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PHOTOS: Witches abound at JBSA-Lackland

Good news Kyrsten Sinema, an openly bisexual state senator from Arizona, has been elected to

NOOOOOOOOOO! It's snowing in SW lower Michigan. First snow of the season.

Cincy news anchor calls Rachel Maddow "angry young man"

FRANK RICH will be the only guest of Tavis Smiley on PBS tonight

WH Petition: Respond to un-American, Racist and treasonous calls for State Secession

Stewart Rips Petraeus Conspiracy Theories: ‘We Don’t Have Facts, But We Do Have Feelings’ - vid link

Highly recommended: Tonight's Colbert Report Episode

We won. Now what?

Cohen - NY Daily News: Good Riddance

Woman shoots, kills her would-be rapist.

10 Ways Your Cat Shows You Love

Three women intertwine in downfall of David Petraeus

hee heee

Repeat after me - benefit. Ben-e-fit. Benefit. Social Security is a BENEFIT.

Bob Schieffer Uses "Illegals" Slur To Describe Undocumented Immigrants

What if it was literally the truth

Help get Elizabeth Warren on the Banking Committee

Tammy Duckworth, Joe Walsh's Winning Opponent, Says 2012 Voters Rejected Extremism

Broadwell and the Prisoners in Benghazi story

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Monday, November 12)

I actually feel kinda sorry for this guy...

There was a post earlier yesterday that outlined what would happen to a state if they seceded

do you have to chose an avatar from the list available or

The comments on are getting scary...

This is a reply from a complaint I sent to Papa Johns Pizza.

ABC Denver reportedly misnames Petraeus book:

Petraeus took mistress, Paula Broadwell, to Paris on government-funded trip: Report

Scandal probe ensnares commander of U.S., NATO troops in Afghanistan-- WTF?

One key historical item that Republicans love to ignore...

Republicans Pan Potential Kerry, Rice Nominations

Woman Blames Husband for Obama’s Reelection, Runs Him Over with Her Jeep

I would do it but it would take too long....

Scandal probe ensnares commander of U.S., NATO troops in Afghanistan

25 ways to kitty crash...

Republicans Begin Internal Civil War

Capturing The Recent Election With The Perfect Cat Video.

Thom Hartmann: The Oligarchs Don't Understand Economic Collapse Happens When They Get All the Money

*THIS* is the lunacy. I am not kidding.

NO ONE is seceding. Can we just stop with this stupid shit?

Memo to Republicans: Try running fewer rape philosophers next time


What's the date that Reichart is told there is a problem at the CIA by the FBI leak?

Lame Duck or Mighty Duck?

Has the war on Christmas started yet?

Listen all y'all, this is sabotage?

Cops: Woman angered by Obama re-election runs over husband for not voting

I think the Democrats should keep an OFA-Like donation pipeline open ....

Something For A Grim Mood, Ladies And Gentlemen

Top 10 signs that you have made a mistake by selecting a person to be a co-host of your group

Jacques Pépin’s Steam-Powered Turkey

Did Mitt Romney forget something Veterans Day?

Are many jobs still linked to gender?

Conscientious you approve or not? and when?

What do you make of this 9/11 anthrax link?

If my armchair analysis is correct, this is about to become MOST DELICIOUS.

Sources: Petraeus Knew About Affair For More Than A Year

Sean Penn & Kid Rock bipartisan video (some cursing NSFW)

Good God! Everyone involved in this Petraes thing is going insane!

Nightline brought Holder into the Patraeus controversey..............

Thanks for the help with buying a Mac for my parents!!!

What's the role of General John Allen in this Broadwell/Petraeus/Kelley mess?

Is Afghanistan a country or a brothel?

Disney buys rights to the Bible

Firestorm Erupts Over Virginia's Education Goals (different goals by race and DISABILITY)

And they said the military would be destroyed by

How Al Qaeda could have won in Afghanistan:

Terrorist victim's father writes book, speaks out

B.C. marijuana activist wins $25 million

Kelleys' alleged financial troubles

The Sins Of General David Petraeus

Steven Sinofsky: Windows division head leaves Microsoft

Jill Kelley and General Allen exchanged 20,000 to 30,000 pages of email over a 2 year time period

Robert Klein was on Letterman last night and I remembered a bit he must of done 30 years ago.

If we give up Kerry's seat we WILL lose it to Scott Brown

New Rule

Oliver Stone on Petraeus

F me: Oreilly piece on Traditional America

Good news from Oregon- Pro-gun Dems win seats

What Really Happens When a City Makes Its Transit System Free?

IEA report reminds us peak oil idea has gone up in flames

Save KPOJ Campaign Launched (Vote This Up … get everyone to Sign!)

Rick Perry Takes Stand On Texas Secession Issue

The Vatican Hates Gays

Nice. "Hey, let's get the CIA director to convince a judge my sis is not crazy!"

Hopes for Obama's Second Term {moyers interviews james fallows}

And now, Ivory Soap proudly presents: "Search for the Edge of Night....Tomorrow!"

The Oligarchs Don't Understand That Economic Collapse Happens When They Get All the Money

Afghan Haqqani faction would consider talks under Taliban

If you're called to testify before Congress

oxford chooses 'omnishambles' as word of the year

EU, IMF clash over Greece reignites debt crisis fears

fbi preparing timeline of it's petraeus probe

Analysis: Businesses turn to tax fight, some stung by Romney bets

Liberal groups mobilize for ‘fiscal cliff’ fight over Social Security, Medicare

NY Applebee's CEO Zane Tankel May Fire Employees to Avoid Paying

Scandal probe ensnares commander of U.S., NATO troops in Afghanistan

Brain-damaged man 'aware' of scientists' questions

Franklin D. Roosevelt Letter to the 1940 Democratic Convention Declining to be Nominated

Exclusive: Paula Broadwell’s Emails Revealed

Who should make this movie?

Joe Scum seems very worried that all the trails lead back to ReTHUGs

WOW! Joey Scar is covering something up..he's all sanctimonious

Move Over Economists: We Need a Council of Psychological Advisers

The ultimate argument to support gay-marriage (comedy-skit)

Veterans Twice as Likely to Cheat on Their Spouses as Non-Veterans

Is everybody boinking everybody?

Bailout 'Of the People, By the People' Exposes Bankers' Greed

The medals (Fruit Salad) that Petraeus wears--compared to......

Who here is NOT involved in the Petraeus Scandal?

Why the scheme being negotiated in Washington is one-sided and totally unfair by Cenk Uygur

Does anyone understand the mechanics of the People's Bailout?

If Dems won the election, why is ANYONE talking about a 3:1 ratio of spending cuts/tax increases???

We don't need to change the flag!

Another Top General Under Investigation For Up To 30,000 Pages Of 'Potentially Inappropriate' Emails

It's No Wonder Military Servicemembers Make Such Easy Prey For Student Lenders

Grover Norquist has seriously short circuited. He's come unhinged, I tell you.

