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NYT: Donors Gave as Santorum Won Earmarks

Gun rights group to hold rally & gun giveaway at Va. Capitol on MLK day

What are talents you had that you did not pursue? And how did that affect your life?

Dr. Martin Luther King, August 16, 1967: "An edifice which produces beggars needs restructuring"

TOON: The Color of Welfare


STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 16 January 2012

Syria can be reached from Iran by going through northern Iraq.

MIT Climate Scientist’s Wife Threatened in a “Frenzy of Hate” and Cyberbullying

Stephen Colbert Takes On George Stephanopoulos During ‘Heated’ This Week Interview - video

Huntsman wasn't the problem, his party is the problem!!!

Jon Huntsman on Meet The Press in November, explaining why Romney can NOT beat Obama - video

Ali still the Greatest as he celebrates 70th

Your iPhone Was Built, In Part, By 13 Year-Olds Working 16 Hours A Day For 70 Cents An Hour

MLK Jr.: A transformative figure of faith, leadership and courage/Dream lives in holiday-eve vigil

Good riddance to an anti-choice top 0.00000001% asshole

I am the Zen Diaper. Allow me to explain...

just looked at my profile. I have one member ignoring me...WTF

I'm buzzing on a bottle of Barefoot Pinot Noir, and having pleasant thoughts about Salma Hayek.

Surfing the interwebs, this resonated with me. I thought I would share it.

OK so did anyone watch the new Napoleon Dynamite animated show?

The Reason The World is in CHAOS

AP expands North Korean coverage, opens first full news bureau by international agency

Good news in Britain, bad news for creationists.

Regarding the GOP primary race ...

Worst song of the year: Toby Keith's "Red Solo Cup"

NYC retail workers' median wage is $9.50/hr, 70% get no health insurance

“Them folks, them blacks and Hispanics, we’re their friends, not the Democrats.”

Newsweek cover: Why are Obama's critics so dumb?

So will we as a group stop using the word "d*ck* to refer to men?

Corporate Personhood Cannot Withstand Organized Persons

Elad, Thank you for the wonderful buttons....

Saddest part about Huntsman dropping out...

Richard Tillman on Bill Maher - Funeral

Closer to an Actual Intervention by Arab League in Syria

Anyone else a member of Recovery International, or other cognitive behavioral training programs?

Antinuke confab urges backing for victims' rights

Some music for 2AM

American corporations unite to demand lower taxes

has everyone seen the google doodle for MLK day?

And some more

(NY Times on Scott Walker) Governor Who Took On Unions May Face a Closely Watched Recall Election

it's a down kind of night

Syrian Official Defects as Foes Ignore Assad Pledge to Forgive

Even GOPers are rejecting the God Squad

Here's a good blog post, from up in Alaska, to take a look at regarding Sarah Palin

Bomb material found in Thailand after terror warnings

Pennsylvania Public Service Announcement Blames Rape Victims

So Glenn Beck likes Ron Paul better than the Gingrich?

Session started last week. What do you think is on the front burner?

Callout to Paper Roses

Michael H. Hunt: How Beijing Sees Us

Newsweek: Chinese Artists Explore the Nanjing Massacre

Romney blasts Obama as "crony capitalist"

Andrew Sullivan: How Obama's Long Game Will Outsmart His Critics

Captain 'neared Italian rocks to greet friend on shore’

Touching the Void (2003)

SOPA Shelved Until 'Consensus' is Found

Under the Radar!! New Hampshire House votes 193-122 to do away with the need for CCW permits!


Concessions offered over disability benefit changes

World’s youngest Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) Arfa Karim Randhawa, passed away on Saturday

Panel Challenges Japan's Account of Nuclear Disaster

Just ban cigarettes already. Please.

Happy 90th Birthday Betty White

I have trouble choosing the best word for this

Romney has NOT been vetted....

Mitt vs Mitt : A DNC preview of Dem GE attack ads.

Here is what I said to the Burbank City Council for MLK Day

A Mind of Winter: "The Snow Man" by Wallace Stevens

California Gov. Brown proposes big changes for welfare

Big banks have picked their candidate, and it's Romney

Nigeria troops appear; president offers concession

Greek PM confident debt talks will be clinched in time

Almost 3,000-year-old tomb of female singer found in Egypt

Help - I need to see that Elizabeth Warren speech

Ethiopian girl reportedly guarded by lions

How rich is Mitt Romney?

Explosive Words: US media first to bomb Iran

Gov. Jerry Brown plans $1 billion in prison cuts

Countdown to War?

Some observations, and a pet peeve..


On MLK Day: How a Racist Criminal Justice System Rolled Back the Gains of the Civil Rights Era

Flexing Muscle, Baghdad Detains U.S. Contractors

Did anyone else see Leonardo DiCaprio defending Hoover

Where's Demotex?

E.P.A Unveils Map of Major Greenhouse Gas Producers - NYT

Putin Explains His Decision to Seek Presidency Again

Andrew Sullivan: How Obama's Long Game Will Outsmart His Critics


Jesus Knew His Eunuchs

Even Republicans Who Endorse Mitt Romney Don’t Think He Can Beat Obama

Fitch Cuts Russia Outlook

MLK Day Reflection for LGBTQ Justice in the Black Church

Penn State child rape case

Remember this little guy?

