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Archives: November 15, 2012

So, this is strange ......

Ron Barber's lead continues to grow!

Petraeus’s Icarus flight began when he set himself above President Obama

Alaska governor rejects state-run health exchange as Friday deadline looms

Jon Stewart Rips Fox News For Saying Single Women Voted For Obama To Get Free Stuff

I see a whole new Obama and I'm loving it...and

Lawrence O’Donnell Tears Into McCain And Lindsay Graham For McCarthy-Like Opposition To Susan Rice

Why Romney is still a jerk

The People of Florida move to Impeach Rick Scott

Warning- Drudge Link

The REAL cause of the loss Mitt!

Marijuana Legalization: What Can/Will the Feds Do?

Can Obama salvage the rest of this failed second term

Good lock? Or not? XemaSab this one's for you.

Is it just me or does this Petraeus business reek of Rove?

Collins Requests Confirmation Votes on Judicial Nominees in Lame Duck

All you need to know is that McCain voted against a day honoring Martin Luther King, and realize why

OK. I Found The Slo Jam for the Obamas for the Inauguration

Impeach Obama Robocall Campaign Launched By Conservative Group

Rather: We may be seeing the Obama we wanted in 2008.

Among the reasons I am not President, nor hold any elective office

President Obama approval ratings at near 4-year high in daily tracking polls

I am happy. A certian fictional evil sociopathic monster has karked it in the book I'm reading...

Orson Scott Card has a meltdown.

German utility giant EOn loses €67 million on 2012 renewables generation

What is your favorite flavor of Slurpee?

Democrats win supermajority in California Assembly

So is Mitt Romney's historical legacy to be a trivia question?

What do the Republiban think could have been DONE about Benghazi?

Favorite James Bond Movie....

GOP wants Susan Rice out and Kerry in for SoS, so that they can get Brown to run for MA senate seat

Reading between the lines Re: President Obama smackdown on McCain and Graham.

Changing Times by Linda Greenhouse

I lost my business partner to cancer yesterday.

Will the GOP object to Obama's large inaugural balls?

Lawrence O'Donnell on "Little" Lindsey Graham & "Personal Responsibility" McCain

Helping Sandy victims

Now that it has nothing to do with current politics...

I need to get a post on the old forum deleted - it has my contact info - employeers see it

fuck you radio and your christmas music

China confirms leadership change

F.B.I. agent in Petraeus scandal named.

almost 20 years ago were you there? (April 1993 march on Washington)

Nomination for nuttiest divorce from reality: the Agenda 21 Conspiracy

So, who's the bigger asshole?.... Romney or McCain ?

Would it be bad for America if the GOP became irrelevant?

Thom Hartmann vs Mike Slater (of KFMB San Diego): Obama is bad news for small business!

Benghazi is getting old really fast

Top Georgia GOP Lawmakers Host Briefing on Secret Obama Mind-Control Plot

Texas Gun Owner Leaves Gun in the Pickup - It's Stolen

I think Major Broadwell just may end up being the hero in this novella.

Lackland Air Force Base Sex Scandal Report Cites 'Abuse Of Power' Amid Petraeus, Allen Probe

Signature TRUMP restaurant shut down in Las Vegas...

President Obama to host 'Lincoln' cast

U.S. deplores murder of Honduran teen by military

This is why....

U.S. deplores murder of Honduran teen by military

Ways and Means issues subpoena for Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius

Man asks McCain if it makes him mad that he looks like McCain.

Did you really expect....

Woman Dies After Being Denied Abortion: When Religious Rules Trump Science

Leftist coca farmer presides over economic upswing in Bolivia

Corbett (teabagger) urged to act on health law(Pa.)

What the President Should Propose for the 'Grand Bargain' to Reduce the Deficit By Robert Reich

CA GOP Heavyweight Arrested On DUI

Jon Stewart to business owners.

This year we had FOUR STATES: CA, ME, NH, WA w/ 2 female US Senators, next year only '3' CA, NH, WA

Psssssssssssst! It's not about Susan Rice

American Samoa bans shark fishing in hopes of stopping decline of marine population

Humanists attempt to halt 'back-door' spread of state-funded religious schools

Uruguayan populist president Jose Mujica, as described by BBC

With Pot Legal, Police Worry About Road Safety

H Post: Walmart-Contracted Warehouse Workers Strike Ahead Of Black Friday

The Problem Is Clear: The Water Is Filthy

We Need to Retreat From the Beach

Nobel winner to discuss new NASA space telescope

Walmart Ex-Employee Was Handcuffed in Front of Workers

Ebola outbreak in Uganda kills two

Unmanned aircraft project leads push to civilian drones

Calls for public inquiry into Savita Halappanavar's death

The FL GOP's worst fear come true: Cuban-Americans in Miami swung hard to Dems in 2012

Bullet-train planners face huge engineering challenge

Al Gore's views on climate change, extreme weather and Keystone XL

Judge Slaps Husted’s Last-Minute Ballot Change In Ohio

Inslee on pot

Oops: Rove's Crossroads Super-PAC never properly registered...

BP 'close to agreeing Deepwater deal with DoJ'

The new boom: Shale gas fueling an American industrial revival

Bitter: Party of one. Mr. Romney, your table’s ready.

Child abuse

It's the "Jobs Cliff," Stupid! by Thom Hartmann

The Petraeus Legacy: A Paramilitary CIA?

Grand Bargain is the Wrong Solution by Katrina vanden Heuvel

When we had our all-original band, the rhythm guitarist and I used to get together to work...

No Grand Bargain

Climate Activists Hit Hard With 'Do the Math' National Tour

the republicans continue their downward spiral

What Did Petraeus Know and When Did He Know It?

motto for maine

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday Nov 15th

Denny's Franchisee Imposes Surcharge For Obamacare

multi-billion dollar health fund fires watchdog

How is so-called "rape porn" even a thing?

What Effect Will the Election Have on Criminal Justice?

Egypt asks US to stop Israel's Gaza offensive

worth repeating

Lackland Air Force Base Sex Scandal Report Cites 'Abuse Of Power' Amid Petraeus, Allen Probe

RT Europe on the brink anti-austerity protests across Europe Valencia Spain.

350 Economists Call On Congress To Invest In Job Growth Instead Of Austerity

How has social media influenced #Occupy?

Romney: Obama’s ‘gifts’ to key demographics helped him win

On Morning Joe Scum -Well lookie lookie

Got a Tea Party email forwarded to me today

Juan Cole: Candidate for CIA Chief Jane Harman Advocated Ethnic Breakup of Iran

Patient trapped in health insurance rate hike

Paula Broadwell fell short of aims at Harvard, draws scrutiny at second college

Berkshire (Warren Buffett) buys stake in Deere

Newsmax hides survey results showing that people really don't want Medicare cut

STOP GASPING FOR BREATH, S. E. CUPP! Exactly what "case for conservatism"

Academic ‘Dream Team’ Helped Obama’s Effort

How sexy is Benghazi?

