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Editorial: Elect Mitt Romney president of the United States (Newsday)

What the heck is "soft secession"?

long island newsday endorses Romney in most incoherent editorial ever

Maybe it's just the fine California wine I'm drinking,

news said that Obama is estimated to lose 340K votes in Blue states due to storm

The GOP is the party of big oil. If big oil determines our future, we're wrecked

A recent southern caller (don't remember which state) to the Stephanie Miller Show

The wind farm that withstood Hurricane Sandy

My brand new election model

Washington Post 48-48 Today

You Know Who You Are!

Food for thought - Nate Silver tweeted this link - article of his from 2009

Clinton Absolutely Nailed Romney's Tone on the "Italians"

Bill Clinton coming back to MN

Colbert Jabs Rmoney Again

Jeez I was over at Freeptown

Obama 50-47 National PPP Poll

Washington Post, ABC Poll: Obama 48 (-), Romney 48 (-1)

anyone from PA- what crap is this 48-48 PA

Who Gangnam style?

The Architecture of Voter Suppression

Right now, I sort of wish I did live in Ohio, check out what they get on Monday!

Comparison Between PPP's 2008 and 2012 Final Poll of PA

President Obama in Springfield, OH - Full - November 2nd, 2012

Make Your Fundie Relatives' Heads Explode

Hot Liberals...

"2012 Election Voters: 5 Reasons to Stay Positive" by David Gergen at Parade

Funniest Left-Wing Bumper Stickers of 2012

Romney Campaign abandons press corp

New Columbus Dispatch poll: Obama 50, Romney 48 - Obama led by 10 in their last poll.

Storm was cruel to elderly who refused to evacuate

What's a clear sign that the Obama team knows that they have the numbers?

President Obama in Bristow, VA - Obama's Full Speech (28:16 mins)

President Clinton Introduces President Obama in Bristow, VA - Clinton's Full Speech (22:32 mins)

Obama’s Approval Rises in Superstorm Sandy’s Wake

Who will Defend Voting Rights?

So Tom Brokaw just admitted on MSNBC that "It's not going to be a mandate."

David Letterman: Al Capone Paid More Taxes Than Rmoney

Here's the deal:

Everyone can stop issuing endorsements - the only one that matters is now in!

Thanks to the internet, I can't look at this iconic image w/o thinking of something dirty

Gene Hackman knew homeless man he slapped in New Mexico, police say

A message from Joe Biden to Catholics for Obama

President Obama in Springfield, OH - Full - November 2nd, 2012

Happy Sunday.Two Days to Victory!

Trying to suppress votes (on either side)? You'll have to get past me first.


Daylight Saving Time 2012: Turn Your Clocks Back and Gain An Extra Hour Tonight

Most disturbing climate change video I have seen.

Clean Energy on the Ballot: Fossil Fuel Companies Spending Big to Defeat Michigan Initiative

How politics are pulling us apart - Detroit Free Press feature article

Nate is all updated: 306.9 projection, 85.1% chance of winning

President Obama in Green Bay, Wisconsin - Full Speech 11/1/2012

Classic skits from Monty Python

President Obama in Green Bay, Wisconsin - Full Speech 11/1/2012

Let us not count our chicks before they hatch.

Saturday Night Live's Opening Skit: Gov Bloomberg, Sign Language Lady, and Gov Christie - SNL

So, if you're staying home Tuesday night, glued to the tv, what will you be snacking on?

Guys For Women's Rights - OFA - November 2nd, 2012

Election 2012 - The Pundits are Stumped

This Is Your Brain On Politics: Neuroscience Reveals Brain Differences Between Repubs and Democrats

Romney’s Final Pitch On SNL: ‘Nothing I’ve Said In Past Should Be Any Indication Of My Positions...

SNL Tears Into Fox & Friends’ Obama-Bashing And Donald Trump’s $5 Million Offer

Accidental Shooting in Colorado - 14-Year-old Shooter Arrested Not the Gun Owner

Are they still voting in Miami-Dade????

Iran suspends Uranium enrichment

Federal Disaster Preparedness...

Eighty-freaking-five point 1. So says Nate. 85.1% of winning

Will Ferrell will do ANYTHING to get you to vote (for Obama)

our choice for America's future: Mitt Romney (NY Daily News)

Nate Silver's Update

85.1%! - Nate Silver Update 1 a.m. Nov. 4: Trend Continues UP for Obama

Is the GOP is willing to pull the election fraud trigger for Romney?

President Obama and Bill Clinton in VA tonight...

OmahaBlueDog has no clue (but you knew that already...)

Critical Insights: MAINE - (Obama +7); (King +16)

Medicine & Social Justice: Health is not a commodity. Let us get the language right


Question for CO Du'ers

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Saturday, November 3/Jack Rabbit's birthday)

Naomi Wolf: A Cure for America's Corruptible Voting System:

Live in North Texas, and I See NO Romney/Ryan Stickers or Signs

MA state republican senate candidate claims "Smurfs cause witchcraft"

Richie Cunningham vs. Cletus Spuckler?

NJ Residents Displaced by Storm Can Vote by Email

Cops: Newborn stabbed to death hours after birth

SNL Mediaite links


Obama has slight lead in electoral votes; Congress expected to remain status quo

Norwegian Woods

I am worried some nutty Tea Party gun nuts may become violent after Obama wins

Even Sandy Can't Stop New Yorkers From Being New Yorkers

Heads Up: Due to the time change tonight, your 'My Post' page list will be screwy for 1 hour

125,646,479 personal phone calls or visits

Romney Pitches In To Repair Thousands Of Downed Romney-Ryan Lawn Signs

Romney Endorsement

Nate's updated forecast: Obama at 85.1%

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Endorses Obama

Share it - "web videos are 30% to 50% more effective than TV ads"

It appears R$ has been taking his metamucil...

Peewee Herman endorses Obama. (Also, he likes frozen custard)

I'm going to sleep. Ask me ANYTHING!!!

Lost in Freeperville's dank, twisted logic? A convenient Venn diagram is here to save your day!

The Crimson Tide Factor?

Iowa poll gives Obama a 5-point edge

Obama rallies with Bill Clinton in Va.

Obama seems to have early vote lead in key states

Just for fun

Jon Husted Isn't Bad for Ohio. He's Bad for Democracy.

any news on joe the dumber vs Mary Kaptur..Ohio ( Kuncinich's ol seat)

Actual ABC News picture of a sign at an Ohio Romney rally: WE ARE ROMULANS

Martin Bashir: Can't hit 270, Romney hits Obama on religion.

I am your reason to support marriage equality - You *must* watch this!

I am your reason to support marriage equality - You *must* watch this!

The Romney's: American Psychos....

The Ultra-Rich will NOT 'learn their lesson' after this election.

(Video) How to talk to your crazed RW Obama-hating family members. #1 List. #2 Ask questions.

Weather report for Tuesday in Democratic-leaning areas...

Why Romney’s Not Talking About Benghazi Anymore

"Million Muppet March" Descends On Capitol Hill

President John F. Kennedy Reminds You to Vote November 6th (PSA)

George Lakoff: Yes, Global Warming Systemically Caused Hurricane Sandy

Some Dare Call It Treason

President Obama: We repeat, he's bringing America back ( Pittsburgh Post-Gazette )

Romney campaign logo eerily similar to copyrighted logo of UK shoe company

Cartoon: Romney Deals with FACTS!

Poetic Justice? Wednesday Morning Popular Vote Count: Obama---53% Mittens---47%


Anyone read Stephen King's "11-22-63"?

Happy end of Daylight Savings Time, 2012

Drag queens: ‘Real women’ don’t vote for ‘Rusty-Hanger Romney’

Cher on GOP’s war on women: ‘This is sick stuff’

I drove through Bachman's district today....whew...

Listen to law enforcement officials, revisit Castle Doctrine

Bill Maher's message to Romney voters

Comedy songs

Better lunch companion: Obama or Romney?

Cop in Mall Gun Discharge Fined

Gun show injuries prompt concerns

Officer held pending dangerousness hearing

Synaesthesia and savant syndrome: are we all superhuman?

Early voting turnout in North Carolina EXCEEDS 2008!

WTF - the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists is banned from the Science Forum?

Haaretz endorses Obama, calling him 'good for Israel'

The Romney Death Stench Grows: Ryan Allies Leak His Post-Loss Plans

union: raley's talks break down, strike called

I'm sorry, but I just don't see this excitement that the Pukes supposedly have...

How many forums can we post an article to?

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Grace And Elegance Edition

I will not be subjected to criminal abuse.

"This is what champions do. They keep fighting." - TM

Last-Minute Ohio Directive Could Trash Legal Votes And Impact The Election

Democracy Danger Signs: Mitt Romney's 800+ Vetoes as Mass. Governor

Contractors file $900M suit over nuclear reactors

Ducks offense shatters records in 62-51 win...

