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Bloody parrot. Now she's trying to hatch a bell.

Which one??? WOW!

Reason Boner and the Owl Wouldn't Take the President's Call on Election Night

Sotomayor on Sesame Street "being a princess is fun but it isn't a career"

Watching Rhianna On SNL Right Now

Rhianna is making me forget about the Beatles...

Medicaid Expansion To Poorest Southerners Denied By Republicans

Bill Maher blasts it out of the park! Again!

Angry tea party activists say Mitt Romney was too moderate and the GOP undermined 'true conservative

"Rethinking 'Shellshocked' Romney" by David Jarman for Daily Kos

petraeus scandal is reported with compelled veneration of all things military

I don't watch much TV, but I just saw a spot for some show called "Moonshiners".

Sous Chef wanted in new Palm Springs Restaurant

The Battle Begins Anew. It Looks Like The Teabaggers Will Be More -----

Is there any evidence at all that Barack Obama wants to take anybody's guns?

Louisiana Secession Petition (

Didn't we used to be able to see how many DU members there were?

SNL Weekend Update interviews "Obama"

LA TIMES: November 9, 2012 - More than 3 million ballots still to be counted in California

332 to 206...

In Case You were Wondering if Your Governor was a Fucking Asshole... here's a handy map!!!!

Arizona still has 200,000 ballots yet to be counted.

On SNL, A Defeated Mitt Romney Drowns His Sorrows In Milk - video link

SNL’s Barack Obama Gloats In Victory, Shares Second Term Plans - video link

That video of Obama thanking his supporters is all the proof I need we elected the right guy

ok, if you're gonna do a tin foil hat foiled election hack theory,

Get off Gallup's back—they were only biased for Romney by 7.2% on average

Massive explosion reported off Stop 11 Road on Indianapolis Southside

$200 iPad was just a "gussied up" mirror

Karl Rove with a mustache and a beard as the job creators look for their money back

Karl Rove with a mustache and a beard as the job creators look for their money back

Voyager I on cusp of interstellar space trek

Focus on the Family head takes conciliatory tone after election

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Saturday, November 10)

Fox News Hosts Embrace Immigrants Now That The GOP Needs Them

SHOCKED to find out my 80 y/o GOP aunt in Springfield IL VOTED FOR OBAMA

Why are republican donors so surprised that Romney didn't tell them the truth?

Time for Don Siegelman PARDON!!!

CA + true independent redistricting = CA GOP in a state of "collapse".

A question about votes for the house.

Daily Kos: Alabama Joins the Secession Movement

I've been a cheapskate to DU...for your stand up job throughout this cycle...

How Do You Explain ... ? (Another Homerun By NanceGreggs)

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday Nov 11th

Surely Superstorm Sandy had SOME effect on the election?

Paul Ryan is term-limited as chairman of the House Budget Committee

just wanted to put a reality check in here...

Anonymous May Have Hacked Petraeus Mistress

Papa needs a new pair of shoes.

Fantasyland--Denial has poisoned the GOP and threatens the rest of the country too.

FBI whistle-blower contacted Eric Cantor on David Petraeus affair

Yes. Ted Nugent is racist scum.

So the Rethug-Goebbels crew jumped the shark this time, eh?

the sweetest thing about the election...

Inside the Secret World of the Data Crunchers Who Helped Obama Win

I'm not saying a word...

US military warned to prepare for consequences of climate change


How did Tester win? Big margins in cities – and some help from friends

A Black man's opinion on LGBT rights...

FBI whistle-blower contacted Eric Cantor on David Petraeus affair

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Stolen From Facebook Edition

About this secession business....


I do not have writer's block.

On Veterans Day ..Thank You

Cantor & FBI "whistle-blower"

What rib did Adam lose?

Fracking Radioactivity

A very short work of fiction for you.

How America Is Turning into a 3rd World Nation in 4 Easy Steps

Florida to Grade Black Students on a Different Scale Than White Students?

Police to End Prostitution and Drugs With Creepy New Spy Mobile

Believers Beyond the Church: How the 'Spiritual Not Religious' Gospel Has Spread

A Symphony of War - Harold Van Heuvelen

I'm going to have the week of thanksgiving off school and work.

I’m Black and I Want More “Stuff” and “Things”: An Open Letter to Bill O’Reilly by Jesse Hagopian

Petraeus Scandal is Reported with Compelled Veneration of All Things Military

No marriage equality in NM or RI. What gives?

Today is Veteran's Day. Please check in if you are a veteran, or if you love one.

Israel fires warning shots into Syria after shelling: military

"There is no news. There is only the truth of the signal."

Just wanted to say thank you to the person

Facebook Wars Making Me Paranoid?

dems, gop fight brewing over curbing filibusters

Following Iran’s Lead, China Blocks Google

What did Guatemala do that is so bad?

major hurdles remain to end veteran homelessness

Assange’s health could drastically worsen in embassy – lawyer (RT)

List of all Progressive talk radio stations by State!!!


Florida voters came through, and did more than turn the State blue:

Should there be a National Right to Work law?

