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Archives: November 21, 2012

Differences in Conservative and Liberal Brains!

"They used our drinking water to grow hog feed."

Was the "Daily Show" a repeat tonight?

This is America, WE speak Cherokee!


I was just watching the Charlie Rose show

Broad Foundation revealed it allied with president of teachers' union from the start.

Letterman does sketch about speaking to Carl Rove on the phone


Can someone please explain Karl's temper tantrum on election night?

Minnesota Police Investigation of Officers Providing Drugs to Occupy Protesters

Anyone watching "Poor Kids" on Frontline right now?

Blast from the past: Keith Olbermann's Sarah Palin Thanksgiving Turkey Slaughtering segment - video

Ohio Fusion Center Winter Clothing Warning

Progressive Powerhouse Partners with Social Media Start-Up

Viral post claims precinct in Allen West race had 900 ballots cast but only 7 registered voters

WHO Fans Unite!

Wigley and Santer Find the IPCC is too Conservative on AGW

CBS: Intel office cut terror links from Rice briefing

Comedy that is right on it.

Welcome to Washington, for some it's the ‘state of denial’

So lets see if I have this straight...

I just heard on Radio that NASAs Curiosity made a huge discovery on Mars

Grumpy Limbaugh slams workers; is he unhappy because young wife has filed...?

Bus tickets?

Re: the Affordable Care Act, I was looking online at the current thinking on the public option...

John Metz Denny's Obamacare Surcharge Stirs Big Mess For Restaurant Chain

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Tuesday, November 20)

Thanksgiving Eve? Must be time for NPR's famous "Mama Stamberg's Cranberry Relish" recipe

Idaho Teacher in Face-Marking Incident Faces Probe

Remember the guy behind "Unskewed"

Seems Hezbollah is leaving Hamas to dangle.

This S. Cali story concerning these 4 guys arrested on terrorists charges is covered with

Once again PETA shows they have the same IQ as all of Free Republic...

Scientists Probe Human Nature—and Discover We are Good, after All


Red State, Blue State

Syria Kurdish leader rejects new opposition coalition

I found this video about the CCC's during the 1930's, the boys sure did work hard.

Received this email from some moran.

What are we going to say to scare right-wingers next?

Israel's mission in Gaza is not about security -- so what is it about?

Will any of THESE Texas politicians be penalized for breaking their own voting rules? Doubt it.

"We ate so poorly that the Hobo's wouldn't come to our house..."

Why only Wal-Mart?

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving... A Fido Friday special!

Anonymous Hacks Westboro Baptist Church Website LIVE

Former state lawmaker leads Mont. courtroom fracas

North Korea focusing on development of Pyeongyang

8 bosses who screwed their employees after Obama’s reelection

US blocks UN Security Council statement on Gaza

15-year-old boy charged in girl’s fatal shooting on school bus; police say shooting accidental

Missouri court upholds PSC's renewable energy rules

Hey Mitt! Guess Where I'm Going?

I Drink Alone :)

I've lost my star!

Dogs Teaching Chemistry

Are these animals too 'ugly' to be saved ?

Something for you 30 somethings.

Hillary Clinton has been one of the greatest Secretary of State ever!

Eurozone finance ministers fail to agree Greece bailout

Explosion hits Tel Aviv bus, at least 10 casualties

Judge Sides With Atheists, Rules City Can Ban Nativity Scenes

U.S. election count goes on – and on

Michael Moore: An Open Letter to President Obama

Peace Is Increasing / Prof. Joshua S. Goldstein .

Banking Industry Moves to Block Warren

Store mannequins 'spy' on you while you shop

Entrepreneurship takes a big jump at age 65. Guess Why?

Boxer blames GOP leadership for Election Day dysfunctions

Forbes: No, The United States Will Not Go Into A Debt Crisis, Not Now, Not Ever

Mars Rover 'Curiosity' Team Reportedly Will Reveal Major Discovery In December

Democrats preparing candidates in case Sen. Kerry moves to Cabinet

Walkergate: emails of Scott Walker’s conniving staff are revealed in court

Snowy owl makes swift strides toward recovery

Putting Lipstick on a Pig: 4 Messes that Sink the GOP's Dreams of Regaining the Presidency

HP claims fraud prompted $5B overpayment for co.

What I Learned at a Conservative Think Tank: Propaganda Now, Facts Later!

Camacho seriously hurt in shooting, but expected to survive

Something's Very Wrong When Only the Rich get Richer

Climate Change Denier Likely to Lead Congressional Science Committee

A tax credit for fetuses, but not for children?

