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Another 5,466 Democrats and 2,391 Republicans registered to vote in Florida on 10/6.

Huawei, Controversial Chinese Tech Firm That Once Partnered With Bain Capital, Slammed By GOP

Occupy San Diego, First Year Aniversary

Electoral Map w/ no tossups

Lewis Turco's Form of the Week: 17) The Descort; & Week 18) The Folding Mirror

Whoever thought THIS was a good idea?! Part 57

Hugo Chavez acceptance speech right now - streaming

"The unemployment truthers are not helping Romney" by Greg Sargent at WP

Quote from "The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil"

Obama leads by 3 in Virginia

The Greg Gadek campaign is looking for volunteers

Well, Hugo Chavez won fairly...

It's a little scary,

Mexican truck pilot program failing due to lack of interest

Best place online to buy bulk grains?

I'm watching Homeland

The Big Money Is Coming Out Now And We Are Being Bombarded With

American Newspapers Give Far More Coverage To Climate Deniers and Skeptics Than Other Countries

Mitt Romney: 'I would arm the Syrian rebels'

Everyone chill the fuck out. I got this.

spin it

On my bucket list: The A train

Wait for it . . .

Truth or Consequences

"Jon Stewart's Best Lines From 'Rumble' Debate With Bill O'Reilly"

Lunch lady slammed for food that is 'too good'

'elmo has made a run for the border'

‘Grown-Ups Killed My Kitty’

Something to cheer you up!

Obama, Rush & Oprah seen on video with Apocalyptic Ghost Rider in Egypt!

Here's the bad news...

I found a BIG LIE in the foreign policy speech Romney plans to give on Monday

NYT's David Sanger dissects the vague, confused foreign policy address Romney will give today

NY A.G. Schneiderman joins Thom about going after the Banksters

The Romney Bunch

So, I've been gone since the switch over to DU3...what did I miss?


Why is The Obama Campaign advertising so heavily in Georgia?

Afghan police work to keep the Chinese mine and the Buddhist ruins at Mes Aynak guarded


Every where you look these days, chances are there will be Zombies...

New Obama TV Ads Take A Page Out Of the Rove Playbook...And It Works!

Las Vegas man arrested for stealing wheelchairs

Jill Biden will be near here tomorrow.

You can tell Lauren Faust (My Little Pony) worked on this...

An observation and a question RE voter ID laws.

Big Bird Needs our Help

OK. Making a peanut butter cake for husband's birthday. Non-chocolate frosting suggestions?

Mitt Romney – The Anti-Reagan Republican

Gloat Free Post-Season Baseball Scores (Sunday, October 7)

Study Shows Children With Autism Tend to Stray

Another stolen election imminent?

I feel tears wellin' up cold and deep inside

Homophobia? Jury says "LEAVE IT!"

Tricky Dick

Tons of Hugo CHAVEZ and Cesar CHAVEZ headlines will be all over the place today

Mike Thompson toon on the debate and the new unemployment rate

Yeah, but have you seen this one?

The Learning Channel.. TLC founded by NASA and now....

#Mitterature--latest trending huge laff riot!

Secession? Secession! You have got to be kidding me.

Military Suicides - What Can be Done?

Jan 2012: Mitt Romney Fights With Reporter After Being Exposed As A Liar

Ticker tweet win!


And now, for a moment of reflection.

Another WTF moment.

Looks like even the American Life Panel's poll shows Romney's surge diminishing...

Voter registration deadline in Missouri is Wednesday

What's for Dinner ~ Monday Oct 8th

Celebrate Columbus Day:

HopeHoops is a good guy

Chavez won 54% of the vote

Who wants to watch the world's highest ever parachute jump... LIVE? This is cool

A hidden gem: Romney as 'Little Lord Fauntleroy' or 'Richie Rich'

Republicans to Cities: Drop DeadBy Kevin Baker, The New York Times

The Black Cat Analogy

I awake to NPR. Today's 'Romney Romney Romney' news made me get up and shut it off.

Post election deficit deal threatens Medicare and Social Security

Neil deGrasse Tyson Rips Romney For Remark About PBS Budget, Big Bird

I laugh every time I think of all the "zingers" that Romney wanted to be played over and over in the

That neo-con ReTHUG scumbag San Senor

Forget Big Bird, what about the Mid-Currituck Bridge?

Wall St.'s Next Profit Scheme -- Buying Up Every Piece of Your Home Town

Pro-Muslim Subway Ads to Hang Near Anti-Jihad Ads

The Unbelievable Ways Schools Are Now Monitoring Children -- Even What They're Eating

Well, we know what TODAY's major Rethug talking point is:

Moyers: The Rise of Hispanic America {long but good read}

Afghanistan's government 'could collapse' after 2014 - report

Whose Fraud? Ex-Republican operative target of voter complaints

My answer to ALL of you who want secession in some form. (And my hair is on fire!)

UK's Gurdon, Japan's Yamanaka win Nobel Prize for medicine

Rush Limbaugh advocates violence (and gets away with it)

There's an old English word that describes Mitt's "Job Creator" record:

Medical marijuana advocates hope lawsuit relaxes US drugs policy


Doonesbury time travels back to 1968 France with Mitt Romney!

Slaughter of first-borns could save £50bn in Child Benefit, pledges Cameron

Why we can't bank on recessions to keep global warming in check

Cyanide, Aflatoxin, Toxic Nitrate Concentrations & More - The 2012 Drought's Bonuses

Why does your weight go up and stay up for a while if you eat just

Die-back kills off 90% of Denmark's ash trees. Britain faces a similar threat

WTF? Joe Scarborough is saying that the debate has changed the whole campaign and Democrats

Battleground Poll-Obama (D) 49% -Romney ($) 48% -ONE POINT CHANGE*

Obama voters flock to Romney by the millions says Joe Scum

If producers for programs like Morning Scum troll DU, could it be they

The Morning Joke crew are absolutely cool with Mitt Romney's blatant debate lies

Battleground Poll-Obama (D) 49% -Romney ($) 48% -ONE POINT CHANGE*

Elizabeth Warren for MA | TV Ad: Devastating

Obama campaign hammers Romney ahead of his latest attempt to overcome his foreign policy stumbles