Stem cell fraud probe centered in Texas

The original Occupy movement

Suspects arrested over Iran nuke scientist death

We Could Each Be Dr. King

The 5 Most Outrageous Examples of Hidden Charges Companies Pass Off on Consumers --

H20 Man begins his hunger strike today.

Telegraph - UK Likely Facing Water Bans As Abnormally Dry, Drought Conditions Persist

The Essentials for the Necessary Transition to a Renewable Energy Economy

Gender trope discussion from last night

Corbett Fires Conservation Official

Can U.S. Lawmakers Stomach The Cost Of New Icebreakers?

Freedom Rider and Peace activist Marv Davidov dies

Amy Goodman: Michelle Alexander & Randall Robinson on the Mass Incarceration of Black America

Schmallenberg Virus Confirmed In N. Europe; Fetal Deformities, Stillbirths In Cattle, Sheep, Goats

Paul Krugman: How Fares the Dream?

I agree completely with George Clooney

Take action against $2000 asset test for food stamps

The Gulag That Is Gitmo

Candy Crowley, jobs, and ‘facts’

The Oildrum from this weekend and today...

The Oildrum from this weekend and today...

On MLK Day: How a Racist Criminal Justice System Rolled Back the Gains of the Civil Rights Era

Bloomberg's group over 90x more likely to be convicted of crime than TX CHL holders.

Private Equity No Panacea

German Grandmother Lives Money-free and Has Never Been Happier

Like anybody, I would like to live a long life. Longevity has its place.

Silencing Donahue and Anti-War Voices

Today Jon Huntsman will drop out and endorse a candidate he says is 'completely un-electable'

Syria ten months after the first step towards change

At last, fuel delivery reaches Alaska town

Great Chinese State Circus - Swan Lake

TPM: GOPers Suddenly Want To Wrap The Nomination Up… Fast

Those Striking Sanitation Workers Were AFSCME, Just Like Omaha Steve

Thanks to NRaleighLiberal for agreeing to Co-host this group with me.

Unequal Rites: Peyote sacraments and the First Amendment

Has anyone else taken a statin and experienced side effects?

Venezuela "expresses its firmest support to the Syrian government"

Why I’m Suing Barack Obama

Fox News poll: 2012 Obama-Romney race would be tight

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on Labor

"No lie can live forever."

Faux poll: Obama 46 Romney 45

King's legacy: workers' rights (Leader fought anti-union efforts)

Canada: Liberals end convention with president, resolution to legalize pot

Ron Paul, flying on the taxpayers dime.

Definitely some dark humor here, but in this day and age, absolutely accurate.

This is how bad the republican primary race is: Defending the urinating on corpses.

Ed Potosnak drops out of race

Good Nuclear Iran, Bad Nuclear Iran

Stop teaching our kids to be employees, start educating entrepreneurs

Wendell Potter: Mitt Romney's Health Care Fantasy World

The Romdroids - by Tom Tomorrow

unclogging kleenex from the drain from my washer.

Do you want Obama with a Republican Congress or Romney with a Republican Congress? It's that simple.

To Commemorate one of the greatest Americans to have ever lived!

Just our opinion - re the latest season of Downton Abbey on PBS Masterpiece....

Today is MLK day and there are many people who are going to celebrate by

Another way to beat the Golf Course mission in GTA Vice City

Kerry (and Vanessa) and Bon Jovi watched the Patriots game in the owner's box on Saturday

Chris Hedges: Why I’m Suing Barack Obama

Focus On The Family Tebows The Playoffs

Unconfirmed, but organizers may have collected 900,000 signitures to recall Scott Walker in WI

Republican congressman begin the call to unite.

Shades of Ray - ***** - expiring soon! Don't miss it.

Columbia (MO) man wins $50,000 in police Taser lawsuit

Crawler said Paula Deen to announce that

AP: Republican candidates' anti-immigration tone alienating Hispanics

Martin Luther King: Science Advocate

Think Progress: On MLK Day, Romney Campaigning With Anti-Immigrant Official Tied To Hate Groups

President Obama Delivers Remarks at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Dedication

The Hill: Santorum calls on Romney to release tax returns

Greece dispatches officials to U.S., default fears grow

Stevie Wonder - Happy Birthday

Mitt supports water boarding much to John McCain's disdain (2007)

Shit. I have to change a tire.

Positive Proof Mexico has GOOD PEOPLE TOO...Come, Listen to them sing

Why Women Aren't Crazy

Krugman: 85% of consumer spending in America is on American-produced goods and services

I'm afraid of condiment.

We are all children of the civil-rights movement, whether we want to be or not

From the Archive: A Bold Design for a New South {MLK 1963 The Nation}

"Motivational Speaker" and "Sexual Predator" Herman Cain teabags 300 Houston teabaggers. CAIN!

That was then, this is now...

'Right-to-Work' and the Jim Crow Legacy That Affronts King's Memory

Great video. Counting bears in Canada.

That was then, this is now...

Romney Campaigning On Martin Luther King Day With Anti-Immigrant Official With Ties To Hate Groups

Britain not ruling out military action against Iran

Lyndon Johnson met with Martin Luther King Jr.

