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Boner/Keystone on Countdown:

Oh I like the Trash Can

MSM: Realizes SOPA Exists

Newt Gingrich: I would ignore supreme court as president

Jilted by Boeing, Wichita workers feel duped


But I thought they were chest nuts

You Know You're A Paulbot When...

This commute is killing me!

Decline 'Friend' Request: Social Media Meets 21st Century Statecraft in Latin America

Decline 'Friend' Request: Social Media Meets 21st Century Statecraft in Latin America

Jerry Springer To Fox News: ‘You Guys, Every Single Day, Bash President Obama’

Damn I just saw Lizzy getting beat up again on Rachel.

"Time Warp" brain teaser. Under what circumstances could the time in a state bordering the Atlantic

"Time Warp" Brain teaser answer:

Keystone Pipeline: What's the Cost of Crossing American Soil?

You like my new hat?

TYT: SOPA Blackout Angers Fmr Senator Turned Lobbyist Dodd

... Biblical Literalism in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Rest in Peace Big Sue

New Scott Walker Recall drinking game OR here is Scott walker's current sound bites

I've heard that Southern California is headed for big water problems this summer -

Kodak files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Congress tries to disable automatic spending cuts (they're "concerned" about automatic defense cuts)

Occupy Nation: Let's take back the country — starting now, by planning a tour to occupy the country

What's for Dinner? ~ Thursday January 19th!

Chinese dissident in U.S. tells of harassment, torture

Early Laptops

(NH) House bans funds for Planned Parenthood

An Interview With Amy Ziering, Producer Of The Invisible War

Europe planning new Syria sanctions

Fools and fanatics

Newt Gingrich: I would ignore supreme court as president

DCCC Releases Red to Blue List

Issa Introduces OPEN Act (responding to SOPA, also intro'd in Senate by Wyden)

Woman removed from plane after bringing gun aboard

Poll Sees Shift in Independent Vote, a Hurdle for Obama

SOPA Strike Web Sites - Screen Shots

Colbert polling at 13 percent nationally

Edward J. Derwinski, first secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs, dies

I may be in the minority, but I like SOPA

Inside the Homes of Mexico’s Alleged Drug Lords

When I see "SOPA-PIPA" I keep thinking of sopapillas

President Obama Campaign Ad Defends Energy Record

Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi introduces our first round of 2012 Red to Blue candidates - video

President Obama launches first TV ad of 2012 race

Counterterrorism Czar Accuses Tenet and CIA of 9/11 Cover-Up

Is there a list of where all Congresspersons stand on SOPA/PIPA? Where?

This is going to be the nastiest Presidential campaign ever. You can get a feel for it by some of

Jim Dean: Cheating Us Our Rights

Democrats Against Obama are

Check in if you are active in your local Democratic Club.

Farmers vs. Monsanto

A corrupt official gets caught in Thailand - you can't make this stuff up.

Dr. James David Manning Slams Young Turks, issues debate challenge

San Diego mayor (R) to lead campaign for same-sex marriage

A Special Message From Mitt Romney

Shinawatra Government no longer trying to hide its corrupt evil face.

Anyone have the jury comments on these 4-2 misfires?

German shift from nuclear a Herculean task -execs

Pakistani prime minister faces supreme court accused of contempt

Dances of Asia

Kodak files for bankruptcy

my bread was a hit

Conwebwatch 2012 Slanties: The Tree of Slants

There's nothing voluntary about addiction

How you think the jury system is working?

A cross post that should be here, I think.

PBS discussion of SOPA with Cheezburger (lolcats blog) CEO and NBC Universal VP

Who is the "independent voter?"

Just heard on the radio station that Merle Haggard has passed away...(edited)

Don't know if this a glitch or not, but one can "recommend" locked threads.

Democrats target GOP House seats held by Dan Lungren, Jeff Denham

Toon: The State of Affairs in Syria

Electoral voting effort stalls

Thomas Jefferson's revolutionary take on the Bible reissued

AP: Suspicions rise in Pablo Neruda's death

Ron Paul invokes the ... Millard Fillmore doctrine?

Passions grow over first Native American saint

Stuff that (increasingly desperate Republicans) would do to Obama

Hi, I just recieved this computer, and I have questions about the sound?

Hitler’s Nazi treatise ‘Mein Kampf’ to reappear in Germany

FIXED NEWS co-host lying again claiming there fair and balanced covering the President

Keiser Report: Economics of Suicide (E237)

Who likes Wolves? I like Wolves.

Picture of forgotten WWI vet tells a thousand words for historian

Who's up for reviving the "Democracy Corps" to combat PIPA and SOPA?

PIPA Support Collapses, and Here’s a Full List of the Senators Who Newly Oppose It

Short Lesson on Spending

AT&T jacks up data plan prices as usage booms

JP Morgan Chase Accused of 'Brazen Bankruptcy Fraud' routinely fabricated documents to deceive

Countries Banning Abortion See Higher Rates of Unsafe Procedures

Britain admits 'fake rock' plot to spy on Russians

"Let's see, there's three ... Romney, Gingrich, ..and I forget the third. Ooops."

Plan would eliminate tuition to UC's benefit

Raiders-Patriots 'Tuck Game' turns 10

Mars attacks!

DU Addiction

NCAA Men's Basketball: West Virginia 78, Marshall 62

NBC poll: Newt Gingrich gains ground on Mitt Romney in South Carolina

Trip Report by Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter to Egypt, Jan. 8-14, 2012

Cautious optimism and austerity mark start of 2012 Legislature

What to do about obvious trolls that haven't shown their butt yet?

NBC poll: Newt Gingrich gains ground on Mitt Romney in South Carolina

Palestinian activist Mahmoud abu Rahma leaves the hospital after a stabbing attack

Musician Peter Gabriel Comes Out Against SOPA/PIPA

Breaking News on KCRG now: Santorum won the Iowa caucuses vote.

Can someone answer a question for me about PIPA?

Newz from Brownbackistan

Police take down Occupy Syracuse camp (overnight)

Student rejects Oxford U - way cool!!

Andrew Sullivan on Hardball/ Why are Obama's critics so dumb?

Rupert Sheldrake on Coast to Coast tonight

Putin accuses (liberal) Echo radio of pouring 'diarrhoea' on him

Newt Ad: Desperate. Uses McCain, Huck to attack Romney who "will do and say anything to become pres"

This must be where Newt got his idea about child labor and the poor

An Ill-Omen (Champagne failed to break during christening of Costa Concordia)

An interesting fox got into the henhouse - 'My' YouTube Video was pulled.

Palin: "The mistake made, in our country, 4 years ago, was having a candidate who was not vetted..."

Religious belief interferes with people's understanding of evolution (NPR)

DU made the LA Times ~ Re: Sopa

Romney's sure drawing a heck of a crowd in SC

Bangladesh army says coup by 'fanatic officers' foiled (BBC)

2 terrorists killed in IDF strike in Gaza

Hooray! Bookmarks are back! How I've missed them ...

