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'Colombian colonel exhumed corpses, dressed them as neo-paramilitaries'

Dixville Notch Voting Now in NH on CNN

Dixville Notch results.....

Strange. When serving on a jury, how does one know beforehand what another juror is going to write?

Anyone else remember the old DU Gallery?

The Truth about the Economics Behind the Blacklist Bills

Stewart Wades Through 4 Hours Of ‘Pious Bologna’ From This Weekend’s GOP Debates - video

More about the resolutionaries at the gym

Wolf Blitzer Plays Matchmaker With The Huntsman Daughters

Occupy Protesters Cause Stir at Licorice Strike (Occupy Oakland/Red Vines)

Is this child abuse?

Top 10 Science-Related Cannabis Stories for 2011

LSU/Alabama game SUCKED!!!

I just heard Romney has herpes!

Best take on the Right-Wing Christian view of abortion I have ever seen

This is one of the most disillusioning things I have ever seen in my life.

On the BCS championship and media coverage. And Memories.

Ron Paul "e Harmony" Spoof

Texas Keeps Close Eye on Mexico's Presidential Race

Tony Iommi (of Black Sabbath) Diagnosed with Lymphoma

Beware Romney's hair! (Put down your drink before viewing. You have been warned!)

I wish Rick Perry would drop out of the race before the SC primary

Anyone see the video byte of Limbaugh Lawrence had on his show tonight?

Ernst & Young Rights a DOMA Wrong

Ill. Lawmakers Strategize on Marriage Equality

Hart's Landing, NH results.

I found this post I thought I'd share

I'll post this here too.

The theological implications of Tim Tebow's 316 passing yards in win over Steelers

Gingrich ads vs. Romney (claws and teeth come out mrowr hiss hiss hiss rar)

John Cleese's party political broadcast for the Liberal Democrats - April 1997

Toons: Pious Baloney, Bookends, Junk in the Trunk and More. - 1/9/12

Toon: You Say You Want a Revolution...

India seminary wants Rushdie visa cancelled

More Monks Die by Fire in Protest of Beijing

Not The Nine O'Clock News - American Election Candidate

On Immigration. Rowan Atkinson.

N.J. Assemblyman Alex DeCroce collapses, dies in Statehouse after long legislative session

Jill Stein is the Only Presidential Candidate in New Hampshire To Meet With Occupy Protesters

Malkin responds to attacks on Bain Capital: 'Huntsman, Gingrich, Perry all go Occupier'

Calif. Supreme Court reverses 2nd death sentence

That "fire people" thing? Willard says he was talking about "ObamaCare." Yeah...THAT's the ticket.

China trade surplus falls to six year low

The 7th Annual Cliopatria Awards for History Blogging

Passions for the past — and jobs — come alive at history convention

Hart's Location, NH: Of the 23 voters who showed up, 10 voted for Obama.

NYT: Government Secrecy May Be a Relic From the Cold War and a Wave of the Future

NYT: Reaching Back 2,000 Years to Unravel a Curse

A Fine for Not Using a Biofuel That Doesn’t Exist

I've figured out why Occupy rocks! Psychopaths will force one single reality on all the people.

DNA links 1991 killing to Colonial-era family

Boy, ya poke at the ant nest and there's so much stuff that comes out

New Chief Of Staff, A Low Key, Long-Time Insider

Wally Herger to announce retirement; LaMalfa to run for his seat


Terrific site for stretching and flexibilty exercises as well as info

Social Conservatives have ruined the GOPs odds for the Oval...Just when Obama was weakened

Bewildering and Bizarre - Ann Coulter and GOProud on why LGBTQ's should be Republican and Pro-Life

US argues it is immune from STD experiment lawsuit

Obama still determined to close Guantanamo: White House

Do you think Mittens will pull it off?

Poll study finds Obama more popular now than Clinton was in January of 1996

Liberal groups plan ad buy against local Republican during GOP presidential debates

When was the last time you went hiking?

Links to DU threads in other forums regarding cannabis issues

Roll Tide

A point in favor of Jacob Lew

Roll Tide!

Johannesburg university stampede kills one

'Off the scale' smog grounds China flights

Syria's Assad blames foreign plotters for unrest

Mitt Romney's favorite novel

Anyone familiar with the audio editor/recorder application Audacity?

U.S. presses China, Japan, South Korea to trim Iran oil imports

Bomb kills 25 in northwest Pakistan

Chinese rights lawyer in remote jail denied visits

Japan to release 3 activists who boarded whaler

GOP wary of taking up payroll tax fight again: afraid of a good fight

Things your parents accused you of that were not true. When I was in my early 20s

Brown tax hike plan may bring in less than estimated

Apparently, Gingrich is going to win New Hampshire...

NPR: Soundtracking 'The Descendants' With 'Real' Hawaiian Music

i can't watch Rachel any more.

If the election were held today...

What TSA screeners have recently found

Obama actually wins early Dixville Notch vote (w/ 3 votes). Mitt and Huntsman tie w/ 2 votes each.

Obama more popular now than Clinton was at this point in 1996

The US schools with their own police

We needed a Roosevelt, but we got an Obama

New chief of staff a low-key, long-time insider

Buddy Roemer is playing the "China is stealing our jobs.", card this morning

Arming people who chop off heads of women alleged to be witches...

XP Home should I keep it?

If you need a brush-up on US/Iranian history before the next war starts.....

USDA to close 259 offices

The real reason Huntsman is doing so poorly...

Tea Party Tories

Laid off worker: "Firing people and making light of it is wrong. I'm going to call him out on it."

Dennis Prager on Ron Paul: he is sickening!

The little pResident in waiting who turned into Donald Trump,

GOP: Call Romney for a Brainwashed Candidate

High court weighs policy against curse words on TV

I'd like to thank Mitt Romney for providing focus...

The Narrative of Perpetual Palestinian Victimhood

My prediction for tonight...

Analysis - Iran dissidents elated, wary on sanctions push

Engineers call for grounding of A380 after cracks found in wings

'Tortured' Guantanamo Bay prisoner seeks release of secret videos

Insight: New DNA reader to bring promise

A Ron Paul Convert (The Paranoid Style in American Politics)

Custody banks net short-selling gains from EU crisis

Meena Chaudhary breaks the "Glass ceiling", as the first woman elephant driver

Which is worse: H1B Visa Holders or Illegal Immigrants.

