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Archives: January 31, 2012

The Sex-Blind Delusions of a Contraception Fight - By Charles P. Pierce

Keystone Pipeline: A bad idea

Too bad we don't have an open Primary.

Where was this bathroom door when I was going through puberty?

Jon Stewart: In The Newt Vs. Mitt Mortal Kombat Battle, Mitt Wins

Dogs Against Romney facebook page

Action Alert: Death Threats to Honduran Journalist & Her Children

More good news from Rasmussen (Dem's lead in Congressional poll)

Ex-congressman denies involvement in Segovia massacre

Ex-congressman denies involvement in Segovia massacre

Stop mass killings by instituting a ban...

Victory for Merkel over fiscal treaty

Michael Hudson, "In America and Europe, Crime has been Decriminalized"

Keep the preasure on wherever you are at, it's working.

A Dying Country: Japan to lose 30% of population over next 50 years,40% of remaining will be 65 yrs+

The Craziness...Goes On...And On...And On...

One very tough robin.

AUC collaborated with Uribe government, spy agency: Don Berna (paramilitary death squads)

AUC collaborated with Uribe government, spy agency: Don Berna

I saw Lewis Black last week. He is awesome.

Rising home insurance rates point to climate change

THis explains everything

The Hiriko EV: A Cure For Bad Parkers?

The real reason Mitt Romney is never going to get to be President Updated

A Buddhist Ecology of Self

Brazil's Rousseff focuses on economy in Cuba visit

Brazil's Rousseff focuses on economy in Cuba visit

I accidentally neglected to check a TOS violation on an alert. The post was hidden by the jury.

Why I put my faith in President Obama over the Occupy Movement any day, any place and any time....

Todd Palin to do Robo-Calls for Newt Gingrich

Can someone give me a good recipe for beef broth? I would prefer a broth that had an

The Senate voted on CLOTURE for The STOCK Act Monday evening. Vote: 93 yeas, 2 nays

The day before a primary, Michael Savage discussed actual horse racing on his show!

Romney Sings America the Beautiful

Toons: Too Far Out, Rombot vs. The Zombewt, Upper Class Warfare and More. - 1/30/12

Civilian Deaths Due to Drones are Not Many, Obama Says

The Freepers have lost it...

Restored Edison Records Revive Giants of 19th-Century Germany

Serious question: Is it a good idea to email a job application at 2:40 in the morning?

TSA discovery prompts New York bomb scare - six hours later

Prosecutor: SF Sheriff kept his wife ‘isolated’

Get Some Popcorn, Sit Back, Relax & Watch This Interview With LBJ's Mistress...

State Rep. Laura Bradford (R-CO) Accused Of Using Constitutional Loophole To Escape DUI Charges

Venezuela Welcomes Home Final Shipment Of Repatriated Gold Reserves

Venezuela Welcomes Home Final Shipment Of Repatriated Gold Reserves

U.S. Gets Tougher on Debt Collecting

Japan's population to fall by third in 50 years

Obama vs Romney/Gingrich/Santorum/Paul Head-to-Head Polls

Argentine province suspends open-pit gold mining project following protests

'President' Gingrich Promises To Colonize The Moon, Make it 51st State - North North Dakota

President Obama's Gallup approval rating amongst liberal Democrats from January 23nd-29th is 88%.

What is your favorite hike of all time?

Research belies PM’s warning about OAS

The picture that shames Italy

Obama vs Romney/Gingrich/Santorum/Paul Head-to-Head Polls

Support for President Lobo Hits All-Time Low

2012 House Open Seat Watch (1/30/12)

The economic impact of National Parks

Newt Gingrich Sued for Having 'Eye of the Tiger' at Rallys

Goldman Sachs cooked Greece books, banking fraud expands globally (Max Keiser versus a banker tool)

Most GCSE equivalents axed from school league tables

Colbert Super PAC has raised more than a million dollars

grantcart hits it out of park. Romney is coward - Yep, even at Bain.

Gingrich sketches Day 1 agenda for his presidency (LOL)

Colbert SUPERPAC **Immediate Release Financial Disclosure** 01/31/2012

Synagogue Asks Mel Gibson for Donation

Jan 31, 2012 forecast for east-central Wisconsin is 50 degrees (F). Can you say "climate change"?

Volcanic origin for Little Ice Age

Fighting over Pakistani mountaintop kills over 60

Another Chinese dissident on trial for subversion

Wisconsin: GAB delays online signatures as Republican threats and rhetoric drive privacy concerns

Mumbai gunman appeals against death penalty

Daughter of China activist says barred from taking prize

Myanmar denies trying to obtain N.Korean nukes

Libyans to sue ex-MI6 official over torture

Wisconsin: Walkers goon's and FB threats: "You signed a petition, so we know where you live"

Final FL PPP poll: Romney 39, Gingrich 31

Trying to imitate Obama:Mitt Romney sings ‘America the Beautiful’ (VIDEO)

Mike Malloy - Conservatives Are Stupid

Wisconsin: Former top Walker aide Russell had previously been fired for 'gross misconduct'

Mike Malloy - This Happens When You Are A Santorum

Mike Malloy - Circus Of Liars

Destroyer ship HMS Dauntless set for Falklands

UN resolution could spur Syria civil war, Russia warns

Mike Malloy - Republican Cross Dressing

Mystery Outbreak Of Tourette's At US School

Newt is no Hillary.

This quote says it all: "The people at the top were not willing to pay people at the bottom wages.."

Money Spent on a fool's errand

Fear factor: The science behind America's red/blue divide

Newt Gingrich Sued for Using 'Eye Of the Tiger' at Political Events

Oh, Piyush, please STFU...Obama / Brewer TarmacGate "brought back memories." Obama's a MEANIE!

Iconic skier's death points out U.S. health gap

Mitt Romney's unbelievably stirring, patriotic, tuneful, stirring, moving "America The Beautiful"

David Cameron facing backlash from Conservative MPs over euro pact

Toon: Building Skills

Toon: Anyone But Obama

Melissa H-P and James Peterson help Big Ed find sanity re: Rinse Penis comparing BHO to Schettino

Officials investigating Illinois reactor shutdown

Off the Tea and On To the Brink!

