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Democat handles intimidation

Liberty and Justice - together again!


Petraeus' lover's husband possibly the writer of letter to NY Times advice columnist

I watched Piers Morgan again. The reporter in question is Ron Kessler

What time did Anonymous announce they were watching Ohio's servers? Did you supposed Husted knew?

Papa John's CEO John Schnatter Says Company Will Reduce Workers' Hours In Response To Obamacare

Did all of the companies announce layoffs just since Wednesday of this past week?

The Last Word - Barbour on GOP losses: 'We had some sh***y candidates'

Someone put a sticker on a light post

Can't get my head around differential and absolute ground rent.

Poll: Now that the election is over what are you looking forward to the most?

Great news for Cali! We have been trying to get rid of Mary Bono for years. A true right wing

The Last Word - Bush tax cuts fight, take two

Paula Broadwell interview by Jon Stewart

Even Mad Men Can’t Rebrand this Bunch of Republicans

The Last Word - CIA Director David Petraeus resigns

If anyone her is in contact with

Will I be able to drive to Colorado and buy Pot if I'm from out of state?

Used only once.

Let My People Go..............

Epic Fail

Peggy Noonan: Romney will win!

Coltrane's funeral

Things you should never run into a room and yell

The Racist Republican's Cognitive Dissonance

"Most quotes you find on the Internet are inaccurate." --Abraham Lincoln

Very low turnout at tonight's meeting in blood-red San Clemente

Escaping poverty with the art of magic

What to do with employer who admits to firing people because they voted for Obama.

Mitt, we hardly knew ye! Anyone else having a hard time remembering what that guy even looked like?

My thoughts regarding the various "restaurants" who plan to cut employee hours...

Funny line from a British comedy (Martin Clunes).

Dear Jerk-Offs Who are Firing Their Employees

CAn they get the fiscal mess done in time??

And they have never let us forget it! ( A cat pic)

Bill Mahrer did a session titled In Memoriam about the losers of seats

Stingy Papercut of Voter Suppression Ruins GOPer's Day

I looked at lists of the casualties of Iraq and Afghanistan

Epiphany strikes my 73-year-old republican sister while watching Fox News.

A week before the election, the amendment for requiring voters to have Photo ID led

Wow. A dumb FB 'friend' is still screeching about Obama losing the popular vote.

So *this* came up in my news feed (he is my fan of glenn beck friend)

Connecticut Republicans Turn Bazookas On One Another, Fire Indiscriminatly

Seattle Police Department Unmanned Aerial System Operations Draft Manual

Maher: Election 2012 'In Memoriam'

Prosecutors in Pierce, King counties to dismiss pot-possession cases

What The 2012 Election Would Have Looked Like Without Universal Suffrage

New Rules (Full segment)

Hey DU, don't forget Veterans Day Sunday.

Funny Petraeus tweet

Lockheed Martin, Home Of Today’s Second Ethics-Driven Resignation

Cover of Bloomberg Businessweek Marks Reelection of President Obama

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday Nov 10th

So, a challenge. Since I whined earlier this week about being cold... where

Mapping racist Tweets: where post-election hate came from

No reason not to raise taxes on the wealthy

Fantasyland - Frank Rich

I did it. I made it.

The new Bloomberg Business magazine cover of President Obama - image

Hank Williams Jr. upset about Obama win

my GOP nephew is all mad. says his boss is going to fire him. OBAMACARE!!!!! OH NOES

Final Obama-Romney vote totals (Romney ends up at 47%)


How to Spot a Liar

Three somewhat similar maps

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Friday, November 9)

Gallup: 2012 election had the largest gender gap in recorded history

Dear Republicans How Does The Chick Fil A Taste NOW ?

Artur Davis: GOP won’t make gains with blacks, should focus on Latinos and blue collars

hickenlooper - to take too big of a bong hit,

Did the conservatives turn off Fox after the election?

Ami Bera is widening his lead over Dan Lungren in absentee/provisional ballots

5 traits of the House freshman class

Rick Scott on his decision on early voting: The right thing happened

Ron Barber inches ahead in uncalled Arizona race - (Gabby Giffords' seat)

It's Sesame Street Day!

BBC in turmoil as Newsnight's Tory abuse story falls apart

If I we a RWer, I would lay the blame exactly where it belongs...

Media Ignores Call For Gun Violence Prevention In Loughner Sentencing Hearing

Canadians Trade Guns for Cameras in Creative Anti-Violence Program

Slayings spotlight Fla. gun laws

Labor: Tax the rich, don't touch safety nets

They just don't get it, do they?


Now that Marijuana is legalized in Colorado, the state looks like this:

Didn't they tell us to "get over it" in 2000?

Maybe they'll grow up a bit.

Drew Linzer: The stats man who predicted Obama's win

So when Sandy devastated New York, did Wall Street come to the rescue? No, it was Occupy.

I met George Lucus and took his ticket

Spielberg’s ‘Lincoln’ Is Honestly Good

Occupy Sandy: Onetime protesters find new cause

Angry White Men

So Betrayus resigned because his Biographer was being investigated by the FBI

Bill Moyers: What Election 2012 Reveals About America and Its Shifting Racial Faultlines

Woman alleges Waffle House CEO demanded sex acts

labor: tax the rich, don't touch safety nets

Have you ever been swindled?

Politico: Romney's ORCA (vote tracking program) sank his GOTV operation

egypt muslim sisters rise with conservative vision

Why the special treatment for George P Bush "secretly" serving in the navy? Is this a hoax?

Invitation to a Funeral

Professions that attract the most psychopaths

2006 killing of reporter who was critic of the Kremlin was "meant as a message".

"The American people voted for action, not politics as usual."

How a nerd named Nate Silver changed political reporting forever.

