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Archives: January 20, 2012

Pic Of The Moment: Gringrich Defends Traditional Open Marriage

New school can’t be Cougars because middle-aged women might be offended

Toons: Open Marriage, Mickey Mouse, Mitt Romney's World and More. - 1/19/12

Judge to Arizona Gov. Brewer: You lose on medical pot

So, I guess I missed the 'REASON' why Perry dropped out of the race

Judge blocks seizing pay of Indiana House Democrats

The Global Day of Rage for Syria 21/1/2012

i'll admit that a case can be made that by Christian standards I am immoral

The results of yesterday's Oatmeal animated SOPA/PIPA gif

Alternative UC tuition plan attracts interest

Two arrested in protest outside UC regents meeting

Moroccans burn selves in unemployment protest

Microsoft, others endorse Wash. state same-sex marriage legislation

ABC News Airs Marianne Gingrich Interview - and here's the eight minute report video

Happy Thursday...

Students face off with cops at UC Riverside Regents meeting

Gingrich daughters were set to appear on morning tv-say Newt had "sufficiently answered" &cancelled

Rick Perry's Greatest Gaffes

Here's the REAL final CD cover art for our new, upcoming release, "Die Happy"...

Incredible: (conservative ruled) Fresno, Ca: 4,000 Fresno County workers to begin strike Monday 1/23

Gingrich to gay voter: Support Obama

Robert Reich for Common Cause: Amend 2012 (overturn Citizens United)

Please help - I am social media stupid (trying to help H20 Man)

Requesting some thoughts for voting this Saturday in the SC primary.

I have what may seem an odd question

George Clooney AND Matt Damon

Colbert, Simply the best

Haiti's 1 Percent

I am eating an orange

Alan Grayson Post in Politics 2012

Romney Hobbles Through Debate Ahead of South Carolina Primary.

How Obama fired a general and took control of the Pentagon - MSNBC Video

Borowitz on the debate: These four look exactly the way they're described in the Book of Revelation.

John King On Newt Gingrich's Attack: Question Choice Was 'My Decision, And Mine Alone'

Dumb question - how do I access what I bookmarked.

LOL! 111th United States Congress vs 112th United States Congress

Active-Duty Soldiers Take Their Own Lives at Record Rate

The Perry West Wing that never was (fark)

China to again close Tibet during sensitive period

The Atlantic: Why Are Tibetan Monks Setting Themselves on Fire?

Ambassador Locke: China Is A Country Of Great Contrasts

No Felony Charges against Occupy Protesters

On the spot question for Mitt Romney

Facebook Page in Support of H2O Man Is Up

China vs. India: the battle for Buddha

How Obama outsmarts his critics -- on the left and on the right.

Sri Lanka: Olcott, the Picketts and Buddhist women’s education

Ladle Rat Rotten Hut

An Indonesian man who said that God did not exist on Facebook page for atheists could face jail

Federal websites back online after Anonymous attack

10,000 evacuated due to fire near Reno, Nevada

How Postwar Germany Let War Criminals Go Free

DNC Rips Romney on Taxes

Cuban hunger striker Wilmar Villar dies in jail

I'm losing track, so let's make a new LIST

a bad idea?

Journalist in B.C. fears deportation to Mexico

Journalist in B.C. fears deportation to Mexico

Please Don't Eat the Daisies

Best interview ever: Stephen Wright on Craig Ferguson

how is gay marriage worse than open marriage?

Janis Ian on downloading--from 10 years ago.

Australia set to recognise Aborigines as first people of continent

Pipa Roll Call-help make a difference

US says has not heard from Pak on new tarrif for NATO

'Extinct' monkey rediscovered in Indonesia jungle

Wukan protest leader is made village's Communist party secretary

Wisconsin recall webcam so boring it's mesmerizing

Mother Jones, 1984: The Swinging Days of Newt Gingrich

Top CIA lawyer never approved NYPD collaboration

4 French soldiers killed in Afghanistan

You can download the DFA Training Manual by Chapter in PDF! = Awesome

Thanks to Citizens United, Mega Lobbyist Firm Salivates Over $4 Billion in Campaign Cash

New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina, and the day the American Psyche changed

Five things we learned from Thursday's debate

Fighting for Our Health; new book by Richard Kirsch on the genesis of health care reform

Does Newt think he's one of the decent people running for office

Republican Racism in Debates is an Air Raid Siren, Not a Dog Whistle

Cantwell has a Stop SOPA/PIPA Petition

Greece/creditors close to "wrapping up" a deal to avoid a disastrous bankruptcy.

FACT CHECK: History flubs in Republican debate

One Day After Occupy The Internet, SCOTUS rules 6-2 Congress can RE-COPYRIGHT public domain works

More and more U.S. and Coalition troops are being the Afghan Army

Afghanistan’s Soldiers Step Up Killings of Allied Forces

Lizard lexicon. A reminder.

Mapping Earth's surface in 3D (BBC)

Newt : "I can think of nothing more despicable"??? I can.

Questions that republicans would never answer...

Did the first standing ovation for Newt strike anyone else as staged?

GOPers are trying to make this about John King instead of Newt and his character.

Food Stamp Recipients Wish Critics Would Spend Some Time In Their Shoes

Morning Jerk: "Every Republican I talk to wants a brokered convention".

Two European Aid Workers Are Kidnapped in Pakistan

Obama does his best Al Green, offering up a few bars from "Let's Stay Together"

US Internet piracy case brings New Zealand arrests

The slumdogs of New York

Violence keeps Syria on edge, Arab mission in doubt

Why would SC reject Mark Sanford but embrace Newt Gringrich for essentially the same thing?

Judge orders search of News of the World executives' computers in bid to find out if key hacking..

