Shoot! Missed my DU anniversary! Nine years ago yesterday

And then something comes along to remind you of the imbalances in our world:

Obama announces major defense cuts and draw downs on Live TV--live blog

Since I know you're concerned . . .

More Of THIS Please: Obama responds to Romney’s craven defense of his fellow One Percenters

Three reasons to vote for Obama even though he signed NDAA

Patrice Evra what did you just say matey?

DAE believe the only reason Santorum came in 2nd was because it was his 15 minutes?

Longstanding US military policy was to have the ability to fight two land wars simultaneously

NASCAR Driver Apologizes To All the B*****s Who Don’t Think Breastfeeding is ‘Nasty’

Newt Gingrich was once a big fan of the Super Pacs that are taking him down

BBC: Why are towns un-twinning? (usually called 'sister cities' in the US)

Joe Kennedy III will run for Barney Frank's congressional seat

One of the Great things about being old!

Newt Gingrich helped create the super PACs that are taking him down

Pic Of The Moment: McCain Endorses Romney

Santorum: Our Abortion Was Different

Assemblies of God Starts a Church a Day

Need to vent... Just served on a jury that allowed this comment to stand

'Anonymous' targets German far right with

BREAKING NEWS: Wall Street Occupier Confronts Ron Paul (comedy)

Pic Of The Moment: GOP May Sue Over Obama Recess Appointments

Obama unveils plans for pared down military

The Threat of War Against Iran and Syria is Real

Ex-Walker aide arrested (Update) charged with three counts of embezzlement

Colorado woman punches, rubs her buttocks against $30 million painting


The Distance Between Mars and Venus: Measuring Global Sex Differences in Personality

Governor's Son Pickets the Pickets

Peak oil notes - Jan 5

Panetta on TV , lying his ass off..

Peak oil notes - Jan 5

Google ads

Mexico's Grand Warlock Predicts Obama Will Lose

NH: GOP Lawmakers Pass Bill Making Public School Curriculum Optional

The U.S. and Iran Are Already Locked in Economic War

United we stand or divided we become Cannon fodder for the RePig party

Consensus on “I don’t want to make black people’s lives better by giving them somebody else’s money"

Another WTF moment in College Football: 2012 Stanford/Cal game moved to October

Why don't the US and Iran choose dialogue first?

Are men and women the same?

They're Actually Serious

Omar Gonzales on loan at FC Nuremberg

Do jury results no longer contain a link to the post judged on purpose? -Answered: bug

Rude Pundit:Right-Wingers and Obama's Recess Appointments:Now It's Imperial to Just Execute the Laws

Important info re Pres Obama's recess appointments, "Grand Strategy" & why those 4 nominees

This dialog from an interview with Santorum should be played over and over.

Why the ACA is the death knell of for-profit health insurance

Word people- need help. Hyperlinks.

How do you write lyrics?

Nancy Pelosi Intervenes To Stop Deportation, Keep Gay Couple Together

Sweden recognises new file-sharing religion Kopimism

Former astronaut to lead starship effort (BBC)

McClown tells New Hampshire GOP 'wrap it up' and get behind Mitt

I did my own tour of Iowa last month, and made a music video :)

Harder for Americans to Rise From Lower Rungs

Wave of shootings baffle Swedish police

X-37B spaceplane 'spying on China' (BBC) {maybe, maybe not}

New York Governor Urges Mandatory DNA Samples

Melissa Harris-Perry gets Weekend Show on MSNBC

Sweden recognises new file-sharing religion Kopimism (BBC)

Photo ID's

Former Walker aide charged with Child Enticement.

This woman is getting a lot of attention on Youtube.. one can certainly see why!

Do you think this OP represents straight-male privalage?

Climate changing outlook for harp seals (BBC)

Actual voters are mere speed bumps to the press

In the Middle Atlantic, the forecast as far out as it goes, shows no real winter weather in sight.

Concern trolling Krugman

U.S. Companies Added 325,000 Jobs: ADP

Happy Birthday, Hayao Miyazaki!

PA. Senate Democrats to file court appeal against Republican redistricting plan

Time to get back into the stock market

Spend the night with Derek Jeter, get an autographed baseball.

Shovel Ready

Tories and Labour renew backing for GM food crops

Iran Shrugs At Looming EU Ban On Its Oil

George Will on Little Ricky: Republicans Just Want To Have Fun

As U.S. Explores Dialogue with Muslim Brotherhood, Israelis Urge a Tougher Line Against Islamists’

New Message from Matthew

Who Is Richard Cordray? Here’s Why Wall Street Is Afraid of Him

The Pearl Fishers duet by Georges Bizet.

are you guys ready for this? 74 merc comet, 250 straight 6

The Real Welfare Queen

Ponzi Planet The Danger Debt Poses to the Western World

Stephen Hawking at 70: How has he survived so long?