Pentagon clears possible sale of Lockheed planes to Saudi Arabia

What Jobs Have the Tax Cuts for The Rich Made and the Word Entitlement

Weekly Address: Extending Middle Class Tax Cuts to Grow the Economy

Lockheed Martin gets additional $11.9 million for F-22 fixes

David Petraeus Was Brought Down by ... Gmail

I'm thrilled about the number of women we elected to the Senate

The Next Trillion-Dollar Stimulus? It's Immigration Reform

Iraq scraps Russia arms deal on 'graft' claim

Ollie Spews About Benghazi

In weekly address, Pres. Obama says wealthy Americans should pay more in taxes

Republican Mary Bono has just conceded to the Democrat Raul Ruiz!

Robert Murray that POS from the Utah mine collapse? He laid off 150 with a prayer because Obama won

Mayor backs down from gay wedding after threats{france}

"They became blind to the authenticity of Obama, and the faith such a quality can still inspire."

The Freepers had their own Nate Silver. Man, did he get a lot of shit.

Leading Banking Committee Democrat Backs Warren

The You're-on-Your-Own Society

Can DU create a page or thread(with easy access) of businesses that "aren't blue" or are "Blue"?

Funniest thing you'll read all day: Facebook post from a Romney supporter,or perhaps satire

California Rolls Back Three Strikes—Will Others Follow?

Anders Breivik (Norway's mass killer) criticises 'inhumane' jail conditions

Does anyone know of a link

Democrat Jay Inslee elected Washington state governor

Would Gay Voters Really Fall for a Pro-Marriage Equality GOP?

Avg hours per week for folks who work at foodservice establishments- 24 hours

Anyone watching the idiot Tea Party Express woman on Washington Journal?

Resolved: We Elected a Good Man

Pot legalization puts bankers in a pickle

Hello!!!11!1 It's not "a tax break on those making less than $250,000"

Final Election Results: Obama 332 to Romney 206

Whatever the right thinks it is made mainstream. The media parades them on and they

Today is another

Applied Frackonomics

Upstate NY Postal can drive today, 11/10/2012

Did Petraeus have to resign?

The Malia Generation

How marijuana legalization will affect Mexico’s cartels, in charts

How do you feel about victims of brainwashing?

Hello America! About those power outages....

Brandon Whipple Wins Kansas House Seat After Being Attacked For Not Having Children

What Can't These Guys Keep Their Dicks in Their Pants?

A few state polls BEFORE Sandy hit (for the Repubs who think Sandy lost them the election)

Federal agents arrest 34 white supremacists

One of the funniest gifs you'll ever see

Peter Morrison, Texas GOP Official, Calls For 'Amicable Divorce' From 'Maggots' Who Voted For Obama

Democratic House candidates winning the popular vote, despite big GOP majority

Declaring Victory for Obama at Grover Norquist's Election Watch Party 2012

LOL Huckabee on Fox and Fiends this morning talking about all those people on welfare

It would be nice if those DUers who

US Consumer sentiment shows signs of improvement in November.

Need some research pointers for the next wave of crap I see coming...

Murphy’s lead beyond recount: Victory certain!!!

Fox News, the anus of broadcast news

‘Fiscal cliff’ talks will boil down to one obscure acronym: Batna

Citigroup Will Pay Former Chief Pandit $6.7 Million for 2012

Some idiot stole my sign!

Bernie Sanders Slams the GOP Plan to Reduce the Deficit by Cutting Veterans Benefits

Babies to get 'gut bug vaccine'{uk}

Any chance the CIA's killer drone hits will decrease?

an answer to, What can Obama do?

Hormones in menstrual cycle 'affect asthma'

Auschwitz to be drilled for gas

Here It Is - Mitt Rmoney's Farewell Song - Dance On My Grave.........

Inside Team Romney's whale of an IT meltdown = Orca, the Romney campaign's "killer" app

Good to see that we've got beyond the racial division of the 60s. From Ole/ Miss

Toon: If You had only Paid it in Taxes...

A Message From Us Rich Plutocrats To All You Little People

Another Clay Bennett Gem

Final word on the %47.

"The best part is..."

Even through the dark time after the first debate....

I was just reading about Wood County voter irregularities

We could call the House switch board 202.224.3121 and ask to speak to Boehner's office

Andrew Sullivan And SE Cupp Clash Over Gay Marriage, Mormonism On Real Time

Pentagon releases Benghazi timeline, defends response


Invoke Ike

Petraeus was the Original Official Source of Iraq "Biotrailers" WMD Deception

Hank The Cat comes 3rd in VA senate race

Enrollment for winter heating assistance

Petraueus starts the deck shuffling

Election Leaves Michigan's Emergency Manager Law in Doubt

News from CA 7th District

The President's Bully Pulpit. Please use it in a savvy way, Mr. President.

Let's see. So far I've been called a maggot, pimp, whore, welfare queen...

Fun Fact re: WA State's New Gov Jay Inslee

Rachel Maddow: the make-up of the GOPs best thinkers on Science

Patriot Express loans help veterans realize dreams

Are old posts errantly replacing some new posts on Latest page?

Chris Hayes' excellent point on voter registration

Berkshire unit weighs debt sale for solar project

Politicians Who Reject Labels Based on Religion

Billions on Flood Barriers Now Might Save New York City

The icing on the Election Cake: The defeat of the loathsome Allen West.

New Archbishop Justin Welby pledges re-think on gay relationships

The Dark Night Rises

Krugman: Delusions of Reason

Rokkasho and a hard place: The government’s fudge on its nuclear future remains unconvincing

Just saw a great bumper sticker

Quite possibly the worst case of GOP butthurt I've seen yet.

That Was Fast! A Roundup of Petraeus Resignation Conspiracy Theories

Christian Right Failed to Sway Voters on Issues

Ryan Lost His Hometown Badly

Waffle House CEO (Romney Supporter) accused of sexual improprieties

Occupy the Prison-Industrial Complex

Note to media yakkers: The Rethug party canNOT be re-made to appeal to minorities

Reggie Perrin

Chris Hayes' tribute to campaign workers

Meet the Stars of "2012: The Movie" - Starring Jon Hamm as Mitt Romney and Paul Rudd as Paul Ryan

Election Toons Roundup

Why is oliver stone always attacking the president

Feedback welcome on my cooking blog!