How c-c-cold is it?

Phone hacking: Jude Law, Lord Prescott and Ashley Cole get payouts (BBC) {NOTW}

SCYTL Acquires SOE Software, Becoming the Leading Election Software Provider

TPM: Hospitals Step Up War On GOP’s Cuts For Payroll Tax Package

Chief ad writer for Obama's reelection campaign identified

Stargazing viewer in planet coup (BBC) {tyro discovers planet}

Obama Blames GOP Deadline for Keystone Rejection

Theory Thread: What is the one sentence that Newt's ex will utter which will "sink" his candidacy?

Well, if you HAVE to wake up to the kitty throwing up...

Orphaned baby seals taken to sanctuary after storms (BBC)

ooopsie! Newtie, Marianne and a secret FBI Investigation on arms sales to Iran

I miss the morning line-up on our local radio station.

Birther site edited by Sharon Rondeau calls for "well-needed cleansing" of America

Strangford Lough {tidal} generator given all-clear (BBC)

Iowa Caucus Shocker: Rick Santorum Declared Winner By 34 Votes

The Ron Paul Zone

Long time Liberal Congressman Maurice Hinchey (D-NY22) to retire

South Africa Kruger park rhinos to get extra wardens (BBC)

"Jim DeMint, Tea Party Silverback" -- Am I the only one who heard that?

Chris Dodd receives a flood of negative comments on Twitter regarding anti-piracy bill support

'Almost all' African abortions unsafe: Some 97% of abortions carried out in Africa are dangerous for

We hold these truths to be self-evident . . .

I can't stand it.......advertisements on every video I click on to watch....

So the new Tebow meme is he played with errrrr considerable injuries....

Justified - Season Three - Episode One - Spoilers

Marty Springstead, youngest umpire crew chief in World Series, has died

The Power of the People is On the Move!

(Gov. Scott) Walker (WI) refuses $37M for health care

AFP's Solyndra ads

Hinchey will not seek reelection

Michigan democrats unveil plan to finance free college tuition eliminating corporate tax credits

Mike Luckovich nails 'Mittsy Rich' on his tax rate

72% of Ohio voters say halt fracking until more study done

Wisconsin: Recall petition update and interview with announced candidate Kathleen Falk - Rachel

Tom Toles nails Gingrich on his 'food stamp president' dog-whistle politics

George Romney, Mitt’s Father, Paid A 37 Percent Effective Tax Rate

It’s More Than a War of Words {article re: luntz & disaffected voters}

Most College Males Admit To Regularly Getting Stoked

Thank you coal industry: Mercury in Canned Tuna

Stephen Fry (on QI) on American religious cults

Operation Rescue: Murder as many doctors as you can. Rachel Maddow reports

Mitt Romney Wouldn't Know a Free Market If It Bit Him on the Ass

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (01/19/2012)

Toon - At least we don't have to worry about Brain Damage!

How the Drug War Spread Across the Entire World

Romney’s offshore accounts draw scrutiny

13 new Senators oppose PIPA

Jobless claims drop near four-year low

Kickoff of Protect All NC Families campaign to defeat Amendment One (updated)

Toon- Cheesehead (LOL)

Matt Taibbi: Everything You Need to Know About Wall Street, in One Brief Tale.

Phasing out fossil fuel subsidies 'could provide half of global carbon target'

Fossil fuels received more than $409 billion in aid in 2010

The Working Poor Economics Show

Editorial: Adams' finances don't pass smell test

Non Sequitur Toon: Explaining the Republican Campaign for President

Kodak Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection

The craziest rumor about the Affordable Care Act created by the right-wing yet......

OWS Now What? Insight from Spain's Indignados.

Name your own Super PAC!

Sources telling CNN that Rick Perry will quit the race today.

Thursday TOON Roundup- Mittens the 'poor' candidate

The latest toy craze...

TPM Livewire: CNN reports Perry to Drop out of the Race Thursday

Thursday TOON Roundup 2- Election Year Politics

No posts about the XL keystone pipeline??

Scalia and Thomas: So What if Your Lawyer Abandons You While Appealing Your Death Sentence?

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- SOPA, Rights and War

BREAKING : Rick Santorum WON the Iowa Caucus by 34 votes!!

Will Willard's magic underwear protect him

How Rick Santorum Ripped Off American Veterans

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- Dropping the Bomb on Walker, and the rest

ABC: As a Primary Looms, Perry’s Donors Say ‘It’s Over’


I made a grapefruit chiffon cake for my mother's birthday.

perry is out

Peak oil notes - January 19

Drumbeat: January 18, 2012

Drumbeat: January 18, 2012

TPM Livewire: Report: Rick Perry to Endorse Newt Gingrich

Peak oil notes - January 19

CONFIRMED-Murdoch Corporate Cover-Up & Repeated Hacking ON US SOIL!

DU Album of the Day: Portishead 'Dummy'

CONFESS!!!! What did you do for the last 18 hours while DU was down

Supreme Court Overturns 'Right v. Wrong'

Florida DUers...Some help please!

Rex Flodstrom Arrested For Surfing Lake Michigan In January

Flashback: Mitt Romney defends top 1%

There they go again. The votes from 8 precincts went missing in Iowa. (Wapo)

Mitt Romney Wouldn't Know a Free Market If It Bit Him on the Ass

TPM Livewire: 100 Tea Party Leaders to Endorse Gingrich

Republicans Boo the Golden Rule

Capitano Schettino may have saved the day by returning to Isola di Giogli

Why Is an Atheist High School Student Getting Vicious Death Threats?

Perry Dropping Out Of Republican Presidential Race

Camera inserted in reactor 2 {tepco}

Newt Caption!!!

How the Drug War Spread Across the Entire World

As of today Rick Perry -- like most reptiles -- is NOT running for president

Japan to allow 60-year reactor lifespan despite Fukushima

Facing a dystopian future

Re Romney's taxes: If I was a Republican I'd sure as hell want to see what's in there.

Will there be a DU3 baby boom around October 18, 2012?

Man opens and drinks 3 beers with no hands in 1 minute (Video)

The GOP Prayer Circle

If you happen to be on a big ass ship that is sinking...

Judge to hear arguments in WISCONSIN voter ID lawsuit today - - Thursday 1/19


Women Take Power in Brazilian Government

Chicago City Council gives Rahm authority to clamp down on free speech during G-8 and NATO summits

In honor of Perry dropping out of the race: "Adios, Mofo"

I am surprised the anti-Romney forces have not done anything with this

4,000 Fresno County SEIU workers will go on strike starting Monday

Money BOMB Elizabeth Warren Today.

North Korea-owned restaurant in Cambodia allows rare South-North interactions

Update #1 from H2O Man

NYT editorial: The 1% and That 15%

World Book Day

10 year old is the new model for Versace. I see this as an endorsement of unhealthy body - image

Mrs. Santorum, Can We Talk?