Politifact: Obama says Romney wants to turn Medicare into a voucher program

And that's why I never abbreviate Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

As you fume at Joe Scab, keep this in mind:

Obama Ad Goes After Romney For Response To Benghazi Attacks

If Joe Scarborough is just propaganda for the GOP then why do so many here watch and repeat

Romney Advisers: Romney Will Return To Foreign Policy Of Truman And Reagan

Pro-Obama Super PAC Ad Hits Romney Over Education Cuts

Last Chance To Apply For Stop-Loss Pay

Has Joe Scum mentioned Nathan Sproul and ReTHUG

The Greatest (President) -- New OFA Ad

Koch boyos are official Koloborators (R)

Letterman suggests Romney didn't pay taxes, calls him a 'felon'

Gallup race tightened at some point, but tracking still shows Obama 49, Romney 46

Romney Cant Speak Without Dragging Someone.....

“Grand Bargain” mania set to sweep Washington again

Outgoing Red Cross head in Kabul has bleak outlook

Congressman calls evolution lie from ‘pit of hell’

chuck todd show is a romney rally this to the shower

More from Jon Stewart's debate withe Bill O'reilly: Bullshit mountain

Interesting NY Times behind the scenes Obama (and Biden) debate preparation

For Too Many Voters Their Choice Has Nothing To Do With The Issues ---Voting

Democrat Heidi Heitkamp puts North Dakota Senate seat in play

"That's Progress"

GALLUP: Obama Bouncing Back Already To 5-Point Lead (update)

Nobel Prize for medicine awarded to Gurdon, Yamanaka for stem cell discoveries

Hey Canadians ---


Obama's lead in Mass.

Jed Bartlett Advises President Obama

Romney Event: Please No Recording

science vs. religion

What is the difference between Romney's Foreign Policies & Bush's Foreign Policies?

Gas was Below $2.00 when Obama took office

Republican Scott Brown: Bay State Birther

Even Our "Favorite" Pollster Has Showed The Romney ($) Bounce Has Stalled And It's Now A Tie

Where the candidates are today...

One way or another, the Republican Party has lost ALL credibility on ANY tax debate.

Powerful Chris Hedges quote:

Kayden update.

The Gallup Tracking Poll That Is Freaking Some People Out Was A Three Day Tracker

I want a clear picture. Who with the political savvyiness, can give us a clear picture

Latest Latino Decisions poll shows virtually no movement to Romney (Obama 72, Romney 20)

Mary Matalin Calls Paul Krugman A ‘Liar’ For Telling The Truth

If someone has the dirt to end the Romney campaign for good, now is the time to use it.

Priorities USA Action: "Stick"

Krugman: Furor over Friday’s report revealed political movement that is rooting for American failure

Obama ad bashes Romney on foreign policy

Rasmussen tied 48 to 48, Obama's approval ticks up a point

Assange backers ordered to pay up after asylum bid

'I knew I was an outlaw, my life not real'

New to twitter, I go to DalaiLama's page and find Mitt Romney listed at top of 'similar to'....?

Education cuts target of new Priorities ad

Romney's 'Uncertain' Foreign Policy -- "Uncertain' Governance

CNN’s O’Brien bludgeons Romney adviser with Israel-policy ‘contradiction’ (brings up 47%) (video)

Good news: Romney Drops To a Tie in Rasmussen

Know the FACTS: Simpson-Bowles only calls for tiny cuts to Social Security

So just who were those "Scott Brown staffers"

Notice how ALL these polling firms on Monday are saying the race is tied what a coincident

If you were Obama what issues would you emphasize in the closing weeks?

Don’t Just Cut off the Head of the Monster

Juan Cole: Top Ten Things Mitt Romney’s Ongoing War on Europe

A gentle reminder......

Consumer Confidence Has Jumped 10 Points Based on Improved Unemployment Numbers

Modern Warfare 2 map removed over offensive religious imagery

EVERYBODY needs to know ahead of time that Romney will LIE again today - 'we have the tape dumbass'

Around the same time in 2004 they did the same exact thing saying race was tied Look at the tabs

Mitt Romney debates himself (video)

Harstad Strategic Research: Warren (+6) in MA Senate race

America Fuck Yeah! - Romney to Call for Intervention in Syria, Libya in Foreign Policy Speech

Lee wins right to have life support switched off after battle with her Christian parents.

Not A Good Sign When Romney's Advisers Don't Even Know What His Foreign Policy Is!

Hear is another ALL tied up race on 10-10-08 this is a pattern with polling firms

TOM TOMORROW: The Plutocrat Attacks

IA Obama +2 in post debate Ras poll

The Maimed: On Eleven Years of War in Afghanistan by Chris Hedges

What would our campaigns look like if we just went over to a direct popular vote?

"One million moms" at it again.

Mitt's Biggest Lie

After his re-election, PBO should give the Presidential Medal of Freedom

Trump is at it again . . . which means I'm not too worried

Instead of worrying about the polls tightening, we should focus on what we need to do to win. We

So Easy For The 1%: Tommy Thompson Forgets How Many Homes He Owns

Bank Profit Leading S&P 500 as U.S. Income Growth Falters

Rainless in Seattle

Let's celebrate Columbus Day by

Soledad O Brien takes it to the totally clueless mittbot spox woman on his Palestinian double talk.

Romney speech today on eve N. Korea nuclear anniversary

Today in Peace and Justice history on October 8, 1945

Oops! Romney, Mirror

Why is Columbus Day still a holiday?

Yep I know it's very early but Invest 98L is going to hit somewhere

The Ultimate Mitt Romney FLIP-FLOP Collection

Hey Worrywarts! Look At This Chart --->

I'm having breakfast in NOLA! Ask me anything!

UnitedHealth to Buy Control of Brazilian Company for $4.9 Billion

Toddlers Facing Heart Attacks Await Ruling on New Drugs

by saying the race is tightening up, and disenfranchising voters, have the pukes gamed the system?

Pic Of The Moment: Romney Shifts Focus To Foreign Policy

We have a very, very broken media and political system in this country.

I won one.

