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Tank Carder thinks you're an idiot; issues non-apology

Durbin: Debt Limit Hike Will Have To Be Part Of Budget Deal

has Ayotte replaced Lieberman ?

Is Timothy Gietner's shirt/tie a sign?

I am so fucking sick and tired of the words "Liberty"," Freedom", and "Patriot" being

‘Change is a mofo’: The GOP and white evangelicalism are in the same situation

I was just over in FETA....How long will this nausea last??

President Obama Nominates Hispanic Lesbian for Federal Judgeship

CAPTION: Snyder almost gets kicked in the face


House GOP Committee Chairs will be all white and all male in next Congress

Bolling to drop bid for Virginia governorship

I am watching Best of the Andy Williams Christmas Show on PBS I recorded, this makes me feel old.

Every time Boehner talks I need to flip the House even more than before

Lawsuit targets women's exclusion from direct combat jobs

Indiana State Police Leader: 'I'd Legalize Marijuana'

House GOP committee chairs named, all white men

Seventh defendant in robberies of migrants takes plea deal

No posts in 90 days. This place needs some music.

If you get a chance, watch this week's episode of "Leverage"

Turnout in Swing States Exceeds 2008 (!!)

The anti-Morsi uprising proves the Arab Spring is neither a sham, nor a failure.

Meriter Hospital lays off 50 employees

I get the feeling that things may be starting to turn around (after 32 years!)

Reliving election night, through the eyes of a wingnut

Labor Department recovers $1 million in unpaid overtime for First Republic Bank employees

Japan's stubborn and irrational claim on foreign territory

LMAO at Stephen Colbert tonight!

I am sitting here waiting to hear from a friend, her Mother is passing away this morning.

3 word response to KKK Grand Dragon from Alabama AG who reopened 16th Street Church bombing case

Harvard Crimson editorial argues for Kerry as SOS

The Truth About Global Warming - Science & Distortion - Stephen Schneider

How many incompetent/asshole managers/supervisors do you have at your place of employment?

"Love is Like a Butterfly"

Benghazi, 4 deaths; 9/11, 3000 deaths; Iraq and Afghan wars, 4977 deaths - And we need to investigat

Hope Fox news doesn't find out where this gal lives....

Cole: Join with Obama on quick deal

U-M study: Preventive breast cancer surgery might be unnecessary

We're being lied to, again, in Uganda.

Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen "La Loba" is termed out as chair of Foreign Affairs Committee

Why the Crazed & Deranged Benghazi Senators Get a BIG FAT FAIL!

ACLU is suing Pentagon to have combat restrictions lifted on women

Why David Petraeus gets and EPIC FAIL!

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Tuesday, November 27)

Obama's Deal (Frontline)

Abuse of Elder Men

Another Reason To Hate Facebook!!!!

New York Gun Control Law Upheld - Another Defeat for the Second Amendment Foundation


So what would you do with the money if you won the Powerball lotto?

11 Cities score 100% in first ever LGBT Municipal Index

Grand Bargain Watch: Senate's No. 2 Democrat calls for cuts to social safety net

Yo, free sausage on Craigslist. Made fresh. Ask for Vince.

Go ahead. Make Obama's day.

Who Gains Most From Tax Breaks

I'm way more into REVOLUTION than I thought I would be

Man Walks All Day to Create Spectacular Snow Patterns.

The Hobbit

So: Burning shit....

Norquist's beard...

What Would Happen If The Feds Let States Go Who Want To Secede:

Sen. Roy Blunt asking Obama for emergency declaration due to low river levels

I have come to help solve the nations fruitcake dilemma.

China considers easing family planning rules

Review: Kabul Bank sent millions of dollars abroad

Why do Republicans act like terrorists are like Beetlejuice?

Anyone have advice on marking?

Carney appointment provides fresh fodder for UK press

Honduras, the politics of violence

The Man Show

My wife told me that Kelly Ayotte appears to her to be an abused spouse

Wisconsin Right to Life prods Republicans to probe (transvaginally)

Why is El Salvador Cruelly Punishing Women Who Need Medical Help?

Richard O'Dwyer strikes deal to avoid US extradition

Want Filibuster reform?

Pure 190 Proof Schadenfreude! Nov. 5th 'ROMNEY WILL WIN'

Whale Shark Rescue

Campaigners sue EPA over carbon emissions

America Didn't Abolish Slavery After the Civil War -- It Got Moved Offshore

What Happens If Labor Dies?

Semi-Tin Foil: Susan Rice vs. Senate Seat

Why Legal Pot Is the Future

Christie as ‘Rock Star’ Has Republicans Set to Ride Wave

For a change in pace, check out these bird performers

Lawsuit targets tracking chips in Texas student IDs

The Shocking Details of a Mississippi School-to-Prison Pipeline

Man Faces Death Threats and Jail for Pointing Out That Weeping Jesus "Miracle" Is Just Faulty...

Your Prius will not save you now, Mark Morford

manning's mental health focus of pretrial hearing

costco plans special cash dividend of 7$ per share

Provisional ballots put Obama over the top in Stark County, Ohio (Canton)

rhino killings for horns rapidly rise in

Kitty Poem

Hello Sooty

Popeye the Sailor Cat

AP Exclusive: Disney, Sears used factory in fire

Scientists Decry Canadian Undermining of Climate Science

Twin car bombs strike Damascus suburb; kill 20

Cross post / Home page / Global Warming - Science and Distortion , ...