Perry wll endorse Gingrich after dropping out today,

Fukushima ghost towns - Slideshow

Voluntary 'De-Baptism' Rising in Europe

French far-right leader making gains in run-up to April elections

Brent Venables to Steer Tigers' Defense

South Carolina Voters Disagree With Romney, Say $374,000 Is ‘A Lot Of Money’

Pic Of The Moment: Adios Mofo

Stick a fork in Rick Perry - He's done

My 4 year old granddaughter just discovered Shirley Temple.

I said it was sex and I was right..Newt wanted

WSJ: Romney's Unorthodox IRA

GOP are destroying themselves aren't they?

Marco Baghdatis!!!!!

"The Master From Flint Hill: Earl Scruggs" by Steve Martin (New Yorker)

Rick Perry retroactively dropping out of race in a campaign season first.

The Art of Demonstration Exhibit Explores Emergence of Online Protests

ROMNEY's Offshore Accounts-Takes Advantage of Tax Loopholes To Pay LOWER TAXES Than Middle-Class

A FORENSIC INVESTIGATION of Iowa vote count would prove election fraud is standard ops in GOP

Will New Gingrich offer Perry a position in his Administration?

Pakistan to re-open NATO route, Taliban talks falter (but there is no date for re-opening)

Gold Canyon (Arizona) Arts Festival, 28 January 2012

Thirty-one posts needed to hit 35,000! Egg me on!

Peyton Manning retiring? So says Rob Lowe

Rick Perry's new job

The beautiful thing about the Willard-Salamander battle

Survey: Republicans Trust Fox News And Nothing Else; Democrats more diverse

Terrell Owens to play (and be part owner) in the IFL

If the Republicans in Congress actually did something that created American jobs...

Fact check: Gingrich's tax plan

What if SOPA gets passed?

What is the basis for DU's Community Standards?

can't get up from recliner

Report: Newt Gingrich wanted an Open marriage with second wife.

Costa Concordia: new audio recording of officer reporting 'black-out'

Well, with Perry out, it looks like we ain't a' gonna go back inna EYE-rack, Stretch.

Marianne Gingrich reportedly claims Newt wanted 'open marriage'

Downed airmen tell their tale

Whistleblowers File Alarming Claim Against 1-800-Get Thin

Journalist tries to contact Libous' office re: H20MAN (listen to this -- is this real?)

Religious avatars

NBC/Marist poll: Newt gaining ground on Mittens in SC


+++ NFL Picks / Conference Playoffs +++

Bonnie Raitt - Angel from Montgomery (live)

Woman Sues Disney Over Spanking

CBC: call the SC Tea Party convention ... what it was: a white political event.

Exclusive: Gingrich Lacks Moral Character to Be President, Ex-Wife Says

Rory Gallagher - Blue Moon of Kentucky

todays trades

Federal Courts Can Hear Suits Over Nuisance Calls

The Allman Brothers Band - Blue Sky

The problem with Romney's wealth and tax dealings

a note on the Cuyahoga Falls Ohio story "Gay couple fights to be recognized ..."

No ifs, ands or bits… President Obama MUST be reelected.

Marshall Tucker Band / This Ol' Cowboy

Tomlinson discusses Sanchez-Santonio tension

John Anderson - Seminole Wind

Poe Fans Call an End to 'Toaster' Tradition

So, lets review the new battle lines...

Stray cat attacked by arrow survives surgery to remove it!

A letter from Mitt Romney: "About my finances" / ghost written by Andy Borowitz

Glen Campbell - Galveston (with lyrics)

Willie Nelson That Lucky Old Sun


Mitt Romney Sent Millions to Mormon Church

Bob Dylan - Nashville Skyline Rag [Instrumental] (1969)

Freeper "Da Coyote" high-fives Gentleman Newt because he "asked" and "Clinton just did it anyway"

ESQUIRE Interview with Marianne Gingrich August, 2010 -- It's

Poll: Majority of N.J. voters support gay marriage

Emmylou Harris - Red Dirt Girl

Update #2 from H2O Man

Pinkberry's owner jumped a homeless guy for a sexually explicit tattoo.

Ex-wife says Gingrich asked her for an 'open marriage" in which he had both a wife and a mistress

High On A Mountian Top Loretta Lynn

Arizona: Climate Impact Ground Zero?

U.S. Treasury dips into pension funds to avoid debt limit

Democratic candidate of Indian descent faces racist attack from teabaggers in Illinois

Newt says we should pay 30 kids the same wage as one "Union" janitor

Op-ed: Mrs. Santorum, Can We Talk?

A Letter from Mitt Romney About My Finances -- borowitz

How can I make a document appear as my screensaver. Any help will be GREATLY appreciated :) n/t

Brian Ross: "What Gingrich wanted from (his second wife) is an open marriage"

Apple Kills the Textbook with iBooks 2, iBooks Author

Limpopo is a mess - Limpopo "rebels" lashed as Gordhan rips into 'sabotage'

Call for assitance from London/London experienced DUers

Jo'burg sends in Red Ants in defiance of ConCourt

A VISIT FROM THE GOON SQUAD--Discussion Schedule

Would anyone mind if I hosted this group?

Who wrote Perry's speech, a cliche machine?

"No More Texans."

"Newt is not perfect, but there is forgiveness for those who seek God"

Meghalaya - The Indian state where women rule and there is a men's rights movement

Tiny island bears witness to tragedy

Rick Perry loves 3 things, names them. But, strangely, no "I love my wife" - nt

Canyon Arts Festival, Gold Canyon, Arizona, Saturday, 28 January 2012

Doomsday Atmosphere Sarkozy 'Against the Ropes' in Re-Election Fight

lowest number of new unemployment filings since april 2008

Newt Memorabilia includes this terrifying Son of Sam-esque campaign flyer

EU asks why credit cards are so expensive - Reckons industry could save €300bn in six years

Jurors can't see any problem with posting that someone is dead (who is alive)

'God bless this great country of 'America.'

Canyon Arts Festival, Gold Canyon, Arizona, Saturday, 28 January 2012

Congressman Hinchey, NY-22 to retire

First-Time Jobless Claims in U.S. Reach Lowest Level in Almost Four Years

BREAKING: Rick Perry endorsement forthcoming

Herman Cain got a part-time gig with the radio station he used to work at

Keystone pipeline seen moving ahead on new route

Eastman Kodak: 130 years of history – in pictures

Be nice to conservatives these days...

? For Mitt: If you weren't hiding your cash from taxes, what the fuck was it doing in the Cayman's?

Newton Leroy just asked everyone to be with him for the next 8 years

Two Polls Show Gingrich Leading in South Carolina

Oh, my. Family Values Newt wanted an open marriage with his second wife so he could bang Callista

Is Pastafarianism (AKA The Church Of The Flying Spaghetti Monster) a real religion?