There Is A Brutal Civil War In The GOP, And It Looks Like Karl Rove Will Be The First Casualty

Weed Legalization Could Set Off A Radical Chain Of Events In Latin America

Melissa Harris-Perry's Letter to Jon Husted on His Voter Suppression in Ohio

REPORT: Boehner Tells House Members That GOP Lost Badly, And That They Can't Afford Debt Showdown

GOP STRATEGIST: We Desperately Need Hispanics

Rove - knocked out! Trump - humiliated!

CEOs optimistic Washington will reach consensus on the fiscal cliff

A Veterans Day Like None Other Before

Swith parties to primary McConnell?

GOP, The party of Corporate Welfare, 1% Welfare, The Party of Parasites! n/t

I think I may have some beets ready to harvest. Any ideas on what to do with them?

Charter Schools, the Cliffhanger Issue of the 2012 Election

Now, where was I?

Queen Ann: 'Are we really conceding?'

A big thank you, hugs, and Happy Veterans Day

Ooh! I have an idea to get control of the House NOW!!!

I read Romney won Indies nationally by 5%. I think THIS is how he STILL lost nationally:

Republicans may want Hispanics, but never African Americans

As minorities gain electoral power, Supreme Court asks: Why the Voting Rights Act?

A New Senator, Known Nationally and Sometimes Feared (Elizabeth Warren)

Citizens United should be called "CMEA"

Battle to halt the decline of Britain's shabby public parks

Is it time to up the KB from 250 in Contests?

I am not sure where I read this but it was a pretty interesting fact about the House elections

Spent Per Vote

Drums Beating to Privatize Social Security

And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda, sung by Shane MacGowan of the Pogues

Sunday Morning 'blues'

The repubs need to read and believe the definition of compromist, or

The Real News: Both Parties Engaged in Unsustainable Defense of the Wealthy

Explaining Wisconsin's dizzying political swings of 2010, 2012

Come DU friends, and drink deeply: 'How the Secret Service Said Goodbye to Mitt Romney'

The Office AssHat Part 2

Actual video of voting machine changing to Romney

Bill Black: Wall Street's Plan to Push Obama to Betray Those Who Elected Him

Women: The Silent Majority?

Today in Peace and Justice history on November 11, 1972

"Budget cutting in a depression just deepens the depression...."

Today in Peace and Justice history on November 11, 1972

The Lounge needs more Bogs!

Why are small businesses now saying they have to lay people off?

California governor sees tax referendum as sign of changing tide

Joan Walsh, Salon: America: Love it or be left behind

From one Vet to so many other before and after me! Thank you!

Voters Didn't Ask for Bi-Partisanship, They Demanded Good Policies

Has a personality ever canceled an ADVERTISER to save his reputation?

Analysis: Obama faces Latin America revolt over drugs, trade

OUTRAGE Builds As Arizona Continues To COUNT VOTES

Sex in religious cult leads to murder

To our Asian and Pacific Islander sisters and brothers: THANK YOU!

Beck said Romney would get 321 electoral votes...and, that 'would be a MANDATE, would be a spanking'

Did you have any doubts that the President would win on Tuesday?


A DU call to action! Tell Macy*s NO to Donald Trump- Boycott Macy's over Trump product and ads.

GOP admits Republican pollsters lied

Let's hope this trend keeps going ...

FBI whistle-blower contacted Eric Cantor on David Petraeus affair

what becomes of OFA, the organization the Obama team built

Defeated Once Again, Right-Wing Media Wage War...On Voters

Not counting Ron Barber (fingers crossed) how many Congressional Seats did we pick up ...

If anybody can identify this reflective (traffic?) sign, Lounge can!1

Austerity starves economies.

Despite their considerable efforts-Republicans were not able to buy or steal the election after all

All This Money That Corporate America Has Been Sitting On Waiting For A Repug Win......

Florida Guv Orders Review Of Voting Process

What usually happens to your engine performance if you either

In first, Irish PM lays wreath for British war dead

Feinstein On Petraeus: ‘He Did The Right Thing’

"Yes, We Canned..."

Okay, so our manufacturing base isn't coming back

1.29% of the Repub money went to candidates that won.

Ancient Political Culture-GOP Island Of White Males

Karl Rove and his super PAC vow to press on

Why David Petraeus’s Gmail account is a national security issue

Question about ACA and businesses

Another pissed off GOPer-

Ticks are turning victims into vegetarians

So now Woodward thinks he's Krugman?

Dems, GOP fight brewing over curbing filibusters

Was waiting until after the election to do some renovations

Voter Portraits - Los Angeles 2012

FBI probe of Petraeus triggered by e-mail threats from biographer, officials say

'Tell him the door thing'

FBI Whistleblower TIPPED CANTOR OFF to Petraeus Affair

What can be worse than to sell your soul and find it not valuable enough to get anything for it?

This atheist can't bring himself to support Remembrance Sunday

Saw these legit jobs posted online

Senator Elizabeth Warren May Not Be Appointed to the Banking Committee

Man booked under hurting religious sentiments attacked in court complex with swords

Now we know what Leviticus really meant

I thought of a new slogan for Obama!

