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Happy New Year, East Coasters


OK, who is the cop making out with Jenny McCarthy?

I'm thinking about naming my new band Tepid Frolic...


Happy New Year East Coasters!!!

Fireworks in my neighborhood!


President Obama Signs Bill Permitting Indefinite Military Detention Without Trial Of U.S. Citizens

Happy New Year DU!

Libyan rebel chief warns Egypt over pro-Gaddafi TV

Happy New Year!!!


My heart felt offering to all the members of ASAH!!!!! Happy 2012!!!!

Greenwald Thread #791

Ending this year, and starting a new one on a good note

'Out of the park and into the street.' Occupiers are marching out of the park now. nt

Protesters Surge Back Into Zuccotti Park

Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper.....laughed my arse off....

Happy New Year everyone

Magnitude 7.0 earthquake strikes off Japan's southeastern Izu islands - USGS

I am thinking of AlienGirl as we begin a new year.

It's here. It's really here!

Mitt Romney Wind Vane video

Henry's Birthday Party..Curmudgeoness, now you don't have to imagine anymore...

For The Year's End, My Friends: Aeroplane In A Bottle....

Happy New Year from the Central Time Zone!

Happy New Year, DU.

Obama-Biden 2012

Eastern time centric-ness

Are you in?

C Lo Green bastardizes John Lennon's song.

Happiest 2012!

Felicitous Heliocentric Coordinate Reference Interval! n/t

New Year celebration Philippines style.

Why I don't enjoy modern music as much as 70's music: no brass, no wind, no strings.

Percy Bysshe Shelley, in support of Occupy Wall Street

Happy New year from my drunken ass!!!!

Just came from the Prairie Home Companion performance here in Honolulu and it was pretty great!

How Israel Empowers Islamist Movements, by Uri Avnery

Will Ron Paul Become the New Ralph Nader?

i`m 65 and 5 minutes old..fuck it-i`m going to bed!

TCM Schedule for Monday January 2 - TCM Spotlight: Joseph Cotten

Ok, and I know this is many are just so happy the new year is here???

The Stupidity of Ronald Reagan

HuffPost commenters are freaking the fuck out right now on the NDAA page.

Happy New Year From The Last Frontier!

just got home, HAPPY NEW YEAR DU!

I would like to aplogize....

Happy New Year, C&B!

Happy fucking New year frim my drunken ass!!!!

90's nostalgia with a postive message for the New Year. New Radicals - You get what you give.

Happy New Year one and all!


8 years smokefree today

Happy New Year

Magnitude 7.0 quake strikes off coast of Japan

Rick Santorum: "I’m The Tortoise"

They went all out on Pikes Peak this year. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

'Missed Leads' (Major problems in investigation of missing DA Ray Gricar-DA involved in PSU case)



This would be a cool tool for Occupy's video stream


Thatcher Adviser Explains Conservative Emphasis On Austerity---Mass Unemployment As Policy

Happy New Year from the Pacific Coast!!!

Happy New Year to all my peeps!

Happy New Year!!


For all you single ladies out there... Here's some advice...


What's for dinner? ~ New Year's Day Edition! 2012!!!

Oshkosh, WI man filmed threatening life of recall volunteers. (VIDEO)

WH: West Wing Week 12/30/11 or "Best of the West (Wing Week)"

Texas man tweets New Year resolution to "Assassinate Obama".

For all Texas A&M fans:

Twilight Zone marathon New Years Day on the Syfy channel

And for all 'Roll Tide' fans:

Happy New Year!

Republicans move to legislate years go in reverse until america returns to the 50's.

Just found a New Year's healthy eating website.

Chesapeake Energy – Peeking Behind the Curtain

Chesapeake Energy – Peeking Behind the Curtain

Hangover Check In

this year gave me a beautiful gift

Last British resident held in Guantánamo Bay faces another year's captivity

Happy New Year!

In 2012, Obama to press ahead without Congress

Occupy Honolulu Movement Evicted From Park

Murder Suspect Leaves Hawaii After Gaining Court Clearance

A New Years song for you.

Many Ron Paul supporters are contemptible.

Mark Nocera in NYT Magazine: Let’s Start Paying College Athletes

Finally, after well over 6 years of being registered in Washington, I got my first Jury Summons.

who else is (still) up?