Broadwell moonlighted as gun model

And they said soap operas were dead.

Why does the thought of Newt teaching history scare the crap out of me?

NO benefit cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. - Petition by Senator Bernie Sanders

Ray McGovern: Pundit Tears for Petraeus’s Fall

Owner of Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods Gives His Company To His 209 Employees

General Petraeus '28-car Party motorcade

Jeremy Affeldt to re-sign with Giants...

Happy Diwali!

Afghanistan Commander Gen. John Allen Investigated; Meanwhile, Afghanistan sinking

I'm going to start calling the secessionists what they really are:

Help PUSH To Get Elizabeth Warren on the Senate Banking Committee

Which RW think tanks were allowed to set up shop out of Petraeus' Afghan HQ?

Civil Rights Orgs File Complaint Over New York’s High Stakes Tests

Limbaugh unveils "Baracka Claus", asserts Democrats bribe Hispanics for votes, mocks w/Feliz Navidad

Where is Eric Cantor hiding out at?

Activists Arrested Confronting Dick Durbin About ‘Fiscal Cliff’

Top U.S. commander in Afghanistan under investigation, scandal widens

African Americans and Latinos spur gay marriage revolution

The Sins Of General David Petraeus

The Levant braces for regional war

Has anyone asked Ryan or Romney when they found out about Petreaus?

Skyfall, starring David Petraeus

"Roethlisberger Drink & Drunk"

Grover Norquist looks more and more like the little man behind the curtain

The Deaths in the War on Wommen

Another tale of the red state scare.

It's Going to Be Difficult for GOPers to Argue against ANY Cuts to Pentagon Budget

How Big Pork Screws Small Towns

Five Lessons from the US Elections

what is it with the trash pickup here?

Who was the first Justice to use the word "racism" in a SCOTUS decision?

Toledo: 3 children, 2 adults dead in apparent murder-suicide over custody

The cast for "The Generals and "the other woman"" soap opera.

Morning Mouth just said

Intriguing Tidbit: Jill Kelley's family emigrated to US from Lebanon in the 1970s...

Sanders: Going Over 'Fiscal Cliff' Better than Bad Tax Deal

Petraeus Affair Widens: Who's Who & What's What? Here's A Guide

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday Nov 13th

Sure like to see the timeline of when Stanley McChrystal got himself fired and ...

Boy, CNBC just will NOT STFU about this "Fiscal Cliff" thing, will they?

Screens flicker out across Washington

Today in Peace and Justice history on November 13, 1956

Today in Peace and Justice history on November 13, 1956

Doctors' And Nurses' Licenses Snagged By New Immigration Law In Georgia

This Mornings Soledad O’Brien Show, Nails it! "Those people have to know"

Interview with NewLeftMedia Viral Video's Chase Whiteside

Chaffetz on Petraeus: "It's a crime in the military;" something "grossly wrong"

Secession would create a bunch of new impoverished countries in the world.

Nothing succeeds like failure

David Brooks whimpers "Please don't be a big meanie to us!"

Looks like the administration obeyed post Water-Gate laws

Push Expands for Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage

Elvis is Back--It'll Be a Blue Country Without You

Ten doable governing priorities for Obama's next four years.

Washington DC Sex Parties

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Post-Election Goody Bags!

Ok, who else has been diddling the generals??? Raise your hand....!

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- General Infidelity

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3- Budget and infighting

Obama keeps Holder as Attorney General

Tuesday Toon Roundup 4- The Rest

The holiday season, consumerism, and the fiscal cliff - a perfect storm

Cantor lies about "whistleblower", was anything but

Report: DOJ Jackson Jr. probe expands to cover lawmaker’s wife

Democrat gaining as Arizona Senate race vote count drags on

Connecting the dots: The FBI agent went to Cantor because he thought the email investigation

Dems short on votes for filibuster reform

Obama’s Historic Cuban-American Vote Opens Window for Change

NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael Tomasky on How Mitt Romney Finally Killed Reaganomics

In 59 Philadelphia voting divisions, Mitt Romney got zero votes

Eric Schwartz will be performing in Boston Monday, November 19th 7-9PM at Tommy Doyle's

Eric Schwartz will be performing in Boston Monday, November 19th 7-9PM at Tommy Doyle's

NO Compromises on Medicare and Social Security

Eric Schwartz will be performing in Boston Monday, November 19th 7-9PM at Tommy Doyle's

Where Does Cuban Voters’ Support for Obama Leave Rubio?

Eric Schwartz will be performing in Boston Monday, November 19th 7-9PM at Tommy Doyle's

EU postpones airline emissions rule

Paul Ryan: We didn’t lose on Medicare

CA to GOP: Adios

I thought all dogs liked peanut butter.

Hey dirty hippies! Help me create a George Harrison playlist!

Paula Broadwell Interview: 'I Am NOT IN LOVE With David Petraeus'


What is your dog(s)'s morning wake up ritual?

Major flamingo breeding event begins on Lake Natron

Is 'Lincoln' A Memo To Obama From Liberal Hollywood?

Hamburg Authority Deals Blow to WikiLeaks

Privatization encourages a race to the bottom

Sharing a Wishlist post here...

Scott and Jill Kelley had some money problems

Fellow DUer could use help:

Good News from New York - Pro-Gun Control Democrat wins 9th term

'Addicted to killing people,' letter says

Have you ever cheated on a former spouse or SO?

George "Macaca" Allen won't seek office again

The elephant in the room.... we as a country have $60 trillion in stock, bond, real estate wealth.

Jan Brewer eyes third term as governor

Afghan killings case testing military system

I want to know who the topless FBI guy is.

Save billions, end a war.

If the Dems really want to see nobody turn out for them in 2014

Shirtless FBI Agent (R) Exposed

Re: The current DC sex scandal...

Teller Reveals His Secrets

New Bright and Blue Supernova in NGC 1365

For those who served, ALS looms as new enemy

Could Kerry going to SoS or SoD mean Scott Brown back in the Senate?

Total Eclipse today in Australia, south Pacific

What was the FBI searching for at Paula Broadwells house

Mike Trout, Bryce Harper top 2012 MLB rookies

John Kerry and the ghost of Scott Brown

Finally, What REALLY Happened In "The House Of Spy"

THIS is what secession would look like in this country

Could this guy be the perfect replacement for Sen John Kerry?

Why all the ads?

Sandy's winds of tropical storm-force and higher peaked at 329 Terra Joules: highest since 1969

"Dump TRUMP" petition (Macy's) zooms to half million signatures

Hostess bakery walkouts threaten company’s future

Funny how the sexually attractive woman is the villain of the piece

Why Would a Whistleblower Go to Eric Cantor?

INFOGRAPHIC: The 113th Congress Will Be The Most Diverse In History

If I hear the name David Petraeus one more time

Republicans love America ONLY when they win elections

A modest suggestion -- Put saltpeter into the water supply in Washington

Recap: The heads of our Iraq and Afghan mil ops were bonking some Lebanese twins?