Twilight of the old white guys, Mark Morford

Obama Urged to Declare Emergency for Mississippi River

Ga. teacher quits after Taser-sex organ arrest

Egyptian Christians sentenced to death for anti-Islam film

UAE buys into BP's UK fields as relations improve

Lindsey Graham and the 3 blind mice need to shut up!

Great Lakes shriveling from drought + Mississippi River soon to be CLOSED

Part 1: How Petraeus Created the Myth of His Success

Erick Erickson considers primary bid against Chambliss

I need some encouragement from DU

Why So Secretive? The Trans-Pacific Partnership as Global Coup

In case you missed this last night - people who stand in the way of doing that should be

Why I’m Going to Afghanistan by Rev. John Dear

Change Is Coming: Factory Farms' Days May Be Numbered

Michael Dunn, Florida Man, Invokes 'Stand Your Ground' Law After Shooting Black Teen

DU musicians and others, why do some singers sound so soulful? For example,

A Grand Bargain is a Grand Betrayal: The Forgotten, Lonely World of Facts

John McCain Says He’s ‘Proud’ Of Ex-Lockheed Martin Lobbyist He Hired As Defense Staffer

Graham, McCain and friends have finally made one completely true statement

Did Joe Scarborough just start to say:

The Lies of the Longest War

A Bill O'Reilly Fan Recants on GLOBAL WARMING: Dramatic Video

Gays win protection against bias in St. Louis County

The framing of the "fiscal cliff" talks

(KBR) War contractor: Feds should pay lawsuit damages

Charter Schools Are A Great Way to Fleece Taxpayers

For those of us over 60...

‘Do Not Track’ Internet privacy initiative struggles to keep momentum

Have you called your congress critters about the "fiscal cliff" yet?

Deliciously scathing critique of ""

In suicide epidemic, military wrestles with prosecuting troops who attempt it

senate dems divided over cuts to benefit programs

Archaelogical Discovery (cartoon)

Army veteran hurt during Occupy protest sues

Top Dems: Entitlements Off The Table In Cliff Talks

Reason enough to change our tax policy in favor of BETTER education

When the wolves are at the door

Jim Crow's drug war

LeBron jersey No. 1 in sales; Heat No. 2 to Knicks

McCain descends further into incoherence

Rep Marcia Fudge SMOKED Repukes & Anyone Else Who Dare Doubt Qualifications Of Susan Rice

Karl Rove's modus operandi revealed!

Poll: Large Majorities Back Raising Taxes On Wealthy, Oppose Raising Medicare Age

Alan Simpson hopes Norquist drowns in a bathtub

BP banned from any future federal contracts by EPA.

postal chief lays out plan for survival

man says prayer group leader told him to kill wife

More post election vote analysis: Obama actually won by 16 Million votes!

New drone is loaded on aircraft carrier for next phase of testing

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1-Who Elected You?

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Know Nothings

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- Biz

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- The Rest

What Makes Texans So Different Than Let's Say...Californians (politically)

Dan Savage: All-American

Grover gets weird

Britain will abstain on Palestinian bid without assurances, says William hague

Nobel peace laureates call for Israel military boycott over Gaza assault

Dear Mr. President: “Fix that” - By Sandra Fluke

A sneaky proposition

A Letter to the Walton Family

Protests rage over Bangladesh factory fire, supervisors arrested

House Dems Reflect The Diversity of America -- House GOP Committee Chairs Will All Be White Men

The Nasal Spray Created to Bring Women Orgasms

GOP fiscal plans sharply at odds with public opinion

chuck todd 'is the democratic base ready to accept changes to medicare'

**Please see new "help" OP - link inside **

How to make a better president

Points to ponder: People can be taught how to hate,


Republicans Swept Southern Statehouses, and No One Noticed

I am new but I do not understand the WPMR website

Russia Is About To Give Valuable Aviation Secrets To China

Mormon Doctrine Has Been Completely Plagiarized

can we all agree that 'asshole' is a gender-safe insult?

The Top 4 Whoppers Norquist Tells To Keep Republicans From Defecting

This is an angry working class conservative

Ron Paul’s Appalling World View

I thank the lord, there's people out there like you... DU members

Spritual vibes SPIKE!1 Not the Mayas, it's Laura INGRAHAM *off* the air (alas, temporarily)

In Which Ross Douthat Examines Social Security

Faulty Carrier Part Has Deployment Domino Effect

Cutter: President Obama Has Mandate To ‘Protect Middle Class’

Exclusive: Major Unions And Progressive Groups Create Filibuster Reform Coalition

Mitt Romney voted 2012's least influential person...

I'm looking for recommendations from people..

What’s it like to pilot a drone? A lot like 'Call of Duty'

Can a Jellyfish Unlock the Secret of Immortality?

First there was "planking" and "owling," now there's "milking."

Financial Transaction Tax and the Fiscal Curb

How 'Revolutionary' Is CHAMP, New Air Force Microwave Weapon?

If Obama is not an American and does not legitimately belong, then they’re saying the same about me.

"America, a One-Act Play - Three presidents walk into a room ..."

NH's first openly transgender lawmaker won't take office

QF-16 drone arrives for testing, prepares warfighters for tomorrow's threats

Drumbeat: November 28, 2012

Drumbeat: November 28, 2012

CONFESS!!!! How many of these have you done back when you were in your 20s!!

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas.....