The global economy is slumping: we need a worldwide economic stimulus now

Moammar Gaddafi, Late Libyan Dictator, Had Undeclared Stockpile Of Chemical Weapons

4 charged with hate crime in Houston bus stop beating

Costa Concordia Accident Sinking Inside

Conservatives Freak Out Over Romney’s Kryptonite: Money Mitt Romney

Charles Taylor 'worked' for CIA in Liberia Charles Taylor was a CIA informant in the 1980s Continue

Political Cartoonist Tom Toles: Speak Now, Republicans

Salon: The power of conservative victimhood

January 19, 2012: The best day ever in American politics? Rachel covers the Republican implosion.

Republican establishment does not like competition in choosing nominee...

How to kill chemtrails with vinegar

Grassroots group to ‘occupy’ courthouses across US to protest spending in federal elections

Who is hosting Monday's Debate in Florida?

my seeds & your grandchildren...exotic

Anonymous - Don't Mess With Us

Class acts, these Repulicans, class acts.

The FCC finally got back to me. They don't mind people advocating assassination on the airwaves.

FYI - Wisconsin Voter ID ruling due March 9th

Was it the despicable liberal media elites who protected Bush?

Internal GOP polls show Gingrich's attack on Romney's Bain record is effective

Stephen Colbert coming up on Morning Joe (in a few minutes) - VIDEO link

The GOP Keystone Cop Scheme

Republican frames regarding the economic inequality highlighted by the OWS movement...

Unclear If Putin Has Support to Win in First Round – Polls

Romney is about to continue his unblemished record of never winning a primary in the south

The everyday bigotry we ignore

Wis. Gov. Walker gives details to school reform - State Superintendent never consulted on specifics

Working and Poor in the USA

PBS Frontline: Nuclear Aftershocks

I'm freezing!!

Did DU really blackout to protest SOPA, or did it have too much to drink the night before?

Obama on strike! (humor)

American Enterprise Institute: Tim Tebow and the Atheist's Dilemma

Hey Washington! We're Still 10 Million Jobs Short

"Obama Sings Soul Tune in Harlem"

Exposure to chemical found in personal care products may contribute to childhood obesity

Why U.S. Gun Sales Are Shooting For The Moon

cnn: Gingrich delivers show-stopper at beginning of South Carolina debate

To 'think outside the box', think outside the box

NASA Finds 2011 Ninth-Warmest Year on Record

One year from today President Obama will be sworn in for his second term

State of the Union Response"S" Announced

AP sources: US seeks new home for Yemen strongman

The audiences at pro wrestling matches have gotten more and more outrageous of late . . . . .

One view on what Sharia is (and isn't)

Ok, what's the deal with people who park in the fire lane in front of grocery stores?

So The Republican(t)s Don't Care About Family Values Anymore

Dear Andrew Sullivan: Why Focus on Obama's Dumbest Critics?

Drumbeat: January 20, 2012

Drumbeat: January 20, 2012

Nato not even thinking of Syria operation: Top general

TPM: DNC Releases New Video On Romney's Taxes: 'Maybe' (Romney: Believe in the Cayman Islands)

For Janis' birthday, a day late.

Instead Of Proving He Created '100,000' Jobs At Bain, Romney Ups It To 120,000

'Detropia,' a documentary at Sundance Film Festival, shows a different view of Detroit

The anti-Islam English Defense League plans a massive European rally

Understanding North Korea

todays trading quandry

Wasn't Newts performances obvious?

NEWT did 'WORST THING He Could Imagine'-He Orchestrated GOP Ads Recalling Clinton-Lewinsky Affair

African Union force moves beyond Somali capital limits

Thinking like a repuke, I think Santorum did pretty good and scorched Newt on record in Congress

High-Fiving The Future

Appeals court upholds Washington state's open primary system

Nate Silver: Romney’s ‘Prevent Defense’ Yielding Big Gains to Opponents

Sirota: Romney = Obama, and Paul is just as right. (updated)

Lose a job, prepare for a really long job search

Nate Silver: The Semantics and Statistics of Santorum’s Win in Iowa

One NFL stat you don't hear much about: missed tackles

Florida Considers Bills to Privatize Government Functions…Secretly

New battlelines drawn in cyber-space

2012: The year we discover proof that we're not alone?

Newt Gringrich and marriage

Things that are okay when you are Newt Gingich

Pitying Texas, my farewell to Goodhair removal of Signature Line with Molly IVINS quote

Throw Out Your Telly

Editor Says Police Retaliated Against Her


Newt Gingrich Proposed Open Marriage, But It’s Cool ‘Cause He Found God

13 Great New Political Movies You Should Watch For

Reid postpones PIPA vote

Thanks to Citizens United, Multinational Mega Lobbyist Firm Salivates Over $4 Bn in Campaign Cash

Bernie Sanders: "We must stop this corporate takeover of American democracy"

Reid Postpones Senate Vote On PIPA

South Carolina: Ground Zero for the GOP Candidates' Assault on Working Americans' Rights

Violent sex crimes by U.S. Army soldiers rise- 1 every six hours and 40 minutes in 2011

OK, so Mrs. Greenspan thinks the Newt scandal reminds her of 1992 "trash for cash."

For Farmers Everywhere, Small is (Still) Beautiful

Severe cuts to welfare proposed in California

Post 35,000 is all about my sweetheart, Melanie

Post 35,000 is all about my sweetheart, Melanie

just a nice photo...


On "Morning Joe," RNC Chair Rinse Peenus said "NO ONE" has told him Mitt is "unelectable." USA! USA!

2012: The year we discover proof that we're not alone?

Logic would tell me that if Newt cheated on wife #1 and wife #2

Supreme Court ruling on church discrimination leaves educators at religious schools in limbo

Mr. Gingrich, If Clinton was unfit to be president

Goldman Sachs Bonus Day Is a ‘Bloodbath,’

urban farming in chicago

Newt Fucking Gingrich!

