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Andy Borowitz at Sacred Heart University (Fairfield) January 10th, 7pm

How immature am I? I REALLY miss the Tombstone!

Supporting Ron Paul....

Is the True Crime Group still around? If so where do I find it? eom

Some pithy comments on John Howard's Order of Merit

second hard drive (external) was part of a laptop so has the operating system

How Newt Gingrich blew it: An Iowa road map

Permit me to laugh at David Swanson

Jorma & Papa John - 1985 - Never Happen No More

Stand strong, Iowa DUers. One more day left.

Closing Prices for the Iowa Caucus...

Voter turnout

Toons: Corn Maze, Citizens United, Stop at Nothing and More. - 1/2/12

Bank of America severing some small-business credit lines

The LA Fires may have been domestic terrorism

Join the Solidarity Caravan to Longview, Washington

Pic Of The Moment: GOP Frontrunners Make Closing Arguments In Iowa

I was next. (You Could Be Next Part 8)

Newt Gingrich Attacks Monopoly Economy!


"Groundhog Day" is starting on TV.

The Super Secret GOP Playbook missing in a laptop left by mistake at the Bronx Zoo...Until recovered

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." THE SMELL OF DEATH!!!

The Four Companies That Control the 147 Companies That Own Everything

Proposed changes to child labor laws could affect life on the farm

Goldman's Latest Boiler-Room Stock: America - Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone

A worker's worth vs. a CEO's worth by country

I take it you guys saw this...

This thread in GD is a blatant callout of another member.

A couple of questions about IGNORE

Head's Up, there's fixin' to be a CAT FIGHT!!! Palin On Bachmann: “I Don’t Think It’s Her Time”

Why has LIEberman been in the Democratic caucus since the 2010 election?

Watching the Iowa Caucus online?

Rude toter / guns have only one purpose

TYT: Obama Signs NDAA, ACLU Disgusted

Omnibus picture post

Chinese authorities and villagers clash over mosque

Burgess falls near Cookeville Tennessee

Fuck you, Ron Paul!


There's no need to fear, Underdog is here

Romney and Paul supporters

Permit me to laugh at ProSense for calling out a fellow DUer

Stay 200 yards back!

vantage Point

Republican Vs Republican Lite: Do Democrats really turn out for these things?

High surf warning issued; expect 25-35 feet on North Shore (No Eddie)

BP asks Halliburton to pay for Gulf of Mexico spill

Greece must clinch bailout deal or face euro exit - spokesman

Iran threatens action if U.S. carrier returns: IRNA

Pepsi Says Mountain Dew Can Dissolve Mouse Carcasses

you bet i'll vote for a new senator for maine

Nowhere to Go, Patients Linger in Hospitals, at a High Cost

Top CEOs earn 189 times average Canadian wage

Virginians.... How's Tim Kaine doing in Virginia?

Every DU3 thread that features an in-lined video clip slows my system almost to a standstill

Hackers developing satellite system for 'uncensorable Internet in space'.

Youssou N'Dour announces Senegal presidential bid

Ronald William Fordham Searle, CBE, RDI, (born 3 March 1920, died 30 December 2011

2012 DCW Senate Forecast

Chief of Arab League’s Mission in Syria Is Lightning Rod for Criticism

Egyptians Vote in Final Round of Parliamentary Elections

Iowa Nice

Tweety's "Hardball" at Java Joe's yesterday was very revealing about many Iowans.

Turkey to compensate air-strike victims

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback campaigns for Rick Perry

Spying claim against Taiwan's President Ma Ying-jeou

Total signs $2.3 billion shale deal with Chesapeake

Monopoly is a very old game.

Saudi Arabia enforces law that allows only women to work in lingerie and cosmetics shops

Mitt Romney heckled at his final rally before Iowa caucuses

The oil companies don't seem to have any doubts about getting their way with the shale boom.

Past lingers for company formerly called Blackwater

Panetta's plan for cuts will detail shrinking military

Russia's Putin dreams of sweeping Eurasian Union

Body of suspect found on Mount Rainier

Prize for the best scientific party trick,

Scarborough is making an a$$ out of himself, more so than usual this morning.

Thousands rally against brand new Hungarian constitution as government celebrates

Heritage Foundation Mole infestation is hindering Justice Department investigations!!

Cuba’s Santeria priests predict upheaval, but no end of the world, in 2012

Taliban strike deal with Qatar on office there

NATO to pull $30B worth of gear from Afghanistan

My Christmas present-

Obabababa bama and the Jets - touts Saudi fighter jet deal is thrice as nice

Iran/Iraq ‘Defectors’ and Disinformation

Holy Cow! I couldn't get to sleep last night, kept feeling like "something" was about to happen

Worst (best) joke for 2012: If Mayan's were good at predicting the future...

Physicists Seek To Lose The Lecture As Teaching Tool

Norah O’Donnell: “You’re calling Mitt Romney a liar?”. Newt: “Well, you seemed shocked by it. Yes.”

The other group---you know---the one with the "Football" title...

MSNBC must have made a deal with the GOP candidates

China’s President Pushes Back Against Western Culture

Back Home Again

Instant read thermoworks thermometer (not thermopen) $20 shipped today only

Permit me to laugh at Ichingcarpenter for laughing at ProSense for calling out a fellow DUer

If you're in a college football bowl pool, how you doing so far?

(UK) Horden shootings: killer held six gun licences

Happy New Year, from a NEW WISHADOO!

My Christmas Hearth was OCCUPIED this year. Take a look

Why Negative Ads Work Even Better Now

In honor of Van Halen's Feb. 7 album release and world tour...

Anyone ever been in a 12-step group that voted to exclude someone because they were disruptive?

Do any DUers have the newly advertised Shark Navigator Swivel Deluxe UV410?

Dhamma Brothers - we own the key to the cell -prisoner reform program that can transform everything

OMG!!! OMG!!!

None of the above, pulling ahead in Iowa caucus.

Defense Bill signed by President Obama on New years eve.

John Nichols- Six Ways Iowa Progressives Will Caucus Tuesday

Call To Action Against the NDAA- Tuesday, Jan. 3rd 12PM - 5PM (EST) New York Public Library

Brandon Weeden is 28 years old?

More Dems showing up at Java Joe's. Today...

Dhamma Brothers - Meditation and Prisoner 'reform' ...and so much more.

So the two leading republicans say they don't expect to win Iowa

Video for an inspired New Year - Pat Metheny Group "The Way Up" Live.