Is there a new sexual repression occurring

Poll (we'll have to pretend); who will it be?

U.S. Inquiry of MF Global Gains Speed - Search for $ 1.2 billion is on

New Van Halen song/video - 'Tattoo'

The Red Flags of Quackery

Fox Targets Tiny Grant Program Helping Local Communities

Introductions and discussion regarding our new group

rick santorum’s Anti-College Rant

I am new to this thread

I know 45,696 words but I can't follow directions

Who's behind the ugly attack ad aimed at Jon Huntsman? Who? Huh? Rachel investigates (incl. detail)

Grist: Forget about San Francisco: Second-tier towns are where the action is

Geeks to (finally) testify about SOPA blacklisting implications

The Greek parents too poor to care for their children


PA. to stop food stamps to anyone with more than $2,000 in assets (except house and some cars)

Dan Rather saying the country is looking for leadership

Speechless - maybe you can caption

Germany's unemployment rate at record low in December

Holy Cow - This Bain film is going to be DEV-AS-TATING to Romney

That's cold

Poll: Who will really win the Republican contest?

4 Creepy Ways Big Pharma Peddles its Drugs

Blogger fuels PM’s claim U.S. is backing Canadian environmentalists

Legal Strangers

Another partially-baked notion…

Getting ready for Republican debate

Legal Strangers

They just can't let it go

Save Our Trees

Pennsylvania to impose asset test for food stamps


Why do Republicans delight in suffering?

"…. Now you can cover almost the entire Republican field for comic relief.”

Catching up is so very hard to do

Santorum Handlers Physically Assault Vermin Supreme's Entire Staff

Santorum quotes as captions for old New Yorker cartoons

"I like being able to fire people..."--Romney's Macaca Moment?


Pope Ratz: Gay marriage threatens 'the future of humanity'

Why I could never vote for Ron Paul - he speaks; I hear THIS:

DNC Releases New Romney Video "You're Fired!"

Metal oxide simulations could help green technology

Democrats Unleash Bain Assault On Mitt Romney — With The Help Of Newt Gingrich

Discrimination suit filed against John Elway's dealership

Four WHOI Scientists Contribute to First Comprehensive Picture of the Fate of Oil from Deepwater H…

OBAMA: 'Repubs In Congress & These Candidates' want 'To Follow Other Countries In a Race To Bottom'

Actresses over the age of 40 who allowed themselves to age gracefully

Remember Senator Larry Craig...

Fracking Nonsense: The Job Myth of Gas Drilling

Gulf of Mexico Topography Played Key Role in Bacterial Consumption of Deepwater Horizon Spill

Fracking Nonsense: The Job Myth of Gas Drilling

Free tax preparation at Wal-Mart? ..... Not quite.

New Research Helps Predict Bat Presence at Wind Energy Facilities

Would you drink Panda Poo Tea?

"Banned his member" is the phrase of the day.

Angels Hoping They Can Get Mike Napoli Back Now That They Have Albert Pujols And CJ Wilson To Trade

SRNL research paves way for portable power systems

Bush's Torture Lawyers Agree: Obama Is Mad With Power

Take a look at the Louisianna Forum. <crickets>

Pat Benatar turns 59 today. Happy birthday,Pat.

I there any way we can alert, not on a thread, but on a poster?

Juan Cole: Majid: Why America Matters to Muslims

Suffolk U Tracking poll of NH--Romney up by 19; tight battle between Paul & Huntsman for 2nd

NC to recommend money for sterilization victims

BBV: Six Trap Doors in New Hampshire Election Process

PAIN Relief: India on Track to Be Declared Polio-Free Next Month

Another proposed slogan for Mitt Romney

Business is Booming for the Prison Profiteers

“‘This is the worst field.’ …This is the weakest field they’ve seen, by far-Not even a close second"

Hop, Skip and a Jump: Remembering Hedy Lamar

Today's Suffolk Poll just posted: Mittens at 37%

newt's five million dollar donor

Lost . . . lost homes

You're Fired!

Santorum Claims Cutting Welfare Is A Catholic Value

Where would I be likely to find my 2011 inbox mail ?

Good news. ATF jerks starting to pay for Agent Terry murder.

Romney vs. Batman

Election 2012 summary

Improv lunchbox

Gene Robinson on the N.H. Race

The RW is attempting to pin AmericansElect on Obama. .

The Secret That Mitt Romney Doesn't Want You To Know

Many years ago my husband asked me, "Why do so many women cut their hair short when they get older?"

I'm embarrassed to ask this..

Disgusting Crimes Of The Worst Kind: ACLU Crunches Guantanamo Numbers

New Hampshire is First (toon)

It will be the bane of his existence...

"Plives"?-Santorum Explains: what sounded like “black people” was actually the garbled word "plives"

Every atom in your body came from a star that exploded

***NEW FOOD PORN (PIC-HEAVY)*** From yesterday's photo shoot at my new Mexican Restaurant client.

Why Now? What's Next? Naomi Klein and Yotam Marom in Conversation About Occupy Wall Street

Juan Cole: Arab Spring Part 1

New DNA reader to bring promise, perils of genetics to clinics

Muslims posted 'nasty and frightening' anti-gay leaflets demanding homosexuals 'turn or burn'

Pa. underreported no. of gas wells by 495, which underreported lost revenues from lack of a tax

Ron Paul? NOT For Me

If You Want More Local Food, Stop Criminalizing Family Farmers

Did The Media Treat Bachman Unfairly Because She's an Insane Woman?

"How to watch the New Hampshire primary"

Capital Account: Gonzalo Lira tells us how Americans are Escaping from the USA

CIA Blames BUSHCO: America's screw-ups come from BAD leaders, not lousy spies!

Has anyone noticed that nobody in the media

President Obama's and the Republican candidates' position on torture

Keiser Report: Hollywood Cons Congress (E234)

NC elections official resigns rather than facilitate the marriage discrimination amendment

Connecting the dots.

A person with business ties can do a good job

Stephen Colbert Tears Into Obama Over The NDAA Bill (video)

Two Questions for DJ Grothe

Angels Hoping They Can Get Mike Napoli Back Now That They Have Albert Pujols & C.J. Wilson To Trade

Am I the only one flabbergasted by this site?......