The Republicans’ 1972

Surprise: 953 dead voters in South Carolina aren't so dead after all

Ohio bill would rais speed limits and outlaw Left Lane Squatters

All the Angry People A man out of work finds community at Occupy Wall Street

Going to my first storage unit auction this weekend.

Virginia lawmaker tries to attach rectal exam provision to anti-abortion bill

Might the Supreme Court step in and select another dufus pResident?

Landowners Fight Eminent Domain in Pa. Gas Field

El Nino Climate Pattern May Influence Disease Outbreaks Globally

Group Says FBI Snoops on Wikileaks Supporters; Files Suit

"Morning Joe" us really shoveling the "What Obama hasn't done in his FOUR years" horseshit today...

Documentary exposes how slavery continued long after the Civil War. Coming to PBS this month.

Cynthia Nixon: Being Bisexual "Is Not a Choice"

Christie Refers to Gay N.J. Lawmaker as “Numbnuts”

I made a new avatar

World lacks enough food, fuel as population soars: U.N.


Rebel alliance slams Star Wars game over gay characters

High-Powered Plasma Turns Garbage Into Gas

Letter to Newt Gingrich: Privatized Social Security is Not the Answer

UK Guardian: David Cameron faces clash with Conservative Eurosceptics

The magic bullet: heat-seeking drugs

Working Poor: Almost Half Of U.S. Households Live One Crisis From The Bread Line

Depression, glutamate, Ketamine, Vitamin B

Richard Cohen column ... brutal -- "The GOP is brain-dead."

state by state speak your mind about......alaska

Winner of 2012 Election Revealed!

About Romney running for Dad's Approval.. That idea kills..

Interesting poll data on marriage from Maryland

Mika Brzezinski just said she "likes" Reince Priebus "a lot"

Senegal: President allowed run for 3rd term, N'Dour blocked; 2 killed in protests

Am I missing the "kick" smilie??

So Mitt Romney believes Adam is God and every planet has it own God?. Wow

Is the GOP Self-Destructing?

Panetta: Decision to Kill Americans Suspected of Terrorism Is Obama's

Democrats Plan Many Votes on Taxes

Colbert Super PAC Reports Big Money

The Scary Danger of Meat (Even For Those Who Don't Eat It)

"This tsunami of sleaze is being propelled by unprecedented advertising buys."

How Male Global Elites Work Hard to Fix the Economy – In Their Favor

The continuing legacy of 'Bewitched.'

Virginia officials confirm criminal election fraud investigation of Gingrich campaign

The Tea Party Plan to Save Scott Walker

"Do you think you have what it takes to out-pontificate The Mighty Newt?"

what mainers need to watch out for

The Troublemakers Union

Don’t Cut Tysons Corner in Two

What to keep in mind when Romney wins tonight

I have the most ludicrous weather in the country. (Oswego County)

Chilling tape from Air Force One on day JFK shot just released.

Another idiot trying to use the Bible to justify screwing the poor

Great newspaper column about PA. "shredding the safety net" with food stamp cuts

Feb. 4 Day of Action: No Sanctions, No War Against Iran!

"Religious freedom" is harmed when Catholic Church can't deny you of healthcare services....

OH. MAH. GAWD. Romney attempts to sing "America the Beautiful"!

NEVER AGAIN Say OWS Is Failing: AG Schneiderman Credits OWS for Renewed Pursuit of Bankers (updated)

FRANK RICH: The Molotov Party - For the new GOP, conservative isn’t nearly radical enough.

Dozens killed as Pakistani army, militants clash

Religious humor

Sign the petition to stop ACTA

Chris Christie, who decried cronyism in his campaign, recs dozens of cronies for Port Authority jobs

A disturbing movement in this country

doing the right thing

WSJ Publishes Op-Ed From 16 Climate Deniers, Refused Letter From 255 Top Scientists

The main reason Romney is ahead in Florida: 12,768 TV ads, compared to 210 for Gingrich

Three Years After Ledbetter Fair Pay Act Passed, Women Still Earn Far Less Than Men

This was written by first graders who were asked to finish the proverb-Hilarious

Perry Campaign Was Losing Money Fast In Final 3 Months Of 2011

I wonder if the number of alerts has dropped off

U.S. claims to be pushing reform of U.N. bodies, but campaign smacks of intrigue, shady politics

Churches Need To Pay Taxes

Noam Chomsky at U of A free Feb 8

America is not its flag, it's the ability to burn the flag.

U.S. Military Envisions More Bases Like Djibouti Facility

Gridlock over Gotham

TPM: McConnell’s Revisionist History: Congress Gave Obama Everything He Wanted!

Romney confidently eyeing Fla. primary's big prize

Plaintiffs Challenging Affordable Care Act In The Supreme Court Admit That The Law IS Constitutional

Draft Syria resolution vows no foreign forces


Pic Of The Moment: Romney Arrives In Tampa

Wanker of the Day: Richard Burr

Great "It Gets Better" story...

Ind. secretary of state faces voter fraud charge

The Sunshine State’s Shadowy Legacy

PHOTO: MiddleFingerMom adds yet another "C" to his collection...

Tunisia Faces a Balancing Act of Democracy and Religion

I've always wondered where the millions go for campaigns...

Gov. John Kasich "sells" the profits made by liquor to himself and other Wall Street Buddies

Dear Donald Trump: Either announce you're running for president or STFU!!

Clean energy won't be on November ballot in Maine

Ezra Klein: Obama and the GOP agree: Eliminate tax breaks for millionaires

Top Iran Expert Vali Nasr: Sanction will not work and might lead to war - Foreign Policy Magazine

Good news. US Rep. Brad Miller is considering running for governor of North Carolina.

Waht do you think of how "loners" are portrayed in books and other media?

reince priebus looks like peter lorre to me

Cain: "I would work for President Gingrich" (MSNBC Video)

Assange's lawyer, meets Eric Holder at Cannes & confronts him about DOJ persecution of WikiLeaks

TPM: McConnell’s Revisionist History: Congress Gave Obama Everything He Wanted!

Pythons Are Wiping Out Mammals in the Everglades

"Retarded Grandparents"

EXCLUSIVE: Virginia Officials Confirm Criminal Election Fraud Investigation of Gingrich Campaign

Mitt Romney’s a self-made man?