Washington knows to get America working again they have to change Corp Tax Code

More employers plan to hire in 2012

What are your picks for tonight in Iowa?

Barney Frank: ‘We’re Not Perfect, But They’re Nuts’

Good morning and Happy New Year DU Loungers!

...and i thought the debate circus was over?

I woke up with a thoroughly scary thought last night. Let me frame it as a hypothetical--

OK Iowans.. What's it like out there?

Obama Flushes The Constitution Down The Toilet! "With Reservations"

Ron Paul holds "Rock The Caucus" event. IBTL.

Impact factor predicts unreliability of research papers

Lying fucking liar who built a lie-filled career on lies calls Romney a "liar." USA! USA! USA! USA!

Twitching the GOP Horses

Gay rights in North Carolina face scrutiny as state prepares to host 2012 Democratic convention

Fox commentator apologizes for 'hurtful' remark on death of Santorum's son

The failure to prosecute bankers leads to revolutionary, divisive politics

Stephen Lawrence killers found guilty 18 years after racist murder

Is this 'too bold' of a statement to make about Ron Paul?

Two pit bull terriers attack 62-year-old Chicago jogger "like he was a piece of steak"


Keeping an eye on our feeder!

What does permalink or link to at bottom of post do? Thanks...

Doth not Romney bootless kneel?

President Obama doesn't have an opponent, so why caucus?

Strait of Hormuz and Iranian threats

PHOTO: Some kids intuitively "get" the Republican thing at a VERY early age.

Dear Me! I found a website that exposes the "Liberal Media"

Ignore function - Definition

Little Girl Upset About Gender Marketing of Toys

Did Psychopaths Take Over Wall Street?

Obama Is The Winner In Today's Caucuses

U.S. Economic Confidence in December Best Since June

The Primary Hillbillies

Storehouses for Solar Energy Can Step In When the Sun Goes Down

Former Spanish prime minster says gay marriage is his proudest achievement

I heard Romney blaming China for stealing all our jobs today

Climate Change – Our Real Bequest to Future Generations

Climate Change – Our Real Bequest to Future Generations {x-post}


The Slush Funds of Iowa

You could be next part 9

Climate coverage down again in 2011

Both lesbian moms have parental rights, Daytona court rules in custody dispute

Pulaski WI Marching Band "Sticking to the Union" in Rose Bowl Parade

Should large potentially dangerous dog breeds such as Pit Bulls and Presa Canarios require a license

Mitt Romney slams the Chevy Volt

What's wrong with writing just because you enjoy it, not to get published?

Panetta to Offer Strategy for Cutting Military Budget

UK: Drivers cut short journeys by 165 miles to beat fuel costs

Obama has ‘seconds’ to recess-appoint Cordray

Nigerians plan mass strike as fuel subsidy ends

DU Album of the Day: The Who - "Who's Next"

Special elections for representatives complicate Pennsylvania redistricting

Du'ers, when you post something about your area, such as,

Sad news for DUers, Olive Garden is in Trouble.

Question about tornadoes--if you're driving somewhere in the middle of nowhere,

Saudi hackers leak personal information of thousands of Israelis

Petition for Keystone Pipeline Eminent Domain Hearings

Michael Steele just told Chris Jansing that Republicans want to see "the fire in Mitt's belly"

The GOP Ticket in 2012: Romney-Rubio (Robert Reich)

Spaceship Earth: A new view of environmentalism

The Rush to Archive Occupy

Separated At Birth?

Amnesty International on NDAA: ""Trust me" is not enough of a safeguard"

Better Profits Through Green Chemistry

What It’s Like Telling Gay Jokes in Tennessee

Newt Gingrich: Mitt Romney is a liar and a fraud but I'd vote for him anyway

Romney: Obama is turning the US into a European welfare state

Obama, Congress begin 2012 in politically charged dispute over Canada-to-Texas oil pipeline

It's January 3rd 2012 - post your failed New Years Resolutions here

Even Without The Aircraft Carrier, The US Military Has Iran Surrounded

Ouch!! Politco calls their party's field a bunch of mediocrities.

I am cleaning out my closets and want to know where to donate...

"These are tangible, real-world benefits, making a meaningful difference in people’s lives."

Panetta's Sacred Hippopotamus

Local bans now at center of gas drilling fight

Men - it's never too early to start shopping for your Valentine's day gifts....

Did Psychopaths Take Over Wall Street?

I now understand why republicans cannot stand Romney. Up until now I've paid little

The New Normal Strikes Again

Satan cloaks himself in truth

Morgan Stanley Issues Shocker With First 2012 Forecast: Sees Consensus As Too Optimistic

Instant View: Factory sector strengthens in December

4 years from today Iowa Democrats will begin selecting their nominee. Who would you like to see run?


Brave Politico Watchdog Journalists Give Romney Family T-Shirts

Beware corporate psychopaths – they are still occupying positions of power

Tracking of Journalist Arrests at Occupy Protests Wins Storify of the Year

Romney's already crossed the line, says President wants to 'keep us from being one nation under God'

POLL QUESTION: Who would you like to win tonight's caucus in IOWA?

TDPS: Michele Bachmann Promises No Teleprompter, Uses iPad Instead

Reporting on the inaction about polling ability - still holding off on December contest

todays trade

TDPS: H5N1 Mutations...Should Science Ever Be Censored?

Has your cable/satellite/DSL provider amped up the Emergency Alert System testing?

my 2012 predictions

ssdi & addictive behaviors

Montana Supreme Court Says Citizens United Does Not Apply in State Elections!

World-first hybrid shark found off Australia

I love the pic of the moment on the front page...

I am so unhappy that threads that deal with serious macroeconomic issues are simply locked

Do we have the ability to e-mail threads? My son in Jersey is a union guy and loves the

I was actually told today that ACORN was financing all the Occupy protest

Charting The Extinction Of American Disposable Income

Dan Savage: "When Do We Get to Meet Elizabeth Santorum's Imaginary Gay Friends?"

Exclusive - Big banks may line up to block sale of LME

info about SSDI for depression anxiety.

Does anyone else see the fear in the eyes and hear it in the voices of Republicans?