Thomas Byrne, Catholic Priest, Allegedly Bites Fellow Priest Thomas Smith's Ear Off

Veteran 'Shorty' Heins recalls World War II camaraderie (Bulge, Holocaust 85,000 said thank you)

Is the conservative media killing conservatives?

Post-Election Bumper Sticker Idea:

States wanting out...if anybody is surprised about those petitions...

Aide: Deval Patrick Doesn't Want To Be Attorney General

White men made up only 34% of the electorate Tuesday. And it drops about 1% every year

"I was right! Romney won by a landslide." Please come CAPTION Turd Blossom!!!

Prediction: Benghazi to be used whip up Obama impeachment hysteria

Another Story Of Repug Meltdown via FaceBook:

Better late than never.

The chart below (from 538) is quite a picture when you really think about the Dems chances going fwd

What he lacks in dignity, he makes up in determination.

Before He Died Ted Kennedy Tutored Democrats on How to Beat Romney

It's not just taxes that are impacted - "fiscal cliff" and the poor

When does the Hitler video come out........?

Youngstown, suburbs sealed Obama’s big victory

FEMA Sending Trailers to Victims; Occupy Sandy Asking Amazon to Waive Shipping Fees

Kristol: It Won’t ‘Kill The Country’ To Raise Taxes On Millionaires (video)

We need to back the Papa Johns employees

Answers to the Friday Afternoon Challenge, "Reinventing Rome"!

Have We Heard From The Likes Of Rove, Morris, Preibus, Sununu Since Tuesday?.....

Reporter who was afraid of guns takes CC class, learns to shoot.

Hey, Grover, deliver the majority to the Democrats, we know how to governor.

Taibbi: Hey, Rush Limbaugh: 'Starting an Abortion Industry' Won't Win You Female Voters

OBAMA WINS! 2012 Victory Song.

Senators restart talks on U.S. immigration reform plan

Various assorted Canada and UK military records free until Nov. 12.

Did the Thousand Years of Darkness start last Wednesday?

Does anyone have (or know where I can find)....

Taxes and Trade

I'm sensing a change occurring at fox (I smell disinfectant in the air) ...

Anyone else still think about checking Gallup at noon?

AQ Khan: Father of Pakistan's nuclear bomb jumps into politics

Alberta Darling on Mike Goushe

Heads up. Obama at Arlington right now. MSNBC, probably other channels, too. n/t

Hey lurkers and Freepers - do you see the President of the United States

What does the nature of "threatening emails" have to be to get the FBI invovled?

Let’s review Petraeus’ recent record

Was anyone else poll-watching Tuesday? I have some concerns....

Documentary brings a dark side of nuclear past to light

Israel Drawn Into Syria Fighting for First Time

Wanna make Rush Limbaugh crazier than he already is?

Red and Rover - a really good Veterans Day strip (it wouln't let me copy it)

CSPAN now for continuing Veteran's Day Ceremony coverage.

Dear Ms. Noonan, please take a moment to reflect on your abject and utter cluelessness, and upon . .

The Twelve Word Platform

332EV to 206EV

If Cantor knew about the Petraeus story before the White House did, and

Great take: The House – new, with less democracy!

The true American heroes of today...

Why the fuck is Greta Van Susteren on This Week?

Graham: I Intend To Pass Immigration Reform,"nobody to blame but ourselves"

College Repukes: "We have chosen to cancel/rescind Ms. Coulter’s invitation to speak at Fordham"

Examiner falsly claims that 15 States including Texas have filed a seccession petitions...

Last Tuesday's night concession speech was brought to you.....

Obama is in a position to demand - and get - tax rate increases on the wealthy.

Obama ordering VA to add staff, see suicidal vets within 24 hours

Luckovich: 'Rainbows'

The Supreme Court is safe....

Today is the actual Veterans' Day. Vets, please check in and be counted.

Melissa Harris-Perry has an amazing show

DLCC: Democrats Gain 170 Seats in Legislative Elections (with a few still undecided)

If she breaks a hip, shoot her, like they did in the old days.

Something is rotten in the Petraeus Betrayus.

Calif. Gov. Brown: DOJ, Obama should 'respect' state marijuana laws

PETITION To Senator McConnell – STEP DOWN As Minority Leader

DLCC: Mitt Romney puts women in binders; Democrats help elect women to state legislatures

Hey GOP: Ask a Brown Person!

Kobach suggests Kansans who aren't right wingers should leave the state

Peggy Noonan

Occupy Sandy article from the Nov. 9 NY Times

Our family burried a member yesterday, today Marta and I have a new grandchild on the way!!!

God I cant stand David Gregory

Whoa!1 This is more about Liz & BRANDO, not really about Michael JACKSON

Hello from Vermont!

Wanna hear what Bonehead will sing to Bachmann when she returns to Congress?

Anyone know if I can stream radio on a notebook?

Let's Start a Boycott Campaign & Publicize it everywhere Does anyone have a list of companies

Media fight on the right over GOP

We need tax RATES to go up on the wealthy, as a matter of principle. (Take that Grover!)

"We are still caring for the child of a Civil War veteran..."

Who knew game shows could be this exciting?

The common daylily

MTP Villagers Advising Obama To Be A Wimp To Succeed

BP urged to settle US claim (now that our election is over)...