US terror victims: Prosecute Palestinian terrorists

Anonymous Responds To Megaupload Takedown; Claims Credit For DOJ, RIAA, MPAA, Universal Music Outage


No Need For Critics Of Romney's 15% Tax-Enabled Wealth To 'Go to Russia' - We're Already There

Gingrich: School prayer would have prevented Columbine

I, for one, don't think that John King made a "blunder" last night at all.

High court throws out Texas election map

Reno wildfire forces Vice President Joe Biden to cut short appearance

Poland's Janusz Palikot Tries To Smoke Pot In Parliament

education will get you a job! but we're cutting education.

NEWT: He is only appalled now because this time it is about him.

Trumka Voices ‘Dissent’ From Obama’s Corporate-Backed Jobs Council Report

European banks prepare for worst, hoard cash

Brent Budowsky: Ron Paul is a hypocrite, "a conventional politician pursuing a conventional agenda"

Resident Evil 6 - Trailer

Robert Redford Rips Romney, Republicans

So Mitt-you trust fund asshole: 'No Reason For 99% To Go To Russia-They're Already There'--John Cole

Pentagon Said to Propose Ending $6.8 Billion Missile, Northrop Satellite

$4-a-gallon gas likely this spring, analysts say

So I went to the grocery store and parked for JUST A MINUTE in the fire lane.

The Rude Pundit: Random Thoughts on the Latest From the GOP Primary Season

$4-a-gallon gas likely this spring, analysts say

What I Learned from Christian Sex Guides (Hint: Bigotry)

Interesting article slaps Arianna Huffington over comments about Michelle Obama

SA Maps tossed by SCOTUS.

Went to buy new Cooper tires, 8-10 week wait.

Keiser Report 238: Scam On Epic Scale

Sales of Existing U.S. Homes Increased 5% to 4.61 Million Pace in December

"Dear Mr. Greenspan, I think you're pretty terrific ... " -- Tim Geithner at the 2006 FOMC meeting

Food Stamp Recipients Wish Critics Would Spend Some Time In Their Shoes

GOP Official Re: Mitt's $: ‘The Man’s Got So Much Money-I Don’t Know Where He’s Going To Put It All’

Matt Taibbi: Romney is so insincere & calculating & soulless it physically offends OTHER POLITICIANS

How Scapegoating Bradley Manning Avoids the Truth About the American Military

Outlawing dissent: Rahm Emanuel's new regime

I just got a notice of a new Groupon deal...

I've got good news and bad news...

Newt Gingrich is the phoniest presidential candidate ever

Would You Support Stricter Federal Training Requirements in Exchange for National CCW Reciprocity?

Freezing rain. F*ck!

The Woo Woo Credo...

As president, Ron Paul would never sign a bill into law

New tumors found on brain of Gary Carter

Drug war: Time for an exit strategy [Blowback]

Are We Really Lucky Enough To Get Gingrich As An Opponent?

Any NC educators willing to share with me

Romney's Running To Cut His Own Taxes In Half

Cat parents, have you had any luck taking an outdoor kitteh and making him

UK Muslims convicted in landmark gay hatred case

Damning Evidence Emerges In Google-Apple “No Poach” Antitrust Lawsuit

SOPA: A Bad Solution to a Very Real Problem

World's Largest Emerald Up for Auction

Things that make you go...

Analysis of the Venezuelan opposition--epic fail!

Anyone out there dealing with Common Core

Seniors stranded after thieves pilfer golf cart batteries

Callista Gingrich "Devout Catholic"

Lily Tomlin as Ernestine on single payer health care

Colbert to Scarbough--When I see you, you seem more like Evening Joe, brought to you by Jack Daniels

Detroit Metro Times: Courageous judge dismisses case against Ferndale medical marijuana dispensary

john king...worse journalist in the world?

Why Won't Romney Release His Tax Returns? "Because I want to make sure that I beat President Obama"

Goldfish Salvation

BWHAHAHA: Stephen Colbert Visits MORNING JOE

Peter King: "The whole country would be in danger if Gingrich is elected."

Singing legend Etta James dies at 73

How an Ex-Wall Street Power Player Embraced the Occupy Movement

The Rude Pundit: Moments in the Life of Newt Gingrich from the 1990s

Under what precedent does the Catholic Church recognise the Gingrich's third marriage?

Just heard on the radio - Etta James has died

See What President Obama Asked Betty White For On Her Birthday!

Legendary blues singer Etta James dies in US

Catholic blogger publishes list of transsexual surgery patients {spain}

Does The Media Go Easy On Republican Politicians and Republican States?

DU Album of the Day: "Tumbleweed Connection" Elton John

Gallup Editor-In-Chief: Romney Support 'Collapsing' Nationally (TPM)

How Austerity Is Killing Europe

Barcelona outbreak of rare venereal disease raises unprotected sex alarm {spain}

Romney In Retreat

R.I.P Etta James

So far, Chris Wallace and Geraldo say they would have asked Newt that question first too.

Power, Propaganda, and Purpose in American Democracy

Thailand Recognizes Palestinian State

Major powers to disclose terms for Iran talks

The Roberts Court and the Separation of Church and State

Obama Administration approves rule that essentially guarantees universal contraceptive coverage

New cars vs. old cars -- the 'old paint' economic indicator

fare well miss etta james -- you brought so much joy to me.

So my 8 yr old wants to know what "open marriage" is now

Herman Cain is a total Idiot!

Government slams French water 'apartheid' report

A Gut Check for Many Ailments

Why does MSNBC promote idiots like Herman Cain?

Paddock/ High on Rose hippies, bad news

Obama Administration Approves Rule That Guarantees Near-Universal Contraceptive Coverage (Updated)

U.K. Revokes Iran's Press TV License

Hamas Calls For End To Israel Talks In Wake Of Arrests

Cat parents, have you had any luck taking an outdoor kitteh and making him

New Bruce Springsteen: 'We Take Care of Our Own'

Newt Leaves Republican Party For New Key Party. Vows 'Open Presidency.'