Volkswagen commercial-The Bark Side

Newt's wife

The circus under the big top featuring GOP candidates is a classic.

Call me nuts, but I'm starting to get a sense...

The awkward moment when you break the law you propose.

Obama to announce visa reform at Disney-Move could bring thousands of new tourists

Anyone know the cost of a furnace/AC replacement?

Police Investigate Student Who Allegedly Pulled Girls’ Pants Down

What the Obama 'Machine' Looks Like to Newt Gingrich

Molly Ivins must be throwing a party in heaven.....

Italy to help recreate Libyan police force, Terzi says

Oh noze Mitt Romney haz a sad!

Could anyone explain the movie "The Nines"?

Preteen models... why yes, of course they're sexualized!

Anyone see the movie "The Nines"?

The Nation: Religious Right Roars Back In SC

Condoms in porn: Moving industry out of state could be difficult

U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Federal Jurisdiction Over Consumer Telemarketing Claims.

Please tell this Canadian...why is the Repub. presid. canadidate being decided by a small state?

The badly kept secret of Israel's trade throughout the Muslim world

Will there be a display of the number of DU members and total DU posts?

WSJ: Romney DID avoid taxes with offshore investments.


Modern Stage Combat - Stephen Colbert's latest ad, narrated by Samuel L. Jackson

Call for co-hosts

(MN) collects DNA samples from newborns, shares it with third parties without informed consent

do it for the kittens...

Sex-Act Morality Flow Chart

Democrats got over $1 million from Bain

BREAKING: Rick Santorum Beats Mitt Romney In Iowa Caucus...

Chinese dissident who fled to US tells of beatings and harassment

College Leaders Balance Israel and Speech

A Little Verse

EWWWW....who in the good lord's name would want to be in an open marriage with Newt Gingrich

Did Mitt Romney Candidacy Just Suffer A Mortal Blow?

(PPP) SC Gingrich leads Romney on 1st night of tracking (34-28)

Could anyone explain the team "The Niners"?

What does MIRT mean?

Any thread title with the words "Newt Gingrich" in it should end with the word, "Frankly."

Obama has found his spine

Great tweet from Matt Bors:

World Bank warns of 'very difficult year'

If Obama Loses: The Courts

This guy has to be one of my favorte non-Eagles players in the NFL - Joe Flacco

GOP Hopefuls Refusing To Disclose Top Bundlers

Who is (and isn't) covering SOPA, PIPA and the Jan. 18 blackout?

Meghalaya, India: Where women rule, and men are suffragettes

Anyone planning to raise Cain on Saturday?

Obama just cracked up the crowd at Disney World

BREAKING NEWS Governor declares state of emergency in Washington

A Webster's Dictionary entry sorely needing Mitt's picture

Re Newt's ex's interview - the GOP machine has obviously decided it's time to end this thing

The History of Gay Rights, in Seven Minutes


Ken takes lead over Boris in race for Mayor

Call for assitance from London DUers (cross-post)

From Occupy Congress on Tuesday

Rick Perry endorses Newt Gingrich

I have a date with a surgeon...


Rick Perry Experiences Overwhelming Feeling Of Clarity And Contentment In Final Moments Before

Everything you always wanted to know about Mitt. All 200 pages worth.

You know, I have no sympathy, and even less interest in Marianne Gingrich.

"The San Fancisco Giants are on their way to the Super Bowl!"

The "Meh" society...

Prince Fielder Wondering If He Has Truly Free Agency

Ex-Reagan adviser shapes Kansas governor's tax plan (also sued in possible Ponzi scheme)

Parting is such sweet sorrow. Post your fond farewells to a DU beloved - Rick Perry

Republicans deride Obama’s Disney visit as ‘taxpayer-paid campaign day’

United States Congress: A Graveyard for Democracy and Justice

Major Oil Refinery To Close In US Virgin Islands

Obama’s first ad focuses on green jobs

AFL-CIO's President Richard Trumka slams Obama's jobs council report!

Hey, I found youse! Newbie to this thread. I have M.S. & want to know if others have tried Ampyra?

Caption This Newt Gingrich Photo


Oil and Gas Jobs Increase by 75,000 Under Obama — 69,000 More Than Would Be Created By Keystone XL

Used to be people left their kids in the car, now they leave them in shopping carts at liquor store

N.J. Lawmaker: Gay Marriage Nears Veto-Proof Support

Rick Perry Experiences Overwhelming Feeling Of Clarity And Contentment In Final Moments Before Death

Meet Anthony Chiasson, The Hedge Funder That Just Turned Himself In To The FBI For Insider Trading

If album covers were honest about the album...

Update on the Keystone XL Pipeline

Oh, come on now... I mean, who DOESN'T have a few million bucks stashed in the Cayman Islands? posts a letter to the MPAA

As The Clown Car Empties - Needlecasts Favorite Rick Perry Moments

Johnny Otis dies at 90

Democratic Senate Approves Fewer Obama Nominees than it Did Bush Choices

Gotta love the way Mittens says he "didn't make very much" from his speaking engagements

Gov. issues state of emergency (Washington State)

TYT: Why Andrew Sullivan Is Wrong About Obama's Liberal Critics

University California proposal eliminate tuition pay 5% of income 20 yrs

question about visiting WH

N.J. Lawmaker: Gay Marriage Nears Veto-Proof Support

Abandon Ship Drills

Obstacles Facing US Wind Energy

I want to get my prediction in right now

The Helix in infrared!

"The War on Women"

Chris Dodd: WTF? He's supposed to be a Democrat.

PHOTO: Enjoy an ice-cold, delicious "Cerono," the "Superior Quality Mexico Brand" Beer from Beijing!

A very good discussion (on our economic clusterfuck between Jon Stewart and Joe Nocera fron the NYT.

The Middle East Didn't Really Get Any Freer in 2011

Nuclear weapons 2011: Momentum slows, reality returns

Auto-industry rescue paying dividends

Facebook's Aim Is Dangerous, Digital Privacy Group Says

This lame, copy-cat, douchebaggery will never amount to much. - "Gronking"

I saw it! Every body to get from street!

Railroad companies fight safety rules, with help from GOP and Obama

Sears Warns Nevada County Teens Over Name Of Lawn Care Business

Meghalaya, India: Where women rule, and men are suffragettes

So if Callista was the "other woman", and Gingrich wanted an open marriage...

Radio host: God will cure AIDS if gays stop having sex ("If you’re a man, stop using poppers!")

VIDEO: DNC Compares Obama And Romney Plans For Auto Industry

Santorum: Liberty is the freedom to obey God's commands

Romney declared winner in Iowa though Santorum actually won and 8 precincts now have missing ballots

Marianne should have told Newt

New school can’t be Cougars because middle-aged women might be offended

So Perry has pulled out

My cat plays fetch!

How Porn Can Ruin Your Sex Life -- And Your Marriage

Some of us DO take jury service seriously, you know.

do you think we need a new forum for complaints about jury

Has Harry Reid made any recent statements regarding PIPA?