Cold hits storm victims ahead of election

Glens Falls Post-Star (upstate NY) endorses Obama

San Diego media baron promotes conservative causes

Washington Journal today - who will win and why?

Anyone saw this from ABCNews? Romney rises in favorability; Obama pushes back with Intensity

NBC News ‘unskews’ its own poll in response to right-wing criticism.

Are U.S. Elections Cleaner Than Ukraine’s?

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday Nov 4th

Meningitis-Related Pharmacy Recall Worsens Drug Shortage

Funny. Look at the silhouette on this page

Make your fearless forecast for Tuesday!

Know Your Mushrooms

The Obama campaign in NC says Romney will have to carry

A Few Words For My Republican Friends

GOP : Women's Only Option Is A Full Quiver Of Children Serving Under Her Man.

You really should listen in on the calls to Washington Journal right now...

Do you think Romney knows they are done?

Other than the Presidential contest, which races will you be watching most closely on Tuesday?

I'm going to church this morning

Pennsylvania Report Left Out Poisons In Drinking Water Near Fracking Site

Obama will celebrate his win at McCormick Place in downtown Chicago--I'll be there...

While winning the House is a tough climb, will we gain some seats? I think 5-10 seats.

This is REALLY pissing me off

Vietnam, Afghanistan: War, Karma, and Peace

Thank you Democratic Underground for being here.

What will the GOP aftermath be after Barack wins on Tuesday?

Re The Susquehanna (R) Poll That Shows O And R Tied In PA

Careful Observations Reveals Romney As A Dangerously Deluded And Amoral Human Being

Did the R's go for the rapists' vote?

a little "cut 'n' paste" ASCII art from Facebook-

I've got a theory about conservative Christians

It just occurred to me why the GOP is sooo rabidly against abortion

Are you watching the polls today?

‘OK, Fine. Shoot Him.’ Four Words That Heralded a Decade of Secret US Drone Killings

"That universe is driven by electromagnetic energy carried on vast plasma currents"

Look at this Daily Kos diary from someone who waited 9 hours in line to vote in FL

Far from random, evolution follows a predictable genetic pattern, researchers find

Democrats Leaving Mail Ballots on The Table

Joe Biden: "It’s Mitt Romney’s favorite time of year"

Upholding Democracy, Ballot by Ballot . | . NY Times Editorial . | . The Struggle to Cast a Vote

Reports say Tibetan artist sets himself on fire in latest self-immolation protest

Sunday's Doonesbury - How Quickly We Forget

What a second-term Obama can — and can’t — accomplish

BIDEN: " It's Mitt Romney's favorite time of the year because he gets to turn the clock back."

White Woman in Pickup Truck Gave Obama Supporters Clandestine Thumbs Up Her Husband Couldn't See

Ningbo protest, response both typical of China’s environmental debate

Why mid-term and off year elections are important

Blindfolded boy selects the next leader of the Coptic Christian church

Mitt Romney’s campaign insults voters


Obama will win re-election with between 303 and 347 EVs. Senate a wash. House +14.

Central Florida's early voting strong despite bomb scare

My posts aren't being counted

On Election Day, I will be working for President Obama to protect your vote. What will you be doing?

In response to the republicans posting this stupid facebook picture...

Mother of bi-racial boy-letter to Obama: Thank you on behalf of all mothers of mixed-race children

Re: The ABC POll And The Battleground Poll That Showed A Tied Popular Vote* Race

BWHAHAHAHAHAHA - Irony: Registered Republican Tries to Vote Twice, GETS ARRESTED!!

If you're coming to see Obama on Monday, join the Sing Along!

New Poll: Increased Youth Turnout Expected on Election Day

I received a GLBT bumper sticker out of Chicago yesterday. I'm not gay, but I put it on my car.

Are Indies Coming Back to Obama?

Michael Tomasky on the Coming Post-Election GOP Freak Out

FRUM: Vote out Obama ---or else "Republicans will go completely ape and destroy the country."

Baltimore Sun: Obama for President

close ups

2012 ad blitz: big money, smaller audience

Lets be honest. If Obama loses Ohio, there will be no reason to ever look at polling data again.

POLITICO/GWU Tracking Poll - TIE (Obama 48, Romney 48)

Clackamas County Election Office calls police on Democratic Party Canvassers

New poll shows Warren leading Brown

DOONESBURY: "Do They Think We Don't REMEMBER Who Screwed Us Over & Hollowed Out The Middle Class?

You can thank Gov. Rick Scott and Republicans for increased absentee ballot rejections in Florida

Too close to call?

PRO-SEAMUS Contingent: "Our Mommies Voted"

Bales case steps out of shadows

As President Obama and Mitt Romney fight for the White House, the nation’s divisions loom large

Sunday Update: Nate Silver Makes Obama 85 Percent Favorite - Salon

how much money did faux news raise for 'sandy' hurricane victims?

Who gets the blame for Romney losing the election?

The Poll Troll Has The National Race Tied (Day 3)

End Times for Michele Bachmann?

DEAR TRADERS: The 'Biggest Political Risk' In The World Is Looking More And More Possible

Irish Betting Site Calls Race Early — Pays Out Obama Victory Bets Two Days Early

Baydoun/Foster (D) is out with another one of their bizarre polls for Michigan

Ras Poll of Indiana: Obama is doing respectable there

President Obama: 'Their bet is on cynicism. They figure they can outlast you.'

MITT hid 11 to 15 MILLION from the auto bailout in Ann's "blind trust"- Violating Federal Ethics Law

Mitt's Energy Advisor Harold Hamm All Over North Dakota, Busily Spilling, Drilling & Fracking

BREAKING: @chucktodd will debut new NBC/WSJ poll number-Nationwide: Obama 48%-Romney 47%

Guardian - Scotch Pine Likely Next In Line To Fall To Twin Invasive Disease Threat

Bulletin: German nuclear exit delivers economic, environmental benefits

My answer to today's right-wing Facebook meme

Get your ticket to see President Barack Obama, Bruce Springsteen, and Jay Z in Columbus, Ohio


UK Science Boss Called On Carpet: Abortive Plan To Shut British Antarctic Survey, Other Screwups

Occupy Sandy: OWS Comes to the Rockaways

I got this from FaceBook.

*DESPICABLE* FL GOP mailer portrays teacher-candidate as Sandusky: b/c unions = child rape (pics)

No 'Leak' links: US National Archives blocks searches containing ‘WikiLeaks’

Working on the Republicans I know

Tyndall Center Director Anderson: Rapid Emissions Reduction Hard: 4-6C Far, Far Worse

Loved how Bill Clinton called Mitt out on this one!

Demoted For 'Lack of Faith,' Worker Claims

Unlike the Chains, Local Businesses Stay Open in Sandy’s Wake

Getting psephological

A rightie just posted this on my wall when I called bullshit on Ohio vote flipping

Was cleaning out a closet this AM

Getting On The Train: Ridership Highest Ever For Amtrak As Reinvestment Arrives For Some Services

Nelson leading Mack by +6

Joe S. still standing by his man on MTP

Axelrod: My Mustache Is Not Going Anywhere

Haley Barbour: Sandy Stopped Romney's momentum, was good for Obama

TPM has it a tie?

Axelrod: Romney’s ‘Behind And Not Catching Up’

Need to know more than this? - Ryan Plans "An Activist Vice Presidency That Would Look Like Cheney's

Final national NBC/WSJ poll: Obama 48%, Romney 47%

Italian PM: We will not desert Afghanistan

David Gregory has loaded his panel with repubs as usual

Phone Hacking: New Texts Between Rebekah Brooks, David Cameron Released

Please America

Charlotte Observer: Extremism will be what costs Romney this election

Portman "Dems will work with Romney to solve nations problems"

Final WNE Poll: Elizabeth Warren holds 4-point edge over Sen. Scott Brown

Noam Chomsky expresses solidarity with Kudankulam protesters

One candidate wants redistribution of income?

A few random comments

President Obama Rallied 24,000 In Virginia

Bush’s top-secret Cayman Islands speech: ‘You’re welcome, America’

Had a voice mail from the Obama campaign that I'm confused about.

Where the Candidates are today...

America’s Leftward Tilt?

TW w/George S: Presidential predictions: Unanimous Obama

Could someone with more information then I ...

It`s the canned peas, stupid.

just paint a big S on my forehead.

Check in if your PERSONAL welfare will be affected by a Romney victory

Freepers think they're taking the Senate.

Koch's AFP Complains about Gas Prices, but Koch Speculation Helps Fuel High Prices at the Pump

Today in Peace and Justice history on November 4, 1995

Charlotte Observer: The self-inflicted Republican affliction

In These Last Days - Please Provide Info To Me To Convince Some Repug Friends To Vote For Obama.....

