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Official court documents for the lawsuit filed against OH Secretary of State Husted today

Michelle Obama makes election eve pitch in Charlotte

GOP candidate Flake (AZ) robocalls democrats and tells them to vote in the wrong place

HAPPY ELECTION DAY! Fired up and Ready to Go!

Votamatic Final Estimates Tomorrow Stay Tuned

I can get the President to 400 EV (actually 409), but it's beyond a stretch. Not a prediction.

What that Iowa speech did to me . . .

Election Day Music to Vote By!

You know what I hope for this whole Chris Christie "transformation"?

The Dixville Notch vote...TIED

Dixville Notch vote tonight: Obama & Romney tied

Dixville Notch

Small ass town who wants to be first at something says the race is a tie n/t.

Is Ohio voting software vulnerable to fraud? Court to hear Election Day case.

Help! I need a translation into Spanish of a line for voting tomorrow

New Hampshier Polls are OPEN ... IT IS ELECTION DAY !!!

Paul McCartney And The Band Send A Message Of Support For The US Elections-VOTE OBAMA!

What about substituting the word "public" for "government"

In the post-information age, why are we still standing in line voting?

Did you hear about Mitt Romney's new book?

Enthusiasm gap? So just where does all this Romney enthusiasm come from? I just

Beautiful pic of President Obama and Michelle...

Election eve betting odds from Ladbrokes.

President Obama sheds a tear during his final presidential campaign rally in Des Moines, IA - pic

Herald-Bulletin (Indiana) has endorsed President Obama. I must have missed it this week.

If anyone listened to CSPANs call-ins - you may have been shocked at the things people are saying.

Dean Chambers ( is Getting Cold Feet

Obama wins Hart's Location - 23 to 9 (2 for Gary Johnson)

We shall have our vengeance today!

So Did We

Surprise, Fox Doesn't air Obama's last Speech.......

It's an Obama LANDSLIDE in Hart's Location, NH!!!

Can somebody please tell me ...

And they're off! (CNN breaking news email)

(Scary!) Coverup after fatal hit and run was most extensive police had ever seen.

It's absolutely disgraceful that this election is going to be so close.

I will be outside counsel at one ...

One Positive about a Shady Businessman Running for Pres

Please post Des Moines speech videos from tonight

Isn't Governor Rick Scott afraid of losing his seat?

Romney won't be able to let go.


Awesome Freeper Thread: "Vanity- Are you wearing your Romney shirt tomorrow?"

Damn, Romney looked a little frenetic after his speech - Finger-touching with the crowd then bolted

Great picture: President Obama and Bo

This will blow your mind.

Obama, Romney tie in Dixville Notch; Obama 23-9 In Hart's Location

BOOM!!! Hart's Location, New Hampshire 23 - 9 Landslide for!

I have to work tomorrow

Just got back from seeing Bruce Springsteen in Des Moines

my repub sister posted this on facebook.

Disturbing tweet about OH early voting

NY Times: 512 Paths to the White House

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Monday, November 5)

Obama in 2008: Four years ago, the night before the 2008 election

New Zealand Ipredict site (like intrade)

First ten votes are in in New Hampshire

For Day-Of Voters: What Time Of Day Do You Usually Vote?


Touching picture of Obama at last campaign speech

Motion for Restraining Order Filed Against OH Sec. of State John Husted re: voting machines

John King Is Still Playing With His, Errrrrrrr, Map

Republicans on Free Republic are nuts

Video of Rachel Maddow's list of President Obama's Accomplishments

Latest poll: As of 1:14AM EST....

Motion to Block Use of OH SOS Experimental Software to be Heard Tuesday Morning - Bradblog

Here We Go...Hart's Location Results:

President Obama Speech and Michelle Obama Speech - Des Moines, Iowa - FULL speeches

I voted for R-74 (Washington marriage equality referendum)

Video- President Obama's final Campaign Rally, Iowa (tissues ready!)

Will they post results before the polls close on the West coast?

Do I understand correctly that Romney is holding rallies on Election Day?

Just came home from President Obama's Des Moines rally (sniffle)

South Bend Tribune's 2012 Endorsements (D's)

Here's an idea: Let's hold an election party at a gunrange

If it's not, then what is it?

Obama Wins More Newspaper Endorsements Than Romney

Great tweet about Dixville Notch and Hart's Landing votes

Jon Stewart Tears Apart Cable News Pundits For Pre-Election ‘Musical Chairs’ Game Of Predictions

Well ... Romney has officially started employing the McCain '08 strategy.

My son just posted this Beatles tune to his FB page and dedicated it to Willard Rmoney

Ayahuasca-drinking shamans in Peru give Obama the win

I know tomorrow will be better and possibly worse than I can imagine.

Bob Dylan Predicts Obama 'in a Landslide'

Let's see...Champagne is being cooled. DU star membership is still good, in case shit goes haywire.

Iowa Concealed Carry Permits Surge - Criminal Shootings Surge Too

A song for this historic night -- Curtis Mayfield

Obama sheds a tear at his final campaign rally (photo)

Rupert Murdoch Has Given Up on Mitt Romney

Nov. 5: Late Poll Gains for Obama Leave Romney With Longer Odds (Nate Silver)

Election day Google Doodle

Obama, Tearful, Finishes Campaign In Iowa, Where It Started

Tomorrow is a huge day for Gay Rights in America

Nov. 5: Late Poll Gains for Obama Leave Romney With Longer Odds

You people need to shut up already!

Colorado secretary of state target of probe over expenses

An email from Joe (I'm sure a lot of you got):

so it looks like gallop did not want to look completely like a horses ass, and essentially made it a

Poll Watching

'Dear Neighbor I Stole your Democratic yard signs Because'"


IMPORTANT note about NJ Voting

North Korea is getting ready for action

A sign from the South:

Lawn Gnomes with attitude?

Unscientific as f--k, but still encouraging.

Prop. 30 camp sees hope

Obama Campaign Deploys Cat Meme to Get Out the Vote in Ohio

400-Foot-Long Trailer Carrying Radioactive Material Is On Secret Mission to a dump site in Utah... (

Twelve ways to protect your vote

David Gergen had vapors because Obama went home tonight.

Republican Yard Sign Theives Cite Second-Amendment/Gun Agenda As Rationale

Final IBD/TIPP poll Obama 50.3 Romney 48.7

Best Cartoons Mocking Mitt Romney

Freepers have no love for Nate Silver - Anti-Nate Silver online campaign launched

Went to the fire dept. meeting tonight and someone brought a clipping from the paper,

We have entered a news blackout on most election news, which is a good thing.

Obama leading in actual votes counted in NH 64% to 32%

hmmm has dKos been hacked or something? here's what it says there....

Is it OK to have a silly fun thread here?

My 25 yr. olds final message out to his apathetic voting friends

Did anyone catch the Greta comedy hour this evening? (A.B, Newt, Palin)

Bad paintings of Barack Obama

Remember Their Final Prediction may Surprise You

Watching CNN flip between Obama and Romney speeches, and I have to say..

So Will Romney Give a Quick Consession Speech......

Post your thank you to Bill Clinton for all he did....

"One wants to treat me like a business, and one wants to treat me like a person."

Final IBD/TIPP Presidential Daily Tracking Poll Obama up 50.3-48.7

"I'm not, but my wife is."

Cenk: I considered voting for a 3rd party, in the end I am going to vote for President Obama

A Petition to Congress

Good luck to everyone tomorrow--

Cannot Sleep. Anyone else still awake haha?

What's the highest Def Con DU 3 can handle?

Wish I could invite all you DU'ers over for Thai food tomorrow to watch the election returns.

Washington post and their predictions

Here's what people will be saying tomorrow night at about 12:30am

Please No defeatist threads TODAY -ONLY POSITIVITY

Hello DU - A Call Out From Across The Pacific From An Old Friend

have been looking at polling data

Northern Marianas polls close in 1 hour, Guam polls close in 2 hours

Freepers are going to be looking for a new country tomorrow. We should have a list. Help 'em out.

Hmm... the logic checks out...

I think it is a Handicap for Romney that he sounds Insane

South Park's Nov 7th episode titled:' Obama Wins'

Overreacting to someone referring to President Obama as "barry"?

Is it just a coincidence we've had the sharpest drop in gas prices since 2008?

Don't worry about Ohio folks. We have everything under control!


PHOTO: The last rally

Concern trolls! Check in!!

The Decision to Move Forward

Ralston: NV Democrats killing Republicans in sporadic-voter GOTV

Know Your Voting Rights: State-by-State Voter Info

True The Vote Forged Signatures To Get Observers At Ohio Polls

Obama's going to e in Chiago tomorrow. Is Mttens going to be

Some helpful Missouri Voting Links

LOL!!! I just found out a rich guy I know has fled the country until after the election!!!

I knew it, the right wing screaming about the New Black Panthers again!

500 REASONS to Vote Against Mitt Romney & for Barack Obama (DAILY KOS EXCELLENT MUST-FORWARD!)

Dropping off my ballot Monday after voting for President Obama was a proud moment for me

Whoa... 92% Chance of O win

Fox news: Obama expected to win Michigan with 43% precients reporting

Astronauts cast votes from space with digital ballot


Charles Pierce: Election Day: A Light at the End of Our Obstacle Course

Online chat tonight?! Any places people go to congregate, virtually.

Wingnut site, Real Clear Politics predicts Obama win

Turkish court tries Israelis in Gaza flotilla case

The Worlds Tallest Tree is hidden by scientists in a Northern California Forest

TV report: Israel security heads nixed Iran attack

EU health police could ban Chanel No 5 over allergy risk of tree moss used in iconic scent

A little athletic eye candy

Calling a draw is the best thing the media can do really.

Now these are some serious reflexes!

My plan for Facebook ...... Care to join me?

'I Don't Want Everybody to Vote' -- The Roots of GOP Voter Suppression

NYTs :Netanyahu Says He’d Go It Alone on Striking Iran

After Romneys Concession Speech....

A must see: The Presidential Elections and Racism in America: Lawrence Wilkinson

Greek workers stage mass anti-austerity walkout

Well folks- see you on the other side - we are off to the Kaine HQ

OMFG - more mandatory evacuations in the tri-state area

Fingers and toes crossed that Braley wins our district because

On my way to work the polls @ 5:30 a.m. EST................

Mrs. Nafkewitz

Moishe the Knight

Maybe the msm inadvertently helped us GOTV

Obama, Romney Tie in Dixville Notch

Final Campaign Card. Down & Dirty!

I got a newly registered republican to Vote for President Obama

Joe Scum sounds constipated

Election Day in America

Myth Robme - Get Ready to Be Flushed

Chuck Todd: Republicans fear they'll lose Ohio by 3-5 points.

Let’s Kill the Electoral College So We Never Have to Pay Attention to Ohio and Florida Again

Wow. John Heilemann is a treasure trove of information on Obama campaign...

I don't feel like the turtle on election day.

Romney Haunted By Missing Tax Returns As Campaign Draws To Close

Millennial Voters Refuse To Be Left Out of this Election

Is there a 60-year oscillation in global mean sea level?


top spanish court to rule on gay marriage law


It's 6am and 33 degrees outside in this small Southern New Jersey town...

New research: Aquatic animals shrink due to temperature

We might need New Hampshire!!!!!!!!!!!!

electoral college landslides over the past century


Nov. 5: Late Poll Gains for Obama Leave Romney With Longer Odds

My Theme Song for today, Tuesday November 6th

NYT OpEd:Outrage in Okinawa

Dan Rather said something in his gut

U.S. appeals court questions Arizona's late-term abortion ban

World's rarest whale seen for first time after New Zealand beaching


I feel like I am gonna explode!!!

"You should vote for me!" (cartoon)

C-SPAN has Obama's Last Speech on Right Now !!!

Guys, the vote stealing paranoia depresses turnout.

I've been using this site for some time now

If Romney steals this election as I suspect they will try, it will be the coronation of a criminal..

Nate Silver's Final Word (Hint: get ready to smile)

Chainless bicycle...

Why Romney's event in Pittsburgh means he has lost PA

What to watch for as Ohio counts votes

Wear BLUE to the polls today

Vote Baby Vote * Lady Miss Kier and Deee-lite re-recorded for 2012

From Sudan to cyber, secret war with Iran hots up

I'm supposed to be getting ready for work, but CANNOT peel away from DU

Bruce Springsteen - We Take Care Of Our Own

What time will they post the rsults

Polls now open in NC & OH

Alabama win over LSU predicts Obama win!

Bales on night of killings: "I thought I was doing the right thing"

I hope the Obama voters actually turn out today!

Memorize this most infamous line in political history.

My kid shook President Clinton's hand after his speech at Penn yesterday...

I am just a bundle of nerves now. My stomach is tied in knots. This is gonna be a verrrryyy

Desperation on the funny farm GOBAMA they know it's over

Bob Dylan predicts Obama 'in a landslide'

Let's just put this one out there early...

We will have defeated the best they could throw at us.

Best Wishes today from non-U.S. DU'ers

Does anyone know if RMoney has voted


Man steals Obama sign: Reason- thieves will think subdivision is filled with retards and half-wits

WE WILL WIN TODAY !! All polls and predictive models are with us ! Just GOTV GOTV GOTV !!

Asia Times: Down and out in the Romney Motel


What's the longest you've ever had an animal companion? My cat is 14 years

THANKS RED STATE DEMS !! We need you and appreciate you !

A couple comments from the crowd at Obama's last rally.

I took some Ayahuasca earlier and this what I saw

Cat Stevens 'Father and Son' by Johnny Cash and Fiona Apple.

You folks should hear Jamaican radio this morning

US election: Obama and Romney tied in tiny New Hampshire hamlet

Macy's courts racist birther customers with new advertising campaign

The American Exception

THIS what should be on the NY Post today.

Obama has surged from 69% to 73% on Intrade in 15 minutes

I just voted for President Obama!

Turnout is HEAVY at my polling place in Hamilton County.

Austerity and Low Wages will Lead to Years of Recession


I don't think that the damage that TV and radio have done...

Florida Voters in Tampa and St. Pete

Today is the day for Democrats to vote

What's the weather like in your area?

My sister in law's death

The Best (And Worst) Of The 2012 Campaign!

Women could clean up in New Hampshire. Interesting stuff from

IBD/TIPP Poll It's Obama (D) 50.3 Money Boo Boo ($) 48.7%

The Presidential Election and Racism in America

My 18-yr-old daughter votes for the first time today... are pictures allowed at the polling booth?

MSNBC just had an ad for Fox News on!?!?!?

Polls close in Guam

Have they called it for Obama yet?

Tarheels for Obama thread!

My 1,000th post!!

Flashback: Jon Stewart - The TRUTH About Mitt Romney

Rand Poll-Obama (D) 50% Money Boo Boo ($) 46%

Nowhere Man

Intrade jumped from 70 to 75 in the last half hour.

intrade at 76% and skyrocketing fast!

Nate Silver Tweet This Morning

DSB's Projection- It Was A Good Day


Seven Eleven Poll -Obama (D) 59% Money Boo Boo($) 41%

predictions: obama wins with 318 electoral votes, losing fl, in, and omaha relative to 2008... more:

"This is it"

Exclusive ! Ryan v. Romney

Just waited in an hour long line in a very blue part of VA (Ghent Section of Norfolk)

Good night my fellow wonks

Please call KHOG 29/40 TV in NWA and tell them to stop the voter disinformation!

My wife and I just voted in suburban Philly, PA. Mostly good news.

Most cogent thing Obama said

The Cost of War: An Interview With Hawaii Congressional Candidate and Veteran Tulsi Gabbard

I Seriously Don't Believe Massive Amounts of R's

Report from the polls : LONG LINES

If there is an Obama landslide he will not declare a mandate

News should tell you

The "Music for Mitt" thread

in VA...

Short line at my voting location in DC, but we had a huge early voting drive in my neighborhood

Flash Dance Mob - Bangor, Maine - Support Equal Marriage rights!

Perhaps a sign in the sky

Good Election Night, DU! Again, I Find I Must Say That I Really...

What level DefCon are we in?

It's all gloom and doom for the Democrats on NPR Radio this morning, so I turned it off

Anyway to find out what kind of troll activity we're getting on Election Day?

Why Intrade Isn't Even Higher

"Mitt Romney doesn't know what a donut is!"

Electoral-Vote Nov. 6, 303-O, 220-R, NC-Tie


BREAKING: Ballot tampering suspect identified - and she's a right-wing activist

Good Reads: What is it like after I die


Joe Biden in line to vote in Delaware (photo)

I'm all excited about the erection tonight.

Princeton Consortium- Probability of O re-election: Random Drift 99.2%, Bayesian Prediction 100%

Something unexpected happened to me as I voted this morning

Miami-Dade is already reporting machine problems (per CNN)

Last night, Rachel Maddow provided an excellent summary of Obama's first four years

Anyone had a short line at the poll?

My Mamma said.....

Voted this morning with my wife

Tweet from Glenn Thrush , Politico's White House correspondent on Romney internals

To My Republican Friends, Please Go Out And Vote Tomorrow

Elliott Carter, Composer Who Decisively Snapped Tradition, Dies at 103

Joey The Scar Still Talking About Campaign Event Turnout

woohoo I Just Voted in DC

A little levity to calm your nerves: what's the craziest conspiracy theory you've heard this cycle?

News from Ohio.

Weather in Florida, DUers?

I'm really worried about what is going to happen ....

my wife and i just voted at the senoir housing center

Bulletin: German nuclear exit delivers economic, environmental benefits

line to vote was very short for me... less than 5 minutes

Last GOTV effort at 9:30 AM

Keep Calm & Trust Nate Silver

If you've voted, please consider changing your icon for the day

Sure sounds like Biden is running in 2016

2012 election priciest to date: $4.2 billion tab and rising

Michigan is delivered!

Scanning channels, TAUX said Obama had a slight lead of 23-9

Wall Street overwhelmingly backs Romney

Does the media just not care if they are wrong?

Mike Luckovich toon: *@#((!$ Republicans!

Chia Romney?

Here we are again, old friends...

self delete.

Mitt’s last gasp

Turn off the TV and GOTV

I Didn't Have Any Obama Yard Signs Stolen This Year

I just voted here in Philly

Brown Nosing the Banks

Email Voting Fails Some New Jersey Residents

Does anybody besides me think that Romney will loose it tonight?

On moaning Joe talk has started "how did the Republicans lose this"

Is your internets running slow today? Or do we just need to change the tubes

Pic Of The Moment: Vote

Problems in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Standin in line in virginia

Remember that Feeling in Nov. 2000... that Feeling Gave Birth to DU

Proud to have cast my vote for Obama/Biden in Georgia

Siriusly, I'm tuning out the media until early evening.

Voter fraud from an activist standpoint.

I voted

Lemmy: "Please, please don't vote for Mitt Romney. Fuck him. Fucking monster."

KTLA in Los Angeles

So how many anti Obama voters do not vote for Romney because they think he can't win anyway and

Where is Romney voting today? Or where did he early vote?

Skinner, EarlG, elad...all DUers - thanks. DU - BEST place to be in the election run-up.

FIRST POLLING RESULTS from Dixville Notch, NH.

45 minute wait in NoVa. I'd wait all day! Fired up

How is it possible to run in two different parties?

True The Vote Forged Signatures To Get Observers At Ohio Polls

The legitimacy of the American Political system is at stake today

I sat out most of the Dubya 8yrs..muted the TV

Just pushed those touch-screen buttons.

A new sort of "Morning in America"

Oh, THAT'S who I was thinking of!

I e-voted in Maryland and it went smoothly - was able to review the whole ballot before finishing.

If we pull this off, the one thing that will be an added bonus will be how the millions the koch

VOTE-Because someone wearing THIS button is Voting TOO

About 35 minutes in line this morning


The number that concerns me most-this race is razor close....

Even though I expect Obama to prevail...

Republican Facebook meme of the day is so insulting

Navy retiree voting for Mitt - The irony would cut him if he weren't so thick.

the faux news dot com headline this morning.....

Trash Talk

NATE SILVER: “If pundits were on the ballot against, like, I don’t know, Ebola, I might vote Ebola"

Tell your friends not to let forecasts of outcome keep them from voting.

Results from town next to Dixville Notch

Banksy endorses Obama!

Cuomo Signs Executive Order Letting NY Voters Cast Ballots At Any Polling Place

Voted at 6:30 this morning. 35 minute wait, half outside.

Larry Sabato (on Bill Press): Obama's "floor" is 290 EV

From the Onion, although, these days, it really might as well be just another news report.

Northern Virginia - Longest Lines I Have Ever Seen...

Princeton Update

Divided States of America: Notes on the Decline of a Great Nation

Cameron would agree to safe passage out of Syria for Assad

Today, I helped a Romney supporter.

Wouldn't it be funny if...

Toon- The Winner

Crap, I ran the 270towin simulation and Romney squeaked out a win. Then I saw it had awarded him

My voting booth was an older machine....

Colorado Polls Say Re-Legalize Marijuana: Drug Agencies Say Constitutional Showdown

Two things that make this old sod weepy...

Republicans grabbing onto Pres. Obama's cotattails

So, are any of the exit poll numbers in yet?

To all the Lurking and Trolling Freepers

What a way to start election day in our household!

Peak oil review - Nov 5

Peak oil review - Nov 5

Cuomo should be commended for the accommodations he made for Sandy victims to vote.

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- VOTE

Why are people still posting POLLS on election day JESUS!!!!

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- VOTE THE STENCH AWAY

#clackamasballots BREAKING: Ballot tampering suspect identified - and she's a right-wing activist

My friend has Sen Brown on his radio show right now


TPM: Christie's camp denies Romney ever even asked him to come to a rally.

#clackamasballots BREAKING: Ballot tampering suspect identified - and she's a right-wing activist

A friend reports Fox News on at polling place

Trending on Twitter now in US: #TeamObama, #Obama2012, #4moreyears, #rockthevote

Sniff--- I just watched my two kids vote for the first time in their lives.

So what is that Ohio District Court waiting on Christmas?

Republicans have not won a US presidential election without a Bush or Nixon on the ticket since 1928

Steal a Pencil for me. Excellent.

I'm wearing a Michigan Go Blue T-shirt today

Check in if you voted!

Don't just vote, help someone else vote!

The Wasteful, Big Spending Romney Campaign

Would like a listing of returns for tonight from the polls.

Anyone else get poled this morning??

They are not the same. They are not equal. One is better.

The only one I pay attention to is the "Winner Take All"

the morning shows are a complete waste of time today.....