Republicans say they will not back down

Seven states qualify for secession response from White House

Jindal slams Romney for 'gifts' comment about minorities, young voters

Call to all DUer's to Boycott Denny's

Study: California refineries operated during periods blamed for gas price spikes

Euro Area Slips Into Recession Second Time in Four Years

Two Kinds of Republicans

Hi awesome Dem's!

Petraeus affair was no secret

FBI won’t provide regulation that Obama says kept him in dark on Petraeus probe

DemocracyNow: Glenn Greenwald on Petraeus, Surveillance State & The Budget Talks....

Here's another interesting observation about Romney's "gifts" comments...

Homesteading legacy: New book celebrates Montana’s one-room schoolhouses

Where business will placing risk if corporate welfare is reduced--speculation from my couch

Why are the media dragging out all the RW losers to bash the President on Benghazi?

How Teachers Unions Lead the Way to Better Schools = Diane Ravitch

Weak Teavangelicals

Without Romney To Shield Them, For-Profit Colleges Must Face Reality

The Real Reason You Should Care About the Petraeus Affair: Privacy

NECC: No answers from drug executive at hearing on meningitis

Now Meet The Unstoppable Half-Hispanic, Veteran Son Of Jeb Bush

Interesting election day exit poll chart that illustrates Romney voters' detachment from reality...

Why is it that employers must provide/subsidize healthcare?

The Mind-blowing Hypocrisy of John McCain: WMD Lie is Good, Repeating Intelligence is Bad

I'm feeling a bit Christmasy...

Gearing up for another war

Lawmaker asks to be paid in gold

How Germany Is Getting to 100 Percent Renewable Energy

Did John McCain get all excited and investigate when GWB had any of his 11 embassy attacks?

Mitt, wasn't it a Republican president that gave the 'gift' of emancipation to blacks?

Hey joggers out you jog with your wallet in your pocket?

FBI agent in Petraeus scandal was seen as a (military) hero

The sore losers club

Amy Goodman: The Growing Global Movement Against Austerity

Fox News Latino?

National Security Trumped Politics In Petraeus Scandal, Cantor Says

The Sore-Losers Club

Outgoing Maine GOP Chair Plans To Investigate Alleged Voter Fraud By ‘Black People’

Target faces ‘Black Thursday’ backlash

There is a poster that has just posted his 100,000 post

US General: Military scandals 'undermine trust'

BP to get record US criminal fine over Deepwater disaster (four BP staff will be arrested)

A single spiteful email unlocks a Pandora’s box

Republican Governors in Las Vegas: Nothing Wrong w/Our Party (Seriously)

Germany to cut Afghan-based troops by a quarter over the next year

California leads the way in green energy, but not green living

No, Mexico’s Not Winning the ‘Drug War’

Hey Mitt, you were wrong ---- 1540 MORE DAYS!

If you insult my family, you are not welcome in my home.

ETA News Release: Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (11/15/2012)

¿''que piñata''?

My Wife Thought: Maybe the Citizen United case was a good thing?

Stealing and Selling Nature: Why We Need to Reclaim “the Commons” in the Curriculum

Strong Move in the Senate

Help me give my dad a great birthday present.

E.J. Dionne: "The tea party was less the wave of the future than a remnant of the past."

Is curiousjorge2012 still around?

Fracking Rush Threatens US Energy Security: Report

Nov. 15. It was 53 years ago today that the Clutter family was murdered.

Bye Bye Grover

Proof that this secession-talk is a liberal plot...

Mitt's Gift List for his election

"Selfish women backed Obama" LTTE from a Republican sore loser in today's paper!

Dave Lee Travis arrested on suspicion of sexual offences

CIA: We Didn’t Ask for Help During Benghazi Attack

CBPP: Why Passing the “Middle-Class” Tax Cuts Benefits the Wealthy, Too (w/chart)

Bizarre, troubling ‘suds tsunami’ in Nairobi, Kenya

Lockheed Told It Must Put F-35’s Success Over Profit

Michael Tomasky on How Liberals Need to Hold Their Anti-Obama Fire

Toon - The Fiscal Cliff

KPTK to drop progressive talk, but KLAY saves the day

Bernie is on Morning Journal

California leads the way in green energy, but not green living

KRUGMAN: Conservative Patriarchy: Bosses OVER Workers-Men OVER Women-Whites OVER Those People

How Germany Is Getting to 100 Percent Renewable Energy

When Is a "Gift" Actually a Gift?

Angus King (I) Slaps Down McCain For Petty, Premature, And Partisan Attack On Susan Rice

Donny Deutsch to S.E. Cupp on Morning Joe - "Will you (or you ever) stop talking"

President Obama: Dealing With Climate Will Not Come At Expense Of Economic Growth

Well, since their heads are already up there . . .

If Government (Rape-ublicans ) Were To Force Women To Bear Children Against Their Will...Shouldn't

Bobby Jindal (R) Slaps Down Willard Romney ($) For His Rancid, Rancorous, And Racist Remarks

Ronald Reagan In 1984: ‘Social Security Has Nothing To Do With The Deficit’

Malwarebytes Beats Norton 360

Petition To Punch Grover Norquist In Dick Removed From White House Petition Site

U.S. Stealth Fighter Pilot Raises Questions About F-35 and F-22 Purchase – Cost Is Too High

Chunks Of Concrete Remain, But Elwha & Glines Canyon Reservoirs Now Gone

Distraught Obamaphobe Runs Over Hubby In Car And Permanently Disfigures Him

College being sued by evangelist

mitt romney....not one ounce of class.

GOP Chief in Maine says: Mystery black voters (Not the Onion)

Thursday Night in Baltimore: Martin O'Malley's Celtic Rock Band

The hots for Nate Silver

Should Willard Romney (R-$) Trade In His Suit For A Hood And A Sheet?

5 glaring contradictions that sank the GOP

Sandy pushes jobless claims to 18-month high

Puppy Nailed to Railroad Track Gets New Paw

Perfect graphic/message for this group:

My response to Romney claim that "big gifts" to minorities, women won Obama the election

Nick Anderson Hits it in the Houston Chronicle This Morning

Time to push again for "a la cart" Cable TV -- FOX gets higher license fee than others

Women’s Groups: 2012 Gains Were About More Than Just Todd Akin

S E Cupp - the right-wing establishment's sacrificial lamb...