What's for Dinner? ~ Monday January 16th!

Obamas mark King's birthday volunteering -- "The time is always right to do what is right." duw

Why the Bain Capital Controversy Is So Damaging to GOP Chances This Fall

Do you prefer your Time to be stringy or loopy?

Protesters Ready Igloos to Occupy Davos (Site of World Economic Forum)

Illegal Procedure? Dallas Cowboys Called on Sweatshop Connections

Did I hear this right? SOPA is DEAD?!?!

MLK - U2

Martin Luther King Jr. speech rediscovered by Cleveland teacher, student

Failed Financial Regulator Lukken Rewarded with Major Lobbying Job

microlistening. found this real interesting.

Just watched Huntsman quitting on MSNBC. He has proven to be just as artificial as the rest.

I want to cut goverment expenses, but I have to fly First Class..Ron Paul

51 SoCal Latinos Say Janitorial Franchisor Scammed Them

Samsung plans $1 billion debt sale to fund U.S. chip plant (in Austin)

GOP couldn't pick a worse time to nominate one of Wall Street's "Masters of the Universe."

Chicago Cops Called Predatory & Abusive (woman abused, thrown in jail when she complains)

Mr. Fish Toon- Compromised

How The Tea Party Lost The 2012 Republican Primaries

Jewish woman suing to exhume a non-Jew from a cemetery plot.

Religious Right Should Move On After Supreme Court Refuses To Hear School-Use Case

"Our Schools are in a World of Hurt" by WHYY News Director

My friend's mother was misdiagnosed by an oncologist.

Walker Sucks Lemons

Krugman: Not So Global

The Mexico We Have Found...Two Years Later

Gay High Jinks (Sexual harassment) Alleged at Catholic Diocese

From the Archives: Dr Martin Luther King at the White House

Why won't Republicans let people buy healthcare from the government?

Hungarian far-right hold anti-EU protest

Amy Goodman: Michelle Alexander & Randall Robinson on the Mass Incarceration of Black America

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Republican primary

MSNBC: Jay-Z will no longer use "The B Word" following birth of his daughter. How fucking SPECIAL.

Monday Toon Roundup 2- Peeing, and the rest

Bizarre hosting

Arby's Now Charging $2.99 To Let Customers Go Behind Counter, Grab Handfuls Of Roast Beef

GOP Rhetoric at Odds with Americans' Feelings on Taxes

When Christians thanks Jesus for their food at mealtimes...

The Rude Pundit: Martin Luther King Would Still Fuck Your Shit Up (99% Edition)

So Willard Romney Speaks French And English

Central Florida police officer savagely assaults 66yr old man suffering from dementia

The Messiah's face appears on slice of toast!

(MI) GOP Senate hopefuls attack UN, Federal Reserve, immigration

Hackers Assault Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, El Al Websites, Causing Slowdown

Ronald Reagan, the governor of California, arguing that King had it coming

Just got back from our MLK service project..

Child, 6, accidentally shoots, kills 16-year-old in Eatonville

Are candidates allowed to walk around handing people money?

Happy Tuesday b'day, Michelle Obama, Muhammad Ali, Betty White . . .

Online Shoppers Are Rooting for the Little Guy

Martin Luther King Jr., Campaign 2012 and the American Dream

CDC warns against sharing insulin pens

Tired. I have to take a shit. n/t

More BS From the Anti-Occupy Backlash

This find is pretty cool....

DU Album of the Day: "Talking Book" Stevie Wonder

Google caught pilfering Kenyan business directory in sting operation

I have to change. Shit. nt

What the Right gets right. NY Times

Sleepy dog

Jimmy Williams:South Carolinians who want Obama out of office dislike him for one reason HE'S BLACK

Good-bye, Reginald Hill :-(

Capital Account: PIMCO's Mohamed El-Erian tells us that QE3 is coming & the Age of Credit is at Risk

MLK: "You can’t talk about solving the economic problem of the Negro..."

Boredom, Kids & Holidays

"Force these Mexicans to make $5 a day. Put them to work building a security fence..."

Shit. I have to change attire.

Trial of Penn and Mead: OWS in 1670?

Suicide Bomber Kills Scores Of Shiite Pilgrims In Iraq

Donors Gave as Santorum Won Earmarks

Illegal Procedure? Dallas Cowboys Called on Sweatshop Connections

Newsweek cover

Russian-Operated Arms Ship 'Docks' In Syrian Port

Three trends on China’s internet in 2011

ACLU: Remembering Dr. King's Defense of Voting Rights

1968 Sanitation Strikers Speak to Young Activists

Why aircraft carriers may be good for parking cars but not landing new jets

Dr. David B. Fankhauser's recipes

Old Russian star wars movie poster (yes, that's darth vader)

FoodCorps: Now Recruiting!

Disrespect and Urine/Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany

"On April 3, 1968, Martin Luther King gave his last speech to support sanitation workers

The FBI's War against Martin Luther King

Dallas Cowboys-Sweatshop Connection (cross post from GD with blessings from Omaha Steve!)

More than half of U.S. employers surveyed by staffing firm Manpower "can't find qualified workers"

Colorado's (HCR) high-risk health insurance pool running twice national average.

