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Archives: January 18, 2012

Websites start going dark...

Februrary 21rst our drunken mayor faces Terry Van Akkeren, Sheboygan mayoral recall.

Jon Stewart Skewers The Candidates And The South Carolina GOP Debate Audience - video

Wikipedia's 'Go Dark' page.

Former Romney advisor admitted that he "faked it" on abortion in Massachusetts.

Mitt Romney AVOIDS U.S Tax by using OFFSHORE Bank Accounts

Petition for California legislature to pass the DISCLOSE Act

Was there ever a resolution in the case of Judge Prosser in Wisconsin's abuse of colleague?

Go to Google...

A visit from the NFIB today...

Hollywood's Anti-Piracy Campaign Runs Aground

You know, I don't usually talk about being violent and this is only an exercise in what may happen

TYT: Turkey Run By 'Islamic Terrorists' - Rick Perry at Fox News Debate

Romney in 2007: Catching Bin Laden not worth the cost.

Just doing as asked

Instead of going down completely, websites should re-direct to

January 17, 1893

Hey Look !!! - It's Chris Dodd !!! - 'MPAA Calls Blackout Protest A ‘Dangerous Gimmick’ - RawStory

Going Dark...

Bain-owned company was investigated for bribing Iranian officials.

Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin.

The Industrial Revolution

Governor Romney criticized for lax oversight of sex offenders.

Toons: Vulture Mitt, Pitcher Santorum, Fellow Republicans and More. 1/17/2012

Check in here if you haven't "seen this".

PHOTO: Santorum is McLovin

What if a frog had wings?

2012 G8 Meeting In Chicago In May......

video: *Countdown with Keith: Jonathan Turley explains how the National Defense Authorization Act...

Affirmative-Action Foe (Ward Connerly) Is Facing Allegations of Financial Misdeeds

Governor Romney defended State Medical Examiner under ethics investigation.

Governor Romney proposed cutting hiring preferences for veterans.

is this funny? 20th Century Fox Flute Edition

Natural gas prices crumble to near 10-year lows

The MPAA and RIAA can go fuck themselves

Romney on homeless vets: Maybe they should be taught how to milk cows.

Few Cities Have Regained Jobs They Lost, Report Finds

Two Officers Sentenced in Rikers Island Assault Case

Don't censor the web

Greyhound eyes incident involving Occupy protester

Carney Dodges Questions About Indefinite Detention - RawStory

Rick Perry will go Blank at 2am ET January 18 to Protest SOPA, PIPA

The Beauty of Asia (PHOTOGRAPHS)

Romney: “I’m wary of anyone who parlays background, money, and hair to political success.”

Guantanamo commander defends prison mail review

A Work-around for Wikipedia going dark

Scots help Cuba to make carbon

Time to consider mass mortgage refinancings

The Rapture is upon us! You don't want to miss the Rapture do you?

When both the left and the right are against it...

Convicted Cuban spy wants transfer to Florida prison

Parties Confident of Extending Payroll Tax Cut

Anyone have an atomic cuckoo clock?

10 more minutes of DU

Well see ya on the other side

Well, Kids - See y'all tomorrow night sometime.....

The Oatmeal is blacked out!

So I want to get the last post in, before DU goes dark...

Keystone pipeline permit is denied by Obama administration

Pic Of The Moment: President Obama Rejects Keystone XL Oil Pipeline

DU Members Now Have The Ability To Bookmark Threads



Phew. Glad that's over.


Report: Captain claims he "tripped" into lifeboat


SOPA and PIPA Blow Hard

Dip in nuclear power support after Fukushima proves shortlived

Am I the first to post after blackout?

Thank you Thank you Thank you

A screen-shot photo of DU3's blacked-out SOPA HomePage was shown in the LA Times

Here we go

Missouri student loses driving rights for flying Confederate flag

Excellent Day!

KYRIST!!! Was THAT a long day!

Outside of DU, what did you miss the most today on the web

Yea, we're back

Did you feel as if you were going through withdrawal symptoms until just now?

Well Skinner and Elad my hat is off to you

Mamá! No Quiero SOPA! nt

Support for anti-piracy bills wanes

Justices Rule for Inmate After Mailroom Mix-Up.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!

White House disputes Iran report saying Obama letter offered direct talks

Obama campaign up with first 2012 ad - video

Bookmarks! Thank you Elad or whomever added this. Yay.

Karen Santorum had love affair with abortion doctor 40 years her senior, who delivered her as baby

Good show, Skinner. Well done. The blackout gave the PTB a good kick in the ass.