Strange but true: Jon Huntsman dropped out of high school to join a band called 'Wizard'

Why The 2012 Election May Be The GOP’s Only Chance To Repeal Health Care Reform

Bitter primaries revealing real Romney

Eliot Spitzer: 2 Bold Ideas Obama Should Embrace to Stand Apart from Mitt Romney

The US military has eleven active aircraft carriers. China has one aircraft carrier period

Why Are US Job Numbers Better Than Europe’s? Thank the Deficit!

Is this an interesting use of Genealogy Databases or an invasion of privacy?

Ski Lodge May Get to Turn Sewage Into Snow (on land Indian tribes consider sacred)

Family Blames Gun-Seller for Murderous Rampage

Distortions are preferred to comparable truths

UPDATE: NC elections official resigns rather than facilitate the marriage discrimination amendment

OMG, Rick Scott is on my TV giving his State of the State Address

Woman Says Hotel Ignored Screams for Help

DU3 Album of the Day: "Aja" Steely Dan

Even the Wall St Journal is against the Fed's latest attempt to paper over bank losses.

Fish Agency to Approve Sonar Use by Navy

'Jersey Shore' Drunks Hurt Her, Woman Says

Did Romney Lie About 'Marching' With Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.?

New Van Halen song has pro-Union lyrics

Pa. School Districts face major deficits again - including $12 M Allentown, $9 M Stroudsburg

I just came back from voting in the NH primary.

China says war over Iran will bring disaster

Political Wire- Conservatives rally around the new 'Heartless Mitt'

Japan 'concerned' over escalation with Iran

i'm calling him "rmoney" from now on.

Hair-Loss Drug Blamed for Multiple Problems

Group Seeks Release of U.S. Torture Tapes-"I can say that I found them very disturbing, sickening"

Prof Stephen Hawking: man faces nuclear armageddon and must colonise space

Afghan Government Demands Obama Turn over Prisoners Held at U.S. Base

Johnson’s post-goal ‘Tebow’ doesn’t sit well with Capitals

Civility the backwards way (You Could Be Next Part 10)

US ships 'in second rescue of Iranians in Gulf'

Papantonio: Romney’s Vulture Capitalism Will Destroy America

Supreme Court Walmart Ruling Shakes Up Employment Class Actions

Thank goodness for Ron Paul

Pink slip: Termination of candidacy

NH Union Leader takes front page shot at Romney on election day.

Obama Ready to Strike to Stop Iran: Ex-Adviser (Dennis Ross)

Why the anti-Romney has not appeared

Show your manners to pregnant ladies

Citigroup Replaces JP Morgan as White House Chief of Staff

Rhinos' feet tested to see how they support heavy loads

Anyone Seen This Latest "Holding Up A Sign" Photo? You Need To

TV stations refuse to yank Dem `end Medicare’ ads

"It's time to take our country back" ?

Romney: 'Free enterprise is being put on trial by Obama & their first witness is Newt Ginrich'

PRESS RELEASE (NLG): Rights Groups Urge City to Halt Illegal Restrictions at Zuccotti Park

Why Romney's "Firing" Gaffe Resonates

Nicotine 'may aid memory for in early dementia'

What Kind of Sex Do Real Men Have?

Lake Powell

Beezow Doo-Doo Zopittybop-Bop-Bop arrested in Wisconsin

Republicans Nominate Siri to be their Presidential Candidate

Extinct Giant Tortoise May Still Be Alive in Galapagos

The 20 Biggest Donors of the 2012 Election (So Far) - Mother Jones

How bad is the fratricide in NH?

Amazing Archive of High-Res Photos from NASA’s Gemini Missions

Paying a Price, Long After the Crime

Meanwhile, down at the Channel 2 News Department...

Bat House WIN....

India Reports Completely Drug-Resistant TB

The Rude Pundit: A Brief List of Conservative Men Who Need to Be Punched in the Balls

todays trade

Glen Campbell - Galveston

Kissimmee firefighters resuscitate dog

Muslim group's anti-gay leaflet was hate crime, court told

Top Senator: An Attack On Israel Is An Attack On US

Lawyer: Alleged FAMU hazing victim Robert Champion’s friends say he was gay

Why don't Democrats push their "Personhood" amendments to states - "Corporations are not People"

The problem with Chris Christie

Cartoonist Tony Auth nails Mitt today...

Whole Foods Market Caves to Monsanto

Jon Stewart- Indecision 2012: Extrememly Loud & Incredibly Wealthy

I'm looking for a source of a quote: "get use to being a victim."

Some positive news for Waukesha:Gibson names Waukesha a 'GuitarTown'

Physical labor is violence

Katrina vanden Heuvel: An Extremist With A Moderate Pivot

Former US President Carter 'Pleased' With Egypt Polls

TYT: GPS Tracking Without Warrants Ruled Legal

Shiite Pilgrims Killed In New Attacks Across Iraq

For all of you still whining about Pittsburgh getting calls: The Donkos were in an illegal formation

The biggest threat to Citizens United --Montana AG explains why

Cartoonist Tony Auth on the Republican primary electorate

Businessmen and Economics

Flying Monsters

Tennis 24/7: Say Goodbye to the Petko dance

Solar Draws Top Investment Dollars in 2011

BREAKING: 10th Circuit Court Of Appeals Declares Oklahoma’s Sharia Ban Unconstitutional

Is marriage passe'..?

Germany Installed More Than 2 GW of Solar in December

some portraits of Romney's life

Scott Walker Has Violated Wisconsin’s Campaign Finance Laws 1,115 Times since 2009

Greek parents too poor to care for their children

Chris Hedges: The Gospel of the Penniless, Jobless, Marginalized and Despised

I keep forgetting...

Israeli Watchdog: West Bank Settlement Building Jumped 20 Percent In 2011

Wingers Hate Evil Fat Cats? - The ZOMBIE LIE That Just Won't Die

Colbert: New Hampshire Debates- Moderate Extremes

A Chart

Why No School for Waiters?

Why Now? What's Next? Naomi Klein and Yotam Marom in Conversation About Occupy Wall Street

Matt Stoller rebuts his critics

BULL CRAP: Romney took away prompters to 'speak from heart'

The Signs of the Presidents

OMG, I agree with Newtie.

Accuracy of LGBT college admissions under speculation

Gingrich wins, Romney sixth in NH: Apparent Google Glitch Shows New Hampshire Primary Results

Leon Panetta says Iran is not developing a nuclear weapon;

At a Romney Event Yesterday, I Was Removed and Arrested. I Still Don't Know Why (Daily Kos Diary)

Is pedophilia a disability? Greece thinks so.