Why are we installing a military base in Australia? and sending ships to the Pacific?

President Obama Takes Republican Senator Mike Lee To The Woodshed Over His Threat To Obstruct

TPM: Video of Matthews' "impassioned monologue about the karmic smack down coming Mitt Romney's way"

Reince Priebus - once more - remove the vowels

Peyton Manning......finished?

Campfield Responds to TN Restaurant Controversy Via Blog

Moscow Looks Set to Veto UN Syria Resolution

Today's Woot shirt was designed especially for Skinner!...

UAE Gay "Cure" Video Causes Sting in LGBT Community

Being hit by rock causes gay teen athlete to stand against homophobia

"Dog Whistles" From TPM interviews of Newt supporters in Florida

Bernie Sanders Tells You A Secret The GOP Would Rather You Didn't Know

Is Florida winner take all?

70 Percent of Huntsman Super PAC Money Came From Father

Play about Donald Rumsfeld

S.C. Considers Second ALEC Voting Bill

GAB fails to post Walker recall petitions online as planned, citing privacy concerns

Newsreader who ‘buried Putin’ is Internet star

Strike kills 12 Yemen militants, minister escapes attack

Dunk of the Day

Plano Children's Theater Does All-White Version of Hairspray

Iowa GOP Chair Expected To Step Down After Iowa Vote Count Errors

Colbert Super PAC raises $1 million. Non-satirical PACs to follow.

Santorum bristles as Gingrich suggests he quit

McConnell’s Revisionist History - Congress Gave Obama Everything He Wanted!

Somali militants halt Red Cross food aid

Jan Brewer EXPECTING TREAT Now for SHAKING FINGER at Barack Obama

Rebecca Kleefisch should watch her back

Declaration of Independence -- Beautiful Live Reading

Watch the MSM proclaim the GOP race over tonight...

Four gutless Dems kill single-payer in California

Boko Haram: between rebellion and jihad

Libya to investigate prison torture allegations

Occupy DC Stays Put, Heads To Court Today

Man walks dogs without leash; ranger shoots man in back with 'shock weapon'

'Choose Life' license plate would funnel cash to divisive cause

Why Mitt's Wealth Matters: It's Policy, Not Envy

Republican Congressman Dan Burton of Indiana says he won’t seek re-election to 16th term

Self Deportation - Listen to This American Life

TAIBBI: How GOP race became showdown between a walking OCD diagnosis & a flatulent serial adulterer

Oakland to seek 'stay away' orders against Occupy protesters

Anti-gay TN lawmaker Stacey Campfield whines about booting from restaurant, buttsex obsession

How Newt may be able to get some Florida delegates, even if Mitt wins

I E-filed my Federal Tax return @ 9:00am this morning

Syria’s fate sealed, Turkish president says

DU Album of the Day: The Moody Blues -

Almost 100 die in Syria on Monday

Home Prices Drop, And Consumers Turn Gloomy

Water industry, World Bank pilot new scheme to drive public water into private hands

** gets out her staple gun again ** NEW RULES for DU GUNGDEON!!

Iran, Perceiving Threat From West, Willing To Attack On U.S. Soil, U.S. Intelligence Report Finds

Congressman Yarmuth donates his salary to charity

Fox News on top: Cable net celebrates 10 years at #1 in ratings

safe sex & airbags

RACE TO THE BALLOT | Day One Run {NC anti marriage = amendment}

TYT: CEO Bankruptcy Bonus!

BREAKING: Iowa GOP Chairman Matt Strawn to step down next week

To understand the Republican Party, grab a highlighter and a

What do you think about being to view other people's "My Posts" page?

Dem Campaign Manager Accused of Killing His Own Cat

Rachel Maddow Slams Romney For Still Getting Paid For Killing Jobs

GOP Platform

Thom Hartmann: Norquist, ''Impeach Obama'' for crimes against the 1%

MSNBC poll: Who sings it better? Romney vs. Obama

F**KED: The United States of Unemployment

Volkswagen's E-Bugster Concept Car

gay marriage supporters say they're seeing gains

I'm amazed! Astounded!

Have the Republicans replaced Ayn Rand with Saul Alinsky?

Virus infects worm by mistake

February Astrological overview

Obama Tells Woman: "Interesting" Unemployed Husband Can't Find Job

(Alaskan) Natural resources chief wants mission statement change

'Mitt Romney serves meal at Jewish nursing home'

Former RBS boss Sir Fred Goodwin to lose knighthood

Confidence Decline Points to Cooling U.S. Growth

Thom Hartmann: Occupy Oakland: 400 Arrests, Tear Gas & Flag Burning

The Story of a Suicide Two college roommates, a webcam, and a tragedy

US women's soccer league cancelled

CHART: Big Oil Backers Of Keystone XL Pipeline Gave Big To Senate GOP Allies

Alan Grayson Confident In Re-Election, Fundraises For Others

Animation: Palin defends Newt (actual audio)

Taxpayer-Funded Freddie Mac Caught Betting Billions Against Struggling American Homeowners

John Lewis criticizes Chris Christie's comments about leaving same-sex marriage to a referendum

How America made its children crazy

More puppy tubes

Marco Rubio jumps into birth control dispute

Drug approved to treat cystic fibrosis' root cause

Confidence Decline Points to Cooling U.S. Growth

GOP NJ Gov. Christie says black leaders in 1950s-60s would have welcomed popular vote on their right

Ohio DUers - Has the voter ID bill been defeated?

Rep. Allen West Tries To Walk Back Telling Obama To ‘Get The Hell Out’...

DNA Turning Human Story Into a Tell-All

Cain (on MSNBC right now) is doing more damage to Gingrich with his "endorsement"...

Chris Matthews On Florida Primary: 'He Who Kills Must Die'

Would someone just drive a stake through Newt’s heart, um, chest?

‘Daily Show’ reporter asks governor to pee in a cup

Have not been around recently.

Risk of 'Accidental' Gulf War on the Rise

Dan Burton exits stage right

Newt Gingrich's Science Fiction

'A Sarkozy Loss Would Be Severe Setback for Berlin'

Killer Advertising (another blogger promotes #NotBuyingIt)

Mitt Romney's great grandfather fled (self-deported?) to Mexico to practice polygamy

Facebook Photo of Woman Rock Climbing with 2-year-old Causes Stir

Animation: Mitt vs #OWS (Actual Audio)

The New GOP Platform for 2012

What do you do to help yourself when in the grips of depression?