GOP candidates escalate rhetoric in South Carolina

DCCC releases Red to Blue list

How many people from DU signed up to protest? nt

Did any conservative websites do an anti-SOPA blackout today?

Obama 41, Romney 38, Colbert 13 (PPP)

What is your favourite dvd that you own? For me it is the Pride and Predjudice dvd, starring

Anyone on Comcast, 20906,

Keystone Killed! (For Now)

Spanish Court Resumes Gitmo Prosecution By Scott Horton

PAC Tracking - ProPublica's Super-PAC tracking site

Bodies of the Poor Piling Up at Chicago Morgue

Timmy would like to welcome you all back to the Sports forum!

Fact Check: Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline Is NOT a Job Creator

Kathleen Vinehout - the next Governor of Wisconsin!

Thank you, admins, for DU solidarity, in support of our right to freedom of speech and assembly.

Growth Industry: Helping Rich People Get Richer

Two more Obama 2008 campaign promises KEPT

I've waited all day for this Newt getting trashed by X ..McCain dirt on Romney

What did you do during the great DU blackout?

Supreme Court Says Congress May Re-Copyright Public Domain Works

Why You SHOULD Support SOPA/PIPA!!!

Romney Parks Millions in Cayman Islands - ABCNews

Auschwitz Museum Publishes Prisoner Sketchbook

Jerry Springer Rips Into Fox News, Accuses Network Of Bashing President Obama ‘Every Day’ - video

Wash. snowstorm causes 95 car accidents in 8 hours

todays trades

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 19 January 2012

Atheists in Education - a request

Statement by President Obama on the Keystone XL Pipeline

Gamechanger? ABC News Reports on Romney's extensive holdings in Cayman Islands.

Thank you President Obama -Obama rejects controversial project

Colombia's Supreme Court jails 3 ex-congressmen for links to rightwing death squads

President Obama Stands Up to Big Oil, by Robert Redford ‘environmental activist’

"5,000% tax hike?" (Kansas--Gov. Brownback's proposed tax plan)

Colombia's Supreme Court jails 3 ex-congressmen for links to rightwing death squads

Gingrich Fundraises Off Saying He Wants To Punch Obama In The Face

Update regarding: House GOP bill disapproving of recess appointments

Guess who is Lobbying to have SOPA and PIPA passed

HEY, we have BOOKMARKS again!!!

Obama rejects GOP critique of his foreign policy record

Senator Menendez (D-NJ) Drops His Opposition to Obama’s Pick for a Federal Appeals Court

Idaho bill would boot Occupy Boise from state land

Toon- Romney Road Trip

Breaking News On SOPA/PIPA, with Ron Wyden - Countdown with Keith Olbermann

Goldman Sachs enters £8bn 'parallel pay universe'

John McCain's entire 2008 opposition research file on Mitt Romney [PDF]

The next GOP presidential debate will be Thursday, January 19th - 8pm ET on CNN

'Vada a Bordo, Cazzo' (Get on board, pr*ck!) T-Shirts a Hot Item

I missed you guys!

Abortion order for mentally ill Mass. woman vetoed

Mr Fish Toon- Us and Them

Bombshell Interview? ABC News to run interview with Gingrich Ex Wife, Thursday.

25 Kansas Lawmakers Endorse Anti-abortion Personhood Amendment

Serious question: Did this protest today do a damn bit of good?

Marco Rubio's Senate Website crashed today and he flipped from being an original sponsor to opposed

Gunmen assassinate judge investigating military crimes

New polls: Economy still Bush's fault, GOP responsible for gridlock

Support for anti-piracy bills wanes/USA Today

Hold me!!!

Oblivious I signed on to DU this am and it was NOT THERE: my first thought

cop shoots dog at wrong house.

Gunmen assassinate judge investigating military crimes

Marco Rubio's Senate Website crashed today and he flipped from being an original sponsor to opposed

Sherrod Brown??? SHERROD BROWN???? ET TU???

We need the Keystone pipeline

How Low And Why?

Well, thank F- ZEUS & may there never be a DU blackout/ again but that's just me!1 n/t

Toon- We're Protecting You From Pirates!

Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert Expose More Super PAC Loopholes Without 'Coordinating'

Would love an update on H2o Man

The racist rhetoric from the right is nearing critical mass

The Day the LOL Cats died... this is hilarious and dead on..

How do you take your portraits?

Yes, it did good, the little Twerp/ RUBIO backed down early in the A.M. n/t

Toon- Shocking News about Paula Deen

How do conservatives actually think Stephen Colbert is on their side?