MSNBC’s Primetime Trounces Fox News Since Election Day: Maddow And O’Donnell Soar

Fiona Apple's Heartbreakingly Beautiful Letter To Her Fans About Staying With Her Dying Dog

The Praetorian Republic

Homeland Security Wants to More Than Double Its Predator Drone Fleet Inside the US, Despite...

un report warns of widening climate gap

Tom Engelhardt: The Fall of the American Empire (Writ Small)

Oil nations asked to consider carbon tax on exports

Bolton: ‘Use rendition’ to Guantanamo and ‘gentle persuasion’ for Benghazi suspects

Outcome of UN climate talks 'lies in hands of rich nations'

Tell Congress: Don't Push Jobless Americans Off the Cliff!

Thanksgiving Limerick For DC Pols

Archbishop: CofE has 'explaining to do' after female bishops veto

Ed Reed wins appeal.....

Copley News Service owner David Copley dies in La Jolla car crash

Further big drop in new HIV infections among children

Early death link to muscle power

Jobless 'face increased heart attack risk'

Six-year-old schools Hasbro on gender equality

A picture worth 1,000 words...

Climate change evident across Europe, says report

The Currency of Classified Information and the Selective Prosecution of Bradley Manning

Ok, back again because ... I really miss everyone here.

Marines Field First Operational Squadron Of F-35 Stealth Fighter Read more: http://www.businessinsi

Petroglyphs Stolen in Sierras

Killing Hope: Why Israel Targets Sports in Gaza

OB/GYN groups Back over-the-counter birth control pills

Juan Cole: Could a Gaza Land War Lose the Middle East for America?

My beliefs on the age of our planet - in case it ever becomes an issue later on...

Wall Street Finds a 'Third Way' to Plunder Our Wealth

Strange: Why Do Red States Have More Traffic Fatalities?

All Republicans after Eisenhower took White House by fraud or treason-why wouldn't they try in 2012?

Huh? left-wing Freak Show???

Disaster Capitalism in Reverse: How Sandy Could Be The Catalyst For Progressive Change

If you perceive reality as the enemy, you're doing it wrong

Nate Silver, Election Predictor at FiveThirtyEight, Comes Out As Gay

Obama Steals Election, Again, According to Totally Clear Evidence

US sues contractors over troop trailers in Iraq

WNY native blamed for failed get-out-the-vote app that some tie to Romney’s loss

Mapping the Gaza-Israel conflict. Basic distances and cities

Christie Surges to 67% Favorable in Post-Sandy Voter Poll

Governors Have No Excuse Not to Build Insurance Exchanges

Panetta Details Steps Needed to End al-Qaida Threat

Lloyd Blankfein: You 99 percent mofos need to work longer and harder

WKBG-Orlando: Prosecutors unaware of computer search for "foolproof suffocation" on day Caylee died

Saudi reforms detour through Vienna faith centre

Can we do this now?

General Allen Resumes Command Duty in Afghanistan

Catholics put pressure on Knights of Columbus; petition slams cash spent fighting gay marriage

4 Ways College Admissions Committees Stack the Deck in Favor of Already Privileged Applicants

The Black Thursday Backlash

Afghan revolving door: 5 US generals, 5 years

Wife of general accused of misconduct speaks out about strains on military marriages

GOP Strategist: Time to Talk Back to Rush

Big Tent News: Support for Gay Marriage Grows in Michigan

Drought No Obstacle to Record Income for U.S. Farms

So if I forego shopping Black Friday...what about Cyber Monday?

Mike Luckovich cartoon: T-day Moochers

Florida Passes Plan for Racially-Based Academic Goals

Mitt Romney Goes To Disneyland! Becomes uncontrollably excited! (Now with Updates!)

USAF activates AvDet in Poland

'Barack O'Fraudo'

Big Tent News: Q High in Phoenix

ETA News Release: Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (11/21/2012)

HA! Dr. Brzezinzski called Dan Senor "almost comical" on Morning Joe today!

Make no mistake, they would still vote for him.

Anyone else not crazy about sushi?

As CO2 Hits New Record High, Not One Australian Minister Planning To Attend Doha

London Bankers Become Landlords as Rents Hit Record

Joe Scarborough to Nate Silver: “I’m sorry”

How Asia sees Obama's pivot to the Pacific

Big disappointment in brain injury treatment study

The fake cure for Akin-ism

President Obama: Don't pardon the turkey !

Johhny Shelton out of Galveston County

Homeland Security Wants to More Than Double Its Predator Drone Fleet Inside the US,

My welfare mom, our food stamps and my Jewish identity

Waitressing wages. Are these bar and restaurant businesses getting away with slave labor?