Why can’t our ‘leaders’ speak like Barack Obama? (View From India)

Lying Sack of S*** of The Week: Karl Rove

Best pundit tweet of the 2012 campaign

What The 2012 Election Would Have Looked Like Without Universal Suffrage

Business Owner Facing Backlash For Urging Employees To Vote Romney


What do you think about this for 2014?

Gabby Giffords' husband calls out avoidance of addressing guns, 'feckless' AZ Governor.

Penelope Barker led the...

Do you hear that?

Obamacare would allow sterilizations on minors without consent - damn, the rw will believe anything

Asian Voters Send a Message to Republicans

If the Tea Party morons try impeachment...

Obama to UAW: Re-election wouldn't have happened without union, its members

Lockheed Martin’s Incoming CEO Kubasik Quits After Relationship (Same day at Betray-us)

Why Obama’s trip to Burma is such a big deal (Max Fisher, WaPo)

Peggy Noonan: The Blame Is Ours, but I'm Actually Still Right in My Political Perception

Is the Cult of Karl Rove Over?

The GOP lives on non-sequiturs.

Karl Rove's gonna have to host a high-stakes poker game in Montenegro

The Richest Counties voted for Obama MYTH

Paul Begala: How the GOP Helped Obama Win

Did Romney get Tea Partied?

When Republicans Deliberately Sowed a Financial Crisis

Nate Silver: Why I Started FiveThirtyEight

Meatless Mondays': LA urges residents to turn vegetarian one day a week

Melissa Harris-Perry Essay on the "Process President"

Link to the Voter Empowerment Act (retweeted by Chris Hayes minutes ago)

Nooooooo! Stupid publishers...

Rush Limbaugh: Mayor of Realville

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

I'd greatly appreciate your suggestions...

Fixing Wisconsin, part II

I’m Black and I Want More “Stuff” and “Things”: An Open Letter to Bill O’Reilly

Does anyone have any count on the Jesus for President votes ... Thanks

Winners and Losers = Least Scientific Members of Congress = Big Turnover House Science Committee

Petraeus Link to ‘Times’ Letter?

Wall St Jrnl runs an editorial: "Obama's Divided Nation" to highlight the Red/Blue divide

NY Post's PETREAUS headline: Cloak and Shag Her

"Lemon Law King" Vince Megna to run for Wisconsin State Supreme Court

The "FOX Bubble"

Patraeus is all part of a big conspiracy don't y know.

We Got This

SPIEGEL Interview with Orlando Cruz 'I Couldn't Accept Being Gay Because I Was too Afraid'

County by county, what's the biggest red/blue tilt in your state ?

Melissa-Harris-Perry, MSNBC, well she just put Jon Husted, SOS Ohio, on notice....

Y'all come out and see us real soon!

"Official tells me sevrl people who knew Petraeus got anonymous harassing emails."

Melissa Harris-Perry: The demise of the white man is severely overstated

Cloud 9

Murphy OFFICIALLY defeats West

Dysert Miami RedHawks' Career Passing Leader

I'm getting a 413 error message

US military warned to prepare for consequences of climate change

At Cambridge Polling Site, Cop And Professor Meet Again — As Friends

Saturday, November 10th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

China proposes space collaboration with India

Republicans are BLAMING GEORGE CLOONEY for Mitt Romney’s Defeat

Been to a 3rd World Country, told i have parasites....has anyone had to deal

I shutdown my Facebook account yesterday.

The Best-Laid Schemes o' Rodents an' Republicans

The Winners!

Gay Marrriage in 2013

3 Somewhat Similar Maps

Seriously: How do we get Pres Obama (and his team) to change the language on a single item?

The President should apologize

Your Moment of Gloat (The Last Word)

I feel like its a new day.

US elections: five climate hawks who will take office in 2013

Well, the HUGE Romney signs all over town

Today in Peace and Justice history on November 10, 1924

Someone had to do it. A GOPer's Lament to Mitt. Sung to the tune of:

Today in Peace and Justice history on November 10, 1924

This looks cute and british With Daniel Radcliffe.

an old Luckovich toon which applies yet again

'Hey, It Will Only Cost $7 Billion To Build A Storm Surge Barrier For New York - Whaddya Say?'

Judge skeptical of Occupy Eugene arrest

'Hey, It Will Only Cost $7 Billion To Build A Storm Surge Barrier For New York - Whaddya Say?'

Look how blue the Iron Range is

Skinner Wins Seat in West Virginia

From PBS: It's Sesame Street's birthday!

Is RW fatuation with Bengazhi about Obama....or prep work to frame Hillary'16?

New York Post has an exceedingly tacky headline for the Gen. Petraeus story

>> DURec+ it if you're in! OTC = Occupy The Cliff!!!!

farm bill could hinge on budget talks

Winners and Losers

vatican digs in after gay marriage advances

None of panelists on Scarborough-not Joe-not David Gregory-not Chuck Todd, none dared to answer...

Any ideas for ways to respond to the CEOs who fire workers as petty revenge for an Obama victory?

What's Mitt Romney doing today?

iraq veteran

Should a Constitutional Amendment ban religion from government?

You all would want to keep Obama's back, as well as

California Democrats Achieve A SuperMajority, One Party Rule in State

As seen on the immortal 11/07/2012 Daily Show

The Truth About Voting Machines: What's Real And What's A Nutty Election Fraud Conspiracy

Republicans claim mandate to keep taxes the same.

Disaster after the disaster: Unwanted donations

Devel Patrick for Attorney General?