Cutter: Obama Has Mandate To ‘Protect Middle Class’

Grover Norquist's Budget Is Largely Financed by Just Two Billionaire-Backed Nonprofits

Pot institute formed at Humboldt State University

Scoutmaster's slaying, sexual abuse claims roil New Jersey town

President Obama’s adopted Crow Nation father has died

When Domestic Workers Suffer Our Economy Suffers

Poll: Strong Support for Obama's TAX PLAN, Opposition to GOP Plan To CAP Deductions And CUT Medicare

NJ Governor Issues Public Order Warning of Climate Change Dangers - in 1989

Joe Lieberman green lights Susan Rice (now that it won't do a damn bit of good)

Girlfriend ‘beat up her boyfriend after bad sex left her unsatisfied’

Christmas Gift For Your Conservative

Who is this guy???

Tar Sands Oil Producers Eye California

I support George W Bush

Obama to have lunch with Romney at the White House tomorrow

Oil sands, up close.

Obama As Jesus Painting On Display After Canceled Event

BP suspended from new U.S. government contracts

Funny that: GOP Talking head on MSNBC: Attack Susan Rice.....conveniently recommend John Kerry.

If Obama cuts Medicare, guess who will bash him the most?

Steve Inskeep was pretty rough on Grover this morning on NPR

President Obama to lunch with 2012's least influential person

Maddow: GOP attacking Rice so Kerry will leave Senate

Seriously . . . . . about John McCain . . . . .

Prompted by this mornings Dead Intern Morning show...

Myths & Facts about Benghazi

President Obama to host Mitt Romney for lunch on Thursday

So let's say for a minute that DU jury members get PPRed for a bad jury decision....

Shirley Chisholm Day--30 November

11/20/12 Message from Matthew

New Home Sales Edge Down, Prior Estimate Revised Lower

Bonds, Clemens, Sosa set for MLB Hall of Fame ballot

Shirley Chisholm Day-30 November

President Obama to meet with Mitt Romney

Chavez's Return To Cuba For Treatment Rattles Venezuela

Some people are just pathetic.

Ohio man gets jail for mocking disabled girl

WikiLeaks suspect Bradley Manning's jail was not suitable, says commander

"Doomsday Preppers" are a form of child abuse

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell nailed it last night about McCain et al's agenda

Gennifer Flowers: Bill Clinton contacted me as early as 2005 and said can I come over to see you

State could see savings with expanded Medicaid

This is what my guv wants passed: Unions for child care workers, physician assisted suicide

SS: Clark . . . . SecDef: Flournoy

Good way to start your day.

Not a good time for some GOPers

Is Lindsey Graham a greater threat to Social Security & Medicare than Grover Norquist?

Spielberg's Lincoln- "Most Accurate Screen Portrayal Ever Made." -James McPherson

VT City Fights Planned F-35 Jet Tests That Would Make 1,000+ Homes "Incompatible with Residential...

Fiscal Cliff, Meet Bully Pulpit

What happens to women denied abortions?

Barack and Michelle Obama are the EPITOME of the American Dream.

First they came for......

Apple wins ban on Samsung Galaxy devices in Netherlands

Australian Railways Safety PSA

49ers linebacker NaVorro Bowman gets 5-year extension

Gennifer Flowers Is Back and More Ridiculous Than Ever

David Plouffe's False Equivalency: Entitlement Cuts Are Quid Pro Quo for Breaking Norquist's Tax Ple

Religion spreads the word

Lots of Netflix titles are expiring on December 1

Pakistan Says It Successfully Test-Fired Nuclear-Capable Missile

A Pessimistic Look at Holiday Sales

Scariest TV Prank ever............

After this election ...

GOP+corporate lobbyists want to hike retirement age to 70. That's life expectancy for black men

Faith in Values: Are We Finally Nearing the Tipping Point on Climate Change?

The Radical Middle?

*** Gets out her Photo Album and shares with the lounge DU Xmas Photos from the past ***

Wow! Look at this photo gallery of Christmas lights around the world.

Support the troops by questioning the wars

Subprime Students: How Wall Street Profits from the College Loan Mess

Erick Erickson ‘Prayerfully Considering’ Primary Run Against Sen. Saxby Chambliss

Rand Paul is doing his part to quash the Grand Bargain (from Digby)

Pic Of The Moment: Meet The Republican Party's 19 New House Committee Chairs

Susan Collins now "troubled" about Rice's record.

Tom Ricks To MSNBC: ‘You’re Just Like Fox, But Not As Good At It’

Norquist: GOP Voters Won’t Reject A Deal With ‘De Minimis’ Tax Increases

McCain, Graham, Ayotte - All Assholes

Lewis Turco's Form of the Week: #24) Genethliacums

Chavez's return to Cuba for treatment rattles Venezuela

Susan Collins just came out with a giant load of bullshit after talking to Susan Rice.

Are Republicans Pushing Kerry For SoS Over Rice So They Can ReElect Scott Brown For His Senate Seat?

Anyone Know What's Up with all the republican pundit failures like Rove,

Keiser Report: God Hates Bankers

How Obama could destroy decades of GOP work to undermine Social Security

With 2 failed GD threads but who's counting, might as well: Cat does the weather Univision

Gawd! This is such a scam

White House Backs Reid’s Filibuster Reforms

AP: Big winners share lessons, risks of Powerball win

Please... Help Elizabeth Warren, Jeff Merkley, and others to turn this mess around

Is Medicare worth saving?