Jobs Blow Away as Congress Fails to Act on Wind Energy

Which Senate Democrats are likely to vote to cut Social Security?

Group Attempting to 3D Print a Gun Somehow Surprised When Their Printer is Confiscated

There is a very tiny wren flying around my very cluttered craft-room-to-be -

LOL: Raz: Obama 5-point Post Debate Bounce in Iowa, 4 in Colorado

I'm a 47%er--No solar panel tax credit for me.

NBA Players Endorse Obama - (VIDEO)


Voter suppression ?

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

Peak oil review - Oct 8

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

Peak oil review - Oct 8

Had a conversation concerning voter id laws well sorta...

Question for the veterans

Tom Tomorrow: The Plutocrat Attacks!

“I remember.” -- What do you remember, Gabby? -- “I remember mittens, parked.”

Fewer HIV funds for women, youth in big cities including D.C.

Christoper Columbus was a damm blasted liar..

PPP: movement towards Kaine in the VA-Sen race (51-44)

Open Dyslexic font gains ground with help of Instapaper

Not To Be A Poll Truther But We Screw America And Gravass Is Messing With Some Senate Poll Averages

Education profiteering -Wall Street’s next big thing?

It Is Becoming More Obvious That McCain Was A Sacrificial Lamb And

Romney's tax plan in slow motion

Iowa early voting update: 110,675 ballots returned 62% democratic ballots

PPP: Baldwin leads Thompson by 3 in WI

Plus side to global climate change - now that tropical diseases

The New Republic (TNR) Endorses the President

Romney: The Double Down vs. The Double Back

Where is there a reliable place to make a donation to Obama's campaign?

Democrats steadily gain in Senate races nationwide

‘Uncle Poodle’ needs to speak up

I'm in Maine

Wheat: 200 Clinically Confirmed Reasons Not To Eat It

We Raised $10111000011000000, In Binary Code

The winner of this Election will get Credit for a Substantial Rebound

NC Democratic Party is on the ball...

VERY encouraging article on early voting in Iowa...

PPP: Dems lead Senate races in VA, WI

Brazil local elections push women to the fore

Democrats get smart, use Todd Akin as poster boy for Republican Party

Rmoney's Upcoming Foreign Policy Speech Today - Does It Mean Anything?.....

Working with a personal trainer.

Thom Hartmann: How do you get arrested for trespassing on your own property?

GM to add 2,000 jobs in Michigan

Democrats steadily gain in Senate races nationwide

Paying the price for religious illiteracy

President Bartlet On Saving PBS --->

Sheryl WuDunn: Empowering Women Comes Down to Economics

Heard on Conserative talk radio this morning, unless Romney gets filibuster proof Senate he can not

Sorry, Mitt: GM to add 2,000 jobs in Michigan

Rasmussen goes from Romney +2, to Obama +1 in COLORADO

Wow, The Simpsons have been on a long time. 23rd Halloween special last night.

"An Unnatural Order: Roots of Our Destruction of Nature" by Jim Mason

One debate and OMG - the sky is falling!!!!

Heads up VA: Senate debate tonight (televised)

Who needs casual sex!

Rude Pundit:Columbus Day for the Conquered: Guess Which Candidate Gives a Damn About Indian Country?

Pennsylvania Sec of Ed Altered Test Rules to Inflate Charter School Scores

Mentions of 'Big Bird' increased 800,000% on Facebook

Huffington time..

The Reason That Romney Is So Dangerous Is That His Lies Come At A Time When ----

Economic Domination IS Political

Let's say there is a secret deal to cut Social Security, what will you do?

Romney sounded like a Peacenick in the first part of this speech

Follow Up: The working population only increases 90K/month, not 150K

Portrait of a Presidency: 115 Of White House Photographer Pete Souza's Best Shots


Threats threats and more threats

What is going on with PayPal?

Claire McCaskill ad: "Prosecutor" (Video)

Projecting 'resolve' doesn't make a difference (foreign policy)

BEER, BEER, BEER, BEER... BEER, BEER, BEER, BEER!!! (as seen through the "STAHP!!!" meme):

This is the second oldest "Schrodinger's Cat" joke...

Snooki's baby! Poor, poor Snooki's baby!!!

Employee of the Month:

Don't make MiddleFingerMom naked!!! You wouldn't LIKE him naked!!! Just ask THIS guy:

"Where's Waldo?" became popular only because "Where's MFM?" became too predictable and easy to solve

This Rmoney speech is more like an acceptance/SOTU speech than

Heh. Tom Tomorrow did this one 12 years ago...and is still just as true today

Boehner to rally Raleigh for Romney

Constitutional Question (Either obvious or Arcane)

Wendell Potter: Romney's Phony Answers to Tough Health Care Questions

How much of our wealth do the top one percent, even the top ten percent control?

First Frost.

HERE is the danger about Domestic and foreign made items.

Josh Marshall: Romney, Phoney

Mitt Romney – Too Secretive for Public LIfe

In GOP Land - No Right To Food, Health Care Or Shelter -

Honolulu and San Francisco rated as BEST in the USA by Mercer Consulting (2011 rankings)

Rasmussen FL SEN poll contradicts WeAskAmerica - Nelson (D) 52%, Mack (R) 41%

Who’s in Charge Inside Your Head?

Some photos from last night at the Occupy SD 1 year anniversary (IMAGE HEAVY)

Occupy San Diego turns one year...

GOP Strategist Says Romney Is Withholding Details Of His Tax Plan To Avoid Criticism

Sally Field Receives HRC's Ally For Equality Award, Delivers Emotional Speech On Gay Son Sam

I Have A Zinger For The Pres

Don't know if this has been posted yet. Elizabeth Warren's new add re:asbestos workers

Obama Often Struggled In Debate Prep, Had To Cancel Sessions

Awwww. Danny DeVito and Carla a.ka. Rhea Perlman, split

Poll: Wide Support For Measure To Legalize Gay Marriage In Washington

Oh, those vandals!

G.O.P. Govs laid off thousands, Repub House killed jobs bills, Big Corporations sat on huge profits

Love Obamacare.

Where's Harry Reid? I still want to see rMoney's tax returns . . .

