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Hunters used stone-tipped spears 200,000 years earlier than previously thought

Hannity still at it...

MUST READ: Grammatically Incorrect Ten Commandments monument is installed at Oklahoma state Capitol

How fucking anti-American are these right-wing douche bags that are willing to tank their companies..

Obama's "gifts" were not just for blacks and Latinos, dammit.

Romney is a racist POS and the fact he came so close to the presidency is an indictment on America.

Fascinating criticism of the publishing industry. From 1753.

(FUNNY VIDEO) Bill Maher - President Obama An Angry Black Man Pushing a Liberal Agenda

Big Business Message - We Can't Afford To Stay In Business If We Have To Pay Decent ----

Repubs have lost young women forever

heres looking at you kid

Now for the bad news for us from 2010 and 2012 (How the South cost us the House)

An appeal to Brother Aristus:

Ten Best Documentaries & Thirteen Best Books About Why Americans Don't Trust The Mainstream Media

Where are Romney's tax returns?

Denny's in Fredricksburg Texas

Celebrity Death Pool....

A Reminder...

Darryl Issa releases classified info with names of supporters in foreign countries, Cheney exposes

You have to wonder?????

Calorie-free beer


Pictures of sad Republicans on election night

I'll bet you a case of MoonPies

Orly Taitz filed motion (THIS WEEK) to get Obama removed from the ballot in Mississippi


My son, who preferred Obama over Romney had some pretty startling things to say............

Did anyone see John McCain on MSNBC (Friday)

PSA: ''Marijwhatnow?'' - Seattle's Sensible Guide To Legal Marijuana

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Friday, November 16)

Liberal businessmen.

Hup-Bup; what's happening.

Man Convicted of a Terrorist Plot to Bomb Subways Is Sent to Prison for Life

Cnn reporter goes to most Obama unfriendly town in U.S. Now........

Teabonics: Will someone teach these Tea Party nit-wits to spell already! (pic heavy)

So we know who filmed Romney saying 47% at the fundraiser???

George Allen Adviser Dumps On Romney’s ‘Worthless’ Virginia Operation

Man with strange watch arrested at Oakland airport

Skydiving Cats

Has Anyone Heard From Ohio's Sec Of State Husted Since The Election?.....

"For those individuals looking to secede from the US...

Ready, Set, and Go! Austin Prepares for F1 and Austin Fan Fest Festivities


E action: Papa John's: Stop threatening your workers (over 100,000 so far!)

Minnesota Catholic teen denied confirmation after pro-gay marriage Facebook post

80 Years in the Slammer for Medical Pot: Drug War Injustices Abound, Despite Reforms

Bill Moyers & Naomi Klein: How Climate Change Is an Historic Opportunity for Progressives

the right will NEVER let Benghazi go

Fruitcake Shot Put contest to help the homeless

Need some help w/ the Leonid meteor shower

Barge industry warns of crippling water woes on Mississippi River

Need some help w/ the Leonid meteor shower

Chorus of Warnings Grow: 'Say No to US Austerity'

Billy Bragg - Ideology (October 2012, Australian public TV)

Occupy Wall St Says 'Rolling Jubilee' Raises Enough to Abolish $6 Million in Debt

Civilians Under Attack in Gaza: a Photo Essay

Light After the Storm - Local Churches Partner with Occupy Sandy in Grass Roots Relief Efforts

Significant Study explains Gerrymandering.

Any body see any meteors?

This is why McCain desperately wants a select committee on Benghazi:

michigan congressman has 6 weeks to make his mark

TCM Schedule for Saturday, November 17 -- The Essentials: Waiting Tables

I still believe in the power of jujitsu, and now is the time to cut the neo-GOP off from the GOP

Whenever you hear someone describe themselves as a "Republican"…

TCM Schedule for Sunday, November 18 -- TONIGHT ON TCM: EARLY SETTLERS

'Breakthrough' meningitis B vaccine set to receive UK licence

WTH? Early ballot recount ordered in Allen West race by Canvassing Board

New York Harbor's In Deep Shit -- Three Billion Gallons, To Be Precise

When I was a kid, Hostess fruit pies were to die for

Train ploughs into school bus in Egypt, 47 killed

Diabetes Rates Soar in U.S. as 18 States See Cases Double

I Spent Years as a POW with John McCain, and His Finger Should Not Be Near the Red Button

Study: Oxytocin ('the Love Hormone') Makes Men in Relationships Want to Stay Away From Other Women

The question of healthy diet vs. family desire for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

Iraq releases prisoner, drawing U.S. ire

UK government threatens firms over hidden customer data

I have my star back!