Pentagon overseas propaganda plan stirs controversy

yingluck shinawatra

Retail workers can't even enjoy Thanksgiving any longer

What would Thanksgiving be without this blast from the past?

Children of the Storm: Education and Social Mobility

Bankster Enemy No. 1 (cartoon)

WI John Doe Investigation: Walker introduced into Sentencing Hearing

What ABOUT that anti-Muslim video that supposedly triggered the murders in Benghazi?

Worker Group Alleges Walmart 'Told Store-Level Management to Threaten Workers' About Strikes

Ben Sargent on the secessionists

Morning Scabs has driven me back to sLimus, has always been one-note, started Campaign 2016

How on Earth do you score 138 points?

The first Thanksgiving according to the creationists.

Via Daily Kos, Howard Dean on Human trafficking

Germany's Clean Energy Transforms Industrial City of Hamburg

**Gets out Staple Gun and posts sign 'Now available DU Taxi Service**

Make your own toiletries?

Higher Pay is a Gift to the Economy

Bacon Ice Cream - it's better than you think

Babcock & Wilcox receives DOE award to develop nuclear SMRs

A Bi-Sexual in Congress And We Don't Care - Are We At The Dawn Of The Great "Get It On"?

Take this job and shove it: Fed-up Bangor TV anchors quit on air

Big Tent News: Florida Swears in First Out Representatives

Great news that the Milwaukee prosecutors seem to have snared Walker, BUT

Most Americans in Decade Project Economy Will Get Better

Good chart about SS making the rounds on FB...

NATO says Turkey has asked for Patriot missiles to be stationed near border with Syria;

Anti-Gay "Christian" lawyer arrested on child pornography charges.

Give Thanks for Low Food Prices as They’ll Rise Next Year

Honorable theft. Stole the turkey but left the beer.

Latest Obama rumor going around here.

10 reasons a woman should head the CIA

Yeah? Well then, we want guaranteed, universal coverage on our part of the negotiations

Each day in France - Cute video

Only three percent of human rights violations are prosecuted

If you're going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some clothes

Has anyone heard the "Obama's Third Term" ads on the radio?

If you've always planned to walk around naked in San Francisco, go before the February deadline

Boycotting Wal-Mart? Why not K-Mart too?

Juan Cole: Gaza’s Health Crisis and Israel’s Crimes Against Humanity

Jordan's King Fears Gaza Conflict May Further Complicate His Struggle For Survival

Spending extra time on DU today before Thanksgiving.

NYT: How to Fix a Broken Election System

I'm home from work today. As I sit here...

Jack Taylor scores 138 points, an NCAA record

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday Nov 21st

WHO organization stats

Kucinich Blasts ‘One-Sided’ Pro-Israeli House Resolution

Inside cat

DOMA Supreme Court Case Coming Up

New Medical Guidelines Say Birth Control Should Be Available Over The Counter

Vibes needed

Former Romney Adviser: Blind Devotion To Tax Cuts Hurt Republicans In The Election

On Eve of Ceasefire, Hamas Celebrates Bus Explosion with Sweet Cakes

Oh what a night

Today in Peace and Justice history on November 21, 1981

Today in Peace and Justice history on November 21, 1981

Creator Of ‘Unskewed Polls’ Has New Website ‘Barack O’Fraudo’ Claiming Obama Stole The Election

A less stress Thanksgiving...Pecan Pie, Cornbread-cooked...Stuffing and Turkey...

the anti-science nutjobs out there fascinate me. we are not supposed to take seriously the work

Germany's Clean Energy Transforms Industrial City of Hamburg

Brewer’s order to end migrant driver licenses ‘contradictory’

It's not Rocket Science

Pic Of The Moment: President Holds Thanksgiving Photo-Op With A Couple Of Turkeys

Violent protests take place in the West Bank over Gaza conflict

Bipartisanship Vs. Democracy: The Third Way Fallacy

Election Night Conversation

Hi Everybody

Fox News host Bob Beckel says nudists 'probably gang-banged during childhood'

Anyone else thinking it's a YES kinda day

Ted Nugent's tour bus spotted

Reps from Texas legislature caught on camera voting for multiple people during voting sessions.

TV Chef Art Ginsburg, Mr. Food, Dies At 81

Israeli Dep. Foreign Min. "most of people that were hit in Gaza deserved it."

Lebanon War victims alter game of terror financing

Debt and Deficit Delusions

Something to be thankful for. I'm getting a daughter!