Study: NAFTA raised pay here and abroad

I did not vote for a "Grand Bargain"

Jindal: GOP Can’t Be ‘Party That Simply Protects The Rich’

Skyfall: The "Sissy Villain" Again

Is LINCOLN, a film about a progressive Republican, extra salt in the wounds of the GOP?

Cantor’s office won’t say to whom he spoke at the FBI

How Often Do People Have Sex at the Office?

Afghanistan has Peace scheduled for 2014 (maybe)

Statement from Applebee's President Mike Archer about Obamacare

I'm sorry...but Nancy Pelosi should go.

Google Location Data Led FBI to Uncover Petraeus’s Affair

Yay!!!! I am now starless!!!!!

ABC Denver reportedly misnames Petraeus book: “All up in my snatch” (not The Onion)

Some Evidence Petraeus Had Promoted the Idea of Conflict w/ Iran

Dick Morris: I Predicted Romney’s Landslide To Help Him Win

Republicans in glorious denial

How Big Pork Screws Small Towns

The 44 Greatest Barack Obama Expressions

Who is this Kelley person?

Go to Daily Kos and Vote on this Poll

Grover Norquist Looks In Mirror - Scares Himself Silly

Thom Hartmann: America has NEVER been a center right nation!

It's good to recall the effect of the Civil War and the Nixon Strategy on southern Party affiliation


Just 8 Weeks Of Meditation Can Cause Enduring Changes In The Brain

A couple of counter-petitions to the secession petitions

Life Expectancy of the Living Dead (NYT's Krugman on SS arguement that "people live longer")

Papantonio: Texas Schools Ban Critical Thinking

'Does your husband know you've been touching Petraeus under the table?

Australian Prime Minister creates commission to investigate child abuse in Catholic Church.

One Week Later

Palestinians Begin Work To Open Arafat Grave: Source


Obama should NOT appoint Kerry to the cabinet

A Guide to Conservative Hideaways

342K Ballots LEFT TO COUNT In Arizona

Fool Howard Fineman thinks OBAMA will be damaged by the RW Petraus scandal!

UN 'failed Sri Lanka civilians', says internal probe

STUNNING: Colbert's Revelation

Richland County election turmoil

If we have determined that children are not able to have sex, drink, vote...

14 days - and finally electricity!

Judge: Jill Kelley's twin psychologically unstable and a liar

The Host, First Full trailer. I think the script is better than the book.

Need help responding to FB post re: welfare

Obama to meet labor leaders for 'fiscal cliff' talks

GOP Grapples w-FAILURE: Dems “must be looking at us like we’re biggest f__king morons in the world”

RAS has Obama approval rating up to 55%

Fischer: "Clamp Down On Immigration" Because "Socialist" Hispanics Vote Democratic

Gen. Petraeus and Gen. Allen intervened in child custody battle involving Jill Kelley's twin

My star is has sudddenly disappeared and I am now seeing ads all the time. Does that mean

Mr President I have cleared my calendar, and can make myself available

How Will Aaron Sorkin And The Newsroom Handle The Petreaus Scandal?........

I never believed this 'we were shocked when we lost' bullshit from the GOP and Fox News.

The bottom of the sewer (Faux "news" and Fox And Friends) is really deluded.

Americans Are Rejecting The Drug War Stupid

Norquist pledge takes election hit (Norquist’s majority in Congress is all but gone.)

I suppose I should post this in LGBT, but it's a heartwarming story and I want more people to see it

Some of the "Stuff" Americans Actually Want

BREAKING NEWS: PAUL RYAN'S home town approves partnership measure!

Byron York Explains WHY The GOP Is SCREWED On TAXES—And Says That They Know It

oh, is the little-bitty elephant scared???

The "Republicans pushed through the Civil Rights Act" myth

Where is this O10Gate going?

Will there be a Politics 2013 forum? Or maybe a Military Affairs forum?

karen silkwood (February 19, 1946 – November 13, 1974)

How bitter can the right-wing get?

a biography of the day--whoopi goldberg (born 13 nov 1955)

This Is Really Where The Right Is Coming From

a biography of the day-helene stoeker (born 13 nov 1869)

N.J. Transit Outages Anger Riders, Spur Epic NYC Commutes

Pic Of The Moment: After Election Drubbing, Republicans Admit What We've Known All Along

CO2 Emissions Reaching Upper Atmosphere, Potentially Imperiling Satellite Launches, etc.

Paula Broadwell’s dad: More to come out

The Rude Pundit - They've Lost Their Fucking Minds Again (Limbaugh Edition)

My Biggest Problem in Thinking there was "No Fraud" Planned --

Oh, you...

Despite business opposition, California's cap-and-trade auction starts Wednesday

How to Get Married in Maryland, Maine.

Odor-eliminating pants are hot seller in Japan


2012 voter turnout: 13 states exceed 2008

In Appreciation of the Rookies of the Year!

Insiders Explain How Mitt Romney's Campaign Completely Fell Apart On Election Day

Welcome to the Rand Paul evolution

DEP FrackWatergate: Questions

It's All a Matter of Character - or It Should Be

What about the huge stinkin' elephant in the room?

Obamacare Prediction

My Nephew is in Kabul

Let me explain how Rush got to be so powerful on the AM radio dial and why it is highly

Mapping the Rmoney/Ryan intelligence/military "advisors" as an aid to analysis of the "sex scandal".


Arizona wife, runs over husband for not voting for Romney, police say

Will Cantor resign/be forced to resign

college humour: gay men will marry your girlfriends

Grover Norquist: Romney Was a Poopy Head!

No! Hell No! We DO NOT WANT HIM!

California Farmworkers' Endless Worry: Poverty and No Safe Drinking Water

Anyone know of a good Brazilian movie? nt

Attempted Military Coup D'etat

Romney adviser Hubbard says to increase taxes on the rich

Universities Welcome Muslim Students Through Interfaith Efforts

Democrat gaining as Arizona Senate race vote count drags on

Catholic Bishops Stay Course on Gay Marriage Fight

If John Kerry is chosen as SoS or Defense Secretary

Cantor's Blue Dress

Florida electric lineman suffers broken jaw in Long Island assault.

More say that congressional Republicans would be more to blame than President Obama (53% vs. 29%).

Violating the Constitution by the Religious Right: We Are Not a Christian Nation

What can you do with the word: Legal fiction?

What rock did they find Williams under?

There is no "fiscal cliff", it is "deficit reduction"...

Labor Has Obama's Back: Support His Mandate: No Cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, or Social Security

Do our genitals betray us?

Six Degrees of David Petraeus

More Sweet, Sweet Republican Tears

"I am so tired of these m-----f----ing snakes in this m-----f----ing restuarant!"

Earth to GOP: Get a Grip

GLBT - check in please!

Should patents be abolished?