Mitt Romney, exit stage right. A little quicker, please …

Rebellion against the Constitution is a felony! SIGN THE PETITION

+++ NFL Picks / Week 11 +++

I see no reason for Obama to sit down with Romney

North Dakota among worst states for racist Obama tweets; Minnesota 10th

Paul Ryan-Endorsed Candidate Loses Bid For GOP Leadership Role

Calif. coastal panel denies permit for offshore earthquake study near nuclear power plant

Obama's campaign used 500 AWS instances at peak usage

Knock Knock...Who's There?

Man with Mitt Romney face tattoo has no regrets: 'I'm glad to know that I did all I could'

Don’t Drink the Water, This Is America’s Food Basket!

Wallmart workers from stores and warehouses to announce black Friday protest plans (conf call today)

Greedy asshat alert; and the servers suffer so he

Panetta orders Pentagon review of military commanders' behavior

Protest planned over Julian Assange appearance

Can the cap on income subject to SS be lifted without a Supreme Court challenge?

Honorary Grifter Kelley sought $80M bribe at RNC.

Ralliers seek tax hikes

GOP gives a top House spot to a woman

BP to Plead Guilty of Criminal Misconduct

Another General in trouble over sex this one more serious

Iraq War Legacy:Putting Wikileaks into Context (pic)

Hey McCain: yeah, Benghazi was a drag. Didja notice 20 people died in your "liberated" Iraq today?

Shirtless FBI agent in Petraeus scandal once key figure in Seattle

The socialite world in Tampa, Florida. Too many illusions, causing ripples across the state and U.S?

Humanists call for African age of "Enlightenment"

I wonder if we can get a mass conglomerate of

lets speak out about trash talk

The dictionary is wrong – science can be a religion too

Tory MP lies to the public about wind turbines, after secret recording

Psst !! John McCain..the 2008 Presidential Campaign is over you lost...

Obama nominates the next Commander of Afghanistan to stay past 2014

Mike Thompson toon - fiscal cliff

Make it stop. Please. MAKE IT STOP!

We Really Did Win.

Hurry! Freebird is on the radio

Look at the Bush Connections on Kelly's twin 's husband.

Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS Never Filed Legally Required Registration

BOYCOTT: Denny's,Hurricane Grill & Wings

Are you seeing those "Personalized M&M" ads?

Woman denied haircut goes to Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario

Petraeus Says Benghazi Fallout Had Nothing To Do With His Resignation

Romney alienated Latinos: Pols

How The Tragic Death Of A Woman Denied An Abortion In Ireland Could Become The Norm In America

Romney’s jab on Obama winning election because of ‘big gifts’ ... slammed by ... Bobby Jindal

DU Women -- have you ever had this done?

Oh me, what did I do!?

A cut we can all get behind: The School of the Assassins

Since the RWers want to make a big deal out of Benghazi with no factual back-up....

Abandon .gif! Abandon .gif!

Political Gridlock Leaves U.S. Facing Cyber Pearl Harbor

You talkin' to me?

They are not "Heroes"

Invisible lasers

Software founder McAfee says he fears Belize police

Warren argues strongly for filibuster reform: “I haven’t counted 51 just yet, but we’re working"

Burma frees more than 450 prisoners before Barack Obama's visit

What valuable Romney Ideas was Obama talking about?

NASA Climate Expert James Hansen: The Future Is Now—and It Is Hot

Consumer Comfort in U.S. Advances to a Seven-Month High

lol - Broadwell's wikipedia page exposed the affair with Petraeus for an hour back in January

LazyTruth: Something That Will Finally Stop Your Crazy Uncle From Sending You RW email chains...

Secretary of State Clinton to Testify Before Congress on Benghazi Attack, Congresswoman Says

So Sen. McCain thinks Amb. Rice is "not very bright?"

"God will judge America over abortion and gay marriage" (FB graphic)

Ron Paul's Last Speech to Congress: 30+ Strangely Ordered Questions

Maine GOP chair frets over mysterious 'black people'

Grievance Filed on Canada's Failure to Act On Torture Suspect - Bush - On Its Soil

Ohio’s Provisional-Ballot Rule Unfair, Federal Judge Says

Young, Gifted & Not Attending a Specialized High School

National ad campaign promotes on buses and online

Florida Governor Scott Drops Opposition to Health Law

Patty Murray To Chair The Senate Budget Committee

The lessons of Shirley Sherrod

Thursday TOON Roundup 1 -Secdee

FFRF asks Obama to drop religion in presidential oath; so can you

Thursday TOON Roundup 2- The Unbelievers

LAX Airport workers issue travel advisory - expect disruption on Thanksgiving eve

Thursday TOON Roundup 3 -election reverb

The YouTube video that inspires Kristen Stewart before she performs.

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- General nuisance

Thursday TOON Roundup 5- The Rest

Donate to Occupy Sandy & Occupy Sandy NJ

Man Commits Suicide Over Obama Victory, scrawled "F*** Obama" on will

nice photo

Cenk Uygur articulates the views of atheists-agnostics about religion dictating morality

Republicans Skip Benghazi Hearings

Nudists Fight SF City Hall for the Right to Bare All

Question for those who make sweet potatoes/candied yams

Rolling Jubilee: Buying Up Distressed Debt, Occupy Offshoot Bails Out the People, Not the Banks

PROGRESS: Obama Nominates Gay African-American Judge to Federal Bench

American churches projected to become more relationship, community and Jesus oriented

Actual White House Petition: Let Alderan Secede from the Galatic Republic

In Mexico some defy the law to own a gun for self defense

I'm fortunate. I can afford to pay a little extra for my meal in order to help businesses comply

McCain Skipped A Briefing On Benghazi To Hold A Press Conference (on Benghazi)

What non-political thing do you detest the most?

YOOHOO!!!! DUers need your help!!!

Women Democratic Surge Creates Congressional Gender Gap

Suing the military on behalf of antiwar activists spied on by informant John Towery.

Reform the Filibuster = Petition Online = DU THIS

Accused molesting priest blamed God

HA! Sen. John McAhole Skipped A Briefing On Benghazi To Hold His Joke of a Press Conference, Nice!

Judge Kreep (The homophobic birther judge just elected in San Diego)

DUer's rescue pet needs help...

Reform the Filibuster = Petition Online = DU THIS

Wendell Potter: Beyond Obamacare

Virginia Tries to Circumvent Obama on Drilling

Gaza rocket fire kills Israelis

Papa John Schnatter's Obamacare Math gets an F

I have a theory about McCain's displaced anger at President Obama.

Today in Peace and Justice history on November 15, 1969

Today in Peace and Justice history on November 15, 1969

More Romney Excuses...

Forgotten victims: Domestic violence among gay men

Join Bernie Sanders for a Summit on Defending Social Security Medicare and Medicaid

McCain is still at it!

Which Professions Have The Most Psychopaths?

we're getting glimpses of something emerging...