Iran delays planned start-up of Arak nuclear reactor

Chamique Holdsclaw Arrested For Gun Violence

Texas gets failing grade on its gun laws

Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. running $34 billion deficit

Gun Laws Matter 2012: Understanding the Link Between Weak Laws and Gun Violence

Economists: US Wages Stagnant for Over a Decade

Overland Park wants more legal advice on gun rules

New Studies: Austerity Is Crushing, Not Saving, Europe

This is what Romney's grave will look like

So what

A Hi-Tech Revival for Europe's Foulest River

Himalayan Glaciers Will Shrink by Almost 10 Percent, Even If Temperatures Hold Steady

Prediction: Openly Gay John Berry, Current Director of Personnel Mgt, will be New Interior Secretary

Conservatives Realize They Have To Lie About Conservatism To Be Elected

to paraphrase Bill Maher on the Petraeus drama...

Ron Barber wins Arizona's 2nd Congressional District

Paula Broadwell Crashing On Petraeus Family’s Couch Until Sex Scandal Blows Over

Ron Barber wins Arizona's 2nd Congressional District

Rev. Franklin Graham claimed today that the “majority of Christians” did not vote.

Streams Show Signs of Degradation at Earliest Stages of Urban Development

Rush Limbaugh is a dumb fuck:Thinks WH Petition to Nationalize the Twinkie industry is from Obama

GOP re: Patraeus: Oh, who cares what he thinks ...

Obama Care Should be Repealed and Replaced

Fetus Suffers When Mother Lacks Vitamin C

Rush Limbaugh is a dumb fuck:Thinks WH Petition to Nationalize the Twinkie industry is from Obama

So how's your day going?

Lewis Turco's Form of the Week: #23) Pun Poesy

Robert Reich: Why BP Isn’t a Criminal

"The Republican Party is now a regional rump party awaiting extinction."

Pandas lived in Spain, say scientists

President Obama is not impressed.

Romney was not a drag on the Republican party. The Republican party was a drag on him.

Great panel on Up with Chris Hayes - discussing Rmoney's latest rant

"Some groups that would have agreed with us on a lot of issues don't even look at us-We Scare Them"

Oliver Stone on the Untold U.S. History from Atomic Age, Vietnam to Obama's Drone War

Is it Rich Repug Men being Brats OR Is it the Re pugs trying to turn the American Public against Obama

Interfaith harmony between metro Detroit Jews, Muslims during tough times

White House Petition to Pardon Don Siegelman

John McCain with egg-on-face, Owes Susan Rice, President Obama & Americans A SINCERE APOLOGY!!!

WalkerGate Update: The net tightens

Now, Go Hug A Republican

Obama: 'Let's get it done soon'

Barber wins hard-fought race against McSally

Democratic Voters need to contact the President and let him know what they want:

Why U.S. Attorneys and FBI Brass Support Washington’s Marijuana Law

NYT: The Benghazi Circus

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday Nov 17th

Mark Twain Tonight: "There Is No Art To The Silent Lie- It Is Timid And Shabby"

Boehner Pushes Obama To Relocate Fiscal Cliff Farther Down The Road

Amazing Movie- How to Survive a Plague

Barbara Bush: 'I'm Tired of the Elections'-urges Republicans to move on and work with Obama

Allen west x2

Air assaults on Gaza

Light 'em if ya got 'em. Amsterdam to remain the world's self-bake capital, even for tourists......

I think I see what's going on with stock market since the election.

Ignore the intricate conspiracies about voting database manipulations - HERE is what really happened

Run to See the Movie - Lincoln

What happened to my star? I thought I was on some kind of continuing deal.

Remember - Remember. Another November Date not to forget. I could not help myself.

Obama pollster: Gallup, public polling needs a retooling

Nearly 36 million packages of Twinkies were sold in the year ended Dec. 25.

Gun Safety in America

Ring Dings, Twinkies, Hostess Pies I can live without

Grover Norquist was right

Rep. Scott DesJarlais' career finished, pundits say

Happy Birthday Howard Dean

40 Engineers Worked 14-Hour Days, 7 Days A Week To Get Obama Reelected—Here Is Their Story

Deluded Republicans excited at this junk model predicting a Romney win :)

Anyone else kind of stoked about the election results?