New Poll puts Noot up by four in South Carolina

Check in here if you or a loved one were put to death as a result of an ObamaCare Death Panel!

Meshal notified Hamas leadership he will not seek reelection

Mitt Romney's 2012 Gaffe Preview

My torch burned out and my pitchfork is dull, gonna need new ones for this jury:

Nigeria's Kano rocked by explosions

House Republicans Head to Retreat Amid Frustration, Low Ratings

$5 Billion to $20 Billion in Fines Possible for Gulf Oil Spill, U.S. Says

Study: IDF officers less committed to Jewish values after visits to Nazi death camps

Flashback.....US: Lockheed Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

Mogul Says Lawyers 'Turned a Blind Eye'

So what have you had to change or eliminate from your life to survive?

Every time it snows in a big city, everyone is having the exact same conversation:

Radical Pastor Manning Attacks The Young Turks In Video (Cenk, Ana & Jayar Discuss)

Catholic Church’s Pedophilia Investigator Jailed For Pedophilia

Can we not discuss this?

Ridiculous thread-lock demonstrates thread's thesis.

U.S. AG Eric Holder, DoJ Head Lanny Breuer Linked To Banks Accused Of Foreclosure Fraud

So Newt told Marianne "You need to share me" How much of a narcissist does one need to be to ask

Scientists say they can find melted reactor fuel

Judges refuse to delay NC primary

The Swinging Days of Newt Gingrich

A better approach to aliyah

Obama Administration Approves Rule That Guarantees Near-Universal Contraceptive Coverage

Haiku a day helps you work, rest, play

ONE of the funniest Garfield bits.

I thought this was quite interesting, especially some of the comments....

U.S. Treasury, State Officials To Travel To Israel

Sarah Burke’s family sets up website to pay hospital bill ($550k)

EuroCrash! the Musical Brings the Crisis on Stage

Germany Under Pressure to Pony Up

Medical Marijuana Dispensary DEA Raids continue today in San Diego

An Illustration of How Our Posts Here at DU and Elsewhere May Be Amplified and Spread

Cinema The secret of Denmark’s success

France's Sarkozy: Military Strike On Iran Would Trigger Middle East War

Today is David Lynch's birthday. What is your favorite David Lynch Movie?

What is with all the hate directed toward Paula Deen?

Bird flu researchers suspend study of deadlier mutations

Romania Who are the Indignados of Bucharest?

Anti-piracy laws should be stringent and enforcable

Sandhill cranes overwinter on Platte River

USDA Proposes Streamlining Poultry Inspections

Thom Hartmann: Could a Black or Dem Prez have an Open Marriage too?

TYT: K Street Can't Wait For Retiring Congressmen (R's Especially)

Lawmakers seek to undo pipeline denial

Syrian activists call for release of detainees

The “anti-Semitism” smear campaign against CAP and Media Matters rolls on

Healthcare Individual Mandate Too Weak to Matter, Aetna CEO Says

The Al Green Effect

Now that Newt has bullied the debate moderators, are they all afraid of questioning him about the

Happy 78th birthday Tom Baker

At Last - Etta James (1938-2012)

Mitt Romney releases a public letter to the "American people" regarding his finances and taxes

IREHR: Alarming New Trends in Anti-Immigrant Activity Away from Old Nativist Groups to the Tea Party

hypocriscy at it's peak

The Luck of Romney

(CA)Mayor unveils details on Stockton's Marshall Plan, five federal marshals joining Stockton police

Obama Administration Protects Birth Control Access for Women

Romney has given his family foundation $9.5 million. $4.7 million of that went to the Mormon Church

Many federal retirees receiving six-figure pensions (Gingrich/Cheney big earners)

TYT on Current: Operation Rescue abortion doctor directory and Tuscon school ethnic studies ban

I flipped around the channels this morning and the Marianne interview was not covered. Usually,

No Proof Paula Deen’s High-Fat Southern Cooking Caused Her Diabetes

The fading dream of higher education in the US

Republican: Romney pays 15% tax "because he's making his money on carry trades"

Cruise ship's cook says captain ordered dinner for himself and a woman after crash

'Hatred is growing rapidly': Afghan soldiers killing more of their US allies

Hmm ... Newt says his daughters are telling the truth about the "open marriage"

"Skin in the game" equals, taking a piece of your hide.

NYT on Newt's indignation: "Moralizing's High Cost"

Republican shill explains Voter ID. Never would have thought of it.

Voices 4 Libya – The Book

"President Barack Obama has signed a death knell for the Bill of Rights."

Tea Party Jesus: Sermon on the Mall

To ban or not to ban? More people believing declawing is animal abuse

Caption this photo of Newt supporters

Sharia banking in South Africa

iPad for sheet music display?

SHOCKING: How One Bank Gets Big-Time Profits From Food Stamps

Governor Says He Will Close School May 1 If Cuts Aren't Met (Maine - LePage)

Birthday truce in tatters: ANC faction fight hots up

What would a debate between Obama and Gingrich look like?

Man arrested after spitting on sidewalk in Daytona Beach

My typing Just plain sucks. On my iPads it sucks even worse.

Self deleted

Help with a gag: There should be a spellcheck program called Spelichick

Supreme Court Justices’ Texas Redistricting Ruling Likely to Help G.O.P.

Diane Ravitch to speak tonight in Sacramento...

Any news or video from the "Rock me like a Herman Cain" Rally?


What's for Dinner? ~ Friday January 20th!

newt gingrich cancelled an appearance at the southern republican leadership conference

Libya drops election quota for women

Mitt Romney Campaign Begins Preparing For Possible South Carolina Loss

If you buy a tobacco pipe with a picture of a marijuana leaf on it

Herman is back!

Geraldo, "Newt's a Hypocrite". Do you agree?

Newt's faux indignation at the debate made me begin to suspect there are photographs

GOP Audience Demands Ron Paul Get To Answer Abortion Question

It's a revolution!