Jean-Claude van Damme, the philosopher...

Nate Silver Rates the Polls: Best, Worst

What's the difference between gay and straight soldiers? (Pretty powerful)

DLCC, AFSCME, and SEIU Release Stinging TV Ad in Nevada’s 15th Senate District

Cell phone / internet question

Florida Democrats Need to be More Proactive in Legislative Seat Targeting

God Has Spoken -- Two Hurricanes Slamming The GOP And Fundies. --

OK I've done my first and probably last direct 'confrontation', or explanation,

FL Dems Hope for Momentum Going into 2014

Believing your own propaganda

I just want to give Many thanks to all the members here on the T.V. chat group!!!! You All ROCK!!!!

Paula Broadworth "I was embedded with General Petraeus"

Say NO to CEO greed!

Portland is losing our progressive radio station

Media fight on the right over GOP

Greetings and salutations from Washington state!

This story line that Romney and his team were shell-shocked is a load of bullcrap.

Shanghai Surprises: Religious Tourism in the 'New New York'

78 Year Old Tacoma WA Man, Every Evening, Plays Taps from his Balcony, and his Neighbors Love it...

Fox News explained in one simple picture:

Boehner Tells House G.O.P. to Fall in Line

Did Kobach connection cost Romney the election?

Just checked in on 5 minutes of Face The Nation

I really don't like the guy who now plays Obama on SNL

I'll know things have calmed down when

They are still mourning

We told the Koch Bros, the Adelsons, the Kkkarl funders, etc that they can't buy elections. NOW

7 Facts About Our Veterans That Will Shock The Hell Out Of You

a group of 21-25 year olds talk about the election

I have a great IDEA

Robert Reich Calls on The President to Sign an Executive Order de-funding Military Contract Lobbying

Does Romney still have the momentum?

A beef with college education

Republicans in Florida ignoring the new majority - less Cuban and Republican

What an Opportunity-----Dick Lugar

Reject Third Way propaganda, *especially* now.

Obama's Secret Weapon In The South: Small, Dead, But Still Kickin'

Flight ---Denzel Washington

Should Gallup Answer As To Why They Gave Such A Biased Prediction Of The Electorate In 010 And 012?

Teacher Calling Reelection 'America's Funeral'

God Bless Papa John for helping out the country

A remarkable, historic period of change (E. Klein)

Shouldn't Obama just do nothing and let this so-called fiscal cliff thing happen?

Tell us of your great practical jokes. Here's mine:

What makes a gay soldier different from a straight soldier?

Bill Kristol: Take Obama's Offer - Raise Taxes on Millionaires.

Very funny from Saturday Night Live

Longest time ever lurker checking in:

Want to push back against selfish CEOs? LIST GOOD ALTERNATIVES

Israel 'may launch ground invasion into Gaza'

Freepers Are The Gift That Keeps On Giving-"George Soros Stole The Election"

Is America ready for a white, male Secretary of State?

Texas GOP official: “Maggots” re-elected Obama petition-Remove marijuana from the federal Controlled Substance Act

Let's Not Forget: The largest block of Obama's voters were WHITE.

On the eleventh day of the eleventh month at eleven a.m. ...

Today must be a fun day inside of all those evangelical churches


SNL Reviewed: Obama Gloats and Romney Mopes

Archive of today's edition of "Making Sense with Steve Leser" election aftermath, latinos, Benghazi

Here is a link to the Occupy Sandy registry. If you would like to send some help...

President Obama: This Day Belongs to Veterans

NC Vote breakout by county--November 6, 2012

Momentum builds for U.S. immigration reform plan

Springfield Expo Center brings together two very different crowds

Elizabeth Warren, Known, and Maybe Feared, on National Stage -

Tibetans Have 'Sacred Duty' To Support Self-Immolations

MSM: 286 EC Votes = Mandate for Bush .......332 EC Votes Not A Mandate for Obama

The KOCH BROTHERS Turn On Chris Christie and WARN HIM About Setting Up Obamacare

Shabbat wars: Hundreds in Acre protest opening of store on Saturday

Supreme court urged to rule on Sikh leader's claim he is a 'holy saint' (UK)

Hundreds evacuated in Tuscany as Venice floods

Miami-Dade/Little Havana precinct map: An end to the Right Wing Cuban American chokehold

Let's use proper terminology in the tax debate:

Apparently we won because of voter fraud

I'm starting a petition to replace "R" in the alphabet

Harris-Perry on poverty: ‘Those aren’t numbers. Those are people’

A good day to remind everyone that the Republicans cut the veterans jobs bill ...

Campaign Sources: Romney Campaign was a Consultant Con Job

An Essay from my Vet. Roommate (and friend) on His Viewpoint of Voting Importance

Repubs want everyone to believe that nothing has changed with the election...

A remarkable, historic period of change (worth a read for some perspective)

Oh yeah? Well I'm watching you, watching him watch me!

Harvesting ornamental & wild plants for food and other uses

George Will was too scared to appear on THIS WEEK today...

IF you know what the Conservative Cave is, are we getting a few members personal info?