From the NYTimes: Planning your Election Day Party

Raley's, Nob Hill grocery workers (California) go out on strike

Rape and the US Military

Florida Democrats have filed a Federal Lawsuit asking for extended early voting hours

US Air Force struggles with aging fleet

Rasmussen: Obama Job Approval at 51 percent

Nate changed some of his state swing state prediction percents last night ....

Something that is really making me nervous about this

Remember Where We Were Eight Years Ago

I know I am venting, but HOW MANY RIGHTIES are in our UNIONS???

Hearing Set for US General Charged With Sex Crimes

DOE: Expected Chu departure sparks second-term speculation

Can Someone Please Explain This Sigline to me, Thanks

This election I'm a one issue voter as all women should be


Final WNE poll of MA--Obama +18

MITT's Storm Tips

Report from Florida on Saturday, the last day of early voting

Really, enough of the handwringing and paranoia. TeamObama has tons of lawyers on the case. Enough.

"I'm In" by Roy Zimmerman

Shock, shock: Rasmussen 49-49

I have a serious dilemma

Did I just hear Ed Gillespie in This Week say that Pres. Obama is running on revenge?

Watching Mad Men

On 11/9/12 Ruth Bader Ginsberg will announce retirement.

Don't miss the pre-election edition of "Making Sense with Steve Leser" today at 12pm EST

Voters In Miami-Dade Can Cast Ballots On Sunday

Why the hell is CBS News resurrecting birther crap -today-?

Jim "Mad Money" Cramer has it O-440EV R-98EV

Thousands in Concord to see the Presidents! (14k! Largest Rally in NH History)

If voter suppression prevails, can President Obama win without Florida and Ohio?

Do not disturb

Ashley Judd to run against Mitch McConnell in 2016?

What are you doing with your extra hour today?

what did the final polls say in '08 and how accurate we're they? also.....

"I cannot tell a lie" . . .

I can't put my finger on it. What Forum does this video remind you of?

irs not enforcing rules on churches and politics

Dollar stores in multi-million dollar neighborhoods.

Looking for a good video editing software

Economic terorrism

Have I Got That Right?

If Obama wins FL, OH, VA, or CO: Romney loses.

What was it like here 4 years ago

Some really really really really bad news...for the Mittster.

Keiser Report: Fraud by Day, Fraud by Night

All right, enough already

The Vandalism on 2 Powell offices:

Federal Mandate/Law On Voting Regulations

Republican Congress used to be an Oxymoron

Political Activity By Religious Groups Continues Unchallenged As IRS Not Enforcing Rules

How secure is your electronic vote?

About the vandalism at Wayne Powell's office (cantor challenger)

President Clinton live in Concord, NH

Woody Harrelson pushes tree-free paper

Princeton Update: Probability of Obama re-election: Random Drift 98.2%, Bayesian Prediction 99.9%

Tampa Bay Times tweet: Florida extends early voting (in select counties)

Wrestlers Have Better Bets When They Lose

I don't always do "cute" but when I do, I pull out all the stops

The Perfect Toon For Today !!!

Storm Sandy: Cuomo and Bloomberg warn on NY housing

Something really annoying about technophobes I have noticed...

Two officers killed as Atlanta police helicopter crashes amid search for missing child

Guardian - "US election: an Obama win is the best outcome for all"

The Greatest October Surprise

The Women for Powell will be joining Wayne this morning at 11 a.m

Abortion issue galvanizes voters in battleground Ohio


Liberal Mormons: A minority within a minority

Old Snow

The 538 graphs are nearly as far apart as they have ever been. Check this out.

Tuesday America Could Die of Its Original Sin...ironic

Nate Silver Nowcast: 87%, 307 EVs

Based On Maher's Joke, Not Racist Tea Party Prepares For Race War

Florida Democrats file lawsuits over early voting

Is anybody else completely nerding out?

I'm sure everyone has read a job description that ends with the catch all phrase:

This Week Panel Predictions

Democrats Leaving Mail Ballots on the Table

If you are prone to worry about Ohio being stolen, familiarize yourself with the Virginia Parlay

The Uses of Big Government

Joy Reid. If you want to know everything there is to know about voter suppression, she is the expert

'Oh, Hi —- Oh, No…' - tbogg (Teh Stupid... Is Really Really Painful)

Ok... I just got an e-mail thanking me for voting early. I didn't.

Romney blew in on a hurricane and he will blow out on one

Eleventh-Hour GOP Voter Suppression Could Swing Ohio (The Nation)

Migas con chorizo y queso.

All this talk about Ann Romney looking teary-eyed, but I have not seen photos. Who has a photo?

Intrade: Presidential Election 65.8% to 34.%

I just typed "Mitt Romney is" into Google, and look what Google suggested as searches...

2012 Election (Miami, FL) - Long line for early Voting


Bipartisan public dogpile on Karl Rove.

Besides Obama winning, what OTHER races are you anxious to see the results of on Tues?

Are republicans trying to destroy the world?

George Will is spinning furiously this morning

Mitt Romney insults the American electorate one last time

Wednesday Morning conservative quarterbacking.

An answer to the "Voting is for suckers/doesn't matter" mindset in 32 quick seconds.

Three things that campaigns say when they know they are losing.

FEMA has 9,106 disaster assistance employees. Only 770 get federal health insurance (WaPo)

Deadbeat Romney campaign continues to stiff locals for appearances.

Interesting Tweet from Nate Silver, Good news......

"the media is guilty for pushing storm of century meme."

That's the ticket!1 BecKKK is Mittens' secret weapon for infecting Xtian Fundies

Cool web page! shows you the elevation of any location in the world.

Judge Orders 1 Fla. County to EXTEND Early Voting

WA State paper reports lawsuit of UAW/Crew charging Romney with profiteering

Are ballot questions "voter suppressive"?

Least successful Tory leader ever says "Let's lose the next election too"

Ohio Republican Secretary of State sued over order to discard provisional ballots

Millions descend on Capitol Hill..

I feel like my voting will actually make a difference this year.

Chinese party plenum closed. Congress about to open...

Played before Obama event in VA last night.

DUers calm your nerves - 100m winner might hold clue to US presidency - Bolt to the finish!!

saw a huge romney sign at a company

The Numbers are Trending Our Way

Jack Connelly is getting super creepy in Tacoma


Pissed-off Sunday Dento-political Thread: MTP almost caused me to lose my breakfast...

Should Failed Pundits Retire After Their Punditry Is Proven Useless?

Obama rally ends with Fleetwood Mac's "Dont Stop Thinking About Tomorrow"


For the freepers............Obama has 2500 lawyers on the ground in Ohio.

Here is Obama's schedule til the election, if anyone is interested: Ohio, nh, Iowa, Wisconsin, colo

America’s Leftward Tilt?

This story is powerful from a OFA field worker


Shell's Natural Gas Marketing Aiming Squarely at Nuclear Energy Sweet Spot

Robocall in Mass. says election is Wednesday

PPP Final President, Senate & Governor Polls for Missouri

More Zogby Polls Out FL R+2, OH O+8, VA O +6

a biography of the day--evelyn "mama bird" johnson

FL Legislature Erases Key Item in History of Bush v. Gore

Electric Car Sales Increase 228 Percent

Reporting That Makes You Stupid

today in women's herstory

Juddhead Gregg (R) has Hissy Fit as Obama thrills Granite Staters

RRRAAATTTSSS!! The rats are starting to flee the sinking S.S. Romney.

some quotes of the day--hannah arendt

Morning Call/Muhlenberg Poll of PA Obama +3

VP Joe Biden: "Presidential elections are first and foremost about character..."

Last night I watched some Youtube videos of reactions when Obama was pronounced

I know this man.

Oh, my. No way!

Dont Forget Tonight "Seal Team Six" Movie

It's ridiculous what people have to go through in order to vote.

One thing is most certain from this election...

Alex Twit said a new poll in PA is tied at 47% is this true?

GM Helped Bain Capital Profit By Giving Funding To Struggling Parts Supplier Owned By Bain - HuffPo

The big surprise on tuesday maybe the loss of house seats for the repuks

Oops Ann Rmoney is scaling back campaign stops

omg I ate too much pizza and peach pie last night....

Undefeated Pleasant Beach FB team works this weekend to help community

PPP Final Montana poll: Romney +7; Tester +2 Gov race tied

Cheating to Win

Pitbull the Cuban American Megastar to perform with Obama in Florida Sunday

85.1%... um, Eighty-Five point one percent... did I say EIGHT-Y-FIVE-POINT-ONE PER-CENT?

Report: Iran Claims Production Of New Advanced Hovering Drone

You think Linus has done his annual "Walk of Shame, Embarrassment & Disappointment" back home yet?

What are the chances for a Democratic win in the House of Representatives?

Where is that manipulating Katherine Harris who was rewarded for her

Dashing Republican Hopes

a note about the Susquehanna PA poll

British have invaded nine out of ten countries - so look out Luxembourg

Help needed on Senate filibuster

Any of MSNBC's top shows (Tweety, Ed, Rachel, Lawrence) gonna be LIVE today?