If natural disasters were really caused by "teh gay"

Thoughts on the "Obama won? You're fired" Crowd

A *that*- felt- good!1 double whammy/ 2-fer!1 A TeaBagger and a Fundie

Palm Beach County finally done counting! Obama wins Florida 50.01% to 49.13!

CRS report critical of GOP economic policies squelched almost immediately

GOP in Fantasyland - Frank Rich

Sore loser...this is nuts

Ailing golfer shoots -8, takes lead, then whisked to hospital

That Moment When A Major Civil Rights Victory Is Caught On Tape

Ol Miss---"time out"

Why pollsters should not be taken seriously (at least the ones who do not work for campaigns)?

Political capital needs to be spent on a new cabinet post. Secretary of Election Integrity.

Media keeps trying to analyze why Obama was crying the other day

Share your 5 movies that you enjoy watching again. and again. and after some time, again.

Damn this is confusing

I tend to move on quickly. The voters have spoken, and I have one thing to say to POTUS.

Today in Women's History: Maria Goeppert-Mayer won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1963

: All ballots now counted: Allen West lost.

Meatless Mondays in Los Angeles

Could be a better name than "White House"

That look

All souls welcome at church's morning service for atheists

What no one is telling you about Washington's marijuana legalization

Question about Romney team cancelling volunteers' credit cards and phones right after he lost.

Small Businesses Grew Twice As Fast Under Clinton Tax Rates

forward. together.

Have there been any epic lurker flameouts yet

Globally, 40 percent of banks are publicly owned, and they are concentrated in countries that also

What's the deadline for seeing Ted Nugent dead on in jail? April, right?

Hundreds come out at Ole Miss for candlelit walk against riots


Speaking of Florida - whatever happend to Katherine Harris?

Google/ Youtube now forcing new users to disclose their real names to the public

Could you pass a US citizenship test?

AF Academy's Orwellian "Religious Respect Conference" Indicates Clear Bias Against Non-Religious

Up next on the Paint Drying Network: "Whisker Wars."

Republican Pollwatcher in Aurora CO calls authorities on people Voting While Black/Brown:

Has it sunk in what kind of crazy rightwing lunacy we dodged by the President winning the election,

I don't remember North Carolina being considered a battleground state

Vatican digs in after gay marriage advances

Telling Abbie Bronco Bamma won

Occupy Sandy: A Movement Moves to Relief

Pope Benedict launches Latin academy at Vatican

TCM Schedule for Monday November 12- TCM Spolight: Great Adaptations

Hot damn, ladies and friends of ladies - Look What Happens - When "Sluts" Vote

4.3 Earthquake in Eastern KY

Do the poor get free healthcare in america?

Vatican softens stance on gay marriage in the face of election results

Lost to History: Missing War Records Complicate Benefit Claims by Iraq, Afghanistan Veterans

My one "tax the rich" experience:

Fox News Guest: Obama Won by Lying About 'Rape Camps' Under Romney

Best and worst educated states (No Surprises here)

New show on the Travel Channel that might be of interest to coffee lovers

Gay Marriage, Weed, and Emergency Managers

Sometimes a little pre-Tweet research is a good thing

"Butthurt" ?

What The 2012 Election Would Have Looked Like Without Universal Suffrage

Frank Luntz is on Faux newz right now bashing GOP pollsters

Papa John's CEO says he will cut hours to 30 to avoid healthcare: WE CAN HELP!

Toon: Dreams do come true

Papa John is a terrible human being

I have just learned of the Heaven that is a Torta: What are your favorites?

They really are crazy !

I am convinced that Ohio was stolen from Kerry in 2004

America voted for a democratic congress.

“Walker Your Pink Slip is Coming!” Mark Pocan

Hard choices in Afghanistan for re-elected Obama

Just color me "diplomatic".

Watching Sasha and Malia Grow Up (timeline photos - dialup warning, large images)


My mom is in assisted living in Brandon FL - we had the best talk yesterday about the election.

Right-winger suggests that Obama CAUSED Hurricane Sandy for political ends.

Free Skyfall DLC for 007 Legends This Month

Fox News just reported AP FINALLY calls Florida for Obama. No link.

AP calls Florida for Obama.

El-Rush Blow Question. "Dear Matt Drudge: Stop the race stories"

Stagnant US exports to Cuba: Brazil, China benefit due to US Trade Embargo

Republican Rape Rants Will Ruin Party's Election Chances

Judge Blasts Ohio's Last Minute Disenfranchisement Directive

I feel sorry for the next "Obama", the next non-traditional candidate for President.

anyone near or in New Castle PA feel a crazy movement around 11 am? I went back to sleep and my

Estonia Opts for Online Voting; How About the US?

WASHINGTON (AP) — Obama wins Florida, topping Romney in final electoral vote tally 332 to 206.

GOP faces step climb with young voters (and a surprising fact about old vs young in this election)

AUSTRALIA: (Editorial) Fake guns a genuine danger

so what do you think, Raleigh/Durham Ch Hill and nearby gang...get together bet now and Christmas?

Returning poster here

RIP Major Harris (Philly sound soul singer)

NY Times: Where FEMA Fell Short, Occupy Was There

We are all going to have to come to grips that we will be a minority until 2020...

Did Paula Broadwell's Husband Write A Letter To New York Times About Petraeus Affair?

*HELP w list of PrezO accomplishments, please.

Worst movie featuring your city. I'll start, Tucson, AZ, C.C. and Company.

According to Glenn Beck...

No. Fox and MSNBC are not the mirror image of each other

Where can I get updated Arizona results? N/T

I didn't blow up in a microwave last night

President Barack Obama wins Florida, topping Romney in final electoral vote tally 332 to 206

MSNBC called FL for Obama.

Why would anyone watch FauxNews now?

Full Speed Ahead for Food Movement, Despite GMO-Labeling Loss

Forgive me if this has already been posted,

Corporation lay offs & cutting benefits due to ObamaCare

We are doomed, this country has died, blah, blah but Consumer Confidence Climbs to 5 yr. High LOL!