Elizabeth Warren supports Richard Cordray, says Senate Republicans want to undermine agency

Papantonio: Will Voting Machines Steal 2012 Election?

Jonathan Vilma’s ‘asshole tendencies’

Santorum: That’s Latin for Asshole

Doctors in America are harboring an embarrassing secret: Many of them are going broke.

McClatchy invests in company to guard news content ('NewsRight')

Public "progressivism", private disruption (You Could Be Next Part 9)

He Doesn't Just Go After Wall Street Institutions. He Goes After Individual Executives As Well.

Senior Syrian official defects over crackdown - story about armed gangs all lies

DU this poll: Did Santorum say 'Black' People or ‘Blah’ People?

How US Policies Fueled Mexico's Great Migration

"Diamond Men". Excellent movie!

Is there a bug,

Matt Damon and Mother Reject Union's Award

Pro-Israel Group Asks For Separate DNC Protest Zones

The New American Dream Has Nothing To Do With Buying A Home

America 'Less Equal...Less Mobile

The Rumors About Bill Clinton Are True

Anyone else seen this stupid post going around facebook

Rick Santorum's Anal Sex Problem

oh my...

Predictions of the future from The Ladies Home Journal in 1900

Separated at Birth?

Santorum sold his soul

Missing Bill Haywood


WHY?---IF You're White It's "YOUR MONEY"---IF You're Black/Brown/Purple-It's "SOMEONE ELSE'S MONEY"

Solar Power Off the Grid: Energy Access for World’s Poor

Arrest made in Florida clinic fire - CNN

Ron Paul Would Allow ‘Open Season’ on Union Organizers

Why do SOME people say things that sound good but don't mean jack? And I don't mean politicians.

MSNBC contributor Melissa Harris-Perry gets weekend show

lmao@ Andrea Mitchell, to GOP recess appointment whiner: "Well, what are you going to do about it?"

Show boat! (More bang for your buck..)

Santorum just said the POTUS has little impact on the economy

Romney's calculating a net number of jobs for Obama, and isn’t calculating a net number for himself

Romney’s New Attack: Obama’s A Chicago-Style Crook!

And now for something completely different.

Damn it.

January 14-16 NPS free entrance days

When a crackpot "science theory" can get nowhere scientifically...

occupy phase II: occupy washington dc builds foundation for the future

Bravo !!! - 'CFPB Director Cordray Lays Out Non-Bank Supervision Agenda' - FDL

Here's my list of questions for the three Republican front-runners

Drummers only. Post a video of a drummer. For your listening pleasure I present the great

What kind of exams??

Three charged in John Doe investigation of Walker aides

What's the difference between Pat Robertson and a Ouija board?

Three charged in John Doe investigation of Walker aides (x-post from GD)

Teacher resigns after nude-photos incident; aide fired for dragging child

3 charged in investigation related to Wis. gov.

Avaaz petition: The great British tax scandal

McManus: Is the tea party over?

Maryland Fusion Center Criminal Use of Police Scanner Apps and

Do Campaigns Predict How a President Will Govern?

Gay Soldier Booed By GOP Gives A Level-Headed Response

Neutrino-hunting underwater telescopes probe origins (BBC)

Pelosi announces immigration decision to defer deportation of gay spouse

If there was a problem, yo, I'll solve it

Rachel Maddow comments on NDAA

Joseph P. Kennedy III, family scion, explores run for Barney Frank’s House seat

ObamaCare = RomneyCare = CommieCare. NO Romney! NO WAY!!

Debian Testing Wheezy (Very Stable so far on my computer, default desktop Gnome 3)

Crazy Plays in Sports... that work!

The 23 Best Countries for Work-Life Balance (We Are Number 23) By Derek Thompson

Jermaine Jones gets 8 game ban for stomp

The Onion: Fracking Causing Earthquakes?

Mitt's Peace Overture to Newt Backfires

Limbaugh is howling like a dog shitting a peach seed...

Damn you autocorrect!!!

The Onion: Obama Openly Asks Nation Why On Earth He Would Want To Serve For Another Term

OH HELL YES! Portscum v. Seattle September 15 on the big network!

Another victim of the drug war.

Atheist and in New Hampshire? Good luck with that.

"The Richard Cordray rollout begins"

getting rid of glass shower doors

Left Bloggers Hail 'New Obama' - Politico

If law enforcement wanted to attatch a GPS device to your car

Anyone want to talk about cheerleaders?