Krugman: The Truth About Jobs.

Turkish president says "worst case" unfolding in Syria it just me,or does msnbc's "trust Issue" display

Former Republican Senator & Vietnam Veteran Larry Pressler Endorses President Obama

Papantonio: Rick Scott’s Supreme Court Coup

Domestic Guns and Mass Murder

Senate races. democrats pulling away

Contact MOVEON.ORG to volunteer your time during this critical election!

Federal Government Investigates Claims of Anti-Semitism at UC Berkeley

17 of Mitt's 24 foreign policy advisers worked for the Bush administration.

Albright: Romney talks about things as "new ideas" that are already being implemented by Obama Admin

FFRF to blitz Portland with cheery atheist/secular messages

British man jailed for posting offensive comments on Facebook about missing child

Can someone kill the DJ?

Ezra Klein blog: Model update: No one knows who will win the House

SpaceX Falcon 9 and Dragon launch to the ISS

Wayne Powell wrote today:

Book review: A large family faces crises of faith in 'We Sinners'

SpaceX Falcon 9 and Dragon launch to the ISS

BAWAWAWAWWAWA-Gallup -Obama (D) 50% Romney ($) 45%

The Real News: General Strike Solid in Greek Town Chania

BAWAWAWAWWAWA-Gallup -Obama (D) 50% Romney ($) 45%

WHOA! New Gallup polls are good! VERY good!

Gallup: 7-day rolling Presidential Election poll: Obama 50%, Romney 45%; Obama Approval 51%, +3

Today's Gallup - 50 Obama to 45 Romney

Mitt Romney - Gangnam Style

Looks like the swelling in the Romney bump is going down

Worries About Lead for New York City’s Garden-Fresh Eggs

What's on your ballot? Interpret these for me, and tell me why we're still fighting the same battles

Andrea Mitchell just gave a spiel about how NBC does not give permission

Mitt Romney is still Mitt Romney...

Our secret plan to make up Unemployment numbers has paid off... bwahahaha...

Anybody know somebody called DU Mole?

Did anyone here watch Rmoney's war speech today?

GOP's Thompson forgets how many houses he owns

Guess how Mitt's economists claim tax cuts will be paid for? Trickle-down economics, of course! LOL

Question summary from the Ed show: How many of you would be pissed to lose your

The politicization of the deaths in Libya by Romeny is despicable. It's typical for the GOP

With elections office closed, Supervisor Bucher taking last-minute voter applications outside

Classless in Kansas City

As Predicted The Jobs Report Killed Robme's Momentum From The Debate

Welcome the New Independent Christian Party (NOT satire)

so the term "nanny" as in "thread nanny" is now verboten?

Who is the most irritating asshole, politician, ex-polictician in this election? Hands down, I say

Romney speech on foriegn policy (check out 22:31 minutes in)

Announcing The World Congress of Religions 2012, an International Interfaith Conference

3 Daily totals released (Obama is doing quite well in Gallup Tracking)

RCP has two Gallup tracking polls today. First one with it tied, and the second one Obama +5

Romney changes his mind,

Faith in Marriage, Faith for Marriage

Mittens: 'Hope is not a strategy in the Middle East.'

Romney, Phoney on Israel/Palestine.

I can't open any videos. How do I fix that? Thanks.

Halliburton’s missing nuclear waste found alongside Texas highway

We Are Letting American Business Off The Hook In That -----

Loose Nuke Smugglers Caught With Uranium

What should Obama do if Romney repeats his performance at the second debate?

If you love Michelle Obama, hold her in your thoughts this month.

It might be kind of an elephant ~ Or a funny kind of kazoo!

Jews in France fear wave of attacks

Dear Mr. President

284,672 Americans have voted

Chris Murphy vs. Linda McMahon

Has Romney's mental health been investigated? This quote from his wife is interesting.

Flashback. Woody Allen vs William Buckley


Microsoft DMCA Notice ‘Mistakenly’ Targets BBC, Techcrunch, Wikipedia and U.S. Govt

Western NE University: Obama +30 in MA! (Obama 63, Romney 33)

Inaugural souvenir (the ultimate one)!

Got This From Intrade- Could Obama Have Been Up 56% -42% In Sunday's One Day Gallup Sample?

GOP Senate Candidate in WV Built a Golf Course without permits

Charlie Fuqua, Arkansas Legislative Candidate Endorses Death Penalty For Rebellious Children In Book


Two University of Oklahoma fans were walking down the street...

Siegelman's message:The next 90 days are crucial. More than crucial - pivotal!

New Fortune Cookie Game: Follow any thread title with "in lingerie".

De Vito/Pearlman

Gallup News . . . Exhale?

Trump: I Don’t Believe The Jobs Number

Why is a person who lives on disability, a republican?

Spain quip adds to Romney's foreign policy trouble

I wonder if it's smart to list your endorsements in small towns.

Are True the Vote’s Poll Watching Activities Illegal?

How make Bumper music?

California's Poorest Are Getting Crushed

'Saudi weapons' seen at Syria rebel base

Mitt Romney 'pushed sons' faces into plates of butter'

The Inflation Monster How Monetary Policy Threatens Savings

Odd decision by Gallup to release 3 days of tied data when next day showed big Obama jump

Obama to address blatant lies, distortions, and mitt-flops in coming debates ~ Addicting Info

Using Gallup's Own Numbers Obama Was Up 59% -41% In Sunday's Subsample

Lemme help you Chicago, here's your new ad.

I'm Not Interested in Finding a Truce in the Culture War. I’m Interested in Winning It.



Where are the black, hispanic people


Romney and his neocons want to change our Defense Dept. into the Offense Dept.

A nice way to spend refecting on Comumbus day

Tamron says she's under attack over the 47%/47% poll statement

Here is complete O'Reilly/Stewart debate....check it out before it is taken down.

Report: Imprisoned van der Sloot impregnates woman

I'll Bet Gallup Wished They Didn't Release Two Polls On The Same Day

Republican candidate calls for rebellious kids to be put to death

Whose Liberals Will Justin Trudeau Lead?

Unique Ancient Spider Attack Preserved in Amber

No, we really have to beat these bastards...