BULLSHIT! Eric Cantor Claims He’s Never Seen Romney’s Deceptive Jeep Ad

The three G's pretty much make up the cornerstone of what the Republican party believes

Time for George Will to retire

NY Times Editorial: "This Year, Voting Is An Act of Defiance Against Malicious Forces"

Two Stunning Covers, One For New York Magazine, One For The New Yorker...

Why do I keep hearing on MSNBC that the battleground states are a dead heat?

"Chris Murphy is likely to be the new Senator from CT"!

Please help with Veteran/Housing information or articles

Questions and confusion about exit polls, results announcements?

URGENT: Verification of Recent Transactions Required

Get those ballots in!

Mitt Romney's campaign is finally admitting to itself that the election has slipped away

Pictures of massive Obama Rally in VA last night

Muppet Movie - The Rainbow Connection

Is it too early to talk about election day weather?

5-year justifiable homicide levels remain steady

Judge orders early voting extended at site in Fla. where suspicious package caused delays

DU's next activism effort: Get rid of Governors and SoS of Ohio and Florida

Bill Clinton coming to University of Pennsylvania Monday...

Early voting extended in parts of Florida

Obama leads 50-47 nationally

A Few Words For My Republican Friends

Florida GOP links elementary teacher to Jerry Sandusky

I got a couple of bets going with right-wing family members.

Emergency Lawsuit Filed In Florida Over Long Lines At Early Voting (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Is Ohio Nearly A Wrap for Obama?

Hello- nt?


Updated !!! - PPP Poll... Obama Appears to Have Momentum... And A 3 Point Lead NATIONALLY...

Brit Hume: Polls Showing Romney Losing Are 'Puzzling'

Apparently Ras was the most reliable in 2008

The candidates are the same nonsense....

"I welcome their hatred."

Romney up by seven in Arizona.

Fareed Zakaria. You Wasted All That Time To Get A PhD To Say This Election Is A Nailbiter

Robocalls in Massachusetts..

The Republicans have not won a free and fair presidential election since 1988

Another Ohio robocall

Robocalls in Massachusetts..

Nate Was Just On CNBC With Maria Bartiromo (Smackdown time!)

Some Of You Keep Sweating Ohio But...

National polls are for suckers and Republicans

Biggest Euro bookie concedes Obama win, pays winners 400,000 pounds!

Nate Silver on PA

Politico has raised

What's Romney Going to Say in His Concession Speech?

Im not sure what the hell is going on

Anecdote from the field: Catholic Priest from my very red hometown all but endorsing Obama

29,104,832 Americans have already voted.

"Would I lie to you?"

For all my friends who are voting for the GOP because of the founding fathers?

Occupy Sandy volunteer talks about encounter with the national guard, the police & other adventures

a photo editor's tribute to Lydia Callis (Bloomberg's ASL translator)

So, I see Obama is up in the NBC poll...

Divine Intervention and Legitimate Rape

Four out of Five ABC pundits calling it for the President.

If PBO wins NH and VA, can Romney still win? n/t

Sam Wang of Princeton Election Consortium to be on CNN today (see inside)

Politics in church -

Murdoch's News Corp. owns the NY Daily News and it shows...

Election day WEATHER? Looks good for us.

I just got a "Get-out the vote, do you need a ride to the polls?" call from a group supporting

UNIONS Claim Romney PAYING THE PRICE For Labor Fights In Ohio, Wisc

I just googled myself and found a picture of me that is only in my personal photo

New York Faces Long-Term Housing Concerns After the Storm

PPP's Arizona polls was a bit of a let down

Hollywood FL miles and miles for President Obama!

Harper's, 2005: no constitutional recourse, should it be proven, finally, that the wrong guy “won.”

Romney’s Worst Nightmare Comes True, the Media Reports He’s Losing

You know how Obama hung back in the debate and let Romney rant, lie and hang himself?

how long has it been since romney has answered a question from the media?


If Hell on Earth IS created next Tuesday, liberal Christians have faith in a backup plan.

So I'm sitting there in the MRI, trying to not laugh...

Remember: Job #1 For Rove = Rove Gets Paid FIRST

Obama Sets New Hampshire Political Record - HuffPo

Puerto Rican vote for statehood leads with 48%.

Mainstream media, how on earth is this race too close to call and one of the closest in years?!?!?!?

Another feelings thread: How are you feeling about your vote on Tuesday

Final National 2004 NBC-WSJ poll: Bush -48% Kerry 47%

Christmas Eve dinner - I need something that I can prep ahead and leave in a crock pot

new romney tatoo!!!!

Mark Cuban offers Trump one million dollars to shave his head for charity

You know who will really look stupid Wednesday? The guy with the face tattoo.

Very uplifting music video. One of the best I've seen.

Concession speeches: McCain

Romney= Cirque de lune.

Dammitall, I'm starting the festivities early!

Massachusetts Democratic voters are getting anonymous robo-calls telling them to vote on Wednesday

Cher & Kathy Griffin - Don't Let Mitt Turn Back Time On Women

On Election night use this link to plug in each state Obama wins to see EV Count & point he wins!

ohio early voting..

X. Gravis Working Group: Douglas Kaplan confirms our charges he is not a pollster.

My 6 AM flight out of JFK this morning


NJ Orders Paper Ballots for Powerless E-Voting Sites; Also Allows Email, Fax Voting; STATE UPDATES


The Salvation Army, LGBT rights, and a little something you can do

President Clinton will be at Montgomery Cty Community College, Blue Bell, PA Mon. 11/5

Don’t Let The GOP Blame Sandy - Salon

Red Cross issues annoyed statement about Romney “relief” donations

Operation Caymans very funny

Democrat Pelosi focused on U.S. election, mum on her future

I don't want President Obama just to win ~

Robert Redford: American Determination and Climate Change

How does your ballot look?

From Facebook: Lefteous Indignation, Embassy Attacks

My final election predictions and more! Archive of today's show "Making Sense with Steve Leser"

And the family political feuding heats up...check this

South Florida County Extends Early Voting — But Only In One GOP Stronghold

Behold the Surging Republican Party... from 25% to 24%

Somebody Is Producing Biased Polls And Isn't Pro Democratic Pollsters

....and this one goes out to Mitt and his rowdy band of Miscreants..

Find myself in the mood for some Pretenders this morning...

Paul Ryan looks deflated.

Having this today

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Orange County Early Voting Hours Extended Sunday Following Judge's Ruling

ROFL !!! - 'David Plouffe Throws High And Inside At Karl Rove' - HuffPo

Voter suppression on Univ. of South Florida campus . . .

somebody made a song about Comic Sans font

Is there any way to compare Nate's forecasts now and in 2008?

In line to see Bill Clinton. Doors open in 5.5 hours

Favorite song about deodorant?

I keep hearing from RWers that President Obama is or wants to take away their rights

If Rmoney Needs More Votes, Can't He Just "Pull Up His Bootstraps" To Get Them?

OH/PA vs FL/NC Has it been hijacked? What's the deal here?

You'll have to forgive me...

Mitt Romney’s Delusions of Victory

Question about Nate Silver...

Lessons from the Storm (Though San Diego Centric, might be useful)

What's the longest you have been on hold?

November 7, 2012--A day that will live in infamy...

Is Romney about to cry?

Reuters/Ipsos: Obama 48, Romney 47

Fun that Rmoney-Lyin' are well on the way to losing ALL their home states

Biden says EV will not even be close

Oh,the NRA just scared me!

Just A Quick Thought On Pennsylvania And RMoney's Hail Mary There...

Election Forecast Summaries: 11/4 (afternoon)

What's your 2012 Presidential Election Anxiety Level?

Ralston calls Nevada for Obama but still unsure about the Senate race.

"SEAL Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden" premieres...

More political commentary on FB

hazelnuts, chestnuts, or??

Palestinian Cars Vandalized In Apparent Hate Attack

An extra day of voting possible in New York

Romney concedes Nevada is Obama's.

Judge Orders 1 Fla. County to Extend Early Voting

Louisville Courier-Journal (KY's largest newspaper) Endorses President Obama

Bizarre combination of bumper stickers I saw on a car a couple of days ago.

Check out this piece from about Powell's campaign

Steroid Company’s Political Ties Surface As Meningitis Outbreak Worsens

Willard Romney Is Now A 1000-1 Underdog

UAW chief: Auto ads hurt Romney

Big Bird Votes Obama

Catholic turnout for Obama

George Jonas: Hating Israel, each for their own reasons

President Of Florida-Based Company Threatens To Fire Employees If Romney Loses

Miami Dade Stops Early Voting

One sign of progress - haven't seen anyone bring up the "Bradley Effect"

Need recommendations for sound bars. My new TV has a great picture but the audio totally sucks.