Did the Senate delay GW Bush's recess appointees by going into session just a few minutes in order

leopard kitties, squirrels & fox

Motor Pool

Iraq: Good job Prez Bush, well done!

U.S. Whistle Blower Threatened with 35 Years in Prison, Warns of Developing Tyranny

Santorum quotes as New yorker cartoons

With the list of President Obama's policy and political successes growing daily a conundrum

Jon Soltz, Co-Founder and Chair of, just said this about Obama re: military changes:

What's With Rick Santorum's Sweater Vests?

Whenever We Get Single-Payer Healthcare,

"Tower, I have a shark flying at 7,000 ft"

These streaming movies are expiring from Netflix this weekend:

Jets: Scott's obscene gesture 'inappropriate and unacceptable'

Cooking Eggs

Richard Cordray

You shouldn't be seeing this, but if you are, please report it in the Help & Meta-discussion forum.

Ads on top of threads on Home Page

Cain announces "The Solutions Revolutions Bus Tour." Line up early for the best gropings.

Too much fucking drama around here all of a sudden.

Can we see our profiles as displayed to others?

America's Skimpy Minimum Wage

Time to Stop Being Cynical About Corporate Money in Politics and Start Being Angry

Both CNN and NYT run Santorum puff pieces today

Martin Bashir: The Sweater Song to introduce Santorum

Top China airlines to ignore EU carbon tax, body says

What do you think about the woman who shot/killed intruder with 911's permission?

Rick "Surge" Santorum SCHOOLS President Obama on "black people." USA! USA! USA! USA!

Capitalism Is The Crisis (full documentary)

The Washington Monthly: What if Obama loses?

Gay Games IX Will Be Held in Cleveland/Akron

Dallas Police No Longer Responding to Thefts under $50

Secrets of Empire And Self-Deceptions Of Partisans

How do you feel about the yearly SPORTS Illustrated Swimsuit edition?

Obama asks why on earth would he want to serve another term...

OWS now fighting back w/Drones?

The Keiser Report: The Cojones Defense of Jon Corzine

Boredom & empty pockets boost neo-Nazi ranks

Obama $1 Trillion Mortgage Fix Rumor Pushing Bank Stocks

Prosecutor: Expel Arizona Sen. Bundgaard

Study: Romney plan raises taxes on poor families

Weekly Standard E-mail to Subscribers: “Congress to mandate pro-homosexual education?”

Turkey Assures Iran U.S. Radar No Threat To Tehran

Best NY Times correction ever

As suggested - Favorite Misunderstood Song Lyrics. Post yours here

Ron Paul flack talks about the Fed and aliens

Hamas Witnesses Fundamental Changes, But Not Enough To Join Peace Process

Hi, over in the fiction group, we are attempting to start a book discussion group...

1-5-2012 ....... 2:30 pm ............ 46 degrees

One Bashir and a Cupp: Martin Bashir is hosting bottom-feeder Coulter wannabe S.E. right now

Any other Aquarians here?

This is absolutely AWESOME!!!!! "Fishing Under Ice":

I have to wonder if some of these 'weird' jury results...

PHOTOS: The ONLY thing standing between YOU and this Canadian ski lodge is $15 million

Mass. pension board completes Iran divestment

Richard Cordray Appointed: Here’s Why Wall Street is Afraid of Him

CFPB's First Move with a Director in Place: Confront 'Nonbanks'

Florida Republican Introduces Bill Criminalizing Abortion – Calling For Life In Prison

8th-Grader Killed By Texas Cops Had A Pellet Gun (Probably Airsoft)

Wow, wow, wow...Newt Gingrich: 'I will tell black people to demand paychecks instead of food stamps'

Occupy New Hampshire Protester Takes Romney to Task for Declaring "Corporations Are People"

Men for Non-Violence

Router has orange blinking modem light

Santorum to offer free hearing tests for all Americans.

The Courts: The Conservative Takeover Will Be Complete

Cordray:'Real consequences for breaking law-Informants/Whistle-blowers given direct access to us'

Is the President actually taking on the National Security State?

Election 2012: Republican Presidential Primary

Not all in Philly was brotherly love

Michelle is out - looks like Roy will need a new girlfriend.

Petition for a new group

Ugh! I'm sick. Had to leave work in the middle of the day.

From the BOG: John Clayton predicts Redskins will trade up, draft Robert Griffin III

Walker acknowledges there will be enough signatures for recall.

Backslashes in edited posts?

Dogs against Romney

Is this appropriate for a Help Wanted ad?

Boston's T is about to be guTTed

What it's like...