Gingrich-Perry ticket, with Palin in cabinet

I have a date with a sturgeon.

NASA Finds 2011 Ninth-Warmest Year on Record [hd video]

Democratic Party of Wisconsin tells Walker to put up or shut up.

The Story Behind Mitt Romney's Secret Tax Returns

Western Washington State is having a rare ice storm! Gov. declares state of emergency.

I'll be released from the hospital in about two weeks...

Thai PM gives cabinet post to U.S. blacklisted businesswoman

Christian Right Goes To War Over Newt Gingrich's Wife

Kindle version of "The Exquisite Zodiac"

More Christian Bigotry: florists refuse to deliver FFRF’s flowers to Jessica Ahlquist

Police say buyer was selling horses to slaughterhouses

Remembering Mom's Clothesline

Sledding on Queen Anne Hill (Seattle)

Recall Walker == One Million Signatures

I have never seen That Which Should Not Be Seen

BTW, besides paying low taxes Romney pays not SS or Medicare taxes

A Letter from Mitt Romney (

Plea deal possible in Haditha killings court-martial

Inventory Lists 19,232 Newly Discovered Species During Latest Count

I wish people would quit attacking "English" majors.

Most Distant Dwarf Galaxy Detected

GAB-CAM! Watch your recall petitions live.

Anyone been to Cairo?

Ancient Popcorn Discovered in Peru

Anyone been to Cairo?

Obama never secretly killed the public option. It’s a myth.

Science's "most beautiful theories"

Let's face it - electing Romney would be an endorsement

CEO OF APPLE PARTNER FOXCONN: 'Managing One Million Animals Gives Me A Headache'

The love story that changed history: Fascinating photographs of interracial marriage ...

Fire at prof's NJ home yields cache of child porn

The general feeling from a few in this forum is that the average DUer is too....

A little cartoon battle for Numero UNO

Gingrich Tied With Romney in South Carolina Forecast (Nate Silver, Five Thirty Eight)

India sees gains from gender quota

Rush's take on Gingrich sleeze

To reduce gun violence, stop guns at the source

Lynching the Dream

Will Marianne's admission about Newt's wishes make him look sympathetic? The

Why aren't news organizations and DNC officials demanding investigation into Iowa election fraud

Issa subpoenas AZ US Attorney Criminal Division Chief

'Landowners paid paramilitaries for massacre'

What is 'under the radar' gun control?

'Landowners paid paramilitaries for massacre'

What Happened Before the Big Bang? The New Philosophy of Cosmology

Oil union leader and wife killed in southwest Colombia

Oil union leader and wife killed in southwest Colombia

Martin Bashir is tearing Newt a new one with great humor

Washington Monument gets $7.5M for repairs

Hey Newt, you know what 10.11.75 was?

Rush Limbrain: The democrats might want to take a second look at Newt

G-Spot: Science Can't Find It After 60 Years, Study Says

Okay, all the IR discussion lead me to this site.

German Nuclear Policy Reconsidered: Implications for the Electricity Market

Romney, kickbacks and cheated clients. (MSNBC)

Bibi Calls Times and Haaretz 'Main Enemies'

Did they forgive Rudy?

Oh, BABY. Martin Bashir's "farewell" to Perry hit him where the good Lord split him.

Nate Silver: Perry's voter's might not flock to Newt

Does Newt remind anyone else of Henry VIII?

Rick Perry, 'God's Choice' for President, Ends Campaign

Romney calls Santorum

George Clooney's Fabulous Quote On The Future Of Gay Rights

Can the rethugs do ANYTHING right?

PHOTOS: Inside Barack Obama’s World

Anything Goes

Not many people are happy with the repubican prexy choices, except maybe the Democrats. So . . . .

The Dirty Truth About American Jobs

Hell just froze over.

Re-Evaluating Germany's Blind Faith in the Sun

Honduras says US personnel to help stem violence

Honduras says US personnel to help stem violence

Newt Gingrich is the best person to represent the Republican Party.

Not enough time in jury service timeout.

Car bomb at Afghanistan air base kills 7 civilians

PPP tweet: first night of polling in SC and Gringrich leads by 6-points

Can you imagine a POTUS who is a tax dodger?

The Breville Smart Oven - I bought it!

Race, Words and the GOP Primary in South Carolina

Quinnipiac Poll of Ohio: Obama 44% (42) Romney 42% (43%)

Oops - Charles Taylor 'worked' for CIA in Liberia

PIPA dealt severe blow in Senate. (Politico)

The Canada Party - "Meet The Canada Party"

More oppportunity to speculate on the repubican's doings . . . .

Constitutional Amendment to Create Public Financing Introduced by Kucinich

Quick note for all the newbie (and maybe even the oldbie) bread bakers here.

Romney’s tax plan would cut his own taxes by nearly half, new analysis finds - WaPo

Spoilers only. Post a spoiler from a movie, book, or TV program.

NEW SCANDAL: Romney: Oversaw Marriott during years of kickback charges

Thom Hartmann: Sopa - I am not a Warlock!

Met Police wins appeal over G20 kettling tactics (BBC)

Gingrich Tied With Romney in South Carolina Forecast (538 analysis)

Romnney sends dollar bills to Cayman Islands to avoid rickets in dead Presidents.

Audition fail..

Richard Cordray, consumer bureau announce new supervision of payday lenders

Support for Colombian VP's bid to lead UN labor organization

How about making "Gingrich" synonymous with adulterer

Support for Colombian VP's bid to lead UN labor organization

ACI: A new way of measuring pretentiousness.

To Infinity And Beyond: Keystone XL Jobs Claims Spill All Over The Map

Feds Shut Down File-Sharing Website Megaupload

Gingrich on gay marriage: I am unalterably opposed to it. Marriage must remain a sacramental rite...

U.N. complaint alleges illegal pressure on Spain to stop Bush torture trials

The Part of Marianne Gingrich Interview That ABC Left on Cutting Room Floor

New Definition of Autism May Exclude Many, Study Suggests.

Another Mitt Scam? Pure speculation on my part.

Champion skier Sarah Burke passes away (After Jan 10 accident on practice run)

Nippon Ham to Texas Beef

So if the media is so liberal....

What do you call someone who's been sactioned by the House ?

ALL Republican candidates tax plans increase the national deficit!

What value does the music industry add to artist's work...?

Papantonio: Is Romney Breaking The Law With Offshore Bank Accounts?

Who else has stupid hair due to static electricity & dry air?

We are all being unfair to Newt. He just has too much love for one woman.

Lawyer gunned down after reporting police abuses to the media

Newt Gingrich has singlehandedly destroyed the sanctity of open marriage..........

Another 'In case you miss it': Update #1 from H2O Man

Canada freestyle skier Sarah Burke dies

Electronic waste: EU adopts new WEEE law (BBC)

500 Cuban health workers to relieve understaffed hospitals in Jamaica

Mitt to 99%: "America is right and you're wrong."