Art Ginsburg, better known as Mr. Food

Hamas, Israel Agree to Truce (Clinton Announces)

Senate bill rewrite lets feds read your e-mail without warrants

Former Romney Adviser: Blind Devotion To Tax Cuts Hurt Republicans In The Election

May 30, 2002 Rand Paul LTTE of Bowling Green Daily News is NOWHERE to be found

Thom Hartmann: Why it's not crazy to think Anonymous stopped Karl Rove From Stealing the Election P2

Surprise, surprise: Republicans refuse to consider any compromise on 'fiscal cliff'

I was just wondering...

Allen West lost because Muslims voted

The Oatmeal: The state of the music industry

Trying to find out how many 2010 newly elected Teabaggers lost in 2012

Just made a great cornbread - this will now be our go-to recipe

Mitt Romney turns blue

Stanford using new technology and game-like conditions to analyze concussions

Toon- Fox News is the Bestest!

A big step forward on 'Obamacare' implementation

Amid Cosmic Fatigue, Scarcely a Star Is Born

is this spam?

Top Romney adviser shocked to learn it sucks to be a loser

Science Genius Glenn Beck tries to work out how old the Earth is on his show

Papantonio: Federalize National Voting Standards Now

A follow up post: How many people had no idea when and why DU was founded when they joined ??

Regarding the "Nate Silver...Comes Out" post

So, Who's Ruining the Benghazi TALKING POINTS for McCAIN Today?

Walmart evacuated.

Popular Vote 2012 Results: Breakdown by Marital Status, Age, Religion, Gender, etc.

Look at the bright side of poverty

Videos of two debates I've had with Fox News hosts over Global Warming/Climate change

Jesus was born years earlier than thought, claims Pope

How to know great espresso from everything else

Recipes with THANKS from Al Franken and family:

Catholic organization Opus Dei sues Danish game maker

1950s housewife on LSD

Women are being raped at work.

How Drug Company Money is Undermining Science

Breaking CNN: Hillary Brokers Cease Fire

Reason #7869345 why growing economic inequality is bad news

Pat Robertson Admits he Blew Election Prediction he Received from God

great pic for the science-minded amoung us

Boehner Wants Obamacare On The Chopping Block In Debt Negotiations

Great googly moogly.

Have you "cut the cord" on EXPENSIVE cable TV? Why or why not? A PBS guide

Abstract Photographs of Human Bodies in Motion

The Norquist Effect, not like turkey sleepy time

Did you know that a large group of baboons is called a congress.

Hector “Macho” Camacho in “fight of his life” after shooting

Ken Burns' "The Dust Bowl" answers Reagan's sick joke.

Sen. Graham On Criticism Of Rice: The Only Color I’m Worried About Is ‘Blood Red’

The Problem with Religious Moderates

Fiscal Cliff

Citizens rush council members as chaos erupts at Newark City Hall meeting

Incredible bouillabaisse recipe

“It looks like a bunch of old white men running women out of Washington.” (Mika B)

(Erik) Prince of Blackwater heads to Africa

Question on if/how Obamacare will help me

President Obama's Thanksgiving in London

Build your own AR-15 w/o registration or serial number

Forget Libya, this is the new thing fox will be all over:

sen deb fisher: breaking barriers, but not in feminism

John Boehner: Let's gut Obamacare in deficit reduction

sen deb fisher: breaking barriers, but not in feminism

Mitt Romney visits Disneyland (caption time)

Afghanistan criticised for spate of executions

What is this “bitter pill” Obama wants his supporters to swallow on domestic cuts?

WH says Pres Obama phoned Israeli PM Netanyahu and told him to STFU

Teabagging the Queen of South Carolina

post # 2000

Hypocrisy Meter Reader!

Future President Hillary Clinton brokered us up some peace.

KILLER ROBOTS: The Scariest Weapons You Have Never Heard Of

The Walking Dead - Chad Coleman from The Wire lands important role

Fox News host mocks food stamps: ‘Do you know how fabulous I’d look? I’d be so skinny’

The skunks are lawyering up!

POWERFUL! Children's Choir Has A Message Wrapped In Simplistic Beauty

Possibly the Last Free Emergency Room Visit - Times Past

See Sue

Colombia extends arrest warrant for ex-spy chief .

Bwahahaha Andrea Mitchell just showed Mitt's loser pic on MSNBC

GOP civil war: Limbaugh vs. the consultants

Ex Congressman its to sue government over wiretapping scandal .

The Rude Pundit: Photos of Things That the Rude Pundit Is Thankful For (Romney Edition)

Can someone explain the lure of "black friday" for me?

And So With Benghazi Goes Any Remaining Credibility of the GOP

Did they really get a ceasefire?