I predict no lines TODAY in California.

This brand new poster needs help! He's in South Carolina...How about it? Never mind...he got it!

Sensata workers will vote then go to the unemployment office

I have been out trying to get a camera shot of a local mountain lion

This is a scary woman ("True The Vote" leader)

My eggplant soup recipe

My voting experience

The bulletin board at work...

OH BOY!!! FOX NOISE see's a black man in military outfit and they call him intimidating

I Have A Lil Message For Money Boo Boo

Pissing Off the Customers

I have not voted yet

Cross Post from the Lounge:

Early Thinking: Important Posts in the Romney Administration

CNBC Anchor: 'The Market expects an Obama re-election. Opening higher.'

Regardless of what happens today, tomorrow

Fox News sees a black man—and they're scared!

Electioneering close to the polls is illegal -- report it if you see it

BREAKING: Romney to Continue Campaigning on Wednesday !

Oh sh*t, did I fill in the wrong bubble??? Irrational worriers check in here.....

Kittehs for Obama

New York man crushed by giant crucifix has leg amputated

PA Voter Intimidation: "You are not allowed to tell people the truth and the law?"

Laser the Size of a Virus Particle created

How long were the lines where you voted--and are you in blue/red area?

What races LOCAL TO YOU are you looking at?

Cockatoo 'Can Make Its Own Tools'

Good news for Democrats in Missouri.

Electioneering close to the polls is illegal -- report it if you see it

Where's the "I VOTED" thread? Well, I guess here's one

The Evolution of Creationism

Voted this morning.

Doom and Gloom on Morning Joe

Took my four year old daughter to the polls with me.

How to find your polling place -

GOP - legitimate rape tumbler ;)

28 MORE YEARS!!!!!

I'm in line to vote!

Final Ras National Poll R 49%, O 48%

Best county-by-county election result website/tool.... any ideas?

Anyone hear Big Ed on MoJo this morning?

Anything going on during this slow news day?

My brain just crawled out of my ear and committed suicide in the bathroom.

Re: Kim Ward

Voting a straight dem ticket ???

I voted early this morning, and there was already a long line.

I feel good about what the end of the day is going bring us!!!!

I can WALK to my polling station through my back yard, turn LEFT

Mey, Mr. Rmoney/Ryan and GOPers, my boys have a song for ya!

Electoral College Models- Nice

Exclusive: Interview With The Last Undecided Voter In America

The Journey to election day, graphic novel style

MSNBC graphics writer sucks ass

My first presidential vote was for Barry Goldwater in 1964 and

Funny voting machine stuff going on in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Voting and ID Question: Are Poll Workers REQUIRED to ask for ID?

What might be fun tonight.

Fox News sees a black man—and they're scared!

Rmoney cheerleaders on some of the overpasses on husband's way to work this morn

WOW-H.L. Early Votes: 30% of repubs voted for OBAMA, 100% of INDEPENDENTS voted OBAMA!COATTAILS TOO!


In NC this morning.

why i voted the way i did...

The greatest, lasting consequence of today's election: The Supreme Court

Voting machine malfunction at my RED Precinct!

GOP Senate candidate Josh Mandel's in-laws take out ad ripping his anti-gay positions

Under the radar- I think there will be a lot of women in red states quietly voting for Democrats

Awesome Facebook app for today!

I had to show ID to vote in CT this morning

my co-worker just came up to tell me he's expecting a fedex

PA Voters. Poll workers MAY ask for ID. You do not have to show photo ID at all!

Black box voting shenanigans already. I think this is in PA.

Nationwide Student Election

Let me put it out there. All this "gut feelings" "we don't really know what's gonna happen" shit?

Massachusetts--Romney's Home State

I really wish we could have a Chuck Todd free day on MSNBC

Still a chance to make some cash on the Election...

Newt on MSNBC trashing the President's response to Sandy....

I voted in Kansas City North. Pretty quiet.

Israel Ready To Strike Iran ‘if Necessary’: Netanyahu

OMFG - why isn't it 6PM EST already so I'm off work and watching the coverage

What's the best Twitter Feed to follow...

Latino Voters Poll: Obama Poised to Pick Up RECORD 73% of LATINO VOTE!

I really like the people I work with.

I voted.

Forbes: The Technological Foundations Of Today's Election Are Shaky, Especially In Ohio

You Can't Run A Country If You're This F-ing Lame

Some voting tweets from Wisconsin (courtesy of the Cap Times)

Indiana voter turnout...

I just voted

Everyone with Facebook should post Born in the USA

Critical vote today in Iowa--on judge retention (gay marriage in jeopardy)

Mitt Romney Concession Speech!

Have you seen this great video "You Don't Own Me"?

A few personal obversations from a fat bald Iowan on election day

Should we start an "official"

I voted.

Just voted and for the first time there was a line at my precinct

Creative Cloud; Adobe owns me now

Beyond POTUS, I want to see Warren in the Senate and Grayson back in the house!

My first two minutes ever watching Morning Joe on MSNBC, and...

Election Forecast Sheet

Frustration and aggravation at recent gerrymandered boundaries

Good News from St Pete, FL

Its all about North Carolina and not Ohio.

Michelle And Barack Share A Tender Moment At His Final Rally

Romney Sandy Storm Tips (very funny)

OMG! Nate Silver just dropped Obama's re-election odds...

My Central NY vote cast on optical machines...

Adam Savage (Mythbusters) It IS vital that EVERYONE vote of course. I voted for Obama.

What is wrong with requiring a picture ID to vote?

King of racist birthers Donald Trump to be at Romney 'victory' party

Video of voting machine changing votes.

Republicans want to block the Vote,…Okay we will just have BLOCK PARTY at the Polls

Smarmy Haley Barbour actually said something interesting

Forget politics for a moment but does anyone else feel good about the fact that Chris Christie

Israel Moves Ahead Building Of 1,200 Settler Homes

I really need to avoid talking to people at work.

"Praying, praying, praying that tonight's results are not a windfall for comedians" - Frank Conniff

Damn sleeping in is what I needed but

Ryan's Congressional race... Anyone have insight

LOL. My Obama For President sign

Was asked for "voluntary" voter ID in PA. Everyone in line ahead of me complied.


Trying to get my "star".

Another positive sign for us? YES! IMHO

Voted in Southwest Virginia

Final Polls according to Real Clear Politics

Here's a handy online map that shows voter id requirements by state.

Pro-Obama topics dominate Twitter trending list


Video of 2012 Voting Machine Altering Vote

I really need to avoid talking to people at work.

Can't way until tomorrow

New England in the fall


Why I think President Obama is likely to be elected in spite of the "bad economy."

A liberal, a conservative, and a moderate walk into a polling station....

A little humor for election day

Democrats and Ohio

have any of you had poll issues here?

Update from Howard Fineman...

Why so many provisional ballots expected in Ohio?

MSNBC: 200,000 provisional ballots expected in Ohio

Nasty Voting Surprise in Essex County, NJ.. If you have not voted

PLEASE NOTE! In PA, FIRST TIME voters *DO* need valid ID. And they have for decades.

See how they happy they are while repressing people?

Is anyone else getting

Didn't take long here in Alabama

What time do you guys think the first exits polls will be leaked?

This frank admission from Joe S.

'I'm Sorry, Ba-rack Who?

Good diary about voting this morning in Iowa from Daily Kos...

Voting after Hurricane Sandy (voting by flashlight in Staten Island) - pic

Anybody expecting some surprises tonight? Sleeper state? nt

Today in Peace and Justice history on November 6, 1965

Today in Peace and Justice history on November 6, 1965

Hating Dan Rather's Guts

Chrysler gives workers day off to vote

Tweet from reporter in Ryan's Janesville district polling voters...

Posted something to this effect in another thread; but ...

Election Day night in my home town

John Heilman's closing analysis...

Dios mio........

Oh my God, it is happening... Video of touch screens not letting someone choose Obama!

Stephanie Miller just compared Romney to political packing material.

Virginia's Sneaky Voter ID Raises Few Alarms

WOW---Republican Voting For Obama: I think it will be a great day!!

If you keep hearing Ohio exit poll/early voting numbers peddled this morning, they're pure B.S.

Everyone In Line At My PA Poll Was Asked To Show ID Except Me

Interesting Facebook Voter App

The Rude Pundit - Voting: A Love Story

I was in and out of my precinct in less than twenty minutes.

Chrysler gave the entire workforce the day off to go vote

CURRENT just reported that the Chrysler CEO gave his entire workforce the day off to vote.

Hey Everybody!

One more reason to vote: keeping Romney to 47% or less

How Are We

Post here your favorite 2012 campaign quotes:

Chrysler gives workers day off to vote ( Presumably For Obama)

Florida weather?

What websites do you recommend today for Election coverage?

Giuliani says anybody who thinks they can call this election is speaking through a partisan filter.

Motorhead Frontman: Mitt Romney Is A 'F---ing Monster'

Religion-driven IT to be $40 billion opportunity by 2017: Gartner

ROMNEY Released: FAKE-Romney-Ahead-In-OHIO Internal Polls To The British Media!!!

My electoral map. What's yours?

So back in 2010- after they took the House

when the sun goes down

Walking passed a polling place on my way to work

Mitt and Ann Romney voting this morning.

WHY did I turn it on? WHY????

Great piece about the final rally in Iowa last night:

shirtless old man ad is bugging me

Denver DA launches criminal probe of Secretary of State Scott Gessler

It is all about winning as many states as possible to send a message to the Grand Ole Prejudice

Voter ID

I think me drive home ...

Keeping politics out of the pulpit

Unsigned absentee ballots rejected in Broward; technical woes in Pembroke Pines

self -delete - already 2 other threads on this - sorry!

Check this out. A voter pushes the Obama button and it changes to Romney

I'm jealous of Stephanie Miller. She talked to Jake Gyllenhal.

I had not seen this ad. Cher & Kathie Griffin

Vote flipping caught on video (must see and make viral)

Candidate "body language" on election day

Amazing how much this 1932 map looks like today's political map.

In invoking ‘Judeo-Christian values,’ Ryan is stunning in his hypocrisy

Papantonio: Rick Scott’s Assault on Civil Justice System

CNN right now. Obama on phone calling people from campaign office.

Rethug 'observers' should be tossed out of polling places

Revealed: The forgotten secrets of Stalingrad

Is there going to be an EV vote tally on the home page today?

LOL At This Conservative Rube At Intrade

Holey moley, Zombie crap. A teaser about the teaser for World War Z.

Michael Moore on The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell, 11/5/12

I got to vote for Elizabeth Warren today.

Heard on NPR this morning that Romney walked into his last rally to the music of Copeland's "Fanfare

What's up with MSNBC??

Don't curse the mealy mouth Chuck Todd and all of the other idiot pundits, thank them.

Treason from the leader of the terrorist state of Glennbeckistan

What role with Gary Johnson and Jill Stein have in the results?

Probems in Florida... Where else! Why do we put up with this dysfunctional election system!

So when will exit polls be leaked?

Top 10 reasons why Obama's re-election is a historic turning point in American politics

XKCD - Poll Watching

To all Obama/Biden 2012 volunteers - thank you!

Doesn't this feel like, a 8 year old's, Xmas eve ...

If it was up to the rest of world.....

"Purity Troll"... I just had to laugh.

Hmmmm Lots of Repunlicans on MSNBC complaining about Electoral College

Morning Joe is a bitter douchebag

Treats for tonight: Keep these two guidelines in mind.

As You Head To The Polls Today

Politico Predicts Obama Win

Fitrakis awaiting news about experimental patches in Ohio, ruling by Noon

What kind of Campaign makes us Fake Internal Numbers that still only have them BARELY winning?

Still waiting for Ohio judge's ruling on the lawsuit over the "experimental" voting software patch

Problems in OH.

Question / suggestion about DU jury service

How should I answer this really offensive post on facebook:

Merkel, Cameron to thrash out EU budget differences

When Corbyn Capshaw voted early on Friday, he voted straight Democratic.

The Donald's tweet doesn't convey very much confidence for his side

Let's all hold hands today, okay? Please.

True The Vote Forged Signatures To Get Observers At Ohio Polls - Investigation coming...

Ali Velshi Tweet:

Pinellas people:

Voting Problems at the Polls today? Call 1-866-OUR-VOTE. Report problems, get help!!

New Participant

Am reminded of 1988

Chrysler Gives Workers the Day off to Vote

Rhode Island Precincts Receive Wrong Ballots

Rolf Nader on CNBC wanting his day in the spotlight

Howard Dean on Morning Joe. Had the audacity to bring up voter intimidation and vote rigging.

Everyone turn off the TV until the polls close.

Be amused!

8 PM Eastern is when things start getting interesting

anyone watching Howard Dean on MSNBC???

Today is my sister's birthday...

How is turn out looking?

Howard Dean just made me nervous..

GOTV is strong in St Petersburg!

I know you should not flush pills, but can you flush aspirin?

Leonard Pitts Jr.: Conservatives still long for the sad days of yesteryear

Ugh. Extended edition of morning joke. Featuring Republican, after Republican, after Republican.

Interesting (I hope) thought experiment on the afterlife

What's trending in the twittersphere? #VoteObama

Dear Trolls,

Your link to all the outraged fake voting machine problem posts

Can we keep a troll to play with today?

The DOW is up 142 points already today.... analysts say it is because of the "certainty" that Obama

I just voted here in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, and there were very long lines here.

counties in florida make voters wait for hours because they have no ballots

Judge orders partisans to stop asking voters for ID outside Homestead polling place

Yep, another Poll to Pump Us Up on Election Day: Angus Reid says Obama 51 to 48 (Money Boo Boo)

Tablet vs Laptop?

Problems in OH.

Need a laugh to get you through the waiting game?

Hedgehogs vs. politicians:You decide

No matter what happens, I just want to say how much I appreciate everybody

I'm very worried about what Howard Dean just said.

A good friend redefines the 47%

2 votes for Obama in Kentucky

Voting today? Stand your ground! Do NOT vote provisional if you are not required to. Call voter

FRAUD in Meadville PA.. Need help!

Titan glows in the dark

Joe Biden And Romney On the Same Tarmac

When I voted they gave me this sticker. How do I know it's true?

Samantha Bee Signs: "Mitt's Campaign"

Romney supporters wave giant red dildos at rally

Voted here in W.PA. We walked in gave our name, provided our signature and voted on a paper

Washington, Maryland, Maine and Minnesota - make history today!

Ohio Voters: Here are phone numbers to report problems at the polls

quick question how do I forward a phone message to the FBI?

Today is not just about electing officials and passing referendums

Chuckie Todd: no concession speech til

Voter Suppression Reports Already In The Tens Of Thousands

On pins and needles here

Students at University of Iowa are being asked to prove they live in the dorms

Voter suppression will be even greater in 2016

Voter Abuse Hotline: 1-800-311-8683

Rudy Giuliani is winning the "Rancid Bag of Fuck" Award for TV Punditry so far.

Intrade Moving Big Time For Obama... Currently at 73.5%

I've never voted for a Democratic U.S. House candidate who won (until today, I hope)

100s of Pinellas voters get robocall from supervisor of elections saying Election Day is Wednesday


I can only speculate as to the sex of the panda, but if I had to guess....

Why Is HuffPo So Bearish On Obama ? They Only Have His Re-Elect At 91%

Over 20 ballot questions in MD - Long, slow lines

Over an hour to vote today in Rhode Island

Everything went smooth in my SW PA voting precinct... except for no paper trail

Voting (Florida) Lines horrendous at local polling precinct

Morning Joke is off and Alex Wagner is on.

A sort of overlooked faction that may make a difference in the election

2012 Voting Machines Altering Votes

Voter turnout heavy in storm-blasted New York, New Jersey areas

DON'T miss the crawl text running in Colbert Report today !

Voting Problem numbers: Democratic Party hotlines and interactive contacts map

ProPublica: 'Why It May Be Illegal to Instagram Your Ballot'

Today's republicon party doesn't deserve to be in office, because they are the definition of

Saw this on Facebook. Want to see a Tea Bagger's Head Explode?

MSNBC is watchable now--Alex Wagner, Tweety Matthews, Richard Wolff, and someone on the left end

Voter Turnout Heavy in Manchester (NH)

For those voting or observing today, be sure....

Kentucky is refusing to allow my ex to vote

Dang. Chris Matthews getting out the vote.

Joe S and gang

They Know They are Done Threat Post From Facebook lmao

Hey Tweety! It's Alex Wagner's show, not yours!!! STFU!!!

Go Vote and then go get stoned.

@866OURVOTE on Twitter says:

Lets give Dayton a DFL legislature!!!

DU this Poll: Yahoo-Who did you vote for?

Hummingbird 11/4/2012

Lashing out at worried people is a form of panic

Know what we'll never hear about again after this election?

The Last Word - Remembering where it all began for Obama

Is Anyone Compiling a List of GOP Election Fraud?

Bulls*** People Say About Mitt Romney

Romney is in OH and PA today.

Is it just me or do republicans bring out the angerand rage in you too, due to their actions? There

Submitted for your amusement: Obama meets Bruce Lee

Colorado gated community installs photo radar, begins ticketing residents and guests

The 1st thing that Obama needs to do after this election is replace

Because we've been here before and we need to remember, sisters.

Romney camp now admits their internals showing Mitt up in Ohio, tied in Pa, Wisc "are incorrect"

Classic Bill Maher -- Best Election Ever !!!

Biden Checks Romney's Election-Day Flight To Ohio

How's the turnout been for your polling place today?

My experience at voting this a.m....

Wonderful facebook post by a cousin of mine:

What network are you going to watch tonight..FOX for me!

Exit poll data will be examined in a "quarantine room"

Will Katy Perry auction her dress?

Poll workers were talking about the last debate right next to me

The Last Word - Obama's final campaign day

I just voted for Barack Obama in West Virginia.

Heavy turnout in Bellevue, NE!!

I wonder who this less-than-smart guy voted for...

MS Tea Party Sending Emails to Voters Claiming They "MUST SHOW ID." Not true!

Need help remembering all the voter fraud and suppression taking place during this election.

For Some - VOTING Is an Heroic Act

Anyone know how exit polls will account for massive early voting?

70% turnout projected in CA

Four races way down ticket... four completely unopposed republicans. I live in hell. n/t

Best Cartoons Mocking Mitt Romney

NORML: Six States To Decide On Marijuana Measures

Hope Northern Virginia turns out BIG

EVIDENCE: 2012 Voting Machine Switching (updated)

Daily Kos: EVIDENCE: 2012 Voting Machine Switching "Obama" vote to "Romney"

Chuck Todd: There will be no concession speech tonight

HuffingtonPost Projection

South Florida voters waiting for hours in line

I think it would be hilarious.....!

HUGE turnout at my Manhattan polling place!

File Under Stupid Criminals: Sean Hannity tweets his ballot -- possibly violating state law

If election day were actually a national holiday


Huge turnout in Washington, DC???

America's voting system is a disgrace

David Plouffe "Romney throwing spaghetti at a wall"

In your state, how is your vote confirmed?

I am not a big fan of dogs. But these have the right idea.

freak-out on aisle 3

Video of Voting Machine Altering Vote THIS MORNING!!!

Has anyone else heard about votes being thrown out if you post a pic of them online?

Here in WA, 100% of us vote absentee. They call it "vote-by-mail"

Keep in mind, no one's going to post about the polling sites running smoothly.

ALERT !!! - Re: PA - From Dan Fromkin - HuffPo

calming wisdom from Obama Campaign

Virginia beach VA is a mess...

If This Doesn't Move You, Nothing Will.

reporter on fox just mentioned some Cleveland early vote numbers

Shouldn't Nate Silver Have Obama With 332 EVs, not 313?

Rendell: African American vote 20% higher than 2008 in PA no way Obama loses the state

Tweet from Toledo: Turnout bigger than 2008.

Midday (at least in the EST zone) Poll: Who's voted?

FEMA discriminating against private insurance holders affected by Sandy?

I voted already!

I tend to be a sore loser so I havent put up an obama sign

Do NOT leave the line to vote. If you are in line when the polls close, they MUST process you first

So, after tonight Linda McMahon will have spent close to $100 million trying to buy a Senate seat,

Holy Shit! My Voting Experience

Check out these pics of kids on election day:

(pic) Joe Biden Stands in line to Vote

Breaking: Reports of Possible Voter Suppression at Cincinnati Mother of Christ Church

Voted this morning in Va Beach...90 minute wait.....long lines...diverse crowd...

Oh, they tried to mess with an elderly Viet Nam Vet when he went to cast his vote...

OK Chris Matthews, I got out of bed and voted.

I voted! About a steady 20 people in line. I was no. 330

My voting experience.

Where POTUS is conducting his TV interviews today...

Election Protection Alert: Phony Email Alerts and T-Shirt Bans

Florida UCF students standing in line to VOTE

ANOTHER MF Global....

How is NC looking? Can someone give me an update?

Planning Your Election Party

Just heard from my sister in Columbus Ohio

my next vehicle is going to be a chrysler

So I see some icons have been turned off.

Philly GOP: Poll inspectors being ousted for Dems (& even members of the Black Panthers)

Just voted in Miami. 30 minute line. Woohoo!

voting with felt pen vs regular pen

Have we entered DEFCON 2 or 3?

Hoping for Paul Ryan to stay home in Janesville, Wisconsin

A little music for today

I am a Cuyahoga Cty poll observer at a poll in

Pls get word out to PA contact list - don't leave without voting!!

David Plouffe: Mitt Romney ‘throwing spaghetti’ at wall

Shutting the Gates Over Fears of Election Unrest

Not Election related-Just a quote

Republicans are at work and aren't college kids.

Just voted in St Petersburg!

Is this where I have to Go To Get The results As they are released ????

Early vote totals down 4% in Texas compared to 08.

The good news regarding vote suppression and fraud

Good news from People For the American Way re: Tea Party voter suppression in OH & PA

Just voted in Flint, Michigan. No line for my precinct, but the other was a different story

Bob Casey Faces Tom Smith In Pennsylvania Senate Race

Mass shooting in Fresno, 8 shot.

Stopped by my local 7-11 to vote this morning...

Mark my words--Complacency is going to turn Texas blue one of these days...

Just won an argument with Republican birther

Obama: We've Got the Votes to Win

rare sighting of Los Angeles republicans today - old guys trashing Obama

Compared RCP '08/12 Polls. I Predict O 297 R 241

can anyone tell me if/when these "crazy voting shenannigans" will ever be confronted?