Stop Telling Women How to Not Get Raped

Time to post your photos...

Canadian Skier Sarah Burke dies of her injuries

We Take Care Of Our Own (With Lyrics) - Bruce Springsteen

Got a new name for Romney

Bulgaria bans shale gas drilling with 'fracking' method

Religion for me, but not for thee. Pagan mom challenges Bible giveaway at public school

Handy Chart: Is your tax rate higher or lower than Mitt Romney's?

500 Cuban health workers to relieve understaffed hospitals in Jamaica

Bruins Fan Rough Up Lightning Mascot Thunderbug After Silly Stringing

Danny Ainge willing to break up big three

Appears this Republican has had his fill of the clown show

Tebow's Defeat Restores Nation's Faith in God

It's....Kitchen dancing...Flamenco.

If Colbert were to run as a third party candidate against Obama and Romney, who would you vote for?

Caption this Romney/Gingrich pic

How Newt Stopped Marianne From Revealing Secrets the First Time

Ice-cold Epiphany anyone?

Will you vote for Old Blue, you know he "loves West Virginia!"

If God told Michelle Bachmann to run for president, and God told Rick Perry

Peru VP quits but hangs onto Congress seat

Romney Snaps At Questioner, ‘America’s Right, And You’re Wrong!” (TPM)


Re Newt's Open Marriage, "BFD"-"That's a mark of character, in my book.": (by Guess Who?)

Columbo rogues gallery

The next Jury outrage is on the way

Ex-CIA Officer: Worst-case Iran scenario is WW3!

Have you ever accidentally fallen into a life raft?

Expansion of Indefinite Detention in NDAA Compounds Extradition Fears of WikiLeaks' Assange

Gingrich leading Romney in 3 new polls for South Carolina primary

CrossTalk: Taunting Tehran

IQ test

PALIN: Newt The Cheat Is "Now going to soar even more"

IACHR orders Venezuela to protect human rights advocate

Human rights group calls on state to probe alleged 'torture flights'

Porn and the GOP

The Case Against Liberal Despair (Daily Beast)

Data Shows 2011 a Record-Breaking Year for Extreme Weather

MITT How LOW Will He Go? --- Romney's tax plan would cut his taxes in half!

they might go with newt...they want the meanest bastard on the planet to go after the President

Newt Gingrich Loved America So Much that he Needed an Open Marriage

Two days in President Obama's life. Yesterday - Keystone, Today - THIS.


"Callista doesn't care what I do"

South Carolina heart is all atwitter since

Swiss officials accuse Egypt’s Suzanne Mubarak of money laundering, withdrew money after uprising

Occupy Supreme Court - "US Supreme Koch" Banner Unveiled

Missouri lawmakers consider tolls for I-70

Which side are you on?

Anonymous Attacks DOJ Site After Feds Shut Down Piracy Hub Megaupload

Can DUers imagine what we'd be seeing and hearing

Is Romney bloodied?

Washington Marriage Bill Gets Another Vote, Corporate Boost

Deadly E. Coli Toxin Can Be Stopped With Manganese, Study Says

Tourism is our number one export, per POTUS today at Disneyworld....

The IMF is no longer serving its purpose

Older Gay Men Can Boost Mental Health by Being Married


..The New Color Line

Marking the sixth straight month of losses -- Wisconsin loses 3900 jobs. Go Scott Walker...

Michigan Middle School Student Counters Bullying with Positive Post-Its on Lockers

Is Mitt Romney Gordon Gekko?

Anonymous attacks DOJ site after feds shut down piracy hub Megaupload

Sometimes I don't understand this guy (Tweety) he's BASHING the President for his 1st Ad

Romney says he created 100,000 jobs. But that is the Gross number. What you need is the NET number.

Your Support Has Attracted the Democratic Party's Attention

Afghan Night Raid Sparks Anti-U.S. Protest


Food Stamp Families to Critics: Walk in Our Shoes

Obey Warns Against Overconfidence in Recall Efforts

Jenny Sanford is a liar.

Rush: Investing in the Caymans is like investing in Montana

Mourning Kitty

Richard Santorum's tragic yearbook photo

Two-Thirds Of Small Business Owners Say Citizens United Ruling Hurts Them

Newt's right. His 1st and 2nd wife does not have that "republican wife" look

Obama Stands up to Big Oil and Polluter Politicians

100 billion stars in our own galaxy, 160-500 billion planets and we want to think a god..

Sanders on Vermont Yankee Ruling: "Wrong and Ripe for Appeal"

Anonymous attacks after taking down Department of Justice and others

Marine helicopter crashes in Afghanistan


Two-Thirds Of Small Business Owners Say Citizens United Ruling Hurts Them

Why am I watching this show?!?!?!

Forced abortion for a mentally ill woman? No way, says Mass. appeals court

If Newt Gingrich had hunted down and eaten a toddler...

DU this poll

Elizabeth Warren for Senate Donation Info

I planted the bulk of my vegs today.

Imperialism For Cash-Strapped Era: Storms Below The Surface, U.S. Can Only Afford Half A Cold War

CNN: This GOP voter 'can't make up her mind.' [snark]

What candidate is sending the most campaign literature in Florida?

Inbox/Messaging issues?

TYT: 'Weak-Kneed' Obama Killed Public Option - New Book

What else will Newt Gingrich's ex-wife reveal tonight?

Guilty pleasure reality show...

Time to get out the Willards.

TYT: Bourdain Slams Paula Deen After Diabetes Announcement

Mother Jones: Paula Deen new pharma partner (diabetic drug) a cancer risk

Food stamp families to critics: Walk in our shoes .

Texas Taxpayers Have Spent an Estimated $2,651,429.14 on Rick Perry's Presidential Travel - Grrrr

all the talk about Romney and his money...

Romney Snaps At Questioner, ‘America’s Right, And You’re Wrong!” (Updated)

Anyone upset about food stamps is scum

Anonymous Goes on Megaupload Revenge Spree: DoJ, RIAA, MPAA, and Universal Music All Offline

Where would you buy really expensive good chocolate for cooking? What type of store sells it?

Thom Hartmann: Ron Paul's False Founding Narrative

RW talk radio blames liberal media for GOP controversies

In Egypt's New Parliament, Women Will Be Scarce

Suggs turns off act, reflects on mentor’s influence

BASF moves GM crops division to the US

What dish do you want to have one more time? When I was a kid my parents

Lack of dental coverage sends patients to ER for pain

Internet links for tonight's debate?

Who is your secret crush these days? I like Tim Oliphant of "Justified" and "Deadwood". He is

Alan Greenspan's ship of fools

Introducing the magical toasters of the Cayman Islands (8th in a series)

What addictions have you overcome and for how long. I've been quit smoking for 3.5 years.

Israel arrests senior Palestinian Aziz Dweik

What are you reading tonight Lounge? I'm reading Diane Keaton's biography "Then Again".