White House Backs Reid’s Filibuster Reforms

The End of Violent, Simplistic, Macho Masculinity

I know EXACTLY why the Rethugs have pulled this Rice business...

Starbucks Gone Wild !!!!

Imagine the possibilities

President on Bloomberg talking about the Fiscal Cliff. Saying that if as long as Congress passes

For all those arguing that President Obama should hold out ...

Israel pulls back from threat to topple Palestinian leadership over UN vote

AP: Romney To Join Son’s Investment Firm

Have Democrats become the tax-cutting Party??

The womans voice.

Canada set to vote against UN recognition of Palestinian statehood

Thom Hartmann: Is Goldman Sachs Licking their Chops at Global Takeover?

Help me out here folks. CNN question.

Thom Hartmann: Former FL GOP leader admits voter suppression

Boehner shoots down proposal to agree to Obama tax demand

Not again Facebook. New changes.

Actress and Comic Mary Lynn Rajskub Speaks Openly About Being Bisexual

U.N.: Thawing Permafrost to Boost Global Warming

Toronto: TTC signs up for Presto fare card

I am so angry at myself right now

The Rude Pundit - The Real Benghazi Conspiracy ...

Think Rick Warren will be invited back to the Inauguration this time?

Drinking too much?? LOL

WalMart earns record profits while supporting Republicans who want to slash their employees’ food st

Isn't there anyone who understands what Christmas is all about?!?!?!?

What Fiscal Cliff? Middle Class Engage Now Or Be Fiscally Enslaved Later

Sign this pledge Grover....LMAO

Today in Peace and Justice history on November 28, 1891

The hypocrisy of all these RW talk radio shows...

"Democrats Ready to Fight for Susan Rice"

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday Nov 28th

Today in Peace and Justice history on November 28, 1891

There is a site where you can look up a pet sitter and read reviews. Does anyone know where it is?

Ed Rendell can kiss my ass.

Benjamin Friedman: The real problem with Susan Rice

Sunflower picture for today: *SF#02

Ed Rendell: Middle class people should be willing to feel pain too

Wow. Bill O'Reilly Fox News fan watches 'Chasing Ice' documentary and now says warming real

Texas out to seize Warren Jeffs' polygamist ranch

Now this is some excellent relaxation, just sitting here eating some popcorn and taking in a game.

How to get more traffic and visibility for good DU posts and less for bad ones

Israeli mother protects daughter during air raid siren

WashPost prods Obama to move on on entitlement "reforms"

House Boats In Street, Hurricane Sandy

What is wrong with this picture?

Google Launches “VetNet” To Help Military Veterans Re-Enter The Civilian Life

Wow. Just Wow. Look how far we have sunk. TY to the other five.

Third way democrat relative says progressives and liberals

Just a little request for everyone from President Obama....

Post here: Favorite Vegetable

Powerball jackpot boosted again to $550M (could be increased again as the drawing nears)

I like President Obama and I support him 100%

Toon: The Evolutionary Leap of Cats

GOP Senator Praises Susan Rice: Don’t ‘Shoot The Messenger’ On Benghazi Intel

EPA Blocks BP citing "lack of business integrity"

Coolest Coffee Table Ever!

President Obama: What does $2,000 mean to you?

Walter Rhett: An Epidemic of Untreatable Illogic has effectively killed iPhone design, surprised?

USC Football: Why Lane Kiffin Was Worst Coach of 2012 Season

The Hater’s Guide To Notre Dame

ACC to add Louisville in 2014

Hurricane Sandy and the Age of Superstorms

Breaking News! Rampant Voter Fraud in Iowa!

Let's post this again, for when the "shared sacrifice" propaganda

Why do people just assume Scott Brown would win if Kerry takes a cabinet position.

Romney Chief Strategist: Mitt kinda won (The denial is strong)

Issue with a Rinnai Tankless water heater

Factory workers: NO less satisfied with working conditions than the rest of us

Megachurch Pastor Rick Warren To Piers Morgan: Being Gay Is Like Taking Arsenic

(WTF?) Teacher Kendra Baker Writes on Chalkboard: “You Can’t be a Democrat and Go to Heaven”

Drought-Parched Mississippi River Is Halting Barges

Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan Apparently Can't Remember Anything

Inauguration 2009 - if you went, I have questions!

A city in Brazil ends hunger via administrative changes from state being provider to facilitator.

Plan To Raise Docking Fee From Current $100 Has Newport Beach Boat Owners Up In Arms

NYU students find out they have email access to all 40K students by hitting "reply all"

Arguments Against-

Why the need for a "Show me my Transparency page." button?

I just received my star membership...

Members of minority religion sentenced to death for criticizing majority religion

I HATE people like this!

Pay attention to MSNBC as the Rice thing plays out. They are NOT honest players

Scottish Fold wants your attention.

Private Prison Company Used in Drug Raids at Public High School

Only poor people voted for Obama.

Check out my recipe for fried fish

Wall Street Professionals Admit: Yes, Lots of Us Are Corrupt

Hey Grover Norquist - Who are you? Who the fuck are you?

Thought for today (From an email)

N2DOC appreciation thread, for all those toons

Largest mass hanging in United States history

Just listened to Rep.John Kline (MN-2) on local radio

"A price for everything"

House votes to name a fed building after Tip O'Neill

Weather forecast that was "purrr-fect."

Should Glenn Beck be FIRED?

Glenn Beck Is Selling A Jar Of His Pee With A Toy Obama Inside

Which deductions would you eliminate?