David Attenborough: Frozen Planet was not alarmist about climate change

7 Places the 99% Will Fight Back Hard in 2012

Batshit Crazy Caucus UPDATE: Michele Bachmann's gonna surprise you with her "soft, hidden support"

Vermont Yankee decision could come this week

Two links to e-mail to your teabagger brother-in-law

Gingrich Sends an E-mail in Spanish, Asking for Support in Iowa

BWHAHAHAAAA! Cain: "I'd like to be Defense Secretary"

Chesapeake Bay Foundation study refutes 'job-killer' myth about environment regulations

The drama in the republican race isn't going to be in Iowa. It will be in NH.

Jets of the Health Insurance Industry (FAA Verifiable)

Only about 125,000 Republicans will participate in the Iowa caucus tonight

Check out this jury result


Fat jokes are now permitted on DU

Syria accused of reneging on Arab League pledge to release 700 prisoners

No, Stoller and Sullivan: there is no liberal conflict over Ron Paul

"Ron Paul is disgusting."

Conflicting reports on withdrawal of Syrian military from cities as death toll mounts

I had the strangest, most vivid nightmare last night - it seems like it

Hamas official: Arab Spring rallies inappropriate for Gaza

Top Tea Party Republican admits it: We’ve been employing hostage strategy

Ah crap. I just got robocalled

What are DU3's Community Standards? What do we want our CS to be?

You shouldn't be seeing this, but if you are, please report it in the Help & Meta-discussion forum.

New Iron-Eating Microbe Major Component of Mining Pollution and Iron and Sulfur Cycling

Santorum: States Should Have The Right To Outlaw Birth Control

Manufacturing Growth Accelerates; Construction Picks Up, Dow up 250

Anyone care to propose platform items for the Democratic Party. Am going to caucus

Mining pollution may be hurting Minn's wild rice

France calls for embargo on Iranian oil

Facebook sucks duck.

Admit it... if you were brave enough to look in the mirror, THIS is the face you'd eventually see:

As with most cats, Mr Fluffers was not known for being a "team player".

When dating, MFM was known for his gallantry, chivalry and (most of all) his intestinal fortitude.

His local school board voted 8-to-0 to stop inviting MFM to give "The Talk" during Sex Ed classes.

GREAT NEWS!!! MiddleFingerMom and his SO just won the Nerd-Couple-of-the-Year 2011 Olympics!!!!

"I Am Obamacare"

It looks like we will have a lot of trouble having a Democratic majority in both the House and

Arab League calls urgent meeting on Syria monitors

A Gathering Storm Over ‘Right to Work’ in Indiana

What is your opinion of high speed police chases?

It Doesn't Matter Who Wins Iowa, They Have Already Lost

Taking Power away from the People Machine

What will the pundits do or say if .....gasp....Romney loses this caucus? They have been (MSNBC)

Bank of America severing some small-business credit lines

Police confiscate speakers from Jaffa mosque

ok, may be a dumb question

Best one this year so far.

English ONLY

If you always post a might change a juror's mind.

8 GOP Primary Moments That Would Make Jesus Weep

Any church musicians on DU?

Gone With the Wind to Win!

Huckabee: "Republicans more interested in just defeating Obama than they are in rebuilding America"

Heads up for meteor shower early Wed am ( current event)

Rock the Caucus rockthecaucus... Rock the Caucus rockthecaucus...

Album of the Day: "Blood on the Tracks" Bob Dylan

Papantonio: Justice Department Must Get Tough On Voter Suppression

AMERICAN SWEATSHOP: A Utah Group Is Teaching Companies How to Misclassify Employees

If only Persephone hadn't eaten those pomegranate seeds, or whatever kind of seed they were,

Harsh anti-obesity ad campaign makes overweight kids look miserable

Occupy Iowa Caucus Protesters Storm Democrats' War Room - GuardianUK

What's for dinner ~ Tuesday January 3rd

WOW! Animated GOP Horse Race!

Anger over secret drug trials on Indian children

Canadian Oil Sands - National Geographic 2009 - Breaks my heart to have read,,,

Rose Parade 2012: Cheers, jeers greet 'Occupy Octopus' human float

Sen. Wyden: Online piracy bills would ‘turn websites into web-cops’

FBI Didn't Need Warrant (for installation of GPS tracker device), Judge Says

Woman Blames Drunk Kickball League for Her Broken Clavicle

Q: How much of the Santorum Dead Baby story is true:

Impossible {quasi!}crystals are 'from space' (BBC)

The Halliburton Whistle- Blower Ship Has Sailed

I realized yesterday, that if Chuck Norris had never been born.....

Reducing the Risk of Adverse Drug Events

On CNN, Laid Off Worker Says Romney Put Profit Over People

Double homicide suspect misled court

Obama Won’t Make Recess Appointments Today

MSNBC: "Rick Santorum is a homophobe and a bigot! Let's call it what it is!"

Republicans Hang a Whites Only Sign on America

Biden Gets China

It's Iowa Caucus Day - for Democrats too. Who is Obama's toughest primary challenger?

If you read Joseph Tittel's predictions...

Which Republican will drop out after tonight?

Natomas Wells Fargo Bank Left Unlocked For 48 Hours (California)

Norwegian beach briefly carpeted with dead herring

Santorum in Iowa: We won't 'make black people's lives better with welfare'

Occupy Religion: Don’t Let Religion Occupy You

The Wasteland of Democratic Party Politics

NY Marriages Rise After Same-Sex Union Law Change

The best conference? Read it and weep all you pretenders. >>

Calif. pension reform (401(k)-style accounts?), medical marijuana on lawmakers' agenda

What is your favorite American English dialect?

Expert Claims Fracking Causing Earthquakes In Ohio

Know Your Iowa Caucus Safety

What is your favorite American English dialect?

Dan Carcillo destroys Tom Gilbert and himself | Jan 2nd, 2012

C-SPAN's Coverage of Iowa Caucuses Begins at 7pm ET

New study explains trends in wind turbine prices over past decade

Auto Dealers’ Best December in Five Years

Brad takes plunge with a waterfall dream home

George W. Bush barely mentioned in GOP campaign

Iraq War Lives on as U.S. Conflict Fuels Debt

Mitt Romney: I’m not predicting Iowa victory

"sell the K-Mart stock"

Virginia GOP Will Require Primary Voters To Sign Party Loyalty Oath

Here's a strange glitch -

Setting the standard for dishonest smears

Biden Gets China

My husband, the perfect mom

Solyndra And The Real Risk To American Taxpayers

The Thorium Dream

U.S. Factories Grow At Fastest Pace In Six Months As Manufacturing Improves

How Super Pacs are KILLING the GOP.