Wisconsin: Justice Gableman's dirty deal detailed

Man with explosives detained at Texas airport

To the Occupy Movement

Gender Identity Bill is a Legislative Priority for Maryland’s Governor Martin O’Malley

DNC Statement on Mitt Romney Saying He Would Veto the DREAM Act If President

Strange case of a fake Ibsen play that has gripped Scandinavia

The 10 best ... New Year's resolution artworks

Aum Shinrikyo cult fugitive surrenders to Japan police

Baby scared by mother.

Woody Guthrie's New Years Resolutions from 1942

Wanted: genius to help Stephen Hawking (physics skills not needed)

How comedy audiences learned to laugh with science, rather than at it

Global hunger for plastic packaging leaves waste solution a long way off

It's the Inequality, Stupid - Eleven charts that explain what's wrong with America.

Take these easy steps to handle that hangover By Mike Royko

Who has seen "J. Edgar"? What are your opinions?

Nigeria's Ebonyi state ethnic clashes: 50 killed

A Rousing 2012 New Year Toast to all the brave souls who fought for freedom & democracy in 2011!

MSF (Doctors Without Borders) fears for South Sudan staff caught in Pibor violence

mp3 question

All Work and No Pay: The Great Speedup

Poll: Congressional Performance is Down to 5%

Iran says it's produced first nuclear fuel rod

2012 is the Year of the Dragon...Post your favorite Dragon picture

Betty Davis kicks ass!!

Twilight Zone Fans: Top 5 Twlight Zone Episodes

New Year despair for Japan's nuclear refugees

Insight - West in political crisis has echoes of 1930s

Is Ron Pauls campaign over if he disappoints in Iowa?

Happy New Year Everyone!

US Military Buys New Coin Aircraft For 'Only" $18 Million Dollars a Pop

NFL playoff scenarios 7:30PM Update

Week 17 AFC playoff seeding scenarios

Only one person in both houses of Congress was brave enough to vote against invading Afghanistan


Week 17 NFC playoff seeding scenarios

NFL Week 17 TV Schedule

Help Wanted: Only Psychopaths need apply

i gotta 'you shouldn't be seeing this' message

In the lounge..there are some great pics of Yosemite..Let's rejoice in our nation's beauty.

Eva Zeisel dies at 105; ceramic artist and designer known for her tableware

Happy New Year!

Arab body says monitors should quit Syria promptly

You Hold the Key to Success This Year

Oldie but goldie: my mother's classic 1950s Waring Blendor

Happy Birthday Middle Class

Yemenis rally, demand president face trial

Politics invading the ball drop

a cat's tooth

this land is your land -- Occupy Occupy Occupy

Dead blackbirds fall again in Ark. town where thousands fell from sky last year

Exxon awarded $908 million in Venezuela dispute

4 killed as violence persists in Pakistan

Drop perilous NHS reforms, say leading health professionals

Victim of One Of Romney's Corporate Conquests Calls Candidate Out in Iowa

Non Sequitur Toon- Wishful thinking

Insight: West in political crisis has echoes of 1930s

We, the majority of Americans, have only one chance.

Argentine governor dies shots to head

Sunday's Doonesbury - The Red Rascal Does Colbert

Iran test fires medium-range missile in Gulf

Danziger toon- Facilitating Free Speech!

U2 - New Year's Day

Clashes follow teen protester's funeral in Bahrain

Let's Talk About the String Quartet

Please explain: What does it mean when they say US sells Planes to Saudis?

The real question that the Ron Paul candidacy poses for Democrats

For my friends in Chicago.

GEM$NBComcast just showed video of the OWs being arrested in New York last night

My impression of Santorum on MTP, etc

Pipe burst damage at the Criminal Justice Center costs $50,000 - plus


Needs to be the identity for #Occupy;


an invention that really helped women - the flush toilet

China's tomb raiders laying waste to thousands of years of history

I look at the repubican field in Iowa and I am made to marvel . . . .

Could Ancient Pottery Improve Spacecraft Tiles?

Banana Sam returned to San Francisco Zoo

PPP Polling: "There's some chance Santorum could win Iowa without ever leading in a poll"

The Most Stunning Space Time Lapses Of The Year - (Definite Dial-Up/Bandwidth Warning!!!)

Top 10 Humorous Science Videos of the Year

Why cherry-pick Paul's propaganda to make a point?

Anyone in the area where arsonists are setting car fires? (LA/Hollywood)


Here you go - a list of New Year traditions from around the world. Happy New Year, DU!