When you his post, do you get directed to the home page?

Advice needed on how close you can clip a cat's claws...

Let me see if I...have this straight.

Know which candidate has the most tea-party support in NH?

Tim Tebow's Fire

8 killers pardoned: Outgoing Miss. Gov. Haley Barbour under fire

Private equity firms are "just vultures" that feed off sick companies no matter the human toll.

OK folks - I have to practically start over with my chickens after the

There's A New Party Running in 2012 HILARIOUS!


Judges: Texas Can Enforce Sonogram Law Now

What colors are in your kitchen? (added a couple more pics)

Russia Space Chief Says Some Of Nation’s Satellites May Have Been Sabotaged

Early Predictor of Lifespan Found in DNA

Hundreds of Ethiopian demonstrators protest against racism in Israel

Romney Surrogate: Bain was About Wealth Management, Firing People Comment Was Good

Share this with all your anti-marijuana friends and family.

Stephen Colbert tops Jon Huntsman in South Carolina Read more:

Do TiVo topics belong here?

Ron Paul Ambushed by Vermin Supreme

What's at the forefront of reactor research? A must-read digest/discussion.

Todd Starnes: No Black Panthers Here!

“Are you going to fire the baby?”

Arab monitors "buy time" for Assad-Syria opposition

(UK) Government bans Free Schools from teaching creationism

Van der Sloot back in Peruvian court to face murder charge

The Nation has a great article that attacks the false equivilence of the attacks on

Time for a "Loony Toons" break...

Santorum: I didn't say "black people's lives" I said "blah plives!"

Obama Picks Former National Council of La Raza Executive as White House Domestic Policy Adviser

Scotland to hold independence poll in 2014

Fox News Pundit Hails NH Town's Lack of 'Black Panthers'

US to sell Israel 2,500 Hummers, trucks

Breaking per Fox Sports

Frederick Douglass gave us our answer long ago.....

Jordan's Abdullah discusses Mideast peace talks with Abbas, Blair

Tim Tebow hesitant to endorse

Pa. to put clamp on food stamp recipients

Political movements and parties to protest Abu Hasira Festival

Hobbes’s Mortal Gods: Six Questions for Ted H. Miller by Scott Horton

Mittens' latest gaffe? ‘I have personal experience’ hiring undocumented immigrants

Fees surge as banks hunt for revenue

Prediction: Another Electoral Landslide for Obama

The Power of RAW Cannabis

What Consenting Adults Do In Private Is Their Own Business. Period.

'Doomsday' Ticks Closer On Nuclear, Climate Fears

Part of Brad Pitt's Acceptance Speech at the Critics Awards

I'm getting tired of hearing about the founding fathers

Can the admin folks see who "alerted" a post

Christie-backed Urban Hope Act gets legislative OK (dozens of new private schools)

Pittsburgh tries again to make banks good corporate citizens

Undocumented Immigrant Who Helped Police Solve Murder Now Facing Deportation

December bombings of ammunition storages in middle of Gazan civilian area kill and injure civilians

Any Surface Becomes a Musical Instrument

(NH) - Legislative madness makes its return

Perhaps someone could help me.

Indonesia quake triggers tsunami alert (BBC) {near Aceh province, again}

Found a little glitch when posting some links

A very serious question for the men here at DU:

Repuglicans plan to revitalize the housing market

Pro-Newt group buys $1.4 million in 30-second chunks

Oh no.

Welfare Mothers

Can we get a clearer definition of "conspiracy theories"?

Texas can enforce sonogram law while case proceeds, federal court says

A Md. lawmaker, amid budget cuts and tax debates, is tackling fantasy football

Texas Asks Feds To Delay Health Insurance Rebate Plan

Microsoft "avoid ghetto" patent sparks controversy

IPSOS POLL: Obama 48, Romney 43; Obama 53, Gingrich 38; Obama 48, Paul 41; Obama 51, Santorum 40.

Puppets & Dictators: 'Revolution Guru' on OWS, Egypt, Libya

Guantánamo Prisoners Launch Hunger Strike to Protest Base's 10th Anniversary

I want to thank Obama critics on DU for one thing.

Conservatives are furious with Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry for attacking Romney

Baseball gets two more years of Bud Selig

Republican Governor Haley Barbour Pardons Four Murderers In Mississippi

Guantánamo Exclusive: Former Chief Prosecutor, Ex-Detainee Call on Obama to Close Prison

Hey Mittens. The poverty rate in France is half our poverty rate.

NC POLL: Obama 46, Romney 45; Obama 49, Newt 43; Obama 46, Santorum 46. Libertarian helps Obama.

Woman wins legal judgement forbidding anyone from sharing her photos online

Stephen Colbert leads Jon Huntsman in South Carolina

Newts PAC has the same name as Obama's reelection slogan

Pic Of The Moment: Gingrich Lands Prized Psychic Monkey Endorsement

NDAA: Obama Signs Law Restricting Transfer of Gitmo Prisoners, Expands Indefinite Detention

Pic Of The Moment: What A Difference A Month Makes

Renew Deal is stirring up trouble in H&M-Discussion...

Tabatha Takes Over

What a depressing winter...

Tony Blankley dies at 63; press secretary to Speaker Newt Gingrich

Haley, SC to Sue Feds Over Voter ID

So far, this has been a very, very strange winter here in Upstate NY -

Santorum denounced as ‘bigot’ at N.H. rally

Canada anti-terror barrier 'foiled by mussels' (BBC)

Santorum denounced as ‘bigot’ at N.H. rally

Abbas Meets Kerry In Amman

Does the group want the picture thread pinned?

Can you please help me understand why my post clock is five hours ahead.

10 Frugal Living Tips To Happiness On A Tight Budget

Want to expose Mitt Romney to the center and the independents?

If Santorum and Gingrich are really devote Catholics then shouldn't they be on the economic left?

Have you or a family member ever lost a job due to a corporate buy-out?

Kansas has a plane? Brownstain needed a plane to fly from Topeka to Wichita? Unbelievable

Would you pay $350 for headphones?

Post here if you feel left out because ohiosmith has you on ignore.

Who’s a real progressive?

Bought a Roku yesterday

The Republican inner release, "I like to" what could be next, add your prediction;

Hey everybody. How's things?

Ron Paul isn't really for limited government.