Life in the Colonies {yaddo & macdowell artist colonies}

Nobody in Iowa Wants to Talk About W.

Thank you, Charlie: The Truth Inside Romney's Swift Boat Moment

My report on the fennel/onion dish (for Lucinda and any other fennelphiles)

Israel Announces Contentious Jerusalem Construction Ahead Of Peace Talks Meet

You've probably heard it said that alcoholics stop their emotional development when they start using

There is a certain blogger in Traditional Catholic circles

I'm not a churchy person but I went up to Plains, GA, to see Jimmy Carter preach at his church

Wells Fargo sponsors anarchist's art show: "Pissarro's People"

Operations Suspended at Hazardous Fluid Wells after 11 Quakes

WOW !!! - I Believe In THIS Theory !!!

Palestinians Weigh ‘Harsh Measures’ for Israel: Abbas

Actual crAP headline: "Nation's largest welfare state makes deep cuts"

Obama won't rule out recess appointment at consumer bureau

DU Lounge Presidential Caucus is now today. Cast your vote for President....

Yet another reason why juries are a failure.

Obama's War on Whistle Blowers

Eyeroll-inducing news story of the day......

Tilda Swinton to Play Auntie Mame

Undercover police cleared 'to have sex with activists' (UK)

YA Fiction Readers-

OMG Ron Paul called Santorum LIBERAL?!?!

RNC Chairman Rinse Peenus: Republicans ready to do their job and defeat Obama

The Rude Pundit: Iowa Is Your Nation

'Bugsplat': The Civilian Toll Of War

David Attenborough: Frozen Planet Was Not Alarmist About Climate Change - GuardianUK

Here's the difference between left-wing media and right-wing media.

He signed it. We’ll fight it. {ACLU}

Santorum Feels 'Sorry' For Man Who Glitter-Bombed Him

How quickly they change their minds..Found in our little rightwing local rag:

Constitutional Attorney: Guantanamo ‘Nearly Impossible To Close’ Thanks To NDAA

The Investment Theory of Politics

Studios’ credits let others cut taxes. Reselling waivers is big business

In BLOOMBERG today: This Is How Wall Street Psychopaths Caused The Financial Crisis reports: "Santorum surges from behind in Iowa"

California high-speed rail funding could be in jeopardy

Looks like our corporate masters have killed off Green 960.

Evolution in action - Hybrid Sharks

Former British marine has rescued 230 dogs & 10 cats in war-torn Afghanistan

Sen. Bernie Sanders on Colbert Report tonight to discuss Saving American Democracy Amendment

'Posters depicting police commander as Hitler appalling'

Why are you hearing so much about thorium?

is this the place to post about possible bugs?

George W. Bush presidency barely mentioned in Republican contest

Rooney Mara---Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Exclusive - Pakistan Taliban chiefs "at each other's throats"

Name a single movie that nearly invalidates an actor's entire career.

French anti-nuclear movement allies with austerity drive

Obama Misses Key Window For Empowering Top Consumer Watchdog - TPMDC

Honest question: Why is gold considered a good investment?

Obama for America takes out Web ads on the homefront of the Des Moines Register

Ian "Hello Scottie, this is David Koch" Murphy's LAST CHANCE TO SIGN / RECALL WALKER TOUR

Seven years after sieges, Fallujah struggles

Vontaze Burfict enters NFL draft

Hyundai ix35 fuel-cell review—Hyundai gets serious about a hydrogen future with its latest fuel-cell

I need a bedroom and a spare $200

posted in Yahoo Answers: should GOP pols follow Ayn Rand or Bible?

Editing software for a 10 year old

Gingrich Calls Romney a Liar.

The Must-See GOP Chart For The Iowa Caucus

Belarus Bans Browsing of All Foreign Websites

Indiana House Speaker plans fast start for labor bill

Montana Supreme Court Rebutts 'Citizens United'

You Voted! Check Out The Crowd Favorite Among The "Top 5" Of 2011

CLEVER - Obama campaign hits Republicans on Bush tax cuts, Wall Street, and Iraq

Obama Foes Form Super PAC

SE Cupp and Matt Lewis Defend Racist Remarks From Gingrich and Santorum

For just $19.95 + $7.95 shipping, You Too can Own a Piece of bin Laden's Death

SocioEvolution requires a Winnowing Process...86ing the weak, the moot, the Lost...

What Living On $7 An Hour Actually Means

lessons from lost wars in 2012

Chipotle bullies mom and pop asian restaurant into changing their name

The New Year's Resolution You Won't Regret

Occupy the Rose Parade: 5,000 Protesters, Giant Octopus Fail to Make Live TV

Austerity reigns in Europe as crisis deepens

A revolution is coming.

ThinkProgress thinks Cordray will be recess appointed tomorrow to head the CFPB.

Damn. OSU players banned from Twitter.

"Pity The Billionaire": Thomas Frank on the "Unlikely Comeback of the Right" Ahead of Iowa I & II

What a wonderful community is here.

"Exploring Stephen Hawking's 'Unfettered Mind' by NPR STAFF

"...when the attack fits...."

Chris Hedges "Brace Yourself! The American Empire Is Over & The Descent Is Going To Be Horrifying!"

A position the U.S. won't have to apologize for

Former Libya rebel groups clash in Tripoli, 5 dead

Jeff Danziger: "Cantor Quotes Reagan"

China’s President Pushes Back Against Western Culture

This is my favorite forum.

Angelina, George, Ben and Mia

Mademoiselle Batshit gets "a bit testy" upon hearing her words coming from Soledad O’Brien's mouth

TYT: Cenk on Racial Comments By Republican Candidates Right Before Iowa Caucus

"America is Calling" -- final ad by Rick Perry

Here's to Helmet Head (Calista) Gingrich!!!

Woman with lupus steals baby formula to feed her children

US Supreme Court Asked To Ponder Drug Dog's Sniff

Religious Soldiers Must Attend Ceremonies With Women Singing, IDF Rules

Five Colombian soldiers charged with 'false positive' murder of teenagers

So let me see if I get it - Newt the Lying ReTHUG is calling

Joan Walsh EVISCERATES "Surging Rick" and his other GOP superstar pals

Reminder: Mitt Romney is in favor of re-invading Iraq to keep 30,000 troops there permanently.

By noon today, the superrich have made an average worker's yearly salary


Majority Latino West Liberty is the one town in Iowa the Republicans skipped

SURRENDER MONKEY! Romney's a liar but Gingrich "could support him over Barack Obama"

Bad phlebotomy.