HILARIOUS! Tulsa Traffic Reporter Has Advice For Romney Supporters

Why Gay Men Are Doing You A Favor By Being Attracted To Each Other, And Not Your Girlfriend

Deficit cutters look to Defense Dept. budget

On Election Day, Money and Magical Thinking

2 million could lose unemployment benefits unless Congress extends program

Lee Atwater’s Infamous 1981 Interview on the Southern Strategy

ABC station botches Petraeus book cover: ‘ALL Up IN My Snatch’

Was Petraeus the "Sex Scandal" Drudge was Teasing on October 31

I'm losing track of how many Republicans are involved in the Petraeus scandal.

Needy Nation Breaks Down After First Full Week Without Being Pandered To By Politicians

The 5 GOP Senators Most Likely To Work With Democrats

Call PETA, cause this shark has been jumped way too hard.

Tuesday Toons:

Piss poor journalism. ABC affiliate--Texas first state to formally ask Washington to secede

U.S. Official Says No Affair Between Allen And Kelley

Official White House response to secession petitions

Janeane Garofalo: Married drunk. Who knew? Not Janeane.

The swiftboating of Sen. John Kerry continues

White House petition: Introduce a bill to overturn Citizens United

Will Obama Let Washington and Colorado Keep Their Legal Pot?

Middle class now rivals poor in Latin America - World Bank study

Robert Reich Gets It Right

THE A-LIST from GLOBAL ECONOMY Sachs: Obama will prevail

Top Political Quotes of The 2012 Campaign

Reading the accounts of the romney campaign implosion ...

I think Holder will go now

El Rushbo bragged that he doesn't have health insurance, says he "didn't get sucked into" paranoia

How can I get my sig line to wrap in order to display the quote properly?

Stephen Colbert quote about Papa Johns

Chris Rock on making minimum wage:

Will the next civil war be fought online?

GOP uses filibusters to obstruct Obama, Democrats (09/08/12)

Favorite anti-heros?

Corporate welfare vs Social welfare

Israel Considers Resumption Of Gaza Assassinations

OK... totally petty... is THIS Broadwell in the photo?

What time of day was this picture taken?


Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. Leaves Mayo Clinic

Denver’s Channel 7 “mortified” over Petraeus story goof

I'm totally lost. Can someone post a flowchart outlining the Petraeus love triangle, er, octahedron?

Google your user name along with, then click images

Bryan Fischer: ‘Clamp down’ on ‘socialist’ Hispanics who voted for Obama

To CEOs who think the solution to Obama's win is downsizing the number of employees...

Egypt's Brotherhood Slams Israel Over Gaza Strikes


Another general bites the dust: William Ward, Four Star General, Demoted For Lavish Spending, Ordere

Brewer eyes third term as Governor

Bob Corker, TN just said Medicare must be the solution to the fiscal cliff

Part II of the swiftboating of John Kerry for Defense Secretary.....

Wow--is Chuck Shumer ready to bargain

Blacks and Hispanics like to get free stuff from the government's the plan.

It's interesting how people sometimes think

Did anyone else get a funny vibe from Broadwell when she was on the Daily Show?

Alert: you don't put anything in an email, facebook, discussion forum -

Did it ever occur to many of you that the recent names mentioned for cabinet positions

This is Seven Days In May, not "creative speculation"...

A Dark-Money Romney Backer Visits his Lost Millions

Earth to GOP: Get a Grip

Klayman: Conservatives will 'Soon Become the New Niggers'

Deport Everyone That Signed A Petition To Withdraw Their State From The United States Of America.

Ken Hutcherson is 'Sick and Tired of the Homosexuals Taking Words that God has Given Us'

A really good take on the Election here in Ohio by a friend of mine...

Arizona woman, angered by Obama victory, runs down husband with car for not voting: police

I really like the new ad for msnbc

The Democratic Party is walking on thin ice....

Pat Robertson Excuses Petraeus: 'Here's a Good-Looking Lady Throwing Herself at Him'

PETITION (at Deport Everyone That Signed Petition To Withdraw From US

INFOGRAPHIC: The 113th Congress Will Be The Most Diverse In History

Am I the only one who think Sen. Kerry being Sec. of Defense or Sec. of State is not a bad thing?

The best Possible Republican Candidate for 2016?

East Coast Nor’easter Potential Thanksgiving Week

Is there a name for frittatas made with pasta?

If you honestly believe that a loving homosexual couple is more offensive than....

Doesn't the Paula Broadwell remind you of Valerie Harper

Moveon petition: End partisan gerrymandering instead use a jury system of citizens. Need 2000!

Likely Mayoral Hopeful Leaves Democratic Party

Is there a chance General Wesley Clark could be considered for a position

Petraeus Apparently Most Mentally Balanced Individual in His Own Scandal

A thought on the so-called "secession movement."

Screw Papa Johns!!

Anyone have updates on the uncounted ballots in AZ?

Hagee: Gay Equality and Abortion Rights are 'Demonic Forces that are Attacking our Nation'

Support For Repealing Obamacare Plunges To An All-Time Low

Allen West Encouraged By Georgia Republican Chair To Leave Florida, Run In Her State Instead

Would you give that man a few bucks? I would!!

has anyone perused the FB pages of the actors in Petraeus drama?

Thom Hartmann: Is President Obama ready to allow people to roll the reefer?

What happens to women denied abortions?

UN Once Again Votes to Condemn Cuba Embargo

UN Once Again Votes to Condemn Cuba Embargo

Re-writing the History of the Housing Bubble and the Economic Crisis

Texas Petition to Secede Reaches Threshold for Obama Comment

Arizona woman runs down husband for not voting.

Support For Repealing Obamacare Plunges To An All-Time Low

Real Danger of "Obamacare":

Why do we treat having sex with someone as some form of punishment?

Help in Florida for 2014

Agenda 21 conspiracy embraced by GA legislator

when I read the headl;ine, I KNEW it had to have been a PUB!!!!

Moving John Kerry to the Cabinet?

Broadwell's Tweet to Drudge

CEO Campaign to "FIX the Debt" : A Trojan Horse for Massive Corporate Tax Breaks

How in the hell does the POTUS not know

Ohio Heartbeat Bill Sponsor Now Working to Defund Planned Parenthood

Look at this beautiful cat -- sweet story, too

I just renewed my star membership on DU

First map produced of universe 11 billion years ago

Who needs the Energizer Bunny?

"Democracy Dies in the Dark"

New Tea Party News Network - lipstick on a pig is still a ...?

Heres a link to a GD thread in case you missed it. (BREAKING NEWS: PAUL RYAN'S home town approves p

Just created a new Petition on the Whitehouse page

Top British companies have overpaid billions in tax - EU Court

Pat Robertson on Petraeus: '100 Mile Rule in Play'

Petraeus is a Republican.

CDC is 1/2 full of sht November 13!!!

Supreme Court Pushes Date of Prop 8 Announcement

Idiots line up to thank Papa John’s for screwing them out of healthcare

Live update to the soap opera - General John Allen

Robertson absolves Petraeus: Broadwell was ‘throwing herself at him… he’s a man’

Is it anti-semitic to say a Jewish senator represents Israel?

