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The GOP will lose until they tell evangelicals to STFU

ROFL! Daniel Day Lewis 'Eastwooding' @ Acceptance Speech for Lincoln & Congratulates Invisible Obama

I'm sorry, but I didn't like Ann Romney!!

Biden to appear in sitcom.

Ha! Daniel Day Lewis' "Eastwooding" @ BAFTA Acceptance Speech For Lincoln (w/47% chair?)

AMY GOODMAN on with Tavis tonight on PBS - Heads up

A new America speaks

"Land of the corporate giants" at the Economist

The GOP already setting up dominos for a loss in 2014

Second term Obama.

Superman - It's not easy being Me

Hey, I wonder......

And now, a word from the John Birch Society worshiping columnist from my local weekly fishwrap...

Jon Stewart Plays A Game Of ‘Find The Narc’ With Media Coverage Of Marijuana Legalization

another Bush??????

Now I'm satisfied: I really wanted to see mitty sip from the goblet of bitter humiliation

Oh, this? Just some teenage girls from Africa who invented a urine-powered generator.

Marty Meehan touted as best successor for Kerry.


Mitt Romney's Campaign Cancels Staffers Credit Cards In The Middle Of The Night

Where is Howard Dean

What's for Dinner ~ Friday Nov 9th

Testing new computer!

Here is my theory about Rove's peculiar "Ohio Moment" on Faux

Prescription For Women By Fundy Nutsies Unchanged ---

Rove better watch out: Dead Pig wrapped in Romney shirt dumped at GOP office

I'm reading DU while coloring my hair...ask me anything!

Readout of the President’s Phone Calls with World Leaders

The election was most definitely a mandate.

LOL! Megyn Kelly To Karl Rove:

So I'm moving to NYC...

life between lives

OBAMA now 3 Million Votes ahead of ROMNEY in the POPULAR VOTE

"10 Meditations to ponder"

This is MY Prezzz

The Dalai Lama’s letter of Congratulations to President Barack Obama.

Republicans lose supermajority in Texas House

Democrats shrink GOP's majority in Arizona Senate

We need to tell Obama what to do about the Republicans' intransigence:

This is the beginning of the end!

Something good to say about Romney

Republicans lose supermajority in Florida House.

How Do The "Election Is Already Stolen" CTists Explain Tuesday's results?

Democrats sweep Dallas County races

Sen. Patty Murray (D. Wa.) 2016?

I'd like to buy Joe freakin Biden a beer!


The 4 Words I Would LOVE To Hear Coming From President Obama's Lips

The time has come to take the (D) off of PPP Polling.

I keep hearing the "more takers than makers" meme from Republicans. Do they think insulting the

'Next Bush' makes campaign filing in Texas

House Dem. candidates collectively won the popular vote.

'World's first toilet theme park' opens in South Korea (no, not gop theme, actual toilets)

So Hannity "has evolved on immigration." Sounds more like a death bed conversion to me.

It is being reported that customs officials in Como (Swiss/Italian border) have seized

boehner: lost the Latino vote, election, wants to work with Obama on immigration bill

Kroger to Hire 100,000 Veterans by 2020

Do you think Mitt has already amended his 2011 tax returns?

Post-Debate Body Language

Clinton vs. Rice is best bet for 2016..?

Fitzgerald back as Senate majority leader

2nd Administration Challenges

This really should have been the Rs' year.

Asian Americans overwhelmingly backed Obama, Democrats


"If the president is re-elected...."

obama voters kill senate pickup chance in Nevada....

Dead pig in Mitt Romney shirt left at GOP Manhattan Beach office

To all our Republican friends in Tulsa, Jeff Brucculeri is there to help

After going through my first election with DU...

I have a friend that lives in Austin that serves coffee to Karl Rove

Kay Bailey Hutchison says Republican candidates ‘said some very stupid things’

Roger Ebert reviews Skyfall

Ted Nugent's Promise To Either Be Dead Or In A Jail Cell By April 2013

Deputy keeps journal on corruption at home, gets stolen, Sheriff has it, fires him

“How many condoms is it legal to carry?”

Fox station tells Romney supporters how to ‘beat the traffic’ to Canada

Election night 2012 unfolds on CNN (VIDEO)

Fear has a new face: Food Trucks (terrorism implications)

OMG this is classic!

Billionaire Whose Letter Promised Mass Layoffs After Obama Win, Gives Workers Raises

is it almost time for the interactive snow globe?

South Korea finds cracks in control rod tunnels at nuclear plant

scott walker's giant blunder: (from daily kos

I think election night was Romney's Bunker moment

Glenn Beck on Obama's Re-election: Buy farms, pull your kids out of school and stock up on guns

Key & Peele: Obama's Anger Translator - Victory

Columbus Teacher’s Post-Election Facebook Post Leads To Investigation

It Official Obama Passes Bush Popular Vote Margin Against Kerry Update 1 (Obama 62,001,928)

Don’t Do a Tax Deal in the Lame Duck Session, Mr. President

It’s the Interest, Stupid! Why Bankers Rule the World

Populist Revolution? How a Bold New Voter Coalition Can Reshape the Nation

The country remains bitterly divided (The Economist)

New Weapons Systems Could Give Pentagon Unprecedented Power Over the Planet ...

The Moocher Argument

tibetans greet china's leaders with protest

Remember "Ricky Martin Bush?"

senators mull tougher iran sanctions

Minister sounds death knell for UK aid to rich nations: Greening axes £280m-a-year handout to India

child rapes, killings terrify parents in iraq

japan to seek defense talks with u.s.

Do you think it's time we start bombarding Boehner's phone and email? Telling him to tax the rich?

'IT'S NOT WORTH IT': Ad Exec's Brutal Rant Before He Died Of Cancer Is Absolutely Chilling

French woman elected Interpol's first female chief

Thousands protest against government in Argentina

Mine Owner Blames Obama Administration for Layoffs

Argentines march in mass protest at government policies

Iran fired on U.S. drone over Gulf: Pentagon

Hirono rout casts doubt on Lingle's viability

Way over the line: Dead pig in Mitt Romney shirt left at GOP Manhattan Beach office

Banana war ends after 20 years

Tax hike for wealthy won't kill growth: CBO

Zogby went ballistic on Nate Silver... tweets

Your health insurance premiums at hard at work:

Obama Victory Leads Wealthy to Make Quick Pre-2013 Moves

APNewsBreak: Senators mull tougher Iran sanctions

HSBC investigation: Drug dealers, gun runners and Britain’s biggest bank

No charges after fetus found in woman's freezer

So can we now assume that morality is officially dead in the Banking Community

Obama v Romney – Social Media Election 2012 [Infographic]

My FB page has gone strangely silent...

[CBO Infographic] Economic Legacy of Bush Policies

For the next 4 yrs I will

From C&L Fox welfare queens got Obama elected. Fox once again asks its viewers to drink the koolaid

For Afghan troops, donkeys are the new helicopters

UK to end financial aid to India by 2015

Climate change threat to Arabica coffee crops

Isanti County pastor charged with sex assaults on men he was counseling

Kids react to election 2012

Thank you women of America

So Willy Geist is heading to the Today Show

Want to start a drinking game using "fiscal cliff?" I would be comatose by now

Group says hunt for warlord Kony hopeless without more troops, increased American involvement

Let’s Not Make a Deal

the Repuke majority in the House is essentially a tea party caucus

Mexico says marijuana legalization in U.S. could change anti-drug strategies

{senate} Bill to force cost-benefit analysis of new regulations faces opposition

Can Afghan Troops Hold the Line as US Withdraws, and Will US Seek to Stay in Central Asia?

How Illinois Voted

Does CNN Deserve to Be Reelected?

Fact is, we ARE going to have to cut off all the moochers to avoid the fiscal cliff.

What Right-Wing Attack Groups Got For $228,646,000 -- $38,000,000 per victory

Here's An Insane Chart Showing Just How Much The Fiscal Cliff Is Being Hyped

They lost the election becuase they're nuts!! From freep land

Romney pic :)

Hacked Nissan EVs power homes after Hurricane Sandy

Endangered ferrets pop up in unexpected place

Just heard on MSNBC, Morning Joe, that Axelrod will cut

MJM as Personified Evil Says Spyware Saves Lives Not Kills Them

NMA-TV: CNN retracts story on Women’s hormones and voting

Moochers? Blue States Subsidize Red States

How come some lines can have more characters than others?

Did Nate Silver miss a state or why is his electoral collage numbers prediction not right?

Knock Knock! Who's there? (pic)

How To Put $100 Billion Dollars A Year Back Into The US Treasury

Why am I hearing conservative nobody after conservative nobody on NPR this morning?!