Martin Luther King, Jr., SCLC Presidential Address, 1967 Speech (Where Do We Go From Here?)

The Republican Field on Martin Luther King: It's Complicated

Which 2 Words Did Republicans Avoid At The GOP Debates?

I hate cigarettes, hate cigarette smoke, and wish no one smoked them...

Thousands without power following explosion near Lucas Oil Stadium (IN)

Mitt Rommey: Slave Trader

Winners and losers by The Economist online How have the world's big economies

In fairness to the Packer and Patriot defenses

Could I get a realty/mortgage/forclosure expert to check my work, please?

Zoltek assessed penalty by state environmental regulators

A Whole Bunch Of Stuff You Probably Didn't Know About MLK

Volunteers wanted for planet hunt (BBC)

I used to receive a lot of anti-Obama, right-wing spammy garbage from friends

Flouting the First: Florida’s Slouch Back To Religious Favoritism

In South Carolina, attorney general says voting rights at risk

Activists say pro-Santorum vote was rigged

Omnicare Whacked With False Claims Suit

Favorite car named after an Outer Banks village?

Missouri Republicans Introduce Bill Forcing Educators To Teach Creationism In Schools And Universiti

Pagans, atheists, Christians do battle

I have today been contemplating

I Have a Dream (August 28, 1963)

Martin Luther King, "Why I Am Opposed to the War in Vietnam"

Secular Coalition Urges Americans to Remember Religious Freedom Day

What if the Iranians start killing scientists?

Happy birthday!

I'm afraid of condomint.

prefab fireplace failure.

In Case You Missed This... 'Bain (Romney) Often Couldn’t Lose With Buyouts' - BostonGlobe

Wonderful article on couple that attended MLK's speech all those years ago..

Thread sequencing - Go to Page Function

Things haven't changed much: LBJ on Republicans

there's a hole in the middle of my day.

My friend was just diagnosed with kidney cancer.

Ok, so I switched from the horrible Green Bay Packer game to skating with the band Styx....

The Crash and Burn Future of Robot Warfare

Shit Christians Say To Atheists

Dog hair in the washer -

Dishwasher heater - my dishwasher just isn't working

Indian-American group learns to shoot after break-ins

Remember this other guy?

Never forget that the Cons fought King every step of the way . . .

Rick Perry appeals decision to keep his name off Virginia primary ballot

Elizabeth Warren Money Bomb Pulls In Over $100,000 In First Weekend (Huffpost)

Andrew Sullivan seems to have changed his mind about who he wants to be President in 2012:

Holy Shit! I'd better vote for a fuckin' republican!

Obama Faces Challenging Re-Election Climate

Birther "issue" is blowing up in the Birthers' faces.

My personal election priorities for the 2012 election.

Trans Women Raped, Tortured in Kuwait

If Centrists Are Wrong, They're No Answer

James Dean's Secret Gay Past Revealed

Would you like to see Ron Paul run as an independent candidate?

Parents Want School to Teach Archaic "Gay Related Immune Deficiency"

How To Explain Gay Rights To Folks Who Think It Opens The Doors To Ridiculous Things

Saudis target 'triple-digit' oil price for the first time

Ron Paul's Vision For a Free Society Based on Liberty

Shit. I have a chimichanga tire

President Obama's Gallup approval rating amongst liberal Democrats from January 9th-15th is 86%.

Please DU this Walker poll in a Wisconsin newspaper...

MLK on healthcare

Two 49ers Fans Shot Outside Georgia Applebee's

Occupy Chicago Bites the "Invisible Hand" of Market Economics - Occupy the AEA

What Did Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Say About War Costs?

“I know there’s been a lot of controversy lately about the quote on the memorial”

Pat Bagley: MLK Dream Update :-(

What is the American Dream? It may not be what you think

The Rat is Back

Elizabeth Warren Money Bomb Pulls In Over $100,000 In First Weekend

Wikipedia Blackout: Jimmy Wales Announces Protest Of SOPA, PIPA On January 18

Greece increasingly likely to default.

Korean artist turns old bicycle chains into sculptures.....this is amazing.

Can Astrology Help You Be a Better Mom?

Let's play a game.

Man charged with bilking $1.2 million out of seniors says they didn't need it anyway

You shouldn't be seeing this, but if you are, please report it in the Help & Meta-discussion forum.

Doesn't this look Absolutely Delicious?

Standard & Poor's downgrades EU bailout fund

Some people have asked me to weigh in on a recent post involving the c-word.

American hero, freedom rider, life long activist and educator Marv Davidov died

Never forget: Opponents of MLK Day

I call upon the awesome power of DU for a medical billing question...

Life long revolutionary activists, freedom rider, clusterbomb ender.. Marv Davidov as passed away

Texas Fracking Disclosures to Include Water Totals

Thai Police Seize Explosives, Charge Lebanese Man

TYT: McCain Endorses Obama Over Romney? (Gaffe)

Facebook Gives Politico Deep Access to Users’ Political Sentiments

Parents Want School to Teach Archaic "Gay Related Immune Deficiency"

And On This MLK Day... 'Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Speeches Still Resonate Today (VIDEO)' - HuffPo

And then there were five

No New Wars - Hands Off Iran & Syria! Wed 1/16 Lake/Marshal Bridge .. and calls needed

MLK: "I'm not interested in pressing charges."