Walter Rhett: Fighting the Wrong War

Former conservative state lawmaker/lt. gov. candidate leads Mont. courtroom fracas

Morning Mouth apologized to Nate Silver!

Brother: Rep. Jesse Jackson to announce resignation

A Meatless Thanksgiving

US abortions fall 5%, biggest drop in a decade

New women's professional soccer league announced, with eight U.S. teams

Hello Everyone

I don't distinguish lunacies based on Political Orientation

Does the new13 inch retina Mac have a drive

Dan Senor rips GOP officials on about-face

Time For Wealthy & CEOs To Thank The Middle Class For 30+ Years Of Sacrifice

Thom Hartmann: Who Are the Untraditional Americans Getting Gifts?

In which state will a male relative wipe out his entire family before

"The Day The Earth Stopped Masturbating" - Trailer

What is an acceptable way to thaw a turkey if you dont have room

Jesse Jackson Jr. To Resign.....

Netanyahu Praises Obama, U.S. For Role In Brokering Cease-Fire

Meet The Predators

'Mega-quarry' in southern Ontario won't be built

Ever hear of Porter Stansberry? He is the investment version of Harold Camping.

Just in, Obama: "Come after me."

Michigan Considers Fetus Tax Credit Bill After Slashing Tax Credits for Actual Children

Rafa new Chelski manager

Mitt Romney Goes To Disneyland

Parameters of a fiscal cliff deal in place

Paul Krugman: C Is For Class Warfare

NBC live feed just went live to a city at night with a shitload of small arms fire, cheers, honking

BREAKING NEWS: Rep Jackson resigns from Congress

Boycotting Diamond Comic Distributors would be difficult

So.. this moran posts on FB....

Obama Cracks A Nate Silver Joke At Turkey Pardon

If Boeing is pronounced Bowing why is Boehner not pronounced Bowhner?

Israel vs. Palestine

Republican Bob Marshall: Disabled Kids = Punishment For Abortion

FBI raids Detroit Public Library in fraud case

War in Gaza = War Over Natural Gas?

I'm rapidly running out of reasons not to abandon Windows.

Giving Thanks for the Recent JOHN DOE BOMBSHELL That IMPLICATES Scott Walker

ashes and snow, anybody know of this?

What's Worse Than "Black Friday?"

Will Anonymous Help Prevent Election Fraud on Mars?

A question for the companies throwing tantrums about the President's re-election.

Hawkeyes prep for post T-day butt-kicking

You don't need blond hair to be a Faux "news" bimbo...

Here's my deal. You make food you like for your Feast, I will for mine. OK?

New Obama outrage: Pardons turkey w/left handed, backward sign of the cross

Hawai'i Battles GMO Industry Takeover

Why is it important that a politician believe the ToE?

Fun pub discussion last night - things your kids will never know or experience


For those who will be interacting with conservative family members this Thanksgiving...

Black family flees O.C. city after tires slashed, racial taunts

I definitely agree with this message...

Further evidence that Republicans just don't get it...

Hey Mitt! Guess where I'm going?

Ohio GOP's Election Lesson: We Should Go After Planned Parenthood Again!...

Freedom From Want

Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. resigns

Will Honduras have free and fair elections?

Urgently need advice. I think I just gave hackers my hotmail password.

A preschool teacher took away the toys in his classroom & gave the kids empty boxes - happy kids

Urgently need advice. I think I just gave hackers my hotmail password.

Justice Denied for 30 Years: Six Reasons Guatemala Must Bring Rios Montt to Justice!

Thanksgiving Fun - Potentially incorrect - but funny? You be the judge...

I'm thankful

Senate Democrats trying to undermine Obama on fiscal cliff. Idiots.

The Milwaukee County DA should arrest Scott Walker even if he might not get a conviction

went to Bob Evans today for breakfast

Paleontologists find 6.5-foot tall penguin fossils in Antarctica

Obama on turkey pardon: “Nate Silver completely nailed it”

Obama jabs Romney at Turkey ceremony

Important shopping tip

Gaza rockets hit south after truce; IDF holds fire

An Eccentric Texas Millionaire(R)Is Accused of Abusing Teenagers!

Just the 1% that matters. (Sign on Wall Street) (update: for an upcoming movie)

3rd person dies from wild mushroom poisoning at Northern California senior care facility

Big Tent News: California Governor Appoints Two New LBGT Judges

Can you name the schools involved in these upcoming rivalry games?

Prayer At Public Meetings Lawsuits Continue Across The Country

Black Friday and Thanksgiving.