Please like "Florida Public Employees" on Facebook for updates about what is going on in Tallahassee

Are Democrats About To Lose An Entire Generation Of Voters By Pushing PIPA/SOPA Forward?

Exclusive: Senior al Qaeda figure killed in drone strike

Exclusive: Senior al Qaeda figure killed in drone strike

Unemployment Claims Fewest Since 2008

will you go to the inaugural? a meet up?

Ok I think I'm a bit tipsy because I can't stop laughing over the phrase 'plate of poo'

Herman Cain endorses "the people"

TYT: Cenk Disgusted By Standing Ovation for Newt's Poor Black Kids Comments

Local Economies for a Global Future

RedState Live debate chat now.

Russia to hold US accountable for loss of Phobos Ground space probe (posted in Russia > Economics)

Thom Hartmann: The Occupy Movement is Mutating

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar named U.S. global cultural ambassador

Spirituality vs the "God" idea.

Why protecting the buggy whip industry (again) isn't going to work.

For Farmers Everywhere, Small is (Still) Beautiful

Lawmakers Try To Keep Anti-Piracy Bills On Track

US Civil War question.....

tonight's republican debate is number SEVENTEEN

Oelwein man arrested for OWI while trying to get weapons permit

*** The GOP Debate reality show 8pm ET on CNN - live chat thread ***

This Man's Nick Name Was Crazy Schmit

US Thirst for Fossil Fuels is Decimating Wildlife: Report

My review of "Iron Lady" from a political as well as artistic viewpoint.

US Top Brass To Rein In Israel Over Iran

Combined Solar/ Wind Plant Goes Up in Illinois

Did you-know-who get banned yet?

Does it seem to you like Romney is trying to do a Reagan impression?

Wildfire now burning homes south of Reno ... in January

MidAmerican Goes Whole Hog For Iowa Wind

BWAHAHAHA! RimJob: "I'm officially endorsing Newt Gingrich for President today." Who GIVES a fuck?

BBC Television series "Syrian School" is kind of spooky to watch now...

Pro-Internet censorship lobbyist Chris Dodd once opposed suppression of speech

There's nothing like the classics...

This discussion between Tweety and Jenny Sanford about Newt porking everyone is really sad

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 20 January 2012

Barack Obama didn’t just do the right thing, he actually did the brave thing.

Newt's New Campaign Theme Song

Joan Walsh, Salon: Watch Mr. 1 Percent snap at a 99 percenter

Polysilicon Prices To Drop in 2012, Bringing Solar PV Prices to 70 Cents a Watt

I Like Ronald Reagan

Solar PV Competitive With Oil And Gas In MENA Nations

Major proposed changes to Florida prison system alarm workers, advocates

To the Rescue!

Unique/regional Pizza you love to eat.

Report: Wind turbines don’t cause health problems

Has anyone else had mysterious booms in your area?

Mitt, If "America is right" why do you not want to pay your fair share of America's bills?

Destined for greatness

America is right even though you want to put your money in the Caymans

First Wind gets OK for (150 MW) Maine wind project

"The "blackout" is dangerous, designed to punish elected and administration officials"

Republicans Love FOX and Only FOX

World's Largest Wind Farm in Wyoming to Be Equipped with 1000 Wind Turbines

On CNN the GOP Presidential Debate. And then there were four. I can't say I will watch - even

Center for American Progress, group tied to Obama, under fire from Israel advocates

Hey Newtie....

Jorelys Rivera's killer commits suicide in prison

China Sentences Another Prominent Activist to Prison

NEWT is "appalled" - It's Obama & The Media's Fault That He Is A Cheater --- gets standing ovation

50 years ago, Kennedy’s order empowered federal unions

I think Newt just won the SC primary.

Can we have a loud thread in honor of Merle Haggard being alive?

John King just asked Gingrinch about the open marriage. Gingrinch is appauled John King would

Newt just got a standing "O" (Went fucking ballistic over "open marriage" question)

Neewt finds it appalling that they would begin a Presidential debate asking him

Poll: 26% perceive Obama policies as 'socialist', 22% as liberal

Janitors Respond to Newt Gingrich's Proposal to Replace them with Kids at Minimum Wage

Just listening to this as the debate started ... ironic.

Romney must be feeling like shit more and more each day....

Occupy S.F. seeks to disrupt Financial District

Santorums 8 missing precincts

Well Gee... Thanks For The Heads-Up... 'Obama Warns Left: You Won't Like Budget' - TheHill

In Deportation Policy Test, 1 in 6 Offered Reprieve

Syrian forces withdraw from embattled Zabadani

Government asks honours committee to strip Fred Goodwin of knighthood (Goodwin=banker)

Local Economies for a Global Future

An Ethnic War Is Rekindled In Myanmar

Newt is the orchestrator of meaness and underhanded politics. He does not hesitate to use media and

Heads up people: Anti-Union Group Running Tons of Ads online

Apparently, Mitt plans to "shove Capitalism down President Obama's throat."

Newt tying himself in knots trying to explain how Romney's success is the "bad" kind.

8 Haitian Policemen Convicted in 2010 Prison Killings

Glenn Beck Compares Ron Paul To Osama Bin Laden

my neighbor died last night

US natural gas prices fall to decade low


Gingrich Rips John King/CNN For Opening Debate With ‘Open Marriage’ Question - video

MOYERS IS BACK - on PBS as Moyers and Company

Drinking Liberally Tucson 01/22

BP may double oil spill pay-out

UAE central bank hit by hackers

It is SHAMEFUL that Dems have allowed McConnell to steal the show by calling for PIPA's shelving...

Cameron admits UK has lost faith in capitalism

Figures signal slowdown in US inflation

GM becomes world's top selling automaker in 2011 (Back on top after three years!)

Economists: A Profession at Sea

Senate Democrats Hold Fast To Anti-Piracy Bill (SOPA/PIPA) - RawStory

This is not a Joke

IMF warns of threat to global economies posed by austerity drives

Hello everyone!! I wanted to get the input of people here. I'm sure that most of the people

Relief in eurozone as France and Spain secure funds in critical bond auction

I know this is probably dumb, but I wanted to thank...

They'll have to settle on Santorum in the End

Frontline:Vanity Fair:Newt Gingrich from 1995

Anyone get the 2012 Poets Market?

Obama Once Again Shows GOP that he is the Adult in the Room

Newt Gingrich is the most pompous ass there is...

grinch just released tax returns, during debate, and

Newt releases his tax returns during the debate

Newt: the American people are morons

We tend to forget that cats have "problems", too.

When Skittles asks someone to dance, she's not exactly giving them any kind of "option".

I can guarantee there's more of you out there in need of glasses than are willing to admit it.

Don't hate MiddleFingerMom just because he is beautiful.

Gimme head...

Long before it was popular, young MiddleFingerMom had his own posse.

MiddleFingerMom has discovered that he would do ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING for a Klondike bar.