San Diegans! - World Preview - La Jolla Playhouse's "Yoshimi "

Teabaggers now want to Secdee from the Union.

Paul Ryan: We Lost the Election Because Too Many Blacks Voted

Oct. 27, 2012: "the first time a deployed strike group boss has been sacked in nearly a decade."

You thought Papa John's was bad... have you heard what Jimmy John's founder said?

Two words that perfectly summarize why we need Nancy P to stay on as Minority Leader:

Eric Cantor's Petraeus October Surprise Failed as FBI Stood Firm

Uganda ... wants to pass anti-gay law as "Christmas gift"

"entitlements"? - stupid dems parroting republican propaganda even though they won.

The Rockies are really desperate. Now Dante Bichette is the new hitting coach.

Los Angeles Wal-Mart Workers Plan To Strike On Thursday

Shocking, I know. The right wing is back to stochastic terrorism.

rightwing radio today: "she's the perfect girlfriend", "how could he resist" colonel, jogs, pushups

Fox News Tulsa Traffic Reporter Has Advice For Romney Supporters

I think we can win in Massachusetts if...

'Colombian ex-president trained with paramilitaries': Israeli mercenary .

Canadian Activists Celebrate US Marijuana Legalization

Tesla to Mitt Romney: Who's the Loser Now?

Total Eclipse of the Sun happening now!

Joe Muto, 'Fox News Mole': Network Producers Know 'This Is All A Farce'

GOP Voter Registration Fraud: Meet the Man Who Brought Them to Justice

Washington DAs Begin Dropping Marijuana Possession Cases

Anyone know if it's legal or allowed for heating oil dealers to charge interest on fuel assistance?

Here's What I Don't Understand About Climate Change Deniers

"Allen called Kelley ‘‘sweetheart,’’ a common term of endearment in his native Virginia"

New Yorker Cover "Rhapsody in Blue"

POTUS Twitter just posted this tweet: "I’m committed to solving our fiscal challenges.........

We should try to come up with a solution for the teajadists

Don't let the scandal distract us from the important budget negotiations going on!

Funny - the Petraeus/Broadwell mess reminded me much more of the Hunter/Edwards mess

More schadenfreude for you to taste like the exquisite Nectar of the Gods it is

REICH: The President's Opening Bid in a Grand Bargain: Aim High

Turning Texas Blue: A Process Not An Event

This made me pee on myself a little bit.

Turning Texas Blue: A Process Not An Event

Juliet Hibbs, Florida Teacher Accused Of Turning Teen Student Gay, Battles District

Violante Placido - Together

The Most Uplifting Video Of A Republican And A Democrat Screaming At Each Other I've Ever Seen

Where is Romney now?

Thom Hartmann vs. Applebee's CEO Meltdown

If a red state wants to leave well, charge them a secession tax


SS does not add one nickel to the deficit. Any talk of cutting SS to reduce the deficit is a CON. nt

Gawker's Flowchart of the Petraeus Scandal.....

TYT: Grand Bargain = Grand Larceny, Grand Lie

Isn't it true that these petitions send to the WH to secede are signed by anyone

Koch brother tips doormen $50 FOR THE WHOLE YEAR at his luxurious Park Avenue Building

Next time you judge someone using food stamps...

Wanna freak out your neighbors?

Feel that cool breeze? That would be hell freezing over.

My computer was wrecked over the weekend by this virus. I paid someone to fix it

Papa John's faces $250 million spam lawsuit.

Isn't today an eclipse?

Dick Morris Admits he made stuff up to lift GOP morale...

Great Toon from today's LA Times: Obama and Boehner.......

Pundit Shaming

Tax Reform

It is not conducive to civil discussion to have a "Latest Threats" tab

Former 'super lobbyist' Jack Abramoff out front on new anti-corruption campaign

Gallup is Very Upset at Nate Silver

A "Mandate to Compromise"

Dean Chambers Has Reneged.

Court motion seeks to throw out ballots in CD 2 race

Awww...This Grandma And Her Cat Are The Cutest Best Friends

So now we are mysteriously falling short of Democratic votes for filibuster reform.

WATCH NOW = Eclipse totality

Romney/Ryan lost Janesville (Ryan's home town) by 25%...

I am so glad to have been one of the "URBANS"

Reid: We Agree On How To Resolve 97-98 Percent Of Fiscal Cliff

I haven't been around much for a couple of days. Anyone post about Romney's sister?

William Ward, Four Star General, Demoted For Lavish Spending,Ordered To Repay $82,000

Stop the GOP Attack on Planned Parenthood Stand w/ Ohio's Women ImageGovernor John Kasich and his f

Obama has said he wanted us to "make him" do what we want. Let's oblige him.

Canadian Immigration Policy re: Skilled Immigrants

France is the first Western country to recognize the new anti-Assad Syrian coalition

Dick Morris breaks his silence, claims his prediction was cheerleading for a doomed campaign

Please consider opening your WiFi for others.

Faux News Viewers/Rush Limbaugh dittoheads have only themselves to blame

Did you know the Dole-Kemp '96 website is still up?

Romney Ahead In Florida...Gaining With Female And Veteran Voters

Just a word from a Republican

They are trying to make this Patraeus thing............

I have a closet full of tin foil hats...

Is Broadwll also a plagiarist?

Women key to Latin America economic progress

Public ready to blame Republicans if fiscal cliff talks fail

A great response to all the "Cry babies and Sore Losers"

Any Stephanie Miller podcasters or listeners in the house? Is there a problem with her site????

For all those states who want to secede from the Union, there has to be

Papa John's Allegedly Sent 500,000 Illegal Text Messages To Customers

Please, please, please, let the pres. know: (link below)

Cartoon: Super PACs: Elections too much money at stake to trust election to voters

Lee Mercer Jr website is still up (Jeb Bush all up in my house with disease)

700 WEASEL CLUB: Pat Robertson On General Petraeus, Paula Broadwell Affair: 'HE'S A MAN'

SCOTUS and the new Marijuana laws.


Petition to Deport those who signed the petition to secede

The bogus, baseless case against Susan Rice


White supremacist rally "clowned" by counter protest

Stand By Your Man!

Uganda to pass anti-gay law as 'Christmas gift'

Why NBC Should Fire Donald Trump

Oddball Updates in Spies Gone Wild

Raley's, Nob Hill Reach Agreement with Union

President Clinton quote about the 'new rage'.


If those bastards shut down YOUR topless car-wash you'd secede too

I am watching SEAL TEAM 6 right now and I am grateful to men/women in uniform and our Cmd in Chief

Georgia GOP Believes the UN is Using Mind Control to Take Over the US

Spotted in GD: rare and elusive or new species?

Cessation Cost

Tweety on the Night of the Generals

I didn't realize that Mia Love lost her election

Help me in the Petraeus story with my conservative dad...

Colbert and Stewart have fun at Karl Rove or Ham Rove's expense

If the remaining Arizona votes break 63/37 in favor of Democrats then Carmona will win.