Watch Kristen Bell Adorably Lose Her Shit Over A Sloth

Feds pressure American Airlines to save pensions

Almost Half Of U.S. Households Live One Crisis From The Bread Line

You heathens in the lounge need some inspiration

Charlie Crist will not rule out joining the Democratic Party.

Welcome to the balmy Great Lakes Region !!!!

No transplant for dying dad who is illegal immigrant

Why Obama’s Not Talking About His Health Care Law In This Election

I Was 'King Coon' Until I Hit Back

OR-01: Democrat cruising to special election victory.

"You found Ronald Reagan. He’s living in each and every one of you.” AAAAAAARRRRGH! GET HIM OUT!

President Obama says he will look at resume of laid off Engineer

Fox News

The Boys are Back ****

Send In The Clowns

Why Are the Chinese Buying Record Quantities of Gold? (Forbes)

HI-SEN: Democrats lead Linda Lingle in early polls.

Knoxville restaurant owner refuses to serve Sen. Stacey "one guy screwing a monkey" Campfield (R)

Should I vote in the republican primary or not today? Trying to decide.

Strong Senate Recall Slate a Harbinger of Victory

Fresh Impressions on Brandmarks (Coming from a 5 year old kid)

What would you do - negative Amazon review by competitor

Why are the MSM ridiculing Biden for advising Obama not to authorize strike to kill bin Laden?

on rare occaision, organized labor wins in "Right-to-work" states. Texas AFL/CIO example!

Growing Number of Americans Can’t Cover Basic Expenses if Job Loss or Other Emergency Strikes

Foreclosed houses to be sold to and rented out by private equity firms

Osama Bin Laden Death Photos May Be Released

Woo-hoo! Sarah Palin PAC fundraising craters

I can think of a better way to dispel horniness

Horror, Thriller, or Psych Thriller?

What do you think about Roth IRAs?

ATTENTION! I have a very important question for The Lounge

The End of Health Insurance Companies

Rush is happy/excited about a book that points out vast inequality

GOP gearing up for another, yes another, attack on unemployment benefits!

Wisconsin state jobs, civil service exams, and hiring process

songs about voting

US airstrikes in Yemen kill man suspected of connection to USS Cole bombing

Navy railgun with 220 mile range closer to reality

I finally broke down and ordered a commercial blender

Canada’s Economy Records Surprise 0.1% Drop in November on Energy Declines

Search for Costa Concordia missing called off

My Sons, the Sous-Chefs

Newt Robocall: Mitt Romney Forced Holocaust Survivors To Eat Non-Kosher Food

Judge: Occupy D.C. must get notice before eviction

Former RBS boss Fred Goodwin stripped of knighthood

For all you lurking Ron Paul nutjobs out there

The Biggest Risk to the Economy in 2012, and What’s the Economy For Anyway?

Ronnie supports Newt - pics

Indiana Senate on verge of passing 'right to work' bill

PHOTO: If it wasn't a legitimate business, they wouldn't have their name on the strip mall sign.

Papantonio: Is This The End of Gingrich?

FINALLY...some VERY good news!

More crap in Joe Barton's district- "Magnablend acquires Superconducting Super Collider facility "

anyone tried exercises for snoring?

Jeb Bush Lobbied On Behalf Of Infamous Medicare Swindler, Says Former HHS Secretary

The Don Quixotes of Brussels

The Tea Party Plan to Save Scott Walker

Rick Santorum puts church full of young children to sleep

What Do You Think of a Person Who Introduces Themself As A Conservative Republican?

Latest Congressional Budget Outlook For 2012-2022 Released, Says Real Unemployment Rate Is 10%

This is why we keep talking about gender and comedy

Internal Republican poll confirms Americans think House GOP sucks

Former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist said Tuesday he wouldn’t rule out voting for President Obama

U.S. deficit to top $1 trillion, smallest since ’09

Michelle Obama's Book Delayed - 'American Grown' will now be released on May 1 - story w/pic

What do you think of someone who identifies themself as a libertarian?

In Op-Ed, Elizabeth Warren Hits Scott Brown and Mitt Romney For Opposing The Buffet Rule

Guess which presidential candidate opened a Swiss bank account to hedge against American dollar?

The issue of tax discrepancies is bit more than what others understand IMO

Outdated Solar Panels Considered E-Waste By EU Parliament

"I'm thinking about voting for Newt INSTEAD of Romney", said my Repub husband

Lingerie Football Youth League: Fun Porn Aesthetics and Male Domination for Kids!

Soldier surprises daughter, 6, on birthday

The Heritage Foundation is trying to tell us there's no hunger problem in America

I can't either!

Sharp rise in sustainable seafood products on sale in UK

China's largest freshwater lake dries up

Jillian Michaels Says GoDaddy Super Bowl Commercials Aren’t Sexist

Trouble ahead for Romney in OH and MO primaries.

Fox news No. 1 - this is why America is so f*cked

Robert Reich: The Biggest Risk to the Economy in 2012

The Romney's benefited big from Florida foreclosures

A List for Journalists Who Think That Occupy is “Dead”

Economic Recovery in Midwest May Boost Obama

Obama changed the Oath of Office at his Inauguration?! What?!

Breaking: Oakland Arrestees Treated Inhumanely

Occupy Oakland: The minutes before the flag burning photo was taken.

Will Iraq Become The U.S.'s 51st State?

Hasidic Rock

Rachel Maddow doing the Howard Stern show on Wednesday 2/1

Ranger zaps off-leash dog walker with shock weapon

Breaking:5 Major US banks face massive (trillions) default on credit default swaps within weeks

Driving in Cleveland today...

Martin Bashir is my hero.

Kitteh vs. Kitteh Door

Fox News on top: Cable net celebrates 10 years at #1 in ratings

Can someone explain something about Jan Brewer's PAC - JANPAC?