Syria defectors ‘buying guns from army’

Is anesthesia and preventative health care...

Groups that demonize Israel place themselves outside the tent

I think all these smoking headlines give me the urge to smoke more than normal

Hi Everyone!

If you can't bring yourself to vote (D) or (R), you can always vote (I)

Report: Dad of suspect in Calif. homeless killings also homeless

Independent UK: Britain already back in recession say respected forecasters

Martin Luther King: It's troubling how his revolutionary message has been hijacked and compromised

The unreliable nature of nuclear power

What Gives

Zappos website hacked; credit card database not affected, CEO says

Fresno Homeless Big Sue's Funeral.. how does a city get away with the slow killing of it's homeless

'Right-to-Work' Laws and the Jim Crow Legacy That Affronts Martin Luther King's Memory

New trend in sleazy ATMs: Surcharge based on percentage, not flat fee

Multi-Level Marketing - Question

Bill Moyers: Why I am Returning to the Air

NYT: Independent Panel to Start Inquiry into Japan's Nuclear Crisis

On this day, let us reflect on the similarities and differences between Dr. King and Pres. Obama ...

Ron Paul flew first class 74 times on the taxpayer's dime.

Bill Moyers and Michael Winship: Is This Land Made for You and Me--or The Super-Rich?

Democratic lawmaker (Rep.Gutierrez) rips Romney for his stance on immigration

Cruise captain sailed near island for head waiter: report

Israel's negative campaign against Palestinians is on the backburner, for now

National Resources Defense Council: Obama’s Reorganization Plan Could Erode NOAA’s Capabilities

U.S. to Force Drug Firms to Report Money Paid to Doctors

Walker Recall Petition Overshoots Requirement By Nearly 200,000 Signatures - RawStory

Fox Nation MLK Thread Generates Racist Comments

Andrew Sullivan: "Why Ron Paul is right and Obama is wrong about Iran"

So is SOPA Dead? Not Exactly

Syria and geography

Guns and colleges make formula for tragedy

there are no groups for pet owners

Assault rifles are back! Big time!

The Shocking Facts About The Government's Move To Censor The Internet

EARL G. - Wonderful Buttons, good work, thank you...

CNN Poll: Obama tied with Romney & Paul in November showdowns

Jumblatt urges Iran, Russia to help end crisis in Syria

'Occupy the Dream: The Mathematics of Racism' - Dylan Ratigan/Russell Simmons - HuffPo

FlashForward ****

Fire destroys 3,500-year-old tree, arson suspected

How about a "tit for tat" button?

Family Farmers v.s. Monsanto

The Mill River Recluse

my boy, Timmy, a 17 yo dachshunds is ailing. I just had to tell someone.

'Russian initiative' to guide Syria?

Clear the Lounge. NOW!

If he were alive, how would MLK view our national drug policies?

Al-Qaida in Yemen captures town south of capital

The strange birth of NY’s gun laws

Persons Unknown

Caption This!

On The Day We Remember A Leader Of Peace, Romney Campaigns With White Supremacist (VIDEO)

Why I’m Suing Barack Obama by Chris Hedges

Brothers & Sisters ***

Rick Santorum in a dust-up at South Carolina hotel ...

How much more can we do? (Mostly just a rant.)

Growing use of Sharia by UK Muslims

Help! Need Quick Yummy Easy Microwave Recipes!

Up with Chris Hayes: Citizens United with Sen. Sanders (Part 1and 2)

How You Should Interpret The Polls Showing Obama and Romney Being Tied

The best Thai food in North America

Officials: 29 people missing from Italian ship

Newt Gingrich faces tough questions at black church

Game Controller for iMac???

Joy Gentile Friends! Joy and Fresh Days Of Love!

where can I get a good interest rate on savings?

In remembrance of MLK Jr.

Changes on the Federal 4473 form

Hunger Games

Up with Chris Hayes/w Bernie Sanders: Citizens United

SPIEGEL Interview with Linde CEO - 'I Don't Believe the Euro Should be Rescued at All Costs'

Martin Luther King digital archive opens to public (BBC)

Why hasn't James O'Keefe been charged with a felony for voter fraud?

'Democracy village' removed from Parliament Square

Romney to push anti-illegal immigration stance after debate

Rosewall’s Feat at 1972 Australian Open Is Aging Well

Haley Barbour's Murder Pardo-geddon Pisses Off Mississippi

23 and 1/2 hours: What is the single best thing we can do for our health?

When I'm stressed at work....

Advance of the Zealots - The Growing Influence of the Ultra-Orthodox in Israel

Article link: "The Rise of the New Groupthink"

'Occupy the Dream' Says Occupy the Federal Reserve

Some things never change - racist protestors

Judge in Argentina investigates Franco violations in Spain

Judge in Argentina investigates Franco violations in Spain

Some days I just have to stop being a "debbie downer" and smile - this one did it for me.

Practical Meditation advice

Religion and evolution

America’s Serial Killers – How Many?

Help! Need quick, easy, yummy microwave recipes!