"When he wants another wife, he simply tears up his covenant with his current wife"

“For Men and Not for Property”: Lessons for the President from Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt

"Edit" feature is throwing slash marks into my post

The T is about to be guTTed (x-post from Public Trans group)

Yet another teen has used deadly force to protect his home from intruders.

Whenever I see the words "douchebag" or "douche" these are the first things that come to my mind:

MLS 2012 schedule

15 yards for celebrating in the deep end

Even after massive layoffs and school closing, poor School District is unable to make its payroll

Bank Of America To Pay $335 Million To Settle Countrywide Claims

HuffPo has become the dumping ground for lost freepers. There is an article over there regarding

I look up chords and lyrics for R.E.M. songs ...

Bank Of America To Pay $335 Million To Settle Countrywide Claims

Weird bug I've not seen before.

DU IT! Rick Scott (Jackass-FL) wants to know what he can do to improve Florida on his FB page.

Coming this fall,to a movie theater near you - Atlas Shrugged 2 -Who is John Galt.


(Glenn) County (CA) must put election material in Spanish

Registration for the Jeopardy! contestant test is now open

Latina Moms A Powerful Voting Block in 2012

Latina Moms A Powerful Voting Block in 2012

Thanks for flying Iowa Caucus airlines Michelle Bachmann

Every time I see Santorum I think of "MAIDS WHEN YOU'RE YOUNG NEVER WED AN OLD MAN"

SF cops give up waiting for burglary thief to come down off cliff after 30 hours. He gets away.

NM population over next 100 years on pace to be more urban, Hispanic

Ron Paul Gets Over Double The Donations From Active Duty Military As ALL Other Candidates COMBINED!

Spanish-language Films Attract Columbus (OH) Audiences

Spanish-language Films Attract Columbus (OH) Audiences

R is for Racist. R is for Republican.

'US cooking up new military intervention'

Iowa's lesson for NH is to back the strongest candidate

Study shows that America is a class based society - premium put on college degrees by employers

Gingrich, Perry, Paul Opt To Pay To Get On The D.C. Primary Ballot

Weekly Standard sends out bigoted anti-gay email

Santorum on blah people (not black people)

Citizens United Backlash Grows from Cali. to NYC Urging Congress to Overturn Corporate Personhood

Mitt To The Poor: Pay Up

Romney Tax Plan Adds $600 Billion to Deficit

Vid of Santorum's already-Infamous "Black People" statement

New Report Reviews 10-Year Plan for Federal Program On Climate and Global Environmental Change Resea

TPM - Milwaukee D.A. Announces Charges Against Ex-Walker Aide, Two Others In ‘John Doe’ Probe

Romney’s Tax Plan Gives Millionaires A $150K Tax Cut, Raises Taxes On Low-Income Families

My dog ruptured a ligament.

You've heard of "right to work"?

The Decision Model IP Trap

Got my LSAT score back last night: 157... Hoping to get into FIU in Miami..

(Pakistan) Alternative energy: Consumers increasingly opt for solar power

Ron Paul on Cordray appointment: ‘The president is not a dictator or a king’

interesting read

Raunchy Santorum Sex Jokes Abound

What If Obama Loses? Imagining The Consequences Of A GOP Victory

I went shopping with my one-year-old son today.

Are Obama’s Recess Appointments Unconstitutional? Probably Not

I have to face the fact that I cannot "let nature take its course"

"Girls Gone Wild" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include " Girls Gone Wild".

"SB 590: Your papers, please"

I have a request.

WikiLeaks Backers Lose Bid to Keep Twitter Accounts From U.S. Prosecutors

Romney campaign expect second place finish for Santorum

The AFL-CIO and Colombia

Goodbye to the Brazos River?

The AFL-CIO and Colombia

The 1% has their way with Hollywood's "Water for Elephants"

Why is DUs Album of the day always a Major Label release?

NASA finds Russian runoff freshening Canadian Arctic

Killing Kids is So American

In Romney's backyard, Santorum compares gay marriage to polygamy.

Twelfth Night. Tonight's the night.

The Romney tax plan is awesome

Romney Calls Obama a ‘Crony Capitalist’

The GOP's Weird Obsession With Poor People Not Paying Enough Taxes

Offside or not? Flip a coin!

Robert Scheer: Arms-dealer Obama will win by default

Georgia judge to hear arguments on eligibility of Barack Obama on ballot; Orly Taitz hails decision

Dogs Against Romney in 2012

Rick Santorum: Gay people have gone out on a jihad against him.

Climate Change Models May Underestimate Extinctions, Says UConn Biologist

I got that Bad message again ,I'm here

I met so many people full of the Christmas spirit today!