99% Choir Forecloses on Bank of America

Occupy: A DIY Revolution

Rick Santorum, Iowa's GOP man of the moment

En fuego in Los Angeles

The “old days” and flag pins!

Happy New Year fellow travelers!

Science taboo for Republicans seeking White House


Obama should never have signed the NDAA into law, signing statements or not.

happy new year from austin

‘Occupy The Caucus’ Activists Target Iowa Campaign Headquarters

I Was All Settled In To Watch The Rose Parade & Rose Bowl Game Today And It's Not On.......

THE ARAB WINTER Posted by Philip Gourevitch in The New Yorker

Don’t hurt the children in front of me

Seven Economic Policy Goals For Progressives In 2012

Iowa Doesn't Matter.

Iran fires radar-beating missile during Gulf drill

What Happened To New Years Day Programming

Oil will decline shortly after 2015

Gaza's Hamas leader in Turkey for meeting with Erdogan

Hollywood’s Fraud-Free Fantasies: Entertainment industry fails to explain why the economy collapsed

Heads-up.......Chris Hedges on CSPAN 2 In-Depth, 12-3 EST

There's no guarantee that Obama won't still have US citizens held indefinitely w/out trial

Is Ron Paul a threat to Obama?

Johnny Weir marries Victor Voronov

I think whoever wrote this deserves to fuck off.

The Progressive: U.S. Should Stop Pushing Weapons Sales


Israeli Holocaust survivors condemn Nazi garb

SS Montebello (sunk near San Simeon in WWII) contains no oil

Okay, so I'm a host of a group. Someone would like to be a co-host.

Ron Paul Flips Out Over Accusation That He Believed 9/11 Conspiracy Theories (VIDEO)

Most Excellent Video

MiddleFingerMom with an epic New Year's resolution FAIL!!! Anyone else fall off the wagon on theirs?

NYC Mayor Bloomberg Claims Felony Crime Down…Thanks to Redefining Strangulation

Israel plans Jordan border fence to stop migrants

Dead blackbirds fall again in Ark. town where thousands fell from sky last year

Obama team produces 2011 highlight video

The Year In Education Cartoons

Packers channel the 2009 Colts and surrender the rest of their season.

dumb apocalypse question

Rick Santorum: I Would Bomb Iran Nuclear Sites

LeBron James, girlfriend engaged

There was the same drunken brawl at Kali's ranch that there is every year.

Happy New Year, every one!

Mike Huckabee won the Iowa Caucus in 2008

I think Ron Paul can win the Presidency

Sometime in the next few days

Lady Gaga kisses Mayor Bloomberg to bring in 2012 New Year in Times Square

A non-conspiracy theory about 9/11 that deserves discussion:

Did Amerigo Vespucci give himself ANOTHER accidental swirly this New Year's Eve or not?

2011, The Year Washington Lost

On the Edge With Max Keiser - Annual New Year's Eve economic forecast with Karl Denninger

Chris Matthews: "Rick Perry Doesn't Have The Brains To Be President"

Fugitive Irish Priest Arrested In Brazil and deported

Ignore bug? Or is this a 'feature'?

Ha Ha Ha! Take that, atheists! Cee-lo Green rewrites John Lennon's Imagine!

Welcoming 2012

DAMN - I ran into a problem with Jury-ing

Oh QUELLE SURPRISE, America! Published in my RW Rag today: "What's so Awful about the One Percent?"

Israel Ultra-Orthodox Protests: Nazi Garb Sparks Outrage

Nigeria's Jonathan declares state of emergency

‘The Die Has Been Cast’: Ron Paul Makes Closing Argument Ahead Of Iowa

Skinner, you never made me host of the Chronic Health Conditions Discussion & Support group!

Gunmen kill five in north-east Kenya

Question for AT&T Internet Users (looking for a new Internet Provider)

Acting Up: A Portrait of Russian Society - Slideshow

Where do you buy quality pencils?

Hell may have frozen over!

RAP NEWS X - #Occupy2012 (feat. Noam Chomsky & Anonymous)

She's disgusting, but around the holidays, I'm a big ol' softy. I hope Sarah gets what she wants.

Texas Frat Boy's New Year's Resolution? Murder Obama!

Those slackers signed up for more loan than they could afford.

Found a very cool site for those who have repair all sorts of household items:

Found a very cool site for those who have repair all sorts of household items:

What better way to start off 2012 by saying "I'm a real loser!" - Starz to show the movie 2012 ....