GOP’s Pro-Python Policy Devastates Florida’s Everglades

Saudi Oil Minister Calls Global Warming “Humanity’s Most Pressing Concern”

Pine Island Glacier crack - NASA

Romney, your "Cousin, Twice Removed"

Researchers identify key peptides that could lead to a universal vaccine for influenza and would…

Move Over, Pajama Jeans: Dress-Pant Sweatpants Have Arrived

Honduras: another Aguán campesino leader murdered

Feminists can be Christians, too

Shelley Adler, Rep Jon Adler's widow, seeks Dem nomination in NJ 03 against Rep Jon Runyon (R)

How the Stimulus Revived the Electric Car

Oh great. Kiel, Wisconsin, public schools are being pushed to include creationism.

Egypt Islamists stop protesters on way to parliament

Kitchen Dancing! Iconic edition -

US 'respects' but does not support Colombian call for drug legalization debate

Thom Hartmann: Freddie Mac is Gambling on your Demise

US 'respects' but does not support Colombian call for drug legalization debate

Panetta: Decision to Kill Americans Suspected of Terrorism Is Obama's

Thom Hartmann: Greece & Michigan - dealt the same hand by Banksters

Hey look, it's the guy who saved the auto industry! (Updated)

todays trade

How Deficit Cuts Are About To Hurt The Economy

Commentary: Gabrielle Giffords' departure from Congress is a blow to democracy

*LISTEN LIVE* Maryland Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee public hearing on Gay Marriage bill

Los Angeles Fusion Center: Steganography Intelligence Bulletin

ROMNEY Was "Betting AGAINST America" With His Swiss Bank Account

What did you do the last three years at your job?

Martha Boggs explains how she asked Sen. Stacey Campfield to leave the Bistro

Consumer bureau inundated with complaints, chalking up high success rate

Watchdog Group Forms Petition for 'Ethical' iPhone 5

New Solar Module Efficiency Record.. & These Modules Are Coming to Market

Death Match, RomBot vs. The ZomBewt (Toles toon)

U.S. May Slap Tariff on China’s Solar Firms

270 Electoral Votes

Hey just wondering did the judge make a ruling on that Birther V Obama in GA?

National Solar Energy Plan Close to Completion, Conservation Groups Support It

O’Keefe is a hero. The pukes at Daily Kos are villains.

SB 810 dead?

Man batters wife and then tells the cops that a ghost did it.

Happy birthday Nolan Ryan!

Arizona's Buckeye Union High School District Dedicates 4.29-Megawatt Solar Generation Project

Drain the Mediterranean

Armed Services chairman says Romney clueless on proposed defense cuts, ignores military chiefs

All Voters Deserve To Be Treated The Way Nevada Treated Casino Billionarie Sheldon Adelson

Fluor Agrees to Build 125-Megawatt Solar Plant in Arizona for LS Power

What Kind of Man Likes Newt

Mitt Romney cries poor — falsely says Gingrich outspent him

Scandalous Photos Reveal Grover Norquist Carried On Secret Affair With Taxes For Years

Global warming not caused by increased solar activity (NASA)

A MESSAGE FROM AL GORE - From Antarctica to Bangladesh: The story of rising seas

HuffPo: Mitt Romney Tells a Huge Lie About Medicare & Social Security

S&P, Dow wrap up best January in 21st century

Army officer who sparked controversy with remarks on Islam pulls out of West Point address

President Obama looks at cars during a visit to the DC Auto Show - pics

New Type of Inverter Could Drive Down the Cost of Solar Power

What's for Dinner? ~ Tuesday January 31st!

Liberals don't hate conservatives. They just think they're stupid.

National Solar Power announces 3rd giant PV project in FL

Closing arguments in DC Redistriicting Trial

Wind Energy Plans $550 Million of Projects in Thailand by 2016

Fungi Discovered In The Amazon Will Eat Your Plastic

Newt Almost Kills a Hog (careful, graphic)

Depression Memoir: Updated 2/10

WHO IS OCCUPY: check out this important project and tell me if it isn't the best description

The safe and orderly demolition of the Right is our generation's Moon shot.

Goldwind Signs $5.5 Billion China Development Bank Wind Pact

Mediaite speculates that Bill Press and Eliot Spitzer might get their own shows on Current

A man in the forest talks to God..#21

Religious exemptions?

A man in the forest talks to God..# 12

Zombie apocalypse PSA

Police: Armed customer ends robbery attempt - Wisconsin

PA.'s Voter Suppression Efforts: Some good commentary

Why Burning the Flag Matters

Dear Oakland Mayor Quan, you do not need to call me, here is MY response to YOUR demands

At auto show, Obama takes swipe at Romney

Calif. seeks flexible power rules as wind expands

I support President Obama, But....

Army’s New Weight-Loss Plan: Transplant Soldiers With Extra Fat

HBO Films: Game Change Tailer

Seriously the Romney v Gingrich advertisement war

Mass Honeybee Deaths Linked to Insecticide

Pentagon Paying Boeing for Bigger Bomb

Buffett's utility votes for wind energy

Howard Dean: "There is no Deer In The New Hampshire Legislature"

Tweety is off his meds today. He is so excited about the implosion of the Gop that he might

Ringer returns tonight, 1-31-12...

With its deadly drones, the US is fighting a coward's war

Calif. drugmaker's HIV prevention pill draws concern

Pakistan is helping Afghan Taliban, says Nato report

Siemens supplies 100 MW of wind turbines to Morocco

Insurers Defend How They Price Low Income Drivers

Announced and possible candidates for each US House District in PA

Gasoline prices on the rise as refineries close

Charlie Pierce (Esquire) eviscerates David Brooks

Kitty in renal failure will not eat.

Transplant May Be In Sight For Girl With Intellectual Disability

Please come to the funeral. Single Payer Health Care died today in California no thanks to

Pakistan is helping Afghan Taliban, says Nato report

Mossad Chief Held Talks On Iran In U.S. Visit: CIA

"That for which the flag stands" or, Don't Mistake the Finger pointing at the Moon for the Moon

Do you think the reason Mitt Romney has been so negative against Newt Gingrich is because

Cancer charity halts grants to Planned Parenthood

AP Exclusive: Amid abortion debate, Komen cancer charity halting grants to Planned Parenthood

School Chiefs' Groups Elbows into...

I think I should feel honored.