Phil Rockstroh: Death Knell for a Failing Paradigm

Allen West Patrick Murphy race update: St. Lucie County will recount early District 18 race ballots

If you were Obama, would you trade a carbon tax for keeping income rates the same?

Surreal Instagrams From Israel Defense Forces Soldiers Getting Ready For War

A simple reminder: CHOOSE LOVE

TEXAS: Succeed Not Secede

Damn you, Barack Obama!

Rupert Murdoch Could Give A Rat's Ass About The Republican Party. He's In It For The $$$$$$$$

Bill Moyers: Naomi Klein on Capitalism and Climate Change

George Lakoff on the 2012 election

I'm Starting To Get Concerned

What's the difference between a Ding Dong and a Ring Ding?

After ‘New Atheism’, let’s re-humanise humanism

On Up with Chris this morning

I'm not normally a big fan of the presidential pics

Ask the Religion Experts: Should Canadian prisons employ chaplains of different faiths?

Based on the report on "Up with Chris Hayes" about Andrew Cuomo

What was your song to describe Rmoney during the campaign

Cpl. Aaron Mankin: "Our Story"

Make a radical Catholic who had an abortion a saint? Her ‘Day’ may come

Epic takedown of DINO Andrew Cuomo by Chris Hayes

Prison of Debt Paralyzes West

A Phony Hero for a Phony War

GOP Social Security/Medicare Death Panel - Raise The Age Of Eligibility

Old Review of Hostess Products from Lore Sjoberg

One more Dem will be returning to Congress from NC after barely squeaking by

Here is a great question!

Couples kiss in support of marriage equality bill in Paris

Franklin Graham Wants To Save The Country From Obama - We Need To Save It From These ----

Today's College Football Thread (11/17)

Why didn't the North let the South secede?

Today in Peace and Justice history on November 17, 1973

Today in Peace and Justice history on November 17, 1973

CNO Greenert: 'We're Not Downsizing, We're Growing' - Especially In Pacific

Nate Silver ~ Democrats Unlikely to Regain House in 2014

Filibuster Reform Now Official – Reid Presents New Filibuster Rule

David Cameron 'orders new curbs on internet porn'

Melissa Harris-Perry just gave an awesome rant about Jindal

VIDEO: Rolling Jubilee on UP! with Chris Hayes

No Cupcake: Workers Turn Down Bad Deal from Hostess

Norquist's 'REQUIRED' pledge that all Republicans had to sign

In addition to close ties with top generals, women in Petraeus scandal had visited White House

This is where we are going with floor and walls--what do you think?

Melissa Harris Perry Just Said: "It's Reasonable To Raise the Retirement Age"

Tom Toles: Pity Party

Artists are so freakin awesome! A Honey Boo Boo made of trash.

I really hoped that after the election, the mean Newbie baiting would stop. I was too optimistic.

There's a right-wing mental health crisis in this country right now.....

Obama and the Silver Scowl

We seemed to have forgotten about Ho Hos!


Cop Watch - These Streets Are Watching

Olympian at White House

Medical giant Stryker cuts 1,170 jobs, citing ObamaCare

I hope the NHL dissolves

Only in Murica

Israel approves 75,000 troops for possible Gaza ground operation


How to get a room with a view

Prison of Debt Paralyzes West

Colorado to Feds we will regulate!!!!!!!!!!!

Stephen Colbert's wax figure unveiled....

Republicans Allowed Karl Rove to Mislead Them Again

Santorum already has a website for 2016.

Trickle-Down Bribery, or, The Butch Cassidy Congress

The Concert For Sandy Relief 12/12/12

Hamas Detains Foreign Journalists in the Gaza Strip

Does anyone know what programs I should turn on for start up on msconfig? I disabled

Highly recommended documentary on one man black metal

A Suggestion (Afraid This Might Actually Happen Though)

Fierce Five Get Giggly At The WH

Physics is phun.

Gloria Allred slams ‘double standard,’ ‘unfair’ media coverage of women in Petraeus scandal

Missouri pastor remains in pulpit after sex crimes allegations

Meta Math

Are Republicans doomed to their own echo chamber?


Republicans are livid that Obama hasn't had his major scandal yet

Great moments in Political Discussions in Dental Office, part 1,427:

EPA Punts Appeal From 8 Governors, +/- 200 In Congress To Relax Ethanol Mandate During Drought

Need some examples of union companies that make food products and are doing well

The Best, Exotic Marigold Hotel.