Boehner: 'ObamaCare' must be on the table in 'fiscal cliff' negotiations

Joe Scarborough Is Part Of The Problem - by Andrew Sullivan

Up w/ Chris Hayes streaming

"Thank heaven for old white men"

Presidential Election 2012 — according to TuneIn, LIBERAL RADIO beat CONSERVATIVE RADIO in GOTV

So...why would someone block mail from me, but not totally ignore me?

If Cartoons of laughing Yellow Dots are part of a person's Argument...

Protesters dress as clowns during KKK rally

Sick of the Phrase "Walk Back"

You would have to tie me up and pry my eyes open like a Clockwork Orange to make me watch Red Dawn

Press Doesn't put 2 + 2 together in Analysis of Most Recent Israel - Palestinian Conflict

Rest of us would be better off if Confederacy of Takers secedes - DANA MILBANK

A few days ago, someone posted that her dog had been caught in a trap.

I love our president!

The fastest deficit reduction in generations

So what about a: POST OF THE WEEK -and/or- COMMENT OF THE WEEK?

Top 8 Reasons For Democrats To Be Thankful This Thanksgiving

A simple message for the anti-abortion movement...

Chris Evert to guest star on 'CSI'

Inspiring message!

Where was the Republican "poutrage" then?

9/11 United Airlines Lawsuit: NYC Judge Rejects Suit Against Airline For Fallen WTC Building...

This made me laugh

Okay, you right wing assholes. I've had about enough of the bullshit.

"...There is no substitute for a just and lasting peace." SoS Hillary Clinton

World powers want new nuclear talks with Iran quickly

Supreme Court to hear California raisin growers' case

Egypt's President Morsi Wins U.S. and Israeli Gratitude in Gaza Deal

What the Fuck is Wrong with These People?: Fox Pundit Jokes Food Stamps Could Be A Diet Plan

It Gets Better - November 21st

Fangsgiving Festival on Chill network on Thanksgiving. ooooooh.

"This Shit In Gaza Is Out Of Control…"

How to make chicken.

U.S. Government Hacked Nicolas Sarkozy, Former France President's, Office In 2012, l'Express Claims

(IBEW) Members Offer Thanksgiving Help to Hurricane Sandy Victims

Ha! This Toon.... perfect

While on the subject of Obama's so-called Apology Tour...

This is your new God… All bow before it.

I'ts not just insane. It's batshit crazy insane.

"I won't say who they are."

Kelsey Grammer says "Boss" Cancelled because he is Republican

A few thoughts on the matter of deficits: Do they matter or what?

O The Sweet! Sweet Mother Flippin' Irony! Guess what % of vote Romney will have after CA & NY Count?

Scott Walker stars as: "John D'oh!"

US Government Campaign Against Whistleblowers and Electronic Robin Hoods

A message for the President of the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB), Raymond Yans

What does RNC PR BS mean?

Elaine Weiss: Education Begins Before School

Things In Politico That Make me Want To Guzzle Antifreeze, 2016 Republican Field Edition

Worker Group Alleges Walmart 'Told Store-Level Management to Threaten Workers' About Strikes

Protest Against Drones and Afghan War at White House

Miracle On An Orphan Train To Arizona

Rockets explode in Israel despite truce

Conflating consenting adult porn with rape doesn't work. At all. Here's why.

I couldn't give a hundred and fifty dollars, but I could give a hundred and fifty minutes.

Is this the administration's position on medicare cuts?

Amendment 64 passed in El Paso County !!!

day 1 without cable tv

The ignorance in my local paper! It burns! (aka "Four more years of lies and deception!")

Agenda 21

The Greatness of Barack Obama Is Our Great Project

It Ain't As Good As It Gets

Another of Mike Stark's little chats with Pig Boy

A wish...

Immersed in Lawrence.

So the pubes couldn't kill Obamacare at the they are going to hold us hostage now?

Damn kids

Tyasia Jackson Allegedly Stabs 2-Year-Old Sister, Sasha Lamaya Ray

Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!!

John McCain does it again - bashing Pres on Burma/Israel/Gaza

The hidden religious threat to the Health Care Law

Anyone having problems with damaged discs?

Anyone familiar with a case in Lexington, KY, where in Oct. 1973, Rev. John K. Barnes

"ABOVE" graffiti on the curb in front of my house--

Why I love hockey.

The Most Powerful Woman the Middle East Has Ever Witnessed.

Fox News Brings You The Scariest Christmas Ever

Stephen Wiltshire MBE

So, what's for dinner tomorrow?

I got my LTE in todays paper, it was in response to another LTE a couple of weeks ago:

A truly pathetic video

Gaza celebrates as ceasefire with Israel takes effect

On the eve of Thanksgiving I want to give thanks for DU among other things

Why can I no longer post pics on DU?