"Anti-child porn warrior Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen won’t assist FBI who arrest Walker aide

What Has Obama Ever Done For Progressives?

What makes DU and the Dems so damn cool.

Wayne Township (Marion County) Democratic Club Meeting Tonight

Women finally seeing signs of a jobs recovery

10th Circuit upholds ruling blocking Shariah law ban/Denver Post

United Flight In Denver Taunts Steelers Fans Heading Home...

OK.... tell me what socialist things Pres. Obama has done....

Wow Rush Limpballs was really carrying water for Mittens today! He just about called Newt a commie!

Pot smoking not so harmful to the lungs, study finds

Contraception's "dirty secrets" courtesy of Pharma, Medics and Religion

DNC Chair on MSNBC: Romney was Callous and Insensitive Towards Workers, Middle Class

Kodak stock rises 45% on new business plan (BBC)

Dylan Ratigan's calling it "Auction 2012". :-) nt

TDPS: American Politics Have Been ESPN-ized - Denis Campbell

TDPS: Taxes = Investment in USA. Why is Mitt Only Investing 15%?

(resolved) Does anyone else want the 'sub' and 'sup' tags back?

Wasn't there a Gamer forum on DU

Contraception's "dirty secrets" courtesy of Pharma, Medics and Religion

The Greek parents too poor to care for their children

Michigan mayor doubles down on homophobia. - Huffington Post

Cayman vents are world's hottest (BBC) {450 C black smokers}

Major media companies ask Congress for SOPA, then fail to cover the controversy.

House GOP shuts down Dem speaker Jim Moran in pro forma session

Lawyer sentenced to 5 years in jail for bribing client to frame judge

The Party is Just Broken

An idea concerning trolls.

Obama vs Ron Paul : both hold positions anathema to liberals.

I've changed how I compute since the iPad

Pittsburgh mayor did perform 'Tebowing'

Gingrich campaign uncovers Bain Capital magazine ads featuring Romney? (Pictures)

Toon: Finally Putting You to Work!

Reluctant placebo supplies undermining independent trials

Starve, You Bastards

NPS Ranger Margaret Anderson murdered by "survivalist" gunman in Rainier National Park

"Dick" Perry Will Top Rick Perry On Arizona Primary Ballot (TPM)

Penis tattoo gives man permanent erection

Video: New Hampshire Voters Slam Romney As A 'Corporate Raider'

How do I "mark a forum"?

You can renew you car tag online

William Hague warns against Falklands intimidation

Thinking about opening a gay friendly B&B

Obama’s revolution in American strategy

No, Andrea Mitchell, he did not say he just wanted to "switch insurance companies"...

"Permanent erection" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "permanent erection".

Casualties on the Battlefield of the "War on Drugs"


Any fans of the new Tropico 4

Op_Critical: For What It's Worth (New recording, music video using #Occupy footage)

Paul Defends Mitt For Gaffe, Time Spent At Bain

"If the people understood the rank injustices of our money and banking system there would be a

Has Romney won yet?

You shouldn't be seeing this, but if you are...

7.3-magnitude quake struck 260 miles off the coast of Aceh province just after midnight

Senate Democrats hit Mitt Romney for strapping family dog to roof of car for 12-hour road trip

Be prepared to be outraged.

Study: A Joint May Be Easier On Lungs Than A Cigarette

Recently seen on Facebook (hey - I'm just the messenger)

Romney: ‘I have personal experience’ hiring undocumented immigrants

Amazing lack of Details in GOPer Flash Card Approch to Solving Nations Probs. Judge JUDY would

Israel Aerospace sells $1.1 billion arms to Asian nation

My vapid co-worker is going to vote for Mittens because 'he's a hunk'!!

"Rape by the State": TX Can Force Doctors to Deliver Intrusive Vaginal Ultrasound to Abortion Seeker

Atheists Own The Internet!

Xbox manufacturers threaten suicide over working conditions

NYT Responds on Iran Alarmism

Tweety: "I've not met Rush Limbaugh, but pigs squeal when they're stuck, right?"

NYS hydrofracking public comment period expires tomorrow

John McCain: Sarah Palin pick "still one of the best decisions I ever made..."

Non-EU immigration linked to unemployment, says report

New Hampshire Hamlet of Dixville Notch Goes For Punxsutawney PAUL

Egyptian liberal party to boycott elections

Colombian army must publicly apologize for 'false positive' murder

Colombian army must publicly apologize for 'false positive' murder

Candidate Tote Board

OK this is pretty bizzarre for a formerly "tough on crime" Southern Republican Governor...

Ha! after years of abstinence, we are getting chickens again.

Oliphant: GOP Buyer’s Remorse

Five Colombian soldiers dismissed for extrajudicial killing

Mitt Romney, STeve Jobs & Apple

Five Colombian soldiers dismissed for extrajudicial killing

Romney fights with reporter after being exposed in a lie

TV stations refuse to yank Dem `end Medicare’ ads

My next forehead tattoo.

"Are you going to fire the baby?"

Univision: Romney's Mexican roots

(NLRB) New Board Members Take Office, Announce Chief Counsels

Pocan & Larson release response to Walker's “misleading” Waste, Fraud and Abuse report

My pet loving friends, maybe you can give me some advice.

Pocan & Larson release response to Walker's “misleading” Waste, Fraud and Abuse report

The Anatomy of a Ripoff. (Or why "health care" costs are so high)

Newt locks & loads

Albert Einstein - Why Socialism?

Eagle's Nest Live Camera

Is stripping also violence?

Guinness Black Lager

Feelin good? Good is ok..

Bain Capital will not hurt Romney in South Carolina.

We hate math say 4 out of 10 - a Majority of Americans.

Bain Capital: Outsourcing IT jobs "delivers enduring results: lower costs now, future flexibility"

Suspected U.S. drone kills 3 militants in Pakistan: officials

Hilarious- republicans calling corporate raiders vultures! There must be a primary going on,

oh Santorum has more troubles

Drivers protest Israeli-only roads in West Bank

The Meaning of Mitt: The Dark Side of Mitt Romney

100% Green Fracking Solution- Is this for real?

Is this too much sax and violins?

Jackpine Radical may have been right...

REALLY Thinking Ahead: Mushroom Death Suit

Algae for your fuel tank—New process for producing biodiesel from microalgae oil

Judge Halts Southwest Logging to Protect Mexican Spotted Owl

Romey, at 19, supported the draft. But his status as 'Mormon missionary' exempted him from the draft

My links to appear in the new format. What am I doing wrong?