Just finished voting in my bright red area. Had to wait in line for ....

Ebony On Ivory Suppression in Action: The Blackening

1,600 pastors broke law by backing political candidates in sermons

HAHA...just shamed a facebook friend into deleting post about the New Black Panther Party!

Office manager forcing everybody to either watch Fox news today or Rush Limbaugh on the radio.

Voters turned away at Union Township

Will non-star members

Any body checked out Freeperland today?

Votamatic has factored in their last set of polls Some Romney southern states are pink now! Wow!

My sister just sent me an email with my feel good story of the moment...

Just got back from voting - Upper Manhattan

I think I am going to put the Fox channel on my picture-in-picture screen tonite

Voted this AM in Los Angeles.

Fresno Shooting: Reports Of Mass Shooting At Apple Valley Farms Plant In Central California

Just voted

Ha ha! Levity from the UK - a proclamation from the Queen! (From a friend in Wales)

Ohio: Reports from election observers and voters: Broken scanners and too many provisionals

Pouting Andrea Mitchell talking to an enthusiastic and confident Robert Gibbs...

Wow...anyone on Hotmail?

Legalization of MJ

Longest line ever!

Have you bought Obama on Intrade?

How do I buy a star for someone else? nt

Wow, Christie blames "know nothing Romney aides"

Is Miami/Dade Republican or Democratic? CNN keeps showing this firehouse with

PHOTO - 80 years ago this week - The winner, FDR casts his ballot in the 1932 election

I'll be glad when I don't see Rove's lies and hate on TV any more.

Is it too late for a little politicking?

Albert Gore Is on the Ballot for U.S. Senate in Mississippi

Positive thoughts to Ohio

Wow... 'Howard Dean: Obama Can Only Lose Ohio Through GOP Voter Suppression '

Chrysler Rejects Voter Suppression by Giving Its Entire Workforce the Day Off to Vote

Andrea Mitchell is interviewing Boss Hogg.

Michelle worth her weight in gold

Until the Obama campaign says something, please stop with the vote rigging, supression, etc theories

My 20yo daughter just got called in to work

Elderly volunteer leaving Obama campaign office in Pontiac abducted

Watching Andrea Mitchell right now on MSNBC

Last night I dreamed that Obama obliterated Romney

I just watched Andrea Mitchell interview Haley Barbour...

Hurricane Sandy Worsens N.Y. Rat Problem

Don't throw a fit if you get asked for an ID when it's not required

OFA's Voter Hotlines in 15 States


Busted:Tea Party Group 'True the Vote' Caught Submitting Forged Documents To Ohio Election Officials

Autistic teen left on school bus 6 hours

Old guy in a new Cadillac at 20 MPH.

Question regarding write in's on Diebold machines

I was thinking this AM about how remarkable President Obama's first term was...

Machine turns vote for Obama into one for Romney

Obama set to win Guam!

Judge asked to keep Galveston County polling centers open later

Keeping an eye out

Why I vote (why do you?)

PA Voting Question

So, DU what's for dinner tonight?

Returns Watching Party Tonight

One of my Facebook friends just said in Louisiana

Have you voted?

From a FB friend: Her husband is voting Dem for the first time ever...

Woman must wear sign for 2 hours "Only an idiot drives on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus."

Hello everyone

MSNBC website has the story of the vote-switching voting machine in PA. Will they put it on the air?

Chris Christie Slams 'Know-Nothing, Disgruntled' Mitt Romney Staffers

Rachel: "Pennsylvania machine that turned Obama vote into Romney vote has been taken offline."

Pollworker: High Turnout in (blue) Asheville, NC despite Rain and Snow

The Value of a Cell Phone While Voting in California...

Voting Officials Not Accurately Reflecting Election Law In Colorado - Froomkin

Just took my 90 yo mil to the polls.

I voted in Aliso Viejo, CA - Done in 50 minutes

Chris Christie Slams 'Know-Nothing, Disgruntled' Mitt Romney Staffers

Unless I'm mistaken, there is no constitutional right to ride roller coasters...So, STFU

My case for Obama for those who are less than enthusiastic about him

My Governor(Christ Christy) told Romney staffers off

Is taking a picture of your ballot against the law?

Police presence at your voting place?

Al Sharpton: Long lines in Milwaukee, Madison, Racine, and Kenosha

Reports Coming In That Minnesota Polling Places Are Displaying Anti-Gay Marriage Signs

KKK card on windshield after voting in Indiana

Oklahoma Voters: Did every precinct give out fine point pens to fill in boxes on the ballot?

Exit Poll data is compiled in 'Quarantine Room'

I am off to McCormick Place

Michael Baisden Show Rewind: President Obama

Anyone have the link where you can watch news shows since I have no tv

So that "election day dems will be ahead until repubs get off work" meme was tweeted by ROMNEY

DU Please show phone # for voter irregularities on Front Page! nt

WI. Does this incident count as "voter intimidation"? And how to report if yes?

Election day should be a national holiday.

I need your Democratic opinion for my media broadcast during tonights election.

Just voted.

The History Channel is presenting Presidential stuff all day. I'm chomping at the bit waiting until

Insufferable Todd of NBC

1 More Vote in VA

I almost forgot to fly my US flag today.

Colombia’s Inspector General 'disappears' 800 cases of extrajudicial killings .

History of how 5 election poll aggregate or betting sites moved from Thurs Nov 1 to Today

Exclusive: Amazon to win out over Apple in e-book price tussle

Voter Suppression Reports Already In The Tens Of Thousands - HuffPo

Confidence in Chicago

Hate Group Leader Owes Rachel Maddow $24,625.23

If you're in an "indicator" voting area, tell us what you saw when you voted

How exactly are exit polls conducted and is this how MSM calls a winner?

Dubiya votes for Obama

NAACP accuses Mississippi country clerk of failing to process thousands of voter registrations

Republicans know if we can pull out Virginia it is over.

Ohio – Wrong Ballots for Black Voters - Greg Palast

How long would you/ could you wait in line to vote?

Today is Ben Gazzi's last chance to make a meal of the Prez

Toon- What's stopping you from voting today?

The problem with Touchscreen is NO AUDIT TRAIL. "Touched Obama, Got Romney" is a Red Herring.

OK - Just mixed the kool aid and opened the vodka -

Accounting chief says leases reform in danger

Alert: Tweety is amped today

The official "talk me down" resource thread

Puppies are better than Meth

Other than 1-866-OUR-VOTE, is there other numbers..

KKK card on windshield after voting in Indiana

Marcus Coleman on Al Sharpton reporting a rainy day in Atlanta GA but lines are VERY LONG

Expecting a call shortly from my "friend" in the Ohio Democratic Party...

Romney added Virginia to his campaign stops.

"Thanks, Little Mitt. I'll take it from here."

How Is Internal Polling By The Campaigns Different From Other Polling?...

I was THRILLED to have a 20 minute line at my polling place (No Hollywood, CA)

Anybody Getting More confident By the Second

The Ultimate Metaphor For the Mitt Romney Presidential Campaign

My daughter voted for Mitt today

Just reported my southern IL precinct for asking everyone for ID.

I just checked the DFL Precinct website I maintain.

Nearly 1000 voters forced to vote provisional in a single Franklin county precinct

Appreciation thread for Bill Clinton and Chris Matthews

Serial Scumbag, Sean Hannity tweets his ballot in violation of NY State Elections Law

Jim Crow is Alive at the Polls in Ohio

Early results just in... it's looking all tied up

Pregnant Woman Votes En Route To Hospital To Give Birth

Wall Street jumps as prospect of [clear] election winner rises

Just woke up, any media giving any polling data yet

¡Votemos! Let's vote!

2 Brand spanking new voters

Texas DUers: Can you choose where to cast your vote?

Let's not forget Keith Olbermann's role in where we are today

Antigay Group in Maine Caught Posting Vile, Homophobic Rant

Casting Fellow Americans as “The Enemy” to Justify Vote Theft

Huffington Post Final Predictions

Powerful Essay By A Muslim On Why He's Voting For Obama

Mark Halperin says Not Since clinton Has he seen a Candidate (Obama)Confident About Victory

"The Chik Fil A effect is what will take romney over the top"

SNL: Chris Christie - Michael Bloomberg - Sign Language Interpreter...

Anti-suffrage leaflet, postcards

Record turnout in FL?

Those Mother F***ers at Faux News

I better not see any Florida DU'ers on here today, unless you have voted, and

John Harwood: Bush '00/04 adviser give Romney a 20% chance of winning.

Per MSNBC... record breaking turn out in Florida up to 9 Million voting

A positive voting experience from Arkansas

NBC: PA elec voting machine-taken OUT OF SERVICE-after video shows votes changing OBAMA to ROMNEY

I think I'm pretending to be at work heart is with the election...

What happened to the injuction hearing in OH this morning, was supposed to be at 9?10?am ? n/m

It's always the dick move with this fucking guy.

Iowa early voting report from Bleeding Heartland

We need a mass perp walk for republicons after this election, I am talking about regular people

Quaint Thought: Remember When Low Voter Turnout Was An Issue/Worsening Trend?

Caption Mitt

Does anyone have the jury results here?

HELP: friend in Ohio needs to report poll worker misconduct

No Line at My Polling Place in Mississippi -- The Mormon thing?

How likely are they going to extend polling hours in the swing states?

Sam Wang of Princenton EC explains how polls are valued and used Very interesting & COMFORTING

Benton county, Arkansas out of paper ballots due to high turnout

S.C. Voters Casting Ballots on Machines Currently Under Government Audit

Just a side comment among all the hoopla - Ohio and Florida may not matter, electorally.

Federal judge denies lawsuit over last-minute Ohio voting software patch.

Election Day images--Democracy in Action (Picture heavy)

The voting problems we're seeing are what happens when you leave it to the states.

Omigod. MSNBC showed a background shot of a line in Orlando, Florida that went on forever.

9th inning w/Obama the home team ahead by 2 runs. That's what Nate Silver's 91.6% means. GO VOTE!!!

Voting in the northeast?

Any word on Alan Grayson's race?

Election Day Gives Captain America a case of the vapors

Nate Silver's numbers give me a lot of hope for today.

Mother Jones: Updating Election Suppression Map

Why Was Uncertified 'Experimental' Software Installed on ES&S Tabulation Systems in 39 OH Counties..

Any Latino DU'ERS can tell us about how the Latino vote is going around the country

POTUS is now playing basketball.

I did it!

Voter ID rules in Ohio - just voted, if your going to the polls in OH read this

Now just voted

President Obama visits campaign field office in Chicago to call volunteers - pics

Papantonio: Republicans Help Widen Income Gap

Grrr! Husband asked for photo ID at the polls (MO) today

From the Binder titled: Mitt is a Shit & Plagiarizer. Selling Friday Night quote bracelets for $10.

Mitt Romney mega-donors flood Boston

Omg. Judge ruled on case and dismissed case.

Coincidence? Surprise at the post office today....

Just got back from running errands and passed several polling places....

Interesting FHQ analysis and prediction (Lots of details at link too)

About 8 hours until the end of the world.

I voted in Florida about 2 hours ago.

To voters of Maryland, Maine, Minnesota and Washington...

Beth Riesgraf actress from Leverage

Last-minute early votes trend Democratic

when Are they allowed to announce exit polling data

Judge rejects lawsuit's Ohio voting software claim

OHIO BREAKING NEWS: Ohio Union Member Support for Dems is Hurting Romney's Chances

birds at the ren faire

How many heart attacks have you had today? How many more to go?

Election Day Forecast: Obama 332, Romney 206

Restaurant may be violating Texas Election Code.

This angry old white male Masshole just voted!

A union question

Henry Olsen of the National Review: Romney highly unlikely to win

"for the first time in my life, I will not vote for a Republican candidate for president"

Very high turnout in West Cincinnati (MSNBC)...

__OHIO__ Why Was Uncertified 'Experimental' Software Installed on Vote Tabulation Systems???...

So tasty, and nutritious too…

Flippy voting machine taken out of service (Tamron Hall/MSNBC)

Tweet from Michael Moore...

This is scarey! ... 2 more president election cycles and I can retire!

For All You DU Worrywarts - Here's Your Chill Pill

I just spoke to an Obama campaign phone banker in Ohio and she had no idea about the special

The right Zimmerman is left

VIDEO: Young People Fight Back Against Voter Suppression in Ohio

The candidate campaigning today

Mark Halperin update:

Luke Russert: Iowa's electoral votes most expensive in the country

This is the GOP's Fault, not Princeton's

Hilarious electoral map on the cover of today's San Jose Mercury News

Today I got a picture that gave me some great advice right when I needed it...

Voter turnout high in some counties of Ohio

FB person wazzing out over Black Panther at PA polling place


You Can't Run A Country If You're This F-ing Lame (Romney Parody of Bruno Mars Grenade)

How Obama's re-election would screw the economy…

Another good place to keep track tonight

Weird thing happening here.

How do you donate in someone elses name?

Provisional Ballots in Ohio

Obama's Day ONE agenda

Do they make chilli using escargot?

Bill McKibben’s Math: Climate Change Hits Home (in a 22-City Tour)

OH Mess: What about Sherrod Brown!?

UN to send food for 500,000 in eastern Cuba after Sandy; power grid at 64 percent in Santiago

How do you think the guy is yellow is voting?

VP Joe Biden makes a stop at the Landmark Restaurant in Cleveland, OH - pics

Actress from my fave Mexican soap tweets support for Obama

This Election Will Spell The Demise Of The Sailer Strategy As An Effective One

For those of you in panic mode about election stealing

Summary election day thread for DUers who are working and can only skim

Hundreds of Pinellas voters get robocall from supervisor of elections saying Election Day is

Report: German intelligence service mistakenly shredded files on far-right extremists

Election day cooking....

"Romney up 92K in OH early voting?" and other nuggets from Freeperville...

Women of Protest: A Feminist History Refresher

They aired an anti-Obama ad in Oklahoma City this morning

Today's new Repulican meme

Election results. best place for numbers?

'For a long time it was the quickest way to end a date. Hi, I’m a Star Trek fan’

Some interesting Madison, Wisconsin tweets on election...

A good sign? Seagulls for Obama.

Woman stops to vote on way to give birth...

What is the value of shares on In-trade

I voted this morning. For the first time in my twenty years of voting, I felt a strange tension..

A Legend Is Born: Florida Woman Breaks Leg Outside Polling Location, Yet Still Votes

Ohio robo-calls

So Herman & Eddie flew to Cleveland to have lunch at Wendy's!?

my wife was removed from the roll

The Romney Precedent

It's one measure of today's turnout - no idea how close to reality -

Who will you watch tonight?

Any Update on Philadelphia Turnout?

Lie Witness News - DID YOU VOTE?

hawaii photo ID = poll tax

A friend at work just said

This damn thing needs to be over by 10:00 so I can watch SOA


Thousands report voting problems

Is tweeting your ballot a felony?

Unions believe Obama will carry Ohio union vote by 70% (won it by 'only' 60% in 2008)...

Procrastination is...

Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream!!

We need more Black Panthers, dammit!!!!

1.5 mile round trip, 15 minutes going - voting - home. Should be like this everywhere.

Ohio Senate Candidate Josh Mandel Slammed by In-Laws

If DU Goes to Defcon 5 and You're Not a Donor, Will You be Blocked, or...

Every Ohioan I have called and got through to today which is 43

Big Bird Votes In Texas!

Can we buy a star for someone?

Registered Philadelphia Voters Complaining They're Being Told To Cast Provisional Ballots

I'm in MA and I just have to say after voting

An Expert Weighs in on That Viral Reddit ‘Voter Fraud’ Video

When do the first results gets announced

Pennsylvania voter ID: voters misinformed at some polling stations

Wow! Soledad! I did not see this exchange.

A little SNL comic relief...

Just walked into my local Obama HQ and found the President standing there looking right at me!

True The Vote Barred From Ohio Polling Stations

Our ace in the hole


Southfield Twp. voter appears to die, then asks 'Did I vote?'

"Bunch of Repub poll workers seem to have been bused in from some place called Kolob. Where's that?"

Just voted in Chester County, PA

Will an Obama victory mean the country has swung left?

AFL-CIO poll: Obama beats '08 union support in Ohio

Ben Tribbett (from Not Larry Sabato) final predicitions:

A moment of levity

Southfield Twp. voter appears to die, then asks 'Did I vote?'

I think we will win big so here's my wish list

Predictions and comments on Measure B, Los Angeles Condoms in Porn measure

I laughed so hard.. "The American Borat" !

'Did I vote?'"

Break-in at Washington State Democratic Hdqrs.

Just voted in Bucks County, PA

I just voted

Hey, I just bought a Surly Pugsley snow/trail bike

Even voting problems in NY

After re-election today, the President should fire every drug warrior in his administration tomorrow

More than half of registered voters in Cuyahoga County have voted!

From MA...... NPR was just announcing long lines

Faux News Latest hahahahahahaha (going enjoy watching them squirm when Obama wins)

Anyone remember the movie "Willard"??

Some Michigan voters endure long lines, others leave polls early

wierd trickster ghost in my house!

Steve Kornacki had a face of stone while the other four MSNBC journalists joked about

Luke Russert!

Constant, steady line in Downtown Pittsburgh near Consol Energy Center

5 things to watch in Ohio's presidential race

Nebraska to give one elctoral vote for Obama again.

We really are a banana republic: FL voters told they can vote Wednesday by elections department

Voter appears to die, then asks 'Did I vote?

Line of students voting at Bowling Green (Ohio) State University

Just finished working at OFA and they said it looks like Cantor is out...

1001 Things to be Thankful For #151: The Right To Vote

Message from a friend-----these people are not human!

A Florida OFA GOTV person just knocked on my door!

Voting machine malfunction hits Pewaukee


Evidently, the Republicans own the flag

I keep hearing that the election is going good for Obama. If you haven't voted yet, GO VOTE.

I just put my champagne in the fridge, ready for tonight!

WOW !!! - Man Revived After Apparent Death At Polling Place: 'Did I vote?' - HuffPo

Welcome to DU!!! Now GET OUT OF HERE

Obama-Inspired Theme Music to Blast At the Polls!

And Miami is having problems again

MI voter appears to die, then asks "Did I vote?"

Woman goes into Labor, votes enroute to Hospital..

Clark County, Nevada:Spanish-surnamed voters who voted early in '08: 42,638 This year: 54,532!

DemocracyNow! live coverage 7pm-1am ET


Interesting tidbit from today's newspaper here in North Ga.

Wow! Nate Silver Accounted For 20 Percent Of NYT’s Web Traffic On Monday

I think I have a ghost in my house. Seriously. Or I'm having a premonition or something.

My mother is going to vote for Obama (I think)

If you want to see an example of twisted of the articles on RCP's front page

Did anyone recognize the music at the beginning of Martin Bashir's show today?

Porn logic

In Guam, 'Non-Binding Straw Poll' Gives Obama A Commanding Win

Romney's GOTV app just crashed. Now they're flying blind.

Which side seems depressed? romney camp or obama camp

WHEN President Obama wins tonight...

Ohio State students wow look at this line

Lines are long at SCSU

Great tweet comment by a 85 year old lady who voted straight dem ticket

According to GOP sources on the ground, Romney camp's "ORCA" turnout app has crashed ...

Any chance we could have notice here of the current "Level", we are in as things heat up tonight?

Wayne Powell getting ready for victory over Rep. Eric Cantor 7th

Remember, Remember the Sixth of November

Wrong color pen? No vote for you

Virginia turnout expected to exceed 2008.

Here In Missouri I just got home from voting

Power outage brings voting to halt at Hillsborough elections office

Just Recorded Song About Why Everyone Needs TO VOTE FOR OBAMA

Just today, forget about the Middle East and vote Obama

The Difference Between Democrats and Republicans

Karl Rove hating Twitter, Facebook, and the Interwebs

Voter turnout on track to crack 80% in Connecticut

Im running on caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol...

Strong Turnout Reported Among Minnesota Voters

Take 7 minutes to calm down and listen to and watch this

At the ATM today

Who should we be following on Twitter today?

Ohio judge rejects lawsuit against voting machine software

Nooooo. Two Florida votes went to Roseanne Barr.

Two votes for Obama/Biden proudly cast in Iowa just now from our household and

Free Press TRO denied in state court also

A last gasp attempt to regain control by a soon to be minority political party

Romney's hedge-fund backers plan to party on election night

Let's hear your predictions - What state will RMoney file the first legal challenge to the results?

It just feels like victory to me.

New--need a little help

Printer Hell

Oregon Election Worker Fired for Altering Ballots to Republican Straight Ticket

Canadian SEIU members are canvassing for the President as we speak!

Jill Biden: 'I've seen Joe up close'

I cancelled out my Republican husband's vote in Florida

Was Biden hinting at his political future?

****(un)Official Michigan Election Day results thread****

Christie Slams ‘Know-Nothing, Disgruntled’ Romney Staffers

LynneSin isn't throwing tea parties for cats, but it may be worse than we imagined.

No matter YOUR schedule, your pets don't eat at 5 PM... they eat at fucking DINNERTIME, dammit!!!

You thought I'd never get it. I did. Now I OWN it!!! Suck it, hoomin!!! Signed, MiddleFingerMomCat

Selected writings of eight-year-old girls and boys:

He shares this guilt sign with his dog, but it was actually made for MiddleFingerMom.

Many's the time MFM thought he went to bed with Dom Perignon, but woke up with Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Good news re: Virginia

Hey NC DUers....enjoy the evening...Triangle area friends, if you do manage to get together..

Youth Voter Turnout Is HUGE ... On Facebook

Got an unexpected phone call. . . .

Today we voted to set right a long standing wrong. We voted YES to marriage equality.

In Guam, 'Non-Binding Straw Poll' Gives Obama A Commanding Win

President Obama Iowa Last Night

My sister voted for her first EVER democratic Candidate OBAMA because of the ACA

My vacation day has been worthwhile. So far I have driven 14 voters to polls

The Democratic ground game

Obama Has Compassion, Morality, and a Patriotism that Romney Can’t Comprehend

Tweet from Markos: Final results will look like RV , not LV screen because of higher Dem turnout

From a Facebook (and real life) Friend - Voter Intimidation: African Americans and Hispanics

Here is a useful site - poll closing times and a map you can fill in as things develop

my son just called me, they are OUT OF BALLOTS IN KENTON COUNTY KY

Voting Machine In PA Removed After It Was found Turning Votes For Obama into a vote for Romney:

Incredible news! Largest European bettor is now already paying off assuming Obama win!