What's this I hear on Morning Joe that Chuck Schumer

Romney's Evil "47%" Legacy: Those Who Vote Democratic Are "Takers," "Moochers," and "Not Traditional

CNN Claims Iran Shot at a US Drone, Revealing the News Network's Mindset

By the way did you notice that there are a whole bunch of low post new members who

China's economy to overtake US in next four years, says OECD

GOP Girl learning of the defeat

Gamblers take heed. Might be smart to avoid Shelden Adelson's casinos for a while.

Made in the USA (gift?) sale

I have post election depression. do you?

A crosspost from GD regarding RaginInMiami

A blast from the media past: Bush has a mandate.

How about a new forum - Politics 2014?

We are a center right country

(14 Year Old Girl Shot By Taliban) Malala Yousafzai: Thousands sign Nobel Peace Prize petition

World War Z---Intense

San Diego's drone industry doubles in size

“Every austerity package in the last two and a half years was supposed to be the last one.

Navy relieves commander of maintenance on San Diego ships

Fraudulent Republican Voters Weren't Criminals...

Gadsden Flag

Cost of War in Iraq;

Election leaves Republicans at a loss for answers

Did the GOP cut off the paid trolls too?

Well, that was a first for me. Thread locked by jury decision.

3 Republican Douhcebags busted in Orlando for stealing Obama signs and yelling racial slurs.

Former Oil Company Executive Appointed As Archbishop of Canterbury

George P. Bush Initiates Bid for Office

Um. Pres. Obama lost the first debate!

"President Obama's War on Coal" - WTF? You want to see the cause of death of the Coal Industry?

Slightly OT but the Boston Globe is at it again.

'Next Bush' makes campaign filing in Texas

Group challenges Green Bay diocese's tax-exempt status

Spend millions of dollars to send guys to govt so you don't have to pay a portion of that in taxes

CONdeleza Rice on CBS This Morning

There is inertia that began in 1992....

Mr. President: 5 Ways to Salvage Your Environmental Legacy (and Our Future)

Are republicans actually capable of believing things that don't necessarily make them feel good?

Air Force cancels failed $1B logistics system

Where the hell is Reince Priebus?

So, anyone here going to the inauguration?

“Obama is a preparation freak....He makes his own luck."

Disney is complaining about $1.4 *Billion* in profit?

LIVE STREAM: Stand Up for Heroes 11/8/2012 (awesome show!)


Any Voting Pattern Experts out there? I've got a question for you.

President gets teary-eyed thanking his staff

They shouldn't waste time debating $250K.

sing it Willard

171,000 Retirees Likely To Lose Tricare Prime

Happy Carl Sagan Day!

It's a good thing they used some of the fireworks after the first debate

Boehner, McConnell refuse to take President's election-night call: The first lesson of the 2nd term

Boehner dubs himself the "most reasonable and responsible person in Washington."

The Unmitigated Disaster Known As Project ORCA

DAMN!!!! Joe Madison is going off on radio about the media

The Red/Blue Paradox

Today, We Would Control both Houses of Congress and the Presidency if

Day 3 of Repthugs Meltdown

Apple is an Asshole

Rainbows (cartoon)

Krugman: Let's NOT Make a Deal

Tighten Your Belts Thru 2020, Says Gen. Amos; 'I'm Already Taking Risks'

'Careless Mark' Means Higher Costs For Space Program; Cut With Care, General Urges Hill

David Sirota: The Post-Election Politics of the Revolving Door

Murdering Coal Exec, Murray reads vile "prayer" to employees, then fires 150+

America: Elect! The action-packed journey to US election day in graphic novel form

Ashley Judd doesn't rule out challenge to U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell

Scott Still Won't Implement Obamacare

You got some 'splaining to do ....

Oh, man...two GOPers in different states try to "test" how easy voter fraud is...get arrested...LOL

Joe Conason: Defeated And Dazed, Are The Republicans Ready For Their Own Bill Clinton?

RW is responding to Mitt's defeat, by doing the thing that caused him to lose

how pathetic: Broward joins Miami-Dade in completing election count

George P. Bush Makes Campaign Filing In Texas

BAE, Boeing, Raytheon Lose Congressional Champions; EMP Loses A Friend

People are blaming Republicans in the "Fox Bubble" but the rest of the media

After Wallstreet Stabbed Obama In The Back He Needs To ComeDown On Them With The Hammer OF GOD

Michael Steele: Say what you want about our spending while running the RNC-at least we won elections

Whats Republicans think of the unmarried women who voted for Obama. With help from Monty Python.

Borowitz: Republicans Consider Welcoming People Who Believe in Math and Science

Signe Wilkinson Toon: Binders Full of Women

Any good websites for progressive organizing?

How long before some Teabagger loon declares that white people need to start breeding more

Prepare for post Obama election

Fix the Filibuster, damnit.

Republicans ‘Test’ For Voting Fraud, Wind Up In Custody

You Are Not A Loan: Is a debt strike the future of Occupy?

I think when Obamacare fully kicks in 2014 Repubs are gonna have a HARDER time winning elections

We need to petition the House to raise taxes on the wealthy or write letters to our

After Obama reelection coal company CEO reads prayer to staff, announces layoffs

Gay witches in hiding

Rachel Maddow’s 15 Sucky Things PREVENTED By Obama Winning His 2nd Term

New statistical method offers automatic mitotic cell detection for cancer diagnosis

Four More Years!

Taegan Goddard got screen caps of Romney's Presidential Transition website

Beyond Bayonets and Battleships: Space Warfare and the Future of US Global Power

Lawyer: Woman wasn't trying to commit voter fraud (*snork*)

Call republicans in the House & tell them: tax the rich!

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - The Republican Stages of Grief

Are Geeky Couples More Likely to Have Kids with Autism?

The Future Role of Drones in Latin America

Friday TOON Roundup 2- In a Binder

AP story points to Huntsman Jr. as Secretary of State candidate

Friday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

So, who do we have to sue...

where's this little prick hiding out?

Crummy Retail Jobs Are a Corporate Choice, Not a Law of Nature

A Multihued, Multicultural Future

Since others have played this game, here is my prediction for the 2016 repub ticket

Oh...the celebration continues...Hot diggity dawg we won hot dogs...

I am getting very sick of the 'fear of tax raises' propaganda that CNN is pushing.

So President Obama won because there are so many young non-white people?

Philadelphia being sued over revealing CPL names on web site.

Larry Sommers is in Canada, fearmongering about the "fiscal cliff"

Drunk Nate Silver Tweets

Video: My appearance today on RT's CrossTalk to discuss the election Results

Obama won record Cuban American vote

In epic battle of GOTV vs. GOPTV, Ailes Fails.

2016 Straw Poll

Why We May Never Know How Much Money Karl Rove Made Running Crossroads

Drumbeat: November 9, 2012

Peak oil notes - Nov 8

Peak oil notes - Nov 8

Neil Boortz MELT DOWN on Obama and Herman Cain

Drumbeat: November 9, 2012

Tell Congress: No Benefit Cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

Mapping Racist Tweets in Response to President Obama's Re-election

stick Boehner and McConnell!


Students removed during Board meeting protests

Tea party Implosion continues - Glenn Beck

Failed Candidate Secret Service Code Names


Porn Industry Against Mandatory Condom Measure


Idea on how to save the entire cost of voting machines and elections

Cuban-Americans Move Left

Romney campaign: Rarely has so much been spent to so little effect.

Those patented Lounge vibes needed...

Let’s Not Make a Deal - By PAUL KRUGMAN

Sandy inspires first Doctors Without Borders U.S. relief effort

David Frum on Morning Joe: Republicans have been exploited and lied to by Right Wing Media

7UP Sued Over Antioxidant Claims

The Real Problem with the Demented Republican Party by Charles P, Pierce

'Powerships' May Replace South Korea's Offline Nuclear Reactors

It feels different, doesn't it....

Business owner fired employees who voted for Obama (C-span)

Joy That Lasts, on the Poorest of Playgrounds

I find the scale of the victory somewhat astonishing.

Tim Kaine Stops Speech To Announce Obama's Victory

I think a new federal mandate should be in order :(

OWS to Buy, Forgive Distressed Consumer Debt

For Religious Conservatives, Election Was A 'Disaster'

Obama's win has blown the first major hole into "his majesty's ship" known as

Score One (at last!) for the Election Integrity Movement

Megyn Kelly -FOX NEWS (R) To Karl Rove: 'You Keep Saying That, But' Obama Won

Religious Vote Data Show Shifts In Obama's Faith-Based Support

R & B singer Usher gets SPECIAL treatment on election day

Conservative post on Facebook (you're going to like this)

Why you should not buy your iPad, or anything for that matter, from Walmart.