Absolutely insane line to vote in Columbus, Ohio - pic

We are back to Obama's base isn't as motivated

Miami Dade is out of absentee ballots

Summing up Nate Silver's Closing Argument

WIRED - "In Defense of Nate Silver, Election Pollsters, and Statistical Predictions"

Secularise Jesus' story and watch his relevance grow

Simulation: The First 48 Hours After An Iran Strike

Has anyone else read "Unorthodox" by Deborah Feldman?

Links to watch Sundays campaign speeches live online....

our voting machines had a printed record on the side to record our votes

Miami-Dade shuts down in-person absentee voting after crowds line up outside

BREAKING: Miami-Dade People shouting, demanding to vote!!!

Just turned in my Absentee ballot.

Catholic Democrats urge parishes to be nonpartisan

People who post stuff like that should be ashamed of themselves

Pew Poll: Obama 50 (+3), Romney 47

(PEW)Obama Gains Edge in Campaign's Final Days: Obama 50% - Romney 47%

Herman Cain Reaches Out To Conservatives Still Not Feeling Romney (VIDEO)

Romney becomes first candidate in 16 years to decline youth debate

Out of the mouths of very smart babes....


Election Fraud, November 6 - Watch for Vote Flipping and Fixed Exit Polls

RMoney is on my tv lying again. Two more days and its stfu day.

Hie thee to LBN for breaking: Mittens paid NO taxes. Our CRACK journalists were too busy for 2 yrs

Brokaw and Gregory were deifying Rmoney's lies in that first debate

A video for anyone who still needs some inspiration.

Obama is now up, or tied, in 9 of 11 national polls...

Obama Camp Condemns 2nd Romney Sen. Ad Backing Candidate W/ Controversial Position On Rape, Abortion

Mitt Romney's campaign is finally admitting to itself that the election has slipped away

Shall we just give Christopher Walken the Oscar now?

Elizabeth Warren just got a good luck call from Air Force One.

Can someone explain to me how it is possible for a Catholic cleric to be on teevee in a political ad

Texas High School Band depicts Obama, Romney and Big Bird---racists in uproar (Obama support)

Cannot wait for my favorite Gallup poll today or tomorrow

Well if the Redskins rule is real, we're about to lose...

Miami-Dade to resume in-person absentee voting after temporarily shutting it down

Democrats Sue to Extend Florida’s Early Voting.

Olmert: Netanyahu bolstered Hamas

Obama Takes Lead In National Pew Poll - HuffPo

The Pendulumnity of MSNBC - the Whiplash Network

Not looking good for the 'Skins... Now I'm really getting nervous for Tuesday...

The republicon party is evil. I am sick of their bullshit

Remember "Hocus Pocus" by Focus?

We Need To Flood Tweety, Ed, Rachel, Martins Larry and Rev Als Email...

Krugman: You're Stupid If You Think It's Close

Just signed up for my first phone banking!

Big Ed last night mentioned the Ohio software patches

F**k Fox News, they just bought up Impeachment

the Pew poll polled over 3800 people

Fox "liberal" Doug Schoen, sitting beside Pat Caddel, just said...

Election fraud in the US? The death of the Republicans' Web Wizard


MSM- The crowds aren't as large-

A lesson in NEVER giving up -- 221 pounds gone and below 300 for first time in over 20 years.

MSNBC: Founding Fathers did not want this divisiveness.

Funny rMoney pic

Maryland Priest Supports Marriage Equality

N.Y. Marathoners Run to Help in Storm-Ravaged Staten Island

David Plouffe Lays Some Smack On Karl Rove

I'm Not Gonna Cut And Paste This One... Just A Link... But Please Read To The End... If You Choose

Pew Poll: Obama has more strong support.

Secretary of "Explaining Stuff" - I vote Big Dawg!

Cuyahoga county has lines that are 5 fucking blocks long.

Sun 12:11 PM Miami-Dade shuts down voting UPDATE: Will reopen for voters in line by 5pm

Lets brainstorm how to keep people in line to vote.

Tired of the Republican Ads on here....

So using a Tax shelter, Romney paid zero taxes from 1996 to 2009...

NC going blue!

SUGGESTIONS for when you vote either early or on Tuesday:

Pittbull is speaking now......

Need a link please

Tuesday voting can be IMPOSSIBLE for working folks -- Look at them fighting to vote early!

So will Mitt still implement his 5 point plan when he loses the election?

Just had a pollster call me, and she wanted to know my polling location...

Former President Clinton with a future voter - pics

'Israel's security chiefs rejected orders to prepare for Iran strike in 2010'

New Pew poll shows Obama in lead as he and Mitt Romney make final push toward Election Day

Gallup Swing State Poll has it tied up 48/48. Obama gains. Each side is equally fired up.

The Classic Speech Barack Obama Could Still Give Today!

Michigan Supreme Court Candidates (also, a shady robocall)

Red State Blue State - This American Life

FAUX Noise Headline: The Polls showTie In Presidential Race as the Redskins Lose

Lady is introducing Obama live in FL now....

How Can You Believe Him?

My county has sample ballots on line. Yours should too.

Obama being introduced LIVE in FL right now.... (video link)

Weather Channel asking for donations - Don't do it!

Huge crowd Obama in Florida rally just getting started

30,000 in Hollywood, Florida right now greeting Obama...

romney rally cleveland 6k..

The only Countries Great Britain has not invaded

Voting line in Miami-Dade is now nearly twice as long as before since voting restarted (Tweet & Pic)

NY Times: Study in Contrast

My wife and I -- 98 doors today in GOTV. ** Yesterday - Va. Total of 400,000 doors hit **

Business in The Front Party in The Back

I can not wait to see Megyn Kelly cry when she has to call Obama the winner on Tuesday.

2012 Presidential Election Predictions; 'This Week' Roundtable Discussion

OUTSIDE: "we want to vote! Miami-Dade shuts down voting-Will reopen for voters by 5pm

What's up with the long voting lines?

Hope everyone is paying attention to what's going on in Miami Dade RIGHT NOW!

How concerned should we be about "faithless electors" if Obama wins by a very small EV margin,

Insulting "*Christian*" phone robo-messages

Theanine- has anyone ever taken this supplement?

You have to be in pretty good physical shape to vote in Florida!

A "referred by" feature would be most excellent :)

We are going to need "OCCUPY THE VOTE" encampments

PPP Final NH Poll: 50-48 for Obama--Dem leads by 4 in Gov race

South Florida County Extends Early Voting — But Only In One GOP Stronghold!!

Grrr... Florida Early Voting Fiasco: Voters Wait For Hours, Locked Out At Polls - HuffPo

Here I am BaaaBeee

Voter fraud Robo-calls in Milwaukee. My cousin received

Did you notice everyone started dancing in Florida

Speaker of the House just guaranteed

Obama: 314 expected electoral votes; 99.5% win probability (497 of 500 trials).

I have no link, but heard on the teevee (MSBNC) that 80% of teabaggers will get reelected.

trumad still has his stuff!

You will soon be humming this song !!! Excellent parody based on music from Les Mis

President Obama: What We're Fighting For

Zingerman's quietly opens a spacious addition

Important re: voting inNY-NJ areas affected by Sandy

Breaking: Romney Paid Zero Taxes From 1996 To 2009

YouGov National Poll: 36000 People Were Sampled

Falling temps add to urgency of Sandy recovery

Interesting tidbits from the Pew Poll 50-47 Obama national survey...

Wayne Powell's Campaign Headquarters Vandalized

Question for swing staters

Mitt Romney: Desperate and Deceptive in Ohio

PPP Final Iowa Poll: Obama leads by 2; winning early voters by 22

Voted for Obama friday, after hearing this, I wish I hadn't

Beck Acts as a Bridge Between Romney and Evangelical Christians

Maybe voter outrage will finally erupt after the scenes of long lines today!!

Evidently it was rethuglican day on MSNBC

Thomas Frank: 'If the crash of 2008 didn't teach them that, I don't know how Hurricane Sandy's gonna

Link if you wish to stream Bill Clinton's speech in NC in just a few minutes

Tweety interview with Joe Biden coming up now

Here is Romney's concession speech

You-Gov Final Wisconsin poll Obama leads by 4

Ironic Sign: I'm Not Sure These Folks From Cleveland Are Feeling All That Confident...

Christie's voting for Romney

I just got a robo survey call from Rassmusen

You-Gov Final Pennsylvania Poll Obama +8

Latest Reuters/Ipsos state polls. Obama moves ahead in Ohio.

Advice on Florida Absentee Ballot Voting on Election Day

Conservative columnist calls Romney's FEMA position "not a good idea"

CNN headline: "Polls shed little light on race; Obama, Romney locked in tight race."

You-Gov Final Virginia Poll--Obama leads by 2

If it were Mitt Romney who was behind, this close to the election, but came back to become

You-Gov Final Iowa Poll: Obama leads by 1

ABC/WaPo tracking poll Obama 49 (+1) Romney 48 (-)

Is Romney Unraveling?