First Read: Romney explanation for losing is laughable

Gaza Rocket Hits Area South Of Tel Aviv For First Time

Why hasn't anyone in media been questioning the fact that Eric Cantor was told about Petreus

Russia Threatens Tough Response If U.S. Backs Rights Bill

Any Chance A High Profile Republican Will Defect Due To The Mouthbreathers In His- Her (Hint) Party?

Beware of false GOP rebranding efforts

I was listening to NPR coverage ...

Panetta demoted Ward, Dempsey stands by him

A call to U.S. progressive Jews: Support Israel's 'get tough' policy in Gaza

Robbers attack CCWer, one gets shot, other runs away.

Air Force Responds to Sex Crime Scandal by Enforcing a Bizarre ‘Wingman Rule’

The only hope for the pandas of politics is a dirty word: evolution

SIX of the most nefarious voter-screwing states have elections in 2014

CIA talking points for Susan Rice called Benghazi attack "spontaneously inspired" by protests

Thom Hartmann: It's The ''Jobs Cliff'' Stupid...

Question for those who make sweet potatoes/candied yams

Just a reminder . . . . Pelosi to be a guest on Maddow show tonight.

The newer, friendlier, nicer Republican party (if they manage to rebrand)

On pot...seems a simple news story generates some controversy

Top Republicans say Romney didn't offer specifics

The Rude Pundit: Republicans Are Some Sour Grape-Sucking Sons of Bitches

In 2012 American Ladies Sent A Message, And It Was Awesome

Air Force Releases Lackland Sex Abuse Investigation Results

In defense of shirtless dude

Obamacare Price Hike Cheered By Ian's Pizza

A Case For Conservatism:

Cracks found at nuclear power plant north of Columbia

Suckseed from the USA NOW!

Did Eric Cantor and/or Shirtless FBI Agent LEAK INFO. To Romney & Bob Woodward?

White House Slaps Down Romney’s ‘Gifts’ Comment

Romney Says Obama Only Won Because He Gave "Big Gifts" To Blacks, Latinos, And Young People

#14N: Millions Join Largest European Strike Ever

Wide and growing income gaps

The United Nations Must Cure Haiti Of The Cholera Epidemic It Caused

The White House responds to Texas' petition to secede

Meet Uruguay's President - who's chosen to live on a ramshackle farm and gives away most of his pay

And the GOP Learning Curve keeps getting steeper....

U-M survey: U.S. economy expected to regain nearly 9M jobs (over the next two years)

So will it still be 60 votes or bust in the Senate?

New Grand Theft Auto V Trailer

Israeli ground troop movements in Gaza

Walmart Has To Overcome A Scary Reality About Its Customers

Where do you draw the line between loyal opposition and moral traitor?

Republican attacks on Susan Rice are partly based on sexism and racism.

Broadwell failed in her PhD attempt at Harvard, faces ethics review at fallback school

Pelosi IS pretty old ...

Republicans cut embassy security by $128 million in fiscal 2011 and $331 million in 2012

Donald Trump is a double agent

Republican legislatures across the country are completely out of control insane

"Be nice to President Obama"...

Bobby Jindall finds his spine?

Stock, Bond Certificates in DTCC Vault Damaged by Sandy Flooding

"Mitt Romney had what I scientifically call a butt-ugly primary,'' Rove said.

Petition To Punch Grover Norquist In Dick Removed From White House Petition Site

Flood Maps Raise Questions About Convention Center Expansion

Republicans After ‘Gifts’ Comment: Get Off The Stage, Mitt

BP to pay $4.5 billion fine for BP oil spill: 2 BP employees to face manslaughter charges

One of the BEST nut-punches in TV history!

I have another theory about McCain's anger.....

Golden Oldies: Mitt's gaffes from way back in his first run for Prez.

Krugman is not right when it is convenient. He is just right.

HOSTESS in current condition because of failed management

Air Force scraps massive ERP project after racking up $1 billion in costs

Chrysler to Spend $238 Million, Add 1,250 Jobs in Michigan

White House: Romney's view of the American people and election, "at odds with the truth."

Bill O'Reilly: "Romney deserved to lose"

"Petraeus sex scandal: everything you need to know", as told in Chinese w/ crazy Taiwanese animation

Ok folks we have a large gas main leaking in San Diego

Being that ObamaCare requirements don't kick in until 2014...

McCain doesn't have time for facts, information

I feel like liberals are overwhelmingly opposed to Kerry vacating his seat.

My friend's wife smacks-down SE Cupp on Obamacare (NBCNews video)

Washington State Has Its Own Secession Petition Now

Obama Visits Storm-Ravaged Areas in New York

Obama Proclaims Today ‘America Recycles Day’

Democratic Senator Kent Conrad Says Raising Medicare Age, Cutting Benefits Is ‘Balanced And Fair’

Benghazi........the disgrace of Anderson Cooper:

Al Gore on reddit taking questions

Of *course* the loudest repub critics skipped today's Benghazi briefing.

(WATCH LIVE NOW) Hands Off Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid Summit

McCain missed Benghazi hearing due to scheduling error

Wow - getting crazy in Gaza, live video feed, explosions, shots fired, etc

A BIGGER crisis than the "Fiscal cliff" or Super storm Sandy, or 9/11 is already crashing upon us...

OMG! HUNDREDS of black people voted where I vote.

My Repub brother says that Medicare "cuts" have already started.

Pam Geller compares Jewish group to Nazi sympathizers

Saving Medicare and cutting the deficit by allowing younger people to buy in early?

Time: Time to Start Stockpiling Twinkies? Hostess in Limbo as Workers Strike

Mes dames Mes sieurs: Enter briefly into the world of madness

Industry Claims that Fracking Will Lead to "Energy Independence" Debunked in New Report

Under the Hood of Team Obama's Tech Operation

Can you believe this Crap????

Mittens: Clueless in ascendance and even more so in defeat

Sorry, Jill Kelley, you probably don’t have ‘diplomatic inviolability’

US Airways Flight Attendants Conduct Nationwide Protest With Strike Vote Underway

Dear Senator Ayotte, you are, of course, free to choose your allies as you wish . . . .

GREAT news in Detroit

Why does the MSM still care what Mitt Rmoney has to say?

"Gifts?" He ALMOST won, folks. The fight is not over, but I think we're armed this time. n/t

McCain and Benghazi

Maverick puppet theater presents...McCain and Graham

The correlation between obesity and voting Republican

A House Divided Cannot Stand By Itself

Lounge inspirational message of the day

WTF?? Bill Clinton calls Romney after election and tells him he might have won if not for Sandy

Elizabeth warren Vows To Reform Filibuster on the fist day

Fox News Captions Footage of Illegal Border Crossings With "The Hispanic Vote"

War on Christmas (tm) alert! Chich-fil-A invokes the 'Holiday Season'

Members of the 2012 US gold medal gymnastics team meet with President Obama (pictures)

Re Andrea Mitchell's health

President Obama Briefing after Staten Island Tour(Live video)

Fox News Captions Footage Of Illegal Border Crossings With ‘The Hispanic Vote’

Hostess strike enters day six with a deadline looming

Jesse Jackson Jr. wants disability pay, report says (in return for stepping down)

The Real Welfare States

If you spend all you time talking about Burning Books...