Join me in wishing Happy Birthday to Pinboy3niner!

Greg Sargent, WaPo: Dems should call GOP’s bluff on tax hikes

Dear Media: a large part of it was his FAILURE TO DISCLOSE HIS TAX RETURNS

The Campaign To Take Back The House In 2014.....

Today in Peace and Justice history on November 9, 2002

Religious right laments end of (their) world (John Aravosis)

Was Boehner Running Unopposed In His District?......

Bush '04 had more Mormon support than Romney '12

Ohio’s GOP Secretary of State Already Has A Plan To Rig The 2016 Election For Republicans

Hate Group Doubles Down On Violent Rhetoric, Calling For Anti-Equality ‘Revolution’

Iran, U.N. nuclear agency plan December talks

Hey, Rush Limbaugh: 'Starting an Abortion Industry' Won't Win You Female Voters

Mapping Racist Tweets after the election

Hello from Colorado!

"I earned capital in the campaign and now I intend to spend it" -- George W Bush

Obama Campaign Team Should Run 2014 Midterms

I have devised a complicated and highly technical solution to the fiscal cliff.

Mitt Romney and Karl Rove shoot Viagra commercial

Mitt was smart enough not to put his own money into his campaign...

The inevitable "Romney in the Bunker" video

Israel evacuates hundreds of Palestinians to conduct army training

50.5 percent would be rounded up to 51 percent if this was a republican

What does rolling back the Bush era tax cuts entail?

Have we heard from Rince Peenus?

Conservatives discussed the implications of 2012

Analysis: Gay marriage votes could sway Supreme Court

Mormon Support

Bulgarian archaeologists find golden treasures in ancient Thracian tomb

When those who know you best...............................

They're REALLY mad

Jay Bookman: It’s time for Karl Rove to float away in a balloon

Condi says GOP sent "mixed messages" on Immigration, women's issues.

Petey the Cat is a certified asshole (with photo)

This is what pisses me off about our Democratic Party.

Noam Chomsky: My Visit to Gaza, the World's Largest Open-Air Prison

Are you listening Mitt? 'Cause I'm telling you ONE LAST TIME!!!

CBO Jumps Into the Fiscal Cliff Debate

Anybody seen this?

In all your posts, in all your discussions, call it what it is: "The Tea Party Fiscal Cliff"

J.C. Penney Loss Wider Than Estimated as Turnaround Falters

Kenyan Mom Names Newborn Twins Barack Obama And Mitt Romney, Seriously

Romney would have won if it had all come down to Ohio - Harvey Wasserman

This youngster has a message for Mitt and Paul and Karl and Rush and the Kochs and ...

MSM should be asking Romney camp why the concession was delayed so long.

Michael Gerson: "The 2012 Obama coalition is not a fluke; it is a force."

LGBT Voters and Obama

All the articles focus on the massive tax increases with the fiscal cliff

At least one person lost her job because of Pres. Obama...

Just went OFF on a niece (Facebook) - GRRRR!!!

HAAAAA! 10 of 10 of the Best Educated States Voted for Obama! and 9 of 10 of the Worst for Romney!

Sat bolt upright in bed at 3AM, grabbed bberry and emailed myself: "Who is the leader of the Republi

I received a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich and a bottle of water from a van yesterday afternoon

Pat Robertson takes on "Fifty Shades of Grey"

In 2013, President Obama & Dems Should Try To Pass Immigration Reform. Force Rubio...

Beck: Election Shows That Half Of Americans Are "Utterly & Completely Lost In Darkness"

Even NBA Analysts Are Impressed With Our Great Nate

Push all the angry righties you know towards paper ballots and abolishment of the EC.

How long since MN had Democratic governor and State-House-and-Senate majority all at once? NT

Hurricane Sandy was an entirely Neutral force in the election.

David Frum: GOP Has "Been Fleeced, Exploited, And Lied To By A Conservative Entertainment Complex"

Urge Macy's to dump Donald Trump

Sally Ride

Very cool site showing Civil Air Patrol Post-Sandy aerial photos

Black people mourning Romney

For U.S. Chamber of Commerce, election was a money-loser

Couple that hung empty chairs from trees finds chair marked "4 more years" nailed to their driveway

I found out how Mitt came home from his election night party

PPP's Tom Jensen: Republican polling analysts are 'morons'

Thoughts on GOP base reaction to the election (courtesty Rodgers and Hammerstein)

Is Karl Rove A Genius Or An Idiot?

The Two-Mandate Myth: An Ohio Perspective

WHite people mourning Rmoney

YUM: TRUMP poops on ROVE

If You've Spent Your Life Shitting On Minorities & The Less-Fortunate

how much money did Romney make on his election/nomination?

Project Orca was such a huge failure....

Women rocked the vote!

Minorities Mourning Romney - tumblr feed (new url)

THEY should be heroes to every little kid growing up in a tough neighborhood or boring suburb.

Voters broke up with GOP and GOP replies: It's you, not me

The Elder Polls MMXII: Obama

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein

Ted Nugent cracking up

Holy Shit. David Wiegel MUST READ: Look what the fuckers are trying to do PA

Despondent Freepers beg Queen Elizabeth II to take back the American colonies

'Obamacare is the law of the land' (updated)

Yes, it IS a mandate

LOL: Ann Coulter Tells Conservatives to Stop Talking Crazy Sh*t

Worst Case Climate Projections Likely: Study

Lets talk about 'White People Mourning Romney"

GREAT CHART: The white establishment, undone by hordes of various-colored people who demand stuff.

Petition for the Supreme Court to hear cases against DOMA

The Last Word - Rewriting the rules for new senators

Dan Savage Takes Down Tony Perkins

Hey, Boehner.. you lost, we won


LOL !!! - Interesting Take On The Election In This LTTE

Fracking and a Radioactive Silvery-White Monster: Radium Must be Left in the Earth

Norwegian killer complains of prison conditions

Boehner is a LIAR and major BSer.

Letterman Goes Off On Karl Rove: Don’t Be Surprised If You Read He Was Beaten Up By The Koch Bros.

Democratic House Candidates Received More Votes Than Republicans

The Rev, Big Ed, Rachel and especially Lawrence were right.

Happy Birthday William Pitt!!!!

Taxes vs. donations for the upperclass...

Why are these sentences so light?

3-6 months from now, can we remind all the wing-nutz they're not in a re-education camp? claims we gained 8 House seats. Here's their list:

Update from Red State America

President Obama won the Cuban vote.

Post-election: Day One in Communist America

Hank Junior upset about Obama win

Carbon tax could boost economy and combat fuel poverty, analysis shows{uk}

Real Fox Headline:Republican Soul Searching Probably Mostly Pointless

Hey Skinner! Any chance we can help our DU Friends that have been hurt by Sandy? Hearts? Fundraiser?

The Last Word - Karl Rove: Democrats suppressed the vote

US intelligence teams to track wildlife poachers in Africa and Asia

Oh good grief the plague never ends: George P. Shrub files intent to run for office in Texas

Rasmussen Poll: 68 Percent Of American Voters See Global Warming As A ‘Serious Problem’

What I learned about Native American culture by watching a crappy movie

Paul Krugman Urges Obama To Not Make Fiscal Cliff Deal With GOP

It's on!

Romney says Fuck You to entire staff.......Really!

Sheldon Adelson bet against the American people — and lost.

Nate Silver: Obama would have won without both Ohio and Florida:

CSAE Estimate: About 126 million people voted.

The Last Word - Obama victory dazes GOP

From e-mail this am:Texas men to the rescue They fix power, warm N.J. hearts, says pastor

About-Face on Immigration by Hannity and Boehner

The real problem with Mitt's campaign

President Obama has now asked for a new Cabinet position to be formed

Anita Bryant is DEAD!

Some Republicans Like Their Coalition Just as It Is, Thank You Very Much

Fail Whale - "project Orca"

There Are Many Reasons Why Romney And The GOP Lost Tuesday Night... Here's Mine...

This has probably been said before, but:

Darwin Gets 4,000 Votes in Creationist's District (Campaign against Rep. Paul Broun)

tell boehner and mcconnell

Jesse Jackson Jr.'s Shady Interior Decorating Has Him Talking to the Feds

Hey Republican's-

Obama won 77 percent of counties with Whole Foods

Neighborhood scum, backing up to a storm story.

Mapping Racist Tweets in Response to President Obama's Re-election

Still upset: "Thanks For Nothing, Numbskulls" Nugent Lashes Out At Obama-Supporting "Mouth Breathers


Christie congratulates Obama over the phone but sends an email to Romney

I tried to sympathize with the "mourning Romney" pics. And failed.