Any returns in?

Quick-Cooking Nanomaterials in a $40 Microwave Oven To Make Tomorrow’s Solid-State Air Conditioners…

Kerry( Statesmanship) and GHWB (lifetime achievement) are getting awards from the

China's Largest Freshwater Lake At 60-Year Low

Federal court halts Oklahoma's "Sharia Law" silliness

The LSU bus is still stuck on the interstate in New Orleans

I just had a great idea for a new ad to run against Mittens

Personal avatar loading is now available for Star members.

I changed my avatar today

Avatar uploads are back!!

Meet Paulite Basil Childress

Where's the rain?

ABC news said exit polls showed Romney doing well... then unsaid it

Exit polls indicate big win for Romney

We've arrived in LOVE-Latest Lauren Gorgo

What if cannabis cured cancer?

Pot smokers don't puff away lung health: study

Hot Coffee: Just When I Was Ready to Cancel HBO

Power, fear, and Abuse. RE: recent threads here on DU

Florida Legislation Paves Ground for Water Privatization

Honolulu Begins Enforcing New Sidewalk Ban Against Homeless

GOP lawyers must pay Democrats' attorneys $17,500

From an intention meditation circle.

Are you going to fire the baby?

College football playoff on the way?

SHOPO (Police Union) endorses Republican Linda Lingle for US Senate in Hawaii

The Settlers' Movement Is a Threat to Peace and Israel's Existence

GOP Candidates’ Tax Cuts For Rich Are Up To 270 Times Larger Than Tax Cuts For The Middle Class

did it look this bad for Clinton in 96?

Parry: NYTimes pleads Santorum's case in "black people" hubbub

JAMA Watch Jan.11,2012: Moderate Marijauana Use is NOT Bad for Your Lungs

Denmark’s new left-wing government loosens harsh immigration rules, right wing protests

In Big Environmental Speech, Obama Thanks EPA Staff, Mentions Climate Change in Passing

Indiana House committee advances right-to-work bill

Any users of Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Modx, and Plone?

“Make a profit,” a laughing Romney is shown saying in the film. “That’s what it’s all about, right?”

Tonight is Darcy Richardson's night to shine!

Is it acceptable to post from obvious Republican/right-wing sources?

All clear

Smoking pot doesn't hurt lung capacity, 20 year study shows! Report in AMA Journal

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Nate Silver: Typical N.H. Winner Gets 39 Percent of Vote

The Republicans’ Lost Privacy

Due to ultra-Orthodox pressure, women barred from speaking at Isreali conference... on gynecology.

Mitt better stick with Tim Pawlenty and put him out front as his spokesperson

Check this out - The Fall of the Goddess (how Earth became Gaia)

Is the slogan "consenting adults" an adequate foundation for all economic regulation?

Ten Dollars Sick

Obama picks immigration reform advocate to lead domestic policy

I so hated Chris Matthews a decade ago...

faux news reporting exit polls??

Brown snubs PM over forestry dispute

Sign one of my organization's members shared with me today:

Dogs against Romney

Why isn't Santorum gushing over Bush?

Remember Julia Sugarbaker? Excellent rant:

We have a Three game losing streak in the playoffs.....

Gayest US town? Surprise: It's Salt Lake City

'Future' son in law, deputy sheriff, says 'crazies' on streets tonight;

I saw my neighbor mowing his lawn today.

Rwanda: at last we know the truth

The signage in zoos and parks in Skittles' hometown differ slightly from everywhere else.

WARNING: Put on your squee goggles!!!! The cutest baby turtle ever...... EVER!!!

The Most Incredible Cat in the World:


From a very early age, Li'l MiddleFingerMom understood the concept of "CARPE FUCKING DIEM!!!"

WARNING: Graphic depiction of MFM & one of his favorite bedpartners and some hot-and-heavy ACTION!!!

Indiana: Republicans vote to send 'right to work' to full House

Science in the real world vs. on TV....

Study: Women Ask For Raises And Promotions As Often As Men, But Get Less In Return

List of USDA closures map. Check out MN.

Exit Poll - Romney ran the most unfair campaign.

The 1% never disappoints.

Today's very best cartoon!

What Obama should do to win the election?

PHOTO: OH, there NO END to your vendetta?

Admin. extends Salvadoran deportation freeze

Obama Team Steals Spotlight With Huge Union Leader Ad On New Hampshire Primary Day

Obama v. Romney: Handsomest campaign match-up ever

Tepco Said to Seek 2 Trillion Yen in Loans From Japanese Lenders

The Big Ideas podcast: Friedrich Kittler's computer wars

Marijuana doesn't harm lung function, study found

North Carolina’s “Vote Against” Project

Okla. Lawmaker Wants Gays Barred from National Guard

There is a fracking meeting tomorrow (1-11-12) in Youngstown

No Support for School District’s New LGBT Issues Policy

We have created a new main forum: Politics 2012

AIDS Activist Frank Sieple Dead at 51

New Hampshire Primary 2012 Results: Election Reporting By County (MAP, REAL-TIME DATA)

those 7 people in NH who voted for Bachman need some mental health care

Bath Time for Baby Sloths

Restaurant Bashes Customer On Facebook And Twitter for not leaving a tip and giving a bad review

When will Newt unleash on Ron?

Obama pledges to stand by EPA

I have fired 3 people during my manager years before teaching. I hated it

Buy American?


You shouldn't be seeing this, but if you are, please report it in the Help & Meta-discussion forum.

‘We want to have a voice,’ Haisla chief pleads at Gateway hearings

GDP Lives!

At the risk of starting a flamewar

Liberals hold cards close to chest in Layton’s riding – for now

BP, Sempra to Invest $1 Billion in Wind Farms

Iran bans MPs from standing for re-election to parliament

Globalization of worker unions.

Redford has a national energy plan – but don’t call it the NEP

Romney Wins New Hampshire Primary (Romney 36%,Paul 23%, Huntsman 18%, Santorum 10%)

Sununu is even more awful and obnoxious than I remember him.

In a state of 1.3 million citizens; Bachmann manages *32* votes?!

Diablo III Confirmed for consoles

Is that Sanunu freaking out now on MSNBC?