Black Friday bargains!..

Wal-mart exec. faced down on Today Show, won't guarantee against retaliation on workers

Juror #1, I owe you an apology.

Amnesty takes action against official’s tweets

My laptop is freaking out--occasionally blinking circles, blinking Firefox icons,

I can't believe we made it!

"The New Republicans" by Paul Krugman at the NY Times

Susan Rice broke her silence on Benghazi. She says she relied

Who is Josh Rogin at XM radio

Police in New York arrest on person for the serial killing of

It's A Two for One!

the woman who gave us thanksgiving --sarah josepha hale's letter to abraham lincoln

Hey Union people..... Don't ever forget how right wing free market pricks tried to destroy

a biography of the day-sarah josepha hale

the woman who gave us thanksgiving-sarah josepha hale

I'm giving thanks for Hillary Clinton this year.

CBC canadian Apology To America

It's getting real in the Whole Foods parking lot

Say Goodnight Gracie!

To Kill a Mockingbird coming up on TCM at 7:00 CST

1,000,000,000,000 Frames/Second Photography

Is Boehner really THAT stupid?

Nate Silver: Where Obama and Romney Beat Their Polls

Russell Brand Interviews Two Members Of The Westboro Baptist Church

in case anyone needs it, "Cooking Turkey from the Frozen State"

Pat Robertson vs. Bob Dole

Krugman: The 2012 Election, Reenacted

neighbor's kill family's pet turkey for Thanksgiving meal, arrested, held on 57K bond

Hey to all you right wing free marketeers out there. I am 61 years old and I just received

(rightwing) KKLA radio host, former Cincinnati Reds pitcher Frank Pastore in coma

Anti-Gay Christian Lawyer, Arrested On Child Pornography Charges

Will there be a name amnesty for those who want to change their names?

Remember in MASH when Hot Lips threatened

The Broken Promises of Big Telecom: ‘Fiber for All’ Funding Diverted for High Profit Wireless

Is He Serious?....Idiot Conservative Gives Obama "Advise"! Oh Please!

As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly...

‘Fighting Reality’: Life as an atheist in Saudi Arabia

Head of U.N. drug agency wants U.S. to fight new marijuana laws

"Fox’s Murdoch lobbied Christie to help Romney days before election"

Distant Dwarf Planet Secrets Revealed

We need to fix that, too.

This happened. That is all.

State revokes child's tuition for religious school

OK.. if you had 3 book choices ... for my Audible

"You got it, Chief."

For Thanksgiving - PROOF that atheists eat babies!

Ten Degrees, Part Deux - erratum et apologia

A Simple Gift Can Have a Profound Impact

Jim Messina: Obama Campaign Will Keep Infrastructure Alive

This is life for teachers at public schools, these days.... Wisconsin example

Israel-Gaza Ceasefire Comes with Pledge from Obama to Seek More Defense Aid for Israel

The Conservative Whiny Diaper Tantrum Continues....Or as the Diaper Soils!

Justin Trudeau Op-Ed continues LPC tradition of shameless opportunism

Macy’s CEO to American People: Drop Dead

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving just started on ABC.

Wheel of Fortune....Pat Sajak.....ugh....

This pic is very popular in Ann Arbor ......

Time for another EXCITING round of "Tomorrow is Thanksgiving...WHAT is Mitt Romney thankful for?"

And we need to fix that.

Well DU, have a great thanksgiving

Anyone know about this new Christian movement about St. Hildegard?

Poetic Justice: Romney to Finish Election at 47 Percent

I used to hate Fox News and Rush but now they actually harm the GOP more than help.

Anybody else have to work tomorrow?

Sly Sylvester let go by WTDY

St. Hildegard...Anyone know about this new movement? I saw a movie on Netflix and did a Google.

Can Marion Barry EVER say anything without making an ass of himself?

Daryl Hall has an awesome internet show....

(NLRB) Labor Board director clarifies Palermo rulings

I'm going to be honest, I doubt that Mitt got 47% of the vote

Health Care Workers Tell Bloomberg: We’re Not Meeting Sandy Survivors’ Health Needs

Billy Joel's best work, in my opinion.

OMG "Linsday Graham is McCain's Mini-Me"...on the Ed show.

sitting around listening to bob wills "for the last time"

This Is Your Thanksgiving on Climate Change

Black Friday Strike Will Test the Power of High-Stakes Online Organizing

Timing of a holiday gift/tip for a Jewish guy in a service sector job?

Jager bombs

Happy Turkey Day, DU - here's a facebook timeline cover image if you want it...