Hey all :) Long time no see

Ex-KGB dusts off Cold War prize: UK spy Blake at 90

NRSC lowers Senate expectations

Check the enemy Freepers, they are reporting mass increase in OH GOP votes? hmm

Long lines can be less likely with paper ballots. Why?

I just got the strangest urge to watch Fox and Friends tomorrow.

Electoral Vote...Pros & Cons?

Karl Rove-Backed Groups Are Largest Single Outside Force In 2012 Election

CNN: voter turnout in VA said to be "robust" "huge" and "bigger than 2008,"

In Guam, 'Non-Binding Straw Poll' Gives Obama A Commanding Win

I'm going to be offline most of tonight. Good luck everybody!

"It's an honor to be your President"

Please. Larger print on ballot?

Seriously, I can't wait to get out of here. One more hour of work.


My daughter's high school in suburban Alabama voted today.

All Turn Out is Good

Congratulations President Obama ! : with deepest apologies to Bjorge Lillelien***

Anyone know what is going on in Puerto Rico?

Voted at 3pm in Cobb County, Georgia and there was ZERO line!?!

Every Time I See A Person Of Color With A "I Voted" Sticker I'm Happy

Chuck Toad is on and talking about the rethuglican enthusiasm. He makes me nauseated.!!!!

I'm live on the air now, call in and tell me what you think of the election! (917) 889-3891

512 ways to the house that is white ... Interactive

A website to bookmark: no more stolen elections

Why does have Chuck Toad on it?

Can anyone tell generally how

If Obama does win and we hold the Senate while gaining in the House...

Michael Moore Will Personally Call Reluctant Voters-Text Him Their #!

For you worry warts...

What's everybody's best guesses about how we'll do in the U.S. House races tonight?

Dapper voters

Up to the time the polls close, this is ALL that is on teevee.

Will Obama eke out an Iowa win or win by 3-5 points?

Bitchfest to ensue.

I just got home from canvassing my town for the GOTV effort

Registered Philly voters required to cast provisional ballots in large numbers

This guy's counting on us!

I just voted wearing my Obama symbol earrings for good luck!

Norah O' Donnell tweets- Ohio turnout same as 2008,

Exciting! I got to vote for Obama AND ...

So, saw an interesting post on facebook...


New Jersey's email voting suffers major glitches, deadline extended to Friday


CNN~ 2nd machine in PA found

Tweet from Denver Post: 72% of registered CO voters have cast ballots

Turmoil Follows As Pennsylvania Voter ID Law Meets Reality

CNN keeps announcing that exit polls are "coming up next"

Confidence in Chicago

Some organization called "Research Center" called and asked me if I am a registered voter

AAAARGH!! The suspense is KILLING me!

Right track Wrong Track 46-52, acccording to CBS early exit

What did Michelle Obama say to Barack last night?

I can't wait...I'm going to start without MiddleFingerMom..

Am I missing something about today's high turnout?

Will Virginia be called by 9 PM, do you think?

Does this bark make my ash look fat?

The voter suppression efforts ALONE...

Today we've had the 5th mass shooting this year alone. We are such an angry society

Watchdog: Evidence of Unlawful Voter Purge in Pennsylvania

NOW with Alex Wagner - The best and worst of Gingrich, Bachmann, and the GOP gang

NPR is picking President Rmoney's Cabinet on the radio right now as we speak

Why I voted for Barack Obama

What was the method you used to vote today?

i have blocked vanje from this group.

Good News From The Old Dominion State

Silent Prayer... Paul Sadler spent $400k. Ted Cruz spent $12 mil.

Some great folks to follow on twitter today...

I met a first time Obama voter today

World's Tallest Baby votes in Montana

Despite the obstacles put in my way today by an obnoxious fate, I voted.

Micheal Moore will call non-voters: send him their #

Voting “Irregularities” and Dirty Tricks Looming in Pennsylvania

Getting Antsy for Tonight's Results? Join AFL-CIO Live Chat for Answers

Democrats report break-in at Seattle headquarters

Romney has only prepared a victory speech for tonight

Important exit poll metrics

Instant county-by-county results from every Ohio county starting at 7:30 EST

Hard-hitting news from Yahoo right now ("Romney's Lunch"). I am not making this up.

Does OHIO Sec of State have a plan to give Ohio to Rmoney?? Will we have another Selection 2000?

I think some conservatives are getting it.


AP Polls: Mass economic dissatisfaction

Our New Brighton pollling place was running out of registration forms at 3pm

Exit polls: 50% of voters still blame Bush for bad economy. Not good number for GOP.

If Romney loses, will the Republiban give the "WE'RE the only REAL AMERICANS" thing a rest?

Hispanic Voters Check In!

Martin Bashir - Chronicling Romney’s gaffe-filled road to Election Day

Katrina vandenHeuvel: In Dem stronghold of Cuyahoga County turnout this year to meet or exceed 2008

Entire Precinct shifted to provisional ballots in Hamilton County OH

City of Chicago and Cook County suburbs could see 70 - 75 % voting.

Voting equipment down at several locations in Cuyahoga County; elections chief says

National Exit Poll: Direction of economy? Getting better: 39%, Getting worse: 31%, Staying the same:

just wrapped up my chores, settled in for an evening in front of the TV, and flipped over to Fox...

I am observing in Euclid,Ohio Cuyahoga county!

Another voting machine selecting Romney when you VOTE for Obama!

I'm not worried about the voting...

I think I'm going to put on Roger Waters The Wall Live from the O2 Arena London England 2010

Some exit poll tweets....

when you realize Republicans do not respect you; you stop voting for them

Stop worrying! Bob Dylan Predicts Obama 'Landslide' During Wisconsin Concert

Stress Eating for Obama

Still time to make some GOTV calls!

RT@DianeSawyer Preliminary exit polls are in: 46% say the country is on right track, 52% wrong track

Tonight's Drudge Report

Drudge Report Showing Bad news for Romney

Romney staffer gets Mitt’s teleprompter ready for his concession speech tonight.

Very Few People Who Voted for McCain in '08 are Now Voting for Obama

Seen on tumblr today...

U.S. judge dismisses Hamas financing suit against Arab Bank

I turned off the news.

Question about voting numbers

Where we vote, first time voters received a shout out, applause, and cheers from all the workers.

Remember how a Mormon Bishop is only like a Pastor?

Starting The Election Night Chili Pot, My Friends

Obama on Reddit

The Giants win the Series -- again!

Sign where I voted in Lower Merion, PA:

Nor'easter: New York officials call for coastal evacuations as storm nears

So tonight we will cover the returns.

Beginning with next Federal election=NEW RULES

GOP definition

Voter Appears to Die, Then Asks 'Did I Vote?'

Pelosi's home in Calif. burglarized

“Is everybody in? Is everybody in? Is everybody in? The ceremony is about to begin"

Israel mulls steps against the Palestinians over U.N. bid

Prelim exit polls: electorate like '08 not '10

Did you see Obama's closing speech from Iowa last night?


Filipinos trying to GOTV

Lucas County, Ohio (D) turnout up 3 percent over 2008

Republican Voter Suppression Will Backfire

John "Get Off My Lawn" McCain has lost it..

So, looks like there's going to be another Independent in the Senate

For the sake of WORLD peace

Military planners prepare for war in Mali

Politico: A senior GOPer w close ties to Romneyland emails a single word: "worried."

Election Quality Control in Ohio - another great example

1 hour 15 minutes to vote in Tucson AZ

David Corn and Richard Wolfe are full of crap

Remember that exit polls exist in context. For instance...

koolaide... a bee u tee full layup. it embarrasses a defender.

What states are going to surprise us?

Jonathan Martin, POLITICO: A senior GOPer w close ties to Romneyland emails a single word: 'worried'

Political Communication and the Act of Not-Voting

Republicans don't trust electronic paperless voting machines either

BBC News America had a nice photo montage and predicted an uphill battle for

Drudge's exit polling so far, for what it's worth

"There's not a dime's worth of difference between the Democrat and Republican parties."

Rachel giving a very dramatic introduction to MSNBC coverage

EXIT: 15% cite Obama's handling of Sandy as most important factor

Just a teeny glimmer of hope

November 6th, 2012: The National IQ Test

Who else Is getting excited and optimistic for tonight

Parts of the states of Indiana and Kentucky have closed polls 'right now' - 6:00pm EST

WTF Colorado?????

I stood in line for an hour today behind a tea party lady

OK, so what's for dinner this election night?

Strong, efficient turnout in my Minneapolis neighborhood

Tweet: Bill Maher is going to be on live with Dan Rather...

Martin Bashir Appreciation Thread

I was on a jury and never got back results.

Voted straight "D" ticket in Alabama. That was for two (2) statewide candidates.

Remember folks...mitt, if all data is accurate, will take

Favorite song about barbecued iguana?

Shorting America

Can I call it????

A bullying story with a happy ending:

Somebody hold me

Exits: More Dems voting than Republicans


my hubby, myself and OUR 4 CAT GIRLS ALL VOTED OBAMA.

Why TF is MSNBC playing their stupid music over people speaking?

I am so scared right now.

NC exit polls: electorate looking a lot like 2008.

Scoop Coverage Indecision 2012: NZT - 11.30am - Stealing Ohio? Reasons to be Paranoid.

OMG....even the MSNBC election music is making me nervous/jumpy

James Carville: If Election Night Were A Play, It Should Be Titled ‘The Ass-Whuppin’ Cometh’

Finally Chuck Todd doing what he should be doing.

EXIT #POLLS: 18-34 Year Olds are turning out at same level as in 08.

Record-setting turnout predicted in Florida; some voting precincts see hiccups

Local news was saying we're heading toward record turnout in NH

George Bush Accidentily Votes for Obama

Do you think Obama can snag any surprises?

At least 75%-80% of Australians

There are few I love and respect more than I do Michael Moore. I stand firm on that for my lifetime.

Paul Krugman- Trivial Stakes

No Stress Eating!

15% of exit poll says Obama's hurricane reaction most important to their vote

CNN: Exit Polls: Record Latino turnout

Was Romney leading with VA independents

Why Do U.S. Auto Workers Get Election Day Off? Thank Their Union.

Obama Rebuffs 'Nonsense' McCain Allegation (Benghazi)

Tweety: Paul Ryan 'has been a zero' as a running mate

Latest Pallywood Strategy

5 Signs at Pa. Polling Place: "NO PARKING FOR DEMOCRATS"

CBS exit polls: 26 percent want all ObamaCare repealed, 25 expanded; 23 some repealed

Everyone with an I Voted Avatar check in

CNN Exits: White & evangelical vote is down from 08 as a % of electorate

Latest results NBC lol

LA County Measure B

Exit Poll of Ohio (prelim) 56% of Ohio voters say Romney policies favor rich

Heading out to the poll that we have been watching today.

CBS exit poll - 15 percent: Obama's hurricane response was most important vote factor

Blacks will make up 25% of the North Carolina electorate ... up from 23% in '08.

My favorite bureaucrat

Can we refer to "True the Vote" as "Truthy Vote", please? That is all. Thank you. NT

PSA: Every time you forget to vote...

Unbelievable: "Romney Prepared One Speech; a Victory Speech"

Straight Party choice on PA ballot today: "Bednarski For Congress". Who gets the rest of the votes?

An online poll in Australia

Kudos to my state for a good voting experience

My Interpretation of the Early Exit Poll Numbers

For Repubs, this election is too important not to try and steal...

I didn't vote for House Representative, left it blank.

First wave of exit polls from GOP staffers.

OK, what's the best network/outlet for watching the returns?

Question: do these exit polls include early vote totals?

The workplace on election day---hilarious and disgusting

Numbers (of votes) are now coming in for 'parts' of Indiana and Kentucky - link below

Voters challenged in Auburn allowed to vote

MSNBC: 20 min on why Rmoney lost.

If you are feeling like you might start to hyperventilate, I have a suggestion.

I voted and got a job all in the same day

Alright guys, first beer has been opened!

Democrats allege 'ballot irregularities,' question provisional ballot pace (Omaha I EC vote)

Up here in Boston

Some CNN Exit Polls Announced

Ass wipe Glenn Beck says: If America Votes To Reelect Obama Then “We Have To Be Destroyed”

I hate how Red States are the first ones to close

Heard a most interesting reason NOT to vote for Romney today.....

What station are you watching?

Those wacky Swedes! The "Boob Memory Game" (Probably NSFW if you follow the link)

These Exit polls that look good for us PLEASE REMEMBER

Just saw a clip on MSNBC showing Rmoney voting. No lines, mostly empty voting booths around him.

We're not just electing a President, but two or three SCOTUS judges

Mitt Romney has only written a victory speech.

My 1,000th post on DU!

Im hoping that two Senators

Can incessantly repeated lies overpower the truth?

no concession speech planned.

Vigo county Indina picks president O O O

***********4TH ANNUAL DU COLLEGE FOOTBALL POOL: WEEK 11***********

Democracy Plaza sponsored by Microsoft and Windows 8

If anyone wants updates on voting issues

I'm trying not to get overhyped

The suspense is killing me...

Back Of The Envelope Math Based On Exit Poll Demographics -0 51% - Money Boo Boo 48%

What time do the polls close for the east coast states?

The Divine Romedy

EXIT POLLS: Latino vote in Florida up to 16% up from 14% in 2008.

Whoa Nate silver Accounted For 20 Percent Of NYT’s Web Traffic On Monday

Im telling ya Obama got this won(hahah FAUX has a teabagger on)

For some reason

Good News From MD!

Romney so Confident he didn't write a concession speech?

Virginia Polls close at 7pm 6 central.

Isn't is odd to spend election night in Massachusetts, a state where Romney is bound to take a huge

Claire McCaskill vs Todd Akin ---- I am hearing that things are getting rough for Claire

If we win this time will the media ask those that won what they plan to do instead of giving more

I am afraid of exit poles

Anyone interested in seeing election returns from Ohio?

An Essay from my Vet. Roommate (and friend) on His Viewpoint of Voting Importance

From Obama Campaign Exit polls DO NOT reflect early votes. So

Bubba just called me in Florida...

Three-Hour wait to Vote in North Virginia

Calm down folks

LOTS of Young Voters Registering at My Precinct!

Conservative bitter tears thread

What Do You Guys Make Of These Exit Polls?

Is it possible to live stream MSNBC?

Ohio Republican Secretary of State Sued Over Order to Discard Provisional Ballots

Twitter Election: 81.4% more tweets today say Obama will win than say Romney will win

Latino vote and youth vote - Important considerations

Ok, I'm starting my first glass of wine right d*mn now....

CNN: Romney Internals had Obama up 5 in Ohio at the End

Thank you, DU. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

538 blog

Sam Wang: Ignore Exit Polls, Watch New Hampshire, 99.2% probability Obama win:

OK. Which network coverage is likely to annoy me least?

Fineman: early indications of higher turnout -- in PA, OHIO and VIRGINIA are mostly good news for O

CNN Reporter: Romney's internal poll had Obama +5 in Ohio


99-year-old Cleveland woman hopes she can vote at age 100 too

Rex Ryan voted most overrated NFL coach

Local ABC News station in Columbus Ohio tries to influence the election with a little PROPAGANDA

Beside O Winning This Could Be The End Of Gallup And Their Craptastic Shape Shifting Polls

FR: Well-reasoned, reality-based post on Obama's electoral chances, freakout & zotting ensues!

I Have Voted In The Same Arlington Virginia Precinct Since 1988

LOL WOW! John King was just saying he'll keep an eye on a county in IA which consistently predicts

Milwaukee Wisconsin has RAIN - Wintry mix - NT

Anyone Here Ever Drink Moonshine and Lived to Tell About It?

Navigable Waters Act at committee one last time

CBS: Romney Campaign Concerned

Romney voted at his precinct & there were dozens of empty machines, no lines. In FL? 7 hour waits.

Teacher FB "friend" of mine bragging about repping Romney in school

My hands are shaking

Yes my neighbor did get to vote after bring and showing 3 forms of ID AND for the record

Obama doing right now

State roll-call, just because!

48.7 Mourdock - 45.5 Donnelly but only 1.5% reporting

Russian Attack Submarine Discovered Just 200 Miles from U.S. East Coast

Two month long slow motion train wreck

Finally done canvassing! 277 today, 5160 total! How did everyone else do?

Here's when the polls close tonight, by state:

There seems to be a lot of "concern" posts. I feel confident.

True the Vote Observers Barred from Franklin County Polling Places

"America Votes" (photos from around the U.S.)

I look forward to being able to say Congressman Elect Grayson in a few minutes.

A vote for Obama is a vote for Romney

Nice little Obama video calling a volunteer and then being (too gracious!) about Romney's 'spirited


2 great links: 1 for all poll Closing Times, 1showing time each state was called in 2008

Check in here when you are pleasantly plastered

im watching current tonight and on DU

Senator Bernie Sanders~

Jeff Greenfield's plea to the undecided: Stay home!

7 states close in 5 minutes...

Josh Mandel Ohio Rep candidate is attacked by his own family

Just put my 08 Obama Long Sleeve On

George Bush Accidently Votes For Obama

So just how uncool are Republican voters - so uncool that they pretend to vote for Obama?

We Need Paper Ballots Counted by Hand

My favorite bureau cat.

;@michaelhayes CNN: Obama camp believes it's going to be an "early night"


Don't have cable? Xbox Live election coverage starts now!

President Obama should go on T.V.

Settle in, Virginia is coming.

MSNBC: Virginia--Too Close to Call

Party ID VA: 39-D, 33-R

Know why it's so important to defeat Romney tonight?

One Hundred and Ninety Two

It's 7PM. Has Faux Called It For Romney Yet?

Vermont Blue Kentucky Red CNN called them

Before DU Goes Down to Defcon.... Here's "Democracy Now" Link to Election Coverage Tonight!

CBS News: JUST IN: CBS projects Gov. Romney will win Indiana & Kentucky; Obama will win Vermont

Too Early to Call in GA

Vermontttt projected winner in


Remember everyone. We have just crested the first hill on the rollercoaster of the night.

Boo Indiana

A friend brought me back from Asia a t shirt of Obama with a chairmen Mao hat on

Best place to watch election returns on-line

Obama smiling, socializing, enjoying his meal

RagAss TV is calling Connecticut for Obama.

I wish Annette Apollo was here for this. n/t

* * * * * * * * * * Links for VOTE RESULTS maps - here's SIX below * * * * * * * * * *

Romney's Internal Polling on Ohio -- Obama by 5

DU getting slow

Two LGBT news anchors tonight

Level 5 coming up. n.t.

If Virginia exit polls hold, both Romney and Obama receive 49% of the vote there...

Excellent News From VA (Unverified As Of Now)

This will get you in the mood for an election night victory (4 YouTube videos)

CNN is calling Vermont for Obama - with 0% of the vote counted.

CNN Fail

Quit posting F'ing exit polls

What would happen...exact same votes?

Indiana returns so far...

Florida early numbers.

Bernie Sanders wins reelection

(The) Concession Call

Taquita Watson, Caregiver, Sexually Assaulted 106-Year-Old Woman In Florida: Cops

Holy buckets...Florida numbers!

Who broke DU?

About Bob Kerrey today in Nebraska!

wtf Mourdock leads Donelly by 3000 votes?

Outside groups spent $145 million for Rmoney in last three weeks of campaign con

Fitrakis-Wasserman Announce Filing of Restraining Order at D.C. Press Conference

Stopping by to say HI!

Bernie Sanders Election Results: Vermont Senator Projected Winner Of Senate Race

Papantonio: Exposing The Climate Criminals

Virginia Beach VA still has hours of people waiting to vote nt

Howard Fineman message from Obama campaign to VA: Stay in line

Any live feed for MSNBC/CNN?

Nothing's happening yet

Mitt Romney is not fit to be president

Will somebody call VA!!!!!

Please, folks, No Trick Thread Titles. It'll make the server run faster if less useless clicking.

Folks Exit Polls do not reflect early voters

Any Du'ers Reading This While On Line To Vote....STAY IN LINE!!

Check CNN I thought I just saw Obama ahead in Fla.

Virginia live results "unofficial"

I think I'm gonna get offline and

The line: what are the rules for making it easier to stay in line?

Sorry I have a question..

Nervous fucking energy

The Romnitwits sound like they think he takes office tomorrow.

Check out "Potus 2012" Channel #124 on SIRIUS SATELLITE for Those Who Have It!


Rachel appears to be ramping up into full-blown ledge-walking mode. nt.

Results from the mock election at my school today

In Johnson County I had the wait one hour to vote.

What do I think?

CBS Calls Indiana for Romney

Hey, is anything interesting on TV tonight?

Former Governor Mitt Romney walks like a ..........

Obama is carrying Orange Co FL by 61%, if that holds, Romney's toast

An isle of red in a sea of blue -- what's wrong with Indiana?

Willard Explains His Concern About Unemployment

Thank god for beer

MSNBC O ahead in FL 50-49% at the moment n/t

Ohio exit pole

I feel like this is what all if us are thinking tonight...

Latino vote for Obama could be historic high, poll says

Freedom of Speech (Four Freedoms: #1)

Every person in the bar im in Boca Raton is a Dem

La Petite Mort

I'm making calls for Obama: A funny story

Donnelly ahead in indiana +1 6% in

Am I seeing the tv correctly? Obama ahead in S. Carolina?

Are you better off than you were four beers ago?

Is Mike Pence in trouble in Indiana?

OH Obama voters! STAY IN LINE TO VOTE!

I voted today (we're in Richmond, VA) and the electronic voting machine has a red light that said

Rmoney called for Indiana already??

The Decesion to Move Forward (repost)

Update: Obama would win Virginia 50.9 to 49.3 if CNN exit polls are correct.

Best yard sign I've seen so far

Obama Tweet

Need a brief joyful hilarious inspiring diversion? Watch One More Time.

Can't stand TV drama? Nate Silver is livestreaming his election night coverage.

CNN: Party ID in Ohio: 39% Dem, 30% Rep

REPOST: 512 Ways to win!

Piss Your Pants With A Smile. Do Not Leave That Line !.....n/t

My Republican husband shocks me sometimes

For the first time in years I can watch FOX without changing the channel

CNN Calls West Virginia for Romney


CNN Projection: WV Romney, 4:30

Isn't this by our own EarlG?

Ohio exit poll/Party ID favors Dems by big margin.

Oh, NC too close to call

Any bets on how quickly Freeperville crashes tonight?