The Police State Trods On: 5 Things You Should Know About the FBI's Massive New Biometric Database

Frederick Douglass quote:

In watching TV coverage of NH GOP primary, I saw a woman in her mid-sixties interviewed.

Two Women waiting to get into heaven... #15

Dear Jon Huntsman

Huzzah! A forum just for politics.

Third Kansas City Kansas Police officer to plead guilty in sting case

Good GOD, John Sununu, whatta fricken MAROON. Loves Mitt more than Chris Christie.

All right ELAD stop messing with my head!

Man who lost wife in Tucson shootings says Giffords makes him sick

K&R if you want Obama to win in a landslide.

Gov Sununu on MSNBC making a fool of himself....."Obama has ruined

Survival Reality Shows

Colombia rejects guerrilla chief's call for talks

State Legislatures: The Bottom Line in Politics

Rachel just reporting Huntsman has said NOT GETTING OUT of race!

K&R if you want Elizabeth Warren to Kick Scott Browns Ass!

Tim Tebow Nailed to Cross, Wins XBox Game Between Jesus and Satan in Taiwanese Animation (Video)

I have visited prostitutes, and I don't apologize for it. It was 1971, in a place called Vung Tau.

State corrections employee sent home for wearing union shirt

Climate change leaves some Hudson Bay polar bears starving

Two Women waiting to get into heaven... #10

Post your campaign here!

Anyone watching C-SPAN2 right now?

Is Mitt Romney Wearing 'Mom Jeans'?

seeking info on shasta lake Calif. IS it mostly a vacation spot with few real full time residents?

Darcy raising eyebrows with a surprising 9th place showing in early returns.

Dutch to ban import, use of narcotic qat leaves

the Very Real Danger Of Genetically Modified Foods

Someone just yelled "Mitt Happens!" at the Mittensfest in NH

O'Donnell is only one making sense on MSNBC tonight

Too fucking personal? Show me where in the rules a post can be locked for being ...

Facile and Glib.

Mittens: "The bitter politics of envy" -WTF?

So much horseshit coming out of Romney's mouth......right now.....

"Lifted up by a desire to succeed, not dragged down by a resentment of success."


South Carolina considers drug tests, community service for unemployment

Twitter lashes out at Google search changes

They want a President Gordon Gecko.

Can you help us with an please? (specificaly asked to post this on the DU!)

Rush Limbaugh: Newt Gingrich 'Sounds Like Elizabeth Warren'

MO Gubernatorial Candidate Boasts of "Degree In Economics"... uh, huh... (hilarious!)

I don't see how Romney loses the primary

I find today's low voter turnout a bit curious..

He can't really think he'll make it to the White House, can he?

*** OFFICIAL *** New Hampshire results hash-over and speech analysis --

Did Anchor Man Mitt say 'this is the worst recovery since the great depression'?

I came home to my new, shiny SCE Smartmeter. WTF is this thing?

Shut up, tweety!

My youngest is home on break working her way through Deep Space 9 -

Spreading Santorum: Slick Rick skids in N.H.

in your dreams Rmoney...

Buddy Roemer tweets about Mitt's win - lol....

Did Kerry refuse to release his tax returns in the same way that Mittens is?

The son of a millionaire and the son of a billionaire, both multimillionaires are running against

Go, Lawrence- defendig "European Socialism" nt

So do you think that Romney's defense of corporate America and making a buck

The barricades at Zucotti Park have been removed and loaded onto trucks

Daniels Protects Secret Donors Behind RTW Ads

Tony Benn: A Voice From Labour’s Left

President Obama receiving 81% of vote in NH Democratic Primary, better than Bush's 79.5% in 2004.

Well stated Rev. Al-- nailed Roney perfectly

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Willard wins!

Academia's Crooked Money Trail

Violence is what we do best

Romney is so busy shifting with the winds, I am waiting for him to

Stephen Colbert Leads Jon Huntsman In South Carolina Poll

Most print newspapers in the States have only a five-year life span: study

It's 9:02 pm eastern time, 34% in, and Perry ALMOST has 500 votes!

Ron Paul...You are dangerous...


Breaking: The 1% Win the New Hampshire Primary

George Carlin - Why You Are In Debt

NYT - With Economy In Shambles, Greeks Returning To The Land

Pat Buchanan Blames ‘Militant Gay Rights Groups,’ ‘People Of Color’ For Pending MSNBC Termination

Ron Paul is going to base the currency on Spanish Doubloons

With tonights victory Romney will have a total of 17 delegates or 1.49% of the 1144 he needs.

Snow Drought Forces Colorado To Confront Reality Of Weather Extremes; Pine Beetles Get Boost

Daily Climate LTE: For Climate News Coverage, Think Outside The (US & EU) Box

testing my avatar and sigline.

Is Ron Paul Still talking?

Freedom, freedom, freedom

Jury Bug?

"Extraordinry Rant" By Canadian Resource Min. Claims "Foreign Radicals" Behind Tar Sands Opposition

Three Leading GOP Presidential Nominees Pledge To Be Tough On Porn

New Hampshire GOP Narrative: Obama's Not One of Us

CT State Rep. (GOP): How DARE State Government Consider Climate In Emergency Planning!!!

Federal appeals court delivers blow to anti-Sharia efforts

What is scary about the Pubbie prez nom fight?

Ron Paul Droning on & on with Lockeroom chatter making peeps laugh

"If homosexualitry is a disease, let's all call in queer to work"

Chicago Nurses Overwhelming Vote for NNU

With a new forum comes this month's 2012 Progressive Congress List

Surprise, Huntsman's papi is a billionaire who has not kicked in yet for his campaign in SC.

150 Flights Into Beijing Canceled; Smog Cuts Visibility To 200 Meters; PM 2.5 Pollutants "Off Scale"

Guardian UK: Sh*t Republican candidates say

Goodhair beaten by "Other"

New Bill Aims To Permit Religious Meetings In School Buildings

Should DU only restrict free speech that threatens actual bodily harm?

Huntsman's got the Blondes, and the mistaken notion that he's actually won something

Enthusiasm gap? turnout among registered republicans could be off 40% tonight compared to '08

3"-6" Inches Sea Level Rise All It Will Take To Put S. Florida Into World Of Hurt, Shortage And Cost

Tennis 24/7: Sam Querrey, fading fast?

Dr. Strangelove on TCM at 10:00!

James Vestermark on the board with one vote!