Joan Walsh: "We come together to do what we cannot do alone."

I'm sick of the media and the rethugs on coverage on Benghazi

Alec baldwin on the Seccssionists

So Obama won Iowa and New Hampshire because he gave gifts to blacks and hispanics?

Please Continue Governor...

Tomorrow's American Airlines Rally in DC

Chilly reception for McCain idea of special Benghazi panel

Outgoing Maine GOP chair says he regrets black voter comment, backs off plan to send postcards to ne

Arggg! My health insurance changes from a co-pay to a deductible plan next year,

GOP-led states start warming up to health care law

The Stay Home for Thanksgiving Movement

Is The Republican Obsession With Benghazi Preparation For A Witch Hunt?

Jindal seems to be positioning himself

2-Year-Old South Carolina Girl Taken During Car Repossession Found Safe

Wal-Mart Expands Foreign Bribery Investigation

Europe's youth more 'European' than their parents, poll says

HLN'S Kyra Phillips take on her interview with Petraeus after the affair

Occupy Debt-Relief Campaign Buys $100,000 Worth of Medical Debt

BP executive indicted on charges he lied to authorities about work estimating Gulf spill rate

Thom Hartmann: Spending vs. Investing...what makes America work?

Mitt Romney Says Bill Clinton Told Him Hurricane Sandy Won Obama Election

*POTUS names Shaun Donovan, Housing Chief, point man for reconstruction in NY/NJ area.

A mathematical irony

If the Democratic Party were to take a strong stand...

Obama Visits Storm-Ravaged Areas in New York

Danon concedes in supervisor race Dave Roberts wins county supervisor seat

Black people vote in Maine, GOP vows to get to the bottom of it

Maine Republican chairman questions black voters

Tie in NM House race could end in coin flip

Refineries ran while 'offline,' pushing up gas prices, report says

350 Economists Advising Against Austerity in the US

Police report says break-in at Democratic Party HQ suspicious

Papantonio: President Obama – Get Tough Against GOP Obstruction

A pleasant blast from the past (President Clinton spanking Fox News)

For the first time in years I Was Able To Read The Comments On Yahoo Articles

Patriot Coal to phase out mountaintop removal

Hitler finds out that Obama won !!

The old Librarian/Farmer test

Let me get this straight...

Isn't amusing to see the Republican Party implode?

Court: Michigan's ban on affirmative action is unconstitutional

McCain Misses Classified Briefing While Blasting White House

A Letter to Advertisers on Behalf of Mitt Romney’s New Magazine

Court: Michigan's Ban on Affirmative Action is Unconstitutional

The GOP Death Throes

3 BP executives indicted over Gulf oil spill; BP agrees to pay $4.5 billion in fines in the largest

Clinton To Testify On Benghazi Attacks In December

Former Orono High student charged in cyberbullying case; target and family speak out

There's You Republican Benghazi Investigation- Dana Rohrbacher Just Called Our President A Liar

JPMorgan punished for California power-trade violation

Kelley tried to "sell access" to S Korea officials??

Call or fax the Republican Leaders today!!!

Waffle House Chairman Sex Tapes Impounded by Court

So I went to COSTCO and from there to KARE11 where they collect

"I don't know for sure, but Obama is using Petraeus to cover up arms smuggling and blackmailed him"

Man arrested by Secret Service after threatening President on facebook

Papa John's has just introduce a new pizza...

Amy Klobuchar talks about Senate’s historic ‘bathroom’ moment

Suu Kyi invokes Bapu against junta

Invasion of the Randites!

Does Any Sentient Person Think Republicans Are Interested In A Legitimate Inquiry Re: Benghazi?

The republicans in office have learned nothing.

David Petraeus Venn Diagram

San Antonio Express-News RW Total NUT Letter to the Editor

How many alerts have Metathians submitted in the past 2 1/2 months?

Low Marks for the 2012 Election

Dog people, does your dog do this?

Right-Winger Owned in Economic Debate

Miami Marlins ‘trade’ shows Jeffrey Loria, MLB at their worst

The hot new Hashtag: #ObamaGifts

Coming up at the LA Times: The Romney "GIFTS" leak...

Fiscal Cliff Ad Campaign: Trio Of Unions Target Senate Dems

Caramel, do you believe in it?

Here's the Shirtless Photo FBI Agent Sent Jill Kelley

The New Secessionist Coast Guard

Walmart is harassing employees as they prepare for Black Friday stike.

Soledad O'Brien Does It Again.

What Best Describes The Events And The Republication Reaction To Benghazi?

I've had enough with this Bengazi nonsense.

Senate Democrats say deficit package must include stimulus

Alleging Republican 'blind eye' on defense spending, GOP senator proposes cuts

Sister Simone adroitly smacks S. E. Cupp on The Cycle with FACTS about poverty.

DU is so weird and counter-intuitive...we have appreciation threads for malaise

Someone tell me where to write to get SE Cupp off of MSNBC

Mitt Romney 'Gifts' Remark Criticized By Kelly Ayotte, Bobby Jindal

Sister Simone has been giving SE Cupp a lesson in poverty

Christopher Castillo Arrested After Threatening To Kill Obama On Facebook

Wind power: video reveals Tory MP's contradictory views

MINNESOTA: Catholic Church Denies Confirmation To Teen After Pro-Gay Marriage Facebook Post

Put Elizabeth Warren on the Banking Committee!

Marco Rubio Carefully Weighs In On Romney’s ‘Gifts’ Comment

CIA deputy: Rice got initial assessment on Libya

Penn Jillette Interview: 'Every Day is an Atheist Holiday'

Another hilarious moment on Ellen. Talking to Rhianna's lady parts.

Okay - who keeps leaking our plans to destroy America?

RNC Memo Cites Demographics, Bush, Sandy In Romney Loss

Does this mean that Republicans no longer believe half of Americans are "parasites"?

Dear President There Is really No Need To Invite Romney to the white house

Wagging the Dog in Gaza: Netanyahu’s Skirmish of Fear (Sternfeld)

Shakespeare is for the birds

Taking Cue From Romney, GOP Proposes 'Gift Tax' on The '47%'

Heineman (Gov.R-NE) opts for federal health insurance exchange

fun with laurel & hardy


Stray Penises and Politicos

Since we are Questioning Peoples Integrity, Sen McCain,What Really Happened That Horrible Day in 67?