You-Gov Final Ohio Poll: Obama leads by 3

Woof ! The Big DOg is OUt!


You-Gov Final Michigan Poll: Obama leads by 7

Question: Are ALL The Major Polling Entities Finishing Their Election Polling Today ???

You-Gov Final New Hampshire Poll: Obama leads by 4

Child dead after falling into African wild dog exhibit at Pittsburgh Zoo

Just wondering,

GOTV in Florida (FL), 11/04/12 Dems surge to 3.8 pts

Neoscona Arabesca

You-Gov Final Nevada Poll: Obama leads by 4

You-Gov Final Florida Poll: Romney up by 1

YouGov's Summary National O 48.5%- R 46.5%

GOTV in North Carolina (NC) 11/04/12. Dems lead Reps > 3 to 2

You-Gov Final Colorado Poll: Obama leads by 1

You-Gov Final North Carolina Poll: Romney leads by 2

Chuck Todd tonight..."In these last 72 feels as if the President caught the last break".

Obama +1 , Obama +1, Obama +1, Obama +1, O +2, O +3, O +3, O +3.2.

Why Should Fox "New" be allowed to "call" the Presidential race?

Four Years Ago Today: It Happened Because of You—Let's Do It Again

Michael Smerconish: The smearing of a president: From start, unrelenting, unfair

Rowan Atkinson's brilliant political speech

Useless idiot or agent provocateur?

I think the demographic of the guys who wear blue ties offsets the gay left handed Tanzanians that

Drunken Irishman's Final 2012 Electoral College Prediction

Matt Damon called me today.

Chickens and eggs...don't count your chickens before they hatch...

Idiot Wind: “A Socialist Nightmare Hellscape”

Where's Lyan Ryan? At a football game!

The word is in today from the NFL to the officials in New York.

Florida is a lost cause...but

Romney to his crowd: “Paul and I have not promised you a bigger check from the government”

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Romney Campaign Preparing to Launch “Doomsday Lie”

The corporate media are so committed to the "Democrats aren't enthusiastic " meme that

Early Voting Lines In Cleveland Run For Blocks In The Cold - HuffPo

State-by-State Time Off to Vote Laws

Bush in Wonderland: America's Years In Perdition (a Video)

How is this going to be an Obama landslide?

Ohio’s GOP Secretary of State Pulls More Voter Suppression Out of His …. Hat

Don't forget - today MSNBC has new LIVE political programming all day/night :) n/t

Wednesday Morning:

the things that have irritated me (re: MSM) the most about this election is:

Joan Walsh: Trapped in a car with Fox News

Kids vote and reelect Barack Obama

Thom Hartmann: On Election Day The Corporate Masters Will Come For Us...

So should Harrison Ford, Mark Hamil, Carrie Fisher and assorted others at least have cameo roles

Finally, WaPost talks about enthusiasm - Obama leads 49-48 Nov 4

Gallup says Obama closed deficit in 'swing states' now tied with Romney

"Officers fight rising crime near Haven For Hope, west side"

Romney rally PA

Conservatives Are Trashing Michael Smerconish For This Piece... I Applaud Him !!!

Romney's NEW FEMA - the Free Enterprise Marketing Association

Mitt Romney Defends FEMA Stance In Final Plea On 'SNL' (3 min. VIDEO)...

woohoo! Guess What I'm Going to be doing Tonight?

What genetic modification would women ask for first?

Obama 347 Romney 191

Running up the score on little boys.

Wonder where Romney will have his "victory" party.

Al Sharpton up on MSNBC!

Minnesota Timberwolves Too White?

I Don't Expect Romney Will Give A Concession Speech, Even After It's Obvious He's Lost The Election

Michelle Obama and Ricky Martin tomorrow in Orlando

Would you like to live in a swing state?

Vagina 2012

I think it was the 47% video.

Would you buy a used car from this man?

Politico senior editors: Only white men give president "mandates"

From SPLC: Six most paranoid fears for Obama’s second term (Obamapocalpyse)

Pole cat

Obama to Romney.....Mine is bigger than yours!

Romney has lost Mark Halperin

Need back up info. Is the Salvation Army up to this?

knock! knock!

"You're electing every right wing nut he's pandered to in the last ten years"

Ballad of a thin man

Rachel Live at 9 p.m.: "Weekend Schmeekend..."

Don't forget - today MSNBC has new LIVE political programming all day/night :) n/t

LOL !!! - So So Desperate...

Do we do Twitter? If so, #WhyImNotVotingForRomney

They need to give Joy Reid her own show on MSNBC

Romney Surrogates Get Beaten Down by David Gregory and Fox News for Jeep-to-China Lies

Here's how brave we are:

Final Swing States Poll: Fired-up voters split, 48%-48%

The ONLY way they can win is to steal it.

Skylanders: Giants

Mike Malloy is pessimistic about the election...agree or disagree?

A distinct lack of enthusiasm in NH...

Florida Early Voting Fiasco: Voters Wait For Hours At Polls As Rick Scott Refuses To Budge

Photograph links Germans to 1915 Armenia genocide

Interesting...early voting **down** in large TX counties from 2008

I found this on FB and want to know if this is really happening.

Big party Election Night in Durham

DU's main server down?

RMoney campaign guy squirming on Fox news of all places

Krispos, I think we may be treading on a fine line. (Group business.)

Ghosts said to mingle with guests at haunted Arizona hotel

What I Can't Wait to See

NBC/Wall Street Journal poll has Obama up 48/47

KKKarl Rove up on Faux Snzzz n/t

Space simulator in the vein of Privateer/Wing Commander/Freelancer

A 'Female James Bond'

On Front Page Of HuffPo... A Pic Of Early Voting Lines In Florida

Is anyone else here playing The Walking Dead video game by Telltale games?

Can't have too much of a good thing. Keep our spirits high:

Trick or Treat is going on right now in my community.

Morrisville, PA

McCaskill memorializes mother in rousing ceremony

The time for campaigning is over. What have we learned from Romney?

It's All Our Fault! 10 Disasters the Gays Supposedly Caused

How Americans Can Buy American is mentioned in President Bill Clinton’s new book

"Where is Jesus today?"

Who Counts the Votes in Ohio?

Our local county GP sent out an email pleading for folks to go to Iowa tomorrow

MSNBC is goddamned unwatchable. (Edit to add) at the moment.

I am very nervous, just thinking on the election, who's like me???

Mitt Romney: Six Years Of Hard Work, And Fer Nothin'

If you're going to see Obama in Madison on Monday, please join the Solidarity Sing Along afterwards!

Here's what Newt Gingrich had to say about Katrina Victims

Somebody uprooted my Obama, Baldwin, Kind & Smriga signs this afternoon.

Hyundai, Kia overstated gas mileage, EPA finds

Ralston Predicts Obama will take Nevada

SUCK IT MITT: Voting IS The Best Revenge

Charlie Crist on Al Sharpton

In New York City, 59 of 1,256 polling locations need to be moved or closed because of Sandy

Those who are voting for Obama are uninformed.

Many must DUers like to be abused - beaten - lied to

Romney’s Real Reason for Being in PA: It was the Only State With Ad Space Left

Scarborough endorses PPP polls.

My polling place.

There's no constitutional recourse, should it be proven that the wrong guy “won.”

Two Strong Arguments for the Separation of Church and State

American banks should lend to American small businesses

Another 'tell' of Rethuglican panic

Linda McMahon Doorhanger: Vote For Obama … And Me

Rmoney and Rove have looted those RW idiots' money

WTF - Linda McMahon door hangers "Vote Obama & McMahon"

In line to see Obama in CO

If my neighbors want to steal my Obama sign again, that's OK -

A Question Please ?

What could you buy with Perry's security travel tab?

Dad voted six days before he died...

Seal Team 6 Movie

People leaving Romney rally before he's through.

Serious Proposal: Separate Group for FB Meme

This Quadrennial Swing State Fixation Has Got To Go

For Moderately-Conservative Friends and Family at the 11th Hour

LIVE Obama rally in OHIO -(VIDEO LINK)

Telling headline on a Drudge substory about Sandy right now....

So, Walking Dead fans: I have a question before tonight's episode; this is about Rick in Season 1


If Romney loses

BREAKING: Romney Headquarters Spontaneously Combusts

You know, I have only one more thing to say today...

the only change "mitt " has to offer

"I'm A Minority"

McCaskill +4, Nixon +8, Romney +8 in Missouri: PPP

Nate Silver keeps the good news comin'!

Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra?

the only change "mitt" offers is lies!

PPP OH O 52 R 47

Ohio Attorney General up now on CNN nt

Romney staff refusing to let frostbitten children leave PA rally (UPDATED)

NO government help for us please!

the only change "mitt " offers is less for the worker!