Punchbowl Falls

Heads-Up !!! - OWS Media Raided by NYPD


See the light

US Manufacturing Jumps to Six-Month High

1 hour old

Five Colombian soldiers charged with 'false positive' murder of teenagers

Who got Iowa right among RealClearPolitics, Nate Silver at 538, Pollster, the DM Register, etc.?

Check out "Limitless". Excellent movie.

Dear Michele: There Is No Such Thing As A ‘Morning-After Abortion Pill’

"This Is Omaha Beach": Rick Perry thinks defeating Obama is like defeating Hitler


I need suggestions regarding cravings...and this is a weird one! :)

George W. Bush barely mentioned in GOP campaign

Chavez's spending could boost Venezuela inflation

Which Republican candidate can you visualize as the Commander in Chief ??

Petroplus French Refinery Halt May Mean Death of Normandy Site, Union Says

Your Daily Cheerleader!

Wells Fargo – Sand Canyon Fraud, Forgery = Unlawful Foreclosure.

Taliban to open liaison office in Qatar

This is how heartbreakingly sick some people can be

Iran threatens action if US returns to Persian Gulf

IPad passport scan gets man across U.S. border

Colombia's chief prosecutor slams inauguration of jailed mayors

I think the US is preparing to leave Afghanistan sooner rather than later

Gingrich Calls Romney a Liar

Colombia's chief prosecutor slams inauguration of jailed mayors

Copper Mining Damaging Major River in Jiangxi Province

OSU posts 100 years of farming research, homemaking advice online

Obama Gets Occupied

Darcy Richardson gave money to third-party campaigns for Ralph Nader and H. Joel Deckard in 2000.

Radioactive Freight Causes an Adverse Reaction for Rail Freight Carriers

Iowa: The Meaningless Sideshow Begins (Matt Taibbi)

Death penalty is dying in the US - politicians, judges and juries are quietly not supporting it

The past is a prelude

Hawaii Election 2012: A Preview

Global Unrest: How The Revolution Went Viral - GuardianUK

Top Tea Party Republican admits it: We’ve been employing hostage strategy

The "always highlight" option keeps defaulting to "10 newest replies"

Mt. Dew mouse would be 'jelly-like,' Pepsi argues in legal case

American Crossroads Watch Responds to Crossroads GPS "Great" Ad

The Office of Rep. Tamara Grigsby (D-Milwaukee) released the following statement

Packers' Nelson feels it's insulting to call Rodgers a system QB

Take an asprin before you click on this thread...

January Forecast 2012 by Power Path Seminars

2012 Republican survival suit...

Your daily MALE cheerleader!


PPP: Obama holds electoral college advantage.

World-first hybrid shark found off Australia

Post a picture of a palace

Gin is better than rubbing alcohol.

Since the Iowa caucus is the (official) start of the election cycle, make your election predictions!

Atheists face uphill climb with new political party

Wow, is God dead?

Oh, joy! I just got a letter saying that

The Festival of Colors

Good Day For Democrats

A little reality check re: holiness of 'Imagine'

Back in the old days, those days when todays Nativists grandparents were coming off boats

In Nigeria, Boko Haram Is Not the Problem

"Teddy" the porcupine has WAY TOO MUCH corn on New Year's

TPM - Obama Misses Key Window For Empowering Top Consumer Watchdog

Serena Admits What We've All Known: She Doesn't Love Tennis

Iowa: The Meaningless Sideshow Begins

OK, guys, eat your hearts out, my lettuce is looking great

"Surging" Santorum hearts black people: "This is just someone trying to cause trouble"

German man arrested in LA for arson. The prime suspect says he hates America.

A Rabbi and a Priest on a Trainride from NYC to Philadephia PA. #12

Another reminder about Lowes boycot . I spoke to them today

They didn't intentionally remove lyrics of the Oasis song in this public service announcement.

SOPA Opponents May Go Nuclear - CNet

Stanford's coach David Shaw is a jerk...

Journalist Kicked Out of Romney Rally

A Priest and a Rabbi on a Trainride from NYC to Philidelphia PA.. #9

Israel's radical settlers: A fifth column?

It depends on the meaning of ‘nothing’

DFA Iowa Prediction Competition - Win a prize. :wink:

Anti-Torture Activists Go On Trial Today For Speaking Out Against Indefinite Detention

Anti-Immigrant Bills Die in Texas Legislature

Immigrant advocates hammer Romney on his promise to veto DREAM Act

Should I watch "The Biggest Loser" tonight...or skip the Caucuses and watch NBC?

Info for those living on a line, N or S.. of a line from Cheyenne Wy, to Chicago, to NYC..

If I live in a red state that Obama won't win in 2012

Norman Lear on fighting the good fight (L.A.Times)

Can you change a million?

MIT genuises with lightbulb

anyone want to feed my grand daughter?

Anybody know why Steve King is now refusing to endorse

POTUS on FaceBook:

Senator, General Romeo Dalliare gets it!

ObamaCare’s Hidden Trigger Paves The Way For Single Payer

This is one reason to be suspicious of what you read on the internet.

Liberal group rips Republican primary field over stances on Social Security

Let Britain join NAFTA (if it wants out of the EU) :)

I apologize if my being upset at "Imagine" is ruining your day.

I think the alert button ought to play a sound on everyone's system so we can all rush

Gallup: Consumer confidence on the rise

Jerry Jones refuses to fire his General Manager.

Arson May Be Cause Of Florida Abortion Clinic Fire

David Gregory is one smug little bastard

WH: Statement on HR515, HR789, HR1059, HR1264, HR1801, HR1892, HR2056, HR2422, and HR2845

Wisconsin: State panel sets Presidential primary ballot

I was just on a hung jury. Now what?

Heads Up! Rachel is on already 6:00pm est n/t

Sierra Nevada snow survey finds 0.14", lowest ever recorded

"we used psychometric testing to recruit social psychopaths"

This can't be good

Bet the three wives and two divorces had a lot more to do with Newts slide than any attack ads

On MSNBC tonight Rachel Maddow is covering the Iowa caucus.

Bookmark this prediction about tonight.......

On Iowa Caucus Night, Satan gives the Finger to Red-State America

Activist jobs 2012 and later

Average Credit Card APR Now Tops 15 Percent


Obama super PAC memo: GOP permanently damaged with Hispanics, seniors

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Cold fusion competition heats up as a rival to Andrea Rossi emerges

Dear Republicans, consider this. You're not voting for a religion, you're voting for a President -

some pigs

So . . . tonight's the night . . . . the Clown Car Caucuses.