Rahm caught using astroturf protesters to support school privatization

Republicans Say the Common Man Be Damned

US intervention in Iran will drag China & Russia into war

Amercan Red Cross Cited by FDA for Blood-Safety Rule Violations

What if the Iranians start killing scientists?

Geert Wilders Says There's No Such Thing as Moderate Islam

Think of those Evangelicals who Endorsed Santorum on Saturday. Then think Again!

Republican Sponsor Of Bill To Require Drug Testing For Georgia Welfare Recipients Arrested For DUI

Taiwan Vote Stirs Chinese Hopes for Democracy

Does anyone else get <---radium one---> ?

Israel doing 'immense damage' to peace process Nick Clegg says

Walker appearance draws hisses at MLK event ...from the Chicago Tribune

Anyone know anything about Thriller hosted by Boris Karloff?

I'm evidently not supposed to be seeing the message below

Story of a Young Woman and her baby #17

More weeds this time using my 50mm lens

US and Israel to postpone war drill as tensions with Iran continue

You shouldn't be seeing this, but if you are, please report it in the Help & Meta-discussion forum.

Walker sings "We Shall Overcome" for King ceremony

RE: My op where the C* word was used

El Salvador Massacre Apology On 20-year Peace Mark

El Salvador Massacre Apology On 20-year Peace Mark

Gasp! Rick Santorum’s hard-core, anti-choice wife dated, lived with an abortion provider

Having a black president is emboldening the GOP to run against the people

Post your prediction: How many Recall Walker signatures will be submitted tomorrow!!!

Time to resurrect an old idea: Economic Rent

Has anyone seen my beer and travel money? I want to go to Ledo's tonight.

It's All Still True (DemRapidResponse re Huntsman Criticism of Romney

How To Easily End The ‘Dr Medicare payment rate’ Problem — And Why the House GOP Is OPPOSED TO IT!

Captain's favor to head waiter to blame for cruise ship disaster?

Food for thought - for anyone who has been pushed into open space working

IRS Budget too small to do its job

Andrew Sullivan: How Obama's Long Game Will Outsmart His Critics

whole wheat sourdough starter

More Opposition To Rahm Emanuel Protest Ordinance

Gingrich Backers Say Santorum Backers Committed VOTER FRAUD!

How many debates do the GOP presidential candidates need. Does practice

One step closer to controlling nuclear fusion

Zynga IPO (That Was Total B.S.)

O.J. Simpson Foreclosure: Bank Foreclosing On Florida Home Of Jailed Former NFL Star

Dear dog, no. Mitt Romney "sings" American the Beautiful.

Why Not Rob The Rich?

Paul Krugman:Reaganite Delusions

Malta denies claims by former US Congresswoman

Op-Ed: An MLK Day Call for Justice

Replay of AIS Track of Costa Concordia - the night of the accident

Conservative blogs take on Newsweek cover

The Beshara School

Comic Todd Glass Comes Out as Gay

OMG, my TV just said we can become AFLAC agents!

I'm back. had pneumoia and was recovering at my mothers.

President Obama, Michelle Obama mark King’s birthday with appearance at service center

Shocking: Income Inequity Since 1970, In Graph Form

Before Karen Met Rick

Over 100,000 marched in San Antonio honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

marriage, intersecting interests, and the woman perspective


Govt to bring out upgraded low-cost tablet Aakash-II in April

Do we have souls?

Fanning the Walker 1,000,000 signature rumor Chicago blogger "from a source in position to know"

Crew of sinking ship recalls last moments

SC rally marks MLK day with voting rights message

Renewable energy investments worldwide set record high in 2011

Will high oil prices could squelch the recovery?

Spain's Basques enter unfamiliar territory of peacetime politics (CS Monitor)

Feuding? Posturing? The GOP presidential candidates are just doing what male primates do.

Gilani's fate hangs in balance as Supreme Court issues contempt notice (Pakistan prime minister)

Revealed: Europe's plan to penalise Canada's tar sands goes Dutch

Kid Has the Best Answers as to Why Martin Luther King was so Important

BlackRock’s Mytrah Says Able to Produce Wind Power Cheap as Coal (in India)

Suzlon to develop 3,000 MW windfarm in Andhra Pradesh (India)

Martin Luther King, Jr. didn't just believe in the dignity of labor. He believed in fighting for it.

Health care in this country is a FREAKIN joke.

Wind Power Wafts Into Louisiana, Bringing Jobs And Energy

Occupy the Capital... January 17th

I just wanted to leave a forwarding address so-to-speak.

German funds plan $2 billion Oman solar project (400 MW)

Things That Are Less Steep Than Rick Perry's Drop In The Polls:

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 17 January 2012

So who is going to run against Walker?

Republicans decide the BEST way to honor Dr. King's legacy is to have a pissing contest on Fox News

The United States dispatches 15,000 troops to Kuwait

Seattle drivers in two inches of snow (video)

Gov. Corbett (idiot) fires conservation official!

Goodbye, John Huntsman. Anyone remember what Rove said in 2008 about Obama?

Reform Adds More Twists to a Convoluted Derivatives World

Mitt Is Number One

When it comes to SOPA, Chris Coons is NOT our friend:

A Twitter War Between Axelrod and Fehrnstrom

Mitt spends MLK Day campaigning with a bigot

Has anyone ever had to activate their insurance card?