Ole Miss journalism students defend reports on protest

As Goes California…

John Boehner is not my Speaker.

About those Sunday morning chat shows....

Foxconn considers opening U.S. factories

2012 Rep House Majority: paying the price for low turnout in 2010: Redistricting and gerrymandering

"Shellshocked" Mitt Romney and the Problem With Rich Guys (Matt Yglesias)

Papantonio: GOP Gerrymandering Keeps Them In Power

Any news on Allen West and his attempts to overturn his defeat?

Chris Rock's tweet: Kenyans don't lose races!

DU Exclusive: Paleologos' bizarre behavior at Suffolk U: Incompetent or part of the Gravis Con?

Lynn Sweet On Alex. Why?

After Obama reelection coal company CEO reads prayer to staff, announces layoffs

Talking heads are still pushing the Grand Bargain meme.

Holder Balks on Second Term

Vote FOR Obama Care in Georgia

I hope this loads for you; Brownback may have had it scrubbed by now: 17 y.o. suicide in

Court hearing set for noon today on Alan West demand for recount - Palm Beach Post

My email as per voter protection in Ohio 2012

Once more -Thank you to the person who taped 47% and James Carter

If little ol' me spotted the lies--why were some of the most powerful among us bamboozled?

Did they really think only old white men would hear the dogwhistles?

"We believe if (Obama) is not pushed, he is going to be a transactional president..."


I hope this loads for you; Brownback may have had it scrubbed by now: 17 y.o. suicide in

Obama expected to propose Middle class tax freeze.

...its obvious why Republicans didn't want Student ID's to be good enough ID in order to vote ...

Why they hate Obama

Pic Of The Moment: Republicans Ponder Next Move

My response to Facebook post by a long time friend upset over President Obama being re-elected

Romney Cuts Off Staffers Credit Cards Approx. Five Seconds Post-Loss

Any Rush Fans (Geddy, Alex, Neil) in the Southern Cal area? Have you seen them in concert before?

What exactly has Obama socialized?

Anyone know how to do a letter writing campaign?

Hey Skinner! Any chance we can help our DU Friends that have been hurt by Sandy? Hearts? Fundraiser?

Facebook fun, omg, too good, watch the "Likes" drop on Romney

What Is Clint Saying to His Chair These Days?

Thank God, not all Small Business Owners, are like you, Papa John

McConnell: GOP not budging on tax rates

Republicans are ripping Rush a new one

Today is "a Day in Gay America"

This guy, responding to Krugman's latest, "gets it"

Former Ron Paul Aide: Boycott Democrats

Study: Climate change fulfilling most dire predictions

NASA says global climate change likely to be 'on hotter side of projections' (

Thom Hartmann: Full speed ahead to the fiscal cliff...

So there is this big ugly spider living on my back porch.

Vt. health reform on track with election results

Dear President Obama, Glad You Won, But Can We Fix The Voting Machines Before 2016?

Woman fired for Obama racial slur on Facebook

Handicapping the 2014 Senate Elections

These RWNJ just don't get it

Knowledge is power. And it's time for the balance of power in this thing to shift.

Obama staffers should reach out to the stranded Romney kindness

Romney staffers stranded when campaign killed credit cards on election night

Never Forget: What Romney Called "Entitlements". Then Look at His "Stuff":

Republican frontrunner for 2016 emerges...and "it's got me building this hive"

Judge denies motion for injunction by Congressman Allen West

The White House Live at 1:05 PM EST (here is the link)

Peter Morrison, Texas GOP Official, Calls For 'Amicable Divorce' From 'Maggots' Who Voted For Obama

After Obama’s Re-Election, Religious Right Demands Repentance and Resistance

Nestle recalls some Nesquik mixes because of salmonella concerns

Happy Birthday, Carl Sagan!

A Rmoney aide reacts to the campaign staff getting their credit cards cut off on election night:

Happy Birthday, Carl Sagan!

The GOP Must Choose: Rush Limbaugh or Minority Voters

Lame Kiffin denies he was behind those deflated footballs...I don't believe him...

Kudlow: Is the left ‘trying to weaken America’ with legal pot?

anyone else think Mike Papantonio would make a fantastic Attorney General?

a GOP mental breakdown on You Tube (warning, NSFW)

The Whole Romney Ticket Believed in Unskewed Polls?

Is this True-Need help-Has anyone else heard of Nationwide refusing employees health insurance

NRA spent $17 million on election, lost EVERY SENATE SEAT THEY SPENT ON

The Oatmeal: How much do cats actually kill?

Linking wind energy with production of steel

Teachers Matter..even after 24 years

We Are The 2%

"This is all about making Barack an incredibly successful second-term president. That's my focus."

LOL !!! - GOP Vows To Make FiveThirtyEight Blog Irrelevant By Adding Electoral College Votes

Survivor Philippines - Wow

Karl Rove thinks he is a psychologist and can outwit the ignorant right wingers he leads by the

***** POTUS on TV now!

*POTUS speaking now.

POTUS on at msnbc now

"our top priority is jobs and growth"

The shock is over. Now the anger is setting in. This is going to be a real fight.

Romney did outspend Obama in this campaign, right? Need help with Freeper please

Another Karl Rove Distortion

Since Roosevelt, No GOP Presidential Campaign Has Won Vote Without a Bush or Nixon on Ticket

Mike Brown Fired from Lakers

Fox News CLAIMS Obama’s Win TRIGGERED ‘Massive Layoffs Across America’


Obama calls out Congress!

Dungeonland - PC - Beta sign up

Which form of bigotry will the RW ditch first? (assuming they ditch any of them....)

Groupon's value has taken a tumble. Good-they are leeches who make their money exploiting

DeLay co-defendant pleads guilty

People, please READ the post being alerted on.

Obama's re-election causing mental disorders

Obama To House: "I've got this pen. I'm ready to sign the bill right away."

More freeper madness-cutting off family/relatives


He's Kicking Ass as 2nd-Term Obama.

Well, that was weird!

Obama Comes Out Swinging!

Tweety Is Way Off Base......

Fox News guest: Obama won by lying about ‘rape camps’ under Romney

"I have the pen right here"

Here's what I posted on my Facebook feed just now:

Heritage Foundation calls for war: "Stand with Us"

Brian WIlliams being a blowhard again on Mitchell Reports


How do I find and PM a member who has not been on in a while?

Doubling down, and going the way of the California GOP

Someone pointed out on MSNBC I think Crystal or the other one

Obama "Open to Compromise"....

To GOP bloviaters: Political alliances are not brand. A "brand" is a

It's the Interest Stupid! Why Bankers Rule the World

Romney, Ryan And Their Cabal Believed Unskewed Polls Because

Developing: Petraeus has White House meeting this afternoon.

Judge denies West's motion to impound voting machines, ballots in Palm Beach County

Dem. House Candidates Received More Votes Than Reps.

New York Subway Repairs Border ‘on the Edge of Magic’

New Hampshire Elects Nation's First Out Trans Lawmaker

matthews still complaining POTUS not spending time w 'party' folks.

Chris Matthews: Romney Sec of Business. WTF?

Dead pig remains at Romney headquarters - ABC news video

Moderate voters show their power in West-Murphy nail-biter

Mapping Racist Tweets in Response to President Obama's Re-election

BuzzFlash: Since Roosevelt, No GOP Prez Candidate Has Won Withoug Bush or Nixon on the Ticket

Job #1: create a state-owned bank

They've learned nothing: Ohio and Planned Parenthood funding.

Krauthammer calls for GOP 'delicacy' on women's issues

Family Research Council calls for ‘civil disobedience’ to block same sex marriages

Jon Huntsman new Secretary of State??

New inlets and outwash fans (very very pic heavy)

Check out this "Job Creation Index" from Gallup

"Don't blow it." That's what I want to say to President Obama. - Amnesty International

Pew:Behind Gay Marriage Momentum, Regional Gaps Persist

Obama wins Florida!

What is it that makes us believe that nobody on "our side" could

Cheer Up, Republicans

With the media pushing Huntsman as next Sec of State and

Gallup Tries to Defend Its Polling


Senator Kirsten Gillibrand: A Historic Election For Women

Mark Levin: We feared this day might come

So they're all cutting off contact with liberal family members and friends. Personally...

"I know what it takes to create jobs".

No, No, No, Don't Split Electoral Votes By Congressional District

Is there a good link to keep track of races that are still undecided because all the votes arent in?

If you are pissed as Hell about something, check in here.

I am against John Kerry as Secretary of State

Thom Hartmann: Monopoly Endgame for the Global Economy

"HA libruls, your re-education camps never MATERIALISED you have FAILED..."