PBS NewsHour: Romney's own side investments at Bain might be why he won't release tax returns

Pew: Obama 50, Romney 45

Indiana unveils license plate for LGBT

UPPITY UPDATE: Woman Thanks Newt For Putting Juan Williams In His "Place"

Six U.S. lawmakers dropped their support for SOPA/PIPA

What Ron Paul Believes: USA, Canada, And Mexico Will Merge

SOPA/PIPA Lose More Supporters On ‘Blackout Day’

The Pentagon Papers and PIPA/SOPA..

Romney's Tax Disclosures Provide Perfect Foil for President's Proposals for Tax Fairness

While DU was out on SOPA strike, MarkyMark911Gate struck like a wet sack of rabid weasels.

When did the bookmarks return..

Survey: N.J. Dems might have enough votes in state Senate to approve gay marriage

Ludicrously high wages are an opportunity, not a problem.

I gotta say, Andrew Sullivan properly dismantled Bay Buchanan on Anderson Cooper 360

Kathreen Falk isn't goimg to cut it against Waker in Wisconsin

Ron Paul Touts Endorsement From Pastor Who Railed Against ‘Sodomites’

TUSD stuff on Democracy Now! today

Trying to reproduce or approximate a packaged food recipe.

Sensible and stupid left-wing views on economics

Excuse of the day from Costa Concordia Captain: "I tripped and fell into the life boat"


Some people are wondering if the blackout did any good. Here's a clue.

I'm glad Skinner used some of the downtime today to clean the carpet in here.

Some of the oldest known corncobs, husks, stalks and tassels discovered in Peru

What's so bad about soap, anyhow?

Online Discussion on the Future of Internet Postponed Until Thursday in Support of SOPA Strike

Author of SOPA is a copyright violator

Did everybody go outside and take a breath?

Costa Concordia captain claims he tripped and fell into a lifeboat

Go Here If You Want To Witness "No Lobbying, No Lobbying" Chris Dodd, Lobbying For SOPA (Video)

Seen It All on Subway? Look Under This Seat

Romney Assures Undocumented Student He'll Crush her DREAMs

The Day The LOLcats Died

Arab League observer says violence prevails in Syria mission

Yarrrrrr!!! Shiver me timbers.. the PIPA, SOPA and Senate Support be scuttled...

Trump says he'll not finish building his luxury Scottish golf resort if a wind farm is built nearby!

Global warming threatens China's advance

50 Fantastic Resources for New Vegetarians

why would someone put their money in the Cayman Islands if not for tax purposes?

What's really telling about the whole piracy thing

Lego Called a Ruthless Monopolist

Amy Goodman: The Day the Internet Roared

Tax on Oil Spill Victims Draws Legal Blood

Starting now, on The Last Word: "Who is the real Mitt Romney, and where does he keep his money?"

Al Gore (inventor of the internets??) opposes SOPA:

Center for Biological Diversity: Obama to Reject Keystone XL Pipeline

Batterer Can't Exclude Warrantless Meth Search

Two funny Skyrim cartoons...

The Myth of “Isolated” Iran: Following the Money in the Iran Crisis

Wow, anyone else not realize how much they miss DU before today???

MLK Jr. Day Rally in Annapolis Maryland 1/16/2012

Who else was hitting refresh at 8:59ET?

Occupy Congress

City wins bid to evict Occupy London protesters

National Enquirer breaks that Jesse Jackson is being sued for child support

Huaxi: The socialist village where everyone is wealthy

Life is so deliciious when two people you despise go after each other

Argentina hits back at David Cameron over colonialism jibe

RUFKM !!! - President Barack Obama Is Considering Naming Larry Summers As Head Of The World Bank

Romney Parks Millions in Cayman Islands

Stuff That (Increasingly Desperately Disillusioned) Obama Supporters Say

Newt TEASES that he envisions a "major role" in his imaginary administration for the Talibunny.

Come here and laugh

Raed Arafat: A reluctant rebel

Official NH results; Darcy Richardson 264 votes, 14th place

(I figured out why they are backing down on the Hill) Porn Sites Black Out For SOPA

Countrywide Chris Dodd finds silver lining in China's censorhip regime

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce goes off the dirty energy deep end

I just want to let the powers that be know that I had nothing to do with the SOPA blackout.

How the media lost the plot on US taxation Stop SOPA

Pentagon targets military sex assaults

Did they stop providing the comments for an alerted post?