Pat Buchanan blames "militant gays," "people of color" for his MSNBC Woes

Well, it looks like SC will be the last stand for Good Hair, Frothy Mix, Ron and The Newter

Records: Ex-Miss. Gov. Barbour pardons nearly 200

Romney pulling in a reported 35% of the vote in NH is pretty weak

HuffPo banner tonight: 5 YEARS CAMPAIGNING, LESS THAN 40%?

Huntsman seems drunk.


Does anyone take their fur kids to the park?

James Burke : The Day The Universe Changed: "Worlds Without End"

2012 DCW Senate Forecast - LIST

When does Huntsman stop wasting our time and quit?

Tonight might be a good night to revive this:

that guy in the middle is way to happy

Funny how Santorum has been talking about his grandfather

Ron Paul: The Only Presidential Candidate Telling Important Truths

Herr Buchanan: Van Jones and Militant Gays got me removed from the air

Bueller? ... ... Bueller? ... ... Bueller? ... ... Bueller? n/t

Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) on Mitt Romney - "no compassion"

9th Circuit rejects Righthaven bid to block auction of copyrights

List of U.S. Senators that have 'announced' they are NOT running for The Senate in 2012

Pic Of The Moment: Guy Who Likes Firing People Wins NH Primary

Wired - Indian Doctors Report 12 Cases Of TB Resistant To All Known Drugs - Known As TDR TB

Surrogate sex partner inspires story, film

Prediction: Romney/Huntsman for rethug ticket

Envy If the US knows how to start cancer, it must know how to stop it

Anyone else read the Seattle Times Editorial Sunday, January 8th?

Raiders back to LA? Bet on it.

New Bluefin Tuna Record - $735,000 For 593-Pound Catch In Tokyo Market - Mongabay

3 Hawaiian Monk Seals, Possibly Fourth, Discovered Clubbed To Death - Critically Endangered Species

Tonight's GOP primary results are reason for Democrats to celebrate

Hansen At AGU; "Earth Poised To Experience Strong Feedbacks In Response To Moderate Warming"

Pistol grips on long guns, and rifle crime in general.

Best Demotivational Poster EVAHRR!!1!

Extreme Cheapskates

Huntsman/Paul and OBAMA will be reelected.

As Thais Try To Clean Up, South Hit Yet Again W. Massive Flooding, Landslides

New Hampshire DEMOCRATIC Party Primary - numbers

Lol - Looks like the Newt will come in 5th tongiht.

Fidel Castro warns of climate change, gas shale "fracking", nuclear war threat

Shaken by Attacks on Romney’s Past Work, Campaign Tries to Douse Flames

Maine makes public new database of inmates and felons on probation

In case you were wondering, Obama also won New Hampshire

Portland State Study - Half Of Mount Adams' 12 Glaciers Gone Since 1904

Democratic Party Reacts To Romney's NH Primary Placement

Japan's Homare Sawa wins FIFA Women's Player of the Year

A man from Chevron at my door today....

No Direction Home

SUCK ON IT, AUTHORITARIAN FUCKSTAINS!!! Barricades have been taken down at Zucotti Park!

AXYLPAB!!! Use it in a sentence!

Actually useful online photo editor..

Personal observations of republicans?

Looks like the 2012 NH GOP turnout is going to be 30k~ less people than 2008. (hmm, nope, wrong)

If you know Sting's "King of Pain", maybe you help me out here.

Cool news for fans of LM Bujold's Vorkosigan books....

Independents who voted in the Republican primary broke narrowly for Ron Paul

Newt Ginrich is putting up a 30 minute ad on Bain Capital and Mitt Romney

Revealing the Scale and Horror of Assad’s Torture Chambers: A Brief on the Locations and Conditions

What the hell is Ron Paul talking about?

Teachers Scab On Themselves in Pennsylvania

Is the male ego so fragile that that some feel the need

Can Obama attack Romney from the right?

When the Georgia Patrol was out a-making their rounds & Andy fired a shot just to flag 'em down...

An idea concerning Hobbits.

Bowling is VIOLENCE!

Mediaite: Bill Kristol Wary Of Low Turnout In NH: ‘I Think That’s Worrisome For Republicans’

OWS Livestream Returns

Is Huntsman's father paying for his campaign?

An open letter to the people who hate Obama more than they love America

For Ron Paul fans---

Zuccotti Park Barricades Removed: Occupy Wall Street Protesters Stream Back in to Former Camp

Prediction: Republican Ticket will be Romney / Rubio.

Colbert theoretically ahead of Huntsman in South Carolina poll

I wouldn't like to fire people...

"Austerity for Dummies:" The guide you've been wanting

Catch this math from the newscast of my local Fox station:

Teachers Scab On Themselves in Pennsylvania

Dealing with Religious Jerks (A Review of Antagonists in the Church:)

rick perry = 0.7 percent of the vote

California’s War on Public Education

Let me just remind people that South Carolina primaries are the nastiest in the country

Majority of Minnesota Teachers Working Without Contracts

You're Fired!

Prior to today's primary I thought that if Romney fell below 40%

Shawn Lee's Incredible Tabla Band - Inna Gadda Da Vida

Time for you to go home now Newtie... it's past your bed time and you lost again!

Super Bowl Viewers Will See Graphic Anti-Abortion Ads With Pictures Of Bloody Fetuses

It would be nice if the html 'link' function worked!

Vermin Supreme beat Randall Terry and...

U.S. Shelves H-1B Visa Talks With India

Here is an example of what people can do when they work together.

Anti-Outsourcing Bill Stirs Fears In India, Philippines

Where would you go?

From Canada: 'The problem with too much democracy' in the U.S.

The Red Flags of Quackery

The marriage of Mitt & Ron

The media has a vested interest in this thing not being over.

OWS Livestream Returns

Banks are being accused of another consumer slight. Court papers say banks use unexplained charges.

What is SOPA(Stop online piracy act) and Why it should be opposed.( Infographic)

Allen West is a boil on the ass of America...

I love Jane Fonda.

Hidden in the Open: A Photographic Essay of 140-Years of Black Male Couples

What is the point of even talking about Ron Paul or any Republicans here?

Letterman - Alan

Salon: The Hell that Now Awaits Romney

Okay, I've been browsing around for a month trying to find the Greatest Page.

Are you in the mood for some desk top destruction? Youtube 'Mini Canon'

South Carolina Primaries and the Ghost of Lee Atwater...