Climate Denial Crock of the Week: The Myth of the Mini-Ice Age

DU political junkies following Iowa Republican Caucuses tonight...

Anyone heard of Buddy Roemer.

Arm your allies, hope they never turn on you, plus good for weapons of destruction manufacturers

Kyle Orton's Final Farewell to Denver. Video >>

Gingrich: I’ll Force Women to Bear Rapists’ Babies

Well - here we go - on my way to chair the caucus

Obama's Gallup approval rating amongst liberal Democrats from December 26th-January 1st is 83%.

The GOP’s game plan: Block everything and then blame Obama for coming up short

PHOTO: George Carlin can't be here to comment on the 2012 Iowa Caucus, but IF HE COULD...

Be afraid, be very afraid.........

U.S. says will continue to deploy warships in Persian Gulf despite Iranian threats

Wisconsin has a critical fundraiser deadline on January 17 for our recall Walker...

Crackpots Do Not Make Good Messengers

Someone talk to me about Hell on Wheels!

Excuses, post your excuses here!

Update from Iowa: Cedar Rapids Phone Bank

White House Concludes It Can Appoint Cordray

Santorum, July 2002: "No surprise" Catholic Church child abuse scandal happened in "liberal" Boston

Pat Robertson: God "showed me the next president, but I’m not supposed to talk about that"

Pat Robertson: God told me who the next president will be--but I'm not supposed to talk about that

The racial bias of the US death penalty

Race, liberty and Ron Paul

OOOh, good news - Recall groups ask appeals court to block lawsuit ruling

Supporters' vigil as Argentine president prepares for cancer surgery

Supporters' vigil as Argentine president prepares for cancer surgery

If one has to hang with assholes, tonight, might as well be one.

Jury failure number 4: "83% of liberal democrats are hypocritical Kool-Aid swillers"

They shall be known as Bush's Laws of Motion

Santorum To Obama: “Man Up And Be President

Exposed: A Spammer Fooled MSM & America with Edited NDAA Video

but you gotta admit: The amusement quotient is quite high

Pat Robertson: God Told Me Who The Next President Will Be

You shouldn't be seeing this...

Today's "Santorum" headlines

Teamster Pipeline Construction Workers Launch Strike

Sen. Sherrod Brown calls for end to free pass for banks that abandon foreclosed homes

Where do I get emotions????...

Hey, you asshole RepubliCONs who supported Citizens United: DEAL WITH IT!!!

ATTN: Juror #6

Shocking New York mosque arson attack caught on camera

Ah... Behold The Laws Of Unintended Consequences/Karma...

Fellow Republican Governor Deems Scott Walker and John Kasich Failures

AP tests freedom of information laws worldwide

How To See Tonight’s Meteor Shower

Mosque Firebombing Suspect in Custody

Candidate Obama 2008 Iowa Caucus Victory Speech Promises Kept

Dash cam video appears to show officer planting evidence

Need HELP - got a BUG. (FIXED - Thanks)

Iowa: The Meaningless Sideshow Begins - Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone

Taliban leaders held at Guantánamo Bay to be released in peace talks deal

Chargers decide to stick with Turner, GM Smith in 2012

Bill Kristol is offended that Obama will address supporters at Iowa's Democratic caucus (VIDEO)

Conflict at the heart of Scientology is exposed in bitter email outburst

Scotch and Soda

macro guessing game

Cat survives 2 euthanasia attempts at Utah shelter

Woman Says Cop Had a Lot of Nerve

I'm really disconcerted, if that's the word, with the infusion of religion in our national politics.

Strange tweet from Olbermann

Huntsman says Romney would be a Bankster enabler if elected

Univ. of Houston's Keenum has finished his college career after 6 years

First broker failure of the year: due to fraud?

1959 Dinah Shore Show opening. Amazing collection of performers.

C-Span is doing a Live Broadcast from a Caucus site in Urbandale...

Michelle Bachmann just said "The pilgrims came here to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ......"

Spreading Santorum: Slick Rick says States Should Have Power To Ban Birth Control, Sodomy

Bachmann's mom looked freaked out.

Navy: Carrier cost overruns may hit $1.1 billion,may put the company's $579.2 million profit at risk

I joined the tea party in 2009, I'm not a republican

Howard Dean says Rickey Santorum will win. YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Why is the MSNBC zipper saying "Poll Closings"?

We watched "The Help" on DVD last night. Regrettably....

I was just on a drunk puppy. Now what?

Santorum’s Racist Welfare Rant: ‘I Don’t Want To Make Black People’s Lives Better’ w/Taxpayer Money

So, let's say your state has $11,000,000 and nothing to spend it on . . . . . . .

I'm still here.

California high-speed rail funding could be in jeopardy

Cake - The Distance

oops the Urbandale GOP Caucus can't find someone...

Maddow: Entrance polling says Paul, Romney, and Santorum are likely to win

Pass the Large Grain of Salt

MSNBC - Top tier is Romney, Paul and Santorum

Entrance Poll from CNN shows top three

Americans Elect is NOT a political party. They are a CORPORATION

"The new DU..."

Anyone know when Obama speaks? The news is

I am enjoying Current's coverage on the caucauses

Lucky to Be a Leftover

No access to Current - can anyone who has it tell me who

Was Gingrich's "Romney is a liar" bit a suicide mission against Romney?

I love that Rick Perry is not in the mix.

Dreaming about Dragons

How nice...the Treynor, IA Caucus (C-SPAN 2) is PRAYING...

how many days, weeks, hours, can the pundits expound upon these GOP

All the Way from Memphis

Are there enough drool buckets in Iowa tonight?

The Moonlite BunnyRanch Endorses Ron Paul For President

The trickle down theory..

Obama live webcast at Iowa Dem caucuses

Pulaski WI Marching Band 'Sticking to the Union' in Rose Bowl Parade

Breaking! Results pouring in from Iowa

Iowa caucuses 2008: Promises kept

Obama Signs the NDAA, World Does Not End (Yet) by Scott Horton

A photo from the Democratic Caucus in Urbandale, Iowa...