Advice needed-- indoor cats

If I were a big donor to Rove's Super-Pac I'd only have one question

Advice needed-- indoor cats

Tea Party asks Walker not to comply with Obamacare

Obama sure didn't win with the "good ol' boy" vote

Workers Honor Pickets (Hostess Brands across the country began to strike)

West backers say $21 million is just not enough

Amazing morphing sequence - Queen Elizabeth

The man who accused Kevin Clash (Elmo) of underage sexual conduct has RECANTED

CA to GOP: Adios

where was the outrage in the media at the military last year

Senate Passes Bill Boosting Payments to Veterans.

Do you really want to finance the Losers?

Law Enforcement Union Sues Over Walker's Law.

One of the several results I am thankful about from the 2012 Elections one really stands out.

Nation Horrified To Learn About War in Afghanistan While Reading Up on Petraeus Sex Scandal

Please read...

Now is not the Time to talk about...

Police: Father arrested after one child found in dog cage, another naked outside

"One Day At A Time" star Bonnie Franklin battling pancreatic cancer

I think all breaking news in the Petraeus story should be announced from now on with organ music.

Lounge daily inspirational message

"I'm not going to budge".. President Obama

Obama Promises Liberal Groups He'll End Bush-Era Tax Cuts For The Wealthy

Accuser Recants Allegation Against Elmo Puppeteer

Hey, MA DUers! Any chance that Gov. Patrick could appoint Barney Frank to Kerry's seat

Jeff Masters -Hurricane Sandy's huge size: freak of nature or climate change?

Paula Broadwell’s Driver’s License Turned In To Maryland Park Police On Sunday

What happens to women denied abortions? This is the first scientific study to find out.

A post-election sense of HUMOR


How about an online petition to sell Texas to Mexico?

OH SHIT!! Skinner has a sockpuppet!!

Interesting Articles On Robert Reich's Blog

Birther Lawyer (Montgomery Blair Sibley) and Write-in Candidate, Suing Electoral College ~

Remember when some sack of shit GOP Senator put an anonymous hold on a Vets benefits bill?

In one of her emails to Kelley, Broadwell accuses Kelley of inappropriately touching Petreaus


Karl Rove: GOP Needs To Copy Howard Dean’s 50 State Strategy

Jacksonville, FL Reward for safe return of stolen Iraq War Veteran's PTSD companion.


Ughhh Scott Brown Is seething At The Prospect of Kerry's Appointment and an opening in the senate

There's not enough coffee threads around here so I decided to make one

Innocent VA man STILL sits in Prison

Jill Kelley, Woman Who Sparked Petraeus Scandal, Ran Questionable Charity

Protests as Jordan raises cooking gas price by 53%


X-post: What about the huge stinkin' elephant in the room?

Romney Economic Adviser Calls For Raising Taxes On The Rich, Contradicting Entire GOP Campaign

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Dick Morris TV - (18 Oct 2012) - Carter-Reagan Election & It's Parallels to Obama-Romney

Papantonio: Corporate Media Trying To Kill Progressive Radio

Zero voter turnout for one Minneapolis precinct

LOL Here is a petition I can support.."Deport everyone who signed a petition to secede"

British Have Invaded Nine Out of Ten Countries By Jasper Copping

caption time

Victoria's Secret apologizes for use of headdress

Limited Government

Man who accused Elmo puppeteer of teen sex recants ~ Associated Press

Post a picture of your pets!

Ha ha ha ha ha! Karl Rove says it's time for GOP to run Howard Dean's 2006 playbook.

Nationals' Johnson wins NL Manager of the Year Award

Progressives get ready to push the president

The Grand Irony of the Petraeus Scandal Done in by the Patriot Act?

This is kinda creepy....Broadwell lost her driver license at

Social Justice(Ian Ruskin as Thomas Paine)

Check in if you did NOT have sex with Petraeus

Spam text messages could cost Papa John's $250M

I just caught the last part of a story on CNN.

President Obama Discusses Growing the Economy and Reducing the Deficit

Anybody catch the Marlins trade with Toronto?

Anchor for Fox Affiliate Taken Off the Air After Calling Rachel Maddow an ‘Angry Young Man’

Federal Judge Rules Against Last-Minute Ohio Ballot-Counting Change

On Rev. Al show today, those 20,000 emails

List corporations and chain stores/restaurants that punish workers for ACA & Obama's win

Bill Black: Wall Street Uses the Third Way to Lead its Assault on Social Security

Ryan on ABC news - they have good ideas and the people did not put Nancy in charge

Mitt Romney Economic Adviser Calls For Raising Taxes On The Rich, Contradicting Entire GOP Campaign


Scott Brown: I think John Kerry would be an 'excellent' Secretary of State choice

It's easy to be a cheerleader.

Okay, response to this anyone?

List corporations, chain stores and chain restaurants that DON'T punish workers over ACA

I wish the pundits would stop talking about the secession petitions.

'Elmo' Accuser Recants Allegations of Underage Sex With Kevin Clash

One More Time... With Gusto... Start Bargaining From THIS Position Of Strength !!!

Do you have an Allegation about the Petraeus Scandal?

Kerry or Rice for Secretary of State for US Government. (Bias Confo: I'm for Kerry)

France Recognizes New Syrian Rebel Group, Hints It May Provide Weapons

President Obama's Opening Move: Raise $1.6 Trillion In New Tax Revenue From The Wealthy

13 "Drain Stes" have filed petitions to Secede

Gabbie Giffords AZ Seat:red on election night but the count is turning blue, blue, blue! (updated #s

Romney Co-Chair: Voter ID Would Have Won Us Wisconsin

Sorry... But Don't You Feel Like You Are Being Drawn Into "The Real Housewives" Of The Pentagon ???

In Hong Kong, 'Modern-Day Slavery' for Indentured Workers

Climate Activists Hit Hard With 'Do the Math' National Tour

This could only happen to Janeane Garafalo

Jill Kelley story gets juicier... possible Tax Fraud!

Matt Bai, NY Times: Will Obama Agree to Entitlement Cuts?

Early (1978?) report on illegal aliens

Joe Kennedy... for President? (Someday!)

ABC Affiliate mistakens to air photo shop of Broadwell's book OH SHIT!!!!

Aviation law to test Obama's climate change commitment very shortly here

I just got my check from a lawsuit settlement!!!! What can I buy for you?

Sources: Colo. man plotted to kill children, president

An Animated Open Letter to President Obama on the State of Science Education

Audio of Lee Atwater's infamous 1981 interview on the Southern Strategy unearthed

Wingnut sports radio host had to go he's gone, fired!

Job hunting? Democracy Now! is looking for a Systems Administrator

Google Says Governments Requesting More Content Removals

X11 -- it's not in Mountain Lion

Agreement in ballot dispute in Barber-McSally race

UPDATE: Recount For Pivitol Ark. House Seat Comes To One County

Rush Limbaugh rips ObamaCare, predicts "riots against these companies", asserts "no stopping this"

So when do Bloomberg and Ray Kelly publicly acknowledge the efforts of #OccupySandy?