Romney Runs From Big Bird Backlash -- Refuses To Answer Kids Questions On Nick (Like Prez Did)

Questions Regarding Gallup Polls

Looks like we're back to allowing transphobic "Mann Coulter" stuff

Pres. Obama at National Chavez Center in Los Angeles: Live Streaming KSBW now

New "Mitt Gets Worse" Video (David Brock) Thanks Log Cabin For "Refusing To Endorse" Romney

Just downloaded a free (fiction) book some of you may like...

Obama Visits Gravesite Of Cesar Chavez

Net Worth Of Congress

Meet the schoolgirl, 12, who has an IQ of 162...

Mitt Romney in a state of mass confusion, ends up debating self, Fox declares him the winner

Are science writers in denial?

Toure: "Do the polls matter?"

Programming disconnect, poll reporting. "Obama/Romney are now tied! " Post debate effect cited. Yet,

VP debate prediction

S. E. Cupp on MSNBC's "The Cycle"....

Enbridge targets Northern Gateway pipeline critics

Obama Often Struggled In Debate Prep, Had To Cancel Sessions

Donald Trump: Jobs Numbers Are 'A Lot Of Monkey Business'

Heart Test UPDATE:

"I think I just need a beer" -- Shinya Yamanaka, on winning the Nobel Prize

New ad questions Romney ability as Commander-In-Chief

No difference between the parties? Really?

Media Will Promote A Horse Race Because They Want The Ad $

Someone please show me an electoral votes poll that has Mitt Romney ahead

Updated: Romney Christmas catalog

Happy Christopher Columbus sailed the Atlantic and discovered the Caribbean Day

Romney talks tough and accuses Obama of failing to lead on Middle East

Better, except I have the worst seroquel hangover today

Afghanistan 'sliding towards collapse'

In Congress, a Shrinking Pool of Moderates

Just got back from placing yard signs around town (south of Houston, TX area).

Did Mitt want to "harvest" Detroit?

Priorities USA: Romney would slash education to fund tax breaks for the rich

Is there a point where Republicans will not go if it means ousting Obama?

GALLUPS "REAL" Release Shows Obama GAINING 2 Head-to-Head, 5 on Approval (MSM MISLEADING AGAIN!)

Oh Gallup ... you sneaky little bastards!

Romney photo caption contest!!

Albright on Romney’s Foreign Policy Speech: trivial ideas coming from a foreign policy lightweight

Thom Hartmann: Conversations with Great Minds-Peter Galuszka-The Dirty Secrets behind Big Coal, P1

Thom Hartmann: Conversations with Great Minds-Peter Galuszka-The Dirty Secrets behind Big Coal, P2

Romney says Obama hasn’t signed any Free Trade Agreements (false)

Poll: Kaine (D) increases lead in Virginia Senate race - 51% to 44%

Romney sure gets mad when someone questions him

Fifty Shades of Grey Announces Kelly Marcel as Screenwriter

Brad DeLong -In Sunday's Gallup Sample It Was Obama (D) 57% Romney ($) 38%

They are genetically engineering the American Chestnut...

Romney - angry under pressure

50 shades of grey. if you read the book, did you like/dislike

Mr. Axelrod, I'll be blunt...

Sandra Fluke isn’t finished testifying

Strict New Procedures for Iran Currency Trading After Protest

Jerry Sandusky plans to speak at sentencing hearing

Great Michelle post in GD


Chely Wright: Wish Me Away Trailer (2012) - Documentary HD

Reminder: Last day to register to vote is October 15, 2012

I've trusted RCP ... but I can't anymore...


Reminder: Last day to register to vote is October 12, 2012 (by mail)

Gallup Facepalm

Oregon dentist fined for pressuring employee to attend Scientology seminar

What really goes on in the forest at night.

I'm going to see the President tomorrow...

"Well, I raised five boys and ______” I just hate this line of Mitt’s

Just found out that I may be 1/64 Cherokee

We have got to prevent what we cannot adapt to ....

Pew a 9pt swing to Romney up 49-45

Pew: Romney +4

Even republicans don't like Mitt

MSNBC: Obama 50%, Romney 45% ... CNN: Romney 49%, Obama 45%

Deb Fisher-R, who running for Senator against Bob Kerry in Nebraska, says she will work w/Democrats!

NRA Endorses Todd Akin

Why The September Jobs Report Estimate of 114k Jobs Created Is Probably Too Low

after all the searching

Pew has Romney ahead by 4 points among likely voters, tied among registered voters (updated)

Church Leaders Call for Congress to Investigate aid to Israel, not Palestinians

This pic of Willard is calling out for a caption.

New Pew poll has Romney gaining 7% more of the African American vote after the debate.

Romney has his first lead in the TPM poll tracker at +2.7

Yes, you CAN tell the Ultra Rich NO

Study: Bi Women and Gay Men Suffer More Domestic Violence

Short centuries ago, people in Europe believed in werewolves.

about the "Mann" Coulter jokes

Why do Republicans think the poor should die?

Man killed in Rite-Aid shooting had history of conflict

NHI - No Humans Involved

Oh yumyumyum...

Rage Against the Machines

We really only need the following holidays. The rest just serve to disrupt business

Meningitis outbreak hits 105 people in nine US states

What time does the Ipso poll come out?

An Open Letter To Young, Disillusioned 2008 Obama Supporters


Romney Hates Kids!! Refuses to answer ?'s on 'Kids Pick the prez' special?? Obama answers, no prob

Obama: 'Today we celebrate Cesar Chavez'

Gov. Perry Skypes With Kountze Cheerleaders, Reads Scripture In Support Of Religious Freedom

“We’re not going to be lectured by someone who’s been an unmitigated disaster on foreign policy...

You Don’t Know Mitt!! - 99 Facts About Mitt Romney (you'll want to bookmark this)...

Romney Put Profits From China Ahead of Security for America

The polls are going to be all over the place, but don't be surprised if Romney gets the better end.

Romney blows off children, does not participate in Nickelodeon special

Finally had enough

Battle of the narratives OR It's the economy-- stupid again

Ras: Obama +1 in CO, +2 in IA, Foster: Obama +3 in Michigan, Susquehanna: Obama +2 in PA

Obama seems to be back up some on the Huff Election Dashboard from this morning

This is the computer industry equivalent of a Democratic elected official doing liberal things...