Sign petition to dump trump from Macy's

Teen denied Catholic confirmation after Facebook post supporting gay marriage

Papa John's and Obamacare

An Awakened Giant: The Hispanic Electorate is Likely to Double by 2030

Gathering for convention, religious scholars see labor issues as more than academic

President Obama proclaimed today "America Recycles Day, 2012"...

Photos: With Gaza under attack, children pay the price

Karl Rove: Mitt Romney Had A ‘Butt Ugly’ GOP Primary Campaign

The Definition of "Free Stuff": Promising Government Without Having To Pay For It.

Omaha police officer, 50, dies of cancer

"Stray penises" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "stray penises".

I could never be a politician....

McCain skips Benghazi briefing, gets testy when questioned by CNN

Stand Up Against Union Busting

Just sent an e-mail to my Republican Representative in Va:

Obama works to avert Israel-Egypt break as Gaza violence persists

Rally for VAWA tomorrow State Capitol

Hello-I need guidance...

Those son of a bitchin' bastard lying righties are at it again

Gramps McCain loses it when asked why he missed classified briefing on Benghazi

ROFL....Mitts Swan Song

Ok someone help me out here...

I became an aunt for the 12th time today!!!

puppies sleeping and puppie growing

Free to leave

Mind your own business.

God will judge America.


Who was the reporter who made such an insulting question to Nancy Pelosi?

Anonymous Attacks Israeli Websites To Show Gaza Support In Conflict

Have you ever wondered what President Obama is doing?

Social Media Companies Have Absolutely No Idea How to Handle the Gaza Conflict

Is anyone getting annoyed with Democratic strategists and pundits discussing what the GOP

Saturday is a sacred day here in Wisconsin...

Is DU slow, or is it my computer?

Gaza assault live report

Teachers union says San Francisco students shorted

Rep. DesJarlais (R-DISGUSTING) divorce records confirm affairs, his support of abortions

Perfect Mr. President. Your timing is impeccable !

Rep. DesJarlais divorce records confirm affairs, his support of abortions

Now The CIA Is Investigating Ex-Director Petraeus

I am a member here but now I am getting lots of ads. is this happening to everyone? I

Ground invasion has begun in Gaza

Woman's belly ring gets caught in pool drain

India's Solar Revolution: Small is Big

What happened with the "True the Vote" folks?

Gay Vote Seen As Crucial in Obamas Victory

LMAO! Most ironic jury decision explanation ever!

Why Romney is telling big donors that he lost the election because of 'gifts'

Haley Barbour's Rx for GOP was a "proctology exam." Know what they found up there?

Can Elon Musk and SpaceX change the rocket equation and make spaceflight routine?

anti-abortion rep. desjarlais' wife had two abortions

Damn! I must be the only old, white, straight, southern, fairly well off, male, veteran ...

How does Newt Gingrich handle his bone?

Mitt’s Inglorious Shuffle Off the National Stage

Rapepublican Cretins

Looks like Papa John kept some of the state taxes paid by his employees in 2008

Reminder: Pleass support these petitions.

warning: this person is unstable....


Anonymous Hacks Israeli Websites, Leaks Data in Protest Against Gaza Attacks

"I will tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Except when it's convenient..."

Quite possibly the most important GD post ever. No, really, you'll love it.

Mass DUers: Was Rmoney always this much of a douche?

Republicans’ Best Hope For Denying Obama’s Tax Goals: Fold Immediately

Lunc or Dinner / Dinner or Supper ??

Arizona Republicans Found Out Barack Obama Won Re-Election, and Things Got Very Awkward

F-22 Raptor Crashes On U.S. 98 Near Tyndall AFB

Logged in but don't have My Posts tab. Anyone else lost their My Posts tab?

Will Kamala Harris be the next Supreme Court Justice?

Does anyone here have a gif or jpg of Harper Lee kicking Ayn Rand's ass?

Use Your Money Wisely This Christmas By Supporting American Workers and Small Businesses

What Benghazi Is about: Scandal Envy

Ref Haley Barbour's 'proctology' statement: GOP=Goofy Old Proctologists

Post office reports record loss of $15.9B for year

Hardin GOP official: 'Maggots' elected Obama

Unreal Candy - Anybody try them?

Who's got Benen's final list of the Romney/Ryan lies & refutations?

DeFazio: Let's close a tax loophole for millionaires and billionaires to fix Social Security

Baldwin & Letterman Mock Anti-Obama Secessionists: Should Call Themselves ‘United States Of Caucasia

Rush Limbaugh's Favorite Restaurant

(Blatant Freeper troll) THIS was allowed to stand

USA voters proven right for saying "OH, HELL NO!" to mean ol McSame in '08 & off-putting Mitt in '12

What word did we use before we used the word :Stuff:

Twins in Petraeus scandal took photo with Rubio

5 of 8 Republicans skip Benghazi hearing; complain about lack of information on Benghazi

Twins in Petraeus scandal took photo with Rubio

The Rain, The Park, & Other Things (borrowed from The Cowsils)

State Rep. Martinez seeks extension of Medicare open enrollment

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 16 November 2012

Would you guys like to have some Post election whinging from my local weekly fishwrap?

James Carter IV coming up on Al Sharpton

Spot the old dirty fossil

Allen West poll

Warren Buffett On Fiscal Cliff: GOP Needs To Put 'Country Over Party'

One more space in the Nov contest!

SECDEE Texas! What an idea. And an apology in advance to Texas DUers, it's just tongue in cheek

These are a must read for the GOP

Auditions for the new GOP mascot

The future, according to Fox News...

Hitler finds out that Obama won

If active military personnel sign a "secede" petition, are they in breach of

Michigan's affirmative action ban on university admissions is struck down by federal appeals court

The War on Christmas has begun

John McCain’s Scheduling Error

Consistent with my much-attacked theory, McCain and Graham are doing what they're doing because

Florida Democrats have increased their registration advantage by 1,203 voters in the past 5 days

Visiting Boulder

"Susan Rice ... not very bright" - John McCain, bottom 1% of his class at Annapolis

ACLU, prosecutors dispute whether sharing marijuana constitutes drug ‘distribution’

Papa John's Obamacare Price Hike Cheered By Ian's Pizza In Wisconsin

Suckseed from the USA now

Solidarity! Walmart Workers’ Black Friday Strike Gets Back-up from CREDO

Homeowner in ‘sex assault’ on FEMA gal

Buster Posey named NL MVP

"We count our negroes" as paraphrased by Joe Madison on Sharpton.

Papa John's Idiocy has already cost the company $140M as of today

We put down our Golden Retriever today.

Post Election Romney and Bain Face a Federal Corruption and Perjury Hearing

Do you think this is the R's response to voting by mail?

I threw a native anole out in the cold. Was I wrong?