I concur...fuck John Boner....

So-called professionals who won't do their jobs or raise their own kids, and expect me to do it for

Wonder if George Will will show up on This Week

Wanna know why republican got things so dead wrong ?

Pull the troops. Cut off all money. Problem solved....

"It's time for the GOP to split with its racist assholes..."

Is the conservative media killing conservatives?

Not Just Papa Johns...It's Applebees and Others

Does anybody know anything about United Republic and their drive for campaign finance reform?

I was close in my Florida prediction


You Really, Really Should Read Frank Rich's Takedown Of The Punditry !!!

PETA attacks Thanksgiving tradition of eating turkey(offering free tombstones)

So, where did the Romney storm relief stuff go, anyway?

Big win in PA: Dems. take AG office, elects first woman.

Vatican Digs In

President Obama and Vice President Biden - White House Photo of the Day Nov. 9th

For Fuck's Sake: "Obama Had A Super-Majority In Congress For 2 Years" Meme Reappears

Elections have consequences: New PA Att. Gen. to investigate Corbett over Penn State inquiry.

Gilead posts positive results in mid-stage Hepatitis C study (Reuters via Yahoo)

A Picture of a Cat Led to a Suspect in the Stolen Romney Tax Returns Caper

We don't have a white voting problem. We have a southern, rural, white voting problem.

Why I'm happier in 2012 than 2008

Question about new posters and OPs.

Four more years: Right-wingers’ nightmare comes true

EXIT POLLS: LBGT Community Delivers

Coal company announces layoffs in response to Obama win

Republicans stopped being Americans after President Obama's inauguration

When I first heard this, I could not beleive It....

Senator Barbara Boxer quote..

From Yahoo Answers: "If Republicans Hate Taxes So Much Why Don't They Move To Somalia?"

RNC's Priebus leaning toward 2nd run

Obama Wins Florida SWEEPS ALL Battleground States, CNN

Where ya headed?

Where's Mitt, is he busy having a mental breakdown or something.

Murray Energy CEO fires 156 workers because he is mad that Obama won

If a hack in Ohio failed, thank DU. (x-post)

Wouldn't it be great...

Ted Nugent tweets after the election...

Windows7 update killed my mouse. Help requested

Distorted Visions of Buddhism: Agnostic and Atheist

Pic Of The Moment: Republicans Agree: 332 is a Landslide!

I will NEVER eat Papa John's again....

Midterm elections: our new #1 problem

Peter King on some hack show on MSNBC said "I don't believe the story"

Response to Karl Rove's claim that Obama won by "denigrating" Romney's character

Barack Obama's week just got better

These Guys Want to Buy Up Your Debt and Set You Free

'Meatless Mondays': LA urges residents to turn vegetarian one day a week

Isn't it interesting ...

Nobel Peace Prize for Malala petition right at this link:

PA election: We swept the three “row” offices- Treasurer, Attorney General, AuditorGeneral. Other:

Karl Rove and David Frum as "Max Bialystock And Leo Bloom"

Interested in meeting dems/progressives in the Miami to shoot with.

When Reagan won...

December 6th will be the day

Barney Frank quote

Alternatives to Bad Businesses

Please...Just Go Away (Horsey)

***borrows LynneSin's magical staple gun and posts warning at the DU Indoor Pool***

MiddleFingerMom left some personal items at the hospital last time

For those of you who might hear the phrase "professional left" or some other euphamism

A Facebook comment

New Ebay Contracts: What’s in the Fine Print?

FBI probe of Petraeus triggered by e-mail threats from biographer, officials say

Does anyone have a map I can post to FB showing a Florida win in blue.


Florida Democrats have increased their registration advantage by 1,685 voters in the last 2 days

Cover-up of the Century

I have decided to run for Administrator of DU

More information from a NRA Board of director member.....

A great suggestion for anyone considering to use Karl Rove

Allen West says there is massive voter fraud in Florida and he's right!

Romney Quickly Losing Facebook Friends

International Physicians for Prevention of Nuclear War to visit Iran

ATTN DU nuclear meltdown on Romney's face book page

One Detroit resident comes up with creative and inexpensive anti-thug measure:

Full Speed Ahead for Food Movement, Despite GMO-Labeling Loss

Allen West refusing to concede race.

How does one regain self-confidence after having it shattered?

Warning for Lounge kitteh lovers

***Borrows LynneSin's staple gun again and posts new Lounge exit sign***

We've Got Work To Do Starting Now

FBI probe of Petraeus triggered by e-mail threats from biographer, officials say

Archie Bunker on Democrats

My guess is at least one more full cycle before

We are no longer "getting there"; we have arrived.

We Elected a Stripper to the School Board

LOL! Luntz: Fox Viewers Ought To Be Outraged Because Day In/Day Out They Were Told Romney Would Win

I just sent this email to my brother

What kind of reforms would you like to see Obama implement?

Meanwhile while most of us weren't paying attention, there is some nasty stuff going on in Syria

Will we GOTV in 2016 post Obama, The Davids, Messina etc

Veet for Men, the Amazon reviews

Wow. Repubs don't have a Barack Obama, Bill Clinton or Nate Silver.

Hey Boener/McConnell, can you hear me now?

WHERE BULLIES ARE BORN: The bullying language of adults teaches a horrible lesson to both straight

Lounge daily inspirational message (weekend edition)

BookTV just played (it's over now) a re-run of the PETRAEUS biographer. CHEEKY BookTV!1

"Stabbed in the back" theories

The Lounge Happy Hour this evening features new mixers and beer

Mr. Lincoln Goes to Hollywood (Smithsonian Magazine)

Florida certifies victory for House newcomer (Patrick Murphy over Allen West)

Is someone's life worth pocket money? Ask the thugs...