REMEMBER: The wealthy get 100% of ANY tax cut, whether it's on <$25,000, <$250,000, or <$2,500,000!

SPINE! President Obama Will Let ALL the Bush Tax Cuts Expire......if he doesn't get what he wants.

I nominate Romney to be the Minister of Truth for Oceania!

Open to compromise in talks on fiscal cliff:

OK, it's official: Allen West is going to contest his election defeat!

Little net change in the PA House

If Ohio was going to be hacked, and it didn't happen, thank DU.

For entertainment I listened to Rush a few minutes today. Now get

Per CNN, the President needs a slow jam! What should it be?

Does the fact that Angus King hasn't ruled out caucusing with the Republicans have anyone worried?

Dear Clueless GOPers who still can't figure out how Mitt Romney could have lost

Political Math Breakthrough

Charles Darwin gets 4,000 write-in votes in Georgia

It would be smart for the House to just pass a middle class tax cuts

Squatty Potty

Here's a good explanation of living with bi-polar disease

Shawn Hannity on Immigration a Cold Day in Hell!

Michael Savage Reacts to Obama Re-Election 2012!

Jon Stewart Has The Best Slogan For Fox News And You Need To Hear It

Oh WOW... 'Krazy Karl: He's Come Undone' - James Moore/HuffPo

A letter to the editor that shows how a majority can lose.

Prediction: Erskin Bowles will be new Secretary of Treasury..Beau Biden will be new Attorney General

It's Time For Repugs Enmasse To Jettison Grover Norquist....

Was Florida Called Yet?....

A letter to the editor that shows how a majority can lose.

Increasingly, New Face of Asian American Electorate is a Democrat

Florida's Gigantic Ballot: Was this on purpose?

Looking for thoughts on future of ETF (WI retirement system)

Good riddance to Mitt Romney

I need help debunking this email from a co-worker

Am thinking about starting a collection to help these people. what do you think ? (snark)

mirror site for MSNBC has been "siezed by the FBI"...

Peggy Lee has some advice for the Grand Old Party

Is Andrea Mitchell a Wingnut?

Insider account of Romney's get-out-the-vote disaster

BREAKING: White House: Obama will veto any bill extending tax cuts for those making more than $250K.

Democrats do not need to get in a prolonged debate about the expiring tax cuts.

Karl Rove is going to find out personally where Jimmy Hoffa is buried

Amazing...they just keep digging their black hole to?

Highly Educational Election Maps-broken down in ways I've never seen before. *****5 Star Fascination

Who was the asshole reporter from WH Press Pool challenging Carney at WH?

In my fantasy world, Bill Clinton comes back to Washington as Obama's Chief of Staff.

Mitt couldn't convince anyone he'd really fix the economy.

When Obama officially wins FL, he'll be the first Dem in 68 years to win it in back-2-back elections

Justice Sotomayer says being a princess is NOT a career

Most Liked Photo On Facebook EVER. Most Tweeted Photograph EVER. How's that make you feel DU?

When Allen West ran away from the district that elected him, I called him "Brave Sir Allen."

The Unmitigated Disaster Known As Project ORCA

Can you imagine?

Caption This Pic (Ryan Family Election Night Edition)

Do these Rightwing pundits just hang out and see who can create the most dumbass comment ever??

I'm especially glad that the Obama: 2016 movie didn't cause any real damage

Mantis mover

Map lays out racist election tweets, most originated from southeast

No candidate over 50 years old should be considered as a SCOTUS appointee

Love this bumper sticker

How The GOP Got Stuck In The Past - David Frum/DailyBeast/Newsweek


Seven U.S. Navy SEALs punished for disclosing classified data to ‘Medal of Honor’ video game

Agnes Meyer Driscoll

Was there really suppression of the vote?

Wanna see them count the 600,000 votes in Arizona?

Petreus is resigning from CIA

Petraeus Resigns

First Buddhist Elected To US Senate – First Hindu Elected To House of Representatives

BREAKING MSNBC: Petraeus Resigns

Bye Bye David Petraeus - resigns over extra-marital affair

Karen Hughes: "College Age Daughters Of Friends Voted For Obama" - Turned Off By NEANDERTHAL GOP

This was on FB

TPM: Message from President to Boehner was that higher taxes on the wealthy or else

Whoa! Gen. Petraeus resigns citing extra-marital affair!

John Stewart

BREAKING NEWS: CIA Director Petraeus submits resignation letter, citing extramarital affair

I'm from California, and we have good labor laws that protect workers, not in unions, from wage,

Interesting That Nobody here is talking about Deval Patricks Dinner with POTUs Tonight

Upon hearing about the Obamaslide

I feel like this is pissing into the wind . . . . . but why not Wes Clark, SOMEplace in this admin?

Dog is giddy after Obama win

Limbaugh Plays "Feliz Navidad" To "Reach Out To The Hispanic Community"

Freepers create Patraeus/Benghazi conspiracy in 3...2...1

Dean Dozen - 2012 Results

Republicans "test the system" by voting twice. Get arrested.

Why is Obama having dining with the GoDaddy Girl?

Hey Republicans in Congress. I think he's coming for you....

The 39% tax limit has de-nutted the Democratic Party.

In honor of the Colorado and Washington results . .

The War on Women Backfires - Michelle Goldberg/DailyBeast

Petraeus is resigning as CIA director?

Occupy W.S. Will Buy Up & Forgive Debt: Operation Jubilee

CEO lays off employees he forced to attend Romney rally.

Map of US: Red and Blue Counties

Coal Company CEO leads staffers in prayer & then lays off 156 (Says Obama's Fault)

Forest Trump

Sesame Street is a good career move

Did Somebody Out Patraeus & HIs Affair....

David Petraeus resigns - vid clip from MSNBC

How on earth did Ann Romney's Latino outreach fail so terribly?

Senator Warren is Wall Street’s worst nightmare

The Nation: Voters Did Not Choose Austerity

So, does the GOP hide everywhere or just in blue states?

Wonder how this guy is feeling now?

Can someone remind me how to buy a star membership for another DUer?

The tax increase is on "Income over 250K" not "People making 250K"

OK DUers who was Petraeus' lover?

The James Bond Movie name generator...

Fine, let them all expire, then let Democrats craft new tax cuts for the middle class

First Parents

words that we should be proud - and loud! - to wield. "Liberal". "Progressive". etc....

The Photographer speaks of "The photo" - the 4 more years tweet photo

ok, he resigned, can we get back to important news now? nt

2012 Cartogram Map

Turnout operations in 5 Iowa counties proved critical for Obama

List of speculation from around the intertubes

Tuesday night Mitt was already going to set groundwork for his re-election bid

George W Bush got more mormon votes than Romney lol...

My Representative. Congresswoman Barbara Lee Discussing the Looming "Fiscal Cliff"

Quick! Predict how the right will spin Petraeus' resignation into an Obama cover-up.

"Elections have consequences, but so soon after the election"

RED STATE HYPOCRISY...who are the takers again????

Hispanics to Obama: We helped you, now you help us

China's Communist Party Faithful Toe the Line at Choreographed Congress...

Can't wait for the U. of Wash/U. of Colo Game on 11/17

It is absolutely astonishing that Romney and the GOP

Let's Not Forget OWS...

If John Kerry is tapped for SoS who would we run against Scott Brown?

Super-linear scaling and collapse

Luckovich cartoon: Rainbow

I'm organizing the DU list of stuff we want from Obama. Post yours here

Family Research Council calls for ‘civil disobedience’ to block same sex marriages

Did the zombie party in Boston glued all night to Pravda have any precedent in American politics?

It is not particularly funny to suggest Patreaus had an affair with a man.

Cold Stone Creamery employee fired after wishing Obama dead on Facebook

Planting Forests for Carbon Sequestration

Couple of links I came across for those considering living off the grid

Pauly Shore tells Soledad: Republicans are ‘too far to the white’

Fox News accidentally insults all Mitt Romney voters, LOL

Idiot freepers are claiming Petraeus resignation is over Benghazi, and that affair is a ruse

New Emperor Penguin Colonies Found in Antarctica

Why doesn't Hillary want to stay in for the second term?

New Emperor Penguin Colonies Found in Antarctica

Mr president, let the bush tax cuts expire. You have all the cards not the republicans

Supreme Court to review Voting Rights Act.

Jeff Kent's Survivor Rant

WTF! The Surpreme Court has agreed to hear challange to voting rights act!!!!

The LGBT Community is about as big a tent as there is.

America is far from lost, but what about the GOP?

Poor Fox News...