Judge says investigation involving Scott Walker is still open

French Black Copper Morans (no, not THAT morans) lay the darkest eggs


Hubert H. Humphrey quote

A wonderful man

Happy AARP Day, Jon Stewart

Tom Ricks: Fox News Statement About My Apology Is 'Horseshit'

Wall Street Journal edit board to anti-tax brigade: Time to face reality

I'm OP'ing this. How about instead of normal PPRs, making trolls invisible without telling them?

thank you jimmy carter's grandson , james carter 4th

Support same-sex marriage

So, what exactly is the cover up and what did Obama gain from such cover up?

Does anyone else have a problem with weed?

This is where Ed Rendell hangs out when not on MSNBC.

Michael Powell: FCC Needs to Get Out of Mergers and Into Giving Wireless Its Due

Graduation rate in the top 25 football teams

Ideological Spectrum Test Upload

Just realized something about free pets and Craigslist.

Got anything good checked out of the library?

Atheist's stop-motion animated film wins Tony Blair's Faith Shorts film awards

House Dems Meeting to Oppose Verizon on Net Neutrality Challenge

Can I make 17,00 posts by the end of

Susan Rice Vocally Supported the Iraq War, and Every Mid-East War Since

"Fiscal Cliff" and "Grand Bargain" are all a big lie!

What's the matter with the Large Hadron Collider?

SO who is playing Powerball?

Stuff at work! Nailed it, hit it out if the park.

Senate Passes Cornyn-Blumenthal Child Protection Act of 2012

GOP Senator Praises Susan Rice: Don’t ‘Shoot The Messenger’ On Benghazi Intel

Bangladesh Factory Inferno Witness: Managers Ignored Fire

DirecTV cancels Newsmix channel

How do I include a photo in a post? n/t

Fark wants to give Biden the bird

Colombia denounces Pact of Bogota: President Santos .

Mutual Exclusivity (venn diagram)

What Republicans Want the U.S. Secretary of State to Look Like

GOP strategy for Rice

Minuteman Tim Donnelly testing waters for a 2014 governor bid

Google Hilariously Pegs Romney

DU Frustration #23: You write a carefully worded, fully foot-noted refutation of an OP,

R.I.P. Spain Rodriguez

David Cay Johnston: 12 ways to stop the next Sandy

Extrajudicial killings in Colombia were state policy: ICC

All of the Gulf of Mexico Just Got Sold.

Extrajudicial killings in Colombia were state policy: ICC .

Obama Administration To Offer More Than 20 Million Acres in Western Gulf of Mexico for Oil and Natur

Send one extra Christmas Card this year...

Ruling halts implementation of Louisiana voucher plan

Motivational Speaker Zig Ziglar Dies at Age 86

Carter's Return to Haiti to Build Houses

Senator Schumer wrote me back via email about SS and Medicare

Anti-Gay Nuts Debate Each Other, Find Each Other Offensive & Nonsensical

Right Wing Bill O’Reilly Fan Converted–GOP & Fox News Lies Will Succumb To Truth (VIDEO)

DeFazio goes on MSNBC, says 'Fuck the fiscal cliff!' Grand Bargain Express wobbles, heads explode!

Can Germany's Energy Success Happen in America?

Caribbean Crisis: Can Nicaragua Navigate Waters It Won from Colombia?

Spanish judge demands Venezuela explains FARC/ETA ties

Ben Nelson (D-NE) criticizes Rice's reaction to consulate attack

Stop being so NICE!!!!

CCWer shoots armed robber, 11/27/12

Daughters' former school wins award,

Hello from Chicago!

Glen Greenwald attacks MSNBC's Martin Bashir

Venezuela Opposition Gov Says Supporters Attacked

How high's the water, momma?

This Just In: Glenn Beck Ejected from Restaurant

One is never enough.

Remember Elian Gonzalez?... Now we have Angel, Isaiah & Adrian.

By one measure, CNBC is now more right-wing than Fox News. Won't mention poverty.

"Bracing the Base"

Bipartisan Resolution to Compel White House to Release Legal Justification for Drone Strikes

Start me up has a whole new meaning now that they tour with a defibrilator in the wings

Venezuela worst country in Latin America in complying with laws (Spanish)

Check out the Jerry Lewis goat

Favorite Cars song?

Payday loan rates 'to be limited'

GOP Senator Criticizes Susan Rice For NOT Revealing Classified Information

President Obama signs law protecting federal whistleblowers.

This Burger-Making Robot Could Revolutionize The Fast Food Industry

Skylon's Sabre engine passes key tests, endorsed by European Space Agency.

Christmas Season one-upsmanship:

Deputies: Woman hit, scratched boyfriend for bad sex

Rainn Wilson's Filthy Parody

Figured out how I would spend every last cent of the $550 million dollar PowerBall jackpot

Papantonio: GOP’s War On Voters Hasn’t Ended

Jon Stewart Tears Into Media Coverage Of Walmart And Hostess Labor Disputes

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Yahoo News Illustration of the great and powerful grover

Stuart Stevens, buffoon

Former US Rep. Mel Reynolds plans another run for Congress, wants to replace Jackson

Report: SecState candidate Rice "Has a Major Financial Stake in Canadian Tar Sands" i.e. Keystone XL


Here Are The Tricks Fox Uses To Manipulate Statistics On Its Graphs

CBS doesn't care: still has false exit poll results after 3 weeks

No one reported shot, stabbed or slashed in New York City on Monday - day of 3 zeros surprises cops

President Obama HAS gone over the 65 million mark!!! Pop vote now at: 65,089,940

How many replies will this thread will get before it dies? There may be a prize for the best answer

Psychiatry Giant Sorry for Backing Gay ‘Cure’

Why is Gay marriage an issue for the Supreme court?????