I have Racked my Mind and can not Think of Any

Looks like a good Obama poll will be coming from MN

Are you registered to vote?

The Lesson of 2012: never blow off debates

I hardly see any Romney signs or bumper stickers in San Diego,

Arab Spring and the Israeli enemy

Illinois Absentee Voting

I just registered to vote on-line!

Kos: Tomorrow's PPP poll will show Romney ahead, but...

Laptop not seeing SSD using adapter

Daily Kos poll?

Some good news: Gallup's three-day average of Obama approval is at 51%

Obama Event Monday Honoring Farmworkers Comes Just Months After Administration Jettisoned Key Rule

We need to unskew these Polls going against Obama

Weather the Storm through Friday; Fight for Every Vote for 30 Days

U.S. Senate candidate Tommy Thompson (R-WI) Forgets Number Of Homes He Owns

Intrade Seems To Be Shrugging Off The Pew Poll. I Think I Will Too

Mitt Romney debates himself

Relationship problems relating to politics.

Ezra Klein: Moderate Mitt Isn't So Moderate

Explaining the two different Gallup Poll Numbers

Bill Clinton to Hit Stump for House, Senate Democrats

Hey NYC-Skip What subjects do you teach? Grade level

GALLUP: Obama Bouncing Back Already To 5-Point Lead

Axelrod and Plouffe told O to hold back.

Republican Senator, Vietnam Veteran Endorses President Obama

Arkansas Republican endorses death penalty for children!!!


Romney Squats in Front of School Children, They Gaze in Astonishment as He Leaves a Surprise!!

Statistical Analysis: Romney has a 14% chance of winning

Nate Silver's Response to the Polls Today

Hey dbackjon.

Josh Marshall of TPM attempts to explain the mix of polls, Pew in particular

Obama supporter surprises sign stealers

Facial expressions

Happy fucking Columbus Day.

Today's Gallup has Obama up 5. So skyfallers and handwringers, just CHILL.

Do not open if you have eaten recently.

Maine Republicans blast opponent for World of Warcraft play

Hey DUers, I need some help in buying a bicycle.

Martin Bashir - Romney master and commander-in-chief on foreign policy?

Tom and Jerry ..cartoon #3...Yankee Doodle Mouse...Academy Award..1943

Even if Obama had gone after Romney with a meat cleaver

Biden must bloody up Lyin' Ryan on Thursday night...

Was just subjected to 45 minutes of CNN while at the dentist. It was brutal.

Why polls matter the most

Hey DUers, I need some help in buying a bicycle.

Vatican synod addressing issue of lapsed Catholics

Afghan war getting worse for civilians, ICRC says

Should we alert on HipChick for saying "damm blasted"? Frankly,.....I'm disgusted!

The entire population that is eligible to vote...


Playoffs: Had Strasburg not been shut down Gio would be starting today ...

On observing "Columbus Day."

Knowing that the President is aware of his antics, what tricks do you think

Snack machines to tell you how many calories

Two purposes for utilizing magic

Joan Walsh: Mitt’s magical thinking on foreign policy

How To Make a Soul Cake for Samhain

Romney rally brings out the true believers

I always cheat when my wife is away on business!

Five Practical Reasons EVERYONE should shun the Republica Party candidates EVERY year,

Liberal vs. Conservative explained - FINALLY!

Ohio Democratic Party reminds Buckeyes that Mitt Romney is a Michigan Wolverines fan

Rugby player loses testicle after final defeat

President Obama at Cesar E. Chavez National Monument - pics

Mitt Romney's Time as Governor

For You Smart Poll Watchers, Why is The Intrade Set Blowing Off The Poor Pew Poll Results?

'the debate changed the race'

Winner dies after roach-eating contest in South Florida

ABC News: "Game Change! It's a whole new ball game as Romney takes the lead"

Diane Sawyer (ABC) reports Romney now "on top."

Small Business Action Committee: The Latest Shady Front Group Throwing Millions Behind Prop 32

Republican running in Arkansas for State Rep. endorses death penalty for disobedient children.......

Oh for corn's sake! I don't believe Diane Sawyer's opening on the evening news-

You thought the Big Bird comment was bad This Nick snub is going to sink Romney's campaign.

I don't know but I'm not too displeased with most of the state polls lately...

The Oatmeal: How much do cats actually kill?

Now Jacob cooked a stew (lessons in privatization)

Romney Proudly Explains How He's Turned Campaign Around--"I'm Lying More," He Says

So what happened to the great foreign policy speech from

Chilling (in the oldschool sense):

Fall pictures

Ohio Democratic Party reminds Buckeyes that Mitt Romney is a Michigan Wolverines fan

Delaney v Bartlett Debate Thursday in Hagerstown!

Does the "liberal media" want Obama to win?

Relax, if anyone does not think Obama is not going to do better in his next debate

On this Columbus Day, let me state my opposition to Revisionist History

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Which Gallup number/tracking poll is the most recent?

Breath...relax....12 points??? breath....I told myself "wait until next weekend" since the debate

I don't know where to "MIRT" alert, but anyway . . .

Today's daily Gallup tracking poll has Obama with a 51% approval rating.

Ex-North Carolina Gov. Jim Hunt makes case for Obama, Democrats

Yo! Arizona! Deadline for voter registration is tomorrow!

The Ohio Democratic Party on Monday formally requested that the U.S. Attorney for the Northern Distr

Pew freak out. Nate Silver says, "Get a grip."

Re : The Pew Poll. This Deserves It's Own Thread

Spence To Stations: Cease And Desist Airing Nixon Ad

Tim Tebow has big plans for 666th 'Monday Night Football' game

Nate's analysis of today's polls is out

Mike Thompson toon explains the Ryan tax plan ... in one word!

Occam's Razor

Go read Silver's update on the polls. You'll feel infinitely better.

How Do You Blockquote?

Reposting to the Lounge.

My brother dated Ryan's wife when they were kids

Fer gawd's sakes, can the M$$$M stop beating a dead horse?