(This is an great video) Security Cameras Capture Everyday People In The Act Of Being Awesome

Why was the FBI tracking Petraeus's lady friend?

There's no truth to the deep fryer rumors

Have you found out that a actor/muscian you like is a wingnut?

Harris-Perry to OH Secretary of State: Voters won’t forget suppression attempts

Lose vs Loose

My tinfoil is tingling ...

Chicago's New Lady Labor Slugger Reactivates Social Movement Unionism

“Know Thyself” is a Western Koan.

NY exhibit highlights Tiffany's religious objects

Petraeus to run in 2016 on "plural marriage equality"

Maher says Republicans have same problem as the Beach Boys: ‘Their fans are dying’

Obama Bobblehead Launched Into Stratosphere (Romney, Too)

Texas Town Adds Sugar To Tap Water

Turnabout! Space Station Astronaut Drives Robot on Earth via 'Interplanetary Internet'

The Republican Party is going to die.

We suspect Greywarrior recently visited the Lounge restroom

Folks, I won't be happy until EVERYONE is GAY MARRIED.

Just seen here in southern NM: Honda Element w/flag upside-down taped inside rear window.

Republicans Label President Obama and the American People the Enemy

Nursing Home Is Faulted Over Care After Storm

Here on Long Island and my power just came back!!

While Mitt and Ann were away in Boston

NOM's Post Election Freak-out: Attack Starbucks, Defend Cal., Ill.

What a difference a week makes

After Passage Of Legalization Initiative, 220 Marijuana Cases Dismissed In WA State

Confessions of an internet troll

Chart: Vote by religious affiliation

Finally revealed: Where LynneSin bought her staple gun

I almost never fry

Macy’s birther Trump ad prompts petition

Dont Get It twisted , the christian Right & Evangelicals Showed Up In Bigger Numbers Than bush Era

Messina: Obama Won On The Small Stuff

Whatever happened to Romney's 30 minute television special?

New addition to the Lounge locker room

TYT: Nate Silver's Dire Warnings for Republicans

Halo 4, my own review

Fantasyland - Denial has poisoned the GOP and threatens the rest of the country too =

Moves to form Syrian opposition look set to end in failure

I can't stop marveling at rMoney's monumental arrogance

Took a very healthy spike buck in Coryell Co., Texas opening day...

The party that doesn't believe in evolution is about to be 'evolved' out of existence

Our disgraceful inability to restore power in times of emergency.

In 2000, Bush's 537 FLA win = "decisive". In 2012, Obama's 74,000 FLA win = "razor thin margin"

Let me make something perfectly clear

I'm sitting here drinking a vodka and OJ

Column: Reality crashes the Republican Party

(Canadian) MPs send soldiers to war, but few have gone themselves

GOP agrees 332 electoral college votes is a landslide... definitely a Good Read......

Bizarre message from "Advance Domain Availability Notification"

The Oracle’s Debacle (Excellent NYT Bruni piece on KKKarl)

OMZ, TCM is running "Reflections in a Golden Eye" - fanTAStic!1

CBO report returning those with incomes > $250 K to Clinton tax rates will cost .1% off GDP

It's time for OSHA to set up a permanent office at Murray Energy

How many seats have we picked up in the House

Another interesting Twitter election tidbit

Keiser Report: Wacko Wizard World

"There's gonna be some changes"

What do you want to bet this person will blame Obama because she can't get a job?

Digby: In no state can a minimum wage worker afford rent in a 40 hour week.

this is a real beauty, courtesy of FB/ United Against Homophobia

Oooooh! Gonna be a knife fight in GOP Alley!

The Best Of Mitt Romney’s 2012 Run, For Pete’s Sake


John Mccain seems To have Dissappeared

Bachman win ensures she work 24/7 to keep the nutjob face of the GOP in the media

I shall find it impossible to join any boycott of Papa John's Pizza

WTF????? Rep. West's Florida seat remains undecided

Toronto Star: Stephen Harper’s Conservatives mimic Mitt Romney’s Republicans

Herman Cain says conservatives need a third party

Consider these ratings for the cable news stations...

Dreams do come true

Self portrait

More Bang for the Biofuel Buck (updated)

Has there been any Palin sightings since Tuesday ?

Toon: Modernizing the Vote (Great!)

Original Tea Party Activist Says It's Not Their Fault Keli Carender

I broke up with my microwave last night..

You can't make shit like this up!

Question about the House distribution now

Was Paula Broadwell threatening Patraeus' wife?

A major historic election.

Happy Birthday Marines

Bourdain on PBS, 'The Mind of a Chef!'

Years ago, I used to add a little bit of mayo to scrambled eggs

Someone correct me if I'm wrong

Hilarious photo of Romney/Ryan just seen on Facebook!

Message to the scum sucking SoS of Ohio and the Gov.s of Florida and PA.

Pavements Designed to Fight Climate Change Could Increase Energy Consumption in Surrounding Building

Take that, Disney-Sotomayor tells Sesame Street: 'Princess' is 'not a career'

Capturing carbon with clever trapdoors

Cool map of the 2012 presidential election results - image

Question for Conservatives- If Fox was so blatanly wrong about this election, in spite of the facts,

George Entwistle resigns as BBC director general

West refuses to concede. Help Patrick Murphy.

"They" Misunderstood the Aged, Angry White Voter

OWS Benefit for the People's Bailout. David Rhees Explains how we can help pay people's debt.

Van Jones: The Game Has Changed

For Sale. No Reasonable Offer Refused.

An Open Letter to the GOP

The Mind of a Chef - PBS 16 part mini-series

Enhanced melting of Northern Greenland in a warm climate

How ORCA was defeated by Narwhal & Dreamcatcher

Your Country Rush?... Whose Country?

I just can't stop

Calling my conservative parents first time after election

How long till Mitt amends his tax returns

Ohio anti-abortion ‘heartbeat’ bill sees action in lame duck session

Obama leads popular vote by 2.7% or 3.2 million votes and climbing.