Credit unions gaining ground on banks

Middle-class, largely white suburb, gives Obama the lead on election night.

On CNN today, Fareed Zakaria started the Congressional "Supermajority" meme

Democrats won but Axelrod laying the groundwork for cave-in again, we better fight

While originally written about Aussie troops in WWI the sentiment is universal.

WTF???? Dead pig dressed as Mitt Romney dumped at Republican Party office in Manhattan Beach

Role of religious faith in World War I examined in new book (from 2010)

The irrational hatred of our President

They Meant For This Bullying Skit To Be Funny But It's Too Insightful

Since the election, how many "friends" have you lost on Facebook

What is a gif?

Petraeus sent emails to Broadwell about sex under a desk

Are Veterans' Day Parades bigger this year than usual

SNL: Tagg Romney wants to punch America in the face

Veterans Day Poem from Canada: In Flanders Fields

Elizabeth Warren May Not Make the Banking Committee - CNBC

Bob Beckel and Alan Colmes get paid to help Fox “news” make the claim of “Fair and Balanced”.


Breaking:Eric Cantor involved in outing of Petraeus

Kristol to GOP: Don’t ‘fall on your sword’ to defend millionaires

Doonesbury on Veterans Day

Laura Ingraham Points to Southern Strategy For Reforming GOP

Death of the Tea Party

President Obama’s Proclamation In Honor Of Veterans Day

Spokesman: House majority leader knew of Petraeus matter in October

How America Is Turning into a 3rd World Nation in 4 Easy Steps

Boehner Under Huge Twitter Attack Today

Rachel Maddow at her best...

Stupid question I shouldn't be asking.

I tried to find an up to date accounting of ALL the money spent on the 2 presidential campaigns.

Andrew Sullivan's awesome quote

Was it a slip?

Grandparents Put Baby in Oven to Teach Dad a Lesson (no babies were harmed)

From The Daily Mail: 'We would rather lose with you than win with anyone else'

When Republicans Say They Are Alarmed By Excessive Government Debt, They Are LYING To You

While the Right is busy blaming Welfare Recipients for their loss

The centerpiece of the RW philosophy--the Trickle Down theory--is

UPDATE: on my friend serving coffee to Karl Rove

Patty Murray: If GOP Refuses All Tax Hikes, We’ll Let Them Go Up And Start Over

Governor Cuomo:Impacted by Sandy? Find out what type of Fema assistance

Jay Inslee, Democratic Governor of Washington State!

Just curious - a question for the campaign savvy

The Republican Party’s electoral map problem

Tell them to REALLY support the troops!

dear media, does this look like a virtual tie to you?

2 arguments I have heard...

Yay Washington - several top posts on DU right now!


Yay Washington - several top posts on DU right now!

New S.F. digs for veterans in need (75 efficiency apartments)

Who are the up and coming Latino politicians of the Democratic Party?

Ecuador's Correa to run for 3rd term

Nate Silver helped me from becoming a royal alcoholic in the last few weeks of the election...

Petraeus Other Woman - Jill Kelley

Long lines at the polls stir calls in Congress for election reform

Lawyers, Guns, and Money

Long lines at the polls stir calls in Congress for election reform

A letter from the Citizens of Colorado and Washington.


The RNC Built That

HB1355, signed into law by Gov. Rick Scott meant many did not vote

Why should the rich pay more taxes?

Should anyone happen to find themselves here...

Brewer Says Immigration Reform ‘Fine And Dandy,’ Office Walks Back Statement

Information About David Petraeus Was Confined to Small Circle

What Is The Rolling Jubilee?

Partial recount changes little in West-Murphy race

I am a job creator...

Can someone please enlighten me?

Tearing Down What Republicans Built and Rebuilding It Correctly.

2 years ago Fox News called taxing the rich immoral. One Obama reelection later, they support it.

The future of Keystone XL

FBI: Too Much Autonomy? Shades of Hoover?

Ok, I just got the best robo call, EVER - a recruiting call from Ann Coulter!!

49ers run game an innovative relic

Two Party Monte

The GOP’s blame game

Letter to a future Republican strategist regarding white people

Sunday best: Bill Kristol wants to raise taxes on millionaires

Does anyone think charges will be brought against the dark money supporting Prop. 32 in CA?

Bill and Hillary Clinton playing soccer

Bit of a smile this morning at church

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. could serve jail time in plea deal

Love This Photo and Post from President Obama

Children testify of horror in Afghan massacre trial

Dear Mitt, I hope this haunts you:

Climate change could kill off pandas

Danziger Toon: KKKarl Rove Taken For A Ride

LG recalls 161,000 ranges with faulty temperature controls

Hillary Clinton: battling for Barack from behind the scenes

Anyone watch Doomsday Preppers and see freaked out republicans?

I guess trumad and his buddies from the 72 phins are opening another bottle of champagne!

Fireplaces and Inserts Recalled by Monessen Hearth Systems Due to Risk of Fire

The Conservative Truth-bubble

I watched 41 last night...

What do the Republicans need to win 2016?

Anyone have the results from the "secret censorship panel of jurors"?