I understand Rick Scott is behind this recount attempt to help Allen West.

Terror in Gaza

CDC - Type 2 Diabetes Spikes In All States 1995-2010; 6 States Now Have 10%+ Prevelance

Rep Frank Wolf - Bengazi special committee

Salisbury MD - TCE Found In 46 Of 113 Wells Tested; Source Of Carcinogen Unknown

The reason Romney, Rove, Ryan et al are talking crap about why they lost

Democrats stiffen spine against trimming benefits

Koch, GOP In Congress Pledge To Block Carbon Tax - Oh, But There Won't Be One . . . I Forgot . . .

What the GOP is **really** afraid of...

For First Time, NJ Township Notes Large Algal Bloom In Drinking Water Reservoir

Pachauri - IPCC Scientists Will Not Attend Doha COP18 - They Were Never Invited

When will they take this guy away in a straight jacket?

Oh, Goody! Vitter (R-Diaper) Promises To Not Spout Climate Conspiracy BS As Much As Inhofe Did

Breaking News: AP: Democratic Rep. Ron Barber to replace Gabrielle Giffords in Ariz. 2nd District

Arrested Development: The Long Term Impact of the Separation Barrior

Say what you will about Big Pharm - but I love my Advair.

Shouldn't Republicans be demanding an investigation into Ohio, and not Benghazi?

Advice on a new laptop?

UK Tories' Big Energy Push - Home Efficiency Loans - Stiffs; Since 10/1 Start, Not One Sign-up

11/13 Drought Monitor - No Broad Improvement, But Regional Rain & Snowstorms Help N. Plains

Everything Blamed but Republican positions on the issues

Jill Kelley: Petraeus, Allen asked me to help silence 'Bubba the Love Sponge'

The Other Tax Breaks for the Rich (the ones the Republicans don't want to talk about)

Bring Me a Man

Uncommon Features of Einstein's Brain Might Explain His Remarkable Cognitive Abilities

Rate Of Snow Pack Disappearance In Arctic Spring Far Ahead Of Worst-Case Models - Environment Canada

The Twinkie: an indestructible icon of American capitalism

Nobody plays (and sings) "Chopsticks" like Marilyn Monroe plays (and sings) "Chopsticks".

PETM V 2.0 - PriceWaterhouse Study Finds Avoiding 6C Increase By 2100 "Almost Impossible"

Einstein's brain: It was better than yours

Apple granted patent for artificially turning book pages

McCain on Benghazi: ‘I Knew It Was A Terrorist Attack From The Beginning’

Popcorn stuffing - FAILPROOF TURKEY - Imagine that !

Agnostic Prayer: Calling for Help to Come

Lying Sack of S*** of The Week – John McCain

Many questions to answer after train strikes wounded veterans' float in Midland

Flashback: Lieberman proposes expanding Medicare and Medicaid

Oklahoma Judge Sentences Teen to Church for 10 Years

Popcorn stuffing - FAILPROOF TURKEY

The best way to cook cauliflower: Roasting it!

Republicans Mourning for Mitt Romney? Not So Much

A modern princes talks to the frog.......

Barack Obama, McKayla Maroney Meme the Oval Office

TCM Schedule for Monday November 19 - TCM Spolight: Great Adaptations

Saturday, November 17th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

What is the general feeling on how the Obama Administration will react to WA and CO legalizing pot?

World AIDS Day

Participants spend night in a cardboard box to raise funds for Family Promise of Onslow County

White House says didn't heavily edit Benghazi talking points

Live NOW: Coffee Party Radio: Obama Gifts Cause Romney Loss? Sat 12–2PM Central

The BEST gloat ever:

Recession, layoffs, uncertainty? Yet we just throw millions upon millions

AZ Election 2012: Ron Barber Defeats Martha McSally In 2nd District Race

Florida socialite in Petraeus scandal feels 'scared,' betrayed

No, it's not 'Christians'' fault Obama won

The Romney Purge Begins

"Obama’s Approval Rating, Popularity Spike After Election"

No more co-pays for birth control

BattleStar Gallitica: Blood and Chrome Prequel Airs on YouTube

As of about 12:15 this afternoon, the 4WD access on Pea Island is open.

Is Obama growing a moustache? Just saw a clip of his weekly address and there was something

Licorice whips

Documentaries About Propaganda and Propaganda Technique Used By News Entertainment Shows


National Prayer (political hackery) Day

Ah, my first wipe out. It was awesome. Ok, it was not awesome.

Remembering the Twinkie: A Tribute

Florida recount begins in Allen West district

The GOP's Come to Hey-Zeus Moment

who remembers Funny Bones

Welcome Obama in Bangkok, Thailand

srael finds Arab Spring has complicated its move against Hamas

toon: Pardon this covered by Obamacare?

The Other Side of That Victory Hug’

Is anybody else having weird issues with PhotoBucket?

Hey Mitt...

Toon: LIES

Prediction:Former HRC President Joe Solmonese To be Named Director of Office of Personnel Management

LOL - Obama is not impressed!

Lincoln Film and the Affordable Care Act

Christmas is for lovers?

Petraeus Bombshell's Bombshell: Benghazi Attack May Have Been Secret Prison Break (VIDEO)

Democrats stiffen spine against trimming benefits

Huckabee: GOP “pumped more bullets” into wounded Todd Akin

Behold the Miracle of Deficit Reduction

History of Medical Discoveries (New Eng Jour Med)

History of Medical Discoveries (New Eng Jour Med)

I must roll my eyes - now with edited meta-ness

About Papa Johns in My Area of the Country.

Who would ever let someone who looked like this babysit their children?

General Motors Raises Its Ante on Electric Cars—…will soon debut its first all-electric vehicle…

What movies should I watch. Can't be depressing. What have you seen that's good. Help a girl out.

All-Carbon Solar Cells Will Mean Cheap and Flexible Solar Panels (some day)

If you’re 27 or younger, you’ve never experienced a colder-than-average month

Republican modernisers desert Romney as GOP looks to the future

Watch: Cerebral debate on the merits of drug legalization

Lessons from 2012: Droughts, not Hurricanes, are the Greater Danger

The Nonexistent Case Against Susan Rice Crumbles

Michael Reagan (son of Ronald): "’s time for Republicans to start blaming George W."

Drug Shortages Persist in U.S., Harming Care

Whether ‘Fiscal Cliff’ or Debtpocalypse, by Any Name, It Spells Austerity

Since he's supposed to be so good at it let's see Mitt Romney turn Hostess around.

Interesting thought: If the US and Egypt worked together, they could help bring about a cease-fire..

The Wisconsin Gerrymander Effect

Any Latin teachers on DU? I need help.

Cenk interviews Alan Grayson about Grand Bargain

Are Hostess higher-ups using employee strike as cover for planned closings? (re: Benghazi)

An open letter to George Lucas - we need your independent vision--Anthony Cody

Van Jones: To end the fiscal showdown, tax carbon

Is It Just Me Or Does It Seem The Benghazigate Floggers Are Running Out Of Steam?

Jacksonville detective resigns after threats directed at President, Democratic Party

Making Cellulosic Ethanol at Sugar Cane Plants—Startup Edeniq next year will make ethanol from…

Franklin Graham: God May Have to Cause "A Complete Economic Collapse" to Save Nation From Obama

"The world is probably a better place without the deep-fried Twinkie"

So glad Alan Grayson is back!

Shale Oil Will Boost U.S. Production, But It Won’t Bring Energy Independence

Maher to Obama: Be an ‘angry black man with a liberal agenda’ like Fox says

My 1%er neighbor lady just told me they're on a budget.


What is with the people making Obama-Hitler comparisons?

56% of Britons would vote to quit EU in referendum, poll finds

US denies visas to Iranian UN delegates

Officially: Dems piclk up 10 seats from republicans in the congress.

Iran Cleric Pummeled by 'Badly Covered' Woman After Warning

Craziest of them all: Hey GOP, take the Palin cure


Solar Among the Fastest Growing Job Markets in America

In Case You Missed This... Watchdog Group Files FEC Complaint Against Crossroads GPS (Karl Rove)

Why did Republicans hate Romney so much during the election?

Tony Blair and the protesters who keep trying to arrest him for war crimes

I'll Never Understand Why Some States Remain Red.

Why I like Congressman elect Alan Grayson - backbone!


Sniff. Sniff

J.S Bach: The Brandenburg Concertos - Complete

Irony Alert: Wal-Mart is Suing Workers Threatening To Walk Out For ‘Unfair Labor Practices’

Firefox no longer "protects" my IOS.

NYT takes Obama to task for false dilemma on climate change

Another gameday, another clean sheet for the Canaries...

Report: Walker campaign, GOP hired probe defendant

Wasn't that Des Moines Register Romney endorsement supposed to doom Obama in Iowa?

Eli Yishai: "The goal of the operation is to send Gaza back to the Middle Ages."

A Brief History Of Corporate Whining

Take Me To A Useless Website > Please <


Arizona gun store owner bans Obama voters from premises

Hackers down hundreds of Israeli sites over Gaza

To win the White House back, the GOP needs to nominate a candidate that

The Death of the Twinkie?

Sore Loserman: Romney Lashes Out Over Debates, Media

Steve King doesn't rule out 2014 Senate bid

The Veterans parade train wreck - this is sad and astounding at the same time

Democrats don't eat the moderate or conservative members of their own party

The rich have $50 trillion in stocks, bonds, real estate. They can afford to pay higher taxes.

I must roll my own (Part II)

So Far So Good for Germany's Nuclear Phase-Out, Despite Dire Predictions

Operation Cast Lead 2.0

Brian Bilbray Concedes In 52nd Congressional Race

Time Lapse of Crowd Control

Businesses (ie Hostess) will keep closing unless people can afford to buy things

Petition to deport secessionists grows in popularity

If we had started to legalize pot earlier Hostess never would have gone out of business.

Just Two Of America’s 300 Million People Are Funding Almost All Of NOM’s Hate

Conservatives’ crisis of confidence

Gifts from Obama: What did you get? (submit your own)

Spain asks former Latin American colonies for investment to help it through financial crisis

Two Monkeys Were Paid Unequally; See What Happens Next

Spain asks former Latin American colonies for investment to help it through financial crisis

Name something America needs

Prior to the election, there was speculation that Justice Ginsberg was going to retire


Nate Silver: It’s the numbers, stupid

Already Desperate, Haitian Farmers Are Left Hopeless After Storm

Totally bogus lock

Scientists At Central Oregon Geothermal Site Record Dozens Of 'Mini-Earthquakes'

One grumpy cat! I love him! A REALLY GOOD IDEA!!!

Low Mississippi River levels might halt barges

Clips from the documentary "Maxed Out!"

Here's a thing a good dad does:

"You can't pimp God." - Congr. Emanuel Cleaver on Full Court Press

Suit Contests Limits on Online Activities of Sex Offenders (California Proposition 35)

Is giant reed a 'miracle plant' or the next kudzu?

Romney Is President

I'm not much of a gloater, but

For Israel’s PR War On Gaza, It May Be All Downhill From Here

And now, announcing his bid for the 2016 Republican Presidential candidacy ...

Dolphins found shot, slashed, stabbed with tool

"He is working on a book about the CIA “Family Jewels.”"

No State Funding for Libraries In Louisiana

Justice official: Register voters automatically

Have You Heard the One About the Religious Woman Who Stops Being Religious in College?

Skinner, can you create a "Politics 2014" forum for the mid-terms

Alabama to get $335 million from BP criminal settlement

CETA negotiations reach critical point

Texas is seceding please stop them

Can Democrats keep this coalition together??

Seal the US Border

DU Complaint: A bad Jury decision ransacked my hotel room, did all my drugs, stole my dinner

The Best Loser: Which losing Republican presidential candidate was most gracious?

The Coming Threat to Your Craft brew

Drudge pushing tinfoil hat nutjob Alex Jones' call for secession and "second American Revolution"

and so it begins . . .

First of all, if they raise the retirement age, you will still be able to take your SS but it will

BRILLIANT! Reid's proposed rule would virtually eliminate one of TWO filibusters to which every

Lincoln's other legacy.

Here is a deal for the secessionists...

Hey, Mitt! You didn't just LOSE, you're being fucking ERASED!

Maryland, Rutgers to the Big Ten?!?

What are you reading the week of November 18, 2012?

UN Drug Watchdog warns against marijuana legalization/Mexico says Re-Legalize

Martin Sheen: 9/11 Questions 'Unanswered,' Building 7 'Very Suspicious'

Sen. Huckleberry Graham (R-S.C.) already using Benghazi for 2014 campaign materials

Info for Northern Illinois Food Bank

Need to copyright something?

We can't let it happen!

Toon- Black Friday Bargains

Mitt's Latest 'Gift-Gaffe' is of Biblical Proportions


Anti-Abortion Congressman Scott DesJarlais is Still a Massive Fraud

Romney's Internal Polls Overestimated Him By 109 Electoral Votes

(Awesome banner!) President Obama, welcome from Yangon, Myanmar, Nov 17

About Republicans not letting go ...