For Ann Romney from The Guess Who all those years ago...

Come Tuesday, MittTwit RobMe is Fucked. And it couldn't happen to a better Asshole.

Romney Staffers Tried to Forcibly Prevent People Leaving Morrisville, PA rally

the only change "mitt" offers is less for the middle class!

David Sedaris on Undecided Voters

A message from Joe Biden to Catholics for Obama

Faux News Claims Women's Vote Tied

Gallup: Obama up by 16 with women, down by 10 with men in Swing States, yet Race TIED

Let's talk about the Senate: Who's gonna win? And, will Walsh and West still be around?

Live Streaming of President Obama's Cincinnatti Rally

Voter suppression is a national scandal

Well... According To The Polls... I'm Now Officially A Minority... A White 57 Year Old Straight Male

the only change "mitt " offers is less for the middleclass

New York City Nanny Yoselyn Ortega Charged in Stabbing Death of 2 Children

Oh Noes!!! "Redskin Rule" Sez Rmoney Will Win!!!

Survey USA has O up 52/41 in Minnesota

Romney camp desperate for attendance at Rally..

will we ever see the real "mitt"

A presidential nominee who won't stand up for Americans' voting rights

Nixon! Wallace! Perot! Nader! Romney!


My son's most recent facebook status about his flight delay

60 minutes on congress

112-year-old US apparel maker in Pa. to close (130 employees)

Half of California voters will vote by mail this time

Why should you trust Nate Silver? Today's national polling has already proved him right.

The sports world is about as split about the election as America is

Great article on why Romney's buisiness experience is not suitable for the role of president

Hot at the mall this week.

Kansas City: my favorite fountain

Cold weather and new storm add to victims' misery

Obama will do an interview during halftime of Monday Night Football tomorrow.

Fucking Sixty Minutes! "Both sides" are NOT to blame!

Is The MSM Setting Rmoney Up For A Most Embarrassing Loss?...

YouGov: Obama ahead in NoVA, Richmond, Tidewater, and amongst Virginia Independents; 2% state lead

Public Officials Suppressing Votes Should Be Arrested For Treason -----

Tim Matheson, Paul Rudd, seperated at birth?

President Obama campaigns in Ohio (Cincinnati Live Links !!)

I found an AMEX card today


Rupert Murdoch Bashes Chris Christie; Sets Up Christie Scapegoat for Election

My friend and I were discussing an analogy between Sandy's forecast track and the polling

A year ago, virtually all the pundits said we'd lose the Senate

11-04-2012 Update - Nate Silver Swing State Cheat Sheet

Please Proceed Mr President!

Kansas City: Loose Park Rose Garden

Words I cannot wait for: "FORMER GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney"

David Gergen, CNN: Polls suggest President got important hurricane bump heading onto this weekend

WOW: Romney Staff Holding Rally-Goers Hostage in PA, Refusing to Let Them Leave

Who does this True the Vote think they are?

Seal Team Six starting now on

do NOT stand in long lines to vote on tuesday

The Lurker Posteth

Judge orders early voting extended at site in Fla. where suspicious package caused delays

CNN national poll: 49-49...

Attn displaced voters

Ode to Michonne's Pets: We hardly knew ye.

Remember, New Ed Show and Maddow show tonight on MSNBC. Ed on now! n-t

What would things like w/no Bin Laden raid?

Very Awesome: Mother Jone's Guide to Voter Suppression and Poll Problems (Interactive!)

Romney staff refusing to let frostbitten children leave PA rally

Why does PA poll with Obama 3 point lead over represent white voters and men?

I just got a call from Bill Clinton in support of Tammy Baldwin..

Despite storm damage, election officials hopeful

Still love this video from 2008 campaign

"Welcome to the Republican Disaster Relief Hotline…"

I have been posting a lot in GD today.

Republican Meth House Papers Part Deux. More on the group who ran the puppet candidates

It may be true, but I find talk of a hurricane bump to be pretty disgusting

Government isn't the solution, it's the problem…

Princeton Update: Probability of Obama re-election: Random Drift 98.4%, Bayesian Prediction 99.9%

Princeton Update: Probability of Obama re-election: Random Drift 98.4%, Bayesian Prediction 99.9%

I want to know why Marylanders are pissing away $550 million a year.

easy question...

Sunday Night Football on NBC

If you don't think education matters, then you probably get your news from the dropouts…

KSTP/SurveyUSA: Obama increases his lead from 7 to 11 in Minnesota



Million Dollar Reward Offered To Expose Election Fraud

NY Times, "Ways to Win". Nice page that lays out all the election scenarios.

Some kind of interuption at Obama rally 5:30 Cin Ohio


Is anyone else watching Seal Team 6 on NatGeo right now?

Today Only: 25 Hours to Contribute

What the fuck are "activated almonds?"

Want a strong economy? Vote Democrat(ic)

Anyone else watch 60 Minutes?

Kansas City: Kaufmann Center (and my name in lights)

REPUBLICAN R's: Reagan, Romney, Ryan, Rush, Rove, Rand, Reince, Rice, Rumsfeld, etc. Did I miss any?

Wolf: Now CNN's Tom Foreman is in our "Virtual US Senate"

Living in a swing state can be robocall hell

Watch Bill Clinton, Al Franken rally against Michelle Backmann live.

And still more Roads to the Whitehouse:

Yeah. This guy sure is looking like a winner…

The MOST offensive Ad against Claire McCaskill!!

PPP VA Poll: Obama 51 (+2), Romney 47 (+1)

Final PPP poll of VA--Obama up by 4; Kaine by 6

HOT DAMN! PPP Tweets Obama Leading in OH 52-47 AND VA 51-47. Both Senate Races GOING DEM!

The Final And Ultimate Projection From The Republican Party...

RW Propagandists like Hannity and Limbaugh...

Toles Toon- Housing Values are going up!

Seal Team Six on Nat Geo Tonight -- Be sure to watch! n/t

From Seiu early voters getting down as they wait for polls to open

EJ Dionne just said on Ed that the national polls

Toles Rant- Looting Edition

Place your final predictions here!

We have record number of voters but I don't see need to allow people more access to polls

Reuters National Poll Obama (D) 48% Romney ($) 47%/OH Obama (D) 48% (+3) Romney 44% (-1%)

i have over 300 MIR notifications since the 24th of oct

Sharp to seek a bailout from the Japanese government?

Toon- How Many Times Do I Have To Warn You?

YouGov: INDIANA - SENATE (Donnelly +2)

Why are there 4 campaign events with Clinton in PA?

Think tank recommends big benefits cuts

On Ed Show: Karl Rove and fellow repukes will blame Hurricane Sandy for Obama victory.

Now THIS should scare the heck out of anyone-posts in the Rmoney Administration

our liberal buddies at nbc news......

When Obama wins

The way Rmoney always walks

Howard Fineman.

Let's hope Tuesday Obama can add one more huge achievement to his resume

Way off topic... But it's getting way too serious in here....

A girl at my church just explained how she got her mom to vote for Obama

If Pew Is Right And I Think They Are It's Too Late For The Poll Troll To Adjust His Results

CNN Poll: White vote - 57% Romney, 40% Obama

BREAKING - Romney Rally Attendees Now on Forced March !

Does it make sense in PPP's polls today that Obama is doing better in Va than in NH or Ia?

Romney Lead in 0 National Polls Today

Arizona group ordered (again) to release records (and refuses)

Bob should be able to afford a clue…

So what does the House look like for this cycle?

TTC, police deny responsibility for decision to divert buses for Mayor Rob Ford’s football team

Post here if you're about ready to scream waiting for the election results!

Watching Rachel Maddow

Which of Romney's U Dislike The Worst Mitt, Ann Or The Sons

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North Carolina: Black Vote Shatters Records

Path to Victory: Wisconsin, Ohio, Nevada, Iowa – Early Voting and Polls Suggest Clear Obama Victory

Climate Denial Crock of the Week:Hurricane Sandy's Double Whammy

I work in the media

Franken and Clinton live now 6:18 PST

I just did my own poll!!!!!!!

Ok where are the poor white people

Univ. of IL EV's O 302.6 R 235.4

WTF - voting lines in America

Make your predictions here!

With all the focus on Sandy's impact on the Northeast U.S., Haiti, as usual, is forgotten..

BCS Rankings 11/4 - Holy Toledo!

Michael Moore is on CNN right now 8-9 pm central.

TPM Electoral Scoreboard: Obama: 303, Romney: 191

If we are able to get through this, we must strengthen the voting act. These long lines and the

The Walking Dead thread "Killer Within" episode **POSSIBLE SPOILERS WITHIN**

Nate Silver update!

As a White Male

My RW sister is bitching about welfare

Sherrod Brown (D) leads Josh Mandel (R) 54-44

PPP: Obama up 60/39 with early voters with Ohio

Michael Moore goes Hollywood

Progress - tracking the election since Thurs AM Nov 1...updated 3 Pm today. Lots of data!