To think I worried about Cain and Bachmann quitting.

Tennessee Bill: It’s OK To Bully Gay Kids If You’re A Christian Or A Republican.

Matthews just said outlawing sodomy is an invasive policy. Wouldn't it be a non-invasive policy?

Matt Damon and Mother Reject Union's Award

Video shows bus plunging off ‘world’s most dangerous road’

Boy 'tortured and drowned' over witchcraft claims, court told (UK)

Rich that Romney's Coming Out Against Security and Protection of Working and Middle-Class Americans

Guess who

Nothing Short of War

Idaho Anti-Union Laws Rejected

Florida Republican Introduces Bill Criminalizing Abortion – Calling For Life In Prison

Richard Cordray Announces Aggressive Agenda for Consumer Financial Protection Agency

OMG-All I have to say is "WOW!!!"

Hey it's trumad from the Sports forum.

America’s Best Kept Secret: Rising Suburban Poverty

New materials remove CO2 from smokestacks, tailpipes and even the air

LDK Solar Gets $64 Million in China Funding for U.S. Projects

Kansas House speaker calls Michelle Obama "Mrs. Yo-Mama"

New Tech Removes Air Pollutants, May Reduce Energy Use In Animal Ag Facilities

Willard's cuts to "European-style Welfare"

What does it mean when you dream about a Ford Fairlane?

New York Nudging Into Solar Leader Status

Who is this lying POS on Tweetie?

Manufacturing Is Surprising Bright Spot in U.S. Economy

MFM was caught Tebowing...

Texas Payday Lenders Face New Rules, Scrutiny

Iran clamps down on internet use

Reports: Olbermann Clashing with Current TV

So Long Rick Perry

New-age art critic pisses on $30 million painting

Is it possible to access (or how) old bookmarks that have been archived in DU2? n/t

Santorum Walks Back "Man on Dog" Comments

China's largest offshore wind energy farm now online

(Olmert) Former Israeli Leader Indicted on Bribery Charge

How many photographic devices do you own?

Santorum Booed in New Hampshire While Discussing Gay Marriage

Rick Santorum Defends Interview Linking Homosexuality To 'Man On Dog' Sex In Interview (VIDEO)

What is with the whole "monkey pancakes" meme?

If I concentrate, I can absolutely see

Reddit co-founder: Anti-piracy bill will ‘obliterate an entire tech industry’

Perry calls Iowa a 'quirky place' with 'a loosey goosey process' after finishing fifth

Mitt Romney Gets Pwned by Occupier at New Hampshire Town Hall

Diversity urged at UC Berkeley engineering school

Re: Jury selection process.

Sites identified as potential Latino national parks

Long time Anchor and trusted reporter dies of Breast Cancer at 47. RIP Kim Setty

Secrets of Empire And Self-Deceptions Of Partisans

Yoo: Recess Appt: NO---Torture: YES

Checkmate! Looks like Pres Obama may have set the GOP up before making the 4 recess appointments

Wisconsin: Judge tells GAB to try to remove fake names from recall petitions

Best Local News Bloopers of 2011

Never a dull moment on the NYC subway

I got the yellow bar "shouldn't be seeing this" after posting a new OP.

''Some type of computer glitch'' gave Romney Iowa victory.

12 Reasons You'll Be Hearing More About the Commons in 2012

Senator's bill would cap CSU presidents' salaries

Report Identifies Health, Environmental Issues, … if Virginia Lifts Ban on Uranium Mining

What Is Epsilon?

Stephen Hawking to turn 70, defying disease

Religious groups meet in Harlem, form group to oppose NYPD surveillance

From Charles P. Pierce: Rick Santorum's Mortal Sin in the Terri Schiavo Case

Wisconsin: Starting now, state worker's families to pay more for medical care

Between Radiation And New Free-Trade Pact, Japan's Remaining Family Farmers In Serious Trouble

Saying Thief in an Email May Have Been Libelous

As Permafrost Melt Accelerates, Siberia's Fossil Bone Industry Expanding Rapidly - NBC

women. i have just got to reduce it to YEA.... i love my man

Gov Brewer Can't Throw a Wrench in Arizona's Medical Marijuana Law

The South Carolina caucus is 1/21 and the President's SOTU is on the 24th. The timing

Federal Judges Scorch Wisconsin

China's Top Four Airlines Refuse To Pay Carbon Fee To Use EU Airports - Guardian

Yo dawg I heard you like threads in Meta.