I Am Just Too Nervous And Almost Can't Watch This....

High traffic warning at Level (4)

NC, 49% to 49% per CNN

Exit Poll: NC 49 to 49! WOW. Go Blue NC!

Calm the f **&^% Down .... couple links ... with money on the line ... :) ...

Obama up 90K in FL with 25% reporting!!

cnn 1/4 of votes in FLorida Obama ahead 52% 4:42

Obama leads women 55-43 in Ohio, trails men only 52-46...

Bad news. A voter in Puxatawny Pennsylvania came out of his booth...

The States That Rmoney Is Winning This Early - Were They Predicted He Would Win?.....nt

Is everyone watching MSNBC

early Virginia result - Romney doing no better than McCain

Obama up 5 among women voters (55% of the electorate) in NC, down 4 among men!

Wolf the whore Blitzer should join faux

***** PBS Political Map Center - LIVE Election Results *****

Donnelly over Mourdoch +2 ABC

CNN's Ohio exit poll: Obama ahead by more than 3%

Ohio Exit Poll: Obama 51, Romney 48 CNN

CNN: Florida - Obama 52% Romney 48% "It's Close, It's Very Close!"

Why does Rachel lead? I love her...but she is


North Carolina Dems

Florida looking like Obama

I'm at Drinking Liberally in Philly.

HUGE turnout at my polling location today. Do we need early voting in Michigan??

Obama up 50% in SC, MSNBC calls it for Romney

Kaine trailing Allen in early results in VA

CNN Projects Eric Cantor wins reelection

Ironic: Bain Capital Announces Election Night Investment In Outsourced Call Center In China

***** NBC News Election Results *****

This Is Better Than 08 Because The Goobers Didn't See This Coming

LGBT DUers! Don't forget to call in and share your thoughts on the election (917) 889-3891

Do the percentages per candidate matter if there are only a small percentage of the votes in at this

Faux news brings in Karl rove

Ohio State voters meet long lines at Ohio Union

Libertarian at 6% in Indiana (exit poll)

if exit polls show 49-49 in NC 'too close to call' doesn't that mean...

Interesting question about dead people voting?

"Kooky Florida could end this thing early"

It's Only The First Inning

Why is the media called winners already?!!!!

Do these exit polls and early returns we are seeing take into account.....

With 1 hour, 20 minutes left to vote in CO

I wanna be a fly on the wall over at the Romney camp

75% of the people who voted for Obama in Ohio did so because of the auto bailout

Romney leading in VA and NC.....scary. Hopefully those are red counties.

It doesnt make sense to start threads with concerning results with small percentages in

Current Senate Map: Donnelly ahead in IN, Nelson ahead in FL, Allen ahead in VA

"Would be 1st Dem pick-up!" FL 26th!!

Is there a live MSNBC feed on Roku?

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I) already elected in VERMONT. LOL. 75% of the vote so far

Democrats to Republicans: We Fooled You! No Enthusiasm Gap Whatsoever!

Obama/Romney on track with 2008 in Duvall County, FL.

This is my 4th Presidential Election Night with DU

*** **Official OHIO Results Thread ** ***

Nate live blog

BOE director expects recounts in NC per Twitter.

Stupid CNN and thier stupid map

*** **Official VIRGINIA Results Thread ** ***

Never thought I would do this but Im turning to faux because wolf is too right wing

Hold the line Dems! eom

Sam Wang is live-blogging over at Says to watch NH

Due to long lines at polling places, Virginia will report results at 8 p.m. instead of 7 p.m

My state - South Carolina - just called for RMoney (by MSNBC)

***Official Ball State - Toledo Game Thread***

My son's power joke.

Sam Wang live blogging: Good coment on exit polls.

Exit polls DO include early voting

Donnelly will take indiana!! +4

I'm guessing US elections tend to look red starting off then turn blue?

Obama up 130 thousand in Florida

Florida panhandle is really red

South Carolina??? CNN is calling it for Romney - but Obama has more votes. I don't understand this


***** CNN Election Results *****

Is there an up to date (real time) electoral college map to watch?

A bullying story with a happy ending: (crossposted from GD)

Am I missing something just saw Ohio red on CNN?

My girlfriend just said this to me...

*** **Official NORTH CAROLINA Results Thread ** ***

CaliforniaPeggy gets to meet Blue_In_Alaska! With pics!

I heard this on NPR

Nate Silver is also live -blogging

O killing it NH

A lot of blue states reporting at 8PM. Obama will get a bunch of votes then

Obama now leading NC and OH.

I hope I'm going to enjoy a single-malt tonight

Georgia called for the Liar

I think Occupy Wall Street can take credit for this election win for democrats too. Woke

Wife and I went to vote, Bay Area

Check this site for real time FL updates

Folks, one important thing to keep in mind this evening while viewing returns:

Hey! anybody up for a game of Scrabble?

*** **Official NEW HAMPSHIRE Results Thread ** ***

Great Tweet

If you’re in line when the polls close, stay in line to vote.

Important Message:

NC: Obama picking up bigger share of men than in 2008

Florida Exit poll info

i feel like the night is going

Wine Smiley

PA--'Too Early to Call'--MSNBC

FOX exit polls Men 54/46 Romney/Obama Women 54/46 Obama/Romney Women 54% of the electorage

indiana gov 24% in tie 48-48

NC results (link to counted ballots)

8:00 Polls closing all across the East Coast. CNN Projects: Obama: ct de dc il ri MD MA ME Romney OK

Obama leading in Pennsylvania

Oh goody. 3 hours of Big Bang Theory on so I can get some relief from news channels when necessary.

Update on Pidge the African Grey Parrot.

Obama 64, Romney 82

My daughter's high school mock elected (Sugar Land)

NJ--Too early to Call becuz of 'extended voting' thru Friday

Star Membership

CNN: Obama up in FL exit poll!

Chichiri's Swing State Predicitons (FWIW)

Just returned from monitorting a line at a polling location.

Romney on Tuesday told reporters he has only prepared a victory speech

LOOKIN GREAT compared to 2008 by county IMO - NT

CNN exit poll of Florida by party ID

Too Early to Call in MA Senate Race per MSNBC

So wolf blitzer let me get this right

WTF is up with the NYT?

MSNBC--Nelson wins FL Senate Race

Yes, Bill Nelson Won

Bill Nelson (D) projected winner in Florida.

Yea!!! Nelson in FL called by MSNBC

I cant get over CNN

Ridiculous waiting times to vote! WTF!!!!

OH, OH, OH...

Obama grabbing a higher share of men (46) in NC than he did in 08 (43)

what is a "six inch pup" or "six inch pump"? Schmidt just said it about bad GOP Senate candidates

CNN: Bill Nelson D FL retains Senate seat over Connie Mack IV

Nelson projected winner!!

New Jersey voting extended to Friday.

Billo sounds utterly deflated on Faux,..even Megyn sounds resigned to Obama win

Romney claims to have writting only a victory speech... via cnn...

FOX Concedes President Obama RE ELECTED.

Google real time electoral college map


Has anybody heard how Greyson is doing in Florida? nt

To Early to call

"The white establishment is the minority" "People feel they are entitled to things" - Bill O'Reilly

NJ results not till Friday? How does that work for electoral college total?

O killing it in Ohio

Romney has to win in Ohio by 10%

Best line of the night Rachel Maddow. It looks like Chuck Todd has been replaced with an animated

Alan Grayson officially declared winner

Are the polls still open in Florida?

When I'm an empty nester...

So WTF is up with MSNBC being so bullish on Romney's EV count?

NBC News: Florida, Ohio, Virginia Among States Too Close to Call

Florida seniors, according to exit poll on MSNBC

Scott Walker looks like he's high

Allen West? pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease.....

If you're in line in FLorida, STAY! We need you! They have to let you vote if you're in line! nt

Which is the best non-cable station to watch the returns?

***** GLBT Multi State Results Watch *****

State of Virginia election results website

Anybody brave enough to venture to Freepville, to see if the

Illinois 11to11 votes... Was that worth throwing up there?

They are being coy with NH since it has arbitrarily been dubbed a swing.

Small story from a deep red state:

Freeper Watch. Follow their descent into despair.

Sean Trende of RCP tweets would be very surprised if Romney won VA

Any Elizabeth Warren news yet?

Remember when the Networks would call it right after closing?

Live stream of MSNBC if anyone needs it:

Thanksgiving songs?

Warren "opening up" her lead over Brown

Bush v.s Gore

Does anyone know anyone who is turning off all electronics right now?

Florida is concerning me

Christ, there's nothing but white people on Fox News...

A brief word from Josh Marshall @ TPM re 2nd round exit polls

Right now we're seeing the high point of Romney's vote share for the night


Are early votes counted in the totals we're seeing on CNN?

Per Kos tweet: Obama getting higher % of male vote in NC than he did in 2008

Do You Think They're Praying Or Pooping At Free Republic?


Old School DU Thread

About New Jersey's Electoral votes (and delayed election)

The rural vote comes in first in VA, FL, OH, NC. Large cities take more time to give data in

If The Exit Polls Are Right - Then Obama Has Won.....

Just peeked over on Intrade...

Where is Michigan? I haven't heard or seen

Voter Finds Another Romney-Loving Machine in Pennsylvania

Howie Fineman: Latino vote could go to President by 75-25

Bob Schieffer on cbs just analyzed exit polling in NC

Worked poll in Va. A repub told me I could be shot for doing that. I asked what he meant

Will Obama lose VA?

O up by 120K in Ohio --- very early but a good start

Come On Broward! Come On Northern Virginia!

CNN New exit polls are favouring Obama but

303 seems in the bag

Tweets from Nate:

Grayson, Grayson, Grayson, Grayson, Grayson, Grayson, Grayson, Grayson, Grayson, Grayson,

CBS Projects Obama Wins New Jersey; ABC Projects Obama Win in Connecticut

@daveweigel OH GOP Chairman going a rather sober "thank you to volunteers" speech

Bob Schieffer said he thinks Obama is going to win North Carolina!

Observers ejected from city polling places

CBS news just moved Ohio from tossup to Leaning Obama column!!

Virginia is making me nervous

Anybody else feel excited tonight?

Dick Morris already wrong about one of his predictions: He said Mack would beat Nelson!

There's something awesome about Myth Rmoney being in the state he governed and losing it to Obama

Freepers Following The Toe Sucker's Tweets

What's up in New Hampshire?

CNN projecting MD marriage equality YES 58%/42%!!!!

Unconfirmed reports of ballot shortages in Racine

In Ohio the 3 C's go blue (w/link)

If Sen. Sanders (VT.) self-identifies as an "independent socialist", why...

Latino vote ROCKS!!!

Panicked about FL? Here's the State of FL link to follow counties reporting, big Dems not yet

AP calls CT Sen race for Murphey

Rove still very positive on Faux. Touting tunout in GOP-OH precincts

"Black Man Savagely Beats Mild-Mannered Millionaire."--Fox News headline tomorrow

CBS Projects Chris Murphy wins CT Senate seat

Alan Grayson coming back to congress!!!

God - It Looks Like RMoney Is Going To Get CRUSHED

I can't believe it! Allen West 2% far.

Northern Virginia polls to stay open till midnight.

I hope no one is playing the drinking game w/ Maddow saying: 'too close too call' :) n/t

PA voter reports ‘NO PARKING FOR DEMOCRATS’ signs at polling place

PBS just called new jersey for Obama

What site(s) are you all looking at for results?

Eric Cantor won another term

Chris Murphy wins!!!


Linda McMahon Taps Out in CT. NT

Linda McMahon loses her bid to become America's wealthiest senator.

Murphy, Murphy, Murphy, Murphy, Murphy, Murphy, Murphy, Murphy, Murphy, Murphy, Murphy, Murphy,

Tired of seeing all these red states called

We won be fooled again!

Chris Murphy just beat Linda McMahon.

MD to Obama, Cardin. TCTC for marriage equality.

The last election I was in Germany, Staying up ALL night to watch the returns

Just called: Murphy beats McMahon in CT senate race

Remember and stay calm....

Are there any battleground states where the urban votes are counted first?

National exits show Obama getting 74% of the Asian vote, up from 62% in '08

If, like me, you are tempted to drink and post.... feel free to hestiate

OMG! No More Joe Lieberman....PRICELESS!

Florida is blue with 60% of the vote in.

Business Insider: 56 Percent Reporting In Florida: Obama 51%, Romney 48%

Casualties Of This Election Season

Exit polls look good for Obama in North Carolina

On Election Day, the polls should open

CNN is going over lists of states that are going big time for Romney... with 1% of the vote in

LOL, I'm such a wimp. I am DVRing MSNBC but have "Mildred Pierce" on TV

I'll be smashed by the time this is over...

Vanity Fair: Ohio currently breaking: 58 percent for Obama, 40 percent for Romney

Do we have a big enough lead in Florida to overcome the Klanhandle?

Long Lines in VA meaning polls likely won't close until 11pm per CNN

john king and wolf blitzer....the 2 stooges...

Is Obama watching live, you think?

sherrod brown? anyone?

VA suspending reporting of election results since 100s (or more) still in line.

LINDA MCMAHON LOSES...$77,000,000!

"Chrysler Gives Workers The Day Off To Vote" by Laura Clawson at the Daily Kos

CBS gives NJ to Team Blue!

A lot of recipes at -- all vegan

trust CNN - they are analyzing the shit out

Obama winning the Jewish vote in FL by 40-points

What is the point of interviewing pols for their "opinions"?

Barack Obama leads Mitt Romney in New Hampshire: 63.3% to 35.5% with 6% reporting.

Warren's up 51-49 with 5% reporting!

HuffPo Just Moved Florida, PA & OH to Obama Leading

I can barely see you guys now (icons gone).

ed just laid it on steve schmidt...fucking a

Here is a great, interactive, route to the win to play with while you go crazy.....

CNN exit polls show a consistent trend by state. MEN/WOMEN split in mirror for Romney/Obama but

Brian Williams just admitted: Close races "great for owners of television stations"

Dick Morris Tweets...Priceless...

Orange County, FL: Obama winning 60/40, overperforming his 2008 results

Polls closing at 9 pm: AZ, CO, KS, LA, MI, MN, NE, NM, NY, SD, TX, WI, WY

North Carolina looks super close 54% in.... Only 10k behind

Why can't I see ("number of posts") behind the poster name?

How can they project a winner

Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown

Ugh! Ken Blackwell is on MSNBC!

Ken Blackwell on MSNBC

Just heard Allen West LOST!!!!

What just happened to Florida?!?

Tweety interviewing Blackwell?

MSNBC interviewing that ass Blackwell

Ken Blackwell is on MSNBC and my blood still boils!!

Ken Blackwell????

Florida Amendment 1 100 percent of vote in?

Make A Haiku About Money Boo Boo

I'm sober and sweating out the election results. Somebody hold me...

Dam! I knew I should have voted for Obama to win Florida on Intrade


Blackwell STOLE the election from Kerry and they are asking HIM about voting integrity???

What's going on in Michigan?

Dick Morris: "60% of Florida in, down by 2. worried"


Axelrod is absolutley gushing about the numbers for Obama

Just tried to go to Freeperville

Talk about the pot calling the kettle Blackwell...

Long lines in VA and long lines in the Panhandle.

Follow state calls by media outlets here.

ED: "We need a half-hour show to document (Blackwell's) checkered past as SoS of Ohio"

This is turning into a really bittersweet night for me

Some Great Tweets from FL:

ken blackwell is completely full of shit. cut the feed. n/t

KOS: Obama is winning Florida 50.7-48.5 with 34.8 percent in, and no Miami-Dade or Broward in.

Come on Florida! I know you can do it!

Murphy 51.8% West 48.2% 8:53 pm

get this trending on twitter #stayinline

Let's get ready for...MICHIGAN!!!

Link for live Minnesota results

Early votes counted first in OH, SW OH, Hamilton Cty results

Is Wisconsin going to be a BLUE STATE tonight?!

CBS Brian Pelley says Ohio leaning Obama

Shuster: FL looking better and better for Obama

NC has first Republican Governor in a long time - bad news!!

BroncoBama leading in NH, FL, PA, OH. Romney leading NC, VA, MO.

Michigan for Obama

Defcon 4 minutes till 9pm with more states to call

Where's Olberman tonight?

Can't You Even Fucking Call New York ??????

CBS projects New Jersey Senator Menendez Defeats Republican Joe Kyrillos

Aw, there's Candy Crowley.

LOL !!! Louisiana Is Light Blue ???

@CBSNews has moved Ohio from "Tossup" to "Leans Obama"

Pretty please, would you add (D)s and (R)s when posting names/results?

Hey Freeper Creepers

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! E Day & a new Maru gif

Hilarious comments on Current TV coverage!

Links to SOS results for OH and FL:

O'Reilly: "Obama wins because it's not a traditional America anymore. The white establishment is..."

Here we go!! It is 9pm

Bugging out need to find place to charge, GoBama

Michigan, NY Called for Obama

m$nbc calls michigan for Obama

My right wing fundie aunt's FB post: No matter who is President, Jesus is still King.

We have MICHIGAN!!!!

Only 4% but Sherrod Brown is winning 57% to 39% in Ohio

NBC calls Massachusetts for Elizabeth Warren (D). She replaces Sen. Scott Brown (R)

Local news station in Atlanta (WSBTV)

1 EV out still in Nebraska


Romney wins Kansas, LA, Nebraska, ND, SD, Texas, Wyoming, Miss,

Heads up from small town Ohio!

Insecure little man: Bill O'Reilly says it's 'not a traditional America anymore'

Looks like Miami-Dade starting to report now (62/38 for prez O)

CBS Moves Wisconsin and Ohio to Leans Obama

CNN called Michigan for Obama eom

What is happeneing in VA? Please tell me we are not going to lose VA?????

Looks like Romney has the Confederacy sewn up

What about Wisconsin???

Shut It Down: God Calls Election for Obama with Epic Double Rainbows Near President’s Old Elementary

Obama up by 11 in Pa.

FLorida is razor-thin...Tweet to you peeps: STAY IN LINE! (or anywhere)

Elizabeth Warren beats Scott Brown in Massachusetts Senate race

FL is now tied with 71% in.

NBC calls Massachusetts for Elizabeth Warren (D). She replaces Sen. Scott Brown (R).

MSNBC: It's too close to call in Romney's home state! I'm dying! n/t

Wisconsin is out of ballots. In Racine.

arizona -- 2 close to call.

It's too bad my 'I starred up' thread was locked tonight...

"Axelrod, Gibbs, and Plouffe" -- a tribute to the brain trust of Obama's campaigns.

INTRADE Calls Obama Winner.

CNN just called Wisconsin for Obama 52%

Gillespie On ABC

sorry.. MSNBC's coverage sucks... CNN is much better

I know GA doesn't matter much, but do the results seem fishy

Early story of the night: THE POLLS WERE RIGHT.

where is a map i can see as they call the states. thanks. nt

MSNBC calling NJ for Obama

Obama is taking FL. I CALLED IT FIRST. *UPDATED*

CNN Projects the Republicans to Keep the House

GOP Retains House - CNN

Dick Morris ‏@DickMorrisTweet Obama ahead by 1 in Fla with 72% in. Scary

Ohio...Obama up by 200,000...too close to call...

Florida: O up by 6400 with about 80% in nt

CBS now moving Wisconson from tossup to Leaning Obama!

This is the first election I've experienced...

Obama wins New Jersey.

Mitt Romney grew up in Oakland County, MI. He's losing it by 7 points.

Freepers.. steer clear of intrade right now

Virginia isn't looking good, w/44% of the vote in (according to HuffPo) - but of course I

I Loved Elizabeth Warren Before Loving Elizabeth Warren Was Cool.

If anybody has the chance to do this in a swing state where there are lines at the polls

Just Heard That IF Obama Wins FL & OH... It's All He Needs

Anyone Here Ever Drink Bacanora and Lived to Tell About It?

What about Minnesota???

O'Reilly Sums it Up

Offering blood sacrifices to the Orange Juice god right now.

Intrade - Obama jumped from 70 to 85 within 15 mins!

Mitt's running out of electoral votes....

Oh snap! Did Rachel just make fun of Chuckie?

David Gergen states the Senate will remain Demnocratic. -CNN

MSNBC calls Casey winner in PA Senate

Calling that Casey retains seat in PA....MSNBC

NBC calls NJ for Menendez

50% to 50% in Florida. Romney ahead by just over a thousand votes

I want the popular vote!

76% in for Florida. 50-50. We need those Miami Dade votes in now!

GOP will likely hold on to the house

MSNBC: Casey wins PA!

Fuck you Chuck Todd

OHIO Obama 55% Romney 44% with 29% in.

I'm waiting for news on Debbie Stabenow

MO Senate - McCaskill: 50% Akin: 42% Libertarian: 7%

My gawd! Is this not

Too close to call in Michigan, eh? Must be that new math.....

Wow here in NC. Looks like the voters voted for Obama

Hassan elected Gov. in NH.

RagAss TV is now calling California for Obama.

Hamilton County in Ohio looking N - I - C - E!!!


Obama takes Pennsylvania

MSNBC just called PA for Obama!

Finally MSNBC calls PA for Obama

MSNBC Calls Pennsylvania for Obama

O should be getting NY very soon n/t


Is Jon Stewart's coverage online?

PA to Obama .... MSNBC

msnbc calls PA for Obama. (nt)

PA is ours!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obama wins PA!!!

PA called for Obama

Obama takes Pennsylvania. Woo hoo! nt

Obama in Pennsylvania!! NBC calls it!

MSNBC: PA to Obama

MSNBC says Obama wins Pennsylvania!

MSNBC calls Pennsylvania for the President!

MSNBC Calls PA For Obama



Fox calls PA for Obama ! WOOHOO

NBC call PA for the President

Dead silence in Romney ballroom

Wine and Cheese

Obama can lose all non-leaning toss-ups, CO, FL, VA and NC, and he will still get 281 EV's

Obama duplicates early voting Hamilton (OH) county margin from 08!!!!! nt


Yeah! My PA Went for Obama !

Hurrah for Michigan, so quickly called!

Ted Cruz, TeaBagger wins Senate seat in Texas.

Obama 193 votes ahead in FL. Better let SCOTUS sort it out.

Alex doing her best to be nonpartisan

CBS Calls PA for Obama

Prop 6 in MD (Marriage Equality)

Any good sites streaming commentary?

Obama at 82% on intrade

Ahhh the fuckstick Cruz is going to the Senate

CNN saying Cuyahoga Co numbers in Ohio are WAY exceeding expectations!