Thom Hartmann: The French judge has a torture confession from Gitmo

If you want Windows to eat up all your RAM and cpu cycles

Flick twins only. Post a pic of twins in a flick.

Once again we find out just how big of a failure the MFM daycare center really was......

T-rays technology could help develop Star Trek-style hand-held medical scanners

Training for Elections Begins in Central Tripoli

Have you heard the wonderful singer Madjo? Check her out on my music blog.

Choose your poisen. Free-Market or State Capitalism The visible hand/Economist/UK

Facebook meme: Debt added

Will Gingrich send out invitations to a White House

Romney can jump up in the primary polls by going full "birther". The republicans would love him.

So now the story is: Obama delayed XL to benefit Soros/Buffett?

BIZARRE: Bush CIA director talks honestly about why attacking Iran is a bad idea

"Open marriage" is the phrase of the day. Modify any thread title to include "open marriage"

Science says people are "mostly good" without God.

That King guy on CNN was an idiot last night.

Romney a fan of Economist Adam Smith?

Will President Obama sign an Employment Non-Discrimination Executive Order before Election Day 2012?

Rams commit to London for 3 years

Thom Hartmann: In FL your park could secretly be replaced by a Chem Factory

Judge Sorts Out Sordid Bachelor Party Arrests (liable for false arrest)

Mitt Romney Campaign Begins Preparing For Possible South Carolina Loss and a LONG SLOG

Gallup numbers show Romney in SHARP decline. Romney intrade on SC win: massive sell off (9)

Ron Paul's False Founding Narrative

Calling all SC democrats:

Tea Party Jesus: Sermon on the Mall

Dear Governor: Lobby to Save a Love of Reading

The WSJ speculates on what Romney is hiding - complex tax avoidance scheme

Yes, I hate Paula's why...

Would you take a job as a private chauffeur?

Party vs. Policy

School Bullying Led to Suicide, Parents Say

So Burt Reynolds is on Twilight Zone doing a really shitty Brando.

Democrat Suggests Ending Break On Romney 'Investment Income' To Provide For Middle-Class Tax Relief

New Definition of Autism Will Exclude Many, Study Suggests

Two Ladies Followed Obama To The Apollo Last Night And This Is What They Said

Meet The 40 Members Of The Congressional Koch Caucus (not a Democrat among them)

Poll on CNN. Which GOP candidate do you want to win the presidential nomination?

Baltimore Ravens Admit They Like The Ugly Wins

Vermin Supreme

Every single freaking Repugnant Debate, I expect

Do you remember early in the campaign the guy who advised Newt to

Kudos on today's Pic of the Day

Ron Paul Was Implicated In Failed White Supremacist Island Invasion

The biodiversity crisis: Worse than climate change

Is physical appearance any sort of indicator of "it's that time"?

Just got this in an email. Not bad.

At my daughters' pre-primary school (they're 23 and 27 now:)

Which was the worse call Iowa or Green Bay

The Banker or the Professor: Who will blue collar Americans hate less?

Abortion Would Be Unavailable In 5 States If This Group Is Successful

Thom Hartmann: Romney...uses our roads & bridges but won't pay

With GOP in disarray, will more voters consider Gary Johnson?

look what i saw while driving down the road

VA Nurse Accused of Harassing Lesbian Patient Removed

So, The House Republicans were in recess several weeks, came back for three days, ....

A Milestone in Massachusetts: Trans Rights Bill Signed

Callista brushes Newt's hair every morning...

Phoenix man accused of skinning, eating cat

Wanda Sykes Talks Republican Candidates' 'Tiny Penises' and Obsession with Gays: Video

Romney becoming liability for Bain.

Gun Industry Suffers Stinging Defeat in Court

Jaime Oliver's Fowl Dinners...his show highlighting factory Farming...

Protesters Take on Santorum in S.C.

The title of this story really cracks me up.

Can't do polls yet, but...Your favorite made-for-cable DRAMA? Sopranos? Deadwood? Boardwalk Empire?

Itty Bitty Titty Committee/The Return of the Petite Prick

Tepco appears to be having difficulty locating the nuclear fuel at Fukushima No. 1

Appeals Court Won't Block Ecuadoreans' $18B Chevron Win

Islamic Contributions to Science: The Scientific Method

Can you think of a Democratic parallel to the present Republican primary?

Kastama signals support for gay marriage bill (WA State)

Justice for Marley - Saving Marley from a Deadly Judgment

The Truth About Gun Sales

Obama should win in Nov. by a wide margin...

A Bicoastal Approach to Crab Salad

The Purity Bear

I am tired of arguing

Did you hear Obama sing last night? He's good!

Native (Hawaiian) forest birds in unprecedented trouble, according to researchers

Romney's Cayman Island tax dodge money is none of our business according to Hannity.

Students' math scores jumped 20% with iPad textbooks, publisher says

Connecticut Florist Delivers Flowers To Atheist Teen After Four RI Florists Refuse

I need a favour - Any one know about Royal Raymond Rife?

Great State Debate: Pennsylvania home to six HOF QBs

3,000 Chinese workers + 50,000 tons of Chinese steel: Dylan Ratigan on the SF Bay Bridge upgrade

French withdrawal from Afghanistan up to Paris: US

Yet another poll has Noot up by six in South Carolina

Catholic Leaders Call On Gingrich/Santorum To Stop Perpetuating Ugly Racial Stereotypes bout Poverty

Almond Industry Can't Upend Salmonella Rules

I have never seen a candidate screw up an easy issue like Romney has screwed up the tax returns.

Holy Shit! Cavuto is PASSIONATELY defending John King for asking Gingrich the question.

A thought about infidelity.

Atlanta Newspaper editor discusses Israel assassinating Obama to ensure their survival. WTF!?!