Guess that's one way to avoid church

Canada will look to China to sell its oil

Indonesia regains investment grade from second agency

Just getting in...Did Obama cave on Keystone as expected by many?

Really? 0-6 and no comments?

Its a difficult question. Nature or Nuture. Impossible to answer definitively:

TSA regrets 'discomfort,' but says elderly fliers weren't strip-searched

Does anyone have a recipe for those sharp cheese cookies. The ones that you bake and come out

Occupy Syracuse still must leave despite lapsed deadline Wikipedia/SOPA Survival Kit

Whining that Keystone pipeline creates jobs?

Why We’ve Censored

7 Fun Activities for the SOPA Internet Blackout

Robert Redford: Obama stood up to Big Oil

SOPA Outrage is breaking the Senate's Websites!

What’s So Radical About Caring for the Earth and Opposing Enbridge's Northern Gateway Pipeline?

Why is it Dark on the Internet

Yesterday DoD released a paper that explains their strategy for Battlefield Earth

Seattle snow on Capitol Hill. Check out the Jimi Hendrix statue at 1:47

Kitten Gets Peppersprayed

Prefect quote about the 9/11 truth movement......

Feeling good for doing right

Check in here if Obama kicked your door down and took your guns

Mardy Fish loses the match, acts like a petulant child

Costa Concordia: captain ‘says he tripped and fell into lifeboat’

Arkansas frees Satanist child murderers to save money

Haha... Andy Daglas.... hilarious tweet :)

Toons: Sinking Ships, Internet Piracy, the Inevitable Nominee and More. - 1/18/12

the protest goes on

China’s New Strategic Target: Arctic Minerals

Has anyone else been to the Auto Show this year?

Mitt Romney's Bain Capital Invested In Stericycle, A Company Now Targeted By Anti-Abortion Activists

Michael Hastings interviews Assange in Rolling Stone (it is a great interview)

President Barack Obama is the smartest President!

For a jobless, struggling South Carolina man, reality isn’t a political debate

ABC will air a "devastating" (?) interview with Newt's ex-wife on Nightline before the SC primary

Romney needs to be careful about his ‘facts’ about the Afghanistan war

Kid who formed "No Cussing Club" takes on ABC for Modern Family sub plot

Seven charged over $62m insider trading

Another jury fail. 3-3 vote to allow a "go to hell" post to stay.

Sigh / ugh

No quiero comer SOPA, ni fumar PIPA. nt

Jerry Brown defends high speed rail, wants education reform

Bold Predictions: Some guy on WTEM sports radio predicted the Wizards would start a 3-game

I got one of those messages.

Why don’t you atheists just go out and kill yourselves?

Keystone sand sludge removal line to the Gulf.

America’s Dirty War Against Manufacturing

SOPA, PIPA stance?

Hey, i have no idea how the Free Trade treaty applies here, but

Billionaire philanthropist Rubenstein to give millions to help fix Washington Monument

Stimulus money kept Americans off the street, study finds

Christopher Robin, you better watch your back !!!

Samuel L. Jackson Narrates Scathing Colbert SuperPAC Attack Ad Against Stephen Colbert - video

Make Some NOISE

So how is everyone surviving the snow?

Brazilian President to Visit Cuba

Bill Clinton; MSNBC "Our version of Fox"

We did it!!!!

I hope you're ready to work your butt off to get Pres. Obama reelected...

Make Some NOISE

In advance of the primary, an important reminder of what SC republiClowns are like.

Wikileaks and Assange remain rightly defiant

I may be in the minority, but I support PIPA

SOPA Author Lamar Smith (R-TX) Breaks Copyright Law on His Own Website

Microsoft confirms UEFI fears, locks down ARM devices

Romney Family Investment Group and the $8 Billion Ponzi Scheme

More than Greed

Children are our future? Michigan Dems act like they really believe that (Free college tuition)

Survey: N.J. Dems might have enough votes in state Senate to approve gay marriage

Hugh Laurie Hates Interviews

Fortenberry, Johanns won't support piracy bill; Terry pulls co-sponsorship

Hey are they finally getting the idea that we are sick of their shit?

Cometh a shitstorm?

New Price Tags on Stranded NATO Supplies

Pentagon seeks to crack down on sex assaults in military

Anyone else see the final segment of Rachel tonight?

Winter (in my neck of the woods...pic heavy)

U.S. losing high-tech manufacturing jobs to Asia

Carter: Gingrich knows how to appeal to racists

I'm an Obama supporter because the alternative is not an option....