DU frustration # 24: You make a somewhat controversial OP and the 1st reply gets removed by a jury

The Benghazi Questions No One Is Asking

California Congresswoman Takes On 'Ex-Gay' Therapy

Moscone, Milk celebrated at annual event

Anybody have any experience building guitars?

Founding Member of SF Gay Men's Chorus Recalls Harvey Milk's Death at 34th Anniversary Vigil: VIDEO

If I make an OP saying that I bought a lottery ticket

DU in the wayback machine. See how it looked in the past, 856 pages captured in the past.

Someone needs to remind McCain, Ayotte, Graham, Collins that Obama has NOT nominated anyone yet

Thom Hartmann: Isn't it time America owned up to it's slave labor?

So, me and my financial planner were weighing my retirement options


I'm listening to Led Zeppelin's "Celebration Day" album! Doesn't get any better than this

Search for missing Spitfires in Burma due to begin

Have you been Scroogled?

Crazy-Stupid fuckwads: 9 lawmakers want to arrest U.S. officials who implement Obamacare

President Obama urges Americans to tweet Congress on tax cut debate

Youtube Video: Has the viral marketing for Guillermo Del Toro's "Pacific Rim" begun?

It won't be the end of the world if we go over the fiscal cliff. Military spending will be cut.

How many replies will my Brown Friday thread get before it dies?

Hamas: Killing Jews is worship of Allah "Repeat in the name of your Jihad: Death to Israel!"

Sanders - The people have spoken

On Shunning Fellow Atheists and Skeptics

Congress to make history -- but for the wrong reason?

Best Jon Stewart Quotes Ever, In Celebration of His 50th Birthday

Facebook cannot tell an elbow from a breast

day after day the susan rice lynching susan collins(r) is piling on

Susan Collins was just on Tweety

I Don’t Give a Tinker’s Damn about the FISCAL CLIFF!

Seems like Ashling is feeling a bit down

"GOP antics are making Democrats getting angrier by the day."

Turkey lifts headscarf ban in religious schools

The Majority (Is Supposed To) Rule

Review of book on Police Interrogation

Rice should refuse to meet with anymore senators unless it is open to the public

Everything's up to date in Kansas City!

A DU Challenge: Name something you really believe in. Good value, worthwhile, enhancing, etc.

Woman assaults boyfriend for orgasming before her.

MORE Media Consolidation On-the-Table before Christmas?

For lovers of Irish music AND Jewish dance music ( you have to like both)

A Homeless Man's Funeral

Anyone dealing with SAD? What works for you?

How many of you Dems would be fine being overlooked for a major promotion because your boss

Bye bye Kasich ! Ohio will miss you ! (NOT!)

Chuck Hagel Being Vetted

Reaction Engines Breakthrough Could Mean Four Hour Flights To Anywhere In The World

Is it me or does Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan have an evil smirk. And am I the only one to notice that

NORQUIST Brand "Pledge"-Fiscally Hazardous/Politically Toxic: Expiration Date Nov 6, 2012

OK I searched enough! Someone posted a a picture of a fertilized human egg along with

Chuck Hagel being vetted for national security post

Batman is pretty pissed

Social Science and Research Methodology

Mother Jones has picked up the Rice/Keystone XL story

WI RW Nutbag to Run for Chief of Schools

I would never make it in a vetenarian's office. Now I'm fretting over the curr dog.

Israel Plays Down Importance of U.N. Bid by Palestinians

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 29 November 2012

Two things re: Susan Rice. Actually three things.

I clicked on a link to a video. I'm in Canada and they told me

Grand Bargain Express: Obama, GOP Mount 'Fiscal Cliff' Campaign Blitz (ABC News)

Calls For End To 'Blank Checks' Sent From Washington To Israel

DU front page vs. front page

Upton signs with Braves for reported 5-years, $75M

Official: Nearly 200 Released From Prison Because Of Mass. Drug Lab Scandal, Cases Put On Hold

Clinton Chides Palestinians For Statehood Effort

3 BP Employees Arraigned On Gulf Oil Spill Charges

NOw the GOP's agenda is clear. With Susan Collins chiming in, it is evident that

"Soul Sacrifice" is an instrumental song by Santana,

Scott Pelley includes teaser about whether income taxes will go up next month.

Trayvon Martin Shooter To Seek Expense Money

An Inane And A Meaningful Response To Marco Rubio’s Comments On The Age Of The Earth

Gillard reassures Israel of backing despite UN vote

Pat Robertson goes off the deep end, again.

Obama is a much nicer person than me

The GOP sure knows how to pick them

TIME Magazine Online Poll Places Netanyahu Right After Bashar Assad for Person of the Year

By Jove

Ray McGovern: The Humiliation of Bradley Manning

Grand Barg- ah fuckit: Obama says he'll do what it takes to avoid cliff (Seattle Times)

Ignoring the Global Warming Reality

No Labels Tells Congress to Get It’s Sh*t Together

Next Steps: What Obama Must Do Now for the Environment

Deck the halls….with Michelle Obama (photos)

New York seeks $42 billion in Sandy disaster aid

Vibrators - Trojan creating buzz with promotion - Strict restrictions at South End Location

Let there be clean light: Kerosene lamps spew black carbon, should be replaced, study says

Simon & Garfunkel, 'The Boxer'

Drunk posting? Semi-illiterate? No, it's Tablet zpostng!