Republicans' new 'judicial activism': a coup d'etat of state supreme courts

It's the 666 MNF game and guess what?

Chinese researchers create mind-controlled quadcopter drone


I am Seriously Amazed.....and so I need a question answered......

Man shoots himself during Russian Roulette in St. Petersburg


Just got polled by Marist.

Nate Silver: Summing up the Polling

Obama dedicates Cesar Chavez National Monument

PEW is reporting a 7 point move of blacks from Obama to Romney!! WTF?!

Reminder: President Obama did not win in 2008 due to his debate skills, but due to other strengths

Why do they number the absentee ballots?

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving.

Mitt shows his ass to little children. Lookie here:

The Ungreat Debate - Hendrick Hertzberg/TheNewYorker (" deadly earnest, the game is on.")

Madeleine Albright calls out Romney for ‘very shallow’ foreign policy

Cenk is calling out the rethugs for every pot they have p***** in. Voter

Biden ..

Obama vows to close the deal in last 30 days of campaign

"100,000 signatures wanted to free Don Siegelman" Pls sign petition at

The thing is, "it's the media narrative, stupid"...

Andrea Mitchell: Don't Use Me In Your Ad Obama

Least scientific members of the House Science Committee

John Boehner must resign from Congress because of his conflicting interests regarding the Keystone X

Either you were knowingly lying or you are absolutely ignorant - which one is it, Mr. Romney?

Has anyone heard anything about a new poll by PEW?

Heh, Pew Research Poll... sampled 80% Moderate to Conservative voters, nearly 40% from the south,

Black voter behavior in National Polling

Golden Week ends tomorrow 10/9

Is it me or are we seeing an influx of new "pollsters"?

The Akin Anti-Choice crowd are even weirder than ever

For my friends who have passed, and those who have not!

One potentially good thing about the next batch of polls...

I dont understand

CNN - Fact Check: Has Obama 'not signed one new free-trade agreement'?

Speaking of roach contests... Shel Silverstein's "The Great Smoke-Off":

Paul Ryan Gets Frustrated, Cuts Interview Short: ‘You Trying To Stuff Words In People’s Mouths?’

Romney's dangerous. Touts an "American Century". Clueless to the global changes we face.

Amid Volatile Polling, Keep an Eye on Election Fundamentals-Nate Silver 10/8/12

Florida's new child abuse reporting law among nation's toughest

Even country-singers have wised up.

Krugman: Jobs Conspiracy? No its the retiring Baby Boomers stupid.

270 to Win's electoral simulation still gives Obama a 96.8% chance of winning...

Moderate Mitt isn’t so moderate

Rope-A-Dope is Obama's Strategy

Xmas is coming...

DUers I am overwhelmed I need help in the SW OH media market...

Dudes and Dudettes....

Wilkerson on Ed now dealing with Rmoney di LIAR

Michigan poll has Romney within 3 points of Obama

*Lawrence Wilkerson on Ed Show, about rmoney foreign non-policy.

Gallup switching to LV?

From the Oatmeal: How much do cats actually kill?

Bayou Corne Update: Gas Trapped Near Sinkhole

Good Website for Understanding the Polls here:

I really want to like Linux. However . . .

Just need to brag a little

Obama's a Christian ...

from Rob Zerban's campaign (against paul ryan)

Oh Noes, NBC has a Greenspan bias

Center On Budget And Policy Priorities Defends Government Assistance Programs From GOP Scorn

Ryan Can't Stand The Heat

Looks like Gallup is switching to LV tomorrow, so, expect Romney to gain...

Leaving the country if Romney is elected? Jet Blue is offering free air fare!

So I have a dear friend; we don't talk politics but always

Romney drank the cool aide again!

Remember it was Romney who didn't think it important to pay tribute to the soldiers

Utah purges tens of thousands from voter rolls

Kaine and Allen are debating right now (sorry for the late notice)

Tweety hits the nail on the head on Hardball tonight

Boeing Just Put The Finishing Touches On An 8-Wheeled Laser Truck

Has Reuters released their poll yet?

VIDEO: Mitt Romney: Failing the Commander-in-Chief Test -- Please share widely

A liberal, a conservative and a libertarian walk in to a bar.

Woman Power!

Attorney: "100% sure" he'll call Walker as witness

Charlie Fuqua, Arkansas Legislative Candidate, Endorses Death Penalty For Rebellious Children

Obama Yard Sign Thefts

This Machine Kills Muppets

I Don't Understand The Problem With The President And Social Security...

Polls this, polls that...

How is early voting going? High turnout?

Nate Silver, of 538, gives his predictions on Piers Morgan tonight

New OFA Ad - Mitt Romney: Failing the Commander-in-Chief Test

Coffman MUST go

Attending voter protection training for Virginia Friday,

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Columbus Day? & a new Kitty gif

Walker subpoenaed in former staffer's trial

Odds Listing for VP Debate

Romney Foreign Policy: 'If we can't believe him, how will anyone else in the world?' (New Obama Ad!)

Maddow using Gravis polling

Heads up, Piers Morgan Interviewing Nate Silver About Pew's Skew Shortly n/t

In voter registration fraud case, it's not Mickey Mouse you have to worry about

Buffalo County zoning board denies permits for 450-acre frac sand mine


CNN right now Piers Morgan pushing the Women Have Switched to Romney meme

The ED Show - CEO tells employees if Obama wins, your paychecks lose

Conservatives, don’t do it like this

Here Is John McCain's Entire Opposition Research File On Mitt Romney - BuzzFeed (Have Fun !!!)

Ed Show: Former Dept of State Chief of Staff Col. Lawrence Wilkerson - (A MUST SEE!)

Home Shopping Channel Host Faints on Colleague as He Continues to Hype the Product Undeterred

How much longer till the press starts the "Come Back" story

The ED Show - Romney's tax tales backed up by FOX

Montana Senate Debate

The Pew poll is a joke.

175 days since I started voting with my wallet

Lets stop all this moping and get fired up- only 30 days left!