I don't understand. Dick Morris said Romney would win PA! What happened?

Whoo-hoo!! Too close to call in Arizona Senate

Our Own steveleser is Doing A Kick-Ass Radio Show!!!! WITH RETURNS!!!

Oh goody...We get Ted Cruz!

We Need To Stand Up For National Election REFORM

What is lacking from Florida?

Intrade just called it 290-248 for Obama. Nope 319-219 Obama because

Didn't plan on being a Star Member...

I freakin' LOVE Election Night.

Maggie Hassan WINS NH Gov! Good News for Team OBAMA!

I love y'all

Drunken Irishman Said Pennsylvania Would Be Called for Obama at 9:30...

Almost time to turn on Fox...

MD narrow lead for Prop 6


Man, it's getting weird out there

Stephanie Cutter on MSNBC

AP reports that Tammy Baldwin .... NO WAIT !!! TP Retraction !!! UPDATE

Come on! I like blowouts!!!

NBC Projects Obama Win In PA

MSNBC hasn't called Wisconsin. Didn't CNN call Wisconsin?

89% on intrade for Obama! fat lady warming up

Awesome Tweet:

Quick, send $$$ to Dick Morris!

SENATOR Elizabeth Warren...

Intrade at 90%

I know The President makes all the final calls on everything and deserves a lot of credit, but ...

MI & PA to Obama. Romney's Toast.

***** VA FYI -- They are still voting in VA *****

AP calls it for Tammy Baldwin!

Kirsten Gillibrand, hooray

FL and NC being so close spells doom for Romney

Tea Partier Ted Cruz won U S Senate in TX over Sadler (I sadly report).

Congrats Obama

Fun to watch Fox. IT'S OVER. Saying if Obama

CBS..NH now Leaning OBAMA!..

OBAMA WINS VIRGINIA----- OBAMA 50.16% Obama ---- 48.25% Rmoney to ---- 96.83% in

Ted Kennedy is smiling fit to split right now.

The Freeper meltdown is starting with PA

MSNBC interviewing Steph Cutter and talking about how things are closing fast for Obama

what about akin? what about mourdock?

Obama is 51,000 ahead in Colorado

Colorado with 22 percent in: Obama 53, Romney 47

Fox claming Repukazoids will *pick up* seats in the House

Tweety sounds fired up

Somewhere Nate Silver and Sam Wang are laughing at the rest of the world.


I think once all is said and done

Romney's path, always narrow, is really looking thin now with Pennsylvania gone

Fox News calls Wisconsin for Obama!

Fox calls Wisconsin for Obama. nt

Via Fox Wisconsin to O


If Obama is reelected, it will be a rejection of hate!

Obama projected to get Wisconsin n/t

VA has tightened a bit. R 51% O 47% with 46% in.

Romney Is About to Hit A Brick Wall With Wins

WISC to Obama !!

Ohio and IT.IS.DONE.!

Nobody, but nobody, does elections like Americans do.

Sherrod wins in Ohio,..

Freepers are asking for voter fraud investigation in PA.

MSNBC called Wisconsin for Obama


WI Called for Obama. Romney only has 24 Ways to Win NOW!! WOOHOO!

Obama wins Wisconsin!!!!

When does O get Californias EVs?

Msnbc sez WI is ours!

is asshole Romney writing a concession speech NOW??


MSNBC calls Wisconsin for Obama!

God, that solid line of red from ND straight down to TX sure is ugly.

Dick Morris Meltdown...

Wisconsin Goes To Obama... NBC Call...

538 UPDATING NOW........................

Florida just skyrocketed to 75% chance for Obama on Intrade

Thank you WI--Obama wins it

Obama takes the lead electorially

Mitt Romney has an advantage of 636 votes in Florida with 81% of the vote counted.

Ryan just LOST his home state

Nate Silver...The Writing is on the Wall.

I just popped open...

paul ryan can't deliver his own state...

Voter Suppression in the Great State of Pennsylvania - EPIC FAIL

When was the last time a presidential ticket lost both the states it's from?

91.2% Obama on Intrade

I'm waiting for the President to hit 270 before I turn it to Fox

UPDATE: The AP has NOT called the Baldwin race yet. Retraction below

CA, OR, WA, NV = 80 ev

Both R candidates' home states go against them

MSNBC hasn't called Warren in Mass. They are taking longer to call than CNN.

CBS projecting OBama Wisconson WIn!!

Mother Jones and Think Progress both tweeted premature on Warren, not a lock yet

One firewall state down, 2 to go

Nate Silver Tweets: "On The Wall. The Writing."

Nate Silver drops the mike

Nate Silver deserves an apology


Sherrod Brown returns to the Senate

Sherrod called winner by msnbc

Sherrod Brown wins in Ohio!

Miami-Dade only has 40 percent in!

Sherrod Brown way ahead!!!!!!!!!! winning!

Steve Forbes: Romney Will Win Decisively (321 EVs)

Sherrod Brown to the HOUSE

Did anyone hear them say Paul Ryan lost his race?

Sherrod Brown baby!

CBS calls New Hampshire for us (no text)

Money Boo Boo at 7.6% on

CBS calls New Hampshire Blue!

Repubs have/will lost all the home states of their candidates

Callin' it. You heard it here first. No need to even watch this stuff any longer.

Mourdik called LOSER fox !!

CBS :NH called for OBama!!! swing!

Alan Grayson is BACK motherfuckers!

CNN is more interesting, just slow to Call states

You know, it shouldn't even be this "close".

Mourdock goes down!!!

Please please please Tammy Baldwin PLEASE

if they call ohio, everyone goes to bed, ratings go to hell, and media revenue is lost.

FAUX has even called Michigan for Obama.

CBS:.with wisconson and NH going Obama.. "Mitt Romney's chances are SiNking"!! love it!

Fox News reported 666 votes for Romney in Minnesota.

Lou Dobbs is going off the reservation on Fox Business

Florida looks hopeful

Howard Fineman - The Paul Ryan effect wasn't.


Please send postive vibes to Missouri

Don't like the numbers in NC--I'm getting ready to be disappointed

Tammy Duckworth 55% leading Joe Walsh 45% in Illinois! Don't know if it's been called yet.

Sen. Brown has taken OHIO

Watch CBS....

FLA - O by 20,000 with about 86% in

Ha Ha! Rmoney and Lyan lost their home states!

Bishop romney.......

I'm loving FoxNews tonight - so many heavy sighs

Dick Morris not buying Obama winning PA

What would take the cake is to see Utah go blue. nt

Nate Silver@fivethirtyeight On The Wall, The Writing.

Allen West up 200 votes

Which surrogate will Mitt send out to give his concession speech?

Romney/Ryan lose both Mass. and Wisconsin! That's got to hurt!

Norml Election Night Live

Wear WHITE flowers in your hair - the shamans in Hispanic said it's thank-you to the spirits

Karl Rove is looking awfully sheepish on Fox.

In Florida, Gary Johnson, the Libertarian, might play a key role.

Democracy Now On Line

Howard Fineman

If Ohio is Called for Obama, it's done-Romney can only get to 251, and thats if he wins all toss ups

Paul Ryan stays optimistic.

Michigan Sen.Debbie Stabenow keeps seat

Thousands get a call from Election Supervisor telling them incorrect information in Pinellas!!!

Intrade Bumped Up To 94.9

There are those in media who made outlandish, outsized, and ridiculous predictions ....

Freerepublic comments

There was just a Fox News add on MSNBC in NY

Portman Conceding Now (on Fox blech)

CBS now calling MA Senate for Warren!!

Freepers: Fire Dick Morris!!

If Florida comes through...

CBS NEWS: Elizabeth Warren has won MA!

Downton Abbey Cooking site

MSNBC: Elizabeth Warren WINS!!!


Warren beats Brown... MSNBC

Pennsylvania will go to Obama (CNN)

YES Elizabeth WARREN

FYI - Florida Recount Rule

Rmoney Has Enjoyed His Last EV Lead Of The Night - It's Now OBAMA!!

MSNBC calls Warren winner in Mass! nt

Penn just called for Obama!!!

Elizabeth Warren (D) wins!!! n/t


Two things

Elizabeth Warren Wins!!! Whoop hoooo!

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 7 November 2012

SENATOR Elect Elizabeth Warren

The crowd at Romney HQ is veeerrrrry quiet and sadlooking

MSNBC at romney party - crickets

I am celebrating the good news, but DANCING for the great news . . . like SENATOR Warren!!!!!

Can't See Free Republic

Rmoney HQ is a morgue on msnbc.

Obama takes electoral lead and the west will bring it home!

No happy people on fox now sounds like they know they're losing


Somewhere Ted Kennedy is smiling

wtf is going on in ohio? no mention???????

Fox Declares Tammy Baldwin WIN!

Dem pickup in Indiana--Donnelly wins

Donnelly wins in IN (MSNBC) {nt}

Joe Donnelly beats Mourdock in Indiana Senate!



Fox called it for Baldwin. great!!!!!!

donnelly over mourdock FUCKING A

MSNBC: Donnelly - Indiana

Mourdock loses!



Donnelly defeats mourdock!

Mourdock LOST!!!

Mourdock has L O S T

Donnelly gives Democrats Indiana Senate victory (Richard Murdock loses)

HOOOOORAYYYY Elizabeth!!!!!

Skinner: "Posting spoilers in thread titles isn't cool."

So, now, do you believe in Neptune/Chiron?

NBC: Joe Donnelly beat Richard Mourdock

Fox picks Baldwin as Wisconsin Senator. YEAH

9:39 PM | Romney campaign headquarters turn off the network feed as results favor Obama. Read more:

6 defeated...


What's Up With WI??

Obama will probably carry VA says Electionate

Please Proceed Governor . . .

Schadenfreude on Fox now


Elizabeth Warren has won CNN predicts.

Congressman Alan Grayson!!!

DUer Alan Grayson wins House seat in FL


Romney campaign turns off news feeds, it's over

My Favorite SENATOR-ELECT Elizabeth Warren Speech!!!


Gender gap is killing the pukes.


Richard Mourdock loses to Joe Donnelly in Indiana. (CNN) LOL!


If we had kept the house in 2010, would we have lost it this time?


FreeRepublic: We're Screwn

Our local news called New Mexico for Obama.

Florida is looking good! Largest block yet to report is Miami-Dade County and they are for Obama!

Obama has very likely already won with 280 EV's minimum!

James Brown: I Feel Good (play it, dance and enjoy)!!!

"The Republican party has not kept up with the changing face of America" -- Chuck Todd!

CNN calls PA for Obama! nt

Boehner on Fox! He's talking about Romney in past tense.

Chuck Toad just said it's the growth of the Hispanic population.

Do you guys smell that????

At Romney campaign party...CUE THE DEFEAT MUSIC PLAYLIST!!

Chuck Todd - They are getting clobbered by the non-white voters.

At least so far, here in NM we're kicking butt w/Obama and Martin Heinrich (Senator)

Damn! Chuckie seems downright depwessed

New Hampshire for Obama!

NH to Obama!!

MSNBC: Obama wins NH

New Hampshire for OBAMA! YEAH!

Wonder if Willard has started on his concession speech yet.........

My state, NH Obama clobbers Romney.

The Tea Party has Now Cost the Rethugs TWO Senate Seats

President Mitt Romney... said no one ever!

We Are About 30 Minutes Away From An Obama ROUT Of Rmoney/Rs


^sherrod!! v mourdock!! ^warren!! v walsh!! v mcmahon!! ??west ryan bachmann??

Warren and Sanders

Chuck Todd seems to be reading a eulogy

Murdoch wins!?..

The toad is stuttering his ass off.

The Fat Lady is warming up

9:50pm Eastern, CBS calls Warren's Senate Seat

MSNBC Calls NH for Obama! Obama sweeps New England ! n/t

Fuck you Sununu- thank you NH

most of america is telling the teaparty to go fuck itself.

Private jets line up at Logan as Romney backers arrive in Boston for election night party

CNN is bringing the Republicans down gently. They explained that the secret cache in FL

most votes missing in FL are in Obama country ! Miami Dade, Broward !

We are taking florida up by 28k votes

LIZZY WON !!! Quoth fox !!!!!

Tracking major state ballot measures

How are those predictions coming? I have it called for Obama at 11:15

Joaquin Castro is going to the House!

Waiting for Tammy Baldwin in Wisconsin.....

Joe Kennedy III wins. CNN The Kennedys are back. n/t

CNN says re: Ohio as of now

Warren, Grayson... we got the start of something

Romeny only has 9 paths to the White House...Obama has 118...

Boston Globe: Medical marijuana APPROVED in Mass!



I don't know who these people on MSNBC are except Rachel and Matthews.

Text from my son: "Elizabeth Warren and medical marijuana win" nt

So how's that "unskewed polls" thing going for the right-wingers?

Jonathan Alter: Obama forces confident about FL

MSNBC reporting Obama campaign is extremely confident about Florida results

This next hour is going to be one of the best hours in our political lives!

We must soon our attention to the House

Not that Tim Kaine inspires great excitement, but.......

I turned on ABC I think Diane Sawyer is drunk

"Word is that Linda McMahon has called Carly Fiorino and asked her if . . . . .

OMG! For the first time in my life, I'm watching Faux News Channel

President Obama is the projected winner in New Hampshire, according to CBS News and NBC News.

Freepville is a funeral parlor.

Any outlet tracking house races? Like any maps? nt

Looks to me like both Florida and Ohio are looking good for Pres. Obama!!!

Indiana senate called:

I'm watching CBS with Scott Pelley, Bob Schieffer and Norah O'Donnell


What as-yet-uncalled state would make you feel comfortable?

"Our kids will not know what life was like before Obamacare"

If Obama wins FL, he gets to 280 minimum

NBC: Massachusetts Voters Approve Marijuana for Medicinal Purposes

Eye-oh-wah! Eye-oh-wah! Eye-oh-wah! Eye-oh-wah!

Fox calls Wisconsin for Obama!!

Palin coming up on Fox!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mood dejected at Romney HQ

Gay marriage winning so far in three of four states

We are too sheltered in our little DU cocoon...

Dick Morris tweet: They are calling states way too soon


Huffington changed Florida from Leaning Red

Happy talk from the bunker RT @michellemalkin:

The Supreme Court is saved. FDR, not Ayn Rand.

Any word on Lloyd Doggett yet? n/t

James Lankford re-elected for 2nd term in Oklahoma - that sucks!

God bless Virgil Goode (Constitution Party) in Virginia

Tell me about the three stooges - West, Bachmann, and Cantor

FAUX News is soo depressing right about now..

What's up with WI voter count on HuffPo?

Texas Joaquin Castro projected winner for US house 20

Think about it - Reince Priebus and Lyan Ryan

I'm already crying, folks in line forever, Reps voting for O...

CNN Projects Mormonia Goes to Romney

hello....ohio....hello.....florida??????? anyone home?

8pm pacific time the west coast brings it home...again plus hawaii tagging along later nt

Rmoney wins Utah! Guess his wives voted.

NC "too close to call" at 10pm EST is very VERY bad news for Romney

Michigan ballot proposals

In the morning... I expect a lot of "RETURN TO SENDER" on Social Security checks

I'm beginning to hate the color yellow!

They're getting ready to call the McCaskill race - any minute now.

Faux nuze: "Electoral College is to blame."

Why is it Taking SO Long to Call Ohio?

Whew! Good thing I'm drinking wine!

Freepers melting down

Reality really DOES have a liberal bias

Blue Velvet

Nate tweets: Obama running well in South-Central Ohio....eom

DirecTV has an "election mix" channel with 8 news channels, I rushed by Fox

Just got Star Membership!!!

Dow Futures are down 79 points

CNN Finally Calls New Hampshire for Obama

CBS moved NV from tossup to Lean Obama !.. they keep falling...

Close race so far, after all.

CNN Calls New Hampshire for Obama.

Florida is 86% in and obama's got it by one point.

Willard is the new Baghdad Bob.

PPP calling NC for Romney by 1-2%

with 50% in

CNN Gives New Hampshire To President Obama 54%!



OK we are going up in VA!

McCaskill wins

MSNBC calls it for McCaskill! nt

Rapekin is finished, per MSNBC @ 9:07

Akin loses, McCaskill wins {nt}

Claire McCaskill Won!

Aiken destroyed by mccaskill.

Claire McCaskill wins. Sorry, MSNBC.

Bye Bye Akin

McCaskill wins in Missouri! Down goes Akin!

McCaskill beats Akin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love CNN's coverage. But they are too cautious.

MSNBC has McCaskill (D) Missouri the winner.

Any word if Ryan lost his seat in the House yet?

Jim Greer rejects plea deal

Ooh, look at this website the wingnuts made just for Nate

McCaskill defeats Akin (MSNBC)

I'm watching CBS


Claire McCaskill the projected winner!

O ahead by 44K in FL at the moment

Todd asshole Akin....bye bye

And.... Linda McMahon has wasted yet ANOTHER $50 million (.... yes!!!!)

Shhhhhh McCaskill kicks Akins ass

You say something stupid about rape, you lose

Hey, DUers who want to abolish the Electoral College.....

Good news FL Hillsborough cty Obama 52.62%/46.17% 346 of 347 Precincts Reporting-Indicator of FL win

McCaskill Wins!!!

Mystical Faith In An Invisible Wave

Obama projected as winner in ....

Me Thinks America is rejecting right wingers and the GOP

Hume says Rmoney needs an "inside straight" which is "not likely"

Watch CBS they are calling faster than cable shows...

Sen. Claire McCaskill shuts that whole Akin thing down!!!

Katie Couric/ABC: 85% of vote has come in for FL, Obama has slim lead ahead. Romney in lead in VA

'Axelrod's moustache is safe. MI, PA and MN all go for Obama.'

Bachmann (R) 52% Graves (D) 47% with 8% Precincts in

I just can't watch!

Any news on Tammy Duckworth?

CBS calling MO Senate for McCaskill ! AKIN cruSHED!

Wow. I had 300 hits on my cooking blog today. Thank you all!

Staples co-owner on Fux snooze

Obama only needs Fl, Ca Nv, Ia Or and Wa for the win!

the total electoral votes for Obama.........

Chris Murphy wins in CT for Senate!

Colorado is blue with 51% of the vote in per CNN

Gay marriage is now winning in Maine - 53% to 47% - historic vote in progress

Linda McMann goes down! Knock out ! Yaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!

The Fox Update: "we are becoming a more brown nation" (I will update as long as I can take it!)

Archer to succeed Wolfinger as Seminole-Brevard State Attorney

We are up 41k votes in FL!

At least according to Emily's List, they're saying NH's Maggie Hassan will be the nation's only

Joe the Plumber just got flushed....

Is Jesse Jackson Jr.'s opponent a teabagger?

Allen West up only 2K with 92% in

Claire Mccaskill just won!

Funniest Comment I've Seen on Free Republic Tonight!!

Akin lost

VA: R 50.28% - O s 48.09% with 77% in. Blue areas still have to come in...

We just need FIVE more electoral votes -- that's it -- to win . . .

Never saw a guy who likes to play with the touch screen

Will we have the Senate??

Obama still leading FL and OH, but R leading NC and VA. Now I'm getting greedy...

Sarah Palin: "Disappointed in results" "Crossing her fingers"

Bill Nelson is kicking Connie Mack's ass in the Florida Senate race!

If you wanna laugh, put on your miner's light and go to the cave.

President Obama Will Win Electoral AND Popular Vote

Hey Mitch McConnell

Freepers want to flee to another country? how much are flights to Somalia?

Who saw the Obama HQ when it was called for Claire?

Colorado Legalize Marijuana early results (Precincts Reporting: 10%) 52% yes, 48% no...

Hahaha. David Brooks on PBS

Tammy Baldwin elected as first gay US senator

What is going on in Fairfield county in Ohio?

A pic from Fox....

Governments are people my friends

Thank you Todd Aiken.......

How can the map at NBC show Obama winning WI...

Joe Lieberman

Cenk Uygur: “We have not had a surprising victory for the Republicans at all tonight”

CBS changes Iowa to "LEAN OBAMA"

John King On CNN Can't Work Out How Myth Can Win!

CNN doing a great job explaining the counties that are left in some of the


Mathematically IMPOSSIBLE for Repubs to take Senate -CNN

I can't wait until that fucking fossil Ralph Hall croaks

Dems hold Senate

CO and IA and Obama wins. No need for FL, OH, VA. Mitch needs all the swingers

CBS moves IOWA from tossup to Leaning Obama!

Freepers are still crying about

It's a bad night for legitimate rape

FOX keeps talking about the popular vote

So, ummm, Romney is the new

Palin just can't believe that the majority of Americans believe it's okay not to uphold the

Santa Rosa county in Florida---Something fishy is going on!!!!

Palin:This is a catastrophic setback to our Supreme Court appointments, following Const.

Carville's giving us Florida. Alex Castellanos (sp) unfortunately agrees

Alex Castellanos about Carville: "I hate it when he's right!"

The Prez effin better win NC!

CNN: Alex Castellanos on verge of tears talking about Florida!!! Nt

Maine: Yes on 1 (Pro Marriage Equality) 52%

Alex Castellanos (GOP Strategist on CNN) says he believes Obama will win Florida

I like my goose cooked slow.

CBS: Tim Kaine WINS!

Tammy Duckworth beat Joe Walsh!!

Are you letting your kids stay up?

This one really does my heart good and should damn well teach the ReTHUGS a lesson

CBS just called it for Tim Kaine (D) in Virginia.

Howard Fineman Tweet

Could this race be called earlier than 2008 was? All Obama has to do is be


Anyone else watching Fox just for the frownie faces?

My Degrees of Separation to President Obama;

'We put everything on the field': Buoyant Romney reveals he wrote 1,118-word victory speech......

robert gibbs is a happy man.

Who has called WI?

Looks like Troy's idiot mayor is getting yanked

What's the score, so far, for Tea Party Freshmen?

I can't keep up. How many surprises are there tonight?

OK. Obama making a move in NC. Romney's lead of 120,000 votes has now been reduced

MSNBC shows Tammy Duckworth as winning.

Robert Gibbs: thy name is Confidence

GOP Strategist Alex Castellanos (sp?) on CNN: "This is a repudiation of the Republican Party"

Massachusetts Voters Approve Marijuana for Medicinal Purposes

Interesting, no tweets from Sarah Palin in the last 12 hrs.