My first ever "Letter to my Rep"

With all apologies to Texas DUers......I say let Texas secede

Ok, who's responsible for this?

Poll: If government careens off fiscal cliff, GOP to shoulder blame

Group tied to Rex Sinquefield begins push to eliminate Missouri’s income tax

If the states that want to secede were to go, we'd need to make sure

Be Prepared

The PETRAEUS twist on "War is a racket." Never should have been in Iraq; should been out Afg FAST

Chris Christie is still stonewalling Obama Care in NJ. This Friday is his deadline...

Great info for anyone inclined to run for office or work for another campaign. The

If you missed it live, archive to my Radio Show. Fiscal cliff, Petraeus, Drug legalization...

Ron Kessler on CNN (OutFront) saying an FBI agent approached him on October 10

Green Bay PBS station is showing American Masters show about Johnny Carson in 20 minutes.

20% off on Made in the USA clothing

Any Haven fans?

Jill Kelley family hit with nine lawsuits.

For the cheap seats and for the record.

President Obama to hold press conference Wednesday

Should the secessionists be deported or allowed to self-deport?

Dear Santa, we want mass transit. It's good for young entrepreneurs and working-class FAMILIES!!!

Hey, all. An apology and kinda a goodbye.

What do you think of Mayor Michael Bloomberg?

Time once again to ask for a "Block threads by keyword" feature

Remember when got all sorts of shit for running that ad about Petraeus?

Republicans like to talk about Tax Reform - as a counter to

Casting a Ballot by Smartphone

The Petraeus Scandal In 60 Seconds


Secessionists are trolls

Romans (CNN) confronts Rep. Chaffetz on who elected him.

Revoke citizenship for secessionists and grant theirs to immigrants, it's the perfect solution!

Tonight on the Ed Show on MSNBC:

Jimmy Carter's grandson strikes again

Kelley called 911 to demand diplomatic protection; Petraeus travelled with 28-cop motorcycle escort

Deport opinions?

We have to be very grateful that the Obama team were on top of the voter ID suppression laws

Walmart Workers Gear Up for Black Friday Strike; California Workers Announce Second Strike

Regarding the concern over Kerry's Senate seat in MA if he gets tapped for an administration post.

CA to GOP: Adios - a broad ethnic and racial mix for the Democrats, and solid white male for GOP

Yes, Government Can Create Jobs. And it Should

Pulitzer for report of Kelley or Broadwell at Seymour Johnson AFB

Lake trout removal hits record high 300,000 from Yellowstone Lake

Not the Onion: Kelley claims her lawn has Diplomatic Immunity

Ok, I am willing to call this... CA 52

Perry, Dewhurst support drug testing for welfare, unemployment benefits

A big thank you to Occupy Wall Street.

Newsflash: Married men have sex with women they aren't married to.

I am disgusted...

The GOP Must Choose: Rush Limbaugh or Minority Voters

Mutations in the human brain are making us stupider, new research shows

Do Democrats have the millennial generation for life?

Jill Kelley & DH ran shady "Cancer" charity

OK question here - what do we really need to do to finish this?

Woman Ordered To Wear 'Idiot' Sign For Driving On Sidewalk To Avoid School Bus

Joseph Campbell should rise from his grave to slay The Disney Corporation

Your phone apps (Angry Birds, Bible quotes, etc) can be spying on your other habits

Turn on Ed Shultz right fuggin' now - the Petraeus scandal all started

Ryan, interviewed by local tv, still claims his ticket was shocked by

Called to Work During Superstorm Sandy, Tribeca Parking Attendant Drowned

Bill Clinton Reacts To GOP Sex Scandal

"'Jill Kelley' is really Jill Khawam"

Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends


************4TH ANNUAL DU COLLEGE FOOTBALL POOL: WEEK 12************

O'LOOFAH channeling his own sexual harassment from Gen.ALLEN, "It was just an entertainent..."

Bill Maher on Gen. Petraeus...

Montana lawmaker wants to be paid in gold

Anyone else starting to think this is going to be all about sex? (the hooker kind)

Al Gore calls on Barack Obama to 'act boldly' on climate change

Is anyone else having issues with Time Warner Cable today?

Very funny! 17 Street Signs Improved By Graffiti

After GD threads sinking, might as well do this here: The SMALL OF MY BACK...

So 25,000 Flat Earth Mouth Breathing Rednecks

My prediction for tomorrow.

ESPN NFL Kickoff Stuffs As Many Princess Bride References Into A Half Hour As Possible

Nine Wisconsin Republican Lawmakers Back Arresting Federal Officials Who Implement Obamacare

General Ward and General Petreaus: racial double standard?

Dear Mr. President: Please junk Race to the Top

Remember a few years ago ... there was flak about "liberals" calling him


At OKcupid, being an atheist is a date-maker, not a deal-breaker

US Supreme Court won't hear appeal over Spartanburg District 7 religious classes

Anyone else on the live call with the President right now?

Watch out for the so-called "tax reform" and the mortgage deduction.

Fox: "20 States, Secede, Form New Country, Glenn Beck Elected First President Of Dumbfuckistan!"

Thanksgiving as a competitive sport:

Very Cool Cartogram of 2012 Presidential Election Votes by County.

Presidents Lincoln and Obama

Serious question here. If a state were to secede from the Union

Deep in the heart of Texas

Catholic bishops fail to agree on statement on the economy

Sign Petition to Ask Macy's to Dump

Nebraska part of secession push

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Y’Know Its Hard Out Here For a Pimp &

a thought on the secession talk ...

One more story from crazy television

What I think Obama's answer should be to the seceding states

A word about State Senate District 67

The whole secession meme has entered the realm of obsessive mental masturbation.

Manning has been accused of passing classified info Did Petreus pass classified info?

Presidential Press Conference Wednesday at 1:30 PM re: FBI

"It's Time": 40 years on

why is this *rogue* FBI agent being protected? (Petraeus matter)

General David Petraeus's fatal flaw: not the affair, but his Afghanistan surge

Austerity Doesn’t Always Work

Grateful Dead & Duane Allman - Dark Star / Spanish Jam 1970

Public Service Announcement: There will be no secessions, period. At all. Ever, ever.

Prediction of Petraeus's fate, a year and a half ago.

Milbank: Confederacy of Takers

Sign White House petition to keep the Feds away from States who legalized marijuana!

John Kerry fundraiser/lobbyist gave $300,000 loan to Jill Kelley's sister

WTF is a military hostess?

Big stink at Fox News station -- skunk drives station off the air

David Petraeus Affair Photos

I sent an alert on a troll who is well-known to me, as a former member of MIRT:

So...why do Democrats want Nancy Pelosi to step down as House Minority Leader?

Stop saying "Fiscal Cliff"!!! What the CBO says about "Budget Control"

Ohio 'Heartbeat Bill' Is Revived In State Legislature

ESPN Sports Segment Reveals Science Behind Tony Romo's Ineptitude

Interesting site on Dec.21st.