Newt's Conversion: Then and Now on What is Acceptable in Presidential Politics: Talking Points Memo

Mitt Romney leaves NBC Florida Republican debate uncertain

Atlanta Newspaper Editor Suggests Assassinating Obama to "Preserve Israel's Existence"

IDF exposes Syria-funded Islamic Jihad terror cell in West Bank

Catholic Leaders Call On Gingrich And Santorum To ‘Stop Perpetuating Ugly Racial Stereotypes’ About

Clemson poll released today: Gingrich leads Romney in SC, 32% to 26%

DNC's Photo of the Day

SOPA like you won't find elsewhere - please watch and share Truth

When it Comes to Accepting Evolution, Gut Feelings Trump Facts

You can rec your own threads!!

Snack food company fires woman for wearing fake penis.

faces at Occupy... 1-20-12... excessive amt of photos!

Did you know that Dwight Schrute is Newt Gingrich 30 years ago?

States should have the right to ban birth control...

toon: Invisible Aquarium

Newspaper Editor: Israel Should Consider Assassinating Obama

The Guardian: Stephen Colbert and Herman Cain, together at last (and Cain didn't get the joke)

Huge rallies staged across many Syrian cities

How the world views Romney

Germany hits back at Romney's Euro-bashing

Julian Assange: The Rolling Stone Interview

Upcoming "Batman" movie - unintentionally symbollic?

Hamas attack on Gaza Shiites may indicate its political shift

Megaupload site wants assets back, to fight charges

Film reveals new 'West Memphis 3' witnesses

Efforts to control the Mississippi result in flooded farmland

Australian police and security guards beat a cricket fan who was not even resisting

U of I facility to demonstrate new technology in biomass conversion to crude oil

Any chance of separating Help & Meta into two separate forums?

an ice storm is coming.

Fake CNN email used as dirty trick in South Carolina

U.S. preparing to close embassy in Syria

Fracking Quakes Shake the Shale Gas Industry

There are two big things President Obama could do right now that would start to turn the tide

Really, rethugs? This is the best you can come up with?

Can and should DU make a Super PAC?

Would someone explain why the Earned Income Tax Credit isn't applicable before age 25?

Deleted by poster. nt

Tampa GOP presidential debate in limbo as NBC pulls airing (Romney refused to commit)

Deleted by poster. nt

Even Billionaires Say 'Carried Interest' Break On Romney's Personal Tax Bill is a 'Racket'

The Third Marriage Is Sacred

Chris Wallace: I Also Would’ve Asked The ‘Open Marriage’ Question First

How does Obama look in Georgia?

Something has happened with the videos posted here. Anyone have a clue?

Hello, your Friday Afternoon Challenge again with: The Art of the Loot!

Photosynthesis Fuel Company Gets a Large Investment

A Joke about Home Improvement...#18

A French Film Takes Issue With the Psychoanalytic Approach to Autism.

The Next SOPA

Humans -ARE BY FAR- the Dominant Cause of Global Warming: A Comprehensive Review of the Science

SOPA support/opposition infographic

A video I've posted twice has vanished from DU.

Seaweed study fuels bioenergy enthusiasm

Damning toon from Jeff Danziger- "All I said was food stamps"

"The way he went after the 'elite media' was just BRILLIANT, really, and he's reaping the rewards"

FAA Deal on Capitol Hill: Labor Language Dropped

FAA Deal on Capitol Hill: Labor Language Dropped

Iran-Russia Trade In Domestic Currencies

Man arrested for possessing a buttock of Saddam

Don't kid yourself. Citizens United means this election is unlike anything we've seen before.

Acid Rain Study Show Substantial Decreases, But More Progress Is Needed

NASA Sees Repeating La Niña Hitting its Peak

What's up with YouTube right now?

What browser do you prefer, and why do you prefer it? I have been using IE at work

California Supreme Court To Review Medical Marijuana Cases

So was justice served?

Alarming facts about Campaign Finance and 'Roberts' money -

How about Doug La Follette for Governor?

Results of your alert - link missing.

Army Releases December & Calendar Year 2011 Suicide Data

Awww! Poor piggy defends privacy about his open marriage and sexual perversions...

New - Romney on FoxNews re tax returns: "I Don’t Want To Give The Democrats A Nice Little Present.."

OMFG-Undercover police had children with activists

"The Committee to Re-elect the President 2012"

Romney offshore accounts contain up to $32 million

remembering Etta James

Downton Abbey--is this the last season? I keep up with it, but I sincerely hope this

Santorum Investing in Outsourcing Firms (Bloomberg)

American men all gone from Australian Open singles

Phony e-mails say Gingrich forced abortion on ex-wife


Anyone playing Star Wars: The Old Republic?

Romney and Nixon

Guest Lineups For The Sunday TV News Shows (damn near all wall-to-wall repukes)

Toronto murders drop after Jamaica-based gang crackdown - good CBC video report

Cartoon for January 20th, 2012: Name the Morally Objectionable Action

WaMu Ex-Officials Settle FDIC Lawsuit

Don't you get it? Authoritarian followers don't care about Gingrich's hypocrisy

Marianne Gingrich should have spoken up when it would have really mattered

(NLRB) Acting General Counsel seeks changes in deferral policy

Myanmar election fever grips Suu Kyi party

The Weekend Economists' Panglossian Pandemic January 20-22, 2012

Romney Refuses To Release Tax Returns, Says He’ll Lose To Obama If He Does

Marine Le Pen: Frances' Fatal Attraction?

Phony e-mails say Gingrich forced abortion on ex-wife

"Tiny penises" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "tiny penises".

AFP: UN 'disturbed' by jailing of China activist

Worker's Power article on Ron Paul.......

NASA Finds 2011 Ninth-Warmest Year on Record

UC Davis Protesters Won’t Face Charges

VIDEO of entire Stephen Colbert Interview on Morning Joe

(Bob) Kerrey (D) to weigh bid over weekend (US Senate)

Make sure you watch anything Starz related soon

I know I shouldn't be looking a gift horse in the mouth BUT what is with the GOP hatred with

Anonymous Tricks Bystanders Into Attacking Justice Department

Saw an anti-Obama TV ad on the Milwaukee news yesterday.