Dubai Reveals 1,000 MW Solar Park Project

Question about Lenscrafters

Brendan Brazier

This is facinating ...

Mom is taking her dog in to be put down.

Great site for no meat athletes

LOL !!! - Have At It... Big Ed Poll - 'Is Jon Huntsman Right In That Mitt Romney Unelectable?'

Group asks Supreme Court to throw out health care law -- because Obama may not be president

Liberia's Johnson-Sirleaf sworn in

Any DUers watching Ed right now?

In less than 29 hours, the English Wikipedia Will Be Blacked Out Globally...

Two of my favorite pictures for today... okay- three!

extremist, racist RP supporter bashes Obama & Dr. Martin Luther King, but praise Ahmadinejad

Talk About Conflicted... Is It Better To Have A Mormon, A Black Man, Or A Fundamentalist In The WH ?

Car bombs kill at least 11 people in Iraq in latest string of attacks since US withdrawal

Before Karen Met Rick (GOP contender’s hard-core pro-life wife once dated an abortion provider.)

Man vs. Machine, a Jobless Recovery

Mogollon rim, October 2010

Pakistan high court launches contempt case against prime minister

Day In 100 Seconds: Moderates, Mitt and MLK

Cat and mouse

Law and Order 24/7, Except at Tax Time

Egypt’s military ruler in high-profile Libya visit

Pat Robertson says God wants a mattress sale

Discord Among Conservatives as Romney Picks Up Steam

NC could see heated presidential race

Egypt's next parliament to be led by Islamist

What channel is covering the latest clown show?

This thread was hidden by a jury decision.

Thank you, Thank you...for Pic of the Moment. Especially on days like today.

Der Spiegel: Why ECB's Tricks Won't Solve the Crisis

Seven advantages the Obama team has over GOP rivals

I think at this time we need

Florida lt. gov. compares governor Scott to MLK

U.S. gun industry appeals new rifle reporting rules

Variability of North Atlantic heat transport observed from instrument data (Gulf Stream)

Why I hate the rich...

Obama, Occupy marchers mark Martin Luther King holiday

just got my first season of Boardwalk Empire anyone else watch?

xlnt tweet from Rep. Keith Ellison

Methane exceeds nitrous oxide in rivers' contribution to warming

The masses are too uneducated and too likely to fall under the influence of demigods!!!

Howard Zinn on Civil Disobedience

Dr. King's address to Riverside Baptist Church...On WAR...One Year before he was Killed!


Saudi Arabia doubts Iran oil blockade claim

TPM Livewire: Report Santorum May Have Won Iowa

Presidential candidate has relatives south of the border

Riding while being occupied...

Virginia State Rep (R) - Children with disabilities are Gods punishment for women who have aborted

Record Arctic ozone depletion (in the winter of 2010-2011) could occur again

Say something in Pig Latin.

Honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. (while refusing to honor Walker)

Saints fan shoots two 49ers fans after loss

CNN Poll: Obama tied with Romney & Paul in November showdowns

Eugene Robinson: Reexamining the myth of no-fault capitalism

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & a new Kitty gif

Please accept my apology. I meant no offense.

A Letter From God

Newt tweaks Mitt for losing to McCain

Explosions damage Italy tax agency: Naples police

Rising carbon dioxide confuses brain signaling in fish

San Francisco airport sign mocks Saints, quotes Jay-Z

"You Can't Always Get What You Want"

Political narratives have been forced on people. OWS gets people to follow their own reality: the

Insurance payouts point to climate change

Put up a frowny face if you don't have a job and want one.

3000 lbs of petitions

Evidence for interbreeding with Neanderthals, only Africans pure

Staples? Our big city just got rid of both of them

Anyone watching Alcatraz?

Despite criticism and the recession, high-speed rail moves the UK

"intellectually, The Republican idea deserves the tolerance and respect one gives to the dead,"

Climate adaptation difficult for Europe’s birds

Judge reflects on Wounded Knee (37 years latter)

To my Packer Fan Friends... my deepest sympathy ...

Video clip of Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes

they are getting mighty testy tonight aren't they ...hehe -- DCCC sets up a petition telling Romney to release his tax returns

Inside The GOP Civil War

HOW the Freak is Tebow in the NFL

Former Colombian vice-minister gets 10 years for embezzling agricultural grants

A lady came over today to tell me my house was on fire.

Europe Bailout Fund Loses Top Rating at S&P

Climate change skepticism seeps into science classrooms

Middle class is moving forward, not backward (An Education Connect-the-Dots Opportunity)

Family Guy FANS What is your favorite family guy episode?

New Orleans: in Infrared

Santorum is doing very well. (debate)

This jackass from Virginia makes me sad to live in this beautiful state.

"Romney now deflecting job LOSSES by saying he'd left Bain by then..."

Male teenager expelled for wearing women's clothing to school

Stuff They Don't Want You to Know- Can humans alter probability through thought alone?

more new orleans in IR

Wow! Did anyone else see this story on Big Ed's show?

David Corn on SC debate: Listening to this crowd, all I can say is, Please, go ahead and secede.