Aiman and Sofia

Mitt Romney: GOP Primary Debates Were 'Nuts,' Networks 'Liberals Beating The Heck Out Of Us'

London Times: "Israel expects to invade Gaza this weekend"

"As long as it's accompanied by significant spending cuts"

Judge refuses to halt progress of California high-speed rail

Judge refuses to halt progress of California high-speed rail

Cannabis May Slow Brain Aging

A proposal on filibusters

According to RT: Thousands of Spanish police officers march against austerity (PHOTOS) — RT

Just how many republican freelance, self-appointed Diplomats are operating in the US?

Why the hell is Honeywell, NASDAQ, UPS, and Blackrock CEOs on Bloomberg talking about American debt?

Normal Economics and Supply-Side Economics

It's the invasion of the S E Cupp fans..

Anonymous hack hundreds of Israeli websites, delete Foreign Ministry database in support of Gaza

Pelicans blown north by Sandy get ride home to Florida

Broadwell Loses Security Clearance/Petreaus Keeps His

HUGH FREEZE tonight in Louisianna!!

Allen West's re-count, his followers, and end of the Republican Party

We seemed to have forgotten about Wonder Bread!!

So Bill Clinton placed a Twinkie in the National Millennium Time Capsule...

S.E. Cupp is the future of conservatism

Flu Attack! How A Virus Invades Your Body

The Democrats are now up to 200 seats in the House of Representatives

Republicans, you think in ONE election cycle you're going to erase decades of bias and hatred?

Republican Update: Women's issues are still an annoyance

Where did this SE Cupp woman come from?

Good thing we got all those battlegroud states - Now I don't have to cut off my moustache

Hostess with the mostest

Fire over England

Mall Fart

Bernie Sanders: Hands Off Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

Winter sports - which ones do you do?

Thou shalt not ...


Wealth distribution

Palin for President 2016?

Republicans want stuff

How News Works

John Boehner, we are unimpressed!

Toon: A Presidential Pardon

If you've seen the film "ARGO" what did you think of it?

Pumpkin Fluff.

I Just Watched The Queen of Versailles and am Now in a Foul Mood

Speaking of Republican pundits--what happened to Mary Matalin?

Twinkie commercials

Wish List

Which Hostess snack cake will you miss the most?

Speaking of Drudge, and all the hatred and lies he has spewed over the airways.........

So if I post a thread in GD titled "I Think David Petraeus is hot", will it get locked?

Oh no, I just discovered that my star expires tomorrow on my birthday

I’ll probably get flamed for this but..

I'd wear this just to piss my Republican friends off more...

God loves Ohio State Football

Technion Breakthrough: A New Chapter of Solar Energy Conversion and Storage?

toon: LMAO

"A spy tale with missing pieces" ---Eugene Robinson

Customer wanted my company to make baseballs with the President's face on them

Selective outrage over Libya, I think so

Don't worry, Twinkie isn't dead, he's just been sold!

Role of the Pragmatists/Realists & the Militant/Uncompromising/Idealists in LBGT Social Change

The sound of shelling from the sea in Gaza:

Greeks remember crushing of 1973 student uprising

In U.S. energy renaissance, flares of fear for Alberta’s oil patch

SBU Team Wins National Award for Railroad Energy Harvesting

Cities in the Red: Austerity Hits America

The "Palestinians Deploying Their Air Forces"

Gaza raids kill 16 Palestinians

Hostess Brands/Interstate Brands Business Practices from a person who lived it (My mom)

I have to take a break from Facebook for awhile or I swear I am going to run amok.

Robert Reich: Why BP Isn’t a Criminal

Quitman, MO calls it quits

Need some examples of "you didn't build that"

World’s Wealthiest Lose $26 Billion as Fiscal Cliff Nears

Announcement: The bird is off the bell. I repeat, THE BIRD IS OFF THE BELL!!!

Drought forces Midwest firm to ponder drier future

Low Mississippi River levels might halt barges

Pennsylvania gets more time on health care exchange

Big Sky, Big Money

Fox News, Not Racist

Don't do a fucking thing....

Anyone wanting to see some livestreams for Gaza

Just Received an email from Elizabeth Warren!

'Occupy' Doctor Had Bomb-Making Chemicals In Ridgewood Basement, Authorities Charge

The Us Military Brass in action

So ... if Hostess gets bought out by something like "Bain", and production moved to Mexico ...