Binders of women voted

Still long lines at polls in Miami

Senate Races Unkind to GOP's Rape Apologists! Mourdock Aborted & Akin Goes Down!

Will Mourdock describe his defeat as "what God intended" in his concession speech?

CBS:NV likely Obama, only 3 paths left for Romney

Take THAT AKIN, you rotten worthless piece of shit, woman hating misogynistic LOSER

They can't project a Presidential winner

Will repubs make them do a recount in Florida? Awful close.

CBS Obama "Likely" Wins Nevada

CBS now calling NV "likely" for Obama :)

CBS: Iowa from "leaning Obama" to "likely Obama"

Where Are The Poll Trolls?

Rachel is getting on my last frigging nerve...

CBS ups Nevada to "Likely Obama" - not yet calling, but looks likely.

Freepers Blaming Gary Johnson For Potentially Costing Romney Florida

Watching CBS - seems to me that they (prob other networks) are going to try to stretch this out?

I am watching Fox News. IT. IS. LIKE. A FUCKING. WAKE.

ABC just called WI for Obama

Axelrod: we will win Ohio. Period


PBS just called it for Big Bird

The entire country now knows what a f%@# up the florida voting is because they are still in line

My thanks to all DUers who GOTV or waited in line to vote in battleground states

CBS: Only 3 paths to 270 left for Robme!

Message of Campaign

No longer can a large group of white men get together & choose the President...

8pm Still long lines in Reno, NV.

Don't worry, Todd Akin…

we are behind that bad or expected?

As I've been predicting, I believe FL is going BLUE

I'm impressed DU is still up and running!

Elizbeth Warren coming up on MSNBC.

Drudge is still banging the drum

Will Rmoney do a Nixon and not concede?

Wisconsin sends a bold progressive Democratic congressman to the House...

The mic was on and Matthews on MSNBC asked why candidates were

tweety - why aren't they waiting for the concession speech (senate winners lol) nt

Anyone have a screen shot of Sarah Palin on FOX News?

'The Republican party is out of touch with the middle class, they're out of touch with minorities,

David Shuster: "One Thing is Perfectly Clear Again Tonight - Dick Morris is an Imbecile"

Al Gore calls Florida for PBO!

what's the story with WI? I thought it was called!

Report from Broward County Fl.

Sorry, but I'm getting concerned.

Has Obama won WI?? CNN says Romney's ahead

so when does Karl Rove and Crossroads BS get roasted over an open pit by their $$ backers?

just read on afscme local 60 facebook page--congrats to tammy!

CBS: Obama wins MN!

CBS: Minnesota Goes to Obama

CBS called Minnesota for OUR GUY !!!!

WI is about to elect our country's first openly gay Senator, Tammy Baldwin!!!

CBS : MN projected for Obama!!

I think my favorite phrase to come from this election will be...

Megyn Kelly to Karl Rove:

Ideas beat money in the Senate.

We're going to sit the republican party on its ass tonight. They threw everything at us and lost

Baynor's gonna cry!!!!!

Can we now declare Citizens United a useless, sinful waste of money and get rid of it now?

Richard Mourdock Defeated In Indiana Senate Race

ARGGH! I Can only get ABC streaming

Eric Cantor won, booooooo

Axe Keeps his stache

Please tell me that Michelle Bachmann has lost her race. nt

Getting the House back was a hopeless pipe dream

Thinking of Teddy....


Peggy Noonan on Fox now!!! Still holding out hope!!!

John King: Later vote count will hlep Obama in WI

Al Gore Says Based on What He's Heard From Insiders, He's Confident that Obama Will Win Florida

Mucho gracias to my fellow Hispanic American citizens

My faith in my fellow citizens is being restored!!!

Paul Ryan's hometown of Janesville is bright blue!

Thinking of Andy Stephenson

WTF is wrong in Santa Rosa??

Axe is on CNS now !! :>))

The guy interviewing Nooners on Faux looks like his hair is painted on his head.

Axelrod on CBS -- looks like the cat that ate the canary.

Romney 7% in DC

Sean Hannity May Have Broken Law While Tweeting Picture Of Ballot

Duckworth, Grayson, Warren, Baldwin, Castro... Not a bad night for progressives.

We need to welcome a new Kennedy!

Peggy Noonan acting like over on Faux, says Republicans need to really

Official Group Hug Thread

VA Gap Closing. R 49.63 - O 48.76 with 83.69% in

In the little precinct I was observing

rMOney campaign in a deep dark hole right now, licking each other's wounds.

How many EV are on the west coast?

Howard Fineman - Romney campaign has gone on radio silence

Howard Fineman just reported that the Romney campaign has gone underground

Howard Fineman says radio silence from Camp Romney, which is good news for Obama!

Freepers Want Romney To Challenge The Pennsylvania Ballets

Scott Brown conceding in background of MSNBC shot

HuffPo Calls NM for Obama

On track to take Florida.

Virginia is beginning to tighten up! 24K votes between O and R$ with 84% reporting

Bachmann (R) 50.9% Graves (D) 49.1% with 25% reporting

END TIMES? FOXsnooze just reported REPUBLICAN VOTER FRAUD in Ohio

Matthews can unwedge his panties, Brown is conceding.

Painted my nails Obama blue

OMG the gal talking to Rachel Maddow said the Romney people are in a room and

Remember this? Chairman McHenery calls Elizabeth a Liar!

Is anonymous and the republican gangsters battling via cyberspace over Fl,va and oh?

WTF....Romney ahead in MN w/ 48% vote in

Is Willard working on his concession speech?

Suck it, Thomas Peterffy. has called MN for Obama...

turned off ABC

Why would Florida and Iowa still be undecided

Chuck Toad: A lot of BLUE votes still remaining in Ohio!

Blue counties still to report in Ohio

Update on Romney Camp per MSNBC.

VA and NC are both 50-49 in R favor. Very tight!!!

Remaing areas in Ohio still not counted...all BLUE areas!

What I've learned from this election.

It looks like the missing votes in FL and OH are in the blue areas.

MacCASKILL and WARREN 2016!!!!!!!!!!!1 n/t

Obama's Margins ARE GREATER than 2008 in Miami Dade County!

NBC: Obama wins Minnesota

Minnesota to Obama


Coordination of rides to polls?

Obama takes MN YES!!

Minnesota is official for the president!


MSNBC calls Minnesota for Obama @ 10:44 EST.

Minnesota for Obama says MSNBC!


Pinellas seems to have gone for Obama! (absentees not yet counted)...

MSNBC called MN for Obama!

Dianne Sawyer sounds drunk tonight

I'm going to love it when CA comes in and we bulldoze the popular vote!! nt

Dear God, Please tell me that crazy-eyed, evil-to-the-core witch is out of office.

The Florida thing is all about networks wanting to keep us tuned in.

Chuck Todd: Obama's margin in Miami Dade BIGGER than in 2008

Heads Up! LIVE Election night coverage on The Daily Show AND The Colbert Report tonight!

No vote for Marriage amendment in MN 54%! no vote = no definition of marriage

Asshole Aikin on MSNBC right now conceeding to Sen. Claire

Message from Josh Marshall (TPM)

i need to weed my friend list on fb

AKIN concession speech on msnbc (not on fox? lol)

bad guy todd akin concession speech

Akin sounds like he is crying and comparing his loss to those suffering from cancer

Got over my nervousness about using Paypal

MSNBC finally calls Minnesota for Obama!!

Toad Aken giving a speech, not a concession. Fuck you, Toad. Shut up and say goodbye.

Dang! Utah went Romney.

Sarah NOT Smiling Tonight

Todd Akin: Good night, fuck.

The Republican Party has met its demographic Waterloo. ......

So what does Obama need to claim a "mandate"?

hey todd akin, go and fuck yourself...i don't want to even know you exist.

Fuck you, Todd Akin

Kudos to the media for taking the cameras off that fuckwad, Aken.

Koch stick it up your crotch

Hey Todd Akin! Apparently women have a way of shutting down the campaigns

Republicans eerily quiet on my fb


MO to R$

CNN: MN for Obama!

MSNBC laughing at Todd Aikin speech

May be recount in FL

No matter how you slice him, you always get prick with Todd Akin.

I gather MN went for Obama. After all, 97 OP's all saying the same thing can't be wrong.

Diane Sawyer: drunk or not?

Looks Like Rmoney Carried The States He Regularly Flies Over

Drip. Drip. Drip. O now 20796 away in Virginia with 84.97% in.


PA State Senator Daylin Leach has been reelected!

Minnesota - Michelle Bachman results thusfar


Maddow Confirms Axelrod keeps the stasch

Sharpton said of Akin's concession, "He didn't get the memo"

If Every State Were "Vote By Mail" like Oregon

Minnesota pick Obama

Wow, Chuck Todd. You put together what we all knew

CNN: "California's electoral votes are on the line..."

Can We Agree That The Polls Were Essentially Correct?


So how's Ryan doing in his other race?

Axe and Gibbs are on TV everywhere: I haven't seen the Romney campaign anywhere

7 Minutes Until CA Is Called For Obama

Warren is ON!

My hubby was watching Fox and he said a woman on the network said,

Allen West update - CLOSE

CBS Re:Senate" it's all uphill for the Republicans now, and they are wearing rollers skates" lol!

Obama's got it

This Election is becoming a referendum on policies AGAINST Women

Elizabeth Warren on MSNBC n/t

So, once they recover from their hangovers, what are the wingnuts gonna do now?

Warren on MSNBC now

George Allen just conceded

What a BEAUTIFUL sight. Elizabeth Warren's victory speech!

Kaine (Senate - D) still ahead in VA by 40,793 votes 16.03% precincts left and N VA not done voting

AP Calls North Carolina for Romney


MSNBC calls it for Kaine!

Four minutes!!

Kaine wins in VA... MSNBC

Kaine wins Virginia!

Allen has lost, woot! woot!


Music to my ears, George Allen's concession speech

ALLAN LOSES AGAIN!!! Later dayz Macaca man!!!!!!!!!


Allen falls in Virginia! We kept another senate seat!!!!

Whoa! VA: Alexandria and Arlington still haven't reported? Also NBC calls Kaine victor

Kaine over Allen. Senate is comfortable.

House races? NY 24th - at 10:56 EST it looks like the Democrat Dan Maffei

Tim Kaine pick for senator over racist Allen

Trib Pennsylvania Poll: Obama, Romney Tied at 47

Tim Kaine (D-VA) projected winner!

AP Calling NC for Romney

Praying for a DeFazio win. Fuck that fuckity fuck Robinson.

Tim Kaine!

Free Republic is still up, surprisingly!

cnn re: Colorado as of now

Denver Post Projects Colorado Victory for Obama

I wonder if the Fundie Lady at work will follow through on her promise .......

Jim Acosta on CNN Reporting a "SOMBER" Mood at Myth's Boston Wake

Grayson wins! Ed reported. nt

Denver Post calls CO for Obama!!!!!

Susan Estrich on Fox: "I think the president will be re-elected."

Live Daily Show at 11 EST!

McCaskill, Warren, PA, NH, and so much more - it's time to put on the Boogie Shoes...

Daily Show Live at 11 Eastern

Dead heat for Romney and Obama in latest Michigan poll

My FB status...

Reid it looks like we win, get rid of the filibuster, no more crap

email from My Favorite Wingnut an hour ago:


California goes to Obama, so, too, Hawaii and Washington...

So, we only need CO, NV, IA right?

California, Hawaii, and Washington - Obama

Wolf on CNN: "Obama wins Hawaii, where he was born"

CNN projects California, Hawaii Washington for O

CNN: CA, WA, HI, all to Obama! "Too early" for Oregon.

MSNBC Just Called CA, WA, HI for Obama; Myth gets Idaho.

What are the Senate numbers for us now?

MSNBC calls CA, WA, and HI for Obama.

Oregon?? Too early to call?????? what?????

daily show starting

Oregon too early to call? WTF!?

What electoral calculator sites are you guys using? My beloved is struggling

What???? Too closest orgeon, msnbc says

Warren... MA D Senate Speech....

Obama 243 according to MSNBC

Obama has 243 electoral votes--needs only 27 more

Denver Post Projects Obama Win In Colorado

Citizens United Poll: Romney Leads in Ohio

Obama within 11660 in VA with 88.18% in.

HuffPo has Obama at 244 CONFIRMED EVs!!!! WOOHOO!


CNN projects NC for Rombot n/c

I didn't get the preliminary reporting

ABC News sources say that Jeb Bush told The Romney campaign that they lost Florida.

They just don't want to hit 270 before they run all the ads...

LOL...Jon Stewart says Florida is a clusterfuck at this hour

Obama: 238 EV. Florida and Ohio put him over the top!

A Florida win for Obama and IT WILL BE OVER...come on Miami-Dade!

Romney is coming to the podium now!

Romney gets NC.

Florida Obama 50. Romney 49 90%

Fuck! R$mney won

Did I just hear Britt Hume on CNN say exit polls were 60% against raising taxes?

NC suckage

MSNBC gives NC to Romney

Has anyone ever had stroke symptoms (hard to understand speech, tipsy balance, illegible

CNN: Dems Will Maintain Majority in Senate

CNN: Democrats will retain Senate majority n/t

Dems Keep the Senate - CNN

"Obama, 55 ways to reach 270. Mitt Romney? Eight."

Meanwhile in Boston... Romney event about half empty. People trickling out.

Hello Wisconsin

Obama only 11,660 votes from tying RMoney in VA 88.18% precincts reporting

Steve Schmidt on MSNBC: Last presidential candidate to win 60% of white vote was Bush Sr.

Now I feel badly that I didn't phone bank this year

Missing out on the Schadenfreude

Paul Ryan won his District back in Wisconsin. Did I read that tweet right?n/t

Democrats keep control of Senate. N/T

WTF? Msnbc "apparent winner" Rmoney in NC...

Intrade: Obama 96% +27.8

I blame John Edwards for the losses we suffered in NC tonight. Senate and Governor.

Report: Jeb Told Mitt He Lost Florida

Legalizing marijuana ahead in Colorado

Congratulations President Obama! Two Terms!

but..but..but... Romney had big crowds!!!!1!!11!!

I feel great, but I feel horrible.

256 electoral votes....O

Embarrassed for this state

Claire McCaskill just lost her mom, but won the election!!!

MSNBC: Obama wins Iowa!

Daily show election coverage is free on their website now

Obama Iowa!!!

why are there so many red states


Iowa, yes! eom


IOWA goes to OBAMA!

IA to Obama

CNN: Obama Wins Iowa!

CNN Calls Iowa For Obama


Iowa to the POTUS


Okay, Will he win the popular vote?

Obama wins Iowa!!!

Claire a class act....


CNN: Iowa goes to Obama

CNN Projects Iowa for Obama!

Iowa for O!

Dow Jones futures dropping, now -100

Was My Life as a Conservative an Illusion?

Iowa for 0! MSNBC calls it.

Iowa!!! Yes!!!!

CNN: 6 more votes to Obama -- Iowa. n/t


NBC: IA for Obama!

Iowa Won By Obama!!!!!!!!!

CNN calls Iowa for Obama.

Obama 230 ......... Mitt...190. as of now.

CNN: Iowa -- Obama!

Obama wins Iowa.

So I guess Fineman was wrong about Obama losing Iowa

Iowa to Obama!

With Iowa, if Obama wins FL or OH or VA or CO and NV he wins


Who will win the prediction contest? Silver, Wang, or Sabato?

watching Faux now....will watch it again in the mourning..I mean "morning"

WSJ Live calls it for Obama

OK now that Obama has won

Huffpost has O at 281, R 191

New Mexico to Obama

MSNBC calls it for Tammy Duckworth! nt

We just need 20 EV folks! Florida is 29! n/t

Obama got Iowa!!!!!!!!

New Mexico to Obama, 5 more votes. per CNN. Total 249 votes.

CBS gives #Illinois House race to Tammy Duckworth over Rep. Joe Walsh,

Getting down to the nitty gritty now. OR NV CO gets it done, OH FL make it easy. Can we rely on CO?

Iowa called for OBAMA!

Indiana will *not* have a Senator with a face like a Fruehauf truck

"I Love You Women"

This election changes everything.

21 TO GO!


MSNBC Says O gets Oregon

NBC: Obama wins Oregon

Oregon, yes!

Oregon for Obama!



11:10 just 10 mins after WC Polls closed Freeperville "We got to get more crazy, LOTS more CRAZY"


Joe Walsh lost


So was all the money selfishly spent by wealthy fuckwad motherfuckers worth ANYthing?

WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!n/t

Obama wins Ohio

President Obama has won Ohio and is re-elected per MSNBC

Game over. We win Ohio.


Ohio: Obama wins! Reelected


It's over. Obama wins!!!



Ohio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Obama is RE-ELECTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



NBC: Ohio for Obama


4 more years!

Networks Project Second Term for Obama

It's done! Ohio is in. Four more years!



Term 2

its all over nt

NBC projecting Ohio for Obama! It's OVER! Four more years!!!

It's over! Ohio and the country for Obama!


"Claire McCaskill legitimately raped Todd Aikin tonight" according to Jon Stewart...LOL

After California calls it does Obama even need florida OR ohio?

We won.

I could cry! Nt

Obama wins OHIO!!!

Obama won!


WE DID IT!!!!!


CNN- Showing MASSIVE OBama ralley at HQ


'Declare a War on Women, Prepare to Lose'




YESSSS!!! PA Kathleen Kane wins Attorney General!!!!...


Turn out the liiiights - the party's over

11:13 PM Eastern. MSNBC calls it for Obama!!!! Ohio gives it to him. nt


NBC: Obama Wins Ohio

RE-ELECTED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n/t

Congratulations Mr. President!!!!

MSNBC just called OHIO FOR OBAMA - it's OVER - Obama WON!


NBC: Obama "remains President of the United States for a second term."


NBC calls Ohio. Checkmate

Thank you Jesus


The fat lady is singing

This feels even sweeter

Big flag waving crowd at O HQ - MSNBC



IT'S OVER!!!!!!!!

Oh My!

Democracy Won Tonight!

All the rest is denoument

CBS projects Oregon is Obama's- President now at 257! Crowd at Obama HQ cheering!

Congratulations to President Barack Obama on his reelection

It's in the bag.

ABC News sources say that Jeb Bush told The Romney campaign that they lost Florida.

fox called ohio for obama

GOODBYE ROMNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Project Ohio

Iowa too


FOX calls Ohio for Obama!!!!!!!

Election called 11:13. I guessed 11:15 last week! I should play the lottery!

CNN just called the Presidential election lol! been behind all night now calling it for obama!

Obama won! We won! 274-203 !



MSNBC - Obama Wins Second Term

CO will win is he there?


It's a party up in here!!


Thank God.

Hurray for Obamacare, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. They live!!!!!!

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, you may now retire. Your grateful nation thanks you for your service.

We win! IF you want to celebrate on the air, call me at 12am Eastern at (917) 889-3891

they threw every fucking thing they had at Obama.....

Next up:




Do You Think President Obama Should Make Gary Johnson His Drug Czar?

"This President is going to go down in history as one of the great ones..."

What what obama won!!!!!!

David Plouffe...I COULD KISS YOU

O-fukking-HIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 275 electorals for OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nate Silver = Nostradamus

4 more years! Wooooodamnwhoooo! THANK YOU MR. PRESIDENT!

Sweet mother of God!!!

I can now do this....

WOOOOTTTT! Obama wins!

Oh, Fox is fun to watch. I didn't think I'd say that. They just admitted Obama won. ha ha

We did it, People!

Cheers DU


Get your smilley face on Facebook now!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Fuck ME It's OVER!!!!!! YESSSSSS!!!!

I love you Ohio


Sanity, compassion and intellectualism have won us 4 more years!

Damnit, I wanted Florida to bump us over 270

OHIO? I just heard that Fox called it for Obama....

Thank You President Obama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even FUX news just called the election for PBO with Ohio! nt

HOLY SHIT WE DID IT!!! 8:15 PST called for OBAMA!

WOOOFREAKINHOOOOO! Gobama!!!!! The Supreme Court is saved :)

Now We'll Never Know What Kind Of President Rmoney....

This is probably the "meanest" post I've ever made on DU

Whoopee!! 4 More years! Obama wins!!! n/t



Love yous guys!!!

Fox has called it ahead of CNN...LOL

It's done. It's over. Checkmate. We won. Ohio is blue.


Congratulations, Democrats and President Obama!

The money, the lies, the voter suppression -- DIDN'T WORK!!! The People Stood Firm -- WOOOOHOOOO!!!!


I just heard fireworks go off in Seattle.

HOT DAMMMMNNNN!!!!!! Brotherman is goingback home to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!!!!!

Four years four years

Down goes Mittens! Down goes Mittens! Down goes Mittens!

The world rejoices!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE OHIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A walk through Freeperville.



Despite Citizens United, Kock bros., Diebold, FOX. Despite it all, we still won.

The Money couldn't overcome the Crazy. I love America.


NBC News projects Obama to win re-election

Kudos to the Admins for keeping the site up all night!

How You Like Me NOW!!!!! nt

I can come out now!

O could get 300!!

I have to say, now I know how a Repug felt in 2004

good night Gracie. m-a-n-d-a-t-e

Mandate against hate

Music playing at Obama assembly in Chicago: How You Like Me Now?

Bill Maher: Well that was a million dollars well spent


After a legitimate election you just have to lay back and accept God's will.

Hey, hey OH OHIO!

We are up in VA 4k votes

CNN just called 2008 for Obama over McCain!

Give Ohio props thread.


Nate Silver validates math. It works.

Nate you slouch!..REMARKABLY only off by 1 EV

Good riddance to Magic Underwear Money Boo Boo!

IS cnn SLEEPING???? They haven't announced Obama is re-elected?????

Free Republic has crashed (or JimRob pulled the plug)


YEAAAAAA My husband ran outside and sounded an airhorn in celebration! and FL will go blue too!!

I'm shedding really JOYFUL tears!!!!

Fox just said Obama reelected!

wasssuppp cnn? c'mon now!!!

PROUD that the big money did not buy America!


My President! I am so damned happy. Thank you America.

Obama's Agenda: 1. Take A Vacation. 2. Kick Some House R Ass!!!!

cnn finally realizes Obama had won, they must have been watching msnbc



MSNBC calling Senate to remain Democratic.

Ann Coulter called it months ago..................

It's over. Congratulations, Mr. President (nt)

Let the Repuke circular firing squad begin.

(Warning Graphic) Tomorrow's meeting between Turd Blossom and the Cock Bros reenactment:

Oh, my gosh, you should have heard the cheer that just went up here.