This is what my friend posted on Facebook.

This is not a test.

Is the SoS in every single swing state a Republican tool...?

Thank you, Dubya!

Nate Silver 538 Update: National Polls Shift To Obama, Align With State Polling

Obama slaps the side of the podium at the end of each speech

It would be easier for me to be calm and rational about Tuesday's outcome

A great site for information on how the Electoral Votes are going...

Car shopping (cartoon)

What's up with all the "Democrat Oversampling" arguments?

What do people mean when they say "Welfare" now. TANF?

Have you guys seen this NYT interactive "512 ways to win" site?

Harris-Perry: Tea party group aims to tie up election results


The ED Show - Republicans begin blame game for possible Romney loss

Just in case you didn't know... I thought I'd ruin...

Politcalwire 27 last minute swing state polls Obama leadsd 23 out of 27

Romney staff refusing to let frostbitten children leave PA rally


Rachel always seems a little intimidated

Slate: Why Do White People Think Mitt Romney Should Be President?

George S. Pillsbury - my kind of Republican

This site is one of the best for

In Sandy’s Wake, New York’s Landscape of Inequity Revealed

NC raw data ( final early vote tally )

Israel doesn't swing Jewish voters

All done!

At ‘Official’ Budget Hearing, Chicagoans Find Official Indifference and Empty Chairs

Do public polls even have a 'turnout model?'

Question About Where to Post?

The ED Show - Long lines no relief for frustrated Florida voters

Alex Wagner subbing for Lawrence right now.

Israel doesn't swing Jewish voters

Rachel knows it

Israel doesn't swing Jewish voters

Republican Linda McMahon for Obama.

Rachel NEVER asks tough questions to Steve Schmidt. She let him off the hook....

The Weather Channel just did a segment on Sandy recovery

The ED Show - Romney camp can't respond to Jeep ad lies


Chernobyl documentary

A Tad Silly... Yet Appropriate... REM's 'Stand'... Especially With Early Voting...

WHOA! - Ron Paul THREATENED by Mitt Romney (Doug Wead)

NJ governor pledges to vote Romney despite praising Obama (Christie is Fox News' Lap Dog)

The problem for republicans blaming Sandy for coming loss

Must. See. "Lincoln". Man-crush on DDL.

A message from the Greatest Generation (NSFW!)

Obama Busts A Move, Cincinnati! Signed, Sealed, Delivered(If you VOTE)!

If you ever watched wrestling, then you may have heard of Eddie Guererro. His theme song

How is it that in 2012 America, both sides of the spectrum see the elections as possibly unfair?

How can anyone not love the POTUS and FLOTUS??

What's the longest you've been held?

The group has been very quiet. Have your pets already voted?

If a GOP President had killed bin Laden, doubled the Dow, saved the auto industry, and

Occupy Denver Idaho Springs Foreclosure Resistance Eviction

BRAND NEW PPP tracking poll

I am a white, straight male who is in better circumstances than most....

PPP National Tracking: Obama 50-48, Up 49-41 with indies...

I got chastized a few days ago

Dammit, Willy! "You Were Always On My Mind" is one of my favorites . . . . . and now . . . . .

Joy Reid on The Last Word

PPP will be releasing an NC poll next!

10:45 pm Mountain Time - Estimated time for Obama's

Paul Ryan: Western Civilization At Risk If Obama Is Reelected

Petition: Rep. Mike Foley to SOS Husted Stop your last-minute attempt to disenfranchise voters

Sunday voting in Ohio draws throngs of Obama backers

Mexican weather forecast

PPP: "Young voters continue to be putting Obama over the top."

Nate Silver, 7:00 PM ET Nov. 4: Obama with 85.5% chance of winning (Now-cast 87.5%)

Wireless Industry Resisted Calls To Backup Cell Towers Before Sandy

One thing should be obvious to any US citizen who is still breathing:

Biggest Story on Election Eve: Movement of Independents to Obama

A quick update from our friends at UNSKEWED POLLS...

I was wrong, BIGFOOT is real!!!!

Obama 'Enthusiasm Gap'

what happened to Gallup's poll

Good Heavens, Just Look At The Time!

IF Obama is at 50% is game set match because 1% of the country will vote third party.

Twitter hashtag #RomneyRallyHostages

Romney-Ryan Staffers Falsely Imprison Freezing PA Rally Attendees?

Anybody have a Health Savings Account?

romney says its possible obama could win (at rally today)....

And I brought you m******f******s donuts...

Wish me well DU; I will be doing election protection work in Ohio this Tuesday and I just found ....

Have we done everything to win on Tuesday? (jewish vote).

LATEST NEWS from historian Allan Lichtman and his keys to the White House

Sandy Versus Katrina

PPP Obama +4 in Virginia, +5 in Ohio

T dog is on the talking dead now. May contain spoilers.

How To Clean Soap Scum With Cooking Spray

#LieLikeMitt is trending on Twitter

New-- First Lady Michelle Obama: Get Out The Vote

Big, Rich Texas

"Democrats Sue to Extend Florida’s Early Voting" by LIZETTE ALVAREZ at the NYTimes

Romney leads Obama 49.4 to 49.2 in North Carolina (PPP).

PPP North Carolina: Romney 49.4, Obama 49.2, Obama +9 in Early Voting

Carbon monoxide detector

PPP North Carolina - R 49.4 and O 49.2! just added more info on Dalton/McCrory

PPP North Carolina: TIED -- Romney 49.4, Obama 49.2

Republican caller to Mike Malloy speaks against the Religious Right/War on Women

PPP, NORTH CAROLINA: Obama 49.2 Romney 49.4

(South Korean) Gov't finds 'unqualified' parts in nuclear reactors

Michelle Obama regarding FLORIDA - 36 Votes

Nate's Big Mistake.

Seal Team Six on National Geographic Channel

In case anyone has forgotten, the polls didn't predict Obama to win NC in 2008

President Obama in Hilliard, Ohio: Keep Pushing Forward (short clip)

Ryan says Obama compromises Judeo-Christian values

KBR Negligent, Ordered to Pay $85 Million to Soldiers

Women Decide 2012

President Obama interrupted by heckler

Un mensaje especial para la comunidad latina del Presidente Obama

Is the Romney hostage story true??

Tweet from Nate Silver

PPP Posting Florida polls next along with full NC Polls

Lewis Turco's Form of the Week: 22) The Hypallogo

my friend (@sbellelauren) letter to her mom

Neil Diamond Working the Phones for Obama

MITT ROMNEY'S VIETNAM: Almost at 11,000 Views!!!

James Carville with a bit of topical wisdom

Obama Led in 5 out of 6 Battleground Polls Conducted by PPP Today; Romney led in NONE.

Repub Senator Mark Kirk climbs 37 floors at Willis Tower in Chicago...

MITT ROMNEY'S VIETNAM: Almost at 11,000 Views!!!

MITT ROMNEY'S VIETNAM: Almost at 11,000 Views!!!

Are you worried, and why not?

Rachel Maddow - Your country needs you to vote

PPPolls just re-tweeted this angry wing nut who is not happy with their polls

Best Obama Clinton picture!

My friend's parents are from Greece and moved to the U.S. (North Carolina)...she posted this:

Republican Americans should feel ashamed

Aw Damn... The Dem Suppresion... Conspirators Are Here...

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 5 November 2012

Politics is like driving. To go backward put it in R. To go forward put it in D.

Rachel Maddow - Ohio Republicans fight to restrict voting

State increases Clackamas election oversight

Rachel Maddow - Paul Ryan, second chances and second choices

(Caught On Video) Mitt Romney-I vetoed any bill that was in favor of choice.

So... Are all the black folks set to riot on Wednesday?

Obama up 54/45 among early voters in North Carolina, Romney leads 58/40 with folks planning to vote

PublicPolicyPolling @ppppolls Romney 49.4, Obama 49.2

Secretary of State's Office admits direct reporting function of untested election software

Okay football fans...have you ever heard of Redskins Rule?

Biden: 'We're gonna be able to declare' a win in 48 hours

"Republicans Are Preparing To Blame Loss on Hurricane Rather Than Admit Loss On Ideas"

The Next Page: George Romney, rebel with a cause

Rachel Maddow - In Florida, voting as endurance challenge

Cowboys lose

I found this on Reddit: great idea to give students voter ID

Report: NYC Mayor Bloomberg spending millions as ‘counterweight’ to NRA

Obama opens up 11 point lead in Minnesota.

Storm Recovery Tidbits

It is so damaging for the Repubs to keep bringing up how Christie

So I had a call from my grandson who goes to college three blocks from my house

Just read of an 83 YO woman getting sick in line to vote in Florida

Reuters: Ryan says Obama compromises Judeo-Christian values

For months I've been asking myself this question: