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Archives: November 18, 2012

Live streams of Gaza and Tel Aviv

Chrysler investing and adding more jobs in Michigan

Karl Rove to Host Huge Thanksgiving Event for Super PAC.

Encouraging Signs for Texans

Horrible jury decision!

I just can't stand Sam Donaldson anymore! or ever for that matter.

"Andrew Bynum hurt while bowling"

Just a nice pic to congratulate Obama on his win.

I am Crying... an Update. For all of you that wrote to me!

DIY Hostess Twinkies: How to Make Them at Home

Chris Christie just did a guest shot on SNL's Weekend Update

5 days till Thanksgiving.

Happy Transgender Awareness Week!

Coast Guard: Body found near burned Gulf oil rig

Bill Maher And Eliot Spitzer Take On Fox News:

The Agenda: Should Mitt Romney Exit Stage Left?

SNL’s Paula Broadwell Reads Sexually Graphic Passages From Her Book All In

Marco Rubio takes message to Iowa

Murdoch slams 'Jewish owned press' on Israel

Here is a link to the 'newest' news about The Senate filibuster reform

Rest in Peace Dear McIntyre

Just found out I share a birthday with Crybaby Boehner

Israel Pounding Gaza Strip From Air; Arab League Meets

Here is a link to the 'newest' news about The Senate filibuster reform

The McCain BACK-PEDDLE on Benghazi BEGINS

Rupert Murdoch is out of his mind and at it again.

Riordan Pension Initiative - Gathering Signatures

NFL Board Paid $2M to Players While League Denied Football-Concussion Link --FRONTLINE

"Defaulting to a federal exchange exempts a state’s employers from the employer mandate"

Thom Hartmann jumps on "Anon. foils Rove's e-Vote rigging in OH"

Poll: Election Season Withdrawal

Lawful Gun Owner Plans Aurora-Type Attack - Arrested

Hawaii's solar power flare-up: Too much of a good thing?

Am I wrong in this belief?

Growing concerns over 'in the air' transmission of Ebola

Daily Beast: Petraeus Scandal: The Fall of a General “A lot more is going to come out”

Southeast Asia adopts human rights declaration

Pilot's family gets his dog tag, 43 years after his death

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Awm Wessal Edition

Yesterday: Downtown Las Vegas Picket

Obama speech in Yangon touches opposition history

Israel strikes media buildings in Gaza, expanding its range of targets

5 Ways Most Americans Are Blind to How Their Country Is Stacked for the Wealthy

25% of Credit Information Is Flat-Out Wrong? How Consumers Are Getting Screwed

Nate Silver: 'It's numbers with their imperfections versus bullshit. MUST READ

Joint Press Conference with Obama and PM of Thailand on GEM$NBComcast now n/t

If You Want to Build a Grassroots Base, Don't Look to Powerful Democrats in Washington for Cues

IDF Hijacks Hamas Radio, is Broadcasting Warnings to Gaza Population

Walt Disney The Story Of Menstruation ~ Brought to you by Kotex ~ 1946

Wikipedia's "2004 U.S. Election controversies and irregularities" page has been slated for deletion.

Momentum Builds for Historic Black Friday Strike at Walmart

Don't Ignore the Evidence: Stand Your Ground Is Bad for Florida

Mike Malloy is the equivalent of

Dave Silverman goes to Florida for the 2012 Presidential Debate with Mormon Billboard

Stand with Walmart workers this Black Friday

U.S. Escalation Against Iran Would Carry High Cost for Global Economy

Dean Baker: The Deficit Crisis Mongers Go Off the Deep End

How Germany Is Getting to 100 Percent Renewable Energy

Maine doctors requiring random drug tests before writing prescriptions for pain pills

Here is what is going to happen to Twinkies

Is this election that "The Emperor has no clothes!" moment we have all been waiting for?

Running From Romney: the GOP’s Phony New Compassion

Yet another hunt for a good recipe...I'm looking for Mushroom Gravy ideas.

Seniors For Romney And GOP Betray Themselves And Their Children.

The sum of all cats

Bad Air Means Bad News for Seniors' Brainpower

Please sign White House petition to Pardon Don Siegelman

Raising Medicare Age Will COST Money and It Is Bad for Health

Free Stuff from Craigslist 11/18/12

A little cynicism about the "Small Business Saturday" movement.

The Real Criminals At BP Are Getting Off Scot-Free

Mr. Romney, I am not young, nor black nor Hispanic, nor poor; but you have made me angry...

Raising the Age of Medicare Eligibility: A Fresh Look Following Implementation of Health Reform

Grapes, Now 47 Percent More Sour!

Big Bird's Revenge

Hand Knit Mens Large Green Cabled Cardigan

If Anonymous has definitive proof that Rove tried to hack the vote, present it.

Dogs and cats escape Sandy, land in San Diego

Why a Benghazi Cover-Up Makes No Sense

OP-ED Hey GOP, take the Palin cure She's hot, she's blue collar, she's electable.

Economic Data Confirms Hurricane Sandy Was Worse Than We Thought

Unbelievable - zoo intruders beat monkey to death

Walmart keeping people poor...

I am fully supportive of any country defending itself from rocket attacks from a neighbor.

Sunday Morning Blues

Award Winning Documentary Re:

HIGH TIMES: Legalized Pot Is Expected To Be Huge For Washington And Colorado Tax Revenue

Chuck Norris for president … of Texas

I am saying this tonge in cheek and really do not propose it

The Nasty Party is back. Bigtime.

Ten Things You Need to Know About Gaza

Behind the Twinkie Defense

Look in the Mirror

Here's What The "Fiscal Cliff" Tax Deal Is Starting To Look Like...

Warned By Forecasters That Sandy Would Flood 2 Railyards, NJ Transit Parked Trains There Anyway

LA Times - Grid Intertie System Can't Handle Surge In Hawaiian Solar Panels

Global warming of +10C is ====>!!NOT!!<==== a reasonable expectation (erratum et apologia)

Israel ready to expand Gaza offensive, says Binyamin Netanyahu

Peru's 10-Year Ban On Transgenic Foods & Seeds Begins Thursday

AARP uses its power to oppose Social Security, Medicare benefit cuts for retirees

Voter fraud? - Repubs suck at math and logic

Joseph Stiglitz (Full Lecture) - Restoring Growth and Stability in a World of Crisis and Contagion

The Ku Klux Klan once again controls Indiana

The pachyderm Picasso? Elephant causes a stampede on the abstract art scene

David Gregory is a Dick..

It is NOT about ORCA! It's those "software patches."

President Obama Asks Thai Monk To Pray For Our Budget

More peculiar weirdness on CNN...

Test Taking and Honesty...

Hague: ground invasion would "lose Israel a lot of the international support and sympathy"

Unbelievable that with the budget issues that need immediate attention...

The Murphy/West St.Lucie recount resumes

The Death Toll of Watergate

Who Started the (Current) Israel-Gaza Conflict?

Tax-Exempt Firm Gets $600 Million Profit Flying First Class

Anyone have people living in "compounds", around them?

Pentagon Spends $100,000 to Answer the Question ‘Did Jesus Die for Klingons Too?’

Anyone watching UP?

All right this has been staring everyone in the face for weeks now

Why? Why would Anonymous release evidence against Rove?

French march against gay marriage

Study: Being a 'Healthy' Degree of Neurotic Lowers Risk of Chronic Disease

Rick Reilly: What's better than attending an NFL game? Staying home!

That Romney was the best the GOP had to offer reveals just how bankrupt the party is.

SJC to hear case from atheist family

Tom Price: Balanced Approach Means No Revenue Through Tax Hikes

The community organizer and "lazy" Democrats kicked the big business candidate's ass.

Lieberman: No Talks Of Working In The Administration After I Retire

Bill Maher looks at RW "think tanks."

I've never seen such a dismal losing candidate.

Book Review: A tale of colonisation and religious delusion

I'm sure this has been posted before, but it's very good information...

Republicans Allowed Karl Rove to Mislead Them Again

2nd student denied Catholic confirmation in Barnesville

Got any songs about waiting for a phone to ring?

Running From Romney: the GOP’s Phony New Compassion

A periodic "table"

Pres. Obama's decision to speak at Yangon University is signal of solidarity with Burmese people

Chrome browser issue?

The Liberal Gloat

Do the pundits that are now applauding Gov. Bobby Jindall

At what point will Donald Trump garner more respect than John McCain?

Lieberman Breaks With McCain, Graham On Libya Investigation

Romney's fake Twitter accounts

A Sentimental Journey

Keystone Pipeline protest in DC today, Nov. 18

Is it really over?

Tom Friedman was so good on Meet the Press today.

Freedom From Religion Foundation says secular Americans fastest growing group

I wish Anonymous or someone would reveal what those Ohio "software patches" were

Romney is a sick f__k.

Do you think it's a coincidence that the sermon at Church was all gloom and doom,

Religion, science must unite to save environment

Does Anyone Here Think That Anon Was Trying To Push Rove Into Outing Himself.....

Pelosi: No Deal Without Raising Tax Rates On High Incomes

Has anyone tried the new...

One of these is a synthetic cream puff whose ingestion is poisoning America...the other is a Twinkie

Rapiscan - Maker of Airport Body Scanners Suspected of Falsifying Software Tests

The danger of calling behavior ‘biblical’

SLIDE SHOW: 10 Most Destructive Human Behaviors

"In the US, shale gas didn't exist in 2004. Now it represents 30% of the market."

Must Watch! PBS Park Ave: Money, Power and the American Dream

An easy way to end voter purges

Bacon Fried Cinnamon Roll Bites

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday Nov 18th

Whose side are you on?

Pelosi: No Deal Without Raising Tax Rates On High Incomes

Check out this picture of Karl Rove!

For the next republican presidential primary they should use a popular vote.

Today in Peace and Justice history on November 18, 1993

Today in Peace and Justice history on November 18, 1993

Taste the Rainbow!

Pelosi and Reid Have OBAMA's BACK: No Social Security Cuts & Taxes MUST Be RAISED On The RICH

I must take a bathroom break-everyone take 5 and smoke 'em if you got 'em!

At least 10 civilians killed in Israeli airstrike

Another View: Nuclear treaties need Grassley's help

"job creator" means "labor exploiter"

What Romney Didn't Say

Should there now be a Twinkie Forum ?

Ecuador drops poison on Galápagos Islands in attempt to eradicate rats

LOL Fancy Chicken Coops

So, starting December 6th, any Colorado resident over 21 can grow their own pot!!

A blueprint to beat Haley in 2014?

Heads up - Ken Burns "The Dust Bowl" tonight & tomorrow night on PBS, 8 - 10 pm EST

Fox News poised to announce an Alan West win.

The 3 Best Places To Legally Watch Free Movies Online

Ten (or so) random people create a music playlist - strange and interesting tunes combos.

Time for a new Johnny Dopeseed Project.

Blame GOP, Not Mitt Romney, For Lost Presidential Election - NJStar-Ledger

Where is condemnation of Hamas terror?

Update on Murphy/West ....

More info on Murphy/West

In Thailand, Obama Asks Buddhist Monk For Prayers On Budget (love the pic w/Obama and Clinton)

These photos of an elderly woman and her cat are SO moving

How do I get rid of Milestone? I've been told before but forgot, it was years ago..LOL..n/t

The Kid Auto Race in Venice (1914)

The Rush Limbaugh advertiser backlash is knocking down the radio networks

Occupy Wall Street & Tea Party WAKE UP–This Is A Message You Must Heed

Intelligence vs Counterintelligence

Obama visits temples in Thailand

Update: This is a mess...;.

Ok... It's From The Examiner... Re: Anonymous/Rove/Ohio... And Here's The Author:

Most recent update

Should having a drink at work be allowed?

Big Tent News-First Openly Transgendered Elected State Representative

Restaurant without Servers

Karl "Untouchable" Rove Defends His $300 Million Disaster

need some help on watching videos

Hedge fund manager (with $100B assets) suggests climate scientists "be arrested if necessary"

C&L Fox Blames Union for Hostess Bankruptcy - Ignores CEO Pay and Hedge Funds. Damn unions.