Breaking: SCOTUS to hear challenge to Voting RIghts Act

Clinton, Christie Lead First Polls Of 2016 N.H. Primaries (She's blowing them all out of the water)

First reaction to Obama's win by network news anchors

The day America opted for Third World governance: massive therapy anyone?

Airport screeners ratify first-ever union contract with TSA

Let me make one thing clear...

What The Election Would Have Looked Like Without Universal Suffrage

They NEVER Learn: Tammy Baldwin Responds To Condescending GOP Senator - HuffPo

LMFAO! These people are nuts! The pony in Obama winning a second term

If the Massachusetts legislature is Democratic than they can could

Toon: Election Night at a 1% home

Life outside the Bubble

10 minute rape on bus. Perp caught.

Toon: Comments from the Tea Party

We've lost KPOJ and Carl Wolfson

Supreme Court to review key section of Voting Rights Act

Is David Petraeus Dirty? Ted Westhusing Said So, and Then He Shot Himself.

(Portland's progressive talk) KPOJ Cancelling Political Talk Radio

George P. Bush filed paperwork in Texas

Keep up the hate rhetoric Teabaggers. Mid terms are less than 2 years away..

Repugs attack Nate Silver

Hey ladies, here's Chuck Todd to mansplain

I think Renew America may be more extreme than the Free Republic! OMG! Read some

Everybody saying turnout was down --please STOP it (here's why)

We HAD a revolution Asswipe Trump!!!

At a wine tasting in Germany we were looking for somebody to celebrate with....

Improper GOP Flag Etiquette

Karl Rove Defends His $300 Million Disaster...

Toon: President Obama finally sends over his college transcripts to Trump

Another Popular Vote Milestone - Margin of Victory

The "Center-Right Country" Myth


TYT: Romney Campaign Genuinely Shocked at Loss

A few suggestions to older men in important jobs...(or unimportant jobs, for that matter

The GOP's quarter century of presidential election fail

States Get More Time to Work on Health Care Plans.

Fordham University President Scorns College Republicans For Booking Ann Coulter’s ‘Repugnant’ Speech

Keiser Report: Triple Dip Recession Nightmare

Look at these god-awful shoes.

Funniest Post-Election Memes

Former RNC chairman Haley Barbour said the election was “pretty close to a tie.” -- Uh-uh.

Shouldn't the Mitt Romney "loopholes" be an issue?

Question to those in the know about Colorado's marijuana dispensaries.

Tea Party Coordinator: Most Americans Agree With Our Values, ‘We Are The Center Of America’

Uh-oh! Supremes to hear challenge to Voting Rights Act

Will atheists decide the next election?

What the heck happened on Scarborough this morning?

Why all this interest in replacing the Supremes????

I hope that Kerry will not be the next SOS

‘The Obama Conquest’: Newsweek‘s Election Cover Depicts Obama As Napoleon

Note to Skinner: did you know you can improve Alexa ranking by adding "Visitors" parameter to

Today is National Scrapple Day

So what makes white voters different in Maine and Iowa and Vermont?

Best thing is that we don't even have to get angry at Tea Party racism anymore

Supreme Court To Take Up Voting Rights Act Challenge

Nate Silver, Election’s ‘Other’ Winner, Contemplates Life As A Celebrity - AP/WaPo

Sinkhole Update November 8 2012

Where's that weaselly little Reince Priebus?

Boehner’s 48 Hours of Pretending to Work with Obama Sets New Record

Chicago isn't in yet?

Florida DUers: What's the outrage factor against Rick Scott about how the election was handled?

Anybody familiar with Blog & Mablog?

Debunking e-mail about ACA real estate tax

I wonder

In 2004 did you know that John Kerry might very well lose to Bush?

And the Boehnermcconnellmobile chugs on.

Anyone know how to do a letter writing campaign?

Did you realize that Bill Maher was pulling for Michele Bachmann on election night?

MacPhail, oldest living MLB Hall of Famer, passes away at 95

Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates

NASA to deploy water-seeking robot on Moon in 2017, manned lunar base could be next

Welcome to the Post Election Friday Afternoon Challenge, DUers! Today: “Reinventing Rome.” *

Mike Morell to testify instead of David Petraeus on Benghazi

Al Franken for Sec of State

So it seems the 'takers' voted Rmoney. Ha.

As Obama lays down marker on taxes, labor has his back

Both James Carville and SE Cupp are on Real Time

Mittens At The Bat

Forget Nate Silver: Meet The Guy Who Called 2012 In 2002

We need a new Voting Rights Act

The World Press Photo Contesst: most startling world press photographs of 2012

A right winger just went OFF on me a few minutes ago at work. In Texas.

White House Spox: Obama Would Veto Bill Extending Bush Tax Cuts For The Wealthy

Florida Has NO REGRETS Over Voter Suppression

Good LTTE re SUBSIDY-Sam's poor experiment with the lives of Kansans:

Vegans: did you ever own leather items? Handbags, shoes, etc.? If so, how did you

St. Louis-based Energizer cutting 1,500 employees in attempt to save $200 million

Fordham head blasts Ann Coulter

Athens, Georgia deserves props: Darwin got 4K write in votes against Rep. Paul Broun

National Animal Shelter Check-in Day (Saturday, November 10)

Here's what a coworker posted on Facebook about the election reaction

National Animal Shelter Check-in Day (Saturday, November 10)

Awesome comment from Republican Steve Schmidt

National Animal Shelter Check-in Day (Saturday, November 10)

National Animal Shelter Check-in Day (Saturday, November 10)

Friday Talking Points (234) -- Advice For The Republican Party

What's up with the West law suit to recount? Should I worry? What is the final count?

Just WHO Are The Parasites Republicans ??? - Check Out The Top Story At HuffPo Business...

Obamacare opponents scramble for Plan B, C, D . . . whatever.

An MMT Fiscal Responsibility Narrative

Flight of the Butterflies PSA

Thank you Ronald raygun

Whaaa..? Frum on Hardball: The Rs were victims of their own success..

Occupy Sandy! Wow!

Interesting find on website..

FBI investigating Paula Broadwell in connection to Petraeus

Any news on Ted Nugent being dead or in jail? Maybe both?

What do you think would happen if the Repubs do not extend the tax cuts for those above $250K?

Beginning of the end? Half the Senate now supports filibuster reform

A Paula Brodwell is rumored to be Petraeus lover

We can only imagine: what if Obama-Biden had pulled a 4-game sweep in the debates?

Weekend Economists Get Away from it All November 9-12, 2012

A silver lining re: Sandy and Rockaway beach

Incoming Lockheed CEO resigns over ethics violation

This is a good day.

"Day 1 of Communist America…"

I don't want to see the Republican Party "reformed". I want to see it replaced.

Has that asshole Sununu spoken since the election?

Uncertainty is now over, right? Job creation should start anytime, correct? n/t

About long FL lines to vote...Rick Scott keeps saying "we did the right thing". Proud of suppression

Fox Reporter Calls Maddow An "Angry Young Man"

What next?

Mom says I can has spots

Anchors away!

Repost request...Earlier today a link to Pics of dejected Rmoney supporters...please repost. Thnx

Martin Bashir - Post-election, religion no longer hostage to Republicans

I must ask, what are those who worried warted and handrung over the election thinking now?

Martin Bashir - Obama ready to deal – but what about Boehner?

Petraeus affair discovered during an FBI investigation

Karen Hughes: I'll 'CUT OUT' The Tongue Of GOPers Talking RAPE

Let's talk about the next Congress, and 2014.

So now the 1% gets revenge by laying off people.

Ya got to love irony...

For the nostalgic - Mitt Romney's Greatest Hits (a truly WTF video experience)

When a novice goes through the ceremony to become a nun

PBS Judy Woodruff creating her own disinformation for the GOP.

DU's Own (Babylon's Sister) Posted this about General Petraeus Credibility from 2007

You'll laugh! you'll cry! I just put this in, feel relief...and have a chuckle!

Martin Bashir - Fact-checking conservatives’ ‘makers & takers’ line

Having a go at sous vide.

Conservatives revolt over immigration shift

Tweety: Is this country America or Greenwich Village?

Alan Grayson comes out against any cuts in Social Security

Another Poll Shows Americans Reject 'Grand Bargain' Cuts to Social Security and Medicare

Election 2012 MVP: Joe Biden

Jail might be the safest place for Rove when he pissed off the money people

Did they really think only old white men would hear the dogwhistles?

Here's An Interesting Chart For Ya... On Medicaid Expansion...

King County, WA (Seattle area) prosecutor dismissing all misdemeanor pot cases

The Friday after the election. Twelve years after 2000 and

Obama beats Bieber for most popular tweet ever

Tammy Baldwin To Ron Johnson: 'I'm Quite Confident' I Understand The Federal Budget

Telling Abigael "Bronco" Won the Election

What's the best default file save location for MS Office: Word & Outlook?