Do not go gentle into that bad in-between, you betcha (With Apologies to Dylan Thomas)

Are diet soft drinks bad for you?

Juan Williams blasts GOP? - "Racial code words obscure real issues"

Self-steering bullet researched by US weapons experts (BBC)

The only Israel boycott that's actually working

Remember when Obama was attacked not putting his hand over his heart?

Cold weather kills dozens in eastern Europe (BBC)

Pakistan Repeats Condemnation of Drone Strikes

It's time to face facts. Abu Ghraib happens every single day in American jails and prisons.

Fred Thompson: Mitt campaign has 'Drudge in their back pocket'

Panetta: It Would Take Iran One Year To Make Nuclear Bomb

I've been immortalized on Bartcop today

Komen cancer charity halts grants to Planned Parenthood

Whoa! it's getting hot in Texas- Federal court is looking at our gerrymandering today!

Poo Storm? did Chris Matthews just say the GOP primary is a Poo Storm? By golly he did!

President Obama to Host White House Science Fair

I will be away a few days

Clown Watch!

Eminent domain being considered for gas pipeline

The problem isn't that they burned it, its that they STOLE it!

Fox Regularly Uses The "Racial Code Words" Denounced By Fox's Juan Williams

The wilful amnesia of Europe's austerity debacle

Don't you think Obama seems very happy and contented recently?

Death and Disease from Power Plants

Why American 'democracy promotion' rings hollow in the Middle East

Rep. Allen West To Switch Districts For Re-Election Campaign

Tunisian Jewish leader says no to aliyah

Officials: Israel, IDF outsource monitoring of Palestinian media to right-wing organizations

14-Year-Old Asks Maryland Lawmakers To Vote Down Same-Sex Marriage For Her Birthday

Does this bread look good to you? Out of the oven and into my family's mouths.

CNN reporter just mentioned example of GOP voter fraud.

Romney losing Independents due to primary battle

Yes! MSNBC returns to their old political elections music!

Talk of 'tornado tourism' stirs anger in Joplin

You might want to let Komen know what you think about their cowardice....

Tampa voter today said he voted for Santorum, calling him 'the best horse in the glue factory.'

Captions needed for classic Newt picture.

Taking the STOCK Act one step further

clarification? the pejorative "retard" is no longer discouraged on DU?

Santorum's new Nevada ad 'Deal'. Looks like he's not going to go away quietly anytime soon.

We can all breathe easy, folks. The Astros will remain the Astros.

Geography lesson for today

HOWLER.. Are you ever going to come out and Play again!??

An Interesting Google Search

Let me know when the issues OWS calls attention to are addressed instead of OWS as being the issue.

No Justice for Haditha Massacre

John Boehner's fugitive friend....

WI Dems unveil recall candidates in three Senate races

Do Swiss and Cayman Island banks pay higher interest rates than American banks?

Look at these photos of Stars, Planets, Nebulae and other stuff taken from the Hubble telescope

Virginia Officials Confirm Criminal Election Fraud Investigation of Gingrich Campaign

In an e-mail I just received from CNN:

If the Freeper prayer-a-thon fails tonight, does that mean God hates them?

UK Banker stripped of his Knighthood.

We sure do get a lot of views in here...

NEW: HBO 'Game Change' Trailer Depicts Sarah Palin ‘On The Verge Of A Complete Mental Breakdown'

Former "Bushie" Carlos Gutierrez pimping for Romney...but Reverend Al is tearing him a NEW one.

Gingrich's daughter is on MSNBC.

E, H, K, L, N, and T are all endorsing candidates smarter than themselves

Connecticut Legislators To Push For Public Option

DU experts... how often is eminent domain power given to Corporations?

President Obama approval above 50% in ten states plus DC for 2011

Occupy Providence unique for day center victory

Toronto City Council pushes back against pig-beast mayor on transit expansion plans

Toronto City Council pushes back against pig-beast mayor on transit expansion plans


Term limits on Group Hosts?

FudgeReport has an interesting banner headine

Why Komen defunded Planned Parenthood

Ancient DNA holds clues to climate change adaptation

Not until every vote is counted will I take seriously any claim of a Romney win

Lavrov Avoids Clinton's Calls on Syria

Honestly, I think the GOP wants to lose this cycle and are really preparing for 2016

We will allow you to remain poor and sick....


The results are starting to come in. Follow FL goppers here:

Pet Rescuers Venture Into Japan's Exclusion Zone (photo gallery)

SB 810 (Single Payer Healthcare) Killed on the California Senate Floor

Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute

FL results..

If not for the panhandle Mitt would have won FL already

Head of Senate military panel says Romney clueless

Bob Beckel refuses to apologize to Allen West

Scott Walker’s Plutonomy: An Economy for the One Percent

Interesting info on Cayman Island and Swiss banks:

TYT: Gingrich To Students: 'Get A Job' (Who Paid For Newt's College?)

LAT Poll: South Pasadena police add armor to their fleet

Right or wrong aside, burning a flag is a TERRIBLE way to protest.

Connections: The Chicago Transit Authority's YouTube channel........

The Iranian Debate: Right, Left or Middle the American public is totally inept even discussing Iran

They're in Love...

When GOPers accuse Obama of "taking $500bn out of Medicare (it's really insurance co subsidies)

Women Get Skills to Break Into Traditional Men’s Trades

What really happened to Seamus?"URGENT CRATE-GATE UPDATE: Did Mitt Romney Lie About Fate of Seamus?"

Why do people defend the actions of infiltrators?

Republican Chided Over Blog Says He Won’t Run for Senate

Ron Paul's Voting Record

REVEALED: My Jury Blacklist

Evidence of overt Chinese discrimination against Tibetans in the job market

just wondering if anyone has ever recieved a jury notice on their own post??

Twitter Feed White Girl Problems Becomes a Book

A letter from a former slave to his former master

Many pug primaries this year are WTA-Threshold

Holeeey Shit on a shingle! I turn on the TV and Mitt's 20 points ahead!

Gingrich winning the northern FL redneck counties.

OCCUPY Tacoma Likely Eviction Soon....

The Republican Commentator on MSNBC seems so sane compared to others --

Why are the Republicans throwing the election to Obama? What is going to happen in 2013? 2014?