Lincoln Movie Ignores His Gay Proclivites

Black Friday shoppers are already waiting in line in Tampa.

Posting a website to get your informed, brilliant opinions. :)

Was McCain on the Sunday morning shows? How was he? Still hating on Susan Rice?

Murdoch tweets about “Jewish owned” media

From Howard Dean to America

Cheer cheer for old Notre Dame. Irish are #1!!!!

Obama Warns Against ‘Ramping Up’ in Gaza Crisis

Carlos Gutierrez, Romney Director Of Hispanic Outreach, 'Shocked' By Gifts Comments

U.S. generals enjoy a lifestyle befitting a billionaire (WP)

Can you let this thread sink?

The IDF just bombed a media center used by international media

From Gawker: Unionmade: Retailer of Expensive Fashions That Are Not Union Made

Israeli Airstrike Hits Gaza Family's Home, Killing 12

How many times have you had some form of sex with a vehicle?

"With no alternatives at hand, Walmart now seems like a dead-end to poverty"

Rove Denies Vote Hacking Operation

Mr. President, re: those solar panels you promised for the WH roof 2 years ago...


Deadline passes on recount; Murphy presumed victor

Petraeus scandal puts four-star general lifestyle under scrutiny

WHY is it "newsworthy" that a bunch of sore losers created multiple email accounts

Doctor Who: Christmas Special Trailer

If this information came out before the election we would have one less GOP congress person

Starting the holidays off with a good, solid LOL. The Hater's Guide to the Wm-Sonoma Catalog.

Medical marijuana and States rights (Today)

500 Egyptian Activists Cross Into Gaza To Show Support

Google Left December Out Of Its Date Picker In Android

Vegan Green Bean Casserole

Twinkies may be no more....But now you can make them yourself!

Joe Lieberman: Select Committee On Benghazi Unnecessary

Grantham To Climate Scientists: ‘Be Persuasive. Be Brave. Be Arrested (If Necessary)’

FOR LADIES ONLY: Who Remembers "Very Personally Yours" and the 1946 Video from Disney?

Cairo ceasefire negotiations have failed - Hamas official

"Nowhere to Run": Israel Fires Over 500 Strikes in Gaza, Civilian Toll Grows in Humanitarian Crisis

Help me settle an argument: Pronunciation of 'Cincinnati'

"Greek Democracy is in Tatters"

Did Alex Witt just say 'valets'...and pronounce it 'val-itts'?

Dumb Ways to Die (PSA)

Human Trafficking

My favorite winter soups

BAD bipartisanship: Obama ed sec to speak at Jeb Bush public ed privatization conference

Should having sex at work be allowed?

New York City Decides to Extend Gas Rationing

The Vegiducken:

It's over: Murphy actually gained 274 votes, West 34

My friends started a website where you can help me beat my cancer.

President Obama and SOS Clinton in Thailand (lots of photos)

Going to see CONGRESSMAN Bera today!

How we know the USA landed on the Moon

A young teacher friend contacted me to tell me one of her students had died.

A Shout-Out to the Teachers of DU.


Obama gets taste of Thailand at Buddhist temple

Do you believe Anonymous stopped Rove from stealing Ohio?

Toon: Meanwhile at the U.S. Border

CBS News Names Major Garrett Chief White House Correspondent

Quality controls lacking for D.C. schools accepting federal vouchers

Top Republicans Excoriate Romney On Sunday Talk Shows

Did Obama say that Al Queda had been "dismantled" as Lindsey Graham just said?

The best line up of post-election jokes

Election Officials Release Vote Counting Code To The Public

One general liked wearing ribbons, the other won World War II. (PHOTO)

Livestream: Bill McKibben ( speaking at White House Keystone XL demonstration

Syrian Officials Assail Foreign Support for the Opposition

Murphy claims victory, West seeks hearing as recount deadline hits

Rep. Allen West challenger declares victory - again - after missed certification deadline

7.6 Million Dollar Pay Increases while filing for bankrupcy...

Moloka'i braddahs explaining GMOs

The Failure of Those in Charge Permeates District 7 in the Bronx

Walmart and Hostess - are the plutocrats under siege?