Lying for the Lord: The Mormon Missionary Rides High

Tom Holland TV ad

US military's plans for flying saucers explained in declassified documents

Colombia militia boss 'Martin Llanos' confesses murders

Colombia militia boss 'Martin Llanos' confesses murders

Paul Ryan Gets Testy And Ends Interview

Ryan still on the 47%

If You Scroll Down On This Link... You Will See A 12 Point Swing In The Pew Poll... BULLSHIT

"Madeleine Albright finds Romney's foreign policy speech 'confusing'"

Budget cuts threaten Philadelphia to Harrisburg rail service - 4th busiest line in Amtrak system

BREAKING: Poll - 7% think PBS spending makes up HALF of all Federal Spending.

Three arrested in Sensata protest

Letters: prayer and politics

Allan Lictman: Obama is going to win nothing has changed he would have to lose 3 keys for defeat

I would like to report a stupid fucking anti-Obama thread.

So, are you guys telling me that the jobs numbers mean absolutely NOTHING!?!?

Romney's "Major Foreign Policy" speech sounded more like a 10th grade Speech Class

Amazing That The Narrative Is That Romney's Lies and Lack of Transparency Are Good!

This was the kind of shit Obama was up against during the debate

"Longtime Republicans torn between party loyalty and Obamacare" by Elizabeth Cohen at CNN

Lying for the Lord: The Mormon Missionary Rides High

GM now hiring -- 10,000 information technology workers

*Getting some West Wing on Lawrence show!!!

How Many Duers are in this situation?

Another 985 Democrats and 381 Republicans Registered to vote in Florida on 10/7

"Romney Sings A Different Tune On Middle East With Key Donors" by karoli at Crooks and Liars

Romney 'plays hookey' refuses to face kids on Nickelodeon-can't handle ?s from America’s youth.

Supreme Court Looking At Affirmative Action In College Admissions

How many rec's does a Lounge post have to get before it gets on the Greatest Page?

Doesn't Mitt Romney seem "ENTITLED"?

Obama camp knocks Romney’s ‘chest-pounding’ foreign policy

Lawrence O'Donnell has disappeared twice tonight; unknown stand-in is there before commercials

And a goodnite kiss.........

Romney's economic record in Massachusetts - higher taxes, huge deficit and lack-luster job growth.

So, regarding gaffe man . . . it's only a matter of time before he fucks up again!

In Bold Foreign Policy Speech, Romney Proposes a 'Two-Mitt' Solution

The ED Show - Romney's 'new' foreign policy at odds with his 'old' policy

US scientists aim to make human sperm from stem cells

TNR On Romney's Latest Tax Policy Evasions

Nick Kids pick the President is schedule to air MONDAY OCT 15th. The info about Romney

What is the point of simplifying the tax code by reducing the tax rates

China Sums Up US Financial Innovation: "Smart Kids Picking People's Pockets Is Not Very Good"

Should rich people receive Social Security benefits?

Andrew Sullivan is FREAKING out over Pew Poll

If the National Media Has Been Unable For Months To Pin Down Romney On His Policy Proposals...

Kid asks President Obama "Why Does Everybody Hate You?" (classic from 09')

How do post links with a RazrM?

A little blue grass-Nitty Gritty & Paulette Carlson

Bizarre Video Shows Scott Brown Joking He Would "Stalk" Pussycat Dolls

"Nevada Food Porn" most certainly is not "California Food Porn."

Bizarre Video Shows Scott Brown Joking He Would "Stalk" Pussycat Dolls-posted by disgruntled partner

Not sure where to post - but has anyone seen Facebook "likes" of Rmoney by people you know hate him?

So Mary Bono Mack is claiming to have stopped the UN from regulating

I saw the movie "Looper" tonight.

the "American Idol" Election: Last Wednesday, Mitt Romney was the latest bright, shiny object.

12 polls, national and state, released today. Obama led in 9 , Romney led in 1, and 2 were tied

President Obama lost a vote on Friday morning

Mitt Romney’s Most Dishonest Speech

"to help people get out of poverty in the inner cities, is to help teach people good discipline"

These people make me sick too!

I believe the Pew poll is accurately telling us something about the election

In Nashville, TN

Ryan Cuts off Michican Reporter grilling him on Gun Violence, Tax Cuts

Land of poor farmers given to rich: Incoder .

Dianne Feinstein tells regulators to investigate high gas prices, again

Paul Ryan Abruptly Ends Interview After 'Strange' Question (VIDEO)

New Ad Blasts Romney For Ignoring The Troops

Rachel Maddow - NRA exposed for putting Republican agenda ahead of gun agenda

Great news in ND Senate race Heitkamp tied with Berg each at 47% (Mason/Dixon)

New York mag: Mitt Romney Took a Very Unfortunate Photo Today

And this is the batch from the actual return to the streets

Rachel Maddow - Romney foreign policy ideas ill conceived

Madeleine Albright: Romney's Foreign Policy Speech "Devoid of Substance"

Wii U Preorders Sold Out Almost Everywhere!

Kos' Polling Wrap makes a good point about the upcoming Gallup 'likely voter' screen'

Tim Kaine/macaca debate ended.

This is my advise for President Obama for taking on whack job in the next debate

Congress accuses Chinese tech giants of un-American activities

Not only does Mitt suck, he's causing me to miss my workout tomoorow.

How Gloria Romero (D-CA Ed Deformer) Became the Face of Proposition 32

"The presidential debate - What Happened?" by WW at the Economist

So today 'one' crappy Pew poll came out, BUT all the electoral vote forecast maps still look great

Rachel Maddow - Romney reveals foreign policy weakness in statements, positions

MSNBC: friend or foe

Proposition 30 campaign takes aim at Molly and Charles Munger

An important video on the NRA

Senator, disabled challenger clash on health care, other issues

Time for the Etch A Sketch ads!

Jon Stewart Tears Into Conservative Outrage Over Funding Sesame Street’s ‘Propaganda,’ ‘Brainwashing

Watch: George Takei’s Endorsement Of Barack Obama Will Make You Cry


"Romney channels Obama on foreign policy" by Eugene Robinson at WP

Who had today off?

All kidding aside: Are Romney and Ryan both coming unhinged?

Xian Evangelist tries to rationalize prophecy for a Mormon President to save the Constitution