Found a very cool site for those who have repair all sorts of household items:

Captured: Color Photography from Russia in the Early 1900's

Post your week 17 horror stories

Atlanta begins New Year with Sunday Alcohol Sales!

Picture and Picture or PiP

Arab Parliament urges end to Syria monitors' mission

We are going to get “Trashed in 2012 Elections”

Take My Hand..

Try to maintain your dignity. No swearing that "I'll NEVER drink again." You KNOW you're lyin'.

Hey Guys. Who do you think are some of the most Influential "Boomers"?

The Delusional Assumptions of Capitalism

China's tomb raiders laying waste to thousands of years of history

If someone recommends a thread and subsequently the OP is alerted on, are the recommenders passed

Troll harassment via PM

Any actors you simply refuse to watch?

Same-Sex Marriages Legal in Cancun

Protesters Anger Bachmann, She Blames Obama

Authorities struggle against wave of L.A. arson fires

5 Common, Real ATM Theft Scams

talk about low expectations... Santorum: I need to top Perry and Bachmann

Justice Roberts defends Thomas, Kagan on healthcare recusal issue

Obama pledges to exempt Americans from indefinite detention law

RNC Compiles 500-Page Book of Clips to Be Used Against Obama—Report

"Getting trashed." seems like a good thing to do on New Years.

What's your economic plan for America?

I've always admired your boldness, America, so gimme your #1 far-out prediction for 2012!

Memorial Wall?

Scholarly world abuzz over Jewish scrolls find

NGOs Slam ‘Anti-Semitic’ US Think Tank Comments

Liberty Bowl: Abernathy kick return lifts Cincy past Vandy 31-24

Anonymous- Welcome to Year 2012

Vacant Houses Outnumber Homeless People in U.S. five to one

Testing - Need Your Opinions Please

My one and only New Years prediction:

Ron Paul Ups The Ante And Claims Sexual Harassment Shouldn’t Be Illegal

Breaking: Rupert Murdock Joins Twitter, Expresses Support For Santorum

Just 358 days until...

Any James Merrill Fans Out There?

Kyle Orton Returns to Denver - Video >>

Bush arrested a U.S. citizen on U.S. soil and held him without a trial

“Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a Republican. But I repeat myself.”

I've been mis-identifying an actor for years (Donald FAISON from Scrubs)


RNC Compiles Book of 500 Clips to Use Against Obama

Obama primary opponent Bob Greene: Calif. man has energy plan for U.S. for next 1000 years

Knowledge of OWS

Cleveland homicides up in 2011

ThinkProgress' Top 10 Video Moments Of 2011

“The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy;

Jebus...what happened in the last 2 minutes?

Classless NFL players

Always a delight to knock the stinkin Jets and loudmouth Ryan out of the playoffs.

Occupy's Rose Parade float: 70-foot octopus of corporate greed - will appear at end of parade

#bridge the divide occupies rainbow bridge border crossing

Fuck Ron Paul.

Message from KOEB Central.

“Republicans approve of the American farmer, but they are willing to help him go broke...

Exxon Mobil awarded $908 M in Venezuela dispute

Colts lose to Jaguars, secure top draft pick

What to do about alerters and juries blatantly abusing the system to impose unacceptable censorship?

Tom Brady broke Marino's mark...

The Point (God, Bill Maher, GOP, Abramoff & More) Full Show

News for All the People: The Epic Story of Race and the American Media

The over all message of 2011 was Liberals and progressives will fight back....

The 49ers get their bye!

What do our religions teach us that we don't learn otherwise?

If anyone knows a reason my dog should not eat raw carrots

Johnny Hodges!!!!!! Give this a listen

Our credibility problem

I'm at a restaurant and the dude at the next table WILL NOT SHUT UP

Embarrassed by assholes

Copyright date seen at the bottom of every DU page needs to be updated to 2012

Someone's birthday is today...

What TIME is it?

Obama stopped short of a veto threat on anti-LGBT provisions of NDAA.

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday, 2 January 2012

Need help.

Packers beat the Lions!

Packers B Team just beat the Lions -

Why did they take away the HTML code popup, smileys popup, and spellchecker?

Best gardening boot?

GOP Candidates Challenge Birth Certificat­e of 2012 New Year's Baby

Metta World Peace: I'm a 'worthless servant' [Video]

Don't forget, Californians! Lots of new laws today

I currently have a I-Phone with the 3G capability.