Lest anyone here be saddened by the sudden departure of Gen. Betrayus from CIA

Now is the time for all Democrats and Republicans to demand action by the House

President Obama gets teary-eyed in speech to campaign staff (after election)

President Obama's Speech On Fiscal Cliff: I Refuse To Accept Any Approach That Is Not Balanced

Oh! Oh! Oh! Paula! Won't you tarry with me? (But leave my email alone)

a reason not to eat at applebees

If you voted for Obama, your business is not welcome!

Is it time for Dems to start discrediting Faux News?

Wow! Romney Charged Reporters $1000 to be at His "victory" Party Election Night

NLRB Judge finds 24 Hour Fitness arbitration clause violates federal labor law

Takes a lickin' and keeps on ...

Ray Mabus for Sec. State

The shellacking in one place

Texas Republican Wants State To Leave U.S. Over Obama Win

Tammy Baldwin To Ron Johnson: 'I'm Quite Confident' I Understand The Federal Budget

Ignorant teenager harassed my wife about "Obama phones" today.

Petition to leave

CBS - Pelley - "before this news broke, we would be hardpressed to find anyone in Washington who

25 Reasons Why One Dog Is NOT Enough

Timothy Geithner's Term As Treasury Secretary Won't End Until 2013: White House

Chris Christie Called Obama To Congratulate Him, Offered Mitt Romney Condolences Over Email

The Best Of Mitt Romney’s 2012 Run, For Pete’s Sake

President Obama thanked his staff as he shed a tear…

Why both American Jews and Muslims backed Obama by huge margins

Rush Limbaugh Plays "Feliz Navidad" To "Reach Out To The Hispanic Community"

Mark Pocan Takes "Fighting Bob" La Follette’s Seat in the U.S. Congress

My wife thinks it is time to teach her niece the "Art of Negotiation" (If you want a laugh)

Self photobomb

Moyers guest: ‘We should just let the Bush tax cuts expire’

Sustainable clothes, made in USA

TSA Workers Ratify First Union Contract

Statehood Vote in Puerto Rico?

Fired & reported to the Secret Service

On 10 November 1775...

Fiscal Cliff = Military Cuts. That alone tells you there WILL be a deal...

I tried. I really, really tried.

Will Puerto Rico Become The 51st State? Not So Fast

A good friend of mine is an ex-Secret Service agent.

Sustainable clothes, made in USA

SCOTUS to rule on voting rights law

The GOP’s Blame Game - Dana Milbank/WaPo

Just got an email from the White House: "What's Next?"

Petraeus resigns after affair **with biographer** turned up in FBI probe, Fox News confirms

Bakers’ union on strike against Hostess (twinkies ho ho's cup cakes etc)

Question. Does anyone doubt that Christie is done with the repub. party? And if so

A dad is denied going to his daughter's career day (cuz he's a tattoo artist)

Florida May Have Election Results By Noon Saturday

DFW NBC affilate is reporting that American Airlines has accepted the Airline Pilots Union's propose

Thank you, everyone! Thank you!

Declaration of War by Heritage Foundation

Romney and Obama on Election Night..true story.

Something very significant that happened this election...I haven't heard it mentioned

Top Republicans Suddenly Back Immigration Reform After Latinos Overwhelmingly Back Obama

Boehner, McConnell Refuse To Take the President's Election Night Call

Petraeus's "Rules for Living"

I over heard a man....

Social Security: The Phony Crisis

US election: Women are the new majority

Ohio’s GOP Secretary of State Already Has A Plan To Rig The 2016 Election For Republicans

Senate Intelligence Chairwoman calls Petraeus' resignation 'tragic' (Diane Feinstein)

Not another Bush in Texas

The High Cost of Hearing Only What You Want to Hear

Bera lead over Lungren wider in Sacramento County House race (CA-7) (with TUESDAY UPDATE)

TAX THE WEALTHY-AND close their loopholes. Nuff'said.

So is it ok to start calling him Betrayus again, since that's exactly what he apparently did?

I have never enjoyed

Romney campaign spent $25,000 on fireworks

*** Sneaks into the DU Cafeteria pantry and jimmies the lock on the spice rack ***

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Guest, Paula Broadwell

Call me cynical, but I think the next 4 years will be...

"Behind you, behind you."

LOL! Borowitz Report: on Republicans and math & science believers. (Satire)

Hysterical and I mean it!

Oops, Chris Christie may have mis-spoken

David Frum, please shut up :)

Ashley Judd "Honored" By Buzz About Possible 2014 Senate Campaign

Buy a thesaurus


Should we start telling our conservative friends

This print ad for "All In" is just kind of unfortunate.

Supreme Court Appears Ready to Nuke the Voting Rights Act

Public opinion on marijuana is moving fast, and pols will eventually follow. But "eventually" ......

Top Ten Best (& Worst) Educated States & How They Voted

Can a court order an abortion?

So, have our crazy friends concluded Petraeus was "set up" yet?

So what did ReiNCe PRieBuS accomplish?

Get Your War On: The aftermath

Mrs. Intern has a theory which is hers, belongs to her, and his hers too

Bill Moyers: What the 2012 Election Reveals About America

Sign the petition to support Sen. Sanders' constitutional amendment

Permanent protective order failed to protect, defensive gunfire succeeded.

Totally Biased: Kamau talks to Lewis Black

We should all join the Republican Party

Totally Biased: The Young Republican's Club

Racist Teens Forced to Answer for Tweets About the ‘N*****’ President

Sasha and Malia First Daughters:

Bernie Sander's proposal

Some jackass Romney whiner is saying that people with <30K income voted for Obama

FIX THIS! No more "the system obviously works because nobody was beaten with a cane" excuses.

Chicago Tribune re: Patraeus, Benghazi and "CIA talking points"

Stand your ground, Mr. President...

Celebrate! Progressives are the majority

Florida DUers, I need some help for a friend struggling in your state.

I will never again mock dogs.

Try this leave the bush tax cut alone (let them expire) and put in place

I know it's been several days, but I just have to say it

How Ridiculous Gerrymanders Saved the House Republican Majority

Considering a move to Atlanta...

Interesting: Moody's Says (CA) Proposition 30 Passage A Boost To School Credit - SacBee

For Repubs saying only poor people voted Obama: Obama Wins 8 of 10 RICHEST counties

Presenting Germany's Black Forest. At approx. 130 mph...

Baseball's new drug problem: fast-acting synthetic testosterone

Reince Preibus for RNC chair 2016!

Moving on...I bet Bill Maher's show tonight will be celebratory. His Million Bucks paid off. Guests:

Drinking liberally Tucson next Wed. Should be interesting!

Rick Scott On Decision Not To Extend Early Voting: 'The Right Thing Happened'

Tweet to the big republican donors...

TCM Schedule for Saturday, November 10 -- The Essentials: Meal Tickets

"Did Romney’s Cheapness Doom His Campaign?"

amusing/scary: a sample of responses to the election results as they unfolded in Freeperland:

Better late than never....

Climate change, not the national debt, is the legacy we should care about

Burman: Barack Obama’s approach to fiscal cliff could make or break his presidency

Va. business owner explains decision to close store after Obama win

President Obama gets a tattoo!!

Rep Pete Stark (D-CA) Loses Reelection Bid (Was Only Self-Professed Atheist In Congress)

TCM Schedule for Sunday, November 11 -- What's On Tonight: A Night In Hong Kong

Lounge daily inspirational message

All male 90% white Oooold VuhGinia school (Hampden-Sydney) has white boy post election riot

Montana Passes a Referendum Declaring Corporations Are Not People

Look at what just popped up in my FB News Feed

How many of you knew that tomorrow is Carl Sagan Day?

Patriots rookie Bolden suspended for PED use

Bera (D) increases lead in Sacramento-area House race

"600,000 ballots in AZ not counted yet"---Larry Cohen, CWA president


The GOP stood in line for Chick-fil-a

Anyone else's right-wing Facebook friends freaking out about the timing

The Real Problem with the Demented Republican Party

Just Throwing This Out There: Obama's New Cabinet Shuffle.

Hillary is texing again..

Imagine people in power KNEW E-Voting theft was real....

Update on my daughter being slapped at school for celebrating President Obama's win

And I Ask Again... Why Can't We Tie The Top Marginal Tax Rate To The Unemployment Rate...

We need a running list of businesses closing or going after workers because of Obama's win.