Santorum: Penn State didn't want my papers

Chicago Passes Austerity Budget with Little Debate (But More Than Usual)

Chris Anderson: Why I left Wired - 3D Printing Will Be Bigger Than The Web

November 6th: Hitler Finds Out Obama Won Re-election

How 'bout them Golden Flashes???

How long before the Talibangelicals issue another fatwa against Bill Nye?

Defence spending per country

My dog hates the rain...

Matt and Nat - if you're looking for great vegan gifts, check these guys out:

Twinkies for sale ... $250.00

Fox News is finally changing their old tagline from 'Fair and Balanced'... new ones not much better

Monitor cleaning service

Wait for it...

Omnibus Facebook social comment

A website to test if your computer is on. They've thought of everything.

Karl Rove, failed genius?

I think I may have perfected a tealight candle driven Lava Lamp.

A thread for Major Nikon

Cute stuff

Lest We Forget -- Capitalism Is Really A Failure Because ---

Coast Guard ends search for 2 after oil rig fire

Are we there yet? Seems like this describes the US economy under the GOP


Sunday Talk Shows

Florida Democrats increased their registration advantage by another 996 voters in the past 2 days

Twilight is not feminist: it's female masochism

Science Grades Being Awarded On Student Report Cards Even When No Science Lessons Are Taught

What would you try and save?

Another bus fight

from a teacher

Qatar PM slams 'wasteful' Arab League meetings

Benghazi Testimony By Petraeus Shreds GOP Attack On Rice

What should Senate Dems do about the filibuster?

When I see what my friends say on Facebook, I am reminded of an eloquent statement ...

I'm gonna convert to Baptist!

How Do You Bridge A 20+ Year Gap In Decent Income Between Your Pink Slip And Social Security.

Country music style songs, recorded by non-country artists, post em here.

What would you try to save? Round 2.

Backlash - Greece Life gets tougher for immigrants in the chaos.

Officials: Vets' float crossed track after signals

Romney Campaign Still Asking People To Go Vote with Posts Facebook?

Toronto curling league breaks down religious barriers

The First Week in January, by Elizabeth Warren

Israeli Ambassador Deletes Tweet Signaling Willingness To Sit Down With Hamas (Blames Staffer)

Just saw Lincoln.... ((((Spoiler Alert)))

Very Interesting -- Obama Still Did Not Win The Senior Vote From What I Hear.

Paperboy chased up tree by bug-eyed goat named ‘Voldemort’

Fiscal Cliff: Democrats Stiffen Spine Against Trimming Benefits

May I just reiterate that we have a 'new' President,

Bad Lip Reading: 2012 US Presidential Debates

See the light

The New Color Of Congress...and We Should Be PROUD!

I'm gonna convert to moonshine!

What a Wonderful Place

Not enough justice: Karl Thompson gets 51 months federal time


Mincemeat Pie.

Netanyahu says Israel will agree to ceasefire

No Carbon Tax: Obama

Love this toon

Everything is black & white

A sense of humor...

Video: Hamas warns it will renew suicide attacks

Is this Bill Mahr or someone as clever New Rule. Republican party to burger king party

Fox control?

Pakistan Drones: Islamabad Secretly Racing To Develop Its Own Drones

Striking a cooperative tone, Gov. Rick Scott asks to meet with federal health officials

This Photo of Rescued Chimpanzees Mourning a Friend....

Alan Grayson: Dems Would ‘Shoot Ourselves In The Head’ By Agreeing To Social Security Cuts

Had a chance to attend a party this evening,

Republicans Seek to End the U.S. Postal Service

John Wilkes Booth

Mitt didn't lose the election...his supporting people lost it for him. :shrug:

Murphy/West St. Lucie recount will resume in the morning

What was the last song you listened to?

One thing is for sure, that message allegedly from Anonymous about Ohio and Rove

Seriously, what is the logic behind stores opening for Black Friday on Thursday evening?

Versatile hemp, food, garden materiel, and many other uses.

Holy Zeus!1 I'm posting this on a Kindle Fire HD - and - on a full sized keyboard!1

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The SEC is back in it!

My HS football team won their state championship today - undefeated!

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Saturday, November 17)

a cat and sailor pic!. Discuss!

Al Franken has signed on to Bernie Sanders' letter about protecting Social Security but

Been drinkin'. Been thinkin'...

Hey El. Is this going to be your new avatar...