Can I say stud?

So S. Collins wanted Susan Rice to say "NO,'' when asked

Do you know what the Obama's said after seeing the White House decked out for Christmas?

Out-of-pocket caps will help put the brakes on higher health plan costs

In your opinion...

VA-GOV: Bolling may run as Independent.

Who killed Portland progressive station KPOJ? (3,174 words)

Matt Taibbi: Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan Apparently Can't Remember Anything

Let's Talk About Pot

There is great diversity in the new GOP House Committee Chairmen...

So you won the lottery What Next?

"Debt Ceiling Debate Cost Taxpayers $18.9 Billion, Study Finds"

Tree'd by a bar. Video.

Tweety: the right thinks they're entitled to rule

Anthem Blue Cross seeks to raise individual policyholders' rates (18% average)

Republicans and media new attack on Susan Rice

Someday, perhaps soon, you will leave work on a Friday night and head to the cannabis store...

Another Inevitable Conflict?(If the American Ruling Class Doesn’t Get a Clue, We Will All Be F***ed)

Congressman Torn Between Meaningless Pledge To Anti-Tax Zealot, Well-Being Of Nation

130,000 Powerball tickets a MINUTE...

Paul Ryan's Wisconsin neighbors supported his opponents

One in Five Charter Schools Is Bad Enough to Close

If I could post a poll here in Meta, it might look like this:

Help! I need my Current fix and it seems to be gone

"Assange: How notoriety has changed a trapped man"

Ohio Lawmakers Give Up On Anti-Choice Legislation

David Pakman: Wall Street Pro's Admit Many Are Corrupt

New popular vote totals.

DU POLL: Should the Powerball payout be allowed to rise and rise or should the payout be

KS town removes cross from town seal; FOX viewers outraged

Organizing for 2014 Must Begin Now. It appears our FL Dem Party is dragging its feet.

Ecuador says WikiLeaks' Assange suffering lung problems

Bernie Sanders BLOWS THE LID OFF The ‘Bipartisan’ Plan To CUT TAXES for Corporations and the Wealthy

From 'best' to 'worst' run states, Florida fares poorly

Why was it okay for Cheney and company lie all the time on Meet the Press?

UPDATE: " Bradley Manning Trial" for those Dems who are Civil Rights Advocates!

Hillary Clinton: 'Susan Rice has done a great job'

Janis had it -

Huell Howser quietly retires from public TV's 'California's Gold'

"Study: Conservatism Is A Lack Of Complexity In Political Brain"

Hearing Gives Burton a Last Shot at Autism Issue

Ack! Another ventral hernia. Having surgery Dec. 13.

Tom Ricks: FOX NEWS....Apology Is HORSESH!T

Perhaps the msm hasn't heard, we won. We determine the course, not them

Virginia Race Turns To Chaos Following Cuccinelli’s Rise

Parents learned of daughter’s death on Facebook

When butt enhancement goes horribly wrong

The Birther shit could not have been so widespread without the collaboration from the

My Children's School was Vandalized with Obama Hate Graffiti - Picture in Post

Pastafarians demand equal access to Pennsylvania courthouse holiday display

Glenn Beck puts Obama figurine in jar of urine and tries to sell it on eBay

I didn't particularly care for the Bushes.

Has anyone seen "Chasing Ice" yet?

Tarter Sauce the Grumpy Cat has something to say about everything!

The Convoluted Campaign Against Susan Rice

Brandon Marshall: I’ve heard of players using Viagra ‘to get an edge’

Had to stop reading to attend a huge party

It Gets Better: November 28, 2012 - NYPD

If not Susan Rice...who do we pick?

The Needless Tragedy of Student Loan Defaults

Why do people hate Justin Bieber?

Grover Norquist's Budget Is Largely Financed by Just Two Billionaire-Backed Nonprofits

Ok..light the damn tree already..

Can we start a thread for Questions?

Even Pat Robertson Denies that the Earth is 6,000 Years Old

Einstein's brain: Even on the surface, extraordinary


A 35-Mile Laser Rainbow Illuminates New York As A Memorial To Sandy’s Victims

Rolling Stone - "How (Norquist) hijacked the GOP on behalf of the rich" - Norquist As A Frontman

How the US last paid off its debt: Stealing land from Native Americans

Both Gun-rights and gun-control groups promote longer penalties for teens with illegal guns.

Hillary Clinton: 'Susan Rice has done a great job'

The misogyny battle rages on...

Chuck Hagel would be the right pick for Defense.

Stevie Wonder - Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing (Live)

I played 5 powerball numbers, thinking it would be $5

Collins gave away the Republicans' real problem with Rice

Go outside and take a look at Jupiter and the Moon tonight

Why I'm A Christian

Researchers warn mixing grapefruit with drugs can kill you

When you dial 800 do you want to talk to somebody in the USA? Read this

Republican David Rouzer concedes to Democratic incumbent Mike McIntyre in North Carolina

Arizona declines to set up state-based health insurance exchange

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Church Night!