CNN Projects Obama Wins

We did it. Oh my gawd we did it. Breathe....

Dems hold the senate!!!!!

Senator Mitch McConnell: Suck on this one, you asshole!

Biden's Vice Presidency puts us over the top on control of the Senate. SWEET!

Mitt is thrown in the trash heap of history!


Trust fund babies everywhere are crying!!!! Their standard bearer lost big time!!!!

I'll give her this, Ann Coulter was right...


HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Yeah!!!

CNN just showed KENYA!

Now if Paul Penzone knocks off R Pie Hole! Kyrsten Sinema is kicking ass! Wooofuckingwhooo! I'm

I don't know about you, but I have tears in my eyes

Neutered Poodle Radio still has not called it

CNN projects President Obama for to win.

If John Boner is smart, he will kick some ass in his caucus. People are SICK of gridlock.

Everyone in my house is asleep, even the dog, so I can only shout here at DU...

LOL! Switched to Fox for a few minutes and

CNN: Meg Whitman calls Romney HQ, asks Romney to reconsider "Thursday Movie Night". nt


Does this mean we don't have to hear from Mittens anymore?

So, it turns out that you CAN'T actually buy the presidency.

Thank you DU !!!!!!

FAUX is a'cryin' in their beer.....boooo hooooo

bet he wins Florida too.

Somebody send free republic a cookie

keep going west coasters! we need those seats

And the popular vote?

David and Charles Koch, Sheldon Adelson, and Karl Rove, Fuck You



It's official: This Country Is Moving FORWARD!

Does this mean Queen Anne won't grace my TV again?


Thank you Jesus!!!!!

Freeper tears...... they taste... so good!

Post here your fond farewells to Mitt Romney....

I told my 10year old son that he will remember and write essay about Pres Obama

I feel like a horrible person...

NBC says Oregon for Obama


Geeze... I've got the wrong station on (actually Mom does)

Buh-bye Romney. Buh-bye.

I am SO looking forward to Romney's next speech!

Gotta add Re-election to

America Rejects Romney.

Congratulations President OBAMA!!! YES WE DID!!!!!


They're celebrating in Kenya!

and the koch brothers can eat it!! nt

4 more years: Message to the GOP---- BITE ME!!!!!!

Congratulations President Obama and VP Biden and all the other dems that won tonight !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh those poor little FOX reporters are sooooooo close to tears. I am watching and loving it.

Hey Mitt, I don't give a crap about your tax returns. I don't care about you at all.

now, let's all collectively exhale

Tasty, tasty pug tears!

Yeah, Baby....

Fuck off you rich mother fucker!!!!!!! Welcome to the dust bin of fucking history!

Here is a picture of me with the next US Senator from Wisconsin

I can't tell you what a relief it is to me that Romney the Cretin lost..I was

Thank you Tweety, Big Ed, Rachel, O'Donnell, and Sharpton!!!!!

I just want to SCREAM SUCCCKKKKKKK IT to my racist, bigot, redneck, closed minded idiot FB "friends"

AhahahHahah look Romney supporters

I'll miss Mittens' baby steps.

What's most gratifying of all, is that while I live in the reddest of the red parts of Virginia,


Romney shakes his etch a sketch for the last time

Congratulations DU and the United States of America

Sadly I can't seem to get on to freerepublic?

Jon Stewart interviewing George Washington right now

Proceed your ass out the door

This is embarassing.

Now the Repubs slap their bibs on & commence dining on one another.

Now We Need To End The Filibuster In The....

I love it!!!

All those dispirited Republicans

America voted for Bronco and rejected Mittens. No surprise. nt

take that, sheldon adelson

from canada

Who will join me with a glass of bubbly, or the cheer of your choice, and say.....

Election results are hard work. I am suddenly so tired..


Koch Brothers, Adelson, shove your $$ up your ASS!!!!!!!

I'm Watching FOX And Loving It

Fox News pushing Romney lost because he was moderate.

The crowd in Chicago??? THE FACE OF AMERICA....

We beat Mitt AND Citizens United

Everyone just chill the fuck out... I've got this...

Hey Richie Richers, cough up yer tax money on that deficit right fucking now!

The West Wing was right! Romney only wrote one speech.

I never watch FAUX but I cannot resist...they are talking about Obama blaming Bush

How You Like Us Now?

Fox News now saying Romney was too

Fix the election system. No more long lines

SWEET RELIEF! I was confident, but you never know.

Obama is 4,000 votes ahead of Romney in VA 90.77% precincts reporting

I don't remember this much celebration across the country when

This is a victory for America

Screen cap of FR

Obama Fans, Check In

We did it!

Ben Selvin and the Crooners

Must I restrain myself from breaking into song when I go to work tomorrow around the RWer's?

I. Am. Ready. For. The. Concession. Speech.


Four more years

Will Mitt Actually Concede?

Waiting for the concession speech is like

So now I'm supposed to sleep?

Wow! ..... i feel numb!

Not to get ahead of myself but remember to vote in 2014.

Happy Days Are Here Again, starring FDR, JFK, and Barack Obama!

When will Mitt concede.

What's happening with the same sex marriage votes?

I'm So Happy Right Now

Nate Silver: "How You Like Me Now"

The election of Obama was historic. The REelection of Obama in this climate is TRANSFORMATIVE

Supreme Ct are you ready?

I drove ten hours round trip to vote today.

On Fox... Romney has doubts about the Ohio call..MUST SEE

I don't know that I've ever been this relieved to see a pro-corporate centrist re-elected!

Fox says Romney might contest Ohio

DeFazio 65-35 over Robinson, yoo hoo

Fox news is saying Romney doesn't agree with Fox's Ohio call. nt

Who else is watching FOX?

George Will just made a great point about immigration reform

Romney camp says call in Ohio is wrong

Romney camp DOUBTING Ohio result....from Faux.

CNN crew is crying

four years of maximum effort to prevent today from happening. EPIC FAIL, Turtlechin and Boner!

Washington Senate: Cantwell beats Baumgartner

i want to see romney's concession speech

Mitt's not conceeding

Time for this

Suck on my math Turd Blossom!!!


AWESOME! I just heard on NPR that 'The Empire State Building is entirely BLUE now'!

Obama proves tht you CAN'T LIE your way to the White House, even with all the money in the world!

Give me that picture of Obama with the grin on the phone!

the beer party put this up on my facebook page....

The Obama Campaign team may be the best strategists in the history of American

A little after 11 pm Eastern Time!


Who else teared up a little bit after it was called?

I'm Ready for Hillary 2016!

Rove now pushing - Only 74% in..."it's not over"...whatevah loser.

Rove is in deep denial right now on FAUX - lol!

FOX too!

Nate. Silver.

Rove claims Ohio not over

Congratulations President Obama!

Hillary 2016 !!!!!!

Karl Rove on Faux (couldn't resist) claiming Ohio is NOT settled....

Joe scum, it's called fucking MATH! You dumb asshole!

Karl Rove on Faux claiming Romney's still winning Ohio

Romney didn't write a concession speech? Ad-libbed meltdown?

Karl Rove is a dick

Thank you Obama for fighting for it!! Thank you Mitt Romney for being such a Asshat lying jerk!!

We were told no incumbent could win in this economy. Fuck you Wall Street analysts, and political

Fox News saying OH is going to be walked back

Drink up, everyone! This round is on me

The Decent Man...

Happy Days Are Here Again!!!

I have always been sensitive, it has become increasingly so lately...

For the first time in my life, I can't WAIT to hear Mitt Romney speak!

First time a president is elected on a marriage equality platform.

Good Gawd. We're stuck with R Pie Hole!

thank you to all the patriotic Americans that

Rove on Faux saying Obama hasn't won Ohio yet

Brian Williams calls out Citizens United!

Just cracked my bottle of champagne!

KKK rove pissing and moaning on faux.

On that note, let's keep our Freeper friends away from sharp objects

NBC: Romney to call Obama shortly to concede.

Karl Rove says, Not so Fast

hahah Fox is now saying the Repubs don't do well when they nominate a moderate

So what are going to rail about now that PBO has been re-elected?

Abby Huntsman: Has anyone heard from Karl Rove?

Was that Papa John Schnatter shown just now on MSNBC at the GOP? If so, FUCK YOU!

"A 'New Tomorrow'".... TODAY!!!

We've got the win. Now let the EV's pile up...spelling LANDSLIDE!

Sing along with me!

Why do CA, Or, and WA show blue with 0% reporting?

Poor Mitt…


A love letter from ALL of us to you, Michelle!!

Thank you, Mr. President! And Big Dawg!!!!

Cracked open the bubbly

So are we making our own versio of the "W-the President stickers?"

Karl Rove now needs to explain to his funders how he wasted their money

The Republican Party will die before admitting this country does NOT belong to white men.

WTH is KKKarl going on about!!! Fox News not satisfied. Let's say Fuck You!!


ok now that I can breathe again - a question

"Dogs across America howled in appreciation today for the defeat of the Anti-Dog-Owner, Mitt Romney"

Best night ever!!! Claire wins and Obama wins!

Ironic that Rove want all votes counted

Oh, we're sorry. Were you all saying you needed to get off of work before you could beat us?

Faux Noise doesn't want to concede. Says it's too soon. n/t


even faux agrees.....

Let's Not Forget CALIFORNIA

A big FUCK YOU to Fat Tony and his SCOTUS allies on the Citizens United decision!

Sleep well, Koch Brothers! WORST INVESTMENT EVER!

Bittersweet Victory!

Romney quotes tonight by the hour...

Bachmann barely up and NBC saying she's losing, The Horrible Allen West HAS LOST

Sleeper Story: Politico now has to be Nate Silver's Butler for a year

So, Florida is irrelevant?

CO and NV will do it without OH & FL

In other news: David Axlerod gets to keep his mustache and Morning Joe has to grow 1. nt

That Bowmore 15 yr. is tasting pretty smooth . . . .

FOX: Rove/Romney campaign not accepting Ohio loss yet...

Romney's not conceding. They don't believe OH is final. nt

Dear Mitt Romney: You didn't build that!

Whichever Democrat inherits Obama's ground operation will be Prez in '16

Has Tammy Baldwin won? n/t

Hey Joe Scum, math is fucking hard I guess! FUCK YOU!!!!!

I bet POTUS has called Mittens

Alll day the media the race was most tightest ever

Told you so!

Mitt's writing a new speech now.

Defeated Man Victorious

What the hell is Fox Doing?

The Diversity is amazing.

Now they are bringing up the popular vote...

Nate Silver is a fucking genius...

Thank you Bill Clinton.

Today is MY birthday

Which states haven't been called yet?

megyn kelly walking around being really hot right now

Oh, by the way.. DU?

What number do we have to hit for it to be considered a landslide? n/t

Looks like the final electoral tally will be well over 300,


Fox Investigating its own call for Ohio for Obama!

Let the Weenie crybaby have OH. O still wins 271 without it OR FL n/t

Don't tell me America voted for the secretly gay, Muslim, Marxist Kenyan guy...

anyone think romney won't concede?

Anyone else watching fox?

So RMoney's sending MCCAIN out to speak to his crowd?

Where's Drunken Irishman?

What's the over/under on the number of lies in Mitt's concession speech?

Update: VA Obama up 43781 with 94% in.

Take THAT Citizens United and the corrupt USSC members who thought they could buy the election.

Am I wrong to want to see a central or southern state go BLUE for a change?? n/t

Faux News is imploding...

People Power won the day over Big Money! Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

Crowd in front of White House chanting USA, USA!

And the President....

hey, anyone have info about emergency manager law in michigan

Since Obama is a Marxist,communist,Muslim terrorist, I hope Republickers can take a hint.

Romney chatroom, heads EXPLODING!

Colorado Becomes The First State To Legalize Marijuana



Fireworks outside here in Ann Arbor, MI nt

PHOTO: The Empire State Building Is Blue!

Obama has a mandate.

Obama picture: "I told you I had it!"

Tammy Duckworth vs. Dead Beat Dad Walsh?

LIVE RESULTS: Gay Marriage Winning So Far in Battle States

Any idea what the turnout was?

Fox is Actually Doing a Humanitarian Service

Jon Stewart Is Going To Have A Field Day With Fox News' Coverage Tonight

Control of White House, Senate, and House stay the same.

Hey, Myth, Can You Hear Us Chanting USA! USA! USA! Outside Your Wake?

So FOX calls Ohio...but ROVE has not. WTF??

Drunken Irishman got it pretty close...

Listen to the republican ass on CNN say President Obama needs to move more to the center.

Fiery Dem Alan Grayson to rejoin House


CBS: Nevada Goes To Obama

A message from Big Bird

Oreilly: "the white establishment doesn't understand that (black/latino/women) want stuff"

wtf Fox News? "When we practiced this before"....

Folks, if you're not watching this Karl Rove meltdown on Fox,

Dear Sheldon Adelson,

As strange as it may seem, TURN ON Fox News!

Eleventh. Dimensional. Chess.

Frankly, none of us thought it would go this well

Did Paul Ryan Win His Cong. Seat

Heads are exploding at Free Republic!

Romney's concession delayed

I'm sorry..but

This page from Freeperville is delightful! A troll even taunted them!

Annie Kuster takes a house seat in NH.

Miinnesota Congress Seat: Incumbent Cravaak (REP) is DOWN to the Nolan, the Dem challenger!

Anyone Hear from Dick Morris?

Sesame Street beats Wall Street...

All we're going to hear about now is he didn't win the popular vote

What about our ballot measures? nt

Thank you to all volunteers!!!

You ready Joe...

When will Romney concede?

Here's Mitch McConnell's Statement.....

Promising Freeper Quote?

NY CD 25: Slaughter 57% Brooks 43%

Anyone noticing the music

OBAMA has pulled ahead in VA!! by 39,693 votes with only 6.6% left to report


Want to have some fun? Look at Sam Wang's live blogging at Princeton

Virginia, North Carolina

Some warm congrats from Freeperland....

Virginia just turned blue

Romney is not conceding Ohio. n/t

Suffolk Calls NC, VA, FL For Romney, Will No Longer Poll States

Has Joe Walsh conceded yet? I'll bet that will ba a jackass speech.

msnbc...'romney not conceding ohio'

Rmoney NOT conceding Ohio! No surprise.

Rmoney not conceding Ohio per MSNBC. n/t

Humor: KKKarl Rove In Major Meltdown On Faux... Must See TV

News Flash: Romney campaign NOT conceding Ohio!

Watching CNN celebration I love the LOOK of my party

Supreme Court! Supreme Court! Supreme Court! That is all. nt

Anywhere that we can go to see the likely electoral final number projection?

Don't look now Mitt but Big Bird is flipping you off!

R-74 in Washington State (Marriage Equality): ahead with 52.61%

well romney is no john kerry on the ohio issue nt

Wha hahpen?

2nd best thing about tonight - I met a DUer!

...and may I add a Hearty FUCK YOU!, Karl Rove

America is moving FORWARD!

Maddow: "The Romney campaign is not conceding Ohio."

Drunken Irishman is my new best political prognosticator.

Romney not conceeding Ohio.

History Made in Colorado: Marijuana Reform Passes

ABC just projected President Obama to win Ohio

Washington state with 19% reporting....Gay marriage! Marijuana!

Tammy Baldwin Wins!

A message from my daughter concerning traffic today in downtown Chicago ...

KKKarl evidently melting down on Faux Snooze.

All networks called it but Rmoney says he isn't conceding.

Hey, Repukes/Freepers/bigots/homophobes??

CNN: Romney not prepared to concede!

Looks like they're going to use their Software Patch

Romney "not prepared to make a concession" according to CNN (10:43pm central)

And All Your Money Won't Another Minute Buy....

Kudos! A celebratory piece -

Glad to send Paul Ryan to the dustbin of history as a losing VP candidate



Should we feel sorry for Jon Husted, Ohio's Secretary of Suppression?

Great juxtaposition on Fox: pillsbury dough boy grasping at straws and a split screen of cheering

This is so great! Karl Rove arguing with Fox anchors now. nt

PHOTO: Binders full of women?

Blondie on FOX is fighting with ROVE

CNN: Romney not conceding, says it's too close to call

Rove just said on Ohio "we've had another call prematurely counted"

We will win Florida also. The repuke party can go to hell

Hubris. He wrote one speech.

Everyone at Fox "news" looks very sad now.

George Takei on Facebook:


Colorado Becomes the First State to Re-Legalize Marijuana

Note to John Boehner: Hell, Yes, we can!

Breaking News: Vaginas beat Assholes

I told you Romney wouldn't concede

BWAHAHAHAHA -- Fox hosts just called Rove crazy

Listening to the Romney election center

any news on Florida yet?

RW Talking Point: Obama has no mandate

Krauthamer (sp) just said Obama won, but he's got no mandate. My a**. He's got a mandate. nt

Charles Craphammer is whining his head off.

What is Florida doing

Most ironic post by a Freeper tonight.

David Gregory is a tool.

nbc network...david gregory is whining that this wasn't the win it was 4 yrs ago....bwahahahahahahaa

Mr. Rove...

Karl Rove May Be In Trouble with His Sponsors

Fox News Grills Decision Desk About Ohio Call On Live TV

Twitter....Andrew Sullivan: AMERICA FUCK YEAH!!!!!.......


Level 5, how bad is it.


I want inaugural tickets ????

Cheers from Ohio

VA: Prez up 47338 with almost 95% in.

Is Charles Krauthammer A Sore Looooooooooooooooosssssssseeeeeerrrrrrrrr?

John King to Romney... Yeah, Whatev: "Warm Up The Fat Lady" LOL!

Legal cannabis won in CO and is winning in WA

MSNBC Calls it for Jeff Flake in AZ, Heinrich (D) for NM

Bachman 50.7% Graves 49.3 %... 44% reporting

I'm buying stock in Gun and bullet companies

Several very vocal people are MELTING DOWN on my Facebook

Nevada's won.

Colorado, Washington Become First States to End Marijuana Prohibition in US (Recreational Use)

Politico Call it for Marriage in Maryland!!!! First state!!!!

CNN: Obama wins NEVADA

Damn, we're not going to have Mitt Romney to kick around anymore...

Congrats Congressman Alan Grayson!

Don't forget. Tonight we are not only electing a President for 4 more years...

Colorado goes Blue, because Obama still has more states to win.

John King just went through the outstanding votes in OH, FL, & VA. Most of it is Dem counties.

"If he was just a Kook..."

Donald Trump is calling for revolution, per Chris Matthews.

even faux news is defying kkkarl rove...

From freeperland: What in God's Name do we have to stop this relentless monster...

where can I find vote counts for president in swing states like FL and OH?

Have any more states

hahaha Chris just said on #MSNBC that Donald Trump is calling for a revolution

Personal note to Morning Joe: Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi, didn't matter as much as lying did

C'mon! Over 94% reposting in VA and FL. Call that shit!!!!

Romney Camp Not Ready to Concede Ohio

To the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adlelson...what a waste of money..I'm laughing now at you useless

Lanny Davis Reduced To Whoring For Faux As A Token Liberal Tonight

Obama is leading in Colorado, Virginia, Nevada and Florida... will add to his EC votes.... eom

HuffPo has it at 290 - 203 with Ohio...

Obama leading in all remaining swing states...LANDSLIDE COMING

Romney refuses to concede Ohio

The first time three Presidents in a row have won a second term since Jefferson-Madison-Monroe.

Is Willard's refusal to concede an example of the 'mental health' issues Ann referred to?

TPM Tweet: Tammy Baldwin projected winner in Wisconsin Senate race

Toad just said the President is winning in Virginia now!

Fox Is Like A Train Wreck

Come on....

Wish they would call CO & NV for Obama soon...

Anyone Call Nevada? It's O 54% to R 44% with 63% in.

The moral arc of the universe is long...

Why is CNN calling the US a center right country

Trump tweeting for revolution? did I hear that right? eom

Fox "On Air Talent" that is really

This isn't 2008

Nathon Fillion aka Castle on Twitter

Photo Jennifer Granholm just put on Facebook

Rove and Trump should be locked up.

Romney election center says there may be a civil war

politico has called CO for Obama

So what about Nevada, Colorado and Florida

Nate Silver Wins The Election..... All hail!

Obama currently at 290 with FL and VA still out and AK.

Unbelievable for anybody trying to call

VA is going to FLIP TO BLUE! Nate Silver was DEAD ON CORRECT!

Rove in meltdown on FOX right now!

Wow, watching Karl Rove sweating, explaining his major fuckup. This is fun!

Barone vs. Rove on Fox now n/t

HuffPost calls CO for Obama. Concede now, mitt?

John King is sounding like a right-wing tool "LOOK AT ALL THOSE RED COUNTIES!"

The President Leads. Everywhere. This might be awesome!

OHIO is an issue but...

A good night for Marriage Equality...

Chuck Todd just said that when all the votes counted Obama will win popular vote, too

CNN just showed the voting by the county, Texas was half blue.

MSNBC Chuck Todd predicts Obama will get the popular vote, too.

They gotta call Virginia soon...

So what about Nevada, Colorado and Florida

Heitkamp is slightly ahead in ND.

He should just fucking BURN Romney and go on stage to declare victory anyway.

McKenna losing to Inslee. Cantwell, Marriage Equality, Legalization win...

Well, we adopted a Maine Coon today.... this is ONE BIG CAT!

In a way, It would sort of be fun if we won in the Electoral College but lost the popular vote

Hey, Rmoney - Take Out OH's 18 EVs And OBAMA STILL WINS @ 282 EVs!

These fucking deranged idiots are calling for "Lexington and Concord"

Dan Maffei Ahead of Buerkle by 11%, Al Stirpe Wins! Valesky Wins!

Nevada and Colorado still look good: Scroll down. Another 14 electoral votes.

From a hugely tired Ohioan THANK YOU DU!

BREAKING: Barack Obama wins Nevada

Fox News Calls Nevada for Obama

Rove's walking it back

Scalia and Kennedy will both be 80 before the end of Obama's 2nd term, and Thomas will be 68

Rove is squirming

Reid Calls On Republicans To Drop Obstruction Strategy In Wake Of Senate Defeat

Chelation may help some heart patients: study

OBAMA IN VA EVEN FURTHER AHEAD NOW - 52,567 votes over Rmoney and less than 5% of votes to count

I think Rove's GPS was off a little bit...LOL!

Check out It's been hacked :)

Oh my! I sure hope Romney doesn't dump on Ann tonight.