If Obama gets absolutely nothing done in the next 4 years, that'll be fine by me

Chicago on the evening of November 6th (an awesome picture)

Democrat rainbow and a Republican rainbow...

Meet Tracy Watson, owner of Watson Transportation and proud Romney voter.

Feel like an idiot asking this

Well, went to the market

Can't enter but want to share...

The President's job

Another beautiful election night HUG

Removing the parrot's flight permit

**Lost Ones*** Republicans Crying Election Night 2012


After a big Democratic win every Sunday show has a panel full of Republicans?

I know some of you are going to say this is fake. but I don't care - it's still cool

A mandate on ending tax cuts for the rich

Down the rabbit hole


A question for all the DU football fans..

this used to be Armistice Day

I can't wait for winter to get here.

All the Republican whining

Well, guess what Jill Kelly's sister does:

quick - i need a birthday gift idea for a new friend...

Remember... Ann Coulter says there is NO RACISM...just a reminder

President Obama, you campaigned on raising the tax RATE of the top

a post-election note ...

Regarding the stock market taking a dump after election of Obama: it is a contraindicator

Ohio’s GOP Secretary of State Already Has A Plan To Rig The 2016 Election For Republicans

The unemployment rate for recent vets is over 10%. For recent female vets it is MUCH worse.

In Flanders Fields


Adios, "idiot wind" Mitt!

Pete King Republican from NY asking the Federal Government for

Instead of boycotting Applebee's...

Eric Shinseki, VA Chief, Charts Solid Gains For Veterans

Okay, this is funny

Filibuster Reform: Democrats, GOP Gear Up For Fight

LBN ; Judy's Garland's Oz dress fetches $480K in auction

just donated a small amount, this is Very-Cool !

This whole narrative of white people losing power and white people mourning makes me nervous

Mango, the Welsh Corgi pup who is too excited to eat

Is it possible to request a post (not yet created) be made a sticky in GD?

Beautiful quote from Ireland Newspaper about President Obama's win ~ in 2008 ~

HEY! Hotshot media types! Yeah, we know you read us surreptitiously...

Rationalizations of the Right Wing American

US politics today is as absurd as Britain's under George III

Alabama Joins the Secession Movement. Crimson Tide Beaten on Home Turf.

The jay, midwife of the forest

Cleveland saved America - from Facebook

Bring on the Fox News viewers internment camps!

Sonya, a lovely Russian cat, adopts 4 orphaned hedgehogs, aka "Hedgekitties" :)

Turkey Talk

This does not feel like an election to me

The Walking Dead 3.5 "Say the Word" (spoiler warning)

Buried with a stake through a heart: the medieval 'vampire' burial

Awesome Revenge layoff tweet:

David Corn: GOP: Got Leaders?

Just unfriended, in every respect, a childhood friend who turned out to be a Trump-loving birther.


Breaking: pics of billionaire rw donors greeting KKKarl


Get drunk and learn Windows 8

You know what I won't miss?

Hi everyone

Is Chuckie Toad still trying to piss on Democrats or is he licking his wounds? nt

Four Presidents in the last century have won 50%

Cuban chorus offers diverse and beautiful music

Republicans Turn to Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio to Repair Breach With Hispanics

Thomas Frank: Why Occupy failed and how it's more like the Tea Party than anyone wants to admit

CBS News (yes, really!): The scientific truth about climate change

What kind of tea IS this?

Liberal/Democratic Victory= Southern Secession/Civil War?

Obama hails veterans, pledges continued support

Two threads I'm asking you to please K&R, if you don't mind.

Michael Tomasky on How the Right Is Still Racist

Just occurred to me how ironic it is that Marc Emery is still serving time in a US prison and...

Ok. Here's a list of all the free crap. Some today, some tomorrow.

Doctor says 104-year-old Brazilian architect Niemeyer is 'getting better daily'

GOP Controls Arkansas Senate, House Control Unclear

My vote for #1 republican Douche of the Day

538 - "Which Polls Fared Best (and Worst) in the 2012 Presidential Race"

I'm watching a re-run of the HBO series, "The Pacific" and I never knew why

Early Signs of General Petraeus’s Extramarital Affair

Jon Husted Hatches a Plan to Make Sure Democrats Never Win Ohio Again

Congress wants answers on Petraeus affair

Happy Veterans Day to all our Vets! Two and Four legged!(pics)

FR: "Congratulations to Jim Robinson for His Political Sagacity Overwhelmingly Accurate" [sic]

On the Dark Side of History

Transgender state rep elected in New Hampshire

UPDATED: Pres Obama HAS gone over the 62 MILLION popular vote mark! (& beats Bush's '04 total)

They just don't get it.

Hey guys, you know that the republicans aren't going to change, right? nt

Dick Morris question...

C-SPAN: BOOK TV: Paula Broadwell and Vernon Loeb, "All In: The Education of General David Petraeus"

Why would Petraeus pick an unknown to write his biography?

FYI: Recall Dorrries

Nation pays tribute to sacrifices of veterans

Had a hard time choosing

Going Down The Quality Review Tubes at PS 154x

Is J Street Winning?

Anyone else love to watch Von Miller?

Sam Wang called the election almost exactly back in ... July.