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Letter from freed slave to former master draws attention

Republicans Start To Unite Around Call To Allow Billionaires And [Corps] To Directly Fund Campaigns

2016: Who would you like to see running for the Dem Presidential nomination and why!

Government Treats Working People With Basic Dignity, Conservatives Freak Out

He won by a Dresden bombing of his opponent

Romney Wins Florida Primary

U.S. Plans Charges on Bond Fraud

Romney Wins Florida Primary, Regaining Momentum

If the 99% are dumb enough to get all emo over this flag flap (pun)

A Dog Scared to Death of Everyone Just Needed a Hug - The Most Beautiful Video

Pic Of The Moment: Romney Blows Out Gingrich In Florida

"Party before principles " is the same as "flag before meaning of flag"

NetFlix Streaming Service Announces "We'll Offer No More New Films"

What was High School like for you.

ABC News PAC report - look who is on the front page ..... but ABC offers no hard number as to why

Santorum's CO Speech To Highlight Similarities Between Romney, Obama Health Care Plans

An Iraq Vet's Journey From Wall Street to OWS

Bunny thinks it's a sheepdog

So, more people voted against Willard than for him, and yet he's a winner

Adios Austerity! E.U. Admits Right Wing Policy Of Punishing The Poor Has Failed

Keiser Report: Starving the Economy

Live from the Right Wing Bizzarro World: "We've been too nice"

Newt sued for using "Eye Of The Tiger"

@ Drinking Liberally in Philly.

Mossad chief in Washington for Iran talks: media

It's been a week or so since I posted this video. - - - > Boogie Woogie

Cool!! I have Current TV!!!

"The fact that there's a brother in the White House is just so unsettling to so many people."

OMG, there's a Sarah Palin HBO movie coming out in March

Just launched the platform for my book. Need critique.

Nice. Ann Romney treats the crowd like a kindergarten class.

I wonder if Ann Romney has to work hard at being so fucking annoying, or if it comes naturally

Mitts got a case of the dry mouths...tried to eek out some tears but they wouldn't come

You heathens in the lounge need some explanation.

View From Newt HQ: About That Virginia Problem...

mittens dumping on PrezO now; DAMN.

Mitt "Antlers the Call" and buck ups to victory in Florida.

A Cardinal & a Red-eared Slider & Undercover & Hunters & Happy Crane Flies (Pic heavy)

Komen pro-death* VP promised to defund Planned Parenthood

In the 2008 (D) primaries the media droned on and on about working class white voters

You heathens in the lounge need some perspiration.

Tell Obama To Stop the Wolf Slaughter in Idaho

"52 images of Osama bin Laden that could make one's stomach churn" may be released

How much did Mitt Romney spend in Florida

46 States To Go - pic

If Europe is so terrible, why did Mittens keep his money there?

Obama Touts US Auto Industry Recovery at D.C. Auto Show

Toles Toon: Self Deportation not Working!

Walker E-Mail = Cover-Up?!

Ann Romney's dad was an ATHEIST!! (Mitt converted him to LDS after he died)

Romney is completely and totally full of Mitt.

Amazon’s Sales Miss Estimates, Profit Drops 57%

Mittens' closed-mouth smile makes him look like a goofy sitcom character. His open smile is wolfish.

Agents Provocateur

Seen on the side of the road in Austin, TX.

Is it just me or does mitten seem like he would rather be doing anything but running for POTUS?

Amazon book delivered by the post office, but not there.

Can anyone tell me....Is this link to the Komen site?

You heathens in the lounge need some calibration.

Romney wins Florida, Freepers SURRENDER. "Four More Years is a certainty now." SURRENDER MONKEYS!

If it's 60 degrees F, it must be spring ... or not

Hormuz-Mania: Why Closure of the Strait of Hormuz Could Ignite a War and a Global Depression

Santorum's kid is doing better...very happy to hear

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

The most awesome video you will ever see of a washing machine tearing itself apart

"Mitt Romney speaks French"

Sears shares fall on news that CIT will again stop providing loans

grinch speaking, if you can stand it.

Fundraising: Obama, Democrats - $68 million; Romney - $24 million; Rove - $51 million

The Los Angeles Times has a great county by county map..

Newty is just a nasty ASS

GOP Said they Need 2 Million Votes to Show their People are excited in FL

Luckovich Toon - The projected winner in Florida

How NYPD's (Blatent Racially Profiling) "Stop and Frisk" Policy Ensnares 600,000 a Year...

Conservatives say they just want their side of the story told.

Gingrich's daughter looks

(Blackwater) Controversial contractors paid $2.4M by Canadian Forces

For a loser, Gingrich gives an oddly victorious speech. n/t

Funniest photography thread I've ever seen...

Newt is a commie!

NewT reminds me of a monkey jacking off in the zoo.

The New Land Rush

"Thank you for making me a human being." Geswanouth Slahoot as Old Lodge Skins

Why is medical reform so offensive to conservatives?

Newton needs this

DNC Chair Responds To Romney Win

Get The FUCK Off Stage Newton

Loud, arrogant, blovating loser,

Okay, I'll state the obvious.

I can't stomach watching Mitt Romney more than 42 seconds.

Newt reminds me of Khrushchev.

You heathens in the lounge need some sal(i)vation.

State controller: California is running out of cash

Now, Newt will go from ballistic to thermonuclear. This will be ugly.

is it just me, or is Gingrich kind of demagogue-y?

(Oakland, CA) Occupy arrestees being arraigned today

Keep your body still Keep your body still

FCC Approves Changes to Phone-Subsidy Program

Just tell me what exactly has the "Obama Camp" done to "Roman Catholics"

Openly gay NJ Supreme Court nominee would recuse himself from marriage equality decision


One more ReTHUG nutter coming up


House of Dark Shadows on TCM tonight! SQUEEEEEE!!!

Vanity Fair: The Dark Side of Mitt Romney

Why does Ron Paul remind me of Magneto?

Barnes and Noble Announces it will stock no books printed by Amazon.

Hmm... Heads-Up !!! - 'Hoyer Sees Potential For Cooperation On Keystone' - TPMDC

Why is it assumed the Bush era tax cuts will be extended in December?