Romney offshore accounts contain up to $32 million

"At least we know that Newt has a history with women"

I wouldn't be at all surprised if Mitt dropped out of the race. Hear me out...

The White House says it will take questions via Google+ following the State of the Union address

Krugman: Taxes at the top

has anyone here ever done background on the Ulsterman Report?

finally after years-a few of the right are waking up

Gingrich Says ‘Work’ Is A ‘Strange, Distant Concept’ To Juan Williams

Whom would you most like to see as the Republican nominee? And why?

Santorum Law License Suspended

active-duty army soldiers suicides reach record high; sex crimes also on the rise

Who is on "Real Time" tonight? Can can't do a usa HBO search because I am in Canada

After the events with Paula Deen this week... Which food network star has upset you

Chuck Todd! Lighten UP, Francis. ("Is (Colbert's) real agenda to marginalize the Republican Party?")

One year to Inauguration.

Fox News ‘A-Team’ Psychologist: Being Married Three Times Could Make Gingrich A Better President

Caring for Those Who Care

Nasty Newt Nabs a Nose

Post something "despicable" that somebody's ex said about them...

Latest pet peeve -- student driver that traps you behind them.

Couple Finally Reveals Child's Gender, Five Years After Birth

CANTOR (peeing his pants) Tells GOP: - Wrap up 2012 GOP race quickly

Children are our future? Michigan Dems act like they really believe that (Free college tuition)

Chuck Todd: Stephen Colbert is "Making a mockery of the System"

Today I found a solution for when mom drives me nuts

End of the week LOL's (Jan. 20th) - pics

Have any of ya'll ever used an online vision board?

Judge orders search of News of the World computers

If Jesus ran for the Republican nomination

DU prominent mention in anti-SOPA fight

Weekend entertainment. I'm going to do a 'Picket Fences' marathon.

Newt goes off the deep end, says riding the subway is for elitists

Newt's Promise

In another IR thread I posted that IR can't penetrate

Waiting for False Prophets: The Puzzling Matter of the Israeli Liberals

Advice needed on shipping food.

Newt Gingrich Uses Violent Rhetoric Directed At President Obama In Fundraiser Email

Tory MP to his South Asian constituents: Do you speak ‘Indian’?

I really don't know why so much of the GOP hates Romney.

Exclusive: New U.S. Commando Team Operating Near Iran

Moses invests. Tebow genuflects. Jesus SAVES!!!

"...Not by a long shot. “Every person in here knows personal pain,” Gingrich said.

Chamber of Commerce Sends Internal Email Reassessing SOPA, Protect IP

Newt just said, on CNN, people like him because they want a 'forcefull' leader. That's it. He is

What will the losers go back to? Santorum had a job before this?

Just a VERY nice Obama moment:

Clear and present danger

Source: Dolphins to hire Joe Philbin

I need to escape. Need video recs.

LAUSD Students Roundly Reject Healthier School Lunch Menu

Interview: Deputy Chairman of the Elections Committee Speaks about Libyan Electoral Law and the Crit

Here's my crappy photo of Gotdon Ramsay!

Toon: Jesus "watching" Tebow...

How Harper seized control of pipeline and health-care debates

Obsession with safety is ruining our playgrounds

A story about Home Improvements..#11

Here's my crappy photo of Getdown Ramses!

Just looking for input.

Sheldon Adelson and Newt Gingrich: One gained clout from friendship, the other funding

Last night's episode of The Big Bang Theory

Cat walked on the keyboard again

Johnny Depp as Barnabus Collins...

PHOTOS: First pics of Johnny Depp as "Barnabas Collins" in Tim Burton's "Dark Shadows" remake

I've been noticing many people have one person ignoring them

Canadian Tory MP to his South Asian constituents: Do you speak 'Indian'?

Tonight on Countdown

Who is this Daniel Craig-knockoff dullard replacing Cenk on Current tonight?

Atlanta Jewish Times publisher suggests ‘hit' on Obama, apologizes

Labor jumps into GOP primary fray

Solar surge hurts coal, deepens Merkel's puzzle (Germany)

John Oliver - The Daily Show -" who on his best day, places in a Dwight Schrute lookalike contest"

Can one do a member search like in DU2? n/t

VIDEO: Plan Nine From Outer Space (the WHOLE movie)!

Canadian Conservative Shul Hosts Gay Wedding

Profit from China’s renewed solar appetite (will eat our lunch)

Canadian Conservative Shul Hosts Gay Wedding

New York State Expands Solar Incentives

The 30,000-lb Massive Ordnance Penetrator Bomb Works So Well It Earned A Rare Honor

Megadeth bassist studying for Lutheran ordination at Concordia

High chair saves the life of a dog

I'm bored. Bored bored bored.

Bird flu scientists suspend work amid epidemic fears

Song/singer that makes your knees weak hearing the song.

Ann Romney: I Asked Mitt If He Could 'Save America' And He Said 'Yes'

I can forgive Gingrich's indiscretion

BTW, Chuckie Todd didn't much like the President's performance at the Apollo...

The whole MSNBC evening lineup will be reporting the SC results @ 6 pm tomorrow night.

What speakers do you suggest?

Capitol Report: Unions busy behind the scenes vetting candidates to take on Walker

Catholic leaders call on Newt and Santorum to cool their rhetoric...

Barack Obama's Greatest Hits

Alain de Botton: a life in writing

The Al Green Surge...

Lawmakers Want Vermont To Create State Bank

LOL!!! Keith just pointed out that Virginia's evangelical primary voters

Please help caption the Mittbot 3000.

What's your Unitarian Jihad name?