Meanwhile at the next GOP meeting after the election...

John McCain ... IRONY ALERT!

Here's a really cool interactive page of the new members of Congress w/sortable options - images

I have a MAJOR crush on this guy

tax unhealthy food/drinks/products

Army suicides for 2012 surpass last year's numbers (AP)

So you remember Bob Murray...

Denny's is the latest to take Obamacare out on its employees. Don't go there!

I finished my unit on US Cold War policy towards Latin America today...

Army suicides for 2012 surpass last year's numbers

If the GOP believes Ryan's election analysis, Republicans will never win again

I agree with Ann Romney

Republicans on Benghazi intelligence ...... and what they think Obama was supposed to be doing

Mica (FL) likely to lose transportation committee post

Say goodbye to the Twinkie here...

Interest in UFOs apparently declining

Walker hints that he won’t form state insurance exchange

Republican problem...SOLVED (thank you)

This is in the Dodd-Frank act that is not being implimented. Please sign to get this going

I threw a naive asshole out in the cold. Was I wrong?

So, oil subsidies are "gifts," right?

Declaration of Freedom-loving, Totally-non-racist States of New America

Maine Republican Chair Cries Voter Fraud Because 'Dozens of Black People' Voted

Clinton to Romney: "I thought you were going to win."

Where Working Class Kicks Corporate Ass

Train collides with Texas parade float of wounded veterans; at least 4 dead, 16 injured

put your money where your politics are

Just how big is this Petraeus story??

Top U.S. House Tax Writer Vows Tax Reform in 2013.

The source of election night predictions at Faux "news"

Benghazi hearing turns ugly: Republicans accuse Obama of lying, Dems fire back

Odetta - Hit Or Miss

"I've started telling my daughters I'm beautiful"

DemoTex is weeping because this is so beautiful. Watch, and love the world - and Herr Beethoven.

"Jose Mujica: The world's 'poorest' president" from BBC Magazine An excellent uplifting story

Just got an earful from a RWNJ guy repairing my stove

Spoiler alert: I finally figured out what these things are for

Romney really does believe that nearly half (47%) of Americans are waiting for a handout

GOP chair clarifies comments about black people, adds something about obese people

I hope we can Survive "Deficit Reduction"

Obama is the new Hitler?

McConnell says Obama wants more revenue than Bowles-Simpson. It’s not so.

Maine's GOP Chair Now Says He's Not Racist Because He Plays Basketball with a Black Guy

If anyone has a few extra bucks - It's Give to the Max Day in MN.

Deaths reported after train crashes into trailer during Texas veterans parade

If you could ask President Obama to do something for Native Americans, what would it be?

VWB = Voting While Black....the plague of the nation

Israel moves troops toward Gaza

Wow: Florida Man Commits Suicide Over Obama Re-Election, Wrote ‘F**k Obama’ In Will

Good news...bad news.

A Despicable Cretin....Who's Also No Good At Math

Toon of the Day

PA. Commission Proposes New Pot of State Funding to Reward Colleges that Meet Performance Targets

Soledad O’Brien destroys GOP over Benghazi, Susan Rice (video)

Buster is MVP!

All I want for Christmas is $14,000 in medical debt.

Bera's lead jumps farther ahead! (Thursday)

Mike Luckovich cartoon: Quick, Change The Locks!

CIA deputy: Rice got initial assessment on Libya

Ami Bera WON!

Social Security destroyed family values, increased homosexuality, and created illegal drug use.

Naomi Klein: Sandy's Devastation Opens Space for Climate Change Action, Progressive Reform

Republicans make their priorities clear by continuing to block Violence Against Women Act

ASU bans smoking on campus

Al Sharpton with James Carter IV and Toure discussing the Atwater southern strategy tape:

PPP & Fivethirtyeight, Sittin in a Tree

rolling jubilee - The People's Bailout Livestream 8pm Nov 15

For the people, by the people- Please help -

I'm watching Anderson Cooper 360 for the first time tonight.

Jimmy Carter beaming with pride over his Grandson's role in the 47% video (Video)

Benghazi hearing turns ugly: Republicans accuse Obama of lying, Dems fire back

Orlando gun range allows customers to shoot at each other

rick"man on dog"santoram is organizing for 2016!

Cage Match: Mitch McConnell vs Al Franken! Live!

Taliban Rep Literally LOLs at Petraeus Sex Scandal

Problems paying for star membership with PalPal

Why Did Al-Qaeda Target Ambassador Stevens?

Barber/McSally Update (Gabby Giffords' seat)

Who's in charge at the GOP of keeping them all from saying racist things?

Ok - What's the best way to put pressure on these Republicans...???

Does Obama HAVE to nominate Susan Rice, now that he's been told by Repubs he CAN'T?

McCain and Graham: Benghazi’s buffoons

Teen sentenced to attend church as part of probation for DUI manslaughter conviction

Savita Halappanavar's Parents Slam Ireland Abortion Laws After Daughter's Death

FUCK YEAH! Elizabeth Warren is my fucking new Senator!

The return....

Mitt Romney Puts the Republican SPIN About Sandy in Bill Clinton’s Mouth

"From the 47% to ‘gifts’: Mitt Romney’s ugly vision of politics"

Hands Off Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

Rolling Jubilee Livestreaming NOW!

I gave Twilight her first piece of bacon in a long while. It was only a little bit.


CA Senate President: Prop 8 may go back on the ballot.

Did Ed just call for a boycott of Denny's?

Michael Steele said Republicans need to pull their heads

Ignored intelligence =

Two million pizzas or health care at Papa John's

After 35 years and 11 Billion Miles Scientists Believe Voyager I is About To Enter Interstellar Space

Politico Breaking News: Ami Bera has ousted GOP Rep. Dan Lungren

There's a puckered PIE HOLE flapping and it needs to shut the f*&k up. . .

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Pizza the Pie & a new kitty gif

Fiscal Poker Face

The Life & Debt of Capitalism | Mickey Z.

Some good news for low income kids with no internet at home

Democrat Ami Bera defeats GOP Rep. Dan Lungren in California's 7th Congressional District

Almost 1K ballots found in Broward elections warehouse

9 Wisconsin Republicans Make Gov. Scott Walker Look Sane By Threatening to Arrest Federal Officials

How about a thumbs up for any comment?

Sen. Tom Harkin: Leave Medicare, Medicaid out of fiscal-cliff talks

"The GOP's Privatization Pathology" by Paul Krugman at TruthOut

Dear Meghan, there comes a time in every child's life where they need to intervene ~

Federal Way Walmart workers protest ahead of Black Friday

Johnny ‘Walnuts’ McCain Goes Gran Torino Over Benghazi Briefing (VIDEO)

"Republicans Desperately Need a Scandal"

‘Secular’ Ariz. Democrat to replace sole atheist in Congress

*Rachel interview with Nancy Pelosi coming up.