So Frothy is third again and Paul is just going to sweep the country (any time now).

You heathens in the lounge need some libation(s)

The Cost Of The War On Drugs

Freepers are wringing their hands tonight

Could someone fall on their sword and see how Freeperville is taking the Romney win in Florida?

McDonald's drops use of gooey ammonia-based 'pink slime' in hamburger meat

Indiana House approves costly plan to drug test welfare recipients (HB1007)

Ron Paul much easier to listen to than grinch or mittens, imo.

Fund-Raising Reports Help Fill In Details Behind G.O.P. Tumult

U.N. Watchdog Tentatively Backs Japan’s Nuclear Stress Tests

Anybody Get The Feeling That None Of The Remaining GOPers Are Gonna Drop Out Soon ???

Romney doesn't have to scare us -- it's just a matter of getting out the vote

This Is What Happens When Lesbians Get Elected To Office

Silly but fun: Shaun the Sheep

Iran increasingly willing to launch US attack, top intelligence official warns

Chilling tape from Air Force One on day JFK shot

O’Reilly, Hannity, Colmes, and Cavuto - on October 7, 1996, the FIRST DAY of Fox News.

What did we learn tonight?

If your worried about your home, what the hell is Mitt Romney going to do about it?

Study: Segregation in U.S. on decline, but disparities persist

Why burning the earth matters

U.S. lawmakers to press Obama on China auto parts

John King had a graph up that showed nationally Romney and Gingrinch were tied for support.

Merkel to court Chinese investors

Fox News: Romney wins but Newt leads with 46% of conservatives. Romney only 11%.

DEMOCRACY NOW - Syrian Activist Speaks From Hiding

The phrase of the day is "The drums of tyranny" (Freeper special) Modify any thread to include this

Who is favored in the Super Bowl this year?

what do you fear most from a Romney presidency (an unlikely possibility, granted)?

Former Boehner staffer on Mitt: He's wildly ambitious, willing to lie, an uncharismatic plutocrat

Alan Grayson: GOP Race Will Do 'Lasting Damage' To Party

2008 Republican voter turnout in Florida: 1.95MM people

A link to a remarkable thread in GD

Pro "Gun Control" supporters....How are you going to stop 100,000 handguns from being stolen....


I love Al...

Ahem... 'Tougher Than Wisconsin: Arizona Republicans Launch ‘All Out Assault’ On Public Unions'

That "matter of fact" tone. That "self assured certitude" of Newton and his fanboys

Romney, like McCain, won't win the presidency...

Idiot on MSNBC just said AA's have no role models

Listening to Reince Priebus (RNC Chairman) on Rachel and ...

After TV cameras leave, Romney PAC discloses $18 million

What is your go to comfort meal?

Newt is great at saying shit the right wing loves. He is insane but knows how to deliver.....

MN. Senior Legal Issues And Sad State Of Our Health Care

Tucson is looking up!

Florida GOP Turnout Actually Fell From 2008

Thank You God......

Freepers are revolting! (ha) Check out this post:

Please Help! Important!

What do you know about surfing, major? You're from goddamn New Jersey.

John ELLIS: Big Media Is About To Pull the Plug on Gingrich

Romney Gets Secret Service Detail

For those who get Current TV Gov. Brown will...

AP headline: "Women abandon Gingrich....

Monsanto’s Infertility-Linked Roundup Discovered in All Urine Samples Tested

You heathens in the lounge need some discipline.

Iran Terrorist Attack! Help!

I think the greatest page should have it's own tab!!

ring of fire - maybe a possible meet up in Albuquerque?

We are ALL job creators!

Now I know why Santorum is staying in the race

Comparing Republican Florida primary results: 2008 vs. 2012

Exxon stiffs Alaska for the last of Valdez cleanup bill - equal to 1/500 of 2011 profits

San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant Unit 3 Shut Down for a Possible Leak

U.S. military says Taliban set to retake power: report

Suzanne Bonamici (D) wins special election for Oregon's 1st Congressional District

Anyone else have difficulties posting links to URLs with spaces in them?

U.S. military says Taliban set to retake power: report

Pres Barack Obama says: You can't beat daughters..............

The American people are on to this bullshit

There is no joy in Freepville, mighty RimJob has struck out.

Can we not offer these kids a safe haven?

newt gets a spanking

Teachers Offer the Wealthy an Escape from Poverty 0digg

OWS: Not the flag but the occupation of buildings

Polls results for Oregon CD1 special election. Bonamici leading 53% to 41% so far...

Why OWS Needs to Denounce Violent Tactics on Display at Occupy Oakland

Sweatshops on Wheels: Durham School Bus Drivers Organizing With Teamsters

Sweatshops on Wheels: Durham School Bus Drivers Organizing With Teamsters

newts down and out

You heathens in the lounge need some radiation.

So I'm watching what I thought was a movie called

The European Super Highway of Debt (mind boggling graphics)

Mitt's tax returns back to at least 1985 were 'out there'

Fewer voted in Florida GOP 2012 primary than either party's 2008 primary.

BWHAHAHA: Flipper's Greatest Flops: Starring Willard Romney & Friends

TYT Obama ignores YouTube Marijuana Legalization Question

Republicans Unite Around Call To Allow Billionaires And Corporations To Directly Fund Campaigns

TCM Schedule for Thursday, February 2 -- 31 Days of Oscar -- Mexico

Ring of Fire- Johnny Cash

TCM Schedule for Friday, February 3 -- 31 Days of Oscar -- India

MUST WATCH -- Chris Matthews: Mitt Romney Is "One Of The Bad Guys"

Waltz and all: Far right has ball in Vienna

Captain Sisko fails Breathalyzer test: STDS9's Avery Brooks popped for DUI

RCMP scraps Arizona training

Timeline shows Bush, McCain warning Dems of financial and housing crisis; meltdown (video)

state by state featuring alaska

Most you have walked, hiked in a day. I once had a job at a teahouse. I woke

Cops break up Occupy Miami camp

I Certainly Hope I'm Wrong, But... Jonathan Alter, Please Go Fuck Yourself !!! (A

Greetings from Occupy Fairbanks

Jon Stewart On Romney Singing To Elderly Voters: Everyone Pressed Their Life Alert™ Buttons At Once