Dad Blames Florida for Girl's Death by Python

Santorum Insists On Comparing Marriage Equality To Polygamy In Heated Exchange With Students

Might some of the stalwarts of the education forum---

RCMP Advises All Manitoba Bodies Of Water Unsafe; Ice Roads On Hold, Grass Fires Close Calgary Hwy

Fees often added to customers’ payments

Death Rate Of Harp Seal Pups In Maritime Canada "Dramatic"; Whole Year-Classes May Disappear - AFP

Newt: African Americans Should Get Off Food Stamps, Demand Paychecks

Noam Chomsky - Institutions vs People: Will the Species Self Destruct - Parts 1-3

One Year

Breaking: Santorum discovers a new race - The Blah People!

Record TX Drought, Record Year For Weather Disasters In 2011 & Network Climate Coverage Down By 50%+

Tiny wires could usher new computer era

Andrew Wakefield sues BMJ for claiming MMR study was fraudulent

US pressured Spain to implement online piracy law, leaked files show

Why Scott Walker should be recalled...

Police: Father forced autistic children to smoke synthetic marijuana

2011 Second-Highest Year On Record For Florida Manatee Deaths From Cold, Motorboats

They're Actually Serious

Migraineurs? Headache Sufferers?

"go straddle a norwhale you chlorinated gene pool"

Are Teen Safe Sex PSAs Too Controversial?

Comcast charged me $99 to install a modem at our new home

Facing Recall, Defiant Wisconsin Governer says "I'm not afraid of losing"

Judge: GAB must verify signatures on recall petitions against Gov. Walker

Man (Dog Warden) Charged After Alleged Botched Puppy Euthanization

Super simple "wood butter" recipe (aka spoon oil)

Chrysler to add 1,100 jobs at Detroit plant

Dan Savage: Don't make me change the meaning of the name Rick too...

Wolfe on Tolkien

"We're not denying smokers their right to tobacco products. We're just choosing not to hire them."

Seoul and Tokyo seek to ease Iran oil ties

Any CPA's out there?

Colorado Black Caucus launches with reception tonight

Michael Savage: Ron Paul supporters are hysterical, dyed-in-wool liberals

Wedding Day Arrives for Kevin Keller

Tonight on Countdown

oh fuckin yea. do we have a host in a forum starting a thread for flamebait

Authorities: Man charged in fire at Florida clinic says he was motivated by hatred for abortion

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 6 January 2012

Federal judge dismisses lawsuit challenging medical marijuana in AZ (x-post from kpete thread)

American Indians with Disabilities Benefit from ED Grant

Maryland's AFL-CIO Backs Effort To Legalize Gay Marriage

Company accused of ripping off Medicare hospice benefits

xposting from GD

Gingrich singles out blacks in food stamp remark

Open Letter to Parents: Your Kid Might Be Gay

Stop Being Cynical About Corporate Money in Politics and Start Being Angry

Robert Reich: Romney, Son of “Citizen’s United”

Takei, Aiken adding gay fabulosity to new ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

Someone in Gov. Brown's office leaked the budget!!

After posting, I got a yellow warning saying ...

2011 Eclipse Award finalists are announced...

Madinmaryland was caught Teabagging...

President Obama Echoes Eisenhower's Farewell Address' Military Industrial Warning

Tax-Season Tips for Same-Sex Registered Domestic Partners Help Make Sense of New IRS Rules

Received a great survey from my representative (NOT!)

ACLU Challenges Michigan Domestic Partner Health Care Ban

Rick Santorum - Gay People should stop being gay

Someone is hacking my computer. Help please

Montee Ball returning for his senior year at UW

Suggestions for my first Nookie Book?

Georgia State Rep: ‘I’m Afraid’ Of Romney’s Mormon Faith, But ‘It’s Better Than A Muslim’

Santorum Claims ‘I Haven’t Been Talking A Lot About’ Gay Issues

Imax. Stoned.

Gabrielle Giffords, Tucson Prepare for Anniversary of Shooting

Gay GOP leader says he’d vote for Santorum

If he didn't approve of it Romney would criticize his fellow candidates for going full on KKK

WE: Made A Pledge To The American People - THEY: Made A Pledge To Grover Norquist.......

Balch Springs PD: Investigation into gay man’s death is ongoing

Take Action: Call PETA RIGHT NOW!!

Melissa Harris-Perry gets own show on MSNBC

What’s on tap for 2012?

Justice for Kevin Williams petition

Someone is hacking me Help please

May the force beef with you.

Anable applying for top spot at HRC

A closing thought on the matter of the 14 year old deported to Colombia . . .

Sarah Palin to keynote CPAC

Barry Sanders expected to commit to Stanford...

Political problems with private insurance mandates

There was one thing about which I agreed with Rumsfeld.