Jerk who said Children with Disabilities are punishment for women who aborted running for US Senate

Judge calls for Uribe's brother and cousin to be investigated

i just turned on the umpteenth debate and they are nothing but a bunch of lying assholes

OK, it told me to do it.

99 weeks is an associates degree...

Lost in Translation :)

Spectrum of theistic probability


Um, what's wrong with GD lately?

Judge calls for Uribe's brother and cousin to be investigated

Ron Paul on MLK

Celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. in Wisconsin MUST SEE VIDEO

Campaigns embracing 'Occupy' themes

Just watched Harlan County USA...

The abortion war comes to Market Street

Crowd boos at mention of Mexico (GOP debate)

Is it just me that thinks it mind boggling that some people on the Italian cruise

Rachel Maddow interviewing the chairman of the Lunch Pail Republicans.

And they're off: GOP debate lunacy (updated)

GOP pic

Get ready to refute this ridiculous story

If you doubt there's a difference between the parties, look at the *supporters.*

Applegrove's Dog.

Your dog has an adorable pussy.

MiddleFingerMom identifies with Popeye.

Maps produced under new redistricting standards leave Democrats divided, GOP nervous

"The Battle of the Bigotries": Anti-Mormon Fundies Just Wanna Get Rid of the Black Guy

Brian Jones was born today

Canada’s Liberal Party backs legalization of marijuana

More people have been put on food stamps by Obama than any President in history

Should guns be banned in hospitals?

Mexico Getting Booed At South Carolina GOP Debate?

Keep baby's sex secret to prevent gender-based abortions, doc says

who are these idiots in the audience?

just curious...who alerts the most?

You shouldn't be seeing this, but if you are, please report it in the Help & Meta-discussion forum.

At least 20 dolphins found dead in Cape Cod area

Lawrence O'Donnell jumps the shark? He is comparing Huntsman coming out supporting

Web Gang Operating in the Open

I need help, re: guns and gun control.

Ron Paul wants to build more bases in the U.S.

GOP maps strategy in wake of payroll tax debacle

Discord in G.O.P. as Conservatives Air Differences

School bus rides may get longer for some students (in CA)

Argentina says Monsanto contractor abuses workers

Argentina says Monsanto contractor abuses workers

i'm toast

Rick Perry: Turkey May Be Run By Terrorists

The Double Slit Experiment and the Observer Effect

Chevron Blames Victims of Its Deliberate Contamination of Ecuadorian Rainforest

Remember 'Not true' from Alito? Who was right about what was going to happen?

Chevron Blames Victims of Its Deliberate Contamination of Ecuadorian Rainforest

Is there a way to find journals here? And a way to find members? nm

Ask a conservative who they are going to vote for

is privatizing racist?

"The foreign policy article Mitt Romney doesn't want you to read."

OMG !!! - 'Rick Santorum’s Wife Dated The (Pro-Choice) Doctor Who Delivered Her' - NYMag

Something is definitely wrong when

Popular Conservative Blog Slams President Obama’s ‘Liverish Lips’ On Newsweek Cover

Daughter of Cuban President Expects Communist Party to Accept LGBT Rights

Cancer Vaccine for 90 Percent of Cancers Potentially Developed


Andrew Sullivan = Brilliant

US urges South Korea to cut Iranian oil imports

List of sites going dark on Wed. in protest of SOPA/PIPA (Wiki, Paypal et. al.)

Q & A: Jimmy Carter on his Faith-Filled Presidency

OMG - Perry said he would use Predator Drones to stop illegal immigration across the border.

Ginrich just stated the republican policy on education, essentially to get rid of it. He said

Toons: The Mittle Class, Remembering MLK Jr., We're #196, and More. 1/16/2012

And ducks for the town to see and hear. nt

New Colbert Super PAC ad encourages South Carolina to vote for Herman Cain

Their Feet Were Praying: Remembering the inspiration Heschel and King drew from each other.

My 1000th post!

The House of Romney

TYT: How Fox News would have covered MLK

Newt Gingrich And Juan Williams Rumble Over Proposed ‘Child Janitors’ Claim

Gingrich "Obama Food stamp President" brings crowd to feet.

Thyroid meds...

MLK Parade Bursting With Civil Unity Messages

Is there a separate decorating group

Wild houses couldn't drag me away

Questions for the Admin team, and some opinions.....

What Republicans say on stage, and what they do in real life.

Facebook and Google failure to win over India court sets the stage for a trial

US reluctant to share defense tech: minister (of Turkey)

Libya instructors master new teaching methods

Man is recovering after getting lab grown organ implanted to replace cancerous trachea

Front-runner Romney fends off SC debate attacks

How do I tell me my vegan girlfriend that I have stopped eating meat...?

Juan Williams booed at Fox News debate for challenging Newt Gingrich on minorities, the poor

Share This Please

At debate, Romney hedges on whether he would release tax returns

Pic Of The Moment: Route 501 Closed After Vegetable Truck Loses Load

Keystone Pipeline Hearing Tomorrow (1-17-2012)

Not Abel - New Colbert Superpac Ad Released Tonight

What physical injuries are you prone to and why? I used to play basketball in highschool. I didn't

"Mitt Romney always looks like a meerkat who's been shooting spoons of speed non-stop for 10 years."