How will Ohio Senator Rob Portman work with, of all people, John Boehner, in "closing

No breakthrough in Afghan peace efforts before 2014: official

Best part: Karl doublecrossed some ruthless m'fers

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah the states with the best educated citizens voted for Obama


Vatican adviser publicly supports dis-invited theologian

Can't wait for the book to come out on the Romney campaign.

A hard working progressive needs our help

Remembering the fighting Schan clan's forgotten legacy

What's wrong with Darrell Hammond on The ED show right now

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Thanks, Portland, It Was Great &

URGENT ! Talk to your cREEPs - they're ready to kill blackbox voting

George P. Bush in Texas may have problems running for Pres in 2016 ...

Why Nate Silver Got Drunk - VIDEO from SECOND CITY

So when the Romney movie comes out about the 2012 election Who will play Romney Ann and

Growing Pains for the Medicare Hospice Benefit (New Eng Jour Med)

Republicans Pile On Over "" Ad: "General Betrayus"...from 2007!

To those non-stop nagging, pushy, DUers who buried us with "get out and vote" comments:

patreus dropped the ball on benghazi

Boehner’s 48 Hours of Pretending to Work with Obama Sets New Record

Portland's Progressive Voice, KPOJ AM 620 is gone. Just. Like. That.

Barber closes gap, Sinema widens lead in AZ races

It's not about where Petraeus put his peenus

Judge Blasts Ohio’s Last Minute Disenfranchisement Effort: ‘I Don’t Want To See Democracy Die In The

Reform, Regulation, and Pharmaceuticals — The Kefauver–Harris Amendments at 50 (New Eng Jour Med)

As important as any story out there from Det. Free press. The Michigan dictatorship voted out.

I've (officially) lost all hope

Inslee declared Gov Of WA state

Scott Peters opens his lead against Bilbray in the CA-52

OH SWEET JESUS - I am not going to shave tomorrow- I am not going to canvass tomorrow....but...

McKenna to concede governor's race to Inslee

Been hearing a lot of "defense of freedom of speech" over the upside-down flag flown at

War On Women Continues: Ohio Revives Extreme Anti-Abortion Bill

Big Brother Winner Proposes To Boyfriend

AMR, pilots agree on language for new labor deal

"I sneezed so hard that my uterus hurts"

Changing demographics contributes to Democrats win

While the GOP stood in line for fast food. The Democrats stood in line to vote.

I'd like to start a new campaign against Fox News.

Husband of slain Iraqi-American woman arrested in her death

Petraeus doesn't have to testify about Benghazi now?

Shit! David Frum 'Republicans Have Been Lied To & Exploited By A Conservative Entertainment Complex'

Jay Inslee is governor of WA state

Iran says repelled unidentified plane from its airspace

Koch-Backed Group Warns Chris Christie

So teabagger shows up with gun at ballot noncount protest in Phoenix to stir shit.

Fuck. I never get hiccups. WTF??

Security Cameras Capturing People In The Act – Of Being Awesome

Police: Shaima Alawadi's death was domestic violence not hate crime, arrest husband

My schadenfreude is still engorged after three days.

Officials Want Military to Take Over Power Restoration on Long Island

Arizona election results: 524,633 early, provisional ballots yet to be counted

Provisional ballot bullshit! Take a look at this shit!

Progressive Stations dropping like flies...How About DU Radio??

"Start packing..."

EVERYBODY !!! - 'Look Again At That Dot...'

This thought comes a little late, but did it ever occur to Donald Trump that...

The ED Show - Boss takes out political frustrations on employees

Texas Republican Wants State To Leave U.S. Over Obama Win

Just got my Smitten Kitchen Cookbook..

If I were the president..

The ED Show - More GOP excuses

BlaBlaMeter - how much bullshit hides in your text?

Number of uncounted ballots in Arizona rises as deadline nears

Luckovich nails it with "Reality"...

California, the most voters, the most diversity - and lines at poll places are usually not that long

If a person has a block, is there a way to know who has the block?

The ED Show - Obama re-election sparks racist rants on social media

Jay Inslee is Washington State's next governor!

And now, we watch the GOP go completely over the deep end.

Well, that's rich! Rudy Guiliani is commenting on

Help Please New to DU

Do You Feel Gay Men Do Not Understand the Issues Facing Lesbians that May Be Different for Women?

They Are Having A Meltdown At FOX NEWS (R) About The Petraeus Resignation

Mason Tvert, man who headed up the pot legalization in CO, was just on Bill Maher......

Breaking news: sippy cup is a fucking asshole.

After spending 30 Secs on Fox, this much is clear: The Republicans will never compromise

Want to see white people mourning Romney?

The ED Show - Obama insists the wealthy must pay more

Moments Leading Up To Romney's Concession Most Likely Hilarious

A Vague Role for Religion in Egyptian Draft Constitution

Carville on The War on Women (Maher)

Despite being a crater; sometimes life is good.

Hey Dodger fans, did you know that Romneys oldest son

Is there a website or list of "Blue" Restaurants/stores that I can give my money too instead of

Which Faux News Critter Would You Like to Smack the Most?

So Fox Doesn't Just Want To Be The Republican Station. It's Also Wants To Be The White Power Station

Okay--officially creeped out by one of my son's classmate's parents...

Bill Clinton for CIA Director!

LOL! On AC360 Frum Lifted The Propaganda Curtain & Maudlin's Head Spun Like The Girl On The Exorcist

just one more tin-foil-hatty thought I had when pondering the weird Rove Rave...

Romney's popular vote tally is at 47.9%. There is a God.

The idea that sexism only works one direction just doesn't fucking wash

Stop talking about the election and the fiscal cliff. There are more important things amiss.

EPA And TVA Nix Further Coal Ash Spill Cleanup Efforts

Will Repubs put more Spanish names on ballots in hopes it allows them to win?

Kris Kobach at it again

Question - how many votes did Obama get in Boehner's district?

Tell the Catholic bishops to lay off Obama

Topping off a perfect week: I just met Stephen Colbert!

Four More Beers:Obama's Cousin Henry Healy celebrates Reelection With Guiness!

“And, for an instant, she stared directly into those soft blue eyes.....

"When The President Says You Can Kill A Baby After It's Born That's Extremism!" Rick Santorum

The Second American Tea Party in Boston Harbor was thwarted

Tell Congress: No Benefit Cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

WHY ROMNEY LOST (Hope you will read this & comment. Just sent to some R folks I know via email.)

House Dems likely to crack 200 members

These Things I Believe

Even the NRA, right wing nuts as they are, have to know Ted Nugent is an idiot!

Sex, Spies and Suspicions!

CIA Agent Bob Baer Insist More To General Petraeus Resigning "This Isn't How This Is Handled"

Chomsky: Impressions of Gaza

I actually watched Fox News this week

The GOP Must Choose: Rush Limbaugh or Minority Voters

Interior proposal would limit commercial oil shale development on federal lands in West

8:52 min of Bill Maher

Carl Sagan Day: WE... Are Made Of Star Stuff !!!

Increasing taxes on the rich does not justify attacking Social Security.

1,000s of Americans died on 9-11-2001 on American soil and Bush is worshiped and untouchable,

Next week's Newsweek cover...

Spider in (aging) voting machine entangles Massachusetts town election

Maher - Andrew Sullivan And S.E. Cupp Clash Over Gay Marriage, Mormonism On Real Time

Cuba announces pilot program leasing state restaurants to employees’ independent management

Rachel Maddow - Storm damaged VA hospital leaves vets scrambling

Judge denies request by Rep. Allen West to seize ballots

Rachel Maddow - Supreme Court to hear Voting Rights Act challenge

Washington (State) Counties Drop Marijuana Misdemeanor Possession Cases in Light of Vote

Only thing worse than The Electoral College are right-wing halfway measures to change it.

Uh oh. A bitter repub. (NSFW or kids)

Con Edison reports: Power Outages will continue for a long time

Rachel Maddow - Who is the leader of the Republican Party?

My comment on a FB post:

Hmm. In Light of Petraeus Resignation, Interesting Advice Column Letter from NYT Back in July

I've waited months for this election to be over with...

Las Vegas Review Journal Repeats Sandy Slander

Bill Maher: ‘I Would Never Try To Convince Fox News That Black People Aren’t Scary…’

In honor of the Texas Democrats that Peter Morrison called "maggots."

Concert for Sandy Relief, '12-12-12,' Being Planned by Same People Behind Historic 9/11 Benefit

"CIA Director David Petraeus quits over affair" AP (Recent article)

Oh, I got a LIVE ONE...Is anyone familiar with Joseph Fried?

Could President Obama Win Again In 2016 If He Could Run Again

The Last Word - Rewriting the Romney cheerleaders

Here is the Congressional Research Service report that embarrases the Republican's