The Right Wing is just begging to get spanked again

Solid South? Maybe not as much as you thought ...

Obama asks Palestinians to back off statehood push

Paula Broadwell Emails Sent To State Department Military Liaison: AP Source

Timeline of Petraeus scandal scrutinized as Benghazi hearing looms

Regarding Karl Rove and his flushing away at least 300 Million dollars........


Greek MPs approve hefty budget cuts

Obama to Palestinian leader: U.S. opposes U.N. membership

the people are smarter than the republicans and the media.

Is there a definitive "best freeper sadness" thread on here?

Dear America, I know how much you like to commemorate veterans and it's great...

FOX is trying to pin prior knowledge of Petraeus affair on the Prez

How do I add a photo to a post I make?

What we dodged: Ayn Rand's America *whew*

Great update on Kate...

Do we now hold an edge in National Presidential races?

Obama vote surges among Miami Cubans, but what does election mean for Cuba?

Jill Kelley is from Philly!

TRANSCRIPT: Bob Woodward on MTP thie morning--the 'starting point' for fiscal cliff negotiations

Just how serious is this "fiscal cliff"?

Sotomayor shuts down Disney: "Pretending to be a princess is fun, but it is definitely not a career"

Understanding Repubs means understanding they'll paint Obama as extreme no matter what.

Winning the House in 2014: 5% headwinds?

The tide continues: Conservative college tells Coultergist to stay home!

On Veterans Day, I say thank you to all who served - especially the MIA

WTF? FUX with News advertises on ESPN?

Popular Vote Milestone Coming Right Up: Obama About the Pass Bush's 2004 Vote Total

Wm Doyle who wrote book on Petraeus on CNN now and

There's really no cure for Fux News

What The 2012 Election Would Have Looked Like Without Universal Suffrage


The lunacy over the restaurants cutting back is growing on Facebook.

David McCullough segment beginning on 60 Minutes now

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 12 November 2012 (Holiday -- US markets closed)

Of all the pictures of Rightwing nuts sadden by the fact President Obama won re-election


Is Reaganism Finally Dead?

Two Rainbows-Democratic Rainbow Republican Rainbow

Does anyone know where I can buy NON GMO seed (Corn and Soybeans)?

Maybe I'm in a minority but I Like Star Trek: Enterprise

Does anyone know where I can buy NON GMO seed (Corn and Soybeans)? I need to plan next years crops

Buchanan: ‘White America’ Died Last Night

The "Group Of Four"

Ray McGovern on the Corruption of U.S Intelligence --Petraeus is in Part of the Series

Kansas, Missouri remain nation’s crimson political islands

TIE! Frisco lost!

Thank you, TeamPooka.

Fr. Thomas Reese, SJ: Is there a political plan B for the bishops?

Va te faire foutre, M. Rove, et tes amis.

Praying for Romney

The Sins Of General David Petraeus

The Flat - the movie

Deodorant for your cat or dog? Lemongrass mosquito repellant for your pet? Mouthwash gel, maybe?

The perfect memorial for the Romney campaign

Will Romney now submit an amended income tax return

We still have a way to go...

Academics - Paula Broadwell ( Kranz) Passion. Intensity. Vision.

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

please look at at this

GOP Constituency

Julie Brown spoofs Victoria Jacka...., I mean Jackson

this guy is showing his ass and i hope he gets it kicked....Foxaganda

Elizabeth Warren SHOULD NOT be on the Senate Banking Committee

WIKI UPDATE: Paula Dean Kranz Broadwell: ".. an American writer, academic, and anti-terrorism prof

Papa John's Pizza Gave Us Diarrhea Anyways

Shameless socialist strenuously strove stridently

62,065,873!!! Obama Passes Bush's 2004 Total Vote

I love this political cartoon picture.

Christian Conservatives Have a Sad

check it out!!!

Is there a boycott website for general companies threatening employees (i.e. Applebees)

Facebook community "friends of 620 KPOJ AM progressive talk radio"

The Sins of General David Petraeus

Toronto Star: Toronto diminishes its future by killing Jarvis bike lanes

We have an issue with Iran, and it's not about the nukes

Math vs Pundit Trolls - Why Nate Silver Got Drunk

I think there is MUCH more to the story than where the 4-Star Penis was spending time.

You know what REALLY pisses the RW off more than anything else?

Ahhh Hell I am just going to ask: Was Petraeus supposed to be the "October Surprise"?

Sources tell me Karl Rove's nickname has been shortened from Turd Blossom to just Turd.

Let's see...Papa Johns, Applebee's...

Anyone playing EQII?

David Letterman top 10 Bad Election Coverage

Meet The Woman Who Exposed David

Everybody give a fb like, yelp review etc to your fave indie pizza place!

OK, Ready for The Walking Dead? Please post updates here ***SPOILERS***

Thanks for your service...

General Comment

Man With the Iron Fists is fun.

An Offer Of Free Stuff For Republicans

NYT: For One Night At Fox, News Tops Agenda

Kansas, Missouri remain nation’s crimson political islands

Before You Start Bashing Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) Read This

Veterans days always make me feel weird.

What do type in the firefox address bar to get to the network settings?