Am I losing my mind?

Mr. President: Take Social Security and Medicare off the damned table in no uncertain terms.

John McCain

Hey, McCain and Graham,

Quit Insulting Neanderthals - They Were Einsteins Compared To Republicans.

If you missed it live, here is a link to tonights episode of Making Sense with Steve Leser

Trending on Yahoo all day: "John McCain Missed Briefing While Slamming Obama Over Benghazi Attack"

Marco Rubio and the crazy twins:

Is anyone watching ALEC? I see they have a meeting Nov 28-30

Can someone please tell me what the hell Exxon Oil

"5 Giant Contradictions That Are Sinking the GOP"

Fucking platelets

Hitler finds out Obama won re-election

Please proceed, Senator McCain...

OMG. I'm so angry about Benghazi, I've completely forgotten about tax hikes for the rich.

Nobody gonna say anything about Cabrera (the other one)?

Anyone else having troubles logging in?

Protests Erupt Over Woman Who Died After Being Denied Abortion

"Republicans Aren't So Good With Money After All" at the Dish

Top story Univision: Romney says Obama won with promises of amnesty to minorities (and gifts)

US Senate unanimous in ‘vigorous support and unwavering commitment’ for Israel

Federal food safety employees win whistleblower protection

HHS extends Friday healthcare deadline for states

Joe Biden with Amy Poehler on Parks and Recreation

Bob Hewitt suspended from Tennis Hall of Fame after allegations of sexual abuse

*Nancy Pelosi on Rachel Show suggesting will take more than talks in DC to get agreement.

Fuck you Target

Where do your eyes normally go when you are talking to someone?

New GOP meme: "divisive politics needs to end". Apparently all sides are

Exelon Open to Closing Oyster Creek Reactor Pre-2019

Jindal Slams Romney: "We Need To Stop Being The Dumb Party"

America's Diverse Coalition of White Men (cartoon)

I miss the gloating threads.

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow asks Leader Pelosi about Little Russert's off base question

How do you report someone who says President Obama should be hung?

The true depth of the GOP's trouble

McCain missed the committee briefing because he was trying to undermine the committee

Hundreds gather in Federal Way to support striking Walmart workers

Reaction to affirmative action ruling: Bill Schuette vows appeal, ACLU says political process must b

Wow! Look at all of the blue inside of the red on this map:

Poll: Small businesses think spending cuts would hurt the economy more than higher taxes on the weal

A Final Letter To Mitt Romney

The Neocons’ Waterloo

The Benghazi nonsense is being perpetrated from the mainstream media too.........

Awesome Best New Thing in the World today on RMS!

Gov. Rick Perry officially refuses to set up Texas health insurance exchange

I have whiplash

"Hillary Clinton 'to give Congress Benghazi evidence'"

The Guardian: Walmart hit by walk-outs in build-up to 'Black Friday' disruptions

Songs about Marijuana. Post 'em here!

Businessman: Jill Kelley Wanted $80M to Broker Korea Deal: 'It Didn't Smell Right'

Hatemonger Pamela Geller strikes again

Take a break and enjoy

All democrats holding office at any level in local, state, or federal govt. Please listen up!

Google investing in western Iowa wind farm

Progress! Vitter (A. Boisei) Replaces Inhofe (A. Afaransis) As Ranking Senate Environment Panelist

am I the only person suspicious of the guy committing suicide because of obama's re-election

UK's "Greenest Govt. Ever"; Tape Reveals Chancellor Cutting Legs From Under Cameron's Env. Policy

Pipelines Explained: How Safe are America’s 2.5 Million Miles of Pipelines?


Orrin Hatch Weighs In On The '47 Percent,' Says It's Really 51 Percent


Why are we standing up to live better?

New England Compounding & Meningitis Center CEO Pleads Fifth Across The Board Before Congress

Christian porn....seriously

Lawrence O'Donnell showed a tape of a republican consultant.

The secessionist Coast Guard

Benghazi Attack Details Aired

90% Certainty That 2012 Will End Up As Hottest Year On Record

I know that somewhere in all this horseshit is a pony...

Americans Want to Raise the Minimum Wage

Is it tacky I still have my Obama sign up?

A picture worth 1000 words: 2011 top 10 defense budgets.....share this

Myanmar announces release of 452 prisoners (Goodwill gesture ahread of Obama visit)

In the year of 2012 President Obama has nominated 38 federal judges, the senate has confirmed TWO

NJ jobless rate dips to 9.7 percent; 12K jobs lost

Frito-Lay set to release Cracker Jacks with caffeine

Thom Hartmann: Full Show 11/15/12: Why Romney Lost

Really Interesting From Greer - Nuclear Deterrence In The Age Of Decline

Clothier who dressed Elvis Presley dies in Tenn.

Barack Obama Sings Can't Touch This by MC Hammer

So Colin Powell goes before the U.N....

the margin of victory

Actual Carbon Emissions vs. IPCC Scenarios - how far away is safety?

Peter King to give up Homeland Security chairmanship

In three and a half years we will be right back in this same spot.

I just caught a brief bit of RW radio today

That's my President

I'm so political

Romney says Dems should include dental care in Obamacare....

Eugene Robinson....The Republicans still don’t get it

Still 163,482 early and provisional ballots around Arizona that still have to be processed and

Paul Wolfowitz weighs in on Petraeus; “Forget the gossip: focus on Benghazi.”

Football Night in Arizona

There must have been a red, blinking "Cat Vacancy" sign outside my door that I didn't

Cyber Sleuths Checkmated Rove?

Dana Rohrabacher: "The President himself has intentionally misinformed, read that lied, ..."

Investigating Deaths of Undocumented Immigrants on the Border

Election Night in Dallas

I think the President's State of the Union speech will be historic...

How much do we need tax reform and election reform?

The gall of a Republican loser


Intensive Israeli airstrikes blitz Gaza Strip as death toll mounts

5 Foods That Improve Your Sex Life

Let the elites know how you feel with this CNBC poll

CIA to investigate conduct of ex-chief Petraeus

Signs mount of possible Israeli invasion of Gaza

BP Seen Escaping U.S. Contracting Ban After Oil Spill Settlement

"Give it to me" she screamed... "I'm so wet, give it to me NOW!"

One last precinct reporting late: My son's 1st grade class.

Another sore loser Republican -- in Oklahoma!

Religious zealots

Here is what I don't get. If Obama was "buying" votes with healthcare, student loans, etc.,

We still need to get rid of voting machines.

Is there a simple list of what the Affordability Act offers to pass on to some skeptics?

The Armed Forces Network won't dump Rush

Here is a Medicare reform that would help

Grocery store employee's persistence saves elderly woman from scam