You Can Tape The Police

Avian pox: Great tit disease ‘spread to UK by insects’

Atheist complaint against Prudhomme's Sunday discount settled

OK, N Raleigh DUers - I am off to the Village Grill soon to watch Duke-Ohio State

Canadian Conservatives defeat bill to get lifesaving generic drugs to developing world

Happy 50th Birthday , Jon Stewart!

Exclusive: Major Unions And Progressive Groups Create Filibuster Reform Coalition

Shall women serve in combat?

STEM Act Receives Official Opposition From White House

Central Park 5: New Film On How Police Abuse, Media Frenzy Led to Jailing Innocent Teens, pts 1 & II

No matter how wrong you are you still have advice for Thomas Friedman

Offer Pete Domenici the Secretary of State position

Office clerical workers at Port of Los Angeles go on strike to stop outsourcing good jobs

White Supremacist says foreclosure won't stop Aryan Nations compound

Cities in the age of climate consequences: ‘Carbon Zero,’ chapter 1

Poll: Which position do you think Chuck Hagel is being vetted for?

Top Romney Adviser Brags About Losing Poor, Minority Voters To Obama

Whatever happened to the DUzy awards?

Anybody else in a POWERBALL pool at work?

"I need feminism because..."


Neal Boortz says "government schools" led us to vote for "a man like Barack Obama."


Black Friday will never be the same

Lloyd Blankfein goes off the deep end

Wondering if I should sell all my stocks right now and buy them back the day

(Obama) Labor factoid of the day...

Taxpayer-Enriched Companies Back Jeb Bush's Foundation for Excellence in Education, its Buddy ALEC,

The Least Influential People of 2012 (GQ)

Can the President pick Rice as a recess appointment as SOS

Let's beat Michigan "right to work"

Curiously missing from the tax debate

On Fiscal Cliff Diving...

The opportunities and dangers of incomplete bus rapid transit

This is why I think stupidity should be painful...

The IBEW Celebrates 121 Years Of Providing Workers A Voice In The Workplace

Deported dad who lost custody to be reunited with his kids

Texas millionaire charged with child molestation

Calexico and Mariachi Luz de Luna -- "El Cascabel"

The infamous snowmen of Calvin & Hobbes

PATH Officials: Several More Weeks Before Hoboken Service Is Back

Reel police: Post a pic of a cop from a flick.

Really? Jamie Dimon? He gets to sign all the bills he'll later be stealing?

Retired British Naval Officer's Letter to his Children

Another apple tv question(s)

Another night on call. Ask me anything.

Bill O’Reilly Mocks His Own Guest for Suggesting Paul Ryan for Person of the Year (LOL)

The My2k War: @BarackObama = Tweet it using the hashtag #My2K.

Ah a nice relaxing evening in the Lounge!

Why aren't people seeking preventative care? HA!

Was this stupid?

Is DU now in lockstep with McCain, Ayotte, and Graham and united against Susan Rice?

Billo Reilly: "Christianity is not a religion!"

Woman accused of making up hate crime denied change of trial venue

Erick Erickson ‘Prayerfully Considering’ Primary Run Against Sen. Saxby Chambliss

Congress to make history -- but for the wrong reason

Lee Terry to chair commerce subcommittee

Salon - "Grover Gets Weird"

Do any of my fellow long term JK supporters buy into the -Kerry =Brown theory?

Photo of Officer Giving Boots to Barefoot Man Warms Hearts Online

Congatulations to the Washington Wizards

New blow for Rice: Moderate senator voices concern

So, just where does one apply to be a "political pundit"?

Southern Comfort is part of *The Conspiracy*

This is really scary.

Graham crackers are damn good.

Question: Does John Kerry even want to be the U.S. Secretary of State? n/t

Hey, McCain, The senate intelligence committee asked for talking points..

Last movie you saw (1) at home / rental, and (2) in a theater? What did you think of both?

Government Report Supports Closing Guantánamo

Fed survey: US economy growing at steady pace

Has anyone seen the documentary 'Happy'?

Being pissed at the attacks on Amb Rice and not supporting her as SoS are NOT mutually exclusive.

Vegan eggnog?

Micah Moore, charged in Deaton prayer group murder, in court today

So I *think* it's Nanticoke, but my new year's resolution is to find my tribe!

What is the republicans role in Benghazi?

Lava flows to the ocean in Hawaii, creating rare natural show

Stocks gain on hopes for a deal to avoid 'cliff'

Does anyone have any recent updates on the new racist shooting in Florida? N/T

Meet The Climate Denial Machine

Republicans want to repeal the mortgage interest deduction because they think it's "unfair"

Ok...we had a "Roadhouse" appreciation thread, how about this 80's classic..."Commando"?

Question About Air Pollution Control Laws

So are we really going to be celebrating Saturnalia on or around the 25th?

“Oddball” Galaxy Contains the Biggest Black Hole Yet (Horizon 4 light days across!)

$580 million Powerball jackpot winning numbers are 5-23-16-22-29. The Powerball is 6.

U.S. had plans to nuke the moon

Is Ed Schultz leaving cnbc?

If President Obama Needs Senator John Kerry's Service, So Be It.

Road collapses into the ocean following Super Storm Sandy

Question about assholes


One has to wonder how many out there can not afford to have a frightening mole looked at by an Md?

President Obama will not make nominations on a political basis

Obamacare changes are becoming real in KC

the least productive Congress since the 1940s....

I haven't seen some people around in a while

Our Q&A with John Kuhn on school’s over-reliance on testing

So a jury hid this post but not this one.