NBC News: Results "To Close To Call"

Ohio quakes could incite fracking policy shift

RNC co-chair "fires up" caucus by conveniently forgetting 8 years of Bush-Cheney

ATTN: Juror #5

Pipeline Inspector-Turned Whistleblower Calls Keystone XL a Potential “Disaster”

Current Iowa Caucus Results: Paul, Perry and Romney

ATTN: Juror #4

Repubs are just SO excited

Riffing off their Church location, the Urbandale Caucus is about to "pass the plate"...

Obama To Iowa Dems: 'Because Of You' Iraq War Ended, Health Care Law Passed'

If you haven't read the Hunger Games Trilogy.

Teacher Says He Was Fired for Writing a Book

The New Year Edition of This Week's Adventures In Law Enforcement

Is my coworker full of nonsense?

What Job Growth Looks Like

Stomach turning homophobic post allowed to stand in GD.

If surpluses cause as many problems as debts, maybe we need to tax creditors

According to your opinion, should all jurors be known, or should they remain anonymous?

CNN playing anti-LEGAL immigrant ads from white supremicist.

The Iowa caucus are an irrelevancy wrapped in insignificance surrounded by vast inconsequence.

The rug has been on the floor about 24 hours

Talib Kweli "Distractions" (Another OWS-themed video)

The Process - Kryon Channelling Dec. 4, 2011

2 Iowa Caucus Results case anyone wants them.

Aw, poor Newty...doesn't like his strategies he touted used against him.

CNN Enterance Poll Claims: Paul 24%, Romney 23% Santorum in third place.

Judge upholds 'Stand your ground' defense in teen's bus stop stabbing death

Climate change – our real bequest to future generations

Genius Cops Caught Apparently Planting Evidence By Own Dash Camera

Fox News has just projected that GOP candidate Michele Bachmann will come in last in Iowa.

Bank of America severing some small-business credit lines

Sources say Gregoire will publicly support gay marriage (Washington State)

Iowa repubican stalwarts cannot select the Kook Of Their Dreams. "Too Close To Call"

Murder most foul on Queen Elizabeth’s estate

Hmm, the Treynor GOP Caucus has gotten the ONLY BLACK GUY IN THE ROOM to help with the vote tally.

Bibi and Barack

Crazy Lace Agate Pendant on Etsy

With 6% in...Santorum 25%, Paul 24%, Romney 23%

Looks like Santorum is coming up from behind!

WOW - Iowans Collected More Federal Benefits Than They Paid In Federal Taxes

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & a new kitty gif

***** Official Iowa Results Blog = The Clown Show Continues *****

Bye Bye Michele

Caucus News: Paul Attracting Iowa Independents and Democrats

Super-rich Israelis no longer ashamed to flaunt their wealth

Even if Mitt Romney wins, he's still in trouble and here's why:

15% reported: 24% / 24% / 24%...

The fact that Evangelicals are now considered a voting block scares me a bit.

Library computers can block porn—but Wicca? ACLU says no

So far, Mittens is performing BELOW his 2008 result....

UN: Hundreds could be dead in S Sudan unrest

If Ron Paul wins the Democratic Caucus...

Caucus Interruptus! Ed Rollins, Bachmann's Former Campaign Manager, Tells Her To Quit! BWAHAHAHAHA!

Republicans Aren't Assholes

Amazing...Fox News has screwed up again!

Morocco king keeps checks on new Islamist govt

Mountain Dew 'would have dissolved a mouse' (This is why I don't drink softdrinks!)

Is your all-you-can-eat shrimp killing the mangroves?

December 2011 NSSF-Adjusted NICS Background Checks Up 24.5 Percent

Did Bachman really think she had a chance as a woman? Her base still thinks women should obey

Cat survives gas chamber twice

On Iowa caucus night, Newt Gingrich is photographed drinking...

Expose of "Parent Revolution" charter law connection to right wing think tanks

Idaho spud truck rolls on side, mashing potatoes

Help out my friends- vote for their hip-hop group!

Sarkozy accuses Syrian regime of 'massacres'

Iowans Collected More Federal Benefits Than They Paid In Federal Taxes

Police: Convict prefers jail to monks

Now 21% in...Santorum 23 / Romney 23 / Paul 23

Stephen Hawking: driven by a cosmic force of will

If They Say Santorum Surge One More Time, I'm Gonna...

The U.S. government is currently detaining hundreds of people indefinitely without charge or trial.

Dreaming of Falling stars...(literally)..

I was directed Here because I have a message I shouldn't ,

Iowa is officially a Republican 3-way -- King, John, CNN

Uzumaki (Spiral)

Crap. I didn't think I cared but now I want "Man on Dog" Ricky to win Iowa so bad I can taste it.

Mitt Romney is on top in the Iowa three way.

J.C. Watt disses the Republicans on affirmative action.

OMG - A Sickfuck Republic Douchebag is about to win the GOP Iowa Caucus!!!111

Ralph Nader: "Why aren't the Democrats landsliding today's Republicans?"

I find it ironic that both parties are the opposite of what they were in 1860.

Sources say (Washington Gov.) Gregoire will publicly support gay marriage

Elvis Found Alive movie is anti-Obama propaganda

LOL, so now that mittens may not "win", both CNN and Fox are going, eh, Iowa is not important at all

Toons: Mullahs, Clowns, Trolls, and More. - 1/3/11

Many "independents" actually Republicans? 23% of caucus-goers are independents, per CNN

'Being Gay Is a Gift from God': The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Authorities find dozens of dead, sick cats during raid at Texas City animal shelter

One Toke Over The Line - Lawrence Welk

Pool On Prez's Caucus Conference

i'm still blocked from posting in the announcements forum

I'm going to say something nice about Michael Steele.

Turnout "on par" with 2008.

Woman Lives in a Shipping Container

Track: Iowa Caucus Returns

Santorum is now on top of three way

Georgia Survey Finds Farmers Are Having Hard Time Replacing Migrant Workers

I can't wait for Ron Paul to get the GOP nomination

Toon: GOP Prayer Circle

600-Pound Butter Cow Sculpture Wins Iowa Caucus

Sarah Palin trenting on twitter because of her hair do tonite

The "Santorum is..." Thread

Show of hands: Who thought it would be Ricky Smegma? Really. Who called this?

I got up from my wheelchair this morning and walked

Palin: "I personally can't see how (Bachmann staying in race is) gonna do a whole lot of good"

It's a little weird that the entire western side of Iowa hasn't reported

Predict who will drop out...

As I listen more to the CONdidates,

LOL !!! - With 48% Of The Vote In, Iowa Still Too Close To Call...

Why would Current TV decide to exclude KO from tonight's coverage? What is this all about?