Court OKs airport groin searches for drugs

NY Times Mag: How Many Stephen Colberts Are There?

He's no Dem, but

Hi guys! Look what Newt Gingrich just said ....

Cordray moves forward despite appointment challenges

Mitt Romney Gets Pwned by Occupier at New Hampshire Town Hall

Israel police denies provocateurs operating among settlers

Music To My War-Weary Ears... Obama: the US can no longer fight the world's battles

Frank LUNTZ- None Of The Republicans "Impressive Enough To Beat Barack Obama"

Boston Globe Endorses Jon Huntsman for GOP Nominee

OOps! Former close aide to Scott Walker and Walker appointee arrested on embezzlement charges

Occupy Wall St - The Revolution Is Love

Keiser Report: Wall Street Saints Above God & Law (E232)

Occupy Wall Street Livestream Curator Shares Experience and Tips

Appalachian DUers: How would Romney do in Appalachia against Obama?

Glenn Greenwald: 'US can only suppress democracy for so long'

Cool old find....especially if you remember Shirley Bassey

For the record, 53,000 have "Liked"

Broad Coalition Opposes NDAA and Calls on President Obama to Keep His Promise and Shutter Guantanamo

On Eve of $41 Billion MF Global Bankruptcy Filing, Jon Corzine Was Château Shopping in France

I'm thinking of making little hors d'oevres for my parents dinner one night just to mix things up

Thank you for choosing to serve. Unfortunately, that Jury is full.

Connect With Singles Who Love Oil!

Lumber Liquidators?

How tired is tired?

As a prominent Blah Person I am offended by Santorum.

What is your favourite song right now? I like Tracy Chapmans "Baby Can I Hold You"

Laurence O'Donnell to interview Richard Cordray tonight

ATF sidelines officials in gun sting debacle

Heads up: Barney Frank; George McGovern visit w/Charlie Rose tonight

time cloak 'hid' the event scientists say

Ohio teen on the brink of suicide posts video (Bullying)

Caucus Vote Counter Says Romney Mistakenly Given 20 Votes

Detroit Free Press: Rick Santorum's Google problem.

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

President Barack Obama: "Defiling the Constitution, Betraying the Founders"

Im looking for maternity insurance. Any advice?

Will Bunch: The Rick Santorum that America Doesn't know

Doctors going broke ( and how imminent Medicare cuts are making it worse)

Boeing's free-market move is going to cost Kansas big-time

Hey can we bookmark over here?

There will be a lot more Republican grass roots support for reducing the military budget

On Eve of $41 Billion MF Global Bankruptcy Filing, Jon Corzine Was Château Shopping in France

Mobile home burns but firefighters save Chihuahua named Mojo

What are the TV theme songs you never tire of hearing?

Californians Are Asked for $6.9 Billion in New Taxes

Wisconsin coroner stole body part to train dog, police say

Hey, Iowa, we the rest of the country are FED UP with your stoopid a-hole caucus crap

All right all you other folders. I just broke 5,000,000 points

DOJ Is Sorry If Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Feelings Were Hurt When They Disclosed His Civil Rights Abuses

Collectively, The GOPers are acting like school children on pot.....Concentrated BatShit Crazy is

Good Reads is good

D.C. Council member Harry Thomas Jr. resigns after being charged with embezzlement

IOWA: Caucus Vote Counter: "Counting error gave Mitt Romney 20 more votes than he actually received"

Question on the new "Greatest" Page

Justin Bieber Gets Bible-Inspired Tattoo

Santorum defined (by Dan Savage).

Video: Syrian defector says government has lost control of ‘human monsters’

DONAHUE is looking great on Piers after having been fired by Tweety over the Iraq Attack

Al Gore Denounces And Blasts SOPA

I Wanna Be Next (Part 42)

Libyan infant democracy in action - have not seen the US trying to stop it

Job Creators --- Obama vs. Romney

Some agreement between many atheists and most Biblical fundamentalists?

Rise of the Magi: On Three Kings Day, Atheists and Believers Should Call a Truce

Excellent! Good news on job creation in December!

Name this song?

Hey Newt...what jobs pay in food stamps?

Toon: Flavor of the Month (eew....)

Boston Globe Endorses Huntsman in Republican Race.

Etna volcano (Italy): new eruption with lava fountains from New South East crater on 5 Jan 2012 (par

Cars With Three Wheels?

Georgians on the hook for failed ethanol facility

Chile forest blaze kills six firefighters in Araucania (BBC) {indigenes vs lumber corps}

If Romney is the nominee, progressives should highlight his progay stand...