How the 2012 election polling really was skewed – for Mitt Romney

Boeing Said It Will Deny Equal Pension Benefits to Married Gay Couples


I love Nina Turner.

Syrian rebels accused government forces of bombing a hospital (CNN email)

Plz Sign-> Tell @Macy's CEO's Lundgren Stop!! Lobbying Congress to Gut

Thanksgiving LOL.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Brad subs for Mike

Things very difficult to do:

What can we do - right now - to help Walmart protesters?

Maher: let us never speak that name again... Mitt...

Obamas at Capital Area Food Bank

Penn. GOP passes law allowing employers to keep and spend 95% of workers taxes

Help for Small Nuclear Reactors

Your LBGT Holiday Mom

A Girls and Gay Thanksgiving- The New Normal

The Cleveland Browns are handing out white flags this Sunday

SantaConcert, with the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus

This pic is very popular in Columbus...

Question: how would you feel if they raised the minimum age of Social Security or Medicare?

ThanksGiving Crises!Pardon Turkey found DEAD!

I'm at a Red Hot Chille Peppers concert

Thanksgiving Thread: List Everything You Are Thankful For This Year!

Good luck to everybody who has to put up with RW relatives tomorrow night

Soledad Challenges Burgess: CNN Host EXPOSES GOP’s Hypocrisy On Benghazi

this jes in - 16 days ago - Drunk Nate Silver

The Future... Hopefully....

2012 Presidential Top Contributors

Thanksgiving 2012

Come out to support L.A. Wal-Mart Strikers Black Friday Rally

Too soon to blame FTA for drop in Colombia's export growth rate: US .

My World and Welcome To It....1969

I just got home from watching "Lincoln".

#Maddow is trending just after #Thanksgiving on Twitter

US Ambassador Rice Defends Benghazi Remarks

Toyota recalling 150,000 trucks

American Chopper Cancelled...

I don't want to compromise

Toyota Recalls Scion iQs for Airbags

Online US holiday sales seen growing 17 percent

So are the baggers giving up their tea cups for some hot cocoa mugs yet?

Ezra Klein kicking it for Laurence O'Donnell; he is rocking!

37-year-old Twinkie, world’s oldest, still a sweet treat at Blue Hill school (Maine)

Robertson Admits He Blew Election Prediction He Received from God

Walmart Organizing Comes of Age: An Interview With UFCW Organizing Director Pat O'Neill

Keep an eye on Husted

Colombia begins new trade agreement with Venezuela

many Walmart workers are glad to work on T Day and overnight into Friday...

Would it help Medicare financially to LOWER, not raise, the eligibility age?

I'm off to prep for tomorrows homeless dinner.

"Rover, bring the cat inside."

My (just) 16 year old daughter has been invited to sing the lead vocals for a band

Friended: How the Obama Campaign Connected with Young Voters

Christians Suing Over Atheist 'Nativity' Scenes

My main problem with the RED DAWN redux

So I called a new doctor for an appointment today and within the first few words

Apparently, God couldn't contact Pat Robertson regarding the 2012 election outcome...

Happy Thanksgiving! Anything else you need me to fix...

"Kerry Is the Right Choice

Ezra Klein on The Last Word

Thanksgiving Plan

Grammar challenge pooch on the effect of gay marriage.

Liberal priest Roy Bourgeois repaid for longtime pro-feminist efforts with lai-

The end is nigh

Be rich in spirit

Sticking my neck out for you

Break free!

Designated hitter

Thread to offer your best wishes to Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., on his resignation from Congress

Lessons from Sandy — Preparing Health Systems for Future Disasters (New Eng Jour Med)

Green house

Been there, done that

Bertold Brecht

Anyone want this turkey at Thanksgiving?

The “Fiscal Cliff” Hoax

Popular vote: Romney is now down to 47.51% -- NOW at 47.50%

FOX NEWS Brings You The Scariest Christmas Ever.

...a word from your Thanksgiving turkey and Jesus of Nazareth...

Happy Thanksgiving (In 3 part harmony) ;)

Michael Moore made an excellent point on Bill Maher

Sandy from bicycle's POV

The reason Medicare is going bankrupt is because these CEOs dropped legacy benefits.

Happy Thanksgiving, DU. I am thankful for you!

Egypt Emerges As Major Middle East Mediator With Israel-Gaza Cease-Fire

King County Dems Legislative Action Committee takes on charter schools

US drought worsens after weeks of improvement

"Obama Campaign Polls: How The Internal Data Got It Right"

For DemoTex

White House To Boehner: Obamacare Not Part Of Fiscal Cliff Deal