Connecting the (scary) dots on indefinite detention, activism and "terrorism."

First Civil Union in Delaware, sermon was done by Senator Chris Coons

Ummm.....why should Obama even have to pledge to exempt US citizens from indefinite detention

Further proof we live in a Rape Culture>

Shopping at Best Buy

Omaha World Herald: Turnout for GOP caucuses expected to top 2008

Omaha World Herald: Democrats look for way out of electoral drought

Battlefield Earth - United Bases of America (won't feed or educate your kids, but boy are you safe!)

Jets lose and Rex is still a loser

Shit...KC has only a 7-0 lead at the half...

You are the Indianapolis Colts, you have the #1 pick, and you are on the clock. What do you do?

Why doesn't DU have more diversity among posters?

Will he stay or will he go?

Keeping drone costs, kill strikes and who's running their operations a secret - a good thing?

Texas airport explosives find: US military man charged

11 earthquakes in the Youngstown area this year

Two more states allow same-sex civil unions

BREAKING......Park ranger fatally shot near Mt. Rainier, gunman still on loose

Cee Lo Green changes lyrics to "Imagine" to fit his religious beliefs.

"Romney would buy the election if he could," Gingrich said. No shit, Sherlock? And YOU wouldn't?

Well..., my New Year's resolution is to...

Do you think this Ranger

SHAME on the men in R/Atheism!

CNN just reported: With 48 hours before the Iowa Caucus, Romney is in the lead.

Jan 1 - New Year sunset....

Mag 4 Ohio quake, epicenter was within 1 mile from fracking waste water injection well

BAC down 58% for 2011

Google Hones Its Advertising Message, Playing to Emotions

One of the best tunes from The Wire...remember this?

Is it safe?

Is the A Train east coast or west coast.

Kurt Schmoke: A Man Ahead of His Time

I'm going to use my passport for Voters ID

Yes, Ron Paul is bad.

Ryan Seacrest Goes on Today


6-22 attempts-- 60 passing yards---2.7 yard passing average--16 rushing yards--1 fumble lost--I int-

Ron Paul: Civil Rights Act of 1964 'Destroyed' Privacy

I didn't know Animal Planet aired Comedy shows.

Dems prepare response in Iowa

David Gregory Defends President Obama Against Rick Santorum’s Accusation Of Appeasement - video

Will the Supreme Court Render the Fair Sentencing Act Less Fair?

whoa,huge flock of blackbird deaths AGAIN on New Years? !!!

New Year's collection

Parental Control

Ralph Nader Hearts Ron Paul, Hails Potential Left-Libertarian Alliance

6 of 22 for 60 yards and 1 int. Welcome to the playoffs Tim. LOL!

MiddleFingerMom took quite a while thinking about his resolutions -- and just decided on them today.

Watch 60 minutes for undiluted Cantor BS, lies and

Romney blasts Santorum in swing through Iowa

Uh Oh. >>>

question for teachers about bill of rights

Siri Tells 12-Year-Old Boy To Shut The Fuck Up!

Vets: On FLOTUS and SLOTUS, "Best - Ever"

An Old Guy Working out in the Gym...#11

Windows 2012

Healthcare tip: If you cannot afford to see a doctor

ACLU warns St. Joe, MO schools about religious speakers

Keeping a roof over my head- made possible by DUers like you

MiddleFingerMom's #1 New Year's resolution? (And I KNOW you'll be happy to hear this!!!)

Really great Beef Stew base recipe...and a little weird.

It seems that Jesus likes Kyle Orton more than Tim Tebow.

Turkey PM urges Palestinian reconciliation in meeting with Hamas leader

The Shift Network -- ??

Rick Santorum Loves Republican Romney and the Tea Party Mayor Who Cried "Queers"

Religious hardliners fight back

MiddleFingerMom's 2012 New Year's Psychic Prediction:

Texas Redistricting Round Up

HUMPY NEW YEAR!!! May your New Year be MUCH happier than hers... and at least TWICE as happy as his!

California continues to make huge cuts in welfare programs

Change in Texas' Medicaid policy may affect some patients' co-pays

Newt complains: He's been "Romney-boated".

Saving Amazonia: Winning the war on deforestation (BBC)

Granted they're both dim bulbs,

Nasa's gravity twins now circling Moon (BBC)

a guy was planning to murder jews and blacks but got arrested

Irony alert

Glenn Greenwald Unethically Taped Witnesses While Working for Matt Hale, White Supremacist.