Brazil dam burst forces thousands from homes (BBC)

Santorum Disses The 99 Percent, Attacks Those Too Poor To Pay Federal Income Taxes

Could Typo Rewrite Caucus History?

Danziger toon- Just A Suggestion

Turkish ex-army chief ordered held in jail for trial

Man makes monster-sized discovery of potatoes like giant hands

What's irking you lately?

Speaking to the dead?

Mexican President appeals to BASE

Going to the National Championship!

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio to seek sixth term

Santorum's exchange as a good example of changing times (and minds) vs. conservatism

16,454,951 NICS Background Checks Done in 2011! Beating the old yearly record by 2,000,000!

Online copying church recognised by govt agency

The Synchronicity of history and how at times, yes it does seem to repeat itself...

What is the reason for having such prolonged primary season,

I don't think you've added NEAR enough tuna to that dish.

A JUrY LEts This Alone!!!,!!!

It's our fault dogs misunderstand & panic when they hear their best friends are "going to sleep".

Swedish File-Sharing Club Forms Church to Legitimise Piracy Practice

Perhaps OSHA regulations DO go a leetle bit overboard from time-to-time.

Yahoo/Devil Ball: Tiger Woods’ ex-wife bulldozes $12 million home

After the asskicking Justin endured for blowing out "her" candles...

DU surfing snack food of the night.....

That rumor that MFM couldn't get a date for his prom? Here's an old pic of her to disprove that.

Like everyone else, MFM has the dream of falling & he wakes JUST before he hits the ground.

Police Kill Texas Teen At School

Online Ed: Trojan Horse for Destroying Teachers Unions

I know that a lot of people wanted Elizabeth Warren to head up the CFPB

I love the way the snow melts in the mountains...

Ancient Celts

from JoAnne Kloppenburg,

‘Document Israel gave PA was just an outline’

Breaking: Iowa Caucus Vote Counter Says Santorum Won, Claims Typo Gave Romney 20 Extra Votes

3 men jump in, bring out of control school bus with 40 students aboard to a stop

Melissa H-P to have her own, weekend, show on MSNBC!

(Washington state): Gregoire proposes legislation to legalize gay marriage

buy dog toys now.

Democracy for America Recruits More than 400 Progressives to Run for Office

Sources: Bill O'Brien to coach Penn St.

Don't Put Wands in the Hands of Cavemen

In Act of Defiance, Democrat Stalls Obama Choice for Court

Hawaii Senate Democratic Primary: Case wants Hirono to debate 25 times

Tomgram: Bill McKibben, Buying Congress in 2012

I assume you can only alert a post once?

Have you ever heard things in your dreams? Auditory Dreams, perhaps?

Did you know this law existed?

This is so lonely! As a native Rhode Islander, I claim first (and only!) post!

Siku, the adorable Danish polar bear (don't look if you are grumpy)

A Nightmare on Wall Street...

Keiser Report: Wall Street saints above God & law

Greenwald: Democratic Party priorities

GOP Nightmare: Obama fixes the economy

AFA defends cost of worship area for Pagan cadets

A Gingrich-Santorum nonaggression pact?

Woman not allowed to drop off pagan books at Asheville area school

From the "that didn't take long" department (military drones over New York)

OOPs, McCain Praises Obama Instead Of Romney

Preview of coming distractions and bread and butter for the comedians (Election forward Cartoon)

Pharmaceutical advertising should be taken off the air

I felt like doing this more than a couple times with all the GOP calls...


Have you been in a Social Security office recently?

So - it is that catalogs are pouring in. What sorts of things are you ordering?

Occupy protestors seek homeless shelter

Report: Worst vegetable mutation — Harvested north of Tokyo in June

Work outfit for tomorrow: A blah shirt with a nice blah-and-gold tie my wife gave me.

Make Polk (County FL) Pink Week: Walk of the Roses Aimed at Hispanic Women

Make Polk (County FL) Pink Week: Walk of the Roses Aimed at Hispanic Women

Sen. Byron Dorgan today on Ed Schultz, story abt Sen. Byrd spanking Santorum

Ohio Mayor Buys Quake Insurance as He Seeks Answers on Fracking

Howard Stern talking about the Iowa Caucus, Santorum, Republicans, "that complete freak Ron Paul",

"You shouldn't be seeing this..."

How do you unsubscribe from DU3 ?

Why would any progressive promote Ron Paul's worldview?

How to NOT get anything done!

Last Ride for Police Dog Before Being Put Down

Dolly, the pit bull

Blah People, Represent!

Hundreds Tortured in Syria, Human Rights Group Says

So does Ron Paul usually stick around until the convention? Because the tea party, almost 50% of the

Who here has an electronic-book reader thingy?