A politician's personal relationship with his/her spouse does matter!!

what has obama done that make

GOP attack ads do Obama’s Job for him, says legendary ad man and devout Republican

Friday Talking Points (194) -- Out Of Touch

Neil Cavuto Gives John King A Strong Pat On The Back For ‘Open Marriage’ Question - video

Dear Newt: You're screwed now. You should have just cheated on your wife with your mistress....

N.J. police installing red spotlights to remotely shine on those believed about to commit crime

I got my letter in the telegraph

X-tal performs Census at House Party in San Francisco before their ten year reunion... great song.

In Solar Cells, Tweaking the Tiniest of Parts Yields Big Jump in Efficiency

Windows Media Player problem. Help needed.

Op-ed: Women Today, Gays Tomorrow?

DC-Area Homes of the 2012 Repub. Presidential Candidates

Does John Boehner now believe that government creates jobs?

Why Obama's 'Targeted Killing' is Worse than Bush's Torture

Mayors Commit to Bring Marriage Equality to Cities

For the religious right, faith without works

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!

Thank you Rachel

Spying mystery deepens with lack of information (Canada/NATO)

I'd love to see a "Preview" option on DU Mail messages

I was told my wires aren't "grounded". What does that mean?

Pink slips for Congress Good, Funny video from #J17

These Guests will get us back in the Bill Maher habit / the Season is back on...

PInk slips delivered to the House on #J17

Why the GOP Primary is Giving the Party Ulcers

Couple Finally Reveals Child's Gender, Five Years After Birth

kinda keeping with the song theme that Justice Wanted started... what group, band or individual

I Baffled The Cashier at Safeway This Morning

I think there is a lot more screwing around in Washington than people think

Why did I have to just re-upload my custom avatar?

I love Bill Moyers.

Am I the only person who has no clue who Paula Deen is?

Not good: Carbon Dioxide Is 'Driving Fish Crazy'

Now that we have the bookmark feature...I'd really like to see the Search!

How many Republicans would vote for Obama if Newt Ginrich got the nomination?

SCOTUS Orders Texas to Replace Minority-Representative Electoral Maps with Ones That Favor Repugs

Aren't we are worried about a Gingrich nomination

North Korean Ambassador Caught and Released

I got romney'd today.

Ok, sorry don't know what ..."Trash a Thread" means or is for..

I got romney'ed today. So I may be spending a bit more time around here!!

Do cats who "get lost" (leave) come back?

Should the Swastika Be Banned?

Jewish Newspaper Publisher Calls For Hit On Obama, Apologizes

Joe Biden stuns Pasadena neighborhood with unannounced visit

David Plouffe on the State of the Union: The White House Wants to Hear From You


Looking for stories of mortgage fraud in WA State

White House - West Wing Week: 1/20/12 or "The Time is Always Right to do What is Right"

How many people here are into H&M?

New endorsement for Romney...... RICH KIDS!

SF: Court documents imply Sheriff used food to control, punish family.

I found out how to see the best posts on DU

Republican party appears to officially back one-state solution

Too much damn paper coming home from school!!

Body of Iraq kidnap victim Alan McMenemy handed over

Joe Biden stuns Pasadena neighborhood with unannounced visit

Rachel may have just broken the law on the air

Official plans to invoke Fifth Amendment privilege in response to Fast and Furious subpoena


You know your kindergarten teacher is overworked when.....

Romney: "Of course the economy is getting better!"

Moral question from Jurassic Park: Wipe out all the dinosaurs or wipe out the rest of your security?

New Definition of Autism Will Exclude Many, Study Suggests

*Need to Know, PBS, from S. Carolina

As of the recent SOPA episode, I am no longer a Democrat.

Results of South Carolina

TPM: Holy Crap. If you want to know why the GOP establishment is freaking out, check out this chart.

Andrew Adler, 'Atlanta Jewish Times' Publisher, Apologizes For Obama Assassination Comments

New Jersey expands gun control laws.

The world war on democracy

Georgia Judge Orders President to Appear at Hearing.

I would expect Romney's "I pay a 15% tax rate on my millions" and "I won't release my tax returns"

Western PA snowstorm check in

A newspaper site I was reading just had a light blue banner ad at the top

ABC's The Note: It’s On! Newt, Mitt to Hold Dueling Ham House Events

anybody watching "moyers and company" on pbs?

I keep hearing that Jeb Bush is the great republican hope.

Clashes between Malian army, Tuareg rebels leave scores dead

Jindal’s Louisiana Privatization Orgy

Is U.S. Planning Military Force to Suppress Unions and OWS?

Music videos that stick in your mind.

Oh shit!! maidinmaryland got Romney'ed. He's going to have a lot of free time...

Is U.S. Planning Military Force to Suppress Unions and OWS?

Congress may be able to override President Obama on Keystone XL Pipeline

How to spot a time traveler

The DUzy Awards for the week of January 20, 2012

Professor Gingrich Provides Alibi to Marianne’s Charges

What Mitt Romney’s father could teach him about economic fairness. Wash Post

After the Arab Spring: creating economic commons

Photos from Anchorage's Citizens United protest

Stephen Colbert, Herman Cain and James Taylor

Conservatism: "the felt experience of having power, seeing it threatened, and trying to win it back"

In Darwin's shadow, a socialist pioneer of evolution

Toons: A Three-Way, It's Not Envy, Re-Brand Myself and More. - 1/20/12

What's the funniest thing you've seen a wild animal do?

Reaganomics guru Laffer praises Kansas Gov. Brownback's tax plan

Has anyone ever had a worse week than Mitt Romney has had this week??

Bill Maher: People Don’t Like Mitt Romney “Not Because He’s Rich, It’s How He Got Rich’

Springsteen - We Take Care Of Our Own

BWHAHAHAHA:-IMUS - "I'm Gonna VOTE For Barrack Obama, PERIOD! "

Fuck professional football!

The real reason no one impersonates dead voters: High risk, little benefit

Official: American arrested in Syria

"Occupy" targets banks, corporate campaign spending

Black Box Voting, re: S. Carolina