Project Bubbles: A laundry service for the homeless loses its home

WI: (Iron) Mine Plan Prompts Backlash

Where Were the Wall Street 'Perp Walks' in 2011? - Danny Schechter, Al Jazeera

Please tell me when we get the 'bookmark' feature. I'm lost without it.

Believe it or not, I look at 2011 as an EXCELLENT year for me!!!

College Conservative

First civil union takes place in Delaware (And I have a family connection)

It says everything you need to know about the GOP

Occupy DC's LIVE talk radio show! (8:00 PM Central Time)

Does anyone have a link to all the crazy stuff Ron Paul believes in. It was posted on the du this

my prediction:

Fish with an appetite for Testicles

Plain Talk: In 2012, let’s return to Wisconsin values and decency

About alerting on sexism and misogyny:

How Iowa Became a Stronghold of the Religious Right

critically wounded by celebratory gunfire

6,820 results in .16 seconds.

My two day out Iowa GOP caucus prediction is (see below). What is your take?

Feature request: Could we maybe have separate alert categories for CS and TOS alerts?

Jib Jab: 2011, Buh-Bye!

If the partner of a pregnant woman drinks alcohol, are they technically drinking for three?

Where did you go to college?

15 Biggest Box Office Flops of 2011: THR Year In Review

Conservative republicans not too excited about Ron Paul

Person of interest in Mt. Rainier killing is suspect in Skyway shooting

Hypocrisy and duplicity are here to be seen

Worker Laid Off Under Bain Capital: Romney ‘Didn’t Care About The Workers,’ Put ‘Profit

Glen Greenwald, Matt Tiabbi, Ralph Nader

Democrats Descend on Iowa to Hit Romney

President Obama and the First Family visit an exhibit about his mother's work in Indonesia - pics



All those elected officials you dislike? They are reflective of the people who voted for them

I've decided to become a baco-vegetarian

Failure To Prosecute Banking THIEVES Legitimizes The Revolutionary Worldview

11 Terrifying Reasons to Close the Gun Show Loophole

My Friend Is Terminally Ill and needs to place Bubble & Squeaks.

Danziger is always pertinent and amazing at the same time-

Syria - Sunday 01/01/2012 - Google map of protests with video links

Inside Syria - Is the Arab League mission doomed to fail? - 25 min video discussion

9/11 Debunked: "Molten Metal" Explained

Confident Romney draws contrast with surging Santorum

Check in in you don't expect anything to be better in 2012

My Friend Is Terminally Ill and needs to place Bubble & Squeaks.

DU's own Ozzymandius's blog, w today's Top SEC Settlements of 2011

99-year-old divorces wife after he discovered 1940s affair

Ohio official admits possible link between fracking and earthquakes; bans disposal injection

D-day full day CBS radio broadcast

Ron Paul Compares Social Security & Medicare To Slavery

Yep, I'm the asshole.

Churches Prepare For Caucus Crowds

Any other fans of Brussels sprouts, here?

Omigod, can it be true? CaliforniaPeggy is PUI?

What are your reading tonight Lounge? I'm reading "Dewey's Nine Lives" the legacy of the

PPP New Iowa Poll: Paul 20, Romney 19, Santorum 18, Gingrich 14, Perry 10, Bachmann 8, Huntsman 4

Anyone ever heard of buying a carton of eggs that was filled with double yolked eggs? My cousin said

The swiftboat like smear machine against Glenn Greenwald goes into high gear. Who's next?

The Autobiography of George Engel

Ron Paul and his investigations into 9/11

Good thing about the Santorum Surge

My Friend in NY Is Terminally Ill and needs to place Bubble & Squeaks.

I don't think many progressives will vote for Ron Paul

Montana governor builds surplus with ranch mentality

I guess that if the O.J. jury could render a final decision, so can our DU juries


Breaking News: M7 hits Japan and water leakage at reactor 4

I dont want to take America all the way back to the days of our Founding Fathers.

Cowboys lose division and playoffs

Dear Raiders, please go ahead and move to L.A.

Glenn Greenwald Jokes about President Obama Raping a Nun

A Great Reading for the Season by John Henry Faulk

"We can Pickle that!" What is the oddest thing you've pickled?

Glenn Greenwald praises Obama's pick of Sotomayor

Whitney Tilson Thinks He's In The Army

Congrats, Giants!