Not Voting for Obama Could Be Hazardous to Your Health!

The wife just dragged me out to see Flight. No spoilers

Why does Rachel Maddow's tinfoil hat...

Simple Arithmetic

Chat conversation with my RW dad.....

Eric Cantor's Petraeus October Surprise Failed as FBI Stood Firm

"The Confederacy of Takers" - Dana Milbank takes a wrecking ball to the "secession movement."

So it seems Paula Broadwell is a saint by comparison to Jill Kelley . . . .

"Earned Benefits" ARE NOT "Entitlement programs"!

Scandal in Ireland as woman dies in Galway 'after being denied abortion'

Who else is not gonna watch Liz & Dick?

Can people please stop all these secession stories?

Sorry, I refuse to forget how bad right wing propaganda polling really is.

Conservative Pundits Explain Why Republicans Are Skrewed On Taxes

Please don't put "serious question" and "secede" in the same subject

These CEO's went through with their threat and fired people

Yeah Kyrsten and Ann!

324,000 ballots still to count in Arizona.

Sharp objects + me = pain

France's 'Nutella amendment' causes big fat international row

A very LARGE PHX AZ protest will take place tonight at the county recorders office!

Can a California carpool lane law challenge citizens united?

which poppy did you wear? the red, or the white?

Secede! shit they can't even spell it!

Costco and Boeing Will Not Hire Pot Smokers

Help Me Compose Response to My Sister-In-Law Regarding Right-Wing Propaganda on Obama Tax Rates She

Bill Kristol predicts Republicans will cave on Bush tax cuts for wealthy

If you're stuck making the turkey this year, why not do something a little different?

Allen, Petraeus Wrote Letters in Natalie Khawam's Custody Battle -- Huff Post

Occasionally in my life, somebody comes along and says something to make me look like an idiot.

WH Petition: "Keep the United States United"

Seriously, if Ke$ha can sing heartfelt ballads like this, why does she insist on that autotune crap

Two School Boards Move to Officially Denounce PA. Education Secretary

Southeast Asia weaning itself off the IMF

Today, I am Proud to be a Texas Democrat

Raising taxes on the well-off creates jobs

So, making $250,000 means you're poor?

Planned Parenthood Seeks Injunction Over Oklahoma Health Program.

ABC affiliate BOTCHES "All In" Book cover!!!

Fox News Invents Philly Voter Fraud.

Contrails crisscross skies over Bay Area

How to Tell if You’re Involved in the Petraeus Scandal

Natalie Khawam's Ex was...

Help me, Metans. Where do I report a suspected troll?

EVERYTHING is a Conspiracy...

Looks like Obama's got the hang of tough negotiating this time

The word entitled is in the original SS law 9 times

Norquist's way of talking????

Arizona and the Votings Rights Act

Jill Kelley's grifter sister was married to Bush appointee

Seeing the light.

Petition to grant only Univ. of MO recruitment rights to TX football players if TX secedes from US

Exhausting day in clinic today. Some very complex, time-consuming patients. Hold me...

"Scandal Entangles A Second General"

and I find myself again wondering about Trump's big Wednesday announcement

Plants and soils could exacerbate climate change as global climate warms

So . . . the nameless/shirtless Fibbie is the scumbag who dropped the dime to Canter

Does anyone watch "Grimm?"

So, with all the General Fuckups, the question now is: Ben Who?

CIRES study shows summer climate change, mostly warming

A Congress of Firsts - image

*Frank Rich on Tavis Smiley tonight.

FBI investigating how Petraeus biographer Broadwell obtained classified files

What do you know about me? I mean, what do you *really* know about me?

"If you made 110 points on my test then you can afford to give some to the person who made 72"

Need some recommendations on a good firewall

Christie Reverses Stand on Tax Increases After Storm.

Reich:The President's Opening Bid on a Grand Bargain (II):Put a Trigger Mechanism in the Legislation

Vulture Numbers Begin To Recover In Pakistan After Diclonefac Ban - Guardian

Buffalo News Editorial: Clinton for President 2016

Global Carbon Emissions up 2.5% During 2011 - 34 Billion Metric Tons New Record High

What if Texas secedes?

Bwhahahahaha: STFU or GTFO!

Shocking! EU Dumps Carbon Tax On Air Travel

Romney Co-Chair: Voter ID Would Have Won Us Wisconsin

I just watched some episodes of Ally McBeal and I have this to say about the show

In Hanoi...

DFA Members Across the Country Made the Difference

Corporations Calling To ‘Fix The Debt’ Want $134 Billion In Tax Breaks

Where were you at this time last week?

Leaking Clean-Room, Bird Flying Through Facility - Self-Regulation In Action At Compounding Center

UPS no longer delivers support to Boy Scouts of America

Obama now has a 2.8% lead in the popular vote.

Elmo is tickled - and so am I. Scumbag accuser recants allegations.

Petraeus' Fatal Flaw: The Disastrous and Failed Afghanistan 'Surge' (Manchester Guardian)

In my opinion, all the 'secession' articles and comments are not funny, they are offensive.

(VIDEO) GOP Lee Atwater Detailing Southern Strategy “By 1968 You Can’t Say Nigger” But?

Support for Repealing Obamacare Plunges to an All-Time Low

Did I hear correctly? They are cutting food stamps to pass the Farm Bill???

Obama Sets Steep Tax Target

NAS Report For Defense Dept: Prepare Now For Migrations, Sea-Level Rises, Epidemics, Drought

There is a show about Judy Garland on PBS.

officially freaked out now

Florida Lawmakers:GOP Packed Ballot With Unnecessary Initiatives to Lengthen Lines & Suppress Votes

Please! Make it Stop! now this: "David Petraeus’s Secret Trip to Libya After the Benghazi Attack"

24 Hours of Reality: The Dirty Weather Report, live online broadcast starts Wednesday night

Beautiful Twins At Center Of Petraeus Scandal Schmoozed With Elite And Racked Up Millions In Debts

Gay Sex Scene on Soap Opera Days of Our Lives

How bad does it have to get before you take to the streets???

Radio looks to cut through AM’s static.

Battle at Kruger.

Do you think the GOP wishes it took the "Grand Bargain" now?

Is Hope Solo the next Tonya Harding?

Hey, Bill O'Reilly! Meet your boss!

Fox News "Swift Boats" Kerry for Sec. Of Defense Job.

Caption THIS !!!

Vegetative man tells doctors ‘I’m not in pain’ via MRI communication

To those demanding an absolute ban on consideration of any changes to SS and Medicare...

As Not Seen on TV Restaurant Review: Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar in Times Square

Upstate Brothers Are Charged in Plot to Steal a $5 Million New York Lottery Ticket

Forgive me for saying, but these bad skin ads on here are a bit odd.

Jon Stewart Tears Into Melodramatic Post-Election Whining About Obama’s Second Term

Hurricane Sandy: As It Happened