Researchers Develop Effective Thermal Energy Storage System (for use with solar thermal power stns.)

So How Did Obama Win The Election without ACORN?

Gaza flares as Israel hits back killing five

Occupy Sandy article from the Nov. 9 NY Times

I live in a rural, relatively "purple" part of my state (MD)

Denmark's Gay Penguins Become Fathers

Sesame Street: Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor and Abby - Career

Where's today's college football thread?

Is there any way Obama could use David Stockman to sell his tax plan and fight Republicans?

China to launch manned spaceship in June

Nanocrystals and Nickel Catalyst Substantially Improve Light-Based Hydrogen Production

Wyoming Democrats ponder strategy after 2012 election losses

A film in solidarity with the pan-European general strike scheduled for Nov 14

What Kind of Sick parent would do this

Amazingly, Before He Died Ted Kennedy Tutored Democrats on How to Beat Romney

Analyze This

Republicans will change their presentation - they will not change what they believe.

Little bit of info from the election. SS and Medicare reform will be on the table

BGU (Ben-Gurion University) Develops Powerful New (Concentrator) Solar Cell

Anybody know what the best micro loan site is?

When the last vote is counted...

Batman as a youngster...

Sure! Tuberville was just "yanking" his assistant off the field.

Hillary Clinton's Future Plans: "I would like to see whether I can get untired."

Michelle Rhee is contender for DOE secretary if Arne Duncan leaves

Toon: A Winning Ticket

Charlie Rose & Jon Stewart Interview Paula Broadwell...What We Need to Know from Her:

What are you reading the week of November 11, 2012?

President Obama Won By a Landslide 332 EV's

Romney's Believe in America poster (remake)

Toles Rant- Just One Question

The House Speaker has no leverage on the Bush tax cuts. We should stop taking him seriously

How Improved Batteries Will Make Electric Vehicles Competitive (in a decade maybe?)

You go girls!

Bunch of spin. Study that praises Michelle Rhee in DC schools done by group formed by her. WP

just to rehash a famously bad prediction

How Solar-Based Microgrids Could Bring Power to Millions

I wonder if Mitt is having a Kolob crisis of religious faith

I'm not going to do that!!!!

Romney the Great Manager? Not Nearly as Good as Obama, the Election Proved

Paul Krugman, "Stand you ground, Mr. President"

They call him Doctor Moon (pic)

For our FRiends, hope springs eternal...

Hey Mr. O'Really, need some help getting your resignation ready?

Study: About 49% of young voters cast ballots

Broccoli kitten loves broccoli :)

There Is A Brutal Civil War In The GOP, And It Looks Like Karl Rove Will Be The First Casualty

Fordham College Republicans disinvite Ann Coulter, apologize for inviting her in the first place

Where America's Racist Tweets Come From

The Lounge needs more Dogs!!

Ashley Judd: A new Senate candidate for 2014?

Hello! I'm new and just posted 10 times!

Denmark to abolish tax on high-fat foods

One less undefeated team! I suppose El Supremo is now an Aggie fan!

Mitch McConnell: 'We Have a Voter Mandate Not to Raise Taxes'

Big golden bird - omen?

Did the Romney Worshiping Media (especially Faux) actually CAUSE a Backlash?

This is pretty cool

I'd like a lot of gazillionaires to "go Galt" I wanna test a theory I have

If Todd Akin Had Watched This Movie, He’d Be A Senator Today

Kud U Kudo Clip?


For the lack of fourteen cents per pizza...

UPDATE: Gabbie Giffords AZ-2 Seat: Barber NOW UP!!!!! (Keep counting Arizona, Keep counting!!!)

I've recently started watching COLUMBO on DVD. Tell me, does his wife ever

Chimps attack people after habitat loss Congo (10cc was right in 1979 about this and global warming)

Hey liberals: Cutting Social Security and Medicare is wrong no matter who does it.

Google "Where is Chuck Norris?" Click on the first link.

Why I have no pity whatsoever for Mitt Romney. None.


"USA worships military--How Our Country is Warped"

Trump: Where are Obama's college records?

Republicans Agree: 332 is a Landslide!

interesting election results breakdown here:

The next complaint about the President:

Found on Facebook

ZERO = The Number of States where a Minimum Wage Worker can Afford a Two-Bedroom Apartment (Chart)

It's not about adultery!

Suggestion: DU chat on an outside chat site


I'm going to beds now.

So proud of all of us! Good work, all! Now, Happy Holiday gatherings.

Game Change is on, again, tonight, and it started me thinking.....

Rep. Allen West finally loses reelection, refuses to concede

Goodbye Earthlings

I Bet This Guy Has Had A Rough Week

Friend of mine had a car accident with his dog in the car.

Looks like Jesse Jackson Jr will be stepping down. Why the hell did he run again?

Yes, the president is to be credited

So did R$ lower the bar on what is acceptable behavior for presidential candidates?

Herd of drunk elephants go on the rampage

So, how was your week?

So now that Romney doesn't have to be bothered with being President,

Herd of drunk elephants go on the rampage


This evening Ron Barber has taken back the lead against McSally for Gabby's AZ 2nd-dist. seat

We Better Not Take This Victory for Granted

This about sums up my feelings the past few days...

Had I run across this vision last week I would have all but been on my knees beside it

Breaking News: Earthquake measuring 7.0 magnitude strikes Myanmar: USGS

Hurricane Sandy - Picture gallery.

Here's why Obama won

Wishbone in honor of DKR

Anyone remember this guy?

MSNBC: #1 Cable News Network In Primetime For Two Days Post-Election

I'll Bet Private Sector Hiring Explodes Over The Next Six Months

Does anyone know how the military voted?

GOP Collapses in California

Another day, another Freeper clamor for secession

Shout Out for your Area Volunteer!

So a good friend and I went to the vote tabulation center for M.C.C. in Phoenix today.