If Rick Santorum can get I promise right here that I will

practicing pictures

This is going to drive the paranoid Paul supporters over the edge

Romney running behind 2008 in his counties.

Corporate culture questions

Santorum is the stealth candidate for the GOP establishment

So this thing gets decided by

"Fiscal conservatism" is bullshit

I give my cat everything. And what does she do tonight? She snubs the piece of bacon I put on the

A very improbable word pairing: "Bachmann" and "intellect"

Darcy Richardson didn't do well against Obama in the Iowa Caucus

Fox News Projects Newt Gingrich Will Come In 4th Place In Iowa

Four Years Later, Some Iowa Democrats Have Mixed Feelings About Obama - CNN

I kind of like listening to Republican Steve Schmidt

Be Careful What You Tweet

CAPTION: A hug from Rick Santorum!

59% now in...Santorum 24%, Romney 24%, Paul 22%

HI Volcano Natl. Park?

Kali ALREADY knows what she wants for next Christmas.

graywarrior freed the duck, but she's still intent on keeping the goose down. FREE THE GOOSE!!!

Cats may SEEM to care, but take it from me... they're all about the self-interest.

It takes EXCEPTIONAL talent to make it in the NBA.

Relax, dude! Zombies could starve to death if they have to rely on YOU for nutrition.

Iowa finish could knock Perry out of SC debate

"It's a good night for Santorum" - Republiclown Strategist just now on MSNBC

New Year's Eve is coming back to MiddleFingerMom in little bits and pieces. None of it is pretty.

Butterball turkey plant raided on animal cruelty concerns

Ed Reformers Want More Studying, Like Koreans, Who Want Less Studying, Like Americans

santorum will be this years huckabee

Rick Santorum ahead of Mitt. But it is close. According to CNN. Thirteen votes separate them. 88% of

A frothy mix of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex has won Iowa

88% - Santorum 25%, Romney 25%, Paul 21% -- Santorum by 45 votes...

OMG... The Santorum Surge Is REAL !!!

I've begun the first of the gift sessions I have scheduled for January & February

Can Mittens pull this thing out? Only 45 votes separate him and Santorum.

*** BREAKING NEWS *** Kardashian Wins Iowa Republican Caucus, UrbScotty News Projects ***

Anybody else want santorum to win this thing?

Quadrantid Meteor Shower - Live Stream!

The 2012 GOP presidential ticket:

Media AWOL in exposing Iraq War’s years of ineptitude

BP Accidentally Includes Anti-BP Protesters in Latest Ad! Feel-good spot goes awry

Anyone have a link to the DEMOCRATIC caucus results/numbers?

Gingrich super PAC to attack Romney -- "We're going to define Mitt Romney"

"Romney Comes Up From Behind Santorum And Pulls It Out In The End" - What a headline !

It's a 2-man race between Man-on-dog Santorum and Dog-on-man Romney!

A suggestion to improve the Trash Thread feature

Tonight, the real story is that the repubican party is picking the guy who will lose badly to Obama

Ron Paul about to speak. MSNBC. (nt)

Journalist and Author Tom Friedman to Give 2012 Shilling Lecture (in Georgetown)

Today's Santorum family photo

Anyone see this Iowa ad? IOWA NICE

New information comes to light about the failed nuclear recyling program in Japan.

My god. Ron Paul is rambling like a religious fanatic.

Occupy Wall Street's Livestream Operators Arrested

Man oh Man oh Man do I want Santorum to win.

I am currently in th Ron Paul headquarters in Austin

Can someone please explain the finer points of counting in the Iowa primary?

I'm going to call it for Santorum.

Um, isn't this a major no-no?

Can someone explain to me where the heck Perry is getting all this money from

My cousin lives near C.R. Iowa~belongs to a very conservative Baptist Church. Sunday the message

A Republican Primary forum would be nice.

TCM Schedule for Thursday, January 5 -- TCM Spotlight -- Jack Cardiff

OMG...the word is WASHINGTON...not

C'mon, Sick Rick!

Appeals court in Ecuador upholds $18 billion decision against Chevron

Google Fined in France for Autocomplete Harm

What is Meta-Discussion?

Appeals court in Ecuador upholds $18 billion decision against Chevron

Make your own Oreos

What a roller coast ride this has been ...

I want my mods back! The more I participate in juries

New Year's Eve

Judge deals blow to advocates for old, disabled


ALERT - Bachmann about to speak...

Gingrich will be the spoiler and do the Democrats' dirty work!

Occupy Santa Rosa joins forces with immigration activists

Santorum increases his lead over Mittens to 129 with 93% in. I think he wins it. Bwahahahaha...

Overtures to Egypt’s Islamists Reverse Longtime U.S. Policy

The consensus of the punditry...

PublicPolicyPolling did an amazing job here

Newt has his switchblade out.

96% in...Santorum up by 54 votes

Iowa aside, Gingrich is very, very dangerous for the country.

A Flow Chart for Choosing Your Religion

American Latino Heritage Fund Aims to Tell History of U.S. Latinos

So...what do you think Tim Pawlenty is thinking today...

Michelle Bachmann Declares...

Let's remember how Undemocratic a caucus is.

NJ's Hispanic Chamber looks for chief

Hmm, think Michele and Marcus will have some therapeutic sex tonight?

I made the mistake of listening to Michelle Bachmann's speech

NYPD Arrests Operators Of Occupy Wall Street Livestream

When the fight for first place is between a...

Okay, who's ready to chip in to keep the Santorum campaign running?

To Clarify: Is It True That John Lennon Never Changed A Lyric In Any Song He Ever Covered?

Here is pic of my nephew and grandnephew.

Bye bye Bachamann, bachmann good bye

Chuck Todd is really in his element tonight

Another trip-up for Mittens...

ALERT - Rick Perry coming up...

Rick Perry is going to try to speak. MSNBC

I can confidently identify tonight's winner

Report: (Avigdor) Lieberman to face indictment in January

Update regarding the Iowa DEMOCRATIC caucus

"I think a wounded Newt Gingrich

Anti Nuclear Town Councilor Died In Undetermined Manner

Nate Silver just called it for Romney.

The Only Thing Worse Than The GOP Clown Car, Is The GOP Good-Bye Iowa Speech...

If Santorum does win

It's great - Obama wins caucuses he doesn't enter...same as debates!

If you're not watching #tweetthepress, you're missing out on some great comedy

Perry is apparently cashing in his chips...