It was not even close...

Nice primer on Japanese cultural differences

RAVITCH: corporate ed "reformers" want ONLINE KINDERGARTEN?

The cost per vote...WOW!!

Does anyone here or anywhere really think the GOP base is going to moderate? NO WAY IN HELL!

Tonight's Simpsons blackboard: "I will not concede the election till Karl Rove gives me permission."

I'm glad America agreed!

Know what Sheldon Adelson needs?


What The Rich Really Think

"Who is Holly Petraeous?" ....... and her link to Elizabeth Warren


Papa John must have been in the house!

Should The Democratic Party Have A Latino On The Ticket In 2016?

You have to admit: Conservatives got a giant slap in the face of their beliefs the past two weeks.

About Reagan's "Government Isn't The Solution, It's The Problem" Quote

Would we be btter off without these secessionist wanna-bees?

Hi everyone!

The West Wing,

To US.

My personal WWI hero.

Red State Doubles Down on Crazy, re: Obamacare

BCS Standings 11/11 - Michigan keeps Nebraska company

Papa John's 2011 financial statement

So you're afraid of Whites being a minority?

"If You Make the Voters Your Enemy, They Will Fight Back."

Latest From Brian Brown and NOM: "Starbucks Will 'Pay' For Support of Gay Marriage"

Post a song for a veteran.

Is It Just Me Or Does It Seem The Right Is Trying To Turn Benghazi Into 9-11?


This was just a post on my Facebook from a distant relative.

I never thought I'd see it.

Thank you to all of our Native American Veterans

Romney lost because he portrayed himself and his values accurately.

"High Flight" by John Gillespie Magee, Jr. (One of my favourite poems)

In case anyone forgot— Every dollar of the deficit = more than a dollar in the economy

This is what FORWARD looks like!


In honour of Remembrance Day (the name given to Nov. 11 here in Canada)

Watching Sippy Cupp on Bill Maher (recorded).

I don't know if I just missed a thread or if no one is talking about the dumb girl on FB

Krugman: Organization

Leviticus 20:13 explained on FaceBook

Obama 2012 - Diversity, LGBT, Naturally Growing Substances - Hippies Finally Win!

A nice quick dinner on a cool night...

I Believe it is Time to Start Asking the Correct Questions

He has no idea what he's doing.

Exhausted and apprehensive, but warm, dry, clean and no longer in the dark.

This pic makes Andrew sad

"Republicans say deal can be done on U.S. "fiscal cliff""

12 November 1924: The Death of ED Morel

So Papa John's CEO claims that a price increase and hours cut to thousands of employees...

Biggest loser/winner last Tuesday: Mitt's shirt sleeve roller.

Missouri Democrats see results of fund gap

what's wrong with these peppers? jamacain hot chocolate

Cat places third in Virginia Senate race

LOL, Simpsons!

Did Petraeus mistress reveal classified details in speech?

“A political narcissistic sociopath leveraged fear and ignorance” (or Tales of the 180 Tell)

Minnesota again has highest voter turnout in the nation

MoveOn sends ‘General Betray-us’ down the memory hole

Feudalism? New Law Involves Paying One's Withholding Taxes to One's Employer

Eat. Your. Peas. They are good for you, just like Obamacare

Help, My Name is Glenn Beck, And My Self-Centered World-View Is Being Crushed By Science And Reason.

This really made me chuckle...

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, November 13: Star of the Month: Constance Bennett

For Carl Sagan Week: The Intro To... 'Contact'

Four more years of 'family values' not being shouted from the rooftops...

An email to Papa Johns...

Republicans should be terrified-What California looks like now is what the entire USA will look like

Australia, I hear it's a lovely place to visit...

Chasing Ice---Be sure to watch it if you can.

Detailed look at the Hispanic vote

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, November 14: Novel to Film

NYT - MSNBC considering time slot changes including Ezra Klein at 8pm?

Social Security in One Graph...

Ed Schultz OUT at MSNBC?

For my 10,000th post: Dead man (Democrat) wins election in Texas

In Debt Talks, Obama Is Ready to Go Beyond Beltway

Beware Ohio Jon Husted is not done with you yet

"When Republicans Deliberately Sowed a Financial Crisis"

Bwahahaha! The Simpsons Intro Does Karl Rove!!

An email to Starbucks.....

Now you don't have to keep hitting "refresh". Watch Mitt lose Facebook friends in real time.

Fact Check: Papa John is a Lying Republicon Asshole

Mitt Romney Loses 50,000 Facebook fans

Women made history: 20 women will be serving together in the U.S. Senate

Just a little reminder.......

The Republican Party Needs to Ditch Fox News If It Wants to Win

Missouri DINO GOV Jay Nixon's second term could attract national spotlight

The New America: What the election teaches us about ourselves

The great thing about capitolism....

Former Bush Commerce secretary: Republicans ‘scaring the heck out of’ Hispanics

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Sunday, November 11)

Paul Krugman: "Deficit-Scolds Never Really About Deficit, But About Shredding Social Safety Net"

PRICELESS Pic. Of Rmoney Losing The Election

What's for Dinner ~ Monday Nov 12th