Lion around

Myanmar announces new prisoner amnesty

The Feministing Five: Emily Heller

Things to remember before the next Lounge party, I love these old school films.

Looks like Dr.Broadwell is keeping his wife Paula

opinions on my first try at sourdough rye

Musical virtuoso

The Economist: Why a Benghazi Cover-Up Makes No Sense

The Lion King


Andy Reid is so screwed!

Isn't Hillary Clinton still the Secretary Of State

Responding to another post, discovered that Ike hated JFK, LBJ, McArthur, Truman but most of all...

This is what a radical Republican used to look like.

About That Bipartisan Consensus to Privatize Public Education

10 Questions for Katrin Himmler (Time)

Red State Update: Real Mad Obama Won

It Doesn't Matter Nate Silver is Gay It Matters America Knows He Is

20 Real Problems in Texas vs.Tea Party Fantasies

Change the meme.

Public nudity ban eyed in fed-up San Francisco

Petraeus retains Robert Barnett, lawyer to political elite

House of Rep.

‘SNL’ skewers Petraeus scandal (VIDEO)

St. Lucie recount results shows Patrick Murphy still ahead of Allen West

Freepers freak the fuck out over West''s loss.

Do not laugh, I beg of you do not laugh!

Why Calvin failed Geography.

Thousands Surround Obama's White House: 'Stop Keystone XL!"

Should we have a discussion about adultery?

McCain and the Two Rices

Will Rove be exposed at the end of this month for trying again to fix Ohio?

Time to ask: What policies will get us the House in 2014?


Activist Opportunity: Because the World Can't Afford Another NAFTA

Hey MIM. Is this the bowl that Ohio State is going to? >>

There is likely no evidence to support Anonymous' claim

'Deadliest day': children killed in Gaza air raids

BP Will "Kill Again," Former EPA Officials, Attorney Says

Activism Opportunity in Seattle: Rally to Prevent Another NAFTA!

With Longer Reach, Rockets Bolster Hamas Arsenal

How many Democrats did we end up with in the House?

You Know Another Reason I'm Glad ? No more screaming at the TV

Top Republicans Excoriate Romney On Sunday Talk Shows

They switched off the Cowboys game before the last play due to contractual obligations.

2012 Elections More Inspiring Than 08

This ad just chokes me up

Third Way, William Daley, and the Grand Bargain.

Walmart is the largest firearms dealer in US; has roughly one-a-week firearms incidents

US, Britain Warn Of Risks Of Israeli Ground War

If you know anyone in Covington LA or Milpitas, CA looking for work give this an eyeball


Question for business owners

Michael Tomasky, Daily Beast: Running From Romney: the GOP’s Phony New Compassion

David Gregory you lied to our faces today

Realities of attacks on Diplomatic Facities abroad, be damned....just blame Obama

Anyone See A Papa John's Commercial Today??

It isn't about him.

Daily Kos: Giving Thanks for Hostess Workers by Richard Trumka

Top Republican Suggests Obama Sat On Petraeus Scandal Until After The Election

Somehow got this although I am not a MoveOn member...

Study from September: Schools with more economic inequality have more bullying

McCain Refuses To Support Any Secretary Of State Nominee

Re: Benghazi...why do people expect a perfectly accurate answer in 24 hours?



Machine gun crime before 1934(a statistics question)

Some thoughts on Anon and hacking and all that (as well as the culture)

Help in responding to ACA critic on facebook

Ariel Sharon's son: "We need to flatten entire neighborhoods in Gaza. Flatten all of Gaza."

Hi All!

Petraeus Snoop: 7 Privacy Facts

Shadow Banking Grows to $67 Trillion Industry, Regulators Say

Ken Burns film "The Dust Bowl" tonight on PBS

A glimpse of the future?

UN Declares Birth Control a Human Right, and America Falls Short

The Winners Get To Write The Captions:

This is One Of Those Times I am Praying Nate silver is wrong .

Clay Bennett's Thanksgiving

69 Palestinians and three Israelis are dead

Right now (6:20pm est) Thanksgiving Live!