PICS: Marky Mark's "I coulda prevented 9/11" douchery inspires "a genius viral art explosion online"

This Exchange About SOPA/PIPA Is Emblematic Of The Current Corruption...

Great to see Santorum kicking grinch ass!!!

These blood thirsty mobs that make up the audiences for these

Romney Says Only He Has Lived On The 'Real Streets Of America'

good god did you hear that scream?

The thought of any of those clowns in the debate being President is frightening on so many levels.

As the South Carolina Primary draws near, have you noticed who has completely disappeared

Does Skittles kick anyone's ass anymore? Or has she gotten too old to do that??

You know what I am doing now....

American made clothing (not sweat shop) on sale

His new best friend - pic

Romney's: "MAYBE" gets booed

Willard says he lived in "the real streets of America"

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

(Italian crashed ship) Costa Concordia: captain drank alcohol with 'beautiful' woman prior to crash

Mighty Mou's pictorial notes on Messi

Survivor: One World - 2/15/2012 - Make your early pick based on cast interviews and other news

Darth Vader has gone to the dogs!

The whole GOP debate lineup is anti-SOPA

Rachel Maddow just said something about a pee pee peephole.

Newt Asks Callista For An Open Marriage...

Gas supplier dumps abortion provider

President Barack Obama has been married to the same and only woman for 19 years

Catalina Island fox makes astounding comeback

I am posting to let you all know that I have retired as host of ASAH.

Biden in San Fran to collect money from tech leaders

Give Newt a chance to play the race card and he'll play the whole deck...

So what was your second choice for a screenname?

Just watched "Nuclear Aftershocks" on Frontline

Obama for America 2012 TV AD - The Facts About President Obama's Energy Record

Mitt Romney: I Have ‘Lived In The Real Streets Of America’

So, the search for a new group host is on, I guess.

TDPS: Navy Chaplain Says He Performed 60-70 Exorcisms, Gets 50% To Stop Being Gay

Right-wing construction tycoon brags he used non-union workers at Obama's convention speech site!

Newt says "open marriage" story is false. That isn't going to fly with most Americans.

Mitt Romney Booed After Dodging On Tax Return Answer

Four white men discussing how they'll control all women's bodies

After debate music. Lily Allen FU

Romney Says Only He Has Lived On The 'Real Streets Of America'

Outlawing dissent: Rahm Emanuel's new regime

Marriage according to Newt

Mediaite: Republican Debate Audience Boos Mitt Romney Over Releasing Tax Returns (video clip)

Keiser Report: Scam On Epic Scale (E238)

"archaeolog[ists]...uncovered 10,000 year old bones....believed to be the first politician"-updated

GOP anti-choice fight!

Could Ecuador be the most radical and exciting place on Earth?

Reminder: Democracy is a Crime

If Snewtie "wins Saturday" will it be an unreliable GOP phony like Iowa turned out?

Court orders Vancouver newspapers to give police 5,481 photos from Stanley Cup riot night


ALERT - our "FRiends" are rebelling...

A Judge Rules Vermont Can’t Shut Nuclear Plant

that time when I was 12 and forced to deal with abortion

Why won't Ron Paul release his tax returns?

Kos/SOPA, and the idiocy of Democrats

Rep. Darrell Issa Introduces the OPEN Act to Counter #SOPA & #PIPA

Reuters: In MF Global, JPMorgan AGAIN at center of a financial failure

New Order - True Faith

Well Naomi Klein and Disaster Capitalism comes to mind

LOL !!! - My Favorite Smart-Ass, Cenk Uygur (Current TV), On Marianne Gingrich And "Open Marraige"

Re: Newt - What I say when a Republican says: "But BILL CLINTON (insert infidelity comment here)"

A few of Willard Romney's 'Homes' on the streets of America

Palestine women's ministry staff go on hunger strike

Any Dr. Who fans here?

Tent shelters torn down, No Warming Shelters from City of Fresno.Volunteers beg for coats & firewood

WTF Newt...."Obama is the most dangerous president of our lifetime!" He is fucking insane....

Newt's 'Your Nose for Your Vote' Campaign

On the train platform?

Elizabeth Warren money bomb raises $1 million in one day

My notes from tonight's debate.

"Get a good job and be successful"

Tin Foil Hat Time - Mittster taxes/voting

Check THIS out!!! Members of Congress positions on SOPA/PIPA - Graphic

UC Berkeley faculty stand between protesters, police crackdown

"pinko commie beliefs" is OK???

National Review writer compares GOP field to honors students.

Reading Jason Rollins

An Open Marriage with Newt Gingrich is NOT Sexy

Whoop... There It Is... 'K Street Headhunters Enamored With Upcoming Class Of Retiring Lawmakers'

Bob Cesca, HuffPo: Progressives, Obamabots and a Realistic Evaluation of the President

Detroit Metro Times: Courageous judge dismisses case against Ferndale medical marijuana dispensary

Newt just had his "Dean scream" moment and is too stupid to realize it

Stephen Colbert Talks Super PACs with Ted Koppel on


PBS was just showing how scumbag Reagan and that waste of fecal matter Jesse Helms defended

Gingrich Attacked on Topics Professional and Personal

Obama singing Al Green!

MSNBC calls Iowa for Santorum

Ya know Bill Maher makes a lot of sense in his 2010 "But I'm Not Wrong" HBO show..

*End of Lawrence show,

Gingrich tax rate about 32 percent in 2010, returns show

Christians are evil, 4-2 leave it alone

What do the Washington Monument, The Carlyle Group, and $7,500,000 have in common?

Hors Sujet: Tout le monde ici comprendre le français canadien ou québécoise?

I finally get it: Romney is Vanilla Ice.

Obama sings at the Apollo Theatre.

What's with people taking their pets to the pet store?

Ladies and gentlemen: President Obama sings Al Green: Let's stay together in 2012

Romney sure is using that "divided country" bit (to applause) since Huntsman accused him of

President Obama blasts Newt by singing "Let's Stay Together"

Publicly Funded Schools Becoming Things of the Past

A parade of ignorance

Reccommend a song for Newt here. (I thought I saw this posted somewhere but cannot find it now)

Number of NHS patients missing waiting-time target soars

I just heard on the radio that Francisco Franco is alive


Jon Stewart Dissects The Gingrich ‘Open Marriage’ Scandal: Open Your Legs, America - video

oh boy....only 19 more minutes as a 55er. soon to be on the closer side to 60!

Microsoft endorses gay marriage bill in Washington state

We hacked emails too – News International

The “anti-Semitism” smear campaign against CAP and Media Matters rolls on

Here is the video of POTUS singing at the Apollo tonight

Fox News Host Says ‘The Recession Was Good For Kids’ Because They ‘Need An Attitude Adjustment’

Who will replace Mitt/Newt? Will it be the NY

Researchers are surprised that humility predicts helpfulness. Interestingly the most helpful