Wow, Paul Ryan Pretending to Honor Labor Day...The Town Protested Him In A Very Big Way!

May I offer my condolences to the Bama fans here...

Why do women portray Peter Pan in theater productions?

Anyone else skipping the big Thanksgiving dinner with the family this year?

Mitt Romney's Greatest Hits From 2012... His Campaign Was Just The Right Height For Pete's Sake!

This is not your grandparents' America

50 Shades of Grey Karoke


Fox News Is Killing The Republican Party (?)

Boredom enveloped her like heavy bedding —Yukio Mishima

Good Read -Reality crashes the Republican Party

Occupy Wall Street campaigners buy-up debt to abolish it

Can they filibuster nominations?

The Catholic Church: A Short History (by Hans Kung, 2003)

Rmoney Biography

New England GOP decline continues amid losses

Sunday Talk Shows


Walmart Black Friday Strike Being Organanized Online

Just got power in NJ. As a resident of the Jersey Shore I have to thank all the workers.

Students celebrate President Obama's reelection outside the White House

Imagine the nightmare

So does Willard only get a moon or a small planetoid since he lost?

Hmm. Getting interesting. Eric Cantor's office involved in the Petreaus affair issue.

For dinner this evening we had a dish created in my hometown of Columbus, Ohio. It was developed

Nate Silver's Best & Worst Polls of 2012: Gallup Did TERRIBLE

Nate's pollster ratings for 2012

Biblical Misinterpretation

New York Times: Christian Right Failed to Sway Voters on Issues

"Romney lost because Obama beat him"

Images I didn't enter.

McKenna concedes; Inslee to be governor in WA!!!!

Dewey defeats Truman, Updated for now

Black athlete having second thoughts about attending Ole Miss after election night riot.

Karl Rove and his super PAC vow to press on

I said this four years ago, here's an update

John Koster blames loss on state GOP leaders

Could we/should we recruit Bill Clinton to help with a massive 2014 midterm election tour?

Should We Stop Enjoying the Conservative Cry Porn, So Much?

Petreaus Hearings

You Know Who Is Probably Extremely Unhappy Right Now?

This has got to be the best smack down of the right's Trickle Down BS in the history of ever.

Probably the most honest headline ever on Fox News' website:

Need some advice from DUers my brother cant afford his insulin

Starting a Progressive AM Radio Station.

President Obama: 2nd Amendment is Constitutional Right.

Oh the irony: “If you’re in the con game and you don’t know who the mark is … you’re the mark.”

Neo-Nazis, KKK outnumbered by counter-protesters in Charlotte

My President was reelected and my hair

Prayer vigil held at Tiller’s former abortion clinic

Is the GOP not ceding anything to Obama to keep their

Why Romney Never Saw It Coming

Petition to Macy's to Dump Donald Trump.

Evacuate? In our moment of triumph?

Hooked on helping: Iowa crocheters aid homeless veterans with sleeping mats (recycling plastic bags)

Just on Pandora, had forgotten how great she is: Tina Turner, You'd Better Be Good To Me

Why the Tea Party Failed

So All Defeated Republicans Can Show Are Bogus Layoff Notices

What have you done to spike the ball since Tuesday?

One Solution for Talking With Wing Nut Relatives You Can't or Wont Cut-Off

I'm wondering if Mrs. Broadwell can be disciplined by the military for threatening someone

Who is on medicare? How to pick B

Get your god damned dirty hands off my Social Security

Election night tweets to STAY IN LINE!! They were

Is There Any Chance President Obama Could Still Win AZ?

Joe (Dead Intern) Scarborough Attacks Nate Silver...Calls Him an Ideologue and a Joke

Papa John's pizza: Does it make you sick?

I Saw "Lincoln" Today

Who is watching Ghost storm on Sci Fi?

A point about people who make spelling and grammar mistakes. Give them a break

"Unqualified" by Paul Krugman at the NYTimes

Romney's pollster should be chased out of the industry.

Romney is now irrelevant...

My teabag neighbor.

REPORT: Obama Prepares To 'Barn-Storm' The Country, Slamming Republicans, If They Don't Cut A Fiscal

behind petraeus's resignation (more to it than benghazi)

How American Consumerism’s Insatiability is Killing Thanksgiving

My Take: What all those Jesus jokes tell us

Paula Broadwell is a Republican (surprise, surprise).

Watched Detachment on Netflix. Wow. And so sad...

Woman In Kenya Names Her Twins Obama, Mitt

Know how everywhere you go there you are? What if you went, but you weren't there?

What a day!!!!

Obama can't add Romney to the cabinet

Nance Greggs: Just Wonderin’

Seasame Street Brought To You by the 47% and The Letter F and U

For Religious Conservatives, Election Was A 'Disaster'

I bookmarked a thread. Now how do I find my bookmarks?

Yet another contributor to Romney's epic fail: Bad IT!


Pandora spit out another good one: No Reply At All-Genesis. Let's ust do a music thread, shall we?

Wait, What?!! "What’s Up with White Women?" (= title of article)

Boehner Tells House G.O.P. to Fall in Line

Cloud Atlas

Found a good article on Reddit on how the Romney campaign got conned by consultants. I debated

MAUREEN DOWD: Romney Is President


Knock, knock, who's there?

Rachel nailed it!

SNL opener...too real to be funny.

Dittoheads come in all shapes and sizes

I actually hope Rush is correct in his prediction.

You know one thing this election taught us?

Nate Silver: Which Polls Fared Best (and Worst) in the 2012 Presidential Race

Texas is Scaring Me

Stop feeding the squirrels.

Los Angeles Times: Tea party activists blame losses on Republican establishment

Does anyone see the irony in the elephant being the symbol of the Republican Party?

E-Mails From Biographer to Other Woman Led to Petraeus (Cantor knew way before Obama)

Obama McConnell and Boehner Meet on The Fiscal Cliff! Literally!