Patriot's move away from MTR (mountaintop removal) another sign of coal's decline

Does anyone remember a member named Bright? I heard from her today; see the last post!

Our Wasteful ‘Military’ Budget: The Pentagon Spent $1.5 Million Developing Roll Up-Beef Jerky

Lackland trainers' misdeeds not just sexual

After Democrats Gain Across the Country, Conservative Voters Wonder Where They Fit

"You must choose between me and your cigar." - Breach of Promise Case, circa 1885.

Using "socialistic" (handicapped) parking yet...


Thank you, Rachel Ray, for caring and leading.

Nancy Pelosi wishes Boehner “Happy Birthday” and “FckYouVeryMuch” to Luke Russert

8-year-old saves family from carbon monoxide poisoning

Florida DUers.. Has West conceded yet?

Shooting the Highest-Resolution Photo Ever Made of Machu Picchu

Rupert Murdoch sees $500 billion profit waiting in US public education. Getting his share.

Local bags o' tea whining about the election

One teen’s standardized testing horror story (and where it will lead)

It is a little early but who is Rick talking to on the phone on The Walking Dead. ( Possible Spoiler

"anonymous" firewall the new birth certificate?

OMG! I just connected the Crimsom Permanent Assurance Song to it's origin...

US, Britain warn of risks of Israeli ground war

In Leaked Docs, Honeywell Cites Obama administration Ties As Key to Anti-Union Strategy

Also On PBS/NOVA Tonight... Right Before The 'Dust Bowl'... 'Inside The MegaStorm' Sandy...

Rebels in Congo reach door of Goma

america said 'no'....thank you

Malaria makes a comeback in southern Greece

Congress to investigate Benghazi 'talking points'

New Pope of Egypt's Coptic Christians installed

PBS runs Sandy Doc tying it to Global Warming. And at the end "Funded by David Koch"!

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 19 November 2012

Inappropriate pooping and other strangeness

Charlie Chaplin hat, cane sold at auction

MURDOCH's "Corrupt/Illegal Payment To A US Official On American Soil---For Saddam In His Underwear

The Buildings of Socialism Rediscovering Modernism Behind the Iron Curtain

One Pick Only: What Hostess brand or product would you save from extinction?

More bad news about glaciers — and therefore sea levels

Channel 13/WNET/PBS. I can't get it on my analog TV.

Book-Vending Machine Dispenses Suspense

Brave Sir Allen West (R-Lame Duckville/Crazytown), bless his little war criminal heart.

"The Dust Bowl" tonight on PBS UNC TV @ 9 PM n/t

Define Necessity

Tea Party movement evaporates in Will County

Ahh, fuck. The bumble bees from Pittsburgh are playing tonight.

Tea Party movement evaporates in Will County

Mayor Bloomberg Issues Gas Rationing Rule for 'Vanity Plates'

So, I am unemployed again - at nearly 50 and for the second time in about four years.

Interesting graphic on diplomatic security


More translation challenged signage

Live stream in Gaza, you can hear the shelling.

Was this election the tipping point for the old angry, white (male) voter?

Shooting the Highest-Resolution Photo Ever Made of Machu Picchu

Some wisdom from the late Molly Ivins

Wow... Raw Footage...

Count Sen. JEFF MERKLEY in the campaign to bring back progressive talk to Portland!

Any recommendations for a good basic mouse?

As IDF strike kills entire family in Gaza, Israel is starting to get in trouble

Anti-semitism at the Democratic Underground

Holy Shit... Today's WaterSpout In Australia !!!

Naomi Klein on Capitalism and Climate Change - MUST SEE - Bill Moyers Journal

Gingrich finally jumps the Freeper shark

The Medea Complex and the Parental Alienation Syndrome

That Microsoft ad for "Surface"

The Republicans can only win the White House again by lying

BCS Rankings 11/18 - Irish are #1 for the first time

Rightwing rivals both declare victory as battle to succeed Sarkozy turns nasty

What the heck are the Pittsburgh Steelers wearing?

President Obama DID NOT control Congress for Two Years! (timeline, photos, and chart)

Noam Chomsky: Propaganda And Control Of The Public Mind

Superstorm 2012

What's for Thanksgiving, Grandpa?

Nose cell transplant enables paralysed dogs to walk

Israeli strike kills 9 members of Gaza family

If you're inclined to buy any Mary Kay cosmetics in the next 24 hours... (fundraiser alert)

If you're inclined to buy any Mary Kay cosmetics in the next 24 hours... (fundraiser alert)

Hey GOP, take the Palin cure. She's hot, she's blue collar, she's electable.

50 Fun Things to Do in an Elevator

WI Legislators Receive $24K in Campaign Contributions After Pushing ALEC Predatory Lending Bill

senseless death of irish woman exposes grim reality for women

senseless death of irish woman exposes grim reality for women

FDR Thought ALL Americans Entitled to the Economic Bill of Rights

(Canadian) Moscow embassy vulnerable to attack, espionage

New nanoparticle halts multiple sclerosis, now being tested in Type 1 diabetes and asthma

So long its been good to know you, Woodie Guthrie

3 Days till Thanksgiving. A word of warning to those that are on FB to....

Friggin' HILARIOUS!!!

NC Lt Governor race STILL too close to call

Rob Gronkowski suffers break in forearm

Allen West is really pissing me off.

Really? Israel and the actions.

Janis Joplin. Cry Baby. Priceless

Funny Newt Response to Mitt's Gifts from Obama.

Graphic on voting disparity due to gerrymandering

Toon- Wile E. Fiscally Cliffy

Sorry, we don't accept credit cards......

this is for all the GOP Asshats and their faux outrage over Benghazi

"Republicans Abandon Romney In Droves After 'Gifts' Comments"

Six-figure backdrop, pension followed by part-time county job

A video I doubt many could not love: Look at the world through security cameras

It never fails, damn it.

Veterans In New Congress Fewest Since World War II

So we can choose to spend a pantload of money on . . . . . .

McCain Refuses To Support Any Secretary Of State Nominee


Starcrash just might be the greatest film of all time

"'Gifts': The Legitimacy of Self-interested Voting" by Dante Atkins at the Daily Kos

portrait of an egret in flight


Daniel Day Lewis

Rules for Teachers 1872

Paul Krugman: The Twinkie Manifesto

Inauguration plans

Republicans say Rice must testify on Benghazi statements

I just discovered that jury duty is the one place where people can make ugly personal attacks

To The GOP "Freedom" Means The God Given Right Of Businesses To Mistreat And Exploit Their Employees

Anonymous on #OpIsrael and being called terrorists:

It Is Always Some Political Scam With These GOP Bastards. You Can Never Get A Straight Answer Or -

crap, there is a skunk in the chicken coop

Some Thanksgiving advice (and a laugh) from our K9 friends.

Had to send this to an old friend.

Recently I learned that the priest who baptized my youngest child was a pedophile priest.

Man Is Stabbed Outside a Mosque

I don't understand what Senator Feinstein's problem is

One of the few states where Obama improved his performance over 2008: Mississippi

Israeli Airstrike Kills Three Generations of a Palestinian Family

Results in West/Murphy Race? Precinct 93 w/ 7 reg has 900 votes

Video of Anderson Cooper in Too-Close-For-Comfort Gaza Explosion

Al Sharpton says he will never criticize Obama about anything.

Blind Cat Wins National Award

In Britain, an EU exit is no longer taboo

The Week - "Are fringe Republicans trying to impeach President Obama?"

"How To Run a Killer Campaign" by John Dickerson at Slate

Morocco says setting up Gaza field hospital

Rio evicts the poor for the 2016 Olympics

Palestinian statehood wins European backing

Interesting Quote from Abraham-Hicks

The idea that there are still parks and places named after Civil War Generals from the South

"Petraeus Testimony on Benghazi Reveals Conspiracy to Catch Terrorists"

Photos I have had with a heavy heart since 2009/Gaza in the first week Jan. 2009 - VERY GRAPHIC

$50 IS THE NEW $200 Why rich countries can’t have $20 tablets—yet

Thank God George W. Bush beat John Mccain in the 2000 GOP primary

The Secessionist States of America

Tuesday, November 20: Star of the Month: Constance Bennett